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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 25, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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top stories right now at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. chaos in new mexico. new mexico. about directing outside donald trump's rally. protesters clashing with holy spirit come closer to securing the nomination outright with the win in the primary yesterday. for another big win, the endorsement of house speaker paul ryan. this has trump and hillary clinton ramp up attacks especially on the economy. >> he actually said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard-working families in california and across america to lose their homes. all because he thought he could take advantage of it to make some money. >> i see this lowlife. she puts on an ad that says you know donald trump was rooting against housing because he wants housing to go down because he wanted to buy it. if it goes down a finance poster
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do. maria: outrage over comparing weight tends to disneyland has veteran affairs robert mcdonald backtracked in this morning. but in assets about the controversial comments coming out. tornadoes ripping through kansas overturning cars overnight. the forecast coming out. retail earnings and focus today. given us a look at the health of the consumer once again. nfl selecting which cities will begin his super bowls 53 through 55. we will tell you where this hour. marcus this morning looks like this. mostly positive performances. nikkei average up 1.0%. hang seng in hong kong or percent. europe this morning looking at rallies across the board its stocks of between three quarters of 1% and 1.5% higher in germany. better than expected the imf in the eurozone reaching a deal over the death of an increase. in the u.s. looking against to
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start today. the dow jones industrial average is expected to open up 76 points. also shows nasdaq purdue strong after yesterday's big rally on wall street. money moving into stocks this morning. joining me this morning, dagen mcdowell, steve cortes and consult as president dominik developed. >> good morning. dagen: i know he's fired up already. tree into a fantastic lineup this morning. making it in america author john us at the third a straight trump organization vice president eric trump will join us. she said she thinks is short enough that aren't these folks than john spicer. stay with us. is it three hours. top story right now. protester named last -- violent forcing police to control the crowd. carrots ken in washington d.c. with details. good morning to you.
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>> berea, good morning. donald trump is then up the campaign trail for the last couple weeks. if last night is any indication, we can ask that to see more. hundreds of protesters clashed outside of albuquerque convention center where was being held last night. i went when a group of dems traitors made a big type the event when they stormed the line of thought is, rocard tried reaching the door down. police eventually push them back here that is when protesters started throwing rocks and bottles and fireworks at the officers. our very own jonathan hunt was in the middle of the dollar got hit by a rocket up to one point. >> they are moving quite rapidly towards this now. sorry, just got hit by a rock fare. reporter: other protesters took it a step further and set posters in their own t-shirts on fire before it during an assault. as police pushed the crowd, protesters are smashing when
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does the job in not patrol cars. several officers were reportedly injured in the past been one of brass. inside there were protesters and demonstrators who sneak inside and repeatedly interrupted trump while he was speaking. trump is used to this by now and use that incidents to take jabs at his democratic rivals. >> you know, bernie sanders supporters. but i hear "-begin-quote he% to bernie sanders because he's not going to win. [cheers and applause] the system is raked against bernie sanders, so he can't win. but we are going to get close to 40% of supporters. maybe not these people. trade to donald trump using one gop's washington primary moving one step closer to officially winning the nomination. he will continue the west coast during this trip today and is
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holding a rally in anaheim where we could see more protests. train to join us right now is republican strategist gianna caldwell and jessica tyler. good to see you both. who is behind all of this protesting do you think? >> i think the democratic party, which organized in chicago is behind it. we saw violet democratic who are afraid of donald trump because they believe that donald trump is the president, he would make sure the law is followed. additionally, we have seen throughout this country, whereas it's been sympathizers when it comes to live in worse then. everything is anti-police and i think was the difference on donald trump. >> i don't think we should blanket an entire party with it.
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we now was organized by the far left and those are bernie sanders supporters. they were not hillary clinton supporters. donald trump wants to enforce the rule of law. i don't think it banning muslims from this country. no doubt this hurts the democratic cause. people are already breaking out in anticipation of what happens at the dnc. taking up protest permits and when you want to rail against donald trump and say he is fomenting violence, we need to be better than that. we really do. dagen: i think at the end of the day this is absurd but it doesn't hurt donald trump. it helps them. maria: enters the democrats. you agree with that? maria: the bernie sanders supporters disruptions in nevada. bernie sanders essentially said the head of the democratic party in nevada was getting sad.
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if bernie sanders cares about this country and really cares about his supporters, he needs to step up and say some thing about it. >> i think this absolutely help strong. i hate to see police attack like this. a bad thing at a time in america. i'm actually sort of cheering it on because it helps donald trump. >> this is a real danger. i'm not insinuating that. the mac we see the manifest nation of liberal fascism. this is what the left really want to stay safe as we think of this because we want you to speak or get lost. they are not willing to hear. >> you have a built discourse inside the democratic party. they are talking about throwing her out as head of the dnc. built discourse between sanders who is getting to be stabbed in the back of the democratic
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party. his supporters feel the democratic machine is not behind it. dagen: this illustrates the corner of the far left of enting intolerance. it is the most insane circular logic and it ever goes anywhere. maria: you don't mind seeing protesters, calm organized protesting. when it gets like anarchy, this is wrong. maria: the clinton campaign releasing this new ad targeting donald trump's business record of past comments on the real estate market. listen to this. >> this is an economy that can't find the bottom of bad news. >> tenure savings completely gone, vanished. >> the biggest crash we've ever had in the united states. >> i sort of hope that happens
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because then people like me would go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you could make a lot of money. trade to the fbi from clinton and trump responded that he said i'm a businessman and i spend a lot of money and downmarket. in some cases as much when markets are good at frankly, this is the think in our country needs, understand how to get a good result out of a bad and sad situation. what do you think about this, just go? not that the perfect response that because it's resonated his hip is meant. his voters feel like we're singing wage moving toward socialism. so i get it. the interesting test for me will be how far people will go in terms of their support for his actually hurt them personally, that is profited from their losses. the loss of their home, jobs, and better. it's smart for clinton to keep hammering this angle and talk
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about what economic gains we've made. she will obviously use or has its job which is what everybody wants. but it's going to be a hard sell when wages are relatively stagnant. maria: to two business guys on the set. does this resonate? you're talking about short of market all the time. >> sure. i'm not making them go down. >> when things go down this opportunity. developers love cheaper land so they can build beautiful things, which is done in the city and around the world. trade through the winery down in virginia was not at a foreclosure auction of their lives on by a rich person. maria: everybody would love to find a foreclosure situation. >> when you can come to take advantage of it. take advantage of depressed prices. he didn't cause it.
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maria: i don't think it's going to resonate. >> i think that it won't resume. he is a businessman. i've got a lot of stock in aig or did very well. people want to see somebody who's strong. he's been unapologetic and unafraid to pontificate. i think this is going to be something that doesn't play out the way he thinks it will because we see she's trying to make him out to be an alien or is out for himself. but this billionaire has had an economic populist message that's connected with blue-collar workers across the country and they just want to believe we can go beyond what appears to be a very rich system. maria: you make the assumption that people are. no one thinks donald trump caused the financial crisis. >> no, it's not at all. it doesn't feel genuine or like he cares about the little guy
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was talking about profited. it's an emotional appeal that special continue to make. maria: good to see you both. thank you so much. straight ahead, a fresh take on the fed. how iron man from a grammy-winning artist and one half outpost turn the federal reserve on its head. earnings this morning including express, tiffany said cosco. but they say about the economy right now. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ okay, so what's our latest data say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this...
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maria: multiple injuries reported as they slammed the state. and hillary are mostly not in the weather center tracking storms. >> we saw multiple reports of tornadoes yesterday across parts of kansas, oklahoma and further west into places like funnel clouds. this overall weather pattern will continue here for several more days across the same areas from texas to parts of minnesota
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and across the dakotas. the threat for damaging winds. another concern as well is because storms continue looping over the same area continue to be hit by severe weather, we do have a flood threat. eventually by thursday they will be checked and moved eastward and at that point we are looking at elevated threat from ours here whether across oklahoma, kansas and portions of nebraska. strong winds and by friday, the threat continues as well by the end of the workweek. to the east of the storm system we do have some warm temperatures impacting parts of the eastern u.s. a bit of a switch in the weather pattern. cool and drizzle a bit doubtful i'll be changing. trade tumor brio melina with weather.
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robert made donald facing backlash after his comment. wait times at va hospitals to disney parks. the other headlines. >> he's trying to, maria. the comments offended so many americans gave robert mc donald apologizing and saying he deeply regret the comment. wait times to disneyland parks. here's the statement he issued. at va we take our mission is carried or those who shall have won the battle very seriously. we have the most noble mission of government. this is republican senators call ahead to preside by the controversial comparison. apple could soon open a digital assistant siri two applications made by others at this according to a new report to release a software developer kit. it will compete against the amazon .co that's going to have a speaker and microphone return
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a non-music and a lot of people using echo in their homes. monsanto rejected by $62 billion offer saying it is open to further negotiations. the decision is pressure to decide whether to raise its current. >> $62 billion. maybe this whole speculation that a mark. >> daren't change for the month of may. features syndicate we do well today. a big part of it is this takeover bid. the fact that it saw cash. it's manic than the fact that monsanto said no. we want suitors here. they want to be asked by several people to dance. bachus markets excited.
