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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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i sincerely appreciate it. that's it for us tonight. i appreciate you being with us as well.thanks for being with u. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: i'm watching panic take over the democratic party as establishment minions in and out of the press fumble for word to answer the most basic questions. why do people hate hillary? grak the sacramento * bee whine, it's because she is a woman. david tbroocts "new yor d davidw york times" says it's like that
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a workaholic. that's it, she works too hard. others blame it on that comey bernie sanders. they say he should leave hillary alone. >> we need a campaign, an election coming up which does not have two candidates who are strongly disliked. if you look at the favorability ratings of donald trump and hillary clinton, both of them have very, very high unfavorables. kennedy: very, very high. when bernie uses the word very twice, you know he's serious. even donald trump has given up with the insults. he's openly mocking hillary. >> good afternoon, bridgeport. how are you?
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this is crooked hillary clinton. kennedy: i dislike hillary because she is wildly dishonest, phoney, wooden, pandering, incompetent and not a woman of her word. she agreed to a certain number of debates with bernie but now she is back out of a fox news debate because she wants to meet with voters. how about meeting with 18 million of them at once in a fox news debate. here is mrs. workaholic on what it takes to be president when she ran in 2008. >> it's the toughest job in the world. you should be willing to debate any time, anywhere. it's an interesting juxtaposition where we find ourselves. i have been willing to do all of that during the entire process. kennedy: she doesn't want to
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debite because she knows everything to lose. but not her dignity. she gave that up in 2002. >> do you think new york state should recognize gay marriage? >> no. kennedy: that was so progressive. maybe hillary is crating because party thwarting voters find she is not quite likeable enough even for a girl. dana perino tells us what facebook is doing to rebuild trust with conservatives. i'm kennedy, i'm glad you are here. hello there and welcome to you. the show is big and glorious.
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hillary clinton has declined to debate bernie sanders again just before the california primary. let me ask my flammable party panel. tonight it's janice dean author of "freddy the frog-caster." michael malik is here, the author of "dear reader." it's a great tuesday to be alive and talking about politics. baker. i want to talk to you about this. already lefty columnists saying why does everyone hate hillary? >> this mystifies me. some people are likeable and some people aren't. there is nothing she dock to
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change that. it's just human nature. people say trump has to be careful going into the debates and going into the general about what he says to her and he can't push too hard on the bill clinton thing. i think people are wrong. if she was somebody else he would have to be careful. he's got leeway in the attack mode because of this problem she has got. kennedy: he can get her in a position on a subject she doesn't want to talk about, and if he's really good he will get bill fired up and hot under the collar. what does pulling out of the debate mean? >> she is a control freak. with the server earlier this year. this entire woman's career is about obsession and controlling the message. that's hard to do now that she
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doesn't have control of the media. she has social media. over the weekend clinton's cam spain strategist said his response to what trump is doing is to say nothing. we don't care what he says. clare mccasclare mccaskel said. kennedy: is it garden variety misogyny we are dealing with? >> i shear outside of the political realm she is a likeable person. i would like to see that hillary clinton. i think part of it is we have seen her for so many years. i just feel like i'm kind of over it. the same with donald trump. i feel like we have debate it, debated it. i feel like we have had so many
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debates, we are done with the debates. though i think if she did debate on fox news it would help her with voters. kennedy: if one of them could emerge from that. but i think the three moderators would be incredibly fair to both of them. they would press them in a way that was respectful. and whoever would emerge as the victor would emerge as the victor. >> i don't think there is any chance she is making this decision on her own. she is surrounded by a team of tacticians. they see no up side to extend iting the visual of her next to bernie reminding people she can't shake this guy. >> madame clinton is thumbing through her rolodex to selected a running-mate. >> as a strategist do you think
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it's wise to consider pulling a share odd brown or elizabeth warren out of the senate at a time when democrats are trying to win the congress back. >> hell no. kennedy: is a purple state vp? >> for harry reid, it's the senate. he still wants the control his agenda, but he's freak out. three or four months ago when trump will lose in a landslide and they will have a super majority, and already trump and her and tied. she has not been able to battle back one armed against' her.
