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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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from her husband's support. that gives us 100%. we do math like this day and night here. it's amazing. good night from new york. kennedy: baby, mondays are always happy when you are here. fallout from the weekend's gun slinging where hillary clinton and donald trump held an emotional shootout over the latest wedge, guns. it's hotter than a pistol and here to stay. >> hillary wants to disfarm vulnerable americans in high-crime neighborhoods, whether it's a young single mom in florida or a grand mother in ohio. hillary wants them to be defenseless.
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kennedy: he needs to get back on the teleprompter. hillary was with trayvon martins circle of mothers. >> if you want to see what trump's america looks like. picture more kids dead from violence and bigotry. kennedy: taking a dim view of nature that rational and good people can't be defended upon to -- depended upon to defend themselves. we don't want to take your guns away, we just want to keep you from getting them. the problem is these checks never affect mass shootings. most bad people get guns from good people like friends and
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girlfriend and sisters. >> paris teachers and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms just like donald trump does at many of his hotels by the way. kennedy: gun-free zones are an advertisement and roadmap point together most vulnerable. this brand of crass emotionalism is the last stands of the i will logical. this a proven correlation between concealed carol are you rates and decline in murder. hillary and the overbearing left would never call for scene outright ban on guns because she can't. it's a constitutional protected national right. until no one has guns. let's err on the side of caution.
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even if it's the perception of good people defending themselves. there are unintended consequences of prohibition and killing freedom. judge napolitano is here on the acquittal of a police officer in the killing of freddie gray. and bernie sanders goes to war with the democratic party. donald and hillary firing shots. democratic strategist and former dnc councilmember, mike welch is here, and he's joined by devito.
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writes our cleric. matt, let's talk about the gun issue. how is this significant for both side to engage in this at this point in the campaign? >> gun control has not been a presidential topic of discussion since 2000 because al gore ran as a gun controller and lost his home state of tennessee. a lot of democratic strategists said is the democrats got out of their skis on gun control which has not been a popular position to have in a country with 300 million guns. bernie sanders who is pro gun rights for a democrat and more socialistish. hillary clinton spent the entire primary season holding up the
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idea we should be able to sue gun manufacturers for crime happening with one of their guns. we'll see if you can have an experiment of a national politician being so anti-gun as hillary clinton and still get away with it. kennedy: she adopted several of bernie sanders economic policies. this endorsement from the nra to donald trump is sort of a gift to her. >> we have to remember that hillary in 2008 was called annie oakley by barack obama and she was against universal background checks. i think donald trump will hold that against her. one day you are against it and one day you are for it. your policies were similar to bernie sanders because you used the same arguments.
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it's not an inner i where you need registration of arm steals. she has been against all the thing democrats are advocating for. just the fact she voted against having research and analysis of gun murder. that is something we cut funding from in this country. that's something it helps the left and right to have that research. >> i think the fact that donald trump changed his position on guns shows they both kind of flip-flop. it's interesting they are even ganging this, but it won't end anytime soon. they didn't endorse mccain or romney until much later in the year until october. i this more than being anti-hillary than pro trump? >> i think so. as she tried to call out trump for having gun-free hotels.
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you are not walking around with rape whistles and pepper spray. there are men with guns. the arrogance of the ruling elite. they are against border walls, but they live in gated community and they have security details. >> gun control measures passed in the ninth under bill clinton and michael bloomberg here in new york. who did that disproportionately affect? they were part of the mandatory sentencing. they were the stop and frisk weapon cops had to stop and frisk and shake down low income neighborhoods. she is trying to have it both ways with saying we went too far but he's apologized. kennedy: donald trump is gaining on her in the latest general elect polls.