6:19 am
it's part of the rally by missing features. >> what are the odds that the justice department steps in? >> i don't know. but clearly it's a risk. you would create an absolute mammoth agribusiness firm globally. >> does the street think margaret's will comment from another company? >> there will be more suitors and the street also thanks this is perhaps the first of many. every going to see more similar takeover deals? dagen: they have the time of cash. they are not ready to spend cash. >> last anheuser-busch. monsanto might go down to the european firm. thankfully america as a foreign takeover, america generally spare receptive as we should be. that's a good thing, i kind of
6:20 am
transcendent health vitality. drink is someone might also say it's the sign will say chop to. >> in this case it's not the issue. not a lot of geographic overlap. the point of a lot of takeovers of playoffs. its redundancies. in this case i don't think that the issue. maria: movement undermined a very strong market. good news for shoppers. offering charging devices for your every gadget as she shot. who will tell you which retailers ahead next to a look at taylor swift, robert downey junior and donald trump make the federal reserve development. we will be back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back. big retail names reported results today including express ,-com,-com ma tiffany's, costco and gas. retail has been a sore spot and the pain is expected to continue. we'll cosco intention is to report numbers below wall street expect patience. your take on retail and the health of the consumer today. >> the consumer has been frightened most of the year. the economy has been diapering across the political situation is really scary. consumers have been holding type. the exception of real estate has been on fire. consumers in an allotted money in the house and senate. home depots, do you know, retail, clothing, insert. maria: consumers two thirds of the economy. now people say no great height at all.
6:25 am
as for jim gray told us yesterday in the program. >> eat this effect is bluffing. it is a significant loss because there's been a litany of speakers from the fad officially telling us not only would we have a great height, but two or three this year which i personally think is not. the fed might be not maybe they think the consumer can handle that. recent earnings show us the consumer handle that. dagen: a perilous or weak spot. retail sales brought a friend last month were better than expect it. online was super strong, up double digits from a year ago. wal-mart doing okay. we were lucky that a number of the names coming out today were apparel. that is where you have way too much merchandise. he learned he had deep discounting going on. that will hurt earnings.
6:26 am
>> people are stuffing money back into their homes, in proving it. dagen: wal-mart has done well because it's opposed to groceries. i think about half of their businesses and grocery sales. >> bomar tigre. i don't know if that's a great sign or the economy. sometimes people are trading they're not spending higher price. instead they go to wal-mart where they can get the absolute lowest prices. in general, the earnings were extremely poor. amazon killing perks and mortar. i don't buy that excuse because disney did terribly. i think there's something broader going on here. the saddest day hikers making a significant mistake. a policy error by hiking into a
6:27 am
downturn. maria: we hear from jim a gallon and the fed meeting june 15. you think a june hike is not a table? the mac i think the fed is telling us it is very much. june and july at our life meeting. >> i agree with you on both points. i do expect them to raise more july. >> more on this. virginia governor terry mcauliffe. his ties to the clinton foundation. taylor swift, robert downey junior has a fresh take on the fed. by those people have more in common than you might think. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back. happy wednesday. it is wednesday may 25th. top stories right now. 6:30 a.m. in the east coast. chaos in new mexico. violent erupted in donald trump's rally last night. protesters clashing with police. trump is closer to securing the nomination outright with a win in washington primary yesterday. he will head to california for a rally today. on the other side of the aisle bernie sanders and hillary clinton focusing on golden state. >> i hope that this incredibly, beautiful and progressive state, our largest state tells the entire world and the world will be watching that california
6:31 am
believes in the political revolution. >> this primary on june the seventh, needs to send a real signal that donald trump will hear no matter where he is that california wants a positive future. maria: hillary clinton and supporter and virginia governor mccullough responding that he's of investigation allegations. one company trying to keep shoppers in its store by offering cell phone charging stations. in the nfl, which cities will be getting super bowl 53 through 55. maybe we continue to see money moving into stock. futures extending big move.
6:32 am
dow industrial open 70 points and tomorrow trade data out. check out oil up 1% this morning as supply data points to a drawdown in oil inventories. from wall street to main street, everybody is watching the federal reserve these days of what could be another interest rate in just a few weeks. taylor swift and uber are doing more to the economy than janet yellen could. why are those people doing more than janet yellen? >> you think about taylor swift, remember a year ago apple video decided to give service for three months. taylor swift said that's fine, you just won't be getting my music. that's what we have to remember about the fed and borrowing.
6:33 am
yet the feds bar rowers don't matter by trying to decree credit real cheap. it doesn't work that way for the fed either. maria: announcement of uber? >> perfect innovation that has rendered 20,000 economists as they said we can only please our customers by pleasing our drivers first. unless the price of drivers, cars of rise to lower drivers on the road. contrast to do fed, when it wants more credit, we are going to decree the cost of credit cheap by definition if you're following just the fed that's making it more difficult to get because the price doesn't reflect market reality. >> we often in the media and wall street, we want to think of the fed admission for that matter, my ges is neither. we give the fed far too much credit for influence on the economy.
6:34 am
for instance, in this month of may the dollar has rallied incredibly on the idea that the fed has start today talk very tough, hike june or july. my question is are markets paying too much attention to the fed, is it really less relevant to the real economy than we had? >> let's face it the fed's channel is the banking system. banks represent 15% of total lending in the u.s. economy. most lending occurs well outside of it. that number is going to increase as technology basically makes much more sensible to land away from the banking system. the fed builds and the economy is shrinking simply because the banks are shrinking. it's very positive sign. dagen: john, you still have bubble, jim grant was talking about it yesterday about the incredibly cheap money available
6:35 am
in the subprime auto market, even in commercial real estate. this policy has once again created troubled spot ifs. >> the economy. maria: do you think it was a bubble? dagen: he said there were problems in these areas in terms of how lose the money is. >> what has to be stressed is the fed has no credit to give, it can only misallocated and that's the exciting thing because the fed builds a banking chanel that's shrinking before our eyes, most lending in the commercial space occurs well outside the banking system and that's true for cars, that's true for all sorts of new -- new credit sources and so the reality is that the fed, we are watching it. it's decreeing easy credit over here and the real economy, credit is very expensive. if you want to start a business out there, you are going to give a big portion to adventure capitalist and more of it in terms of stock options to
6:36 am
employees. the fed decrees credit easy here and flows to the level of the market decree. >> we have had a decade of save, cd, fixed income that are basically getting paid nothing. the savers are really funding the economy by not having interest being paid on their debts, on their cd's or savings account. >> it would not be in business today because there would never be drivers when you need them the most. the fed in trying to decree something cheap is making it far more difficult because it's telling the savers you don't matter. imagine in if in new york city they decree apartment rent at $500 a month. lots of demand and very little supply. dagen: they actually still do that with rent control. >> the fed at best is making far more expensive for businesses to obtain credit.
6:37 am
we sea cheap credit, 50% of small businesses last year pointed out that the credit is close to them. the fed has not made it easy to get access to. maria: by the way, we have duir -- durable goods tomorrow. >> anything fiscal is doing very poorly in the economy, unfortunately. a lot because the globe is doing so poorly. the united states is doing okay. the rest of the world, not doing okay at all and a lot of the durable goods are export related. so to your point, john, it's so unfortunate, one of the consequences, unintended consequences of fed policy is that it favor it is large players and it hurt it is small. that's why the first in american history, and this is really sad, we have more firms closing in
6:38 am
america than opening. maria: that's an amazing statistic, actually. >> i think the other mistake the fed tries to push credit in the economy when it's not needed. recessions are healthy for the individual. robert downey 50 years ago couldn't make a movie made and that forced him to clean up his drug and drinking highest and now the highest paid actor in the world. the fed tries to give credit to businesses that doesn't need it. the fed actually works against natural markets. maria: you don't believe in the bailout of 2008? >> why would we render them out. they would be much healthier. maria: i knew you felt that way. thank you so much. author of the new book who needs the fed, what taylor swift tells us about money and why we should abolish central bank.
6:39 am
details of what that means to the rising service. the next three cities to host the super bowl. is your city named next
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maria: welcome back, the rally continues this morning. yesterday we had the best gain in two months. we are looking at a higher opening for broader averages today as well. amazon shares premarket, retail giant announcing it will open a fulfillment center in illinois,
6:43 am
the move to create more than 2,000 jobs. job creation to layoffs, microsoft is cutting nearly 2,000 jobs as it's streamlining the phone business. this is the technology giant's latest move. microsoft also taking a 950 million-dollar charge in the current quarter as a result. twitter fighting for gains this morning. announcing changes to character limit rules, user name and reply tweets and media attachment. incremental move for twitter. probably not enough to move the stock substantially but it is looking higher. new federal investigation into donations in 2013 campaign has nothing to do with the clint open foundation or hillary clinton. cheryl casone with more on that. cheryl: mccullough was peppered by the media of donation from a
6:44 am
chinese businessman who has several u.s. businesses. >> there's no allegations of wrong doing, they're entitled to do an investigation. as i say, relates to a donor, valid donor, green card holder since 2007 and we fully vetted him. cheryl: he was surrounded by media, reporters asking him about it. mccullough a long-time ally and have deep ties to the clinton foundation. well, another car company is investing in uber, toyota is going to invest on the on-demand company, partnership uber drivers to lease vehicles with flexible terms from toyota financial services and it covers the payment to uber earnings. earlier gm invested in lift. finally, this, do you live in constant fear that your phone is going to die.