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kennedy: if you take one of these candidates from a republican state, the margin could be so razor thin it could be enough to keep the senate in republican hands. >> i'm gobsmacked that the interviewer referred to harry reid as a strategist. my mind went blank when i looked at him. >> he convinced jim jeffers to switch parties. >> he's still making news. i think he should sit back and have the margaritas and ignore and love the retirement. kennedy: he's having a longer
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retirement than derek jeter or oprah. just go back to reno. >> i dvr all her shows and watch them over and over. kennedy: we need more oprah. >> i still have a vhs machine. kennedy: the va secretary makes a comparison between medical wait times and lines at disneyland. later facebook says it's tweaking its trending topics to be fair to conservatives.
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kennedy: this is very serious. yesterday the va secretary rob mcdonald made a funny analogy about the veterans waiting for medical care. >> when you go to disney, do they me sniewrmt of hours you wait in line? what's important is what is your satisfaction with the experience? kennedy: bad metaphor or good
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metaphor? so janice, this affects me on so many levels. he's wrong. disney tells you exactly how long it take to wait on every ride. so they have something called fast pass. if there is a ride you want to get on you take your fast pass. >> he obviously has not been to disney lately. i just put my hand on my head. he should in the unemployment line waiting. the comment is incredibly in bad taste it's awful. kennedy: we are talking about people taking their kids to a theme park and waiting in line in the hot sun to have fun. but they have snacks and camaraderie. but at the va people who wait in long lines die. >> it's a horrible attempt on his part to do what i don't know.
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the secretary was put in that position in response to all the outrage over the va. so this is now what we get. the fact that he is unaware on a simple level. he doesn't understand that disney knows exactly how long people wait because that feed into client satisfaction, and the fact that he doesn't understand that an important part of what his organization does is immediately respond to all those people looking for va help is insane. >> here is what i think. i learned this inth grade from my beloved history teacher who told me waiting in lines is for communists. he says that's what they do in communist countries. we don't do that in the united states. >> the choices between standing with all those kid and average-looking families and
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getting a colonoscopy, i don't mow which one i would take. if i have to wait 10 hours for a doctor and that doctor cures me as oppose to someone giving me poison in 10 minutes. the government in general is tone deaf when it comes to messaging. we are worrying about people's customer safety. let them eat cake and wait online which is what he effectively said. kennedy: i'm so frustrated by this on a number of levels. number one, i share your frustration with disneyland. sometime i can't stand being there, but it brings the kid so much joy. but when you are waiting for weeks and months because it's not a matter of waiting in a crowd waiting room to see a general practitioner for four or
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five hours. >> of course it's fair. >> the military does not vote democrat so they are not as high a priority. when the president of the ust said when the tude vote then we'll care about them. >> that i enormously cynical. i don't disagree with you. but the idea that we would put a dnr opposite any vet make me sick. but i suspect there is something to that. the problem is going to be now their clamoring for his apology as though that willific the problem. -- as though that willifi wille problem.
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. kennedy: facebook is responding to allegations that it's suppressing conservative news saying it found no evidence of bias. if there is no problem, hey, baby, why change it. let's talk with dana perino who met with faceb facebook says they are changing things.
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>> a whistle blower remained anonymous. i think what i witnessed, we were told they suppressed conservative news stories. facebook lawned an investigation and they didn't find a problem. the news feed you see are mature products. trending topic is new. they realized we are not doing this very well. as soon as it hit the news that this was a story. i thought shouldn't this be fixable with a mix of technology and management? the government doesn't need to get involved. kennedy: it's a private company. they will figure out how best to process it and fix it. what did you find when you went to facebook? >> i thought this was interesting. they would like to do trending topics. if they don't have any involvement, the most popular
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thing every day that would trend every day would be hashtag lunch. so i understand they needed to figure out a way to have a filter on it. we are pushing on an open door. they were not defensive. they didn't say we found no evidence of bias, therefore we are not at fault. they said this meeting its long overdue. we think you are an important community and we want to work on this and make it better. kennedy: facebook participated in several republican debates. the leftists tried to get facebook to leave in cleveland and they said no. it's a young company relatively. it's very powerful, i think they know that. i went in there thinking i have got a curious open mind. i thought, they are offering a
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olive branch, why not take it. >> there were no cameras. kennedy: how is mark zuckerberg? >> i found him to be well intentioned and sincere. kennedy: is he well intentioned and weird? he's a powerful young guy. one thing was interesting to watch was the interaction between sheryl sandberg the chief operating officer and mark zuckerberg. she is more mature than him in terms of age and experience. he defers to her and that was surprising to watch. kennedy: what did you take from the meeting. >> it take mark zuckerberg to have all these conservatives show up in silicon valley and all get along with one room. i thought maybe we should have the convention in silicon valley.
