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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 26, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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we were just listening in on president obama who talked about sustaining the u.s. recovery in progress abroad in europe. looking at the euro, stronger against the u.s. dollar and across the board the other currency stronger as well. going over now to maria bartiromo and "mornings with maria." begins now. maria: happy thursday, everybody. i maria bartiromo. it is thursday, may 26th. donald trump takes on california. the presumptive republican nominee holding a big rally before having fun i might do it television last night. asking about his use of aliases and previous support for front runner hillary clinton. >> is a trump is a world-class businessmen. all over the world. i speak well of everybody. if people asked me about politicians, i speak well. when they asked me about hillary, she's wonderful. everyone's wonderful. including contributions.
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>> so you are full of that when you said that. >> over the years i've used alias. when i'm in real estate and especially in brooklyn with my father and i want to buy something and honestly nobody knew who trump was at that time. it wasn't so much important. i would never want to use my name. maria: meanwhile, hillary clinton in hot water over e-mail server. but the scathing apartments for her run for the white house. plus tax dollars at work. details on how the government's top programs run on decades-old platforms. the summer travel season getting underway this weekend. the the sunday braynon travelers, the best bug spray to protect you and your family this summer. let's have some are better than an amusement park? in part attendance to rise this year. a closer look at the big business. park is this morning watching oil hitting new highs for the year. take a look.
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fifty dollars to bail right now. west texas crude nearing the level. money has been moving into oil and prices now at $50 a barrel going into the travel weekend. checking stocks in asia overnight. modest gains report. reducing losses in korea. pretty much best performer they are. composite in china. european markets between gains and losses very much like fashion. the dax up 39 points radio about a third of a percent higher in germany. and the u.s. futures point to a slight gain as the rally continues. the dow jones industrial average expect you to open up 20 points. nasdaq, s&p 500 higher. joining me this morning, dagen mcdowell pedrosa m. murphy and fox news contributor judy miller. welcome back. dagen: good morning. we were all talking about the suspect or general report. maria: so much to discuss.
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the first look really. i'm in a special program could cremate award-winning artist and former lead singer of lead is with us. and of course, to break in this development on inspector general report on clinton's e-mail scandal. let's kick it off with politics capital. donald trump on jimmy kimmel live. the presumptive nominee field in various questions from the late-night host about his campaign, including whether he would debate bernie sanders ahead of the california state primary. watch this. he >> here's a question from burning. hillary clinton back out of an agreement to debate in california before the june 7th primary. are you prepared to debate major issues facing our largest state in the country before the california primary? yes or no. >> sim. how much is it going to paint me? >> you would do it for a price?
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>> if i debated him, we would have such high ratings and i think i should take that money and give it to some worthy charity. maria: sanders responded to trump on twitter. he says gave not good i look forward to debating, jumping california before the june 7th primary. joining me now's senior political reporter ashleigh pratt along with american urban radio networks white house correspondent april ryan. good to see you both. what does this say about hillary? bernie sanders is going to debate donald trump before the primary. where is hillary in all of this? >> it says a lot about hillary. she says i'm not going to debate you because i'm not going to give your candidacy any credence. i'm the front-runner. i will be the nominee. donald chan is giving him the respect and credence he deserves. if he does win in california, which right now polls are showing him neck and neck within two points of clinton.
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that is going to be devastating for a general election date because she will effectively become the presumptive nominee without winning the largest state in the country. i think it's huge. if they actually did today actually did debate actually did today, that would pop sanders up a little bit more and maybe give superdelegates a look at the convention. maria: that's obviously what he wants. there's also real chaos on the left. hillary clinton under fire following a new state department inspector general report. this is the former secretary knowingly broke the rules by not reporting use of a private e-mail server. as committee chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz finds herself in hot water followed accusations of unfair treatment towards bernie sanders ahead of the july convention. here is that the dnc chair told me in march when i asked her about the issue. >> there is just no shred of evidence to suggest i'm favoring hillary clinton. maria, i'm not doing a very good job wrapping the nomination up for her if i was favoring hillary clinton.
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i could've worked harder at it if that's what i've are doing. if i wanted to support a particular candidate, i would do exactly that, and not be dnc chair and go support a candidate. i truly believe that my time is best spent making sure i can get our party that he should make sure we can continue to progress being made under barack obama. maria: establishes done? at the party ready? >> she's trying to get the party ready. we say republicans come together and unite. now we see the democrats kind of fall apart. what is happening is debbie wasserman schultz is in a very bad situation. being a one-man, many are supporting hillary clinton. but it comes to bernie sanders, she has said she has been fair. bernie sanders has said on numerous occasions but the debate issue it wasn't very nice. he made other issues. she's got to walk a very thin line going into california on
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june 7 and then going into the convention in july, they've got to walk a certain kind of tight rope walk to make sure that everything is about lord. maria: that's the point. she had a limited number of debates. a lot of people said they were rejecting hillary. >> i cannot go out unequivocally. i can't go out and say she's not walk the line. i'm not going to say that. she's bucking the typo. bernie sanders is saying send it in and we know she supports hillary. maria: let's talk about this report. how damaging do you see it for hillary clinton? dagen: she sang her use of the priv with the state department and they signed off on it. it was a lie. that is simply not true based on this report. i think brett bair interviewed
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him last night and said it sounds like you are trying to say that there is some political bias at this inspector general who by the way was appointed by president obama. we could go into that. there wasn't e-mail uncovered with hillary clinton in the spirit again, there is so much detail in here that i wonder how much lower her numbers on how much people do not trust her go. >> and it really hurt her? we've known about this. i don't think anyone shocked by the revelation today. had she proven she can stay above all this? that hasn't tracked her down much. dagen: is hillary clinton honest and trustworthy? yes. 31% is a new low. >> she's so when the democratic nomination. dagen: ipad is really disingenuous to brad fallon and the entire camp to come out and
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say look what they inspector general report that everybody had e-mails. colin powell, condi rice, they had e-mails. no one is. this is not even what were talking about. it's the fact that hillary clinton had a server in her basement. she's the only one who had that. nobody else had that. it was so disingenuous to blow over that fact. >> absolutely. 79 pages of sheer misery for the clinton campaign because it contradicts every single one of their claims about the server in the system. she said that there was something unique here. the inspector general says yes it was unique. they say that it was inconsistent with policy. they said she had an obligation to ask whether it was appropriate. at this point you can stay alive. she made the most interesting thing was her motive. when she was warned about this, she said the, i don't want
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anything personal been accessible. the one you referred to. this is a huge problem for her not because we haven't heard these allegations before, but because the department which she worked, which she supervises now saying you did virtually everything wrong here. i can't imagine anything worse for the campaign or credibility. dagen: you just said that trump and hillary are in a dead heat. where are you saying that? >> said that the public policy. it's out of california and that came out last night. it shows 44% and 46% for sanders and he is trailing her by 2% in california. that shows the mackinac get dallas reported on "politico" this morning. i think that is interesting. when it comes to the inspector general's report, it proves that
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a lot of americans knew that hillary clinton asked the little interest of hillary clinton opening the best interest of the country in the backseat. i think we are going to save much of the same thing. she does things that are personal and political convenience and that is not acceptable for commander-in-chief acceptable for commander-in-chief or president of the united states to do. maria: now the focus is on what happens next. when we hear from jim, and the fbi. >> the fbi primary. this report keeps the pressure on them to continue this investigation. 120 agents working 20 for seven on this. i can't believe that there's not going to be -- we are going to see another shootout. >> one team members spoke to inspector general. >> they spoke to five. maria: i think i just heard president obama speaking this morning from japan. he called that noise.
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dagen: hillary clinton get elected are winning the nomination at this point it's part of his ability to continue his legacy. it is important to have meant that when fully expect him to be in the campaign trail in the fall assuming that she's the nominee. you talk about superdelegates. as we saw in 2008 i don't now. if more problems they brought for her, that is something to watch. >> i don't think the fbi faction -- maria: wedding and lack of such? >> if they do not make a referral, this would be a very bad one for the road. but i still think should get the nomination. maria: thank you, ladies. we appreciate your time. the top nuclear arsenal controlled by floppy disk. the dangerous state of the u.s. nuke program is coming out. buckle up as millions hit the road this weekend. theme parks expected to be top
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maria: welcome back to them or severe weather seep into the plains. dagen mcdowell at the headlines. dagen: good morning, maria. a large tornado given to people critically injured in a rural part of western kansas last night. according to emergency officials in the area. storm spotters and radar data confirming the twister near solomon and adelaide where one car was overturned according to the national weather service. in the meantime, the canadian wild type that force 90,000 people to evacuate from fort mcmurray is still not under can show up the smoked trout why not the way to spain. the fires fanned 2000 miles in the smoke has made it 4000 miles to gear up earlier this week according to nasa. they might be several decades old, that the u.s. defense department is still using a
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floppy disk. can't make it out. the outdated technology is being used in the 1970s ibm computer system to send and receive comic emergency action messages to the u.s. nuke air force says. this is according to a new government accountability office report. the floppy disk handling functions related to intercontinental ballistic missiles coming their bombers and tankers support aircraft according to the report. if you go through the gao report, replacement parts for the system are difficult to find because they are obsolete. this is sending essentially nuke leer information. there are all these other issues the transportation department, hazardous materials information system 41 years old. then there is no software. maria: unbelievable. i don't think you have to be a technology genius to see that some second major security issue.
