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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the s&p and the nasdaq have snapped the losing streak. up for the week, the dow doesn't quite make it. thanks to steven blumenthal, peter barnes and charlie gasparino. "after the bell," lots of news, guys. david: we are going update you with every breaking detail from inside the beltway, but meanwhile markets ending on a high note, down for the week. i'm david asman. charles: and i'm melissa francis, this is "after the bell." we've got you covered on the markets. first here's what else we have for you this hour -- the white house on lockdown, the fbi responding to reports of shots fired. the reports that someone has been shot, we're going to get you an update as soon as we can. this, as donald trump addresses the national rifle association getting the nra's big endorsement despite once supporting an assault weapons ban. new details in the crash of egyptair flight 804. european security officials are
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checking the identities of everyone on board, including the crew and the pilots. we've got an all-star lineup for you this hour as well as dana perino, howard kurtz, bret baier and steve forbes. liz: great -- david great lineup. marking the fourth straight week in the red, the longest losing streak in almost a year and a half for the dow. phil flynn of price futures and fox business contributor is watching the action in gold from the cme, and ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange. ashley, first to you, what a wild week for stocks. the earnings, the federal reserve, go ahead. >> reporter: interesting, because yesterday the thought of a summer rate hike really spooked the market with pretty hawkish comments from fed members. we saw the hit the market took yesterday but it's kind of a one-two punch.
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the second punch being, wait a minute, that means that the economy they be better than, you know, we think. the fed certainly things so because it's looking at raising rates earlier, that's why we saw more money coming in. we saw steam as the afternoon wore on. still finished up. didn't quite eclipse where we finished last week. dropped by about 35 points short. however, technology sector today leading the way, which is interesting, the nasdaq has been under a lot of pressure, but today, the nasdaq and the s&p actually snapping that losing streak as liz claman just said. interesting fed psychology, on the one minute bad news, but wait a minute, maybe it means the economy is doing better. such is the market these days. melissa: ashley, thank you so much. oil is ending higher for the second straight week. what do you make of that? >> right now, i'm telling you today oil prices did pull down a little bit on the hope that
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we're going to see more supply out of nigeria, melissa. definitely seeing the momentum change in the market. we've had a lot of buying because concerns about outages around the globe and u.s. energy production falling for eight weeks in a row. we did get a report for baker hughes on the oil rig count, it stayed steady week over week but at the lowest level since the 1940s. traders have been looking at the falling wind count as a projection for future oil production, that continues to stay steady at the low. maybe we're leveling out there. but if you look at the other markets today. you look at gold for example. gold did close lower on the continuing concerns about a strong dollar. that comes despite the fact that speculators cut their bets on long dollar for the second week in a row. even though the dollar has had a lot of strength this week, some of the traders are not believing that the fed is going to raise interest rates. we may be seeing a pullback on
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that as well. the other thing is gasoline continues to be strong, record demand for gasoline, expectations we're going to see record demand over the holiday and the prices probably continue to head up. so we have a very strong demand backdrop for the energy prices, and it's going to be an incredible week as we get ready for next week. melissa: phil, you always have your finger on the pulse, appreciate it. thank you. david: inside the beltway, breaking news, the fbi responding to reports of shots fired outside of the white house. fox business' peter barnes standing by with details. i understand there's a man down? >> reporter: that's right, david, the u.s. park police are confirming a shooting on the white house area, and we're hearing that apparently there was a gunman who attempted to get into the white house compound and was warned by u.s.
