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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website, ♪ that's major news. lou dobbs will head it off from here. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. almost a year after he launched his campaign, donald trump has now made history. trump is the republican presidential nominee, he becomes the first nominee since 1952 to win the nomination of his party without holding any other elective office. most recently general dwight david eisenhower won the republican nomination in 1952 and the presidency. the associated press reporting trump now has the support of 1239 delegates, two more than the 1237 required for the nomination. hours after securing that
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nomination, trump told reporters in bismarck, north dakota this morning he's looking forward to taking on hillary clinton in the general election if she isn't indicted. >> i want to run against her. look, she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal, zeal we'll have to find out what the fbi says about it. shocking to see what she did. and more than anything else, it's bad judgment, that's up to her whether or not she wants to continue running. lou: but the clinton e-mail scandal is only one of her long list of problems and potential pitfalls. new polls out of california show clinton virtually deadlocked with senator bernie sanders with less than two weeks to go before the democrats vote in the country's biggest state. i'll take all of that up with former presidential candidate herman cain, and among our guests here tonight, some of our favorite politicos, the washington times charlie hurt,
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communications strategist lee carter and the "national review"'s rich lowry. a lot to talk about including the possibility of a trump-sanders debate. that's right, a trump-sanders debate. donald trump saying he'd be up for it if the candidates can raise 10 to 15 million dollars for charity. our top story donald trump's day of triumph and celebrating out west. his victory all the sweeter for the doubters and the detractors who underestimated him throughout, who proclaimed his campaign to be quixotic and futile. nearly all the political gurus, strategists and savants doubted this day would arrive. they did so often ferociously and venomously so. but tonight, donald trump stands as the republican presidential nominee. his historic victory only adds to a week of terrible news for the woman who will likely be
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his opponent in the general election. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is traveling with donald trump in billings, montana with our report. >> reporter: donald trump flanked by north dakota delegates who pushed him past the 1237 needed for the gop presidential nomination declared victory in a soft voice. >> north dakota made a big statement and i really appreciate it. we will not forget it. >> reporter: the calm tone in the wake of president obama's attacks on trump while in japan saying foreign leaders are rattled by trump who characteristically turned the criticism into a compliment. >> when you rattle someone, that's good. as you know many of the countries in our world, our beautiful world have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. if they're rattled in a friendly way, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> reporter: trump seizing on the inspector general's report of clinton's use of unsecured private e-mail server suggests she has bad judgment through a
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lifetime of brinksmanship. >> it's devastating the report, devastating. no reason for, it skirting on the edge all the time, and you look back at her history and this is her history. >> reporter: trump offered to debate bernie sanders. >> i said i'd love to debate him but i want a lot of money to be put up for charities. >> reporter: sanders aides say they hope trump doesn't chicken out. the senator taunted trump. >> i think it's important that somebody hold him to task for his outrageously bigoted remarks against mexicans and latinos, against muslims, against women, against veterans, against african-americans and tell him to his face that the strength of our country is our diversity. >> would you still want to ban all foreign muslims from the united states on the temporary base? >> reporter: trump refused to say if he would follow through on the ban of muslims entering the u.s.
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and summit in south dakota outlining strategy to become energy independent. >> every dollar of energy we don't explore here is a dollar of energy that makes someone else rich and really rich in some cases. >> reporter: trump's team continues to evolve after six weeks he's fired political director rick wiley who clashed with others on the team. trump was disappointed the fund-raising deal while he negotiated with the national party. trump's all but completed pivot to democratic candidate and spent most of his time fund-raising. lou? lou: carl cameron reporting. senator sanders, i don't believe was overly gracious, do you? trump is holding a rally in billings, montana. he's at the rim rock auto arena in front of a crowd estimated at about 10,000 people. less's listen in and see wa he's saying tonight as the
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officially republican presidential nominee. >> i don't want winner take all. and then they did a poll. trump 48, they were 15 and 12. i said that must be a wrong poll. i'm going win in a landslide and they tried to change it back and we won all 99 delegates in the state. pretty good, right? [ cheers ] >> so sometimes the system is rigged. but sometimes because we're dealing with some pretty strange people, sometimes it works out to your advantage. let me tell you just in closing. we have to win because if we don't win number one you're not going to have your 2nd amendment anymore, it's going to be so watered down, they're talking about bullets, talking about magazines, talking about things you wouldn't think about. but here's what we're going to do. i submitted a list of 11 judges approved by federalist society.
