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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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a win for tech. a win for homebuilders and banks. [closing bell ring] dow high at 250. we're closing up 210 points. we'll hand the crazy day over to david and melissa. david: we'll take the crazy day. we end the day with big rally on wall street. all three major averages up more than 1%. the dow was up 250 points. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we've got you covered on the markets. first here is what else we have for you this hour. david: republican voters heading to the polls in washington state today as donald trump and hillary clinton trade barb as on the campaign trail. giving us a taste how nasty thing will get if the two go head-to-head in the election. tsa benching head of security amid outrage over long
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security lines. what other changes may come to alleviate the headache for travelers across the country. getting college students to donate money to terrorists is easier than you possibly think. shocking results of a new campus experiment. melissa: back to rally on wall street. dow surging more than 200 points, driven higher by microsoft, visa and intel. phil flynn, price futures group, fox business contributor is standing by at cme watching all of the action in gold and oil. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, let's kick it off with you. what is behind the rally today? reporter: what is so fascinating, melissa, to see a rally over 200 points, when all the talk in recent sessions is expectation of higher interest rates. so what happened? a poll was done in europe. shows the "brexit", u.k. leaving euro is not as popular as
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thought. they saw a rally here in the u.s. today. that was really locked in, if you will, by some pretty impressive housing numbers. some columnists were wondering whether the lost decade for u.s. housing is finally over. latest new home starts absolutely crushed expectations in a good way. so that led to a nice rally for the homebuilders today. to brothers reporting earnings. toll brothers leading industry up 3 1/2%. hovnanian up 6.7% in the session today. interesting in terms of industries. i want to point out you had financials, technology. some sectors beaten down of late. has a lot of folks wonder if we see short-covering as well against backdrop of high interest rates. one not so bright shining star today, twitter. tough day for twitter. down today. five years off 66%. the analysts are basically
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saying seeing user and advertiser fatigue associated with the little bluebird. guys? david: lori, thank you very much. commodities now with phil. phil, we have to start with gold. there is no rally for this metal, dropping for fifth session in a row. down 1%. the dollar index is way up. i think it is up to an eight-week high. is there a connection? >> absolutely, dave, and i'll tell you there is connection to the housing number this morning, "brexit" vote lori was talking about, all of sudden looks like the fed will raise interest rates off that news. they have got a clear signal problems are out of the way and that is just terrible for gold right now. not only the gold, look at the bond market as well. of course the bond market reacted to that news as well. that put downward pressure on gold. right now in the short term with fears away, not good for gold. look at oil, totally different story, dave. the thing is surging. we hit highest level of the year for a close on oil today and a
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lot of that is because of concerns about supply. believe it or not, we had a glut of supply a few weeks ago. now looks like supplies in the u.s. are starting to fall. that is the rumor right now. we also have concern about that french strike in france right now, labor unions are rising up, basically shutting down u.s. energy refineries. believe it or not that is bullish for oil as well. you've got all of these things happening when it comes to the oil market. we also see a report from the american petroleum institute. that is expected to show a big draw down of supply and near record demand for gasoline near in the u.s. all of sudden things are changing. we're also seeing changes from some of the biggest bears. last week it was goldman sachs started to get bullish. today it is citigroup. citigroup came out with recommendation that they are now looking for oil to go up. so a lot of changes from bears turning into bulls. back to you. david: wonder how high and long how oil can stay high with the dollar goes up.
