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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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knowledge base to handle this and appreciate the enormity of this -- dagen: i am the biggest nerd on the planet. neil: this brings us to donald trump. trish regan covering all of that and much, much more. trish: it could happen any minute. donald trump said to speak to the national rifle association any minute from now. he did one support an assault weapons ban, but has changed that position. what will he say today? donald trump said to speak at the nra's annual meeting in kentucky at any minute. we will bring it to you live. we await donald trump's appearance. this has a new fox poll says voters preferred trump to hillary clinton when it comes to the eight economy. the nations biggest issue right now is the economy. after eight years after president obama.
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plus, the very latest on the crash of egyptair flight 804. bodies, suitcases and parts of the plane and part of the mediterranean. was this terrorism? now, even more insanity over president obama allowing students to use whatever bathroom they "gender identify with." a new tutorial says teenage girls need to set aside their discomfort and accept "male genitalia in the girls locker room." white people having to get over any discomfort that they had to share with black people. okay. clarence weaver is here. he will have a few things to say about this one. a north carolina school board
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voting to ban area high schools from naming valedictorians. because competition is "unhealthy" they say. isn't competition and driving for excellence what has made us so great as a country. let's get back to our top stories. donald trump said to speak to the nra any minute now. he is the best advocate for the second amendment. he said in the past that he supported an assault weapons ban, however. now, he says he is a proud gun owner with a concealed carry permit. most are saying that trump does a better job fighting terrorism then hillary clinton. hillary clinton is not buying it. >> i know how hard this job is. i know that we need steadiness as well as strength and smarts in it.
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i have concluded that he is not qualified to be president of the united states. trish: brad blakeman and alice. we await donald trump speech there before the nra. how important is this voting block for him? >> it is very important. a base that the republicans need to win in november. this is a very important moment for donald trump. it is a policy moment for him, too. people will be looking at him like they were looking at him on foreign policy at aipac. a full endorsement to the second amendment. the differences between the trump presidency and they quit in clinton presidency is the right to bear arms. trish: donald trump has moved back and
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>> donald is going to be awfully full throated today. you are absolutely right about that. he has been allover about this issue. the nra, even though they would never support trump, they have nowhere else to go. hillary has made gun safety issues top of her priority. who else will the nra support? >> i think that it is a fair point. brad, they sort of do not have a choice. >> i think that donald trump is an excellent choice. very beginning of his announced candidacy. he can protect the right to bear arms. it is not arms that kill people. it is the people that use them that do. major cities where gun violence is rampant. where is the common denominator? it is a problem of despair.
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it is a problem of mental health. it is a problem of dependency. they simply think that the solution is removing guns and that is not it. trish: i want to share some breaking news coming into us from fox news. that is negative director of the nra will come out, momentarily, when he takes the stage and give donald trump and endorsement. this is significant. the nra does not come out and endorse candidates. they did not endorse romney back in 2012. they say that there is an excitement for trump amongst their members that they never saw with romney or mccain. as such, they are getting behind it. coming out within endorsement. your reaction to that. >> i think it is just what the doctor ordered for donald trump. it will send a message loud and
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clear around the country. could not wish for better than to have this endorsement this early. >> actually never done better. 158%. do you look at the market cap of the gun buyback in 2008? $49 billion. in other words, as much as president obama has tried to go after this industry, the industry continues to thrive. even more so because people are fearful. >> in awful lot of guns out there. frankly, a scary number. the nra is way out on the crazy end of this thing. a vast majority of gun owners do not agree. most nra members do not agree with the celis positions of opposing background checks. basic gun safety. those people are the lack into this issue.
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every single poll shows that they do not i that kind of talk for a second. trish: we have two extremes, though. clinton on one side and trump, we will see where he comes out with his position. theoretically, both of them serve on opposite sides there. just reminding our viewers that we are waiting on donald trump that will address the nra. louisville, kentucky. we are getting reports that the nra is about to endorse donald trump. historically, they do not always make that move. in fact, they did not endorse either romney nor mccain. brad, ellis, thank you very much. we have more breaking news that i want to get to this hour. a hand on the weak copy of the
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passenger manifest for egyptair flight 804. none of them are on the current terror watchlist. sixty-six people from paris to cairo when they disappeared. searchers say plane debris has been discovered off the coast of egypt, including body parts, luggage and passengers seats. there have been no credible claims of responsibility for the egyptair crash. we are learning more about where the plane stopped before taking off from paris. it is safe to say that those places do not have the same security as western nations. joining me right now is tom sullivan. also a licensed pilot. and judith miller from the manhattan institute. spent quite a lot a time in egypt. let me start first with you, judith. this idea that no one is triggering the alarm signal that
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was on the passenger list. as we have seen before, terrorist do not always fall into that category. you think about san bernardino. this was not someone that the government was tracking. will they continue to pursue that avenue? >> they have to continue to pursue every avenue. they have to start eliminating potential threats. they have taken people off the manifest. is there someone that was on the list? would you get beyond that, you have to look at the back door threat. everyone that had access to the plane in those five airports where this plane went before it disappeared. trish: some very shady places. >> very shady places. who was delivering food. who was hooking looking up the oil to get to the gas. it was a mechanical problem.
