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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 24, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: on rare occasions i have the privilege of handing over to my colleague and friend neil cavuto at the very high of the day. dow jones industrial average, we are doing it right now, the tao is up 217. it is yours. sandra: this guy isn't doing it for the money. it was interesting, very interesting. stuart varney. much appreciated. we are looking at something you might call hurry up and wait. everyone in this administration is saying we are fine, just chilling. the va\over the wait times, waiting for disney ride as if the tsa looking at loading a dangerous world, we have to get to the airport 3 hours early for the puddle jumper flight. then the irs, the backlash over
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return times getting back to those who want to know if we did the same to you would you act the same way. the point is to say they are very good about telling us it is okay to wait and worth the wait but is it? they all have security clearance, they don't have to deal with this type of nonsense, they don't have to worry about the irs coming down hard on them. we do. they never seem to have to threat about much of anything. we wait, it is worth the wait. when it comes to healthcare it is worth trying a few hundred times before you can log onto a bureaucracy's website. that is all part of the fun, part of the drama, part of what you have to do. think about that. think of the arrogance of that. telling our vets that, you are waiting, enjoy the weight.
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there is a difference between a va secretary talking about waiting for care and you and me waiting on a ride, at disneyland or disney world. we are just there to help. vets are there to survive. they are not having fun. the ones -- former army sniper, begin with you. i find the dismissiveness over-the-top insulting. what about you? >> the fact that secretary mcdonald would compare american heroes waiting in line to receive healthcare that we owe them to that of a family waiting to get on a ride at walt disney is disgusting and shows the real disconnect that takes place not only between secretary mcdonald but senior executives at the va. neil: i was trying to understand there is always a method to
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someone, i have said stupid things that might shock you when i said them but to sort of say as has been common in this administration and bureaucracies in general that is just the way it is. night and day. >> the va is the only customer facing federal agency so it's problems are exposed to the public in a unique way but this wakes, fraud and abuse exists in every agency and the problem is there is no accountability for these unelected bureaucrats who are wasting taxpayer money and politics aside the fixes these bureaucrats have to know that if they waste taxpayer money and don't provide their promised services they will be out of a job and that is not happening. take a look at the speaker of the house, the irs commissioner didn't show up for hearing, looking at whether he lied to congress under oath and probably not going to be any repercussions. neil: if we had done the same
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with the irs or skipped out, it would be a very different result. >> they are waiting for accountability and choice ever since the scandal broke in 2014 when 41 veterans died in line and everyone is waiting for the leadership secretary mcdonald has in the military and private sector to fix the va. his leadership is a wall and so hypocritical. politicians in dc, republicans and democrats who instantly rush to twitter or facebook to blast secretary mcdonald for what he said when in fact they have the ability to pass legislation. neil: that is a brilliant point. what offends me most is the idea that it is just accepted but to
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say the weight is in the issue, the wait was the issue. when the secretary came on that was the whole issue to deal with the weight. the tsa problem now is what is going on with the weight? the issue with the healthcare situation, what is the issue to wait to log onto a system, and all of this matters, waiting matters, lying matters, sticking to your word matters, preaching to people that it doesn't matter in the scheme of things, that the end justifies the means is insulting. >> right. one of the factors is bureaucracies under president obama have gotten too big, too many layers of bureaucracy for the organization to function efficiently and it is ironic that these institutions come back to congress time and again and say the problem is we don't have enough funding. if you give us more money and let us hire more people somehow the problem will resolve itself and it is the opposite.
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these bureaucracies need a trend that is probably not going to happen in this administration. neil: guys like you put it on the line for us and yet you being compared to a big guy waiting on the line at disney for pirates of the caribbean when it was your sacrifice that allowed me to wait in the line disney world -- it is night and day. >> you can have the best healthcare in the world but if you die in line trying to get it it doesn't matter. we have a va system that doesn't have to compete. they get the same amount of money whether they do one mri or thousand and if you make them compete with the private sector they start delivering a better product and delivering better care. neil: i want to thank you both. when someone tells you that the weight isn't a big deal, lines aren't a big deal, republican or democrat, take my place in line here and see how that goes, see how it would change. they are trying to adjust things
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to address the long lines and security that has come up by ditching security chief, but is that going to change much or is it just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic? new york congressman with us now, transportation security subcommittee chair. what do you think? >> one small piece in a much larger puzzle that congress has to have an oversight role listening to the conversation. we have a role to oversee and check on these entities, agencies that are too bureaucratic. the tsa is an example what you were talking about and we have a major role to play. neil: they always say we need more money for more people. i remember years back under president bush when they were uncovering all these abuses on the part of agents who were more busy watching porn than they
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were going after malfeasance and brokerage and investment community and the argument was we need more people. i argued then and are you now we need better people. is that the issue? >> we need better people, more efficiencies too. with respect to wait time at the airport, we have spoken to all the airports across this country last week, we spoke to a lot of the airlines, spoke to the tsa and come up with the package that is going to have an immediate impact so we have that going, hearings this week, legislation in the senate, we have a direct impact if we get those moving. neil: i want to pass along from a pilot friend of mine that we could eat those crowds if we just had high-frequency flying, you fly 50 times a day, you are prepared with more people, fewer
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people, and to account for different crowds at different hours to address the demand and supply of agents available to meet that demand and make it incumbent on the airlines to ease up on the travel so fewer people are bringing bags on the lines and making them longer. what do you make of either or both of those? >> though the things we discussed but the bottom line is there efficiencies being brought under the current system that could really have a profound difference and i will introduce it tomorrow and thursday. and the body detection officers, 3000 of them nationwide, get them to the front lines, that is an immediate impact, trying to make sure what is in the senate gets moving. when you have pre-check it is twice as fast. that can have a dramatic affect.
