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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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thank you. >> thank you for watching "risk & reward," "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: stocks ending the week on a high note after janet yellen signals that rate hikes are coming this summer. and president obama vowing to approve keystone pipeline but with a donald trump business twist. >> a debate, is protectionism cronyism? >> president obama visiting hiroshima today, some call it an apoll ye apology tour, he said it was to mourn the dead.
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we will have that but first donald trump in san diego right now. >> i watch her on television, it is hard to watch her. it boring. you know. very boring. i watched her last night, she lies so much. she lies so much. she was saying last night, so man things. donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. i never said that. charles: also breaking now, a new report that justice department filed a motion po prevent hillary clinton from having to give a deposition in the e-mail server case. judicial watch. giving approval. doj lawyers argue that inquire is beyond the scope of the court's order. before we talk about donald trump and his trip in
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california. this breaking news. it feels like maybe now obama administration is springing to hillary's defense in. >> it looks that way. it is wrong. hillary clinton and the obama administration promised transparency, and hillary clinton is hiding when she would not comply with inspector general inquiry. all other secretaries did, including john kerry, who is a busy guy. she promised to comply, but she won't, that goes for her top aides as well, they are all running for cover, they have something to hide, and i think they are all guilty. charles: obama administration pushed this a long way but now, breaking news again on friday, that the probably will try to block her from being deposed. gets back to a lot of people believing this will go nowhere. >> you don't have to be a
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conspiracy theorist, you have to look at history, and see almost nothing ever sticks to the clinton. within a week, they will say that is old news. people in america are so disenchanted in america and have been for decades. they never expected hillary clinton to go down for this. i don't think that hillary clinton will go to prison over this department of the justice is not sending her to prison they get an option, but people in fbi, inspector general there credibility, they will keep coming av her. charles: a lot of people saying there are rumblings within fbi that if something does not happen this summer a few agency, associated with this case, will go rogue, they
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will say, this is too 3-r7b important to national security. >> absolutely, they have to, because, it is their reputation on the line, there are different motivations, fbi has a certain one, james comey, is not getting politics interfere, they can recommend an dime, bu doj that to bring that entitlement to hillary clinton. are we going to do that, we look at lorett lore eta. >> here the thing, court public opinion, legal court two different things it looks like gaining serious track in court public opinion, donald trump is pounding on this every day now. >> hillary clinton is not getting polar off of this. people will find out what they are, i think it will be a disaster this will haupt her
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all of the way -- haunt her all of the way. >> what do you make of donald trump now in fighting mode, delegates and wind in the sails. i saw portions of it, electricity all there. do you like this path he is on now, going after hillary or should there be other elements we expect? >> this is classic donald trump, we need to electric at hillary has been in a political boxing match her career, donald trumpa is a street fighter, he is throwing chairs from outside of the ring, she does not know how to fight like that. charles: everyone came in thinking it would be like a boxing match. it was a no holds barred bar brawl, if she is not prepared she made a mistake?
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>> she did. i think donald trump is going to cream her, if she ends up being the nominee, she may not, i can tell you, fbi -- >> hold on, we have breaking news. talking about this rally, we're getting word that prest ors now -- fros -- pro protestors throwing punches at police officer, they were arrested. leftist protesters. these things help donald trump mary than they hurt him. >> they are helping him, his momentum is solid. he got marco rubio onboard. who you know we were waiting for him to get on trump train, gave -- moved his delegates to donald trump. donald trump is a great place,
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he secured 1237 at least threshold he is the official nominee. and with respect to the protesters, these protesters are violating you know so many american's free speech, yes, they do have a right too free speech, but they should to it peacefully, they are breaking the law, and attacking police officers they do literally belong in jail. charles: a live video feed, in the box there a number of mexican flags, firstmm allows for freedom of speech and peaceful protest, you would think, you would be flying an american flag, saying, my rights are fleein are -- being threatened, instead you fly the mexican flag, and you hurl insults, and your children are hurling insults, no one is buying it any more.
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>> no, look at the history of the tea party. there was never trash left. these rallies with donald trump have been violent. if you are a voter who is sitting on the fence, saying i don't know about his donald trump, some of his rhetoric seems over the top, then you see this rally, you say, wow that is not the america i want with foreign flags. and attack on officers and people's cars, trying to leave, this is play in addition to trump's hands. charles: this is interesting too, because, you get a sense too that -- on all americans, i hate to say it, it builds a case for donald trump, it keeps happening, i don't know -- we know some is staged. we know in paid for by george soros of the world. i think it is backfiring on them.