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when dollar goes up, sometimes oil comes down. we'll see whether that happens. phil, thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: financials and tech leading charge in today's rally. strong economic data adding to investor confidence after sales of new homes rose at fastest pace in eight years. here to weigh in, gary kaltbaum, president of kaltbaum asset management and fox news contributor and dan shaffer. from schaefer asset managements. what is behind the housing numbers? is it idea that the fed is getting ready to raise rates and brings people in off the sidelines or something else? >> i think rates are so darn low. we get a good month, a we get a bad month. finally we got another good month again. keep in mind these numbers are kind of fleeting. must tell you market reaction was pretty darn good. we'll take a few more like this. i need market to break out of the 18-month range it has been in before i start popping the champagne corks but so far so good. we'll take it. melissa: dan, what do you think
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is behind the housing numbers first of all? does it signal to awe strong economy, is it fleeting, is it about interest rates, what do you think? >> i think a lot of foreign buyers coming into the united states picking up homes. i don't think a trend change housing will all of sudden increase. we get like gary said, numbers are bouncing around at these levels. one talk about interest rates going up. maybe people bought now and closed deals because of fear of interest rates going up. i still see housing area as very dangerous area right now. david: all right. thank you, guys. best buy and sports authority joining brick and retail slowdown. best buy was biggest loser on s&p 500 for disappointing outlook for sales. sports authority is set to close all 463 of its stores as it struggles to complete with online retailers. gary, 463 stores, that means a lot of jobs lost. i wonder is that indication of
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overall economy or if it will affect the overall economy? no all i can tell you right now retail stinks. i compare it to the new york knicks season last year. that is how bad it is. all big retailers are new yearly lows. sports authority is just another casualty. whether or not it is indicative of whole economy, i can tell you economy will do better this quarter than last i don't think the end of the world is here but something bad is happening in retail. we don't own retail stocks. only one looks to be strong,. liz: and home depot. that will be it. david: work remembers unemployed see jobs lost. yield curve you tightening. are we going there? >> you're exactly right. retail starts to slow down and people not spending money. there is chart federal reserve publishes which is velocity of money which collapsed to 40-year
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lows. people are not spending. this is inning to show up in the numbers. it is a precursor for very serious downturn. you mentioned yield curves they are tightening up and going to low spreads. that's showing us again more signs. you know, they keep fluffing numbers up. keep trying to keep the stock market up, show us how everything is so great but people losing their jobs. they are tucking money away. this happened in japan 20 years ago. people didn't want to have families, start homes and being able to grow their life-styles. people are cutting back. even the fact that sports authority has to close these stores shows us the leisure area is really the first place that people cut back. this is extra spending that is just not there. melissa: talk facebook for a minute. facebook trying to quiet claims of censorship by announcing overhaul of the trending stories section. zuckerberg announced the change in response to a letter from senator thune of south dakota but he insists that the company
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did not intentionally censor conservative stories in favor of liberal ones. that is not even biggest story out of facebook today. i don't know if you saw the ad that they censored. it was a plus-sized model out to promote body positivity for a conference. here is the picture. they refused to put the ad up saying it bucked it is health and physical policy. using relevant activity and running and biking, some of these body parts, where is the quote, displayed body parts in undesirable manner this was original note. facebook went back. they realized their mistake and apologized but this is the same thing where they're censoring ads, this person should be riding a bike instead of walking around in a swimsuit. gary, wow, they got to straighten things out over there. >> well look, leave no doubt there has been at facebook. i'm 100% sure. all you need to know how quick
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mark zuckerberg jumped all over this and got people in a room, tried to make nice nice. i do applaud him for getting on this quick. i am sure at this point in time they're so scared they will, not try not to censor. you know it? tough to control bias. when you have so many employees, at the helm, very tough to protect things like that but hopefully they get it right going forward. david: okay, guys. thank you very much. we have many so breaking news on monsanto. it is ending the day up almost 3% after being halted briefly in response to the takeover bid by bayer. the agrichemical giant rejected bayer's $62 billion all-cash bid saying it was financially inadequate. monsanto says it is open to talks. melissa: shares of viacom climbed after sumner redstone emeritus of viacom named two trust toes controlling assets. redstone's executives of his
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company national amusements. after redstone viacom ceo phillipe dumond from the trust that will assume voting control of viacom. david: meanwhile we're keeping a close eye on gun owners or at least one state is. why hawaii is looking to be the first-in-the-nation to begin a new fbi database. you want to hear about this. melissa: the head of the va appear to downplaying long wait times at va hospitals by comparing it to go to disney world. david: oh, boy. melissa: that was a bad choice. david: ouch. melissa: more on the big backlash ahead. david: hits just keep on coming. fresh attacks from donald trump and hillary clinton as both candidates pivot to a very nasty general election matchup. >> ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino, really. ♪
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david: there is still voting going on in primaries in the washington state primary. donald trump expected to earn all of the state's had 44 republicans. on other side democratic primary count will not count. voters in washington opted for caucus two months ago where bernie sanders won with 73% of the vote. melissa? melissa: feud between trump and clinton is only getting louder. candidates attacking each other in new web ads a former secretary of state slams trump on his business record. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he has bankrupted his companies. melissa: here now is lisa booth, high noon strategies president. emily tish sussman for the center for american progress action fund of the also a
4:16 pm
hillary clinton supporter. that is a long title there. all right, lisa, let me start with you. will this strategy work on hillary clinton's side of attacking donald trump over the bankruptcies? only because it seems like everybody has tried it already? >> and they have. look i think it is fair game for her to try to go after his list record but only candidate this race successfully ran a business. successfully hired people and successfully employed hundreds of thousands of people. something hillary clinton can't say. she is running for third term of president obama. look what happened under his economic policies. the middle class is suffering. they have not seen any other pay increase the past seven, eight years he has been in office. middle-class americans are hurting and look at blue-collar workers hurting as well. this happened under president obama. melissa: emily, whatever reason hard to make financial topics stick in these elections.
