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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 27, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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stories on the east coast. summer travel season kicking off as we speak. millions of americans hitting the roads and skies, we will look at the gas prices and long airport lines will be having on travelers. president obama making a historic visit to hiroshima, spoke briefly, but did he apologize? to the race to the white house, donald trump securing the nomination and democratic rivals sharpening their attacks. >> so we had a big day today. today is the day where we hit the 1237. we are having a good time because we know what's going to happen. we are going to make america great again. >> i'm ready for his fantasy campaign and outrageous things he's going the say. that's not the kind of smart, strong leadership that we need and deserve. >> what i hope will happen is that, in fact, i will run
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against him as the democratic nominee for president of the united states and if i do, we are going to beat him and beat him bad. sandra: severe thunderstorms and tornadoes slamming the plain states. we will take you there straight ahead. one way millions of americans celebrate the start of summer, going to an air show, we will take you to one later this morning and look at how local economies get a boost from these air shows. summer movie season kicking off this weekend as well and we have a sneak peak at one of the hottest movie, independence day resurgence. those will be out later today. in europe we are watching gains and losses, for the most part trading higher with ftse in
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london up 2 points, mall fractions across the board there. here at home we are looking at futures for the most part trending higher, the leader there the tech heavy nasdaq up two tenths of 1%. here with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, jack otter and national review reporter katherine, welcome to all of you. good to have you on this friday morning as we head into the memorial weekend. dagen: i was shaming cat about going to bed too early. >> i'm hitting to orlando for a libertarian convention. sandra: are you flying? >> i'm doing two hours early but i'm not checking a bag. sandra: we have a can't-mislineup this morning. former presidential candidate
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and dr. ben carson will be here and former u.s. embassador john bolton will be here as well. you don't want to miss the stelar lineup. as of this morning, there's the number, trump has secured 1,239 delegates surpassing that magic 1237 number needing to clinch the nomination. trump is celebrating the news at a campaign rally in montana last night. >> just remember, so we had a big day today, today was the day where we hit the 1237, right, 1237. [cheers and applause] >> and you had our president, he
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will not be the nom' of this party, really, he's been right about that like he's been right about everything else, which is never. sandra: joining me now is ron myer along with democratic strategickist. ly start with you, first, your take on the race as it stands today, california shaping up to be interesting in the democratic race. >> it's a close race in california. in terms of trump getting the nomination, none of of us who are in politics saw this coming. even a month ago thought it would a contested convention. i mean, predictions don't count for too much after what we have seen in the last six months. that said, trump is still the unpopular major party nominee in the history of polling. his negatives ratings as high as
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70%. most polls 65 and 70%. even inside the republican party you had major segments like republican women, up to 40% of republican women saying up to recently that he was unacceptable. if you look at the map, doesn't mean he can't win, it just means that he's behind right now with the electoral map, for sure. sandra: the word we use so much is momentum and momentum does seem to be despite the unfavorable for donald trump and momentum seems to be on donald trump's side at least for now. he's catching up to hillary clinton on the polls. i'm going to ask you, nobody has been right, where is this going from here? >> well, you know, the one thing that trump has been able to show that he can overperform expectations and one of these things is really interesting is the whole trump-bernie debate coming up. this whole play by him is doing something and it's really unconventional but brilliant.
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sandra: but that's not a real thing, though, right? >> might be. >> it could be. dagen: kind of sort of might be. neither one of them has said no, it's not happening. sandra: i think bernie sanders really wants to think this is real. we have bernie sanders appearing on jimmy kimmel live last night and here is what was said. >> you saw the show last night, you saw what i did for you. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right. >> about two guy who is looked at the world very, very differently. >> oh, boy, do you guys look at it differently. >> i said last night on jimmy's show, it was, you know, the question that was posed but i want a lot of money for charity f we can raise for maybe women's health issues or something, if we can raise 10 or $15 million
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for charity, which would be a very appropriate amount, i understand the television business very well, i think it would get very high ratings, it should be in a big arena somewhere and we would have fun with it. the problem with debating bernie is he's going the lose. sandra: hillary clinton is looking past bernie sanders focusing on the general election where she will likely face off presumptive nominee donald trump. here is what she says. >> i am telling you i am so looking forward to debating donald trump, i can't wait. [cheers and applause] sandra: all right, julian, first s -- is this real, all the networks have reached out to their campaign about this. >> well, what we thought yesterday was a little bit of a fantasy but sounds like today it might be coming real. bernie sanders says his reasons to want a debate and donald
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trump has reasons to want to debate bernie sanders, it just creates more confusion on the democratic side if the nonnominee is debating the republican nominee. so donald trump is playing this very, very cleverly, confusion on the democratic side and shows he's a master when it comes to dealing with the media and the kind of the inner section between media and entertainment. i think it's more likely than not that this might occur now. sandra: i want to open this up to our panelists this morning, but julian, what does this say about hillary clinton? i mean, hillary clinton, we've seen the tape rolled so many times now of her back in 2008 saying somebody running for president should be willing to debate any time anywhere and here she is saying, no, thank. >> well, hillary clinton, there's been enormous number of debates between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she hasn't shown any shyness in debating but there will be a lot of debates hillary clinton and
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donald trump. this is pretty much a side show at this point. i don't think this is all instructive. hillary will be the nominee. sanders -- trump will be the nominee on the republican side and hillary according to most polls is still ahead. >> here is why it's actually something more than this, because if you look at where trump's surges come is millennials. she's alianateed. >> sandra: let me get this, abc news showed a 36% swing with millennial voters. trump trailed back in march but
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now trails clinton by 3%, jack otter, that's a huge move. >> the question is can hillary turn bernie to become her advocate and her supporter, then it could be a win for her. on the other hand it could looked like a presidential race between donald trump and bernie sanders, both are far more popular with millennials, does trump win bernie supporters or does bernie win trump supporters. sandra: far more people would watch that debate than democratic debate. i think it seems a little bit on purpose the democratic debates were scheduled. hillary is not a good debater whatsoever. dagen: bernie said the country is sick of your damn emails. he gave up his best shot at this. and again, this has reached a boiling point for her with the inspector general's report.
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he can maybe land blows. >> he's a policy guy. he cares about free college for all and all this stuff. dagen: if you're running for nomination, you to care about everything. you have to care about -- sandra: you know where there was a good debate right here at mornings with maria. good to have you. tornadoes fast and furious, we have details on one twister that stayed on the ground for 90 minutes, we are told. plus after charlie sheen, latest celebrity to try to profit from the emoji craze emojis. we will explain how they bring in big bucks for local communities marie, you have prediabetes.
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prediabetes?! i don't have time to eat right or exercise. i'm a busy mom! oh, you're a busy mom? yeah. this is great news! busy moms never get prediabetes. wait, what? let me just...yeah! this is all the people at risk for prediabetes, and way over here-- busy moms. no? whew. sandra: tornadoes rocking rocking the plain states including one that was on the ground for 90 minutes. maria molina always brave
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chasing the storm in abeline, texas, maria, good morning to you. maria: national weather service estimates that that tornado has peak winds of 180 miles per hour. let's share video from that evening. estimated that the tornado was on the ground for 90 minutes and 26 miles, 2 # miles of destruction left behind by that storm, fortunately it was in a rural area in kansas, it stayed north of the town of abeline and just outside of the side of chapman. i want to share some of the devastation left by tornado. it did cause significant damage. behind me what appears to have been a home completely demolished. we have concrete blocks, so this tornado was extremely powerful and bring that was brought down by the power of tornado. we have been dealing with severe
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weather. standing water on top of the debris, that's going to be another big problems in terms of cleanup efforts. there was also another tornado that was reported. we have video of that as well. that was in wamigo, kansas, the national weather service will be estimating the strength of that tornado, we have reports of large hail in portions of kansas, california as well and severe weather stretching into texas. today the storm system continues marching east ward and continue to bring that threat for additional severe weather, hail, wind and tornado across the very same area and extending to portions to oklahoma and texas. stay safe out there for the plains. sandra: thank you for bringing the story to us from abeline, kansas. more uncertainty into the investigation of the egypt aircraft. cheryl casone has details on
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this and other headline that is we are watching for you this morning. cheryl: that's right, sandra, a lot of conflicting reports about the location of the plane and what we know at this point. reports said yesterday that search teams detected emergency ciggal -- signal 804. no new signal was received and that it came from the day of the crash, a lot of back and forths on this one. we will keep you posted on any new details. letters will be receiving letters for leeking representative jason chavetz to be agent, what they did is something that's considered act of retribution, chair of house committee applied to the agency back in 2003, but he was rejected. at the time he had been leading
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investigation into secret service misbehavior when they encouraged colleagues to release records to pertain, quote, embarrassing information. well, charlie sheen the latest celebrity to reveal personalized emojis following the steps of kim kardashian and arianna grande. i'm going the move on. following from all of you mutant ninja turtles fans, that's going to hit theaters on june 3rd. the promotion obviously here. glow in the dark basketball court, arcade games and free pizza, if you were thinking,
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sandra about renting it, it's already sold out. it's a promotion for the movie. dagen: you can't stand for ten minutes. cheryl: you bet. sandra: outrage over canada to wear nuclear site and how that could impact tourism next. betters placing big bet on sin city but comes with price tag, what a team could cost las vegas
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♪ ♪ ♪ sandra: that song and i love toby. mvp steph curry tap oklahoma city thunder last night. we turn out to fox news headline sports reporter jared max is here. jared: good morning, happy friday to all. most wins in the remember season but without a relationship to follow. what would the golden state warriors be, the golden state worry yours need today win last night. gets rejected and steph curry,
6:24 am
bang, steph curry finally caught fire last night. there had been so much talk that maybe he was injured. watch him go, popping three pointers, stheph scored 33 points last night. too many turnovers, the problem last night and russell westbrook unable to penetrate. it got close late but then a 3-point play by steph curry with four and a half minutes to go would separate the two teams. curry had five steals and klay thompson scored 37. unlike the previous two games when they scored 72 in the first half, only 50 last night. golden state warriors a winner last night and they go up, trail two -- three games to two.
