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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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see you next week. presidential elect history in [♪] kennedy: hi, there and welcome to thursday. i'm watching a hashtag die as the never trump movement finally he can hails in a death quiver. it's the last death hope of and 8ed conservatives who thought they could usher in romneyism. we'll never forget the surprising fire of mitt romney. >> let me put it very plainly. if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and
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prosperous future are greatly diminished. kennedy: no prospects for a prosperous and safe future. never trump because we are all going to die, and worse, we'll be poor. reince priebus wasn't going to take the threat. >> they can try and hijack another party and get on the ballot. by the many a suicide mission for our country. kennedy: no matter who you talk to, we are all going to die. perhaps was the latest fox news poll that shows donald trump and hillary 45-42 percent, within the margin of error. but last month she was beating him in the same poll 45-41.
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the one overlapping area of the poll has respondents agreeing some of these candidates are pretty horrible people. are they honest and trus trust d trustworthy? hell no. even bill kristol can't bite into trump's lead. hillary has a lead with women, trump is [bleep] with men, and he will constantly remind us why the fairer sex will ultimately pull his lever. >> they want safety and security and women's health issues. kennedy: a candidacy that was once laughable turned into a lead that was insurmountable. as every challenger, the hashtag
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never trump will be replaced with never say never. donald trump is in new jersey organizing a cash avalanche on behalf of chris christie. and hillary surrogate ed rendell apologizes for saying america has more ugly women than not. is hashtag never trump hashtag over? let's ask my deep fried party panel. look at that. the host of risk and reward. she is joined by jimmy falla. and doug ziegler. it's your first time.
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everyone should be in virginal white. let's start discussing this. the end of the never trump movement. what was the final straw? >> when mitt romney says somebody should do this. i can't do it for a third time and lose a third time. someone else should do it and they said no, thank you. kennedy: mitt romney is sitting on the sidelines saying draft me. isn't that what this whole movement was all about? >> he wants to be president so bad, he's saying it when they are not asking. he says i don't want to do it. this yesterday was back channeling kasich. how much can one man eat? at this point nobody cares. they never fact check, never. >> it's so true. so i have a question about the
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election. >> whenever i lose, i think it's as real as these elections are. i mean, that's what -- kennedy: that's the thrust of the whole thing, you have people dissatisfied on both sides. these conservatives were so angry, they used the national review. they used bill kristol's dental shield and it didn't work. >> no matter how much you want po to block and go against it, it doesn't matter. it's all about it's building him as more an outsider and fighting again his campaign where he's the frontrunner. kennedy: all of these movements only help him. when ted cruz and kasich got together, it did nothing but
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help trump win indiana. >> you can't win a hashtag battle against the king of twitter. that's burrito bowl. no. kennedy: speaking of which. remember our pub crawl? it was fan fast particular. >> they let you back in? shocking. kennedy: bernie sanders as caucused with the democrats for a millennia. but their relationship is on the rocks as he keeps dragging the anointed hillary clinton through a primary mess. now major platforms among the democrats are ready to put the bern on ice. many people have compared this elections to professional wrestling. it seems some of these feuds are perfectly crafted so more people
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pay attention at convention. it looks like bernie supporters are the ones hell bent on storming philadelphia and take it away. is there a comparison to something like that in pro wrestling? >> absolutely. now just now, now it's the democrats saying bernie, they try to show him as an underdog. he's meeting up with ryan, and they don't enforce it. he will be our guy. and building the story, a piece here, and a piece there, and it keeps you wanting more. kennedy: what's the climax? is it the convention? >> some are slamming
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philadelphia together. >> he will break a hip on the way into the ring. i would love to see it. kennedy: you say the sanders supporters are acting tough for the first time. >> nobody is scared of a guy pulling up in a prius. what are they going to do, throw a smoothie at somebody. if you get mad, we'll throw almond milk at you. kennedy: he said i was feeling the bern but now the bros are ruining it. kennedy: the theoretical ma song misogynistic unicorns. it's just happening on the left where the democratic establishment was supposed to keep everyone in lock step.
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but they didn't pass that memo to the progressives. obviously he can't get delegates. but some people are saying it's impossible for him. >> i think momentum has shifted away from him. i think he could go to california and conceivably win because california is weird, man. you have a lot of democrats steeped in this ultra progressive ideology. and they think if they vote for sanders they are not selling out. >> you know what they can do with all this bernie energy, they need their own festival in the desert called bernieman. kennedy: it's like can you say that? aren't the p.c. police going to say you called for violence? >> in the white sport coat,
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kennedy: donald trump made his first campaign stop in new jersey today who raise money for chris christie. one is a $25,000 a plate fundraiser. as the man of the people become part of machine in the party panel is back. so i want to start with you, db. this would be right with conflict of interest. >> i think it's highly unethical but not by doorly illegal. if you go to the taxpayers of nnofnew jersey who have spent $0
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million for legal fees for bridgegate. there was a reporter saying i hear you are having a fanny dinner, are the tack pairs going to get any of it back? kennedy: they peso much in property taxes in new jersey. christie almost seem proud of that. the fact they are having to pay more for his administration's creation of the scandal, whether or not he had anything to do with it. that's why knowledge voters are saying they don't want him to be vp and they don't want him to be governor. >> i'm surprised he's having a fundraiser and it's not a bake sale. this make trump look like an insider. they should do a dunn take. how good would donald trump be?