6:18 am
>> how did this happen? you remember the ranch? there is so much that they had to transfer from a nuclear site to another because it is the only one that could tighten the screws on an icbm. this is consistent. but it did not get fixed? >> you can be certain hackers are using for the road equipment to break into the system. maria: that's the upside. dagen: glass half-full, but good they might not be able to break into it. nobody even knows what it is. if it's older than me, we are in a sad state of affairs. maria: google take a short break. crude oil up the story mark is pushing the critical $50 a barrel level. what then is for prices at the pump in the holiday weekend. the moral day with the unofficial start of summer. growing concerns on the sunday virus. what you can do to protect
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yourself, back in a minute. ♪
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. maria: u.s. crude oil surgeon this morning. look morning. but there were mere pennies away from breaking $60 a barrel for the first time since it over. overnight, oil already broke $50 for the first time since last year. shrinking u.s. crude inventories. "the wall street journal" senior economics correspondent. good to see you. >> are to be here. what kind of an impact do you
6:23 am
see this having? >> you know, it is a sign that all of these we've seen are starting to sink in. right now it is this applies to read. we would like to say this is a demand story,@the global economy is getting stronger. that is not what it is. it is really about supplies this week. it is a sign that lovely pad is starting to receive. maria: what you think, mike murphy. it is also stabilizing stocks in some regard. >> energy stocks for sure. oil is up 80% from its low. that is a huge move to the upside that i don't think anybody saw coming. he is right you saw production cuts. you have not been oil on the market dropping and then prices for that reason is simple supply prices have gone up. i would disagree with john on the fact i don't care if it is supply or demand.
6:24 am
i just think the important fact here is the market i figured out where the price should be. the price has gotten too low. people had to leave the market. at that there was enough oil companies see prices move higher as demand is there to support a $50 oil price. maria: is it sustainable? >> is a great day's work is immersed. we've been enjoying lower gasoline prices particularly as we go into memorial day weekend. if the prices moving higher, not necessarily a great sign for the entire economy. maria: is that if you have some stability in a layoff coming from that picture? >> well, there's two sides of this paper layouts in the sector are hurting people in texas but they hope the rest of us because they put cash in our pockets. we don't want to see the price going up that badge. gnome was happy when it was $100 a barrel. train to the talk about the other things. you have oil in retailers supporting results this morning.
6:25 am
dollar tree, abercrombie and fitch, seers actually earlier this hour with a bigger net loss then expect that exploring options for its kenmore, craftsman and diehard brands. what's going on with the consumer? >> you know, we have to be very careful breeding the numbers we see for retailers because there is a huge shift going on where people are shopping more online. we saw that in the retail sales data that came out this month. the online numbers are looking good while the retailers are struggling. i wrote in a commentary this morning and here's the good news. i've been telling you bad news. and talking to analysts who are starting to revise their forecasts revise their forecast for second-quarter growth. because the retail sales numbers were strong in the trade numbers were good coming out this week, too.
6:26 am
maria: book at the stocks year-to-date. ballmer to 15%. amazon only up 5%. he made a great case in terms of what's going on with the bifurcation of retail. maria: peril story, too. the apparel have tried to blame the weather again. but it is that apparel shift online. it is horrible spring fashion quite frankly. i've taken a spin online and through other stores and don't tell me to buy a baby blue lace dress and wear it to work. it's a joke, that there is a real story there about the poor quality fascism. trade to the can into retail, that gives us a window into the consumer. durable goods orders at 8:30 a.m. to two hours. that will give us a sense of what business is doing. they have not been putting money into big-ticket items. >> that is the real key is business spending hasn't been
6:27 am
there. but business spending does pick up, that would be a boost for the economy. you want to watch that number carefully. the consumer spending money. where they are spending that is the case. >> this could be the third piece of the puzzle, these durable goods numbers. we've seen good retail sales numbers. these durable goods numbers surprised on the upside. we are going to be seen upward revisions for the second quarter and i've got a mess on the fed. one of the three things that sad sad at its april meeting to see if it could raise rates in june with signs of a pickup in roads in the second order. we are seeing that are seeing matt are seeing that and that is why the durable goods number later today as important. maria: will get a gdp number out on friday looking at road. thank you gabriel see you soon. john hilsenrath. later today, the zika virus.
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tips in the best bug sprays for mosquitoes summer to protect you and your family. the obama administration was to close the guantánamo bay prison means other nations. the threat posed here at home. we will be right back with that. stay with us.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. welcome back. it is thursday may 26th. here are your top stories, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the golden state has a lagger
6:31 am
hispanic population. both candidates targeting to the latino security. >> it's all about great security. we are going to have the wall. have that wall. [cheers and applause] >> donald trump proposed wall would cost at least $25 billion. i want you to think about this. that $25 billion, that could be used to build 16 golden gate bridges, it can be used to build 1500 new elementary schools. it could be used to send more than 300,000 veterans to college. maria: the obama administration
6:32 am
raised to close guantanamo prison which means speeding up the transfer of potential terrorists to other countries. the threat here at home. latest details coming up. the zika virus, that is weighing on travelers. we have the best look at the best bug sprays. what says summer better than amusement park. we will take you life to six flags later this hour. markets this morning mixed. oil a big factor. check out the price of oil right now, hitting new highs for the year. west texas crude nearing that level right now. both up between two-thirds and 1% on oil this morning. stocks due to pointing to slight gain in the opening of trading as two-day rally that we have been seeing continues. the dow industrial expected to open up 30 points, nasdaq positive as well. new study from the center for
6:33 am
disease control. pregnant women infected with zika virus, face 13% chance that the fetus will develop severe brain defect. what are the best ways to protect yourself and your family, i want to bring in dr. codel. >> thanks for having me. maria: we know that there are cases of zika in the u.s. >> yes, we do. maria: is that largely because people have traveled to places brazil and puerto rico? >> that's an important point. the case that is we have right now in the united states are travel-associated cases. right now, we don't have any locally acquired transmission. maria: having said that, if someone does have zika there's a threat there. are there actually mosquito sprays. >> yes, there is.
6:34 am
this is what we are getting concerned about. biggest concern that we are going to see zika transmitted locally in the united states. maria: right. >> the concern is pregnant women and birth defects and things like that. of course, there are bug sprays. these are bug sprays that protect against most mosquitoes. zika is not the only virus that these bugs will protect. we heard of dunege and chigungunya. you want an epa that's environmental protection approved ingredient that will fight mosquitoes that transmit zika. ir3535. oil of lemon.
6:35 am
maria: in the spray. >> the brand doesn't matter so much to me. this is what you're going to look for when you go to cbs. these are a couple of products. this is my own. i was a puerto rico. it's got deet in it. this one right here is another off product. this is another active ingredient's that we talked about. the idea, it's not necessarily the brand again, it's deet, oil. maria: the oil of lemon doesn't sown has serious as picariun? >> those are actual more occurring. maria: that's what i was getting at. people who don't want to put anything more chemical?
6:36 am
>> it's fda approved. the deet and picaritan are man-made substances. you want to look for active ingredient's when you go to the store. maria: we should be putting it on at the beginning of the day or reapply? >> this is the summer to be using bug sprays. this is what we are concerned about, mobile transmission of zika. we are trying to get ahead. we have a condition here that we can hopefully stop the spread of, so bug spray is superimportant. one thing you want to remember the sunscreen is important too but you have to put that on first, but you want the bugs to land on the bug spray and not the sunscreen and reapply as directed. these are often okay for pregnant women and breast-feeding women. you have to look at the label because there's specifications with children. maria: is there a bigger
6:37 am
incidence of mosquito now as a result of what's going on? >> i think that's where concern may happen, because remember in the usa, we have the mosquito that can transmit zika. we have that mosquito on our soil. the concern is that these mosquitoes will start transmitting it by themselves on u.s. soil. so that's really what the concern is. we need fund to go fight this. we need bug spray, smart about where we travel. maria: thank you so much for the tips. great advice from you. the obama administration set to transfer two dozen guantanamo prisoners this summer. where they plan to move detainees, that's next. i think that have too. we will tell you about it next. we are just days away from memorial day weekend. we are kicking it off, the summer season today from special coverage from one of most america's beloved themed parks.
