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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 20, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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maria: you thought it was only market, it is not. dagen: preakness, i am done. nyquist will win. maria: thanks for joining us. gerri baker, arthur aidalla, let's go to "varney and company". stuart: thank you very much. we are wrapping up a week in which donald trump took charge of the news cycle all over again and dominated the egypt air story. good friday morning. they have found debris including body parts, but our satellites found no sign that the plane went down because of a bomb. no flash and no extra precautions being taken at america's airports either. full story coming up and here comes donald trump after the plane went down. he said it looks like terror. last night he said the plane was blown out of the sky. his critics say he jumped the gun on calling it tara but he is beating hillary clinton on the terror issue. a fox poll shows him 12 points
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ahead. he is also 12 points ahead in handling the economy. the nasdaq, technology stocks down four straight weeks. maybe five if it is down again today and here comes trump again. he said stock prices look tough. that the have market influence? look at this. google chose this lady to honor. she is a far less activist, she says usama bin laden was a freedom fighter. "varney and company" is about to begin. >> a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong. stuart: i guess he says it the
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way he sees it, right or wrong. donald trump making what i would call a snap judgment on the egypt air flight and he is taking heat for labeling it tara before there is conclusive proof. there is a backdrop to this. the latest fox news poll taken before egypt news. voters trust trump over clinton on the issue of terror. 52 -- wrong way around. what you are looking at is the economy poll. move on to the terror paul, he also leads hillary clinton by 12 points on temper. let me be very clear, trump leads clinton by 12 points on the issue of handling terror. tammy bruce is here. i am winding myself up. yes i am.
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they are all over trump for jumping the gun on terror and hillary says he is hurting the efforts to reach with muslim countries because of what he is saying. >> this is the nonsense we are rejecting, they won the republican primary season, people want clarity. also we already had a number of people in europe and the egyptians, they say it looks like terror. this is what we have been dealing with six a seven years. people who don't want to say islamic terrorism this is what americans want. they heard it again with hillary in this back around way, this adds to hillary's name. stuart: they don't like the way a politician speaks, political speech is not attractive. look at this. this is hillary clinton. i will say she is in politician
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mode. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. exactly how the investigation will have to determine but it once again shines a bright light on the threat that we face from organized terror groups. isis and other networks of terrorists that have to be hunted down and defeated. stuart: she start sounding like charlie brown's teacher. you don't get anything, you don't feel you're getting information, that she cares that there is an attachment to stopping it. this is been going on 15, 16 years because no one is blunt. this is what the american people are responding to. stuart: got this news just coming in which an evacuation of john lennon airport in liverpool. what is this? ashley: there was a glitch in their passenger screening apparatus so they had to bring all those passengers through the screening to come back and go
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back through. basically a blunder. stuart: it is a glitch. ashley: no safety concern. stuart: it makes headlines because of the egypt air incident. here is the latest, debris, passenger belongingness and body parts have been recovered from the mediterranean but nobody in authority is saying what caused the plane to go down. stuart: ashley: lots of speculation but until they find a black box you can speculate all you like. some people say it had to have been an explosive device. others said no, they believe it happened in the cockpit. he the way they have to get to the black box and the area the plane went down, you think the mediterranean is not that deep, in that area it is and the contours on the bottom of the ocean are out. there are huge crevices and a lot of concern the plane could fall through the cracks.
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>> the actual wreckage is key too. sometimes the black box only says so much but if the record shows an explosion, that kind of dynamic. stuart: we are waiting for conclusive proof that it was terror or not. you got to listen to this one. president obama likes the millions of migrants flowing into europe because he wants to fill up the confidence with muslims. that is inflammatory. we wouldn't bring you the stuff if it was a conspiracy theory we got off the internet but that statement was made by the chief of staff of hungary's prime minister. julian turner is here, former policy specialists, that is a conspiracy theory but it is getting wide circulation in europe and it speaks to the real split within europe between muslim migrants and domestic population, it is a serious thing. >> a real optic side. a very real issue countries have
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to grapple with, we over the next decade or two are going to have to deal with the fact we might be a spanish majority speaking country. there are certain realities, demographics of countries change over time. it is government's responsibility to decide how to manage that. stuart: you have the chief of staff of hungary's prime and after taking aim at president obama and america. quite a vigorous anti-american statement. >> it is and i am surprised he said it from the perspective of president obama staunchly in favor of continuing to accept muslim refugees into the united states, on that issue a little bit surprising. he is trying to help them help themselves. this isn't america's problem, this is a european problem. it is coming to our shores, but
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is a european problem and anything the united states does to clampdown on that is a bonus and they should be thanking us. stuart: you are a foreign policy expert who worked in the state department and a couple administrations. could you tell me what the end game might be in europe with this muslim migrants problem and the british may be leaving europe? what is the end game? it seems europe is breaking up. >> due to their inability to handle this refugee crisis completely overwhelmed. it is a matter of policies how many people will accept but also integrating these marginalized communities outside major cities, you can't allow a situation like this -- they have to do a better job, some of these socialist countries have to do a better job providing
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opportunities for everyone. i am not sure they can. that is going to ultimately hurt the european union. we are already seeing the effects. stuart: thank you very much indeed. i want to get back to trump. i opened the show by saying he dominates the news cycle for the entire week. maybe he has implement on the market. earlier he said tech stocks look like they are in trouble territory. he said that a week ago. the nasdaq is looking at its fifth straight down week, longest down stretching three years. do you think donald trump has market influence? dagen: is donald trump right? they are going to the numbers. silicon valley is doing and i role, making fun of donald trump on twitter, watch this. there has been zero internet or tech companies going public in the first quarter.
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the number of privately held companies valued at -- triple. they can't go into the market. venture funding of these are going down and he says the business model isn't there, they are not making money, he is right. evaluations are not justified based on profits, we don't even know because they are not public yet. stuart: trump can do everything. i have something to inspire you this friday morning. a 30-year-old man from idaho is the first combat wounded veteran to climb mount everest. the heroes project, a group that helps wounded veterans and announced marine corps staff sergeant charlie and dorf reached the summit. ashley: the first was because of an avalanche, the second because of the earthquakes, this time he made it. the message is don't have to pity disabled veterans because we are capable of more than you
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think. stuart: i respect the guy for going back three times. >> he was working on ieds, our troops and what they say he is going back, they don't give up. stuart: glad we got it. listen to this. donald trump pulling ahead of hillary clinton in the latest national head to head fox news poll, not the case when it comes to latino voters. he is way behind hillary with that group. how much will that hurt in november? we will answer it. the latest google doodle featured a social activist who supported communism and said she admires usama bin laden. we will give you some details. united states is making soccer history coming to this country for the first time. on the show this morning. there's no one road out there.
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>> when carrier and ford and nabisco leaving and moving to mexico i am not eating oreos anymore. neither is chris. you are not eating oreos anymore for either of us. stuart: kind of walked it back. >> realized he should be a little nicer. stuart: he said lay off the oreos and i will too. i want to move on because that does raise the issue of trump and hispanics. the latino community has not taken kindly to trump's comments in the past. here is that issue, clinton win 62% of the hispanic vote, donald trump 23% and clinton has a bigger lead among latinos, 68-17.
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and rollins is here. >> shouldn't eat oreos either. they are good. stuart: he is way behind with that particular demographic as with others. surely that is a problem in november. >> it is a problem that can be overcome. the obvious thing, mitt romney did not do well in the that segment did much worse than others. the high point was george w. bush who understood hispanic that works with the governor of texas, reagan had better numbers, it is not impossible. the key thing, focus on the issues that matter, putting people back to work, you won't get him on his immigration plan, you talk about things that matter to him and pay attention. stuart: that is what i'm interested in. you are running a super pac and raising money for donald trump.
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would you advise him to go into what might be hostile territory, go to hispanic areas, make your case? >> go to small business, six months to run a campaign, you have to get 35%, you get 35% you are back to the point you are competitive and you can convert people by paying attention, talking about their issues and education is important to the hispanics, jobs are very important, don't expect to talk about immigration because they don't like that. you can't back away because a lot of voters like that. pay attention to the. stuart: should he go to florida? or ohio? >> ohio is a very important state. places where it is important is florida. if you say hispanic, cuban americans, mexican americans, different groups, shouldn't lump
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them all in one. what appeals to a cuban is different from what appeals to a puerto rican. you talk to the issues. stuart: you got to be pretty happy. some of these recent polls show trump. >> beating hillary. 's party is coming behind him. three weeks ago we had a very divided party. there is only one leader, paul ryan, congress is not on board and he would get on board. equally important money people starting to say he is our guy, let's help them. if you want to help me i will take your help. stuart: this is astonishing. in three weeks a thundering herd has gone to donald trump. >> people were not expecting it so quickly. they expected to go to the convention and resolve it so indiana came, everybody dropped out the next day. he is going to be the nominee and they are sure he is the nominee and it has taken some time and evolution. donald trump versus hillary clinton. to most republicans and businesspeople she is an
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unacceptable alternative. stuart: and rollins tells us how he sees it. thanks very much. thank you. looks like a higher open for the dow industrial average, 40 points, perhaps any unease over the egypt air incident past, we get the big monthly read on the housing market, at the top of the 10:00 hour, that could move the stock market. a big name the company closing 75 stores in an effort to save $275 million a year. that company is the. the democrat party could play into donald trump's hands. i'm asking rich lowry, could the rift between hillary and bernie hand the white house to trump? we shall see. google's latest honoring social activist causing a ton of
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controversy. we will tell you why if you can't guess already after this. you didn't read
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and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: that is actor daniel craig. he plays a did play the iconic
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role of james bond. say that. my name is bond, james bond. not bad. craig is walking away from it. ashley: he is sick of playing the role, turned down $100 million for the next two bond movies but he said in an interview with timeout magazine i would rather break this glass and cut my wrists then do another bond movie, he made it very clear, he already has enough, he wants to do something else. stuart: is he an englishman as he walked away from $100 million, something wrong with him. yesterday's google masthead spotlight, a woman known to have praise for usama bin laden. what do you say? >> this is not unusual for
9:25 am
google. on easter of 2013 they celebrated cesar chavez's a birthday. they ignored memorial day. they continue to troll america. this is one of those things that is not unfamiliar to people who notice the doodles and the statements. stuart: this lady called the us government loathsome, capitalism was responsible for imperialism, terrorism and war. >> a freedom fighter. >> this activist said these killers raise consciousness, brought consciousness to millions. stuart: she is on google. trying to be upbeat and nice. moments away from "the opening bell" the nasdaq is focused. if it closes down it will be off of five weeks in a row. remember donald trump's and watch out for a tech bubble. sign of the times two third of americans do not have $1000 cash
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on hand, forget credit cards. they don't have that cash. back in a moment.
