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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. lou dobbs is next, keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs. a lot happening, were exciting some earnings -- inciting anxiety on hillary clinton campaign. the abc news washington post poll has trump beating clinton by two points, 46 to 44%. the nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows clinton beating trump by three points, 46 to 43%, last month clinton was ahead of compan trump by
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11 points in the same poll. we take up trump's improving chances of becoming president with steve forbes. and bob corker, meeting in new york at trump tower they met for an hour, senator told reporters, that the focus of the meeting was to gets to know more trump. >> i have no reason to believe that i am being considered. >> would you consider a role in future trump administration. >> i thinke every, as i have said before, i'm doing what i am doing because i care about policy, i want to see our country succeed. and solve the big problems we have as a nation. i think those types of questions, you want to know what the circumstances were. what the relationship is.
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lou: so what did the senator really mean? we take that up with our guest, including ed rollins. michael goodwin. >> and a judge in baltimore today cleared a police officer in death of freddie gray, the second trial in case. second to end without a convict, officer nero facing charges of second degree assault, reckless endangerme and misconducting. the judge found him not guilty on all counts. we'll have the latest details here tonight. our top story, donald trump presumptive nominee now leading in the latest national polls again hillary clinton, new poll numbers come as establishment republicans continue to rally behind trump, house speaker paul ryan, however the exception. one of the few holdouts. james rosen with our report.
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reporter: for first time real clear politics average of major national polls places trump ahead of hillary clinton. albeit by a sliver. making the race two weeks before election day, a dead heat. >> i think that republican party has slated around consolidated around donald trump quickly than we imagined. reporter: bob corker, chairman of foreign relations committee, dismissing suggests he could emerge as trump's ticket mate. >> even to offer congestionture around something that i have no reason to be considered is not a responsible thing for me to do. reporter: another leading voice on foreign policy,
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lindsay graham of south carolina, a short lived presidential candidate. >> he is a race, baiting, xenophobe. reporter: has now reportedly told a fundraising audience to unite behind the party. among those still mounts resistance is another -- paul ryan, who told politicos, during a interview, that he will call out the presumptive nominee where necessary. >> do you think trump, is at his core a conservative. >> you should ask him those questions. i'm not the person to be giving you the break down of donald trump. reporter: ryan said for weeks he is t ready to endorse trump. analysts seeing that as an efforts by speaker to preserves g.o.p. majority in the house. >> they provide cover for his republican members of the house, all 247 of them,
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whoever needs it can say, like speaker ryan just said there are more similar ties than differences and i am evaluating where i stand right now with donald trump. reporter: trump got a vote of confidence of sorts in his long time partners in the golfing industry. executives say today they plan to go forward as plans with 3 major golf events in 2017 at trump owned courses. lou: he was talking not about mexicans but some mexican illegal img grands immigrants i believe. reporter: if we go too his announcement speak we talk about flood of mexican rapist and gang members, he said some of them i am sure are fine people.
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lou: yes, correct. james. it looks like it is going to be interesting. question on paul ryan, giving cover to the house or becoming isolated? >> you know, after donald trump and paul ryan had their famous summit. they issued a joint statement, in that statement, paul ryan said, it is time to unite, it is critical we unite. this a good opportunity for unity, he said, i will be endorsing donald trump, in essence, but not just yet. that is why it is interpreted at giving cover to some republicans who are in tight reelect races. lou: they can expect their cover to be lifted at some point. appreciate it. james great reporting thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: breaking news, big news, governor of virginia, now under investigation by fbi.
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fox news confirmed that fbi investigating governor terry mccauliffe for allegedly taking illegal campaign donations from a foreign donor, officials briefed, said that investigation is broad, and goes back to mccauliffe's time as well as a board member of clinton global initiative. that would mean that fbi investigation could have a tarl material impact on the clinton campaign should the investigation produce results. lou: mccauliffe's attorney for his part denies any knowledge of the investigation . mccauliffe is a close friend of the clintons, chairman of hillary's o -- 2 thousand 2008 presidential campaign. we'll have more later tonight. lou: bernie sanders in
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california, he said he is the best candidate, to take on trump in november. hillary clinton claims she is all but locked up the democratic nomination, fox news political political report mike ir emanuel with the latest. reporter: bernie sanders appears to be investing everything in california. biggest prize on june 7. >> we're going to win the state of california because by the end of this campaign, here, we are going to have rallies all over the state, and speak personally, in a grassroots way, to over 200 thousand people in california. reporter: hillary clinton is also expected to spend much of this week in the golden state, not likely she needs to win but, she does not want to be embarrassd. >> only thing standing between donald trump and the oval office is all of us.
