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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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saying they are here or not, but why not at least allow kids to have an opportunity to learn about it? like my facebook show page and tell me what you thought of today's show. i can't wait to hear from you. liz claman is taking you to the final hour of trading. liz: the s&p just slipped into slightly negative territory. it's flat at the moment. we've got the dow jones industrials up 27 points. the fed watch in full swing with 17 trading days left til decision day. investors waiting for janet yellen to appear from behind her curtain for new clues on the central bank's next move. will it be a rate hike in june? maybe july? the anticipation keeping a lid on big gains for the dow jones industrials. can't seem to jump higher than about 49 points. at the moment, up 29. on the campaign trail, senator bernie sanders says he is not going anywhere. you're looking at live pictures here of a sanders rally where in supporters are in lincoln park,
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los angeles, at this hour as he looks to stop front-runner hillary clinton. clinton, for her part, heading today for a different section of los angeles. after a rally this afternoon in detroit, clinton is headed for lala land for two new fundraisers as new polls show a dead heat between hillary and donald trump. trump is gaining ground on the former secretary of state and trying to put a shine on his foreign policy cred. wrapping up a meeting moments ago with tennessee senator bob corker, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. former ambassador to belgium howard gutman is here to tell us how hillary clinton defends a two-front political war and whether she'll emerge unscathed as the democratic nominee. plus, president obama opening new avenues for business in vietnam where had you invested in its stock market just three years ago, you'd be up 30%. fiat chrysler's new scandal, and
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charlie gasparino on the war of the titans at viacom. it looks a lot more like drama from the jersey shore. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: this is this kind of day that makes wall street one massive soap opera. mergers and merger rejections all over the place. what appears to be a massive merger, german chemical company bayer planting the seeds to buy america's monsanto, that's a huge seed company, for $62 billion in cash. now, if the deal goes through, this is going to be the biggest foreign takeover by a german firm ever. bayer's shareholders do not love it. the stock is falling about 4.5%. it did on friday when news was coming through when at $122 per share, monsanto shareholders probably love it because this is
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well above where monsanto's trading right now. let's get to act two, this one with a west coast twist. one of the owners of the l.a. lakers appears to be jumping into the tribune/gannett battle. it's been revealed that an l.a. based investment fund owner has piled $70.5 million, that makes him the second largest shareholder and makes tribune's rejection of gannett's latest takeover offer all the more compelling. while shoving gannett away, tribune did say it's going to allow gannett to access some confidential corporate information, but right now it doesn't look like tribune wants gannett to come in. both stocks moving lower right now. we do have some interesting market moves at this hour. the dollar reversing course. it was higher earlier today, now it is lower. even though you see on your screen that currencies versus the dollar, we have a lot of red
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on that, when you put it into the basket, the dollar lost all the gains it had earlier. and as we get closer to the summer driving season, here's where oil settled, and this makes it the fourth straight session of losses. if you look at crude in the after market, yep, for july delivery we have it lower by about half a percent there. [laughter] about two-thirds of a percent. let us get to politics. we're looking at a live picture in los angeles where bernie bernie sanders is holding a rally ahead of california's june 7th primary. bernie is not backing down. each weekend that passes he promises, as he has again, to stay in this race until the very last votes are counted. experts are saying the sooner the democrats can pick a nominee, though, the better because the polls are starting to show a very murky picture for hillary clinton. her once-double digit lead over
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donald trump has all but evaporated. now just a three-point lead over the billionaire businessman but within the margin of error, and an abc poll shows trump with a two-point lead on the former secretary of state, again, within the margin of error. let's bring in emily tissue sussman and angela mcglowan, fox news contributor. welcome, everybody. emily, whereas just a couple weeks ago hillary had a wide margin ahead of donald trump, this looks a little disconcerting for her followers, does it not? >> look, i think that what we're seeing is people are starting to fall into place. it is there true that clinton is still fighting two battles, battling it out against sanders for the democratic primary although that is basically mathematically wrapped up, and sanders knows it's over but is staying in to try to influence the platform a little bit or try to figure out what exactly they can do. try to figure out what they can do with their base.
