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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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president obama starting asia trip with major announcement this morning, ending the 50-arms embargo on vietnam. pave way for more normal relationships with the country. >> this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and removes a lippingerring -- lingering of cold war and relationship with vietnam. maria: a dead heat now, new poll show donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck in both support and in unfavorility. searching for clues in the egypt aircraft, submarines looking to restreef the block boxes, rather in the mediterranean sea. the very latest developments coming up. music's big night, we have the highlights including madonna's emotional tribute to prince with stevie wonder.
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beyer offering to acquire monsanto, largest agriculture chemical company. the stocks on the move on this big deal. big deal of the day. market action meanwhile looks mix in asia overnight at the g-7 finance meeting ending with no action. nikkei hang seng lower, shanghai kospi higher. a third of a percent. cac quarante down and in the u.s. futures look like this edging lower, we have a -- of course, a handful of economic reports and earning reports this week. we are expecting a lower open forking the broader averages. all the stories coming up right here this morning and with me trading partners michael block, anthony scaramucci, good to see you guys. >> good morning. maria: feels like a busy day with the beyer deal.
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>> we were just talking about this, people are looking for a higher bid than 122, this is starting point. we are going to hear more about this. maria: this gets a number of other companies moving as well in the sector. we will be watching that. as you can see monsanto trading up this morning. 11122 on the ask. we have a can't-misslineup. massachusetts senator and donald trump supporter scott brown with us and former house majority leader tom delay, you don't want to miss a moment so stay with us this morning. new polls over the weekend show that party front runners hillary clinton and donald trump are now in a statistickist call dead heat, clinton leads the presumptive gop nominee 34% to 46%.
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a difference within the poll's margin of error making it a statist call tie. both candidates viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters with nearly six out of every ten having negative impression of both trump and clinton. surprising bernie sanders is the only candidate with a net favor ability rating, both claim the other is unqualified to run for president. >> we can go on for days, when you look at her decisions, just bad judgment, she suffers from bad judgment. that's bernie sanders saying it. he has been rather nice to her. he didn't pick up on the emails is a big mistake and she shouldn't be allow today run for president but she has bad judgment and therefore should not even be qualified to run as president. >> if we don't respond to donald trump, i said he was unqualified
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to be president, i believe that deeply, i'm going to keep focused on donald trump because i will be the nominee, i will be running against donald trump and n the fall and i do not want americans and good thinking republicans as well as democrats and independents to start to to believe that it is a normal candidacy. >> we need a campaign, election coming up with now has two candidates who are very strongly disliked. i don't want to see the american people voting for the lessor of the two evils. good to see you both, gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us . what's your take on what how close the polls are getting right now? >> the polls are very interesting, hillary's negative continue and increasing but
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donald trump negatives are decreasing and normally when you have two figures that are as widely known as these two they don't have a lot of flexibility. if donald trump continues on his trend, this could end up being an election with a fairly sizable ability to win six, seven or eight points. maria: how do you see it michael. >> most voters that the other is not qualified to be president. it really is as unprecedented situation here where you have the so unpopular candidates, one of them the likely to be the next president. and so i think you have a different situation, diercht dynamic, people are not voting positivey for their campaign but most negatively against the candidate they don't like.
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that's something that i don't know if we have seen before. maria: how do you deal with that anthony scaramucci, trying to raise money for donald trump? >> anthony: absolutely not. maybe there are pockets of it. the republicans want to win and want to consolidate around him. i have a question, 6 or 7%, that's like a regan landslide, take us through the next few months of how that happens. >> bush victory over michael decacus, here is what i'm looking at, you see in march and april what was a ten or 11-point gap when you looked at the wall street journal, washington post
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poll where hillary was ahead and that's because with the negatives associated with donald trump. his has decline and you normally don't see that kind of drop. that would lead to a significant amount of space for for a larger-size victory. >> anthony: do you think your boss will come out and endorse him? >> i have seen a large number of republicans come together for consolidation, will the former president come out and endorse donald trump, it may not matter because of this impression that he's able to leave people, but what i will say is you're starting to see people show up in the primary and perhaps they're going to show up in the general that have stayed off the boat a decade or longer. maria: what about the story over
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the weekend, washington state republican snubbing in delegate election, they supported ted cruz 40 to 41 in pledged delegates. come on, cruz is not even running anymore. >> there's no doubt that a lot of people have yet to come to terms with who the nominee is going to be. if you may recall mike huckabee stayed in the race in 2008 almost till the end and there were still people voting for him even though there wasn't any chance of it. the difference we are seeing here is that while john mccain's numbers were nearly as strong this close out, they waited until after the convention before the closing between him and barack obama. we are seeing a tightening much earlier and hillary's campaign still continues, she hasn't wrapped up the democratic primary yet. maria: who do you think, michael, hillary should be looking for running mate? who do you see as the choices t?
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>> if she we wanted to solve problems in her party, she might choose bernie sanders? maria: would that be helpful to her, you think? >> and a lot has to do with the fact that there are a significant number of democrats, this is still an open primary race somewhat in the democratic side who are dissatisfied with hillary clinton, so she can pick somebody from her left maybe not bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, that could sure up the problems that she has with the democrats and look at her and think, really, this is who we are going with the nominee. >> we are looking at the unfavorability ratings and they
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are high among candidates, you look at donald trump, perhaps he's going the right way in head to head. the point is senator warren with all due respect to her and what she's trying to accomplish, anyone from the left, the hillary going to be able to reduce unfavorability to the race here, does she are oh to move to the center? >> i don't know to be honest. this election is so sort of backward in the way we think of things, you run to the right or the left depending on the primary and then you run to the center in the general. donald trump is kind of all over the map here. we kind of have to set aside any of the sort of conventions even when it applies to hillary clinton. in a lot of ways she has an issue, there's talk about third party, conservative to challenge trump and hillary clinton. there could be somebody a fourth-party candidate from the
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left, somebody like bernie sanders who really has capture it had left's hearts and minds. i think she has to be very careful about angrying the people in the base of the democratic party, so it's kind of a balancing act here and it's going to be much harder for hillary clinton to wrap this up and i think democrats thought if they were facing donald trump, because of these problems, not on her left but her general unlikability throughout the country, i guess they are only saving grace that trump is also just unlikable. maria: real quick on trump and vp candidates. i guess he's having a meeting with bob corker. would that be a potential vp? >> anthony: my guess is he's going to pick somebody that's superinside, superwashington sort of a person. maria: yeah, we will see about that. michael, thank you so much. we will see you, sir, thank you.
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beyer, 62 billion-dollar offer, is the mega merger a smart move from the companies, our experts weigh in. the biggest in music in sin city last night. best moments from the 2016 billboard music awards. coming back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, president obama announcing the u.s. is fully lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to vietnam. cheryl casone with the details and the other headlines right now. cheryl: good morning, maria. during the press conference with vietnam's new president, president obama making historic announcement that united states is ending embargo on the country. >> the united states is fully lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to vietnam that has been in place for some 50 years. as with all our defense partners, sales will need to still meet strict requirements including those relate today human rights. but this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself. cheryl: well the president will head to hiroshima, japan, first site of nuclear bombing.
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search underway for egypt air light 804, egypt sending submarine for look of black boxes including the flight data and recording of the cockpit voices, those black books, they need them. more than 1 oh 0,000 of debris cheryl: finally this, uber riders are more likely to accept search price if their phone is about to die. this is according to economic research f your battery is light you might not want to wait 10 or 15 minutes and then you're not going to get a ride at all. uber, i don't know, found it very interesting that they're pulling this data and making it public. kind of a threat, don't you think? maria: i don't know, low-phone battery impact your decision about taking uber? micheal: it's crazy, things eat up the
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battery, i even have my train ticket. i have to get my phone charge unless i will get kicked off the train. uber you name it. everything has become more essential, it's almost like uber is in it with the phone or battery people. anthony: i have to show my age here. maria: you print out your boarding pass? anthony: 100%, maria. [laughter] maria: 62 billion-dollar offer from monsanto makes sense. move over captain america there's a new king of the box office this weekend and they are not happy about it. the movie that blew to the top spot next back in a moment recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, shares of monsanto moving up after beyer made a 62 billion-dollar offer to acquire monsanto, this merger that would create the largest agriculture supplier, all cash offer, values of monsanto $122 a peace. news that the deal was about to break, charlie, good to talk to you, morning. what's behind this?
6:22 am
>> i will say this, it's not a done deal till you see the paper, you see it in the paper that monsanto agreed to it, based on my sources, they want to do the deal. what i've been told is they are going to approve it within the next 24-48 hours. here is where it becomes interesting in, the obama justice department, antitrust division has not been kind oh cross-border motheringers and motheringers in particular and neither the european regulators, so, i think, both sides -- my guess is this thing -- we are going to hear from monosapto based on my sources soon that they want tood this but then it becomes a political gain. just remember they tried to buy the new york stock exchange and
6:23 am
someone trifling as listing the overseas regulators killed the deal. we are talking about something much more pertinent to everybody's life which is drugs on this one. maria: the largest deal for a german company. this brings into the business of genetically modified crops. this is what the journalist is reporting this morning. genetically modified crop business is highly valued. micheal: we don't think there's going to be a huge overlap in terms of antitrust. problem is the company is lighting rod. people don't know about business, the name monsanto comes out because of gmo. how important is this going to be, is there going to be a lot of scrutiny because of that factor? >> yeah, i guess so.