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secret service uniformed police to stop. he did not. and reportedly was shot, and according to "washington post," he was critically wounded and has been taken to the hospital. i'm just getting handed more information about this, and while i'm looking at it, want to you know that the president is not at the white house. he left around 1:00 to go play golf at andrews air force base, joint base andrews, and according to our colleagues who are with him in the white house media pool, he is still out there. we do not have any information where the rest of the first family is unfortunately, but we're looking into that, and our colleague matt dean from fox news is reporting that law enforcement sources are telling fox news that a secret service officer shot an individual in the stomach after that person approached the white house complex with a weapon in plain sight. fox is told that the individual was commanded to drop the weapon, and when the individual
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did not comply, secret service opened fire. that individual has been transported to a nearby hospital with a critical injury. sources could not confirm what kind of weapon this person was brandishing. we do also know that police have closed off several streets around the white house as this incident unfolded, 17th street, about four blocks down from pennsylvania avenue, down to constitution avenue. the street along the national mall and constitution avenue itself along the front south lawn of the white house. david: peter, i have a question, west executive drive is where the guy was shot. how close is that to the actual gate in front of the white house? >> reporter: well, i don't think he was that close. so west executive drive is actually between the white house, where the west wing is and then the old executive office building, but it runs all the way down from the top of lafayette park down to
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constitution avenue. so it could be -- it sounds as though this was near constitution avenue, the southwest gate of the white house, and you have that -- david that's an ap report that says the shooting happened west executive drive. that's from the associated press. >> yeah, and according to the park police, they are confirming that the shooting was on west executive drive, but i'm saying that west executive drive is a long street, and he could have been much -- sounds like he was pretty far away from the white house itself. david: peter, thank you very much. here is chris harmer, senior naval analyst. it's always of concern, even before shots are fired if anybody has a gun drawn anywhere near the white house. seems as though this guy got close, doesn't it? >> he got close but, of course, washington, d.c. is a pretty open city up until you get to the borders of the white house, there is a fence all the way around it.
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you can walk around most of d.c. without law enforcement in visible sight. so looking at this, sounds like this guy pulled a weapon out as he approached the white house. secret service responded appropriately and shot him. my instant analysis, subject to review, is this guy is not a professional. he's not going brandish a weapon in plain sight. david: some idea of the president's schedule. as peter mentioned, the president left two hours earlier. >> maybe he's a thrill-seeker or a terrorist and wanted to cause commotion, if he's a professional, he would have idea where the president was. i think at this point, i'm saying that the secret service responded appropriately and we should take comfort as citizens that our federal government protected us. david: this is the president we're talking about, there may be other people involved. shouldn't thereby a major lockdown of the area to make
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sure he doesn't have accomplices? >> absolutely. the federal government, you go from local law enforcement to federal law enforcement to the military. all four branches are spring wired to overreact to any incidents that are near the president, the white house, the pentagon, major military bases, et cetera. let's assume for the sake of argument, and i don't believe he was part of organized group. maybe he was the first guy to come in and do probing and find out what our defenses are. the appropriate response is to overrespond to make a show of force to force anybody else out there to suppress activities. it looks like all indications this guy was a lone actor and not a successful one. david: breaking news, the lockdown has been lifted. the white house lockdown has been lifted. one would assume, chris, they wouldn't do that unless they were sure this guy was a lone actor? >> almost absolute confirmation that this guy was a lone actor.
