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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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markets close the day lower on light volume. the closing bell rings] connell and melissa pick it up after the bell. >> stocks ending the day in the red. kind of a weird ending to the day as we turn negative in the final moments of trading. i'm connell mcshane in today for david asman. melissa: immelissa francis this is "after the bell." we'll take you to markets in just a second. tell what you we have going on this hour. investigators are scouring flight data from egyptair 804 for clues what caused plane to spiral and plummet into the mediterranean sea. the focus now? four crucial minutes that could hold all of the answers. neck-and-neck. hillary clinton's double-digit lead over donald trump has fizzled. we'll look how both campaigns are now fighting for every edge in the general election. fix it owners beware. why the fitness data you rely on may not be accurate after all. >> come on. we can't have that. back to the markets before we
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talk about fitbit. the dow turned negative in the last few minutes which make as mixed screen there this morning or this afternoon when you look at dow trading stocks we have phil flynn at cme and lori rothman at the new york stock exchange. lackluster day, huh. >> low volumes, trading range that pretty much sums it up. we did have exceptional stories. one on the nasdaq. we saw 43 new highs to finish out the day even though as you mentioned stocks were little changed. i think it is safe to say everybody is on fed watch. we'll hear from fed chief janet yellen come friday for rate moves, like a hike, will it be
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june, will it be july? everyone seems to find out more about the fed's timing on that. next story came from apple. shares better than 1% today. there is it rumor or report that the taiwan economic daily news saying apple asked its suppliers to bump up shipments to 75 million units from the mid 60 million units. so that gave the companies that supply the apple part as nice pop, a nice boost. companies like sirries logic up nearly 3%. cirrus logic. core very, arm, skyworks, all up 2%. connell: thanks, lori. melissa: phil, what is dragging them lower? >> oil prices under pleasure. supply side worries started to go away. there were a lot of concerns about nigeria, libya, canada. across the board we got good news in all of those places. we could see restart of production in canada. saw a shipment of oil outside after disputed base in nigeria.
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we saw that in libya as well. we heard from the iranian oil minister, said, hey, guys, under current circumstances opec meeting or no opec meeting next week we'll not freeze production. that put us under pressure. we have a late-day forecast from a private forecast, said the supplies in cushing, oklahoma, fell almost a million barrels. gold fell because the dollar is strong. lot of concern by the fed and a big call by citibank that they believe because of dollar strength we could see gold go below $1000 an ounce. i don't know if they're right but a big call on citibank putting pressure on gold. melissa: phil, thank you very much. connell: marc faber, the author of the boom doom and gloom report, i'm sure you know the name, painting a dismal picture of the economy. >> most people have not made money lasts 12 months or two years.
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the typical stock is down significantly. -- have actually diminished economy and stocks and economy sucks. connell: here to weigh in, jared levy, and joined by david dietze, point view management, who is the president there. caveat to all of this, people have been sentenced to life in prison who are more optimistic than marc faber. that said, david, how do you look at the economy and maybe do you agree with the good doctor or no? >> well i don't think mr. permabear earned his nickname because the s&p, which constitutes most important stocks down with dividends of 1%. well-advised clients have been making money. how? over the last three years the market is up 9% a year. most well-advised investors have a balanced portfolio. 10-year treasury over the last year has been up 5%. put the two together you have a positive return. finally our clients made 12% just from the middle of february
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as you take advantage of dips in the markets and get back in. for the record we're constructive going forward. we think we'll see better earnings. connell: what about you, jared. david talks about it all about earnings. people think it is about what the fed will do next. where do you stand? >> let's put things in context. we're in earnings recession. revenue is down. earnings are down. david is right, if you guide your money correctly, if you're active managing moving into the hottest sectors or defensive sectors yeah, you can make money, at the same time don't be foolish bit. there are risks out there. the american economy is sort of struggling to keep positive. connell: right. >> make sure you're in the right place. connell: what is the right place, jared. then we'll get david's thought on that? when you say right place? >> right place. dividend earners, low p-e ratios. non-risky companies. connell: okay. >> high-tech might be a place to look. i still like google and amazon a little bit up. that would be exceptions to the rule. connell: you, david? >> we like financials and energy.
