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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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amusement. that is amusement. but for our veterans just needing care it is life and death stuff. so did he just step in it? in a couple of hours on you're world on fox news we'll get into that -- "your world." that is what the problem is b the wait times that are producing deaths. trish regan. trish: thank you so much, neil. breaking this hour, everyone, donald trump meeting with tennessee senator bob corker at trump tower today as many speculate that senator corker is in the running to be trump's running mate. this as new poles show trump and hillary clinton in a first all tie today. donald trump has erased the 11-point lead she had just one month ago. dr. ben carson is here he is going weigh in. welcome, i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." trump and clinton in virtual tie. look at numbers one month ago, clinton beating trump by 11 points.
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so why is the gap narrowing now? some said trump would be clinton's dream candidate, am i right? our political all-stars sort that out. desperate search, everyone for egyptair flight 804. it is day five since the flight dropped out of the sky. we still don't know how that happened or what happened though many experts are still blaming terror. we'll tell you why. plus former cia director james woolsey warns that airplanes here in the united states of america are vulnerable to terror because of large number of recent immigrants working in our airports. dr. sebastian gorka, one of the most noted scholars on terrorism with a look with we need to do right now, political correctness put aside to keep our flights safe. liberal censorship in our schools. the portland, oregon, school board voting to ban any books that question global warming. they're banning these books because they say only the fossil fuels industry would question climate change. not that there is actually a
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real debate or anything. we'll have more on that. first get back to our top story. donald trump narrowing the gap between hillary clinton. the two have statistical tie with clinton leading by three percentage points compared to 11 a month ago. to skeptics say that is fluke poll, the two candidates are tied even averaging all polls last 10 days. a big reason why? you get 86% of the republican voters are getting behind the billionaire while democrats support for hillary, it has not budged in weeks. she still has bernie sanders in the race. what happened to donald trump being hillary's dream opponent? remember that? joining me author and libertarian political economist christian tate and fox newslesl. good to see both of you. leslie, i have to hold you out on this one, you told us many times right here on the show you thought donald trump was the easiest candidate for hillary to beat. you said over and over again
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john kasich would be the real challenge but now, we're looking at this poll data that is coming in and it is clear this is not quite the lay up some folks thought it would be. how come? >> well, first of all i never thought that it wouldn't be neck-and-neck whoever would be out there. simply when you look at historical cycles over last couple presidential cycles, we're pretty much a 50/50 split nation. first of all, independents, many of them have not thrown support out behind anybody. part of this as you alluded to bernie sanders is still in the game. honestly i keep saying that, i told senator sanders, envoys messages you're hurting the party. we need to unite. donald trump is not only republican nominee, but more and more people are registering to vote republicans haven't voted before. you don't see that kind of numbers to the democrats which speaks largely to enthusiasm for donald trump. trish: enthusiasm gap. i want to get back to bernie sanders issue.
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he is still in there. i'm questioning why. i want to go to kristin in a moment. you're all of sudden seeing the pub pick party coalescing around this guy seemed like he was pretty divisive earlier. is this their only chance beating hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton represents the status quo, voters on both sides of the ail overwhelmingly rejected the status question in this election. you have a bad job market -- trish: wait a minute. i agree with you, but just in terms of donald trump why we're suddenly seeing so much support for him? don't forget you have never trump percent out there. oh he is the no really conservative. republicans ashared with you, 86% are supporting him. they're waking up to reality he is the winner? >> absolutely. he does not have a chance. the bottom line, hillary clinton would be nightmare on every issue of the republicans know that.