6:25 am
and thunder would seem to be the favorites here. oklahoma city gets two chances to win to get to the finals and even if the warriors get game six they still have to be back to oakland for game seven. houston rockets reportedly will make mike dantoni head coach. to pittsburgh we go. penguins try to get back to the stanley cup finals since the first time since 2009. scores the goal, pittsburgh goes up 1-0. penguins smell we could get to the cup and then russ would do it again. two goals for russ last night. wild ending switching back and forth from war years game and and the penguins win the contest 2-1 last night. pittsburgh go up to stanley cup
6:26 am
finals and that's it for their opponent last night, tampa bay lighting who were denied a second straight trip to the finals. watch what happens after. we do the handshakes and give the prince of whales trophy, that's what that is. the trophy players are superstitious, i'm not supposed to touch the trophy, in 2008 when the penguins advanced, the captain did not touch the whales trophy and they lost. next year they touch it had trophy and they won the cup. sandra: plus. >> all scientific. dagen: i get it. on sunday you have grand prix on formula one and it's all in one glorious day.
6:27 am
open wheel and close wheel race. jared: folks across the hoosher state will be able to see it. the 100th edition of the indy 500. it hasn't sold out since 1950. dagen: if you're a tough dude you do the indy and the coca cola on the same day. sandra: big sports weekend is what y'all are telling me. jared: huge. sandra: got it, jared max, thank you for joining us this morning. you have been waiting 20 years of a sequel. film before it hits theaters the end of the month and preview of air shows and the water shows around the country have an our economy. will you be going to one?
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we will be right back
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sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith. it is friday may 27th, your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. summer travel season kicking off as we speak. millions of americans hitting the roads and the skies, we will look at low gas prices and long airport lines will be having on travelers. president obama making a historic visit to hiroshima, but
6:31 am
did he apologize? taking on legacy, donald trump attacks the president and democratic front runner hick. >> through the president who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, by the way, honestly, he doesn't know. he was talking about donald trump that other countries are very nervous, that's good if they're nervous. the middle east that clinton inherited was far less dangerous. the hillary clinton legacy is chaos. sandra: one way millions of americans to start off summer, going to an air show. how the economy gets a big boost from shows like this. summer movie season kicking off this season, x-man to be the big block buster, we have the preview for you just ahead.
6:32 am
we do see markets trending higher, it's been a good couple of weeks, month, that is is. dow jones 13 points right now, s&p 1, nasdaq up 9. nasdaq futures leading the way as we head toward the opening bell a few hours from now. we are also waiting on comments from fed chair janet yellen later today. that could potentially be a market mover. getting a check on oil this morning, oil pulling back after touching $50 yesterday. we are looking just below there at 49 and change down about 1% this morning. president obama arriving in hiroshima, japan earlier this morning honoring the memory of 140,000 that were killed on the morning of august 6th, 1945, he is the first sitting u.s. president in history to visit the city since the nuclear bombs fell at the end of world war ii. the president delivering remarks at the city's memorial site moments ago. >> we must change our mind set about war itself to prevent
6:33 am
conflicts through diplomacy and strive to end complex after they've begun, to see out grow ing dependence as a cause of peaceful cooperation and not violent competition. sandra: it's not just morning's remarks making questions, questions over donald trump and the race for the white house. >> they are rattled mind and for good reason. there's a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. sandra: donald trump responding saying he would have better international relationship as president. >> when you rattle someone that's good because many of the world as you know, many of the
6:34 am
countries in our world, our beautiful world have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. they shouldn't be airing where he's airing. sandra: good to have you. >> thank you. >> first of all, your take on the president's remarks on donald trump and donald trump's response. the president saying that world leaders are rattled by the presumptive gop nominee. >> i think it would be good for president obama to try to stay above this fray. let's face it, well, it's always interest to go see what other leaders think about our country, americans have to make their own decisions and i don't think that we can be influenced by what people in other countries think about who we choose as leaders. that's what sovereignty is all about and i think the american people need to reserve to
6:35 am
themselves the vote without any influence from any other government. sandra: look, you heard in response to his words including rattled these world leaders and donald trump and many of his supporters stepping up for him and saying, hey, it's about time the world leaders are rattled by a u.s. leader. that being said, we have been looking at images of the historic visit by president obama to hiroshima this morning. this part of it is pan-asian tour. do you see this as an apology? >> you know, let's face it. there's historical questions about whether the atomic bomb ever needed to be dropped. i mean, our military experts that weighed in early on and raised questions about u.s. needed to drop that bomb to win the war. you know, i raised those questions in congress. i think it's important that president obama is in japan. i think it's important that he has laid a reef in con mem ration -- conmemorate those who
6:36 am
died. yes, we fought japan in the war. nations have to move on and have to come to some form of peaceful of these historical events and in this one when i'm skeptical of president obama's international policy, i think it's important move that he made and i certainly support him on it. sandra: jack otter is here with a question. >> is it possible to draw any lessons of current diplomacy in hiroshima jordanians the nadzies, you see the japanese and in both of those cases we cut off the head of the beast, whether it be hitler or the military, we are ready to move on and a much better would to it.
6:37 am
in terrorist, you cut off the head and a new one grows in its place, anything we can learn about today's warfare from that experience? >> first of all, diplomacy is a way to resolve issues. we know that some of the war that is the united states has chosen to get into in the last few years have not been very wise. it's particularly true in the nuclear age. so when we look at the threat of terrorism today, which we have to deal with, the way to do it is to get the nations of the world together and agree as to how to do it and be care thafl we don't have nations like saudi arabia funding jihadists and other countries in the region to help create the terrorist activities which we are trying to defend.
6:38 am
dagen: we have a leader of the country that won't call the enemy by the name and that's radical islamic terrorism. that's the problem. >> the administration's policy have not always been coherent with respect to the middle east and the broader region, that's because of foreign policy decisions that have been made in concert with saudi arabia, qatar, turkey, with people who are moving an agenda for a radical group, that's a problem and, you know, the administration has gone astray, however, with the president's remarks today i think he's realizing some of the limits of encouraging countries to fund jihadist activities. it always blows back on the united states. you know, this is about time that we start paying attention
6:39 am
to matters here at home. we can't solve problems all over the world, we shouldn't be for a fights with sunnis and shias. sandra: good to have you. have a nice weekend. >> thank you. sandra: all right. coming up. one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer and we have a clip you can't see anywhere else. it's exclusive. a sneak peak at independence day resurgence, next. big business of air shows this memorial day weekend. keep it right here on fox busins
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sandra: you know what i love, i love air shows. fist look at u.s. stock market futures, they are up across the board as we head of the opening bell. nasdaq leading up two tenths of one percent and we also want to check with dagen this morning because she has stocks this morning that are early movers. dagen: i love air shows. my dad took us to a few of them. the stock jumping as the beauty retailer posted best-ever sales. the company raising its outlook as well. standout in the sector that has seen very much weakness. investors will be watching google, the tech giant winning a software case against oracle, product software did not violate any copyright law. sandra, back to you. sandra: all right, thank you veryuch, dagen. there are over 300 air shows
6:44 am
across the country annually with 1 # 3 million americans attending one air show this weekend to honor and pay tribute to men and women who bravely serve our nation. jones beach will be hosting the 13th annual best page air show. 350,000 people are expected to attend the two-day event for a preview of the weekend's events we are joined by one of our favs, leah gabriel in new york. leah, good morning. you're in your element there. >> i am so in my element. who doesn't love a good air show. thanks for great introduction. i'm here by a great c-47, and i'm standing here with george gorman but he's actually the person who created the best page air show 13 years ago. tell me about what made you
6:45 am
decide to come up with this event? >> we were looking to celebrate the facility for new york area and we see six and a half million visitors a year and we had to do something special and we came up with an air show and the united states navy blue angels were available on memorial day weekend. home run, we got honoring the memorial weekend, honoring veterans, everyone associated with the military and so it worked out fantastic. >> air shows are fun event for people and when we are talking about air shows, we are also talking about money, money, correct? >> that's correct. air show to be approximately $16 million and throughout the country, all the air shows just mentioned the 300-plus air shows, all of them have a tremendous impact to local communities, maybe not as much as 16 million we see here at long island but all have tremendous economic impact.
6:46 am
>> $16 million, we are talking about the blue angels, they fly f-18, what i use today fly. we also have the canadian, royal canadian air force. they have a demonstration team that's going to be here. they are incredible performance, all former military pilots for france. when you talk about all the incredible air shows, events going on, there's a breakdown in apparel as well? >> excuse me? >> apparel. >> we sell huge amount of items and we in particular sell 8,000 hand -- hamburgers and economic impact. >> comes down to a lot of fun and good for the local community. sandra: f-18, the one that i used to fly. so cool, lea.