6:24 am
the press will be all over it because of that. if you do enough reading on this issue, in order to feed the world we need gmo, we need genetically modified stuff. that is the only way the entire world is going to be fed, that's the only way you are going to eradicate world hunger and, i don't know if the obama justice department or the uk -- overseas regulators get that, these are the necessary companies, there's no way to mass-produce food without doing certain things. that's going to be the case that they are going to make. listen i shop at whole foods all of the time and i look at the labels, there's no doubt about that, but i have the luxury of looking at the labels because i make enough money. this is something -- this is going to be a worthy debate about gmo's and what they do and how important they are to
6:25 am
eradicating world hunger. i think this deal could be the catalyst of that. anthony: let's shift gears and talk about some of the major investment banks are out of this deal, is basically representing monsanto, what are your thoughts about the fact that a lot of the investment banks have a large-scale investment banks can't seem to get themselves in deal? >> morgan stanley is on the other side, right? anthony: yeah. >> maria, you and i did a story about a guy named mimal kramer who was leave to go set up his own shop, well, guess who runs, none other than michael kramer. he's a restructuring expert, he's involved in puerto rico and the guy behind sierra. this guy may be one of the best
6:26 am
bankers in the country and created -- maria: that's the point that anthony is making. >> i would say, anthony, because of deal flow and there hasn't been great deal flow, a lot of the mid-size investment banks are struggling. we should point out parela has been merging with a firm in texas because they need to scale down, you know, i wouldn't be putting the spike through the heart of the major investment banks just yet but i will say this, if you have a specialist like michael kramer who is really good at restructuring and really smart, you know, those are the firms that are going to survive. we should point out that this is not a restructuring, this is on the long end.
6:27 am
this firm is doing interesting things. we should point out paul doing interesting things. i think it's a black stone spin-off of an invest meant bank as well. micheal: kramer is so good, is 122 the end, is monsanto going to take that? last i heard 130? >> listen, i can only -- i know know that the deal -- my sources said last night that the deal is done over the next 24-48 hours, my guess is we are either at the price or very, very close to it. so this seems to me that, you know, this is a price that i think both sides because they are being -- they're scructively engaged is the word that bankers use, my guess is we are right about there and the real question becomes, you know, there's an issue here. you want to pay a lot but not overpay. i mean, it's advance. that's where we are right now.
6:28 am
maria: charlie thank you so much. still to come the hedge fund love berometer, what technology giant was the least loved next. the 2616 billboard music award taking over las vegas, winners and best moments of the night including this one brity spears getting great reviews of performance on this classic. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. welcome back, it is monday may 23rd. your top stories right now with 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president obama with major announcement. ending the 50-year arms embargo to vietnam. normal relations to vietnam. the president addressed the killing of a taliban leader by a drone strike and what it says about the united states' presence in the middle east. >> it is my responsibility as commander in chief not to standby by make sure we send clear message to the taliban and others that we are going to protect our people and that's exactly the message that has been sent. maria: on to the race to the white house, dead heat now, new approximately show donald trump and hillary clinton neck and
6:32 am
neck, both support and unfavorability. the latest developments coming up. the beyer-monsanto deal not the only one to watch. ge will double workforce in the country by 2020. the oklahoma city thunder taking game 3 over the golden state warriors, it was a rough night for stef steph curry and company. markets a mix, mix market in asian overnight after finance meeting. in europe this morning stocks are bit lows, we are still looking at a negative story. ftse down a quarter of a percent and cac quarante down. we are expecting a lower opening in the u.s., take a look at futures, fractional move certainly but the dow industrial expected to be done about 20 points this morning. on to the campaign trail we go. hillary clinton assuming the
6:33 am
democratic nomination despite divide keeping her focus on donald trump now with a new campaign slogan. >> we are stronger together in facing our internal challenges and our external ones, we are stronger together if we work to improve economy and that's going to mean trying to get the republicans to do what will actually help produce more jobs, like we isn't that true the 1990's. maria: back with us former george w. bush official michael warren. the race seems incredibly close, a lot closer than hillary clinton expected with bernie sanders giving her such competition, how do you see it? >> precisely because there's been a decline in the unfavorable of donald trump. when this campaign started and it appeared that it was going to be a trump versus clinton campaign, there were people who said, well, hillary is very,
6:34 am
very unliked but she's got the benefit, she's running against a candidate who is even more unliked. the issue as i sigh it is that the trend lines are switching and donald trump is improving his favorabilities meanwhile we don't see any such change happening with hillary and the truth is as i've observed over about 15 to 20 years of presidential campaigns, normally your favorabilities are locked in, you might have a 2-point move, this is pretty big. if it continues it could lead to a sizable lead to donald trump. maria: anthony, you spend trial with donald trump. has he made changes? anthony: i think it's the second part. i think he like it is originality of his content. i don't think he like it is
6:35 am
whole presidential thing because he things it's code word for being just another politician. i think he's refreshing new face, new voice and so this is going to be a big problem for her because she represents the old brand -- maria: establishment. anthony: a lot of people feel that the bernie sanders voters some may cross and vote for him. maria: if she would have put bernie sanders as her ticket as vice presidential candidate -- anthony: i like that move, by the way. they are very passionate about him and what he's saying and he has low unfavorable, if you will. my bet is the best way to get to the presidency for her is to galvanize the left. which is bad for the country because that means you'll have to govern from the left if she wins. maria: yeah.
6:36 am
anthony: but i do like the move. >> does she lose the middle? maria: that's what i think? anthony: i think she has lost the middle. maria: true. anthony: she's lost the middle. so move to the left, get all those people behind you and go for the 51%. micheal: if she lost the middle then this is over. maria: how do you see it? >> well, i don't know, we are sort of talking about the amazing feet of donald trump basically consolidating the republican party. most republicans leave aside the sort of never trump folks out there, most republicans are getting on board. it's not the same thing in the democratic party. i do think that once hillary clinton does clinch it, she does have -- get a little bump here, but look, bottom line is if she wants to beat donald trump she's going to have to actually try to beat him. maria: get those bernie sanders supporters then. you talk about getting on board,
6:37 am
even lindsey graham may be getting on board. there are now reports that lindsey graham which, of course, has been donald trump's harshest critics. there was a private republic qup despite not publicly backing him. how big of a dale is that, guys? >> i don't know, i mean, it's overstated and, of course, his spokesman lindsey graham's spokeman that senator graham's position hasn't changed. i don't know how influential graham is with any segment of the party that's already on board, look, the establishment has gotten on board and i would say early on the trump train. the question is sort of conservatives, maybe conservative establishment different from establishment in washington dragging their feet on this.
6:38 am
maybe graham has influence. maria: not everybody believes it, though. anthony: his folks are basically denying. he's denying it to some of his friends. this is politics, this is the nature of this game. this is why so many americans, the general public is so upset because there's no anchor here. the beat keeps shifting left and right. my prediction if this is the age of disruption and this is the age of the nonpolitician, then the margin of error goes to donald trump, maria. maria: we will leave it there. great conversation. we appreciate it, thank you, gentlemen, we will see you soon. coming up golden state warriors did not show up with their game faces last night in western conference finals, details next and angry birds topple captain america top office, we have the full recap. don't forget wall street week getting new life on fox business network. over the weekend, you have to
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maria: welcome back. happy monday, everybody. futures wanted to a lower opening of the broader markets. a big deal in agricultural
6:43 am
space. buyer monsanto driving the action today. $62 billion deal there. general electric announcing $1.4 billion in deals in saudi arabia. this part of the kingdoms than to to diversify its economy. ge will double its workforce to 4000 by 2020. from wall street darling to pariah, hedge funds dumping apple the first three months of the year. $7.1 billion in stock was sold here this is a sharp reversal after was the most purchase stock at the end of 2015. apple sat down 10% this year. the newspaper does facebook taking of $3 billion of shares to start 2016. hedge funds by not facebook stock up 12% in the first quarter of the year. is that a good move, anthony scaramucci? anthony: i think it is in and the move, maria. at the time the hedge fund guys are leaving, that is a contrary indicator as well.
6:44 am
i am not as alleged on facebook and some of these other hedge fund guys just because of the evaluation. not because it's not a great company. i'm a little bit of bad news you will see it dressed down in the stock. maria: they certainly took about 12% in the first quarter, taking a facebook. when you think about that? >> last year we had facebook, apple, not books, google. >> you have those for stocks. but now you have a spoken amazon delivery numbers that the lakes. netflix and google not so much. this is what happens. the nifty 50 goes down to four and now are down to two. growth is slowing to companies like apple showing slowdowns. maybe longer-term. we will see. >> would you buy facebook right here? >> i don't like stocks that are crowded. these are atm machines. if i'm a little cautious on the market, i think we are stuck in
6:45 am
a range here. i'm not in a hurry to aim things. >> anoer point, as the bull market continues, the narrowing should give people pause for concern. maria: meanwhile, multiple injuries to tell you about in a posh presley california. the other headlines now. >> 20 people injured, six of a shuttle bus overturned on a highway in san bernardino mountains yesterday. this bus, one of several transferring about 200 women returning yesterday for an annual not retreat to their church in downey, california. all 20 were taken to a hospital by ground ambulance, all expected to survive. let's switch gears because last night was a big night for the music industry. listen. ♪
6:46 am
>> looking to be a brittany spears showed up last night opening up music awards at their greatest hits. then it was packed with big performances and all-star tributes. officially debuting her brand-new video for send my love. more than any male artist in history. justin beaver who grew up all the sudden >> the award for top male artist last night. also, some movie news. it was an act. now it's a movie. not only topping the box office domestically brought in a 9.1 million, but it also came out number one in china, maria. the animated film earned $30 million just in china. more than his utopia debut. captain america from captain america, captain america from a civil war following the sacking 33.1 million followed by two new
6:47 am
movies. anyways i got to torture their neighbors. the nice guys came in with 11.2 million. maria: thank you, cheryl. did you go to the movies this weekend? >> i did actually. i saw jungle book. very exciting. other good movies coming out. a new ice age movie i saw coming out. i am waiting for wrote one coming later in the year. it's exciting. maria: how about money monster? >> i love the civil war. i would just say this. captain america is obviously a republican for those of you. not a spoiler alert. iron man is a democrat. i'll let you figure out the rest of it. hollywood wrote the film, so you know that the tension between democrats and republicans are very palpable in the movie. what are we talking here? is it bernie sanders?