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but, you know, she is mathematically there. he is staying in the race. and so we'll see how it works out. liz: well, look, your tone is casual, and i get it because you can say, hey, it's a long time between now and november, and eventually this'll be sorted out. angela, looking at these numbers on the polls, donald trump appears to have made rather significant gains whereas before every time there was a head-to-head matchup poll, looked like hillary was way ahead. just as recently as early may, warren buffett said she'll win and win by a wide margin. not such a wide margin now. >> you know what, emily? you can, actually, do things with a platform instead of still running for the presidency. he can actually have more power by stepping out now and cutting deals. so i don't understand your logic behind that. liz, i went to a rainbow push coalition event, and i asked about clinton and sanders, and the black community is flipped.
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you have women that are split, you have millennials that will not support her. so i think it's downhill, and people are, like, anti-hillary, let's go to trump. liz: what do you do, emily? if you're behind hillary as a strategist, what do you do? this man on the screen will not move out of the way. bernie sanders is in it -- i wouldn't say in it to win it, he's in it to ruin it for her, because that's what it looks like right now. >> sanders entered this race as an advocate, and he is continuing to campaign as an advocate. he has a couple of issues that he really locks in on, and it's connected with people in this race. that's how he influences the platform, it's how he influences the base, and the election is a whole -- look, there are republicans who like sanders' message, a lot of things he talks about. and the difference between now -- >> yeah, we like sanders' message, yes, we love sanders' message, and we want him to stay in. i don't know one republican that
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supports sanders. i think they support maybe that he's brave going against hillary -- liz: you know what? i have to say donald trump has his own issues right now with adversaries, and they may not be running, but paul ryan just said in a podcast with politico, i believe the quote was trump could win, but i'm not betting on it. what's going on here? i mean, paul ryan clearly has an agenda here. i don't know what it is, but does his reluctance start to hurt trump not in the exact same way as bernie's hurting hillary, but perhaps on a slightly different shade of gray? >> liz, in 2012 republicans defeated republicans. it just wasn't barack obama that defeated mitt romney. and paul ryan is a great strategist. he needs to protect his congressional members, he needs to protect the senators. so there's a part of -- why does he need to protect them from running with trump at the top of the ticket? he does need to protect them -- >> may i finish, please? there's a part of the republican party that donald trump might
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not win. however, he can cross over and get some of those folks that are supporting sanders. so it seems like you guys are going to try the push this guy out. you cannot say someone is not great by just denying them constantly, emily. liz: gang, we're going to leave it at that because we've got a market to follow here. boy, you both make excellent points, emily and angela, great to have you. we're going to have more on the split with this democratic party in about 20 minutes. and by the way, if you didn't see "saturday night live" and the opening, we have some clips from it. the whole bernie/hillary situation was put out front once again in quite a hilarious way, hilarious unless you're hillary or bernie, but we are going to ask former ambassador to belgium howard gutman whether senator sanders is doing real damage to the party or, as emily puts it, he might just be trying to get more of an opportunity to have his grip on at least the party platform. in the meantime, stock market we're looking at a move
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pretty much to the upside, although the s&p is very questionable at the moment. volume running 25% below the one-month average, so have traders already tapped out and hit the beaches, or is this an opportunity to make a memorable memorial day? traders, at your peril, guys. scott, anybody who turns their back on the fed right now is going to make a big portfolio mistake. they're out and about talking constantly this week. >> yes. well, you know, last week we saw the hawkish statements by the fed, right? that's when traders broke out their hawker playbook which means dollar's stronger, commodities lower, maybe strength in the banks. coming into this week i think some traders are trying to lean long because we put a low in last week. now even though we're quiet and lethargic, we're hold anything there. if we can hold above 2045 over the next session, i think some traders might get memorial day weekend happy by trading this market above 2058, and maybe we
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rally at the end of the week as long as commodities don't fall apart. liz: todd, you had james bullard coming out and saying if you leave rates too low for too long, you with reach instability perhaps for the system. i don't know why they're just saying that now. you had john williams of san francisco saying get ready for either june or july, the j months as we like to call them around here. what do you expect from the fed as we wait for janet yellen to speak? that's on friday. >> yeah, i think there's a couple things here, liz. ten-year yields are back where they were when the fed released the minutes. the real loser here is gold, and some of it feeding into oil as well. dollar-based commodities. i think the federal reserve is telling you what it wants, and it wants higher rates, and it wants to tell you the economy's strong, but it can't prove that. and i think come june when we don't get a raised rate indication from the fed on a possibility of just pushing it down the line a little further, i think the market finally caves and gives you a december rate hike, but that's about it.
