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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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appreciate it. and, of course, can you catch much more on "making money," that's my show. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. right here on fox business. lot to talk about. in the meantime, leave it with trish regan here to take you through the next hour. >> donald trump speaking at a rally in fresno, california, right now. trump talking to a packed house as he shifts his focus to the general election and hillary clinton. we're all over this. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." again, there donald trump speaking in fresno, california. we'll dip in and take a part of it for you as trump looks to november. hillary clinton trying to secure the democratic nomination. hillary's e-mail scandal is getting worse by the day, but still defending her actions saying her private account was allowed. we'll discuss whether this affects her chances and whether she will face an indictment. moments ago, janet yellen
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saying it would be appropriate to raise rates in the next couple of months. we discuss with our economic panel later in the show as we news. the dow in positive territory barely, up four points right now. how will it affect your investment? how will it affect our economy if the fed moves? plus if you plan to travel by air this weekend, the tsa says you better arrive at the airport two to three hours before your domestic flight. domestic flight! it's going to take you longer to get through a tsa line than flying from new york city to washington, d.c. how do you like that? great way to start the holiday weekend. we're all over it. plus the obama administration handing over more green cards to pro-sharia muslim migrants than ever before. america prides itself as being a country that opens its doors to immigrants from all over the world, but given the security threats we are facing and they are very real right now, and given that we know isis is
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taking advantage of the migrant crisis, should we really be bringing in all these people from the middle east? retired four-star general jack keane is here, he's going to weigh in on the latest move. right to donald trump speaking live in fresno, california, a day after sealing the deal, crossing that 1237 threshold to get the nomination. so here he is today, focusing on the general election and, quote, crooked hillary. let's listen in. >> she lies so many things, donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. i never said that. >> hillary in the throes of contest against bernie sanders doubling down on e-mail server. saying a new nonpartisan government report is finding
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clinton violated agency policies. that was wrong, she says. >> well, it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. having said that, i have said many times it was a mistake, and if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> the watchdog discovered at least three previously undisclosed e-mails adding to the claim by many voters that she is just untrustworthy. joining me, let's get to hillary clinton in a moment. we're watching donald trump speaking in fresno, california, and one of the things i noticed in yesterday's press conference, and i'm curious to get your thoughts how he's acting here today, mark, is you're seeing a pivot from him. more to the middle, more towards being strshlgs and at least after yesterday's press
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conference managing to sound a little more presidential. is that a theme that will continue? >> yes, it definitely will, trish, if you take a look at it. last week is when donald trump released his list of potential supreme court justices. you know all conservatives, all constitutional conservatives, and now he's talking about themes that appeal to broader coalition as well. so you know he's going to act very presidential because he can. he's not fighting for a nomination anymore, but, look, i think we're going to see a very landscape, a tappestry from donald trump that talks about the american people and what concerns them today particularly with economic anxiety and economic policies that benefit everyone. >> you are right, let's briefly take a listen in, he's not looking quite as restrained as he sounded yesterday. let's listen in and see how he sounds. >> macy's turned out a total trader.
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head of macy's called me up. donald, i'm very concerned. i said we got to stop illegal immigration, and it's not a big deal, i sell ties and shirts and stuff at macy's, right? who cares. lot of them were made in china. [laughter] >> you have no choice. they don't make them here. i called up and said, donald, i'm concerned. i'm starting to do well. you know, i won new hampshire. a nice guy is introducing me. there's over a thousand people which is a small crowd now, a thousand people, in new hampshire they have small venues. this was somebody's backyard. the place was packed. donald trump is the personification of the american dream. i say, well, i will do this.
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hey, terry, what's going on? donald, i'm so concerned. what? i hear that they can going to picket macy's. donald, can i announce that they drop your line. it happens all of the time. he was so afraid. terry, i'm going up to make a speech. don't get off the phone. could we talk about it? can you believe this guy? this was a friend of mine. i can't get this guy off the phone. do whatever you want to do, i don't care. they canceled my ties and shirts and they were doing well. what i do -- very disloyal. we ought to boycott macy's.
