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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they tell me, a lot. connell: research was commissioned by a law firm, behind a class-action lawsuit againsts company. melissa: cal poly is straight, they did it, anyway. connell: that does it for us. melissa: here is "risk & reward." deirdre: we have a lot to update you on this hour, this is "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton. there is progress in the investigation as to what brought down egyptair flight 804, a bill $62 offer for monsanto. we'll bring you the latest. to floor the new york stock exchange laurie rothman is there, stocks closing session lows. reporter: but little change. everyone here is on fed watch. will they raise next month or raise interest rates in july?
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everybody is holding back waiting for the fed decisions, we will hear from fedspeakers all week. the fed chair herself speaking friday morning. we saw low volume today. one of the lowest, lightest volume days so far, stocks in a narrow range, one of the narrowest that we've seen this year. that said there were some fascinating moves, and people did make money. however, utilities were a big drain. in this expectation of higher interest rate environment, utility, pay dividends, classic dividend players, you might say, if you get a higher yield as a saver, maybe utilities are not as attractive. so some of the big utilities lost ground.
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on other hand, basic materials, led s&p 500 index today, leader there monsanto. as you know german drug, and crop company, buyer, made a $6bayer made a offer for monsanto. dukmonsanto. wisdom tree -- i think this is an error. let's look at other commodities, oil and gold. apple shares were up north of 1% today, there was a report out of a singapore paper that said apple instructed its suppliers to expect units of iphones, 75 million, earlier forecast of the mid 60 units, you had the names enjoy a bounce because of that
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forecast that was put out by this newspaper in a asia. deirdre: i just want to ask you, because you alluded to the idea of potentially rates moving higher, when you talk to the traders on the floor, what are they telling you? reporter: will it be june or july. fed funds future was looking like june last week but now it looks like the needle is toward july, people are on the phone. you can watch -- not today but last week -- we saw huge swings in volatility, these fedspeakers will be i think safe to say carry an extra amount of importance, and you will probably see volatility ramp up. deirdre: lori, one quick last check, you mentioned oil and related stocks. are traders talking about this?
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we're in a summer driving season, almost official 4 days away, paying attention to the prices at the pump. reporter: yes. i think that dollar is a little bit more influ e -- unfly eunflew en shall on the price of oil, big picture, summer driving season, that could be bullish. this is where we are toward. deirdre: thank you so much lori, lori rothman complete respects from floor of the new york stock exchange. >> speaking o stock moves, buyers, u.s. -- bayers, closed lower, month sano closing up more than 4%. babayer made an all cash offer for monsanto. if that merger goes through it would create the work's largest agro-chemical company, that is a big if. charlie gasparino with me with more.
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charlie, $62 billion is at you t may not go through. >> what we reported last night was on the money. the next 24-48 hours are crucial. they are close to a deal, they don't have a deal. they you know we would know that something was up by now because monsanto has been in meetings all day. they are taking this seriously. deirdre: with the bankers but it could be the government, because bayer is a german company is there edginess? >> i think there are two things, market is telling you, regulations could kill this. deirdre: first thing i thought. >> u.k. -- not u.k. e.u. regulators have stopped other cross border deals, and this would be a huge -- this would be the biggest german purchase of any u.s. company. we do know that u.s. doj is sniffing around on this, they
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may not like it. these are huge staples, they are drugs. this is something that you don't want to mess with from -- you don't want to be the justice department messing with allowing something like this to happen. but i am thinking monsanto comes back and says we want more or we're out. deirdre: it may sou sound like a lot of money. >> it cash. deirdre: some analyst thought, this is a low ball. >> lower than they were expecting, some thought maybe $130 a share, not $122, my guess coming out of what i heard from monsanto, this is just my guess, banker chatter, sources are good. is that they are about at the price, the question is, do they want to do the deal. deirdre: the two businesses seem complimentary according
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to analyst reports, a huge biopharma comal company in gernlg gernlg. germ germany, an. it may not be best pr move. >> you have to feed the world, genetically modify food right now is probably only way to pass produce food. you will not be able to do it through cow manure in some guy's backyard. deirdre: for years, decades, there were a lot of research, looking for a problem, no problems. >> how did you eradicate hundredser. this is -- hunger, this is a big story, maybe this merger, will be a springboard to the large discussion, how did you eradicate hunger in the world, without gmo ? you can't, i think that might be bayer's entire rational are