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that's, basically, all i see on the forward guidance. liz: luke, what do you see? we're heading into the summer driving season. we have oil dropping slightly but iran coming out and saying we are going rogue. we're going to pump as much as we want. in fact, if we're at two million barrels right now, by mid summer we'll be at 2.2 million barrels per day, so doesn't this price just automatically or eventually come down? >> well, maybe, but i don't know if the iranians can actually get to that kind of production. liz: why not? >> well, i don't know if they have the infrastructure. they haven't been able to import any oil rigs, and also you've got to remember they import right now other 30% of their -- liz: because they can't refine it. >> right. so they don't have the equipment they need. they need new equipment, new plants. i don't know if they can get to that level. obviously, they've got some to pump, but this is all just kind of sticking your chest out before june 2nd. they want to play tough with the saudis.
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i guarantee you the iranians want to produce less, and they want to see the price higher, and so do the saudis and the russians. now, how can you keep each country from cheating? you know, how can all these guys get together? that's what we have to wait and see. liz: listen, that's classic, isn't it? suddenly it's right in front of your face. we'll let everybody know as soon as it happens. great to have all of you. closing bell, we're about 47 minutes away. the dow is still up about 15 points, so from the time we started the show 13 minutes ago we've lost nearly half of our gains. in the meantime, the search ramps up for something very small in a very huge area. this is what has been discovered since the egyptair flight went down, the debris but not the black box. three days and hunting for the black box that will hold the clues to egyptair 804 and why it went down. but the picture is actually becoming clearer minute by minute about what happened on
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the doomed flight from paris to cairo. we'll get you the very latest details. and later, a war of the titans. philippe duh monday versus sumner redstone and his daughter. this is straight out of a hollywood novel and blockbuster. no one holding back when it comes to the insults. charlie gasparino has the latest play-by-play as the sex, steak and stocks saga goes into a new round. the battle to control this giant. more "countdown" on the way. ♪ ♪ you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. liz: the mystery behind egyptair flight 804's crash has become much clearer. here's what we're getting from a french television station. that station is claiming that one of the aircraft's pilots made an emergency distress call to air traffic control in the several minutes before the plane crashed. that account directly contradicts initial official claims that there was no distress call. the pilots reportedly told air traffic control that smoke was engulfing parts of the aircraft, and as a result of the call, the pilots decided to make an emergency descent to try to clear the fumes which depressurized the plane. these claims follow reports of leaked flight data showing trouble in the cockpit and smoke in a lavatory onboard just before the crash.
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this, of course, is the debris that's been found floating since then. in the meantime, americans waking up today to a new business deal with a former foe. president obama lifting an arms ban on vietnam, this as the president visits the nation's top leaders in its capital, hanoi. vietnam has seen increasing strength in its financial markets and could soon be a business boon for u.s. defense contractors who can now sell arms to the south pacific nation. the stock index up 30, nearly 31% over just the past three years. companies like the ones on your screen could make major profits from this very announcement. lockheed martin, raytheon, you could throw in general dynamic, honeywell all of them in the defense business. we already know one winner, that's for sure. the president announcing that boeing has inked a deal to deliver a hundred planes to vietnamese international low cost airline which is looking to expand its fleet. that deal valued -- it's pretty
3:20 pm
big -- $11.3 billion. so you have boeing moving higher by a quarter of a percent there. let's bring in foundation for defense of democrat's president cliff may. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you, thank you. liz: you okay with this deal? >> i am. it's kind of a strategic partner. we have china being more and more of a bully in that part of the world. a couple of years ago they put a drilling rig right off the vietnamese coast. vietnam want withs to be able to stand up to china and not have to kowtow to china, i think we want them to be able to do that as well. this is part of that. liz: yeah. okay, we should also mention that the president specifically said, and i'd love your thought on this, this has nothing to do with china. this has to do with normalizing relations with vietnam. you and i look at that, and then we look at the map, and we see china building islands in the south china sea looking for aggressive -- very aggressive. all kinds of disputes in the south china sea, and i'm
3:21 pm