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>> hugely, we have to stop labeling these people protesters, this is hillary clinton supporters, some are bernie sanders supporters but pretty much same thing, this is hillary clinton's base, when we say over and over these people protesting are hillary clinton's voters. >> most of them media will cover this as violence at a trump rally without specifics that is narrative that will go out. >> let's be clear, there has been violence, and in have been extremely inappropriate actions from both sides of protesters. ain't trump and -- anti-trump and those supporting trump. charles: not. >> that punch, many also argument inside of chicago rally, fights that broke out, i am not saying this is condoned. it is al awful this is a poor reputation of our country. the me mexican flag? come on people.
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this is driving a lot of anti-trump supporters if we say it needs to be validated, also there is a lot of anger against him that people need to listen to as well. he needs to not just be focused on one segment of white working class americans this flocked to him, he needs too bring people together. he has to speak to future of party. charles: adriana, you can respond. >> i think that donald trump is, millions, he has over 12 million votes from republicans alone. and a diverse group of people not just white voters that is the misnomer, my mother is hispanic she is voting trump,ic examples of him appealing to blue collar, working guys who are democrats. so, he does appeal to a wide swath of voters, that said, all trump meads to say in san
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diego today in california is that, it is -- illegal immigration is costing american taxpayer over $112 billion a year, imagine what we could do with that money to rebuild our infrastructure or schools. charles: leave it there, we'll come back talk more. donald trump is on the offensive going after president obama, also, talking about energy independence and he has a unique twist on the approval of keystone pipeline, this is why people say we should have business in government, i'll tell but it it involves ca-ching, we'll be right back.
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> i'm going to ask, to renew
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its permit application for keystone pipeline. by the way i might be asking for a big piece of the profits from that so american people can get more money out of it, does that make sense? why not. charles: that was donald trump vowing to u undo obama's environmental agenda and why not make profit for american people. it did hit a road block today trans-canada said it would not approve trump's proposal. listen, the pipeline cuts across the country, why can't we get a piece of the action. >> i think that will work itself out in the end, bottom line mr. trump said, bring the application to me we'll get it approved. this president stonewalled the
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pipeline and all of the economic benefits for families, for 7 years dragged his feet ethen said no after getting reelected. i was pleased with overall direct that mr. trump wants to go with respect to energy policy, it makes sense. charles: would you like to hear more? >> absolutely, the devil is always in detail but he set tone yesterday, i will go ahead, and unleash our potential and our oil and gas resources here, and the american people are going to get back in the game with respect to product on federal land, it their land, they should be part of that. charles: a lot of people don't realize, we're the number one oil producer in the world, unclearing our potential, what -- give us a scope of how big this could be, we could reducure dependents of foreign oil. >> we could, we have over the
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past 10 years, double our emergency production. so our country is headed right way, but trump, most important thing about this speech, trump stayed on message, america first, a powerful quote, this is your treasure, you are entitled to the riches. that speaks to his supporters who believe we have this wealth, we have this treasure, we should benefit from it. and his message was strong took painting hillary clinton as an enemy of energy. you know she will unleash the epa, and regulate the heck of the energy business, anyone sitting at home, people feel it in their pocketbooks and gas pumps, not now but they will. >> hillary clinton saying she's to get rid of coal jobs, as an extension of president obama's war on fossil fuels, could we have something similar to what alaska does where citizens actually share in wealth from oil generated on american land?
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>> we are going to share in the wealth if we get to develop it. thanks to barack obama, we import still 5 or 6 million barrels a day, i have done th the mack, i did a lot of time in energy department, i think we could get within about 1 million barrels a day with imports that much we economy emergency -- energy independent. >> and hillary clinton is such a hypocrite, she flies in planes and drive nascars, that is polluting. -- drives in cars, and fluting. charles: thank you so much appreciate, coming up, polls shows bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a dead heat in california, clinton announcing herself at democratic nominee, berny is fighting to the end, we'll tell you how it might shape up, we'll be right back.
