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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 24, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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crash, senior egyptian officials telling the associated press this morning human remains have been found suggesting explosion may have taken down that aircraft. a busy day on the campaign trail to report. washington state holding republican primary, we are only two weeks from the california primary, donald trump posing his first fundraiser. hillary clinton decline to go participate in debate. listen. >> i don't like doing that but i have no choice when she hits me on things, i have no choice. it's unfair. you know the dirty players, they have been dirty players historically and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> i don't want to get hillary clinton too nervous. she's very -- [cheers and applause] >> she's looking nervous lately. [cheers and applause] >> so if you promise, we are
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going to win here in california. maria: shake-up at the tsa to tell you about the long lines, one top official his job. outrage over comments from head of the va, he compared wait times at hospitals for veterans to long lines at disneyland. that's creating some conversation this morning. facebook making changes to trending topic section, what the company is doing to combat allegations of bias, toyota expanding its recall over, takta air bags. take a look at the numbers. hang sang index the only winner. in europe this morning stocks are turning higher, we do have money moving to equities. cac quarante up one and a third percent. euro finance ministers talking today about greece bailout.
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as you can see, the dow jones industrial off 50 points, nasdaq also in positive territory. we will get a reading on new home sales, all the stories coming up in the program this morning and here with me fox business dagen mcdowell, jessica schwendeman and proactive communication' president mark serrano. happy tuesday. dagen: the only thing better than watching this program is being part of it. maria: carl is with us, aflac and ceo joins us and former regan economic adviser. mastercard, north american craig joining us and former mcdonalds ceo ed with us this morning. big show, you don't want a miss a moment of it. let's start with breaking news this morning.
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according to ap this morning, a senior forensic official is now saying recovered human remains suggests there was an explosion on board moments before the plain crashed into the ocean. search teams continue to comb for black boxes. this morning we are turning to the race to the white house. washington state holding primary with presumptive nominee donald trump expected to take the state's 44 delegates putting him well within the range of 1237 that he needs for nomination. the event taking place in new mexico, it requires a 10,000-dollar minimum donation to attend. and on the other side of the aisle hillary clinton turning debate with bernie sanders. that's on june 7th, clinton campaign issuing a statement, we
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believe hillary's time is campaigning and meeting directly with voters across california and preparing for general election and ensure white house remains in democratic hands h. he's not surprised clinton declining this invitation. >> i was disturbed but not surprised to hear a few hours ago that secretary clinton has backed out of the debate. a months ago our campaign and her campaign had reached an agreement of a number of debates including one here in california in may. but i think -- i have to tell you this, i think it's a little bit insulting to the people of california. [cheers and applause] maria: joining us right now democratic strategist marian marsh and harlen, good to see you. >> good morning. maria: is it a good idea that
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clinton decides to pull off of the debate and not debate bernie sanders? >> she's afraid of two actors, one is bernie sanders, she doesn't want to face him going to california, but two, she's afraid of fox news debate, she's gotten a pass too so many debates between cnn and msnbc getting a hug from rachel maddow. maria: it feels like marian given the fact that bernie sanders keeps winning all of these states that she should be almost pressured to participate in the debate but she's looking at donald trump in november. >> right, like donald trump hillary clinton is the nominee and that's a fact. they will both declared officially the nominees of the party on 8:00 o'clock when polls closes but they will have the number of delegates they need to be officially nominee. the next time you see either of them debate will be in general election.
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in terms of fox news debate, it would have been nice. if she were my client because bernie sanders is more interesting in tearing down hillary clinton and the democratic party than to beat donald trump. the evidence proves that. she has nothing to gain by debating bernie sanders at this point because it's just more for donald trump to use against her. donald trump attacks are coming from bernie sanders' attacks. maria: she's what she says. i am the nominee, i will be the nominee. dagen: if she gets with bernie sanders, it will look that she's conceding that she hasn't won the nomination. >> because she hasn't won it yet. maria: what do you mean that's not true? >> you can't say that donald trump is not the nominee and hillary clinton is not -- >> donald trump doesn't have an opponent. she does. >> excuse me, as we know from the previous reports today, ted cruz is taking all the delegates in washington state and he has yet not turn them over.
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hillary clinton actually has fewer delegates to get to her number than donald trump to his number. >> she has a huge distraction, donald trump doesn't have. she has window of opportunity where it's just him and she has distraction of bernie sanders and she can't answer the question, what do we do with bernie. dagen: speaking of questions, the biggest question that she has to be worried, she's going to get hit with it in a general election is about the e-mail server because bernie sanders last fall when he said the american people are sick and hearing ab-- maria: your damn emails. dagen: she has gotten a pass from him. if she gets on stage she's going to get asked about it and she's trying to delay that as much as she can. anthony: what happens to bernie sanders if there's convention?
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is there any convention? >> i expect ted cruz to do the same thing. it's like the political equivalent of a hostage video. here is my negotiation, here is what i want and i expect to see bernie sanders speak at the convention as well. i think the real question here is when the platform gets put together does bernie sanders push some of the platform items that are outside of whatever gets put together and tries to get delegates to vote against them. will there be a fore fight. that's the big question. maria: the truth is bernie sanders, elizabeth and barack obama has pushed it much to the left. >> i think it's more-left leaning now than six months ago. so this idea that this election
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is bake and they're going to come over at the end is farfetched. anthony: raises the opportunity that trump has. if hillary is being pushed to the left by bernie and this is his moment to move to that center space. dagen: jeri has a column. maria: what does he say? dagen: opening of it is football metaphor. she's trapped in the back field by senator bernie sanders and his supporters. she's trapped on the left. maria: the whole party is being pushed so much. we have to talk about virginia governor long-time clinton supporter. being investigated, the subject of a justice department of whether he received illegal campaign donations back in 2013. does this spell bad news for hillary? what's your take? >> look, mccollough was a
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long-time fundraiser for hillary. this has cloud of investigations and this just fuels that. terry goes back to the 90's and he has had past scandals assign today them. this guy that's tied in to this investigation, you know, he's committed two million dollars to the clinton global initiative. maria: the fact is some people feel that the foundation situation or investigation is going to be even more damming than the e-mail scandal. >> it could be, certainly. look, $100 million from the saudis, all the money coming from univision, dictatorship that want to influence the hillary administration, so once again, it's tenure at the dnc and clintons long track record,
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30 year's long. dagen: i just want to know when my home state of virginia turned into new jersey in terms of political corruption given our past governor and the current governor. [laughter] maria: marian, final word from you. >> i believe in dealing in facts, when you become the nominee of the party is facts. the nomination should be based on facts. it's always disappointing the leaks, lots of cheap shot i just heard unfortunately and i think it's important to -- maria: he is under investigation, marian. >> here are the facts, yes, he is for the governor's race, mr. wang is a u.s. permanent resident which allows him to contribute and the clinton global foundation is not under investigation. >> it should be. >> we still don't know the
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facts, so i always think it's fair. >> we do know the facts. that's ridiculous. >> you've chosen not to engage in facts. maria: we know that they're looking at the foundation, marian, because of business that was in front of the state department at the same time that the clinton global foundation was getting donations. that we do know. >> and let's see what comes out of these investigations. >> and we know that she stored emails in her home. >> than the actual judgments normally that come out and yet the damage is already done. i think that's the really unfair part here. maria: all right, mirrorrian, good to see you, thank you so much. coming up, you wait in lines at disney world and why not everywhere else, wait times are sparking outrage this morning. shake-up at the tsa, the agency is hoping a change near the top can help with turbulence moments. the new policies it is putting
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in place to fight growing criticism from the right, back in a moment
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maria: welcome back. the tsa removing the head of security operations as airport lines keep getting longer. cheryl casone with the details.
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good morning to you, cheryl. cheryl: good morning to you, maria, kelly hoggan has been removed from his job, this is according to twitter post by the house oversight committee. hoggan is going to be replaced by joy, security at both los angeles, new york's jfk. 90,000-dollar bonus had been questioned by the department of homeland security. 90-minute wait. hell hoggan has not been fired from the agency, just reassigned. toyota recall vehicles to kata air bag inflated problems. sierra, ex vehicles.
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4.7million vehicles. and finally this, netflix announcing a partnership with disney that's going to begin in september. the partnership allows streaming service to offer disney marvel pix ar movies during the time dvd releases. what's interesting is netflix is saying, hey, you know you love our tv shows but we still have movies, back to you. maria: yeah. [laughter] maria: which company does it benefit for, netflix or disney? dagen: netflix hands down. dead pool, revenant. they don't have kind of the depth of really top-notch titles.
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maria: original content. dagen: that's the new season. [laughter] dagen: show on netflix. maria: it's a good question because you would think that the animation, the animation companies whether it's marvel or lucas in the disney empire would be so highly valued, but you're right, netflix is going to get everything. dagen: some of the best content on netflix are marvel-related original content like jessica jones and dare devil. so awesome. maria: why it's been a challenge to fight terrorist under president obama, why he thinks donald trump can, in fact, get the job done. we are taking a look at the prices at the pump as you get ready to hit the road. keep it right here.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. triple a expecting more than 38 million americans to travel memorial weekend and despite the fact that gas prices are at the lowest level since 2005, they are now at the highest point in 2016. national average has increased 12 days in a row, 12.29.