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you could call it a trump tank. it would be amazing. kennedy: i would pay $100. >> look at that face. nobody want to look at that face. >> the relationship between trump and christie is so odd to me. there seems to be a lot of animosity during the campaign when they were debating each other. the fact that he's going toen in * and raising this money, does that mean butterbean is at the top of the list? >> i think it's returning a favor for when he stood behind hip at the podium. as new yorkers we should be in favor of this. if trump is going to new jersey, it means the brian is open tonight. >> trump was christie definitely
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knew. i feel like a deal has been made. kennedy: does that mean chris christie is now the frontrunner for the vp spot? >> the official word on the money changing hand is it's not a thank you, though we appreciate it. kennedy: i traded money for thank yous before. are you a woman in american? the former governor pennsylvania put his foot in his mouth yesterday. bret baier joins me to tell us how trump supreme court picks there's no one road out there.
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kennedy: it's about to get so rich. yesterday donald trump released a list of 11 people he would consider for the supreme court. it consisted of several judges appointed by george w. bush. but will it be enough to reassure a president trump would nominate like-minded jurists in bret baier is here. he's the host of the "special report," welcome back. is this the early christmas present conservatives wanted from donald trump? bret: it's one of them. they said it's one of the stipulations they said would be good before the convention to rally the conservative troops and calm the nerves of some who talked about a third-party conservative run which does not
5:21 am
look like it's materializing. i think donald trump made headway with those judges. trump did add that he was going to add to that list. but said it's from like-minded kind of people, conservative-type judges. i would expected a couple of hispanic potential judges, maybe an african-american on that list, and i think there will be a couple others that they add. kennedy: that remains to be seen. but what we have seen, it has stirred up controversy. there are pro-life groups very happy about this pool of potential justices, and pro-choice groups upset about it. does that mean the supreme court fight will eventually hinge on abortion? bret: it could. hillary clinton is from the exact opposite point of view.
5:22 am
she would appoint candidates to the supreme court who would be pro-choice. i think they are trying -- i don't think they will get boxed into that issue. although donald trump did talk about it with sean hannity saying they are all pro-life. kennedy: let's discuss the importance this. is this the most important olive branch donald trump can extend and could we see something similar on taxes and immigration? bret: i think he will try to get people on board. the biggest decision he will make is to get his vice president pick and get conservatives calmed down and the establishment to say i can buy in with that guy or woman. and he may even announce some cabinet members or positions inside the administration which would essentially do the same thing. i'm not sure he will go down the
5:23 am
road of specific legislation. he seems to indicate he wants to negotiate with congress are pretty much everything. kennedy: there was one supreme court justice from texas, don willett. here is a guy who is very active on social media. he has 35,000 followers. he has been kind of attacking donald trump. bret: i know, it was a little strange to see a person attacking trump on twitter get on his list. maybe it's a shrewd move. maybe it was a move designed to stop him from using twitter against donald trump. kennedy: he said i would like to see donald trump's list for potential supreme court nominations. oh, i'm on the list? awkward. hashtag, always trump.
