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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i always thought that wasn't a great idea. david: it is aging process which it become as really bad idea. when they are young and skin is tight okay. but forget it. melissa: later on that is no good. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> no allegations of wrongdoing. they're entitled to do an investigation. as i say it relates to this donor, valid donor. had been a green card holder since 2007. and you know, we fully vetted him. deirdre: former clinton campaign chairman, democratic virginia governor terry mcauliffe on the legal status of one of his campaign donors. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. at issue, a winding money trail to a clinton family friend. so the person in focus, governor mcauliffe, who ran in 2013. the fbi and u.s. department of justice are looking into whether or not he took contributions from a chinese politician. as a reminder it is illegal for
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foreign nationals to donate to american political races. mcauliffe says the chinese billionaire had a green card. fbi and u.s. department of justice also examining if there is overlap while mcauliffe was at the clinton foundation. now on the clinton connection, here's mcauliffe's comments. >> i think we travel the same circles. i have traveled the globe with president clinton and we have a lot of the same friends. those that give to the clinton foundation have been friends of mine years and years. we friendship together. deirdre: one thing we want to clearly note, there is no allegation that the clinton foundation did anything improper according to officials. this probe focuses on mcauliffe and campaign donations. my guest has done a lot of research on the subject. he is the author of "clinton cash." he is senior editor-at-large at "breitbart news." peter schweitzer with me now. welcome, peter, we're glad you're here.
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you led an explosive investigation into the foundation. what was the biggest surprise to you in your research? >> the biggest surprise to me is when you follow the money, which of course is the oldest adage in politics you find while hillary clinton was secretary of state the clintons received huge sums of money through the clinton foundation and in the form of speaking fees to bill clinton from foreign entities that had matters sitting on her desk as secretary of state and after they received those fund, the people who sent that money received favorable action. the big question of course is, whether the sending of the money is exconnecting to the favorable action. clinton supporters say all a coincidence. i think it is probably something more than that. deirdre: so, peter, when you talk about these speaking fees, we have some stats. we'll pull them up on the screen so our viewers can follow. hillary clinton at the maximum made $350,000 for one speaking engagement at ebay but her
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range is pretty much between 200 and 350,000. president george w. bush, he since made speeches since he left office, making on average 100 and 175,000. shows to everyone the clintons are being paid a premium for their speaking. >> there is no question about that. and in fact, when you look at bill: ton's speaks fees, when his wife becomes secretary of state, it is even more shocking. when bill clinton leaves the oval office in early 2001, up until late 2008, just before hillary is appointed secretary of state, his average speaking fee is $115,000. the moment she is announced as secretary of state in the obama administration, bill clinton's speaking fees from overseas corporations and governments literally triples overnight. so the question becomes did they
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triple overnight because he became three times more articulate or triple overnight because those foreign entities wanted something more than just a speech from the clintons. deirdre: peter, for purposes of this conversation, we're using clinton's behavior and potential mitigations as backdrop but right now the fbi and the department of justice arinve mcauliffe. what is your take, based on what you know about the clintons, you call the mcauliffe connection? >> what is reported they're looking to w terry mcauliffe who was not entitled to make political donations. my understanding mr. wang has a green card. he can make donations. i think they're looking into something a lot more detailed about that think about it for a second. this is basic question to figure out, does he have a green card or not? >> according to the initial reporting the fbi has been investigating this question for a year.