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neil: these need to be brought to people's attention. a lot of people discover there is something like that but if they did it is jumping. all good points. thank you very much. all right. can you see what is going on with the market? session highs of 250 points. one of the biggest catalysts today was up a lot already with the latest home sales report that showed surging 60.6%, that is the largest jump we have seen in 24 years. that is when i was two years old, maybe not. it is helping stocks a lot. homebuilders are soaring. maybe we got it wrong. with respect to the housing industry. some people are going to say wait a minute, housing is doing well, people are more inclined to buy, federal reserve climbing and interest rates, wait a minute. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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neil: we are getting new data. herbal life surging on reports in the new york post the ftc settlement is imminent. it could involve a substantial penalty. we don't know what kind of penalty. they say will not change the business model, critics that it resembles a ponzi scheme. stock is up on the notion they can get this entire matter behind it. we are waiting to get details. of the settlement is imminent we will pass it along. no settlement in negotiated talks, there had been a back and forth about the price that has to go still higher as you notice
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in the case of bear being the acquirer and monsanto being the choir he. that stock is a long way from the 122 bucks bear is technically offering and in a long way from $140 a share that many say this deal could ultimately go. it is like i say not happening. why is that? what is going on? charles: can i make one point out of herbal life? i spoke with someone close to the company, there is no preliminary deal in the offering. there is still an advanced stage of a potential deal, betting today this is happening, and -- charles: the new york post, our sister publication is completely wrong? charles: here is where it gets interesting. they may have the template of a deal on the table. neil: we just got a tweet from the new york post, charlie
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gasparino -- charles: no they don't. neil: you have your doubts. charles: they are a little ahead of themselves. neil: your column is one of the great ones. charles: people at the company tell me this. neil: you have been reduced to dora the explorer on nickelodeon. update us on this. charles: a couple items i want to ring by you. there is still a negotiation between both sides. we should point out there were reports of monsanto rejecting the bid, the $122 share bid that bear put on the table for the company, $60 billion offer, all-cash. this is more in the line of a soft rejection. neil: what does that mean? charles: looking for a sweetener saying we don't want that, we want more stuff and still behind closed doors.
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later it might be a rejection and we will see what happens but right now apparently the doors are closed, they are still negotiating. during the scope of these negotiations which have gone on a couple weeks, baer has raised the specter of a potential hostile bid if there is a full on rejection. they raised it, they go there in the negotiating tactic, i can't tell you that notion of a hostile bid, this is not hostile, this is a constructive dialogue, it has been raised by bear. neil: you call it bear, charlie brady, our editorial genius says it is by her. i go with there is a mold. charles: i propped those children like there was no tomorrow. that is why he is the way he is.
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neil: have you heard hillary clinton going after donald trump, yesterday i believe. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he has bankrupted his company. ask yourself how can anybody lose money running a casino, really. neil: she went there. charles: i had dinner the other night with the democratic consultant and raised the specter how do you lose money with a casino so you can tell it will be a line of attack? it misrepresents donald's record as a businessman. he lost money, negotiated tough deals, came out okay, he built a fortune, whether you think he is worth 1 billion or 10 billion, people attacking his business record should read the art of the come back because he made a come back. there are a lot of things, the
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notion that he is a failure as a businessman is a dead end because he did not fail. he made a come back and did very well for himself and we are still talking about him for a reason. neil: you are right about that but it will be open season on this one. charles: this will be the dirtiest campaign. polls show they are both very unfavorable ratings, people are disenchanted with both candidates. neil: the lesser of evils. charles: that is what polls are saying, not me. these emails on twitter -- neil: even though you lost a fine column in the new york post, highlights for children just called and said they would be happy to run your column. neil: what about the national enquirer? neil: in a minute. in the meantime we have got bernie sanders all but guaranteeing this summer's
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democratic convention could get messy. just how messy?
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neil: i want to take you to los angeles, investigating what appears to be a bomb threat at the airport on the american eagle plane from houston to lax. when it was first reported everyone is still on board the plane. we don't know whether it was first unwraps from houston to lax, we are watching it, they are watching it but everyone is still on board, we will keep you posted. meanwhile keeping posted on what could be a convention to remember for democrats, what an odd juxtaposition for a party
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that was thought to have no such concerns looking increasingly likely that there will be some disruptions, bernie sanders has said as much. how to avoid a contested conventional resid too late? the "national review"'s johnson on whether they can bury the hatchet and get something going? >> i don't think they will be able to avoid some sort of melee at the convention this summer. bernie sanders continues to chin up his supporters and put them not only against hillary clinton but against the democratic establishment itself. yesterday he endorsed debbie wasserman schultz the democratic committee chairwoman primary opponent and it is a sign he is not letting up even as hillary clinton is ignoring him and turning herself to the general election all of her messaging against donald trump acting like the primary doesn't exist. bernie sanders still 100% in primary mode doing as much damage as he can to hillary clinton.
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neil: did she create this mess? as a challenger has gotten near record number of votes to the front runner and i'm beginning to wonder whether she or her people botched it when they could have cobbled together something? >> there is an argument that hillary clinton not only made them the same mistake that several of the republican candidates made with respect to donald trump but that she made last time which is not taking her opponent seriously. the republicans thought donald trump was a joke, hillary clinton felt that way about barack obama in 2008 and bernie sanders this time around so she didn't take him on ferociously and shut him down out of the gate. she thought doing so would raise his profile and give his candidacy a sense of seriousness and purpose that she didn't want it to have. meanwhile the energy and momentum and excitement was on his side even if the inevitability was with her.