4:17 pm
anytime you do a story on foundation and evidence that is there. people get bored and turned away even though the evidence is there. same thing with the bankruptcies. bring up bankrupt companies try to make connection to the country and it doesn't stick for people out there. what is it about these stories? is it boring? is it too many numbers? does it make people's eyes gloss over? seriously? >> seriously, those are tactics tried during the republican primary, keep talking about the fact trump had a lot of businesses where he employed, he employed undocumented people, where he didn't have to brought in immigrants were there americans he could have hired, those are all tactics republican tried during the primary. you're right, they didn't stick. i think different about this new web ad clinton shutting out because playing into the narrative and i think correct narrative, trump, we know he is rich. we know he made a lot of money. we don't know how much because he won't release his tax returns. we know he is rich but the fact he would be able to make money off of people for his own self-dealing.
4:18 pm
so what is actually in those ads is talking what he said in 2006, that he was rooting for a housing bubble bust. melissa: okay. >> he would be able to make money off it. something that people have not heard yet. melissa: lisa, i don't think that has any hope of sticking at all. same thing as saying clintons made so much money off selling influence with the foundation. it's true and no one really cares for whatever reason. >> right. hillary clinton has some controversies and scandals under her belt i don't think these lines of attack against donald trump will work. regarding the housing bubble and financial crisis, bill clinton was one rewrote to the rules to the community reinvestment act which is widely known in the credited to help lead to that crisis. i don't think she has got a lot of wiggle room there on that particular issue either. melissa: we're out of time. thanks to both of you. david. >> thank you. david: more outrage from the tsa. the agency taking the first step to combat long lines at the airport but is it going to work?
4:19 pm
plus youth of america pledging to give money to terrorists? >> we're looking to destroy israel. we don't want gaza, all of israel. >> i actually have been learning about, in this last school year about everything going on over there, i like the sound of what you're doing. ♪ i have asthma...
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melissa: breaking news out of the nfl the league announced next five super bowl locations where's new york? melissa: awarding super bowl v 1 city of houston, followed by minnesota, atlanta, south florida, and los angeles. so no new york. no cold weather. david: we had it two years ago, we had our shot. melissa: minnesota. david: yeah, exactly. taking over tsa, head of security of tsa placed on administrative leave over uproar oaf long lines at security lines
4:23 pm
in airports and intense scrutiny of bonus payments. blake burman joining with us a lot more he details. a lot to answer for maybe more than what this guy was in charge of, blake? reporter: that is exactly right. a major shake-up at top of the transportation security administration but maybe not as steep or drastic as some anticipated. here is what we tell you. head of security, a guy by name of kelly hoggan is out. his replacement is darby lajoye who held several posts at lax and jfk, similar posts as well. however hoggan has not been fired from his post we can tell you. instead he is been placed on administrative leave and paid leave. so he is still on government payroll. this comes after as you mentioned he received some $90,000 in bonuses as well, that drew a whole lot of scrutiny from members of congress. as far as other changes from the tsa, in this fallout two, there will be new incident command
4:24 pm
center at its headquarters. over at chicago's o'hare international airport which has seen some of the longest lines, hours after hours and waits, they will have new security team there overseeing aspects there as well. the question becomes will any of this, will any of the changes actually matter? will flyers see an improvement? there is debate there as well. the union that oversees federal screeners, they believe some 6,000 new screeners ha to be put in place. the action for congress a shift of $34 million and some 786 screeners. you have a difference there of thousands. either way congressman peter king says a solution is necessary, whatever that may be. >> it has to be done at all costs. we can't afford to waist win dollar. but whatever money is needed to be spent should be spent. reporter: we're here at washington's reagan international airport.