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we are coming to the end of the democratic primaries. i applaud senator sanders, and his supporters for challenging us. reporter: clinton must focus on keeping sanders and his supporters close. >> well, certainly we'll talk with him when he is ready to talk, and listen to him. reporter: fox news confirmed that sanders getting 5 seat on platform writing committee at dnc convention to afees him and his -- appease him and his supporters. parching things up between he and wassermann schultz will knolwill not be easy. >> the canova campaign has hauled in 250,000, sanders is not stopping there. reporter: clinton was not committatal yesterday about
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participating in a in california. >> clinton debate senator obama 19 times in 2008 campaign. >> i just believe that this is the most important job in the world, it is the toughest job in the world, you should be willing to campaign for every vote, and debate any time anywhere. reporter: late in day sanders called on clinton to keep her word in terms of participating in a debate here in california, he said that people of nation's most populous state deserve a serious debate. lou: all right. thank you very much. >> there are no signs of trouble on streets of baltimore tonight. after police officer edwards nero was acquitted on all charges in connection with the death of freddie gray. nero who is white, was the second of secon 6 police officers to face a trial. officer nero remains under internal police investigation,
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baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings blake warned against any disturbance in the city. unlike admonish ams nearly a year ago to give space to those who wish to destroy. lou: we're coming right back there is a lot to cover. donald trump pulls no punches in a new web post, hitting bill and hillary clinton. >> very nervous. >> no woman should be subjected to it. >> new polls suggest that trump's strategy is working, conservative radio talk show host laura ingram joining me next. >> 23-year-old driver of this vehicle, turns a simple traffic ticket to 45 year
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. lou: as i reported virginia governor terry mccauliffe, a
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close friend of the clinton's is under investigation by the fbi and justice department, centering around mccauliffe 's fundraising. the governor will cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it, he has not been contacted his attorney say the to this point. more breaking news. potentially more serious trouble for the clinton campaign. the infamous romanian hacker, who said he broke into clinton a private server is now close to a plea deal with justice department, the 44-year-old hacker, originally pleaded not guilty to a variety of cyber crimes when he was extradited to united states this year. this reporting of catherine herridge.
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in a yale house interview -- jail house interview last month, he said he wanted to cooperate with the government, he doing so, and expected to reverse course, plead guilty to some of the charges, in a hearing that will be held wednesday morning, lazar was first source to expose hillary clinton a misuse of a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. >> donald trump today attacking clintons, in particular the former clinton, with a video that features audio from women who have accused bill clinton of sexual assault and rape. >> very nervous. >> no one should be subjected to it. >> it was an assault. >> he started to -- bite on my top lip as i tried to pull away from him. lou: joining me editor in chief of life set, host of one
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of country most popular radio programs laura ingram show, she is a fox news contributor, a delight to have you here. first, your reaction to the news about terry mccauliffe. a clinton friend, long time friend. and associate? >> one would think that mccauliffe having seen everything that has befall inthe clintons and associates, would not be involved in anything, criminal or untoward, i don't know what this investigation is really all about. news just broke. but, as far as political implication for hillary clinton, anything that distracts from her message, what she hopes will be a positive, pro-woman, bridge bacbring back the '90s economy message is not good, we'll see where this goes, but what this does is brings you back to '90s scandals, not
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just the women and all that. but others, in the clinton administration which a whole generation of americans is not familiar with. it reminds me of old home week with the clintons, all these people are connected to clinton they seem too have problems, this just one other, we'll see where it goes, but it might not go anywhere. lou: that is right. fact is that the attorney for governor mccauliffe said they have not contacted him, which also could be a source of anxiety for mrs. clinton, she said she has not been contacted either. >> remember, lou, also, in course of a vile investigation . -- criminal investigation, maybe this is something bigger about the clinton foundation,
11:20 pm