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maria: welcome back, we are looking at a higher opening this morning. futures pointing to a modest gain this morning. that continues today. a couple of companies on the move today. retail and focus. costco reporting earnings last night. it's blaming unseasonably cold weather. dagen, you got it earlier. and the switch of american express to visa. lions gate to set to be a winner today. strong fiscal quarter results. the company also produces the netflix series orange is the new black. shares of alibaba looking to
6:42 am
rebound after sinking nearly 7% yesterday. fcc is investigating the commerce giant. alibaba responded saying it's cooperating with the investigation. mike, your thoughts on alibaba right here? mike: when the fec does this probe and, of course, they have to cooperate. there are some many other companies you can invest in. i don't see to go out in invest one that the fcc is investigating in. maria: yeah. mike: people have questioned alibaba for a long -- maria: i know. what is going to drive stocks the rest of the year? mike: an economic rebound and earnings rebound. i would put money to work selectively. we talk a lot about the fed, is the fed going to raise rates, if the fed does raise rates, the
6:43 am
banks are going to look higher, the bank of america, for instance. citigroup that are trading off recent laws that it's a good way to hedge against. maria: the obama administration set to transfer more guantanamo prisoners. dagen: the pentagon to transfer 24 ra discussional detainees out of the guantanamo bay prison this summer. this comes as the white house continues to try to close the facility despite congressional resistance. the obama administration has reduce it had prison population from 242 to 80 detainees so far and i should point out that government officials have said that some of the men have return today terrorism overseas and actually killed americans. to new york city where one person was killed and two other wounded following a shooting last night a concert where
6:44 am
hip-hop artist ti was reported to perform. a man was shot in the stomach and taken to a hospital where he died a short time later. no arrests have been made and as unclear. electronic's company lg said nine out of ten people suffer from the fear of losing power on their cell phone. low-battle an anxiety. lg polled users this year and it's given a choice between hitting the gym or starting the smartphone. one out of three people are likely to skip the gym. 42% will skip the gym in favor of charging the phone. [laughter] dagen: match on a dating app because their phone died before they could swipe. maria: i totally agree. i used to be because this phone would always go dead but then i
6:45 am
went and got a new phone and now it's good. >> you can charge it while you're at the gym. dagen: it ends up weighing like 15 pounds. maria: that's why i don't like it, i don't know why. mike: if you're using low battery as an excuse, you were never that motivated. maria: you're right. [laughter] maria: why can't you just plug it in? dagen: i'm using my phone to listen to tunes. maria: okay. dagen: on a few occasions the phone was dead and we get up at 20:30 in the morning, i lost my window. maria: how are you going to listen to music?
6:46 am
mike: that part i agree. i have an answer to wireless cell phones, plug it in and charge it and run with the headphones. dagen: how big are the headphones? people wearing the giant dj headphones. i'm like, you're an idiot, you're going to have a pinched nerve on your neck. of course, they're not even exercising. maria: should i go to the gym or take a nap. mike: i'm not going to win the cell phone. maria: as the heat picks up, summer travelers are looking for amusement parks, next, we are going to take you there. forget the iphone why apple may be setting sight on charging something much bigger. we are on facebook. check out search mornings with maria, we are on twittear at mornings with maria.
6:47 am
keep an eye on daily polls and upcoming guests and any highlights of today's show. we will be right back. stay with us if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: hey, it is memorial day weekend. marking the official start of summer time. up nearly 6% since 2014. this year the u.s. amusement park industry is projected to take in nearly $16 billion. cheryl casone this morning in jackson, new jersey at six flags, great adventure standing by with roller coaster expert
6:51 am
and magazine editor tim baldwen. cheryl: good morning, maria. 50billion-dollar business this season. tim is roller coaster expert. >> it's more than a thousand. cheryl: we are in front of a joker. debuts on saturday. it's 4d, what does that mean? >> there's nothing above you and nothing below you. you are hanging outside of the rails and allows you to do the summer-salt flips. it's just fin. cheryl: you're the editor of roller coaster magazine, how does this compare to other roller coaster debuts? >> six flag great adventure that is the biggest collection of roler coasters in the northeast. they threw everything they knew
6:52 am
of the roller coasters out of the window and it's just wild. cheryl: the ride is one minute. i'm going to be doing nit the next hour. just pray for me. [laughter] cheryl: you go up 12 stories, it's a 90-degree hill and you free fall and flip six times? >> magnetic technology that keeps you going and it could be three to six times but we are riding the wild side, the green side is the wilder side and we are going to do it. cheryl: you're putting me on the wilder side? >> we are, we are. cheryl: we will see how this goes. people want for real but i know down in florida in orlando, it's all 3d, you have the harry potter ride, it's very much about visuals, it's almost like a movie and roller coaster. this is kind of basic.
6:53 am
>> i don't think it's basic at all. it's cutting-edge technology and what's neat here is you have interaction because two people are facing us and we are facing them so as we are flipping, having our friends react to us, this is really cutting-edge fantastic new technology. cheryl: it carries 40 people and has five cars on it. >> it does. cheryl: thank you very much. this is the hand i'm going to be holding onto for dear life when i get on the jocker. i love you very much, maria. maria: you're my hero, cheryl. cheryl: you are going to walk me through it and walk me through it on tv. maria: okay, i will try, i will do my best. cheryl, thanks. tim baldwin, great to hear from you. stay with us as cheryl gets on the roller coaster. next up a fox business exclusive.
6:54 am
the economy is worsen in venezuela. elizabeth donald with the story of starvation and food scarcity coming up in the next hour. from the heights of music superstardum. by the way, you guys, roller coasters? dagen: i will ride it and then barf. i'm very proud of cheryl for doing that. mike: my kids are braver than that. maria: kids have no fear. >> i would rather do a treadmill. maria: i'm out. i'm not a roler coaster girl. back in a minute
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
maria: good thursday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday may 26th. top stories on the east coast. hillary clinton and donald trump targeting california. they focus on the woman vote. >> donald trump says, oh, there she goes, playing playing the woman card, if paying equally is
6:58 am
playing the woman's card, then play me in. >> when i got here there was a group of couple of hundred women, great women, i said bring some of them up, where are they? come on up here. these people, look at them. they're women that do love trump. i'm telling you, women do love me. maria: dealing with the fallout on private e-mail server released yesterday. what it means for her run for the white house coming up. president obama commenting the 2016 race, what he said about the presumptive nominee donald trump. suing for defamation for freddie gray case. he is not suing over the report. he used human-growth his or hormones. we will take you live to six
6:59 am
flags. cheryl casone is live. markets this morning, mix, we are watching oil prices, that's the story of the morning. new highs for the year of oil, check it out. west texas crude is nearing that level. both up about half or 1% as a result of the worries over inventories. checking stocks this morning, asia overnight, modest gains, we did see losses in korea. as you can see we are in positive territory. ft in london, dax up about a half percent. we are waiting on durable goods this morning. that very well may set the tone. joining me this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, rose cancliff capital mike
7:00 am
murphy. so much to talk about from politics to business. dagen: and roller coasters. maria: we have a special guest in the program. stay with us grabbing-award winning artist scott is with us today. he's going to give us a special presentation. stay with us. we kick it off this hour with politics, nomination virtually in hand. donald trump continues a busy week of campaigning holding a rally in california yesterday, the presumptive nominee makes a big push for female and hispanic votes. take a listen. >> so when i got here there was a group of couple of hundred women, great women -- [cheers and applause] >> and i didn't know about this and they were in one of the conference rooms and it was packed, these people, look at them. they are women that love trump. i'm telling you, women do like me. i'm telling you. i have thousands of hispanics that work for me, people from
7:01 am
méxico, they're phenomenal people, they are phenomenal people and what i'm going to do very easily, i do it naturally, we are bringing jobs into our country, we are not going to let other countries take our companies away from us. maria: i want to bring in radio tack show host, on that note. larry, good to see you. is trump going to be able to move the needle on women and hispanics, has he already begun to? >> it looks like he's already begun to. california is a majority-minority state, by that i mean hispanics, blacks and a sians. dagen: i want to ask larry about
7:02 am
this because trump took so much heat and has hurt him in the polling whether you look at women and latino voters. more and more as you see elizabeth warren attacking and hillary clinton getting tougher with him, it seemed like there was a message to the maddens, now he can really go after hillary clinton in a powerful way and he doesn't care. he was referring to like shouting, she used that against bernie sanders, but with donald trump doesn't touch him. >> well, you're right. hillary hasn't been tested. bernie took off so many issue, he took the issue about the table and whether or not -- accusers are back in the table. it's back in play. maria: he's probably regretting right now the fact that he basically, look, we shouldn't be talking about your damn emails
7:03 am
in the first debate. mike: i mean, the story that keeps on giving. for the republican party, they -- maria: they are facts. mike: they get worse and worse. any lie, the more she tries to cover it, the worst it gets as the truth comes up. maria: what struck you from that inspector general report. i know you combed through it. >> every statement appears to be false according to her own department inspection general. the system was unique, she said it was consistent with past practices. she said that other sect racer had used it in the way that she did, they didn't. secretary powell had two classified emails on his server, she had 22 and we are still counting. look at all she didn't turn over. there's still 19 emails which have been just turned over between general portraeus and
7:04 am
her. maria: how about just recently. they we wanted to speak with her. the whole time she says, i can't wait to speak with them. >> this is just a conservative-talking point. this is a republican-talking point. this isn't serious. anyone who reads the report, anyone who looks at the front page of "the new york times" and the washington post knows that this is sr. ver use and it puts the spotlight on the department of justice which has 130 agents 24/7. maria: i think right now this is setting up larry for what comes out of the fbi and the server investigation because we all know, okay, you had a g-mail, judy just went through all the issues around that. more damming that she had server in her basement so nobody can get to her emails. public official, secretary of state. >> absolutely, she gave all sorts of reasons why she didn't
7:05 am
do that. she was tech savvy, one device. none of which held up. she didn't agree to be interviewed with the ieg. i think bernie sanders is kicking himself for taking this issue off the table and one wonders why he did that. i suspect bernie wasn't going to go as far as he did. i don't know, if he hadn't taken off the table i think democrats would be talking about this as opposed to the very low number that democrats think it's an issue. he could have possibly won the nomination had he put this on the table and gone on the issue of trust and integrity. dagen: democrats find her not trust worthy for different reasons, though, it's something that they discuss on special report last night. it is her handling of foreign policy when she was at the state department. it is the speeches that she gave to goldman sachs and other financial institutions, six figures a pop that she hasn't discloses it had transcripts of. >> that's right.