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neil: how does she win over those enthusiastic backers? you are right. if there is any enthusiasm or pickup in activity or just jazz going on with democrats it is supporters so how do you keep them happy? some say you put him on the ticket. >> he is secured on a platform committee and she has to signal to sanders supporters that she has discarded the clinton of the 1990s and is a progressive. what she risks is losing some of these centrist voters that she could buy to pick up given the trump is the republican nominee so she is in a precarious position but she has to run to the left in order to pick up the sanders voters to the extent she can convince them that she is not an establishment sellout. neil: it is always possible cooler heads will prevail,
12:27 pm
hillary clinton was magnanimous late in the process, june 7th of the last go around eight years ago before she packed barack obama and pledged to all her delegates to him at the convention in denver. do you envision anything like this on the part of bernie sanders or is the blood so bad that that is not going to happen? >> there is no indication of that happening on bernie sanders's part. as to his delegates that is an open question. some of them have indicated to our reporters that they will back hillary in the end and it remains to be seen where they will fall. ultimately a won't matter, hillary clinton will have the majority she needs to lock up the nomination but it will matter in terms of the spectacle of the convention and how much bad taste there will be and turmoil potentially over the summer and suffice it to say this will not be a celebration
12:28 pm
of her nomination. but really will be, she will have to do a lot of hard work to demonstrate that she actually can unite the party. neil: we shall watch closely, thank you very much. i want to take you back to los angeles, the bomb squad, on this flight coming from houston into lax after a bomb threat was apparently phoned in and singling out this plane on which this bomb was. everyone is still on board that plane. obviously they are taking this very carefully. it shut down that area of the airport. we will keep an eye out on it but i imagine it is a little tense. more after this. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for
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neil: scary situation at lax as we speak. we are getting stairs up to the plane. the flight that was coming into los angeles, and sightings this plane, on which that bomb was placed. imagine being passengers on this thing, they are getting ready to get off of the plane. this was coming from houston to los angeles and it stopped
12:33 pm
everything. they checked it. it would seem to get everybody off. what appears to be a strong rally going on at the corner of wall street where the stock market, the tao more to the point, 17,700. a lot of catalysts not the least is housing related stocks and a 16.6% surge in new home sales in april, the likes of which we have not seen a quarter-century. jared leavy on what to make of that. not only a good stock market guy, you are good real estate guy. you invested in real estate as well. to all those saying real estate is fizzling out this is a distinct know to that.
12:34 pm
>> it is difficult from an outsider's perspective to figure out what is happening in housing. home ownership is at a 30 year low but when you look at the numbers and the values of homes you see a different story. if you look at all the metropolitan areas, i spend a lot of time on it, two in a row over eight months not because i'm special but because markets are hot and a lot of reason is foreign investors. foreign investors realize, it is a safe place. and hedge funds. neil: the argument either benefiting the upper end just north of the entry, young kids, couples trying to get home, they
12:35 pm
can't. >> the data is flawed. when you look at the case shiller index, the median or middle price of homes. assume everything below that like the homes in the country which is a good portion of america's home they pretty much stay flat but all the homes in the metro area is where people live and work and business is booming, those of gone through the roof but the media moves a little bit so if you look at the average versus 2007 or 2004, we are 30% to 35% higher now, big city, san francisco, manhattan, dallas, philadelphia, detroit seeing booms. the lesson is to buy real estate, don't be scared of it, and lowe's and home depot. people living in their homes are fixing them up, reselling them or staying because they can't afford to buy.
12:36 pm
neil: you might be good at this. a lot of people when i hear that it kind of reminds me of the hype of the bubble where people maybe not as savvy as you were getting creamed later on. doesn't it where you? >> the answer is no. most of the deals we are seeing is cash by americans who made money or foreign investors. these foreign investors in hedge funds won't go with this jump real estate at the first sign of a problem. of the 20 would you invest in this environment, would you be inclined to invest in housing or the general market? >> yes. 100%. and be smart about it. neil: housing over the general market? >> i would 100%. it is more stable moving forward from here.
12:37 pm
neil: thank you. they think the plane landed safely, the all clear is not out but trying to get on that plane and get everybody off that plane. the bomb threat i am told was found in as it was coming from houston to land in los angeles. make sure they check everything out before they let everyone off. we are at that stage of an american eagles flight but still looking at every single passenger on that plane. they even check the passengers on that plane for the possibility that one of them on the plane called the threat in. real world, my friends. we are just covering it. you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that.
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nicole: foxbusiness brief stocks near session highs, dow jones industrial average, stocks in a week, the s&p gaining 26, all ten sectors are high, tech telecom, financial leading the way, with up arrows, a couple losers here, vfw, new low, 5 year low, stocks down 12%, and cutting sales outlooks going forward. best buy a mover to the downside. best buy is down 7.3%.
12:40 pm
a keen eye on toll brothers, made that deal up 8%. talking about higher home prices and that stock is up 8% as revenues beat estimates.
12:41 pm
neil: the first official reaction of the va secretary comparing wait times for healthcare to those who wait,
12:42 pm
and with roy blunt, to the resigned. they are refusing to apologize for those remarks. and disneyland and wonderland for that matter. in the meantime, what exactly happened with egypt there? more to the point, the postcrash recovery effort, michael smith is congressional counterterrorism advisor, going all the way back not only -- whether human remains have in found or one human remain has signs of explosive elements elements on it. others are saying we don't agree with that. we haven't seen that, should we trust it?