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ly -- i will tell you we -- trish: supporters to boycott macy's and ceo, the head of macy's called him very concerned while campaigning in new hampshire. we don't like the thought of this. perhaps some self-serving story for donald trump, ties whether in politics or business to use the term obama used yesterday, it's somewhat rattled by him. back again to the personification of donald trump. yesterday's conference before reporters a different donald trump, say, we are seeing here back to basic, you know, a
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little more flamboyant, story-teller. he plays both sides. >> mark is right. trump is going to make it about the economy and jobs. that's where he wants to be. only about 30% of the people that will vote in november -- trish: hang on. we will get there. i promise. it's just about who is going to be best for the economy. i'm just talking about the persona that he puts forward. this is one of the things that people like. when you see him on stage acting as he's acting and telling the stories and playing to the crowd, this is something, mark, that really he excels at in a way -- you just haven't seen any other politician even try to do. >> you know, trish, in the beginning of the campaign when i saw some of these performances, it was so different and so unique and so unlike anything we have ever seen and i wasn't sure whether it was going to work but
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immediately it begin to work. he's absolutely genuine and going to speak about issues that appeal to a swath of the american electorate. as you compare to hillary clinton she does poorly in unscripted circumstances and that contrast is really going the make a big difference in this election in the fall. trish: i do think so. is that going to hurt her, steve? >> that's the balance you have to give. that's really the hard place you have to get to, is what makes him who he is. trish: he did it yesterday. it wasn't necessarily presidential, shall we say. [laughter] trish: got a lot of laughs out of people. for the most part in yesterday's conference he was direct and matter of fact and stuck to policy and today a little more of donald trump the entertainer. what i'm asking is this really going to be hillary's downfall?
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he's going to provide that excitement but also able to talk about things in a substantive manner, that's a challenge for her to be able to do both. >> i think this race is going to be pretty stable now and until the first debate. it's going to matter in the big way. trump has to pass the test while being himself. between now and then it's going to be pretty much be like it is. >> it's about the pc culture, it's about trump destroying the pc culture and clinton relies on it. she's part of the pc culture. trish: she's relying on it for votes, for sure. mark and steve, thank you, we are going to talk later in the show about who exactly has the best plan for the economy. stay tune for that. in the meantime, travelers, good luck. they should all expect and i include myself, even longer wait
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times than usual over the busy holiday weekend. the tsa and congress have been trying to figure out a solution to the long line that is we have seen in recent weeks. in the meantime the tsa is recommending arriving at the airport two or three hours early. how do you like that? two or three hours for a flight that's an hour long. yikes. homeland security jay johnson is saying needs to put 28 million to boost the tsa workforce at the 20th busiest airports. is it time for the governments get out of the airline security business altogether. katherine, welcome.
