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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 25, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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we step back and look at the overall picture which is looking -- no one seems to know but today they are optimistic for today. trish regan back to you. trish: i hope you love me too. donald trump said to speak at a rally in california. this is the state department inspector unveils a bomb shell report. hillary clinton is on -- did not follow the rules for record-keeping during her tenure as secretary of state. flagrant disregard for the rule. sanders supporters call for the head of dnc to resign. i'm trish regan, the independent watchdog critical of hillary's aid that didn't get approval, and if tried, she would have
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been told no way because of the security risks involved. did she or she did not put the united states at risk? it certainly sounds like it. that's why there's a fbi investigation. donald trump said to speak at a rally in california moments from now. will we see a replay of the violence in new mexico where just last night an antitrump mob injured police officers, threw rocks and broke windows while threatening trump supporters, waving the mexican flag. makes you wonder if it helps donald trump. our very latest on the very broken boarders, san francisco votes to remain a sanctuary city where authorities can only notify immigration if and illegal immigrant is charged with or convicted of a violent crime within the past seven years. brutal killing of
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kate stanley wasn't enough to get serious about crime. i will tell you who is. one tough cop is here to look at sanctuary cities are endangering all of us. also coming this hour, president obama ramping to hit his goal of bringing 10,000 syrian migrants into the united states before he leaves office. the state department has been admitting ten syrians a day into our country, but in the last two days, that number skyrocketed to more than 300. leaving a whole lot of security experts to question whether the obama administration is in such a rush to get the syrians go our country that it could be cutting important needed corners, just to meet a political goal. top story, politics, donald trump said to speak in anaheim, california, just hours after angry mob clashed with police
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outside a rally in new mexico. violent protesters, they set fire, injured police officers and check this, they also waived mexican flags, chanting viva méxico and burned a trump sign that looked like an american flag while inside trump firing back at hillary clinton after she said he was rooting for the housing collapse. watch it here. >> i see this low-life, she puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against hughesing because he wants housing to go down because he we wanted to buy and they got a clip from me many years ago. i'm a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. trish: went after donald trump pretty heard accusing him of drooling over a housing crash. >> what kind of man does that? i tell you exactly what kind of a man does that, it is a man who cares about no one but himself.
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a small -- [cheers and applause] >> a small insecure, money grabber who doesn't cares who gets hurt as long as he makes a profit out of it. trish: could it backfire with voters that say that's not smart business or it is smart business. you buy low and sell high. maybe we can all use that in government, right? joining me michael, democratic party and republican strategist. we are going to get to donald trump and the housing crisis along with that attack tactic that e lizwet warren took. first violent protesterrors, yelling viva méxico. pretty despicabel behavior,
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doesn't it just help him? >> absolutely. you saw it happen in california a few weeks ago, if somebody is out there damaging police property, hurting our police officers and mexican flag, what does that say, you have people in this country whose allegiance is not with the united states, they are burning american flags, their alliggance is with the flag they are carrying so proudly. trish: they are saying viva méxico. >> that's a trumpish response. trish: i don't know as an american you can see that, viva méxico and burning our flag because it has a picture of donald trump in it and not feel your patriotic backbone get up a little. >> let me say it this way, first of that, i don't condone the violence. let's just state that right off the top. the violence is not what i want to see in any protest. what i think is very american is
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the fact that i can be here, i can celebrate american values and celebrate the fact that my parents may not have come from here. i may not come from here but i am here and willing to participate and pay my taxes and be supportive. trish: really? by shouting insanities? >> be able to acknowledge my roots. you acknowledge the fact that we have an immigrant population here that is proud of the history -- if i yell viva méxico, it doesn't mean that i have hate for america. trish: let's not forget what they were doing simultaneously. burning the picture of the american flag. >> damage to police property. >> and i say that's wrong. >> you can't separate the two. damage police officers, damage police property.
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they are doing at the same time. >> you could protest and love america and want to be a part of the american experience. trish: are those really peaceful protests? guys, that's not a peaceful protest. they're injuring police officers. they're shouting obscenities. they are getting violent. how is that what martin luther king would want? >> you can protest, you can say you love america and want to be part of the american dream -- hold on, hold on. you can protest what's happening in america and love your country and want to see it change for the better without condoning violence. trish: i think we are all in agreement on that. that's not what's at issue here. >> you're talking about a general protest. >> the first thing i said -- i don't condone violence. trish: answer my question, does it or does it not help donald trump when images like that are out there because a lot of
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people are going to say, look, i want to defend my country, i'm an american, i don't like what those people are doing? >> you know what for donald trump supporters it only feels their anger at what's happening seeing and it helps them. trish: okay. anyway. now elizabeth warren and hillary clinton going after donald trump . he had firing back at them, quickly here. >> biggest crash that we have ever had.