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it does not take a year to determine whether mr. wang has a permanent residence status in the united states or not. i think this is part of a broader fbi investigation looking at the clinton foundation. as you noted there are overlaps between the clinton foundation donors and mcauliffe donors and terry mcauliffe is insider insider in the clinton world. i think this investigation from the fbi has a lot more to do with his relationship with the clintons and clinton foundation than it does he is the fact that he is the governor of commonwealth of virginia. deirdre: as you rightly point out, it doesn't take a year to figure out whether somebody has a green card. so i take that point very quickly. mcauliffe has expressed shock, lack of a better word the idea of this probe extending to the clinton foundation. by some stances i guess he has to express that kind of surprise but i understand you think there is much more direct line right
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now, that in your opinion, what the fbi and doj are following up on on? >> i think that is probably the case. if you look at mr. wang, he donated $120,000 to mcauliffe's gubernatorial campaign and to his inauguration. he has been involved in clinton foundation events. terry mcauliffe himself was on the board of the clinton foundation and on the board of clinton global initiative. there is lot of overhappen lap. terry mcauliffe's job was to protect clintons whether the fund-raising scandals in the 1990s or today. he will continue play that role. but the fbi will look where the fbi wants to look. deirdre: you alluded to some dots you were not able to connect as they would at least stand up in a court of law. what do you think at this point, completely conjecture what do you think the fbi and u.s. doj
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will find? >> yes. this is speculation on my part. i think what they are looking at is a very pimple question. was there pay to play? were the clintons taking money and giving favors in return to those done e donors. in the state of virginia the predecessor of terry mcauliffe is in jail precisely doing that, getting $170,000 in gifts he was entitled to get, but the charge and conviction he did favors in response to the gifts. senator menendez is prosecuted on similar allegations. in neither cases was there a smoking gun, an email said we'll give you this money and you do this in return. i don't think you will find that in the mcauliffe case but if you find the same pattern as you do in those instances, and i think it exists, it behooves the fbi to investigate this and offer a criminal referral to the department of justice that the
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clintons indeed were taking money and giving favors in return. deirdre: where there is smoke there is fire. you're looking at past patterns which is completely logical thing to do. peter schweizer, thank you very much for the time. >> thanks for having me. deirdre: author of clinton cash. for more on legal implications we bring in judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. great to see you as always. >> likewise, deirdre. deirdre: with reference to governor mcauliffe, does there need to be a smoking gun. you heard peter he worked on the book a long time. he connected a lot of dots but not all the dots. >> we don't know exactly what the government is looking for. i agree essentially with what peter said it, wouldn't take the fbi a year to find out whether or not somebody has a green card. cohave lost the use of the green card, if, for example, he went back to china for longer than two years, then the green card is invalid.
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did he have a valid one at the time these contributions were made again is something they can probably discover with relative ease. here is how i think this came about. e-mail investigation a the love us know about. there is investigation of public corruption which peter just summarized for you. did she use sovereign authority of the state, of the federal government, which she was secretary of state to grant favors to people who enriched her husband or enriched her husband's foundation? i think that the fbi, which has been investigating that since january of this year has clearly come across the name of terry mcauliffe because in the years that mrs. clinton was secretary of state mr. mcauliffe was on the board of one or more of the clinton entities. what did he do to move money around if at all? if they were just looking at his campaign contributions, why did they subpoena his income tax returns? so i don't know the answers to these questions. i don't know --
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deirdre: there are a lot of tennis balls to chase. >> corrects. deirdre: the idea of peter's concept of the pay to play. if so he would be in real trouble. >> government would be very interested in that. peter and others have set forth for the fbi in documents may public so the fbi clearly has them, almost inasailable cases of pay for play with respect to mrs. clinton. i do not know of one with respect to governor mcauliffe. but if they have been examining him for a year, there is obviously something there and they haven't finished the examination. deirdre: what do you think of the timing of this, judge? not just because of peter's book? >> no, no. peter's book has been out for a year. the timing is most peculiar. mrs. clinton is in pleasure of the losing the nomination.
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not everybody in the fbi is happy this is leaked. i suggest to you there is more coming, knowing the way law enforcement works as i know it. this is the tip of an iceberg. the team that is investigating mrs. clinton for public corruption is exceptionally strong fbi team of investigators and federal prosecutors. they will go wherever the evidence takes them, no matter the political party or the personal connection to the person they're doing. deirdre: they are doing their job? >> yes. deirdre: we like to underline and applaud that, judge. speaking of icebergs, tip of the icebergs, you mentioned this with hillary's email server, romanian hacker, many people know him as "gucifer." he is one that says he easily breached hillary clinton's server, is expected to plead guilty to some charges. so what does that mean? is that, that the government then will get more information
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than it didn't have before? >> i think we will know that when we see the plea agreement tomorrow. he certainly has been debriefed by the governor. he was debriefed by our own catherine herridge who spoke to him at great length. deirdre: she broke a lot of news on this story. >> and as only she can do and has been doing. he has a lot of charges against him. some of which seem to those of us that look at these things not really, really heavy-duty serious charges, that they threw the kitchen sink at him. we will know what he pleads guilty to and what they agree to ask the court to drop, whether or not he is helping them. is his help necessary to convict mrs. clinton? no espionage, has to becan be proven by gross negligence, you doesn't have to show intent. but there has to be harm. if he can say with credibility i had access to mrs. clinton's emails while sheas secretary of state and i was professional
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hacker in romania, that would be devastating to her case if a jury were to hear that. deirdre: may be a reason why senator sanders is staying in until california. thank you, judge. >> we'll know about this tomorrow. by 10:30, catherine herridge will have the documents and we'll be able to analyze them. deirdre: we'll probably talk about them tomorrow. >> you're welcome. deirdre: judge andrew napolitano with me there. major averages rallying today, best gain since march and s&p 500 and nasdaq. those two measures, dow up triple digits closing at session high. 3m, united health, visa, goldman sachs, top contributors there to the gains. mit professor may have discovered the fountain of youth. a wearable second skin that literally flattens wrinkles. the inventor will join to us talk about it. veterans affairs secretary bob mcdonald not taking back
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his controversial comments comparing veterans wait times to lines at disneyland. we'll have the congressman for you.