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in this deal. if there is a long-term strategy here, and gmo is here to stay, i think next 24 to 48 hours is key. >> keep us posted. >> i will say, i never say a deal is done until it is done, this one, it has some weird smell to it right now. >> all right. >> look at way stock is trading. deirdre: thank you charlie gasparino. >> more clues are being found to explain what happens to egyptair flight 804. flight data show there was smoke in one of the back rooms right -- bathrooms right before the plane lost altitude, katherin cat catherine herridge with me now with more. reporter: first of all egyptian president announced the deployment of a submarine that can reach depths of up to 10,000 feet as they look for
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the black boxes, egyptian government showed images of the debris on television, including aircraft parts and passenger belongings. an airport insider may have tampered with aircraft. according to a flight tracking website, flight 804 went to 5 airports in 48 hours before disappearing issue before paris is made a round trip to tunisia capital, where security has been stepped up since islamic extremist attacks a mude ye museum and beach, killing tourists in 2014. and it made a trip to -- airbus had a digital datalink that reports problem to ground staff, that system, just before disappear from radar reported smoke in the lavatory. and ai airbus electronics and windows in cockpits. homeland security secretary
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warns is still inconclusive. >> at-this-point we cannot rule out some type of terrorist acts but it still very early. the black box was noted has not been found yesterday. yet, i suspect we'll know more in coming days. reporter: aviation specialist say there have been problem with a 320 end windows, and anti-ice heaters, the faa here required windshield replacements it not clear whether egyptair made the same fix, and if this in anyway contributed to the crash. deirdre: thank you catherine herridge. u.s. is helping iraq hit fallujah with aim of gains back the isis strong hole, u.s. coalition said it conduct two strikes near fallujah. destroying bunkers and tunnel entrances issue retired
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lieutenant world colonel tony shafer wit with me now. hoping this is the finning of the end, it is that pivotal point. >> we'll see how well we can expect them to do against mosul, this is part of the pentagon plan, they are moving forward, we're building capacity, the iraqis are in the lead. this the third time we going back to fallujah, this time the iraqis will take it back, i believe hold it. we're doing airstrikes again key facilities and inspection operations. one thing that different from last fall, that isis cannot move during the day or night, we have shut them down, they cannot resupply, i think this time we'll see progress. deirdre: some good progress, and u.s. is working with, iraqi forces, counterterrorism forces, police tribal fighters and shiite muslim militia --
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how do you think cold nsa i coordination can going? >> honest answer, it is a nightmare. this is no easy task, you have a lot of moving pieces, you have a tappestry of capability moving together, this one of the most difficult operations that we've done as a military, we're not in change, we're helping others do what is necessary. the city has put forward the -- they are invested in their own defense we think it is best way to go. deirdre: i am sure they would want their own defense. in another act of conflict, u.s. drone strike killed leader of african taliban, one of the big -- ca afghan taliban. one of the biggest be o
5:13 pm
tackles. in peace talks, how do you see this one leader, being takennous of the equation? >> this critical. the conflict there is like northern ireland, you essentially have same religion fighting among itself. ed ideas to get peopling who want to talk, those who did not want to talk, like m ma -- need to be moved out. deirdre: to your point, it could be seen as ruthless but it provides security for the world? >> right.
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deirdre: retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer thank you very much. >> thank you. deirdre: two polls show donald trump and hillary clinton in almost a dead heat if there were an election in coming weeks. senator sanders is increasing his attacks again hillary clinton, find out what he is aiming for, ahead of the california pry hair. -- primary. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months
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>> we have an unfavorable rating that is almost as high as donald trump? , how do you do it 1234.? >> well, it is not as high. deirdre: new polls show that
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trump and clinton may be in a dead heat with a hypothetical general election, if it were don toda done today had. >> a new "abc washington post poll" had trump up by 2. nbc "wall street journal" poll with clinton up by 3, bad news for clinton. in april clinton held an 11 point lead over trump in nbc journal poll, in march, she was beating trump by 9. in abc post poll,. >> new nbc journal poll bernie sanders beats trump by 15 points, 54% to 39%. one kind of piece of good news for clinton. voters, negative views of trump continue to be higher than hers but not by much, union workers in detroit today, clinton continued to hammer truck.
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>> we're going up against a candidate who will paused backwards on every issue we care about, we need a president who will use the bully pulpit to stand up for working families issue the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. reporter: as for trump, he was meeting in manhattan with tennessee senator bob corker. he has been mentioned as a possible trump pick for vice president. he called their session a simple get to know you meeting . i have no reason to believe that i am being considered for anything like that. deirdre: clarity rules thank you peter barnes. my power political panel is her here. -- welcome you to all.