6:48 am
>> just be a deal. let's put it this way. tony stark should be running for the nomination for the democrats. maria: we will do that they are. let's a short break. a major mix of the national anthem. a houston texans start from a jj walked out with a blended brand-new logo for a sponsorship with reebok. we will tell you the meaning behind the creative design. don't forget to check out "mornings with maria." "mornings with maria." three-run facebook. or on twitter@mornings maria.bon all of the highlights from today's show will be back in a moment. have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way.
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maria: welcome back. last night the western conference finals and oklahoma city. the thunder delivered a powerful performance. on the highlights right now. return to sports reporter jerrod max. reporter: good morning, maria. maybe the golden state warriors use their best field to win an nba record and this evening. suddenly the warriors are in a not though golden state. two losses from playoff elimination. came through western conference finals last night in oklahoma city was a sea of blue and white in the crowd could look at the way they've broken up. kevin durrant scored a seen by 23 points. westbrook scored 30. under that by 25 at halftime. reporter oklahoma city scored 45 points in 117 entering the final quarter. that's great miss it the 113 pointers. 133-105. old and state also trailed in
6:53 am
two playoff series last season and came back to win both including the nba finals. game four will be tomorrow in oklahoma city. i know a story everybody wants to hear more about. deflategate. no, no. today is the deadline for the u.s. court of appeals for the second circuit to reinstate his four-game suspension. maybe the story will end soon. question, if you had your own personal logo, what might it be? michael jordan's local authorities taken. you can't go there. houston texans all-pro linebacker jj what. check this out. it looks like both jj and a w. n. kind of like attacker with logo of the way it looks. when he turned the logo upside down, it looks like another 99 on his jersey. the logo will be used for the campaign with reebok. metaphorically, the vocalist with two -- meant to look like
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rising headlines. then draco are apologizing to the men's chorus after a community event called out of the part. this weekend whenever i put a national anthem played it was supposed to be a recording of a woman singing and is paid through the stadium pa system here. listen. ♪ wait a second. those are our guys out on the field. the team expected accepted blame. they will no longer work with the contractor responsible for this fit the potters said there's no evidence of malicious intent and the organization is proud of their long-standing commitment to inclusion within sport in the community and they
6:55 am
regret any mistake was made. it was supposed to be the man thing in life on the field. always nice to close a broadcast of the story we call a ticker, something somewhat lighthearted. here's a kicker that is not so much lighthearted. it causes severe pain in the lower abdomen. first up last night, western conference final stephen adams of the oklahoma city thunder. the victim of dream on dreams leg. should he yelled to. might be getting one as day suspension for that pic. and so there is that. a busy morning in sports. maria: what a morning. thank you. comment not -- coming up, next
6:56 am
out "mornings with maria," judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. , scott brown and tom delay in the house. back in a minute. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 3rd. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast a president obama started his asia
6:59 am
trip with a big announcement. and in the 50 year arms embargo in vietnam. the move will pave the way for normal relations with the country. the president addressing the killing of a taliban leader by a drone strike. what it says about the united states presence in the middle east. >> we are not reentering the day-to-day combat operations that are currently being conducted by afghan security forces. our job is to help afghanistan secure his own country, not to have our men and women in uniform and gauge and not fight for them. maria: meanwhile, the race for the white house now a dead heat. new polls this morning show donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck in supporting unfavorability. a new ml scandal to report. this time it not about hillary clinton. a judge forcing the release of 20,000 pages of e-mails and memos related to the fast and furious scandal
7:00 am
one of the most risky jobs in america. quitting the scott walker with the canon. a closer look later this hour. the deal of the day. why are often made to acquire monsanto for $62 billion cash. the combination would create the largest chemical company and the stock on the move. monsanto what the d.c. this morning sharply. the rest of the action mixed in asia overnight. mix performances after the g7 finance meeting ended with no action on balancing monetary policy. in europe, stocks off their lows this morning, but as you can see the ft 100 down 21 points for the cac down 41 points in the dax down 75-point. in the u.s. commit future syndicate a lower opening this morning. dow industrial down 26 points. nasdaq s&p 500 in the red. all those stories coming up. here with me this morning, cohost anthony scaramucci and ran a trading partner michael bought. good show this week? anthony: yes.
7:01 am
you're talking about last weeks show? maria: you had a big show this past weekend. transfer we had jimmy jam and on. i think it was interesting. note that those guys feel no matter who the next president is, it's not going to make a difference to the economy or the united states. >> including what he says this week. donald trump has been saying that it is talking about that. i think growth is slowing. it kind of makes it interesting that folks like mr. burbank and mr. diamond on the show. it's harder and harder to make money. everyone has got to be differentiated. a differentiated. a very interesting environmental matter what. train for the odds of recession every month get closer. the united states goes in the recession every seven or so years. seven out of eight years now since the last recession. you have to predict at some point we will see a downturn. >> they peaked and i think we
7:02 am
are heading -- it's getting bumpier. maria: a big issue for the next president. a campus climate. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is at best a former massachusetts senator scott brown and armor house majority leader tom delay. you don't want to miss a moment of this. stay with us as we kick it off with politics. donald trump in the presidential delegate election choosing to support ted cruz. even as the texas senator dropped out of the race. lieberman standing by with the latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning. even a donald trump is wrapped up the gop race, republicans in washington state proved that trump still has much work to do appeasing members within his own party. according to the seattle times, 40 of the 41 delegates at the washington state convention were awarded to ted cruz. at this point it is merely a symbolic giveaway as the delegates will be found based on who voters choose in tuesday's election. nonetheless, it is a message to trump had in the meantime, polls
7:03 am
show that should this become a trump hillary clinton race of expect it, the two candidates will square off with record high unfavorability ratings. trumps number hits as high as 60%. clinton not much better fit between abc news "washington post" poll. clinton was asked about this on "meet the press" and she brushed it aside. >> you have an unfavorable rating that is almost as high as donald trump. how do you do it? >> well, it is not a tie. reporter: however, the problem for clinton if she has lost three of the last four national polls. trump actually leading her, not something she would ever imagine weeks or months ago. maria: exactly. she could've never expected this. pressure from trump, but also bernie sanders. transfer someone should ask her
7:04 am
when you're asked a tough question, what is the fake laugh? what is funny about the question. i don't know. just saying. maria: blake burman, great reporting as always. you have an answer for that, blake? reporter: they jumped in my ear. there was a lot of laughing in my ear. i couldn't hear you. maria: where laughing over here. despite trumps rise in the polls, still at-large number of key republican donors who made deeply resistant to trump's candidacy. more than a dozen of the party's most prominent financial backers signaled that they would not give money to trump. the opposition making it increasingly difficult to meet his goal of raising $1 billion before the election. trump is shutting off the opposition. there is no need for the gop donors who will have no influence anyway. >> these are people that want access to the white house and they understand that. they will not build its all me what to do like they do every other candidate.
7:05 am
they endorse people like jeb bush with total control. they would've had total control over many of the people. many candidates as you know endorse me. maria: i want to bring a radio talkshow host richard flower. good to see you both. thanks for joining us. you want to stick to this idea that nobody's going to have any influence over him? at the same time, he does need to raise $1 billion. >> isn't quite a conundrum to say the honest truth. he has to raise the money, but he also has to do with obvious. donald trump, it is not going to write his own check, figure out how to make nice with the republican money or he is going to be out of luck. maria: i have to come back to you because you are the fundraiser at the table. what are you hearing? >> i thought "the new york times" article was unfair because it didn't go to the whole group of people on board. as an example on wednesday i will be out in l.a. with tom barrett at his home where we
7:06 am
will have 50 people, $100,000 apiece having dinner with donald trump in l.a. l.a. is a hard place for republicans to raise money. i do think he will raise the money. i don't think he needs to billion dollars. half a billion dollars puts them in play as it relates to the ground operation that he needs to turn those 11 swing states. "the new york times" is unfair, didn't have a lot of balance to the store yesterday. maria: here we are talking about raising money in california before the california primary, june 6. >> it seems that united we stand, divided we fall. you think "the new york times" is unfair? i'm surprised. the bottom line is this. [laughter] they are not going to be favorable to anybody who has a more prosperous america. in 2012, republicans and barack obama defeated mitt romney and i am hopeful we do not repeat the
7:07 am
same thing again. i believe that after the convention, we will have a better opportunity to raise a billion dollars for trump. maria: michael blackcomb had you see that? the clinton foundation has raised $2 billion for wealthy individuals. this is just the clinton foundation ahead of her campaign. even though bernie sanders is outdoing her. >> the clinton clarity of the establishment. they've been in power. they have a foundation of raising money. the new york times coming out in saying they can't raise money. it's like nice try, guys. "the new york times" wants to help hillary clinton, they keep trying over and over. he made reference to raise the money out of luck at "the new york times" and talking about something about that. it doesn't serve a certain agenda. it doesn't go that way. >> just a push back a little bit, what they saw last year,
7:08 am
the koch brothers give big money. they have already said they won't be posting up for donald trump. there is a problem. whether or not "the new york times" balance is a different story. donald trump does have some fund-raising problems. >> i disagree. as a form of lobbyists myself, we don't create politicians. we do get money from political action committees. it's not just the lobbyist that influence politicians. donations can, but trump is not going to go to lobbyist for money. >> there with a $400 million of grassroots donations between now and the end about over for the trump campaign. anthony: it may be hard to believe. but the process from june of last year to now has an hard to believe. this is not for no real candidacy and what is basically doing is creating a whole new market of potential voters. >> i agree with you there.