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ]
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. deirdre: veterans affairs secretary bob mcdonald made controversial, by many counts, offensive comments on the set of lines at the va. >> what really count is how does the veteran feel about their encounter with the va. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or the, you know, what's important? what's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience. what i would like to move to eventually, is that kind of america sure. deirdre: he refused to apologize for the comments but issued this statement. if my comments monday led any
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veterans to believe that i or the dedicated workforce i am privileged to lead don't take that noble mission seriously, i deeply regret that. nothing could be further from the truth. with their take, my political power panel is here. "lifezette" senior political reporter ashley pratte. we have democratic pollster jessica tarlov. welcome to you all. so ashley, what do you make of mcdonald's statement, the first one and then what he assumes is context which many people find shocking for a west point idea? >> it just seems highly offensive, insensitive and disgusting in the face of so many heroes that have died waiting in line at the va. we all know what happened with that scandal many. just seems as though no win is willing to accept responsibility within this administration. you know we had shinseki that resigned.
5:19 pm
at same time we continue all placement of blame but anyone at va or administration. we need to realize these kind of off-the-cuff comments are doing more harm than good to our veterans and to do something like that is just completely insulting, to even compare it to disney in the sense of when they're going to these va hospitals. deirdre: not for vacation. >> it is not. deirdre: nothing enjoyable. sara, i want to bring you in on this, some people say, who know bob mcdonald, he is good guy, west point grad, he went there to reform the system many people considered broken and then apparently over the years has just been worn down. is that the most likely explanation? being. >> well, look i'm going to side with jim garrity from "national review" on this a stupid comment is a stupid comment and it was incredibly stupid comment but real complaint the wait times are still incredibly long. the main thing the va is changed
5:20 pm
how they're measuring wait times which is actually now when a veteran get as call back to schedule the appointment, not when they request the appointment. the idea that wait times are three to six days which is what the va now says just isn't true. it is upwards of a month. which means veterans are waiting weeks sometimes, to even hear back about an appointment. that is what we should be most upset b his comment was incredibly stupid but what is going on on at the va is incredy offensive. deirdre: donald trump said we shouldn't measure wait times. hillary says va problems are not widespread. i will take care of our vets. so as far as how this plays in general election we all assume will be hillary clinton versus donald trump, how is the roll of
5:21 pm
of -- how does this fit together? >> this will be incredibly important especially campaigning on her experience as secretary of state. donald trump i get why he tweeted that. makes a lot of sense. also didn't mention the fact that he quote, raised $6 million for veterans groups. they haven't seen a dime of that. usual trump fashion. it will be a huge issue because this election is really about america first. that is how donald trump surged here, saying i'm going to take care of you at home. make sure tray deals favor us. close the border with mexico. i will ban potential terrorists, banning all muslims isn't really accomplishing that. i think it will be hugely important and hillary clinton needs to get in front of this. president obama needs to help out on this and comments like that i completely agree with the rest of the panel, they're destructive rand hurtful and make no sense to make that kind of comparison. >> i keep saying it because i've heard it from vet who is say this is west point grad. of all people -- >> not just bureaucrat.