thinking, come on, we're trying to shore up vietnam, certainly, aren't we? >> absolutely. building islands and putting military installations on top of those islands. look, the president has to be diplomatic, there's no point in putting his finger into china's eye. but, yes, when you're selling military equipment to vietnam, who else are they worried about? they're worried about china, no question about it. and, by the way, the trans-pacific partnership is meant to help vietnam be more economically independent of china. again, this is about not letting china succeed in its hegemonic ambitions, the building of an empire. liz: i know a lot of people would love to build an island off malibu or the hamptons -- >> start digging. liz: get those guys here. no, we don't want that. fallujah, let's get to that. what is going on in iraq? you now have the iraqi army making an announcement saying east leave or put a white flag -- either leave or put a white flag out your door, we're
3:22 pm
taking back fallujah from isis, do you think it'll work? >> well, it's an important offensive, the u.s. is providing air support. one certainly hopes it will work. it certainly should work. it should be possible to drive isis out of fallujah, and that is an important step in this long war we have with the islamic state. liz: with the islamic state. because, you know, you look at other strongholds that need to be taken back. what's the next one after fallujah if fallujah works? these things tend to fall like dominoes. >> they can. mosul, obviously, is one of them, and you've got forces surrounding mosul. fallujah's very close to baghdad, the capital. it's like the distance between washington and baltimore. mosul is one of them, there is a base near the turkish border that's very important and then, of course, raqqa which is in syria and that is, for all intents and purposes, the capital of the islamic state. at a certain point, that also has to be taken if you want to severely damage if not defeat
3:23 pm
isis, isil, the islamic state, call it what you will. liz: cliff may is founder and president of the foundation of defense of democracy. folks, the dow has lost nearly all of its gains in just the last 22 minutes. we're up only seven points. the s&p has turned negative. we're watching this very closely because right now a little bit of a horse race to the bottom. at least at the moment. another carmaker under fire, and this one american. why germans may soon be shut out of buying a chrysler. chrysler, that's right. and fiat too. jeff flock on the case as a new scandal kicks into high gear. and if you were going to buy a new car, what would it be next? not a dream car, i didn't want say that. i said a new car. connect with me. let me know. follow me on twitter @lizclaman. i'm very interested to know what the hot cars in your mind are. ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: breaking news here, the first verdict handed down earlier today in the case against six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray, and at this hour we have a few scattered protests but no massive violence at the moment. officer edward nero found not guilty on all four charges he faced in the 2015 death of the 25-year-old gray. nero had been charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct. let us get to fiat chrysler, plummeting about 5% right now. make that 5.5%. so the germans won't soon by a a -- be able to buy a town and country minivan. why? well, germany says it has caught the automaker cheating, accusing chrysler of running dirty diesels, the same thing americans found volkswagen doing. fiat chrysler could be prohibited from selling cars in
3:29 pm
germany if evidence, hard evidence is found that it disregarded emissions control regulations there. germany began testing vehicles of several carmakers after the emissions scandal that immersed regarding volkswagen here in the u.s. so it's sort of, well, i know you are, but what am i? [laughter] fox business' jeff flock all over the story. this has gotta hurt chrysler, and i wouldn't have thought 5%, but do a lot of germans buy chryslers. >> reporter: well, fiat, actually, and this is, of course, both fiats and chryslers potentially. it's the number two market for fiat after italy. so it's a huge market for fiat. this could be big if they, in fact, were barred from selling them there. but you're right, the germans, after the whole scandal with their dieselgate, if you want to call it that, that's 11 million vehicles that they admitted, you know, were essentially putting defeat devices in so that they
3:30 pm
were tested, they turned the emissions controls off. after that they began testing a lot of different cars including fiats, and they found that in particular the fiat 500x was one that they say turned the controls off when they were being tested. now, fiat, of course, is denying all of this. and what's more, they're saying it's none of your business because under european union rules, it's the italian regulators that get to test cars. so they say we passed the test with the italian regulators. we don't have any reason that we need to comply with anything that you say. that's the way the european rules work, they say, in the european union. fiat chrysler today issuing a statement which says: fca vehicles -- in fact, they issued this before, they just directed us back to it -- vehicles do not have a mechanism to either detect that they are undergoing a bench test in a laboratory or to activate a function to operate emission controls only under laboratory testing. sounds like they parsed that
3:31 pm
very carefully though, liz. some have questioned whether or not -- why don't you just say, no, we don't do that? instead they went to some trouble to say what they don't do. it is complicated with the way these engines work, sometimes they do turn off pollution controls when they're going up a big hill, that's legal. liz: we know what those emissions testers found with volkswagen, and that was way outside the lines. so we'll be watching all of this. jeff, thank you very much. jeff flock. let's take a look at all the automakers at the moment. we know a lot of you own some of these names. ford is flat, gm is almost flat. really moving except, of course, for fiat chrysler, down about 5%. toyota down 1%. closing bell, 29 minutes away. and we just have a very weak moment at this very moment. it may be be the math, not the momentum in the race for the democratic nomination. you've heard that clarion call,
