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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we can call it slightly lower as you can see for the dow, the s & p 500 and the nasdaq. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles pain starts right now. charles: good evening. stocks giving back earlier gains, selling, interestingly in safe sectors like tele comes. the fed seems hell bent on hiking rates. hillary clinton has made millions in speaking fees but who's footing the bill? it's corporate america. we'll tell you how much she has lined herb pockets. crony capitalism, they are creating new jobs but just not
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here in america. boeing scores big on another obama trip. donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat in november. >> there i so much more that unite us than divide us. and we are going up against a candidate who-pull us backward and every issue we care about. we need a president who will use the bully pulpit to stand up for working families, but the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. the on thing standing between donald trump and the oval office is all of us. and we are going to unify the democratic party and stop donald trump. charles: we also have breaking news. virginia governor terry
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mcauliffe is denying claims he's being investigated by the f.b.i. his attorney released this statement. charles: it's been a crazy day. >> donald trump is winning independents, and bernie sanders -- only 66% of sanders supporters say they will go with hillary clinton if she is the nominee. charles: over the weekend
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washington state had its gop convention and 41 delegates up for grabs. somehow ted cruz gets 40 of them. i know donald trump make an effort to reach out to the dissatisfied republicans. >> since we have the nomination locked up, some of the cruz people in some of these states are still pushing very hard. but we have been focusing our efforts on hillary clinton. when you look at the latest poll, you see she has over 700 people working for her campaign. we have 70. she spent $183 million, and we spent $57 million. and donald trump has taken out 17 oh own don't get it down to one, and she isn't able to get rid of one socialist and is locked in a death battle. you see the polls where donald trump is pulling ahead. i think this is a good sign for
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what's going to happen in the fall. i think donald trump will waltz into the oval office. charles: maybe he will waltz, maybe he won't. but i can see why anyone in the donald trump camp would be extremely excited. just imagine if there is an f.b.i. investigation compound with all the other problems hillary has. >> hillary is also under investigation. that's usually brushed away, and there is a linkage with the clinton global initiatives. the polls show trends. the big story is not that he's ahead, but that she has lost a double-digit lead. she is in denial. she mentioned on meet the press that shement take these things -- that she doesn't take these things seriously, but she took it seriously when she was ahead.
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her team will be taking note of this and adjusting to reality. part of this is to tell the voters, we are fine. voters continued to wanted to be with the winner. if they see blood in the water they will move away. we don't even have the general election started yet and she is already in defensive mode. >> she is in defensive mode because of this pesky with guy bernie sanders. the democratic 35r9y built itself this giant well terrell utopia where they promise you everything for free. >> he upped the ante and she had to meet him every step of the way. take a look at the polling right now. donald trump who two weeks agopher one final word for our viewers was saying it's never trump. he's consolidating. he's in the high 80s among republicans and hillary clinton
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is in the low 80s among democrats. bernie sanders is forcing authority left, and forcing her to spend money. the reality is she is a flawed candidate. she is terrible in unscripted situations. trump is great in unscripted situations. >> to your points, that's the key. if you look at the poll, 77% of sanders supporters said they would vote for trump. bls * supporters might decide who gets the white house. >> she cannot capture that's enthusiasm. terry mcauliffe who is a long-time clinton fundraiser could also potentially be under investigation. these are the threats the democrats are facing where the republicans have freshing with
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bold, new ideas coming from donald trump. charles: it's one thing to twiep them away. but they are mounting. when you start to here it involves a chinese national oral a guy who represented the chinese people's party. he pledged money to the clinton foundation. i goats to trust of hillary clinton. >> one thing americans hate the most is other countries meddling in our political process. spsm when you look at this, hundreds of millions of dollars from china trying to influence our election. hillary clinton hayes huge issues within her own party. i think the number is higher than 25% of how many bernie
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sanders voters will vote for donald trump. i think this will get locked up and donald trump has a win on his hands if hillary clinton is the nominee. charles: donald trump has the momentum. november is a long ways away. there are certain issues his camp should be looking at to solidify this. >> but he shouldn't change at this point. now we know no, that's part of this. i think part of what you do in business, one thing i have to say in urging, everyone is saying bernie sanders should run as an independent. if he were to run, those people voting for trump would still be voting for and materials. the last thing we want is for bernie sanders to be running as a third party. but that's exactly what would throw it into the house of representatives. that's one of the serious things.