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a new nbc "wall street journal" survey has clinton leading trump 46-43. that's down from her 11-point lead one month ago. the real clear politic and of shows trump just a hair ahead of hillary. is this race going to be a nail biter? rcp, they are tied. i think the reason she is having up a hard type is she has an active democratic primary challenger and donald trump doesn't have anyone left he's fighting with. i don't think her campaign anticipated she would be this position in may. >> of course not. they had half the superdelegates in may. they are tied in a statistical tie in california. but some research the louisiana week or oater bernie sanders as
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the favorables with democrats. she has held strong. the number has not bunked with favorabilities within the democratic. i think she is just a bad candidate. there is no other way of saying it. the democratic party put everything into a candidate whose message is murky. and she's not getting the independents. kennedy: is she the worst candidate ever? >> she blows big lead like nobody's business. one year ago today her lead over bernie sanders was 50 percentage points. over rick hasio. who is ric rick lazio. she was up consistently over barack obama by 20 percentage point.
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she blows big lead because she is an unattractive candidate. i'm not talking about physically. she is great as a machine politician to get everyone out of the way so there isn't competition. kennedy: she is a bulldozer but when it comes to surgical precision, she is lacking in that area. do you think people are warm together idea of a president trump? >> i think people are saying we are tired of the same old [bleep], we wanted some new [bleep]. we want some new nonsense. i think she is in trouble. she probably thought she would have it locked up by now. she has a couple months where it's going to be trump and pass * supporters beating up on her and trump will be answering policy questions and putting a team together.
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kennedy: this week i call her hellcat hillary. >> this election will require a lot of nose holding. kennedy: i think it has to do with the timing her campaign did not anticipate. if she is a flawed candidate, the people. judge napolitano joins me to talk about fast and furious and how new document might pry open an old snafu. the judge has the answers. that's coming up.
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kennedy: bernie sanders is tired of getting a raw deal from the democratic establishment. love it when bernie gets warmed up. over the weekend bernie sanders endorsed debbie wasserman-shultz's opponent in the florida primary. he says if he becomes president he will remove her from her position as chair of the dnc it's so "game of thrones" and i have never seen that show.
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this is really fun to watch. i worried when ted cruz and john kasich got out of the race there would be no more drama left in this presidential season. when did it get so frosty? >> it's been happening behind the scenes. i want this party to reform. the fact that 80% of the party under the able of 50 is with one guy. the establishment and the contractors and the people funneling money from one committee to another who are profiting off of losing. that need to be cleaned up. kennedy: it many fun to see this spill over past bernie and hillary. i'm wondering how she kept her job after the mid-term. >> the democratic party is in historically bad straits. she cleaned the clock in the country and the statehouse and
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the congress network in 2014. so they are not doing as bad as you thought. it's interesting how much hillaryland has screwed this up. they penalty from the moment bernie sanders became competitive, bernie supporters have been called bernie bros. they have been hit for their secularism. kennedy: you would think they would be fighting against stereotypical misogyny. >> they go to racism and sexism first, and everything can be sorted out later. now this ageism thing going on. it's very rarely on policy. it's more this stupid stuff. and what happens to the bernie bros, they get mad. kennedy: they were passionate,
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now they are angry. they are like horny wasps. they get mad and now they have to sting you. today the president lifted the u.s. arms embargo in vietnam but is being criticized for failing to leverage human rights issues. why would he do something like that. he loves being in comeyville. what should he have asked for in return for lifting that arms embargo. >> in light of the iran dial the's nice to see he's supplying former enemies with weapons it's one of those great deals when we get nothing in return. human rights violations, status of missing in action and pows from the vietnam war.
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kennedy: that's a scawnd a band aid no one wants to rip off. it's difficult for both sides except for the families who had family members disappear during vietnam. >> john kerry negotiated vietnam relations. he angered a lot of p.o.w. and m.i.a. families in the process. kennedy: they looked in the file and said there is nothing to see here, we are good. >> as a live issue that's dead for the most part. for me, this all symbolic of the future i think of trade policies in the this country which is to say we don't have any. we should be signing the ppt by now. but trade policies on the left,
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trump and sanders. very anti-trade. so what you will get is selective -- we'll sell you have the weapons. ken were we'll see how everything evens out. we'll start with you in our next party panel segment. poreland oregon moving to ban welch. a baltimore police officer acquitted on all charges. that's next.