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they have two choices at this point, donald trump or hillary clinton. republicans are smart enough even though trump is not perfect candidate he would be better than having hillary clinton in the white house. trish: back to this issue, why bernie sanders is still in there, leslie? as you point out, robbing her of that support that she desperately needs right now. she wants to really have a united party going into a race against trump. what is he hanging on for? does he think she will get indicted? >> no, i don't think that at all. i think couple of things are happening here, trish. i don't think senator sanders thought this would go as far as as it did and he would have the support he's had. i think a little bit gets to the ego there and it is hard to back down. secondly he is very passionate and historically consistent with his passion on certain issues. anti-wall street and other issues like climate change. trish: like taking your money, he is a socialist. >> well he wants to take this to the convention floor i think because he really wants to try
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to push, hillary, democrats, the dnc if you will more to the left and have more of a say in this platform. trish: forgive me. this is all good for him. this is all good for donald trump, kristin. because longer bernie sanders stays in the race the more defeated his supporters are going to feel. let's not forget, polling data out of west virginia, more than 30 we're willing to vote for donald trump. we're talking about bernie sanders supporters. the longer he hangs in there the more it helps him. >> bernie sanders and donald trump play to the outsider status that voters desperately want for the gop, bernie sanders is the best thing that's ever happened to them. he is annoying chihuahua attacking hillary clinton that the gop doesn't have to. you have hillary clinton spending her time and money combating attacks from her own party. and you know, trish, i'm a millennial. all of my friends are just rabid in their support for bernie sanders. they all tell me that they will never vote for hillary. they are so angry.
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trish: tolerate you as libertarian? >> barely. they are mad. they feel this election is rigged in hillary's favor. they say if bernie is not our guy. we will stay home in november. trish: wow, look that is a big problem. we see this happen a lot, less less -- leslie in every primary you see the division and people pull it together. look at donald trump. there are a lot of establishment types that said there is no way. suddenly one by one they're coming in, trickling in. mitt romney, not yet still but, you know, waking up as i said in the beginning to this realization he is their ticket to preventing hillary from winning. at some point democrats, including some millenials recognize that they would prefer to have a democrat in the white house as opposed to a republican. >> oh, i agree 100% because, look, if you have somebody who is as far left supporting somebody who they consider outside establishment guy like senator sanders a democratic
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socialist, you will not go to the guy that says look at conservative appointees i put there? look at climate change. pro-life stance for abortion. the list goes on. too far of a stretch. hillary would be palatable on issues. some might stay home, which quite frankly could actually hurt donald trump more than it would necessarily hurt hillary. then of course you have minorities women, youth i think they will throw their support behind hillary clinton. trish: we'll see. still early. fascinating race for sure. kristin, leslie, thanks so much. see you guys later in the hour. after scoring an early endorsement from the nra, donald trump is now setting his sights on evangelicals. a group skeptical of his conservative credentials. is set to meet with evangelical leaders and at a big conservative event organized by
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ralph reed in washington? could he overcome the groups and could he win without them? joining me one of trump's former competitors, turned supporters, dr. ben carson. dr. carson so good to have you here today. >> good to be with you. trish: you helped arrange the meeting between the evangelicals and donald trump, what do you hope to accomplish? >> basically an opportunity for the evangelical community to communicate to donald trump things that are important to them, that they are important component of who we are as americans. and also give them an opportunity, i think they will discover as i had in talking to him, that he is actually a very reasonable guy, very nice guy and he embraces same kind of principles that they do. trish: the principle being
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pro-live. a lot of critics say he is not as committed as they like. that he is more pro-choice than pro-life. how does he reconcile this, dr. carson, given that he is the prom prom republican nominee -- presumptive republican nominee, how does he convince evangelicals that he is committed to their cause? >> let me put it this way he is a lot more pro-life hillary clinton is who believes in abortion on demand and late-term abortions. so i don't think there is even in the same ballpark. trish: to get people out to vote for him, lesser of two evils if you look at it that way, you need something more than you're better than hillary clinton on the issue, don't you? >> well, i think there will be a lot more than that. you will have the same kind of effect that you had a few weeks
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ago. people get to actually say about this and where does that conviction come from and actually get a chance to hear those explanations. they are really quite reasonable. you must recognize that many of things he is accused of are things spun by left-wing media that very much wants to discredit him. >> let me ask you about the vp search. you are involved in and hoping to vet candidates. could senator corker be a running mate for donald trump? >> all of us who were involved have submitted our choices, talked about the reasons for them and at this stage of the game donald trump will be making a decision who is most compatible with him, who would he like to be serving with him.