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my assumption is he was mentally disturbed, deranged. we've seen this where guys get close to the white house. this guy is the idiot who decided to brandish a weapon and got shot by the secret service. secret service took him down, i don't think there is much more to this than a single guy doing something extraordinarily stupid. david: on the other hand, we have the plane going down on the way to egypt, a lot of threats from isis as is usual, i imagine there are going to be reconstructions of plans that exist in order to prevent anything like this from happening again. >> absolutely. one of the things we always do in the military, any time there is an actual event, our immediate response time and we debrief the event and say okay, our preplanned options, were they correct in the instance? is there anything we can learn from this? this one played out exactly by the book. a guy approached the white house opublic property or outside of secret service
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purview, he approaches the white house, brandishes a weapon, he gets taken down. this is a by the book response by armed intruder or armed incursion against the white house. i don't think the military had involvement, i don't think the federal intelligence community will have involvement unless the flag come up he was a foreigner or influenced by foreign terrorist organization. liz: great analysis, chris. have a great weekend. appreciate you coming in. melissa: dana perino is here, and we're hearing that the media has been seque inside the white house, i'm seeing that may be lifted. let me ask you about something james rosen said out of the gate. he said the reporters were told to go down to the basement where booths are and they refused. this is a classic reporter instinct, when you are told to go to a certain place and i'm guilty of it, no, you want to get the story. what's your reaction to where
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they were and what you can fill us in on what that sounds like to you? >> you have it exactly right. reporters want to be where the action is and don't want to be told they can't do something because they will miss a story. like if you are on a plane and the seat belt light is on and you insist on getting up. they can't force you back into the seat unless you are going to cause a problem of safety for others. that's their own personal decision, if you were the secret service, you should go down stairs, reporters instincts is everything is going to be okay for them and they would prefer to get the story. melissa: for whatever reason, your own safety goes out of the window and you say i'm the only one to see what will happen. >> that wasn't the case on 9/11 itself, actually. everybody needed to get going. melissa: everybody knew it was serious. that's a great point. i also was reading that some of the reporters tried to leave
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the west wing and go outside and immediately the secret service opened the doors and told them to get the heck back inside, that the area was in lockdown, and that case they did follow instructions. so maybe better instinct set in at that point. what must that scene have been like in your mind? >> obviously people in law enforcement have that energy about them in terms of authority, and they also need to be respected. the reporters have a job to do but so does the secret service, and the only reason they're acting is trying to keep people safe. i would imagine the reporters were willing to comply. they weren't being prevented from reporting on the story. one thing that is interesting in this case, as i recall when there is an incident such as this, the press secretary defers to the secret service communications division. that's why you haven't seen anyone tweeting or commenting out of the white house itself. they'll let the secret service take the lead and appropriately
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so. melissa: for people at home who have never been there, what kind of area are we talking about? a lot of us picture it's like an office building, is it more like that? more like a house? what would you liken it to? >> when peter barnes said it was the southwest gate, that's the gate i used to go into every day or my husband would drop me off there. you head into the gate, there is about 18 acres total of white house grounds. so this is a small little area, there's a street that comes in. you have to pass through a hut, i call it a hut, it's substantial, it's not made of sticks. melissa: like the guard house. >> and you go through security, there if you have a badge like i have, you flash it, they know you, your car gets swept and dogs have a sniffaround to make sure everything is okay, then move onto the next checkpoint. there are two checkpoints to get through the lane that
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separates the old executive office building from the west wing. so i think the previous guest was right, he was far enough away there wasn't immediate danger to anyone in the white house, but it's close enough the secret service by all accounts so far took absolute appropriate action, not just in talking to the reporters and telling them to stay inside but in taking down somebody who was doing something absolutely criminal and inappropriate. melissa: dana perino, unique perspective that the rest of us don't have because we didn't work there. thank you very much for coming on. appreciate it. david: imagine being dropped off every day at white house for work. melissa: honey, thanks for lunch, don't forget the lunch. david: just to wrap up what happened, the white house is okay, the lockdown has been lifted. the man who drew a gun in front of secret service was ordered to put down the gun. didn't put down a gun, was shot in the stomach, now in critical condition. apparently he was all there was to it.
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a lone, crazed gunman has been shot, in the hospital. danger over. more on the markets coming up. plus donald trump addressing the national rifle association, getting the nra's big endorsement despite once supporting an assault weapons ban herself. melissa: while hillary clinton says she is the democratic nominee, bernie sanders begs to differ. what about a clinton-sanders ticket? we bring the question to bret baier. david: long lines at airports, new report showing where the agency's money is really going? this is going to get you and all flyers in the world furious! look at those lines. >> take so long they had to cut the line and take half of the line to another entry gate. >> really long line, i'm wondering if i'm going to make that plane. >> i think people are missing their flights, not realizing how long the lines are.