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even though that's down from the highs. joining us is gas consumer analysts. >> good morning to you. maria: big weekend ahead. how do we characterize in terms of gas prices? >> 2.29 a gallon, this is -- we are expecting the lowest summer prices we have seen since 2005. the ten-year average is potentially higher. ninety cents cheaper than ten-year average. sixteen cents for the month but even though the lowest summer prices since 2005 so a lot of people are going to be hitting the road. jon: what are people doing with the spray money? >> some people are blowing it, a lot of people are saving it. it's definitely inspired people to go ahead and take the road trip. there's demand, people haven't taken a vacation in a while. gas prices are low, the economy
6:24 am
is improving, why don't we throw the kids in the car and go particularly since all the mess with the airlines, the lines are two or three dollars, all the nickel and diming, let's have some fun. dagen: specially if you have children, it's easier to throw them in the car even if you get stuck in traffic for part of the drive but rather than standing in security line for two hours. >> it's frustrating for the families. a lot of families will throw kids in the car and 36% are plan to go take two road trip this is summer. jon: when was the last time you saw people taking road trips? >> we haven't seen that in a while. people take road trips when the gas prices are low, the economy is better, they are feeling more confident about things. this year in particular because we have heighten terrorism fear and extra long lines of security and concerns about the zika virus, people don't wanting to to méxico or caribbean. maria: that makes a lot of sense.
6:25 am
it's been a wild year in terms of the news, people are saying, probably the first vacations or breaks that they can take and then enter the fact that oil prices are the way they are. >> right, people are thinking why don't we go to europe, now, i don't wanting to to europe. european vacations are down 13%. maria: wow. >> people don't wanting to to brussels or france. they're afraid of terrorism. dagen: you said that more people are renting rv's to go to national parks? did you say fun? [laughter] >> cheap way to travel, a couple hundred a day, maybe a week 1200 or 1500 for the family. [inaudible] dagen: i'm just worried about the people driving the rv who doesn't know how the drive the rv, they're huge.
6:26 am
you don't get to straddle the middle line. that's not legal. jon: great ripple affect, right? tourism is going to increase so a lot of businesses are going to benefit. >> not only national parks or canada, a third of the population is just a day's drive away and you're getting good value there and considered safe and kid friendly. you don't hear much about terrorism or gun violence. it's going to be a big winner. maria: thank you for the info. comparison spark rage with veterans this morning. va secretary is telling america's heros they can wait for health care just like everybody waits at disney world. plus, hello, it is me, money, the record-breaking deal by adel next
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in two good morning. welcome back. i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 24th. busy day in the campaign trail. washington state told mr. publican primary today. donald trump focusing on his first fundraiser with the rnc today. iraq looks to free falluja this
6:30 am
morning. >> look, we are at war with these people and they don't wear uniforms. it's not your traditional war. we allow tens of thousands of them into our country said the wars on foreign land when you see what happens in the future, it's probably not going to be pretty. maria: outrage from comments from the head of the veterans association, he can wait times at hospitals for veterans of long lines at disneyland. facebook making changes to it topic section. adele kind of record-breaking contract. how much he is going to make of this new deal. affleck is also a huge insurance business bids insurance business. the ceo will join us in a fox business exclusive. makes performance newspaper nikkei average of the sharpest decline is the yen strengthened against the dollar yet again. stacks are turning higher.
6:31 am
meeting today to discuss graces bailout. the cac in paris up one and a quarter%. in the u.s., we expect a higher opening. take a look. the dow jones industrial average of about 40 points. as they await the results of washington state primary, the trump campaign is headed west and the setting type on new mexico john roberts in albuquerque this morning. >> good morning. new mexico, one of five states that goes polls on june 7th. only two weeks away from the end here. the hispanic population here in new mexico is the highest percentage of any state in the land. 48%, won't affect donald trump to mention the primary and certainly could affect them in the general election. one person you would like to have on board as the governor, susanna martinez. she's not going to the trump
6:32 am
rally today and i have learned this morning while she is widely considered to be a potential running mate, folks close to the process tell me she is not being vetted possible vice presidential him susana martinez off the list. lots of controversy around a video done the trump hosted on amsterdam features the voices of monica lewinsky raising the issues of bill clinton and impropriety in the 80s and 90s. here's a quick look at the ad. >> very nervous. >> no women should be subjected to it. >> i tried to pull away from him. >> they are basically saying you want to go back to where we were in the 1990s by putting hillary clinton in the white house in 2016. democrats fighting back against
6:33 am
the ad releasing video of robert stone saying that trump is pain for kathleen willey's mortgage is part of a go find me campaign so she can go on the road and talk about clint didn't. no response on that when you hit trump still focusing on foreign policy yesterday. the chairman of the foreign relations committee come upon corporate president raising speculation that maybe he's on the shortlist to be running mate. corker insisted yesterday he knows nothing about it. your years. >> i don't think he should conjecture about something you really don't think. i'm not a venture as a campaign they've begun to think about things like that. i would guess they have -- just a conjecture about things you don't even think are serious is not an appropriate thing to do. >> berea come you mentioned a moment ago the fundraiser donald trump live in albuquerque.
6:34 am
20 to 25 people in $10,000 should rate somewhere between $20,250,000. maria: thanks so much. john roberts. outrage from comments of veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald comparing wait times at va hospitals to the time people wait for a ride at disneyland. listing. >> what really counts is how does the veteran field about their encounter at va. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours he waited in line? what is important? what is important is your satisfaction with the experience. >> house speaker paul ran responding almost immediately did this is not made to leave, mr. secretary. after infant died waiting in those lines. joining us now is navy seal reporter carl hee hee. thanks for joining us in thank you for your great service to this country. what is your reaction to the comments?
6:35 am
>> the fact the secretary of the va, procter & gamble, a private sector monster would fall into this formal tc and screw this ... it's disgusting. you have been comparing this to an entertainment center. i have friends who were on the waiting list. i have fathers of france to the died waiting for this to it's disgusting. maria: knowing that people have died waiting for me to compare it to disneyland. >> these waiting lists a perpetual thing. at least the tsa hires someone over it. these waiting this dollar for the bureaucratic system. time to start getting things in opera. >> i think the tsa got fired because it was disclosed he got a $90,000 bonus. i don't believe for a second it would've been fired if they hadn't been embarrassed at that point. i don't understand how you even come up with this analogy,
6:36 am
people choose to go to disney. these are people who served this country. >> people don't like waiting on those lines. >> you can pay extra to get out of the lines. maria: people are sick and dying. >> have you dealt with the va? what is been your experience? >> is a veteran backup my initial health screening and it was a disaster. it to two and half years to get the first initial health screening. i've tried that health insurance. you cannot pay me to go to the va. i live in connecticut. absolute disaster. train to your neighbor needs to services? >> absolutely not. >> the va could use a lot from disney, if he could turn to the private sector because he clearly does not have it within the government. >> disney does measure.
6:37 am
>> that's part of the experience. >> at the va they are not recognizing that is part of the experience. a private hospital to people die in weightiness? it doesn't happen. let's get someone who knows what they're talking about. he was an army captain. maria: so what do you do? you're going to private hospitals, private doctors. >> i wouldn't even bother. but i was getting my initial screening i had eight, nine appointments that half of them didn't show up for. i had to come back the next day because it was such a long way. some of the vietnam era guys are very happy because they have been there and get in the system is the heart are. these guys to bring a newspaper and with six, seven hours. they get their appointment and go home. maria: what's the problem? >> is the lack of accountability. >> you've experienced it yourself. the pc culture.
6:38 am
america last philosophy. >> exactly. there's no accountability. you look around. people are choking and choking on their computer. people don't care. a lot of people who do care, but for the large part to people at the va cannot incentivize to do better. they don't get paid more. they don't get bonuses unless your way up high. and then they get a bonus anyway. >> there is a major advance right now going on around falluja. any prospect for settling the reaching down and taking the city that i should mark >> the resources we are supporting our stretch the end. i don't think they have the actual tried to take it back. falluja has been riddled not only pay us coming in at 2004, but the entire war in isis has completely ransacked the same. dagen: how about valerie jarrett bragging about the end of two wars. did you hear that?
6:39 am
>> everybody saying a bomb that ended the war in iraq. guess what, the enemy gets a say in whether the war is over. no, it's not over. everybody says you've got to go back on the keepers long-term. maria: you were in falluja. this is one of the first today's isis is down. >> here's the problem. you have a number of that is given everything they have two take the cities back and hold this countryside for their sake. we didn't get anything. we were compensated with resources which is a big fault. we've had this huge fight for the longest war in america's history now which is called out in the code now we are committing resources. charles keating got killed over there, a seal. when will we decide whether we are out or are not good when you do decide, commit necessary resources to matter how unpopular it is. >> will donald maria: that? it sounds like it's got mixed views. maria: he basically said is
6:40 am
going to declare war on terrorism if he's elected. carl is saying we have to decide if we are war. >> you draw the line and say look, our way of war, not at war? ask any commander what is the desired end result of the war in iraq and afghanistan, they would be like regional stability. you cannot define whatever the mythical goal list. to find the goal and commit the resource. air true, discuss. not saying do it, but discussed the threshold for a nuclear strike. dagen: is also said he doesn't want america to be the world's policeman. he waffles a little bit. >> the administration has stripped down our defenses, cut the budgets for defense. at the same time, it's had this feckless strategy, no strategy at all overseas in these wars.