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looked over by heritage. we've gotten rave reviews on the judges, and i'm going to pick one of these judges or somebody very close, and i'm going to actually add a few more to it because i hear there are excellent people that are great. we're going to have 14, 15 judges that are phenomenal that believe in all of the things we believe in, and very, very strong on the 2nd amendment. they're pro-life. they're strong on the 2nd amendment. they're highly, highly vetted. highly vetted. [applause] i want to give it to a woman. woman. you are the one. where is that one? you! give it to her, she was something. so it fell on my foot and felt heavy. that's the heaviest hat. it was made in america, it is high quality. it is actually made in america.
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so if we don't win, you're going to have potentially five judges. a minimum of three during this term. this is an unusual term because it could be a record for, in four years for the number of ur going to pick. it's going to be incredible the numbers. i like that. i like that. look at that. people. look at that. look at that. i'm not sure if the people standing behind you like it, but we like it, right? so what happens is the supreme court justices, outside of security, and the economy is very important but the economy isn't even as important as this because if they put the judges that a crooked hillary clinton will put onto the supreme court, your country will never be the same, will probably never recover, and if it does recover, it will be in 100 years from now. that's how serious it is. lou: this is donald trump
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talking in billings, montana. now speaking as the republican party's presidential nominee, 1239 delegates for mr. trump, as confirmed by the associated press, which means there will be no need for a second ballot at the republican national convention. one of the forces with which he will be contending as he has through his entire 11 month campaign to be the nominee will be the national liberal media as he moves toward november 8th of this year for the presidential election. this story tonight on national liberal bias. we're going to be, of course, addressing this issue throughout the program, and the roll of former network news star katie couric. gun rights activists say deceptive editing is to blame for her portrayal in a documentary called under the
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gun of gun rights activists. the director of the film has apologized for the edits that were purposeful made to weaken their message and put them in an unfavorable light. there is one person standing by the documentary, katie couric. fox news media analyst howard kurtz with our report. >> reporter: katie couric has a documentary called under the gun but it's back firing. >> i wanted to have an open mind, wanted to understand the psyche of gun owners in this country and what they were afraid of. >> reporter: the epics network film shows couric interviewing the virginia citizen's defense league. >> if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? >> reporter: but that sequence with eight seconds of stunned
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silence was editted in a misleading way, here's what actually happened. >> how do you prevent felons or terrorists from walking into a licensed gun dealer and purchasing a gun? >> well, one, if you're not in jail, you should still have basic rights. >> reporter: and the conversation quickly continued. >> the fact is we do have statutes both at the federal and state level. >> reporter: philip van cleave said he was shocked. >> the problem was is that it made our members look like idiots, like they couldn't answer a basic straightforward question. their eyes were diverted in the video. they were looking down, almost looking ashamed. >> reporter: the director who told the guardian that gun owners are duped and sold the bill of goods by the nra says -- couric, the executive producer backs her director and says
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she's proud of the film but van cleave remains angry. >> katie couric does indeed owe us an apology for what she did. the least she could do. >> reporter: a source familiar with couric's role questioned the edited silence and deferred to the judgment. the mistake gives her critic a big target. back to you, lou. lou: howard, thank you very much. it is clear that was done intentionally and the excuse provided by the director is absolute poppycock. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. donald trump's historic achievement, he is now the republican presidential nominee. >> you never know what's going to happen. i was supposed to be working, as you know, until august. i am now here and i'm watching hillary, it was supposed to be the other way around. >> right. >> and i enjoy watching her. lou: charlie hurt and eboni williams on the man who would be president here next. and severe weather all
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. . lou: speaker paul ryan at it
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still, addressing his phone call with donald trump last night, explaining, explaining very seriously why he's failed to endorse the republican presidential nominee and not revealing any details of that very, very secretive phone call. >> it was a productive phone call. our staffs have been meeting and we had a very good and productive phone call. i'll leave it at that. what i'm most concerned about is making sure we have real party unity because we need to win this election in fall. there's too much at stake. the supreme court, on and on i could go. i want real party unity that's what i'm most concerned about. lou: joining us washington times columnist charlie hurt and radio talk show host eboni williams, both fox news contributors, thank you for being here. i can't wait to hear your interpretation -- have you had a good and productive phone
11:18 pm
call, could not be more self-inflated for posity and high, high self-esteem. >> as he was talking, the sin part of me said is this to save face, if he acquiesces too fast, then he shows his hand a little too soon and kind of alleviates his leverage in this position. lou: let's ask charlie. charlie, what in the world is this man thinking of? >> i think eboni has that exactly right. the most charitable explanation is he does need to provide cover for some people in districts where it's tough have donald trump on the ticket. lou: the speaker of the house has been there seven months is making a fool of himself to provide cover for people who are weaker and more foolish. >> these are republicans, by the way. lou: you don't think he would cover for democrats, charlie, surely.