5:20 pm
jenin, what do you make of the results of the polls? >> i think this is significant findings, hillary is used toking in the -- to being in the lead, and timothy cardinal dolan has closed that gap. i also think that really interesting that donald is leading hillary by 12 points, in two areas where americans are concerned about the economy, where hillary's plan is one pain, one word, bill. and he is leading with terrorism. americans are concerned about the economy, about terrorism. deirdre: they are great points, christian you need your head. >> yes, but you know i think that everyone should be aware of that this may, the election is not until november, these polls mean very little, it comes down to 2 turns out --
5:21 pm
who turns out, it is people who don't like hill hinge or donald trump. the unfavorable numbers is what to look at, the people will vote for candidate they dislike the least. deirdre: i saw, this weekend showed at some point how much mitt romney had in support against president obama. then at very last month it crisscrossed. so kelly, bringing you ino this point, what do you make of the clinton, since you are a democratic voice, the clinton-sanders future match up in california. >> i think sort of ties to your conversation about poll, democratic side there are a lot of voters that are still participating in a very heated primary election, still a hard path to the nomination on behalf of senator sanders, but if he can take 80% of california, and 60% of the remaining states there is a path. the numbers are pretty much
5:22 pm
eve even. pretty hard to get the numbers accurately to detect what is happening in general election. but right now the sanders/clinton thing is very relevant in the minds of a lot of democratic voter. deirdre: i want to speak to this point of unity you made, former presidential candidate jeb bush has in the past criticized trump's campaign but now he defends trump supporters. >> i fear that people looking down their nose will say that people that are supporting donald trump are a bunch of idiots, they are not, they are legitimately scared, they are scared, they are fearful, for legitimate reasons there should be respect for that. deirdre: do republicans have a smoother time at this juncture, you can make that argument where donald trump is the nominee. and dems are still fighting it out?
5:23 pm
>> i thing, the end result could be that hillary clinton is president. that what republicans, conservatives do not want, so i think it central for republicans, conservatives to really unite, to gather. and to look at fact that the end result will be another extension of president obama's administration. >> democratic -- >> regulation. -- our middle class suffering is right now, we're hearing from middle class americans in terms of the jobs situation, how americans don't have money safe for basic emergency issues that come up with families, americans are really hurting right now they are speaking. deirdre: kel sne. >> yeah, i mean, democrats are not doing thattity, because there is not a nominee clear in out right. the comparison of trump to hillary right now is not really accurate, when she is declared the nominee, likely to lap, and vast majority of sander supporters come over to
5:24 pm
our side for the same reason. you get to have a real conversation about who should be next president. when you get there, americans will speak with their in the polls, and she will come out on top. deirdre: we'll continue this conversation, kelly, thank you, jennine, kirsten. >> sanders accusing it of favoritism forever hillary clinton. >> remember when i told everyone to stop talking about your dam e-mails, what a snuck. >> remember all those states like wyoming, you beat my by a lot, but i got most of the delegates. >> i don't like people. i only talk to them because i want to be the president so bad. >> don't. >> i think they know.
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>> we need a campan, an election coming up, who have two candidates that are strongly disliked. i don't want to see the american people votes for the lesser of two evils. deirdre: bernie sanders said party leaders favor hillary clinton, he is challenging the
5:29 pm
nc chair wassermann schultz. saying if he were to be president he would not have her back. kelly, what does sanders want here, june 7, california premier. big kahuna if you like. tip, looks at math he is not going to win, what does he want? >> he wants to follow through to the end, why he got in the race. to get topics on the table. he should be -- him and the people that are feeling bern should be proud of what they have done, she is talking about things that are farther to left she would have otherwise done, you talk about chairwoman, debbie wassermann schultz. i'm not sure that is the right place to spread the massive
5:30 pm
list he has issue but i think he is trying to accomplish in california to prove the issues he talk about good, progressive democratic values should be on the table in this presidential debate. i think she has heard that. deirdre: how does sanders participation in the race change, the conversation on the republican side. >> he is really doing republicans a favor. >> donald trump loves him. >> this unity bump, the more his supporters are inflamed, the more that donald trump is reach out to them, he knows that bernie sanders is not going to be the nominee. >> i'm also antiestablishment. >> absolutely, the things that are coming out of bernie sanders' mouth up gain the dnc chair. like what donald trump pulled, i don't like paul ryan's agenda, and complaining about the rnc, this is unbrand for bernie sanders, i think she i
5:31 pm
she he doing the republicans more of a favor than the democrats. deirdre: up until to point he had support. like mother jones, one writer said it is sad to see such a good man, such as bensche -- bernie, become a bitter old man. >> i am sure that hillary clinton is thinking that berny is that gnat that will not go away, hillary cannot energize young voters, the millennial they just don't like her. >> i think they would vote for hear over donald trump though. >> one thing that bernie has is leverage, what is it that bernie wants? does he want to be vp, does he have a say in who the vp is. deirdre: a little power right?