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trish: okay. so this is one of the ads that's out there. he responded basically i see this low-life, do we have that in we can run the clip for you. no clip. okay. you know that donald was against housing and i said, yeah, i'm going to buy them, i'm a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. he's corrupt, he's part of this whole problem. he's like, no, 2006 if housing was lower, i'm going to actually move in and try and buy. i mean, i can remember -- i've talked to donald trump various times over the years. he was involved in the real estate market. his whole thought was you buy, you buy. you know, is he the sort of being a businessman in all of this or was he in your view in any way responsible at all for the housing crisis?
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>> not atal responsible for the housing crisis. the clintons are much more responsible under the community revestment act. as far as she's concerned, best practices, as a businessman and i'm in the real estate business. you buy low and you sell high and in america all over the country recognizes that. that's why the real estate in america has rebounded because people are recognizing that. >> i'm kind of rooting for that to happen. >> if i were the clintons i would not be talking about real estate. trish: let's focus on trump for a second. is there going to be any links to this? >> two things, one i think he did make big fortune off of people's big fortune. he made a fortune -- he said he made a fortune off of people's misfortune. >> he didn't say that. >> he invested in this market, he made a fortune off of people
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who were losing their homes. that is not -- having said that, having said that, will it have -- having said that, will it have legs, it might in this very limited way. if he is portraying himself as aspirational billionaire, someone where i'm wealthy and i can have americans be as wealthy as i am, i think this among other things may actually start to chip away at that. but it's something that a democrats we are going to make -- trish: i don't know. it's going to be tough. >> when there's an opportunity to buy, you buy. trish: maybe you can use a little bit that business -- guy, guy. we are going to take a quick break from both of you. hillary clinton, everyone, blasted today by the state department issuing a sharply critical report of her e-mail practices saying she did not get legal approval to set up her
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private server and if she tried, she would have been told, no way because of the security risks involved. yeah, security risks. it won't go away for her and voters are overwhelmingly thinking that she's not simply trust worthy. so how much is this latest development going to affect her? joining me right now christine. is it going to hurt her in the polls? >> you have a lot of voters who think she's untrust worthy and it's another headline that she would not have. if i'm hillary clinton i would focus just with donald trump and instead dealing with bernie sanders, but she now also has to continue answering questions about what a lot of voters know she did wrong with her e-mail. >> and so in light of the fact
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that people all along have seen her in a trust worthy light, i don't know if it's entirely a result of the e-mail, but, you know, all the other scandals that have plagued the clintons for all of these years, i just wonder at some point it's tough one f this stuff kind breeze off because people made their mind up about her christine or they haven't. >> you're right that a lot lot of people have made up their mind. the choice a lot of voters are going to have in november, which of these two people's flaws do i care about the least. so a lot of voters think that hillary clinton is untrust worthy. 57% of voters say they have an unfavor view of her. you have 57% of voters that have unfavorable view for donald trump just for different reasons. it won't come down to who do i like better but what contrast
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that i care more about more or less. and so even if hillary clinton has experience and all these other things that we think of as being good in political office, if they believe that she lies to voters, she plays by her own set of rules, she's looking out for herself and not someone to be trusted, that could be a really big problem for her no matter how many negatives attacks she landzaat donald trump. trish: indeed, thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: we are 165 points right now. we will continue watching this and look for some additional upside here as we are near highs of the session. meanwhile fast-food workers in chicago going on strike threatening to disrupt mcdonalds shareholder meeting, i hope they like the unemployment line because they are going to be faced with the reality that they will be replaced and they will be replaced just as we saw at wendy's with automation, robots that can do the jobs for a whole lot less than 15 bucks an hour.