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the trump camp says that will be a great idea. i think nothing could be further from the truth. >> hillary clinton almost lost kentucky. donald trump put out a list of supreme court justices. he reached out to conservatives in a number of ways. he had the "national review" give input on the list of justices. charles: in 2008, hillary clinton did very well, she won new york, new jersey and california. he limped into the democratic convention and only 0% of hillary clinton supporters said they would support him. >> this is the problem for hillary and the big question, what do we do with bernie sanders? if they don't address that before their convention in july, he will cause a ruckus at that convention like we have never seen.
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charles: there were reports bernie sanders was a lot more conciliatory behind the scenes and willing to cut a deal. i don't know what he wants, but i suggest they give to it him sooner rather than later. >> hillary clinton is flying with nitroglycerin. if bernie sanders wins the state of california, they will be fighting all the way to philly. the longer they are divide, the better off it is. the key for conservative is can he get the 93% of registered voters. charles: terry mcauliffe made news two weeks ago allowing 200,000 felons to vote. now he's making news for the wrong reasons. another f.b.i. investigation in an orbit of the clintons is the last thing she needs.
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charles: donald trump wanting to meet 400 conservative evangelical leaders. tony perkins, they are working with dr. ben carson. they worked together to arrange this private meeting.
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bob, thanks for joining me. donald trump had great success with evangelicals with the voting in the south. but there was a group of evangelicals who made it clear they are disabond it donald trump. other parts of the party who were disappointed with this campaign are starting to come around. what will it take for you to jump on the trump train? >> it's a tale of two cities. we are thrilled he tapped into the emotion of people being upset with toll particulars. but we are not sure where he stand on issues that are important to us like life, liberty, religious freedom and israel. our goal is to have a conversation with in trump, and let's see if he's somebody we can get behind to support and
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hopefully vote for. charles: those items you just clicked off. would that be enough for you and others who are still resistant? >> there its no doubt hillary clinton is a great motivator. she won't be close to where we want her to be on pro-family issues and donald trump we believe will be closer to that. but we'll put principle or politics. we'll look at who will he surround himself with, who will be his vice presidential pick, who will be in his cabinet, who are the supreme court justice picks? charles: the list he released for the supreme court, was that okay? >> that was a great start.
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those 11 names with conservatives is universally applaud. the catch phrase is there are more names on there. we would like to know who are those other names. we don't want to be surprised. you are seeing a lot of people like donald trump. a lot of people like we did during this campaign. but there is still a trust issue. who is he going to surround himself with be what issues will he take a stand for. because he has a checkered fast when it comes to conservatism. charles: you retweeted, be humble, think of others before yourself. was that a subliminal message before the meeting to donald trump? >> no, but we all think of being humble it's a mark of leadership. humility in somebody, you are seeing a leader. when you have see pride and
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arrogance, that's dangerous leadership. we believe we need cultural transformation that will impact elections and influence policy. more coming up, donald trump, his impending meeting with evangelicals. we'll talk about it when we come back.
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charles: fox news confirmed that governor terry mcauliffe is under federal investigation by the f.b.i. and the department of justice for unlawful donations. we'll have more details for you later. ben carson, tony perkins and bill dallas arranged a meeting with donald trump and leading
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evangelicals. some are saying they need to get on the the same panel, others are saying it's for a financial boost. we have van hipp. i think people have been amazed by the speed with which he has been able to coalesce the outliers in the republican party. >> i think what we are seeing is trump realizes he need to have a good ground game in the fall. i think what's going on here. i see paul manafort's fingers all over this. if you can get evangelicals to contribute, they are up vesting in that candidate. they are more likely to knock on doors and get out the vote. going back to ronald reagan evangelicals have been the foot soldiers of the movement.