6:45 am
nieman mark us, charging kiosks30 stores. they are going to continue the roll other over the summer, maria. neeman reported two straight quarters of comparable declines because they're competing with amazon, they want to do anything to keep you or get you in the stores. maria: are you more likely to cheep charging if you can be charging your phone? cheryl: no, i will be charging at starbucks. dagen: by the way, a lot of these apparel companies the sales have broken for the spring and bad face, look out below. it's going to be -- it's going to be a pretty rough quarter.
6:46 am
maria: luxury, high-end retail is going to take a hit? dagen: it was god awful for the spring. >> we didn't get the winter last year and a lot of the merchandise was gone. dagen: you can go to the outlet and buy something like this for 60% off. again, it's all of these -- essentially like shopping at major discount store online. maria: all these companies have now doing that like a macy's have the off stores. dagen: exactly. maria: kevin durant move within one game to the nba finals. we have the highlights next. which cities will be getting super bowl 53 and 55, could be head to go your hometown, next. we are on face-to-face book, search mornings maria. back in a moment.
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stay with us
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, last night kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder dominating mvp steph curry and the warriors. all the highlights now, fox news headline 24/7 reporter jared
6:51 am
max. >> jared: maybe the golden state warriors will go down as the best regular season team, they're about to get knocked out of the playoffs, game four last night in oklahoma city. picking up the first quarter, steph curry gets stripped by kevin durant, russell westbrook slams it for 11-point lead. bang, 18-point lead and westbrook will do it again before the end of the first half. 72 points oklahoma city scores for the second game in a row against golden state before half time. another turnover, 21 turnovers for the warriors, russell westbrook, the star last night, 36 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists. kevin durant said, watch what i can do. the thunder struck the warriors 118-94. oklahoma city lead 3 games to 1. game five tomorrow. golden state needs three wins before oklahoma city gets just
6:52 am
one. the warriors are down to their final strike. check this one out. new study by the wall street journal find out that 48.8% of nba players are related to an elite athlete. wow. prime example, steph curry lead mvp, not only did his father play for charlotte hornets and brother plays for sacramento king. thompson, father michael a former play. 17 and a half relate today elite athlete. 14 and a half percent players are to mlb. 2019 super bowl to atlanta with atlanta with new mercedes benz stadium, $1.4 billion. miami will host the game in 2020 at the park joe robbie stadium. los angeles, look at the following super bowl, that's the
6:53 am
future home of the rams $2.6 million facility. next year's game in houston and the following season at the vikings new dig in minneapolis. dagen: because everybody wants to be in minnesota in the middle of the winter. jared: you build a stadium and you get the super bowl. >> we have had a northern super bowl. jared: thank goodness for skyway system. i'm a bulls fanatic and bias on this, if golden state gets knocked out here, how significant is that to 73-win season, i believe '96 bulls were the best team. jared: that certainly helps their argument. they won every game in regular season and playoffs and lost to new york giants. we don't talk about --
6:54 am
dagen: thank you for making my day. that will make me happy the rest of my day. don't apologize. i'm serious, i hate the patriots. swrar jar if it's curry's elbow or maybe it's just what it takes physically, mentally to get to the 73 wins in the regular season, maybe they spent the best part of gasoline on doing that time will tell. they certainly are, they were great, 73 wins and now down three games to 1. >> didn't stop the '96 bulls. jared: white blood cell was high. dagen: two horses died before the race. that was so sad. peta lost their minds over that one. maria: of course. dagen: raises issues about the
6:55 am
treatment of horses and what they're on. what they're on, yeah. maria: what are they on? dagen: the drugs not necessarily elicit that have been given to these horses that put them in a procariuos situation. jared: $250 million, largest deal for sports apparel with the university, trump it is deal that ohio state had, $2 million more over 15 year-deal. dagen: under armour is going great. >> it's all guaranteed and cash and not loyalty based like companies are. fantastic for ucla. i would say steph curry has been such a massive win for under armour. i have a 9-year-old son at home
6:56 am
and he's steph curry fanatic and under armour fanatic. when they talk about nike, that's for you guys, that's for the old guys. maria: wow, this is the company that underarm our that acquired two apps for $8 million and now as a result put chips in shirts and shoes to track everything we are doing. under armour is on fire. great company. $280million about colleges profiting off of student athletes, dagen? dagen: it raises issues about whether colleges have the spread the wealth. >> major lawsuits in the pipeline by student athletes who say we need to share some of this wealth. >> the quarterback teeted about the deal. it's nice that the university will make this money off of us.
6:57 am
jared: college sports will look different on the financial side. dagen: free merch, baby. maria: coming up, if you're sick of the mile-long receipts we have great news. there's a catch, later a selfie stick for the stars, how this glom rouse new damage eat will give you studio-style selfies with a click of a button, back in a minute. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. befoburning, the pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college,
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maria: good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday may 25th. top stories right now 7:00 a.m. in the east coast. chaos in new mexico. violence erupting outside of donald trump rally's last night. trump is close to closing nomination outright. reportedly the endorsement of house speaker paul ryan, both trump and bernie sanders taking on hillary clinton and her recent primary struggles. >> hillary cannot even put away bernie, she can't put him away. crooked hillary, she can't put him away and it's going to be a mess and get worse and worse. >> if we win here in california,
7:01 am
if we win the other five state that is are up on june 7th, we are going to go to the democratic convention with enormous momentum, we are going to go in with momentum and come out with the nomination. maria: finally a fiction to long airport lines, new methods to get people through security faster. hot seat as he goes to capitol hill. recent terrorist attacks hitting the tourism industry. companies are not seeing the usual rebound in bookings as roam is looking for new ways to pay for maintaining its historic site. we have the story. more millennials thanever are living with their parents, what that means for the housing market coming up. you can see the shanghai composite one weak spot there. take a look at european markets this morning. a reading on business confidence in germany came in better than
7:02 am
expected. also the ims reached deal over greece's debt. ftse up two-thirds of 1%. german dax one and a quarter percent right now. in the u.s. that's carrying over. we are looking at gains in the opening of trading this morning. we are near the highs, 66 points after big rally yesterday. best move in two months for the s&p 500 yesterday. joining me all morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell and steve cortes and deputy editor in chief matt murray. thanks for joining us this morning. dagen: power time. >> absolutely. ready to roll. maria: we are ready to rock as well. we have a can't-miss lineup. executive vice president eric trump, donald's season. congressman chaffetz with us.
7:03 am
do stay with us this morning. top stories right now more donald trump rallies turning violent. protestors lighting fire and throwing rocks in new mexico last night. blake berman in washington with all of the latest details. blake, good morning to you. bake blake good morning to you as well, another night sky filled with rocks and smoke along with the echos of screaming, angry and violent protestors. the scene this time outside of convention center in new mexico as donald trump returned to campaign trial last night. the police fending off protestors, even as you can see, police horses were not spared as they say they were targeted with bottles and rocks. the horses made it out safely but several officers were treated for injuries, there was at least one arrest from what the police department twitter feed described as awry yacht. inside the presumptive republican nominee continued criticisms of hillary clinton, trump called her allow-life over
7:04 am
a new ad. used trump's own words to describing the financial crisis as a buying opportunity. >> i see this low life tonight, i see this low life, she puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing because he want housing to go down because he wanted to buy and they have some clip of me from many years, yeah, if it goes down, i'm a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. blake: there's another chance of protestors as trump campaigns in anaheim, you might remember his event in southern california a few weeks ago, it was marred with protesters and arrests. thank you so much. by the way, everybody this morning are saying that the protestors are only going to be positive for donald trump. we are going to bring senior writer john right now. what do you make of this ongoing violence at trump campaign events? >> i agree that i think it can
7:05 am
only help him. think back to wisconsin governor scott walker passed the bill and they had protests, nothing even quite violent like this. i think that if these protestors are against donald trump they are only helping them, i don't know that they realize that, but simply unacceptable behavior and people see that and they see vote for donald trump is a vote against that lawlessness. i think that's going to help donald trump and i don't see why the protestors don't see it like that. >> if you look at the protestors, whatever you think about donald trump, you see people throwing rocks, you see the smoke, i don't want that, i think it's -- i absolutely with what john said, i think it's good for trump and trump knows how to play something really, really well. maria: on the other side they will say, look, donald trump goes places and then there's
7:06 am
violence, they're going to try to connect it to donald trump. dagen: only if there's -- the violence is in a rally, which is -- i think that outside when they're throwing rocks and it looks like intolerance in the name of tolerance. >> if a trump guy hits somebody at a trump rally and everybody sees it, obviously that doesn't help. maria: these are not trump guys. do you think these are bernie sanders supporters, who is it? >> i don't know, i don't know. maybe they are sanders supporter. even to be fair to protest test -- protestors, they look at somebody different and want to oppose, so there's something -- let's give them some credit for -- >> we have freedom assembly and speech but not violence particularly against police.
