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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the dow in the triple digits. "making money" with charles payne starts next. >> good evening. it could be a proxy for an even better economy. you don't want to mess with texas. the lone state filing another lawsuit. we have the attorney general behind that lawsuit. the democrats are going to make bernie sanders an offer he can't refuse, the head of debbie wasserman-shultz. the interm review in the state
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department found that hillary clinton did violate the state department rules. donald trump holding another rally, this time in anaheim, california. you are looking at live pictures. police promised the police would arrest protesters if they got out of hand. you are looking at a standoff between the protesters and the police. and it's getting ugly. this chaos from last night's rally in new mexico and the growing violence that could be escalating even here in california is driving the news narrative and a lot of people think it will perhaps help donald trump. joining me now, tammy bruce, adams rogers. we saw the crazy violence in new mexico.
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protesters getting out of control to the point of attacking the police. i saw where one of the police horses had to be put down because his leg was broken. >> where are the animal rights activists on this one, charles? >> this is nuts. we understand the right to protest. we understand first amendment. but what we saw last night was pure ugly riots. un-american. i know from a political points of view of it helps donald trump. >> it does help donald trump. this is the system and there is nothing more fun than beating the system, to quote him. but way want to know, where are the prosecutors? a protest is not the same thing as a violent riot. we need to start distinguishing that in our narrative and call on people like debbie wasserman-shultz and hillary clinton and bernie sanders to
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call on prosecutors to prosecute these crimes. they arrest them then nothing ever happens. i hope mr. trump will demands a record from all of the people who have been arrested. what happened to them after they have created violence at these free speech events. this is not free speech. this is violence and crime and it needs to be prosecuted. charles: a lot of people are saying this is a continuation of the so-called ferguson effect. chaos begets chaos. >> these are not protesters. they are thugs and criminals and as you just said, it's pun american. to burn the flag of the united states of america and fly the mexican flag is everything donald trump was telling us it would happen. does it help donald trump? they assured him an election to the presidency of the united states.
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charles: the mainstream media talking about donald trump's speech today he saying when he called the the protest criminal he was justifying their actions by calling their first amendment rights criminal. so you talk about enabling or encouraging this stiff. >> in none of the media coverage will you see any interest in asking who these thugs are, because they don't like the answers. i would like to nope those arrested, it's literally un-american. these are things the american voter is tired of. they have seen this for 8 years. we don't want a continuation of this. hillary is prompting some of this. it's the democrat party, liberals in general. the unions, bernie sanders people. a whole host of people attached to the democrat party.
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i need to see democrats stands begins this. where is paul ryan? the media is ignoring it. we'll have our riot in november of this year and it's going to be quite and it will be in the voting booth. >> these individuals, these thugs and criminals do not represent the latino and hispanic community. there are hard-working individuals who don't deserve this. those are people we should be listening to. the hard-working american citizen. charles: i have got to chuckle when i saw a still photograph of one of the protesters wearing a free el chapo shirt. that said it all. i'll bet you over half of them probably aren't even here legally. >> these people are being paid, too. george soros is bankrolling
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this. this is part of the democratic team that wants to defeat donald trump. if you did the man on the street, they don't know any issue. charles: that's been proven over and over again. >> passion that breeds engagement is healthy. we all believe in that. but engagement that tbreeds violence is not. the one thing that's been mentioned by tammy is that you have to call it for what it is. when things turn violent, there was a flyer distributed by the anaheim police department. they distribute to flyer to tell the protesters to remind them they will not tolerate burning, looting or violence. that is out of control. that's wrong. all the candidates in the race should call it for what it is. it is not the way that we constitutionally should, you
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know, express ourselves. and most importantly, it should not be a replacement for the passion that has driven this election into the living rooms and beyond all over america and has gone the people excited. >> no matter who the nominee would be, it could have been jeb bush in having some meeting oral event. this is the democrat plan up to election day. as a former leftist organizer, as a community organizer, this is -- this is -- was clear starting last year. this is what you will try to see. they are going to try to make it about that trump is provoking it and they want it to be about racial divisions. they want repeats of what they saw with obama's success. the problem is, we are done. we are over. all the time the left pushes too much. and they don't know when to stop. charles: i caught the beginning
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of donald trump's events in anaheim. one of the first things he talked about was creating jobs for african-american youths. and he gave great props to the mexican americans. the mainstream media has to take a large part of the blame. >> the mainstream media does. but these prosecutors need to be held accountable to do their jobs. if these people were arrested, where are the black lives matter protesters that were arrested for violence? today if i'm pulled over in my car and i push a cap or break glass and it falls on a police officer's foot, i'll be taken in and prosecuted. >> we'll bail you out, gina. >> they have done an extraordinary job showing
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restraint. >> watching them being pelted and accosted by this crowd and restraining themselves. that speaks to training and so many other things. it's extraordinary. >> in channel surfing i ran into one of the competitive stations. it troubled me the host of that show said there isn't much violence. only a cop got hit by a rock or a horse got hurt. sooner or later the police will have to do their job. because when they do there will be mass arrests. charles: there may be wealthy progressives like george soros him this. do they think this will get them the white house? >> obama didn't do badly by using this divisive issue. they are not right on the issues.