5:24 am
you saw senator mike lee's brother. he's also on the list. thomas rex lee, does that weigh in to consideration. solid name. bret: ruth bader ginsburg has the same kind of pitch. lee is a respected judge but he's also the brother of senator lee who has also been talked about as a potential nominee down the road. and he said he's interested, maybe. so we'll see. kennedy: their dad had a part in the reagan administration. so a bit of a family legacy there. bret require's also the friend of ted cruz. bret: it's also the friend of ted cruz. kennedy: it gestures he's made recently to try to pearlate the
5:25 am
establishment, this is the one that has been most effective, listing these people. i'm hearing he had help from the heritage foundation and the federalist society. bret: he called "national review" who remember wrote a magazine specifically about trump cannot be president. there is an outreach going on and we'll see how successful it is. kennedy: is very manafort. thank you very much. what happens when you launch a firecracker in the belly of a watermelon. it explodes. can this epic wind
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kennedy: boy are you in the right place when aliens have abducted your boyfriend and
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probably your hamster. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. trick shot artist dude perfect. an impressive stunt dropping a basketball off the 36th floor skyscraper. and you already know. kennedy: that can't be possible. the news corp building where we shoot this promise 45 stories tall, and i think we can top them. earlier today i sent my producer party to the roof with explicit mathematical instructions to nail the hoop tom shillue
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installed in the parking garage. that was my car. [bleep]. mary and joseph holy [bleep]. [bleep]. tell marty to come down right now. now he's dropping eggs? those are eggs from my ovaries. those are my future babies. no, no, marty, marty, don't jump. we love you marty, just take the [bleep] elevator, man. oh, god. oh, it all worked out fine. topic number 2. you are not going to believe this video and you might soil
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your under woos. pro skate every day advice was minding his own business. into the street into the path of a speeding car. holy crap look out, cody! even more terrifying in slow mo. watch this again. there is the kick flippant car that almost takes his life. he has been touched by an angel. topic number 3. this is tough but blowing stuff
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up is super fun. >> we made our own tube out of a watermelon. it's a watermelon packed full of explosive goodness. they had a bit of trouble in the beginning. they couldn't get the fuse to cruise. there they go. but then they succeed. look at that he metric beauty. it's so satisfying. an exploding watermelon in slow motion. oh, my soul is complete. topic number four. this story was sent to us using #topicalstorm. one woman had a scare when she found a baby opossum paddling
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inside her toilet. police reported the opossum broke into the house through a window and made his way into or commode. but i can see what's going on. he was trying to escape. escape from what you might ask? just watch the horror. she thinks that's her baby it's a possum. playing possum is no longer a game, it's a way of life. thanks, weirdoes. topic number 5. it may be almost summer but that does mean it's calm or balmy on top of mount washington.
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it's like nature's invisible chair. here i go again. that is cold and windy. it's like a canada and the tornado had a baby. fight it, mike, don't let that wind hold you down. you are not a man kite. it is pretty intense. it seems like an action mime. and you can only fight nature with preparation or possibly excellent tornado insurance. see? all better. if you have weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm," find me on instagram and twitter @kennedynation. coming up, the party panel
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we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. kennedy: oh, hi. we are having a nice time. i'm very glad you decided to join us. the former governor of pennsylvania and the hillary clinton surrogate had her baby. not really. ed rendell said in an interview that donald trump's many degrading statement about women's looks would come back to haunt him because quote there are probably more ugly women in america and attractive women.
5:39 am
i think it many a fantastic word choice. is the former governor right? >> it depend. how many drinks have you had? so if this is completely sober. it's a little disheartening. i think a lot of people in my business and myself have a poor body image of themselves that drive themselves to go every day and post a bunch of pictures on instagram. belly planting tea, and it's all. it's up and coming. most of the accounts i follow have that. and i feel like they are so sad because look how pretty i am. i get so many pictures of your friend. you feel bad about yourself. maybe you do count yourself as
5:40 am
one of those people who is not attractive. kennedy: rendell is like here. kennedy: democratic women -- he was responding to a comment from donald trump. if he said if you are flat chested it's impossible to be a 10. >> they have surgeries for that now. you don't have to do that. >> they are actually doing it on the subway. you don't know anywhere near that. >> that's how they save on overhead. kennedy: i don't know how a political discussion became a
5:41 am
breast augmentation on the subway. the georgia institute of technology is translating what dogs are thinking into audible text or smart phone. it says the technology would help bomb sniffers do their job. it's one more way we can see dogs are superior to cat, because they would never develop the technology. the dogs, dogs. yeah, this is amazing. also they are saying dogs know the continues in different kind of bombs but have no way to communicate that. the trainer handler -- they are quite unstable. we are not dealing with a wrestler. this is quite dangerous. so if dogs could talk, what would they say?
5:42 am
>> i don't know. i mean, they don't know if they are coming home ever again. but what's most important. never again. this is the worst. it's a great meeting when you come back. if it's called a dog park, how come people are allowed there, i think ways they are saying. if dogs could talk, all they would say is, are you going to eat that? i'm so against it. i'm as far begin the as you can be. the whole point of a dog, the dog is a companion, it's there unconditionally and loves you. i'm against it completely. the black market. kennedy: racist. >> whatever, right market.
5:43 am
-- white market. even if it's just for working dogs. the dog knows too much. he knows what you look at at the internet. >> i can't chance it. i could lose my job, my marriage, my friendships. your dog knows so much. what are you thinking? you know what cats are going to say? i hate these people. >> my mouth isn't big enough to eat his face. kennedy: americans are swelling to epic levels. we are turning into the fat people. but studies indicate our exercise habit haven't declined much. one theory is after we exercise we feel justified in eating more than we burned off. could exercise be contributing to our obesity crisis in what's
5:44 am
making us fat? >> food is making us fat. it's food. it's food. if you eat like an animal, it doesn't matter how much you exercise. food and lack of food knowledge. you hear people say i did 40 minute of cardio like the' a hazing ritual. i blame my parent obviously. in this class across suit i would like to blame the people at the im who make me want want to go to the gym. kennedy: like the guy with the rope. >> a treadmill in jeans. kennedy: you are in pretty good shape. is it exercise that's making us fat?