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kennedy: i think there are a lot more libertarians in silicon valley than people give credit. >> but the conservatives are on the right side of of their issues. when it comes to privacy. no government involvement in the internet. kennedy: donald trump talked about shutting down the internet like the chinese do to keep the muslims from spreading the bad word. in term of other conservatives there are type when they can be on the right side of issues. not necessarily nsa and spying issues. but i found that they recognized that the conservative community won. they want to make money, too. >> it's not in their business model's interest to cut off half of america. kennedy: there is a way of delivering information without alienating people.
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>> social media has been a boon for conservatives and libertarians. where before could you get your message direct to people. for a campaign like ben carson, it could not have existed without facebook. barribar -- barry bennett was ie meeting as well. kennedy: why is this dog disguised as a rabbit. and how long before the rabbit figures out it's a scam. "topical storm" is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] tora bora fallujah argonne khe sanh midway
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kennedy: when your tiptoe
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through the tulips leaves you with bunions, give your dogs a rest. topic number one. the reason people have pets and children is not to surround themselves with refillable love reaccept i kals. it's so we can dress them up. take my dog lemmie. i thought he need solid knitwear for those breezy new york days. so we put him in this it's a combination of resentment and rejection. i just love it. one celebratory pet owner went even first and dressed the dog as a bunny. did the dog just adore it? obviously. company b by -- my little bunny,
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come, boy. report dogs are so smart, they know when they are being humiliated. i can't wait to see him dressed as a hot dog at the ballpark. topic number two. while the charleston and the fox trot is the latest transcraze sweeping the nation, there is a little known underdog who has some to tapping as well. that is the whip nae nae. the latest whipping nae nae tribute comes from scottsdale, arizona.
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it officially stopped being cool when hillary clinton performed it on "ellen" last year. grab a barf bag and take a look. topic number 3. if there is one thing you learn when you do a major market team newscast, it's don't step on each other's piggy toes. an anchor let the space jam out of the bag and kron 4 sportscaster did not appreciate the newscaster scooping him. >> le bron james is going to star in "space a jam."
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have you ever heard me say right before you come on, there is an irrigation problem in gilroy. have you heard me say, oh, it's warm weather today. i stay in my lane. >> you have got to talk to kaseem. >> he gave me that lovely script. >> it's hard for me to get mad. she has stayed at my mother's notes, and stolen my material. kennedy: put a sock in it, you big diva. here is earlier footage when they first started working together. >> you are a smelly pirate hooker. >> you look like a blueberry. don't worry, they are still friends. that's great.
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kennedy: congress announced kelly hogan, the head of tsa's security operations has been removed. he received $90,000 over 13 months despite a scathing report of security failures at the airports and record-long lines. is the tsa fixed or systemic. the party panel is back. look at them go. charlie's angels. it's janice dean, mike baker and michael malice. firing one guy at a massive agency, does that do anything? >> no, but it's a cosmetic change that has no impact on the structure of the organization. the va and tsa need to be privatized to make them work.
12:41 am
put me in charge and i'll make it happen. >> i was born in the soviet union. does the tsa say these are no joke zones. people physically assault you and go through your things. abc news had an article that said top 20 airports where the tsa steals from you. my friend jay had his watch stolen. there is no accountability. they look through the things, they pocket it. the first stinks from the head. this is culture corruption. there are disgusting thugs that will raise their voice to you. and it doesn't make us safer at all. kennedy: and the long lines, it's terrible.
12:42 am
>> it's one thing for me to go through it. but to have my children there, throw out the little apple juice because you can't bring it apple juice. for some of these lines cities are deciding to bring in clowns to entertain people, and little ponies coming in. you talk about theater. and my kid will be terrified. kennedy: friday first lady will roll out nutrition fact labels. a group of scientists say the new label is misleading and demonizes sugar despite no sugar experts sitting on the committee when they came up with and designed the standard. shouldn't parents be accountable for what their children eat and not the government?
12:43 am
>> i pack my kid' lunch every single day. when i was in school we had french fries and hamburgers and hot dogs and muffins we used to slice and put butter on. it's our responsibility as parents to make sure our kid are getting good food. look what they are serving in these cafeterias. what is the worst case scenario. >> that she runs for president. >> sugar is unfairly demonized. i have got this high carb diet and i'm down to a 2-inch waist and i still don't have them. >> this idea of more and frequent and greater government intrusion makes my head explode.