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i see a concerted effort going on right now that will pay off big time in the general elect. evangelicals did not turn out in key states like ohio in 2012 for mitt romney. for trump supporters this is a good sign. he's taking the ground game very seriously and making a concerted effort to get evangel cams invested in this candidacy. charles: i don't know if you heard my interview with vanderplast. >> bob told you pretty clearly he would like to see a vice presidential pick that is maybe more socially conservative. i think donald trump made great inroad by announcing the 11 supreme court picks. also combating isis. the fact that donald trump calls
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out isis for what it is and talks about the persecution of christians overseas. that's a rallying cry for christians, as well as the fact he has taken on the pc nature of america, and a the lot of -- and a lot of christians feel percent cute. so they feel persecuted, they feel donald trump could be a warrior for them. that's what he has got to do. he has to be a christian warrior. charles: i don't know if the north carolina bathroom thing might come up. another gripe want to ask you about with the any lenalls. millennials in the polls. overwhelmingly leading toward hillary clinton and and match up with between the two. what does he have to do to get christians and millennials on board. >> for millennials it will be a
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challenge. donald trump embodies a lot of the negative stereotypes. stereotypes, old rich white guys who think highly of themselves. charles: you sell the republican message to millennials and you have been successful at that. >> my advice to donald trump is this. broad yourself as the true outsider. continue to show hillary clinton as being bought and paid for. donald trump is someone that can rail against the political class, young people do not like establishment politic, they do not trust washington, d.c. to get problems fixed. if donald trump want to focus on those issues he can do a lot better with young people and the polls will start to shah relationship as we go toward november.
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charles: hillary clinton raked in $21 million between 2013 and
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2015. 30 groups profited from government contacts. and bill clinton's speaking fees skyrocketed once his wife became secretary of state. have the clintons crossed the line parlaying their positions into personal wealth? in addition to this, we have breaking news. virginia governor terry mcauliffe may be involving campaign donations from a chinese national worth $1 billion, also committed $2 million to the clinton foundation. it's getting very, very ugly stuff. >> terry mcauliffe is a top clinton ally. but this is the company that she keeps. they are full of corruption, scandal and she doesn't ware
6:31 pm
where the money comes from. the clintons since 2001 have earned $150 million in speaking fees alone. when it's broken down to 22 of these groups are lobbying the state department directly while she was secretary of state. of course, it's pay to play influence. that's what's exposed in the book. these groups and organizations know they can get access to one of the most powerful positions in the country through the clintons and that's just not fair. charles: jessica, it doesn't pass the smell test. >> it's a little stinky of course. i don't anyone even the most vehement hillary clinton supporters wouldn't say they wish it wasn't so. charles: isn't it pay to play?
6:32 pm
>> peter schweitzer said there is no evidence or link he can draw that profts it's pay to play. the "new york times" did their own investigation and they are unearthing these connections. this doesn't affect democratic voters. >> it affected her trustworthiness numbers. even amongst democrats her popularity is dropping like a rock. she does have trustworthiness issues. we are talking about hillary clinton. and perhaps using the influence of her power at the expense of the american people. >> you mentioned her being trustworthy and i mentioned the gop -- charles: tell me about the court of public opinion, is it turning here? >> it won't hurt her in the long run. when you get into certain positions, you get speaking fees.
6:33 pm
now they are pretty high. but it's not going to hurter in the long-run. >> when you get to a general election, i'm not saying there isn't a murkiness here. when you have a bernie sanders saying here is the money from all the speeches i never gave. charles: donald trump won't let up on this. >> the environment won't let up on it either. there is a reason why bernive is so much farther after he head. when it goes to some one temperature who set up her private email system. this is a person who lives to obscure. there are over 100 agents at the fine look at it right now. the problem with hillary is the trust issue is baked in. these reinfoirlts and make it cement.
6:34 pm
it's already affecting the democrats. she is down under 50%. charles: it will have some impact. the romanian hacker goose for p -- guccifer *, he's quoopght u.s. government. that means more details are coming.
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charles: the secretary of veterans affairs compared veterans healthcare to waiting in line at disney world. you cannot make this up. it's embarrassing.