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>> in about 20 seconds, we' round out the week on wall street and we'll open that market in about 20 seconds from now.
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we're expecting it to go up in the very early going. 40 points, roughly. the federal reserve is hanging over the market a little bit today. two fed governors are saying watch out for a rate hike, july of this year, maybe, we shall see. right 9:00, i've got 9:30 on a friday morning, we're off and running and just a little bit higher. and 19 points in the first five seconds. now a look at the nasdaq. it's looking at its fifth straight losing week. that's the longest down stretch in more than three years, and it's home to the technology companies and the pullback in c nasdaq. we're going to be talking about that a lot today. ashley webster is here, liz macdonald, larry levin in chicago and anthony scaramucci in new york. anthony, for you first. trump, let's bring it right at the top of the show, trump says
9:31 am
that stocks are looking a little toppy, and they've gone down. has he got this market? >> although the fed rates saying they'll raise in june although they won't happen until july because they have to wait for the situation. stuart: does trump have influence? >> he definitely has more influence. there's more market volatility because of the election and the disruption he's created, but i don't think his call on the tech stocks is effective and-- >> fair point, he affects everything else. >> affecting market volatility. i just left vice-president cheney, and trump is getting a ground swell of establishment republican support. stuart: the big board, we're, what, two minutes into the session, we're up 26 points, that's where we are. we have to talk about the fed. i know i avoid it frequently, but it's a factor in the market.
9:32 am
two fed governors are hinting that an interest rate hike is coming over the summer. larry, what do you make of those hints from those two fed governors on the screen now? >> well, i think they're trying to kind of bargain with time, so to speak. they're absolutely, you know, want to be able to raise rates, but that doesn't seem like economic conditions really warrant it, but they're really kind of stuck in a corner, almost, stuart, but that's certainly affecting the market ap-- and the nasdaq. the s&p 500 is lowest in a month and a half and certainly getting pushed down, for surements i have to ask, larry, if the fed does raise rates in june or july, does the market take it on the chin and go down? >> yes, yes, but i believe that's probably a buying opportunity, but i only believe it, and i agree with anthony, i believe that the fed is kind of going to have a hard time doing it in june and july. when they do, i think the market will take a hit and that most likely will be a buying opportunity.
9:33 am
might be doing it in july. stuart, they're not going to be able to do it. the same situation as before. >> the economic data, housing starts and they start getting more, what you would call better data then more leeway to raise in july. >> 10:00, that's existing home sales israel liz: could impact the election if they raise rates and the market goes haywire. >> that would affect secretary clinton. stuart: more than donald trump, i think, that's true. the gap, it's closing 75 stores, to save $275 billion. >> all of them outside of u.s., and most in japan, old navy stores. here is the thing, this stock has been cut in half since 2014. will this be enough, the khaki culture that gap sells ain't playing anymore. the gap store itself. nine straight quarters of sales dropped.
9:34 am
the overall company five straight quarters. is it too little too late? that's what wall street is asking. stuart: i don't want to slow things down, but on this day in 1873. [laughter] levi strauss took out a patent using metal studs on blue jeans. and the gap used to sell levi jeans. >> which one of us has a pair of the 1873 jeans liz: stuart varney. [laughter] >> and lower sales at foot locker. what's that doing? show me, please. that's foot locker, lower sales, ouch. same story at ross, down 3%. wal-mart was a huge winner yesterday. a 9% pop, look at it now. up a fraction again and close to 70 a share again. never forget target. they've been down big time recently. all the way down to 67. a fractional gain this morning. another big name you know, lower sales there, campbell
9:35 am
soup. nicole, what happened to the stock today? >> well, it turned out, the area that was weak was the u.s. soup market, weaker sales, weaker soup sales and some challenges in the v-8 beverage. they're trying to raise their guidance and the ceo seems so optimistic about the fact that they're going to have robust innovation and marketing to propel this one higher. it did hit an all-time high, record high this month, but today, pulling back. campbell soup down 3.1%. stuart: wait a second, nicole, did you say that campbell soup owns v-8, the vegetable juice? >> yes, v-8, pepperidge farm, among other things. gold fish did well. stuart: i didn't know that, another campbell soup product? >> pepperidge farm gold fish. stuart: pick two items for two
9:36 am
bucks at mcdonald's. what's this, a special. ashley: from gold fish to a pick two from mcdonald's. an it would. they're tweaking the menu, they've been doing this to great effect. adding different types of items you can add from this mcpick two for $5. big mac, fillet o fish and the nuggets into two buck items and allowing the restaurant owners to decide what items they want to pick based on how popular items are on a regional basis, which is interesting. stuart: regional menus liz: what a time to be alive. stuart: and 124. you're the great investors, would you buy them at 124. they're buying back shears and going to raise differeds, they've got a nice mowed around the business, people like mcdonald's liz: they're doing an all you can eat french fries promotion in missouri, too, what a time to be alive. stuart: the $15 per hour
9:37 am
movers, they've got a plan to march on mcdonald's headquarters, larry, come back in, you're not too far away from mcdonald's headquarters, what do you make of this? >> the more they complain about wanting $15 an hour, the more they're going to force them to do what liz mentioned. missouri is about tech. one of their experimental stores and some of the sandwiches made by robots and i e-mailed you the other day or earlier today, a picture of what's going on in mcdonald's around the corner from here where they have a coffee machine, there's no interaction with any employees at all. swipe your card, put your cup there, terrible, mcdonald's's coffee is terrible in my opinion. >> no, it's not. >> and people are asking for $15 an hour the more that companies will use tech to replace employees. >> that's a very interesting story. you walk in, no interaction with any employees whatsoever, stick your cup down and get the coffee and it's fast, it's fast. ashley: that's what everybody wants. the millennials like that,
9:38 am
stuart, they like not interacting with people and rather interact with an ipad screen. stuart: that's what happens. >> and the order is right. stuart:-- >> go ahead. >> the order is right 100% of the time. type it in into the kiosk, the machine doesn't know how to do it wrong. and that goes away and people like that. stuart: one seniors black coffee to go. [laughter] my order. you can laugh. >> and he's wearing those levi's jeans. tesla 1.46 billion dollars, they're trying to fund the mass market model 3. >> yeah, fresh capital, they ended up selling 6.8 million shares in common stock. those shares reportedly priced at 215 each. right now, tesla trading at 218, as you say, will help fund the production of the model 3,
9:39 am
the mass market, $35,000 electric car. >> i've never embraced tesla. ashley: it's a car company. stuart: elon musk-- >> this is a hard one. this is a liquidity-driven situation, stuart, where the fed lowered rates and sexy stories like this pop up, but remember, on this offering, it's a 6% dilution to the shares. so you've got to be super careful. stuart: so the sold new stock dilutes the existing liz: you only have 1.4 billion in cash on the balance sheet. this is a keep hope alive story, that's what tesla is. they've got multi-billion dollar dreams. stuart: would you buy it? >> i would not buy tesla, i'd stay away, the story is too rich on the valuation basis. stuart: how about this, yahoo! they're up for sale, the bids are coming in, but the bids coming in are much lower than d been expected. now, the first question to you, liz, is marissa mayer still
9:40 am
walks away with 55 million liz: quite the golden parachute. 2 billion to 3 billion, they initially thought 4 billion to 8 billion they could get for their 6,000 intellectuals properties. that's amazingly low. stuart: yes, last month i was hearing 4 billion liz: watch this, in 2008, microsoft wanted to buy it for nearly $45 billion. so this is a henney youngman story. take the money, take the offer, in 2008. should have taken that $45 billion from microsoft. stuart: my company, microsoft offered 45 billion for-- >> for yahoo!. stuart: and now might sell for 2 billion. >> sort of like when j.p. morgan bought bear stearns. >> the boston globe sold for a dollar so these assets have a tendency to shrink if they're not managed well, stuart. stuart: and it's a difficult story about golfer phil mickelson.
9:41 am
he's going to repay profits he made on a stock after being named on an insider trading lawsuit. can you tell us, what did he do wrong? >> basically, it looks like, again, i don't want to accuse him of anything because you know, in the court of law he's still innocent. but it looks like, stuart, he was taking information and trading it in an account in and around his family and so that's obviously a no-no. it's a martha stewart-like situation where he's profited according to the feds $900,000 and so that's a huge felony if he's convicted. stuart: he's not on trial. ashley: no. stuart: he's accepted the penalty of disgorging the property, but not in court. ashley: in the press conference, it was motivated by a big gambling debt he owed the guy who gave him the tip liz: who has been criminally charged. ashley: there's more to the story. stuart: many americans don't have $1,000 on cash to handle an emergency.
9:42 am
they may have a credit line, but don't have the actual cash, $1,000 bucks. that's not a great sign for the economy. >> it's terrible liz: it spans all income groups, mosley $50,000, and below and they have access to credit lines and credit cards. stuart: suspicious, how many people do have $1,000 in cash in the bank account. >> wages remain flat, cost of living gone up. putting the pinch on people, it's a sad statement. >> you talk to executive at wal-mart, they think the number a lower. they're saying between 4 to $500 cash in the event of an emergency. yes, they have $1,000, but typically going to their monthly debts. stuart: some people think it's lower than $1,000. much less than-- yeah, large strata. stuart: that's a difficult statistic. it is. larry in chicago, and right here in new york, we thank you for joining us.