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kennedy: so glad to have you. in april, 2015 freddie gray died days after being arrested. he died from spinal injuries sustained while being arrested. today officer nerks ro was found not guilty of all charges against him. welcome back, judge. this was a 5-day bench trial which is very different from some of the protracted jury trials than can last more than several weeks. >> under maryland law a criminal defendant is permitted to elect a jury of 12 or a judge. the last trifle one of the officers ended in a mistrial. the one thing you will never get with a judge is a mistrial. the judge will say it's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt
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or the case has not been proven. a not guilty verdict is not the same as innocent. it just means the state did not prove the crimes charged. the state charged the wrong person. was this a vamed lawful arrest? no. was he charged with make earn invalid or unlawful arrest? no. there were a lot of problems in this case beginning with he was charged with the wrong crime and he probably had nothing to do with mr. gray's death. kennedy: was this a rush to justice to calm tensions in baltimore? >> yes. in their rush to justice the prosecutors decided to charge everyone who touched him that day. they say if you stopped him on the street it led to the events
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that later killed him. theee quittal was quite proper. the people of baltimore should respect this decision. this is a african-american judge, a former public defender. a person who understands the constitution and the responsibilities of the state to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. d soon before the same judge. kennedy: we'll keep an eye on those trials and the reaction in baltimore. in another judge a federal judge recorderred -- ordered the administration to release documents about the fast and furious gun running operation. >> i don't know what's there,
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but i do know the basic allegations. there is two of them, one is dumb and one is dark. the dumb allegation is the government beginning in the george w. bush justice department and continuing into the barack obama justice department, intentionally permitted these heavy duty military-style weapons what the public might call machine guns to get into the hands of mexican gangs so they could track the gangs and eventually arrest them. that didn't work because one gang member used an american weapon to shoot an american agent in the back and kill him. the dark theory is this was to foment gun battles at the fox-mexico battle to make it easier for the federal government to make it heard for
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to us own guns. the judge said there is no claim of privilege. release them all. kennedy: not a lot of people talk about it. but it could be one of the biggest scandals. >> it will enter the presidential campaign where second amendment rights are front and center. kennedy: coming up, larry david returns to "saturday night live" as bernie sanders' double. "topical storm" is next. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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kennedy: it's time for so refresh and naught why it will blow your skirt up and never call you again. so typical and topical. topic number one. it was the season finale of "saturday night live." that meant one thing, our last glimpse of the man we secretly
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want to be president of the united states. larry david as bernie sanders. here is the clip. >> remember when i'd told everyone to stop talking about your damn emails? >> fleb all those states where you beat me by a lot but i still got most of the delegates? >> that was so stupid. >> i have to move on, that's why i started pivoting to the general. >> i have got to say, i have noticed the pitch ought. not a fan of the pivot. way too early for the pivot. kennedy: that's my favorite part when he flips into larry davidism. not a fan of the pivot. i imagine with larry david being a millionaire several times over. but he's donating handsomely to
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hillary's and donald's campaigns so bernie doesn't win. can you imagine with bernie ran with sarah palin and they won? that means tina fay and larry david would be permanent cast members. topic number two. with the advent of social mediate' not as easy to find a significant other to assist any struggling bachelors. has enlisted the help of a few pros. >> when you first see a girl what do you see? >> their face. >> what's most important, beauty or smarts. >> beauty. >> smarts can fade away if you are on electronics. >> just remember her give her a flower. >> angry. girls like flowers. >> can i be honest with you guys?
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>> you are single? just remember to give her a flower. that's sang advice. very sweet. if you don't remember, you can always ease your way through your breakup with this kid. >> i should have bought you flowers. [♪] kennedy: topic number 3. virtual reality. it's getting bert and better all the time. it is realistic enough to care some people once they don a pair of nerd goggles. watch this.
