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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  May 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice. conditioning and that is why you spent the winter at the olympic training center in piex peak. >> with terror fears mounting news breaking this week. al qaeda is calling for attacks on u.s. business leaders. in europe warnings that isis may be planning a series of bomb attacks on crowds attending next month's soccer championships. the main goal is to take down the economy. this is bulls and bears. the bulls and bear this is week. gary b. smith. jonas max ferris. john layfield. welcome to everybody. are terrorists targeting the economy?
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>> without fail terrorists are targeting the economy. look what happened after 911. we have a $3.3 trillion impact to the economy post these attacks. and i don't think it is just these business leaders they are trying to target. we are also looking at the small business leaders that are happening. and if you look at the home grown terrorists you are seeing kind of come up through in different areas, whether big cities or small towns, they are having impact on small businesses. they infiltrate the small businesses. they sell things on the black market and take those proceeds to fund bigger terrorist cells here in the united states or abroad. >> and look at terror attacks we've seen in europe whether it was a brussels airport or in paris where you have restaurants, a potential soccer stadium a nightclub, that is targeting business. >> yeah it is targeting business but it is also just targeting what they can target. look, most of these cities that
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have been attacked. these have been horrific. this is not to diminish that whatsoever. if you look at new york. boston, london, madrid, paris they have all rebounded pretty quickly and i think isis and al qaeda know that. so they are shifting their strategy like they did in baghdad. and what they are trying to do in iraq because they have lost 45% of their territory. oil prices going from a hundred dollars at least cut in half. they are losing money so much that they are trying to create a civil war between the shias and the sunnis and overseas they are simply trying to disrupt and keep the image out there because they have lost the ability to do big things now because of what's happened to them financially. >> jonas, are they targeting the economy? what do you say? >> indirectly, sure. but i don't think they really know what they are doing at all. i think it is basically a cult
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trying to recruit member likes a chain letter where the people of the top die and don't get rich. that's base awhat's going on. this list doesn't make any sense if you were -- what about steve --. first of all bill gates mostly does philanthropic work that helps countries fight malaria and all kinds of stuff. he's the worst target. so i think they are just trying to grow, get press. do stunts. they want to attack the economy. counterfeit dollars. tap into banks and do other stuff directly. >> shockingly i agree with jonas in this case. if they are targeting the economy they are doing a horrible job. i disagree with the premise they are even targeting the economy. if they were you would target something like the electrical
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grid or some sort of transportation. major airports what. they did at 9/11 is horrific but the gdp growth rate as coming out of recession. it is hurricanes when hay hit the gulf coast and oil retiners can't derail the economy. what ceo could you take out with assassination that would be horrific. these corporations especially the fortune 500 i have so many people in the queue now, i can't think of one person that it would hurt. if they were going to do something they would do it a lot smarter. but even if they could short of the electrical grade grid. i'm not the u.s. economy can be derailed. >> we're not saying they are successful we're saying that is
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what their ie trying to do. >> then they're doing a very poor job. >> of course that is the point of this. >> terrorists would like nothing more than to destroy the american economy and political system but they don't have the tools at their zpoepzal. appleal is doing just fine without steve jobs. the flach of the complex, interconnected networked economy is much more resilient then you can do damage to with a couple bombs in downtown new york city or a gunfight in paris cafe. we have nothing to be afraid of. i want that message across to people. there is nothing to be afraid of. they are going target the economy. they also tried to target when we captured and killed osama bin laden. we had targeted air force one.