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fully recognizing that the vice president can actually be a tremendous help. doesn't have to be somebody who has a he low-key role. trish: who was your recommendation? >> these are all confidential pieces of information. trish: when you talk about someone who is compatible what are the qualities that he is looking for? >> well, i think most important thing, somebody that really loves america and somebody who recognizes that now we are in trouble and tailspin and we'll have to come out of. there are certain things we will have to do. we have to recognize the importance of sound fiscal principles. so we need somebody who really, truly understands that, somebody who grasps the significance of the constitution and, all the amendments particularly the first and second amendments and
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somebody who understands that we have got to strengthen our military. we've got to present a face of strength so that we can tamper down all of the insurgency that is coming forth in the world. trish: dr. carson, what about you? >> i personally feel that i can be considerably more effective as an outside voice. you know, i was an outside voice before all this started. i'm still an outside voice. and you need to be a very independent outside voice. trish: you prefer it that way? >> i prefer that way. trish: you would not want to be on the ticket? >> i would not want to be on ticket or in the cabinet. trish: very quickly before i let you go, a lot of people pointed to need for having minority or having a woman there alongside him on the ticket. is that important? >> it's important to have an american. and somebody who loves america
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and is willing to work hard for america. you know, we've gotten so much into this identity politics thing, it is really getting to be kind of absurd. and i hope we can move away from that. we moved much more toward that during the administration of barack obama. and we need to move away from it and start thinking of ourselves as americans who are all in the same boat. and if part of the boat sinks, the rest of it is going down too. trish: so, dr. carson is that your way of telling me no, it is not important to have minority or a woman on the ticket? >> no, that is my way of telling you exactly what i just said. trish: you want an american. >> don't reinterpret it. trish: you want an american, period? >> i want -- trish: pro-american values? somebody who loves america. i don't care whether they're a man, woman, black, white, asian, whatever. if they fit that description, they're great with me. trish: there you go. he agrees with that too? >> yes. trish: dr. carson, thank you. good to have you here on
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"the intelligence report." >> always good to be with you. trish: coming up, everyone, very serious story here. the desperate search for egyptair flight 804. searchers are using submarines to search for the plane's black box. very important to find that. here we are on day five, and really still no clues about why this plane came down although analysts keep coming back to the issue of terror. we're going to bring you some new developments on this story next. plus former cia director james woolsey warns airplanes here in the united states of america are very vulnerable to terrorism, because of the large number of recent i immigrants, many of whom are muslim, and are working in our airports. dr. sebastian gorka is here on with we need to do, political correctness aside, to keep us, our country and our flights safe. stay with me. i'm back in two. i have asthma...
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. trish: all right, everyone, the search for egyptair flight 804 expanding as we enter into die five of its mysterious disappearance. investigators using a robot submarine to search for the plane. you can see what they're doing and its black box data recorder which is pretty important part of all of this, they're searching for any kind of clue to provide us what may have taken down this plane. searchers have also found plane debris as well as personal belongings and human remains. joining me with very latest on story, our very own ashley webster. reporter: yeah, it's a tough project. of course the egyptians has a submarine but only goes down to 9500 feet. in this part of the ocean it is anywhere between 8 and 10,000 feet. the floor of the ocean floor
2:20 pm
resembles the alps. there is a lot of crevasses this plane could have slipped into. the french that their own search vest tells. they do have the capability to go deeper. it will not be easy. definitely lying to pick up the ping from the beacon on the tail. there is signal emitted from the black box as well. they're desperately trying to find that. trish: they have 30 days to find the blacks box. >> the battery lasts 30 dice. we have 25 days left. trish: my goodness. >> there is a lot of debate what happened, even though egypt is not saying i feel one step back from calling this a terrorist attack. there is a report in france airing all weekend that the pilot did indeed have conversation with air traffic controllers saying there was smoke in the cockpit and he was going to descend at rapid rate to try to, a, try to find a way to land the plane because he was over the ocean and try to clear the smoke by depressurizing the cabin. whether that would have worked who knows but --
2:21 pm
trish: why was there a smoke in the lavatory are? >> good question. it also went off in area where all the wiring was under the cockpit. two windshields in the cockpit set off alarm they were too hot. clearly there was a fire. what was the cause? was explosion created heat and the smoke or was it some sort of a malfunction. the egyptians continue to say there is no other reason in their mind other than the probability of some sort of terrorist attack. other people are starting to hmmm, wonder went on here but it's a real mystery. trish: thank you very much, ashley. coming up everyone, former cia director james woolsey warning that airplanes here in the united states are vulnerable to terrorism because of the large number of recent immigrants working in our airports. dr. sebastian gorka is here on what we need to do, political correctness aside, to keep our flights safe. i will see you here back in two.