12:43 pm
>> the reports were fragmentary. and anonymous official, the associated press, there is reason to believe this was an act of terrorism pursuant to her review of human remains recovered, more recently we have seen another official, that is not the case but these conflicting reports create a mix of pictures in the way of answers. neil: given the fact that egypt there is going to find wreckage when there was no record, about citing human remains when others couldn't do that let alone describe what was on those remains. easy to believe it is confusing and there is little verification for what they are seeing. what are we to glean from what we are hearing? >> what is important to look at
12:44 pm
is certain senior officials which suggests this may have been an act of terrorism. per their reviews of signals from various sensor systems on the aircraft. you can look around and see if there is anything out there in the way of communication among terrorist elements that are suggestive of one group or another having had a hand in a horrible act in this case. honestly those open sourced indicators have been minuscule in comparison to events like the sabotage or attack on the russian airliner last year, the attacks in paris and more recent attacks in brussels. there is a big what if, too many unknowns that draw any serious condition. lauren: 1 conclusion i have heard that you shouldn't make conclusions. we heard this is very similar to the type of swerving and erratic behavior in the final minutes of
12:45 pm
a jet's life akin to twa flight 800 over long island when what people thought was a terrorist attack of some sort, approaching the aircraft, turned out to be really bad faulty wiring, that literally split the plane apart. differences between the two in the two periods 20 years ago, the idea that it could be mechanical in nature, could still be equipment nature. what do you make of that? >> the absence of indicators in the way of communication among terrorist elements points to that in many respects. attribution is really crucial in the theater of terrorism. more than not, groups like al qaeda and the islamic stable claim credit to this as quickly as possible in the case of a tax attributable to al qaeda in recent years, quick to reach out to journalists and say don't miss attribute this to the islamic state, we had a hand in this and we will be issuing a
12:46 pm
statement. in the case of the islamic state they have been quick to put out their claims of credit, don't take time to do a big video production, they put out a written statement, in the absence of those types of indicators and claims of credit does point to mechanical failure at this point though there have been comments issued by various officials which suggests that sensor systems indicate an explosion of some sort, fire occurred on the aircraft so right now it is that big what if. we don't have enough information to draw a conclusion. >> the victims of this incident. neil: i would rather get it right then late. thank you very much. i don't know if you are planning to head to the olympics, little mosquitoes, there might not be an olympics. ♪
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neil: we told you the tsa security chief is out of a job because of wait times, problems, placed on administrative leave, you can hang on to your job until we sort this out but you won't lose your job. we have something producing a financial yikes in this country. puerto rico initial form of chicago. a crisis that is deepening problems. >> new taxes. a deal, one of the pension funds, a few big ones in chicago. look at the deal they came up with, 50% increase in the telephone tax in chicago, $3.90
12:51 pm
surcharge on every phone, landline, cell phone line, they will make workers contribute more, contribute 8.5% to your retirement, you retire at 67 if you contribute a little more, you can retire a little earlier. making one of these funds, take a look at this other fund, this is the biggest pension fund in chicago. pensions are boring but look at the numbers. the municipal employees fund now is $18 million in debt. it was $7 billion but you have a fox pension, you have new accounting rules which require the company to be a little less optimistic about things, it gained or lost $11 billion because of those accounting rules, now $18 billion in debt and this doesn't mean anything to anybody.
12:52 pm
$18 billion here or there. here is a look at what it would cost in each of the states, not just chicago, with municipal pensions. what you would have to pay each man, woman and child to get your pension out of debt and in alaska you have to pay $19 billion or $19,000 each to get your pension out of debt and in illinois it is $15,000. in connecticut $14,000. every man, woman and child -- to get the pensions flush and the courts say you can't diminish pensions so they have to come up with this money and that is why i say where else do you get it? tax people. i have no better ideas. neil: we are getting word stock has been halted pending news, better than $62 billion cast on the table, michael block following this and other developments, one of the best market reads i know.
12:53 pm
you are looking at this. how do you play this? take over -- it is nowhere close to the $120,000 they are offering. what is going on? >> people seem sure they would take the $122 bid. the talk was more about one $30. this starting deck is not the agreed-upon deal. it is a hostile approach, nothing agreed-upon. month center will sell itself to the right bidder to know they are in play but they are not going to marry the first girl they date. wait a minute, what else do you have? i would like a bigger diamond ring, shareholders, this is one shot to do this. and formally reject the 122 bid from bear and we will see where it goes. the talk has been 130 and the countervailing factors are this
12:54 pm
deal will come under scrutiny, their nose that. it is going to be the question of what will bear shareholders think of this? a lot of people say it doesn't matter what they think, is going to weigh in all these factors. i am watching and waiting here. neil: i am shocked there are those who don't marry the first girl they date. neil: your thoughts on the former philadelphia said presidency, and the near inevitability of a rate hike next month. >> the fed established the groundwork if you will if things continue to improve. the debate has been pretty good. and there was a lot of volatility and a lot of that
12:55 pm
seemed to calm down. it is good news. >> that is from yesterday. anytime in the past few years -- >> look at the news today. that greased the skids. >> the richmond fed wasn't good. jobless numbers. >> they are not primed to hike. the important thing is they are not data dependent. maybe listening to charles plots there or looking at 2011, they would have started raising rates sooner. this is not about that. we are hearing that and they are pumping their chests out and things are better and the data point is better or that data point is better but these three are not. the point is they had a chance to be data dependent and misted and are not data dependent. he has been hawkish all along. of televisions macroeconomists. a brilliant one with an esteemed
12:56 pm
career we hope to emulate but the fact of the matter is he is not the guy pushing the button here. yellen is the button pusher, she is going to talk about data dependence but she cares about asset prices. neil: i am interrupting to get back to your thoughts that you keenly predicted. monsanto has rejected bear's proposal, incomplete, financially inadequate, open to establishing a potential path forward. what do you make of that? >> monsanto can say bear, what else do you have? some people mentioned basf. tao and dupont in the united states, very busy with their own merger and split into three companies. as for chinese buyers that will come under a lot of scrutiny. >> what do you call it? >> i'm calling it bear because i grew up saying it. i apologize. of the 20 we will not say what the germans want us to say. this guy is so good.
12:57 pm
we have an update on passengers coming off this american eagle flight in los angeles. they are all right. they seem shellshocked, you would be too if the captains it might be a while because of a bomb threat. everything is okay.
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help you too. call one reverse mortgage now and ask for your free guide. neil: stock halted no matter what is going on formally rejecting that bear bid. it was really around $122, monsanto never got that high so many interpreted it as a sign, they expected to go back to the wealth. stock rising after yesterday, people think this deal won't happen. and the proposal was incomplete. the company is open to discuss potential path forward to create
1:01 pm
appropriate value for shareholders which is their way of saying show me the money because that is not online. in the meantime donald trump is revisiting history when it comes to bill clinton, particularly bill clinton's passed with women. take a look at this. >> very nervous. no woman should be subjected to it. >> tried to pull away from him. [laughter] neil: so visiting some issues in the past a lot of young people never remember but donald trump is trying to refresh the nation's memory, whether that will work. >> i think it is going to work to some extent. i think particularly i would have coupled all of this with
1:02 pm
hillary clinton earlier comment that women who claim to say they were sexually harassed or assaulted should be believed and then we put these things in and truly the point is hillary clinton has been an enabler for bill clinton and in fact if you look at the literature which is worth reading whether it is george stephanopoulos or others, you find out she was involved in the bimbo patrols or whatever. and was popularly featured in the movie, she knew what was going on, trying to suppress a lot of that. it was a tough issue for her when she wants to start a war on women and trump has effectively neutralized that issue. he made a mistake when he goes as far as he did this morning or
1:03 pm
last night or whatever or vince foster, the problem for donald trump is always a bridge too far. neil: let me ask you about this kind of thing. is it safe to say donald trump doesn't want to get bogged down in prescriptions to heal the country? he has some talking points but he doesn't want to get into a tit-for-tat on the best way to solve legislatively what is going on, but just to plant seeds of doubt about hillary clinton? it was successful going after opponents in the republican nomination. if that is a strategy, to be successful going after her. >> i don't think that works in the general. what he is trying to do is neutralize arguments that cause distress in the campaign.