9:43 am
and tune in tonight, 8 p.m. eastern, it's called "wall street week" starring the one and only anthony scaramucci here on the fox business network. it's a great show. >> thank you, stuart. we've got a big guest, jamie dimon. stuart: billionaire hedge fund guy. >> doesn't do tv rarely, a lot of interest tonight. stuart: wonder what they'll do when they change the-- >> most of the hedge fund guys, when i met with donald trump he told me he would refer me to his accountant. good times. stuart: and how about this, lower sales at john deere, the tractor guys. i bought a tractor off him. nicole: you need a lot more tractors to help them out. stock is down 3%. j.p. morgan says cold rolled steel is up over 50% this year. that's hurting not only deere, but all the other names, caterpillar and the like.
9:44 am
and the big picture here, farm recession, weak construction, and may lower the outlook, stock is down 3%. stuart: nicole, thank you very much indeed. deere down 3%. let's check the big board. that's going up 76 points this friday morning, any unease over the egyptair situations? any unease, june and july, pretty much out of the marketplace as of now. and it may raise its ugly head later. has of now we're up, 17-5 to be precise. politics, please. washington post, op-ed. headline today. look at that. sanders scorched earth campaign is a gift to trump. rich lawrie is here from the national review. >> what do you say? that looks like it has the ring of truth. >> no, i think it's right. if anyone had said two or three months ago donald trump would wrap up his nomination and be
9:45 am
cruising to a unified convention and hillary clinton would be caught in a bitter civil war that might explode on the convention floor, no one would have believed you. so, she is fighting a two-front war, she's not very good at fighting one-front wars, she's in trouble at the moment. stuart: you guys at national review opened up the schism within the republican party a few months ago, but i put it to you the schism you opened up is closing rapidly and that the real schism that's affecting politics is on the other side of the aisle amongst the democrats. >> yes. stuart: and that's civil war going on. >> right. republican elected officials and lobbyists and the rest are on board with trump. it's going to be a lonely band of us ideas people, but bernie, there's two key questions next two or three months that will affect the race going forward. one, how ugly is the clinton-sanders thing and how long does it go on, one, and two, does the ad barrage against trump that started, cut?
9:46 am
they are trying to do the mitt romney, cut him out of the gate and two ads this week are pretty lame. stuart: lame, you said? they're not going to work? >> the thing is like a lot of it is ground that we've already gone over. they do the comments about women, but they're all comments about women we've already argued about and discussed, you know, i think they're wrong, shouldn't have said them, but people are aware of them already. the question is there anything new they've dug up that they're going to use that could potentially be explosive. and the other thing we've learned the last two, three weeks, and some of this i thought was predictable. trump is not the usual republican. he's going to run from the center at hillary clinton, which is something democrats hadn't experienced in a while, and two, his media dominance in the primaries, he will be just as dominant. he drives the conversation every single day on this campaign. >> he told fox and friends, he
9:47 am
was going to make the convention intentertaining, mak it an entertaining piece and make you want to watch. stuart:. >> there are be gladiator games. stuart: in the back of my mind, bernie is staying in longer and longer, he wants to find out about the fbi indictment. >> that's part of it. otherwise there's really no viable path. 's not going to capture the pledge delegates. >> well, i'm going to switch around the superdelegates, but they're all the party regulars who hate bernie. stuart: i keep hearing these two words, joe biden, joe biden. rich lawrie, a treasure to have y you. we're up right there at 17-5. and uber has begun testing
9:48 am
self-driving cars. carnegie mellon university, robotics involved? >> doing it in pittsburgh. they're testing-- uber says essentially 94% of accidents, car accidents, human error. they're saying the self-driving car will be safer. stuart: is it on the street? >> it will be on the street. it has radar, high resolution imagery on the streets of pittsburgh coming soon. stuart: here it goes. all right. the main street media knows hillary's campaign, yeah, it's in trouble so they team up against trump. my take on that coming up in the 11:00 hour. and a major international soccer tournament coming to the u.s., first time ever. u.s. soccer star is next. ♪ you didn't read
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>> applied materials, what do they do? quick quiz. what do they do?
9:53 am
they make tools for microchips. it's the best performing stock of all of the 500 s&p. it's up 12%. that's a rally. now, i'm sorry to do this to you, america, we're going to talk soccer. ashley: that's right. stuart: in less than two weeks the copa america tournament starts first time ever in america. and they'll be competing here in the united states. of course, you can see it on fox and fox sports one. do you know this guy? that is alexei lalas. the great star of american soccer. >> can i stop staring at the camera there? [laughter] >> it's the move that everybody does, it's there, okay. the introduction and-- >> the copa is in america. >> it's going to be the biggest men's soccer tournament to come to our shores since the 1994
9:54 am
cup, i was playing in that one i'm excited for the tournament this summer. stuart: i'm not throwing cold water on it, it's going to be on fox. >> i'm not throwing cold water on it. >> not what you should do. enjoyed being employed by fox. stuart: i think that soccer, home grown soccer. >> i love hearing you say soccer, it's great. >> i know you want to do it, go ahead and do it. stuart: home grown football in america i think is playing second fiddle to premier league soccer from england and the europe. >> you're going euro snob on me. stuart: i think that they've leap-frogged over major league soccer to some degree. >> theres' no denying the popularity of the epl not just the united states, whether it's ex-pats or kids watching it, undeniably they're watching it saturday and sunday mornings,
9:55 am
but there's also a recognition that there is an american soccer culture, it's not underground, it's not niche, it's educated. it is discerning. it does this inevitable compare and contrast and sometimes major league soccer, because it's different, because it's unique and new, it doesn't always measure up, but it's headed in the right direction. you talk about business, if this was a sock you would want to be involved in mls because of the growth potential it has both as a business and a sport. stuart: attendance at the games, mls is good, tv ratings strong, is that true? >> strong, relative to other sports, no. but this is a growing. this continues to be growing ownership and infrastructure when you talk about the stadiums and new teams and expansion. depends where you're looking. if you look at seattle and portland it's incredible. here in new york with nyc and the red bulls, all of these different teams. stuart: i've not done this, but if i did and added up the tv ratings for major league soccer
9:56 am
and premier league from england, you add up the ratings and eyeballs on soccer i think they would exceed the number of people watching hockey. >> oh, yeah. i grew up in detroit so i'm a big hockey fan, but i think that soccer has certainly surpa surpassed hockey. i love watching hockey, but i don't think there's a comparison. stuart: will you be a commentator? >> yes, i'll be screaming about what's on the field and off the field. i love the soccer tournament. whether it's the world cup or copa america. stuart: i like the way you present soccer different from american baseball or football. >> we're entertainment and performance and make sure the people are excited and entertained and sometimes make things that aren't necessarily exciting or sexy, a little more sexy. [laughter] you know how it's done. stuart: a lot longer than you,
9:57 am
son. al alexi lalas, thank you. you were good, don't ever come back. [laughter] >> we're talking about the migrant crisis in europe. listen to this, a top ranking official over there says president obama, he wants to fill europe with illegal muslim migrants. this comes from the hungarian prime minister's office. his chief of staff, no less. we'll give you the full story shortly. check this out. it's been called the google sticky car. it's supposed to save lives. i'm not sure that graphic really works. [laughter] we'll see that later in the show. and you never forget politics, specifically donald trump. he beats hillary on the economy and national security. meanwhile, bernie sanders singled out as the big disrupter of democrat politics. hour two is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> well, look at this, now we've got a triple-digit rally. we're up 112 points. now, this is interesting because up until very, very recently, the last couple of sessions, everybody's been worried about a rate increase in june or july and some people say we are going to get that rate increase, but today, off we go. up nearly 120 points at 17-5. momentarily, we're going to bring you very important-- >> it looks like it's up 17%, 4.45 million. stuart: hold on a second, sales of existing homes. ashley: it flies by at 100 miles per hour on the computer 5.45 million up 17% so that's-- is that good news, bad news for the market? does this give the fed more leeway to start thinking about a rate hike? interesting what the market does. stuart: when those numbers came out literally 30 seconds ago,
10:01 am
the dow was up 112, 113, it's still up at that level and digesting that news. the bottom line, that's a fairly strong report on existing home sales liz: 1.7% month to month, 1.7. stuart: 1.7 liz: that's right. stuart: we're still up 110 points on the dow and not taken anything off the dow and even though it's a relatively strong report so it could give-- >> it doesn't blow the doors off, as they say, but it's not bad so the market is digesting it. stuart: nothing is happening, we're still up 1112. we' we'll-- 112. and more on the egyptair search. authorities say they've located debris from the missing flight. what else have we got. ashley: more on the latest news, the passenger manifesto on this flight contained no known names on terror watch lists. egyptian officials said there were no concerns at all about any of the passengers on this
10:02 am
plane and they're continuing to find some debris, luggage and body parts. european pace agent says they've picked up what could be-- what appears to be an oil slick in the area that the debris is starting to be found. that may not come to this plane, the key to this is finding the black box. that will give them all the clues and of course, larger pieces of the fuselage that may provide clues. stuart: they've got the debris, but they don't know what caused the plane to hit the sea. ashley: no idea. stuart: that's where we stand at this point. new headline today on the european migrant crisis, hungary's prime minister, his chief of staff says, wait for it, president obama is deliberately trying to fill europe with illegal muslim immigrants. joining us knew a zuhdi jasser, now, we won't normally bring our viewers this kind of
10:03 am
basically conspiracy theory, we don't do this kind of thing. but remember the source, this is the chief of staff to hungary's prime minister. he came out and said is president obama trying to do this to europe. what's your reaction? >> well, i tell you, stuart, i think that europe is busting at the seams and trying to figure out how to get back their homeland, how to get back their national security and if anyone's doing it deliberately, obviously it's the assad regime, the russians, iranians, who want to depopulate syria of sunnis and pushed them into europe. president obama and secretary kerry has turned a blind eye to the islamist threat atheir income intense and vacuum of leadership, until nato and the leadership of president obama declare islamists and jihadists a war on the enemy, you're going to continue to hear statements from those in the free world who want to see us protect our homeland. as long as we don't, we're going to continue to be