7:09 am
the problem that donald trump will have if he doesn't have the e-mail list. he does not the infrastructure necessary to raise the type of money. transfer that is not true. the rnc does have that lesson has been supplied not to us as recently as last week we've had two significant meaning for them to get ourselves coordinated with all that. maria: little by little, you get what you need a new think the rnc will support him and his candidacy. anthony: a lot of people out there a super upset with the political system. for 15, $16, $20, they are railing to write a check and a personal invested in what's going on right now in the presidential election. maria: certainly on the democratic side. barry david bernie sanders training hillary clinton at a bar. pretty funny. listen to this. >> remember when i told everyone to stop talking about the
7:10 am
e-mails? >> a member of the states like wyoming. you beat me by a lot. i've got most of the delegates. >> really talk to them because they wanted them to be the president so that. >> i think they now. >> matter. ♪ maria: that was funny. it really indicates what is going on between these two. nobody could have expected it. angela, how do you fear? >> i think i'll have more democrats for trying. the problem that hillary has not only unfavorable, but within their own party within our community. people don't trust her. you have the black community divided, women divided, bulimia was divided. i think there's some truth to this satire by "saturday night live" that she doesn't like
7:11 am
people and outlast a skillet. maria: that's a really good op-ed over the weekend about how many of his supporters today are having buyers remorse. they are not sure if she can actually beat donald trump. people are talking about that right now. >> well, the numbers are starting to show that. what is she going to do about it? go to the left or the middle? she needs to soften the image. who's the rising her? what's going on here? >> there's two things here. bernie sanders feels one basically democratic party and hillary clinton appeals to another base. the better it is for hillary clinton. more voters to the voting roll. more register, more people excited. a recent poll shows 71% will support her in november, which is a lot higher than 2008 when it was her versus barack obama. what this means for hillary she's got to get to philadelphia, get the party back
7:12 am
together, listen to the younger part of the party cannot listen to young african-americans ensign a platform and that is how she would be donald trump. donald trump has brought the party together, but a lot of people sit on the sidelines. the ted kreis people this weekend around the sidelines. >> rich, stick to democratic politics because they will do a lot better than hillary. listen. does those mulattos come up his african-americans have a problem with the fact that bill clinton put in three strikes and you're out. for black men, the new plantation is the prison system that they see bill clinton created. >> i agree with you and all of these points. one of the largest donald trump will make it work. he wants to get rid of gun free zones around schools. he pushed bigotry and will push
7:13 am
back against that. >> you will know them by their fruits. your predict a donald trump would do that. bill clinton and hillary clinton are done. women don't respect her because they considered her actually enabling bill clinton to be a woman. maria: thank you so much. great conversation. we appreciate your time this morning. straight ahead, president obama makes an historic announcement the u.s. will lift an arms embargo on vietnam but has been around for 50 years. we have the details. later, budweiser doing its part to make america great again. the election of full swing and the brewers with america just in time for summertime. we've got the kindling studio that has destroyed today. back in a minute. ♪
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back to welcome back at the u.s. like in a half-century old arms embargo in vietnam. cheryl casone with the story. >> that's right. her than obama announced in washington is that in the band on selling arms for the president making the announcement while visiting vietnam as part of the weeklong trip to asia. >> this change will ensure vietnam is access to the information is to defend itself and removes the lingering vestige of the cold war. it also underscores the commitment of the united states to a fully normalize
7:17 am
relationship with vietnam. >> later this week, he will be the first u.s. president to visit the city since the atomic, dropped on the city 70 years ago. iraq he forces have begun their assault on the islamic state of falluja. according to iraq's prime minister, the operation comes after months of planning and preparation and coordination with the u.s.-led military coalition backing the forces of terror strikes. the white house has confirmed that a drone strike in pakistan killed the leader of the afghan taliban a president obama called the death of mullah othmar mansour a call for peace in afghanistan. a shortages causing coca-cola to stop producing coke in venezuela and a lot of other producers are struggling as well. plasma venezuela's largest food and -- a lack of imported bird lay.
7:18 am
teetering on the edge of collapse, days shortages. inflation that has 70%. the president as you know, not a big fan of united states with military exercises over the weekend said of trying to feed their people. >> was a big story. >> they could be very lucrative in terms of a business. some big names are cashing for commencement speeches. budweiser is america can hit shelves. keep it right here on the fox business network.
7:19 am
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>> as a child i had dreams. i hope to graduate from college to become a lawyer and i even imagine that some way if life is really good to me, i would become a judge. >> i hope you continue in your cause. your level of activism and commitment is something i encourage in my own college-age children. in this country, you have an important role. your views matter and may contribute to the policymaking of our government. maria: graduation season. associate justice sonia sotomayor and homeland security secretary jeh johnson speaking i commend them this weekend. celebrity commencement speakers may bring the school publicity certainly, but is this the best use of university funds? how kaplan, founder and ceo of lexicon capital.
7:23 am
thanks for joining us. i don't know. people vote -- celebrities go and take money from the big money for speeches. how much are we talking about? >> over six figures. it's absolutely insane. universities are shelling out massive amount of money, often public universities to people like matthew mcconaghy were katie couric. do you think recent graduates even know who katie couric is? maria: urethane katie couric got paid? >> over six figures. that's unbelievable. maria: when i have done speeches and other people don't speeches come you do it for free. just the honor of speaking to students at the big deal. >> should not been enough? the school is giving you an honorary degree but this opportunity to inspire students. could you imagine commanding six figures? first-class air travel to and from spot treatments?
7:24 am
absolutely crazy. train to the university of houston pays for the speed or is. but, he was paid $166,000 in 2015 to speak at their commencement. should students and parents speak out more about these fees? who's in charge? who is allowing this money and where's the money coming from when you know we talk about the huge budget shortfalls? >> student at getting higher and higher every year. these are often public universities doing this. what's even crazier to me as most of time universities pay nothing. maria: that's what i thought. i was under the impression people do it in the goodness of their heart. >> what does this say about people running the university that they can't negotiate that kind of deal, but they can't give someone they can't get someone in honor feels honored to speak and that they need to pay out to the tune of six
7:25 am
figures. maria: that's unreal. private universities will rely on alumni. they will rely on alumni to give speeches should public universities also be tapping into their alumni so that they don't have to pay out all this money. >> plenty of people will do it for free. they are more than happy. not only that, instead of paying an actor massive amounts of money, why not pay real heroes? why not pay someone has gone to inspire graduates or pay no one at all and just have people feel that honor and come on man, maybe members of the military. other people who are real american heroes who can inspire graduates versus these actors. austin actors don't even have college degrees. it's totally ironic and crazy. maria: it really is. who came up with the name
7:26 am
matthew mcconaghy to do it? do you think that was the student's choice? or did they decide to pay him a hundred grand? >> very arbitrary. you think maybe some university bureaucrats sitting around thinking who would be cool for our branding. they sometimes get that so wrong because they pick someone so old that they pay for who has not aimed to do with inspiring stephen or anything with education. this has been going on for years. rockers paid smoky, a reality tv show or whose famous for getting wasted $30,000 to come speak. it total craziness. maria: wow, i did know that story. sheryl sandberg speech got a big euphoria and a lot of people talking about a few she spoke for freedom is a very good speech. >> i thank her for doing something that wrinkly as appropriate, that we should all be doing.
7:27 am
an honorary and the university should feel back, honor and speak for free. sheryl sandberg is a role model and a wonderful business person. she did what everyone should be doing. maria: absolutely. thanks for joining us. good to see you. joining us ahead during this exciting graduation season. straight ahead, president obama nixon historic announcement that the u.s. will lift an arms embargo on iran has been around for 50 years. we will take you to vietnam for the very latest. some workers go to great heights to get the work done. a pair of rope access technicians about what is at stake when they go to work every day. we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ .
