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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  May 21, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> george soros bought it, i'll piggyback on him. >> gold came way back this week. be careful. thanks for watching. keep it right here. the number one business network continues with eric bolling. a traveler's nightmare right before the busy summer season with the investigation intensifying into egyptair flight 804, tsa security lines are expected to be longer. the agency is hitting congress up for more money. does the government agency really need more of our tax dollars or is it time for a free market fix? welcome to "cashin' in." ed with welcome, everybody. rick, do you think we need to give the tsa more cash to fix this mess or what about a private solution? >> tsa has an enormous budget.
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$7.3 billion. compare that to the i.c.e. budget, the immigration agency. and they have a $6.2 billion budget. so i don't think it's a money problem. i think they've got to be better at implementing the technology that's out there. there's face recognition technology. we need to use what silicon valley can do to shorten these lines, not just throw money at the problem. >> and mercedes, the numbers bear out this way. over the last couple of years, i believe from 2013 to this year, air travel is up about 15%. that's quite a few travelers. i think 40 million passengers. in that same period, the budget has at least been stagnant, maybe even lowered a bit over that same period of time. so maybe it is time to give them more money, or should we threaten them with a private company coming in and doing their job? >> it would be interesting to bring up that option about privatization. the reason for that is, when you
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look at the house committee reports back in 2012, it was clear that what came out was the fact that the tsa was viewed as bureaucratic, very typical government, mismanagement, and costly. when you dig in deeper, you saw that the general accountability office came out and said they were mismanaging money, about $200 million in basically trying to spot terrorism, a program that wasn't working. add to that the fact that you've had investigations occur where you've had undercover individuals going through with mock explosives and passing through the lines. so it's really about not only -- we don't want to be throwing money at it, but why not take a page from israel, for example, that does use private companies for security, and really make it more competitive. >> let me jump in. i'm going to go full force. free market always works better than government. government cannot spend money properly. they fail at it. every agency, there's
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mismanagement, bureaucratic overuse, waste. why not bring in a private company? this has been talked about for years, bring in a private institution to come in and handle security at airports. >> no argument about the waste and fat leaking out of government entities. i don't think the fix is automatically assuming that private companies will eliminate all the problems. the threat of privatizing, possibly talking about, hey, if you guys don't step up, holding them more accountable, is the way to go. >> so you know when the best time to go to the dmv is to get your driver's license? 20 minutes before they close, because all those long lines, those agents want to get out of there and they rush you through and you're done. the point is they can move a lot faster. they're great agents, i love
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them, but they can move faster if they're motivated. >> i totally agree with that. some of the reports talk about people idly standing by. they have to demonstrate they're squeezing the juice out of every dollar they get. ric talked about they're getting $7 billion. come on. use what you've got. you can't just throw money at it. >> the recent push by dig durbin and other democrat senators are saying, hey, airlines, stop charging your baggage fees. they want the airlines to eat into their profits so they can do their own job. >> the airlines have a responsibility here, especially local airports. if we think all politics is local, let's pressure airports to bring together the airlines to some sort of a pool of money, to look at the latest technologies. some airports do a good job of shortening the lines. other airports do a bad job. i think what we have to do is drill down and figure out how to cut down on these lines. let's be honest, eric.
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the tsa has done a fairly good job of stopping individuals from getting on a plane that would blow it up or cause harm. so what we need to do is concentrate on the problem, which is the long lines and the tsa agents standing around. >> by no means, ric, are we suggesting sacrificing safety for quicker lines, i would definitely agree on that. talk to us about automating. look what's going on in fast food restaurants. people want health care, they want $16 an hour. the fast food restaurants say it will be much faster without the human interactions so they have robots doing things humans used to do. what about spending a lot of money to have airports fitted for a lot more x-ray machines? >> sure. richard brought up that point about the technology component. biometrics, et cetera. if you're able to bring that
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into the airport. at the same time, think about it. you need these tsa officials to be there and, you know, being able to spot any sort of suspicious behavior. guess what, canines, dogs, are a part of this problem as well. american airlines announced they're going to provide additional canine support in these airports to help with the long lines. it's interesting that we can talk about automation and technology, but there is still that human component that needs to be there in order to ensure that we're able to facilitate the process and keep americans safe. >> eboni, what about letting a private company come in and compete with the automation? then you don't have an outlay, a government program with more outlays, just having some companies saying, hey, i want that job, i want that business of these scanners and screeners, so we'll put the money forward and if it works, you hire us. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with bringing options to the table. i just don't want to assume that just because they're private, they're going to get it right in
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the way that the current tsa isn't. the other thing, eric, is now we've got a delay around training and implementing a brand-new system, which will take a while. >> ric, i have to tell you, tsa is fantastic people, they're great people. however, you remove the human element, in almost every industry, what happens? it becomes more efficient and cheaper and faster. >> no, you're exactly right. i want to pressure them with competition. right now we have a lot of tsa agents who are retired, slower, yes, they're methodical and they may be looking at the details, but i think technology is going to improve the process and competition is always better. i think that the tsa agents absolutely need a little competition. >> there you go. we'll leave it there. coming, time to stop those pushing socialist policies right here in america. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems.