5:22 pm
he was not just installed. seems like betrayal of the force around i can't defend it and i will not be surprised if calls for resignation are coming up soon. deirdre: jessica, the money trail you alluded to with trump and vets and there are still people looking into this but hasn't yet been proven. >> it hasn't, veterans groups started to speak out. he decided he would take a stand against the fox news debate, thought he was treated unfairly. i will have fund-raisers for veterans groups. raised $6 million. no one said they have seen a cent of it. maybe it will show up. maybe his tax returns will show up. i don't know. i sincerely doubt it as we move closer and closer to the general election people will look at it more deeply. continue that conversation in just a minute. jessica, sara, ashley, they will be back with me in a bit. we want to keep you updated on a few more topics here.
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president obama set to release two dozen more gitmo detainees. colonel ralph peters says the administration knows they're putting american lives at risk. >> sir, what i can tell you unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo detainees. >> how many americans have to die, how many people in brussels or paris have to die? ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad.
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deirdre: at least 20 more detainees from the guantanamo bay prison are set to be released, a decision made by the obama administration. so the detainees expected to be sent to various countries worldwide. retired lieutenant colonel, fox news strategic analyst ralph peters is with me now. so, colonel, what are the chances these detainees go back to terror-related activityies? scale of one to 10?
5:27 pm
>> question is how many will go back to terror-related activities and how soon. the fundamental problem, deirdre, the president obama for all his intelligence, for all his talents, he just can't ever admit he is wrong. he was wrong about guantanamo as left was wrong. you need a place, high security place to put high-level, hard-core terrorists you capture on the battlefield. by closing guantanamo, that leaves us with no place. there is a bright side. the bright side he was so determined not to add prisoners to guantanamo, that basically he turned our military loose on battlefield. we have been doing it. left gets, yeah, close guantanamo but we're killing guys instead of imprison them. deirdre: you pointed out to me before, colonel, guantanamo bay is obviously separated from the u.s. by an ocean. there were all kinds of strategic and placement location, if you like, safeties
5:28 pm
that were built in? >> there are indeed and you know if you bring these terrorists to u.s. soil, then all sorts of rights kick in and it becomes an orgy for guantanamo. the lies told by the left on guantanamo from the begin having been destructive and counterproductive for the left because again we're killing terrorists. prisoner at guantanamo consistently have better treatment, better facilities and far, far more personal rights than american citizens and prisoners in the penitentiaries and our state prisons. deirdre: colonel, let me ask you, you said if you bring the prisoners, detainees back to the u.s., obviously that is a rick. i think it is more of a i can are, correct me if i'm wrong, sending them back overseas to yemen or back to kuwait or back to saudi arabia. don't they reconnect with certain element, local element there and come bag as heroes
5:29 pm
having survived a u.s. prison? >> absolutely, deirdre, i agree with you. we turn them into heroes by letting them loose. they are not danger to u.s. in assume supermax prisons with much tougher treatment than they get in guantanamo. the problem the outrageous expense the american taxpayer, on top of that lie onization of them on the left and lawyers -- lionization. dead terrorist is dead. people were protesting zarqawi. people have forgotten that guy. bring them to the u.s. and go through after after trial and lawyer after lawyer and public statement after public statement you turn them into living martyrs. you get terrorist attacks trying to free them. deirdre: they develop a following. >> just kill them. deirdre: retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thank you, sir. glad to have you with us.
5:30 pm
>> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: when we come back, facebook is tee nying systemic content bias but admitting possible need for improvement. a guest who is still waiting for his apology. cpac chief organizer, matt schlapp is with me. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. ♪
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deirdre: analysts say hope is not a strategy. twitter's stock is tumbling to new lows. analysts say twitter has done too little too late to drive revenue. they're lowering revenue projections downgrading stock from neutral to a sell citing advertiser fatigue. the stock is down around 3%. it has shed more than0% in the past year. speaking of social stocks, facebook's revamp if you like is coming. this is in response to a bias or investigation over a bias that the social media company was censoring conservative news. the company said it found no evidence of systemic bias on trending topics but here are the quote:our investigation could not fully exclude possibility of isolated improper actions or
5:35 pm
unintentional bias. with me now, cpac organizer matt schlapp says facebook rejected working with him. first and foremost, matt, welcome. >> great to be with you. deirdre: i'm assuming facebook rejected working with you before they invited, leading conservative voices to go out to the headquarters in california because i know you were on that invite invitation list? >> yeah, that's right. basically before cpac this year we sat down with people at facebook, look, help us understand how to use facebook better, more effectively, help us get our conservative message out on facebook. we explained to facebook, conservatives are important customer base for them. i use facebook, i use it every day. they were uninterested in working with us. they were uninterested in playing meanful role at cpac, largest conservative convention for the year. only time i really got a call back when they got in trouble and they were found censoring and harming conservatives online which is exactly what this
5:36 pm
report, although using the general counsel's kind of fuzzy legalese, it shows that they have been actually hurting conservatives. deirdre: yeah. and they say, whatever bias we did have in the past, if it was there, was unintentional. i know your colleagues, we have a few colleagues who were invited as well, dana perino was one of them, she was very much reassured by what she heard in that room. do you think facebook will change and be more inclusive? >> i didn't want to go to the meeting because i thought it was a pr ploy and i was afraid coming out of the meeting i would essentially not be given the straight scoop. i think that happened to my friends who went to the meeting. they were told there was nothing to these rumors. that organizations like cpac had been harmed. they had this meeting. literally days later facebook's general counsel is admitting that they did harm conservatives. and this was an internal investigation.