5:45 am
do people work out a little bit then eat a lot? >> people think i did 30 membership it of cardio. technically the clock was moving while you were there. i have to treat myself so i'll eat two more slices of pizza. i have trained for various races and thing, i think, yeah, man, all of a shouldn't you weigh five more pound. but if you were training an hour or two, maybe you eat a little more. it never work out that way. you always eat more than you he can pend. -- more than you expend. i may as the well day home and
5:46 am
keep smoking cigarette. that's my conclusion from this research. kennedy: i hear it's better than belly flattening tea. >> nothing is better than the belly flattening tea. kennedy: party panel, you guy were great. >> you never forget your first. kennedy: the couple in white. jimmy and deirdre. thank you, guys. a no disqualification. it's live may 22 on the wwe network. america and our allies are poised to shift on to libya. i can't see how this could possibly backfire in any way.
5:47 am
here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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kennedy: the united states thinking of arming libya. are reconfident guns won't be turned on us? welcome back. love the beard. you get stopped at the airport now more than ever. >> absolutely. kennedy: tell me about arming this unity government. sounds like a bad idea. >> any government that has to call itself the government of national accord, you know is already got to birth defects. it matily this is the cost of
5:51 am
outsourcing your dictator coming. the youth has been 9-0 in deck iter toppling. we are pretty good at it. but this last time we decided to go to the locker room. after the dictator was toppled in the third quarter. we said you guys run it in for the big win. we walked away from something we did, now we are shocked that disarray follows an arab dictator being toppled. the idea is for all these disparate interest to come together with american arms and dispose of isis. kennedy: i see how it could go wrong, but i don't see how it could go well. >> if you are unwilling to put american boots on the ground which is the entire reason in 016, if you are so casual averse
5:52 am
you won't put a special forces a-team to do what they do which is to be the head of the mob to show them how to blow thing up and then start a democracy. if you want to lead from behind. occasionally leadership requires americans on the ground. that's why guys like me volunteer. we know if you don't do it now, we'll be sending our kid in 20 years. kennedy: the libyan debacle has been dubbed her war. what can she do to make it right if she' elected president in november? >> they began with the premise no americans will be on the ground. the pentagon should have said sorry, but you can't go to war with your hand handcuffed. you need to have all options on the table. kennedy: did she have a part in
5:53 am
that decision? >> horrible decision. if trump is smart, he will hit her on that. not about the benghazi 9/11, 2012 thing. but the overall foreign policy thing. if this is how you do foreign policy i guess we'll be cleaning up messes at the end of the first hillary clinton term. if he's smart, if you think americans care about this, then you hit her on this. not about benghazi but the overall policy. >> you could draw a' more cohesive global map of how she has failed, starting with libya and toppling and killing qaddafi. then you move on to the email scandal. and this and the economy as well. >> if you are shocked chaos results in the topping of an arab dictator, then you are probably shocked at justin bieber's or kanye's next antic.
5:54 am
germany and japan turned out pretty good after we toppled the dictators. but look what we did. we are still in germany and japan. kennedy: come see us in new york. what are you doing over there? >> i love the city and named it twice. kennedy: what tearers and joys are lurking in my mail? test. test.
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kennedy: hi, sadists. every week around this time i
5:58 am
get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. i know it's because of tequila and viewer mail. daniel starts off with, oh, you half with it. wish t, i used to think you were smart. when? bob tweets i really did like you kennedy! past tense! why do you talk like that? are you sick? i like to hear the libertarian point of view, but you are so annoying. bar barry is picking up on all things so. steve write, i love you, kennedy, where have you been all my life. >> i have been at a biker bar
5:59 am
with your mom. ceasar says i like your show. you make thing sound more interesting than they actually are. >> the reason why i don't watch @kennedynation. i don't watch you either unless you are in the shower. and he offered his political insight. trump, clinton, sanders. maybe i'll vote for the texas law hawk instead. janet asks, your show is still not canceled? >> the boss is watching. billy finishes off with i quit like you, good-bye. billy, i never liked you. and thank you so much for watching. you can always follow me on twitter and instagram. email
6:00 am
look at all those ways to fill up the mail bag of hate. i guess i'll sling off into e weekend and see you monday night. good-bye. lou dobbs and let's begin with a political earthquake. for the first time donald trump has pulled ahead of hillary clinton in the fox news poll. clinton has led trump in the head to head polling ever since he entered the race on june 16th of last year, but now trump tops her in a general election head to head match up. 45 to 42%. a 10 point swing from last month when clinton was ahead of trump by seven points. trump has not only pulled ahead of clinton but has done so with higher favorables and lower negatives than hers. a record 61%


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