6:41 am
dagen: what if it's an intentional strategy? we are exactly where the obama administration -- maria: what it should say this weekend? dagen: i think he was on 60 minutes, citing president obama's accomplishments as the ending of two wars. >> that is why trump is definitively say no to build up our fences, take care of veterans. he's got answers to the question on the isis strategy. the problem is you have an electorate who chose not to serve. 90% of america chose not to serve the derelict did the leader and they are doing it in a pc manner as not effective to winning the war. you have to kill bad guys if you want to win a war. trying to important conversation. thank you for joining us. carl hbie. both a platinum record selling
6:42 am
artist tran 11. facebook and how they select topics on what is trending. we will have the timeline back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. happy tuesday come everybody. features syndicate in the dow industrials will open 55 points higher. stocks on the move. to strengthen the housing market to build reporting better than earnings and revenue disorder
6:46 am
for the second order. something more luxury homes at higher prices particularly out west. the retailer site to report first-quarter results ahead of the opening bell this morning. the company has warned of weakness because of slowing demand for mobile phones. this year it is said better than a percent has been under some pressure. amazon making changes to the price adjustment program. there will no longer give you a refund. a passenger jet making a emergency landing. cheryl: this can be bad news for an aircraft. strap diapers shortly after it took off, the plane had to return to denver international immediately, felt like turbulence in her something as well. the passengers were never in any
6:47 am
danger. the plane didn't fare so well. took a bit of a head. facebook says it is not biased against conservative subjects. it is training topics session and thought it would make changes anyway. accusing curators of discouraging conservative topics and names. he wrote to senator john thune and found no evidence of political bias. the company said it would still make changes intended to minimize the risk of unintentional bias by its workers. well, adele about to be rolling in some serious dough. ♪ cheryl: this thing are about to sign the largest ever record deal for a female singer. the sun broke the story with a
6:48 am
deal that's worth of 130 million. the biggest ever awarded to a british musician in history. we have secured adele force columbia records label. this 130 million contracts would eclipse whitney houston's $100 million signing back in 2001. purdue big for her. train to cheryl, thank you. you don't hear the outrage >> by the way, in terms of bad deals come in the previous recordholder was robbie williams got $125 million record deal. >> if you're a sports or music. >> we live in a superstar economy. you will make a pile of money
6:49 am
and everyone else is kind of looking on in. maria: will take a short break at the top tsa official forced out. long airport security lines coming out. social messaging companies coming up with $20 billion paid by investors are going all in on the social media company straight ahead. don't forget to check out mornings it for me on facebook. or on twitter@mornings maria. we will be back in a moment.
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maria: athletic well-known for its dock in the commercial in the u.s. but the largest provider of individual insurance in japan. as a result, my next guess understands the global economy and what business leaders look for in this heated campaign season. joining us is john amos, a fox business exclusive. good to see you. we are all talking about how great the aflac duck has been for your business. you said once you installed aflac duck, your business -- you can't say it without same aflac. thank you. it did in the united states when we took it out under 10%. and then all of a sudden it started job in today at 93 and the united states.
6:54 am
what's driving the business right now? >> we continue to do very well in this environment. one of the things colonials are interested in is how companies give back and what they are doing. we have the aflac cancer center and children's health of atlanta. our sales force has given over $65 million of their own money. in total, we've given over 100 million get that kind of thing we put forward they take a head for not doing anything wrong. just be in front of me saying of me thinks along with making our profits which of course is number one. maria: what's the driver? what is driving the business? >> was in the health care system like in japan just got a
6:55 am
single-payer system that's gone from no deductibles to 10 to 20 and now 30. in the united states at the obamacare, the big gaps create the co-pays and deductibles. when people buy that, they get products to fill the gaps and that's overdoing. >> you say the sox doing great. there have been three downgrades in the last couple of weeks. what is going on? the market seems to think the stock is down enough. >> all they do i feel like we are going to make all of our numbers. we are certainly very safe stock. i feel like there's plenty of opera. i certainly am happy with what's been going on. >> how is the economy now?
6:56 am
>> they wanted 2% inflation and they have not had a cat. i think we still are waiting for you. our business in japan has been fabulous. the largest and insurance company are selling for as and that's been a very good position for us and we continue to grow there as well. maria: how does that impact you? we talk all the time what is going on with going on that began in driving the stock market there. >> we used to say exclude the yen. because you collect all of our money, pay of our claims in the ad and it's only when we transfer profits at the end of the time. all in all, the yen has been strengthened in an average hundred 21 last year through right now about 113, 114. that helps us to some degree when you just look at it and
6:57 am
dollar amount. dagen: i just want to ask you how you see the health insurance industry for the individual, people who get it for their employers worsening in the coming years because of obamacare. what should be our biggest concern? >> you need to fill those gaps and was created in health care. you know, there's some independent research that shows it used to say 51% of americans could not come up with a thousand dollars in cash. it's now up to 65%. our policy costs money, but we did not do briefly remind play. maria: good to have you on the show. dan and mouse, aflac. we will be right back. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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maria: good tuesday morning. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 24th had a shakeup at the tsa, long lines at airports across the country costing one top official his job. breaking news this morning. new details in that aircraft. an official tells the associated press human remains have been found suggesting an explosion may have taken down the aircraft. washington state holding its republican primary. only two weeks away from the california primary and donald trump hosted its first fund raiser with the rnc today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders targeting trump over
7:01 am
finances and economic policy is. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more dead. >> trump is a multibillionaire or so he tells us. we don't know if it's true or not. he lies every day. maria: meanwhile, dream in rain now facing suspension over his controversial life. he will have to pay. details coming up on that. the latest round of funding for the social media giant that market this morning a mix, mix lives in asia. the sharpest decline as the japanese yen strength and again against the dollar. stocks are turning higher. euro zone finance ministers meeting over the bailout of greece and in the u.s. can the features point to a higher opening. now industrials opened up 50 points this morning. nasdaq s&p 500 higher. reading on new home sales comes out at 10:00 a.m. eastern and
7:02 am
later on in the week the gdp report is out. joining me this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell, chief economic correspondent john hilsenrath and mark sereno. i have to say half like again. that was great. they've got a lineup this morning. farmer ben carson, chairman of donald trump supporter is that does allow us reagan economic adviser marty feldstein along with former mcdonald's u.s.a. ceo ed ran say. republican congressman joe have with us. we will take it off right now with our top story this hour. remove in the head of security operations at the airport landscape to a bunker. reporter: good morning to you. if you have said if you have said about at this miserable security lines lately in fact
7:03 am
year saw someone has to be held responsible for this madness, that indeed has happened. the former tsa had a security kelly hogan was replaced yesterday effective immediately. the taliban said the administration announced a derby lajoie as his. jay has held similar roles at new york's jfk and los angeles international airport. a sudden spike in wait times we have seen for days and weeks, sometimes hours on at airport security lines has become a phenomenon. the tsa has blamed a surge in travel combined with a shortage of security officers due to budget cuts. the tsa had peter massinger announced a few more changes yesterday in a department by of five letter. i bought them at chicago o'hare international airport which has seen some of the worst ways. a new team that will oversee screening operation and incident command center has been established at headquarters.
7:04 am
these adjustments will enable more focused leadership in screening operations at critical airports in the national transportation system. however maria, the passenger boarding planes that destroy obama will do so today in the weeks to come as this. are these adjustments a permanent solution are just a first step in a system that still day as a whole lot of fixing going forward? we will see in the upcoming days. maria: we will be watching that. blake burman turning to the latest from the campaign trail. the general election is swinging further with republicans in washington state set to cast their votes today, presumably giving trump 44 delegates. this is a gop presidential nominee gears up for his first court native fundraiser at the rnc in new mexico tonight. my neck just as trump will have no trouble raising the money he made and he will win the general election in november. ben carson national campaign chairman and donald trump
7:05 am
supporter,. why are you so confident he will raise the money? there is debate yesterday talking about a billion dollars. >> is a couple things going on. one reason i chose to join his advisory board as we get down to unification. after 17 candidates, he won the upgradability to be the nominee. when you do come back and unify the party and not tear it apart. with this process, it comes down to people putting down their weapons and everything was done against each other during this last race. we focus now moving forward in november. that is what you see happening now. maria: do you agree with that? do you think they'll coalesce behind donald trump and make it easier in november? you are still seeing pushback. >> they have.
7:06 am
they are unified behind donald trump in recognizing this never trump movement had little life to it and little purpose. you probably would agree that a lot of the folks who are ready to cut checks are the ones who have looked at the last seven years the way the economy has been restrained and damaged another looking for us that the power of the economy but the corporate tax cut rate that donald trump is proposing. would you agree? >> yeah, that is coming across both her knees. you are hearing again and again that many of my democratic friends that run very large fortune 500 businesses are not going to go back a democrat again. they've got a go forward with something pro-business that would give them a chance to move forward. hard to make profits have increased regulation. look at the amount of regulation added in the last seven years, it's a staggering rate. we've got to be pro-business if we are going to turn this country and can do need to move
7:07 am
this forward in a way that will put us back into domination mode. >> that's one of the reasons hillary clinton and his son her husband's record during the 90s. it's an act of desperation, but it's two for the price of one if you will. i think that is a little dangerous because again, we played donald trump about bills passed problems if you will. that opens the door if you say my husband will be involved. you are opening yourself up. >> you can't say that people are still struggling today and forget the white house has been run for democrat to >> that's true. you haven't seen 3% economic growth. >> 1990s when they did have that economic growth. maria: right, but in the last 10
7:08 am
years we haven't seen much of a recovery. what about hillary and bill clinton as those bernie sanders going after trump in attacking finances? listen to this. >> economics could bankrupt america like he is bankrupted its companies. [applause] i mean, ask yourself, how can anybody >> her opponent who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us won't release his tax return. >> with regard to trump, this is hysterically funny. trump is a multibillionaire or so he tells us. we don't know whether his true or not. you know, he lives every day, so probably he's broke. maria: what are your thoughts on this? >> i think it's a couple things. i find it fascinating that now
7:09 am
we are going after specific business. at the end of the day, anybody that's had to go out there and grow a business no-space you are not perfect every time. so yes he made mistakes. you see a he didn't succeed. overall he had more wins than losses. i want to last a lifetime burning data payroll. these are real things business owners face every day. the more i believe that the democrats focus on these things, these things, the more outrageous americans. look at statistics we see right now. people across america are fed up with washington. they are fed up with being told how to live their lives. as dr. carson used to say over and over again, this is a citizen statesman you are looking for. i carry an ipad to go go out there and do this. it's really hard to say if you've been in washington for 30 years in her husband was
7:10 am
president that you could understand where it is. you can understand giving more money to people who are willing to work but that's different in making payroll. maria: that really resonates. >> establishment versus antiestablishment. maria: when was the last time he managed to payroll and created jobs? >> it is achievable because of the economic anxiety among the big donors. dagen: i think he doesn't even need a billion. he can get by with half a billion given the tv exposure. >> he's been doing it on doing it on a shoestring and the way up until now. dagen: mr. graham abbott at short and sweet and had no clinton were hurt. go quick, he's under fbi investigation right now. >> i think it will be interesting to see what comes out of there. it's ironic that virginia which is closest to washington at the last two governors in trouble. i think we need to watch this closely and see what comes out. pretty wonderful people and our
7:11 am
justice department, administration for months were spent in a great job. maria: we will leave it there. thanks for joining us. dean parker. breaking news this morning as human remains were found or that down egyptian airliner reportedly suggesting an explosion on board. u.s. credit card debt headed to the trillion dollars mark. why you need to be concerned. they just keep snapping up cash. pushing a valuation to $20 billion. we've got the details maxed. --. next. and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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7:14 am
train to breaking this is mine and egypt air flight eight of war. an official tells "the associated press" that human remains have been found suggesting an explosion may have taken on the aircraft. aviation attorney mitch baumeister joins us on the phone in paris. he is the former lead attorney in the lockerbie trial and egypt air 990. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, good morning. maria: what to make of this most recent comments. human remains being found suggesting also that an explosion occurred on the plane. the south beach you to believe it was terrorism? >> well, i have felt from the beginning that it was terrorism and more than likely not a bomb because there's a lot of facts consistent. these are the preliminary events coming out.