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. melissa: we are tracking breaking news for you, the white house lockdown has been lifted after secret service and fbi agents secured the area following a shooting in the vicinity. secret service saying in a recent tweet, that's how they communicate now, that all of its protectees are safe, though we have received reports that a secret service agent was shot in the stomach during the incident. the suspect is now custody and president obama has been briefed on the security situation. we're going to bring you more updates as we receive them. david: it was a wild ride for the markets, stocks were whipsawed by earnings and different messages by the feds. some saying they're going to tighten, some not. jack hough, "barron's" senior editor and john petrides. what happened is after the rate
4:21 pm
hike, as small as it was, i think we have a chart, the dow was up a month later, 9.7%. the s&p was down, the nasdaq was down, that's not correct. the nasdaq was down 11.7%. so the markets were hammered after that tiny little rate hike. they're afraid of that happening again, right? >> there's many factors that went into the market sell-off. fed is not helping the market direction here by raising rates in december, stepping to the side in february, and now saying they may raise rates in june, two fed governors speaking next week so we'll see where they come out on fed policy. david: jack, it's been my policy, melissa agrees with me on this, the fact is that janet yellen does not want donald trump to win, she recognizes if the rates go up before the election, the same thing that happened in january would happen again. the market would be and i would make trump maybe not guarantee he gets in the white house, make it easier for him. >> did she send you an e-mail
4:22 pm
about that, david? david: jack, if you don't think there is politics in the fed, you are living in la la land. >> there is politics, i've lost track whether it's good news or bad news if we get a rate hike or two. certainly, it provides competition for stocks from bonds. david: jack, look what happened the last time. go on history. the last time it happened in december, we had the market down 9, 10, 11%! >> david, you only get a return of normalcy to interest rates if you have good economic news. maybe you get a short-term effect and people say hey, what's behind it? is the economy getting better? we can't leave rates near zero forever. david: john, i am first among those who are for normalcy in rates, i think the rates, talk about la la land, that's what janet yellen and the fed is all about with the rates, but the point is there is going to be something to pay for raising rates and that is usually felt in the markets. >> that's true, the fed says they are data dependent, what
4:23 pm
does the data say? is it the u.s. or global? david: good question. what do you think? >> i think the fed is focused on the global economy, particularly china and not the u.s. if the fed is making a political statement by holding back, not raising rates due to the upcoming election, the fed is setting up for interest rates to be a coiled spring in 2017 and raise more aggressively assuming the economic data continues along this path. david: let's talk about what's happening with companies. mixed messages from the retail sector, target way down, walmart way up. what's happening there? >> retail is getting hammered except for pockets that are doing well. david: like walmart. >> amazon is killing everyone, of course. the dollar stores have taken share, not everyone can take share at the same time. target looks like a lowers. if you want to invest in the space, it's difficult. you have a chain like t.j.
4:24 pm
maxx, everyone knows they're doing well. macy's pay 10, 12 times earnings, you want cheap and lousy or succeeding and expensive? david: what a choice. jack and john, great stuff. have a great weekend. melissa? melissa: update on the breaking news, official statement from the white house right now. no one within or associated with the white house was injured. everyone in the white house is safe and accounted for. the president has been made aware of the situation. that is the statement right now coming out of the white house. o who the hell cares if there's a trade war anyway? donald trump certainly does. coming up, steve forbes sounds off on the presumptive gop nominee's latest controversy. plus the desperate search for the black box of egyptair flight 804 and the concerns that current security measures are not enough.