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trish: why did we not see any explosion in the air? >> i don't know. i don't know if they streamed constantly satellites over the mediterranean or whether it is once every minute they take a snapshot to see what is out there. trish: it may not have been and explosion. could it possibly have been a pilot making the decision to put the plane down. >> a lot of could of, would have. we do not know. to the airport again, there are 85,000 employees that have badges. 85,000. they also have over 5000 security people. supposed to be one of the most secure airports in europe. to your point, they were down, i
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don't even know how to pronounce the name-- trish: -- >> what is it? >> four or five airports. what it comes down to is, easily could have been somebody there. if it was a bomb. trish: that will not necessarily get checked. paris, 53 people were fired. removed. taken away at charles de gaulle airport. after they found terrorist literature. in their lockers. even a secure airport like paris , and we know about the problems in brussels, trish, because you and i have been talking about this, is airports are not nearly as secure as our airports. trish: let's talk about the significance of the air going down just after it crossed into egypt. say goodbye to greece. when into egypt.
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moments later it went down. should we read into anything like that? >> if it was in egyptian airspace, it would be a double signal. we do not know what happens. was there a struggle in the cockpit? the pilot had 6000 hours. the copilot had 3000 hours of flight experience. neither one of them deemed to be a terrorist threat. we do know with egyptian pilot, there was one that took it and told it right into the ground. >> there was nothing. they are getting to it. they do not know right away where the body of the airport is. some sighting of some sort of slick, that is important. it shows that it is all over the
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place. it did not hit the water and disintegrate. >> dairy high in the air. the oil slick. you have more oil in your car than an airbus has in a plane. they do not use much oil. they have lots of fuel. if that was sprayed all over the place, it would mean a high breakup. as opposed to when it impacts the water. if you will slick right there. trish: it is very scary. not just what we were talking with charles de gaulle and the isis sympathizers there. around the world and although places that these planes go. i think an alarming reality there. >> they were supposed to have done a security check at charles de gaulle. i do not know how good that is. trish: greg is live at charles
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de gaulle airport. greg. >> hi, trish. let's first get this new information. the pilots of that egyptair flight 804. getting more details about that. interesting stuff. a young man. twenty-four years old. yes, we are noting a good amount of flight time. that, that pass the airline security. >> back to the plane. said to have been on any terror watch. as for the search for debris, they closed under -- it is definitely ratcheting up. a 45-mile wide area is being covered by the ships in the planes. oil slick from the plane
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including, sadly, human remains have been found. not found, the black box. the mediterranean sea, at that point, 10,000 feet. you have been talking about it. terror remains. an option being looked at. no more clues here in france or in egypt. no one has claimed responsibility. all theories were being investigated. his office is not favoring any of them. he did say, however, the security at the airport where we are right now, where the plane left from, the security has been ratcheted up since the crash. our security analyst in france and paris. despite the ongoing security, a small bomb could have been placed on this plane. finally, the cause of the crashes of less concern to the
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families of the victims. much more to the point. being closer to their loved ones. prayers were said. williams lost. lives remembered. what caused this crash, that is what is most important about what happened in the last 24-48 hours. trish: they have 30 days. to find out black box. coming up, the tsa addressing those hour long security lines. not with a whole lot of specifics other than being nice to your tsa agents. the long lines or not their fault. [laughter] i wish the tsa agents were nice
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to us. [laughter] anyway. we will have the latest on these travel nightmare lines and why they may grow worse. next. ♪ show me top new artist.