7:15 am
sadly, the big dems remain are small. the debris that has been found is small. if you think back to a number of ex-oceans that occur, let's talk about pan am 103. the front of the aircraft separated but the breakup of the aircraft at the altitude and the wreckage was scattered over hundreds of square miles over the land of scotland which they picked up. but there was a big section that crashed into town. ultimately this will be small and fine debris if it is and i believe it probably is a bomb. it would be small debris spread out over hundreds of miles but possibly big sections of the aircraft somewhere below the mediterranean. the question really comes down, people don't think about it and pan am, lockerbie, the bombers had a structural point them out
7:16 am
the front of the brand to separate and not caused the plane to crash. we don't know if this is in the cargo hold, if it blew up the tail, if it will up the win. we don't know if there was a terrorist bomber in the cabin area. maria: just declared they are saying it's a explosion. not necessarily a wrong. insert sounds good. one of things you've been mentioning this he don't get any information from egypt air. >> the me tell you. as one of the lawyers, the copilot drove the aircraft into the ground. we investigated that take the depositions, work with ntsb. the official cause was an intentional act of the pilot. the egyptians rejected even though they asked us to become involved, not us, the lawyers, but even though they got the official result, they reject it and said it was a mechanical error.
7:17 am
they always have information coming out. this will be very slow. as a final point, there is no significant weather. we know there was a sudden playing for 40 years. fly the plane and then communicate if you can. they couldn't communicate. we can rule out weather. we can rule out midair collision. and here, the damage patterns so far is consistent with some kind of an explosive event. not a bomb. probably the only explanation is a bomb. the only other in-flight explosion that occurred in my 40 years of practicing law in aviation cases with twa 100 at the san rafael bank explosion, every other explosion has been a terrorist act. my gut tells me this is terrorism. it's an explosion and we are
7:18 am
beginning to see the early signs. but doctors will be key to the sudden onset and the place of the bomb in the cabin. >> how is anyone taking credit for it? if this is an act of terror, where the arms going up? maria: brill quake. >> real quick, if this is an internal group to send a message to the military power is there to be, it may be that they are not that interested publicly and talking about this. if there was an outside egyptian group, it may be a different story. do i have the answer to that? no. i am an aircraft expert. maria: you still think this is terrorism even on a terrorist group has claimed responsibility. a lot of questions. we demand more answers. good to speak with you. thank you very much. mitch baumeister joining us on the phone. the remaining hacker group reseller plans e-mail server.
7:19 am
cheryl: this is a developing story. fox news has learned that this romanian hacker indeed, marcel lazar is working out details of a plea deal with the fbi and the u.s. attorney. a confirming a hearing. gusafer will plead guilty to at least some charges. switching gears to how would you like to try a red angry birds burger. mcdonald's and singapore. one is fried chicken sandwich with a red time. a smoky fried chicken patty, friday, lettuce, tomato and a fiery pepper mayo. there is also a 90-degree port burger that comes at a, lettuce, jalapeno sauce and a green button. so far just available in singapore. big news in technology, tech
7:20 am
crunch says snapchat puts the valuation at $20 billion, maybe more. it has had rapid growth since launching five years ago. the start of passover 100 million daily active users of the photo messaging service. 20 century fox is going big with its snapchat-based promotion or axman apocalypse. not only of the mutants taking over all of the funds is to promote the film, users can now buy tickets directly from the snapshot adds. axman apocalypse hitting theaters on friday. just in time for the holiday. but you. maria: thank you, cheryl. $1 billion in household credit card debt. we'll take a closer look at the debt consumer space. lebron james and the cleveland cavs in hot water after losing back-to-back games in the championship. why is that four-time to pull out of this. it's more than a network and the cloud.
7:21 am
it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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maria: later this morning, the morning, and look in morning, the canoe home sales picking up a busy week leading up to friday's gdp report from a secular vision for the gdp. investors watching for clues on whether the federal reserve will raise interest rates in june. former reagan economic council and jeb bush economic senior adviser, marty feldstein. always good to see you. thank you for joining us. you want to kick it up with this op-ed he wrote in a journal on the 17th of may as to why the fed's inflation fixation needs to be ended. >> it is not that they are paying too much attention to inflation. it is that they have the target
7:25 am
and the target is 2%. by the way they counted, they are now up 1.6. the argument is we have to keep interest rates superlow to get from 162. maria: you think the fed should be raising rates? do you think we'll see that in june? >> i hope so. they sent enough signals that will not be scaring the market are suppressing the market. maria: the jungle lands, because on sunday morning features this weekend the president of the federal reserve is san francisco, john williams, talked about raising rates going into an election year. here is his answer to that. >> we have proven over and over again to be connected in a presidential election year taking controversial -- maria: you see with going higher than before the election? >> sure.
7:26 am
it would be based on the data in based on our analysis. we are focused on the economy and how to best achieve our goal. maria: marty, when he focuses on the economy, he says in his part of the world, obviously said disco, it is booming. >> it is booming in the u.s. because of said policy. they brought us back to full employment. >> marty, you say the fed should be raising rates. what is the urgent need for almost four years now? >> is barely growing. >> there are two reasons. inflation is rising. if you look at cpi, which is what most people look at, the core cpi, consumer price index, take out energy of the 2.1% relative to the year ago period so it is rising and rising faster as you would ask back. so you want to be ahead of the curve on that. the other thing is super low interest rate we've now had our
7:27 am
right thing is stored in asset prices all across. >> one of the things that will be distorted if the dollar. we will see a much stronger dollar. would he say to american manufacturers who get hurt by that? >> the dollar will move wherever the dollar moves. there will be gainers and losers in the process. american consumers will be gainers. there was then money buying manufactured products made in america. so why don't think we should allow that to distort what is really the risky situation in which very low interest rates are driving up commercial real estate and equity prices and other things. >> you adviser to jeb bush. have you endorsed donald trump? are you going to? >> i don't say me to endorse anybody at this point. >> trump has set tax rates are likely to go well. is that a republican?
7:28 am
>> insane tax plans will go down. after being negotiated with congress, david go up from his lower level. they say is going to lower taxes overall. >> with the bottom line is i'm not is pretty good. maria: what does the economy due under a trump presidency in your view given his economic plan? >> i don't think we know economic plan. my hope is that we will see cuts in the corporate rate, that we will see moving to a territorial system. maria: that's what he says. >> in the beginning of september: 15%. >> 15 will be hard to get through congress. as he says he's a good negotiator and we'll see what comes out of the negotiation. even if it came down from 35, even if it came down to 25, alec guinness in line with the rest of the industry world.