10:04 am
threatened by the ideology that here is a trojan horse within some of the movements. stuart: it puts you in a difficult position that's for sure. listen, please, to what monica crowley said about the migrant crisis on this program yesterday. roll tape. >> now we're seeing more conservative parties, right wing parties gaining strength across western europe because the people are saying, enough. how many terrorists are we letting in, in the influx of migrants and don't we need to take care of our own security. stuart: zuhdi, i think she's right. there is an extreme reaction taking place in europe and it's building by the day against the muslim migrants. >> and this is why we need to have some clarity from our leadership about pausing all immigration, not just saying muslims, but all immigration because muslims are part of the solution. we have to have engagement with muslims that want to vent against islamists and jihadists. most of the terror threats are coming from home grown terrorists who go to syria and come back, no matter how much
10:05 am
you try to vet refugees, the threat will continue to be there. and even airport personnel, many isis sympathizers have home grown citizens of the countries. until we have the ideology, populous citizens are going to try to take back their homeland and create an equal response because the leaders don't have the strength to declare war on islamism and jihadism. stuart: and you served in america's navy and this kind of thing puts you, a very moderate guy, in a very difficult position here in america, but we thank you very much for coming on the show as you always do. thank you, zuhdi, appreciate it. >> thanks, stuart, appreciate it. stuart: check the big boards, no change, we're still up 112 points. literally, five minutes ago, we got that breaking news on the housing market. april existing home sales up 1.7%, to an annualized total of
10:06 am
5.4 million. that's the highest since january of this year. and a former trump international vice-president and douglas he willerman, luxury real estate broker is with us now. and i want to talk to you first about real estate, that's the area you're in. >> yes. stuart: and then we'll get to trump. >> i'm ready. stuart: 5.4 million homes, existing homes, being sold on an annualized basis in america today, fairly strong. how do you characterize that? >> it's very good. it shows that the market is very healthy and also shows that the volatility in the stock market has prompted many people to put their money back into real estate. so, i see this as a period of sustainable growth. it's not irrational exuberance anymore. we were concerned when the numbers were through the roof, pun intended. now it's much more stable, i speak to people, clients, all the time, every day and get
10:07 am
perplexed when they see the market going up and down so dramatically and put their money in real estate and they feel it's much more stable, it's more secure and that sentiment is now one of stability. stuart: of course, i have to remember that you are a seller of real estate. >> yes. stuart: so therefore, it's in your interest to say yes, it's a nice strong markets and should put your money here? >> i'm very objective and i speak to clients all the time and it's fascinating to me when i hear what's important to them. for instance, just the past three months, most of my clients actually came from northeast and from europe. the security concerns in belgium m a huge impact on how europeans feel and they put a lot of their money, millions and millions of dollars into florida real estate and europe real estate. stuart: stay there, please. i want more from you on working for and with mr. trump, but i've got to do other issues first, just a second. >> yes. stuart: i want to take the
10:08 am
retail ice age stories, we've got ross stores, lower sales there, fits the motif of the retail ice age. so that stock is down 3%. how about foot locker, they've reached a 52-week low, retail ice age comes in there, down 6% on foot locker, 52 week low. applied materials going the other way, tools to make microchimicr microchips. >> the gap are closing stores and trying to save 275 million a year. the closure will take place overseas not at this point in america. now, let's get back to the campaign and donald trump. he wants to meet with influential evangelical hispanics this weekend hoping to get support from them.
10:09 am
no wonder, liz, you've got the new fox poll showing him trailing hillary among hispanics? give me the number. >> that's right. 39 percentage points he's trailing. clinton is basically beating trump with hispanic votes margin of 3-1. you're right, mr. trump will being speaking, it's a message he'll be delivering to the national conference of the national hispanic conference in anaheim this weekend. he's got to get into the 30's for the crucial swing states and that firewall that the dems have won of 19 states in the past six elections, he's got to break through with the latina vote and raise it to win a lot of the swing states there. stuart: and she's still with us, not gone anywhere and next to me, the former vice-president of trump international. all right. you know the guy. yes. stuart: you know him very well. >> yes. stuart: you worked with him closely? >> is he a nice guy? >> he's a tough guy. stuart: you breathe in deeply first, a tough guy. >> i wouldn't say he's nice
10:10 am
because he's a businessman and it doesn't matter, you know, for him to be nice. what he cares about is results and he-- >> what's wrong with that? >> what's wrong with na, welcome to america, it's the world of capitalism. stuart: actually you live and work in south florida, i think. >> yes. stuart: a very large hispanic population. >> yes. stuart: how does he reach out to hispanics who do not favor him at the moment? >> well, he'll have to figure it out and i'll tell you, not just minorities, but also with women. i think mr. trump does have a chance, as good of a chance of winning minority vote as well as women's votes, but the key is, to start addressing issues that are important to those people. stuart: right, and now we have ed rollins, who is a campaign manager, has been in the past and he said, look, trump should stay away-- when talking to hispanics, go talk to them, but stay away from immigration because you're never going to win on that
10:11 am
issue and instead, go and say we're going to get you jobs, good jobs here and you want that, vote for me. >> why do immigrants go to this country. i know you just got your citizenship, and i did as well. stuart: you googled me? >> of course. i come from war torn bosnia, and we come here for jobs. and when hispanic population comes here for freedom and jobs so they can support their families. if you show them very concrete stems how you're going to address that, they're going to like you. they're going to be willing to look past any negative comments or controversial comments that mr. trump may have made towards illegal immigrants. many legal immigrants feel very strongly about jobs. stuart: welcome to america. >> thank you. stuart: a bit late. you've been here a bit. welcome to america. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: appreciate it. all right. this we have more now on
10:12 am
egyptair. boats in place out at sea, you can see them, searching for the black box. our next guest is someone familiar with performing rescues at sea, the real coast guard captain featured in the movie "the perfect storm", and he's with us in a moment. this week's btv spotlight features thunder energies,
10:13 am
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10:14 am
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10:15 am
>> new development from the centers for disease control. i think this is about zika? >> it is. they're continuing to monitor now and the latest numbers from c.d.c. say 157 pregnant women in the united states have tested positive for the zika virus infection. so, that's quite a high number. we also found out today by the way, that zika is now popped up in western africa and expected to spread across the african continent. but that's a high number, 157 pregnant women in the united states. stuart: if you-- the pregnant woman has the zika virus in her system. ashley: yes. stuart: doesn't necessarily mean that the child is born
10:16 am
with problems or deformities, not necessarily, but a percentage too. ashley: it certainly heightens the risk for sure. stuart: dreadful story. we are closely following developments in the mideast this morning. authorities there say they've found some debris from egyptair 804. some debris. with us now, the real coast guard captain featured in "the perfect storm" the movie is with us now. captain, welcome to the program, very good to see you. >> thank you for having me. stuart: now, the big deal is getting the black box and i'm told that that's going to be very difficult to get at. would you explain that, please? >> well, when you begin a search and rescue mission, you ideally want to know where to start the search and of course, it's always easier over land because there's a debris field that's not going to move. over the water it's far for difficult because you have ocean currents, wind-driven
10:17 am
currents, and tide currents, and the debris field can move. you want to start where you believe it went down. in this case they don't actually have a good data, i don't believe. they know that the plane started behaving erratically, they know at that it descended rapidly, but they're not sure where it landed in the water. stuart: but the black box, the black box would tell us a great deal about why the plane went down, but it's clear-- >> oh, yes, absolutely. stuart: i'm told there are little canyons on the sea floor of the mediterranean sea, and it could be way, way down at great depths, so my real question is, even if you locate it, it surely takes a long time to actually go get it, is that accurate? >> yes, it is. and the people engaged in the salvage would have a very difficult time getting down to that depth, but as far as i know, right now, they have not found the electronic signal from the box to help locate it.
10:18 am
so low -- so, locating the debris field will help them narrow the search area. stuart: why haven't they located the signal from the box blacks? >> i'm not an aviation expert. that's supposed to be nearly indestructib indestructible. stuart: captain, i'm sorry we had to cut it short. busy news day. captain, appreciate it. >> bye. stuart: next up, the republicans, they're kind of urging each other to unify behind donald trump. and there's a new poll that shows 80% of republicans want the leadership to get together behind trump. one republican still not quite sure, congressman louie gohmert. i'll put it as him, isn't it time to get behind trump? and meanwhile, scotland, an
10:19 am
esteemeded -- esteemed club, hosting because of its view on women. and wouldn't this hurt republicans? >> you're not going to win. >> if i'm not in the republican-- >> i don't know anybody who thinks you can win. >> i won't disagree with that.
10:20 am
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shoah, ha ha.ew artist. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd,
10:22 am
8/5 pacific, only on abc. >> they asked me to do this with a scotts accent and i refused. the golf course voted to uphold the standing no female member policy. and sports reporter jared max is with us. so they say we're not going to
10:23 am
have women as members, therefore we don't get the-- >> a fantastic ruling by them which overseas the open championships. 16 times the open has been held at muer field. it's not held there again and won't be considered to hold the open there again until they change its policy. and they dragged their feet for about two years on this, it's interesting that they complain about women play golf too slowly. stuart: is that the complaint? from the members? >> that's a large complaint and i think the larger one, we can talk about misogyny, talk about old-school mentality. this club that is been around since 1891, owned by people since 1744. it's time to get into the 20th century and then step quickly into the 21st. stuart: especially if the price for not doing it, you lose the british open forever. you're not going to get into that course. >> they've made their choice. to seems clearly this is what's more important to not have women. stuart: i'm with you on this one.