4:25 pm
you see behind me, the lines are not bad. this is obviously not one size fits all for airports across the country. i want to show you one tweet real quick that the tsa sent out today and it is as following: warning to passengers get to airports two hours before your flights. and that is domestic. david and melissa, there are changes from the tsa. two hours? summertime, maybe not a cure-all from -- david: turn anyhow with the government you lose your job but don't lose your salary and you keep your bonuses. reporter: still getting payments. david: blake, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: wow. shares of herbalife ending the day up more than 4%. the stock getting a big boost citing from the "new york post" that the company reach ad preliminary agreement with the ftc to end an investigation whether it was operating a pyramid scheme. both ftc and herbalife have yet to confirm the report. david: not ready to make nice. how the bernie sanders
4:26 pm
revolution could make, a quote, mess, out of the democratic convention. we'll be talking about that. melissa: tattoo today gone tomorrow. new technology that makes it easier to commit. ♪ it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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enterprises jumping nearly 9%. let's go back to lori rothman at new york stock exchange. >> it is not just earnings call but it is a fairly big nounment. hewlett-packard shares up in extended hours. they beat on top and bottom line. they announced they would spin off the enterprise unit and go ahead and merge with another company, cse, computer sciences corporation. hp is up and computers sciences, csc, up about 20% at last check. hp will own about 50% of this new company. so there you go. back to you. david: good for hewlett-packard. congratulations. melissa? >> the ultimate clinton insider now under investigation by the fbi. virginia governor terry mcauliffe chaired hillary clinton's campaign in 2008 and bill clinton's re-election in '96. now he is the focus of a justice department investigation for questionable campaign donations. fox news's doug mckelway has
4:31 pm
the details. doug, you have been digging up great stuff on this all day. what do you have for us now? reporter: well, melissa, fox news learned that virginia democratic governor terry mcauliffe is target of justice department investigation into campaign contributions t centers around a chinese billionaire businessman, wen wang, who donated 120,000 to his 2014 gubernatorial campaign and two million dollars to the clinton foundation. mcauliffe, a long time clinton ally once sat on board of clinton global initiative. he was shocked to learn of the allegation and that wang's contributions were properly vetted. >> 100%. i can rely on two law firms that did vetting on the check. i personally didn't get the check. i rely on people who did vetting for it. they said he had a green card from 2007. so the contribution came in and they have unequivocally said that he was entitled to write a
4:32 pm
check. reporter: wang has permanent u.s. resident status which gives him a legal right to make u.s. campaign contributions but he is also a former member of china's national peoples congress, its parliamentary body. that raises questions often between murky connection between mcauliffe, his friends the clinton and charitable interests. last year "the washington post" said 120 donors gave to the clinton foundation gave $13.4 million to mcauliffe's campaigns. in earlier interview mcauliffe offered denied explanation for crossover of donation. >> we travel same circles. i traveled the globe with president clinton. we have same friends. those that give to the clinton foundation have been friends of my years and years we friendship together. reporter: earlier this month, mcauliffe signed a bill to restore voting rights to
4:33 pm
felllons. republicans filed a lawsuit to overturn it. melissa, back to you. melissa: wow, that nervous laugh and body language when he is answering those questions really something, doug, thank you have much for that report. david: great reporting from doug. meanwhile will opposing factions in the democrat party turn the july con very into something violent? bernie sanders warning that things could quote, get messy. >> we're bringing a lot of new people into the political process. people who have never gone to a convention before. they hope very much that their voices will be heard. it will be messy, you know. democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle but that is where the democratic party should go. david: here to weigh in former mayor mike mcginn of seattle, who supports bernie sanders. emily tish sussman is back with us. mike, what does he mean by messy? >> i don't think anybody would ever claim democracy is perfect
4:34 pm
and frankly bernie sanders shouldn't take the bait from the media who would love nothing more than a very tell again i can convention and something they could cover. david: wait a minute. hold on a second. mike, i have to totally disagree with you. the media would like nothing more than some dramatic thing happening so people would tune into it. that is what the media wants. go ahead. >> i had to laugh at the idea, media wanting a nice quiet convention. david: right, right. >> they don't want that at all. david: finish your point, mike. >> they don't want that at all. of course they don't. i think media is fishing for those types of quotes from the candidates right now because that is what they want to cover. bernie sanders ran, he cares deeply about inequality. he wants to see that reflected in the platform. frankly if he can focus on those issues, inequality and wealth, rather than focus on arcane facts of democratic process he will do better. david: emily, there is a focus right now on the process that's taking place and frankly there