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trish: the head of the tsa speaking out today. unbelievably long security lines that are frustrating travelers and airlines alike. one hundred part-time agents will shift to full time and more screeners will be sent to chicago airport. especially hard hit with these three-hour long lines. given all the security concerns right now, given what we are watching with egyptair, is this enough? i cannot imagine that these lines will get any shorter right
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now. joining me right now from chicago's o'hare airport airport is our very own jeff flock. how's it looking there today? jeff: when the tsa administrator shows up in the mayor shows up, look at what happens. there are almost no lines out here. pretty amazing. no promises. about lines this summer. he said it could be bad. he said they are doing their best on security. he feels like the vetting process for the employees is solid. at least that. listen to what he said. >> they are first and foremost vented against the terrorist screening database. they are vetted for affiliations with anybody and the terrorist screening database. that is the first thing that we do. they are also look that criminal records. a two-year basis. we are working with fbi the fbi
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to work on that with a current basis. it will be recurrent on criminal background checks. >> he made it very clear, trish, there is no confirmation with tr flight being terrorism. of course, that is their number one priority. here is what he said. >> about the egyptair disaster, we still do not know what happened. we are following the very closely. what we do is really important. we need to do it well and we need to do it efficiently. jeff: he was really on the carpet with the mayor and senator durbin here today. this mess could have been foreseen. it could have been avoided. management is not up to snuff. about the management of the tsa. >> we have talked about this
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before. tsa. it does not quite run as efficiently as he would like. they have some work to do, for sure, jeff. trish: coming up. fresh insanity over the president that moves for schools to allow students to use whatever bathroom they gender identify with. now this newspaper saying that teenage girls need to get over their discomfort and accept male genitalia and the girls locker room. they say that it is the same thing as white people getting over the discomfort of sharing the bathroom with five people back with the segregation in the south first happening. come on. is it? i know and you know he will have a lot to say about this one. the local
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. trish: more fallout over president obama allowing
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schools to allow students to use whatever bathroom and whatever locker room they, quote, gender identify with on any given day. this week the charlotte observer newspaper put out an editorial saying basically the teenaged girls they need to just get over it, get over it if they feel uncomfortable and get used to, and i quote here, men genitalia in the girl's locker room. the paper went onto compare this to the civil rights movement, writing the battle for equality has always been in part about overcoming discomfort with blacks sharing facilities, with gays sharing marriage, realizing it is not so awful as people imagined. okay, again, teenaged girls having to share locker rooms with anyone who wants to be there on any given day saying they gender identify with girls as opposed to boys. come on. is this really the same thing as what they're trying compare this all to?
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joining meet author of tribalism, the truth between the lies, and former black panther turned conservative activist clarence mason weaver. clarence, they're trying to say if a boy is in a girl's locker room in a high school in america, that girls just need to deal with it, they need to accept that they need to occasionally see the body parts and just like when desegregation in the south happened and you needed to integrate and everybody had to use the same bathroom. what do you make of that comparison? clarence, you can hear me? i don't think clarence can hear me. we're going to check your audio levels and see what's going on. but you know, bottom line, this is a story causing quite a bit of discomfort in america, you got the president once again making one big sweeping gesture saying you know what? i am going to order every school system to allow boys and
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girls to all use the same locker room and the same bathroom if they feel that they gender identify with any of those locker rooms or bathrooms on on any given day. the president says they will lose their funding, don't forget, public schools in america, rely on the funding, they need the funding. i want to go back to clarence to see if his audio is working, you can hear me, clarence? >> yes, i can. trish: we've been talking about the charlotte newspaper who is basically saying in their editorial this week that girls just need to get over it, if they feel uncomfortable with a guy in their locker room and seeing things as a high school girl you probably don't want to see just get over it, that this is a little like integration, back in the days of desegregation in the south. what do you think of that? [laughter] >> reminds me of something i heard in europe a little while ago where the girls had to be taught how to dress so they