7:07 am
i think it's going to play out a lot like 1968 which i don't remember. a lot of it's centered around the presidential election. it helped richard nixon at the time. this time it is again going to help republicans when voters see this kind of turmoil and this kind of really behavior. the irony tolerant left is intolerant. maria: no kidding. let me get your take on the next story. this is going to be big when it happens, john, divide of republican party. some people say house speaker paul ryan has been saying that he wants to end the standoff with donald trump. speaker ryan said that trump could win. he's not betting on it. this was earlier in the week. i want to get your take on what he said. >> do you think he can really win? >> sure, he can win. >> if you're a betting man,
7:08 am
would you bet that he's going to win? >> i'm not a betting man if we get our party and offer a country a clear and compelling agenda that's inspiring and inclusive, that fixes problems, that is solution based and based on good principles, then yes, i think we can win. maria: apparently john, the leader of trump's group, the campaign told us a small group of republican law makers thursday, he's expecting ryan to endorse trump as early as this week. what do you think? >> well, that may be true, there was pushback from ryan aid that he hasn't made a formal decision yet. but i think it would be embarrassing for ryan to come and endorse trump right now. remember what he said right away, he didn't want a fake unification, he wanted to make sure bears our standards, and
7:09 am
more importantly, matters of character and temperament. trump isn't making it easier, just this week a theory that the clintons are responsible of the death of vince foster. for ryan to come out and go ahead endorse him and nothing has changed, i think it would be embarrassing for the speaker. maria: does he have to come around at some point? >> at some point he's probably going to get on board. the question is at arm's length or warm embrace, because ryan is a fix here. the party is moving behind donald trump. maria: i know. >> he's raising some serious issues and moving more as john said as donald trump moving, i don't know.
7:10 am
ryan seems to be on a pathway there. it's just a question how warm and embracing -- dagen: paul ryan gives away any bargaining power he has if he jumps on too quickly in terms of talking about enentitlements and cutting spending and getting some agenda on the trump agenda. maria: the differences around free trade and immigration, what is he going to get knowing that these are donald trump's major platforms? dagen: i think he can get more on fixing enentitlement. maria: that, i agree with. dagen: i'm not touching social security. you had sam clovis who talked about reforming entitlement. he's at least floated the idea. somewhere down the road. maria: if he's going to implement the tax plan with 15% corporate tax which would be a game changer for markets, you have to come up with a way to pay for it. >> that's where there's wiggle room and that's probably what
7:11 am
speaker ryan is playing for right now. i think he has to be careful to not over play his hand. maria: i agree with that. >> acknowledge what people have said and the people spoke definitively. he's no longer the republican party leader. donald trump as of now presumptively is the republican party leader and so, you know, the king maker is no longer speaker ryan as much as i respect him and a good guy, but he better be very careful. maria: john, let me get to you, as we get closer to the general election, the rhetoric on the campaign trial is getting uglier and uglier, listen to this. i want to get your take about what the next six months looks like. >> hillary cannot even put away bernie, she can't put him away. crooked hillary, she can't put him away and it's going to be a mess and it's getting worse and worse. >> i had also hoped that secretary clinton would have kept her word and agree to engage in a debate.
7:12 am
i think that the people of the largest state of our country deserve to hear how the candidates feel. [cheers and applause] maria: so many things to say. amazing what bernie sanders is doing to hillary clinton, number one, i mean, who would have expected that? and is this just a summer of back and forth? ugly jabs? >> i think so, politics has always been a tough and rumble sport since the beginning of the country. i don't know if it's the internet era or donald trump in particular, i think if there was some speaker last night at the rally, not trump himself who made real comments about bill clinton shows a different woman than hillary. you don't know what the next low is going to be but you definitely know it's going to be lower. maria: great to have you on the program. thank you so much. coming up cbs mocks for insanely long receipts, how the pharmacy
7:13 am
intends to chop them down and see the catch. the experiment of the world largest airport to cut down the wait times, back in a moment here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back, the head of the transportation security administration on the hot seat
7:16 am
today. cheryl casone with more on that story and the other headlines, cheryl. >> imagine the tsa in the hot seat, imagine that. peter is going to testify about how he plans to reduce massive delays for travelers causing to miss their flights. kelly hoggan is on administrative leave, hoggan is being replaced by darby lajoye. this shake-up how rarely anyone is fired from the tsa, the agency has dismissed one executive in the past and then there's the development in atlanta that tsa is launching an experiment at the world's busiest airport, it's going to be getting people through security lines faster. some changes automatically
7:17 am
suspicious bags to a different conveyor belt. another lane where passengers can take off shoes at their own pace. that doesn't sound any faster. this should be fun. if you ever shopped at cvs you know what i'm talking about. you know the mile-long receipt that is you get when you check out at cvs. they've been ridiculed and jimmy kimmel on the show. digital for receipts for at least members. everybody has to sign up for the program, but even here in new york city at walgreens it's like this big, how much paper can you waste on one receipt? maria: that's funny. we have to go back to the tsa story for a second. do you think that this is actually move the needle in terms of these lines? do you see the pictures, you have to be there two or three and hours before because lines are so long.
7:18 am
dagen: it will clear up. 10% fewer screeners than a few years ago. maria: they need workers. >> dagen: they cut the number of screeners anticipating that more people would sign up for the precheck, they were funneling people. 95% in the secret, 95% of us pushous bags got through screening, they stopped sending people through precheck and started putting them in the lines and got worse and worse after paris and brussels and particularly with that -- the bomb that went that was pushed through in a laptop, again, that's what precheck is. they don't make you take your laptop. >> 90,000-dollar bonus. >> that was tsa. embarrassment. >> it will get better. it will get better.
7:19 am
i got a notice from the airlines a year ago say if you've been going through precheck, they're going to stop sending you through precheck. tsa knew it was going to be a problem and it blew in their face as travel picked up. >> people don't want to pay the fees. i mean, any of us who has been in the line you see people trying to get three gigantic bags. cheryl: they really should, actually. maria: you need enough outfits, we get it. dagen: people try to get away and a lot of airlines don't charge check bag fees. people -- cheryl: just the ones i fly. [laughter] maria: still to come, manufacturing in america may be on the decline, my next guest say he's keeping it alive since 1920.
7:20 am
why the housing market is rebounding on the back of millennials, details coming up okay, ready?
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, we are looking at jobs in america. united states has lost 1.9 million manufacturing jobs in the last decade according to bureau of labor statistics. but bassett has been providing manufacturing jobs since founding in 1902.
7:24 am
priding itself on the affordable high-quality furnishings for over a decade, a century, rather. a ceñ ri. joining me right now john bassett the third. john, it's great to see you. >> it's my pleasure.maria what. maria: what a proud story. how did do it? >> my grandfather started in 1902 and so we have been around 100 years in one company and 97 years of another company. american born and american bred and we believe in this country. maria: how do you think a person can have the same success that you did? what do you need today to really make it in america? >> number one, you better get ready to work hard. i mean, we had a global economy, guys, so nobody is going to cut you any slack.
7:25 am
but don't underestimate the power of the american worker. it's the most efficient worker in the world, we should never lose cut -- confidence in the people who work with us. maria: yup. dagen: your story is fascinating, john, because the original bassett, you set out and started running and you went down the road and kept manufacturing furniture and you took on china with the biggest antidumping lawsuit and won. man, you are a trump, trump, trump. were use prevail. i'm not donald trump. i try to clean up my language, okay. that's exactly what we did. i was making a speech, by the way. we have closed on factories. i don't suggest that the factories didn't have to be closed, we just didn't have to
7:26 am
close all of them. >> what did you learn about the chinese, john, when you challenged them as competitors and rules of trade with china right now. at the end of the day, what was your take on all that? >> in 1988i went to china, he invited me a couple of days later to have steak dinner in hong kong at the peninsula hotel. he was not intoxicated, he didn't speak english and we had an interpreter. she would not interpret, tell the man, i said tell the man. he told me two things i never forgot. we've done business with everybody in the world, but we have never greed like it is in america. you are the greediest people we have ever met and we know it. maria: wow. >> second thing he told me was,
7:27 am
when we get on top, don't expect us to be so dumb to do for you what you are so dumb to do for us. >> wow. >> we are not naive. america, wake up. if you think everybody else in the world goes by the same rules we go by, there's a bridge here in brooklyn i won't talk to you about buying. maria: yeah, yeah. >> wake up, we have to compete but let's not be naive. maria: the whole idea that donald trump is talking about, immigration needs to be changed because they're taking american jobs, that's why we are take sog many jobs to be cut, do you agree with that? how do you create jobs but ensure that jobs are going to be created? >> excellent question. number one we believe in education. we believe in entrepreneurship. we believe in what everybody else says. what a lot of companies have forgotten is that they only look
7:28 am
at what the cfo tells them in the figures. it is time we talk to our people again in these factories. they want to be a part of this. this is the middle class that donald trump has tapped into, ladies and gentlemen, and it is big. talk to your people. they want to be part of this competition and they can change those numbers in a cfo -- >> if you were to speak directly to donald trump whom i hope will be president, what will you tell him that needs to change to allow to your growth? >> very successfully, he wants to build walls and all this type of thing, look, enforce the laws that are there are there. i mean, we went through -- what it cost us to do that. you can't ask industries to spend $50 million in a lawsuit. enforce the law.