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they want to intimidate and frighten people including their own base. this is not about the average hispanic in this country. these are organized, professional individual being paid, this is what they do for a living. charles: guys, we have to take a break. we'll come back and talk about texas taking on the federal government over transgender issues within the school. we have the man behind that lawsuit. he's next. you will want to see this. we'll be right back. you pay your car insurance
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administration has decided to exclude congress entirely through forcing through his policies through executive action, president obama has excluded the voice of the people. we stand today to insure those voices are heard. make no mistake, this is no miss interpretation, it's an entire rewrite of law. charles: the texas attorney general intend to sue the government over the bathroom issue. progressives, someone like a president obama would say that's what schools are for. >> we know in this case the president changed the law. and no matter what your opinion
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is, this is a political debate that should be had in congress, and not have one person, the president of the united states change the law. that's why you had 11 city join us today and you will see other states come on board as we move forward. >> when you spoke with some of on you attorneys general, everyone is jumping on board with this. what were they telling you? you are the lead on this and i'm sure you were applaud. but what is your concern. >> the constitutional issue, a president that just changes laws. congress has debated whether to change them over the last 20 years. and they haven't. so that's the first concern. we have a president stepping into the congressional roll out of his congressional authority. and it's a safety issue. this affects 100,000 schools. if you don't follow his policy
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you potentially lose your funding and you have to have your kid at risk having any man who decide to be female for the day can walk into your daughter many locker room or bathroom. charles: the president and others who think like him say they understand this is comfort for other student and parents, but the kid who feel a different gender, they have right as well. is there so sort middle ground on this? >> i think school districts deal with this on a case-by-case basis. the president just can't come and unilaterally open the door for this broad policy that doesn't just relate to gender identity, it opens the door for anybody and no matter what they are and thinking they can change their gender for a day and walk into a women's locker room. charles: loretta lynch compared
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resistance to his to people who wanted to applaud jim crow laws. is that going too far? >> absolutely. she can read the law. and you can read it. the law is not what they are changing it to. they made it up. charles: on the money part, you brought it up. the federal government holding states hostage. how long can some of these states that won't have the financial wherewithal in texas hold out without getting federal funding? >> that's why we filed for a permanent injunction. we wanted to stop it in it track. we want a preliminary injunction so if they don't implement this and hurt our kid. we filed now, we needed to file quickly to make sure none of our school children are hurt across
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the nation. charles: donald trump had a lot to say about new mexico governor susana martinez. some are not necessarily happy with it. they are saying it may hurt him with hispanic and women voters. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> since 2000 the number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going. she has got to do a better job. your governor has got to do a better job. she is not doing the job.
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charles: that was donald trump last night. he had a successful rally in new mexico. some took exception to the fact that he did bash new mexico's republican governor susana martinez who has not endorsed him. she is the first hispanic governor in the united states and her office releasing a statement not long ago. governor march continuees does not care what donald trump says about him, she cares about what he will do to help new mexicans. joining me now, kathy taylor,ly a booth, and carl higbie. a couple week ago susana martinez was at the top of the list for vp.
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>> this is a dumb move on the part of donald trump. there i no political gain him for him attacking susana martinez. she is the first female hispanic governor in the united states and the first female governor of new mexico. when you are struggling with women and hispanic voters. why do you go after her? and she is the chairwoman of the rga so she is connected with high-dollar donors. to me i'm sitting here, and it doesn't make any sense for him politically to go after her. charles: carl higbie, a major donald trump supporter, you would say the reason he's rewriting the rules is because he hasn't pandered to the
6:24 pm
establishment. >> when he was here in connecticut, he went after month low. d he went after malloy. this is across the board. no holds barred. we need to get her going, he's involved. >> is it because she is not doing the job or because she is not endorsing him and his candidacy. >> she said he was attacking her on politics and not policy. and that's not exactly true here. new mexico has been found to be the worst in terms of economic recovery across the nation. the pew charitable trust poll just came out in march showing that. he could have attacked her more and he didn't. the good news is she ran against
6:25 pm
securing her border in her state against illegal immigrant. she took away sanctuary status. charles: what about focusing on the common ground stuff. and the bottom line is ultimately if you do want some form of unity. donald trump promised to unite the party. >> the party will have to unite around donald trump. the american people said screw you, republican party. you haven't represented us. now, you get behind our guy. charles: donald trump is the nominee and the republican voters said they want him to remake the party. some democratic leaders are discuss discussing the removal of debbie wasserman-shultz from the dnc. we'll be right back.