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would not be raped by muslim men. interesting the same philosophy. understand who we are. let's go back to the basic foundation of we the people, we, the people ordained this government, we gave birth, we created this government, and we put pressure on the government to change. the people put pressure on the revolutionary war, we put pressure on the south, we have the civil war. we put pressure on the suffragette, and the government to do things for us. where is the pressure today for obamacare? where is the pressure from the people for open bathrooms? we're being dictated to, and now we're in the era of trump where we don't have to be politically correct. trish: i know you're -- you're a big donald trump supporter. i would just say some of this comes down to common sense, clarence. girls feeling uncomfortable in the locker room with men isn't
2:31 pm
just a theoretical. i should point out right here in super liberal manhattan, a girl's swim team found a man with a beard and wearing just a towel in the girl's locker room. we don't know if this man was a transgender or a child molester because they are not allowed to ask him anything about it. they're not allowed to question him, lest they violate his civil rights. what about the girl's civil rights? what about them? the girls are so uncomfortable, they're trying to cram into the family changing room, all 18 of them. they don't fit! this seems to be utterly crazy! >> there is nobody, nobody who would think this is okay, nobody in america who believes this is great and positive. this is obama's attempt to separate us. he wants to tear down the boundaries. he wants to separate what is america. there is no one, no call for this, there is no demand for
2:32 pm
this. no history of transgender men pretending to be women are going to be discriminated against. obama is just get out of the way and we're survive his presidency. we built america, he needs to continue to lead from behind. trish: this is a very small percentage of the population. in new york city, for example, transgenders account for about 0.001% of the population. >> that's a zero! [laughter]. trish: they're out there, right? but why is it that an entire society is having to change its very existence. let's not forget there are certain norms, right? if you are a woman, you go to a lady's room and see a man dressed in there, the alarm signal goes off. what's so bad about that considering a lot of young girls are in there, have you children in there. >> you are being logical,
2:33 pm
you're being logical. trish: what is this identity politics is division? let's divide and conquer for president obama? >> what else could it be? why else would he bring up this? what's the motivation other than that. and anyone with a sense, anyone with a brain knows this is unrealistic, unfair, un-american, it's dangerous, we know that, so our president is forcing this on us for a reason. trish: clarence, always good to see you, thank you as always. >> stay right or be left. we going to win this thing. trish: coming up, everyone, a new "fox news poll" shows voters prefer donald trump to hillary clinton when it comes to the economy. four in ten voters say the economy is the nation's biggest issue. is it any wonder, though, after eight years of president obama and next to nothing in the way of growth, and certainly no way of inflation. wages are back where they were 20 years ago adjusted for inflation. stay with us, we're back in two
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2:38 pm
biggest issue and people want donald trump to lead the economy not hillary clinton. maybe because voters don't want clinton to carry out a third term of obamanomics which is disastrous for our economy. joining me now, jonas ferris and steve moore, two of my favorite economists. i know you're advising donald trump on his economic policy. we know where you stand and know you think he would be better for the economy. what are you telling him? >> i think a couple issues jump out at me, one is taxes. i think if you look at what donald trump is talking about and i've helped him a little on the tax plan is lowering the rates, lowering the business rate so we bring the jobs and businesses back to the united states. i think most sensible economists agree our corporate rate is way too high, he brings it from 35 to 15, that's a huge job creator. the other issue they bring up is control of government spending and bringing down the deficit and mr. trump is going
2:39 pm
to be coming out with a plan with real specific ways can you bring down deficit spending and that's huge too. trish: can you give us a preview of how -- it's a challenge, right? we've got all the liabilities. >> welfare reform, cut back on the waste and fraud and abuse in the government. one of the things president trump -- president trump? donald trump is proposing is a tax plan, the next year instead of 99 cents, you get 98 cents. you do that five years, you cut trillions of dollars in a decade. trish: more with less, every business has to do because you have the pressure of the market saying we need more productivity. jonas, the american voters, per that recent poll seem to be trusting donald trump more on the economy. does it have something to do with business background?