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should the government be in the business of securing our nation's airport? >> anyone who is waiting in line right now would pretty clearly agree with me that the answer is no, the government shouldn't be in that business. actually in a rare move, the government does let airports opt out of participating in the tsa security. trish: there's some examples of that. for example, san francisco. privatized security in san francisco. when you have in your reporting looked at san francisco, say, versus new york and other versions of privatized security versus the government's, what's the outcome been? >> it's much better at these airports that have opted. in fact, there's a direct comparison with san francisco and san josé, the lines are much longer because it's tsa managed. bob pool has studied the issue for years and it's consistently when they come up with security
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plans they're more efficient and they don't make people less safe. trish: all right, let me play devils's advocate. any business is a challenge to the government, we have the post office to see that, but you do want everybody to be incredibly safe and if you were to privatize it, you run the risk, katherine, that some businesses, they're going to be coming up against quarterly earnings and they need to squeeze a little more out or maybe won't be as qualified. don't you run that risk that when you suddenly you have profit that's on the line as opposed to security that's on the line, maybe some corners get cut? >> we are seeing the exact opposite right now and there's very little profit motive in play. still the tsa doesn't hire enough employees. the employees are not allocated efficiently and trained for the
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wrong tasks. it never happens when you're in the mood for a pizza and you call dominoes, well, we have trouble making good pizzas, please call three hours ahead next time. that doesn't happen. trish: right. one would think that any of the companies would be incentivize that there would be no threats getting through because it would destroy them in their pursuit to growing their business, put them out of business. why not have military there? why not have military help to go -- helping to make sure and ensure because this is a real threat to all of our citizens? >> it gets back to what can perform the task well and taking people who are trained to do other important tasks by the military and say now you have to rifle through people's bags, not only does it create a more fear
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ful but i would rather see somebody getting private security officer at macy's come work at the tsa. trish: it's a problem. i'm not looking at the lines at the airport i'm going to see today. we have a market that's up 14 points here. stocks, again, hit a bit today losing ground after janet yellen warned that, well, rate hikes are coming. interestingly, of course, they're coming. at some point conceivably the fed should have to raise rates. the question is when, could they do it in june? a lot of people are worried that the fed is feeling pressure to do that. if she raises now, what will that do to any tiny bit of growth we have which is pretty anemic? guess what the obama administration is doing, handing
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out more green cards to migrants from the middle east, people who support shari ala, how is that going to protect us from potential terrorists? ♪
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trish: okay, let's take a look at the market which is basically trading flat. you're still in the green by a whopping 9 points there after having been much higher earlier in the session, this is thanks to none other than janet yellen. we will have a whole lot more on this at the bottom of the hour. hanging on but selling off on the news. meanwhile we get news today that the obama administration is handing out more green cards to middle eastern migrants than ever before.
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in fact, in 2013 just to keep it in perspective, we handed out about 79,000 green cards. guess what, by 2014, we handed out 104,000 green cards, a 32% increase and the biggest spike came from migrants from afghanistan, from iraq and pakistan, all countries that want to make sharia law the official law of the land and during the time that americans are scared about another terror attack and the reality of another terror attack, happening is quite a real one, we know isis is trying to take advantage of the migrant crisis, they said and promised they will infiltrate the migrant groups with members of their terrorist organization, we have an administration that actually wants to hang out more green cards to people coming from countries like this that sympathize with these terrorists. is it really the right thing to
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do? joining me right now military analyst. >> good to see you trish. trish: when you hear the news of so many green cards being handed out in areas that are questionable right now in terms of sympathize of terrorist groups, do you think it's keeping us safe? >> i'm not certain why such a dramatic spike. iraq and afghanistan are certainly understandable because those are the two countries we have been fighting wars in and we have a lot of people whose live are in jeopardy and i think that's certainly supportable. i believe the legal immigration issue, trish, always gets dwarfed by the illegal immigration issue and takes the facts out of the group.
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the illegal immigration needs a total comprehensive review of why so regions are so dramatically different than other regions and secondly why does family have priorities over qualified people who are trying to get into the united states? in other words, once the family members gets here there's a whole lineage of family given priority. and this needs to really get put on the table and let's put together a policy that makes sense to the entire congress, not just to the immigration authority. trish: general, i think that's a very fair assessment. the reality is people who want to work hard and help grow economy and are coming for the right reasons and we ought to be able to find a way to bring the best in, but the idea that someone might be a better shot
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of coming here now because the president has made mandate to bring in ten thousand refugees from syria, for example, doesn't that frighten you a little in. >> i think that congress was right. i mean, i testified earlier in the year before two committees in the congress and this was the issue that was being discussed. chairman mccaul was heading it up and the reality is, is i thought what they were proposing made a lot of sense and that is, listen, let's just hold this process right here in place, let's ask the administration to come before us and put down in front of us the detail plans they're going to have to vet this increase in refugees. everybody knows that refugees in the world have always been given priority, but also where those refugees are coming from is a fact we have to be recognizing and that's where the radical
2:24 pm
islamists are, in that part of the world and let's make sure and that has not been taking place. it should be taking place. trish: general, thank you so much. good to have you here. louisiana law to protect police officers, that's next ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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trish: all right. targeting a police officer is now a hate crime in louisiana. louisiana is the first state in our country to make public safety officials a protected class under the hate crime law. it's part of the blue lives matter push, a movement that argues it is officers who are the ones under assault now because anti-police sentiment is sweeping the nation, and it's fueled by the black lives matter movement. this as donald trump sounds the alarm that political correctness is standing in the way of police officers from doing their job. take a listen.