7:06 am
and the clinton foundation and all the money that the clinton foundation got from companies, countries that had business in the state department while secretary of state, for all the reasons she's widely perceived by not being trust worthy. a huge problem for her. maria: trump says he will unit the party, so let's talk about that side for a moment. that even his biggest critics like former rival jeb bush, he says, jeb bush will eventually get behind trump. listen to this, i want to get your reaction. >> no, jeb hasn't done it yet. [shouting] >> he will get a burst of energy and he will do it. he needs a little more energy. jeb has not been nice. jeb was in europe and he was talking about me. he didn't think that in europe i get the word back.
7:07 am
maria: wow, so is he going to get a burst of energy and do it, larry, what do you think? he's hysterical, the party is coming behind him. paul ryan is going to endorse him. jeb bush will eventually come around and lindsey graham reportedly has been advising people on the record to back donald trump even after he said many harsh things about him. maria: there's the third-party idea and romney despite changing tune on jeb bush, trump continues to take aim at former republican nominee mitt romney, i wonder why. listen to this. >> i understand losers, i understand losers, you can make a lot of money with losers, and i said, we couldn't take a chance. he was all excited, he we wanted to run. i said, myth -- mitt cannot run.
7:08 am
he chokes like a dog. he's a choker. i hate to say it, i hope we don't have that many in the audience, once a choker, always a choker. maria: larry, i don't know what to say about this. >> wow, indeed. he slammed donald trump for greed and recently when donald trump bought on putting tax return, mitt romney said that was disqualifying so it really ticked donald trump off and obviously he has not forgotten it. >> larry, i have a question. you say people are coming around. i wonder if the bushes come around but the money people aren't coming around. isn't that more of a problem? >> it looks like he's not going
7:09 am
raise as much money as hillary clinton is going to raise, but as far as the bushes are concerned, i really don't think that's relevant anymore. they're out of politics, whether or not the endorsement comes or doesn't come, i don't think it's going to affect things one way or the other. mike: betting against donald trump, i was at the beginning from the campaign, it hasn't gone well. he's proved all the nay sayers wrong. when he says he's going the get the party behind him, i believe that. i think governor romney is looking very, very bad right now and i think donald trump his lack of political correctness, you know, to go on and call him that he choked like a dog, i think that's what's appeal to go trump's backers and eventually the party is going to come behind him. i think if you can just speak to that, what trump has done from the very beginning is now he's the last man standing. >> i think the most incredible
7:10 am
political story of my lifetime. i thought barack obama political story was something, but this is event bigger than that. the party will unit, not so much because donald trump is going to reach out, although he will, but because hillary will be a unifying force. you know, a lot of people feel the way i feel, a, b, c, anybody but clinton and she will get a lot of people to vote for donald trump. they're going to come around. maria: when you say anybody but clinton, give us the primary reason. >> iran deal, keeping the borders open, these are several good reasons why a lot of people who otherwise don't like donald trump's style, don't like his position on trade will come around and support him. maria, we are a center-left country as much on people on the right like to think it's center
7:11 am
right, it is not. donald trump has his pulse on pretty much where america is. maria: it certainly feels that way. thank you so much for your insights. >> you got it. maria: coming up looking to move into the electronic car market, we talk about whether an icar is in the works. a sink hole swallows cars in italy. stay with us here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere,
7:12 am
the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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7:14 am
maria: welcome back, more severe weather sweeping through the plains. a large tornado leaving critically injured in rural part of western kansas. that's where we find fox meteorologist maria molina. good morning, maria. maria: next to abeline, kansas and caused significant damages. we have things that are unrecon -- unrecognizable.
7:15 am
also trees blocking some roads and many roads blocked through to extensive damage to the region. we are expecting threat in wide areas and the threat for today is greater than it has been since yesterday. we are looking at an elevated risk for more severe weather, potential for more long-track tornadoes and another concern is that because the storm system has been so slow moving out here and tumbling the same region over and over, we do have a flood threat as well. the mornings in affect parts of oklahoma and kansas. stay safe out there. today we can see severe weather all the way from texas and parts of minnesota. maria: maria molina joining us there.
7:16 am
president obama for the g-7 meeting out there. dagen mcdowell with the stories and headlines. dagen: what did he say and what did he not say? president obama commented on the presidential race. he said that donald trump's statements have world leaders concerned. >> and for good reason because a lot of the proposals that he's made does play either ig norance , ignorance of world awares and deflected questions about hillary clinton's e-mail server after the report came out yesterday. two baltimore police officers charged in the death of fready gray sued prosecutor for defamation. they are among six officers
7:17 am
charged in the case, porter's first trial ended in mistrial, retrial in september, white is scheduled to be tried in october. a giant sink-hole swallowing cars in italy. by the way, not far from the famous bridge right in the heart of the city. florence mayor asked to move them assuming you can move them. apple has already hired a large team of engineers and executives with expertise for developing and manufacturing automobiles, maria. maria: would you get into a driverless car?
7:18 am
would you put a family in your driverless car? mike no chance. dagen: come on, it's safer than a cab driver? mike: not a fan of driverless car. i would rather be in control of my family. maria: can it get hacked, just saying? dagen: i know the cab drivers, at least it doesn't smell like freetos. i got in a cab yesterday and he said are you in mornings with maria. he said i watch maria every morning. >> i hope not while he's driving. [laughter] dagen: in gridlock traffic. you can watch tv in new york city. maria: electric car, obviously it's a disruptor and i almost
7:19 am
feel like i would get into an electric car if everybody was electric. the electric car isn't tired and isn't texting or on the phone and there's a lot of reasons why electric car would be good but then the whole technology, hacking. dagen: you have the option with the tesla technology that it lets the car drive -- the car drivers for you in some instances but you can still drive the car. apple is successful with a car as it was with this phone, if it can really do something like that, look out. maria: somebody has to manufacture the car, who is manufacturing these cars. >> fox con. maria: four cars of the future, uber, tesla, uber. i get it but somebody has to be
7:20 am
manufacturing. mike: so i think that that's the direction where we are going. i'm just not there yet. maria: i got you. dagen: the u.s. car companies, that's how they gain market share back and are winning because of the technology in the cars. this is going back 10-15 years even. maria: that's true. >> i miss the noise. i like to hear my engine. dagen: i want to hear it coming. maria: venezuela in crisis as the country's economy getting worse by the day as -- now, the nfl takes action, we've got the details next
7:21 am
it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. maria: welcome back, fox business exclusive as the economy worsens in venezuela scenes unfolding, elizabeth mcdonald here with exclusive video just to show how things have gotten. the individual video graphic. >> this is bernie sanders' socialism, this is what bernie sanders want for america. that's the direct quote from the ground. this happened on the highway, the country's biggest oil reserve and steel company is.