1:04 pm
the strongest are his message, his message about she is the status quo, she is the establishment, when voters view in washington as the mass corruption and rigging of the economy, strong grounds to be aggressive in those issues. another thing i expect to happen soon is with this bill clinton thing he will be arguing or i would be arguing if i were him that we are talking about taking bill clinton and the white house moving the foundation into the white house, all of these crooked deals that have come up to be investigated and so forth is grits for his mill because he is the change agent and she is the candidate of the establishment and crony politics. neil: a lot of pointing back and forth.
1:05 pm
bottom line that mudslinging contributed to the unfavorable ratings both candidates seem to have. almost tied negatives, we rarely see them in a contest like this where the negatives for both candidates, the closest is carter and reagan in 1980, ronald reagan approving by the election, and virginia governor -- >> a close race. pet good dell gave some good advice. a close race but a lot of the voters have very high unfavorable ratings or impressions of both candidates and indeed when you look further, many of them in some cases most of them are mostly for a candidates, or opposition to the other and what i would love to see is both of the candidates's campaigns going
1:06 pm
towards positive constructive ideas that will improve job opportunities. neil: what i fear, i hear you but i think now we have proven that this is an effective campaign strategy and i'm wondering if it risks imploding on either or both of them and they do have to go back to these issues. >> to some extent i would like to see the voters and those in the media asking specific questions about the tax policy or regulations, and make them answer these questions. the negative -- the negativity as part of campaigns unfortunately. for many voters, people in my view are in three ways either by fear, or hatred, the third is motivated by love. i am for this candidate because this candidate improves opportunities for my children to
1:07 pm
get jobs. neil: what do you make of the argument that donald trump tries not to do this for keeping it big picture, not much on the details pivoting when he had to but every candidate, stung him a little bit but rose in the polls, being relentless on the attack, and doesn't want to get in a policy debate but that could be there advantage whether they are policies or not. you want to throw grenades. >> several things the voters were saying that they should be listened to. they want change in washington. and they shake things up and it is not part of the establishment. the other thing voters care about is the economy and jobs. donald trump with his background and successful businessman can say here are ways to get the country that is a leader and
1:08 pm
best in the world and have the most energy resources, let's bring back the billions of dollars that are overseas, bring it back here to america. that can motivate people, not just identify what is wrong but here are the solutions. neil: hope springs eternal, thank you very much. monsanto trading spiking on news that it is open to more socks and higher price, show us the money, we are not over with you but if you keep it at the same price you have been offering we are over with you so we will see what happens there. in the meantime, virginia might be the home for lovers but it is also under investigation. peter barnes with more on what could be rattling mccullough. >> virginia governor terry
1:09 pm
mccullough said he was shocked to learn of an fbi investigation into a campaign and inauguration donation and he was 400% confident nothing would come of it, the fbi is investigating $120,000 in contributions to the gubernatorial campaign and inauguration by us companies controlled by a billionaire chinese businessman who has legal us residency. >> no allegations of wrongdoing entitled to do an investigation relating to this donor, a green card holder since 2007. fully vetted them. >> mccullough is a longtime ally in bill and hillary clinton and he and wang have deep ties to the clinton foundation, mccullough was an unpaid foundation director donating $100,000 to the donation was weighing made a $200 million
1:10 pm
pledge to the foundation. that got some scrutiny because of connections to the chinese government, he serves in china's legislature and as a contractor who builds china's embassies, donations by foreign nationals are legal with campaign finance law. mccullough told reporters no secret he and the clintons run in the same circles and have the same friends and donors. neil:. back to los angeles and what is -- what is breaking, fears of a bomb threat on this plane and american eagle plane from houston, that bomb threat has been reduced to a non-credible threat, emptied off of that plane or in the process. it looks like it has. just about all off here so this threat doesn't look very credible to them. good news. more after this. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix
1:11 pm
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> what really counts is how does the veterans feel about their encounter with the va. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? what is important is what is your satisfaction with the areas. neil: first of all, disney does matter your satisfaction. they come up with passes to amuse the kids as they wind around the line. they are comparing the waiting time for a ride with life and death rate for veterans. and ernie prompted another roy blunt to say you've got to go. you've got to resign. congresswoman, what do you
1:15 pm
think? >> well, i definitely think his statement is inconceivable. we've had a number via secretaries and found that have resigned. i think that it highlights that we need to go to some fundamentals. this is an agency where the veteran is getting lost. as simple as getting an appointment and the current va secretary comparing it to disneyland. you are not standing in line at space mountain wondering if you're going to die before you get on the ride. they are just lost sight of their focus. neil: you know, when you dismiss the whole waiting argument, that was the reason for the changes and the people of the va to begin with. it was the way. it was the constant waiting. so the waiting thing doesn't matter. that is why you are the va secretary. >> right. in fact, those waiting lists are only going up. i've been working on legislation or a couple of years now to require the va to use up the
1:16 pm
shell to elegy that is available and used in doctors offices all across the country every day. and yet, the va is resisting this at a time when there waiting must continue to go well. i represent a district where we have to va hospitals. one of while wallet and one in spokane. veterans contact me every day. they are trying to go through this agency that although it is supposed to be focused on veterans, they feel like they are more of a burden when they contact the agency than having the red carpet rolled out in having the people that actually care about eating their needs. neil: you know what bothers me is this cavalier attitude towards veterans or not. long lines are fine. long lines at the tsa are fine. at least do it. a longtime setting out to get through the health website. just keep trying. there is this dismissive
1:17 pm
attitude are waiting for basic services. >> that is right. you know what, we can do better and we must did we need to rethink the way we deliver the services. you think about the va. it's supposed to be dedicated to serving our veterans. it is the way that we as a grateful nation show our gratitude to those who have served and is not accessible and doesn't need to be that way. we can do better and we must do better. train to congresswoman, thank you very much for taking the time. in the meantime, and all things politics, the bernie sanders campaign has requested a recount in the presidential primary race where hillary clinton was deemed the winner by less than 1% of the vote. this is coming from the sanders senior advisor. so they won a recount. this is area unusual. and a couple of contests, we have never seen that done. now they wanted done. bernie sanders is a fighting man. more after this.