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[screaming] kennedy: it's as though they have given a mental patient electric underwear and they are shocking her. she is terrified. but what is frightening her. let's check out the inside of that game. >> reiterating the call to pull out of nato, our strong military alliance. [screaming] note it was made for you and me ♪ >> we care for our seniors [screaming] kennedy: i love the biden app that sent her over the edge of insanity. turn it off. topic number four. what you are about to see i not
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some minute mumbling in some secret devil language it's a 4-year-old upknees girl singing karaoke until her younger toddler of a brother knocks over her precious microphone. [♪] kennedy: if look could kill, that she child would single handedly defeat isis. and with no waterboarding. topic number five. i don't know if i mentioned this on the show before. but i'm a pretty big "star wars" fan. particularly r2d2. i just love it when the little guy screams.
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you know what i'm talking about. so manage my excitement when i found out that a hotel lobby's automatic door sounded like my fast it plucky robot screeching. it's like that service droid i right in the room with you. i prefer the remastered "star wars" edition where you can turn on the subtitles. knowing what he says add a lot to the film. >> they are going to execute master luke. >> thank you, r2. if you have any weird stories you would like to see in the "topical storm" tweet me
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kennedy: the rose city, the city of portland's public school board voted to ban any book that question climate change. big, big low who helped present the resolution says we don't want kid in portland learning material courtesy of the fossil fuel industry. so, joe, i'll start with you. they keep throwing around the
8:41 pm
latest terms i despise. climate justice. what is climate justice. >> ways it with lefties and banning books. if you don't like the argument in a book, you write a better book. you don't say erase them from the public record. someone should write a book that confuses them and call it heather has to mommies who love fracking. kennedy: that happens on the left all the time. you actually like this? >> i do like this. i'm a liberal. the climate change argument has been settled. every scientific association community agreed the planet is getting warm, part of it is because of human activity, part of it is natural activity.
8:42 pm
kennedy: they do not allow any scepticism about the level to which human beings influenced the change in climate. that's the problem. science is a moveable feast it's mutable. that means with further discovery, hypotheses and conclusions can change. >> if you look at the charts about the warming of the planets. kennedy: and we can't predict. >> regardless' we are in danger and we can't deny dinosaurs went away and it wasn'ted the noah'ss ark that came in. >> the me year theory was presented decade later than what had been previously changed. >> the books changed. the scientific community voted. kennedy: there are still skeptics. >> they are funded by lobbyists. kennedy: not necessarily. it's taken overly politicized
8:43 pm
issue. >> the studies that ra are pro fracking are funded by organizations receiving grants from oil companies. >> the studies by the department of energy, the federal government has concluded fracking is contributing to a lessening of carbon emissions in this country. the federal government. who is funding the federal government? you are. >> who is the head of the department of energy. who is the head of the department of energy. after george w. bush. kennedy: i think it's jeh jo angel is not doing so well. sorry about that. >> anyways, the government fund by and me. the problem with public schools in general. people are so surprised to learn
8:44 pm
decisions on books in public schools become politicized. that's the whole point. california where you lived and i lived in the past, is constantly having fights over we can't have a book that says that maybe transgender kids when they are 13 can do this and do that. kennedy: that's such a good point. that's the ultimate argument for school choice. government is make and limiting these decisions. it gets academically dangerous. we are talking about burning books and getting rid of books and entire categories that have issues we might disagree with. what about when it bleeds toirnt subjects. what about when academia is compromised because we are no longer taught the art of critical thought. >> that's what kids should be learning. they want to make kids into sign waving activists.
8:45 pm
but they don't thrernl critical thinking skills. if you have proposition a rrm weighed against proposition "b." you have a discussion about it. you say is a man someone with a penis. hold on, we need to keep our minds over. kennedy: i love science. coming up. zika-bearing mosquitoes could spread into the united states within weeks. how concerned should you be? stay right here.