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7:30 am
maria: welcome back happy monday i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, may 23, your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. president obama, starting his asia trip major announcement ending 50 year arms embargo in vietnam, another major topic on the trip, trade. he phased questions about debate over transapple sisk partnership at news conference earlier. >> folks are going to be scrutinizing it going to be debating it in election year you can anticipate that some folks are going to try to -- uh -- score political points
7:31 am
off it having said that i remain confident we are going to get it done the reason i am confident because it is the right thing to do. maria: on to race to the white house we go it is a dead heat now, new polls show donald trump, hillary clinton neck and neck, in both support, and in unfavorability new e-mail skaen obama administration judge focusing release of 20,000 pages of e-mails and memos, related to the fast and furious obscures aed so you assault weapons sold to mexican drug cartels unbelievable pictures from grand canyon to show you one of the most risky jobs in america, cleaning the skywalk, over the canyon, we will take a closer look, at this later on, this hour. capitalizing on campaign budweiser america can hit shelves we have them on set check it out check the markets we are looking at lower opening for the brjz dow jones industrial average right now off the worst levels of the morning none looking at red on the screen, even if just fractionally history has been
7:32 am
made in southeast asia i wouldn't you states lifting decades old leading toal arms embargo with vietnam as part of president pob obama good will tour of the region visiting hiroshima japan, fox news in hanoi with the latest kevin good morning to you. reporter: hey, good afternoon, from hanoi maria you are right the president frankly said the arms embargo against vietnam was a vestige of the cold war thing of the past time has come and gone seemed to go to great lengths to make certain he was at least promoting this idea this was not about somehowh somehow becoming a bull washg against china increasingly aggressive menacing behavior has been certainly noticed of in the region he in particular in the south china sea. >> the decision to lift the ban was not based on china or
7:33 am
oi here in consideration it was based on on our desire to complete what has been a lengthy process of moving towards normalization with vietnam. . reporter: so clearly you get the idea, what the president really talking about there is this is a continuation -- rels security ties security cooperation in the region the president also made sure that people were aware at least that this is part of a larger scale picture, this pivot toward asia you and i talked about a number of occasions the president saying this is time now to make sure that we are on the ground level, as this region country continues to grow expand a lot of business to be made here president made certain that was hrt of his aim as well, i should point out very quickly that in addition to the arms sales he also talked about this expansion, of sales of aircraft materials vietnam a multibillion-dollar deal
7:34 am
announced again a good part of that notion, that in is a growing economy, something white house wanted to be part of, and they say now is time to look beyond the pathogen and toward what could be a very profoundly bright future. >> suring the growth in terms of the economy and vietnam, thank you, the latest there new developments this morning justice department gunrunning scandalized fast and furious, original program loud u.s. government to sell automatic weapons, in effort to trace guns back to mexican cartel leaders and then arrest them the operation ultimately failed after justice department lost the track of the guns resulting in at least 20 deaths that have been linked to fast and furious traffic weapons, now federal judge forcing release one of thousands of e-mails previously locked up by obama administration, on this, joining us right now is fox nice senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano good a to see you. >> good morning. >> amazing story. >> it is me offing goes back to bush administration, george
7:35 am
w. bush when fast and furious starring, in the obama administration, it was far more weaponry that was sent south of the board, and there are two theories why this was one, one a law enforcement theory one a nefarious theory the law enforcement theory we could trees guns figure out their movement throughout mexican gangs, learn more about the mexican gangs and eventually arrest them, the nefarious the harbor was this will start a border war will kiss a a reaction in the american public against guns it will make it easier for us, the obama administration, to as you press use of lawful guns in the united states the whole thing backfired on them, when bryon considery a board agent was shot in the back by american manufactured weapon sold to a mexican gang, it was used by a mexican gang member to kill him. >> wow. >> come now, the house committee on government oversight and reform
7:36 am
subpoenaing documents to find out who what when where how and yi why of this president claims executive privilege documents sent to jij you reviewed them in private and said there is no executive privilege! last friday ordered dominates 20,000 mediums revealed we will soon find out what the root and source is of this escapade. >> what kind of things you do think we will find out he sfefl. >> we may -- we may find out whether or not the government lied. no surprise. whether or not anybody lied under oath a crime. if they did should they be prosecuted, and quite frankly we will find out if your own government conspired to kiss a americans to be shot at using american weaponry by foreigners so as to change the american attitude about second amendment. >> do you have faith in the justice department prosecuting these people no special prosecutor, there is no
7:37 am
independent body that is going to push this? >> i am -- body language, because the late great william safire, those over 45 no matter how much -- >> right, right. >> call it the department of political justice. no matter which president was in the white house. and there always that is it does we might as well ask whether or not the justice department is going to be permitted to present evidence against mrs. clinton to a grand jury whether political forces in justice department will stop it. i don't know the answer to either of those questions but we can look at calendar, president obama has seven months left in his term, this could very well be a prosecution that is commenced after he leaves. >> again you know what is possible the acquits how much is this going to affect november? >> oh this will -- this will o once e-mails come out. >> i absolutely, it will be a big deal this will enter the debate, mrs. clinton, and donald trump went at each other over guns this waft
7:38 am
weekend he claiming she would appoint somebody to supreme court would try to nullify second amendment she saying he wants everybody to carry guns like in the old west, probable a little bit of a exaggeration she is antigun i am convinced would put somebody in the court to do that this is right into their wheelhouse. >> amazing what is timing on this when will we find out. >> very soon, well, very soon. the e-mail will roll out he slowly but the beginning of the rollout will be probably in next month. maria: all right. we will be watching judge andrew napolitano always a pleasure good to see you, sir thank you up next healths from billboard music wards celline dion, and budweiser new patriotic look hitting store shelves one look to go cap budweisdy patriotic change stay with us.
7:39 am
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maria: welcome back, a verdict expected this morning in the case of a baltimore police officer charging in arrest and death of freddie grey cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: well, gray's death is the off more than a week protests looting rioting arson after neck broke in the back of a police van the second of six officers to stand trial charged with assault misconduct reckless endangerment chose not to be decided by jury fate in hands of a judge first trial in a mistrial. >> well, celine dion an emotional performance
7:43 am
billboard music awards, the show must go on after loving her husband and brother to cancer in same week in january. >> ♪ ♪. >> that is her son preptdz her with the icon award avenue the performance. >> not everybody is happy about it budweiser america beer on sale next week a canadian brewery is trying another idea plans to deliver new pills another by balb eagle june 5 hercules will deliver your bill in downtown vancouver a contest only one person gets beer delivered by eagl eagle, anheuser-busch says america all kinds of patriotic
7:44 am
phrases all over the beer, liberty and justice for all, home of the brave. >> the fact we're talking about it makes it a fantastic idea, by the way. >> i think a fantastic idea but i could understand why some people would feel like well, you know, capitalizing on america and, by the way, it is not an american company anymore. it is -- >> owned by -- >> a lot of this the story two weeks ago a lot of backlash the other side, the internet backlash they felt like pander fixing you want american beer by craft beer in new york state. >> still american icon still is. >> drink it because it has america on it? >> no. >> i think you know what i think people will i think going to be very i think it will work frankly. >> this summer plrlarticularly
7:45 am
4th of july. >> want to give you a shot -- >> when one of you is going to shotgun a beer on table. >> who do you think is going to do that. go -- >> -- okay. >> pretty good, up here. >> quarter to 8:00 in the morning good story coming up millions enjoy grand canyon sky walk somebody has to keep it clean meet men putting lives on the line to give you a view of a lifetime, it hasn't been sharpest for cheese prices are dropping find out why back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready,
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. . . . signed sealed delivered i am yours ♪ hey. maria: taking continuous to new level guest not afraid of heights climbed over the edge of the grand canyon sky walk, 4,000 feet in the air, to clean it, joining me now, is kenneth, ceo of epsilon usa casey gilmore an access technician thanks for joining us. >> tell us about your business how is it fairing. >> quite well since inception in 2008 we've had the unique opportunity to cover many high profile jobs, the skywalk being just one of those jobs, so we're doing very well, very unique business that we're in.
7:50 am
maria: yeah how do you train for your job, i mean the sky walk, about about obviously looks about incrediblely secures a skill in order to get this job. >> most certainly all technicians are spratt certified stands for set of oppressing rop being a access technicians all are certified there is continuing education, and specific training involved to -- to accomplish the feet such as the sky walk, so it is a -- you know -- quite an interesting occupation to say the at least. >> what you do very specialized here highly technical admirable great. is there increasing use of technology in this field have you seen that is there talk about that? >> well yes. that is a good question. we use some very interesting technology we use camera system that allows our
7:51 am
technicians to stream live video with one second delay, to a pc a tablet, a computer, to let's say for instance our engineers could be in a different state while we are worki in workinging technicians streaming the agent er would be asking questions directing technicians to lack at certain things for example we remediate did a bridge special rio grande river gorge bridge technicians communicating with engineers looking for fractures on the bridge we are inspecting lower cords. >> a big part in work. >> you are up there 4,000 feet, above, how -- tell us about your job how does it feel up there. >> yes, ma'am, i love my about jo, you know it is -- amazing experience it was my first opportunity to go out there this year, so, you know the opportunity was
7:52 am
once-in-a-lifetime obviously, skywalk is amazing marvel, just the structure itself, you know up of so much respect for what it is what they have established in building that sky walk so being out there, being with the guys, being with the team, such an amazing experience, and never forget it. >> what is the most beautiful place you have been to other than grand canyon? >> well, i must say the grand canyon is very, very hard to beat. you know one of the most beautiful places i have been is actually where i grew up, up in utah, beautiful area up there navajo reservation i can say that comes pretty close, pretty close. >> in terms of when you are up there, how are you feeling? i mean were you scared in any way i know you are hooked up but -- >> [laughter]. maria: a big -- >> common question, you know, the beginning you get a little anxiety there but, honestly
7:53 am
once you get into you know full focus, a lot of the times your completely you know, kind of oblivious to what is around other than task at hand when you iff take that initial step go over edge a little bit of a an adrenaline rush once working pretty focused up there pretty easy. >> obviously, you need a scale certain skill to do this kenneth what is salary of these jobs? >> well the salary varies, three different levels level one level two level three. level threchnician can make nice amount of money over course of his career probably level three is looking at you know, probably 60 to 70,000 dollars a year. >> high-paying jobs casey what is create assiest things that happened to you out there. >> wow. you know, when we were out there in sky walk, you know,
7:54 am