3:32 pm
but bernie sanders continuing to hold onto the second m word, momentum, as he pushes for a contested convention come july. but will democrats bite? find out what former ambassador and obama 2008 campaign staffer howard gutman has to say about hillary and bernie's long games. did you see "snl" this weekend? >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, but the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over! [laughter] it's not over til i say it's over! [laughter] >> oh, hello, bernie. i didn't see you sitting behind me, so far behind me you can never catch up. [laughter]
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>> excuse me, bartender, do you mind if i just have one more drink with my old, very old,
3:37 pm
kind of dangerously old friend bernie? [laughter] >> sure, mrs. clinton. what can i get for you two? >> i'll have a beer. a new brand that people are flocking to. [laughter] something refreshing and revolutionary, something that draws huge crowds. [laughter] >> and i'll have whatever beer no one likes but gets the job done. liz: that was the opening sketch of "s, this l" this weekend and seems to hit at the crux of the problem voters are facing in the democratic primary. bernie sanders, with the tenacity of a pit bull, now not only openly attacking his opponent, but trying to take down the establishment of his party. he is now backing tim ca nova, the law professor who's challenging debbie wasserman schultz in florida's congressional election. as she faces re-election and now, of course, bernie is supporting her competitor, i'm joined now by a member of president obama's 2008 campaign staff and former ambassador to belgium, howard gutman.
3:38 pm
look, it's all pun and games on "saturday night live," but this is a serious situation here. what do you think happens? the dems appear to be in a true knot here. >> up til now, bernie sanders was the best thing to happen to hillary clinton. i wrote an article that said if he didn't exist, hillary should have paid to invent him. can you imagine spending the last the ten months watching hillary clinton play solitary or debate e-mail-gate. but now he's doing some damage. he needs to get out of the way, but that's not who bernie sanders is, so it's not going to happen. liz: boy, i remember you having written that article, and now you see how things absolutely can turn. go ahead and finish your thought here. >> you've got to remember bernie sanders has never -- i love the state of vermont. it's a beautiful place, but it has the population of less than half of the bronx, new york. so he's basically never been elected by more than the north bronx, and now he has a national stage? and he can do the high school,
3:39 pm
the kid running for high school president, promise free ice cream in the cafeteria knowing he'll never have to pay for the ice cream. liz: we had another strategist on last week who said he's pretty much been at government trough for a long time and hasn't done quite a bit. in fact, working with the v.a -- which is a total mess -- bernie sanders hasn't quite fixed that situation. far from it. but let's reach back to 2008, because president obama and hillary clinton were definitely adversaries, but she did eventually step away and say, okay, i can see this isn't going to work out for me. >> yes, and that's true. but even then it was begrudging. i remember the efforts at unification, and it really occurred when president obama turned over and named john podesta his transition head. he reached way over. that was the big step. he picked her as secretary of state. it's hard to have fought that long, even if you knew you were never going to get elected.
3:40 pm
sanders knew he was never getting elected, but somehow to give up those reins and go back to representing 600,000, it's a hard task for him. liz: bernie speaking live now, he's in the lincoln park section of los angeles. this is it. hillary clinton just spoke in detroit before heading to los angeles. she's coming to l.a. at the moment. but let's listen to what she said. she's looking at trump as her adversary, not bernie sanders. she attacked him just now. go ahead. >> what little we know of his economic policies would be running up our debt, starting trade wars, letting wall street run wild. all of that could cause another crash and devastate working families and our country. trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. [cheers and applause] i mean, ask yourself how can
3:41 pm
anybody lose money running a casino, really? liz: okay. so what do you make of this that she looks to be gingerly stepping over bernie sanders and aiming right at donald trump? >> and it's going to get less gingerly over time. it is time now, she finally has an enemy. she's no longer stuck debating we'veny or e-mail-gate. there's never been an issue who the democratic nominee will be. now we've got to get on with that business because, in fact, trump gets off with a free ride. his own worst enemy remains himself. she should join that bus in helping an enemy of his as well. liz: howard, great to see you. love the glasses. those are cool. >> they're belgian. [laughter] liz: they're very european. love it. great to see you or, howard gutman. thank for joining me. >> all the best. thank you. liz: closing bell, we're about 19 minutes away. gained back a little bit of what we lost here, still up about 14 points for the dow, 17,514.