7:25 am
this is a disturbing footage, graphic warning here. you're watching right now people on camera are saying they are ripping through garage bags outside of restaurants and shopping malls and they are starving, people here are eating dog food. the middle class has been demolished in venezuela. 90% tax rate on entrepreneurs. those are people who are ripping through garage bags searching for food to eat because they're starving. that's the voiceover on camera. what's happening, maria, maduro has declared a two months state of emergency till july. that means the military is going to crack down, there's fears of a news blackout. maduro and the venezuela government will not accept help from the outside. so that's the fear there. the debt problem in venezuela is twice as bad when argentina defaulted in 2001. the question is where is bernie
7:26 am
sanders and michael moore. maria: let me ask you about bernie sanders socialism. why are people putting, connecting the dots in terms of socialism and this is the direct result? >> to pay for brand of socialism it would cost estimated, some people says 8 trillion in debt. that's what they're talking about in venezuela. that's what they were hit with. in other words, why work, why have business if the government is going to take 90% of the tax? maria: talk about taxes and 92% tax rate. you're not thinking about the impact on business. talk to us judy about this. >> the problem is we have known about venezuela for so long and it's finally come to the crisis point. maduro just moved to strip
7:27 am
legislators of their immunity, so if they even try and protest, they have been selling gold in order to pay for it. >> that's the important point. the gold reserves have been drained. >> totally drained. maria: why are they selling those? >> he's trying to avoid default. maduro doesn't want embarrassment of default. dagen: this is a country that is usually suffering from war, civil war, war with another nation, it is unthinkable that this has happened in that country. >> growing more desperate by the hour. mike: scary to bring it back home. the kids don't realize what socialism means. maria: i agree with you. >> sure, sure. maria: the new report puts
7:28 am
hillary clinton on the spotlight. how would that impact her campaign? how about lebron james and the cleveland cavs, one game closer to returning to the nba finals. we have the highlights of last night's big game. next ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> welcome back. it is thursday the 26th of may. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. east coast. the candidates ramping up attacks on each other as they fight for california boats. bernie sanders and donald trump focusing on the hispanic vote. >> i have thousands of hispanics who work for me. people from mexico, people from all over. they are phenomenal people. their phenomenal people appeared to be met this campaign is listening to the latino community. in the latino community points out that we have 11 million undocumented people today, then many of those people who are at work right now are being exploited. maria: hillary clinton dealing with the fallout from the scathing report under e-mail
7:32 am
server released yesterday. but the report means for the white house in the ongoing fbi investigation. peyton manning choosing not to sit al jazeera over the report that links the star quarterback to performance-enhancing drugs. the nfl takes action. let's have some are better than amusement parks? we are taking a to six flags this morning with a closer look at the big business theme parks. markets this morning i mixed it oil prices hitting new highs for the year. west texas crude nearing the level of the half a percent on hp at future is reporting to us by again at the opening of trading. even if we are off the hyatt this morning, the dow industrial expected to open up 25-point. durable goods in one hour's time a's time will likely set the tone. any a new revelation by the state department watched out
7:33 am
well in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal might have been printed report is donald trump fresh ammunition against his main rival. john roberts this morning in bismarck, north dakota where donald trump is headed next. good morning. >> we would get to the e-mail scandal on donald trump's agenda today. the basis petroleum conference here in bismarck outlining his energy policy according to one of the senior policy analyst, mr. trump will try contrast between the partners plan to eliminate the pain energy jobs and mr. trump's plan to add millions of new jobs to america's workers. we expected to hear donald trump weigh in on president obama after a short time ago in japan told the media gathered the world leaders are rattled by donald trump becoming president because he doesn't appear to be a serious candidate. here's what he said.
7:34 am
>> ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or in interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of thinking through what it is required to keep america safe and secure and prosperous and what is required to keep the world on an even keel. >> i expect to see tweets from donald trump very soon responding to president obama. the e-mail scandal is a big topic yesterday at his rally in anaheim, california with his equipment is state department corrector general report that she broke the rules when it came to how she handled her e-mail and the private server. here is trump from yesterday. >> hillary, as i say, "crooked hillary," "crooked hillary," she is as crooked as they come.
7:35 am
she had a little bad news today i see no. some reports came down that weren't so good. not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. reporter: a lot for donald trump to chew over in bismarck and billings, montana later today. he hosted a second fundraiser. last night $25,000 as the opening bid to get into the fundraiser. bespoke rudely with paul ryan said to have a good conversation over the telephone, but no signs of orion endorsement. maria: thanks are in much. john roberts five. a scathing report from the watchdog accuses hillary clinton of skirting federal records rules and cybersecurity guidelines for personal e-mail business. this report comes as the fbi is believed to be nearing the final phases of investigation. posted justice judge jeanine on fox news. good to see you.
7:36 am
we were talking about what really struck everybody from the ig report yesterday. i may kick it off without from your perspective. >> what struck me as the fact she is continuously, from the beginning, done nothing but lie about the fact that she was complying with all the rules. here you have the office of inspector general basically found that, my job is to oversee what is happening as it relates to federal records keeping. the chief department of state was basically to avoid any requirements that would've mandated that the public records she had would be a record. the fact that it took her years after she left the department of state to actually handing what she says are the records that were entitled to as a commentary on why she has done throughout most of her career. she's violated the rules. she's denied anyone access to
7:37 am
information that would've identified the violation of the rules and she says everything was consistent with what everyone else did. wrong. you are a private. no one else did. >> i found it so disingenuous yesterday when her pr guy and silence as says you see, republicans are going to trade to take down hillary, but it's not unique what she did. of course we know what hillary did was incredibly unique. nobody else had a server in their basement. >> no one had a in their basement. there were staffers who talked about the fact that she had this private e-mail server and they were told never to speak of it again. cheryl mills, jake sullivan, no one would cooperate. the inspector general is not allowed in the state department during the four year she was had. >> i have a question for you.
7:38 am
how is this report is likely to affect the justice department? >> they told the state department shut it down. we're taking it from here. you've got two tracks here and two tracks your 19th two tracks here and i think creepy she the federal records act without a doubt clear intent to show good that's all you need. but that's the least of it at the department of justice saying you had classified top secret information. it was hacked. you are reckless. you were grossly negligent. more than that, what is the point. as a prosecutor i can tell you this. what is the motivation as far as that books come in is that the clinton foundation and the e-mail server provision?he founs going to be more damning than the e-mail scandal. we haven't even begun to start looking at this connecting the
7:39 am
dots of who got paid why bother with certain business in front of hillary clinton at the state department. >> the foundation part of the investigation will likely continue much longer after what the fbi decides to do about her handling of classified information. what happens between now and november. to your point about the motive in all of this, there was an e-mail that was discovered as part of the inspector general report did hillary clinton replies in this e-mail, that's a separate address or device. i don't want any risk of the personal being accessible. you need to get on the system. >> even more interesting is the fact that uma cheryl mills and hillary are on the same server, the inner circle. no one will penetrate what we know what we say to each other. and then as you peel the onion,
7:40 am
burns has increased to more money and what about the mess that we forgot to put it on the clinton foundation disclosure. as a prosecutor, what you say is they were pieces that come together. trained to have up to 30,000 e-mail still never see because she destroyed them? >> we will see them. even the fbi forensics can't find it. that tells me that was absolute confidence. i believe they have that staff anything more significant is the guy from romania. why did they bring this remaining to the united states to be prosecuted in the federal report and why would we waste our time to give him seven years in federal court because we need his testimony. why because he will tell us what she lied about. i know enough of the guys he. yes you did.
7:41 am
maria: mike murphy, what you want to say? >> will be interesting to see how they involve bill clinton is tied in. maria: wasn't there a story use being paid for his features some work from nigeria and there is business in front of the state department for nigeria. same situation with the qatari. >> there's more than one story like that. bill clinton was the world's middleman. as all of these deals are going on, he's getting a piece of the action whether in speeches or anything else so they could continue doing business. maria: are just donations to the foundation. nfl star peyton manning not suing over report that he used a banned substance. taking a ride on the no-space flies roller coaster. yeah, we are. it's called the joker. please stick around.
7:42 am
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maria: welcome back. lebron james and the cleveland cavs delivering a dominating performance. he was the highlight another headlines, fox news reporter jarrod max. >> hello, maria. good morning. what did you make of the cavaliers losing two straight games after they won their first 10? an aberration. after what happened last night in cleveland, check out these highlights from the first quarter early on. cavs at 13. larry irving up to three. second order, lebron james richard jefferson to the cleveland cavaliers. the raptors turnover would lead to a lebron james dog to give cleveland a 26.8. cleveland a 531 at halftime. the largest lead at halftime after in an mba conference
7:46 am
final. the second half, lebron going total, finished the night with 23 points. cleveland's other starters sat out with the final score 160 to 78. that has been decided by 30 points or more. morris blowouts over in the nba playoffs. cavaliers go three games to two. they need to win tomorrow to get to the finals and i would be a sixth year in a row for the project. do the raptors even have a shot? don't even bother. hall of famer magic johnson. magic took to twitter last night and brought night and wrote the cast blowout win tonight sends a message to the raptors that there is no way they can win this series. but his magic think of the warrior's chances? give number five against oklahoma city. warriors a three wood for the thunder just want to get to the finals. when you think of sports in canada, hockey comes to mind
7:47 am
just like in california. it is the golden state of hockey heaven. game number six nhl western conference finals in san jose. sharks to get the blues. true to form last night, joke about ski got the first. sharks went five to two, first time in team history and go to the stanley cup finals. it's his first season with the team and to the cup finals like he did his first season with new jersey devils. the blues have not been since 1970. the last 10 years there have been four teams from california and the stanley cup finals and in canada only two. >> ever since gretzky went, california is the center of the hockey universe. >> i didn't even think about that. this is like modern times. dagen: powers that --
7:48 am
maria: wow, talk about an attack. >> l.a. has gone there in recent times and with gretzky that the ways that. the best part about gretzky is worse than fun to argue the greatest of all time. we argue like mad when it comes to all sports. hockey is the only sport where it's clean cut. wayne gretzky is the greatest of all time. former denver bronco quarterback peyton manning will not pursue against al jazeera. they alleged his wife had received a human growth hormone in 2011. according to this report, manning who is dealing with back issues at the time of the hgh shipments chose not to spend the time and money to file the lawsuit that his pursuit could possibly expose personal records of he and his wife, ashley. manning will keep a close eye on the suit also against al jazeera
7:49 am
from the same documentary. interesting case here. by this peyton manning choose to not do this? do we take him at his word or is he thinking maybe it will go away. dagen: it did go away. i don't think people give her flying flip about the report. >> add to al jazeera. >> he was going through his case again the nfl. a lot of eagles were dug up but didn't put them in a great light. >> the investigation was put on pause, but it is still an open case. it is peyton manning. maria: all right. thank you. straight ahead, cheryl casone is ready to go wild reporting live while riding the brand-new joker roller coaster at six flags in new jersey. we'll take you there live. the camera segment next with cheryl. ♪
7:50 am
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back. theme parks, big business across the country. the joker roller coaster making its highly anticipated debut this weekend at six flags great at venture in jackson, new jersey for memorial day. cheryl casone is on the right right now. wow, look at you. cheryl: i am off, maria. we are live.