2:40 pm
>> yeah, doesn't have anything to do with the specific maybe policy proposals that might be interesting and make a lot of tax sense but all about past success as a businessman. nothing wrong with that, past success as a businessman is better than how you handle the economy rather than hillary clinton running on clinton vague 80s thing. the problem is if the poll is -- it is the most important issue to, there are other issues, if this poll drove elections mitt romney would be in the white house. he would have a similar edge. i would argue as i businessman in the past and when it comes down to pulling the lever, questions in the poll like who's going to extend unemployment benefits are there? the point is to take out -- trish: interesting point, you are saying voters want to get something and hillary clinton is offering a lot in the way of
2:41 pm
paid child care leave, a reduction in child care expenses, lots of sort of freebies if you would, and you say -- >> what's in it for me versus the gdp? it is definitely too early to be picking out gold plated faucets for the white house. [ laughter ] >> or a big trump sign across the white house? what do you think about this, steve, the politics of this. theoretically it sounds good to be talking about the kinds of policies like lower taxes, and you know, cutting spending, that would work, but then the reality of what's it going to mean to me next week and i need that unemployment check. >> there's a lot of truth to that. that's right. it's true that mitt romney was a businessman. trish: keep talking, let me interrupt you for one moment because donald trump is now speaking at the nra's 145th annual meeting there in louisville, kentucky. let's listen into him right now. >> thank you very much. this is amazing. i did not know, that i knew i
2:42 pm
was doing well but i did not know that, and i've been a member for a long time, and my boys are members, and they're much better shooters than i am, they know more about guns, there might be two or three people in this room, believe it or not, not many. to get the endorsement, believe me, is a fantastic honor. [cheers a [cheers and applause] and i just said to wayne and chris i will not let you down, remember that. i will not let you down. [cheers and applause] and, you know, i wrote a few remarks and i'm going to read them because we go into a little detail. but i will tell you that hillary clinton, and you know i call her crooked hillary because all you have to do is read any newspaper you want, but hillary clinton wants to abolish the 2nd amendment, just remember that. we're not talking about change it, she wants to abolish the 2nd amendment. we're not going to let that
2:43 pm
happen, i can tell you that right now. we're going to preserve it, cherish it, we're going to take care of it, okay? they keep chipping away, talk about the magazines, the bullets, we're going to take care of it. you know, a couple of things before i give you some more detailed remarks, i feel really happy with what's going on. you know, the fox poll came out three days ago and in the fox poll i'm leading hillary 41 to 44, 44. last night rasmussen which is a highly respected poll came out, trump 42. crooked hillary clinton, 37. so we're doing well. with all, that we have a long way to go. if you get every one of your friends to go vote because there's a big difference. in a lot of the things there's a difference, somewhere subtle, somewhere big, and by the way, we're in kentucky, we're going to put the miners back to work before i forget about that.
2:44 pm
we're going to put the miners. we just left, and i also won kentucky, so i love kentucky. i used to work in cincinnati for two summers i worked in cincinnati doing a job with my father, and i love cincinnati, and i come over the line and i'd be in kentucky, you'd be surprised how much i know about kentucky. it's an amazing place. but i said when i won new york because we won new york in a landslide and then pennsylvania and maryland and we won everything. we're winning everything, we won connecticut, delaware, rhode island and then we went to west virginia. boy, did i win! did we do well in west virginia! [cheers and applause] all the landslides, everything i mentioned, every single county in every single state, that's called a victory and we won by massive percentages in the 60s and some in the 70s and, of course, went to indiana, as you know, that was
2:45 pm
going to be -- that was going to be the firewall for the other side, and it turned out to be a massive victory for us. didn't hurt that bobby knight came out and said i want trump to win. that didn't hurt. [ cheers ] >> if you're in indiana and bobby knight endorses you, that's as good as it gets. so i just want to say i've been watching what's going on and i've been looking at airplanes getting blown up in the air and lots of bad things happening. it's just not the same, and we're going to bring it back and bring it back to a real place where we don't have to be so frightened where, we don't have to be so afraid, and you know what's happening in the schools and you know what's happening everywhere, we're going to bring it back, and you folks are going to be so happy and so proud of your country again. just remember. [applause] bernie sanders, who i'm sure you all love, did say something very interesting.
2:46 pm
he said that hillary clinton is unqualified to be the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] and he said that -- and it's just, you know one of those things, he says she suffers from bad judgment, and she does. so many decisions are so bad. i think we're going to do really, really well, i look forward to, it look forward to the debates. i love the debates, i don't know. i never debated before and all of a sudden i have all the debates, that was a big question mark in my mind. i am debating people on the national debating teams and top debaters. trish: donald trump meandering a little bit, he did say he was very thankful for the endorsement by the nra. he also talked about crooked hillary again in reference to hear her and says she wants to abolish the 2nd amendment. he would make everybody in the
2:47 pm
audience in kentucky very, very proud and do everything to defend it. i'm still here with jonas ferris and steve moore. talking about donald trump and his affect on voters and the reality that a lot of people according to the latest poll feel he is a guy who would understand and do more for our economy. i want to get back to that in a minute. first, steve, your reaction to the nra endorsement. how important it is? >> to paraphrase donald trump, it's huge! the reason it's a big deal is what's happened in the last three weeks that i've seen out in the field is conservative groups and conservative voters that have skepticism about donald trump and were much more in the camp of ted cruz, they're coming over to trump, and he's putting it together, if he's able to do that, he's got a good chance of winning this election, if he can bring the party back together again. trish: in other words, you bring the republicans in, expand the base.