2:28 pm
>> violent crime is rising in our major cities across the country. this is totally unacceptable. when we put political correctness before justice, we hurt those who have the least. i mean, that's what's happening. trish: all right. former black panther turned conservative activist clarence mason weaver, a trump supporter, joins me right now with his thoughts. clarence, why do we need a protective measure like this? >> you know, back in the '70s when i attended uc berkeley as a radical revolutionary, hanging out with the black panther party and the black student uni, we had a legitimate problem with the police. we didn't have gangs and drugs in our neighborhoods at the time. we had legitimate, strong communities, and the police was a problem. today the police is our saviors. black lives matter is a racist group hating black people so much they want to take away the only protection we have in the black community, the cops. the police in the black
2:29 pm
community are protecting black women from black men because black men aren't man enough to take care of their own women. so donald trump was absolutely correct. the crime is expanding and exploding because the only protection we have in the community. trish: you know, look, i don't know about that, but i think it's a fair assessment to say a lot of the crime right now in america is, unfortunately, happening in black communities. and if you don't have people that are willing to go out into these communities and do what they need to do to protect them, then yes, clarence, you're going to have an increase in crime. the murder rate is up significantly in the u.s. you look at, you know, a variety of different communities that have seen a big increase in homicides, and it's clear. in the largest 63 cities, there you go, in the first quarter of 2016, homicides are up 9%. and people are saying this is the ferguson effect, and it's clear that police officers are reluctant right now, they're afraid to patrol these communities --
2:30 pm
>> that's true. trish: -- that so desperately need them because why? >> that's why i call it racist, because they're going -- all those came from within black communities. democratic-controlled communities, and we're trying to -- the police, the only protection that we have. we need a thank you to the police department day. we need a praise police officers day in america because without police in our neighborhoods, we would have nothing but chaos, and we all know that. let's stop the nonsense -- trish: let me ask you, you know, you're a black man. if you -- >> all my life. [laughter] trish: yeah. if you walk down the street and you see a group of police officers, is there any part of you that feels a little more apprehension than maybe someone like i would? >> the only apprehension i have is that i know that the police officers' contact with black men is negative. they may approach me a different
2:31 pm
way, it's because the only experience they've had with black men have been trouble. so, no, i fear pookie in front of the liquor store more than i fear a police officer in front of the liquor store. trish: what do you think how the majority of residents really feel? they want to be safe, right, clarence? >> they're scared. they're huddled down in their homes. you go to the black neighborhoods at night, they're afraid to come outside, they're afraid of their kids, and they're afraid of their brothers and sisters. let's get back to having communities. we are under siege. help us. free the police to protect us. trish: clarence, it's just so hard because i think if you're someone living in this community right now, if you're a black person living in a black community that's crime-ridden, you're fearful not just of your peers, you're fearful of the police. and it's got to be incredibly challenging. i i just have 60 seconds, here we are trying to solve the world's problems in a short period of time -- >> hey, i can solve it. trish: okay.