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financials, interest rates will go higher. problems with the energy portfolio are starting to stay away. we see the economy slowly betting better. melissa: well, buyer as reports have to say, setting stage what could be largest all-cash takeover for 62 billion-dollar bid for monsanto. shares getting boost of 4% while bayer fell 4% after they worry about the german pharmaceutical company's reputation following merger. jared, are you sticking with bayer and going with the german pronunciation going on bayer? let me ask you a real question. who is getting better end of the deal? >> certainly monsanto is. to be frank i was short monsanto earlier in the year. we took our shorts off. got beat up on half of the position. monsanto needs to roll on this there could be pushback from monsanto. i think that is why the stock hasn't moved to the 122 price point. i think the deal gets done and
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monsanto is big winner. bayer will have reputation issues and there will be pushback, i think all and all a deal that goes through. melissa: david, do you think that the deal goes through? >> a done deal on the part of bayer. paying same amount for company 1/3 of sales. diluted mess. they don't know what kind of company bayer is. further they're sitting in europe. europe hates genetically-modified organisms. of course, as a result i think there will be a lot of pushback for regulators. this deal is not going to happen. melissa: jared, what about that? there is so much pushback against gmos. made the watermelon seedless. what could be wrong with that? fewer pests. it is all good. >> you have to understand hough money is mind this company and how important it is to feed a growing population and that is their pitch. trust me, i despies monsanto. i try to take a balanced view but they will get through it. their pitch will be hey, do you want cheap food?
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do you want more efficient farming? do you want to have this and that? melissa: you despies monsanto, is that what you said? you despies monsanto? why? >> i think their practices are quite deplorable. i will not get into my views on them. based upon past issues. melissa: that is strong statement i couldn't let it float by not say anything about it. i understand. we're moving on. thanks, guys. connell: there are other issues we could talk about. what about this statistic? hopefully doesn't get jared quite worked up. u.s. corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash and five tech companies account for nearly 1/3 of the total. apple, microsoft, alphabet, cisco, oracle. they have combined stock total of 500 billion in cash. this is from moody's. what about that, jared? you hate monsanto but -- [laughter] first of all -- >> doesn't get much to get me excited. connell: this doesn't bother you.
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>> with regard to cash, right, there are two parts of this. number one, 1.2 trillion i believe of the 1.7 trillion in multinational companies is being held overseas. why? because expensive to repatriate, right? that could be a place where trump could actually utilize this to his advantage, hey, get rid of repatriation taxes. this is how i get jobs here. the other angle, companies need cash because they're not getting organic growth. use cash for stock buybacks and use cash like bayer with monsanto to buy their competition and grow their company that way. having cash is sort of king right now. unfortunately i think that is a trend that will stay. connell: we do have to fix that david, right so companies are willing to bring cash home? >> absolutely. investors should watch the election campaign closely because i think that could be a trump card as it were. melissa: nice. >> talking about reducing repay at this race taxes and really boost the markets. watch for that carefully.
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connell: thank you, gentlemen. melissa: chipolte was making customers sick and latest hurdle could make them tired. e.coli outbreak ended in february but same-store sales are still on the decline. its menu might be to blame they're thinking. burrito has not anything added new to the american you since 2014. jared i'm starting with you becaus bending -- vegetables. >> i love good, organic vegetables. chipolte has big problem. something to think about this, their food costs are about 35% of their revenue, right? that's a lot. that is equivalent to like fine dining restaurant, not fast-food. for them to switch into more fancy menu that cost goes up. it breaks apart the model. they market themself as simple foods company. that is the conundrum. i think chipolte's growth was a fad. i don't think you own chipolte. still trade 9times forward earnings. melissa: right. >> i think their menu is to
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blame. -- 90 times. melissa: the idea about chipolte something relatively fresh and fast. more upscale. you can have any dignity to walk into mcdonald's you have to do it like this not let anybody see you. you can proudly go into chipolte. now there are many other like this. >> no question. q doab ba and burger chains. chipolte's problem is growth cam place send sy. they grew 20% a year for 10 years and they stopped trying. you take all various ingredients they have, you could have 655,000 different combinations. they need to do a better job marketing, telling story they got. melissa: did you do that math yourself? 655 different combinations? that is impressive. >> with the help after lot of reading. melissa: good stuff. connell. connell: very, very good. new allegations of emissions cheating coming to life. details of reported illegal activity at fiat chrysler coming up.