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but they have nothing on the american military. the american companies are resilient and aren't going to be harmed by this. >> and we have air travel at a record this summer. record numbers of people flying last year despite change in even the ban on liquid, on large liquids on carry ones. but the fact that we are so resilient makes our economy that much more of a target by these very terrorists. >> absolutely. there is no one denying that as americans we are a resilient group of people and resilient society. so are the french, the british, anyone being targeted right now. we are resilient society. but let me just read you something. this thing came out, 44 ways to support the jihad. and he says the financial jihad has to proceed the physical jihad. so really the terrorists. and we're just talking about the al qaeda. but this is not only with al qaeda but we're talking about
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hezbollah and isis. the financial -- doing financial damage is the most important thing they want to do. whether they are doing that successfully or not is a whole totally different subject. >> john, i want to bring in idea though that you damage the economy by forcing us to spend on ungodly sums of money which is something osama bin laden talked about in the eighties is essentially bleeding the country dry. is that a worry? >> yes it is a worry. in the middle east this is what they are targeting specifically right now. al lacky is an idiot and he should not be in charge of anything. they are going after shia militia with suicide bombers to create a civil war because they are losing battles in mosul and
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tikrit. they also declared a state of emergency in the capital. they want to unsettle the middle east. that will cost us a fortune to go in there and try have to settle all this that is going on in the middle east. they are working at what they are doing. they stormed the green zone in baghdad. this as said strategy of suicide bombers and it is working right now. >> and gary b. it goes to the point here in the united states of the amount of money we're spending every year just on homeland security. >> well yeah, i mean i guess you could argue that the money is at least being spent and if the government spends it, it still goes into the gross national product. that is the good side. i just don't think it is being spent in the way that the average consumer would like it being spent. getting back to the main point. look, we've had the best worst president in my opinion -- and he has rnt even been able to derail it. so these terrorists certainly
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are not going to do any damage. and flying the planes and blowing up caves and the stuff is horrific. we're all agreed. but it is not going to get our economy ke railed and we should be thanks god for that. >> agreed. >> and proud. thanks everybody. neil, what's going on? >> guess who's giving donald trump the business? business. or businesses? why are more of them choosing hillary clinton over the business guy? and maybe it is not just sales hurting target? did you meet the customers ticked off at target. why a new bathroom policy is making it the target. see you soon. >> up here first the white house saying its new mandate overovertime pay will help workers make more money. workers make more money. some here
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will they have enough money next week when they come back? congress tackles that. i'm leland vittert. back to bulls and bears.
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the white house rolling out a new rule kicking overtime into over drive. make i making workers el visible for overtime pay. john you say it will hurt not help. how so. >> this is naive on the administration's part. you are going to have more workers going to an hourly wage instead of being salaried. we lost 8 million jobs in a decade in manufacturing because of efficiencies in automation. you are going to see that trend continue. if you want wage increases, what you need is good jobs out there. we have 5% unemployment but only 5% of gdp growth. and the reason is because the jobs we have are not better than the jobs they replace. you want big jobs and good things done in congress, that is where you get wage increase. average wage is down $4,000 for a family since 1999. >> rather than growing wages organically, the administration is just doing it by order.
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and again the pool of money doesn't get any bigger for businesses. >> and they are targeting lower wage jobs too. when we were looking at the study, these jobs that are going to benefit from the wage increase are really retail jobs. managerial jobs. not to say they shouldn't be getting paid more. but to your point we need to start concentrating on jobs that are better and that pay more and that are actually going to be able to really decrease that wage gap. also having a skills gap as well. so we need to fill that. and i think once we do that we're going to see that wage gap also decrease. >> mark, there were 270,000 letters and complaints from businesses about this rule before it was solidified by the administration saying it is going to hurt full-time hiring and cut worker hours. >> and leaders of businesses making money off the backs of those workers are writing those letters. frankly i don't care.