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charles: the market trying to
6:38 pm
rally with news that apple has notified its suppliers to get ready to build 70 million i phones. the federal reserve my want to raise interest rates as early as next month. they are talking about three interest rates this year and four next year. so here is the thing. we might be back to rooting for' good news. we'll see how the market reacts but i think we might be able to go higher. secretary of the va is drawing harsh criticism after comparing veterans waiting for healthcare with tourists waiting in line at disney. >> the days to an appointment is
6:39 pm
really not what we should be measuring. we should be measuring veteran satisfaction. what really counts is how does the veteran feel about its encounter at the va. when you go to disney do they measure the number of hours you have wait in line? what's important is your satisfaction with the experience. i would like to move to eventually that kind of measure. charles: jesse, what were your thoughts when you heard that. >> he's comparing waiting in a line at dumbo or a picture with mickey mouse with veterans dying waiting for medical care. he needs to go get on the va medical system. put your money where your mouth is if you believe so in the care our veterans are getting. charles: disney does measure the
6:40 pm
amount of time people wait in line. >> i can't remember the last time someone died waiting in line to go to space mountain. what secretary mcdonald showed today is how out of touch he is with the deep rooted systemic problems. this is not a laughing matter. 22 veterans commit suicide every single day. even now at this point some veterans are calling the va suicide hotline and they are getting voicemail. some veterans have died waiting for their healthcare. those wait times and waitlists have been manipulated it's a disgrace that leader of the va who has been tasked with reform is treating is as such. charles: he was brought in as some sort of savior. >> he was brought in to reform the va.
6:41 pm
everyone had high hopes for mcdonald, i did. instead he has taken on this role where he's accepting the status quo, he's putting the va employees ahead of veterans they are suppose to be serving and making them at top of their list and their rye -- and their priority. charles: it feels like every time's addressed it, it gets better. even with president obama in the white house, it's just despicable what we heard today. >> i don't think lit change under this administration. what we heard out of this secretary was excused. he want to be grade on the quality of care, but not the time it takes to get that care. many of your veterans aren't satisfied with your care. those who got veterans choice
6:42 pm
act and went outside the va found the veterans the deep is not paying the bill. year looking at a man who has become detached and circling the wagons to protect the golden hierarchy called the veterans administration. >> a bail more officer is acquitted on all charges against him in the freddie gray case. we'll have the details next. stay tuned.
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charles: the romanian hacker to claims he hacked hillary clinton's email i said to be pleading guilty to some charges. what do we know about the deal?
6:46 pm
reporter: the reason this guy matters, it was because of his hacking in 2013 we fir knew then secretary of state hillary clinton was using this home account for personal business. fox news smoke with guccifer and he told us he breached the clinton server twice and used the aide sydney blumenthal as a stepping stone. he did not offer independent evidence of this, and the clinton campaign says his claims be not be believed. but we know he has been cooperating with the f.b.i. and the u.s. attorney in virginia. we believe the plea deal is finalized. and he will enter this guilty plea wednesday in he can ask change for some sort of sort of compromise with the government
6:47 pm
for his astance answer in the future. charles: what are some of the potential ramifications after wednesday on this investigation into hillary clinton's emails? reporter: the reason this hacker is important, if the f.b.i. and the justice department wanted to make the argument mrs. clinton put this national defense information at risk and exposed it to third parties, they could do that through the romanian hearing. when he got inside the sidney blumenthal account, he was able to take from that account, and he posted them on the web. this is a big idea. so the fact that mrs. clinton was using a personal server, it took government information outside of secure channeled and placed it on sidney blumenthal's account and that left it he can
6:48 pm
posed and at risk for foreign hackers like the romanians. by saying to the court that he did hack blumenthal's account, what he's saying is mrs. clinton's email information was vulnerable and it was a conscious decision she made to send it to third parties like sidney blumenthal. charles: today in baltimore a judge found officer edward nero not guilty. freddie gray died injuries he sustained in the back of a police van. the prosecution claimed he was reckless when he placed gray in the back of the van. officials asked citizens to remain peaceful in the wake of today's ruling. charlie, i want to go to you first.