10:24 am
>> you want to play golf here? marry a member so you can be a guest. that's what one of the older folks is saying. stuart: that's ridiculous. >> yeah. stuart: i'm sorry, that's totally different times. let's move on. more than a second, i want to read this for us, also on sports, new washington post poll, nine of ten native americans are not offended by the washington redskins name. >> seven out of ten, the word red skin wasn't disrespectful to native americans. a similar poll in 2004 said exactly the same thing, native american leaders say the poll wasn't valid, but the team is taking it as a victory. stuart: what do you say, this is opposite of a story-- >> like an inverted-- >> nine out of ten native americans aren't offended. >> 1% said no opinion. this helps the washington redskins cause in terms of
10:25 am
daniel snyder the owner said it would cost minimum $20 million to rebrand the team and again, who is calling for this change? now, whether or not the term redskins should be changed, maybe we're not there yet to understand that, you know, the right people aren't calling for it, but where is the outcry? anytime there's a group in our for their own rights, it always comes, that scream comes from within the minority. it's not usually the allies and saying, yes, take care of our brethren. stuart: the golf world it taking it out on muerfield for not allowing women members. rightly so. the football team is not going to take it out on the redskins after this poll from native americans. >> also on the golf story, stuart, several golfers speaking out saying, please, can we get in time and gary player who won in 1959, somebody you know well. stuart: on the show. >> speaking out against this,
10:26 am
speaking out, it's time to get with the future. stuart: i think it's a little too late. >> gary player. stuart: you read it. >> much as i love and respect it as a club where i won the open, i totally agree with r and a, royal and agent that says staging the championship at any venue that does not admit women is unacceptable. the bob dylan saying, get out of the new world if you can't lend a hand, for the times, they are a-changing. stuart: thank you very much, sir. i've got to show you video and talk over top of it. this in romania, a car flying through the air caught on camera, slow, a different angle, slams into a puddle on the other side and drives away israel liz: whoe. stuart: it's cold a rotary there, it's a round about here. and the driver is okay.
10:27 am
the undercarriage of the car, b but-- this image is causing outrage. a home depot worker wears a cap with a message, it reads "america was never great", clear dig at donald trump. we'll be back. ♪ no, no can do ♪ ♪ i can't go for that, no, no can do ♪ ♪ i can't go for that, oh, no, no can do ♪
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10:30 am
stuart: still have a triple digit gain for the dow. 10:00 o'clock, half hour ago, still have strong housing numbers.
10:31 am
that may mean that the fed has more leeway to raise interest rates. no big impact on the stock market however. how about the price of oil. $47 a barrel. lower bids coming in for yahoo!. toning it down. thirty-six. lower profit, lower sales. john deere. taking it on the chin. down 4.7%. now, this. gary johnson and his campaign, billionaires david coke, has pledged tens of billions of dollars to the libertarian campaign. a representative denied that. meanwhile, a fox news poll shows gary johnson, libertarian, chipping away the votes from the front runners. look at that. proud libertarian john stossel is here. what are you smiling about? the libertarians take votes away
10:32 am
from trump or anybody else or we will end up with hillary clinton as the president because you want to and i do not get my tax cut. i get a tax increase. >> read your own taxable. a% from democrats. a present from republicans. he is not even nominated yet. that comes next week. stuart: entirely accurate. [laughter] i understand where you get 10% of the vote. i happen to believe that he is likely to take more from trump finnie is from hillary. >> i happen to believe the poll numbers more. even then i believe we are in the vetting. way ahead. stuart: we use a applies, though, 10% support.
10:33 am
>> a lot of people when they say i hate this person, i hate that person, i don't even know 10% will go that way. whoever the libertarian party nominee is, we will win. we will beat you republicans and democrats. stuart: really? you expect to come on this program again? >> i was hoping. take a look at this picture. stuart: there's some outrage. a home depot employee wearing what looks like a trump at. a trump at says make america great again. this says that america was never great. where does the libertarian stand on someone freely expressing an opinion inside a private enterprise operation? >> a private enterprise shall be able to have whatever rules it wants. you do or you leave the company. stuart: you are cool?
10:34 am
>> nobody should tell her what had she can wear. stuart: they would have her take the hat off. you approve of that? >> she then has a choice to leave for take the hat off. a black woman saying was america so great when i was not allowed to sit on the bus? it is her speech. good for her. stuart: i believe, however, in this is very unfortunate, that she received some death threats. you are on tonight. aren't you? >> campaign commercials. uglier than they used to be. stuart: all, i would like to see that. 9:00 o'clock eastern tonight on the fox business network geared the name is stossel. >> i do not get tired of that. [laughter] stuart: what is stossel? what is the name of this show? >> varney.
10:35 am
stuart: and company. you can say it with a little bit more and is he as him. [laughter] we have somebody else hear from fox. fox news radio. you have two stories for us. the story about a retired general fired from his teaching post after making a joke about the transgender bathroom wall. okay. he was fired. you have an update. >> a little bit of breaking news. many people know that he was fired. the school had a change of heart. they decided to rehire the general for at least one more year as a professor and leadership and ethics. happening at a historic school in virginia. one of the three in the country. stuart: what exactly did he say? >> he was one of the original members of delta force.
10:36 am
in charge of all the green berets. a speech a couple weeks ago. he was talking about, talking about the bathroom controversy. the first guy that goes into the bathroom with his daughter will not have to worry about surgery. all the conservatives laughed. the lg bt community, not so much. they demanded he be fired. and he was fired. he has now been reinstated. this is an example of what happens when people stand up and they let their opinions be known. sometimes some good comes out of that. stuart: sometimes. next case. a washington, d.c. supermarket security guard now facing hate crime charges. she confronted a transgender woman in a bathroom. that is a security guard. is that correct? >> no. no. the customer. stuart: looks like a lady, but it is in fact a man. >> that is correct.
10:37 am
a supermarket in washington, d.c. a female security guard yanked the customer out that you cannot be in here. when a customer resisted, she forcefully removed the transgender person from the bathroom. the security guard, the female security guard now facing charges, assault charges. they are reporting this as a hate crime. we will have to see how this plays out. in the presence of your company, i predicted that this was part of the obama administration's plan. here we have that played out at the supermarket. >> the person that was ejected from the woman's bathroom. deep sympathy. i am not sure it lies rises to the level of a hate crime.
10:38 am
>> a hate crime. she looks like she is just doing what looks like the right thing. the whole force of government is on her. she dresses them looks like a female. i do not have a problem with that going into the female bathroom. >> i do not either. >> a lot of other americans have a problem with that. a new poll out that says a majority of americans do have a problem with that. they do not want men identifying as women going into the ladies room. personal feelings were involved. gender is involved. bathrooms are involved. in issuing the president election. [laughter] >> there has to be an answer to it. stuart: just for transgender people? are you kidding me?
10:39 am
>> i feel for jan stender people be back why not just go to the bathroom with your god-given plumbing. >> i have a passion for transgender people. stuart: we are done. you are on the radio and i am still right here. google outselling apple when it comes to laptops. that has never happened before. >> this is about the young consumer. we are talking about the growth in the u.s. for the very first time. this happened in the first three months of this year. 2016. really geared towards or is very interesting, too, okay-12 group. they are the ones buying it up. $150 versus eight-nine, it $10,000. this has been selling great.
10:40 am
the developers conference. free trade. take down some of the big guys. they will be manufacturing. a manufacturing factory. stuart: i want that story on monday morning. demanding reparations for what they say is 60 years for spiritual and material damage inflicted on iran. first, this. new images from mars. the hubble space telescope. why we showing you this? this we can, the earth and mars orbit are aligned with the sun. look up that night and you will be able to see mars with the naked eye. what does that look like? house of the rising sun. ♪
10:41 am
♪ new orleans ♪ before the rising sun ♪
10:42 am
♪ stuart: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour. u.s. soccer star. >> it is not underground. it is not niched.
10:43 am
it is educating. sometimes major league soccer, because it is different, because it is different, because it is new, it does not always measure up. it is heading in the right direction. if this was a stock, you would want to be involved in mls. it is a business and a sport. ashley: republican from texas. you know him. fox news national poll. is the congressman ready to endorse donald? it is a soap opera. more varney coming up next. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: this may raise a couple of five rows. iran -- calling spiritual and material damage. vice president of foreign and defense policy is with us this morning. i do not think that they will get the money. i think that they will dismiss it out of hand. it raises the whole issue. it seems to me that it has fallen to pieces. how can you have behavior like this? >> apart of the whole thing.
10:46 am
the administration knew that they could not make the case that the iran deal would prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. they said that it was okay because it would reset relations with iran. we are not resetting relations and they say, oh, we can't do that because it will keep us from getting a nuclear weapons. it seems that there is a tilt towards iran. it takes place very early in the term of president obama's presidency. i do not understand why he did that. >> well, i do. the answer was easy. he was going to engage the more extremist sunnis and they were going to call matt down. then he was going to engage the iranians. basically, calling the middle east down in the muslim brotherhood in the iranians. neither worked out well.
10:47 am
stuart: it seems like he was burned either a iranians. >> honor is power. somebody who is strong and resilient. they are not being stupid. they want to make america look weak. they use every opportunity to embarrass the hell out of us. we cannot mess with this. they are using it as propaganda to show that they are dominant forces on the rise. it is more than making the president look like an idiot. there is a war between sunni and shia, they look like they are tools of the iranians. they are just embarrassing us. it is going to zero. they are winning hands down.
10:48 am
>> they still have an absolute crap economy. they have the challenges. this is a very containable, defeatable threat. unfortunately, a president that has spent eight years making it a bigger problem. >> the next president will have to deal with the problem that this president created. i do not want to miss anything. i want a full list. stuart: come back and see us soon, please. thank you. a real quick look. lower sales at ross stores. lower bids coming in for yahoo!. maybe two or 3 billion as opposed to 4 billion. the stock is down one, maybe 2%. google. look at that. a sticky coating for self
10:49 am
driving cars. let's bring in lauren simonetti to explain. >> this is one of my favorite stories this week. most of detroit working on atomic test vehicles. how do we get them on the road? we are concerned about convenience. how do you make life easier? we do not worry about the other people on the road. they die every year because of the traffic accident. it does not mean they are actually going to develop this, but they are working on it. when you hit a pedestrian, a cyclist, they state to the car. they stick. i know it is impact from one crash. rolling over the pedestrian. the coaching apparently
10:50 am
interpreted and eggshell. it will have sensors to react. >> supposedly the sentences do not work. you look like a crash pad. [laughter] >> ways to make it safe. totally crazy and that graphic here. i love where vehicles are going. >> thank you, lauren. in the 11:00 o'clock hour, scientists in california run a simulation of a huge earthquake. massive damage predicted. devastating tsunamis. they warned that the big one could be coming. we will cover that. next hour from california, their
10:51 am
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10:55 am
stuart: donald trump 23%. clinton has an even bigger lead among latinos. sixty-eight to 17. he is way behind with that particular demographic. he is behind on all of this. surely that is a problem. >> it is a problem that can be overcome. obvious thing was romney did not do well in that segment. did much worse then others had in the past. the highest point was torched w bush. worked very hard with governor in texas. reagan had good numbers. it is not impossible. you have to go focus on the issues that matter. putting people back to work. you talk about that.