just having all of the you know people that were there visiting the skywalk, you know all the commotion all the activity, actually, the scare yvt thing for me people visiting off to side no fall protection going out to leading edge that was the sarriesa scariest for me their safety other than that pretty straightforward. >> we will see you soon before a break check out markets expecting a weaker opening but things have bounce order of the lows as you can see it is pretty flat, the fed once again in focus anthony scaramucci going into a memorial day weekend will things calm down. >> i do think that talking at the break i do think because of the possess missism in hedge fund community, that there is a lot of carb on the
7:55 am
sidelines a modest positive, getting guidance from fed they are going to wait into the july-august-september timeframe before they raise means probably a decent center. >> i had john williams on yesterday on sunday show basically said look, things are booming in california, going into the california primary but he is in region of silicon valley san francisco region. do you see that euphoria throughout or are you more in the camp of we could see a recession? >> well listen, if you if you look at the economy right you no, it seems okay. i guess the biggest problem that i have with the economy what is we were talking about earlier which is housing seems is to have peaked one of the things that you learn in the economy housing is a real engine so if housing has peaked starting to slide, then you could get at a recession 1218 months out. >> you got new home sales another window into what is going on. >> yeah, we had that how big market number last week that number made a high in october. >> national association of
7:56 am
builders index. >> the incredible jobless claims higher and higher week before last highest weekly result in 15 months cracks appearing as consumer credit rises, a lot of worries here, we are going to have a lot more fed spooek hearing from janet yellen on friday in cambridge see if anything comes out of that. >> -- she speaks in philadelphia next week as well, we have a lot of focus on that ahead of june 15. >> all right. we will leave there it a short break next hour "mornings with maria" former house majority leader former these congressman tom delay weighs in on 216 election 8:30 a.m. eastern keep it right here we will be right back. ♪ ♪ weeks.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>. . . maria: good monday morning i am maria bartiromo, welcome back, it is monday, may 23, your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, president obama starting asia trip major announcement en50g year arms embargo on vietnam will pave may for more normal he relations with vietnam. >> this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself, and moves a lingering vestige of the cold war under scores commitment of the united states, to a fully normalized relationship with vietnam. >> on to race for the white
8:00 am
house we go it is a dead heat now, new poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton, are neck and neck in support, and in unfavorability, deal of the day, buyer offering to acquire monsanto 62 billion dollars in cash would create worlds largest agricultural chemical company monsanto shares rising on news expected to rally about 10 dollars oversupply a concern for the oil markets but now there is fierce issue with cheese, every american would have to eat three more pounds of cheese this year to offset the glut, that we are seeing in cheese we are going to tell you about it, summer attractively approaching u.s. national park service kroel berateing 1 thunh 100th anniversary the top destinations here at home, markets this morning are mixed asia after g finish meeting no action on balths monetary policy in europe stocks off lows of the morning, but none in the red as you can see fractal declines for fte cac
8:01 am
quarante dax in germany futures off lows right now near flat line certainly did see a bounce from lows over the last hour now expecting a flat to better opening for the broader averages, with me this morning wooet week host anthony scaramucci and ripo trading pattern michael block lot to cover going to we have a lineup hope you stay with us for former massachusetts senator donald trump supporter scott brown with us varney & company stuart varney will weigh in former highways majority leader tom delay don't miss a moment we kick off with politics, warrant state republicans snubbing donald trump in presidential delegate election, they chose to support ted cruz. even after the texas senator dropped out of the race blake burman live with the latest there good morning. reporter: good morning to you even though donald trump has wrapped up the gop race, republicans in washington state proved over the weekend trump has much work to do,
8:02 am
appeaseing members in his party according to seattle times 40 of 41 delegates at washington state convention were awarded to ted cruz. now at this point, it is merely a symbolic give away as delegation will be bound on who voters choose in tuesday's election but it is a message to trump nonetheless. polls show that should this become a trump hillary clinton race as expected, the two candidates would square off with record high unfavorability ratings tahrir square's number abc news "washington post" poll as high as 60% clinton not better 53, clinton was asked about this on "meet the press" yesterday morning, and -- brushed it aside. >> you have unfavorable rating almost as high as donald trump's how do you do it. >> well, it is not a tie. and -- i -- [laughter] --. >> head-to-head matchups less of a laughing matter for
8:03 am
clinton from, the nbc news/wall street journal poll released over the weekend as well the only national poll in the last four to show clinton leading trump but 11-point lead at one point as you can see dropped down to just 3 points, and that is within the margin of error. >> is if what an election thank you joining us he right now is former massachusetts senator donald trump supporter scott brown hello good to see you. >> good morning to everybody. >> just laughing about hillary clinton laughing. which asked about this, about look she could never have expected what is going on right now, for her, whether donald trump, as well as bernie sanders. >> no, of course, not she was basically had this apointed with debbie wasserman schultz rigging the system 400 plus before she stepped into race no, she is reeling, and evidenced by the fact that bernie winning all are primaries, still, still in the race still raising money going
8:04 am
all the way to the end, and then you have her favorability as high as donald trump, so in trouble. maria: do you think anthony scaramucci the superdelegates are having buyers remothers we asked debbie wasserman schultz about this she will deny it but pretty much a coronation. >> broke for barack obamaing in 2008 i don't think so, the superdelegates probably think she is more moderate of the two the most likely to be the best challenger of donald trump even though polls say otherwise what do you think scott? >> i think, that bernie is right when he says it rigged we know with that regard calling her more moderate with respect to if not jfk's party any more it is i "black lives matter," rally environmentalists she is not the same candidate as when she came in far, far far to the left than where she was and really has to keep up with bernie being that far left. >> senator brown you know let's move back over to the
8:05 am
republican side, here. you know, looking what is going on in washington state, i know, donald trump is obviously, been reaping out to more establishment what does he need to do, about those what is the time frame for him to bringing more people into the tent so to speak? >> well you see the it happening now, what i have been doing others have been doing behind scenes i have been he speaking to former colleagues asking them reach out vice versa would they be killing to take a call aka bob corker jon thune others don't know him rig on sound bites, so i think he is doing the right thing, obviously, rnc agreement when it comes to finances is great going to have appropriate amount of money to battle, and the republicans have a choice they can have hillary clinton or donald trump they can have donald trump, about have the vice president -- tied senate deciding vote the supreme court picks as donald put out i think a brilliant move then look at ambassadors secretary positions the reality.
8:06 am
you can have hillary clinton and what she is going to do with second amendment a whole host of other issues or you can have donald trump at least have opportunity to get in there mold them guide them help them be the best president he can be. >> senator what is taking so long for establishment? you and i are already there, but i am wondering i had lunch with speaker ryan a group of guys friday does seem like we're polling people as opposed to getting pushed what do you think is taking so long. >> obviously, he is new guy in town has been doing it what 10, 11 months ruffled a lot of feathers not traditional that is why people like him why compelled they look at washington broken want someone down there like i do like you do going to kick butt take numbers get them to do the people's business again. and that is very, very attractive so you have to drag them along ultimate will realize this is what is at stake, and -- you know when it
8:07 am
comes to the voting booth, actually walking in i know people you are talking to, they are not going to vote for hillary clinton they are just not. >> what about the v.p. talk there is all this talk about possible violental pick both sides over weekend one name thrown out for both sides includes billionaire mark cuban listen to this. >> absolutely. but the key would be you have o to go more center, i think i like the fact that senator clinton has thought out proposals that is a good thing because at least we get to see exactly where she stands, if willing to listen if willing to hear other sides of things, then i am wide open to discussing. maria: wide open to discussing, mark cuban as hillary clinton's vice presidential pick what do you make of that. >> well, i guess you could balance off like tv experience, listen i know mark we were with him at salt concerns not a big donald trump fan, and obviously, run for political office somebody like that who has not been vetted, is a lot of potential scrutinize that is going to
8:08 am
come out you don't realize how intense it is until there doing it, yeah he would make obviously a good choice but she he said himself she is too far left has to come back to center. -- is not a liberal not an environmentalist liberal so it would be interesting balance there are good choices on the both sides of the host i mentioned senator obviously, thune, senator sessions, on and on deep bench on republican side on the democratic side, there are so far left you got bernie sanders not going to do it. i would be shocked then liz warren going to -- attacked wrote a very things that hillary clinton is basically embraced by wall street, she hasn't -- she has so many conflicts i can't see those two together either so -- >> peggy noonan op-ed over weekend saying ticket maybe bernie sanders hillary clinton bernie sanders, as her running
8:09 am
mate what do you think about that would would that help or hurt her. >> of course, that makes a lot of sense. but bernie sanders is -- with respect i worked for them three years, no one liked him in the senate he didn't like anybody in the senate either kind of a lone wolf was there for ever a career politician when talking about all the things the income inh inequality fair pay he there is super judging years did not lead one charge ultimately it would help i think that would probably be the strongest ticket but, you know they need to work together and bernie has his own thing that he is doing he is feeling very strongly about it i don't think the american people want a about about socialist being number two may be i am wrong i don't know. >> i think this guy you were early object donald trump, i think you were the first about establishment candidate to support ant endorse him before new hampshire primary what did you see other people did not see? >> i like the fact that he is
8:10 am
not like the others he doesn't owe anybody anything wherewithals what type of money raising now you anthony you and i both know he is not influenced by anybody. >> we know that. >> he says what he wants does what he wants. >> spent enough time with him to know that. >> o going to surround himself with really, really good people, i groo he with him on veterans i looked him in the eye asked for a good hour position on military veterans being someone served 35 years i believe him one hundred percent the boarder security issues, you know isis, standing in world having allies -- absolutely i want people like you and others, anthony, thesis people who are going to do it for the flag come in look at the economy, and actually do it differently than last 30, 40, 50 years to find a way to get us out of this almost 20 trillion-dollar national debt those are things that i want, and i think are very, very important. and i think he can shake it up i think washington needs to be shaken up unfortunately, i hate to say that there are some great people there but also people that are just getting a paycheck looking for
8:11 am
their own petty personal partisan interests i think he is the guy to kind of bring people together. >> scott good to see you as always thanks so much senator scot brown, president obama makes historic trip to southeast arab lifting decades old weapons o&mem. >> say cheese cheddar swiss why the price of staples are falling to record loss we will tell you why back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business.
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to go the distance with you. go long.
8:14 am
i. . maria: welcome back the uas it lifting a half century old arms embargo on vietnam, here is cheryl casone details. cheryl: that is right president obama nouning washington is removing the ban on selling arms to vietnam. the president making the announcement while visiting vietnam as part of weeklong trip to asia take a listen. >> this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself, and removes a lingering vestige of the cold war. it also under scores commitment of the united states, to a fully normaliz relationship with vietnam. >> plans to visit hiroshima japan first american president to visit since bomb was dropped 70 years ago.