6:47 am
>> they use today actually be able to go up and fly in the vintage airplanes. a briefing with you and then you'd go up and fly around long island, pretty cool. were one time that i didn't fly, just so you know. sandra: many thanks to lea gabriel having a lot of fun, i hope. all right, in case you missed it, some of this week's top moments from the show. >> we need to get back morales and manners and family structure. i mean, it's really, really sad. these are clearly bernie fans or hillary fans, they want to be disruptive. >> you can have hillary clinton and what she's going to do with the second amendment or donald trump and at least have the opportunity to get in there and mold them and guide them and help them be the best president he can be. >> the point is he keeps saying he doesn't want conservatives, e haven't -- evangelicals.
6:48 am
how is he going to win? >> to hand in what she says are the record to is a commentary on what she's done throughout the career. >> it's cheaper to buy a 30-dollar robotic arm than an employee making $15 an hour bagging french fries, it's nonsense. maria: once you install aflac, the duck, the business doubles. [laughter] maria: you can't say it without saying aflac. >> my kids are going to be eating cheese all summer long. >> we are going from 36,000 to 40,000, america. >> just letting you know cheers burgers without the burgers. maria: highly anticipated debut this weekend at six flags great adventure. >> we are live in front of joker
6:49 am
. here we. [laughter] cheryl: oh, my god, this is insane. maria, you have to try it. you should try it. maria: no, i'm not. [laughter] cheryl: only for you would i do this. maria: how does it feel to be back on tour? >> it feels awesome, it feels great to be connecting with the fans. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: we have the world's first automated selfies in the studio. check out, you guys, if i want i can turn on the lights. [laughter] maria: or i could turn on the fan. we will be right back. i have a hair-blowing look and there's my selfie.
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>> wow
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>> what the -- it's gotten worse. >> much worse. >> mr. president. you're awake. >> very much so. >> why are they screaming? >> no, no, they're not screaming. they're celebrating. sandra: whoa, whoa. exclusive clip from 20th century fox independence day resurgence. 20 years later the sequel to independence is ready to big screen, readed to -- headed to
6:54 am
the box office june 24th. micheal: we were not born then. i wasn't. [laughter] sandra: you gave us an exclusive sneak peak. how did you get that? micheal: one of our sister's companies, we have a fantastic working relationship with them. they have been great partners. we invited them with the white house correspondence dinner, the whole cast, we interviewed them at the lawn of the white house. we have a picture of that as well and they attended some of our guests. great interview with them. white house was so famously blown up in the original, we all remember lots of other things. this is one of the big summer this year. premier june 24th, 200 million-dollar budget. it's probably going to do twice that.
6:55 am
highly anticipated. sandra: x-men in theaters today. micheal: jennifer lawrence, sandra smith, resemblance. summer box off kicks off today. another big 20th century for this summer along with alice through the looking glass. disney premiered with tomorrowland, it was a horrendous weekend. this year studios are leaning to various familiar franchises. sandra: got you. big movie weekend. micheal: 100 million worldwide and about that this weekend as well. sandra: if you don't want to fight the traffic, go see a
6:56 am
movie. michael tamara, good to have you. micheal: how can you not be when you're sitting next to sandra smith. sandra: dagen mcdowell has the etf report. dagen: thank you so much, sandra. all ten sectors in the snp are up this morning, the biggest laggerred are interest rate, you geed it utility stocks. maybe the federal reserve moves next month. expectations that the feds might hike rate maybe june or later in the year. 11.9%. wow, double-digit gain, more mornings with maria after the break.
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sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo is off and will be back tuesday. it's friday may 27th, your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. summer travel season kicking off right now. millions of americans hitting the roads and skies, we will look at the effect of gas prices and long airport lines will be having on travel. president obama making a historic visit to hiroshima and
7:00 am
spoke briefly but did he apologize? to the race to the white house donald trump securing republican nomination outright, now he and democratic front runner hillary are focusing on the women vote. >> we won men, you know, i don't know if you heard, but i have one of the highest poll numbers ever recorded with men and i would swap it for the women right now, okay. i want to women, the hell with the men. to hell with the men, right men? >> donald trump likes to say i'm playing playing the woman card, well, here we are in las vegas, right, if fighting for equal pay, paid family leave and affordable child care is playing the woman card, then deal me in. sandra: all right. did you see this? a new study reveals the link between cell phone and cancer,
7:01 am
long been suspected and now here is the evidence. details ahead. memorial day weekend for grill and burgers, one millions of americans celebrate start of summer going to air show. we will take you to one later this morning and see how economies get a boost from air shows, our own lea gabriel is on the ground in one. turning to global actions overnight, so right now we are seeing mix market action globally in asia as well as europe, markets there. you're seeing ftse in london slightly lower, cac in france up and dax in germany up 12. here u.s. stock market futures having searching for direction. right now we are second in the green with dow futures 20 and s&p up 2, nasdaq futures leading the way up 10.
7:02 am
and here with me this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, baron editor jack otter and katherine tim, good to have you. >> oh, yeah. dagen: you never know what's going to come out of her mouth. >> i never know either. [laughter] sandra: we have a can't-miss lineup for you. former presidential candidate dr. ben carson will be here. former u.s. embassador to united nations john bolton and ceo and president david. you don't want to miss that lineup. memorial day weekend is upon us and with it comes a major travel headache as millions of americans hit the road to celebrate the holiday. >> i'm scared. sandra: jeff flock is standing by, no worries.
7:03 am
he's add midway to tell us it's all going to be just fine. jeff: there are lines, of course, the folks checking luggage in but i can report to you at this hour the lines are not at tsa and, of course, that's where all the eyeballs are to come in the main terminal here at midway, if you see the line at southwest, that's not so bad checking in this morning. you know, this summer has -- the lead up to summer has been plagued by all sorts of lines. the tsa definitely under fire. at this hour, as this early morning hour time that you sometimes do get a lot of lines, dutch, come over here and maybe we can get a sandra a look, overlook at tsa folks. this is a time where it backs up. we had a couple of weeks ago an all-time record line. did i find you? he's got me way over there. this is where they would line up for the tsa and people blowing right through, not a problem.
7:04 am
we will be back next hour and see if there's any change to it but so far so good in your hometown. sandra: jeff flock, thank you from midway airport where the lines are not that long yet. we will see. all right, jeff, thank you. tell dutch, hi, for me. that's the camera operator. dagen: i thought it was one of the tsa agents because you fly so much out of chicago. sandra: donald trump reaching the number of delegates to secure nomination for president. as of yesterday, trump has 1239 delegates, he's surpassed that magic 1237 number need today clinch the nomination, the nominee making the push for female voters saying that he would rather have the women vote. >> we want men. [cheers and applause] >> you know, i don't know if you heard but i have one of the
7:05 am
highest poll numbers ever recorded with men and i would swap it for the women right now. i want to women, to hell with the men, right men? sandra: this comes after new reports saying donald trump is unlikely to pick a vp as running mate. democratic strategist julie, come on, this is the all-star lineup up here. borus -- >> fun debate. sandra: okay, fun debate. it is that. here donald trump, cat snickering a little bit. i've got the male vote, i want the women. >> you have over five months of the election and the key point of the campaign, we are past the primary, obviously. two months ago are saying if
7:06 am
he's going to get the 1237. so five months and the economy, immigration, national security, foreign policy, all those points are attract i have to women and the women will call behind donald trump. sandra: will he be effective in pushing for the women vote? >> democrats have gotten the women's share of the vote consistently since 1984 or 1992 but the problem for trump is that he's leading among men by single digits but really getting tramped by women. he has to bring 3 million more men into the process to vote in november and also ensure that no more women come out to vote in order for him to win. that's almost an impossible task right now. >> hillary has a bigger problem with men than he does with women. >> most important state by
7:07 am
state. you look at the quinnipiac poll. if you talk about nationally, the poll is different. certainly polls, he again has a much bigger lead with men. that's the general poll. >> let's talk about legitimate polls. the ones that predicted the last time around and consistent, as we know some polls are not as predictive as others. he's trying not to go so far to unify republican woman and he goes after susana martínez, what does that say to women and latino women? dagen: the polls are one thing, at the end of the day how many people from either party come out to vote. the enthusiasm among republican
7:08 am
voters is greater than that of among the democratic voters at this point because -- so doesn't that influence who -- >> of course. >> to some extent. don't forget she has coleft the coalition around her. he had not -- >> obama was winning at this point. >> no he wasn't. >> yeah, he was. sandra: trump slamming hillary clinton's foreign policy saying she's more likely to go to war. >> the hillary clinton foreign policy legacy is absolute total chaos. i think she would be much more likely to go to war. i think that i will be known as a tougher person than ever but i think that people aren't going to mess with me. sandra: she try today call him dangerous, donald.