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trish: as airports tighten up security in the wake of egypt aye crash, who is working at our airports and if our immigration system is come he premizing the system of air travel? i guest hosted for megyn kelly on "the kelly file" and i spoke with former cia director james woolsey who warned that u.s. airports are vulnerable and they're vulnerable, newly arrived immigrants from countries with terror problems are working with jobs with direct access to aircraft. take a listen. >> what we do know, we have to vet them, very, very faily and vetting people from people from that part of the world very hard. passports going for $100 really extremely good copies. trish: you're concerned about companies that are active in airports here in the united states hiring islamic extremist
2:26 pm
sympathists, coming in contact with airlines here, thus making all of us vulnerable? >> in a sense, yes. the french had to fire a large number and review, even larger number of foreign workers. trish: yes. >> and we need to pay attention to it. trish: joining me right now, dr. sebastian gorka, author, defeating jihad. welcome back to the show. you heard woolsey there. he said we have problem because we have too many newly-arrived immigrants in this country, working in a places that put us in very vulnerable spot. they are in the airports. they have access to the planes. do you agree with that? >> i have to because this isn't a theory. dci woolsey is absolutely correct. let's look at the facts. recently an individual was found fighting for isis in the middle east. that individual had worked at
2:27 pm
the minneapolis airport here in america. he had access to tarmac, to the air frames. in 2009, we prosecuted an individual linked to al qaeda who is planning a mass casualty attack on the new york subway. who was this man? naji who was a bus operator, a bus driver at denver international airport. the busiest airport in america. this isn't hypothetical this is factual threat, trish. trish: what needs to be done? you realize, and this is something i brought up with ambassador woolsey how it sounds, if suddenly you come in and you have recently emigrated from one of these countries that is somewhat suspect, or you have a name that indicates to your potential employer that you are a muslim. if you suddenly are in a process of needing to vet that person more carefully and do more due
2:28 pm
diligence on the person, other folks say that is just wrong. that is not fair. you're penalizing that person. making it harder for them to get a job because they're muslim. what do you say? >> look, let's talk about the fact that of course not all muslims are terrorists. but since 9/11, we don't have a problem with episcopalian mass murdering suicide bombers. we don't have a problem with buddhists hijacking planes to fly them into buildings. it is just common sense. if you're coming from a nation that has a book ground that is either a war zone like syria, afghanistan, iraq, that's a problem number one because that's where the bad guys are. or if you come from a country like pakistan that is rife with fundamentalism or saudi arabia that is based on the concept of theocracy, then you should be interviewed more because that's where the bad guys get their incullcation and their training. it's, don't walk into a danger zone with your eyes closed.
2:29 pm
this is just practical, common sense, trish. trish: look, i agree with you, dr. gorka, to play devil's advocate here, take this one step further. why would any employer want to employ someone who potentially had islamic extremist leanings? we're not just talking about airports here. we're talking about basically anywhere in america. >> look, let's take religion out of it. i don't care whether you're a muslim or not. do you actually share the values of the u.s. constitution? if you're a member about the ku klux klan, if you're a communist or if you're a jihaddy, all three individuals pose a threat to the american nation. it is just common sense. i don't want to hire hire a communist because he believes in one-party state. i don't want to hire a big government, racist member of the kkk. i don't want to hire somebody that sympathizers with the 9/11 hijackers. what is controversial about that? trish: well, because they say you're penalizing someone because of their religion but what you're saying this isn't
2:30 pm
necessarily religion at this point anymore. >> it is values. trish: this is a political movement akin to communism? i mean -- >> totally. trish: in this country where you couldn't get hired if you were thought to be a communist. >> my book, defeating jihad, says exactly this. the enemy we face today is totalitarian enemy. the jihadists are just as totalitarian as kremlin was or hitler was but in this case it is religiously-fueled totalitarianism. that is our threat environment, trish, you nailed it. trish: if you are one of these countries that have has a history of these problems you need to be vetted and vetted and vetted and so much more any political correctness that the people might talk about? >> trish, my parents were refugees. they escape ad totalitarian country. guess what happened to them when they got to the refugee camp? they were interrogated dozens of
2:31 pm
times to prove that they truly are dissidents, that they're not part of some communist underground. well guess what? same situation today. different locale, different ideology but the same threat to america. trish: such is the world we live in. >> unfortunately. trish: time to wake up and realize some of that. dr. gorka, thank you very much. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. trish: coming up, everyone, bernie sanders taking on the leadership of the democratic party as this party, this seeks to unite. new poll showing just 66% of the bernie sanders supporters saying they will back clinton as nearly 20% say they will back trump as republicans unite behind donald trump, what's it going to take for the dems to be able to do the same? are they capable of it given the candidate they have been happenedded hrc. that's next. ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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>> senator sanders has every right to finish off his campaign however he chooses. i do think that there will been beefed up obvious need for us to unify the party. i face the same challenge in 2008. reaching out to his supporters. trish: hillary clinton. they think democrats right now. party unity.