we know there are questions about tax exempt status, and so forth, there might be something else going on, subterrainian movement of justice department to get some cooperation from mccauliffe, there could be other layers to this. lou: a many-layered organization with a complex structure. and purpose, since by all reports about 10% of the money it raises has gone to -- if you will, charitable causes and good work. the instagram message talking about reliving scandals in past with women who were allegedly sexually assaulted or raped. your thoughts. >> i think it is effective, it is one short video there is a entire generation of american women who are not familiar with what happened at hands of
11:21 pm
bill cli clinton. and not just hillary, not for being an enabler, and forgiving him, a lot of people upset about, that but it is what hillary did to the women this will come back, i think trump's way of saying just try me, there is a lot more we'll throw out there. as she tries to make a populous pitch for american economic renewal, it is effective. lou: positive on polling is rising and her numbers seem to be softening. in most recent poll, same time, the establishment suddenly is rallying around donald trump, rising numbers every week, at same time paul ryan, with this interview in politico. i swear, i cannot tell if he is a frustrated priest, i
11:22 pm
cannot make him out, he is utterly, haughty, and i think just, disconnected from what is happening around him. >> i think it at some point it is curious to what is going on here. i can see time passing not a big deal, but the longer this goes on. more interview, you give, more conflicted you seem, and the party has moved on, 8 out of 10 republicans say, it is time to unify, people like romney, i think that ryan will come around, romney could have been secretary of state in trump administration, he could have had a powerful role, now he will have no influence, i don't think that paul ryan wants to go there. i don't think that will be good for paul ryan's future, voters have a long memory, if they think that you, you know
11:23 pm
sabotage trump or tried, that is not going to sit well with people, i am hopeful, i think that ryan will come around. lou: i hope your hopefulness is rewarded. because, he could make the party look so much better by himself, looking less small than he does right now. >> i think more that trump, starting to rise in polls, you will see a lot of these -- hesitations disappear. winning has a way of doing that to people. people come around the higher your numbers go. lou: littl politico made is sound like a strategy played out by paul ryan about his chances in 2020, that is the biggest bunch of poppycock that i have seen, as to a motivation, he will not be supported by anyone of substance by offending the party. >> does not help him in 2020. i don't know -- how does that bullpen him in 2020?
11:24 pm
if that is the strategy, i don't know if it is, but, that is it, that is not good. that is a dumb strategy, you will turn off more people. lou: is a lot of dumb in that town right now. >> a lot of people who missed boat, they are still on the dock, and now the passengers on the better waves good-bye. lou: adios. >> see you later. lou: vote in our poll, will trump's choice of vice president determine you vote for him. cast your vote on twitter, we appreciate it follow me on twitter. like me on facebook, and on instagram. lynches to everything at >> a traffic stop in milwaukee . it turned out to be anything but routine. catching a moment a woman decided to make a break for it by throwing her car into reverse. slamming into the squad car behind her.
11:25 pm
and actually hitting two of the officers, surrounding the car. two, the woman's passenger were injured, instead of a ticket, she now faces 45 years in prison. 45 years. >> up next, 8 years ago hillary clinton struggled to settle on a slogan, she tried, in to win. working for change. working for you. the change we need. now, now she has unveiled a new slogan. i'll tell but it in my commentary next, much more ahead. stay with us, we'll be right stay with us, we'll be right back. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving.
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11:30 pm
and external ones, i know that slogans come and go, but when i look at where we are, we need to unify the country issue we're stronger together. lou: as you surmised, a new campaign slogan it is, stronger together. he repeated that slogan 5 times. she must believe as she repeats it enough, the divide in democratic party will disappear, and bernie sanders will suddenly drop out all of his supporters embrace her? perhaps. clinton also criticized donald trump's make america great man against slogan, perhaps hillary came up with her own slogan on capitol hill, when she proclaimed before congress, what difference does it make? that slowing know would work
11:31 pm
with all of her -- that slogan in my opinion would work with all of her scandals and misstep missteps. our quote of the evening, quote our fbi director, this on what does matter. in view of james comey, who said, did i seize an opportunity to do something for people with the talents i was lucky enough to be given? did i make a difference in the lives of people who needed me? on what matters? we're coming right back. >> donald trump is interviewing for a running mate. was his meeting with senator bob corker a sign that trump is narrowing his selection for vice president. >> i have no reason, what so ever to believe that i'm being considered forever a position like that. lou: who should trump's vice president be? ed rollins and michael goodwin with us next.