1:18 pm
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reporter: i am connell mcshane with her coast-to-coast business headline today. we had a going out of business sale at the sporting goods chain. 464 chains here they are planning to shut them all down. the final sales get underway friday. they will get wrapped up by the summer. they've been doing fairly well as a category, but there's too much competition for the likes of sports authority. tony quinn in the meantime is filing wrongful death lawsuit against the tobacco industry. quinn died of a salivary gland cancer back in 2014. he was in his early 50s at the time. it was caused by the use of his chewing tobacco for more than 30 years. the company -- tobacco companies have a responsibility to disclose the risks, but never did that. our daily update on the viacom soap opera going on.
1:22 pm
he has now appointed two new trustees to trust that will determine the direction of cbs and viacom and someone were to die or become incapacitated. the two trustees or executives which is a privately held movie theater chain. back and forth we go. back over to you. neil: what i don't understand about that story though, is how it is still a soap opera. they resolved whether you're competent, but now it's ongoing at this trust and everything else. reporter: talking about yesterday house or people involved in this type that he was confident when things were going their way and when suddenly -- neil: was calling the shots here? to get these other two off the board? connell: right. neil: who was calling the shots? connell: i would assume attorneys are working on his behalf in this particular case. but i'm not sure.
1:23 pm
neil: what a disaster. we were following this month and to hang where monsanto says we are going to wait for a higher bid. without a doubt, monsanto never got close to the price. >> we saw that. i don't know how that would amend that to be honest. gasparino is important to me. neil: thank you, but he appeared in meantime, facebook is promising to change its ways. at first, that is the kind of thing where they were acting out trending conservative stories, that wasn't happening. they are obviously taking some precautions because it did happen. tea parties, former big star -- nature. facebook is the knowledge and
1:24 pm
changes are afoot. now, can we believe these changes that is planning? >> i'll believe it when i see a common meal. these folks have to realize that they are a major institution for information to people. when people talk about equal time and racial diversity and gender diversity, they need to realize that ideological diversity, diversity of thought, opinion, various ideas from different points of view are at least as important, even more so than the surface diversity of race and gender. neil: when the company talks about how policing comes to his service is, in other words, up against this company who employs have given clinton for example that has a built-in bias and even if not deliberately, just subliminally
1:25 pm
tony nob for zoning out when it came to conservative opinions that might or might not be trending. it just didn't even get the chance. so how could we know the stories that are trending our legitimate stories trending? >> we are really not appeared you used the operative word was subtle. it's not like there is a big smoke-filled room with him make decisions on what stories to run. what stories not to run. i work for another network who i will not mention their name on the air. it was not so much conspiracy in the back room an organized conspiracy of ideological bias as much as it was a cultural bias. they all go to the same types of schools. they have the same types of friends. they go to vacation and holiday together and talk about the same issues. it's a cultural diversity that's very subtle and it's not easy to self correct, but i hope they are sincere in their efforts to. neil: of course you are
1:26 pm
supporting donald trump, but many of the tea party are leery of him. but they don't know if he's a true conservative. they don't know if it will slash the size of government. if anything, he has expressed support for government programs including entitlement programs. they are genuine investments that are of the people who invested and govern on their behalf. is it not? >> well, but donald trump is a strong second-place. i think people realize that donald trump has been all over the map on a variety of issues. but for nearly 40 years that's been in distant. that's what resonates within the tea party and conservative movement.
1:27 pm
neil: are you sure it's not just that they hate hillary clinton more? >> well, hating hillary or being afraid of what the hillary clinton at an assertion would foretell after eight years of barack obama certainly is a motivating her. i want to get back to the title that question. people within our movement are giving a little bit of a pass on issues like entitlement and are hoping that he would govern quite differently than how he is running for president. as we know, talking about entitlement reform is the third rail of american politics and we will call that awful commercial where paul ryan was pushing dramatization of paul ryan pushing grandma over the cliff. donald trump does not want to fall into that trap during the election season. i guess it is our hope, our wish come our desire that you should become president of the united states that he can slash the size of government and have real entitlement reform.
1:28 pm
neil: okay, we watch closely. thank you, my friend. >> is seeing you, too. we are going to have the olympics, the problem with mosquitoes, the zika virus. i want you to meet the professor says maybe we just canceled the olympics out right. watch this. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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neil: bill cosby will have to stand trial. pennsylvania judge finding there was enough evidence to proceed with a trial. if convicted the entertainer could be facing up to 10 years in prison. he is 78 years old. of course this occurs at around the same time we're looking at the decade ago, that the first charges were raised by a college coed that accused the entertainer taking advantage of her. and now he is going to stand trial. at least three other women charging the same. at least three other women. that trial expected to begin around july 20th. all right, by the way, golfer rory mcilroy, the olympics is big honor but count me on on zika fears. a professor here says this is trend among many to postpone the olympics.