4:35 pm
is a big feud going on between debbie wasserman-schultz, head of dnc and bernie. he came out with a letter last week about what happened in nevada where things got pretty rough. she said that was nowhere near sufficient. he has not yet come back with a follow-up letter, essentially thumbing his nose at what -- in fact he is now supporting the democratic candidate running against her in florida. what is going on there? >> yeah, what happened in the nevada caucuses last week was really unfortunate. a lot of the sanders supporters did not like -- david: move it forward, emily. what happens now? again, debbie and bernie are still feuding. >> i mean still feuding, i don't know we can say they're still feuding. i think he is still staying in the race -- david: emily, not only is he supporting her opponent in the race in florida but he is also said if he is elected president he is going to fire her. that's a feud.
4:36 pm
>> honestly every presidential nominee has the right to put whoever they want in to the dnc. that is totally within his purview. if we talk about it, it will be brokered democratic question there will be up rise if that is the insinuation. i do not see that happening. majority of supporters sanders has also like clinton. he is running as advocate. they're voting for him as an advocate. they like he is very, very strong and extreme on issues. she is not that different. david: the dnc chair is supposed to be neutral with regard to who the nominee actually is. do you think debbie wasserman-schultz has been neutral in officiating this race? >> look, now is the time when both the chair and all of the hillary clinton surrogates, you got to be a little gracious here. you can't be running down the field before you got the ball. i think they have to welcome sanders supporters in. david: mike, you're not answering the question, mike. i love you but you're not answering the question.
4:37 pm
do you think debbie has been neutral in terms of this race? >> no. i don't think so. look, the guy was not a democrat. bernie was not a democrat. of course the deck was stacked against him. that was the race he had to run. that is the race he chose to run, guys, we've got to go. emily, mike, we'll probably be back on this subject soon. >> david: melissa. melissa: chicago reaching agreement to rescue chicago's smallest retirement fund. there is still a lot of work to be done as you can imagine. the windy city and across the country for that matter. fox business's jeff flock is here with the latest. what have they solved, jeff? reporter: they are trying to fill a sinkhole with a garden trowel at the moment. they have got a big deficit here. i show you what they did yesterday. it is start on the huge pension deficit. it is a deal on the laborers unions retirement fund. they imposed new telephone tax,
4:38 pm
a charge of $3.90 on every line. it will raise $40 million. they put that into the laborers, pension fund. retirees contribute more. they contribute 6%. they will contribute now between 8 1/2 and 11 1/2%. so that's a start. but the reason that they had to do that is because rahm emanuel tried to pass a diminishment of benefits. the court came in and said you can't do that. so, it leave as huge hole very difficult to fill. the hole by some estimates is $44 billion for all four city pension funds. they would cost each household in chicago $43,000 to pay off that bill. that's a lot of dough. i don't know where they will get that. but you know as you point out, melissa, chicago is not alone. this is happening all over the country. maybe not as bad as chicago but look at some states where the costs per person now, this is
4:39 pm
not per household. i think he said per person, i meant per household, $43,000. the states, $19,000 a person would cost alaska to pay off deficit in pensions. illinois about, 15,000. that is state pensions we're talking about. a lot of money states owe that they don't have. this has been happening for a long time. people have been promising money and not doing it. melissa: important to quantify, it jeff, where does the money come from? taxpayers, you and i. quantify by the person, that is what you're paying. i love that. >> the courts are saying right now you can't take benefits away. so i don't know where they will get the money. rock and a hard place. melissa: thank you, david. david: at least alaska has oil. illinois and connecticut don't have any oil at all. new details surrounding the mystery of the crash of egyptair flight 804. some evidence lead people to say
4:40 pm
that the plane exploded midair. michael baud din will join us. some college students are so impressionable they can be convinced to support terrorist groups. listen. >> suicide bombers that is kind of like, poor man's -- doing it against israel, that is what we're looking to do. >> okay. >> thanks for your time. poor mouth breather.