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melissa: the nation's most prominent evangelical leaders calling for private meeting with donald trump. what do they want? todd starnes with the exclusive details for us. connell: the race for the white house has really tightened up. hillary clinton's double digit lead evaporating and going away completely in other polls. >> she is ineffective. bernie sanders said she is not qualified to be president and he meant it and said it because, you know, frankly with her decisions you look at, you look at libya, you look at offshoots of libya, benghazi, et cetera, et cetera, so many different things we could go on for days.
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donald trump near rowing the gap, in some cases the gap has completely gone away between
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trump an trin r hillary clinton. new "wall street journal" poll that he is in virtual tie with the democratic front-runner a.b. stoddard associate editor and columnist with the hill. we have a ohio state senator. ab, let me go to you first. conventional wisdom there is bounce trump or surge because he wrapped it up and mrs. clinton has not yet, is that it or more going on here? >> well it is what the democrats are telling themselves to calm their nerves. essentially she face as bernie challenge, that bernie sanders will not be like hillary was in '08. rockstrong plans and ambitions to run again. bernie is not democrat and how enthusiastically he embraces her and signal he sends to supporters is critical and right now the signal is hillary is not good enough. if you look at polls some bernie
4:17 pm
sanders supporters have for trump and her disapproval among white voters, men and older white voters he is bouncing in the numbers. does that in the battleground states in the months to come she is real trouble. connell: obvious transition, capri to see how the old nerves are holding up and what are you doing to calm your nerves in these polls. >> i said this repeatedly. anybody thinks that donald trump has opponent will be easy thing for the democratic nominee to run against in the fall, they're lying to themselves. and i think we're seeing that right now. connell: right. >> these are two very well established candidates that have been embedded in the american psyche for the last 30 years. hillary clinton hillary clinton and donald trump for better or worse everyone has opinion about each one of these individuals. they both have very high negatives. part of it, which one of the parties will come out to vote against the other candidate.
4:18 pm
connell: lesser of two evils type of thing. >> more excited to vote for lesser of two evils. back too what ab was saying in regards to some of the demographics, when you look at at working class white voters in swing states, general election polls they may say one thing, you look at electoral map. when you look at pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, states like that with the white voter, the white male working class guy, the reagan democrat is going to be the key and those people seem to like trump and continue to have a little distrust towards hillary clinton. connell: they do. there is a chance, obviously there is a chance seems like other than a long shot, that trump flipping a state like pennsylvania or michigan. how realistic do you think that is if secretary clinton hold as electoral advantage going in a lot of people's mind to make up maps? >> if you look at demographics
4:19 pm
she holds the advantage. connell: yes. >> if we're looking old models, the models we're all familiar with. if we throw those out and actually really galvanize white voters, independents who are republican leaners anyway, and then the women, suburban women disgusted by trump just don't like hillary anyway, if he can depress her turnout, his people come to the polls. connell: that is the thing. >> i couldn't agree more. >> they're a little disappointed. if they stay home that will be really tough for her in those specific states. connell: she has to get people to show up, which it is early. good week or so for donald trump. thanks to both of you. >> racks absolutely. >> we're keeping eye on baltimore where a judge found police officer edward nero not guilty on all charges in connection with the death of freddie gray. you remember gray died while in police custody sparking large protests and widespread rioting in the city. nero had faced second degree assault, misconduct and reckless ending dangerment charges when
4:20 pm
prosecutors said he unlawfully arrested gray without probable cause and neglected to buckle him in with his seatbelt. baltimore circuit judge barry williams said nero's partner was one who arrested gray. the state failed to prove that nero was aware of policy regarding seatbelts. connell: not guilty on all charges. new details of the final moments of egyptair flight 804. what investigators learned from the evidence that could give us the cause of this deadly disaster. why one u.s. school district is looking to end a graduation honor next year. ♪ poor mouth breather.