11:19 pm
he would never merge with obama on policy and legislation. >> never, never. lou: he's already done that. >> i agree with charlie here, i think that perhaps speaker ryan is offering a shoulder for the disappointed republicans and there are some to cry on. i really think he's trying to make -- lou: my gosh! you are describing the republican party as a bunch of imfeebled, overly sensitive, wussy like losers. what in the world? and they should be counting their blessings right now. >> when you looked at field they have before them, they've got a dynamic, granted unorthodoxed person at the top of the ticket, a guy reaching new voters, has a new way of looking at things, a good plain way of explaining policy positions, running against somebody who has been most people think is not trustworthy, not honest. republicans have a lot to be happy about right now. lou: i think that's a great point, charlie, because as you look at what -- i can't even
11:20 pm
believe the good fortune of the republican party right now to be running against a woman who is facing indictment, an inspector general of the state department which she was running, absolutely torn to shreds. her reputation is dismissed. it's been purged from history here, despite the best efforts of the benghazi committee. i mean, she is the ultimate disaster candidate, don't you think, eboni? >> i actually do. here's the thing, the republicans have christmas in may as far as i'm concerned. this is a gift on a silver platter because hillary clinton was coming out of the obama administration as a very wounded and weak secretary of state. a lot of unanswered questions, they remain unanswered. lou: how are they going to mess it up? >> they're going to mess it up because they're going to leave themselves in the position to -- oh, the republicans, that's a good question, you answer that, lou. >> they'll figure a way. lou: they always have the suspicion they've got a plan to
11:21 pm
screw it up over the last two cycles, that does remind me, mitt romney? is he thinking about the third party effort? what's wrong with this man. he's mormon, right? >> he's mormon. lou: is he getting visions that nobody else can dial up? what is he doing, charlie? >> i don't know. obviously, i don't think it's helpful, but at the same time, i don't know that it hurts that much because he couldn't have been more viscerally against donald trump in the primary. this is our last nominee and he had no impact whatsoever on the primary except perhaps to push more people behind trump, and so for him to be doing this now and talking about a third party, all that talk, it's just about his willingness to help hillary clinton pull this out somehow. >> last point, lou, i'm very disappointed in the democratic party. they sat on their hands for
11:22 pm
eight years. they knew obama only had a maximum of eight years and hillary clinton was the go to person and they've done nothing to make her more credible or electable in this general election. lou: charlie hurt, eboni williams, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- i don't know about you, but i've been moved by this. cast your vote on twitter -- links to everything at storm chasers hitting the jackpot near liotta, kansas. are you ready in watch this breathtaking footage of a giant rotating thunderstorm, also known as a supercell as it looms over the kansas
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countryside. it formed over a cluster of several days. the supercell weakened only after spawning a number of tornadoes in the area. kansas has been pummeled by storms this week. two people injured. fortunately no deaths. up next, president obama so eager to share his thoughts about donald trump. mr. trump isn't afraid to reciprocate. >> it's unusual that every time he has a press conference, he's talking about me. it's one of those things. but i will say this, he is a man who shouldn't be really, you know, airing his difficulties. he has not done a good job. lou: i'll have a few thoughts about all of that coming up next in my commentary, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on what we all expected to be president obama's final asian apology
11:28 pm
tour, which it has been but also turned into an embarrassing display of presidential partisan politics in foreign countries. one day after the president suggested americans won't make the mistake, as he put it, of electing donald trump. he today attacked trump in the company of international leaders while in japan. >> they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by him. and for good reason. he does a lot of proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. lou: whoa. mr. obama's narcissistic estimate of his own capacity and disregard for his own huge foreign policy failures must have left other leaders simply flack jawed. president lack of
11:29 pm
self-awareness permitted him to recognize his own awareness of affairs, failure of russia, china, in eastern crimea and the middle east by president xi in the south china sea, i guess mr. obama also forgot when he was running in 2008 he blasted then president bush for criticizing him while mr. bush was abroad. he called it then, mr. trump, a sad and false political attack. sad and false, a miserable combination. yet here he is attacking donald trump, the republican nominee brushed off obama's criticism and turned mr. obama's comments back on the president. >> when you rattle someone, that's good, because many of the world -- as you know, many of the countries in our world, our beautiful world have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. shouldn't be airing what he's airing where he is right now.