7:29 am
maria: would that create euphoria? would that be a growth catalyst? >> that is moving to a territorial system, meaning we will not penalize american companies to earn profits abroad and right now could only bring it back by pegging against the tax rate of 35%. maria: real quick. i know you're just back from japan. might have negative interest rates failed? >> they scared the japanese investors about hurting the japanese banks and insurance companies. they seemed like a desperate act on par of the central bank that has been promising 2% inflation year after year and not coming close. maria: marty, always a pleasure. great insight as always. still to come, credit crisis. america's combined credit card debt on top to trap $1 billion. what is driving this trend coming up. how one nba player avoids time
7:30 am
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. > . . maria: good tuesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 24, your top stories right now 7:30 on the east coast busy in campaign trail washington state holding republican primary, we are two weeks away from california primary, and donald trump is hosting first frifr with rnc hillary clinton is declining to participate in
7:33 am
the fox news debate, and she was target of trump and sanders latest attacks. >> i am only responding to what they do, they are -- they've been nasty she has been very nasty, and i said i would like it to be on policy bill would i like it to be a straight right down the middle. >> the american people have serious doubts about somebody who takes millions from wall street, and then says, she will stand up to wall street. maria: credit card debate nearing record levels what it means for the consumer and economy coming up we're star draymond green in game four after retroactively kick in game three now facing suspension will have to pay up for that move details ahead more weakness to tell you about in retail space best buy shares under pressure the company revenue missed expectancies, it is will naming a new chief financial officer best buy shares under pressure this morning, broad markets higher futures pointing to gains opening of trading take a look, dow jones industrial average expected to open up about 60 points nearing the highs of the
7:34 am
morning, are right now, in heels of strengthen and gains in europe. as they await results of washington state primary the trump campaign is headed west setting sights on new motor vehicles cofox news is in al questionerkey this al questionerkey. >> sites on new mexico keeping washington under consideration, the primary there, 44 delegation, up for grabs, we should point out, that at washington state convention over weekend 40 of 41 elected delegates will be going to national convention, are actually supporters of ted cruz, so they will be bound to vote for whoever wins the primary today, new mexico 24 delegates up for grabs, two weeks from today, it is the last contest one of five including big state california donald trump, i believe, no question will win here in new mexico on june 7th, the general election, in about november though different story barack obama won here by 10 points, over mitt romney, in 2012, new mexico trending
7:35 am
democratic certainly for at last several about cycles controversy surrounding instagram video donald trump posted concludes voices of monica lewandowski waunita broad wic cathyooen willy over pair of bill clinton rhyming people of inif i had del tees allegedly sexual assaults in 1980s 1990s a quick look at that ad. >> very nervous. >> no woman should be subjected to it. >> it was an assault. >> he did -- i tried to pull away from him. >> [laughter] >> the democrats fighting back releasing a video of the democrats fighting back releasing a video of trump associate roger stone, saying that trump had actually contributed to a go fund me page that was to pay for coagulant with lien willie's mortgage so she could go out on road during campaign to
7:36 am
talk about bill clinton no response from trump campaign on that, it is clear tried to bring back memories of 1990's on bill o'reilly last night trump said if he could -- by clinton on women he is going to hit right back. >> when she hits he i agent you have the have no choice you have to do it it is unfair. you know, dirty players been dirty players historically i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> big question here in new mexico, maria, what will governor martinez do get hidden donald trump or not not coming to his event today, she has been rumored by some to be about potential running mate choice though we hear from people in the know, she is not being vetted for that position, so it is likely we can remove her name from the list. >> people want know if she will endorse regardless. >> not immediately i wouldn't say. >> interesting take, that she is basically not being vetted is what you are hearing, thank you, john roberts about in new mexico this morning next guest
7:37 am
says presidents thomas jennifer abraham lincoln bill clinton shared an portrait why partisan ship is necessary. >> politicians and he gallontarians hidden history of american politics shane with us presidential historian, for first on fox business interview, good to see you thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be here. >> how does level of you partisan politics seeing compared to what useful been studying. >> it is an -- other things have happened before deep deep partisan divisions, look, when framers framed constitution of the united states, they didn't like political parties they felt political parties bad divide the country very quickly political parties arose we're too big a country we have too many clashing interests, for there not to be some kind of focus for those for those divisions. and because we have a system, that allows for the first past the post to win, it is going to mean a third party going to be mar engine lived you have
7:38 am
two parties fighting out two parties could listingings, could listings sometimes are strong, sometimes come apart as seeing in both parties today, but parties have also a been the focus. >> but don't you feel that you know, the fact that you've got all these different ideas, is that creates checks and balances so important wasn't that what founding faurz were trying to do make sure we had checks and balances? place. >> slul inside government itself when the parties win elections have people in government, then, the house -- the senate -- the congress checks presidency -- there are not so many checks and balances inside party systems, may arise out of parties themselves, so that is why you find things in state today things very -- >> we have had moments, when third parties emerged like fadralist party came and went we had that inflection point now with so many disruptions inside the democratic party
7:39 am
and republican party. >> a good question -- it could be. certainly parties are going to be changing, whether keep same names or not because if he hadralist disappeared all dough whig party disappeared you are fatigue fundamental breach finally prelz could end up for example if donald trump were to consolidate control of the republican party, it would be a very different republican party than ronald reagan's republican party, like widest. >> isn't that what happened with barack obama? >> is not -- >> people might have thought i don't think it don't ended up being as much a thought of spores thought it was going demn farther you part you see in sanders campaign disappointment that brab wasn't kwievend president they wanted him to be. >> a third party coming out of this environment. >> we might i don't think it will last very long. >> peggy noonan wrote a third party is forge.
7:40 am
>> it would happen, out of -- the republican mix they never last, greatest historian said third parties like bees sting and then die. >> are you telling hillary clinton time to be extra partisan. >> extra partisan? >> yes. >> i think that hillary clinton bb partisan i think that is. >> she has become extra partisan what is marked, distinct is the revolt against political class i completely agree that partisan is at foundation of a silver society no doubt about it but the revolt to get the political class would do you think about term limits to help prevent political questions getting entrenched. >> two good -- i think we effectively by good professional. >> we have amateurs stay there year after year. >> professionals, my point is -- >> my point is -- that, there are things as nonpartisan partisans. in other words, you say, i am running against you for example running against you i say is it problem with you you
7:41 am
are a partisan. i am not partisan. it is totally partisan state. >> -- exactly. >> vr politician tries thomas jefferson master said he was republican running against federalist we are all federalists, now right except if my kind of republic frastist come with me trying to find a country all one party his party. >> allow do you characterize bill clinton as a partisan he formed the democratic leadership counsel noun for moderate positions then he worked with republicans, to pass his agenda so that really wasn't generally partisan he kicked democrats to the side. >> called being a good political leader. >> went to the center also in second term. >> the democratic party in terrible shape, right in 1980s. >> pretty well whooped by reagan, and it had to recover, and it split even going back to 70s, what clinton did was
7:42 am
to reform to regroup the democratic party. >> he did a good job of it. >> that is what he that is what he set out to do so it is there are other changes not alled third parties not apocalyptic dramatic could be a change in a could listing i think that is what he did. >> thanks so much, joining us there u.s. credit card debate approaching levels not seen since height of the financial crisis, what would foundedings fairs say about that? laura banks consider good news details. >> cleveland cavs a huge deficit last night series tied we bring play by play, next. .
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
. . maria: welcome back america credit card debt is now on pace to surpass one trillion
7:46 am
dollars shy of all-time high reached in financial crisis in 2008, massive debt point toward increase in lending, with toll number u.s. credit cards holders up 47% from 2010 joining us right now the president of mastercard north america greg good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> are you concerned about a trends in debt let's face it debt in some ways makes the world go round but does this concern that you we are looking at a trlgends near high. >> mastercard payments network don't issue cards don't lend to consumers, our bank partners do that as far as we see they are doing a very good job of managing consumers managing the credit, they are extending to consumers. we are in the business of -- of about enabling products that give consumers choice how they want to pay for things they might choose to pay later on a credit prurt me might want to pay now with a debit product there are things they pay for in advance prepaid product we are all about,
7:47 am
enabling them to have that choice use products as broadly as they can importantly as safely. >> have choice is really important in terms of pointing toward growth, overall economic growth but does it concern you when you see people borrowing a lot? >> i -- i don't necessarily see that as being a particular concern at this point. >> okay. >> again, we're seeing, we're seeing nice growth in spending activity we're seeing good -- moderate but increasing levels of consumer expenditure, at rates that i think we would see as being relatively health. >> we are on set here talking all the time about zero interest rates, how low the fed has made outrights i interest rates 12% interest rate on credit card debt americans feel not getting good deals what do you say to people paying 12% interest on credit card debt
7:48 am
fed keeping rates down zero percent. >> can't get rate on savings account. >> earning nothing but paying 12%. >> bring walk to the issue of choice how we are about enabling consumers to pay for things the way they want to pay the way they want to lead their lives important thing underpinning that we are focused on as organization, is about enabling them to do that knowing, that their payments their data their information is going to be able handled safely and securely, because that is a very significant concern among consumers we see it in consumers across the board every survey we conduct, would have the top things on people's minds when it comes to financial servicers, and payments specifically, is safety and security. mastercard investing a significant amount to help upgraded the safety and security in in our payments infrastructure. >> i want to talk about that does everybody have a chip on their card here. >> i do, i want to ask about the it is kind of a pain in the neck using it radio right now there is no rhyme or
7:49 am
reason when stores accept it. >> right. >> where are you in the rollout of that. >> we're in we're going through a migration process, so just to give you a little context this is a journey started four years ago planning preparation, across the industry collaborative effort against payment networks among banks acquireers merchants, to talk about how do we upgrade the security of our payments infrastructure we're one of the last markets in the world to embrace this technology effective at reducing fraud associated with counterfeit cards, so we are working our way through that journey. >> how long are we talking about to get full -- >> we have made significant progress in getting cards into the the marketplace we've got roughly 70% of our cards have been reissued with a chip, we're not quite as far along getti getting temperatures are a in in market 1.4 million term nalz in the marketplace when
7:50 am
we get to 60% of the cards we are already at, 60% of the term nalz we will have at this time a tipping point this market as or more secure. >> why is chip saver. >> that is what i was going to ask. >> chip is fantastic technology it is a computer chip on a card that generates a one-time use code when that chip goes in the terminal can't be counter fitted a magazine magnetic stripe old way lvlt easy technology to conceal skimmers on a terminal can hack in steel data if you steal magnetic stripe data you can create phony cards to conduct flaunt transactions with a chip you haven't if you get data you can't use it so it is a very secure technology. >> yeah, it looks that way, small and medium businesses are mostly previouslant.