7:54 am
here is tim baldwin who's going to talk me through it. this is insane. maria, it is actually kind of cool. i don't want to flip again, but i know i have to. wow, this is crazy. thank god this is only 20 seconds log. i can't believe we just did that. someone had to switch a little early and that is what happened. maria: are you feeling dizzy right now? cheryl: i feel okay. it was actually really, really fun. i did lose both shoes. note to anyone coming to six flags, don't wear flats because they will be gone.
7:55 am
it was great. there's more people above me. maria, you better try it. i don't know if you're a roller coaster of girl. maria: no, i am.he had cheryl: only for you but i do this. maria: reedit camera on the front of the right. blue rolling on you the whole time life. maria: they're going again. it looked like she was going again. >> the roller coaster expert next to her was holding not for dear life. maria: are you going to take your kids to a theme park this summer? >> will be down at disney for the national championships at gymnastics. two of my daughters will be competing.
7:56 am
maria: wow, congratulations. that's fabulous. how old are they? >> 11 and nine year dagen: one of his kids come his son as a professional model and soon-to-be actor. >> years. dagen: i can say that? i just did. maria: i always say. your wife is super women. five kids -- burkett later. >> five kids. maria: one on the way. next hour from the top of the super world come at great front man scott stapp will join us for a special performance as he continues his road to recovery. keep your right here on the fox business network where we will take you up to the roof. back in a minute.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
maria: good thursday morning. welcome back. i maria bartiromo. top stories right now and again on the east coast. rhetoric on the campaign trail he said. candidates ramping up attacks on each other as they fight for votes in california especially in the wake of the report of hillary clinton's e-mail server. >> as i stay "crooked hillary," "crooked hillary," as crooked as they come. inspector general's report, not good. >> he has put forth an economic plan that is by a billionaire, for billionaires.
8:00 am
and it is going to hurt a lot of people. he doesn't seem to actually care about making america great so much as he seems to care about making himself look great. maria: president obama commenting on the 26 rays from japan earlier. what is said about the presumptive republican nominee coming up. and someone breaches airport security makes it onto the tarmac. a new report says that happens almost every week. slowing down high-speed car chases. one company is new technology that saves police officers lives. we have it live here. replacing 60,000 factory workers with machines. we are talking about that. markets are mixed today, but the big stories oil. brent crude traded above $50 a barrel. west texas crude traded above $50 as well. oil at 50.
8:01 am
that is up 1% on both oil. check in stocks in asia overnight. modest gains in reducing losses in korea. european markets moving between gains and losses this morning although it's mostly higher at the dax up 75 points at three quarters of 1%. it is carried over to the u.s. a slight gain at the opening of trading. down industrial to open up a quarter of 8%, continuing to multi-day -- multi-day rally for equities. germany this morning, and dagen mcdowell, mike murphy and judy miller. great to see you guys. what a show is bad. dagen: i can't believe cheryl wrote that television on drug roller coaster on my television. you never know how the body might react to that. maria: her favorite part of it was she actually did lose her
8:02 am
shoe. don't wear flats of your ride and not roller coaster. maria: cheryl, you're the best. grammy award-winning artist and lead singer of creed is with us. he will perform live. you don't want to miss that so stay with us. cap story of the morning, go to the white house. republican nominee donald trump. on july country jimmy kimmel live. he posed as his own spokesperson in the past. listen. >> that call, that guy who sounded like you call it a go in and then trump did this. >> you didn't sound like me really. >> yeah. people don't think their voice sound like they're boys. >> reporter came back and said i think trump gave out the tape. over the years i've used alias. when i'm in real estate in a special in brooklyn with my father and i would want to buy something.
8:03 am
nobody knew who trump was at that time so it wasn't so much so important. i would never want to use my name because you had to pay for money. true to join a nice now, president david bossier. dancer joining us. what was your take away from jimmy kimmel last night? basically trump is making the case if i said it was trump the price for not. >> i've got to be honest with you, your average american will go along with that just fine. if you are donald trump, a successful businessman trying to buy real estate in the real estate business, that's a negotiating tactic to use the alias. that's probably done every day across the country. whether or not it's right for donald trump to have done it if he did it, that's a different question. it probably happens all the time. maria: it is sort of funny. >> it is.
8:04 am
listen to this. i want to get your reaction. for good reason, a lot of the proposals he made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. maria: david, your take. >> president obama is the one with ignorance and cavalier attitudes. that is by world leaders look at a potential strong american leader in a different light. they have been running over barack obama for eight years. every american understands that. but you agree or disagree, americans understand america is weaker today, less secure today than when bok obama took office. that's the reason he wants to make an issue of world leaders looking at donald trump. he's looking in the mirror.
8:05 am
maria: i want to get everybody's comments and on this. imagine if there was an election in china, india, can you imagine the leader of the country telling people america is really upset about this election. what about america? >> when he come out and says world leaders are rattled, yes they are. david is exactly right. they are because they want over obama for so long. the scary thing is i don't think he realizes that as he's making that statement. world leaders are concerned that someone strong may come in a kind of pushback and what they've been taken from us the last eight years. maria: people are aware of our position in this world. it was by design, by choice. the withdraw, if you will, literate entrée literally and figuratively. they feel like that's not american. maria: people call it the apology to her. >> when you have a presidential candidate like donald trump
8:06 am
talking about withdrawing from nato, whose talking about that in south korea and japan develop their own nuclear weapons rather than let the united states defended. when he doesn't note the nuclear triad is, bidders are rattled. maria: what about that, david? >> i'll be honest. those are the dnc talking points she just rattled off. democrats want to make an issue of donald trump. they want to make an issue that he is someone with very little foreign policy experience over a known agenda for foreign policy. that's what the american people want. they want somebody who's an american first, who is putting america first. that is what has been so dearly lacking, the recent donald trump is the republican nominee. maria: have we even heard obama addressed the fact that a worry that people have, like for example over trade and immigration? have we heard the president speak to americans and say
8:07 am
here's the situation. i know people are worried foreigners take american jobs. we hear him from other countries talking about how upset world leaders are. how about speaking to the american people at the issue so many people are upset about. dagen: he doesn't because that's a republican issue. that's not an obama issue, not a democratic issue. to defend judy over here because you basically said these were talking points. i will say this. donald trump said those things. again, you kind of have to own them. >> look, people are attracted to donald trump because he says that the american people are thinking. so to talk about the united nations or to talk about nato paid their fair share as what the american people are tired of. america pays -- the american taxpayer pays countries that hate us.
8:08 am
we have a disconnect. we have a disconnect with the american people and with reality. that is why they have risen up in the donald trump is the man for this time of the republican nominee. it's as simple as that. maria: the republican party has risen. we will see where the american people are. >> oppose everyday show he is in a dead heat with hillary and good we are going to be in a dead heat through november. maria: we know obviously the general election she is under fire following the state department inspector general report saying the former secretary knowingly broke the rules by not reporting use of a private e-mail server. citizens united has been at the forefront. you want those e-mails. your take on this inspector general report now. >> i've got hundreds of pages of e-mails this week. we are on the receiving end under a quarter after getting a trove of documents routinely from the state department and
8:09 am
justice department. we receive information on a daily basis, weekly basis and within that very soon. we will do it all the way through november because sydney is to be talked about. this is a practice of obstruction of deceit throughout her entire career and that is why donald trump is talking about whitewater. hillary clinton's billing records that under two years in his personal office and the president at the white house in the 90s. people in the united states. $100,000 overnight in a commodities trade saying she read "the wall street journal." another lie. she has done this over and over again. her partners came to washington with her in the 90s. some of them are assigned an embarrassment. others went to prison. number three at the justice department. convicted and went to prison. these things are facts.