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i care about the worker. and there are workers out there working long, long hours aren't getting the pay they deserve. i think a lot of your viewers might be among them. and this is going to benefit more than 4 million people who basically have not been getting. we can talk barack obama has ruling by fiat. but this is a rule that was rolled back by president bush so he's just rolling it forward. i can see how yes some businesses are going to have to pay their workers more. some businesses are going to say oh we're just take our -- >> you don't even need to put on your glasses to see the problems with this. >> exactly. i don't know had the right word, naive. i sometimes think there is no one in government, especially in this administration that has ever actually had a job outside of politics. or outside of administration. they have never had a payroll. they have no concept how business works. for all i know they never even
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worked in mcdonald's. because here is what happened when you have your own business. say you are a franchise owner. own maybe one mcdonald's. making a hundred,0 thousand a year. now you have these board of workers and you start moving people around to save your own salary, save your profits. that is what they are going to do. i don't know if that is right or wrong but that is what happens in business. so if you are the guy. if you are the manager, the owner of that store and you can move a couple of people around so you can avoid the harmful effects of this bill you are going to do it. and guess who suffers? the worker suffers. that is just life. and it tells me that no one this the current administration has any concept how business works. >>en jonas even you think this is the bad idea. >> a lot of ways to help fix the equality situation. tax policy, minimum wage. i'm open so some mix of some of
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those but this is the least appealing and i don't know where we do it at all. first it is very hard to implement. you can have a minimum wage. when you have to start tracking everybody's hours to know if they crossed this 40 level so they get time and a halfish that is just a huge bureaucracy that reflects in higher prices and less demand for labor. it is also gamable at the end of the day. you know what your base wage just went down because i'm factoring in the time and a half i have to give to you now. so i don't know if it is going to lead to higher wage because it doesn't ultimately change the -- >> the people that are going to track it are the people on their 60th hour of the week. the 65th hour of the week. the worker that is actually accruing the overtime and has this money coming to them. >> you act like it is going to come to them. that is my point. it doesn't go do them. and would you say that in
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germany -- overall experience of the working man better than in america. >> this isn't a socialist thing. this doesn't decrease competition. i applies across the board so all companies are going to have to be competitive. >> my point is it doesn't work. you could have a seven week vacation that's paid that could be a law. that helps the working man. this doesn't. >> somebody making 30 grand year, working 60, 70 hours a week f you are okay with that in america, fine. >> to quote somebody from business, over time rules don't mean overtime pay. thanks guys. cashing in just over an hour from now. eric what do you have coming up? >> hi. the crash over there creates a fear of flying everywhere. mass irtsa lines. now we have a free market fix to shorten the lines. and look at what the socialism is bringing to the streets of venezuela lasmt time to stop the push towards socialism right
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here in america. >> and up here first. now we know where all of that tuition money is going. wait till you hear how much big name celebrities are making from
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thing, you know, that these speakers come and make these large -- i can understand from the speakers perspective. i would want to get the large sum. but i remember i had in graduate school henry kissinger speak. here is what i took away from it. it was so stinkin' hot i wanted him to shut up so we could go away. and at duke we sat in the football stadium in 90 degrees temperature. the students don't care who the speaker is. they want to get out of there, go eat dinner with their parents have a drink and move on. >> and some people do speak for free. like ryan seacrest at university of georgia. >> good for ryan. there are people who college students love. guess who's one of them? bernie sanders. who's really up upset about people making six figures on their speaking arrangement here. bernie sanders? i see a solution here.
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maybe he would bow out and make that much on the college circuit. >> money poorly spent? >> yes it is poorly spent. i left college early to go play pro football so i didn't have to listen to one of these boring speakers. i don't like college. four years. most people should go two. they learn about shakespeare and not how to ambulancebalance a c. but if they want to pay people and also a recuting tool that is their business. zblm >> i agree to. hear someone like matthew mcconaughey speak but for 110,000 dollars sorry so i don't it's worth it. >> all right all right all right. second this is what's so wrong with this school. even wants to be harvard. everybody can't have sports
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teams and famous speakers and all this. this is why schools got so expensive. they don't just folks on teaching students things at a good price. they have to focus on all the other stuff to pretend to be something they are not. >> exactly. give the students the money and let them go drink with it. thank everybody. coming up whether you take a self driving uber car or not there is one name that will drive up our profits. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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predictions. >> bricks and mortar retailers will still suffer. but ebay won't. up 30% by fathers day next year. >> john your prediction. >> healthcare won't suffer. cvs i think it's up 20% in a year. >> self driving cars. uber and tesla, i tell you we're
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going need more television in the cars because we don't have to watch the road anymore. verizon up 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . are billionaires giving the billionaire the brush off? when this guy says donald trump stem cell listen to their guy. welcome everybody. i'm kneel cavuto. a new survey. a business trade association says they would happy trade hillary for donald. because they still don't know what to make of him. charles, you first. to not know him is to not vote for him. >> they know s


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