7:29 am
do you know since 2003 to 2014 the chinese has been posed antidumping in the rest of the wto than we have. >> that's remarkable. maria: you have the foreign problem and the americans need to follow the law and then you the technology problem. >> absolutely. maria: robotics. that's taking jobs as well. >> no question. and you're not going to stop that, guys, i mean, but we have to work hard and we have a wonderful workforce. don't turn your back on them. they want to be part. dagen: you're not a protectionist, you're a great american. >> well, i love america. maria: john, great to have you on the show. thank you so much. john bassett the third. how about the facebook, more
7:30 am
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maria: good wednesday morning from everybody. it is wednesday, may 25th. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. chaos in new mexico. violence erupting outside tunnel transparently. drawn is securing the nomination out right with the washington
7:33 am
state primary yesterday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders take on the presumptive republican nominee in >> you and i together will not let him bankrupt america. and he has experience in bankruptcy. right? i don't know if that's one of the qualifications for running for president. but i kind of doubt it. >> i can't listen. donald trump is a terrible person and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the doesn't? maria: earlier this week on the recent terrorist attack at "the wall street journal" reporting companies are not the usual rebound going into what is typically a cc in europe. looking for new ways to pay for and maintain in its historic site. italy has been traveling the
7:34 am
finance is and is looking to the private vector for help good but not so empty manifest molyneux's roommate will be roommates, not significant others. by the grocery chain is spending big on young customers. features indicate a strong open expected to open a 70-point this morning. after the s&p 500 came off of its largest one-day gain in two months. although this morning in a seven month high getting closer to $50 a barrel. 1% this morning as supply game but nature out game and inventory. front runner hillary clinton and presumptive nominee donald trump train on the economy now. take a listen.
7:35 am
>> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs and more deaths. you and i together are going i together are going to let him bankrupt america. >> hillary clinton will be so bad for our economy is so bad for jobs. trained in the spring and republicans try to just be simpler than the democratic democratic strategist and adviser to president clinton. good morning. thank you for joining us. let's go back to those soundbites. to think what was just said was true? if so equipped not bad for the economy? >> absolutely. hillary clinton is running to be a third term of president obama. it's in the middle class left behind by a failed economic policy. hillary clinton knows nothing about business. every successful business man or woman has had failures under their belts.
7:36 am
larry ellison almost bankrupted or go up one point. almost every successful business person. she knows nothing about business. the only thing she's ever taken the helm of as an abject failure. secretary of state libya descended into chaos. the iran deal is a complete disaster. she's got no room to talk. president clinton is his policy and the housing birds. she has no room to talk here. >> we went for the economy to benghazi. >> i think obviously she has a lot of distinguished record and stance for helping people pursue policies and agenda.
7:37 am
obviously we see with the latest comments from donald trump and the added talking about rooting for american that he has no economic plan. just a fun of posts. maria: he was heavily rooting for the economy. >> it shows the mindset. this is donald trump has been writing to get rich. donald trump has not been for making america. >> he's rich. i want to be rich. >> that may resonate with people. some people want to get rich. that is a great thing in america and for the economy. not everybody can be a billionaire. but everybody in this country --
7:38 am
dagen: why can't that be the american dream rather then i'm going to make my way. i will find a list dirt earning a decent wage and the government will come take half of it. >> that's exactly right. what hillary clinton is about is is about is raising the middle class so everybody can an opportunity. everybody has an opportunity to be a billionaire. we believe and not so you stand for. bernie sanders is putting forth a socialist agenda. in which everybody can sit read with all americans. maria: she wants to raise taxes by one by $1 billion issue in to build on obamacare. >> that's absolutely not true.
7:39 am
we know how america succeeds. america succeeds will invest in research, when we invest in infrastructure, invest in education. >> what is anybody on this panel not like about the 90s? [inaudible conversations] >> can you all get rich? i bet that's when you made your fortune. >> the problem is hillary clinton is running to be in it tension of president obama as the failed economic these. the most recent pew research study showing the middle class has been completely left behind by this economy. manufacturing jobs shrink the 29%. you're looking at the hardest hit in america.
7:40 am
states like ohio, michigan which are critical states for the path to the presidency. the only person speaking to the disenfranchised come as leaking to the people who are left behind by this economy is donald trump and his unapologetic by his success. that is the american dream. hillary clinton wants to punish individuals who want to get ahead in society. that's the same principle and line of thinking for president obama has failed america. >> speaking of getting rich. americans don't despise the rich. they want to be rich. donald trump got rich through cuts in vision and taking it the clinton got it through -- maria: taking advantage of bankruptcy rows are using the bankruptcy laws?
7:41 am
>> does not make you an economic success if you declare bankruptcy. >> less income than the clintons got generationally rich. $140 million is seeking fees. is that okay? >> this is not about speaking fees. this is about a vision for the future. people are entitled. maria: then they ask you this. donald trump has been clear this mission, make america great again. >> make the american dream available to everyone, including the middle class. that is a problem with hillary clinton. hillary clinton has no cohesive message. what is the purpose of her candidacy?
7:42 am
he just explained it in a long sentence. this is why she's not resonating because she's been in politics for decades. people don't understand who she is as a candidate. >> what are the policies that she's putting her at that's going to do that? >> they make the american dream available. we have to invest in education. we have to invest in infrastructure and health care reform. we may have to raise taxes but she's not raising taxes on the middle class. you have to see what congress decides. that is for sure that the super rich will pay my taxes. maria: i'm talking about the small-business segment that will pay more tax and regulation. >> is not a lot of money in new york or los angeles. you are not rich.
7:43 am
>> i must tell you. i'm really amazed donald trump has gone from being the underdog, the person that republican wanted. here we are. a whole panel supporting donald trump. >> i the only one arguing against it. >> the american people see it value is rich and say i want to be successful. >> is only economic plan -- maria: a tax plan that is 15% corporate taxes. >> a world bank wrote this country. responsible economist says that the plan will taper up an economy. it will increase deficit spending. we will have not enough money to pay her bills. all the business beat old -- maria: obama has not seen one
7:44 am
year in eight years to 3% economic growth. >> the point is president obama inherited an economy from the republican party. >> you don't think the economy has improved? that's very much. it's going to continue to get better. we have a lot more to do. >> we see more small businesses to wonder for the first time that being created. maria: great conversation. >> very interesting. maria: what a summer. but a semi we are in for. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere...
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maria: welcome back. terror attacks come terror attacks commit major plane incident in the travel industry hard here at cheryl casone with the details. trained or according to elian's americans for kings to brussels are down more than 30% from last
7:48 am
year. bookings to istanbul turkey dropped 44%. last week u.k.-based operator thomas cook scaled back pain that summer bookings were down 5% from last year. staying in europe for a second. roberts looking for sponsors to helpers were some famous monuments. city has been helped by corporate sponsors including sandia book really funded restoration of a famous albums including the trevi fountain. this week officials launched the 100 proposals are patrons campaigned listing projects they hope sponsors will step forward to adopt. check out what's coming to hold food spirited vegetarian company called beyond meat will sell its new burger to whole foods store. the veggie burger actually bleed. it has each used a net and it comes out. i don't eat meat. i know that dagen mcdowell
7:49 am
doesn't need there. dagen: that is the whole point of being a vegetarian diet is i don't want to see anything that looks like animal blood. i don't get it. that's so disgusting. >> re-creates me up with vegetables. maria: does not give someone second-worst commodity don't want to eat meat but none have a lot? >> if you eat a burger that's bleeding -- maria: sorry, cheryl. >> i can do it later. we are good. we are done. maria: the director just handed me this southeast it. i will be doing itself is for the rest of the show. i've always wanted to carry it
7:50 am
around everywhere i go. it also has a fancier hair can blow. we will show you the train of thought and stick. it's getting a lot of us. you won't want to miss this. i will take a train of love and of all of us and then i will tweet it out.
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be smart
7:54 am
maria: welcome back in 1960, when applied to adults between the ages of 18 and 34 were living with their parents. a new study finds the current crop of young people are living at home at a rate never seen before. check out this pew researcher in the pew research center. more than 32% of millennial surviving the mom and dad and are more likely to stay at home rather than move in with a spouse or partner. joining us now is douglas element, president of year. thank you for joining us this morning. what is going on in terms of millennial living back in with mom and dad? >> they are not like us. we were out of there. they got out of school during a recession. they were not good jobs if any. so they are happy to stay home and about the bank of mom and dad ended up having children getting married. maria: they are saving a lot of money. how long does it take to save in order to get your own place?
7:55 am
>> the oldest millennial is probably 35 years old so they got married later. they are having kids later. and now they are the largest segment of the housing market. it has lower margin homes. the bank of mom and dad. >> a hour. that is the largest segment of the last 10 years. they came into the market. this market came back from a high-end fairs. so they lied because they want starbucks in her bed. they don't want to try for it hours. they don't want a city that rolls up at 7:00.