12:44 am
f if it wasn't for the isolationist view, then yes. kennedy: not isolationist, non-interventionist. >> sometimes intervening. >> you haven't been to my house on thanksgiving, there is an intervention every year. x files star julie anderson responded with a tweet herself on a bond poster. could the next secret bond agent be jane bond? can we have a lady bond in? >> we could have a lady with strong character with an original script that doesn't rely on james. kennedy: it's called "the hunger games." >> hollywood has gifted writers who could come up with a whole
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new character. do i care whether james bond becomes james bond? i don't know. >> i'm so done with the -- i understand it, i like girl power. i like girls in science and math. but to see the girls ghostbuster movie to try to appease us? no, i want my james bond. he's like eye candy for me. i love daniel craig. kennedy: would she have the same vices as james bond? >> the term for a woman who beds half the cast is [inaudible]. kennedy: what a great crew. new york's police commissioner says marijuana causes a vast majority of violence in the city. the man in the jacket.
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keb * now you are about to get a visit from st. nick. new york city police commissioner bratton said the majority of drug violence is due to marijuana and criticized state who have legalized it. is he right or wrong about the drug war. let's ask nick gillespie. why is bratton up in arms about pot. >> that's a mystery only he or
12:50 am
his psychologist can unravel. but this has got to be the dumbest statement about the war and drugs since nancy reagan said just say no on drugs. he's right' the most popular illegal drug. it's the on drug that ranges above1% of people a month using it. kennedy: he says people are killing each other over americana. >> whether you prohibit a substance whether it's pot or speed or liquor, you create a black market. what happens with black markets is contracts are enforced through violence and thuggery. marijuana doesn't make people violence. it's the condition of prohibition that need to be attacked.
12:51 am
kennedy: the reason in colorado you are seeing more trips to the metropolitan room and calling police over incident is because they can. i would like to see bratton put side by side the calls he gets about alcohol. he said i don't understand why state are starting to legalize it. in the mid-90s when california passed medical marijuana, people recognized it has helped millions of people coping with cancer and chemotherapy and things like that. we are in an adult society. there is nothing wrong with marijuana as an intoxicant. if you are using heavy equipment that puts the public at risk you can't.
12:52 am
kennedy: deblasio is almost always wrong, that's one thing he was right on. i hope that commissioner bratton relaxes. this weekend the libertarian party will select its presidential nominee. the frontrunner is gary johnson. he might pick wells as his running-mate. if ever there was a year for a third-party candidacy, it's 2016. >> we want the lesser of 3 evils at this point? i'm betting and i hope i'm not wrong because they will kill me. but one of the things william wells does is he puts a republican two-term governor in a republican state on a national ticket, and suddenly no matter who donald trump picks and
12:53 am
hillary clinton picks. the libertarian ticket has four terms of governorship and experience. what mess and are they sending now? i any gary johnson in 2012 did an excellent job talking about a free society where government is smaller and we pay for it up front. it remains to be seen how well he blend with that. kennedy: it's something donald trump and bernie sanders are all trumpeting. and they do better than 1% in the general elect. >> in a couple polls you have seen johnson come in as 10%. you have seen mitt romney at 2%. this is what the libertarian party or any third party candidate has to take advantage of.
12:54 am
explain why hillary and trump are more alike than different. kennedy: how is this johnson wells ticket being received among libertarian purists? >> we'll know by the end of the week. because over the weekend they will be nominating their president and vice president. people are saying johnson and wells weren't all that libertarian when they were governors. and that's true. but they are talking about ending the culture wars. opening up the borders to more immigration and being more free trade. this is the right time for that message. people overwhelmingly said we want a government that does less and costs less. kennedy: thank you very much, nick gillespie. kennedy: coming up, i'm going to punch. every one is a winner culture
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kennedy: pull up a chair, mama has a family story for you. my girls love gymnastics. they live for it. they spend six days a week in that sport. it has been a blessing for them because they have a physical outlet in the big city, and they see a correlation between how hard they work and how well they do when they compete. my 9-year-old had a great championships. but her sister was informed there would be no trophies. they work on routines and skills for hundreds of hours learning and refining thousands of times
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to maximize scores and constantly improve. when all that was announced. they were deprived of the rush of wing. competition has become a dirty word in this country as if striving for greatness and pushing yourself is a fruitless devil's end. instead an honest accountability of the girls' ability they were given identical trophies. in the word of season drop from the "incredibles." >> with everyone super, no one will be. kennedy: and that's communism.
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