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that's the hard reality, folks. we will explain next and the next of open borders, san francisco vote to go be sanctuary city. apparently the brutal killing of kate stanley murdered by illegal immigrant wasn't enough for the city to get serious about crime. stay with me i'll be back in two
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trish: breaking right now protestors today demanding $15 an hour to work in the fast-food industry in chicago. just a short time ago mcdonalds workers walked off the job to protest their wages. later tonight police have expecting 8,000 protestors to
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march to mcdonalds corporate headquarters, our own jeff flock is on the scene with the details. jeff, we just did the story the other day about wendy's saying they were going to automate, they were going to replace up to 6,000 workers with computers at wendy's so they wouldn't have to deal with the headache of higher minimum requests. what do workers there protesting at chicago think of that? jeff: well, i talked to one worker here, which is the flagship mcdonalds, who said, you know what, there's a million low-wage jobs out there. if i get fired from mcdonalds, i will go somewhere else. that's the response i got. take a look from the protest. fight for 15 is getting stronger as it goes, in fact, not only 8,000 people expected tonight. mcdonalds, we have just learned has already shut corporate headquarters down in advance of annual meeting there tomorrow.
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they think the protestors are going to stay all the way through the meeting tomorrow. should be quite a scene and we will have it live for you tomorrow. maria talked with former ceo of mcdonalds who said just what you're saying, trish, essentially, if you jack wages up beyond what the restaurants can afford it's going to lead to a takeover to have the robots. >> it's cheaper to buy a 35,000robotic arm than employer that's making $15 an hour bagging french fries. it's nonsense, it's destructive and inflationary and it's going to cause a job loss across the country like you're not going to believe. jeff: workers say it's worth to fight for what they think they deserve. they watched story about ceo pay and say it's unfair disparity with those that have and those that don't. trish: they have nothing to lose, jeff, maybe that's part of the problem.
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jeff: that's what she said. trish: i don't care if myself and thousands of others lose their jobs because of these protests, i'll just find some other job. but there's the reality we are making progress. technology is increasingly replacing workers. i just wonder if these workers really want to speed up the process. jeff: some people will say that technology is coming anyway even if it isn't $15 an hour. maybe those jobs are going away anyway. trish: pinera bread in new jersey near him, they're offering a free cookie in you place your order on the computer. jeff: that's worth it. trish: jeff flock, good stuff. the very latest on the very broken borders. san francisco votes to remain a sanctuary city where authorities can only notify immigration if
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and i legal immigrant is charged or convicted of violent crime within the past seven years. and this despite, remember that news about an innocent girl kate stanley went out for an evening stroll with her father who was murdered by and illegal immigrant, an immigrant that had been convicted of five crimes. one tough cop is here, the left in san francisco is putting every single one of us at risk. stay with us you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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the usaa car buying app iwas really helpful.aa all the information was laid out right there. it makes your life so much easier when you have to purchase a car, so i've been telling everybody. save on your next car with usaa car buying service, . . trish: officials going as far as make it even harder for city workers including the police to share information with the feds. now police are specifically barred from notifying the feds about illegals in their custody unless the suspect is charged with a violent crime and has
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been convicted of a violent crime within the last seven years. all this despite the national outrage after 32-year-old kate stanley was shot and killed by and illegal felon along the water front last year. former nypd joins me now with his thoughts. now, are they glutton for punishment? why? >> i'm speechless. this just shows you the reason we need a donald trump to get rid of the sanctuary cities. i'm appalled that somebody can be arrested for a violent felony or if he doesn't have a conviction prior or she doesn't have conviction prior, they are going to release them. we have ice there. now they're committing a felony and they have to be a violent felony and prior conviction. trish: second one. if you're convicted of murder
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but you haven't done it before, you're okay? >> the guy that killed that young lady in san francisco had five prior convictions. trish: i guess he would have gotten reported. >> this is insanity, what is the rational behind this and now -- trish: i tell you what i think is rational is, votes, votes. they feel that you can't label an entire community of immigrant because some have e lattives that will vote and they want the votes for the democratic party. >> this is one of the reasons, trish, where i'm involved with donald trump because i told donald, i don't want to be a job, i want to be adviser of you. we will give -- cut all money to these cities, you want to be a sanctuary city, you will net no federal funding for anything. trish: how can they? they are basically, the heck with ice. we don't care about ice. >> they hate what the federal law are, we have our city.
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if that's the city i will stop federal fund to go your city. this is reddick whrows. these people now in san francisco, they really must be smoking mushrooms out there because how they could go along after the young ladies was gun down and killed. trish: i use today life in san francisco. and it's extremely liberal community to the point where they're so concerned about the political correctness and being on the left side of things that i really question whether they're looking out for their own good. >> not even liberal and conservatives, it's common sense. it's common sense that these people are illegally -- trish: they have no common sense. look, somebody who has been arrested for a violent crime or convicted of a violent crime just because they haven't done once before in the last seven years, you say, okay, we don't have to report them to immigration.