3:42 pm
it's mayhem straight out of the jersey shore. the man who green lit the hit show for viacom's mtv now embattled with sumner redstone and his daughter, sherry, calling them both crazy. but who will have the last laugh in this tv drama that's purely reality now? charlie gasparino rushing down to the set to break it next on "countdown." ♪ ♪ you both have a
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liz: merger monday, maybe not. fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino hearing from sources that the street does not believe these two on your screen, bayer and monsanto, that their marriage will go through. right now we have shares of both stocks moving in opposite directions. bayer falling 4.5%. it's a lot to swallow, 44
3:47 pm
billion market cap for monsanto. monsanto shareholders love it because the deal is for $112 a share, right now monsanto's not really close to that at 106. we're going to get to charlie on that in a second, but now to this: clash of the titans. not just a hollywood script at this hour. the drama at viacom continues to script itself. more news coming out of the under-fire media company afcee owe phillip duh monday was asked to be taken off of sumner redstone's trust today. responding with a lawsuit of his own, and redstone's lawyers are trying to determine the validity of his actions. a as battle heats up, charlie's here to talk about both situations. you want to start with -- >> let's do die some, and then -- why do you say buyer, isn't it bayer?
3:48 pm
liz: bayer. >> i'm not german. liz: it's different than the aspirin company. >> this is fascinating in this sense. i think the stock of viacom is up. liz: 2%. you know, you would think the stock would be down with a move to oust the ceo and put in there -- liz: can we get that chart up? >> and put in an unknown. sherry redstone, who's leading the charge to oust philippe due monday, trying to get her old man to kick him out. he controls viacom via gnarling amusement company -- national amusement company? owns both viacom and cbs. you would think the stock would be down, but it's up. what the market here is saying, and it's kind of a tale of two stocks. we're going to get into bayer and monsanto in a minute. they don't have a lot of confidence in philippe dumond, and i don't think they should -- liz: underperforms competitors.
3:49 pm
>> you know, he pulled a lot of money out of it. and here's where we really have a problem, what investors really have a problem, i think, with his performance. a couple months ago he was saying that sumner redstone was completely competent. now for some reason he's saying, as sumner's looking to get rid of him -- liz: he's suddenly not competent. so the time span between when he was competent and when he was not competent, couple weeks? >> yeah. i think he's in a pickle. liz: he's gotten a lot of compensation over the years. >> remember how sumner signed one of his contracts, do you remberhat? thstraht le. [lghte li becse hcoul't wte hiname >> well, i mean, listen, say what you want about this wan who brought all this out, the caretaker who -- that's to how this thing started. he got rid of his caretaker or his family did, and in getting rid of the caretaker, she filed a suit which said he was incompetent.
3:50 pm
dumond said he was competent, and then it came out that he wasn't. say what you want about her, but she's the reason why we know that sumner redstone is noason o longer the executive chairman. liz: so why shareholders should be furious, and let me just push back a little bit. he's brought in a lot of -- >> you called him phillip before. liz: philippe. his parents are french, and he did a couple years in france, so he's got the cred. >> okay. liz: over 30 years -- over ten years -- >> right. liz: can we show that? viacom is up about 8%. over five years, the same period of time -- ten years, rather, fox, 20th century fox is up about 46%, and time warner, can we get it, is up 38%. so you've got, you know, you've got other companies that have done pretty well over the years.
3:51 pm
>> of course, ours is doing great. liz: ours is doing wonderful. >> yes. liz: comcast doing even better. >> by the way, i just want everybody to know this before i get into monsanto, we have the best ceo, the smartest ceos -- the guys running our ship are the best. just so you -- liz: of course. [laughter] but, charlie, he green lit a lot of great shows. he was there under the most successful tv show ever, "jersey shore." >> i think the last five years is something -- liz: the transformers at paramount, a huge -- >> but here's what it really comes down to. i'm not a doctor. was sumner competent over the last five years, four years, three years or just the last couple months? liz: i don't know. >> that is a question for shareholders, and they could be sued for that. liz: monsanto won't go through with this? >> they're locked in meetings right now. bankers are countrying the numbers on this bid.