7:09 am
he's throwing it right back on her face. >> he could, he was potentially to saudi arabia, the biggest exporter of terrorism around the world going nuclear. why not? let them go nuclear. saudi arabia, that's chilling to me so whether we go to war or saudi arabia begins a nuclear war, that's insane. >> democrat president barack obama bowed to the saudi arabia. >> george bush held hands with the saudi arabia king. >> a terrible record as secretary of state plus her foundation taking money from kuwait, all kinds of regimes, so her background on it is absolutely off and the voters are seeing it. >> putting our security at risk for money. >> right. and saying that the foundation was not going to take that money from foreign companies while secretary of state but having to
7:10 am
restate four years of tax returns because they're taken over 20 million from foreign governments through the foundation. again, let's go back to her record as secretary of state, china, russia, libya, you look all over the world, middle east, we are much worse after secretary of state than before. >> but look at what you're talking about, you're talking about taking foundation money and i'm saying he's open to saudi arabia going nuclear. you're talking about a -- excuse me, gop nominee that vladimir putin is the cat's miow. >> she absolutely bungled it to get terrible attempt to be friendly with russians and she failed. dagen: difference between a statement that donald trump made which he can backtrack of and you put him on a debate stage, you're debating fact, well, i changed my mind.
7:11 am
>> what is he standing there? sandra: he has, indeed, clinch it had nomination. [laughter] >> she hasn't been able to do it yet. sandra: this is going to continue well in the commercial break. straight ahead your memorial day barbecue more perfect now that beef prices are hitting new lows, we have the details on that. later it may actually be too late for justin bieber to say sorry. pop star saying that the bieb stole vocal for hit song and is suing. keep it right here in the fox business network.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
sandra: president obama arriving in hiroshima, japan laying a reef honoring the 140,000 that were killed on the morning of august 6th, 1945. first u.s. president in history to visit the city since the nuclear bomb fell at the end of world war ii. fox news kevin cork is in hiroshima, japan with the details. kevin, good morning. kevin: hey, sandra, good evening
7:15 am
from hiroshima, first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima marking the day in 1945, no, he did not apology for america's use, must not fade from our memories and the courage to end their use. mr. obama making his way here to the peace memorial where he marked the faithful day to the end of the war. 140,000 die and 174,000 died two days later in gagazaki. i should also point out that the president had a chance to meet with a number of survivors, and i thought that was probably the most poynant part of this day. the survivors obviously seniors,
7:16 am
many of them well into 80's and even 90's baring the physical scars but the president made note of mental scars that not only continue to haunt but also the entire community but i should make sure that the people don't forget that folks over at nagazaki, the folks have endured a similar fate. the president is on ruth -- route to washington, a very long trip ahead after a very eventful trip. thank you. sandra: all right, thank you, kevin core. first state to make violence against police a state crime. cheryl casone has details on that, cheryl. cheryl: a lot of people really wanted it. governor edwards who is the shn -- the son of sheriff signed bill.
7:17 am
this now includes police officers, firefighters and other first responders that become targeted as victims. all right, time to get the grill fired up. beef prices at the lowest level in two years. feeding cattle cheaper so cattle production is up for the first time since 2010 and gets better. the department of agriculture say beef prices could drop as much as 2% this year. plus, there was this. >> gesellslchaft. >> that is correct. [cheers and applause] cheryl: what did he just say? [laughter] cheryl: i don't even know what that was. obviously that was the national spelling bee, you guys, ended in a tie for the third year in a row.
7:18 am
let me give you the names of these kids, 13-year-old jaram and 11-year-old nihar declared cochamps after a roller coaster finish that you just watched each receiving a trough fbi and 45 grand in cash and prizes. get this, california is home to the mohavi desert. in florida, they had to search for the proper spelling for tomorrow. [laughter] sandra: wow. cheryl: add joke. >> people can't spell gray. >> standby. no, >> let me give you scrit, you always want two s's for dessert.
7:19 am
cheryl: what's the word. sandra: i'm an amazing speller. cheryl: similar. >> beautiful is the most misspelled words. do you always have problems with that? >> no, people say i'm beautiful. dagen: sadly people know how to spell all the curse words. jack: in both arkansas and utah people are constantly searching for lepricaun. dagen: they like lucky charms, magically delicious. sandra: dire warning with a discovery of a superbug
7:20 am
resistant to all known antibiotics means for your health. it's making news this morning. plus, honoring our heros, new memorial boston is dedicating to those who defend our freedom. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests...
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sandra: as we prepare for the memorial day holiday weekend, we want to reflect on the sacrifices made by our service members. a one of a kind memorial to veterans of iraq and afghanistan will be dedicated today in boston. joining us now the group behind the memorial dan lagoon, massachusetts fallen heros and erian, gold-star wife. thank you both of you for being here and happy memorial weekend to both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning, thank you for having us. sandra: erin, could i first start with you and what this day and what this dedication means to you and your family. >> yeah, it's been highly anticipated from me and all the other gold-star families specially right around memorial day. you know, this day and this whole weekend and every day is meant to honor our loved ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice, what you see behind me, this
7:25 am
memorial represents the sacrifice that they made for us and it's really important for others to be able to come here and reflect on the great sacrifice that they made for us. sandra: including your husband. he was a squad leader with bravo company. first baaalian, ninth marine, this was particularly during a raid mission known as operation nightmare 3. erin, your husband was a brave man and dan, the structure that's behind you that erin alluded to, tell us about it, it's interactive, how does it work? >> it's taking us a long time to finally get built. in 2010 we started the organization with the simple mission and that was to honor brothers and sisters that didn't make it home, a bunch of combat veterans that came together in the community really wanted to do something for not only their memories and their legacy but also more important for the families, we have a five-sided
7:26 am
50-foot that was designed by james carpenter. and that size represents our five branches and obviously the names that that represent are fallen heros sit in inner reflective pool basically a beacon of life and honor for the men and women that we have lost since 9/11. sandra: massachusetts becaon of honor, if you want to keep track #beacon on twitter. dedication at 11:00 o'clock this morning, dan, right? >> yes, ma'am, that's correct. sandra: erin, words can never do, thank you so much for you and your husband and your family for service to this great country. >> thank you. sandra: all right, coming up to all known curious and now the superbug that has the health
7:27 am
world on edge. plus over 70,000 people have missed their flight at one airport alone this year thanks to tsa, but one man is taking his travel lows into his own hands, the frequent flyer that took on the airlines all by himself next. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:29 am
>> welcome back i'm sandra smith it's friday may 27th your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. summer travel season kicking
7:30 am
off, and on the way. millions of americans hitting the roads and skies. we'll look at the low gas prices and long airport license we'll have on travelers. president obama making a historic visit to hiroshima and he apologized. we'll have more on that taking on the obama administration foreign policy legacy. just after securing the republican nomination, donald trump attacks the president and democratic front runner, hillary clinton. >> you made made it possible fos to have a interesting deacts about two guys who look at the world very, very differently. >> what debate -- the problem with debating bernie is he's going to lose because honestly his system is rigged like our system is rigged. >> they said that was a joke and i'm going to look for forward to debating donald trump.
7:31 am
>> one way millions of americans celebrate the start is of summer is going to an air show a look at how local economies get a boost from these shows. a couple of big movies set to make the stage "x-men" big blockbuster we have the preview on that just ahead. checking markets piewches for direction as investors wait on comments from janet yellen could be a market mover. futures up 20 to a higher open. nasdaq up 210 of one percent. all right well, we've been telling you about this an american airlines passenger canceling his flight u do you to illness and hit with a $200 cancelation fee. well he wrote to american airlines u through a quested refunds and guess what, he got it. let's bring in frequent flyer alex hamburger to tell us what happened. good morning to you. >> good to be here. >> it ended up to be a happy story in your case for many
7:32 am
others it's not. but what happened here? >> sure, so basically i had a trip out to visit some family on a vacation and couple of days before, i got what essentially was just a crazy cold. [laughter] and it knocked me out so i had to cancel the trip and when i went to rebook i called the airline and said i want to change my ticket i know there's a fee to change ticket is there any way to waive that and person on the phone said try contacting customer service and so she suggested i e-mail them and i saw a mailing drays and sends them a letter it make it more of an impact, and once i got going i turned letter into something clever and funny included photos of the family i was supposed to visit and low and behold i heard back with a really positive response. >> so how did they refund the money contact you first and say they would be doing this or see the money reappear on your credit card? >> so i got an e-mail which was most shocking part of it all a. i sent a snail mail better and
7:33 am
opened up my e-mail couple of weeks later and had a equally witty response. >> let's show an excerpt from that letter you are started by saying, quote, dear american airlines customer service staff member. sounds like -- i write to you with hope that you might take mercy on me and afford a little sympathy for this flier that has taken quite ill and had to postpone his trip to see his beloved niece. that's a happy ending. >> he's a hero when people are coughing on the plane and sneezing it makes me afraid it's coming back and all other. the man is a treasure. i was seated next to a man on a delta airlines flight who had an open staph infection all over his body, leg that was viz isable and they let his board the plane and i jumped out of my seat, stopped the plane, didn't let it leave and made them remove him from the plane.