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allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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melissa: it's been four days since egyptair flight 804 crashed in the mediterranean sea. investigators are soil stitching
4:24 pm
for clues and now there are reports that the plane's pilot spoke to an air traffic controller for several minutes before the crash. fox news's greg palkot ask in paris with the latest. greg, what do we know? reporter: melissa, just to that point, that report has been knocked down, that there was a communication just before the crash but there is a lot of other information that we're getting and it is very important and it is shedding new light. first to the search, the search continues in the mediterranean just off of egypt where the plane went down. a u.s. navy surveillance aircraft, three of them actually, have been in rotation over that area. they have found at least two different debris fields. a french surveillance plane also found that debris as well. egyptian ships have been retrieving debris, bringing them back to shore. recovered plane bits, personal items, yes. no black box, voice or data recorder found. an egyptian robot submarine has
4:25 pm
been sent to the scene to assist but those black boxes could be at least as deep as 10,000 feet. the batteries last about four weeks, sending out electronic pings. it is really a race against time to find those because they are crucial. yes, we have been getting more information. we first reported on friday about these data signals, explaining the last couple of minutes of the flight. no signals. we're talking about this. the basically they showed smoke and maybe fire in the cockpit, spreading to the bathroom, going down to the electronic galley and basically knocking out the operation of the plane within about four or five minutes. but experts today are saying it seems to fast for something that could have been triggered by a normal technical flaw and too slow for a cataclysmic terror bomb. what they're looking at is faster-acting mechanical problem
4:26 pm
or a smaller terrorist bomb, smaller explosive along the lines of the robert reid shoe-bomber explosive that he tried to bring a plane down with back in 2001. or a device planted at an airport like where we are right now, charles de gaulle, the last airport the plane was at before it took its fateful last flight. security here, by the way, melissa, tightening up even more, terror or no. security tightening up with passengers, screening, checked against terror watch lists. we must not forget finally the 66 victims. memorials to them by their families, by their friends being conducted in cairo and across the world, 10 different nations have been involved in this terrible, terrible accident. back to you. melissa: greg, thank you for that report. connell? connell: we have news, melissa, on company fiat chrysler. the price took a hit where
4:27 pm
regulators are suspecting they used illegal software to cheat on a emissions test. this new report out in german newspaper. fiat chrysler could be banned from selling cars in germany if it is found to blatantly disregarded emission rules. melissa: sanders is not quitting without a fight but could the fight make the divide in the democratic party even worse. connell: fitbit under fire. fitbit is under fire!? new study may prove that the heart rate tracker may not be that accurate. melissa: oh, no! connell: whoops. ♪ i have asthma...
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melissa: here is another look where the day ended in the markets. markets sinking into the red in the final moments of trading. i blame connell. the dow had been up 50 points at the end. you heard sell in may, go away. the dow is currently down 1.6% for the month. just saying. connell: never heard that. the divide in the democratic party continues and we know that. melissa: what just happened there? connell: bernie sanders is up against the fight against the democratic establishment as senator declared war on debbie wasserman-schultz. announcing his support for his democratic opponent in the august primary. are we, we're not going to mike emanuel. melissa: let me jump in. let's take it to fred barnes of "the weekly standard." he is executive editor. capri carafano is back with us as well. fred, is this is not where we
4:32 pm
would have predicted on democratic side at this point in the race. do you think sanders needs to get out? are they going to twist his arm? do you think debbie wasserman-schultz stops by his house late at night and raps on the door and, guy, what are you doing? getting me fired here? what do you think is going on? >> i wouldn't advise her to drop by his house day or night. i don't think she would find welcome mat out. that is easiest thing the hillary campaign and democrats can do to dump debbie wasserman-schultz. she is obviously pro-hillary all time. saturday night debates when nobody wants to watch? i think wrongly they thought, gee, hillary may lose debates. it turned out hillary is a pretty good debater. now, trump, sanders campaign has asked in a letter to the democratic national committee for, they recommended 45 people to be on the various committees, like platform and rules and so on. three were accepted.