11:30 pm
lou: well, of course, trump is right, and obama, he's obama. now the quotation of the evening. on lame-duck presidents, and obama is one of them, often conflicted with lameness, dictated by the calendar and constitution and legacy often overlooked to the end of their term. this one from president bill clinton who said -- i think we're there. we're coming right back. hillary clinton can't escape her past, and the california primary makes her future uncertain. will the scandals that are dogging her and her campaign deny her bid for the white house? >> i don't know for a fact that hillary is going to be allowed to run. she's got a thing called an fbi investigation. i don't know that she's going to be able to run. >> reporter: lee carter and rich lowry join me next.
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11:35 pm
>> i'm about to suggest something very bad. a hypothetical i'm going to asksa a thriller writer. with the feckless, spineless congress we have, who will stand in the way of donald trump overstepping his constitutional authority as president? if congress won't remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that, if, if he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional granted authority as president. if he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office, and i don't think there is a legal means available. i think it will be a terrible, terrible position the american people will be in to get trump out of office. because you won't be able to do it through congress. >> i would agree with you on that. lou: of course, he would. thor today trying to defend the comments as hypothetical scenario which a president trump goes full dictator. beck suggests no one suggests
11:36 pm
implied harm to trump. your reaction, lee? >> horrifying, the fact the conversations are had. you cannot say there was implication he was implying something bad should happen to donald trump. it's irresponsible and horrifying. >> of course, do you not want to be anywhere near 100 yards close to suggesting a political figure should be assassinated. it's obviously wrong and radioactive and they got down a rabbit hole speculation that took them. if not to that place, very close to it. lou: grown men don't go down rabbit holes like that on public airwaves. you say something stupid if you talk on the, a it's just going to happen, but that was purposeful, it was focused and it was inexcusable in my opinion. i've never been -- i have to say brad thor both surprised me, and i find his remarks so disgusting, along with becks,
11:37 pm
but i really expected better of thor. and i was utterly wrong. >> you would expect, too, on top of, that beck wouldn't say i agree with you at the end of that. lou: he had a way out. >> he did, and he didn't take it. lou: here we are on the day in which donald j. trump has been the republican party's presidential nominee. >> i know you're disappointed, lou, covering a contested convention would have been so awesome. lou: either way i've got to be there. >> who would have guessed he would be at 1237, before june 7th. and hillary clinton would be facing a potentially, highly embarrassing loss in california where the latest polls look as though bernie is nipping at her heels, she is going into potentially a troubled convention and a weakened state. lou: at this point, because you've had philosophical differences, ideological differences with trump, is your
11:38 pm
heart free, and are you able to embrace -- >> you have to keep working on me, lou. lou: i'm going to wait for reason to work upon you because i know ultimately you will find a way. your thoughts, lee? i have to say he's a historical figure now. he becomes only the first since dwight eisenhower to win the nomination without ever having held elective office. that's remarkable. >> it's really an unbelievable time in the country, and i think if you think about, it june 15th last year, there was an article headlines five reasons why jeb bush is going to be the next president of the united states. lou: lord. >> june 16th, donald j. trump announces he's running and everybody says it's nuts. for the last almost year we've been talking about this. nobody would have thought we're here and hillary clinton like you say is facing a real challenge in california, and all the most recent polls within the margin of error, she's in a dead heat right now. lou: and do you not love the
11:39 pm
fact marco rubio is referring his delegates to support trump, vote for trump in the first round. she is going to speak on his behalf at the convention, not endorsing him, but that is true unity, it is moving, you know, even you establishment types -- [ laughter ] >> oh! the establishment has gotten on board, and this is a natural dynamic of a political party, when you have a presumptive nominee. lou: tell that to paul ryan about the actual dynamics. >> he'll be there as well. lou: what makes you so sure? he's a guy who claims he's a conservative. i can't find anything conservative, anything persuasive that he is a conservative. he's an establishment figure. he has supported whomever his masters are, principally over at the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable, but this is nonsense for the arbiter. >> he'll come around like everyone else has. he's an elected official pretty much.