7:34 am
>> good. >> delay here -- the plane delayed for an u hour but again to oust this point airline should encourage people not to fly if they don't feel well an they did this by refunding his money. >> wonder how many -- not feeling well l. >> like i was sick. i got delta to do it they let me, you know, rebook and not charge me a fee. airlines will help you out. >> by the way you signed off alex frequent flyer, brother, uncle formerly sick person currently healthy. treasure -- add that to the list. [laughter] well alex -- i'm glad you're feeling better. >> thank you so much i'm on a the trip right now coming to you from krs kansas city here this
7:35 am
is timely. >> alex thank you for joining us a frequent flyer is telling us this story. intense search underwear if a missing girl in california after a suspect was killed. cheryl casone has the details for us this morning. cheryl. >> that's right sandra so man wanted on suspicion of kidnapping girl was killed in a shootout ever a high speed chase but there's a sign of peril hanson and that intensified overnight abducted early wednesday morning while walking to a school bus. now, the fbi has joined in the search effort. well french police searching mcdonald's headquarters outside of paris. investigators suspect the burger chain of artificially reducing profits and taxes in the country of france just happened with google by the way. to license fees and money transfers to european parent company in luxembourg that is what they're looking at with regards to mcdonald's. now to this --
7:36 am
♪ okay. justin bieber and cowriters of his 2015 smash hilt, "sorry" sued for stealing vocal rift and infringing copyright to her song ring the bell by using a rift without her permission. among other defendants are the producers, and the universal of music groups that's a pretty big suit. we'll see what happens. >> all right cheryl thank you. >> we're talking also about the american doctors that have been dreading. well, we now have word that it's reaching the united states. we're going to have more on this just ahead. plus leah is on the ground at republic airport with a preview of the best page air show. you to not want to miss images that she's bringing us out of there.
7:37 am
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7:40 am
>> a warning for all cell phone users i guess that's all of us. radio frequently emission can cause cancer according to a new federal study just released. joining us now on the phone oncologist in yale school is of medicine and professor dr. vincent is here as well as family doctor, doctor janet, so first can you just tell me this is -- possibly the first proof many of our fears that having that cell phone up to our head all day or if you do that, then it's bad. what are we learning from this imagine a world without a cell phone. >> we work it is such an important tool in our lives it is there's not enough evidence
7:41 am
to show hard core data that cell phone use can cause cancer. >> but the type of radio frequency energy that is used for cell phone is like a microwave like the light that we see. it's not enough to break down chemical dna to cause cancer -- doctor this was performed on ratsz and findings causing concern. what do you make of it? >> i don't think evidence discussion to cause any concern really. something is mostly based on radio frequency waves can cause some damage. u but the damage is mostly heat. it's not -- radiation and if you look at all a of the studies about that done in the world it's no different evidence that had it causes brain tumors which is the main concern. >> so i guess --
7:42 am
if you look at database national cancer followers epidemiology and result database since 19 92 in incident in increase of brain tumors to cell phones during that time. >> we don't have a period of time long enough to make a conclusion. >> cell phones have been around for 25, 30 years not like when you get a x-ray or o tanning bed, it's a low frequently, low frequency radio waves and moderation is the key. don't be on your phone all day long. eating french fries is more -- >> from a personal perspective i had a close family member who died of a grade four four months from deetion to death and there's more instances that you hear about, very famous people like senator ted kennedy for example. so there's a no increase in these tumors and also what
7:43 am
causes them then? >> no. it suspect done, and we have 120 cases of near blastoma but no increase. there was a study years ago that thought of an increase from exposure to chemicals, and when they looked at it, it really was an example of the use of new diagnostic techniques opposed to those effects. i think you can't make assumption and i have no idea how often kennedy used a cell phone. but i doubt that had anything to do with it. >> so -- i know that another area of concern here is pregnant women always really concerned because where do a lot of us wear our cell phones, on our head. is there any increase concern there?
7:44 am
>> prosecuting women who smoke and drink who will who aren't taking their prenatal vitamin. evidence that shows it is insufficient there's not enough evidence to show that there's a direct correlation between cancer causing tumors and cell phone use. moderation. >> also i want to get yours -- this deadly superstrain of e. coli first appearance in the us. what is the threat here? >> the real danger, that infection that was reported was not lethal. but the real danger is that this -- gene can be transferred to bacteria, and that we haven't seen that so far. this is the fest report but plenty of examples of what we call superbugs of resis at that particular time to every antibiotic and a problem in this country so we need more antibiotics developed by the pharmaceutical industry. but as far as we know that's one case at the moment.
7:45 am
>> dr. devito are you aware of to what extent are companies working on this? >> yeah, working on it. you know, it's not easy to develop drugs. and in this country we don't make it very easy so we can use a little bit more flexibility in getting drugs to the market. and developing antibiotic is not my field but i can tell you in the cancer field, it's a very difficult problem to get drugs into the market with our current regulatory environment. : creating a huge problem in this country a lot of patients think i have a cold, i'm sick andty need an antibiotic but they don't treat viruses so it's important for health care providers to educate patients do this treatment versus antibiotics and then determine if you need an antibiotic that plays huge role in antibiotic resistance. >> i want to ask you a question about the drug approval out of
7:46 am
the fda does a new president mac a difference in how the fda operates like could we hope like attitude in terms of drug approval could change? >> i don't know. usually when a new president can do is if appoint a new commissioner with the food and drug administration i don't think it's like lie to make a big difference and usually since commissioner is presidential pundit that has a stagnant six-year term so it has a little effect because it's the mid-leaflet staff of the fda that really interpret the regulation. so i don't anticipate that. but if the president would make it a priority to mention, discuss, you know, the problem, and then ask for accelerated
7:47 am
drug approval it would affect attitude . >> dr. devito thank you for that breaking news this morning. good to have you. coming up we're taking you to the air to celebrate our military heros and break down the big business of air shows. for memorial weekend we have a treat for if you. a ship wreck found underground by construction workers in boston. we'll show you those images coming up. keep it right here on fox business. good morning. was just a bottle.
7:48 am
that no one would ever notice me. but i knew i could be more. that one day, i would make people smile. [woman speaking indistinctly]
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>> welcome back 13th annual best page air show kicks off tomorrow on jones beach in long island. 350,000 spectators expected to attend bringing 16 million
7:51 am
dollars into the local economy. air shows are big business aired the country and joining us this morning with a special preview of this weekend's eventses that honor our nation heros is former navy spider pilot herself, and our very own, fox news correspondents leah gabriel. good morning leah. >> good morning sandra this is a very exciting weekend here. we're expecting around 350,000 people to come here for the 13th annual after show here at bethpage at republic airport. you can see behind me blue angels off in the distance lined up ready to go. they'll be performing this weekend that's the f18 hornets plane i used to fly i was back in the navy. it is really special when the blue angels can attend air shows it's especially wonderful for young people to see some of the planes that the u.s. navy flies, and to be able to inspire young people to perhaps maybe want to go and fly airplanes like i did one day.
7:52 am
you can see the jet team over there flying l39 and waiting for that from american air museumed to a fly by just for this show. but more about that jet team because i actually went flying with them in the reno air races back in the fall. they're an tin credible civilian jet team. they're actually world largest civilian jet team an they perform aerobatics they do incredible work and if you turn camera right now there's an air show of our own. l39 coming by this is going about i don't know -- two to 300 miles per hour. wow. see it go that is scott buster climbing i met him bever he had took off an air force f-16 pilot who grew up here in the new york city area flying for the american air power museum in that l39 a czech built russian trainer.
7:53 am
canadian jet team welcome the snow birds are also here. for this weekend's air show so about 45 aircraft sandra. >> leah, i mean thank you you say they're doing it just for us i know that they are but they're doing that for you leah gabriel probably so fun to have you there. [laughter] >> sandra my goal is to if they'll let me fly one maybe i can join this team next. >> let me ask you that leah. everybody sees you on set here and you're talking all things foreign policy and politics. and i mean you just have this amazing background as a naval air pilot you're seeing planes. are you kind of like if i really want to get in there right now and fly again? and there's a picture of you by the way -- [laughter] >> it is tempting you know what had else is going on in new york city right now is fleet week and it'ses this wonderful opportunity for americans here in new york city area to interact with a navy, sea services. it makeses me proud to see our service men and women flying
7:54 am
these aircraft heading out into the city is right now showing off our ship is and aicialght. aircraft so i miss it but i love my job here. >> i wonder when i see air shows it is important to kind of advertise and put on display and brag about our air power? do you see it that way? >> you know what, that's a great question not only is it important for the young people to learn about the military actually we're going to turn camera so you can see l39 coming in again. here it comes. doing a low pass figure down. but sandra i want to talk about the economic impact of the community. you know, i spoke with the gentleman who actually created this air show. and he said this will bring in about 16 million dollars to local communities so it's free. it's a wonderful opportunity for families and kids. but it also brings in a lot of money when you think about vender, hotel, food and beverages all of the services. all of the services that go along with air shows sandra. esmghts what's the number one quality that you think you have
7:55 am
to have to fly a plane like this? >> physical mental -- >> wow. i'm serious but you have to have the perfect vision, physical makeup, but what does it take? >> sandra i think it really just comes down to being able to make quick decisions, able to stay calm under pressure because you know what you're flying an airplane, and everything is going well that's great. but when you have an emergency it's when something goes wrong that you need to react quickly, an so it takes a lot of good hand eye coordination and monkey skills but it takes calm under pressure and ability to make decisions quickly. there's no pushing pause in jet. >> we're proud to call you our own. leah gabriel thank you. say thank you to them for the fly byes that was impressive. just fur fox business nec hour former republican candidate ben carson joins this show to weigh in on donald trump securing the 1238 delegates at 1239 right now.