7:51 am
>> it is it is going to need to be across the board, we've seen really good progress in large mere chants implementing the terminalsmore than a million small merchants local merchants across the country. >> good to have you on the show mastercard we will be right back. brothers.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back lebron james cavs undefeated in the playoffs before dropping their last two games, to the toronto raptors can king james save cavs highlights of the game sports heed lines 24-7 sports reporter jared max. >> how quickly things change
7:55 am
times are a changing happy birthday bob dylan only four mornings ago we wondered if cavs would become the first team in a nba history to bring a 12 and 0 record to the finals, suddenly cavs no to even reach the final raptors trying for second straight win, the reverse, gives raptors 16-point lead cleveland came back fourth quarter cavs down one lebron james takes it tul a way, 88-87 cleveland, derosen makes an adjustment raptors back in front, but the cavaliers regained the lead a see-saw battle, still kyle would shake seasoning on cavs under two minutes toronto gets in control, offensive rebound tremendous for the raptors, late sinks the basket kyle scored more 35 raptors two separate tie the series, but get this 8 and 2 at home only 2 and 6 on the road this is
7:56 am
where they will be tomorrow game five in cleveland series best of three. >> one of the most expensive kicks to the groin, in sports history. only a fine not a suspension, for draymond green golden state warriors will have to cough up -- cough up 25,000 dollars, for trying to make oklahoma city, sound like mickey mouse green plays we'res try to even two games apiece. >> inflated about continuation of a certain nfl story it is back, update riots quarterback tom brady had decline yesterday to appeal a decision, for last month by second ask it court of appeals reinstated four games suspension for "deflate-gate" his legal team filed a petition seeking rehearing from 13 member panel of judges opposed to three ruled on case last month ultimately, brady could bring his case to the supreme court, or find a way
7:57 am
to taerply as you spend suspension seeking a stay of second court decision. >> new jersey trump national golf club yesterday a day to promote the 2017 u.s. women's open, orange county with donald trump after all at least when it comes to playing events on his kwours, last summer, the country cleeding golf organization issued a joint statement to distancing themselves from trump now saying all tournaments will go forward as expected. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> thank you jared max. we'll be right back. came out today thousands of people to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared?
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. maria: good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 24 here top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast should i beingup tsa, long lines at airports across the country costing one top firnl his job, we've got the latest developments breaking news right now, new details in egyptair crash, a senior egyptian official, telling the associated press, this morning, that human remains have been found, suggesting an explosion may have taken down that aircraft, a by these day on campaign trail washington state holding republican primary, we are two weeks away from california primary, june 7, donald trump hosting his first frifr with rnc today trump and bernie sanders targeting hillary clinton in their latest attacks. >> i don't like doing that but i have no choice. can when she hits me on things i just have no choice so you have to i will do it it is unfair. you know, dirty players they
8:01 am
have been dirty players historically, i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> i don't want -- secretary clinton she is very -- [cheering and applauding] . >> other -- >> we are going to win here -- >> google french headquarters raided what investigators are looking for straight ahead, and a caffeine kick nike teams up with starbucks caffeined sneakers details ahead hottest trend in bars liquor stores hard soda. >> markets mixed futures a higher opening for broader averages this that is high of the morning up 62 points on dow jones industrial average the reasons why, here with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, wall street chief
8:02 am
economic correspondent jon his wrath. >> mark serrano good show so far. >> good show. >> learned a lot me, too, a lot we've got a lineup. >> i want to hear you say aflac. >> aflac. >> ed renesy with us nevada congressman grant interest rate founder jim grant with us the host of varney ant company stie artist varney coming up don't miss a moment this hour top story that is the tsa, removing headed of security operations, as airport lines keep getting longer, blake burman in washington, d.c., with the latest black. reporter: maria if you have stood in one absolutely miserable security lines, at airport recently, and thought to yourself that someone should be held responsible that indeed has happened former tsa head of security kelly hoggan was replaced yesterday, effective immediately, the top boss transportation security administration, announcing darby lajoye as his replacement, lajoye held sim
8:03 am
roles at new york jfk los angeles international airport, a sudden spike in wait times sometimes, hours long, at arrangements security lines across the country, has become a phenomena tsa blamed surge in trouble combined a shortage of security officers due to budget cuts, tsa had peter neffenger announce more changes in a department wide letter among them chicago o'hare responsible airport has seen, some of the worst waits a new team there, will oversee screening operations, and incident command center established at tsa headquarters, neffenger writing having changes i am quoting here these adjustments will enable more focused leadership and screening praises critical airports, in the national transportation system. the question for passengers boarding planes maria, and in days to come is already adjustments as necessarijer
8:04 am
put it permanent solution or first step in a system that niedz much fixing. >> lines look like a mess blake burman this morning we've got breaking news as well on search for egyptair flight 804 about according to the ap, a senior forensics official saying that recovered human remains that have been found suggest there was an explosion onboard, moments before the plane crashed into the ocean. search teams continue to comb for clues search for black boxes all 66 people onboard killed airbnb bus 320 crashed into med sea thursday flying to -- paris to cairo keeping eye on story for developments we want to bring in campaign trail, washington state is holding republican presidential primary today, with pumentive nominee donald trump expected to take the stage, 44 delegates, that will put him very close to the number he needs 1237, he needs to secure republican nomination as you can see at
8:05 am
1169 right now presumptive nominee set to hold first campaign fund-raiser with rnc in moou mexico requires 10,000 dollar minute donation on the other side hillary clinton turning down invitation for a fox news debate, with bernie sanders ahead of the california primary on june 7, clinton campaign issued a statement, and it says, quote we believe that hillary clinton's time is best spent campaigning, and meeting directly with voters across california. and preparing for a general election campaign that will ensure the white house remains in democratic hands. bernie sanders responded to the news saying he is not surprised he that clinton declined his invitation. >> -- all campaign, her campaign reached an agreement on -- a number of debates including one here in california in may. but -- i think -- i think it is a little bit insulting to
8:06 am
the people of california -- [cheers and applause] . >> joining us right now former mcdonald's usa ceo former -- edward renesy, thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, good to be here. >> we want to talk about business, and what you are seeing out there, as you look at the economic environment but also politics. what is your take on the economy, and on consumer spending going into this election? >> well, this country of ours is in a lot of trouble. you know. you look at donald trump, in my opinion is third-party candidate, using the republican rules to get elected. he is speaking to american people particularly people looking for jobs small businesspeople we're getting desperate out here in the real world you look at the nonsense going on with minimum wage, work rules, we need to pass an employee workers rights act, we need to make sure that
8:07 am
employees are in a situation where rights are protected. all this nonsense of mcdonald's with minute wage work rules all about union dues it is about organizing, it is a theatre of protesters to capture votes for the democratic party absolute nonsense a sham, it is destroying middle class in this country. >> i this i this is really important point you are making because there are politicians that allow foreigners to get citizenship could become voters talk about that but you mentioned the -- the minimum wage issue, there are mcdonald's workers right now planning to protest tomorrow, they want that push for 15 dollar an hour minute wage this is -- and you know mcdonald doing so well, what is the implication of 15 dollar minute wage across the country? minimum page. >> if it goes across the country you are going to see job loss you can't believe i
8:08 am
was at national restaurant show yesterday, and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry, it is cheaper to buy a 35,000 dollar robot than it is to hire an employee here inefficient making 15 dollars an hour bagging french fries it is nonsense! it is very destructive inflationariry it is going to cause a job loss across the country like you are not going to believe. maria: . >>. dagen: fight for 15 dollar minimum wage unions want to organize places like mcdonald's do you think that happens again because then -- unions can come in, and say hey we are promising you lower wages than federal minimum do you think it will happen? >> i -- who knows, the way our government is functioning today, you look at the national labor relations board more irrational group of
8:09 am
people i have seen functioning we've got unemployment in black community staggering young black men over 50% unemployment we are talking about a 15 dollar minute wage. >> entry level jobs inflationary going to destroy jobs keep people on government dole be holding to government keep accomplished ruling class in place, it could happen who knows not good for the economy. >> i believe it -- >> if hillary clinton becomes president we could be looking at 12 dollar minimum page in classic clinic form found this middle ground taken, don't you think at 12 dollars it could be just as destructive to jobs particularly for teens, minorities? >> i don't think we ought to have a federal minimum page states out to decide based on cost of living in regions they are in, up don't need 15 dollar minimum wage in communities that have a
8:10 am
standard of living substantially lower than new york city may be higher in new york. >> criticized all the time lack of depth on stance of issues one guy said states ought to decide man and a woman -- minimum wage. >> he wants to see -- >>. dagen: they should not live on 7.25 about i used to tell folks that worked for me, when they come in, as a dishwasher making minimum gage avert have a plan to make them ceos in 35 years, grow develop, get promoted, that is what we ought to be focused on how do we take these young people, and train them to be something more than what they are? they should not be minimum wageworkers their entire life that is wrong, look at tsa, we got uned mr. veterans across the country, separate for jobs, those people have been
8:11 am
trained in combat, in -- being dealing with with people, put them in charge of security for crying out allowed, hire these guys, hire these women get them to work, we are so screwed up in the way we are managing this country right now we ignore the objects correct solution, and find obscure trump is right the least he ran business. >> i want to come back to point with about robotics is this is going to be happening anyway are jobs in fast food restaurateurs going to be replaced next few years by robots. >> it is not just gonna be in fast-food business you know franchising is the best business model in the united states, it is the dependent on people that have low job skills that need to grow. where he will if you can't get people to reasonable wage you are going to get machines to do the work, it is just common sense that is going to happen whether you like it or not and the more you push this it will just happen faster. >> so ed you agree then just
8:12 am