1:33 pm
we should say mackel roy is not formally bowing out but he is being look at it. he is not only one. many others are concerned. professor, how bad does this get? many people are concerned. so are you. what do you think? >> i think it is pretty bad, all of your audience seen pictures of babies born after zika infection, ones with very small heads and brain damage. when zika attacks and the baby is in the womb. it can attack the brain, fluid and bone what we call callsifications where brain structures ought to be and this is nasty epidemic. rio de janeiro is quite the center unfortunately. rio has the second highest number of zika cases in all of brazil and very depressingly mosquito-borne diseases of which zika is one are now going up in rio, not down, compared to last
1:34 pm
year's level. so, this is a dangerous situation. it is not one that we should be sending a half million olympic tourists to. some will get sick. some will take it to other countries, the virus to other countries where it can be transmitted. then you have a rapidly escalating global epidemic. neil: now that is a big deal to cancel an olympics outright or even push it back. to your point, professor, there is very little indication that brazil has gotten its act together on this. it is complicated by the fact that their last president is impeached. there is a new president in. there is political confusion to put it mildly. it is just a mess. now, in the event they had to cancel, and reshuffle, what happens? >> well, to be clear, i'm not calling for the olympics to be canceled. let's not go there. neil: try to push it back. i heard the push back thing,
1:35 pm
that would be incumbent on the host country to get a handle on this and it is not, right? >> the olympics should be postponed or perhaps moved somewhere else. that is not an impossible thing. people have this mistaken sense that the olympics must go ahead. they always go ahead. that is just wrong. three times in history the olympics have canceled 100%. and, the world went on. now i'm not saying cancel. i'm saying something much less dramatic, which is just postpone it until zika is under control. if that can't be done, move it, not cancel. neil: you're right. we have canceled olympics in the past in times of war or certainly when countries boycotted as did the russians with us in '84. we with the russians in 1980. this would be a wholesale push back. the question is, people would be leery of pushing it back in brazil. so another country would have to scramble fast to sort of pick up the slack. i guess it is possible.
1:36 pm
>> or do both. neil: you can push it back? >> pushing it back. move some events to london or beijing and u.s. has facilities in atlanta. there are places the olympics can go. if we don't do this, let's be clear what is at stake. brazil is investigating cases of 7,000 babes about thought to be potentially infected with microcephaly. potentially 7,000 brain-damaged kids. the number won't be that high but it is past 7,000 and number is going up. do you want this thing to spread around the world so a few people can enjoy the olympics? athletes can compete elsewhere. you won't have a bad competition because of that athletes can still get olympic medals but we should not be indulging olympics in rio right now, what that can turn into the olympics of brain damage, and that is what i don't want to see. i want to see an olympics of
1:37 pm
sport and many people in the public health field that this is necessary precaution to take. neil: professor, thaw, very -- thank you, very, very much. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you. neil: keeping an eye on housing stocks. very good day for housing stocks. some people say it is barometer for the economy. i don't know about that because it has been a wacky barometer. markets are up generally on heels of home sales report, 16.6 clip, fastest rise in 24 years. that is the wind at the back of all these housing guys. we'll have more after this. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks.
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reporter: good afternoon, from the floor of the new york stock exchange i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. zero in on shares of monsanto. after a short pause, the company is up 2.25% right now. the company was halted while it said to responded to yesterday's proposal from bayer, the $62 billion proposal. that offer was incomplete and financially inadequate, in other words cheap but monsanto will keep talks open. gopro has a multiyear agreement with red bull. they are looking to grow the extreme sports programing into overall media company. doing the deal with gopro. because it uses gopro cameras
1:40 pm
attached to exdream athletes to do some of that programing. red bull wit get some go pro-equity. i don't know about that but it is down 45% year-to-date
1:41 pm
neil: all right. time for, our segment. a lot of people get cool investment ideas or buzz for things happening. if you're into headphones and
1:42 pm
had it constantly adjusting volume, wouldn't it be cool if the headphones do that for you? in other words adapt to your own hearing. he has come up with such a thing. they are headphones. coo, go founder. how do these work? >> thank you very much. nice to be on. the headphones really, the core idea behind it is to allow people to get closer to the music that they love and enjoy it and hear all the detail in its richness. the core thing, the core idea is that we all actually hear very differently. our hearing is as unique as our face or even our voice. and so if you and i were listening to music listening to regular headphones we would hear it differently. you're sensitive to some notes. i'm more sensitive to other notes. this headphone measures our hearing. neil: how does the headphone know that? >> i'm sorry? >> how does the headphone know that.
1:43 pm
>> the first time you put on the nura headphones, they measure our hearing. process takes a hoof a minute to minute the first time. the way we do that, we play a series of tones into your ear. we can actually measure the response of your ear. this isn't just your ear canal. it measures response of your ear all the way coclea, the organ transmitting sound to your brain. neil: how much are you -- >> we're live on kickstarter. the headphones are, the kickstarter special is $249. we currently still have some of the early bird specials which are 199. then the retail price once we're masses production are 399. neil: very similar to pricing on bose headphones and similarrer higher-end headphones, right? >> these are what we consider to be premium headphones. there are headphones what is considered audio file grade, which are $1,000 and more.
1:44 pm
to really take advantage of those perfectly, you have to know a lot about sound and match the headphones to your hearing. basically our headphones, themae process. they adapt themselves to you. they become the right headphones for you. neil: does it make a difference, they adjust to the volume you like and what your ears can deal with, is that all types of environment? what if i'm on a construction site? how does it plan for those vague you areries? >> the headphones adjust, on your own the way you like it but what they actually adjust the balance, the blend of the different tones. and it is, the across the entire hearing range which is quite wide. as far things being in a construction site, our headphones they have interesting design, over-ear and ear cup as well as an ear bud that comes to your ear canal to deliver the clear sound, it actually gives
1:45 pm
very, very good noise isolation. typically when people are wearing these they can't hear the outside world when they're listening. they're enjoying the music. also the sound, the music doesn't leak out. when you're listening to headphones, your favorite volume, none of it will leak out. neil: that's interesting. very good. cool stuff. thank you very, very much. the man behind nura headphones. in meantime we were telling you about changes coming to the tsa and they were finally if not belatedly, very belatedly addressing those obscenely long lines prompting calls for folks to arrive three hours before their plane takes off. that is for domestic flights. so they got rid of the head of security. then we're told, we didn't get rid of head of security. he has just been reassigned. which means he has not been fired at all. which means the government way of doing things continues. you can never lose your job. the worst that will happen to you, you get to sit tight and
1:46 pm
get your paycheck every week as they sort things out. more after this. ♪
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♪ neil: all right, well donald trump isn't releasing his tax returns anytime soon. he says that could be done after routine audit is done with the irs. but corey lewandoski, his campaign operative, was on cbs news a short time ago saying mr. trump is proud to pay lower tax rate, the lowest rate possible. so that i think cory douse douse was saying was that and everything comes out, debatable whether the returns see the light of day before the general election, people will discover that donald trump has paid -- he
1:50 pm
has said that as much, growing doubts whether the returns will ever be released right now. corey is saying it is this audit gets in the way. number of his opponents said you could still release stuff in middle of an audit. he is saying for the time-being that is not going to happen. you heard already about the big fuss at tsa. the report that tsa security chief was not fired. that not the case. kelly hoggan has been simply reassigned as they look into this. blake burman at reagan international airport with that, blake? reporter: this was kelly hoggan, head of security for the transportation security administration. no longer in his post. now we're learning that he has been reassigned, not necessarily fired. he is still on the job, still getting paid. this comes after $90,000 in bonuses that he took in. though he is no longer the head of security for the tsa, and there is a big problem we've been following, if you're out live with me. show you where we are.