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david: donald trump wracking up another key endorsement. nra backing him for president. we go to peter barnes in dc, you are working triple duty. reporter: that is okay, trump's challenge with the voters is his shifting views on gun control over the years, he once supported a ban on assault weapons but then reversed himself on that issue this year, after shootings, the school shootings in newtown, connecticut in 2012 that prompted president obama to push a new package of gun control, measure, trump tweeted, president obama spoke for me and every american in his remarks. trump was at nrax legislatist conference in kentuckyd. hoping to convince the members of his second amendment
4:29 pm
credentials. >> the second amendment is under a threat like never before. crooked hillary clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-second amendment candidate, ever to run for office. as i said before she wants to abolish the second amendment, she wants to take your guns away. reporter: as you know, candidate clinton has proposed additional gun control measures as part of her run for the white house. david: crooked hillary line was written into his script, he had to read it, thank you very much. melissa: turning to disappearance of egyptair flight 804. here is what we know, investigator have found new wreckage from the crash. this is in parts and luggage, and seats, all according to an egyptair tomorrow.
4:30 pm
europe officials obtaining a leaked copy of the manifest of the flight. so far there have been no claims of responsibility for the egyptair crash. david: wow. media shining a new light on donald trump. making up hill climb for hillary clinton a lot steeper. >> the economy -- on the minds of american voters, the new of american voters, the new poll that gives trump an advantage. they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke, in a clinical trial - without the need for regular blood tests. and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is the only oral blood thinner
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melissa: we're following breaking news for you, white house on lockdown, it has been lifted, following a shooting in the area, noting that quote issue no one went or associated with the white house was injured much this from white house, everyone in the white house is safe and accounted for, the president has been made aware of the situation. that is the official statement, peter barnes is joining us with the latest from washington dc . reporter: statement from white house came from andrews air force base where the president was playing golf this afternoon, that came out about 15 minutes ago. so, to our knowledge, president is still out at andrews air force base as this situation gets cleared up at the white house. and lockdown has been lifted much we have learned this vice president biden was in the white house compound during this incident. but secret service said all of its protecties of safe, and
4:35 pm
that none of them were harmed but vice president was on the grounds at the time, once again, just to recap, some individual, with a gun. approached the white house complex with his weapon in plain sight. that person was commanded to drop his weapon, when the individual did not comply, a secret service officer opened fire. and shot the have the in the -- the individual in the stomach that person has been taken to a local hospital, and is in critical condition. melissa. melissa: all right, thank you so much for that report, david. david: to race for white house. the democrat race is pretty much over, according to hillary clinton, democratic candidate declaring she will be the one on the ballot in november.
4:36 pm
>> my party -- that is already done in effect there no way i won't be. david: al all right done, a done deal, it is cooked. so what is bernie doing in the race? here brett baier host of special report. a lot of democrats are wondering? >> they are, say are saying by the numbers, because of superdelegates, hillary clinton the definitively be the nominee barring some other determination from the fbi or the department of justice on the investigation. and that is what she is saying in this interview yesterday. this said, bernie sanders, says he is sticking in it until the last vote, he will go to philadelphia and fight for it we may have one more debate, he said he is going to take part in a fox news debate in california, we're waiting on word from hillary clinton whether she will do that. david: we always happy to host the debates. but what about the dust up with bernie supporters and
4:37 pm
hillary supporters, which got pretty violent in nevada, and debbie wassermann schultz is upset with bernie sanders, he came out with a letter that denied a lot of the charges against his people, that they were violent. reporter: i think for party leaders, that is not the best response for senator sanders to make. their point is dial it back. to prevent something a big protest-wise from happening in philadelphia. from all of the talk we have have about a contested convention on republican side, philadelphia looks like it will be a very interesting convention. david: what is latest on dust up, is debbie wassermann schultz demanding another letter that is more contrite? reporter: no, i think they have moved on. she made her statement, if anything the chair of the dnc is trying to coerce bernie sanders to step back, by giving him more access to
4:38 pm