5:37 pm
just so your viewers understand, this means facebook was checking on facebook to see if there was any wrongdoing at facebook. even they, their own lawyer said, yes, there was wrongdoing. we'll send these staffers back to do retraining. look, i just think this is example, we have some examples. deirdre: matt, wait, i don't want to cut you off, i don't work for facebook so i don't really care, the fact they set up a task committee and are going to retrain the employees, you don't see that at least as a step in the right direction? >> yeah, no i think admitting fault is a right step. i just wish they would use those words. that we harmed conservatives. we suppressed their content. we're sorry for doing it. it is not going to happen again because we've made these changes but that is not what they're saying. they're saying we're going to retrain our employees. we'll make sure this doesn't happen. yes we can find episodes where this probably happened but we can't know for sure. but we'll not admit the fact we suppressed content.
5:38 pm
problem every couple days there is new example of them editing, censoring and hurting conservative content. deirdre: matt, thanks for staying with it. matt schlapp with me there. i take your point about sincere apology, meaning you don't repeat past behaviors. matt, glad to have you. >> great to be with you. deirdre: chicago facing a massive pension short fall. more than $18 billion in attempt to solve the crisis. the agreement calls for the city and workers to make additional contributions to the troubled fund. fox business's jeff flock with me now from chicago. so, jeff, i assume both sides are unhappy? reporter: not only that, they really hadn't accomplished a whole lot, deirdre. there is one fund that you mentioned, $18 billion in the red, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. take a look at the numbers on that one fund that is so far underwater.
5:39 pm
because of changes in accounting regulation this is year, a fund that was $7 billion underwater added another $11 billion to the deficit. so it is now $18 billion under. that is just one of the funds we're talking about. there is a police and firefighters fund also that is not even mentioned there. we had big protests in chicago about two weeks ago talking about an increase in taxes across the board in illinois to pay for stuff like the pensions. and that may be what it comes to at some point. it is not just chicago although chicago, i'll tell you, has got pretty big troubles. the pension hole in states across the u.s. is, as donald trump would say, it's huge! in fact his home state has highest by about a billion dollars more than illinois's pension deficit. pension deficits over $100 billion. connecticut is pretty bad too. hard to put this in perspective
5:40 pm
because, what does it mean to people. pension goes. money is not there. well, here is way to try to put it in some perspective. the percentage of annual revenue it would take to pay for these pensions, in illinois the percentage of annual revenue to finance what's not financed in the pensions thus far, would be three times what the state takes in a year. three times. and in connecticut it would be over two times what the state takes in a year and in new jersey, about a time 1/2, 1 1/2 times what the state takes in. that's a lot of money. that makes it hard to dig out from those holes. deirdre: well-illustrated as always, jeff flock. we're grateful. thank you. mit professor may have discovered the fountain of youth. a wearable second skin that literally flattens wrinkles. the inventor with us to talk about it. first your tax dollars at work. a detention center just for transgender illegal immigrants
5:41 pm
is being built in texas. border sheriff paul babeu is here with me to weigh in. ♪ >>
5:42 pm
hers. hers. breathe right.
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deirdre: in april a new record was set for the number of illegal immigrants entering the u.s. the border patrol captured 38,000 illegal aliens last month. one texas facility slated to open this november is different. it will have 700 beds, 36 of which are designated for transgender immigrants. with me now, arizona. sheriff paul babeau. this seems like a big break in past patterns on two fronts.