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you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. david: new details regarding eye gyp shun air crash. -- egyptian air crash. size of human remains recovered from the air crash indicate an explosion. this is according to associated press report. head of egypt's forensic authority dismissing the report as mere assumptions of the we have dr. michael baud din, forensic pathologist and fox news contributor. let's start with the broad view. egyptians are leading this investigation. >> right. david: some people say they have
4:44 pm
too many conflicts of interest to do that. which you say? >> they have been accused in the past of being more interested in suicide, in tourism than in properly identifying why airplanes crash. we had one in 1999 off new england which was by all u.s. and other countries investigations pilot suicide. he was yelling out suicidal. david: they don't want to hurt tourist industry. they want to put the best face on what happened. do you suspect some of that may be going on right now? >> i'm sure egypt is very much concerned about their tourism industry right now because of all the hit they have taken. there is a lot of murkiness in the first days. hard to know even under best of circumstances how much of the leaks are real and how much aren't. such as, was there evidence of a fire on board with burnt body parts, would be one aspect. but it is interesting --
4:45 pm
david: so explosive residue on the body parts. yes, from a medical examiner's point been involved in many airplane crashes i could see what the families right now are going through, they're concerned about identification of the bodies and getting the bodies back where the investigators, media concerned with what was the cause. david: right, right. >> so there is tension building up there among families. david: millions of travelers are concerned about the cause as well. now again, with deference to the families we have to talk about some details that are pretty gruesome. the body parts are small. supposedly no body part has been found larger than the size of a hand. does that indicate to you there was explosion in midair? >> that is much more typical of mid-air explosion to have small body parts because if there is a crash without an explosion, usually parts of the bodies, the whole body shows up. a falling body, for example, doesn't break the skin because it hits the water, enough to
4:46 pm
crush it and cause internal injuries but not enough to break the skin. the fact we haven't seen any bodies floating on the surface would indicate they're all down in, in the fuselage still. david: we're getting a wrap. size of debris field, very quickly. >> that is also very important. smaller debris field size, theht an explosion. david: dr. michael baud din, thank you very much, doctor. melissa? melissa: breaking news. severe wither in oklahoma. this is what it looks like to chase a storm from inside of a vehicle following storm near oklahoma city. severe storms, including tornadoes are possible this week in the area. david? david: raising money for a quote, worthy cause. filmmaker ami horowitz, stopping by portland state university and found college students actually willing to financially support the terrorist group hamas. take a listen. >> i work for american friends for hamas.
4:47 pm
>> okay. >> we're not your father's terrorist organization. we want to fund operations against israel. and you know, the type of attacks talking about are cafes and schools and you know, soft targets. do you feel like donating to help the cause and fight back, that would be great. >> definitely. >> would you consider making a donation? >> sure. >> great. >> how would you like 50 bucks? >> oh, that would be great. melissa: are you kidding me. horowitz reveals about 60% of students stopped to give money and he raised $300 in one hour. david: unbelievable. melissa: for hamas. david: hamas is terrorist organization according to the state department. all right. hawaii could make gun history. the state might be the first-in-the-nation to begin a new fbi database. want to hear about this coming up. plus comparing veteran hospital wait times with disneyland? are you kidding? the head of the va refuses to apologize for this. >> this is not make-believe.