convention committees and et cetera. david: last week. what is more likely to happen, because some people have been talking about a bernie-hillary ticket. is that more likely to happen? or more dust ups and things will get nastier? >> i think the latter. i think there will be more sander supporter who push back against the establishment, hillary clinton. i do not think she will reach out and pick him at a vp, she needs help with millennials and young people while he has rallied them. i don't think that the 74-year-old is going to be the vp choice for hillary clinton, but we'll see. >> two senior citizens on the ticket, interesting, brett baier, host of "special report" thank you. >> have a good day. melissa: bad news for hillary clinton is good news for donald trump. it could change media's portrayal of the presumptive
4:39 pm
nominee, joining me now, howard kurtz host of media buzz, fox news media analyst. a lot of interesting things going on right now in the polls, you wrote a story today, with the new polls that have come out showing donald trump really challenging her, beating her in some categories, it has force a lot of people in the media who would said, even last week, he has no chance of winning, to be forced to rock -- reconcile themselves with the pos bigbility he might win. >> this is important not to over react to any poll or set of polls. it will change 50 times between now and november. what we heard throughout the primary battle, when so many of our colleagues in news business said no way is trump going to win, if he did it
4:40 pm
would be a debacle and a landslide loss ar for the republicans. but now come the polls, changing it. he has never run for office before, he is competitive, which has surprise a lot of people. melissa: another interesting phenomenon. "wall street journal" there was an article, richard said normally when a president gets to this end of the cycle, he is finishing out an 8 year term, there is a lot of fatigue with him, and media, is very critical of a president on his way out. partly because donald trump is hogging up so much of will had thes and so much of a focus, president obama, and his economic record has gotten a bit of a free ride. i would think you would hear more about fact according to federal reserve, median income has fallin, income inequality is higher, we had the worst
4:41 pm
recovery in history, but he is getting a bit of a break. >> i agree. in start because so much of media oxygen is being taken up by donald trump. to a lesser extend issue hillary and bernie. also, we're 5% unemployment. and also president obama has done some things that were controversial, but, showed him on the world stage. going to cuba. so, he is ticked up to about 50%, that helps hillary, if you asked me 9 or 12 months ago i would say she problem wants to distance herself from an unpopular president. melissa: it is ironic, it then turns and helps her with the focus on him. howard kurtz what are you doing this weekend? >> all-star lineup, a tribute to late and great morley safer. melissa: thank you so much. david: while tsa blames long
4:42 pm
lines at airports on fact they are under staffed. agency is spending millions on things like holograms, and office furniture. and guess what? they want more of your money. >> mmmm .
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4:45 pm
david: more information on the breaking news from the white house, a source familiar with the investigation, telling fox news that the individual approached south side of the security checkpoint. two officers were shadowing the individual, he had a pistol in his hand, the officers issued commands the individual failed to follow commands and he was shot in the stomach, we're is now receiving medical attention. we're expecting a formal statement from the secret service shortly. there is a vehicle inspection south of the white house right now, be careful. melissa: u.s. air travelers have been complaining about long and inefficient security
4:46 pm
lines. which tsa has blamed on budget co constraints, tsa is spending millions on advertising, public relations and office furniture. jeff flock is standing by at o'hare in chicago with the latest on this one, jeff. reporter: lines, we have those for you this a good day. this is actually not a language line compared -- long line compared to most, but they are spending a lot of money to boost and advertise the tsa pre-check program, they have spent $1.7 million marketing the program -- on google and facebook, and travel sites and the rest, problem circumstance yo -- you can sign up, you can enroll but you have to show up in person, get fingerprinted and vetted in person, there is virtually no way to get an appointment in a lot of places.
4:47 pm
here is another shocker for you. out of meeting today, a meeting here in chicago, tsa, and mayor, senator durban from illinois. they revealed senator -- congressman what revealed it could be a terrible summer based on the lining. >> we're told during the summer the travel season people heading for disneyland, disney world, may actually not be able to get there at all or told that -- they have to wait a week to get a flight. because there will not be spaces on flights later on in that day. reporter: you have been warned. if you get in a line, and you miss our flight, it might be tough luck, i might want to think about the megabus. melissa: jeff flock, what a
4:48 pm
way to send us to the weekend thank david: i hope you folks are not mying this weekend. venezuela meanwhile is dying. how did the country with largest oil reserves in the world become one of the poorest nations in the world? is it all socialism, trump saying a trade war is no problem, and still promise not to use products from outside of the u.s., steve forbes weighs in a possible trade war, next. you didn't read
4:49 pm
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david: trump hitting free traders again. >> we're losing $500 billion in trade with china, who the hell cares if there is a trade wa.