2:32 pm
>> this is memorial day weekend, the biggest, baddest military in the world is made up of 25% black men. arm those black veterans instead of having a restriction, put the guns in the hands of the men in the community to take care of the community. me, take care of the community. trish: all right. clarence, good to see you, sir. have a good weekend. i like the tie. >> thank you, appreciate it. [laughter] trish: coming up, janet yellen today warning that rate hikes are on the way. in fact, she says they could come as the next couple -- as soon as the next couple of months. you've got the economy growing barely, very slow pace. there are real fears of recession out there. and suddenly now she wants to hike rates with no real signs of inflation in the works? you've got the left's policies, they've been in place for eight years. they clearly are not working when it comes to our economy. so could donald trump's? we're going to debate all of this next. i'll see you here. ♪ ♪ thousands of people
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>> it's appropriate, and i've said this in the past, i think, for the fed to gradually and cautiously increase our overnight interest rate over time and probably in the coming months such a move would be appropriate. trish: aha. that was really the essence of what she was saying, get ready, folks. in the coming months it's appropriate to be looking at
2:37 pm
moving interest rates higher. we're going to do so gradually, but guess what, everyone? guess what? investors on this friday before memorial day weekend, it's coming. that's janet yellen's message, everyone, to wall street. and you can see how wall street reacted there, trading off pretty significantly although still managing to hold positive territory even after those comments. and right now the market's up 19. and this is all, of course, again, despite this anemic report we got on growth for the first quarter under president obama. i mean, take a look at this u.s. gdp number. 0.8%. that's lousy. i mean, that's really -- i sound like trump now. [laughter] really lousy. here to weigh in on it all and what to, you know, higher rates would mean in this kind of environment, economist douglas holtz-eakin. good to see you, doug. we were at 1.4% last time around. we're in an economy i would say is just barely treading water. i'd be more worried about
2:38 pm
recession at this point. given this anemic growth. >> this is the problem. we have had no pro-growth policies whatsoever. during the entire recovery, we've averaged 2.1% per year. and as you well know, any investor knows, bad things happen. you get tsunamis, events that knock down economic growth, and if they're already growing too slow, you can get knocked into negative territory very quickly. what we've needed for a long time is things that can actually make the economy grow more rapidly, and the fed is not on that list. trish: i mean, look, the fed has been doing everything they possibly can. they're the only game in town. >> they're out of bullets. we're paying attention because they're the only game in town, it'd be a good thing to let them get back to doing normal monetary policy and get less regulation, pro-growth policies, get a tax system that supports growth, really get serious. trish: well, basically zero, it would be good to get off this very, very low level. >> it's way overdue. trish: however, the reality is
2:39 pm
you need something else that's going to help to prop up this economy if you're going to -- >> i'm 100% in agreement. trish: steve. >> rail, you look at this right now, your candidate, hillary clinton, has got to run on barack obama's economic record, a record that, you know, .8%, that's just not good. >> listen, trish, i mean, i'd be happy to run on that record. i don't know what your 401(k) looks like compared to eight years ago, but mine looks pretty darn good. the economy's growing at a much faster clip than it was under george bush. the market's up 10% a year -- trish: it's an interesting thing to hear you say because, you know, hillary clinton doesn't like those market participants. she doesn't like investors, she doesn't like to think about things like the 401(k)s that people may have. but you say that, you know, people should be happy a because the market's doing better. i'm going to counter that and say, you know what, steve? yeah, the market may be doing better, and guess what? it's benefited a lot of people, people that have a little extra money to invest. but your average worker out
2:40 pm
there in america right now, they have seen no growth in their wages for the last 20 years. the majority of people in this older population group, they are just dropping out of the work force in droves because they can't find work. you look at millennials and the struggles they're looking at in terms of finding work. you've got a labor participation rate that hasn't been this bad since the 1970s. and i don't think she's going to be able to run an entire campaign based on where we are in the stock market. >> well, some of this is, as i'm sure our economist friend will say, we're going through a transition in our economy of the way that we used to make a living. when i grew up in a small mill town south of chicago, we don't do that anymore. we've gone from an economy where you went to work, had a job, had a pension, to one where there's more opportunity, but there's fewer jobs, and i think it's going to take us a generation or two to get comfortable with that. trish: i think that's a fair thing to say, however, a lot of people would point to barack
2:41 pm
obama's policies and say he has done everything he possibly can to speed that up. in fact, let me share with you something harold hamm, big, big energy tycoon, was just -- very interesting guy, actually. grew up the child of sharecroppers and became a tremendous success in the oil industry. and he said in less than a decade america has doubled oil production and now counts natural gas supplies in centuries. keep in mind north dakota has thrived despite, he said, president obama and his administration's efforts to undermine us. this is, this is his concern. make no mistake, the obama administration's attack on fossil fuels is catching up with us. you know, this is just the oil industry which obama has taken aim at. but there are plenty of other businesses and plenty of other ceos -- doug, i know you've talked to them too -- that would say the same thing. obama has done everything he can to hurt business instead of help and grow it. >> i mean, this has been a bad recovery, let's face it.