11:40 pm
>> i think paul ryan is doing the republican party a huge favor, the fact he's vetting donald trump before he gets to hillary. lou: run that by me, paul ryan is vetting donald trump. >> he's saying the questions about him. is he going to work with congress? they have a meeting and get to the next issue. one by one the issues are coming off the table. that is a good thing for the republican party. >> see, lou? lou: i am absolutely stunned. [laughter] >> from an optics perspective, it helps to have the issues out on the table. lou: like what? what issue is out on the table? what issue is out on the table that this republican nominee has not debated, discussed and extemporized about? >> i think you are right. lou: what do we know of where this speaker stands on the spending bill? he can't even move that in his conference. this is a guy who has never passed significant legislation, he's only gotten three bills into law.
11:41 pm
one of them to name a post office, and i hear you talking about -- i mean, you do know he's the speaker? >> i know he's speaker of the house, i wonder if he's going to work with congress. lou: did you know how obama was going to govern? did you know how george w. bush was going to govern. >> it's important to play out. lou: this plays into the narrative of the left-wing national media. plays into the democratic narrative. somebody is going to be presiding over the presidential -- name one president, name one president who had to put up from this nonsense from his own party, from the speaker's office. >> it was a divided party and a very divisive primary. and didn't know where obama was going to govern, and governed the way he said he was going to govern in 2008. a lot of stuff he's said is negotiable and changes his position every other week. >> this point isn't one i'm making about donald trump or paul ryan.
11:42 pm
he's taking the things people have doubts about and one by one taking them off the table. lou: i want to see when the doubts arise because i've only seen them arise in the national liberal media and the democratic party. rich lowry, i'm sure you will fold up like a cheap chair before the summer is over. [ laughter ] >> all this is at stake here. >> with the seersucker suit and the wig folded up. lou: and a cigar. rich lowry, lee carter, thank you. >> thank you. lou: crazy close call caught on camera in minnesota. a professional skateboarder sweet trick nearly took a disastrous turn. whoa! how close would you like that to be? can you believe? he had that trick down to everything except where the skateboard might finish up with him. i got to tell you, the man's an athlete. that is a move that any matador
11:43 pm
would envy, and he ditched the board just in time to avoid getting hit. his skateboard not so lucky, but he was very lucky. no one hurt. up next, the democrats in this race, and donald trump loves it. >> are you enjoying the hillary, bernie struggle that's happening right now? >> i do. i had no idea it was going to be so nasty. lou: who knew? former presidential candidate herman cain knows about such things. he joins us next to take precisely that up. stay with us. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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brighter denture every day.