4:33 pm
none on the rules committee. i mean, obviously they are stacked against him. melissa: wow. >> they have antagonized him unnecessarily. melissa: right. >> i think that is one of the things keeping him in. melissa: capri, that is interesting point. that is one of the things keeping him in. in the beginning i was wondering why democrats were not more furious how the system feels rigged in the sense he keeps like he keeps winning but he can't possibly win until this weekend, "saturday night live" did a whole skit bit. they're laughing, that it is rigged and bernie sanders and hillary clinton together. you know, laughing that you know, they have got to get rid of debbie wasserman-schultz. doing it as comedy on "snl" -- >> you know you jumped the shark. melissa: yeah. >> i think part of what we've seen in 2016, all uniqueness of this presidential election cycle we've gotten a real tutorial how the nomination process works for both democrats and republicans. i think up until recently, a lot
4:34 pm
of people, even party activists didn't necessarily know the intricacies how the convention process and delegate process worked. the folks that were aware of it, not particularly happy about it. the more it became more prevalent in the media, people became increasingly more angry about it. i think the big challenge that hillary clinton is going to have at this point, bernie sanders can't get out, frankly because, that is only going to anger his supporters even more. melissa: right. >> the question becomes how does she get the supporters? she can't do it without the fullbacking of bernie. bernie obviously has no intention to do that anytime soon. here we are facing chaos in philadelphia when we thought it would be chaos -- melissa: on the other side. fred, do you think throwing debbie wasserman-schultz under the bus and burning her in effigy is enough to satisfy team sappedders? seems like she will get thrown on to the fire here? >> no. you have you have to do something about the committees. and it will really take some
4:35 pm
proactive work by hillary clinton and her campaign. now look, i don't think they have to make sanders the vice-presidential running mate. >> no. >> the presidential candidate out to pick somebody they're really comfortable with. they need to do a lot. they're not doing it now. he has gotten such a free ride and i've already been vetted and he hasn't been. she has been vetted what came out of that? her emails and the foundation. she didn't exactly pass that test. melissa: capri, what could she do? at this point it is kind of like, there aren't a lot of options. she will not let him run for president. can't really put him on the ticket. >> no. melissa: what could be done that would satisfy anyone on team bernie. >> it will be really hard. i think at this point i think a lot of it is down to quote, the platform committee and having more progressive voice and having these bernie folks engage in the conversation in meaningful way at the democratic national convention. i think that is certainly a part of it.
4:36 pm
people don't necessarily really pay a lot of attention to party platforms. but i think the other thing will likely come out of this is abolishment of superdelegates. if that happens, maybe that is a good faith sign to the bernie folks that the establishment has actually listened. that this entire, dialogue over the last year has yielded something in dnc reform if nothing else. melissa: thanks to both of you. connell. connell: from one soap opera to another, from politics to the media business in the battle for viacom. the company ceo, in french we say -- melissa: nice. connell: thank you. following lawsuit to block changes made to the trust of sumner redstone. why you ask? it included their removal. that is why they're upset about it. our own charlie gasparino joins us. in italian that is pronounced gasparino. >> charlie gasparino. i'm a big hit in paris, i want you to know that.
4:37 pm
melissa: i have no doubt. >> of course. when i wear my little american flag on my lap pell. connell: and other shirt. let's not get sidetracked. >> make sure this is straight here. melissa: oh, no. connell: tell us about the viacom deal. >> i think what is fascinating about this, as you know, redstone came out and basically wants due month out of the company, out of the trust. probably wants him out as ceo. his daughter is trying to vie for control of the company. remember he owns both viacom and cbs through national amuse means. he is chairman. here is the fascinating thing, dumond is fighting back saying redstone is not mentally incompetent to throw me out. a few months ago he said redstone was mentally competent to sign the paycheck and pay me all the money when his housekeeper first raised question about sumner's competency.
4:38 pm
what you have right now is battle royale. i don't think this ends well for anybody. if you're a shareholder viacom, this thing is ripe for a lawsuit. i've been talking to a lot of securities lawyers. the notion that sumner redstone in a matter of weeks went from totally competent or, you know, i can't remember the exact words that phillipe dumond use ad couple months ago, basically said he was competent to where he is describing him now, seems to stretch credulity. if you're a shareholder, you're saying mr. dumond, you're the ceo. if what's his name wasn't all with it, why didn't you tell us? and i think, you know the board of viacom has got some explaining to do on this sumner redstone i would say sixthed last five or six years increasingly stranger behavior. we could go through the litany. i've written stories on this and columns. the question becomes when is it, you know, the, when is it that a
4:39 pm