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>> when i read this, trish, i thought it can't be, this is ludicrous. as far as i'm concerned -- we can't say anything about president obama because he sides with it and he supports it. here is where the republican congress and senate, somebody should get up there, some congressman or senator and say, we will stop funding sanctuary cities, put it through vote on it and let's see what we get. trish: thank you very much. common sense. >> common sense. trish: coming up, everyone, president obama ramping up his efforts to hit his goal to bring 10,000 syrian migrants to the united states before leaving office. just this week a record number of people were admitting, corners are being cut just to meet a political goal. that's next ♪
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trish: a pretty alarming story to tell you about right now. the state department has admitted more than 300 series and into our country alone. 225. that is the new record for refugees in a single day, folks. normal average is about 10 or so a day. why, on monday, was it suddenly
2:34 pm
225? they are moving faster. they are just getting better at screening. better at setting. here is the thing. president obama not bringing in 10,000 refugees. only admitting that. he is not really on schedule. he would need to admit nearly 10,000 refugees in a month. ten per day. that just will not work. it does not add up. he is not moving fast enough. boris, are we really getting better at screening or is the state department just trying to scramble to meet the president's goal? >> why set a goal? shouldn't it be jobs created in america? why is it a whole to bring
2:35 pm
10,000. refugees? trish: these people are refugees. they are under all kinds of threats in their home country. we should be generous and open our borders to try to help them. that is what he would say. >> except for they reek have it. have we have seen. that is one question. trish: hillary clinton is suggesting the same. she wants many, many more times that. she wants these serious refugees brought here to this country. >> emigration. let's just put that on the table. i think that you are correct if you are saying this one-day sort of record, if you will, is not withstanding.
2:36 pm
it is actually a fairly slow process. they have been screened rigorously. that is not what is happening at our borders. people are being screened. trish: this is likely coming to us out of europe. greece has been under siege there. you can look at that. how do we prevent some of the challenges that europe is dealing with right now? cultural challenges. we can show them to you again. migrant men know not to grab women on the behind or when they are in a swimsuit. they actually have to hand out pamphlets to tell these people we have different cultural things here. >> there are structural reasons why that does not happen here. it is harder for folks to get
2:37 pm
here. we will screen you very rigorously before we actually had met. trish: let's just leave the issue of whether or not we should be bringing serious to the country. admitting about 10 a day. 225. an additional 75. why speed up? >> lame-duck president. the state department and department of homeland security which i hope wasn't involved. my father's phd. it took two years. taking a couple weeks or even a month. we know that it is ramping up.
2:38 pm
there is absolutely no -- >> hang on. they would and full trade the refugee population here in america with isis supporters. that exists out there. why are we saying we will bring you all here. just to meet the presidents objective, we will speed it up. >> i do not know if there is a speeding up, per se. we are announced on the same day. homeland security is involved, number one. i understand that isis has made these threats. programs like this have existed even back in the 80s. >> we have not as a nation. we have not done that well.
2:39 pm
think back to world war ii. millions of jews that were being killed in european we did not bring them here. there is precedent for country saying we are nervous about a threat. we are nervous about an enemy. we tend to respond to that nervousness. >> did not pose a threat to america. yes, you have to look at what is happening in europe. we are geographically different. why would we give up that bush or mark they are coming through because they are next to europe. they are opening our borders. far more rigorous process. what is taking place right now. in our country, historically, we declared independence. we have had a policy.
2:40 pm
as deluca commented the country, how many and from where. >> this is not new. >> what is new about this now is this is a very specific group did they want to take us down. we need to be its jordan ehrlich careful about anyone and not part of the world. bringing people and just for his own political purposes. good to see you guys. thirty-one different gender identities. so much for he or she. it is now two spirits. businesses that do not accommodate someone's chosen gender identity, a risk six-figure fines from the city of new york. this is political correctness. we are all over it as they target business next.
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larger than expected decline in supplies. bad news for retailers. tiffany's releasing some disappointing news. offering bleak outputs for their quarters. right back with new york city insanity. thirty-one different gender identities here in nyc that people can choose from. if businesses do not comply, they will have to pay up big time. more after the break. ♪
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trish: breaking right now. the state of texas is suing the obama administration over the administration order that requires all public schools to lead students use whatever bathroom, whatever locker room they gender identify with. this is a threat to safety. this is not the time. the political correct police are targeting business. letting you choose from 31 different gender identities. yes. thirty-one. if your employer or landlord does not referred to you by your requested gender identity, and he or she, well, they can be fined more than $200,000.