2:42 pm
two bright spots, oil and natural gas. they went right after it and regulated it to death. technology, they went right after internet and regulated it to death. i mean, every time something shows a sign of promise, they have strapped it down and taken the life out of it. your candidate is promising to do more of that. trish: you heard trump say yesterday the keys to economic success right now are less regulation and lower taxes. steve, what's she going to do to grow our economy and get people back to work and have them make more money than they did 20 years ago? >> well, listen, i mean, the ceos that are complaining about it are doing better than they've done in a long time, and the reason why donald trump is talking about raising the minimum wage, is because those workers at the bottom are having the hardest time. hillary clinton beliefs the more people -- believes the more people make -- trish: so you want the federal government to actually legislate that, steve? >> i think we need to raise the minimum wage, absolutely. >> what is she going to do to
2:43 pm
make the economy grow faster? going forward, everyone projects 2%. is she happy with that? if not, what is she going to do? free child care? free college? coal towns? where's the growth? >> but, again, a lot of that is related to the fact that -- >> what's she going to do? -- the way our economy works. >> our economy changes all the time. we went from almost 100% agriculture to the largest, most powerful economy on the globe with a huge boost from manufacturing services. and we can do it again. that's not the issue. trish: steve, can you answer that question? i've got 20 seconds. what is she going to do? >> if you compare the record of democratic and republican presidents and economic growth, the democratic party has historically for the last 50 years done better. trish: good, yeah, but what are they going to do now? they haven't done so well in the last eight years. >> 74 months of consecutive job
2:44 pm
growth, i'll take that any day. trish: i don't think you can answer my question. >> you guys want to deny facts. >> no, no. i want to know what she's going to do, and you haven't given me one answer yet. trish: you know, look, to steve's point, there has been job growth. >> that's true. trish: unemployment, however, 5.0%, that just ain't what it used to be, and the reason is because they're lousy jobs that are not paying people. when you talk about job growth being what it is, show me jobs where you can actually take care of a family, a family of four, and then we're on to something. right now if it's just the local job at mcdonald's which you want people to get paid $15 an hour for, tell you what, they're going to be out of a job pretty soon because some robot is going to replace them. doug and steve, thank you very much. i'm going to talk some more about that coming up, because you've got hundreds of protesters walking off the job in chicago this week demanding to be paid $15 an hour. this as more and more companies are replacing these workers with automation, robots, kiosks, you
2:45 pm
name it. up next, my intel on why these workers, they may want to rethink all these protests. because they're just making it easier for the robots to take over. that's next. ♪ ♪
2:46 pm
♪ ♪ trish: all right. let's take a look at these markets, still hanging on to positive territory right now. we're up ten points right now of after federal reserve chair janet yellen said just a short time ago that it is appropriate
2:47 pm
for the fed to cautiously raise rates in the coming months. she said this during a speech at harvard university. so the market's been warned. rate hikes are coming. investors have been waiting to see if she would echo remarks from some of her colleagues that interest rates could be raised soon and, indeed, she did. oil, meanwhile, closing the week at $49.33. crude is retreating slightly after hitting $50 a barrel yesterday. we're going to be right back with my intel on why minimum wage protesters need to rethink their push for $15 an hour, and politicians need to stay out of the way. i'll see you here right after this. ♪ ♪
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
trish: all right. as we watch protesters take to the streets in chicago demanding $15 an hour to work at mcdonald's, more evidence of a shift away from low-skilled workers wanting higher pay is emerging. robots. whole foods is launching its first 365 stores this week, a low-cost alternative to the pricey grocery store chain. and to keep costs low, what are they doing? well, they're cutting back on employees there at 365. they're adding some self-checkout kiosks, and there are no butchers in the store. all the meat is pre-packaged.