10:56 am
go spend time and energy they are. stuart: you are running the super pack. advising him to what may be hostile territory. make your case directly. >> go to small business. six months to run a campaign today. you have to get 35%. 35% and you are back to your competitive over anything else. you can cover people by talking to them. paying attention to them. talking about their issues. education is very important to the hispanics. jobs are very important to the hispanics. do not talk about immigration. they do not like that. you have a lot of white voters that do like that. stuart: thank you very much. ashley: scientists have a warning. the big one is coming in california. we are talking earthquakes.
10:57 am
it is not a matter of if, but when. next hour, donald trump beats hillary clinton on the economy and national security. getting wider. interesting stuff. the third hour of arnie is right i had. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: rideout at 11:00 o'clock eastern time. eight in california. you are looking at a simulated tsunami. it is not real. a 9.2 magnitude quake would do to the pacific. they will see if they are ready for the big one. we have an earthquake simulator later on this program. take a look at that. congressman, is he ready to support, trump? 80% of republicans say just get on board with trump. on this program a little bit
11:01 am
later. expecting to hear from the tsa later this hour. addressing the long, long lines at the airport. they may address the security in the wake of egyptair. we are on it. 140 to be precise. wead a good print on existing home sales. what? the wall street times. >> it is pathetic. stuart: thank you. thank you. it is pathetic. fiber k did. they will say in the future. going forward. not on this program. serious stuff now. lore. the tractor guy. down nearly 5%. we call it the retail ice age. this, ross stores, apparel is what they sell.
11:02 am
down nearly 4%. footlocker. all tax. if you can call it that. babied the dow. i have some stock there. all of them on the upside today. risk and reward host deirdre bolton. ashley, of courses here. let's get going. trump says some technology stocks look like they are in a bubble territory. he said that a week ago. after he said that, the nasdaq, it is actually looking at its fifth straight week of declines. down for the past four weeks. do you draw, does trump have some influence on the market? >> i do not think so yet.
11:03 am
there are insiders in silicon valley that have also been saying i know he took a lot of heat on twitter, we know that he loves twitter, date famous vcs making fun of him. you know what, we think the same thing. >> they go down. >> some time looking a bit overvalued. we dismiss that. >> he could in the future. >> i think that he is making people do a double take. >> a lot like the stock market. stuart: he is, things are going down. he said that. going down. stuart: when have we ever had donald trump as a president ever. >> donald trump. a snap judgment on the egyptair flight. flat-out calling it fairer and
11:04 am
getting it slammed for labeling it before there was conclusive evidence. look at the latest fox news poll that was taken before the egyptair crisis, event. donald trump 52. hillary clinton 40. who do you trust to better handle terror. how about that. he is also 12 points up when it comes to handling the economy. fifty-three-41. trump over hillary clinton. >> how you have hillary wanted coming out calling donald trump dangerous. calling him a loose canyon. even bernie sanders said you are unqualified to be president. stuart: he also said this morning, i think it was on fox and friends, i do not like this soft approach on muslims and terror. the dramatic. piece strong. the democrats.
11:05 am
the washington post reads this. sanders scorched campaign is a gift to trump. basically that out of the race. >> that is true. the longer is that sanders stays in, one of the analysts called him the skunk at the picnic. i think that he is like a terrier. he is biting where it hurts. he is not an establishment as much as he is. people think that he is more trustworthy. stuart: i think that he is sticking around over the long haul because he wants to see what happens with the fbi. >> y 118. >> could not win california. there are pockets of progressiveness. park it's that kind of march to the beat of their own drum. he could actually win california. >> a gigantic state. all right. california.
11:06 am
where that high-speed rail project is underway. it is going slow. liz: 50 lay in seven years. 2022. they will start laying track. stuart: 2022 is when they laid trap? liz: that is what they're thinking. here is what is going on. the cost is booming. this is 225-mile per hour speed from san fran to l.a. you just talked about where fema is preparing for what, a nine on the big or scale. that is the issue for this bullet train. it goes along the fault line. it is rough. stuart: let's be clear here. they will not lay track until
11:07 am
2022. how many people at this table believed that ultimately it will be built? >> no. >> no. >> no. stuart: what do you think that the price would be? 200 billion? i agree with you. when the republicans have some say in california, they will kill this thing. i think that we are done. we will get to see you this afternoon. >> i am on at five. >> california. california dreaming. there you go. we can do it. we can do it. >> thank you very much. let's get back to the egyptair plane. researchers still looking for the plane.
11:08 am
>> putting out a little blurb saying that a found more debris details to come. that was put out about 15 minutes ago. we know that they have started to find seats and debris. european satellite believes they have picked up oil in the same area. 180 miles north of alexandria. the northern part of egypt. that signal will keep for 30 days. you have to be in pretty close proximity to picking it up. once they start seeing larger parts of the plane, they should be able to get to the black box. it is very deep in this part of the mediterranean. it represents the alps. it could fall into crevices on the ocean floor. stuart: i want to bring in michael sullivan. the egyptair situation.
11:09 am
you say that you think that it is terror. spell it out, please. >> well, good morning, stu. it is too erratic. one of the most stable. everybody that says it. i will be an aviation expert. i do fly quite a bit. just spinning in the air and falling out of the sky. it has to be something more than just the canticle error. l radio signals going through. if there was a bomb on board, that probably could account for the fact that there was note transmission from the radio. stuart: i want to make it relevant to our viewers here in america. you say that we are now vulnerable. more vulnerable than we were before the egyptair situation. explain this, please. >> you have tsa lines that are hours long.
11:10 am
it is going to be frustrating. people are going to be pushing their way through. tsa is going to want to help people get through quickly. will they let something slip through? i do not think that the government in and tsa could protect us as much as we want to. private enterprise or the airlines themselves have to start doing this. maybe they have to get the bottling companies involved and stop serving things in cans that weannot see through. stuart: that would be enormous undertaking in a place like the united states. 20,000 flights a day or something. >> at least. stuart: think of the delay of this. think of how penetrable the whole system really is. >> what kind of price to pay on a human life?
11:11 am
just innocent people wanting to get home. going on vacation. what are we going to do here? is i get is fly commercially. it will only turn around and say, you know what, you want to fly me out to california, let's do it privately. stuart: this is a really big threat to our economy. we cannot function if we cannot life freely. we cannot. you have to fly. it seems like the enemy is getting increasing late sophisticated and how it operates. this is a dire threat to us here in america. we do not necessarily realize it yet. >> i fly in quite a bit. i find that everything is fine. you are cruising. you go to sleep.
11:12 am
and old airline saying second grade is the experience. it has been a joke in the aviation industry. everyone braces for that landing. it sounds silly. stuart: i think i will buy stock in videoconferencing companies. michael, thank you very much indeed. we will see you again soon. >> my pleasure. still ahead. we expect to hear from the tsa in this hour from those long, long security lines. we have a new fox poll. showing donald trump still has problems with latino voters. we try to directly appeal to them. we will bring you that next. >> latinos. i love you, darling. come on over here.
11:13 am
get her up here. ♪ i love her. i have fallen in love with her. ♪
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11:16 am
stuart: a very interesting development over the egyptair plane. >> some of the workers and colleagues were talking. obviously very upset. interviewed outside of a mosque. he was very religious. trying to pray five times a day. use the planes navigation system to establish the direction of mecca. he would do the praying if he could fit it in to what he was doing during the course of the day. he said he was a very genial person.
11:17 am
also, ultra religious. stuart: okay. check this out. a fire at a pier in southern california. this is a diner. orange county. not much information at this point. fire boats are on the scene, as you can see. thick smoke can be seen for miles and miles and miles. that is a diner on the pier. how about mcdonald's. that stock is way off of its high. no explanation for that. waiting for a tsa news conference. they will discuss the recent long lines. it has caused serious travel problems. do they think that the lines will be worse? >> right now, it is amazing.
11:18 am
you have the tsa administrator. today, there are no lines. i do not know why that is. they do expect to have something on security in regards to the egyptair crash. there is now a resolution that would call for privatization. firing the tsa at some fashion if they do not get some progress. right now, they are meeting together to talk about this. there is a big crowd here. they would have a big board up there. understaffed and overwhelmed. things are bad. stuart: the people and authority are there. no lines. we will get back to you very shortly. thank you, jeff. next. a new fox poll just out. donald trump still has problems
11:19 am
with latino voters. hillary clinton, 62%. 23% goes to trump. a trump guy. in early trump supporter. do you think that donald trump should or will go directly into hispanic areas and appeal for votes directly? do you think he will do that? >> i think you should. i think that he well. continuing to speak about those issues that are important to all americans. national security and jobs. the prospect of a terrorist attack, i think it only heightens the anxiety. trump has shown that he will do whatever is necessary to protect this country. appealing the latinos. there is one other issue that many people are missing. many latinos are pro-life
11:20 am
voters. i think the pro-life probation will also appeal to latinos. stuart: how does he get over the immigration problem? it is a problem. how on earth does he get over that? >> ultimately, he will not get over that and he does not need to. the wisdom for years has been you cannot have a strong anti-illegal immigration policy and win a general election. he is not only energized, republicans during this primary process, i think that he needs to continue to emphasize that in order to continue to win in the general election. whatever vote he loses because latinos consider that
11:21 am
offputting, they will want to keep america safe. stuart: i wonder how much support trump really does have. a lot of people say very quietly that i am a trump supporter. >> i was going up the elevator at trump tower. there were two latino and lawyers. they turned to me and said, pastor, are we going to win this election? they laughed and they said, no, we love him. remember, donald trump has just come to a primary process. he has seen his favorability's. i think you will see the same with latino. may or may not win the latino vote. i still predict that he will win
11:22 am
this election. >> ain't you. we appreciate it. let's go to california. praying for a major earthquake that could hit any time. after the break, we will show you the quake simulator. ♪
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stuart: this is happening right now, the tsa holding a news conference on the long airport delay lines. rahm emanuel speaking there, mayor of chicago. we're monitoring for any news regarding the egypt airline incident and/or what's going to happen to those long lines. californians are being told prepare for a major earthquake, they're trying to simulate a huge quake. >> they are. a massive earthquake and tsunami which occurs about every 4-600 years and, believe it or not, this part of the country is long overi due. that's a computer version of it. it will literally run from northern california all the way up to the pacific northwest, creating a tsunami of some 50-foot waves. fema is going to conduct a large scale drill this summer, you know, together with this simulation. stuart: what they're simulating is a 9.2 magnitude quake. >> yes. stuart: huge.