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kennedy: more than 500 americans
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have reportedly been infectsd with the zika virus while traveling abroad. now government official are saying virus-carrying mosquitoes will introduce zika to the united states on their own in short order. how concerned should you be? are there precaution you can take? welcome back, anne. let's talk about this. is it easier to get a small business loan or get infected by the zika virus in this country. >> it depends. the virus is suppose to be arriving around june to october. so people who live in the south eastern united states, southwestern united states along the mexico-u.s. border are going to want to watch out this summer. kennedy: we have 279 cases in
8:50 pm
the u.s. of pregnant women the zika virus. what can you do if you are pregnant and you are infected? that's so scary. >> those case we are seeing in pregnant women in the united states have happened because woman has traveled abroad or the virus has been brought back to the pregnant woman and sexually transmitted by a male partner. so pregnant women need to avoid travel to these areas, and as the virus comes to the u.s. this summer they need to take precautions to avoid sexual transmission and avoid being bitten by one of these mosquitoes. kennedy: one thing you could do is wear insect repellant. you should buy stock in off. if you bring it here, ingenuity and money and technology will create the ultimate intersection to couple with a vaccine or some
8:51 pm
other form much eradication. i believe in american grate greatness and we'll put a stop to it. >> we have seen a lot of the companies work on zika testing. we need a zika test and and lot of companies are work on a vaccine. the federal government does provide funding for vaccine research. but companies get the money from potential sales and invest yoors. so we are seeing a lot of money being poored into the vaccine. -- being poured into the vaccine. because it affects potentially so many freedom is a financial interest. kennedy: the free market is a beautiful thing. that's how you'll eventually put an end to zika and introduce those man noaks that will
8:52 pm
sterilize the females. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. stay safe, stay zika free and spray off on your body. artists are struggling to make money on streaming. streaming services are altering 9 way you listen to music and the way they get paid.
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kennedy: let's talk about music. last november taylor swift pulled her entire catalog off spotify. but not all musicians have the power to do that. how do musicians make money in music streaming. last night as i'm watching the
8:56 pm
billboard award, i'm look at madonna who has made hundreds of millions of dollars through music sales. rihanna will be fine, britney spears is set. but the other mid-level and emerging artists aren't making money in this economy anymore. is that true? >> yes. i don't think they have reached the point where the money will flow heavily to those artists. by the many going to. cds continue to spiral down. mp3s have been spiraling down. the public has spoken. they want streaming service. they want access, they don't want ownership. eventually the lower-level artists will make more money from streaming than they would hoping somebody will dig through the bins at a cd store and pay $12 for a cd. kennedy: there is so much hype
8:57 pm
and need for their type of music. but when you and i were from the music industry in the ninth, you guys were printing money. there were so many band. if you sold a million record, you made a million dollars. then there was a shift where music was almost free. is this the rebound of the music industry? >> the music industry got after and the with napster and internet piracy. then it got whipsawed. but the consumer has spoken. they want streaming and total access to everything, which is what my company cure music is doing. we are giving access at a new price point, $1.99. there is on demand streaming in is pandora-like radio and unbelieve social features.
8:58 pm
because as we say, social-plus music equals fun. and that's a big part of what has been missing. kennedy: google buys that for a ton money. i there room in the marketplace for another streaming service. you have spotify, i heart radio, apple. >> i came out of retirement because i think this company has up a unique approach to it. it was built with the idea that social and streaming were going to play equal parts. you can stream your music and demand. you can send your 8 favorite congresses to your friend. they can send them back to you. you can send video with it. pictures. >> the fee is so low and you are
8:59 pm
paying licensing fees for their music, either you aren't going to make any money or the artists aren't going to make any money. >> because we are the on public streaming company, we'll be transparent about that which the artists and record companies i presume would like. our economics aren't that's different than the other players in the space. but because our model is different we'll be able to do very well and we will be able to take care the artists in a way they will be able to see it and understand it. kennedy: you are lifting a barrier of entry to younger music fans who probably can't afford the $12.99 they pay to other streaming services. thank you for watching the show. tomorrow dana perino will be here and you can always follow
9:00 pm
me on facebook, twitter and inextraa gram. have a lovely musical night. see you later. >> that's a really big promise. >> what's "up" with that? >> people from all over the country and even around the world have stopped by this house. >> they put balloons on the house, and that's how it became the "up" house. >> it is amazing. i can't believe that she held out. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby,


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