6:49 pm
so far there is relative calm in baltimore. part i would salute the attorney for freddie gray's family said he thought this was a verdict that was well thought out and he didn't find any problems with it. >> last spring, everyone was so sure, al sharpton and his gang of friend, that this whole pack of police should be brought to the highest extent of the law. they weren't telling the protesters to back down and look at the dan that was done to that beautiful city last spring. it's a lesson to the political left. the law will play itself out. look at all the damage that was done politically and infrastructurewise in baltimore. the mayor not telling the police to stop it. this is a lesson for everyone to learn from. charles: attorneys for nero asked the prosecution to drop
6:50 pm
the rest of the charges saying they were baseless to begin with. any chance of that happening? >> there is no chance of that happening. the prosecution will go all the way through with all of these cases. i believe they overcharged. it was clearly that. when you have six officers, all their cases except two are separated. it will be almost impossible to get a convict. i don't see it on this case. i believe someone should be held accountable for what happened, but to charge them with murder, it's just too much. >> baltimore is one of the cities republicans, conservative point to as a cautionary tale it's hard to argue against it. >> wait' not hard to argue against. politicians are speaking directly to the concern of minorities, people who are not doing as well. that's what democrats do.
6:51 pm
they look at the populations that are not doing as well, and they say they want to make policy to make their lives better. i can't look at baltimore and say i would be thrilled in i was moving to baltimore. republicans can do that all they want. but until they start putting forward policies that acknowledge the concerns of minority voters, i don't think they have a leg to stand on. charles: i would be glad when democrats stop putting forward policies that enable the worst outcomes. >> when you look at overzealous nature the attorney general in the charges. their murder rate last year was the highist has ever been in the state's history and shootings that didn't lead to murder, spiked 74%.
6:52 pm
this is the effect of basically overcharging these cops and pursuing social justice above legal justice which is color blind. charles: crony capitalism. have you ever wondered how the administration creates its eastern policy. president obama visits a country and boeing gets a deal. a good day for general fleck saudi arabia. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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charles: we saw some of it today, ge announcing a nice saudi arabia deal, in persian gulf. also boeing, a big deal from
6:56 pm
vietnam, almost 12 billion dollars, a lot of people questioning, is corporate america that dictates america's foreign policy? van hip, the influence of these large corporations, and idea they have -- it russel ruffles a lot of people the wrong way. >> i do, i see a big difference with saudi and vietnam. saudi looks like a great deal for the saudi economy, not such a good deal for ge shareholders down the road, and vietnam, i would say we do a lousy job of negotiating, as don't donald trump said, we could have gotten more on vietnam today. why not reduce some tariffs on
6:57 pm
american goods and products going in there and bring closure to american families of the p.o.w. families. charles: steve cortez, you are a capitalist, ueven like defense stocks, you look over last 10 years, businesses with a thousand. employee or more never get a piece of this kind of act. >> canadian bacon is not bacon, crony capitalism is not capitalism. charles: what is it. >> not bacon. i don't know what it is. crony capitalism is an oxymoron. we use the term we know what we're talking about, which is cronyism. i am from chicago. american economy, this is sad, more businesses are closing than opening when a awful milen to to reach, i think one
6:58 pm
of the main reasons that we've reached that sad milestone is cronyism, i do love defense, but i hate crony capitalism. charles: to last week, survey, ft, you know 50% of businesses prefer hillary clinton over donald trump 25%. these are large businesses that do a lot of international business, a lot of tradings. it feels like something is wrong, something has gone wrong. >> that is why they are supporting hillary clinton, they know they will get the skids will be greased for them in their favor, this is a insidious relationship, a with ge, you know, look. they were in clinton cash? okay? the deal they did in algeria at the same time they gave to
6:59 pm
clinton foundation, that not good. charles: and barack obama's job czar. >> i want those jobs here. charles: breaking news just right now. head of security for transportation security add machine stration kell administration kelly hogan has been removed following a house oversight committee, last week on the mismanagement of the tsa, tsa has been a unmitigated nightmare. >> we need competency, that is the answer not money, maybe bring in people from private sector, we are always responding to the last terrorist athreat rather than thinking outside of the box to prevent the next one. >> quite being politically correct, and profile. charles: all right, we appreciate you watching.
7:00 pm
we have it all covered for you. this year will mean everything. for many years to come. lou dobbs is next, keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs. a lot happening, were exciting some earnings -- inciting anxiety on hillary clinton campaign. the abc news washington post poll has trump beating clinton by two points, 46 to 44%. the nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows clinton beating trump by three points, 46 to 43%, last month clinton was ahead of compan tru b


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