8:15 am
>> egyptair flight 804 getting help could veal what caused the crash of the plane that disappeared from radar last week on float from paris to cairo killing all 66 aboard, so far about 100 pieces of did he debris that you were seeing on your screen, and body parts have been found fox news reporting in other analysis of automatic data from messages from the plane shows a 4 minute series of events starts with window sensor going off in cockpit followed by smoke detectors if forward bathroom reason tos bay theories about this but analysts say it happened too slowly for massive terror explosion too fast for fire or technical or mechanical failure more questions than answers for that plane right now. >> following developments out of nepal there has been a rough weekend on mount everest four climbs died in four which is a one sherpa two others are missing more than 200 people died trying to ascend the peak
8:16 am
recent deaths rat cling the community because they happened so quickly one after the other, well new england patriots quarterback tom brady planning to ask for second hearing in regard to four-gamed suspension he plans to file the appeal later today after a peels court panel ruled last month brady must swerve spendings for use of under indeflated footballs at championship game in january in 2015, this shares of monsanto soaring in premarket trading right now this after german drug chemical company made 62 billion dollars offer to buy u.s. based monsanto all sash offer value monsanto 102 dollars apiece 20% premium to monsanto's close on friday would create the largest agricultural supplier in the world expected to trigger you are talking about with
8:17 am
gasparino heavy scrutiny from unite trust regulators back to you. >> look to go acquire growth we have been talking about this for a long time, michael in terms of the slow economy, slow growth numbers, you don't have it in u.s. you acquire -- >> -- size really mads in chemical space we have dow dupont doing a deal going to combine, split into few companies a lot of deals in the chemical space a lot of people viewing this as endgame, again, there is all sorts of issues if there are antitrust concerns there will be vunt people do not like money sanity no this administration does not like monsanto going to be talk about that, who are buyers look to go assets like i said dow and dupont busy will chinese buyers be willing sobel there is a lot of questions that remain here including, will the perspective are shareholders like this. >> president san francisco federal reserve on with me yes basically saying interest rates are moving higher giving
8:18 am
a speech right now, saying essentially the same thing listen to this. >> i think we do will we will in my view, be appropriate to start raising rates, again, later this year. whether it is june or later meeting depend on data we distill got another month to go watching that data carefully see what it tells us. maria: remember coming from a situation where looking at california, looking at -- technology, and a boon -- he used the word boon. >> he has same -- president bullard also in his camp, as well as stanley fisher so it is likely going to start to happen soon maria that will slow down the economy. >> he wants to see boom he should they should try raising in june see what it does to volatility in the market you are going to hear a lot of if that happens. >> you say forget about politics off the table this is not going to be a deterrent for us at all said doesn't matter elections in november, yes we will as economy continues to strengthen raise
8:19 am
in september as well. >> that hurts secretary clinton. >> you think so -- >> i do, the same way that george herbert walker bush was hurt by rate increases by alan greenspan inform 1992 economy starts to falter spent can say well it is the obama clinton legacy economically. >> hurts if they actual do it he sayings we're not politically influenced why telling us that? i asked -- >> are you going to not do it because of election that is why -- >> if cherry picking i have heard this chess before we are going to raise rates heard last summer into september then we had august sell-off suddenly everyone afraid what was going to happen next backed off. >> see you for june you think we could see rate hike in june. >> trying to talk themselves into out. >> they are trying to talk themselves into it. >> i don't think we are going to see it. >> i agree kwu. >> i think towards end of the summer do i think you are going to get at least one enumerate -- >> before election. >> i do. >> a short break forget
8:20 am
recession jurists we have prices on hands this time he had i believe why recent yev supply is causing scheez prices to plummet to new loss the details next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:24 am
we are not talking about photographers we are talking about the fact americans eat 36 pounds cheese a year pizza, parties that kind of stuff i want to introduce you to steve miller the vice president of merchandising murray cheese shop a lot of americans know not only online store but krogers in over 200 stores would it take 3 pounds of cheese americans would have to eat each of us, 3 pounds of cheese to catch up with glut show me what that looks like. >> right here three pounds as you can see really not a lot. >> not a lot. >> -- >> but 36 pounds of cheese we love cheese, why? >> we love cheese, really healthy has got great tasty, it is really great part of your diet weigh say you should eat more cheese. >> this price drop farther has to do with fact milk producers are producing huge amount of milk over 200 bulletin pounds that is going to bring the price down do you think. >> it will i think you will
8:25 am
see prices coming down, then coming in fall. >> is there a most particular moneying americans as i wrap up. >> cheddar cheddar cheese you mentioned cheddar go back to you cheddar prices, chicago mercantile exchange down 45% would really sale block price down 45% retail price you and i pay about 4% less for cheese, it makes sense because i don't know if you have been to grace's lately pushing cheddar want you to buy cheddar. >> adam all prices are going down are they passing on to consumer in we go into store we got cheeses here right now are they going to be cheaper fr people to buy it going into the holiday weekend? >> let me ask steve quick do you think that you know those wholesale will we see prices drop into holiday you know, weekend will people be paying less or has it already happened. >> already happening -- the prices already coming down. >> all right you are going to
8:26 am
get a break on those -- those staples cheddar the high end cheeses especially cheeses they import not much price drop there. >> a shout-out to kids going to be eating cheese all summer long! okay? >> getting ready for cheese. >> going from 36 to 40 pounds. >> -- just letting you know going to be cheese burgers withouta the burger. >> who you great as that what is your favorite cheese we have cheeses on set. >> this one, amount. >> he says i think one is down better than 3%. >> that is the one that is my favorite then. [laughter] let me tell you something that is the one going to be your favorite, too. >> it depends, okay. >> great. >> dig in thank youed a a.m. apple shares down nearly 10% hedge funds selling stock, stock dropping in the first quarter we've got details on that other stock moving premarket this morning, then
8:27 am
later national park service celebrating season ten yell inside most beautiful tractions in the united states, keep it right here we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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8:29 am
>> good monday morning, i'm
8:30 am
maria bartiromo. it's monday, may 23rd. your top stories, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. president obama starting with a major announcement ending the 50 year arms embargo on vietnam. and addressed the killing of a taliban leader by a drone strike and what it says about the united states' presence right now in the middle east. it is my responsibility as commander-in-chief not to stand by, but to make sure that we send a clear signal to the taliban and others that we are going to protect our people and that's the message that has been sent. maria: on to the race for the white house. it's a dead heat. new polls showing that donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck in both support and unfavorability. bernie sanders taking on the democratic establishment meanwhile, what this means for the future of the party and whether it can recover. the national park service a celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. we'll show you the top
8:31 am
destinations at home. and futures off the lows of the morning and near the flat line right here. the dow jones industrial average turned some weakness and we've got a big deal in the agriculture space. on to trump we go, some are deeply resistance to his candidacy. the new york times reports that a dozen of the party's prominent backers signaled they will not give money to trump. making it increasingly difficult for the businessman to raise $1 billion before the election. trump is shrugging off the opposition, there's no need for the g.o.p. donors who will not have influence on him anyway. >> these are people that won't have access to the white house and they understand that, they're not going to be able to tell me what to do like they do every other candidates. they endorse people like jeb bush, they would have total control over jeb, total control over many of the people. many of these candidates, as
8:32 am
you know, endorsed me. maria: joining us now is former house majority leader and former texas congressman tom delay. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. and good to be with you. maria: first off, a couple of things that donald trump just said, do you agree that because he's resisting this money nobody has anything on him and those people who take money are bound to be influenced? >> that's so naive, it's amazing to me. it's the person who is in the office that allows somebody to influence them. so if he's strong, nobody's going to influence him by giving him money. and the point is, he keeps saying he doesn't want the conservatives, don't want the evangelicals, don't wouldn't the donors, how is he going to win? >> what's he going to do to win? a lot of people are questioning whether or not he'll get the billion dollars he needs to win. anthony, i'll bring you in in a
8:33 am
second. >> i'm sure he'll be able to raise the money. right now he's not showing that he understands that he's got to put together a huge coalition in order to overcome the already natural electoral college votes to hillary's already got. i mean, he's starting off from behind and what he's doing is he's constantly cutting off the very people that he needs to bring in to build a coalition. it's just-- it's really stupid politics. >> dozen he understands this, anthony scaramucci? >> i think one of his winning narratives is by slamming around the establishment and making fun of the elite, it's sort of helped him in middle america, but congressman, if you were his campaign strategist and you were sitting down with him right now and you were going to offer him some direct advice. what would that be? >> well, my first advice would
8:34 am
be start thinking in visions, not in issues and little policy nuggets. he needs to present to his base that he needs to win over, a vision for how he wants to carry america forward. just putting a slogan on a cap doesn't get it. he's got to bring people together. he's got to convince people that he is real and that you can trust him, and that he has the same values as his base has or he's not going to go anywhere. maria: so what do you think he needs to be doing in that regard from a practical standpoint? what's the advice, start reaching out to some of big donors and start listening-- >> no, no, what i would do is what i've been calling for during this whole primary. i would call for a revolution for the constitution. i would invoke the constitution and stand on that principle. that sends a message to all conservatives all over this
8:35 am
country, it also sends a message that he understands what-- how this country was created, how prosperity is created by standing on the constitution, and that gives him the opportunity to build a vision. right now, playing these little games back and forth, i'm for the second amendment or i'm for this or that, that doesn't send a message to the base. right now he needs to be working on the base, not the establishment against the base or establishment against-- he needs to be working on the base. maria: when you say stand on the constitution, you're saying make sure that you read the principles of the republican party and the constitution over and over again, so that donors, voters, everybody understands that's where your heart is rather than having mixed messages? >> that's exactly what i'm saying. i mean, take the supreme court, it's not in the constitution that we need nine justices on the supreme court.