5:32 pm
>> he has a lot of voters. >> i don't agree that young people don't like hillary, i agree is he insighted the young base, in a way he has not. i do think there has to be a coming together of the party, but i don't think that bernie supporters go to trump, they either go to hillary or stay home, like young voters stay home in every presidential elect in the country, if there is a movement to be made it is from sanders to clinton. >> white working class voters will go to trump, and millennials will stay home. deirdre: final word. thank you all ladies. glad to have you here. >> propolitics -- from politics to celebrities, bombshell revelation from the biggest loser, a former contescontestant on fox and
5:33 pm
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5:37 pm
otherwise if the economy was very strong, they wouldn't be fancy contendors for the presidential election. deirdre: editor of the gloom, boom, and doom report marc fabe faber. so far this year, hiring of temp workers have ground to a halt, firms hire temp workers when expanding, they tend not to rebook if the economy is slowing. do you see this temp hiring freeze as a sign of concern? >> sure. it is. we get these conflicting signals on the labor market, it has been strong over the last year not great but good.
5:38 pm
when you see temporary employment numbers flatten out, that indicates that the embassyys are -- employmenties are pulling back a little bit, we're should be growing jobs at about twice the pace we are right now. this is a reluctance of. everies to take on new workers, they are so worried about where the economy is headed. deirdre: some say this is just the sign of a changing economy. more people either choose to be temporary workers or they are changing jobs, just the workforce itself is more like lego blocks? >> truth to that too. no question that we're turning more to a temporary. am situation. that is not necessarily because of the worker but because of the employers, they
5:39 pm
want to you know, try out test out the employees with a temporary job before they bring them on with a permanent position. it a way of testing whether this person will work out, about half the time they do, about half the time the worker does not show up for work or they can't handle the job, it easier to fire a temporary worker than a permanent worker . that makes it tough for workers, they don't know what they are going to be doing in 6 months. deirdre: and not able to spend on big ticket items, i read some economist say oh, my gosh this is the first sign of wheels grinding to a halt. >> this not the first sign. the first sign is that the economy is glowing down, 1% growth that gdp number is a flashing signal. retail sales have not been
5:40 pm
good either, consumers are pulling back. i am worried, i don't think we're head toy a recession -- headed to a recession but growth rate is very slow. >> steve moore thank you very much, insightful from heritage with me there. deirdre: romanian hacker, lucifer is to plead guilty to hacking charges in a u.s. court on wednesday issue revealing hillary clinton was using a private e-mail grease as secretary of state, he addressed personal e-mails and photographs of belonging to family of former president george w. bush. >> when we come back, fitness tracker, fitbit sued or fallty heart rate information, we will tell you how far off the day data is. >> tom brady appealing his 4 game suspension, again. we'll bring you up to speed. lti.
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deirdre: from is a clas class-action lawsuit against wearable tech company fitbit, saying the accuracy does not measure up, they are given highly inaccuracies results, lis wiehl is with me now, so, on what grounds is there this class action? can people say, i had a heart attack because this not giving me. >> false advertising, up to 20 beats per minute, wrong. so they say, false advertising. >> that is a big reach. >> but defense could be, we're not advertising it as a heart monitor. but you know they say, you are advertising it, you manage your heart. 20 beats a minute, if that is really right, they did the study.
5:45 pm
deirdre: about 25 percent difference. >> a big difference. i don't have one of these. that smells big brother to me but this is a different story. >> how is fitbit responding, are they saying go away we're a leisure product. >> a please ea leisure product. and again there is read the small print, when you buy one of these, you go into an a-- arbitration clause, you cannot sue as a class action, you agree to arbitrate, class action is not an arbitration. they get that cut in the knees right there. deirdre: but they wanted to make headlines they did. >> maybe fitbit might settle, i don't know that is what it is, implied warranties, false advertising. deirdre: headlines. >> oh, no. it will never go away. deirdre: i know, tom brady,
5:46 pm
the 4 game suspension, over the deflated football. i mean he again coming back to the table. >> it is really not so much about money. his the money quote, unquote, only 1 million salary. deirdre: for tom brady that not a lot of money. >> he is asking for an on bank hearing, all of the judges, hear this on-bank. slight chance that is going to happen, i think this is save face, and say, i don't want to go down in history known as a cheater. deirdre: why is he doing this for 4 games. >> i think the legacy, that is his legacy. this is only way to get ultimate goal, goal, to supreme court. he asked to get on-bank.