2:46 pm
take a look at this. listing all 31 identities. you can be a gender bender or two spirits, just to name a few. this is crazy. you may as well looking into having 30 different separate bathrooms. maybe a man that identifies as a gender bender will be allowed to use a woman's bathroom. joining me right now is -- and steve moore from the heritage foundation. good to see both of you guys. you know, is the left trying to put businesses out of business? >> five the way, what is that? i never heard that expression. >> there are 31 terms. i have never heard of half of these. >> i just did a survey of all the states.
2:47 pm
which have the most pro-business environment. new york, you know what number they were, number 49 out of 50. businesses cannot comply. the highest in the country comes time on california. it is leading to businesses out of california. on your network and so many, come to new york. cutting all of this up. it is because of policies like this where you can find them for calling someone the wrong gender trish: 31 gender identities. gosh, cannot just check off plants or something on the list. i think about small business owners and how they, it you know, inadvertently may not know
2:48 pm
to offer all of these terms, two spirits, gender gifted, gender blender -- [laughter] >> absolutely. i am coming to you out of wisconsin. i can guarantee you that this is not a pressing issue. that is what they are afraid of. the obama administration is putting out what we can do at our schools in terms of bathrooms. i have children. it you do to. i am worried what is going to happen when she goes into the shower. eighteen who claims he is transgender probably has not gone through the sex reassignment surgery. there will be boys parts in the girls bathrooms. this is very concerning. this is not about bathrooms. this is about an ideology that says gender does not matter.
2:49 pm
it is patriotic all. you cannot tell i am about to have a baby. i can tell you -- trish: congratulations. >> my experiences very different. a huge impact on how i raise my kids. how my husband does it. how we do it together. i think that it will have found impact on the economy. they are concerned about the safety of girls. >> now, it is okay for boys to be in places that they should not be in. no one has the right. >> i am worried about the safety. i am also worried about the profound impact that this ideology will have in the long term. the most local level. get away from the social
2:50 pm
engineers and the president's office. let's take these issues into the community. trish: you make some good points. you think about the girls and all of this. depends, i guess, on how you gender identified. the reality is you get all of these girls. >> i think that that is right. i cannot tell you. i have hundreds of e-mails and tweets from people when this ruling came out. people saying that is it. i am pulling my kids out of public schools. this is a real danger to our public school system. here is a solution. why don't we just give people a voucher. let them go to whatever schools that they want to. let's do that.
2:51 pm
trish: i have to run. helping all of these people to make their own decisions. thank you so much. we are going to take a quick break. we are back with more after this. ♪ v ♪
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you could save up to $509. call that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. trish: hey, china, we do it better. keeping his furniture operations in virginia. john bassett the third is the chairman. good to have you here. we have done this 497 years. first started back in the 80s, early 90s.
2:55 pm
i don't think we imported more than 8%. trish: why did he think it was not going to work? >> how do you know you are getting what you should get. my family has been in this business for 100 years. stood by us for 100 years. i will stand with them. trish: you can say it is so much cheaper. hire someone for so much less to do the same work in china. >> very tempting. >> thinking about price all the time. we started pbx. east to main florida. we guarantee you our products
2:56 pm
will be on your floor. seven days. >> crossing. trish: that is if it gets done on time. >> did not have to carry it. they carried the floor samples. people wait seven days to get a piece of furniture. think how much that saved them. trish: american businesses that are contemplating moving their facilities offshore. >> it will not be part of this problem. part of the solution to the problem. trish: so good to have you here. congrats on staying in the usa. thanks for watching. we will be right back. ♪
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trish: the state of texas suing the obama administration over
3:00 pm
its order to allow students to use whatever bathroom or locker room they gender identify with. be to tune in tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern when my fox news colleague, you don't want to miss it. in the meantime over to you. liz: you don't want to miss this one. it's no mickey mouse rally. markets up triple digits now in the second day in a row. as oil approaches $60 per barrel and asia looks pretty darn good. positive for the month of may. right now up 146 points. meanwhile the center of the political world. today just a stone throw from disneyland. donald trump is expected to take that stage to hold a rally in california. we are told in the last couple of minutes donald trump has arrived at the building, will make his way to the stage any time soon and, again, this is right next to disneyland, land of


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