4:52 pm
david: a 45% tax on imported chinese goods to weigh in, possibility of trump trade war steve forbes. count me as one who does care about a trade war. editor of "wall street journal," a lot of other start people who have seen these, say that trade wars can lead to depressions that is probably what led to depression in 1930s. >> it triggered it in early 1930s followed by massive tax increases in various countries in world. there are means in place to deal with trade violations. which china does routinely, it is a matter of forcing the existing agreements, having a trade war everyone is a loser think of 45% is a 45% sales tax 9. david: it is a tax, you are in touch with people who are in touch with him, can't his friends, people talk to him
4:53 pm
say, this is madness, if you get to a trade war it could hurt us tremendously, more than we're already hurting. >> then idea that -- we have a 500 billion dollar trade deficit, that is not a profit that means we buy something they buy something here, they buy a security or treasury bill, i don't mind. if we ever got into a real confrontation in china, we could say those nice treasury bonds have you make great wallpaper. david: is he teachable on this subject? >> i don't know about you he has been flexible on other subjects, the key thing on trade is enforcing existing rules. no more cyber warfare, those things we can deal with. with the tools we have today. david: they have been, you know eating our lunch on these subjects in the past, we need
4:54 pm
a new way of bargaining with them is legitimate. >> we don't need to bargain with them, we say, you violated it, here are the penalties here is what we're doing. david: moving to venezuela, it is inching closer to literal collapse. the resource-rich nation socialist policies lead to widespread poverty and chaos. is it conseverible that what -- conceivable that what bernie sanders suggestions that we do here, lead to the same chaos there. >> socialism means shortages, as margaret thatcher said it does not work and you run out of other people's money. venezuela has no kind of economy, they are paying the price for it. the ministers are living richly, and people are literally dying in the hospital, can't get treatments, it a disaster, you just look at north korea and cuba. that leads.
4:55 pm
david: people see venezuela. they see it in latin america, may have richest oil receive in the world it looks like a third world country. people say there is no comparison, what bernie sanders is talking about is a european socialism we can live with that. when you say? >> recession is not prey pleasant, his policies and her policies would lead to a severe recession. and so you may have start from a higher base, as we did in 1932, or 1929 with with the great depression. it still a painful and disastrous situation. david: bernie sanders at least is honest in terms of calling himself a socialist. but she does not. would you consider her policies since she has been pulled to left with bernie socialisticki policies.
4:56 pm
>> call it socialist-light. she does not have a inner-bill, her inter beliefs are socialistic than bill-istic. >> thank you, steve forbes, you can see us every saturday, this one, at 11 a.m. on fox news channel. we hope you go there. melissa: we have more breaking news out of the white house, new details on the suspect. stick around. if you take multiple medications a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel, so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene. for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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melissa: this hour we've been facilitating breaking now out the white house a secret service officer shot a individual after that person approached the white house with a weapon in sight. david: we're told that suspect was critically wounded, they do not expect him to survive. they have been searching a carrot south lawn.
5:00 pm
we're expecting a statement from the secret service any moment now. this story will continue long intos next hour. melissa: wow a lot of breaking news. david: a lot of breaking news. melissa: happy friday. david: that is it for us, have a great weekend, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the very latest on a 10 situation, a -- a tense situation, this is "risk & reward" i am deirdre bolton, a shooting outside of the white house, the white house has been on lockdown but the lockdown as been lifted, a man with a weapon, approached the white house, refused to drop his weapon, and hoove he was shoot by a secret service officer, that suspect was transported to a nearby hospital, peter barnes is with me now. reporter: we're expecting more details from secrets service, very scary afternoon here in washington


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