to wrap in up you groo he the states should deal with whether you call it minimum wage or what we're dealing with in terms of wages? >> well, i think we ought to have a multifaceted, entry level worker a straight wage the states ought to manage this, because they know more what is going on in the ground than anybody, in washington, d.c. . >> right, because the people who are making minimum wage oftentimes are kids out of school during summer. >> middle class kids. >> dropouts. >> yeah. >> absolutely if you look if you look at the people in chicago, the young black people in chicago, the graduation rate from public school system atrocious. it is horrible. and these kids have nothing to do they have no skill sets, the functionally illiterate can't add, subtract business
8:13 am
community is teaching and training young people job skills it used to be military, now it is franchise organizations. >> good to have you on program thanks for insights. >> he will with i am happy to be here any time. >> see you soon, sir, coming up move other cars ride sharing from from lyft allows customers to scheduled rides in advance how this could be a game ebb changer for the business nike inspiration from star buc for its latet snooeshg t sneaker, book inack in a moment. ♪ ♪ ing with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered
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prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. maria: breaking news he protests brussels belgium violent police saying as many as 60,000 demonstrate straighters have taken to streets to voice option to the government labor reforms, look at video you can see workers clashing with police, water cannons, teargas, today's protesters the first in what is expected a number of demonstrate straiksz next few months leading up to mass general strike, on june 24th, september 29th, and october 7th. >> french investigators raiding google headquarters cheryl casone with that, now. cheryl: maria it is happening, right now, reuters reporting google's office
8:17 am
raided as part of inquirey over tax payments investigators inside office since this morning reportedly still there right now the company under fire from france for back taxes france taking 1. billion dollars from google, google criticized for aggressive use of tax on mization in france not paying french taxes if that sounds familiar, ride-sharing company lyft testing letting passengers book 24 hours in advance the company going to test new service in san francisco, over the next few weeks going to open up to some other cities over the summer. lyft won't charge tradition for early scheduling a direct competitor to uber. >> starbucks, wear on your seat now, nike is out with the dunk low premium show has a brown canvass, white -- looks like coffee starting to milk, swish is white green lining
8:18 am
the colors the logo, and soul inner lining green as well not that much money 100 bucks, so we will see if it takes off. dagen: all white tennis shoes look like that anyway because i spill coffee on seat anything white is going to have coffee. >> latte -- >> why pay 100 bucks. >> they are going to look like that. >>. maria: the race on in nevada to replace senator harry reid other races to watch forget wine and beer soda the rage why this newcomer is taking over bars and restaurants everywhere back in a minute ♪ ♪ ♪ baby, everything is all right, upside ♪ at cancer treatment centers of america,
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. ♪ get ready, get ready ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back senate minority leader harry reed to retire end of term leaving seat vacant first time in 30 years nevada congressman looks to turn set a to republican hands spent democratic katherine cortez, plans to give him a run for the money, first latina scenario congressman joe joins us with more, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> so how you going to do it what is the appeal, to voters, to turn that seat around. >> as we traveled around state 17 counties talking to
8:23 am
nevadaance one thing abundantly clear frustrated after 30 years barack obama 30 years reed they are ready for change we are bring abouting message with my background as a former small business owner, a physician, a veteran, brigadier general in army reserve i have vision and experience necessary to bring them that change, my opponent just represent another 8 years of fail barack obama policies. maria: there i also the -- the woman thing, people might want to see a female latina, but let me ask you this because this whole speculation around donald trump there was worry when you know he was headed toward the mination, becoming presumptive nominee that his -- being the nominee would in fact mean that the republicans would lose seats in the house and senate do you worry about that? >> look we have seen an excitement in nevada within the republican party. we saw record turnout at our caucus, this past february where the democrats saw a dip, recent convention wouldn't even without a hitch where is
8:24 am
the democratic convention descended into chaos we are focused on our race in november bringing our message to all 17 counties letting nevada anz know i have best vision to be able to serve them in u.s. senate. dagen: good to see you, donald trump's campaign and success that he saw in nevada, do you think are you seeing evidence that he is taking that to the national stage? >> well we certainly saw him generate a lot of enthusiasm within the state of nevada mentioned with the incredible turnout that we had in caucus we had more people turn out this year than we had in 2008, he 2012 combined seeing with numbers now rising, in national polls, we will have to wait and see what happens in noefb about november. >> naefd. >> good morning you've got a well organized union presence in nevada could be very, very tough in any race, any statewide race frankly to take them on how do you convince the party committees to spend money in your state, on your
8:25 am
campaign? >> well we've won a democratic leaning district in my congressional races three times, with increasing margins because we work very hard at getting out, spreading our message to people from all walks regardless of party regardless of ethnicity regardless of socioeconomic background it is that one-on-one interaction that we are able to bring to people across nevada that will make us successful in november to be next u.s. senator. >> congressman, they say all politics is local one of the controversial issues in nevada is yucca mountain what to do with that as nuclear waste sight your position. >> storing nuclear waste in hole in the ground 20th century solution to 21st century program we need to look past that convert yes, you canno mountain to something will yield economic benefits for the state bring 21st century answer how do we handle nuclear waste. >> you are with harry reed on that issue? >> i think we need to look at alternatives to other than
8:26 am
long term underground storage. >> congressman, there are other big names, at risk losing senate seats you've got obviously marco rubio florida john mcchane arizona will democrats regain control of the senate in about november? how do you stop that? >> well i think everyone of the senators that are currently run for reelection on republican side is doing a great job getting out to their voters, letting them know why they should be reelected, this is the primary republican pickup opportunity going into 2016 so my job is to preserve if not protect senate majority what we will do as we get around o to that let people know why i am best choice to represent them in the u.s. senate. >> we will we watching thank you so much see you son, still to come a finger on trigger federal reserve on edge of raising rates this summer impact it could have on your decision to apply or sell a house blaming failure of entire government agency on one person? stuart varney thinks tsa is up
8:27 am
to his take coming up this hour, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ the heirloom tomato. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. get your first two meals free at .
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. . . .
8:29 am
maria: welcome back. good to have you. happy tuesday. i'm maria bartiromo. it is 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. shake-up at tsa. long lines costing one top official his job.
8:30 am
who is to blame for the problems? stuart varney weighs in. busy day in the campaign trail. washington state holding republican primary. only two weeks away from the california primary. rum trump holding his first fund-raiser. hillary clinton going after trump's economic policies. >> trump economic policies are recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs and more debt. >> trump says he is a multibillionaire. he lies every day. so probably he is broke. i don't know. maria: facebook making changes to its trending topics section. what the company says it is doing to combat allegations of bias. imagine your favorite fizzy drinks like ginger ale and root beer with a boozey edge. we're looking trend at hard sodas. we're looking at highs of the morning. futures taking off in the last few minutes. we're expecting a gain in
8:31 am
opening of trading of 100 points on dow jones industrial average. right now we are seeing the market move higher at essential highs. nasdaq and s&p 500 also very strong right now. the latest data on new home sales coming out later this morning. that is out at 10:00 a.m. eastern. the economists expect the market to rebound after three months of slowing sales. 532,000 new homes expectal expected compared to 511,000 in march. even the uneven housing recovery bracing for a hurdle. the federal reserve on edge of raising interest rates this june, that could affect homebuyers and sellers during the summer season. grant rate on searcher founder jim grant is here with us to talk more about that good to see you,. >> hi, maria. maria: first kick us off on the your character significance where we are in the backdrop. rate may go higher in june, september, october, yet the economy bounces along the bottom in some ways. how do you character is it.
8:32 am
>> i think the economy is slogging along. there are any number of ways to look at things. seems we're more or less sleep walking. there is nothing like zest or dynamism one so often associated with america's economy. maria: so that in regard do i expect rates to go higher? >> no, i do not. i expect the federal reserve will not act. think the fed wants to, it would love to normalize things but i think it has missed its chance. missed its market. maria: this year no rate hike? >> i don't think so. i my opinion is no rate hike. maria: john. >> you jim, you spend a lot of times looking for distortions in markets particularly distortions caused by low rates. what are you seeing out there right now? >> i that there is bubbling trouble in credit. what we see is that people have stretched and strained to consume as they've been accustomed to doing and that the
8:33 am
trouble with stretching and straining without adequate income is that you go into debt. we see a lot of emerging debt troubles throughout the wholesale and retail economy. >> where in the retail. are you talking about, not credit cards, car loans in particular? >> subprime auto loans for example is one glaring example. there are others. the trouble with, one of the troubles with ultralow rates they do two things. they accelerate consumption. bring it forward in time. also they defer problems because companies that with normal rate structure would be denied access to credit are able to borrow. thereby perpetuate corporate lives might well in more dynamic economy be ended and thereby leaving space for newcomers. we think the consumption will
8:34 am
continue to weaken owing to the burden of debt and that bankruptcies having been postponed through ultralow and abormally low rates will be piling up in the near future. maria: so what do you think comes out of these -- we have janet yellen speaking this friday. got her back again monday with another speech and the fed meeting on june 16th. what should we focus on with the federal reserve or what specific metrics do you look at? >> one thing i noticed to my relief and amusement came out of the regional federal reserve banks, who said the fed might consider shutting up for a while. maria: right. >> my friend seth at "the new york sun" calls it the verbal dollar. the money talks and the fed talks and talks and talks and will not be quiet. so we listen to that regional fed presidents. things are looking fairly good.
8:35 am
we think we'll move in june. the other says perhaps, perhaps not. finally it comes to the chair herself who has the really who has the power and so we await her word but isn't this is a market economy? aren't interest rates prices and ought not prices to be discovered rather than administered? this is the great question. i wish "the wall street journal" john, would take this up. maria: wait a second to speak what you were just saying, san francisco federal reserve president john williams joined me on sunday, he basis said the u.s. economy is booming. listen to his answer when i asked him in fact we go into recession in' 17. >> first of all economists are just not good forecasting recession as year off in the future. i see fundamentals very solid. i see growth continue to be good. as a fed we'll try to get the very smooth landing, bring the plane exactly on to the runway the best we can. i expect growth to be around 2%. i think risks of recession are pretty modest.