7:56 am
needed to secure his nomination as the republican presidential nominee, and later honoring our heros with maria on the 7 5*9 an verse by a look back at some of its greatst moments. keep it right here on fox business. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her ♪ through the night ♪ with the light from above ♪ from ♪ to the prairie ♪ to the ocean ♪
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7:59 am
>>good morning i'm sandra smith maria bartiromo is off and will be back on friday. your top stories at 8 a.m. east coast. summer travel season kicking off people pack their bags and putting them in their car and hitting road. millions of americans will be driving and flying in the friendly sky we'll look at the low gas price and long airport lines will have on travelsers. proll making a historic visit to herr hiroshima but donald trump
8:00 am
securing republican nomination outright but the hot topic on campaign trail that potential debate between donald trump and bernie sanders. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guy who is look at the world very, very differently. >> the problem with debating bernie is going to lose. because honestly advertise system is rigged like our system is rigged. >> they understand that was a joke and i look forward to debating donald trump. >> we'll see severe thunderstorms and tordz slam the plain states. one twister on the ground in kansas for more than an hour. details on that just ahead. we're honoring our heros this morning in one was organization that celebrate them most. ufo looking at the history of the later this hour. graduation season wrapping up
8:01 am
millennials heading into work force and the markets. we'll tell you where young investors will be will putting their money. turning to market asia overnight mixed action investors around the world waiting on comments from janet yellen. later today causing a bit of uncertainty we're also watching markets in europe where we've seen markets trade are to gain and losses. down right now, the dax in germany up by 8 point. stock index futures up, down, right now fur the most part stock futures up to a higher open. hour of that from now, dow futures up 18. nasdaq leading the way up on a percentage basis there that is. here withe fox news network megyn mcdowel and national review reporter katherine kemp. good morning to all of you it's been a fun show so par. good morning.
8:02 am
>> mid da was a pilot so i started going up with him in a cessna 172 when i was three so it was like this incredible like it's a way for a dad to teach his daughter about science and flying, and math -- doesn't seem strange. >> she's in her element former navy pilot. unofficial start of summer that's right memorial day weekend is upon us and with it come os a major travel headache millions of americans celebrate the holiday jeff flock is standing by at midway airport with more and e jeff is reminder mid way host the southwest flight that come in out of chicago had. correct? >> exactly. this is mainly a airport with southwest when people go on vacation. you are don't have a lot of business travelers going through here. going well this morning and
8:03 am
that's largely because of tsa efforts. take a looks it's a little hard to see but there's a k-9 team at work here. if you see the dog, essentially what happens if you go through and you're sniffed by k-9 and they don't alert on you, it gives tsa the opportunity to put you through the more expedited precheck line and they did what was called manage exclusion or for a while when they were just at random taking people. they stopped doing that. that's one of the reasons we have a big line. now, with the dog team it is enables them to again put people through the precheck even if you are not precheck so that moves along faster. so all good here so far . at mid-way, on this kickoff to the summer travel sb, 38 million people they say are going to be traveling. but a few of them coming through mid-way. >> good news lines are not bad but e jeff flock thank you.
8:04 am
now to the campaign trail, donald trump finally hitting that magic number now it's over 12,037 delegates amount needed to secure the republican nomination. joining us is former presidential candidate dr. ben carson is here. dr. carson good to have you here this morning. >> thank you had. good to be here. >> we are at a important big moment in the course of this campaign. what do you make of donald trump's stance as it stands today? he's now topped that 1237 and 1239 dell delegates? >> it says a lot about the wisdom of the american people. you know, a lot of people -- say this or that or o the other. but the american people have been able to analyze and they recognize we have two choices. we have the choice of continuing along the progressive ideology more government intervention
8:05 am
more political correctness of weakening military and stable of our economy or o move to a more traditional sense of personal responsibility, understanding what our fiscal responsibilities are. to those coming behind us strengthening our military in order to ensure our safety and safety of the world. much less likely to result in conflict. >> clearly making the case for donald trump as you have been, and you the been or o are you still heading up the search for his vp ticket? >> no i never headed up. i gave my suggestions. >> are you still advising him on that? [inaudible] >> we still have an opportunity to talk. but it's about a lot more than a vice presidential pick. we're talking about issues that will result in the salvation of this nation.
8:06 am
these are big issues, and you know, i like many others very concerned with what's happening to our country. and i think donald trump represents the best possibility we have of reversing the course. >> and just correctly we've been hearing -- president obama yesterday said that he's been speaking with world leaders who are rattled by the prospect of donald trump running this country. what do you make of that? >> well, first of all, i seriously doubt that they're rattled, but if they are rattled, they're probably rattled because they've been listening to propaganda as so many people have been, and when they have an opportunity to actually sit down and discuss things with donald trump, with his secretary of state with other diplomatic personnel
8:07 am
they're going to understand it is logical. it's going to be fair. we're not going to be trying to take advantage of them but we don't want them taking advantage of us either. so i think it will actually make for a more peaceful situation in the world. >> dr. carson has a question. >> one of correspondents speaking to chinese officials they were rattled by a 45% tariff but marco rubio brought that up. is that a policy that donald trump would plan to enforce? >> well, you know, i think you're going to see, you know, a lot of different things put on the table. these things will be hashed out. they will be analyzed by people who are real experts and then rational discussions will be made about what should be implemented whether a tariff is necessary or a better way to do it.
8:08 am
all of that will be hashed it out in a very logical way. >> dr. carson do you think that donald trump will debate bernie sanders? i mean put some odds on that. >> i tell you it will be a wonderful thing. i would love to see such a debate because it would help to crystallize for the american people the difference between traditional american values and socialism. and i think a lot of young people don't really know what socialism is is. they think it's coming together and caring about other people when they find out what it's really about, i think they might change their mind. >> reports that some thoughted it to do with social media i digress her friends thinks it's social media. [laughter] that being said dr. carson despite bashing donald trump on the campaign trail former candidate senator marco rubio says he will attend the national republic convention and willing to speak on trump's behalf. your reaction to that, sir.
8:09 am
>> well, you know, i'm proud that marco rubio has come to that conclusion, and i think others will come to that conclusion because they have to understand you have two choices here. you have donald trump and you've got hillary clinton. you've got continuation of progressive lism and where's that leading us? as a nation -- we don't know who's a man or woman anymore. are you kidding me? we're going completely off the deep end. other nations must be looking at us and having a belly laugh but must be also worried that leading power in the world is going down this path of nonsense. so -- i would love to see a debate like that because it would put it right out front. >> all right. dr. ben carson good to have you this morning, sir. >> always good to be with you. >> all right, coming up a trail of destruction, we have the
8:10 am
details on a tornado that stayed on the ground we're told for 90 minutes plus millennials get a bad rep for being narcissistic but not selfish when it comes to their money an investing. we're there putting their money next. ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
♪you fill up my senses ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again
8:13 am
>> difficult recovery efforts underway ins kansas after a powerful tordz ripped through the state. cheryl casone has the latest on that for us this morning. cheryl, good morning. >> good morning sandra. good morning guys severe weather caused numerous tornadoes across kansas for a second day yesterday, in fact, a tornado warning prompted evacuation of kansas city international airport remarkably no injuries or deaths reported. all of this a day and a half coming coming up but isolated tornadoes are possible across the plains today. well microsoft and facebook plan to build a 4 million underwire cable from virginia to spain the latest of about a dozen transoceanic cables built by tech companies to deal with increasing request for bandwidth
8:14 am
shifted to the large content providers. well l look at this. a construction u crew uncovered a ship wreck from 18900s on boston and appears that vessel was carrying lime used for masonry and construction back in 1800s and appears to be partially burned. says it is first time a ship wreck have been is found in that section of the city. the ship uncovered during a -- for 17th story building but so interesting about this guys is that ship we were talking early 1800s, and they just found this. kind of cool. >> very cool. what was very cool is you on a roller coaster yesterday if you didn't see here's the hot moment from the set. skip back moral, family
8:15 am
structure, these are bernie, hillary fans -- >> you can have hillary clinton and what she'll do with a hole host of issues or o donald trump and have the you want to to mold them and guide them and help them be the best president he can be. >> point is he keeps say he doesn't have the conservative, e advantage how will he win? left the department of state to actually hand in what she says is that commentary as to what she's done in her career. >> cheaper to buy a $35 robotic arm than to hire an employee who o is inefficient bagging french fries it's nonsense. >> once you installed aflac the duck your business did -- about [inaudible] >> without saying aflac. thank you. shoutout to my kids you're
8:16 am
eating cheese all summer long. okay. [laughter] getting ready for cheese. >> going from 35 to 40,000. highly anticipated debut, this weekend at six flags great adventure. >> live in front of the -- going to talk with me about what we're seeing. oh. there goes my -- we lost a shoe. oh, my gosh. insane. you have to try it. i don't know if you're a roler coaster kind of girl but it was actually kind of fun. >> if you look -- go again? only for you would i do this. >> playing music again and connecting with the fans. ♪
8:17 am
we have the world first automated selfie stick in the world if i want i can turn on the light. [laughter] or i could turn on a fan. where's the fan? be right back. i have a hair blowing look. and there's my selfie. maria, we miss you. [laughter] this selfie stick that was fun but was also from six flags joker ride. all right so wait you not only lost one shoe. but both shoes came off. cheryl. did you retrieve them? >> the crew was nice enough get any shoes but i have to tell you whaptd after this. after we finish our live shot with maria we took a break and came back to do another live shot at the ride the two passengers in front of me many seats they couldn't get out.