7:56 am
so they are buying closer to urban areas. they certainly don't want bookshelves. >> tell us more about what millennial slip for at this point in a house. you said they want a sickly urban areas. >> they are not as formal. they don't like a lot of. they use multifunctional space. and again, they don't necessarily want the acres and acres of land. they want easy. maria: real quick before we let you go, give us a broad assessment of how real it looks. is it a buyers market or sellers market? >> i would say it's a sellers market. there's no inventory. there's nothing to sell. especially at the entry level because the millennial cirque coming out. maria: we will leave it there.
7:57 am
great to see you. next up, a negative vice president eric trump is sydney responding to last night's violent protests outside his father's rally in new mexico. back in a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
maria: welcome back. i maria maria bartiromo. maria bartiromo. it is maria bartiromo. this may come the maria bartiromo. it is may, 20:58 a.m. on the east coast.
8:00 am
chaos in new mexico last night. don't do recognize that donald trump's rally. protesters clashing with police. trump is closer to securing the nomination outright with a win in the washington state primary set for another big win. the endorsement of house speaker paul ryan. trump and hillary clinton ramp up their attacks, especially on the economy. >> he actually said he was hoping for the crash that caused hard-working families across america cheese lose their homes, all because he thought he could take advantage of it to make some money. >> i see this lowlife could she puts on a bad year did you know donald trump is rooting against housing because he wants housing to go down. they've got some clip of me for many years ago. yeah if it goes down in the businessman that's what i'm supposed to do. maria: government mismanagement, the head of the irs not showing up to a hearing over his
8:01 am
impeachment to the security tsa plagued airports across the government. meanwhile, the victoria's secret catalog of victoria's secret catalog is the company's move to save money. taking the best selfie you can. lights and fans, absolutely gorgeous. in asia overnight we saw gains almost across the board. the shanghai composite the one that is there. hang seng in hong kong almost a 3%. that is carried over to europe this morning. the dax index in germany up one and a 3%. reading on business confidence coming in better than it. the imf in eurozone reaching a deal over greece's deputy of the kinetic gains. futures indicate a higher opening for broader averages after yesterday's big rally. the best move for the s&p in two months. this morning we have a campus line appeared utah congressman jason chaffetz's with me.
8:02 am
director john spritzer and art & co. host stuart varney. we take it off right now with our top story. protests turned violent last night in new mexico. forcing police to smoke or do they control the crowd here during the nasa's trump organization senior vice president, eric traub. good to see he appeared thank you so much. congratulations on another big to read. is it a command but also these protests. these are the pictures america's big enough to. >> you see these guys. they are logged on kid. they are probably younger than me. if i acted like that, if i was rude to a police officer, my parents would've killed me. this is what we have to get back. we need to get back morals and manners in family structure. it's really sad that these are clearly burning sands, hillary fans.
8:03 am
it is everything wrong with our society right now. maria: who do you blame? bernie sanders supporters at sunset earlier in the show? >> killer was paid people to stand up i had the other day. this is really the worst part of politics. a lot of it is society. they are not -- it was incredible. he was finite, on fire. he really acted out of the park. maria: it certainly feels like a lot of republicans are coalescing around donald trump now have a feeling like you've got be obvious that the nominee and they will be celebrating. are you expecting paul ryan to be on the list? >> my father has been winning a lot of time. my father started a movement.
8:04 am
everybody is coming into the fold. people are excited we are literally mobbed the months ahead of hillary. she is fighting for life against 170 federal socialist while we sit back and prepare for november. quite frankly the convention. that's a great thing for the republican party. there's never been a time that was headed in democrats. we have this golden opportunity. maria: but are the differences? brien has talked about the tpp. fathers against the transpacific partnership. the president is in vietnam right now basically saying we will get this done by the end of the year. as a trade and immigration of paul ryan and your father are still at odds? >> i know my father is grossly against tpp. it's a straight line down. we don't make anything anymore. everything is made overseas. everyone i meet the few products
8:05 am
i met the few products and send them over to china, they won't accept them. they said their containers rotting on the dock status of my father died of unacceptable. everyone talks about free trade. it's not free trade going the other. something is very much again and wants to fix. maria: paul manafort told republican donors that we are expecting paul ryan to endorse trump this week. even today. the mac it's not my place to say. ultimately we will have the support. you even see guys like lindsey graham coming around. these processes as you know very well. they are bloody, tough, get very personal. but your whole life in the running for this office. sometimes it takes a little while for other feelings to relax and everybody get back in sync. maria: your father has been very clear in terms of a running mate. you're not political at variance. what does that mean?
8:06 am
bob corker, easy on the list? >> my father is the ultimate outsider. he's never been in washington. he's never walked the halls. the process i shown you need somebody from within the beltway. you need someone who can navigate washington d.c. you have somebody who can bring a lot of common sense to government and stop the amount and then use to all these bad habits in washington d.c. which is quite frankly for spending and everything else. maria: what about adjust sessions? the first to jump on the trump train. >> the list is long and distinguished honors amazing people on it. my father, something he will focus on an ultimately the biggest decision you can make. sessions has been amazing since day one. it's an amazing person of us got to know him incredibly well. truly a great guy. maria: obviously buried oregon
8:07 am
has done a lot of work on immigration. when they get back to bob corker. as soon as any name his legs, the report start. reports this morning federal funds for and officials are investigating a real estate firm with ties to senator corker for alleged accounting fraud. your reaction. >> i haven't even heard of that name being non-lists and quite frankly not my place to say it. that's going to be the decision that will come down a little while kid will make a good decision. maria: we had a pretty rich debate on the show. he is basically saying what, the country will be in a disaster. i want to ask you to make the case for donald trump, your father, been in the white house, the president of the free world and why you believe. >> let's just look. hillary has 730 people working on her campaign.
8:08 am
we have saturday. so we have one 10th of what she has. we have knocked out 17 people. she hasn't eaten a single person. last night she goes on the air. how dare you want to buy real estate. and sitting there saying we are a real estate company. of course you want to buy at the low-end of the market. here's a lady out of the white house who says she is absolutely broke. nash is worth $100 million, giving speeches for $500,000 talking about -- everybody wants it. it is absolutely crazy. she wants to raise taxes on everybody, which would be devastating to our country which is already fragile. if you look at the regulations -- that the regulations to have every big claim to any person who couldn't afford real estate. that's what caused the bubble in
8:09 am
2007, 2008. she's talking about economic policy. he sang out that bush is caused every single one of our jobs to leave the country. i scratch my head. my father would be the greatest job creator. he would do such a great job in terms of the national deficit, getting rid of the massive corruption in government. you see the va and what's happening to that. it is so sad to see. maria: he was one of the first. hillary clinton is out. she was on the island. she said he will need to change his tune. listen to this. i want to get your reaction. >> i think that once the seriousness of the general election really hits people, you have to start being held accountable. you can't just make this pronouncement, scapegoat people
8:10 am
appeared i don't think that's the way we want to appear dry cells or the rest of the world. i do think that the election goes forward, he is going to have to be held accountable yet i certainly will do my part to make that happen. >> you think your father is being held accountable? >> held accountable? she left multiple people in the rooftop because she wouldn't lift up the phone in the middle of the night. look at the sham that has become in the way they have profited off a nonprofit. her foreign-policy has cost trillions of dollars. thousands and thousands of lives. my father is running quite frank way because of the mistakes made by her and administrations tie to her. maria: are these going to be the issues your father brings up when talking about hillary clinton? we have a herd was going on in terms of the clinton foundation. he make a good point in terms of
8:11 am
the foundation because that is an area where people haven't really focused on as much as the e-mail scandal for example. >> she will throw about these may sound bites. they show that the clinton foundation is paying on average $80,000 less for a female employee and a male employee. you sit there and talk about the hypocrisy of the whole situation. she throws out a lot of nice soundbites. when you dig into the facts they are just not right. maria: she is randy soundbites of your father, whether talking about the muslim bed, mexicans, et cetera, talking about women. is he making moves to try to engage those groups are what is he doing in terms of upping his numbers in terms of favorability with women? >> i think absolutely. if you look at a policy put in place, and after being one of them, do several things that
8:12 am
have driven jobs out of the country. quite frankly if you look at the african-american community, latino community, some of those have been the worst affected by some of the macro policies that the administration had put the past. it would be making the argument? 100%. he wants to bring jobs back to the country. he wants to see this country stop reading bricked off. that is his platform. he was the strongest military in the world said no one messes with us. he wants to have a real wall of the southern border so people can't come into the country totally unchecked. maria: real quick, envisioned for us the convention. what does that look like from your standpoint? >> the convention will be a lot of fun. i think it's going to be filled with energy and excitement. my father has been growing the republican party. so many people switching to the republican party because they like his personality and they
8:13 am
like who he is on the fact is not afraid to say what's on his mind. i think it will be very much reflective of that. maria: good to see you. thank you so much. great ahead, turning the page the end of an era for victoria's secret tradition. memorizing passwords and being forced to change them every 90 days. one company has a new solution. back in a moment. stay with us. ♪
8:14 am
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go long.