3:52 pm
it's $122 a share, it's a $60 billion -- liz: 112, wasn't it? >> you got me. it's got to be 112 -- liz: sorry, no, it's 122. >> is it? [laughter] liz: charlie's right. >> now, it should be trading at 122 -- liz: not even close. should be trading at least 19. >> i know if they were rejecting this out of hand, and as i reported last night, next 24-48 hours key, close to something. we'll know in the next 24-48 hours. they may reject it, they may keep it, they may ask for a little more. they would be rejecting it right now if they weren't taking it seriously. the market and the guys that trade on this stuff, bet whether these deals go through, they find something squirrely about this. liz: they don't like that. >> the stock should be higher. liz: at least coast close. charlie, thank you very much. closing bell, we're eight minutes away. we all know it's very easy, and people try and come on all the
3:53 pm
time and recommend a stock when it's at its 52-week high, and we try and call them on that. what about the 52-week low names? up next, chris bertelsen taking us shopping for big bargains that he says are poised for major comebacks in the market, but you wouldn't be buying them at 52-week highs. that's a good thing. more "countdown" coming on the way. ♪ ♪ at is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. . . . . no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road.
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liz: dow jones industrials just turned negative. down seven points. we have lost all the gains we came into this hour. what's going to happen here? the s&p is losses struggling. we're watching this closely. apple couldn't save the markets although it was higher earlier today. apple has a new plan to use organic led technology for the iphone next year and it has one stock popping. goldman upgrade doesn't hurt. let's go to the new york stock exchange right now. lori rothman, what's the name? >> this is a company called
3:57 pm
universal display, liz. liz, i know you're a hockey fan. goldman sachs defines this as iphone demand as hockey stick-style. straight up. goldman raising price target to the 76 bucks from $55 per share. apple as you mentioned having a banner day, up 1 1/2%. for very first time apple is going to use its organic led technology in its iphone. that will start next year. that was also mentioned this weekend in "barron's" magazine. >> liz: lori, thank you. >> thanks. liz: it is very easy to love a stock at 52-week high? maybe you should shun financial experts who tell to you do that and instead turn to stocks that are beaten down but not out. that is what bert tell son recommends in one sector. good to see you at global financial. >> great to be here, liz. liz: $4 billion under management. you didn't get there by buyings
3:58 pm
things at high, correct? >> correct. liz: how do you buy stock? >> you look for a stock with big discount to the market. you buy it when not so much bad news but no news on it. when all bad news is priced in. you like to have metrics where they have capability to grow. that is really important. liz: okay. i understand that but, how do you tell if there's a capability? because we got a couple of minutes left. there are some people with their finger on the buy button. >> yes. what they should be looking at are retailers that have really been beaten down but are great. macy's, iconic new york name. its yield is very attractive even if it doesn't quite keep it at that level, both the best bricks and mortar and internet retailer. they have all been hit by amazon but macy's has management and smarts to come back. michael kors another example. certainly higher end brand. it has got the brand. it also has the ability to continue to sell in that market
3:59 pm
which is far more stable than selling to millenials or walmart sales. liz: i'm absolutely with you. i think you should absolutely be the one buying a good company going through a bad time. macy's is perfect toward that. but as you broaden the aperture we lost all our gains. what is going on in market psychology? >> i think all the fear of the fed. quite frankly the ladies on the fed that have the spine. my guess they're more hawkish than the men are dovish. we could very well see the one person who really counts, the lady that counts, janet yellen, go ahead and make a nod for june or july. liz: you're talking about esther george rather and loretta messter of cleveland. >> that's correct. >> liz: we'll be watching. you could argue that is what kept a cap on markets. our thanks to chris bert tell son. >> thank you. liz: we're a month, couple weeks away from the fed meeting and we're losing all the gains at
4:00 pm
the moment. markets close the day lower on light volume. the closing bell rings] connell and melissa pick it up after the bell. >> stocks ending the day in the red. kind of a weird ending to the day as we turn negative in the final moments of trading. i'm connell mcshane in today for david asman. melissa: immelissa francis this is "after the bell." we'll take you to markets in just a second. tell what you we have going on this hour. investigators are scouring flight data from egyptair 804 for clues what caused plane to spiral and plummet into the mediterranean sea. the focus now? four crucial minutes that could hold all of the answers. neck-and-neck. hillary clinton's double-digit lead over donald trump has fizzled. we'll look how both campaigns are now fighting for every edge in the general election. fix it owners beware. why the fitness data you rely on may not be accurate after all. >> come on. we can't have that.


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