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wasserman-schultz. charles: donald trump and speaker paul ryan are scheduled to speak on the phone tonight. a ryan spokesperson said the purpose of the call is to continue the conversation about unity. they met on capitol hill a few weeks ago, but the house speaker has yet to officially endorse donald trump.
6:30 pm
it's interesting. i saw a piece floating around that paul ryan put out about unity. and it felt like a presidential ad. so it seems like he's holding his ground on certain things but also understanding the inevitable. >> considering how fast voters are coalescing around donald trump. 8% of republicans are firmly behind donald trump. paul ryan can take his time. he has to endorse him before the convention. but the meeting of the minds between trump and ryan is good to help other gop voters to understand trump is the man and eventually he will work to make our lives better. >> some ardent trump supporters think it's too little too late. that paul ryan made a huge mistake and he will pay politically for it.
6:31 pm
>> i think a lot of people appreciate his principled stance. charles: at the end of the day he probably won't get any of the concessions he's look for. >> i think he's the first person who has taken donald trump on and not easily giving him what he wants and made donald trump come to his table. if we are going to have done there are the white house we need a strong congress. and he's prochtion to be that leader. >> he could just be a tease. he needs to grow up. 167 days to the general election. this man is third in line to the white house and he still needs conversations to be convinced? donald trump is a well-known individual. he's going to be chair of the convention. he's speaker of the house. these are conversations grown
6:32 pm
men who know what they want should know what they want. this is the kind of politicking that americans don't like that create sad die ma'am nick this country that ruined people's lives. it's seen as being untrustworthy and double dealing. ultimately it will turn out okay. but paul ryan will suffer politically in general. >> this is the first test of donald trump's louded negotiation skills. and he's giving him a run for his money. charles: more recently bernie sanders called out the chair of the dnc, debbie wasserman-schultz. will he get her head to appease the party? what do you make of this? now there is talk of getting rid of debbie wasserman-schultz. will that be the final act of appeasement to get bernie on board once and for all?
6:33 pm
>> i think at the ends of the date only person who can make that's decision is the president and the party officials. they are the only ones who can decide if she states or she goes. she mismanaged this process. the debate where she hid about three of the debates on the knee deep weekend schedule. that was a problem and it hurt clinton and o'malley. i was part of the o'malley campaign so we dealt with that. there is a lot here that's been totally unfair to the voters of the democratic party and america in general. charles: a couple days ago an olive branch was given, six seats to hillary, five to bernie sanders. his five is the hall of faism radical leftism. four seats go to the chair. if they put in a chair who sees
6:34 pm
eye to eye eye with bernie sanders, he takes over the whole thing. >> his voters may decide this election even though bernie sanders's name is not on the ballot. they have to dump debbie wasserman-schultz. if they don't change chairs, basically the sanders supporters is going to say the democratic party is tone deaf. >> i feel so bad for her. i think she made an error. charles: an error? what about her personality. >> it's really abrasive. but like many democrats she decided this was going to be a coronation. she is paying the price for hillary clinton being a fundamentally undesirable and flawed candidate. i feel bad for her. >> and she is indicating how
6:35 pm
disloyal she is. when she heard barack obama was doing better she called his team and said i'm ready to work with you when you have need me. it's about betrail of and loyalty. she has never been liked. she never meets with obama. charles: who do you have think is the person who can turn this thing around? >> at the end of the day bernie sanders wants to beat donald trump. i think that's where we are at the end of the day. charles: he shattered this thing in a million pieces and he thinks he will put it back together, maybe too little too late. bernie sanders make some inflammatory comments about disney in anaheim, california, of all places, wow!