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get your first two meals free lou: breaking news hillary clinton has declined the fox news invitation to participate in a debate in california, clinton campaign said her time in their opinion is best spend meeting with voters, senator ber bernie sanders did accept
11:36 pm
the debate, joining us now. great america pack strategist edrollins, pulitzer prize winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin. first. >> normally when you decline a debate opportunity, you feel comfortable, you think you are ahead, you are playing it safe, polls do show her with you know small but significant leads in california, it looks like she does not want to take a chance of losing it. lou: it is smart strategy? >> she is getting momentum here, she is treading water, he is going to do well in california, he might even beat her, it going to get a lot of delegates, you would think you
11:37 pm
would want to finish him off before you get to the convention. i have a more combative side to me. >> like boxer you are. >> was. >> still is. >> trump running strong in california. politico pointing out he did have problem west your thought? >> game is over for trump, critical thing for him at-this-point is putting an organization together, i am not trashing people he has, he -- they took it as far as they could, they need a big build up today to get states like ohio and florida, they have to raise a lot of money, he is a good candidate, he is a lousy candidate -- she is a lousy candidate, she has a great campaign, they have to build a
11:38 pm
great campaign. >> one thing with the poll, he has gotten a bump out of the end of the campaign. no attacks coming his way from the ted cruz or that stuff any more. she still getting hammered, and still in the primary season. so, he has gotten a big bump lolos angeles. >> i -- bump los angeles,. lou: it is temps to say there is great establishment. graham making noises he may be coming around, paul ryan, tell me what this man is thinking, because, politico tried to suggestion he wants to save himself for his open run. is he that delusional? he does not have a record of accomplishment. >> this is not start politics, at the end of the day his members have to run with trump
11:39 pm
at the head of the ticket. trump will have a solid party behind him. quit making comments about endorse, trump, move on, you know stand up at the convention, praise him then go elect your own. >> speaker of the house said, he will you know, bust in on the presumptive nominee if he feels it is necessary. what kind of ignore an talk is that -- ignorant talk is that? i first heard that from a speaker or part leadership ever of a candidate. >> this seeming incredibly selfish, this idea he is looking forward. the conscience of conservatives. lou: he is not a conservative, where did this fiction come from? >> almost like he was the vp in 2012, and i don't know somewhere he got an idea high would be bumped up to be nominee. >> he may be.
11:40 pm
lou: on that basis he would be spider-man. >> if he would have run it would have been 17 candidates. thrown to the way side, this is not their year, at the end of the day they need to jump on the bandwagon. lou: terry mccauliffe, governor of virginia, under investigation by fbi, a long time friend, associate of the clintons. and this goes back we're led to understand, to the clinton global initiative. >> that is is what jumped out to me at that story, he has given a lot of money to mccauliffe and the foundation, i would not be surprised if he were involved in speaking fees to one or both of the clintons. >> terry was their bag man for a long time, clintons raised
11:41 pm
money, renting out lincoln bedroom, and air force one. i think it just been a pattern. you would think it would have stopped 1 h once he became governor but who knows. lou: thank you ed rollins and michael goodwin. lou: thank you. lou: scary moments for 9 passengers aboard a hot air balloon in melbourne, australia. motor boat, were at the right place at right time, captain of the that boat, rescuing all 9 passengers. evacuated, safely, taken to dry land, pilot landed on a nearby beach. >> up next, donald trump forcing president obama to get tough on china. that is right.
11:42 pm
he is mr. obama appears to be listening to donald trump's agenda items. steve forbes, media mogul, will join me next on that and more. stay with there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all.
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lou: joining me now steve forbes, let's start with these numbers, impressive for trump. suddenly the man who was not supposed to be a big contendor is now ahead of hillary clinton, by slightest of margins, what do you make of it? is it beginning of a long-term trend. >> it shows how fluid the situation is, a huge number of undecides, and a huge opportunity for donald trump. and right now, who ever would have thought that it would be republicans that would have the united party, and democrats going after each other. she is a poor candidate. she looks worse when she goes against bernie sanders. and you have a party that is coalescing behind trump. lou: what did you make of news
11:47 pm
that we reported, that governor terry mccauliffe from virginia is now under investigation by the fbi. >> astonishing, because, as governor of virginia, i think he put a lot of his past behind him, i don't know what he did in the first campaign, when he won that elect, but for justice department to go an somebody they know is that close to presumptive nominee of democratic party is astonishing. lou: reference to clinton global. >> -- >> if you are a conspiracy theorist. lou: we all are. >> you have to have some, is this the beginning of setting up for where democrats have somebody like joe biden come in and rescue party from a flawed candidate. lou: and stuff you done reverend is perhaps, reverends clinton global initiative in
11:48 pm
this, this may be an element of broader investigation into hillary clinton herself. 2 elements to that one is violating the regulations, and exposing classified material, threw her private server to enemies of united states, and secondly, public corruption, which is a charge that -- >> politically, the corruption charges, much easier to understand when you use words like server and high-tech and all that. people get that right away. and that may be something that fbi as delved into, not the fact that we have not had leaks on it could be telling. lou: the economy. this is a frustrating economy to analyze and understand, we have millions of people who are distraught, have diminished net worth, and diminished earnings, our middle class is shrinking and
11:49 pm
a white house telling america what a great place it is, it is for just a handful, larger than a handful number of people at the top of the income brackets. your analysis of where this economy is, where it will be, in next 6 months? >> still stuck, in second gear, maybe going down to first. not going to be a regular, but not -- recession but certainly not a booming economy, this is a very uneven economy, all of the changes against the republicans you are for rich or poor can be leveled against the democrats this is where the economy will help the republicans we have had 8 years of this, most people are not better off than they were a decade ago. lou: donald trump sees on set of a recession, not naming a date, no date at the same time, but, he was talking about a recession before he got this. 5%, number. >> most americans feel they have been in a recession for
11:50 pm
the last decade. lou: absolutely. most are right. >> well when urin when -- income goes down that is not prosperity. lou: analyst in business media, say they think that way, hell this has been recession for millions. >> they say there is no inflation, prices keep creeping up. and the like. lou: food and energy back on the move. >> stove forbes great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: tom brady's deflate-gate fight is not ending, he file an appeal to second u.s. circuit court of appealed to overturn the 4 game suspension, is gaddelle ready to apologized to him, and robert kraft, and patriots and fans and to everyone involved? horrible stuff. >> we're coming right back with much more.