8:10 am
people don't know this is the legacy of deceit and that is why "crooked hillary" will be under fire from now until november. i assure you we will be a big part of it. maria: we will be watching. coming up next, he went from the top of the music game, the downward spiral of addiction. great front man scott stapp will join us for a live performance continues his road to recovery to her. an alarming amount of intruders still sneaking onto airplanes and runways to this got all the details. plus a gps tracking told that reduces the need. how that will save lives. we will be right back.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
dagen: welcome back, everybody. disturbing is that air support security in the united states. an investigation done by the associated press finds that someone gets over a fence at an airport or through a perimeter gate at major airports about once every 10 days did this despite efforts to stop these intrusions. airport officials say none of these breaches have been linked to terrorism and most people are caught quickly.
8:14 am
the massive wildfire in canada for his 90,000 people to evacuate from fort mcmurray still not under control woodsmoke traveling all the way to spain. the fire has spanned 2000 miles, but nasa says the smoke is made of 4000 miles to europe. it happened earlier this week at the china company that is apple's manufacturing partner reportedly replacing humans with robot that one of its factories. a chinese newspaper saying that fox can't replace 60,000 human workers from one of its factories in china with robots. there is a fear that other factories in the chinese city will do the same thing. that could have a disastrous impact on the population of the area which is largely made up of micro-workers. fox, has made headlines in the past for how it treats employees causing apple to investigate working conditions. in earnings news, series with a
8:15 am
bigger net loss as sales are falling. sears has lost business as customers move to either on my shopping or rivals like target and wal-mart. the potential partnership or other deals for its unit at south by kenmore brand, craftsmen and diehard batteries in its ears some s businesses. sears has lost $8 billion in the last five years. coming up, stuart varney says that the most important than politics, the day that needs to be on your calendar. mr. barney joins us with that. from the music superstardom to the lows of depression and addiction, former creed front man scott staff joins us next with his story of redemption and recovery. ♪ the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems.
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♪ maria: welcome back. with arms wide open, we all know that song and are certainly big fans did that was music video for the grammy-winning hit with arms wide open with the professed rock song back in 2001. the prose grunge band going
8:20 am
40 million albums worldwide. the times is not as in so good for front and scott staff at the back tire was in a highly -- a date -- performer scott staff joins me right now with dance with us as well. thanks so much for joining us. so nice to meet you, particularly knowing in reading all about your story in terms of this massive success that you had. how does it feel to be back on to her? >> it feels awesome. it feels great to be playing music again and connecting with the fans. i love double from moderate been on the road. maria: was there a surprise when you first got back into action? were you afraid? >> i had a little trepidation. things were kind of new to me and a sand and just kind of
8:21 am
feeling that energy and love from the audience was overwhelming. maria: you know, looking at you and hearing you and talking about your music in her fantastic band. you guys are fantastic. thanks for being here. the rest of us on the idea, we don't think you are a normal person. you are the superstar. and then something happens like last november, when you come out with the video and basically tell the world i'm homeless, i'm penniless, i've run into trouble. thoughts about that journey and would have been. >> i was basically in the middle of a bipolar meltdown. i battled depression for a number of years and basically finally had a bipolar episode and i really was believing things that weren't real and living in kind of a different reality during a manic episode is what they call it.
8:22 am
and so i did some things that were out of character. but all of that lead to an eventual bipolar diagnoses and proper treatment and a new lease on life. maria: when you started to think about how you got there, amphetamines, drugs, is that the lifestyle of being a rock star? first of all, it is hard not to be in the public eye. but then the same. how much did that weigh into it? >> i think all of that played into it. definitely alcohol and drugs don't combine well with someone who is suffering from depression or has bipolar disorder. it can exacerbate the situation and that's exactly what happened to me. maria: i met your wonderful come a beautiful wife, jacqueline. i bet it was hard on the marriage as well. >> your roster universe.
8:23 am
maria: how did she get through it? >> a lot of prayer, a lot of faith in god. that was my wife and i together. that is a common chord that we have. really a lot of work. i went into a dual diagnosis center and got treatment and began my journey to learn about the illness coming to you with my demons. and when my family back and let my wife know that i was serious about my recovery. maria: i can see how strong she is pitch is wonderful. i was talking to her earlier. you are in a very different world now. years ago in terms of music. you've got streaming. you've got the digital revolution. how does that change you as the creator and such a talent? does that change the way you make me sick? it doesn't change the way and make music. it just changes the way you make him come off music geared to tour inside of it is much more
8:24 am
important i think than it's ever been because you really don't make the living years to make selling record and after publishing catalog. and so, but it hasn't changed at all the way create my new set. maria: and thinking about how people listen to music, whether it's streaming, they listen to it differently. when i was growing up, we would buy albums. i don't even know if i'd seen a record store in new york city for gears. >> a lot of them have closed down. i think there's always in the masters opportunity. i think the record business is kind of evolve in a tragic out the best way to get the art to the consumer and get it to the people. i think that me as an artist i'm still trying to figure that out as well. how do my stance that's what my material? maria: how do you communicate with fans?
8:25 am
social media? >> social media and on to her i do meet and greets every day. maria: what would you like to see at the end of this jury to feel like okay, we are back in a big way. >> just across that turned out already. just meeting people every day and hearing their stories and then sharing their journey in life with me and connecting with people and playing the songs every night. and doing what i thought. that is the success of it all. maria: it is so nice to meet you. i wonder why you -- i know why you are so successful. thank you for sharing your story with us. scott stapp joining us. don't go anywhere. all of you fans out there come a scott in the band will perform two of creed's greatest hits right here live on "mornings with maria." we are on the roof of the fox business network headquarters. new technology to save the lives of those in the new technology
8:26 am
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8:30 am
>> good morning, happy thursday, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton and donald trump targeting california now and at rallies across the state they're focusing on the woman vote. >> donald trump says, oh, there she goes, playing the woman's card. well, if talking about being treated fairly and equally is playing the woman's card, then, deal me in. i see some of you have your very own woman's card and i'm glad you do. >> when i got here, there was a group of a couple hundred women, great women, i said, bring some of them up. where are they? come on up here. these people, look at them.
8:31 am
they're women that love trump. i'm telling you, women do like me, i'm telling you. maria: meanwhile, slowing down high speed car chases. one company with new technology that saves police officer's lives. plus, we heard the story, next we hear his music. a live performance from creed frontman scott stapp coming up. and a mix of oil prices, new highs for the year. brent crude above $50 a barrel and west texas crude moving above $50 a barrel in the last hour, take a look, oil up better than 1% today. a higher opening for the broader averages and it's often the best, but none of the less, we're expecting this big rally we've se we've been seeing continuing. and slowing down high speed car chases. people have been killed between 1979 and 2013 according to the national highway transportation safety administration. our next guest has a gps
8:32 am
tracking tool that reduces the need for high speed chases and saves lives. i want to bring in trevor fishback, the president of star chase. >> thank you. maria: how does the system work? >> it empowers law enforcement to deal with what traditionally has been a risky and often tragic situation on the nation's highways and streets. it empowers all law enforcement to be able to tag a vehicle, simply with a gps tracker and then track that vehicle every couple seconds on a map-based display and removes that risk involved in a high speed pursuit or even a dui situation, stolen cars. maria: so the car doesn't have to be right up against it, behind it because you've got them tagged. >> it often happens during the early stage of a traffic stop or identification after stolen vehicle or it could be a felony stop that the officer is performing. it's proving to be additional tool for them to take advantage of to keep the community safe
8:33 am
and keep them safe and keep the suspect safe. dagen: how does the tagging work exactly, physically, how does it happen? >> so the officer's vehicle is equipped with a piece of equipment that allows them to launch a tag, a gps tag onto the back of the suspect. dagen: like games bond, a little bit. >> similar yes, very much so, but it's a reality. it's making law enforcement be able to operate safer and let them address so many different threats that they have on a daily basis in a different manner. and then they have a way within their car to track it live and ly. >> are you getting a lot of different counties and cities using your system? 'cause it seems like kind of a no-brainer for them? >> yeah, we're pleased because we're gaining a lot of traction in small towns, medium towns and major cities. so, i mean, everybody in the law enforcement area in that business is looking for new tools to do their job safer and we're proud that we're one of
8:34 am
the tools that is being selected in this 21st century policing. >> isn't it expensive $5,000. >> it's 4 to $5,000 per vehicle. >> how do cash strapped local police departments afford that? >> that's a good question. there's some challenges in that, but a lot of agencies are using grant dollars and also using seizure funds and we're seeing grants and agencies budgets for this technology because they see the liabilities and the expense to the communities are 100-fold. it's a multi-billion dollar problem across our countries alone. and the data is there that if you can reduce the risk, you're reducing your liability and your expense and exposure. it's proving to be a win all the way around for everybody involved. maria: and you did a pilot with the milwaukee police department. how did that go? >> excellent. we're still working-- we work with milwaukee p.d. as
8:35 am
well as many others and they're in the early stages of the technology. >> are they going to be able to afford this, trevor? each units, you were just saying, judy, it costs $5,000, how are they going to equip the entire fleet? >> it's a great question. there's really not a need to put the technology on every single police car so as agencies work out their patrol areas, then the ones that we work with, they've come up with a strategy to put in, let's say, 10, 20%, 30% of the systems on the vehicles and what they're able to do that, they're able to use the other resources they have at their disposal to be able to coordinate vehicle safely and very methodically to reduce that risk. so it's not 100% deployment that's needed for an agency to take advantage of the technology. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. thank you, trevor. coming up, stuart varney weighs in, says it's the most important day of politics today.