8:16 am
maria: welcome back. the obama administration within a single day record receiving refugee approval. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: to hundred 25 steering refugees on monday said in a new. were people exacted on that day alone an entire month of january or february. president obama promised to accept 10,000 by september september 30th. so far the administration has approved 2500 applicants. good news for is tired and passwords into their phones. is that the planned to start testing the first version of its password killing. instead of using passwords to confirm your identity, advocates use sensor data from your phone to confirm that it is really you. more details once it launches.
8:17 am
silicon valley billionaire reportedly funding whole coven's lawsuit against gawker. secretly played a lead role in the case. hogan sued gawker for $100 million after they posted a video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. a jury awarded a $55,000,000.65 million for emotional distress. top news if you're a fan of the victoria's secret catalog. after 40 years, the lingerie company getting out of the catalog business because customers prefer to make their selection online. l. spending 159 on the catalog. victoria's secret also saw production of swimwear, accessories, shoes and most apparel. victoria's secret will continue to sell sports clothing because it doing really well against lulu lemon in particular.
8:18 am
maria: straightahead, the irs commissioner a no-show on capitol hill. representative jason chaffetz weighing in on the potential for a solution. later, someone am of the generation's favorite pastime. one-of-a-kind innovation, a viral sensation to upgrade. though it takes a southeast selfie. stay with us. ♪ okay, ready?
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8:21 am
whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. maria: welcome back. house republicans looking to impeach commissioner john costin and for failing to cooperate during investigation into the agency is targeting a tea party
8:22 am
groups. a house judiciary committee hearing a detailed case for impeachment of testimony from two republican congress then. listen. >> is really no dispute about the facts. the irs destroy those learners under two subpoenas. commissioners have done are false. >> you fail to comply with a duly issued subpoena. when he knew there was a problem he failed to properly inform congress in a timely manner. in fact, i would argue he actively misled congress. trig teacher to me right now is the chairman of house oversight reform committee, congressman jason chaffetz. good to see you. thanks for joining us. how are you going to get your arms around the charade going on? obviously, he is not showing a further hearing. we know that there have been e-mails that you can't see anymore, so you can't actually get e-mails indicating what you are saying happening. that is that they targeted conservatives because they
8:23 am
didn't like her views and didn't agree with president obama. >> well, congress can continue to whine a cry or do what the constitution allows us to do, which is impeach the irs commissioner. we have now 74 people cosponsored house resolution should use touch them with the power given to us in their own hands and we should take responsibility for it because he did lie. he did misrepresent. he did provide false testimony industry documents under his control. the process is moving forward. i'm very thankful for charm and about the hearing. another hearing in june to talk about the remedy. we have been abuses of office or 140 years it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. that is moving forward. i also have a center and a central place moving forward. >> give us an outrage about the issue. it hasn't really taken off. is the speaker way then?
8:24 am
what will it take to get numbers >> we initially started with 20 people cosponsored. we are now up to 74. we have reviewed the case and had to share and educate with our colleagues. that's what we did yesterday and that will continue. when mr. koskinen's term does not end when the president is. when president obama leaves, that's not the case. he continues on. >> have a broader question very much related to this issue. i'm up to view executive power has grown to somewhat ridiculous levels. this is in just a slam on obama although he is at times acted like an obama proud of then president obama. this started in the george w. bush. in many ways it's no want a code which will branch of government.
8:25 am
>> congress again can continue to whine and cry. you actually do something about it and hold people accountable. you can withhold documents are destroyed documents. cap up congress without a plan. that's what happened. this administration right now is pouring more in our regulations as fast as we can. and then they just ignore us and decide we are just not going to show a tiered you can come get me but i'm not going to show why. the irs commissioner who brags about his accessibility, but when he has to answer hard questions, questions he can't answer, he says i won't show up either. maria: jack, i know. congressman, you guys keep getting rolled over. you got rolled over on obamacare, immigration from the president. the ibm deal. all of these things people did not want, president obama just sailed through with them.
8:26 am
now you can even get the irs commissioner to admit that the agency has done. what are you going to do? >> that's when trying to change the equation. that's to say there is a safety valve here. we don't have to go to the executive branch. we have our own destiny and our own hands and that is through impeachment. it is a huge education. it's like the atrophied muscle that hasn't been used in 140 years. let's use it. let's do it. maria: congressmen chaffetz, on the tsa in the hearing that his only non, do you think the airport security should be privatized? >> i think it would go a long, long way. we have just over 450 airports. 2 million travelers on a daily basis. but then the decision of the local basis and you'll see better results. maria: good to have you in the program. thanks so much. we'll be watching.
8:27 am
congressman jason chaffetz, a list of high-profile figures to work on a strict fund-raising committee. what that means for donald trump to campaign next. under armour and announcing a record $280 million sponsorship deal with ucla. having a sponsorship is it in the stock. you are watching mornings with her re-up on the fox business network. we will be right back. ♪
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>> good wednesday morning, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, may 25th. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. chaos in new mexico. violence erupting outside of donald trump's rally. protesters clashing with police. and donald trump is closer with a win in the primary. and he'll head for a rally today. on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focusing on the golden state. >> i hope very much that this beautiful and progressive state, our largest state, tells the entire world and the world will be watching, that california believes in the political revolution. >> this primary on june the 7th needs to send a real signal that donald trump will hear no matter where he is, that
8:31 am
california wants a positive future. maria: a little less positive story for tiffany. first quarter sales declining more than expected. warning on the outlook. we're expecting a weak showing for tiffany today. taking the best selfie you can. we have the new selfie stick hot off the presses that makes you look your best. it's got lights, fans, it comes out, it takes a wide shot. we can't wait to check it out. checking the markets, we're expecting a pretty good performance, we're at the highs of the morning right now. futures extending the 200 plus rally on the dow. expecting to open up this morning. take a look at oil prices, seven month high, closer to $50 a barrel and supply data points down to a drawdown in inventories. crude up 1.1%. and the republican national committee adding big donors to the finance committee now.
8:32 am
part of an effort to raise for the party and here is what eric trump told us and the g.o.p. >> i think he's coming around and my father has been spending time with him and listen, i think my father is starting a movement. he was tremendous energy behind him. everybody is coming into the fold. people are excited about the message. maria: joinings right now is rnc communications director sean spicer. good to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: how are you feeling about the financial committee and its goal. do you think it can meet a goal of a billion dollars in six months? >> i'm really not sure where that goal came from, but i will say that i would echo what eric trump said, the enthusiasm and support that we're seeing from all areas of the country. it's not just the big donors, it's the small donors who are excited to give, 10, $15, $20 to this effort, part of the movement that mr. trump has spearheaded america and make it great is something we're seeing from all sectors. the impressive thing is, when
8:33 am
you look at the list that came out yesterday. these are big people that play big and in politics, big success when it comes to political fund raising. when you look at the amount of enthusiasm and encouragement for people who want to attend events and host events. it's amazing. >> how are the-- how is the ground building going? and in ohio and we've talked here before about the trump campaign having ground to make up. how do you see that now? >> i think one of the things that gets lost in the media narrative you've got a lot of beltway reporters who don't understand the differences between the two parties and approaches that we take. on the democratic side, it's not spin, it's fact, verifiable, the democratic national committee is in debt net-net.
8:34 am
they continue to go further and further into debt under debra wasserman-schultz. they have no ground game. hillary clinton, as you're aware of, she's fight ago primary battle against bernie sanders. her staff is-- one thing that chairman priebus said, waiting until the last 90 days and blowing it all op television and staff. what we recognize, we need to build a year round data and ground operation. that's what we've been doing since 2012. we put staff in minority communities that have been there for two, three years. when the trump campaign is emerging as the presumptive nominee, they've got a ground staff working in the battle ground states for not just days and months, but rather for years and they start to build up their ground game and they'll have a huge heads up. i would strenuously argue that we're weal ahead of the democrats in terms of the
8:35 am
ground and the numbers bear it out. >> and speaking of ohio, the republican convention coming up in weeks. and there are rumors that donald trump is going to significantly change the agenda and tenor of the convention. conventions haven't turned much in decades even though trump has shown us in that campaign season. what can we expect from the republican convention and what will propel the republican message out of that convention? >> that's a great question. it's something over the next 60 days, he and his team are working with, a phenomenal team in cleveland, to add some of that pizzaz and excitement to the convention that he wants. you're absolutely right. in the last 30 years, it's been sort of a scripted television program. and everyone was speaking and we kind of knew the theme. what trump wants to do is add an element that's going to draw in more people and have record audiences, that people will tune in and want to watch something because it's not just stale political commentary and they're going to get in there
8:36 am
and hopefully hear a message how to turn the country around and solutions to make america great. i can't tell you that anything has been nailed down or anything to announce, but i will tell you that the level of excitement that this team brings is welcomed by the team in cleveland and i think we'll have a phenomenal convention, four days of really exciting discussion about the issues and solutions for this country. dagen: how much money have you guys allocated for security just given the violence that we were seeing in new mexico, outside of that trump rally? how much more are you setting aside this go-round than even four years past? they're going to try to make the protesters, these leftists are going to try to make a spectacle out of this. >> i think, you know, secret service is the points what they call a national security event. something like the super bowl. it's the first time the conventions are under that designation. the secret service is the lead point on that, coordinating with the state and local authorities making sure the safety of the delegates, the reporters and guests are
8:37 am
paramount. i think that cleveland is going to be an unbelievably safe venue because the secret service understands the task at hand and will do a great job. i will say that the reports that i saw last night are unbelievably troubling from the left though. one thing, that all of us can agree that our first amendment right is something that we all cherish and everybody will express themselves and assembly. when you see folks on the left destroy public property and destroy public property and it's interesting, the left that champions this free speech and condemns this both against property and people and public service, it's disgusting and discouraging what's happening and i get your point. >> that's so important, real quick, you say that the g.o.p. or it looks like the g.o.p. seems to be coalescing around donald trump, but then there's people like john kasich who is telling his delegates, stay with me. what's going on with, you know,
8:38 am
marco rubio, john kasich, who are holding onto their delegates. what are they expecting? >> that's a great question, maria. i think you know, look they ran, and i think that they're still trying to figure out. they suspended their campaigns. i think they're trying to, maybe they're looking for last bit of influence over the convention or the platform, i don't know. it's a good question. i tell you as you pointed out, you're seeing almost the team get solidified quick, the republicans are unified. on the democratic side it's a division. it's not just a personality division, but a policy divide with bernie sappeder esanders, it's israel or corporate. and there are those that will say they'll vote for donald trump and chair of the national committee. you want to talk about infighting, if you google infighting you'll see a picture of the dnc bernie and hillary. maria: it's amazing what's going on on that side, that's
8:39 am
true. great assessment from you as always. the great divide. trump working to get key g.o.p. leaders. and the other side of the aisle, stuart varney will weigh in. lights, cameras, fans. the details on the selfie sticks that the world has been waiting for. back in a minute. . >> welcome back to another tennis channel french open court report. for fox business. serena williams is looking for a major title at roland gareos and the defending condition had no problem reaching the second rebounded in paris. the world number one had too much in other opening. and serena simply overpowering the slovakian on a commanding opening round victory.