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. lou: joining me tonight, 2012 presidential candidate herman cain, and the ceo of godfathers pizza. i don't know if you heard the scenario paul ryan is doing the nation a favor by vetting the republican nominee now. do you buy it? >> no. what paul ryan is doing in my opinion is he's trying to appease the members of the house of representatives that are not totally comfortable with donald trump yet. so as he gets feedback from them and as he has phone call
11:48 pm
with donald trump, it's a process. i believe, lou, that the media is obsessed with an endorsement from paul ryan more than the public. lou: yet donald trump doesn't seem to be a dog gone. >> and he doesn't. and i don't think the public really cares. this is something that the media is obsessed with, but i believe, give it time, and as one of your guests said, he will eventually come around, once they get more comfortable with one another jo you know, i love this idea that folks got to get comfortable with one another. >> yes, yes. lou: talking about republican voters as if there is a wussified, silly, hypersensitive toddlers who have to be coddled and, to me, trump talks to adults, and that's one of the great appeals of it, and he really doesn't care about the little nonsense on the side. >> right, right. lou: the party can take a
11:49 pm
lesson, i think. >> i think they could. and, you know, you're right. many of the so-called true conservatives are like toddlers. they have to be coddled. you've got to make them, bring them into the tent. donald trump put out his list of 11 people that he would recommend to the supreme court. now you would think that that would cause the conservatives to say, okay, i see where he's coming from, but they're still pushing back. they have a problem, and that is, they don't want just, you know, confirmation of one particular key issue, they want to try and get confirmation on every issue, and they want the candidate, the nominee, to basically coddle up to them. donald trump is not going to do that, and that's what they're having a problem dealing with. lou: and you get the sense, don't you, that after november 8th, their problems are only
11:50 pm
just beginning, because he really is -- i think he could usher in an era of grown-up politics which would be refreshing, particularly for the republican party, all but unthinkable for the democratic party. let's turn to, if we may, the comment by president obama, herman that world leaders rattled, they've confided to him. he doesn't name names, he has the unnamed international source. what is he thinking about? >> well, president obama, as you pointed out basically exercise severe international partisanship. most presidents don't criticize a candidate for president when they go abroad. this president broke with tradition, so to speak now, with that being said, when he said that many world leaders are rattled, good! that's exactly what the american people are looking for! they're looking for the leaders of the world to be rattled by
11:51 pm
our president rather than a president that is constantly apologizing and creating fake agreements to make it seem as if this is a kumbaya world. this is a dangerous world, lou, and donald trump knows it. the american people know it. but this administration has pretended for 7 1/2 years that it's a kumbaya world, and it is not a kumbaya world. lou: herman cain, always great to talk with you, thanks for being here, all the best. >> mr. dobbs, i told you, you got to change the name of your show. lou: it seems a little -- well, we'll talk about it. >> mr. dobbs. it has a ring to it. lou: you have a great one, thanks so much. >> thanks a lot, lou. >> the new england patriots standing by tom brady and the goodell deflategate nonsense, we take it up with eric guster,
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
>> i think it's a remote possibility. she would have had to have known there were classified email on the server and in10 alley mishandle them. but what was missing in the report was the audacity. where was all the painstaking effort that went into creating that server and it wasn't on the back side. no he can tra -- lou: do you agree. >> when you talk too much you can talk your way into jail. she said i never broke rule, i never did anything wrong. but then the state department said, yes, you did. and that's the problem. lou: talking about violating state department policies which are based on the law, violating those policies is it seems to me
11:57 pm
pretty straightforward. >> i don't think it's not quite contestable that she violated the law piptd' the criminal element that is a remote possibility. it would be in a way refreshing if at the end of this lengthy investigation there was that kind of conclusion. lou: here we are, james comey, the director of the f.b.i. said something would be happening in may. or up plied that. we are moving toward conventions and the june 7 elect in california. he says he doesn't feel he can term pressure, but seems to feel some pressure. i can't understand how much pressure you feel if you had 150 agents working on this, and they have yet to go into the global clinton initialive where there
11:58 pm
are questions -- initiative where there are questions about contributions. where is the evidence that the f.b.i. its moving forward? >> it's scarce. and the fed moves at a glacial pace. if there is one thing we can count on, it's that glacial pace. >> they need to do something before the convention so either she'll be indicted or she won't. the worst thing that can happen is she becomes the nominee, then she is indicted. then the democrats have to put someone else up and it will be a big mess. lou: i want to go to tom brady and deflategate and roger goodell who is losing his mind. the empirical evidence is there is no evidence. >> this is a flawed process they agreed to.
11:59 pm
the terms were agreed to by both parties. lou: the simple answer is they see it as an agree wa an d an es overreach. >> the evidence is not good against brady. he's texting his equipment manager. that's not good for him. lou: evidence that go to deflating the balls. there is no evidence anything was done. >> tom brady has been touching footballs since he was 4 years old. lou: in the second season going after arguably the country's. >> they need to work out a deal and make it happen. let the patriots take the game. the worst team in the league. >> the best quarterback in the league. this is moronic what they are doing to the game.
12:00 am
talk about the game, this is the worst. eric and i will have a drink. thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. 89% of you say you don't believe president obama and attorney general loretta lynch. kennedy: tonight we are going to look back at some of the show's highlights the past few months. you will see me talk to dr. ron paul about the election. i had an exclusive and emotional interview with eagles of death front man jesse hughes. let's get into the show on kennedy.


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