2:36 pm
she and bernie sanders. taking on the democratic establishment. dnc chair at debbie waterman scholz. how do you like that. hundreds of supporters of the key party. bringing clinton criticizing the party for scheduling the dates on weekends. adding so make closed primaries. it really serves clinton better than him. the republicans get a behind drop. take a look at these poll numbers. actually voting for hillary in the fall. only 20% say that they would pick donald trump. getting hit from both trump and fellow democrats. we are on that right now. i was talking to about this earlier, leslie. questioning about why he is
2:37 pm
still in this race. the given that there is really no easy way for him to win. he is just out there making life more difficult. does he think she will be indicted? what is his goal? >> i do not think he would want vp. i think that she should offer it to him. i think that that will be a percentage for supporters. this is the man that cares more about his mission then he does on keeping a democrat in the white house even though he has said a vote for him or hillary would be better than a vote for hillary or a republican. keeping democrats and push democrats and platform the party as far to the left as they can.
2:38 pm
this has now become a mission. bernie sanders needs us. the 700 delegates to become the democratic nominee. he has 700 to go. he needs 800. the numbers are up. trish: it went well under the circumstances. does that mean he is a really good candidate? >> i think that it is both. bernie sanders is not going anywhere. the mayor from a small town in vermont. now he is a rockstar. i think he just wants to go to the convention. have his little moment in the sun. he has no reason to be nice to the dnc right now.
2:39 pm
he has not treated them very well. telling him to stand down. i did not inc. bernie is going anywhere. vaguely, i do not think his supporters care. they want to take this movement. trish: let's not forget what this movement is. we are talking about socialism, leslie. does that trouble you at all? such a big part of europe party is feeling more that she should move more to the socialism then capitalism. >> no, it does not concern me. i do not take if you ask what that truly means to be a socialist or a socialist reformer -- i think that they are supporting him because he is an outsider. he is enthusiastic.
2:40 pm
he is shaking his fist out wall street pared it is the message and not the details and that message. that is why many of us support hillary. you are not going to be able to sell these to our congress. republicans are split. trish: forced to take on more and more of those ideas. we need childcare. being no more than 10% of anyone's actual income. free child care. paid time off when you have a baby for parents. free college. all kinds of things. he has pushed for. how will she pay that come the general election when she is up against trial. >> right. i really think that that is a tough spot. i still do not think that she will get a lot of supporters.
2:41 pm
did you have independence. the recent polls are showing they are starting to go for trump. they do not like when hillary goes to laugh. they want moderate, sensible solutions. i do not think that ernie is hurting because of socialism. i think that people are struggling. people want safety and security. bernie gives them hope for the future. i think that trump brings that kind of similar rhetoric. >> not most of them, but some of them. trish: redefinition of the parties as we know them. coming up, everyone, liberal censorship in our homes. global warming. yes. that is right. they say they are basically quoting the fossil fuel industry.
2:42 pm
only the fossil fuel industry. the latest in political correctness. we are all over it. i will see you here. ♪ it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support.