8:36 am
maria: do you think we'll see recession in 2017 or '18? >> i guess. this is ultralong businesses expansion as lethargic as it has been very long-lived one. they say these expansions don't die of old age. to a degree they do pause of distortions introduced among other things. >> what will cause the 2017 recession? >> too many sellers, not enough buyers? i don't know, john. typically lack of enterprise. lack of profitability. excesses in debt. shocks from stage left or stage right, not scripted. maria: jim what do you make of these negative interest rates? negative interest rates in -- >> i'm negative on them. maria: you're negative on negative interest rates? >> i think they're arithmetic absurdity. i think they are the, they are
8:37 am
the manifestation of the conceit of the phd standard of monetary management. we have 700 economists, phd economists in the fed. they think up things like negative rates. not just ours and ecb and bank of japan's economists. as my friend jeff goodlatte. phds, we need 701 or many fewer because they are not looking. >> equivalent you're in a room with 700 people who always agree with you. you ask them, hey is this pimple noticeable. they go, no, no, it looks fine. to the outside world it is hideous. >> there are a bunch -- >> i never heard that analogy. >> like they all agree with each other because it is group think. >> dozens petitioned the fed i think last week for more diversity within the fed. they meant -- >> of thought? >> no. they meant diversity of race and gender and the like. >> right.
8:38 am
>> but skin deep diversity, we want people who think differently. the dynamic, the general dynamic stow costtic, the general equity model, bungling that, the intellectual framework by which the fed directs our monetary fortunes has been shown to be ineffective anticipating future which they say they're in buys to doing. maria: they blew it in '15. >> it is true the fed manages federal funds rate and influences other rates and you know better than anyone the market trades on spreads, so the market determines rate on credit cards and auto loans. >> exactly, john, they trade on spreads, when the wholesale, the basic wholesale rate is zero, there abouts the spreads are necessarily narrow. we have been in 35-year or so bull market in bonds, meaning interest rates have fallen for the length of entire wall street careers. this is muscle memory. people project the recent past
8:39 am
into the indefinite future. i think the fed does more than influence. it's a powerful force i think for distortion. maria: a number of candidates say they're going to not renew or reappoint janet yellen s that a smart move? the. >> i don't think janet yellen the person is the problem. i think janet yellen the type is the problem. i think janet yellen -- john, you had fabulous scoop which you buried in the fourth or fifth paragraph four or five month ago, janet yellen when she goes to airport to a flight arrives hours, plural, because this woman is cautious and punctilious person. apart from janet, represents the triumph of the professional economist managing central banking affairs. in the '50s they had few if any and it wasn't such a bad decade. maria: jim, great to have your insights as always.
8:40 am
appreciate it. jim grant, grant interest rate observer. will out offing a top security official help combat long lines at the a airport? after successful year in sales in 2015, hard soda business is shaping up to be a top competitor in brewing. we'll talk to one of the leaders in the business. keep it here on fox business. we'll be right back. >> welcome back to tennis channel french open court report for fox business. i'm jonathan novak. day two of roland garros, continued to dodge the showers and defending men's champion dodged a bullet in his opening match. stan vervenk a-listed the trophy last weekend heading into paris but the swiss star looked a little rusty as he edged past rossal in the deciding set. he moves on but barely.
8:41 am
10th seed chilic is out. the former u.s. open was beaten in four sets in the biggest upset in the men's draw so far. don't forget tennis channel's extensive live coverage from paris hits the airedalely at 5:00 a.m. eastern. i'm jonathan novak.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
maria: welcome back. we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a tuesday. the market is expected to open higher. just in the last 15 minutes we've seen this market take off. we're expecting dow industrials to open up 100 points. couple other stocks, specific names on the move, facebook revamping procedures related to the trending topics section after internal investigation said it found no evidence of political bias however facebook will take measures to minimize the potential effects of individual opinions. we're watching jpmorgan cutting nearly 100 jobs, this time in its private bank business according to
8:45 am
"wall street journal" this morning. broadly speaking the market is expected to being higher this morning. long lines at nation's busiest airports, angering passengers, frustrating airlines t has cost one tsa official his job. "varney & company" host, city varney. stu, your take on the shake-up at tsa? >> i am not keen on government. thank goodness we don't get all the government we're forced to pay for. when i see the government perform i always astonished how badly they perform in so many areas. this tsa story is classic example. long lines at the airports. it is biggest story for a lot of people this coming summer and now we find that the chief of security at tsa kelly hogan, he has been reassigned, not fired. reassigned. i see him as the fall guy as failure of government, failure of tsa to do its job in timely fashion. there is a lot of examples today about failure of government at
8:46 am
that kind of level. john koskinen, the guy who runs the irs. he will not show up in congress for his impeachment hearing. top guy at veterans administration, they don't count the lines in waiting time at disney so why should we at va? you have this constant drum beat of poor performance of government and it rankles a lot of people very much. really gets to them. maria: i agree with you. >> stuart, i'm curious what you feel about this you're starting to see 22 airports roughly that have private companies handling security. more calls for privatization of the tsa. but it was private before 9/11 and it was under president bush that it was nationalized. where do you see it going? >> it was forced on president bush. i think they attached it to another bill going through congress so he pretty much had -- it was a parliamentary manuever and he was forced to sign it make it unionized and give it a lot of money. it is worth pointing out in the
8:47 am
last budget go-round the tsa got $100 million more from congress they actually asked for and now they say that they don't have the staff, they don't have overtime payments available. so that's why you have got the long lines. it just another failure of government at the ground floor level. i don't see why they can't be privatized. i think private is more efficient. i would like to see more of it, frankly, drawing again. >> yeah. >> stuart, don't you think though we'll see more examples of this in the coming months? with something like tsa lines, that affects people personally. that catches attention in the news. can't be good for democrats and can't be good for hillary clinton, don't you agree with that? >> i agree with that. the performance of government is on trial so to speak especially next six months. hillary is looks like following president's obama's example of all government, all the time. answer from the left to today's problem is more government, more regulation, more fairness.
8:48 am
i don't think that is worked very well for the last seven 1/2 years. i don't think it would work very well for the next four years. i'm a free market, small government kind of guy. i realize you have got to have government, you got to. you can't abolish government. i also realize that the more government you get the worse it performs. we're in a class stick here. i just want more private enterprise. that is it what makes america tick. maria: for sure. by the way, stuart, how does cores kin men get away with not testifying from the irs? >> i don't know. i will have to ask judge napolitano. maria: unbelievable. >> why isn't he subpoenaed to appear? congress demand, get in here. you have got a problem, mr., we're impeaching you. get in here. maria: unbelievable. >> i will have to ask the judge, i don't know the answer to your question. maria: we'll ask the judge on "varney & company." see you in 15 minutes. we'll be watching, "varney & company" begins every day at 9:00 a.m. eastern. join him at the top. hour. hard soda craze taking nation by
8:49 am
storm. the success of alcoholic root beer. back in a minute. v
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
maria: welcome back, soft drink consumption in 2015 fell to lowest level since 1998. maybe because some americans are switching to stiffer soda. not your father's root beer, brought in $120 million in 2015. some analysts predict that could double this year. we have a small town president, greg debo you brought in all the alcoholic root beers. tell us about the trend. are people switching from things like beer and wine to hard soda with alcohol? >> there is actually, when we
8:53 am
look at our source of volume studies1% of our volume sources come from shifting brands. interestingly enough within that 38% are wine drinkers, 28% are spirits drinkers. there are certainly migration of those not consuming beer moving over into our segment. maria: not your father's root beer or grandfather's root beer anymore. >> not at all. not at all. maria: what is behind this graze. >> i think -- maria: it is taking market share from beers and wines. >> absolutely is. consumers demand something different. domestic beer has been in decline 15 straight years. craft beer is on the rise. consumers want something different for their palate. we give them just that. maria: what about pricing of it? is that also competitive? what is the cost? >> it is premium priced. very premium priced. we found if you put a product out there high in quality and delivers on expectation, really delivers against that value equation, consumers, at least to
8:54 am
this point certainly shown willingness to pay premium for great product. maria: greg, you brought some drinks here. this is the root beer. you said the cream soda is not out yet. >> vanilla cream ale will launch couple weeks. maria: that sounds good. >> it is absolutely delicious. started with root beer and ginger ale. the ginger ale has done very well. it is number one selling ginger ale on this segment on dollars point of distribution. maria: this is the ginger ale. >> this is vanilla cream. maria: vanilla cream soda. how much alcoholis in the drinks? >> root beer a 5.9 avv. maria: how does that compare to beer? >> craft beer is high-fives, low six. then you get weak beer 3.2. you have a range of 3.2 and up. this is right in line with other craft beers. maria: same thing in beginninger ale and cream soda? >> ginger ale is 5.9 and cream soda is lighter with 5.1.
8:55 am
maria: seems as you launch the products there is more competition? >> there is absolutely. we started this craze roughly about a year ago. now there is north of 15 brands in this segment. no question the segment as a whole gained traction. we personally think that is benefit. helps drive consumer awareness still surprisingly low it with this segment. >> can get it if you want to buy in the stores. what about actual bars? are bars serving it? >> you can get on premise or off premise, grocery drugs, c-stores et cetera. maria: congrats for taking market share. >> thanks for having me. maria: greg teebo. thanks for joining us. ♪ [ male announcer ] tora bora fallujah argonne
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8:59 am
she could have targeted trump and reached a new audience, toward the center in the general election. a huge mistake, she blew it. maria: because a lot of independents are probably going to be watching and haven't made up their minds between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> and afraid of bernie sanders i'm looking forward to following the jobs report next week. that's going to set the tone for the markets. maria: you're expecting her to say? >> i don't think they're going to move in june, i don't think as tle enough evidence, but something for july. maria: dagen. >> very hard for hillary clinton to move to the middle when bernie sanders is up in her face. and she leaves it to her husband, and that leaves it up for donald trump. maria: when she said i'm going to leave it to my husband, he
9:00 am
goes now to do it, then she didn't know how to do it? >> and good at math? don: and thanks for joining us, "varney & company," stuart over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed. is anything off the table in this election? are there any no-go areas? no, there are not. good morning, everyone. kathleen willy, juanita broderick, monica lewinsky, names and voices from bill clinton's past now used in a trump ad against hillary. nothing off limits. in response, hillary will have ads featuring trump's bankruptcies. the bernie versus hillary that goes on. she says no to a debate in california.


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