2:50 pm
so they're using kiosks in the wine department instead of staffers with wine knowledge, pre-packaging meat instead of butchers, and if you want to order a meal to go, you place that order at a kiosk. panera bread is replacing cashiers with touch screen ordering systems. job losses to technology, they are certainly inevitable. they're coming, right? but protests like the ones we saw this week in chicago, i gotta say, they're certainly speeding up that process. that's today's intel. we're going to be right back.
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2:54 pm
our own ashley webster is here with the details of the study, and it's kind of scary, because i live on this thing. >> we all do. teenage girls in their bedroom? my goodness. how long do they spend on the phone? >> oh, no. fortunately, mine aren't teens yet. >> government-sponsored, it wasn't sponsored by a cell phone company. this was government done. national institutes of health oversaw it, and it was conducted underground, in an underground lab with rats exposed to all of the radio frequencies emitted by cell phones. they were put through this test where rats would be exposed to these particular radio frequencies for up to nine hours a day at various intervals over a two-year period. so they were really, you know, putting a lot of these frequencies into the test subjects to see what, in fact, happens. well, what was weird was of 2500
2:55 pm
rats, only the male rats showed slow incidences, is how the report puts it, low incidences of cancerous tumors in the brain in particular and in the heart. trish: so the male rat, not the female rats. >> not in the female rats. trish: okay. good news for the teenage girls. >> well, there you go. but they don't know why. however, what we are seeing, of course, is a link between these radio frequencies and cancerous tumors. trish: we're showing the stock of verizon, apple. if this, in fact, turns out to be something that everybody needs to be careful of, one would think that would have a big effect on the cell phone industry. >> it would. this is not enough to do that. the fcc, the federal communications commission, oversees safety standards with regard to cell phones. they have been provided with the report. they say we've read it thoroughly, nothing is g change based on this one report. trish: is there any -- >> other studies show no link at all. trish: is there anything people can do? i try to use a headset. >> yes.
2:56 pm
doctors say use your ear buds as much as possible. there was concern that the heating from cell phones, it can get hot or heat up when you -- concerns there was some sort of microwave conduction. not true. that hasn't been proved either. so there's been some big studies. australia just completed a study. they've had cell phones in australia for just about 30 years, they've seen absolutely no rise in the rates of brain cancer. trish: that's good. >> so they say think of that what you will. we're all hooked to them, aren't we? trish: indeed. thank you, ashley. don't forget to catch an all new special, wall street week tonight, 8 p.m. eastern right here on fox. and we're going to continue watching these markets after janet yellen warned of rate hikes. i'll see you back here in two. ♪ ♪ these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse.
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>> all right. everyone, as we head into memorial day weekend, a big thank you to all of our veterans and all of our troops.
3:00 pm
we are very lucky to have you. we are very lucky that you make the sacrifices you do every day to keep us all safe. you are all truly extraordinary. happy memorial day, everyone. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. i'll see you right back here 2:00 p.m. sharp. in the meantime, liz is going to get you into the close. liz: isn't that the truth, trish. people have their barbecues and fun, but we've got to remember the major sacrifices people have made. thanks to our troops. have a good one, trish. >> thank you. liz: lover boy certainly had it right. everyone is working for the weekend. memorial day weekend almost here but some on wall street may have skipped out early. markets seem light trading as the dow jones industrial average set to break its four-week losing streak. they're going to miss all the fun. the dow is trading in a razor thin margin right now up 21 points. you've got to stay through this one because this is a very big news-driven day. know what you are up against. aaa is expecting this to be the second highest memorial


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