8:40 am
and nadel turned on the magic as he had straight sets. the spaniard somehow conjuring this winner. >> don't forget, tennis channel's live coverage from paris hits the air daily at 5 a.m. eastern. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
8:41 am
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8:44 am
nearly half of all nordstroms stopped selling a line of bags branded michael, due to falling demand and high return rates. under amour signing a 15 years, 280 million dollar contract with ucla to outfit the sports teams beginning next year. the biggest of its kind. the stock is looking fractionally better this morning. on to the latest for the campaign trail. trump is struggling to get them on his side as violence erupted oust the campaign rally in new mexico. lawmakers are sharply divided over the effectiveness of the democratic national committee. "varney & company," stuart varney to breck it-- break it down for us. what's going on? >> on a daily basis i look at the campaign trail. i'm astonished. what i see is chaos on the left. as you just said there are rumors, speculation within the democrat party that they want to get rid ofdebby
8:45 am
wasserman-schultz the party chair before the convention. can you imagine that, firing the party chair, a big friend of hillary clinton? you had the violence last night in albuquerque, new mexico. mex man flags were waved in the face of a americn american camp that's an extraordinary event. and then you've got bernie sanders gearing up big time to go to battle in california which he may win. can you imagine the state of the democrats with all of this going on? debby wasserman-schultz may be out. violence and anti-trump protests and then we have bernie sanders who could win the biggest state of them all. i call that chaosic, maria. maria: we talked to debby wasserman-schultz about this, dagen mcdowell. she says it's not a coronation, even though they put the debates on sunday night, during the playoff. only a handful of debates, it's outrageous.
8:46 am
stuart: i mean, she tilted to hillary, old time friends and she tilted too far because, obviously, she cannot unite the party. at some point, bernie sanders and hillary clinton have to get together, at some point, presumably and it will not be debby wasserman-schultz that brings them together. dagen: stuart, as jerry was writing about in the wall street journal, hillary is in a no man's land. she needs the bernie sanders supporters and needs moderates. if she moves to the middle and becomes moderate and sounds reasonable, if you will, she alienates the left and looks like, well, she's dishonest. stuart: if you look at the other side of the aisle. look at the trump rally, donald trump went flat-out, took on the republican governor of new mexico, martinez, and says i should run for governor of mexico. maria: that was hilarious, when i said, the economy here is horrible.
8:47 am
maybe i should run for governor here and fix things up. >> stuart, you're an immigrant and i'm the son of an immigrant, and as a hispanic, i find is revoting to show protesters waving a foreign flag at a trump rally. and i'm looking at sixth avenue and looking at the flags waving in the breeze. shouldn't we be waving an american flag? >> nothing upsets americans like foreign flags waved at a presidential candidate. it's like a red rag to a bull. that's like flying the mexican flag to an american is a red rag to a bull. don't do that because it encourages supporters of donald trump. steve, i want you on my show. >> gladly. stuart: because you're a money
8:48 am
guy, i understand it, who was opposed to trump, but now you understand where he's coming from and support him, am i right? >> you're right. i was vehemently against him and i said that on the show and he persuaded me and won me over and i believe in his vision for america, he's going to make it great again, and make it grow again. as a money guy, i know we need to grow again. stuart: the magic word, give me growth. and you won't solve a lot of problems, but go a long way towards making things better. >> sips the last gdp report was up 5, 10%. but we get another one out on friday, not going to be much different. stuart: i'm sorry, maria, i'm trying to steal your guest away. a great guy-- >> i thought you were my friend. [laughter] >> asking me to dance in front of my date. [laughter] >> stuart, we'll see your show, you have the best guests along with mornings with maria.
8:49 am
straight ahead, a marketing campaign goes viral, and the products are at the stores. we have the first automated selfie stick here in the studio, check it out, you guys. if i want, i can turn on the lights, or i could turn on a fan. where is the fan? we'll be right back. here it is. here comes the fan. oh, look. i have a hair blowing look. and there's myselfie next. back in a minute. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment.
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>> all right, but first let me take a selfie.
8:53 am
the selfie craze is getting an upgrade. the technology company at think moto created a campaign for lifetime's, and the selfie stick extends and light, panel, a fan blows your hair back. the down side, it's not for sale yet. michael, with dagen and myself. thank you for joining us. everybody loves the selfie, but give me the best parts of this. is it the fan, the lights? what's so special? >> it's everything, it's all in your hand. so it extends automatically and you don't have to manually extend the stick and it's got lights, here they come out and for people like you, you also have fans that is blowing your hair. maria: i've got to give this to nat to try all of this stuff. thanks, nat. ready? okay.
8:54 am
let's make sure-- dyeing come over here and do the selfie. >> do it altogether. maria: the lights are out. i want this fan. >> and you push it over. maria: okay. do you see that hair. dagen: i can feel it on my face. if you're sweating. maria: very school. this is what i need in my purse, lights around all the time. how much is this? well, it's going to go on sale at some point. >> we're getting a lot of demand for it and we put this on youtube and it went viral, millions and millions on facebook and we actually have people contacting us not to buy it, but to mass produce it from south korea, vietnam. maria: it's a marketing campaign? >> it's started as a marketing tool and took a life of its own and became very demanded object. dagen: you guys made the devil baby?
8:55 am
>> we made that and brought it into the studio as well. dagen: thanks for the months of nightmares. [laughter] >> you're welcome. maria: oh, you're right. dagen: thank you for that, read that two days ago. maria: and what is with this craze of selfies? do you take a lot of selfies? >> i take a few, i try not to because you hand the camera and and you're like, you're a nars s narcissist. maria: i do, but-- >> this is for marketing, i'm sitting on my sofa. i'm at the supermarket. [laughter] >> me and the cheez-its. >> it's marketing tool. and with the show, i benchma
8:56 am
benchmarked with my wife and that's what it started out as a fun marketing tool because the show is about manipulation, it's about control and this is sort of our interpretation. there's demand for it and people are so desperate leaving the contact session in the public comment section. we've got to take over taiwan, china, south korea. maria: thank you for joining us, lights, fans, whole nine yards. final thoughts from our all-star panel after this break. stay with us. e for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving.
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you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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8:59 am
>> welcome back. our all-star panel with final thoughts. matt murray, wall street journal. >> we have been talking all morning long about what's going on with democrats and republicans. i was meeting with pollster, they're pointing out for all the noise we're kind of where we were in 2012. trump has the romney voters and hillary has the obama voters. we know how that turned out. and now navigating california and trump has on the right bringing them together. these are the weeks to determine if he can shift the dynamic. even with the excitement. that's what we're watching by the convention. maria: the next couple of weeks are critical. >> and upsetting scenes from
9:00 am
albuquerque, it's darkest before dawn and things are better and that will be donald trump. dagen: confession, i hate selfie sticks and i want to throw it into the sea. maria: what? that will do it for us, stuart, take it away. stuart: thank you very much indeed. chaos on the left, division on the right, but that stock market is going up again. good morning, everyone, this isn't pretty, but it's becoming a regular event. the left riots at a trump event. this time in new mexico and again, the leftist waved the mexican flag right there. talking about chaos among democrats, calls for the ouster of debby wasserman-schultz, the chair, she's too pro hillary, can't bring them together. among republicans, donald trump goes after


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