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charles: bernie sanders waltzes into anaheim and takes on disney. criticizing a company that employs 37,000 people. om poolin. forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs
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of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. >> i'm probably the only politician to come to anaheim to say this. i use disney as an example of what we are talking about when we talk about a rigged economy. charles: that was bernie sanders talking about making too much money and overpaying their ceo. difficult anyland resorts
6:40 pm
generates $5.7 billion annually for the local economy. and 11,000 jobs over the last decade, a 65% increase. these protesters are demanding $15 an hour from mcdonald's. you wrote a piece pointing out the hypocrisy. we know bernie sanders, his 37,000 union workers is what he's representing. the median ceo makes $117,000 a year. >> the afl-cio put out this report condemning ceo pay, but i was looking at what some of it executive council members were making. six-figure salaries. the painters union spending $50
6:41 pm
on wine bottles and the plumbers at a napa valley wine. charles: anaheim's population went up over 600% because in 1954 disney started construction on disneyland. if you have low skills there are very few places you can find today. >> i have to agree with gillian. there is a lot of hypocrisy. you can't have union presidents making hundreds of thousands of dollars saying they are representing the little guy who's working hard and making the same salary if not more than these high execs. >> a lot of these states where this is happening, it's not right to work states. it's taking union dues from the little guy.
6:42 pm
charles: who may not want to pay. this is a popular mess and. bernie sanders is killing it. he's gotten tens of thousands of people show up for his event. he's dominating the millennial voting. what's the deal in this country that we are turning on capitalism. >> mark called them useful idiots. this notion that someone giving you a job is hurting you. it's ridiculous. all they are working toward is working to get disney out of expensive california. they cite things like they can't afford housing. this is my home turf here. i can tell you the reason they can't afford housing, it's because of the 75 cents per gallon gas tax and 35,000 to 75,000 per home just in extra fees. that's per home in california to build. i'm in the neighboring county of
6:43 pm
san diego and it's not much different than where anaheim is located. 83% of the land is owned by the government for national parks. these are the things that make housing expensive. if they weren't paying their workers enough they wouldn't have enough workers. >> that's why you need a businessman like donald trump as president of the united states. charles: gillian, you spend a lot of time on college campuses. is it the free aspect or the social justice aspect. >> burlington college under jane sanders management just went bankrupt. she took a $200,000 severance. charles: the last panel of any socialist playbook end in bankruptcy and violence and death, too. oil prices are up. that kind of sets the stage.
6:44 pm
but will the comeback continue? we'll discuss it next. you didn't read
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charles: in 2013 oxford university public laished research report that shocked the world it says 30% of all jobs in the united states would be taken over buy robots. the future is now. two big news items. a chinese manufacturers is a proxy for all the lost american jobs while they are suffering a job drain of their own. this one replaced 60,000 jobs
6:48 pm
with automation and robots. germany should be celebrating a return of manufacturing from outside the country. but the 4,600 square meter plant will be run by robots, not humans. if ipods are made by robots, there is no inherent advantage top keeping the operation in china. the stock market is strong again. if the good news for today's session, it was energy and materials. these industries are what i call dirty fingernail industries. the ones american men need so desperately to work out. we have to learn how to replace and fix those robots. take a look at snap-on tools.
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towel don't want to miss cavuto, coast to coast. neil will be speaking with former federal reserve chairman allen greenspan. that's 12:00 p.m. eastern here on fox business. a report from the inspector general shows hoik very did violate rules regarding her private server. we'll discuss it next.
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. charles: san francisco leaders approved legislation that will make it harder to deport illegal immigrants. new condition specified that illegal immigrants must have been convicted of a violent crime in the past seven years. the change comes after 11 months of five-time deported mexican man, remember the
6:53 pm
killing of kate steinle. joining me to discuss cathy taylor, lisa boothe, carl higbie and captain chuck nash. captain nash, to you first, you would think with the public outrage san francisco would have gone the other way. they're going to make it harder to bring illegal immigrants to justice. >> one would have thought, charles, there is more than enough compelling evidence to make that call. the other thing is cities take it upon themselves to decide what they see is right as opposed to what is lawful. you looked at bathroom controversy going on right now. the states are challenging it in court. they're not unilaterally deciding to break the law. we are a nation of laws and if we give up that, it's going to turn into chaos. charles: lisa boothe, this seems like a recipe for the worst kind of chaos where murder of the innocence is allowed and enabled.