1:51 pm
this is washington reagan, you can see it is actually pretty good right now. very few lines at all. just kind of been like this throughout the day, in and out, in and out. however, do not necessarily get used to this says the tsa after they made all these changes. i want to show awe tweet they released a little while ago and says here, quoting just a little bit from it, this summer get to the airport two hours early. and yes, that is, if you are flying domestically, not necessarily internationally. a couple major changes along with hoggan out. a day by the name of darby lajoye is in. tsa will set up a command center at their headquarters and chicago o'hare international airport. there have been a lot of times. they will put a new team in place there. on your show a little while ago, the congressman said this is something they really need to get a hold of. >> we have a role to oversee and check on these agencies that
1:52 pm
kind of grown too big and too bureaucratic. tsa is another example what you're talking about with va. we're having a big role to fix the wait line issue port port this is not one of those bad spots like chicago where it has gotten pad. to show you the discrepancy in congress. they have hired 786 new screeners. government union represents these screeners, folks over there are calling for some 6,000 screeners. so on one end you have 786. on the other end 6,000 and tsa says this morning two hours. get their earlier. might not be slowing down. neil: just walk. just walk. blake burman, thank you very, very much. i don't mean walk to the airport. walk to the destination. would be tough if you're going from new york tola. you have to start, right?
1:53 pm
we started a little while ago he bernie sanders wants a recount in kentucky. hillary clinton winning by a percentage point. he is speaking now. lo and behold we're getting another alert the democratic national committee to offer mr. sanders and his forces five seats on the platform committee. quid pro quo or too little too late? after this. >> i am very proud to tell you -- very road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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1:56 pm
neil: neil siraca is joining us, big bernie sanders supporter, democracy for america director. neil, you probably heard that sanders was just granted five seats on the democratic platform committee. not sinister here, but this comes only minutes after we were getting reports that the senator wants a recount in kentucky. what do you think of that? >> listen, i think, when it comes to the recount in kentucky, every vote's got to count in every single primary and caucus that we've got and i
1:57 pm
think a recount is in order given how close that election was. as far as what goes on at the committee meeting in july, listen, i think senator sanders has earned the vote and support of millions of people across the country so it makes sense whether he is the nominee or not, that people who have been brought to his campaign get a close in what the platform is and where the party goes in the future. there is no doubt that the sanders wing of the party is the rising majority of it. and, we've got to have a say where things go with democrats going forward. neil: do you think people pay attention to platforms? >> you know, it's a good question. i think there are lots of things we can do in the coming convention in addition to the platform fight. that would perhaps have even bigger say in who the next nominee for our party is. big changes to, you know, maybe changing superdelegate rules. neil: i see. very good point. that's a very good point. >> you could also do some other things like eliminating closed
1:58 pm
primaries, something that sanders supporters really want. if you do some of the things like that, a lot of clinton supporters want to get rid of caucuses. there needs to be talk about that. neil: i am sorry i'm jumping on you, we're tight for time. they generally favor bernie sanders and vitalize voter participation is higher in such states but i wonder how you personally feel as bernie sanders supporter when you hear leaked out the list of names, hillary clinton if nominee might consider as running mate and elizabeth warren comes up, some others, and never bernie sanders. i know you think it is still bernie sanders in the race and he could win it, maybe, that will happen. but are you offended on that level that he is not on that list of potential running mates? >> i haven't heard senator sanders be ruled out in vp contention. listen, if elizabeth warren ends up being vice-presidential nominee for president:that would
1:59 pm
be phenomenal. neil: you like her more than bernie sanders? >> we supported bernie sanders in the primary but we encouraged elizabeth warren to run before we backed sanders. neil: that she never entered the race. 20 states, millions of votes, waltzes in as a running mate? you know what i mean? >> senator sanders got in the race to fight for issues. whether he is vp or somebody that stands for things he does gets nomination that would be good thing for the party and. neil: you are always true to your cause of bernie sanders, but do you fear that the party is driven so hard left it is going to lose? >> i think that the ways in which senator sanders has, the role he played in this race has actually brought the democratic party closer to millions of voters. whether it's ideas like social security expansion which is popular with republicans, democrats and independents. he actually brought the democratic party closer to voters. i think it's a good thing he has been in the race hands down.
2:00 pm
neil: only one getting passion. so you're right about that. neil, always good catching up. my friend. >> good to have you. neil: trish regan, dow up 200 points and homebuilders doing boffo. i will leave it to your fine hands. trish: i will see if i keep the rally going, thanks, neil. we have a big market rally up nearly 200 points on better-than-expected economic news. how will it affect the election? i'm all over. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." the our top story we watched this rally. donald trump and hillary clinton taking aim at each other in new set of dueling attack ads. trump is going after her husband and his history with women. catching the voice after woman who accused him of rape. take a look. >> very nervous. >> no woman should be subject the toyed. it was an assault. >> we started to pull my top down and i tried to pull away from him. [laughter]


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