4:48 pm
this is not disneyland or wonderland for that matter. veterans have died waiting in line for their care. v
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
melissa: the head of va getting slammed on capitol hill. robert mcdonald receiving heavy backlash after comparing length of time veterans wait for health care, to waiting in line at disney. >> when you go to disneyland, disneyland you aren't wondering if you are going to live long enough to make it to space mountain. clearly the va is not the happiest place on earth and veterans have died waiting in these lines. melissa: so that was the response obviously. mcdonald has since refused to
4:52 pm
apologize for what he said. here is jamie weinstein, daily caller, senior editor and dan henninger of "the wall street journal." dan, let me start with you, really unfortunate response there. >> poor metaphor. melissa: wait times. i mean what was he thinking? >> well i guess i was thinking, living in france or canada. i mean this is the argument people make for state-run medical systems. the good news is in france, if you get the medicine, it is good for you. the bad news you may not live long enough to get it. that is essentially the problem with the veterans administration. we have to keep in mind this is a vast bureaucracy, a federal bureaucracy. it is bogged down in its own procedures. and unfortunately it is the bureaucracy that is supposed to deliver medical care to veterans. the two just aren't mixing, melissa. melissa: jamie, as i tried to drill down today, there is lot of focus on secretary mcdonald and how he was supposed to fix things.
4:53 pm
in his defense, i'm not sure it is possible to fix it. like trying to get health insurance from the irs or dmv. you wouldn't want to do that i'm not sure any type of bureaucracy could deliver health care that is needed. what do you think? >> well it certainly hasn't been fixed in two years. you're right it might not be fixable with the government in control of it. two years ago they develop ad choice program. it was supposed to allow veterans who were waiting in long lines or far away from va hospitals to go to private servers to get care. even that is failure, with the government failing to pay the private contractors. this would have been unfortunate, even if he mad fixed something but looks like the, the problem is not fixed any better than two years ago when he was established. melissa: that was decent idea to try to privatize a bit of it. you had a car and go there. the people found out bills were never paid. they went to somewhere else and paying for it themselves. why do you think that failed so badly? >> jamie is right even though the idea was good,
4:54 pm
procedurallism inside of va was such that they couldn't even execute medical care provided by private contractors. you know the government accounting office put out a report just last month which they said the va was grossly underestimating the wait times for veterans right now and that they simply were incapable of breaking through this sort of piecemeal solution. i wouldn't so much take mr. mcdonald to account for using the word disney world but he is incapable of pulling that bureaucracy together, maybe that is why he should resign? melissa: jamie, i feel like whenever we get into these discussions somebody stands up and says the solution is more money. tough fix the system before you throw more money at it. that is what, in the end i feel like that is what is going to happen. they will ask for a lot more monty. >> that sounds like the solution to everything in washington. what it seems like the whole thing has to be reimagined or perhaps entirely privatized. that takes time.
4:55 pm
in that time period, what will you do with all people waiting in line? that is the question. you can't just reimagine everything when people are needing health care right now. melissa: dan, that is the tragedy. as we sit here and discuss this, people are getting sicker and they're dying as a result. >> yeah. i mean considering the bureaucratic problem we were talking about last week or two, the tsa and long lines at the airport. melissa: yeah. >> they were as you were suggesting we need more money and we need more personnel. that can't possibly be to the solution of either the tsa or the veterans administration. melissa: all right. thanks to both of you. david? david: what an outrage. hawaii may become the first state in the united states to require that gun owners be entered into a fbi database. the system notifies police if someone on the list has been arrested anywhere in the u.s. called a wrap backdate at that base. already exists for people in positions of trust like school teachers and bus drivers. this would be the first generalized database for gun owners.
4:56 pm
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david: another look at the markets. huge die in the market. look at nasdaq, up 2%, the biggest gain there since march 1st. good day in the markets. meanwhile? melissa: tattoos last forever but thanks to one startup you can say good-bye to your commitment fears with disappearing tattoo ink. david: do you believe it? i'm not so sure i do. the new technology is designed to break down and fade after roughly a year. or use a solution to remove it earlier, or, melissa, you can avoid getting a tattoo in the first place! melissa: right.
5:00 pm
i always thought that wasn't a great idea. david: it is aging process which it become as really bad idea. when they are young and skin is tight okay. but forget it. melissa: later on that is no good. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> no allegations of wrongdoing. they're entitled to do an investigation. as i say it relates to this donor, valid donor. had been a green card holder since 2007. and you know, we fully vetted him. deirdre: former clinton campaign chairman, democratic virginia governor terry mcauliffe on the legal status of one of his campaign donors. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. at issue, a winding money trail to a clinton family friend. so the person in focus, governor mcauliffe, who ran in 2013. the fbi and u.s. department of justice are looking into whether or not he took contributions from a chinese politician. as a reminder it is illegal r


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