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viacom ceo is suing over his removal from a trust. dumont is challenging in the lawsuit. moving those against the well-established plans of the 92-year-old. this story has been quite a dramatic one. we will continue following it or you. we will be right back. the very place. you would see a freedom of ids. that is not the case. ♪
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>> to officials in portland, oregon, have banned that dared to question climate change. the city public school board decided itself, kind is that they are in everything, climate change is very real. any material that indicates humans may not be a fall for climate change should be removed from the school altogether. the institute of science and medicine which states "there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of
2:47 pm
carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases, is causing or will in the foreseeable future cause catastrophic of the earth's atmosphere and climate." students in america studying it. continue having a discussion about it did this is an important thing to do. why is a public school refusing to allow a? you know why. they do not want to engage in actual discussion and intellectual debate. they block off the other side has any argument they do not like. they dismiss it as irrelevant and wrong. because it does not end with eric pieces. i asked them, what led them to believe it is what our world was experiencing. wanting my viewers to understand.
2:48 pm
somehow, he perceived that mere question to the question to be a challenge. this is a problem in our country right now. people refuse to hear anything other than themselves. there is no diversity of opinion. someone apparently thinks that diversity itself is threatening. i will tell you, education is the last place that this should be happening. that is today's intel. the obama administration cranks down. cranks out, i should say. cool the backlash. helping donald trump. ruling down everyone's throat may be backfiring on the president. the implication of all of this regulation and what it is costing our economy next. ♪
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2:53 pm
backfiring. could it actually benefit donald trump instead. good to see you, jason. i want to step back. you have been saying all along, and i'm going back to a pc wrote back in august 2015, donald trump could win this thing. part of it is because of what he represents for our economy. do you still believe that? >> i can still believe that. i still think a lot of our clients do not believe that they can win. the piece they wrote was donald was under roland. we compared him to a momentum stock. just keeps going up. i think it has a lot to do with the populist and delete us approach to the way people are looking at the world. i think average people, i live in manhattan, i would not
2:54 pm
consider myself one of those, someone traveling around 246 dates, around the country, a lot of things people have been told are good for them. whether it is 0% interest rates. people are starting to question it. they keep telling me that these things are wonderful for me. it is the political leader. if i am just here-- the six trying to live my life. trying to do my job. 700,000 jobs overseas since nafta. we have seen, obviously, problems with terrorism. when it comes to interest rates, living on a fixed income. making diddly squat by putting the money in the tv right now. getting forced into riskier and riskier products.
2:55 pm
all of this, you think that it is leading americans to trump? not to hillary? >> listen, i am a republican. i am a free market person. one of my great heroes. i am not pro-business, i am pro- markets. always make the distinction that the government tends to benefit a business. i am a small businessman. i have my own company. about 50 people. we get hit with all the regulations you are talking about. we can talk about healthcare. i have seen it first-hand. i understand why people are upset here it i think that there is a sense that it is rigged. the protected versus the unprotected.
2:56 pm
friends that have a lot of money or political influence or journalists or have the power in some way. trish: common sense. >> i think that donald trump hampered a sanders represent that for a lot of people. >> lots of regulation coming in in his last moments in office. maybe that is a little worried that donald trump could get it. >> he certainly seems to be. we will see. trish: jason, good to see you. we will take a quick break. i will see you right here. ♪
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2:59 pm
trish: the portland, oregon, school board voting to ban any books that question global warming. what do you think of that ban? is this liberal censorship just going too far? what's wrong with having a discussion about this? what's wrong with understanding both sides? scientists, they've been wrong
3:00 pm
about things before, and i'm not saying they are here or not, but why not at least allow kids to have an opportunity to learn about it? like my facebook show page and tell me what you thought of today's show. i can't wait to hear from you. liz claman is taking you to the final hour of trading. liz: the s&p just slipped into slightly negative territory. it's flat at the moment. we've got the dow jones industrials up 27 points. the fed watch in full swing with 17 trading days left til decision day. investors waiting for janet yellen to appear from behind her curtain for new clues on the central bank's next move. will it be a rate hike in june? maybe july? the anticipation keeping a lid on big gains for the dow jones industrials. can't seem to jump higher than about 49 points. at the moment, up 29. on the campaign trail, senator bernie sanders says he is not going anywhere. you're looking at live pictures here of a sanders rally where in supporte


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