8:18 am
because they opened it up to park goers they wanted to get on so the ride stuck. so those people were trapped they have to bring air compressor and hitting security button and those weren't working so anyway, i did kind of a thing with neil cavuto i walk withed away that ride was shut down all day yesterday. they never reopened it. >> back on before it broke. >> one of the last people on this before it busted yeah. well it happens roller coasterses do break down. inch open it up today. we think -- we hope. cheryl nice of you to do that never on live tv. >> my hair -- >> what you ate for breakfast . president obama first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima in seven decades what that means for the foreign policy. forget your standard portfolio split. when it comes to investing millennials comiewz to make a difference. we're taking a look at
8:19 am
millennial investing trends and we have got one on the desk to tell us how she's putting her money to work. ♪ a combination of see products..
8:20 am
and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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♪ >> congratulations season coming to a close and dagen is dancing. we'll show you that later and millennials often called entitled but that's not the case when it l cos to their investing behavior quite responsible millennials want their none to making a difference for more on this bring in jonathon at a
8:23 am
private capital management. good to have you morning. what is the trend with millennial and investing? j becoming more conscience about what they in and care about making a difference in the world and doing that in selecting. >> green energy where are you going with that? >> social an environmental, education, health and wellness energy efficiency. is that because they feel an obligation or a responsibility like where is that coming from? j well plane yas are first generation to grow during thage on demand information we have accelerated empathy for environmental challenges. millennials believe they can make a difference and with 30 trillion dollars of well transfer scmged to come to millennials over next jns, this is becoming more and more important. >> let me tell you why investing world is considering this important as a millennial yourself you can weigh in. by 2020 generation xx plane yats will control off of assets for
8:24 am
about 30 trillion dollars that was provided to us by keeper so a lot of money invested. >> i'd be interested to know if millennials i'm not investing in solar if they continue that or get older don't you get more jaded and dissolutioned i think it happened to me a little young. but is this people investing in things like that or more when younger in general or to millennial? >> not to millennial. people are individuals they have either a social son chens or they don't. if they do millennial, bloom rs then they're becoming more and more many interested in impact investing and opportunities they have with financial resources to make a difference in the world. >> if they want an impact you make a donation to chair hadty and making more money through sound investment because if you lead with a green energy then you're not making the best investment decision.
8:25 am
>> not suggesting i don't have a social conscience i do, i assure you all. >> what do you think -- to investigation invest your money and give to your favorite cause or put your portfolio to work for the cause? and maybe make less? emplet both. we believe that people should start with what impact they want to make an ultimately chews whether give or investing is way to have the impact. investments stock and boppedz, private equity and debt with traditional investment parameter within them. >> but if you're a socialist loan treasury because you would never buy a share and a private company because capitalism is evil. >> absolutely. keep going until all businesses have zero dollars. >> that's how they invest. >> good topic nonetheless as we're talking about a lot of people and a lot of money. at the commercial you were saying that millennial generation now is the biggest
8:26 am
chunk of the work force in this country so -- >> it is. growing in more and more porps not only in work force but with their preference as consumer and investor. >> thank you for joining us this morning jonathon. president obama making an historic but controversial trip are to japan today. he is now the first sitting u.s. president in history to visit the site of the hiroshima bombing of world war ii live to japan straight ahead. plus tsa over scrutiny long airport security lines. would you be better off getting behind the wheel this memorial day? we'll discuss that, just ahead. ♪ flesh the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. >> welcome back, i'm sandra smith. it's friday, may 27th. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern. summer travel season is kicking off this week. millions of americans will be hitting the roads and the skies. we're looking at whether the long lines will have more people driving. president obama making a historical visit to hiroshima. he laid a memorial wreath at the site. taking on the obama foreign policy legacy after securing the nomination. donald trump attacked the
8:30 am
president and the front runner, hillary clinton. >> and to the president, who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, by the way, honestly, he was talking about donald trump, that other countries are nervous. that's good they're nervous. the middle east, that clinton inherited, was far less dangerous than the hillary clinton foreign policy legacy is absolute total chaos. sandra: all right. the retail sector hit hard in first quarter earning season. but big lots is a standout. the stocks soaring ahead of the open as the profit soared. the stock is up a couple of dollars in the premarket. we're honoring our heroes this morning and one of the organizations that celebrates them most, the uso. we're looking at the history of the organization later this hour. checking markets, futures searching for directions as investors wait on comments from fed chair janet yellen. looking at stock index futures, nasdaq futures leading the way up, 1/10 of 1% and by the way, the major averages for this
8:31 am
week, the dow up 2%. nasdaq, this is on a weekly basis for the week, up 2.8%. dagen: woo! >> some notable gains. getting a check on the oil this morning and pulling back after touching $50 a barrel yesterday. down slightly this morning and if nat would move to the side and-- >> the crude oil is close. >> i'm looking at crude at 49.10. it's down 3/4 of a percent this morning. gdp is out by the way, u.s. first quarter gdp is out. it is up .8% and that is the revised number to note there. so, .8% growth. take that in for a second. in the first quarter. jack otter can i get you to weigh in on that for a minute? >> i think it's slightly less than the revision we're expecting. i think we're expecting .9%. on the one hand, it's awful. on the other hand, it's important to look at the
8:32 am
mediocre, not good. mediocre long-term, which is around a 2% rate. ever since the great recession, the average of the first quarter growth has been .7. the average overall has been about 2.6. i think around .2-- i mean, 2 right now. dagen: and first time that 3% growth hasn't happened since the great depression. sandra: president obama paying respects who those to died at hiroshima. he's the first sitting president to visit the city. kevin, good morning. >> sandra, good day to you, indeed an emotional and powerful day for president obama. and he know, he did not apologize for america's use of the atomic bomb back in 1945 to effectively draw to an end world war ii. he did, however, today in his remarks call on the world to have a moral awakening and to have the courage to end their
8:33 am
use, although he did acknowledge wouldn't happen in his lifetime. marking the first and only nuclear bombing, he laid a wreath at the hiroshima peace memorial. marking august 6th, 1945 when at least 140,000 people died at hiroshima and a couple of days later, another 74,000 perished in a bombing in nagasaki. >> we must have the courage to escape a world of fear and pursue without them. >> the president spoke to a number of survivors following his address, exchanging hand shakes and even hugs with the women and men who 71 years old still live with the physical and mental scars from that fateful day. the president also, in making hess way here to this region, spent time with american service personnel. as you're probably aware there are close to 50,000 serving in
8:34 am
japan and his remarks to them, the president thanked them for dedication and ver-- service to this country. and the president is expected to land sometime late tonight after a very long flight. back to you, sandra. sandra: all right, kefrp, thank you for that. joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolten, along with jillian turner. ambassador bolten, i'll start with you, first. in this historic visit of president obama and hiroshima, he called on nations to escape the logic of fear and reduce stock piles of nuclear weapons. what did you make of his visit and his words here? >> well, i don't object to an american president visiting hiroshima. it would come sooner or later. i don't think we have anything to be ashamed about from reflecting on harry truman's decision to use the atomic bomb against japan.
8:35 am
i think obama's speech was, you ever who, consistent with his apology tour across his seven and a half years of office. i don't think he's ever actually said in any of these occasions i apologize. it's always more indirect and it was indirect here today when he said that the scientific revolution that gave us the atom bomb should have sparked a moral resolution as well. barack obama, of course, is smart enough to know there should be a moral revolution. harry truman, i don't think quite measures up to the president obama standards and that's the implicit criticism that president obama didn't bother to explain what he would have done as an alternative to truman's decision. sandra: joanna, akd bolton -- ambassador bolton said that. >> i applaud the decision to go
8:36 am
to hiroshima. we can debate back and forth the message, is it appropriate? on a tactical level, this is a reward to japanese prime minister abe for the military to military relationship with the united states on a strategic level. this was president obama reaffirming his commitment to nuclear nonproliferation around the world. i think that's the strength of the trip here. so, whether there is an implicit apology or not. we can argue all sides of the coin. the central tenet here, nuclear nonproliferation as a cornerstone of his policy is important. sandra: ambassador bolton, jack otter from barons is here. >> for you, ambassador, and jillian as well. can you speak to the role of japan in the greater asian picture right now? obviously, a lot going on with china, korea breaking news, just hacked into more banks or we're deciding that they were responsible for some hacks. we need the japanese and yet, there's an issue with the american servicemen and how
8:37 am
they're treating some of their japanese hosts. so this is a crucial alliance in japan. does this help it? >> well, i think it helps with some in japan. but let's be clear. the alliance has existed since 1945 because of the respective needs on both sides. and it continues as the threat from china and the south china sea and the east china sea expands, as the north korea nuclear threat continues. that's what the basis of the alliance is. there are a lot of difficult things to negotiate, such as the base on okinawa and the recent incident there, but fundamentally, this is a strong alliance and it should continue to be a strong alliance. sandra: jillian? >> absolutely agree. this is a good boost for japan, but i think more importantly, this is really a hedge against north korea's nuclear ambitions and this is a way to rally neighboring countries in the region. we're talking china, japan,
8:38 am
vietnam, south korea to really bolster these efforts in the region. so i think from that perspective, this trip was also smart. dagen: can i quickly, ambassador bolton, do you think that anybody, particularly veterans in this country, would be bothered by the timing of this visit, given that it's our memorial day and it was japan's becoming of pearl harbor that dragged us into world war ii in the first place? do you think that's legitimate? >> i think it's legitimate? look, this goes to the other-worldly nature of obama's comments. in 1945, truman faced a very difficult decision. winston churchill looking at the end of the war in europe and thinking about what it would require for america to invade and conquer the japanese home island said in a phrase, none of you should ever forget it would require infusions of american blood. what harry truman did in the
8:39 am
ordering of the dropping of the atomic bomb was not just militarily correct, but morally correct. had ronald reagan been the first president to go to hiroshima, he would have made that point. sandra: good to have you here and especially this weekend and memorial day where we remember and honor those who fought and died for this country. thank you, ambassador bolton and jillian turner. many americans are getting ready for the weekend. avoid the tsa failed strategy and hit the road for your vacation. stuart varney will be joining us next. stay tuned. >> hey, welcome back to another tennis channel french open court report for fox business. it was springtime in paris on day five of roland garros and
8:40 am
the biggest stars in tennis enjoyed their day in the sun. nine time champ raphael nadel chalks up his 200 match win at the majors with dominating straight sets victory. and the stand yard looking super sharp on his beloved dirt. novac djokovic continued to carve through the draw. the world's number one had no problem picking off ben begun pete darcy to advance and serena williams moved on, blasting carrera off the court in an impressive 2-1 win. don't forget, tennis channel's live coverage from roland garros hits the airwaves 5 a.m. eastern.