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venezuela on the verge of collapse. protesters are rioting because they can't afford the basic necessities. folks are scrambling to get into supermarkets because they're worried about a food shortage. mercedes says that's why we should be wary about that guy, bernie sanders, on the left. your thoughts? >> democracy and socialism cannot co-exist. clearly what we know is that socialism leads to the fruits of
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totalitari totalitarianism. my father who came from cuba lost all of his private property and lost his businesses because you had a government who overtook his private property. i think it's important to understand that if you're looking at it from a view of the government being your solution, the fact that it can solve all your problems from cradle to grave, it becomes such a false narrative. what is wonderful about america is the fact that our founding fathers really had this vision for our republic, for democracy, for free trade, for free markets, for the flourishing of individual ideas, as opposed to this collective mentality which we've seen has been oppression, not only in cuba but in venezuela where you have shortages of basic goods, and the people are really living in poverty. >> ric, has there ever been a socialist regime that's worked and been good for the people? >> they all implode after a
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little while. nicholas madoro has implemented all of hugo chavez's policies, massive government subsidies, manipulating the free market so government controls the prices. it is a system that will absolutely not work. eric, i'm fearing that our media here are not making the connection. just this week we saw an "atlantic" reporter on npr talking about venezuela's problems and never mentioned hugo chavez or socialism. think what we have here in mrsa media that's focused on taking care of the poor but not the manipulation of the market to the point that bernie sanders supporters are truly looking at socialism as a positive. and hillary clinton is talking about the in a positive tone.
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when you manipulate the market, you have major problems that are unsustainable. >> this is a country that should be swimming in wealth, they produce a large amount of oil. but it's mismanaged through socialism. does it blow you away that a self-described socialist is one of the three remaining standing people for the next presidency? >> it it doesn't blow me away because i think in theory socialism makes a lot of sense for a lot of people, they like the idea of being taken care of and having things at their fingertips. a lot of them don't consider the expense associated with it because we know nothing is really free. here is the other thing, we talk about venezuela. we cannot talk about simply socialism, which i'm not a socialist, i don't think it works ever, but also drugs. when you give the government that much control you make
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yourself vulnerable to this. two former presidents, the right handen of all these presidents huge, huge drug conspirators. >> in socialism, when you have that dictatorship type mentality, they make all the rules and get all the wealth. they don't redistribute the wealth the way they promise too. income inequality is at its highest point in socialist and communist regimes. >> i think eboni is right that the drugs are a problem. let's not try to change the issue here in venezuela, because they are printing money, because they can't afford to pay for the programs that they have. they literally have massive government programs and manipulation of the free market. so their solution is to print the money. they're going to have a 2,000% inflation this year. so this is a monetary and fiscal
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policy that is not sustainable. our media and americans need to focus on the fact, socialism does not work in the long term. >> a two-pronged problem, though, right, guys? the socialism is an issue, and also the way they're implementing it is so dishonest and corrupt. >> there is no fair way to implement socialism. go ahead, amerimercedes. >> and you know what really worries me is that seeing these millennials being attracted to bernie sanders and his message about free college and free everything, and that is so disconcerting, because i think that they do not understand the historical implications in looking at cases like cuba or venezuela. you go back to the russian revolution. this is the history that they lack in understanding that socialism will destroy our democracy in america and our freedoms in america, so much that our military, that's what
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they've been fighting for through these wars and everything else. to see venezuela as an example and really understand that the socialist politics, the idea of having government control, really creates corruption, and it really leads to the disintegration of human rights. >> a quick answer, i'll bring it around very quickly. are we okay then with cuba opening up the trade lines with america to take that country out of a purely socialist/communist regime, maybe expanding it to some form of free market hybrid? >> i think obama proposed a very weak deal with cuba. basically the deal was made that you release 50 political prisoners and we're going to start talking and maybe opening up trade. that's not a significant deal. i think we got the short end of it. >> remove the politics from it. is it a good idea for us to be part of this new free market, cuba, that may happen? >> there has to be significant change in cuba.