board has to step in? clearly it seems like this board with phillipe dumond on it, with sumner redstone, until recently the executive chairman of viacom, via his holdings through national amusement, seems like they wait ad little too long. so i think it is ripe for shareholder lawsuit. connell: you're ignoring it all that time, suddenly an issue. raises some questions. charlie, thank you, sir. melissa? melissa: sounding the alarm, health officials warn mosquitoes with the zika virus will be in u.s. sooner than expected. keeping the faith. evangelical leaders getting ready to quiz donald trump on his values. next todd starnes reveals what they will expect to hear from "the donald." >> this was very exciting tonight but i'll tell you, it looks like we won by a lot evangelicals. i love the evangelicals. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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connell: so this morning we woke up to some big news coming out of vietnam. president obama lifting american arms embargo with our former war
4:43 pm
rival and also introducing billions of dollars to do business ties between the two nations. so rich edson joins us now with all the details on all of this. hey, rich. reporter: good afternoon, connell. the obama administration says this is way to move past cold war legacy between the two countries. the change of policy allows vietnam to purchase weapons and military equipment from the united states. this at a time vietnam and other countries are confronting china over aggression and disputed territory in the south china sea. the obama administration denies that tension with china is a motivating factor lifting this arms embargo. the president did acknowledge that chinese aggression. >> there is, i think, a genuine mutual concern with respect to maritime issues between the united states and vietnam and i have made no secret of that. the united states is going to continue to fly and, set courses
4:44 pm
for our ships as international law allows. reporter: human rights groups are criticizing president obama's decision. they say the poor human rights record of vietnam should have been taken into greater account here and that the administration should have extracted more concessions from vietnam for agreeing to sell arms in that country. in a statement, human rights watch says quote, in one fell swoop, president obama jettisoned much of what remained of leverage improving human rights in vietnam and basically got nothing for it. president john mccain fighting in vietnam war as naval aviator, shot down and captured and tortured for years, he agrees with lifting and stronger ties between two nations but calling on administration and president to use his trip to continue to raise publicly support for civil society in vietnam. human rights is large issue. plenty of folks on that front
4:45 pm
not too happy with the president's decision to normalizing relations. connell: rich edson from the white house. melissa. melissa: evangelical leaders set to quiz donald trump. the presumptive gop nominee will meet with prominent evangelical voices. todd starnes broke the story. the fox news radio show host joins me now. you were the first to receive the information. so tell me, in a perfect scenario, ideal situation what does this meeting look like? he walks in. you talk. you listening for code and you talk he actually listens? what would be a got outcome? >> this is conversation. they don't want him to get up to deliver a speech. they want him to answer questions and -- ask questions and answer questions. melissa: like what. >> evangelicals understand, these leaders understand he is not qualified to preach a sermon at billy graham crusade. they want someone at white house to defend their policy
4:46 pm
positions. they want someone they will depend on putting a conservative on the supreme court. i think key issue for a lot of these conservative leaders, christian leaders to come on board the campaign to say you know what, we can vote for this guy is his vice-presidential running mate. who is that person going to be. melissa: that is question number one, who are you looking at for vice president. he is not watching, don't worry. give us a sneak-peek. what are some of the other questions you would ask that would give you insight? i agree with you, he says i love the evangelicals, like i love the women. i love the hispanics. feel as little patronizing and insincere. >> i'm not sure he knows the difference between dunking and sprinkling. that is okay. melissa: yeah. >> they get it. but again when you look at the numbers, says evangelicals love me. who are those evangelicals? i don't think polling broken down what that word evangelical means. folks who go to church on sunday, every sunday, these folks are still undecided. melissa: so what is question number two?
4:47 pm
the vice president. >> actually i think supreme court more than the vice president. melissa: then what? >> the vice president really gives you an idea who donald trump is they want somebody with a sort of a track record. donald trump doesn't have track record. melissa: there was list of supreme court. is that satisfying to you? >> absolutely. a lot of those folks are very supportive but again they're not sure if that, will somebody on that list in fact be a pick, a nominee? we just don't know. melissa: question number three. give me an issue. >> the transgender bathroom bills, for example. a big issue around the country donald trump says, caitlyn jenner is more than welcome to use whatever bathroom she wants to use at trump tower. they have questions about cultural issues. common core is another question that will come up this is conversation. they will not come out of there with a straw poll vote. they will not say, we affirm donald trump, that we will vote for this guy. this is chance to have a conversation and get to know the heart who donald trump is.