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what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. lou: joining us tonight, real clear politics editor. trump now in the most recent, most scantest of margins ahead i think a lot of people thought this would never happen, let alone in may.
11:55 pm
most republicans in the polling that we are seeing saying they would support him as the nominee. so the never trump movement seems to have died. >> very quick death with trump as the presumptive nominee. by it's early, it's may, and a lot can happen. if you look at polling in the 2008 nomination cycle. john mccain clinched the nomination before barack obama. and he had a short bump in the polls as well, overtaking barack obama, which only lasted for a few days. lou: every time the national media talks about this thing, mike, i laugh. there hasn't been within of you
11:56 pm
right on this thing from jump street. you can almost hear -- not you, rebecca -- trying rationalize success. >> friday i'm at a national talk radio convention. hundreds of radio talk show hosts. many of whom who were in that never trump camp. now they are central belling, just like republicans are signing on with donald trump because they have to, radio talk show hosts realizing this shouldn't be close in may. he shouldn't be edging hillary clinton in four consecutive polls in may. this has the possibility of a big wind. those predict it should be close or she should win. >> two developments are coming out of this, and one of them is catherine herridge reporting on the guccifer role in perhaps testimony with the f.b.i.
11:57 pm
at least we know there is a deal being discussed according to their reporting. at the same time, terry mcauliffe, we are told it goes back to the days of the global initiative. what do you make of it all. >> certainly terry mcauliffe and an f.b.i. investigation is not what hillary clinton is going to wants to be talking about. she'll have to be answering questions about this. close friends, close associates worked together with the children upon global initiative. so it's very bad news for her and of course as you mentioned she has her own f.b.i. investigation to worry about which has not rapped up and should be wrapping up prior to the investigation. but there is no certain end date on that either. for long hillary clinton has to be answering questions about
11:58 pm
these investigations, go off message. lou: she doesn't answer the questions and the media seldom asks them. she is came page for the highest office in the land. and people don't say excuse me, we would like to ask about these irregularities. >> and john q public doesn't need to get into an f.b.i. investigation to know she meade $22 million over a short period of time giving speeches to companies that are now working with the united states. you have got companies that will have to do business with the united states. she is the president. people see the optics of that. lou: what do you make of the new
11:59 pm
campaign slogan. stronger together. how does that ring to you? >> it's an interesting slogan. it says she is trying to paint donald trump as divisive and underscore some of the more offensive comments he head during the primary. i think -- >> you get all of that out of stronger togetherring? you are the nicest person to get all of that from two little words. >> if she thinks she he's driesive yet, you ain't seen nothing yet. thank you rebecca berg and mike gallagher. great americans. thanks for being with us. 85% of you say bernie sanders benefits the most from bill clinton's presence on the campaign trail.
12:00 am
15% say hillary will benefit from her husband's support. that gives us 100%. we do math like this day and night here. it's amazing. good night from new york. kennedy: baby, mondays are always happy when you are here. fallout from the weekend's gun slinging where hillary clinton and donald trump held an emotional shootout over the latest wedge, guns. it's hotter than a pistol and here to stay. >> hillary wants to disfarm vulnerable americans in high-crime neighborhoods, whether it's a young single mom in florida or a grand mother in ohio. hillary wants them to be defenseless.


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