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we're not seeing that in cuba. >> quick thought, ric? >> the europeans and the canadians have been engaging with cuba for decades and it hasn't worked yet. >> i went to quell amerimercede concerns. >> 91% tax rates will tend to do that to you. coming, taking a big bite out of politics. politics. please d if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. politics. please d but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants...
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was necessary to save a mother's
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life. ben and jerry's is hoping you have an appetite for political discourse, unveiling a new flavor called "empower mint," making a statement to fight big money in politics. shouldn't an ice cream maker be jumping on a hot political issue? >> ben and jerry's are known for being liberal, they've come out speaking for different policies. they don't endorse candidates or push a particular cause. but here is the deal. they've made the bernie limited ice cream. i want to see the donald trump orange sorbet come out because maybe i'll buy it. >> political activism in corporate america, good idea, bad idea? >> i think it should be allowed. we all need to lighten up. we're boycott crazy. i like to go to chik-fil-a because it's the best chicken. i like ben and jerry's ice cream because it's very good. we have to be able to allow
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people to be active in politics. we want to encourage that. we should also lighten up so that just because someone is a liberal, i think we have to be tolerant enough to allow them to participate in the process. i'm concerned with what's happening with the bernie sanders supporters and even some of the hillary clinton supporters, where they're shutting down dialogue. talk about intolerance on the left, that's exactly what's happening. we need to lighten up and allow people to participate. >> i'm going to read this statement from ben and jerry's. democracy is in your hands. this fudge-filled flavor reflects our belief that voting gives everybody a taste of empowerment and elections should be for by the people and less buy the people. >> i'm totally cool with it. i agree with ric, we've got to lighten up. whether it's starbucks, chik-fil-a, absolutely, i agree, they were on my college campus. it's all good. you don't have to agree with the
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position to patronize the business. like ric side, we're boycotting everything. it's quite okay. it encourages talking points and maybe smart intellectual exchange. >> i'm antiboycott on this show. how about freedom fudge brownie? how about this one? first amend-mint. >> i'm waiting for the eric bolling ice cream. >> that's too sweet. i like yours with the orange sorbet. political activism tends to happen on the left far more than on the right, does it not, ric? >> i think what happens on the left is that they're becoming increasingly intolerant. yesterday's champions of diversity are today's intolerance. they have to remember that if they want diversity, if they're pushing this message of, gee, we should all be diverse, they have to allow not just sexual orientation or, you know, color
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or any other issue that they try to put into boxes. they have to allow diversity of thought. and the left has never been very good at that. they say at the top that they don't pick a candidate. then they're politically active individuals or individual member employees. i think that's what we have to do. it cuts across, because there are some people who are hypersensitive to it who will say i'm not going to buy ben and jerry's ice cream. >> coming up, i've got some interesting news about my upcoming book. it's true what they say.
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>> i want to say thanks to a great crew this week for joining us. great show, everyone. time to wake up america. my upcoming book "wake up america" got great news. number nine on the barnes & noble bestselling list. also earned number one bestseller slot on amazon under nationalism and the book is five weeks from launch. this book was inspired by this segment here on our show every saturday morning we wake up america here and light the path to bring this great country back to power and prosperity and your input is invaluable.
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we're a team. now we have a bestselling book. thanks to you, the view crew. have a great weekend, everybody thanks for watching. >> mexico sends their people they are not bringing their best. >> donald trump has rewritten the rule book in politics. >> i what i said i don't remember. >> and won his party nomination doing it. >> i won with the evangelicals. i won with women. i love winning with women. could he be the next president. >> the country's going to it start


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