11:27 am
>> wow. locked and loaded, they say. >> devastating. stuart: they would, indeed. check this out one more time. the fire at the pier in southern california. that's a diner that's on fire. it's located on the pier in seal beach, orange county. we are told that fire is getting much worse. it certainly looks like it. >> yeah. stuart: there it is. look at it. yeah, it's getting worse, all right, it's spread to the entire building, and that's on a pier in southern california. we'll update that for you. applied materials, they make the tools that make microchips, better outlook, good profits, best performer in the s&p 500. we like to bring you the best performer of all the 500 in the s&p, up nearly 13%. as for the gap, they're going to close 75 stores -- all of them overseas, by the way -- they're trying to save $275 million a year. investors like it, they're up 3%. the price of gasoline, haven't brought you this in a
11:28 am
long time. back in january -- >> because we don't like it. stuart: $1.69 back in january. >> that was backing in january. stuart: now it's $2.27. i don't like that one bit. all right, moving on swiftly. fox poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton with latino -- latina women, i should say, i guess. clinton has 68%, trump 17%. rachel campos duffy is with us. libra initiative spokesperson. how does trump get over this deficit with the hispanic vote? >> yeah, you can't put lipstick on that number, it's pretty bad. but if you look at it in context, you know, he's at 23%, romney was at 26 or 27%, and we're still five months out. so there is an opportunity. here's my idea, stuart. i think that the issue is school choice. it's, you know, latina women -- and, by the way, his numbers are even worse, he really needs to work on them than they are with
11:29 am
the general hispanic population. school choice is an issue that really resonates. latina moms want opportunity, upward mobility for their kids, and they know that the school and education is the way to it. hillary clinton has been bought and sold by the unions. she has no credibility on this issue. donald trump would be wise to pick this one up, because it really puts him on the side of kids and families. stuart: now -- >> as opposed to hillary. stuart: sorry, i don't mean to interrupt, but you've got the libra initiative. that is outreach to hispanics, isn't it, on the part of republicans? >> yes. stuart: that's what you do? >> well, no. we're nonpartisan, stuart, and we are fighting for entrepreneurship, personal responsibility and, of course, upward mobility through economic liberty for hispanics. so these are all issues that i think, you know, his tax plan, his support for small businesses could be beneficial. but let's be clear, i mean, he has really damaged himself with some of this rhetoric. but there is still time.
11:30 am
and, remember, hillary's numbers with hispanics should be on par or better than obama's because she's actually to the left of obama on immigration reform. and it's not helping her. and she also has the hispanic media squarely in the tank for her, and it hasn't helped her there either. so he has room to grow but, boy, he's got a big deficit to make up. stuart: rachel, hold on for a second, i'm going to break away and take our viewers to chicago where there's a tsa news conference. that gentleman is addressing the long lines at airports, that's peter neffenger, head of the tsa. >> maximum flexibility to local leadership to meet demand, and we're working closely with the airports, airlines and department of aviation to anticipate and manage passenger volume. and i want to thank the congress for providing us with some much-needed reprogramming funds to provide additional staffing far sooner than we had anticipated the availability of that money. it's not just chicago, we're
11:31 am
doing this at each of the nation's largest airports, and we'll continue to do so over the course of the summer. the recent reprogramming request has allowed me to push significant, larger staffing increases out across the nation as well as to move k-9 teams where we need them. passenger volume will continue to increase over the summer, so we're paying very close attention to this. airports will be full at peak periods, but we'll continue to focus on moving people efficiently while keeping you safe. and just let me close with one note about the egyptair disaster. we still don't know what happened there. we're following the investigation closely. our halters go out to the -- our hearts go out to the family and friends of the people that were lost, but most importantly, it's a stark reminder that what we do is really important, and we need to do it well and efficiently. thank you. stuart: okay. now, i didn't get anything specific from that. there have been long lines especially at chicago for security, and the gentleman who runs the tsa, you just heard
11:32 am
him, he's saying maybe some more money and some more overtime. but he didn't really come out and say, look, we're going to fix this no matter what. rachel campos duffy still with us. i want to talk about this, because this is what everybody is talking about. >> yeah. stuart: anybody who's going to be flying, especially with a family this summer, is worried stiff about a two or three-hour wait in the long lines. is that what everybody's talking about where you are? >> well, i just got back from the chicago airport a couple days ago, and it is really bad. and it is something they need to fix. but, of course, the typical answer from washington is more money, more money. so i don't know, i mean, i've been to other airports that don't have that problem, and i'm assuming they have the same kind of funding. you know, stuart, i think that people still do want national, you know, they want security at the airport, so they're willing to stand there. but, boy, it's just, it's really going to slow down business and,
11:33 am
gosh, if you have little kids in a line for two hours -- stuart: heaven forbuild. >> it's a version of hell. stuart: heaven forbid. my daughter has five children, she plans to travel this summer. we may stay home. rachel, thank you very much for joining us. liz? >> nearly 6800 travelers missed their flight in just one week in march. it's unfair people are missing their flights. and they don't get refunds for this. stuart: andrew peek is with us, he knows a thing or two about security, former army intelligence officer. the gentleman who runs the tsa referred briefly to the egyptair situation. they're checking and monitoring the situation. it seems to me that we're going to have an even bigger problem with security at our airports after the egyptair situation because we don't know what happened to it, and we've got to tighten up here at a very difficult time. go. >> absolutely. yeah, i think, you know, i think very few people in the next week or two are going to be complaining about long lines at the airport, actually.
11:34 am
so so it's actually a good time to be the head of the tsa. but on the egyptair thing, what the intelligence community is looking at right now is not just the connections of everyone who came in contact with the airplane, the baggage handlers and so forth, but in a case like this, you look at the second-degree connections, right? you look at the contacts of those people and who those people were talking to. it's a very time-intensive process, it takes a lot of manpower. but i suspect that's what the intelligence community's working on right now. stuart: that's got to happen in america. it's not just the egyptair situation. we've got to start looking at the people who put food onboard a plane, who clean out the toilet, for heaven sake. everybody and anybody who gets onto the tarmac has to be looked at. and, you know, it's going to be pejorative. they're going to take a special look at people who are muslims, and that's a very unfortunate situation, do you agree with me? >> i do. but i think in uncertain cases like this one, you know, our
11:35 am
norms and our sort of values a little bit have to take into account reality. i am struck by the fact that the israeli airline, el al, has never had a hijacking because they take measures like look at people who speak arabic as a primary language, look at immigrants from middle eastern countries. i think those are common sense things you have to do to insure security. stuart: the chief of staff, top guy, chief of staff to hungary's prime minister, that chief of staff says that president obama favors illegal immigration into europe because he wants to fill up europe with muslims. now, that is a wild and rather crazy conspiracy theory, and we don't bring it to our viewers' attention -- we bring it this one, because it's from the chief of staff of hungary's prime minister. but that's the thought mold in europe at the moment -- mode in europe at the moment, total division. what do you say? >> no, it's totally right. i don't think that the president, of course, wants to,
11:36 am
you know, destroy europe by bringing in illegal immigrants. i do think that he and the people in brussels have a deep dislike of the kind of national identity that eastern european countries like hungary and poland see as under threat by these waves of islamic immigrants. and, frankly, the failure to take their concerns into account, right, the failure to be like, well, hey, maybe these waves of immigrants from places like turkey and north africa haven't done amazing things for france and britain has led to some of the comments like this from the chief of staff of the hungarian government. stuart: it seems to me that europe is totally split, totally divided culturally and on religious grounds, and i don't know what the end game is, andrew. perhaps you'd like to tell us where you think europe's going with this issue. >> you know, i have been most struck -- what i think is most dangerous about europe on this issue is that it is totally isolated. the aaron european countries -- the eastern european countries like poland, like the baltics,
11:37 am
like hungary, like romania in a certain sense that are resistant to taking on immigration, right, are resistant to kowtowing to brussels and angela merkel. and in european history, an isolated eastern europe has been a recipe for disaster: it's not a good thing. stuart: it is not. andrew peek, thank you for joining us this friday morning. >> thanks so much, stuart. stuart: right now we've got -- i think this is the high for the day on the dow industrials, up 132 pointsesome. >> that's good. stuart: strong housing numbers came out at 10:00 eastern time this morning. maybe the threat of an interest rate hike is receding a little, or maybe the market likes an interest rate hike. >> don't listen to any of the fed officials, they'll just confuse you on the issue. [laughter] stuart: tell me about confusion. ashley, what's this about oklahoma impeaching president obama? >> indeed. oklahoma's republican-dominated legislature filing a measure calling for the president's impeachment over his
11:38 am
administration's recommendations on accommodating transgender students saying that, basically, he's overstepped his constitutional authority. this is a very socially-conservative state -- stuart: >> extreme. oh, it's purely just sending a message. it's just for effect, i believe, obviously. stuart: but you're right. oklahoma's one of the most conservative republican states in the nation. >> yeah. stuart: it is, by far. after the break congressman louie gohmert will join us. is he ready to support donald trump, or does he still want an apology? >> accusing the most honorable guy of dishonesty, he goes after his father and says he helped lee harvey oswald? as a christian, stuart, if he apologizes, then, yes, i will forgive him and come onboard.