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i became a physician at va because of my grandfather. so i can help others like him. i can't imagine working with better doctors, or a more dedicated staff. i'm fulfilling my life's mission with the help of my team, and thanks to these veterans. i'm proud to be a doctor at va. and proud to honor my grandfather every day. search "vacareers" to find out more. >> millions of americans gearing up to travel for memorial day weekend, but with the tsa struggling to maintain order at airports across the country. stuart varney says, just drive. get in the car, pack the bags and just go.
8:44 am
stuart: yes, yes, yes! i mean, america has, and i'm here to tell you, sandra, that america has the best roads in the world bar none. i've lived in africa, asia, europe, australia, and for several decades america and i'm telling you, american roads are flat-out unbeatable. no matter what they tell you about the traffic jams. sandra: you wouldn't know it by driving down the streets of new york city. stuart: that's different, come on. approaching the summer travel season, and what does the government serve up to us, go to the airport three hours al. can't take liquids, take your shoes off. people miss their flights on american airlines. i find it unacceptable. if i'm a family guy planning a vacation this summer, i'm not interested in flying, no, i'm going to drive on those wonderful roads. sandra: as just have a little more control that way and as a
8:45 am
mother of young children, i have to sort of agree with you. but i'm looking at the numbers and they are daunting. triple-a is projecting 38 million americans are going to be travelling this weekend. that's air and by car. dagen: the vast majority in a car about 89% or something like that. sandra: stuart, i know on "varney & company" you guys are looking at gas prices every day. memorial day, they're a lot lower than a year ago. 2.32 the national average and that's going to put a lot of people out in their cars and, you know. stuart: look, sandra, you can make all kinds of financial arguments that you should drive or not drive. to me, it's a matter of principle and reality. i do not wish to be headed to that security line because the government is so inefficient and i do not want to pay top toll prices for airline ticket and then more to check my bags, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. i'm fed up with dealing with
8:46 am
the government bureaucracy. i want to be alone in my chrysler town and country van, driving the great roads of america. wait, wait, wait. we're talking about individual liberty and freedom. not the collectivism on a plane. no! in a car, my car. go wherever i please. what's wrong with that? >> i cheer on all american businesses and hope the airlines stay competitive and keep the prices low. i won't root against them, but i will root for you, stuart varney and joining us, i'll say somewhere in your show today. stuart: are you ready for this? can you take this? coming on strong. sandra: yes. dagen: i think you're right, stuart. i've always said to me, see the great america and natural resources and go anywhere in the west. the taxpayers own that land, really, it belongs to us, use it. go visit your, like, the grand canyon, you own a chunk of it, there are rocks in there.
8:47 am
sandra: we'll let you get ready for your show and see you in 15 minutes. "varney & company" starts every day at 9 a.m. eastern. 14 minutes away. all right, straight ahead, we're honoring our heroes this memorial day weekend and including the uso on the 75th anniversary. here is a look back at some of its greatest moments. we'll be right back. ♪ you and i must make a pact ♪ ♪ we must bring salvation back ♪ ♪ where there is love, i'll be there ♪ ♪ i'll be there ♪ ♪ i'll reach my hand to you ♪ ♪ i'll have faith in all you do ♪ ♪ just call my name and i'll be there ♪ ♪ i'll be there ♪
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8:51 am
♪ they're coming to america ♪ ♪ never looking back again, they're coming to ♪ >> as we head into memorial day weekend. we celebrate those who devoted their lives for fighting for our country. nearly 150,000 soldiers are still deployed overseas and my next guest runs an organization that connects those individuals to their families, home and country while serving our nation. joining us on the 75th anniversary, good to have you here, jd. >> thank you. sandra: congratulations on everything you and your organization have been able to do for our troops and continue to do so.
8:52 am
75 years is a long time. we rely on volunteers across the organization and about 600 great employees who support them, it's a really fabulous organization. sandra: like the singers, they're just amazing. >> aren't they. sandra: you heard them going to break and you'll hear them again in a second. what an organization and we notably know, you are responsible for sending celebrities over to entertain the troops. >> right. sandra: when they're gone from home so long, bob hope, we all remember. give us some idea, who now are you sending everseas?overseas. >> others in the younger generation and we have a lot of people who support the uso, who are celebrities, actresses, actors, comedians, others, it's a large group of folks and so they're all wonderful. but it's not the only thing we do, sandra. sandra: please, tell us. >> we have 180 locations all over the world, some places
8:53 am
like kandahar and jalalabad and djabouti and we return centers there and those are really homes away from home. sandra: troops go to the centers and what do they find there? >> first of all, they can connect back home. they can phone home. they can skype home. they have internet access and comforts of home. it's a little like your living room, they can play xbox and there are activities around the holidays. we have full-time center volunteers and employees who just take care of them. it's like having a little bit of a home away from home. sandra: so what is the u.s. doing this memorial day weekend? >> well, we're active all over the world, obviously. here in new york, we're supporting fleet week, which is a fabulous-- you'll see our chairman, general casey, an actually down at the coke 600 this week. sandra: because we've got a peek at the commemorative coca-cola can. here it is, i'm proud to be an
8:54 am
american, on the coke can, with the uso label underneath. >> yeah, it's really cool. coke has been our oldest partner. coke is family for the uso. they go back 75 years with us and they wanted to do something special this year to commemorate that, but also to remind americans in this holiday season there are a lot of troops overseas, who are serving in harm's way and serving in places like japan, and like europe, protecting america. sandra: and fighting for our rights and freedoms. it's an amazing thing that your organization does. you've helped over 10 million military service members and their families, and i say, and their families, because that's a big part of it as well, military spouses and their families, also pay the price and make the sacrifice. >> this is an all volunteer force and it's not like the draft days, and this is about 40% are married, they have families and we support the men and women who are supporting those service people.
8:55 am
>> the entertainment is one of the many perks that we've got the uso show troop to perform on our set this morning. let's make some room, jd. >> right, absolutely. sandra: all right. ♪ he had a boogie style that no one else could play ♪ ♪ he was the top man at his craft. he was gone with the draft ♪ ♪ he's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b ♪ ♪ made him blow a bugle for his uncle sam, brought him down because he could not jam ♪ the cape needs to understand, he had the cap and now he's with the band. the company jumps when he's in ref lee, he's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b ♪
8:56 am
8:57 am
sfx: loud poorly played electric guitar that sounds awful seriously, awful but a lot better than last week ♪rock guitar music ♪we weren't born to follow boy: this is the story of a boy who was very sensitive to lights and sounds. so he built secret hiding places where nothing could get in. the boy didn't like looking people in the eye. it made him feel uncomfortable. one day, he found out he had something called autism.
8:58 am
his family got him help. and slowly he learned how to live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at >> welcome back, thank you to jd from the uso. as we head into the memorial day weekend, we have a final performance from the uso show troupe. ahmmand amanda, priscilla, james and jeremy, and talented group of people doing amazing things for our troops. all right. take it away. ♪ if tomorrow all the things were gone i worked for all my life ♪ ♪ and i had to start again with just my children and my wife ♪ ♪ thank my lucky stars to be living here today ♪ ♪ 'cause the flag still stands
8:59 am
for freedom and they can't take that away ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the ones who died to gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i'll proudly stand up next to you and defend myself today ♪ ♪ 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee ♪ ♪ across the plains of texas from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ down to houston and new york to l.a. ♪
9:00 am
♪ well, there's pride in every american heart and it's time to stand and say, stand and say ♪ ♪ that i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> they're amazing, thank you and thank you to the uso show troupe. that does it for us. "varney & company" is next. stuart, take it away. stuart: that's a great note to take it away with. sandra, thank you very much indeed. now, it really is a beautiful sea change. the outsiders, bernie and donald trump, plan the debate to end all debates. the insider left out, hillary, becoming irrelevant? good morning, everyone. yeah, bernie sanders and donald trump want to debate in a big stadium in california, huge ratings, who would not watch that? where is hillary? sinking in california fast becoming, yes, i'll use that word, irrelevant. look at this, the new york times editorial no less,


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