4:48 pm
melissa: what is the choice? if hillary clinton a better choice? >> sweet lord almighty, no. melissa: we won't pull our weight behind you, sit back, stay home? what is the choice? >> this is message to the republican party hey, you know what? that may happen. there may be some people, we are not going to vote. we're going to stay home. other may write in ted cruz or third party candidate as write-in choice. quite frankly i think a lot of evangelicals, latest "fox news poll," 69% say if it is between trump and clinton they will go with donald trump. melissa: todd, thank you so much for that. connell. connell: we have breaking news, melissa. you might remember the romanian hacker fox news was reporting on named "gucifer" that who claimed to breach hillary clinton's email server. he is finalizing a plea deal from what we understand between the fbi and the u.s. attorney. "gucifer" expected to plead not guilty but expected to plea guilty to some charges. the change of plea hear
4:49 pm
something scheduled to take place wednesday morning. >> we're wondering in exchange for what? u.s. officials are reporting that taliban are planning new attacks against u.s. targets in kabul, afghanistan, under the protection of leader mullah monsieur. president obama confirming earlier today that mansur was killed in airstrikes in pakistan. connell: we know what they were planning to do. alert with u.s. officials, racing against the clock to prevent a widespread outbreak of the zika virus here at home, according to top infectious disease experts like anthony fauci. the mosquitoes are expected to arrive in the united states next month or so. to make matters worse, congress and republicans are at ads to money to battle threat. melissa: liking at unhealthy competition in schools. i wonder if they hand out
4:50 pm
participation trophies instead of diplomas. that would be good. eat extra piece of cheese. you will do your country a as far as. ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ melissa: americans may have to start adding cheese to every meal. that is fine with me. strong dollar is making american cheese more expensive for rest of the world but dairy farmers continue to make more cheese. adam shapiro has latest from murray's cheese in new york city. are they having a fire-sale there, adam? reporter: they have a sale on the cheddars. for instance, white cheddar, new york white cheddar is down from 7.99 a pound to 5.99 a pound. you mentioned dairy farmers, melissa making more cheese
4:54 pm
because since 2014 there has been more milk produced. instead of cutting production, they keep producing milk and making cheese. we have in storage in this country, 1.2 billion pounds of cheese because they know the price will go up one day but price is falling. this is three-pound chunk of queso that is how much each american would have to eat to close the gap, or shrink the glut. we each eat 36 pounds of cheese a year. overproduction of milk led to overproduction of cheese. drop in price resulted in that. we spoke to the vice president of merchandising here at murray's cheese, the preeminent cheese shop in new york city. here is what he told us. >> has to do with demands in 2014 that raised production of milk across the country. what we're seeing now factors hitting us of china importing less. russia has embargo. not selling that much cheese. europe producing more milk. driving the price -- >> down.
4:55 pm
>> cheese down. reporter: melissa look at this. see all the different varieties of cheese here. imported cheese is not as cheap discount as perhaps domestic cheese. to put this in perspective over at chicago mercantile exchange the cost, whether they are trading block cheddar has fallen since 201445%. at retail side, cheese prices are down about 4%. so when you go to the supermarket you will save about 4% on your favorite cheeses. you however are a fan of cheese whiz. i don't know if price is off. melissa: adam, we have to eat a block of cheese, how fast? we have to do it under a minute? what's the deal. connell: go. >> you have to three children. i think you could do this in 30 seconds. >> adam, thank you so much. bring back something yummy. see you soon. connell: from one cheesy story to another you might say or i said unfortunately, striving to be the best in your class is not what it used to be. how about this? school district right, in north carolina has that voted to
4:56 pm
stop naming valedictorians all together in high schools. no more valedictorians. they say, the board members, is due to quote, unquote, unhealthy competition among students i guess. if you want to be valedictorian striving for excellence is unhealthy. new system will recognize graduates with latin titles if they have gpa of 3.75. a bunch people as opposed -- melissa: nobody can speak latin in these schools so they never know who will be what. perfect. why your fitbit may not be as accurate as you think. connell: uh-oh. ♪
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
melissa: a few study claims your fitbit highly inaccuracies, it gets your heart rate wrong as much as 20 beats a second, according to cal poly -- >> it is off by 20, like 14%
5:00 pm
they tell me, a lot. connell: research was commissioned by a law firm, behind a class-action lawsuit againsts company. melissa: cal poly is straight, they did it, anyway. connell: that does it for us. melissa: here is "risk & reward." deirdre: we have a lot to update you on this hour, this is "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton. there is progress in the investigation as to what brought down egyptair flight 804, a bill $62 offer for monsanto. we'll bring you the latest. to floor the new york stock exchange laurie rothman is there, stocks closing session lows. reporter: but little change. everyone here is on fed watch. will they raise next month or raise interest rates in


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