11:39 am
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♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. 25 of the 30 dow components have up air roars -- arrows, the dow sitting at 17,564. with the moves we're seeing today, well, that helps the dow, the nasdaq and s&p snap this recent selling streak we've been seeing for the major averages. financials, certainly, are in the green as everybody now awaits once again will the fed raise rates in june or july? with that we're seeing american express, jpmorgan and goldman
11:41 am
sachs all gaining. momentum stocks, sometimes call these the fang stocks, but we're seeing these names, netflix, google, amazon and facebook all with up arrows today. dick's sporting goods getting a nice pop on a goldman sachs rating of a buy, raising their estimates, that's up almost 4%. keep it right here on fox business. we start at five a.m. fbn a.m. here's the plan. you want a career and a family, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane.
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stuart: the liberal media understands that hillary clinton's candidacy is in some trouble. their reaction is an unprecedented, over-the-top outpouring of hatred and contempt for donald trump. rarely, if ever, have we seen this kind of language used against a candidacy for the presidency. martin wolfe and the financial times calls him a narcissist, a bully, a spreader of conspiracy theories. eliot cohen in "the new york times" says trump's foreign policy would bring ruin to us all. britain's economist says he is a disaster for the world. but the prize for inflammatory language surely goes to "the washington post." stonewaller, shape-shifter, liar. just three choice words from ruth marcus at the post. you can feel the loathing. the media is in panic mode. their candidate is hillary clinton, and she's not doing that well. the fox poll shows trump running slightly ahead of her and
11:44 am
beating her by 12 points on handling of the economy and on terror. sound the alarms. they're not just bashing trump, they're going after bernie too. they want him out of the race. he's hurting hillary, so this morning eugene robinson in the post says: bernie's scorched earth campaign is a gift to trump. so drop out of the campaign. it's very clear the media's preferred candidate is not bernie, and it certainly isn't donald trump. it is hillary clinton. they are determined to get her over the finish line even if they have to carry her across. and, yes, we will close as we so often do, we haven't even mentioned an indictment. what will they do if and when the indictment comes? [laughter] can you say joe biden? okay. i just chucked it in at the end. now, we have a headline from "the new york times." the it is a poll. 80% of republicans say party
11:45 am
leaders should support donald trump. even if you disagree with him, eight out of ten say get behind the guy. louie gohmert is here. [laughter] republican from texas. will you now openly support donald trump? >> i guess we need to define what support is, and this has been my, what's held me back. one of my daughters told me two weeks ago, dad, you need to explain yourself better when i was trying to explain manager to her. so let me explain. support means i'm willing to go on the stump, i'm willing to go across the country and speak for you, stand up for you, defend you. that's a whole lot different than going into the voting booth and voting for the better of two choices or, you know, some elections we've had the lesser of two evils. and so i will always set aside everything personal and vote for the better candidate, whoever that is. and in this case between hillary clinton and donald trump, it is donald trump.
11:46 am
and by the way, let me say this about what you just pointed out about the fear mongering about trump in foreign affairs. stuart, that's the best thing a presidential candidate or a president can have going for them. the presidents who have been best on foreign matters and on keeping the world safe have been presidents that have been projected as being a little bit crazy, you couldn't figure what they'll do. they might actually push the button, you couldn't trust them. reagan -- stuart: yes. >> you know, you look back at roosevelt, i'm talking teddy roosevelt. those that were projected as being, you know, cool and calm and, you know, they wouldn't do anything overreacting, kennedy. it took him three years to show that he could stand up and have a backbone, and the world got to the brink of nuclear disaster because of it. so, actually, stuart, this' one
11:47 am
of the things in -- that's one of the things in trump's favor on foreign matters is the world is not sure about him. that's a great thing for a presidential candidate. stuart: you see, you're so popular on this program, it's very difficult to jump in on you when you're in the middle of making a point, so i have to give you the first 60 seconds at least to just run on. >> sorry. [laughter] stuart: want to return to the original. >> yeah, i will vote for him. stuart: you're not going to stump for donald trump, but you will maybe recommend to your fellow republicans, yep, he's the better of the two candidates, i'm on his side. you'd say that? >> well, i can say i will vote for him if he's -- it appears he'll be the nomineement and when i get in the voting booth in november and it's trump and hillary, there's no question who i'll vote for. that's not an issue at all. stuart: okay. is so you're not -- >> you brought up -- stuart: you not a never trump guy in the sense that you don't want him to be -- >> i never said never trump. stu stuart no, i know you didn't.
11:48 am
but you're not in that camp. >> yeah. but like for ted, i've been in the trenches with him. and when you're fighting for the same objectives in congress together, you get to know each other. and i knew i could trust him, and we had each other's back. i knew that. but, you know, i'm not, i'm not there with trump. stuart: okay. >> just last week he said heidi cruz is still fair game -- stuart: oh, okay. >> i mean, he doesn't feel that way about his own wife. that's not a good idea. but let's look at what we have in front of us, and when it comes to hillary clinton, stuart, it's become very clear. this administration -- and i've told you before -- they'll never indict her as long as she doesn't say anything critical of the obama administration. so i think it is time for a special prosecutor, and this administration is now making
11:49 am
clear they're not going to appoint a special prosecutor. ?iewrt stuart no, they won't. >> they like having that over clinton's head so she doesn't criticize obama. [laughter] so i'm trying to draft legislation right now that will create the ability to have a special prosecutor that is not -- stuart: okay. but that would take forever. >> i'm working on that. stuart: okay. i've got to get your opinion on this. it's about the washington redskins. "the washington post" has a poll which says nine of ten native americans are not offended by the washington redskins' name. i just thought i'd chuck this in to the end of the interview, see what you think, louie. [laughter] you're from texas, you know football. >> yeah. i love football, and there have been times since i was a huge fan of rg iii. i knew him in college and just think the world of him. i actually pull for the redskins many games. but let me tell you, i'm on the committee of jurisdiction over native americans, and we've had hearings including out in
11:50 am
california where we had native americans come testify, and they come in and say i'm so and so from the indian tribe of such and such, and they refer to themselves as indian. and so it just seems to me it's a bunch of leftists that are the ones that get all offended. stuart: i thought we'd get there. [laughter] >> the native americans aren't all that upset about it. stuart: i think you're right. louie, i've got to go. >> thank you, stuart. always good to talk to you. stuart: how about this? next story. demand has gone up for bunkers and safe rooms, way up in the past year. after the break we bring you the man who makes 'em. >> well, howdy, neighbors. shouldn't you be in your shelters by now? >> we haven't got them. we want in yours. >> well, sorry, shelter's kind of full. >> really? oh. well, we'll just go off someplace and die then. thanks. you pay your car insurance
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premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all.
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sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: demand has gone way up for bunkers and safe rooms in the past year. this man, tom gaffney, is the ceo of gaffe co. ballistics. he installs and creates safe rooms. good to see you, tom. >> good to be here, stuart.
11:55 am
stuart: first of all, right over there, this is bulletproof kevlar wall material, correct? >> that's correct, yep. stuart: i fire a bullet at that, and it won't go through. >> this was hit by three bullets from an ak-47. bullets on the front, nothing on the back. stuart: excellent. now, moving on, you've got the blass, and that was hit with a bullet. >> correct. this was hit with a .44 mag. the back of it, again, no penetration. stuart: okay. so all the walls in this safe room have that on the walling, bulletproof -- >> and the floors and ceilings. yeah, yeah, it's a complete booth. stuart: can you build a room of any size? >> yes, we can, yeah. stuart: how many did you build last year? >> residential, i think we did about 18. stuart: and how many have you sold and built this year? >> so far residential alone, 12, something like eight on corporate jobs. stuart: so you're going straight up. if i buy one of these rooms, i have one fitted out in my house,
11:56 am
if i smell trouble, i run inside, and i'm safe from bullets. how about gas? >> yes. we put in an infiltration system that protects you against nuclear, biological and chemical bass gases, so you're safe from that as well. stuart: trying to think of other ways. bombs? >> yeah. blast-resistant as well. glass and ballistic fiberglass do have inherently by their nature, they are blast-reare sis about the. -- resistant. stuart: why do you think demand has gone up so much? >> people are more concerned about a lack of security out there, so they're taking matters into their own hands, and they can afford to do it. stuart: how much? for a medium-sized safe room? >> generally, it's the master bedroom we're doing to today, nt just a master closet. it makes sense, lock down the doors, you're probably talking $300,000 for that nature. stuart: $3-$400,000, and you've sold 18 last year and 12 so far
11:57 am
this year. >> we're busy. stuart: yes, you are. what kind of person -- strange question, but who's the typical customer? >> i think there's a misconception out there. my particular clients are the 1%-ers, affluent people, and they may or may not have a higher concern for security than regular people, i don't know, but these are my clients, and this is what they look for. stuart: that's fantastic. tom gaffney. the name of the company? >> gaffe co.. >> thank you for being here. stuart: we will have more varney for you after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: 20 or 30 seconds left, enough time to tell me, please, which is your favorite story of the day? >> i loved daniel craig saying, no, i'm not going to do two more bond movies because i want to put it out there, i'll do it for half that. stuart: wait a minute, he's english, right? he turns down $100 million u.s.? >> yes. stuart: they're prepared to pay
12:00 pm
him $100 million for two more movies? >> yes. and, again, i'm available. [laughter] stuart: throwing it out there. >> bond, my name's bond. stuart: excellent stuff. we're done with "varney & company," but neil cavuto's right there. neil: my story had to be the bunker dude. i'm telling you. [laughter] be that doesn't increase the paranoia the world over -- [laughter] daniel craig, he could afford a few. great job, stuart, thank you very much. all right, we are focusing not only on what's going on with egyptair, what the heck happened to it, but the mixed signals we are getting out of greece, out of france, out of egypt. egypt says wreckage has been found, the greeks come around and say, well, that's what the egyptians are saying, and then the french, they're not saying anything. yesterday they were hot to trotta call it a terrorist incident. now they're dialing that back. if you are confused, you are not alone. and here's the problem, you have


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