5:45 pm
>> that number should be shocking. and while president obama -- it is, but it underscores, those are just the ones who are apprehended. if we arrest criminal, surprise, surprise, it's not the first time they committed that crime. i bring this up to show you how many others get away, elude law enforcement detention and apprehension. this border is wide open contrary to what president obama and janet napolitano and jeh johnson are leading us to believe. we have to secure the border at the border. deirdre: i understand your primary responsibility is keeping your people safe. but who pays for all these detention centers? >> we are, taxpayers. in this endless, bottomless pit.
5:46 pm
what about us, what about american citizens. i'm a lawman. we have 600-plus full-time employees in my office. and we took a 9% budget cut. this is obscene to me, the fact that's we are building new facilities. how about the novel concept to enforce the law, secure the border and put our families and our country and our safety first. instead of building a new facility. this is overboard. the president has put other people in front of us. deirdre: how does this happen to the extents that the federal government says don't worry about us, this money is coming from federal fund, not state fund. >> you see brandon judd of the border patrol. he testified under both, saying
5:47 pm
our agents are handcuffed from doing their job. a lot of these illegals are just released out the front door without a promissory note to return. there is no enforcement of immigration law. that's why we are in the situation we are in with 20 million illegals in our country. deirdre: sheriff paul babeau with me there. deirdre: a professor has invented a wear be skin that literally flattens wrinkles. college students found donating cash to hamas terrorist group. >> i work for american friend for hamas. we are not your father's terrorist organization.
5:48 pm
we have evolved beyond that. ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ deirdre: a team at m.i.t. have developed what some are calling a facelift in a bottle. when applied, the product becomes like a second skin smoothing out wrinkles without going under the knife. thanks for joining us. how does this product work? >> what we do is, you have a liquid that you put on the skin. and then you put a second liquid on, and the second liquid causes a cross link reaction and makes the liquid become a solid.
5:52 pm
then you can do any number of things. if you use it by itself it can taken the skin. but it's almost invisible so you really can't see it. for some applications if you were trying to treat a skin disease you might want to put a drug in it so you could deliver it much better. deirdre: . the medical applications, would the push wash it off at night? >> you could. there are different ways you can do it. it will probably last around 24 hours if you don't do anything. and you can shower and do sports and it doesn't come off. but what you might do if you want to get it off is rub it hard, and then it would come off. deirdre: any have side effects been found? >> it's in the testing stage.
5:53 pm
but so far it's not available to patient. so far there have not been side effects as far as i know that have been seen. >> how did you get the idea to develop it? did it start from the idea of treating extreme eczema or psoriasis? >> a variety of people were working on it. there is a company called living proof that created hair product and skin product that it was involved in helping get started. one of the advisers to that company is a famous dermatologist at massachusetts general hospital and there is. >> the famous dermatologist. and one of the things that could couple with a variety of properties. then they asked betty yu who was
5:54 pm
one of my student doing a lot of work on it and others and myself. we tried to create polymers and we were able to get some exciting initial results. deirdre: m.i.t. professor and inventor robert langer. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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our customer is a our 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. deirdre: we want to make a correction to an earlier statement. a guest stated donald trump has not given out any of the $6 million raised for veterans, though the trump campaign admitted to raising $4. $3 million has been sent out and
5:58 pm
more is scheduled to be given out in the future. i'm going to start with you. you can correct the statement. >> i misspoke. i saw an older report before he distributed any of the money. i apologize to anyone who was watching it was totally my mistake. deirdre: i want to talk about the role of the military in this general elect. i'm going to bring you on that. how do you see if there is this matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton in november, how do you see that matchup going for the military? >> i think it will be an important issue for a lot of people and not just veterans. trust in government working is at an all-time low, and hillary clinton has basically run a continuation of obama's policies. which have not been working for
5:59 pm
veterans, including if you want harris faulkner. d including if you want healthcare. >> i think it's interesting. the recent fox news poll show more americans trust trump when it comes to the issue of terrorism. while he enjoys this lead to clinton it's because her failed policies while serving as secretary of state. deirdre: thank you very much, all of you, for the conversation. it was a good one. we will bring you the common terry on the college students being candidate to donate to
6:00 pm
hamas. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: the stock market posted its best numbers in two months. political correctness run amok. new york city says there are 31 different gender types. new mexico's governor susana martinez is opting it -- opting out of the donald trump rally tonight.


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