5:47 pm
deirdre: all right, we like clarity lis wiehl thank you. fox news legal analyst. >> student debt is a huge problem. new survey shows student loans can could used for everything from vacations to eating out. you won't believe it. many people clean their dentures
5:48 pm
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deirdre: student loan debt in america more than $1.2 trillion, only one greater than student debt, as a category, is mortgage debt, there is a survey out of college kids, found that one in five, saying they use the student loan to pay for
5:51 pm
vacations, or dining out or other forms of entertainment. with me now, conservative blogger, alexis. and best sell author larry wingette. young people do you know some who have used student loan money for spring breaks or anything else? >> i do. a lot of my peers, this is disheartening a lot of people working hard for that money, but we're nod educated properly on what we do with our money. deirdre: it seems like that, i remember reading part of that report, which was like when my check came, drinks were on me, larry, are the schools at fault? should the work be harder? or should they monitor when the checks are used for. >> i don't hold the schools responsible for this, i agree
5:52 pm
with alexis, kids should be taught better, you rely 40% of the student loans, nobody is making payments on it, you can't blame the kids issue a lot of their moms and dads sign those notes too, they should be making sure that money goes to the school to pay for education. and not for a kegger on the weekend. parental responsibility is a big deal. deirdre: alexis, i like what you said the shame some kids drop out of school they help to send money back home they can't afford it and for some reason did not could loans. >> right, i use student loans, i took advantage of government helping me. so to see people not necessarily, like i said, all going to education, we have nothing, i think to get a student loan you should have to go through proper educating
5:53 pm
at school, this is what it used for. i don't think that plastic surgery or even eating out or on top of that, the kegs. or anyone we should use our money for. deirdre: alexis thank you bloomer with me there, larry you are with me after the break we'll talk about the controversy surrounding the biggest loser, former contest ent say that show's method caused them to gain all their lost weight back, and additional shocking claims as well. >> i would train every day and vomit on the set, they said, great, you will lose more weight. and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class.
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lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >>
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>> we should show how many of these contestants have gained their weight back. they washed their hand of all
5:57 pm
responsibility of these contestants after the show. they made billions of dollars destroying these people's lives. it was the biggest mistake of my life. i should have never went on the show. deirdre: that was a former contestant on the show. she says trainers encouraged contestants to starve themselves, take up safe supplements and ignored requests for medical help on the show. >> i wouldn't be too quick to throw the show, the trainers other doctors under the bus. they lost a lot of weight and they had a support system. then they go home and gain the weight back and they need somebody to blame.
5:58 pm
the first place they are going to go to find somebody to blame. it's their responsibility to keep the weight off. what make you gain weight is you eat too much and you don't exercise enough. that's it. don't blame the show for not being there to hold your hand. deirdre: some said the trainers had them working 7-8 hour a day which is not possible if you have a day job. do you think this take away from the point of the show? >> i had a reality tv show, and it's tv. nobody should be surprised when they get into a show like that that they will have to put a lot hours in. but don't leave the show, then whine and complain because you weren't able to stay on track on your diet and stick with it. you went home and surrounded
5:59 pm
yourself with the same old people and same old food and you don't want to take responsibility for doing that and now you have gained your weight back. not the show's fault. deirdre: do you think the creators will face any consequences? >> i hope not, unless they did something illegal like with the drug and all that sort of stuff. i hope they don't. it's just a tell vague show. these people must take personal responsibility. deirdre: remind us again of your show. >> i don't have the show any more. it used to be a show about too . personal responsibility. deirdre: that's the one i want to see back on tv. >> me, too. he's the offer of "grow a pair." in today's session you will see
6:00 pm
an intraday rocky trade. we can call it slightly lower as you can see for the dow, the s & p 500 and the nasdaq. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles pain starts right now. charles: good evening. stocks giving back earlier gains, selling, interestingly in safe sectors like tele comes. the fed seems hell bent on hiking rates. hillary clinton has made millions in speaking fees but who's footing the bill? it's corporate america. we'll tell you how much she has lined herb pockets. crony capitalism, they are


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