8:36 am
that day that needs to be on your calendar. that's next. plus, a live performance by creed frontman scott stapp is coming up. you don't want to miss that. we'll be right back.
8:37 am
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>> welcome back. well, it's a date bigger than donald trump. hillary clinton and bernie sanders combined. in fact, stuart varney says it's the most important date in politics period. host stuart varney has that. stuart: june 7th. maria: california. stuart: june 7th, california primary. maria: and new jersey. stuart: i'm forgetting new jersey for a minute. but new jersey. california is a battle ground and it's an absolute must-win for hillary clinton, especially bearing in behind what happened yesterday with the e-mail scandal. i'll bring you a poll, maria, it's from the public policy institute of california, just in. 46 hillary clinton, 44 bernie sanders.
8:40 am
that means hillary has lost an enor must amount -- e it's taken place before the violence of the trump rallies and it's before the developments. that poll is probably going to look worse for hillary as we approach the june 7th date. this is the new decision day in american politics, if hillary does not win, i don't think she can be the democratic nominee, maybe i'm out on a limb, but i don't think she can. maria: this is a huge day and that's why they're trying to be in california and the votes, talking about hispanics, talking about women. dagen: i guess it doesn't bode well for hillary clinton. jimmy carter lost i think it was five of the last eight primary contests to ted
8:41 am
kennedy. now, he was the nominee, but look what happened when people went to the polls that november. stuart: i'm sorry, i don't go far enough back to 1980, dagen, sorry about that. dagen: did you just age shame me? [laughter] >> i wouldn't do that. dagen: i had a very good surgeon, stuart. thank you. stuart: stop it. [laughter] >> back to the issue, you've raised the issue of the hispanic vote. i think that donald trump made a classic mistake yesterday when he went after susanna martinez. the very successful hispanic republican governor of new mexico. why on earth did he do that? he said maybe i should run in new mexico because she has not endorsed him. i think that was a mistake. i don't think he got anything out of it. in fact, i think he lost ground with a key voting group. so, it's not just the democrats who are making mistakes, i think that donald trump has made a few himself. maria: yeah, it's true. mike murphy? >> stuart, you're right, but i've brought this point you a
8:42 am
few times, it seems like trump, whenever you've gone against him or counted him out or something seems to affect him negatively. he seems to rebound. i think he'll be able to rebound and win over some of the hispanic voters in the country. stuart: maybe, i just don't know about that. and i don't think there's any reliable poll that will tell you which way the hispanic vote is actually going to go and what proportion. i'm just looking beyond june the 7th for a second. if we've got a badly wounded hillary clinton and a socialist bernie sanders, a totally divided party, a trump is the guy who is going to go up against those two, all the way through to the convention, trump's got the momentum. he could make all kinds of mistakes and probably will, but i agree with you, mike, i think he will survive them. he's got the momentum. he looks at this moment, that man looks like the winner primarily because of the trouble that bernie and hillary
8:43 am
are in. maria: quick, here is judy miller. >> she's only 90 delegates away from this nomination. how badly do you think the e-mail, latest e-mail revelations are going to affect her. stuart: i don't think it will make any difference whatsoever to her win among the delegates. i understand the way that the votes are aportioned, the delegates are aportioned in californias, it's not winner take all. she'll get a bunch in california and put her over the threshold. no question she will get the delegates. she will be the nominal, nominee, so to speak, but if she loses california, if she loses the biggest state in the nation, what an enormous loss of face. maria: and "varney & company" starts at the top of the hour. dagen, let's get more stocks on the move. dagen: we're about 45 minutes away, almost 46 minutes away from the opening bell and let's
8:44 am
look how they're reacting to the durable goods report? what are they doing? for individual stocks on the move, a 311 point gain on the dow. and durable numbers. and apple executive proposed an idea for bidding for the media giant during a corporate strategy meeting. we have a retailer on the move. shares of abercrombie & fitch tumbling and another apparel retailer, suffering. quarterly sales at abercrombie for the 13th straight quarter as it continues to move customers. coming up, creed lead singer scott stapp will sing live. you're watching "mornings with maria" on the fox business network. ♪ can you take me higher ♪
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>> welcome back. with over 40 million records sold worldwide. creed was one of the top musical acts the early 2000's. this morning we're proud and honored to introduce creed's front man scott stapp here to perform his grammy winning hit "with arms wide open", take it away, scott. ♪
8:49 am
♪ angels heard the news today, it seems my life is going to change ♪ ♪ i close my eyes, begin to pray ♪ ♪ tears of joy streamed down my face ♪ ♪ with arms wide open, under the sunlight ♪ ♪ welcome to this place, i'll show you everything ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ well, i don't know if i'm read ♪ ♪ to be the man i have to be ♪
8:50 am
♪ i'll take a breath, i'll take her by my side ♪ ♪ we stand in awe, we've created life ♪ ♪ with arms wide open under the sunlight ♪ ♪ welcome to this place, i'll show you everything ♪ ♪ with arms wide open, now everything has changed ♪ ♪ i'll show you love, i'll show you everything ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ i'll show you everything
8:51 am
hyeah ♪ ♪ with arms wide open, wide open ♪ ♪ ♪ if i had just one wish only one demand ♪ ♪ i hope he's not like me, i hope he understands ♪ ♪ that he can take this life and hold it by the hand ♪ ♪ and he can greet the world with arms wide open ♪ ♪ with arms wide open under the sunlight ♪ ♪ welcome to this place, i'll show you everything ♪
8:52 am
♪ with arms wide open now everything has changed ♪ ♪ i'll show you love, i'll show you everything ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ i'll show you everything, aw, yeah ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪ ♪ with arms wide open ♪. [applause]
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>> welcome back, as promised we're back on the roof live at the fox business headquarters, with a special performance from creed lead singer, scott stapp. here is the hit single "my sacrifice", take it away. scott. ♪ ♪
8:56 am
♪ hello my friend we meet again ♪ ♪ it's been a while where should we begin ♪ ♪ feels like forever ♪ ♪ within my heart are memories of perfect love that you gave to me ♪ ♪ oh, i remember ♪ ♪ when you are with me i'm free, i'm careless, i believe ♪ ♪ above all the others we'll fly ♪ ♪ this brings tears to my eyes ♪
8:57 am
♪ my sacrifice ♪ ♪ we've seen our share of ups and downs ♪ ♪ oh, how quickly life can turn around ♪ ♪ in an instant ♪ ♪ it feels so good to reunite ♪ ♪ within yourself and within your mind ♪ ♪ let's find peace there ♪ ♪ 'cause when you are with me, i'm free ♪ ♪ i'm careless, i believe ♪ ♪ above all the others we'll fly ♪ ♪ this brings tears to my eyes ♪
8:58 am
♪ my sacrifice ♪ ♪ my sacrifice ♪ ♪ i just want to say hello again ♪ ♪ i just want to say hello again ♪. [applause] . ♪ 'cause when you are with me, i'm free ♪ ♪ i'm careless, i believe ♪ ♪ above all the others we'll
8:59 am
fly ♪ ♪ this brings tears to my eyes ♪ ♪ 'cause when you are with me i'm free ♪ ♪ i'm careless, i believe ♪ ♪ above all the others, we'll fly ♪ ♪ this brings tears to my eyes ♪ ♪ my sacrifice, my sacrifice ♪ ♪ i just want to say hello again ♪ note i just want to say
9:00 am
hello again ♪ >> we want to thank scott stapp. amazing performance. "varney & company" next, i'll send it over to you. stuart: politics, whoa, is it moving at a break-neck pace or what? the democrats on a rollercoaster ride to the primary. 12 days away. june 7th, has become the decision day for the left. good morning, everyone. look at this. hillary has lost a lot of ground in california. bernie has caught up. that poll taken before voters saw extensive violence from the left and all of that provocative waving of mexican flags. and the poll was taken before this, a damning report on hillary's e-mails. just look at the response today from the media. she is in deep trouble, political and legal. that's why california is a must, must win for hillary. donald trump,


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