2:48 pm
>> and get the blue collar voters in. trish: bernie sanders supporters who have seen the poll data a lot of them would vote for trump. when you look at math of this, jonas, is it enough to make up for the weakness he's saying with women and the weakness he's seeing with minorities? . >> i don't think right now the math works is there. to see this, nobody sells past success better than donald ump, everybody likes a winner and going to turn every incremental poll victly into acceling points for prizes. people are going to go for that. >> you said something important, there people like to back a winner. there is a likability factor to all of this which hillary clinton -- we know you're on trump's team, steve -- this is one of the challenges. if i were advising her, i don't
2:49 pm
know where quite to begin, she seems so out of her element when she's speaking to voters and speaking to people, on the other hand, you look at her in kentucky, he seems to be having a blast! >> she does come across as a little shrill, that is a problem. she's not as likable, i hate the word charisma, but she doesn't have it the way her husband had it. bill clinton was one of the most charismatic political figures i've seen in my lifetime. i don't think hillary has. that the other point is, it is true trump has a big problem with the republican women, no question about it. he's going to have to make his amends with them. he could make up with the loss for republican women, not just bernie sanders voters but disgruntled unionized voters who don't think the anti-coal anti-energy agenda is what they want to see for their jobs. trish: all right. we're going to continue watching donald trump here in louisville, kentucky. take a short break and we're
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back with more from donald trump right after this. ♪
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. trish: all right, everyone, israel just celebrating 68th anniversary, and one of those honored,rona ramone for the work of her foundation, working with nasa and the u.s. government to get children involved and excited about science and excited about safe. you see her husband was the first israeli astronaut, the very first one and tragically died in the 2003 columbia shuttle explosion. even more tragically, just six years later, her eldest son serving in the israeli air force was killed in a plane crash. she has been through an awful lot, but she has managed to turn tragedy into a force for good.
2:54 pm
she started her foundation in their honor supporting science and space earning her the nickname the israeli space ambassador. rona joins me on set right now. welcome. >> thank you. trish: it's remarkable when you look at tragedy you've been through, losing two people so important to your life, but you channeled all of that emotion into something new. tell me about your foundation and how you've been able to help little kids explore their interest in science and of space. >> of course, once you've been through such a tragedy, you need to look for a new meaning in your life, and i really didn't want them to be remembered by their tragedy, the loss of my husband and my son, so i'm educating children all around israel in their spirit. they were wonderful people, excellent achievement, humble and very committed with community responsibility.
2:55 pm
so now we involve space in the education of children. the children are involved with two years program, learning about project-based learning, learning how to make a research that eventually was sending to space and after all the children can see their experiment up to the space station. trish: kids love space. i've got three little kids myself, and they're fascinated by outer space, and going to the moon, i means, you started this six years ago, what's your hope? what's your ambition? what do you want to be able to accomplish? >> my hope is really to bring children together, talking science and space and to use their imagination to overcome difficulties and challenge that we have here on earth. trish: we've got a lot of challenges, and over there in israel, you have a lot of challenges. you're not a politician or a political person, but you think about what your country is
2:56 pm
dealing with right now, the threat frankly that it's under. what do you think as an israeli of president obama's deal with iran? >> what i think is we do need to make a mutual language, a language understand why the borders of conflict, something that can bring people together. if not the beauty of the astronauts that are working for all mankind, when you have a higher target, the politics and the differences are getting a little bit more distant. trish: thank you, i'm out of time. congratulations to you on the foundation, we wish you lots of luck. all right, everyone, donald trump speaking to the nra which moments ago endorsed the presumptive republican nominee. he's going to get rid of gun free zones, we'll talk about it after this. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris.
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all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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trish: okay. donald trump speaking before the nra which just endorsed him.
3:00 pm
i'm going to have much more tonight as well as the latest on the egyptair crash. i'm guest hosting on "the kelly file" 599 p.m. eastern -- at 9 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. liz claman, over to you. liz: happy friday, trish. in the next 59 minutes we're going to find out whether wall street can stop the losing streak. both the dow and the s&p 500 fighting to close up for the first time in three weeks. the nasdaq, it's been a month. right now the dow jones industrials the only ones still in negative territory for the week, so we're looking good at this moment. donald trump, a as you just saw, on the campaign trail. he's speaking in louisville, kentucky, at this hour, making news saying he will get rid of gun-free zones around schools. mr. trump hoping to reassure conservatives by confirming his commitment to protecting all things involving the second amendment if he becomes president.


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