8:36 am
he could talk about maybe we ought to have seven justices on the supreme court. because the supreme court, to the base, is lawless. it's been lawless for years. and he needs to take on the supreme court as an enemy to the country. maria: understood. >> let's assume for summaries and mr. trump isn't watching the program and listening to your advice giving the base what they need to join the camp here. you know, let's say we're getting closer to, you know, the election, it's looking neck and neck, does the base suddenly say, wait a minute, we don't want to be looking at four to eight years for hillary clinton to come over? do you see that playing out at all? >> no, i don't right now. i really don't because look at his unfavorables and look at the fact that the latest polls over the last week, 30% of the base is not going to vote for donald trump right now. so, he's got a lot of work to do to bring that base together. just to get started in a
8:37 am
general election. now, they may-- and a lot will stay home. look how many for romney, completely a different person with high values and should have attracted a lot of the base, but they stayed home. there's two to three times that many that will stay home unless he energizes and gives them a reason to vote. maria: well, what do you make of the presidential-- the vice-presidential pick? who do you think represents the kind of traits that donald trump has been talking about? he's been talking about someone with real political experience. who do you think would resonate with the base? >> well, hey, i think any p one of the and of course, my picks would be something like ted cruz or if you wanted to go to someone even younger, how about tom cotton, the senator from arizona?
8:38 am
i mean, that's a perfect signal to the base. maria: he's meeting with bob corker today. what do you think about the bob corker idea? they're having a meeting today. >> bob corker is way too moderate for the base, way too moderate. he's got to send a message that he'll listen to conservatives. maria: congressman, thank you for your insights. we so appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. maria: good to see you. unrest on the left, a split in the democratic party could lead to the rise of a third candidate. you'll never guess who. and how 59 national parks manage to take in 17 billion each year. which one should you be visiting this summer? back in a moment. >> i'm jonathan novac with the tennis channel french open court report for the fox business network. rain disrupted day one at roland garros. one managed to advance.
8:39 am
she needed three sets to get to advance to the second round. the number ten 7-5 in the deciding third set. and cureos is through, but not without the controversy. he was given a code violation for shouting at a ball boy and he said he was only raising his voice, he couldn't hear over the noise of the crowd. and the 17 seed closed out a win in straight sets. doane forget tennis channel's live french open at 5 a.m. eastern.
8:40 am
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♪ ♪ the tears of a clown ♪ ♪ when there's no one around ♪ >> welcome back, 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a monday. let's take a look at stocks on
8:43 am
the move this morning as we are expecting a flat opening for the broader averages. apple no longer a wall street darling, apparently. the giant was the most unloved of the quarter. and hedge fund managers wiped out their positions led by carl icahn, remember. one looking at lifting a half century old embargo on vietnam, and the dow component that will help limit any losses for the dow. we're watching first data. surging after barons over the weekend said the stock of the payments processor could rise by as much as 70% as its performance continues to improve. first data looking higher this morning. on to the campaign trail, unrest on the left. tensions coming to a head earlier this month at a democratic convention in las vegas. who can forget these incredible pictures?
8:44 am
and basically what's going on there, bernie sanders supporters are protesting what they call the disqualification of 58 would-be sanders delegates. and my next guest says it's a latest sign of a schism forming in the democratic party. and stuart, no one could predict that. stuart: i don't see how you get the two sides together. i don't see how you get unity in a party racked apart. it's brn bernie versus the establishment, bernie versus debby wasserman-schultz, how do you get two sides together who are fighting as viciously as now. maria: do you think that she would pick bernie sanders as a running mate? >> i doubt it.
8:45 am
i mean, that's way out there in the realms of possibility, but i think, look, bernie sanders, his one theme, he hates wall street and billionaires and bankers. and hillary has taken more money from wall street than anybody, including republicans. how do you get them together like that? you've got the bad blood from the nevada convention a couple of weeks ago. the talk of lawsuits. i don't-- what i see is this, i see that bernie's waiting to see what happens with the fbi investigation and possible indictment. he's waiting to see what happens and if there is an indictment, i wouldn't be at all surprised to see joe biden jump in as the candidate who brings the two sides together, the desperation candidate for unity. i wouldn't be at all surprised. maria: bernie sanders would go crazy if that's-- if he's not the next guy to get the nomination, if hillary gets a fbi indictment and they go to joe biden? >> personally, i love to see
8:46 am
socialists go crazy, but on the other hand, i think the party would turn to someone more in the center than to berniened is aers, way out there on the left. if they have any hope of beating donald trump. maria: here is michael block. >> what you're talking about, whether-- are they going to pick bernie to be the vice-president? i don't think that bernie wants that job. he wants it to be his show or else he'll say i'll lead mine elsewhere. he doesn't want a hook in his nose from wassermanschultz or-- >> very nicely put, doesn't want a hook in his nose. >> it's a machine that's getting battered on all sides by his supporters. why do you want to be a part of it. stuart: i agree entirely, i don't see how you bring this party together. which candidate, hillary or brny could bring it together? neither of them can. watch out, after this investigation and maybe an indictment, you may see the
8:47 am
rise of a third person and the only third person at the moment is joe biden. >> you make a good point. he is -- the man is good at his job. maria: let's get the money man's take on this. anthony scaramucci. >> she's having such a hard time with bernie sanders, why does her campaign appear so confident related to donald trump? >> that's is very good question and i'm not sure i've got the answer to you. i think she has to remain calm, above the fray, solid, i'm the person, i'm the candidate, we'll sweep it out of the way. don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. maria: she's got to say that. wait a second, because she has to say that, stuart, you have to believe they didn't see any of this coming. stuart: one more point. can i bring in my favorite subject, the federal reserve. you're not expecting this, but
8:48 am
i've got to do it anyway. supposing there's no rate hike in june or july? do you think that janet yellen is going to raise rates in september before the election? that would not be good news for hill, but good news for donald trump. maria: i asked john williams that on the sunday show, absolutely, he said we're not being political. not taking anything off the table. this is the president of the san francisco federal reserve. he's not a voting member this year, he was voting last year. he says the economy is doing well, june, september, october, we're going to raise, we'll see. stuart: i think that janet yellen has financed the failed policies of barack obama. maria: we'll see more from stuart varney every day at 9 a.m. see you in a few minutes. stuart: thank you. maria: up next, the national park service is celebrating its
8:49 am
100th anniversary. we'll take you inside some of the country's most beautiful attractions. keep it here on the fox business network. ♪
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> welcome back. this summer the national park service will celebrate its 100th anniversary. the milestone coming at a time of amazing success for the parks. guests spending nearly 17 billion in the process proving the national park service is indeed big business. joining us is talc land
8:53 am
you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: what do the parks mean to the local community? et cetera important for families and people who are in that community? >> not to put too fine a point on it, but it means everything to them. the last year we got to know some of these people personally. they're mostly mom and pop business owners and small scale. they're in the business of the passion of passing on priceless assets as economics. when you think of disruptions in the high level numbers, it has a meaningful i am fact to them, there's not really a plan b for that. >> talk to us about all of the land brands of that and where they are as people try to figure out where they might want to visit this summer. >> if you're thinking of going to the national parks, not to play favorites, two that have to be on everybody's short list. if you go up to wyoming and think about the grand tetons and yellowstone.
8:54 am
number one, two if you go down south to arizona to the grand canyon and canyon lands and we're going to start in jackson and end up in the west, but when you think of the grand tetons and yellowstone, big blue skies, green trees, snow-capped mountains and wonderful experience. maria: big sky. >> bald eagle, those types of assets and it's an incredible, incredible feeling and it's something that i guarantee will take your breath away. conversely, if you go down to the south, this is where you see all of the sort of red rocks. these beautiful colors of bryce canyon and zion canyon and get a totally different feel with whitewater rafting, but if you step back and think of two things i would share with people if that's okay, make sure to take your family. when you sit there, you stand in awe in these places and when you have your children there-- >> the colors are unbelievable. >> they're simply gorgeous and you can see it in your children's eyes and they can
8:55 am
see it in your eyes, this is something special some of the greatest places on earth and they're in our back yard and passing it on to the in exgeneration, right? the second thing, make sure to try to stay overnight in the park. if everybody is travelling to the park, it's an experience and if you stay overnight, it's authentic and the pieces you're seeing them when you see them at sunrise or sunset, standing over the grand canyon and see the sunrise with a cup of coffee inland, it's one of the most, it gives you chills, right. maria: you're saying stay at hotels at the park or camp out. >> both are hard to do, not a top of space. but camp out or stay at hotels. you feel so much more integrated into the environment and as i said, sunrise over the grand canyon or moon over the grand tetons will stay with you forever.
8:56 am
maria: it's an affordable trip for people, you consider the price of going to a park. >> absolutely. you can go from affordable to more expensive and really, it's up to you how you want to travel, but there are thousands of options how you want to get there. maria: jeremy, thank you for bringing this to us, a great idea for families. final thoughts from our all-star panel after this break. back in a moment. ♪ tokyo-style ramen noodles.
8:57 am
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♪ ♪ that double vision ♪ >> welcome back, opening bell 30 minutes away. i want final thoughts from our all-star panel. michael block what are you thinking about? >> the mixed message from the fed. everyone is talking about the june rate hike. i'm going to call that as muscles, you talk about it, but reality keeps from you it. i think they have beer muscles right now. and i'm worried about that and worried about oil with iran not cutting production. maria: you think they'll raise rates? no, not in june. >> and anthony. >> i think they raise rates before the end of the summer, that's my prediction, probably won't in september because it's
9:00 am
too close to the election. it raise rates and hurts the clinton candidacy. maria: because it will hurt the economy. >> it will do the boom that michael was referencing. maria: good to see you. let's go to stuart and "varney & company." over to you. stuart: i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. look at it today, trump has momentum and the democrats hopelessly split and a merger proposal that the greens will hate. know the a bad way to start the week, i'd say. good morning, everyone, trump is going up in the polls. in head to head matchup, hillary's lead has evaporated, a statistical tie with trump gaining momentum. and it's bernie versus debby wasserman-schultz and bernie versus hillary. it's not over and they are miles apart. via makes a 62 million dollar bid for monsanto.


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