6:54 pm
>> right, and you're allowing it so the instance can you harbor illegal immigrants who commit crimes is beyond me, i don't know how anyone can possibly defend that type of policy. that is why you get the arguments that donald trump is making about illegal immigration because we've seen a president who adhered to the policies of trying to make it as easy as possible to immigrate to the country illegally. look at his executive action on immigration, you go back to 2012, again, with executive action on immigration, and we've seen where the crisis at the border, even top officials for the obama administration said the influx of illegal immigrants is a new normal now in this country. so it's no wonder that cities are following the path and the precedent that the obama administration has set. charles: you know, carl, it's interesting, i don't know what it is with california and self-destructive nature, but you have to feel so upset if you're a native born citizen.
6:55 pm
in addition to this, the university of california pledging $25 million to help illegal immigrants to go to college. no one is paying for my kid. >> solution. right there. when has this ever been good. charles: why is it getting worse? >> i don't know. like we were saying this is a nation of laws, we have a federal law, state laws. why are they being allowed to get away with not abiding by these laws. they shouldn't be here, let's stop helping them, they're not great people because they're committing a crime. charles: but the bottom line is over the years we've seen hundreds of american cities become sanctuary cities. i know there's a political end to it, but i don't think it does moral justification for it. >> absolutely not. not only is this not law abiding, this is insanity. if you look at the statistics, time and time again statistic after statistic shows much higher risk of crime from the illegal immigrantness that the general population.
6:56 pm
fox itself did a study a couple of years ago, found illegal immigrants were more than three times more likely to commit murder, not just a crime, murder, than the general population. we have a real problem, and to lisa's point, this is why a candidate is getting a lot of rise. people have to feel secure and protected at home first. charles: i want to switch topics, hillary has mail, e-mail, and e-mail problems. the long-awaited results from the state department inspector general concluded what we all kind of knew, she failed to comply with the agency's policies with regard to recording and preserving personal stuff on the e-mail server. now the big question, of course, will there be big legal ramifications. by the way, guccifer who claims he broke into her server pled guilty as well. want to go back to you once again, chuck nash. listen, they're piecemealing this thing out with clinton. she took offense and said the
6:57 pm
head of the agency dislikes her personally. >> right-wing conspiracy. charles: except when it's a left-wing conspiracy. >> here's the thing. what they found is an e-mail documentation she's talking to huma abedin on e-mails and afraid of getting private records accessible. she didn't do this out of convenience. what it's become clear is she now did it to systematically evade federal record keeping laws which are codified under the federal records act, and the procedures that the state department adopted were to keep state department employees in consonance with that act. so in effect, she was violating the law clear and simple, had you or i done it, we would already be in jail. charles: here's the thing, cathy. judge napolitano makes it clear every time. this is not about ignorance of the law, we know it's about her
6:58 pm
arrogance but the fact of the matter is she should, to captain nash's point, be facing serial criminal justice and time. >> absolutely. these e-mail issues, she has more issues around them than bill clinton had girlfriends. you know, did you delete anything? no, oops! maybe. did you send anything classified. no. yes, i did. it's unbelievable. what's so unbelievable today is her camp says there is no evidence she's maliciously flouted the law. i'm sorry, i worked at the white house, i didn't know that was the bar to maliciously flout. charles: carl, tried to mitigate everything by saying there are other things as well, other former secretaries of state, other former high-ranking officials. this kind of thing has been happening, no biggie. >> it is happening. remember when david petraeus did this? they left him far out to dry. blame the people who are in
6:59 pm
charge of enforcing the laws. not person who breaks the law, the person enforcing the law. just like black lives matter and the police force. it's not society's fault, it's the person who broke the law's fault. charles: in this case, someone running for president of the united states. we have breaking news from the hill, lawyers for a former top aide to hillary clinton filed a motion today asking a federal court to bar a conservative watchdog group from releasing a videotape of her in an upcoming deposition, part of the lawsuit related to the clinton e-mail server. the plot thickens. lisa boothe, real quick, it's not going to go away, i don't think. >> it's not going to go away, this complicates narrative politically, because now she's trying claim this is a right-wing conspiracy. she's got an obama-appointed inspector general now in the report critical of her e-mail practices. she can't run away at all. charles: felt like again, when they released this report, they
7:00 pm
tried to water it down a little bit. i'm not sure the public is buying it. guys you are fantastic, appreciate it. at home, we appreciate it. catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, tape it, dvr it. in the meantime, the man himself lou dobbs is here. keep it right here, fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the democratic party in turmoil tonight, democratic front-runner hillary clinton is responsible for much of it. the state department inspector general issued a highly critical report on the former secretary saying she disregarded state department policies, regulations and law and ignored cybersecurity threats when she used private e-mail for official state department communications. and it appears her e-mail scandal will only widen and worsen in the days ahead. the state department ig findings come on the same day


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