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charles: hillary clinton maintains she will be the party nominee. the potting show her and bernie sanders in a tie in california. a dead heat, 46 for her, sanders 44%, clinton bought tvtime in california, she is worried. but what are her chances, what happens if she does not win california. ashlee, we start with you. hillary clinton, even if she wins california, not by an amazing double digit lead she had before, how wounded of a candidate is she now? >> at the end of the day, the contested primary is a good thing for the country, for california. charles: but is it good for hillary clinton?
6:23 pm
>> i think it is a good thing that -- yes. it is a good thing there are so many new voters brought into the process, that the democratic primary is inspiring so many people to come out, california has ring entered estimated 1.5 to 2 million new voters in lead up to primary election, this is a great thing, a great opportunity to continue to put message out there. that young people's issues matter. charles: right. i agree that is the voting, primary process, as been amazing reawakening for americans issue they are engaged. but i disagree that somehow it has been helping hillary, the longer bernie sanders lingers the worse her poll numbers are. >> you are right, she is a fundamentally undesirable candidate, i think that democratic party shown again if they have another alternative they would really
6:24 pm
consider it before considering hillary. with california, there is a question about whether independent voters can vote, that is a big issue, some people find -- signed up for american independent party that could disqualify them. bottom line that bernie is giving her a run for her money, she was not prepared 92 a lot of people excited about this potential bernie sanders/donald trump debate but we can report it not going to happen. donald trump's campaign came with a statement, said, as much as i want to debate bernie sanders, it would be an easy payday, i will wait to debate first place finisher in democratic party, probably crooked hillary clinton or, whoever it may be. that is donald trump, christopher, i was salivating at prospect, i think it would have been amazing for both donald trump and bernie sanders. i think that hillary clinton dodged a bullet with this one.
6:25 pm
>> it would have been a prize fight, they could have sold that pay-per-view, and even if not my job to watch i would have popped popcorn, bernie sanders has most to gain from this he is 2.s behind hillary clinton, and fox news poll show, in california he was 2 back of hillary clinton, she is in trouble, and begging to hold on to superdelegates they can switch, she had them against barack obama they ended up going to obama, bern been needs any ground, if he could have a knock out punch against donald trump on debate stage that would give him a boost, donald trump has less to gain, he -- no reason to jump in middle of civil war other than just from the side,. charles: thank you. by the way, when we come back, donald trump in california making comments, just now, equating america to a third world country. the scenes and the flags over there does not feel like we're watching america, when we come
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charles: we have breaking news for you, protestors getting violence outside of donald trump rally in san diego. throwing punching at police officers, they were arrested.
6:30 pm
we want to go to fox news, who is outside of trump rally, will, give us a sense of what is going on now. reporter: throughout the afternoon we've seen a thousand plus protestor here for the most part, it was organized. then unions left, then a number of protestor continued to grow, a couple of minutes ago we saw them turn their anger away from donald trump, to the san diego police department. you can see, these people are right up here against the fence, a couple jumped up throwing punching at officers, one was dragged over the fence. and arrested. we want to show you separation over here, police department, has formed a line again all of these protestors who are out here, they are keeping them at bay from some of the supporters who are leaving on left side, rally just ended, we're expecting a lot more
6:31 pm
people to come out of the convention center, we believe there could have been 10,000 people in there, for a couple of seconds violence did break out, one arrest that we witnessed. and we're keeping an eye out as we set to see thousands of people come out of the convention center. >> is there a separation between people coming out? those protesters? reporter: yes, there. is you have the protestor on this side, and wall of officers, i want to walk you here, side that they will let the supporters come out, you can see number of officers here, so idea is they will let the supporters come down this way, and go to fifth avenue here. adjacent to the gas lamp in downtown san diego, hope is they can keep them separated,
6:32 pm
in other cities some protestors, they turned anger to the police department. we have seen a bit of that here. we'll keep an eye out, police chief said they have zero tolerance for any violence, we're saw that one arrest here, we'll see what happens. charles: be safe we'll come back out to you later, right now the panel, jillian melcher, and shelby, and peter mariesy with michael fairen. start with you, shelby, interesting that police would to issue warning of zero tolerance, think about that. there should be we'rey tolerance, you -- zero tolerance, when you attack police, all bits should be off. >> i don't know what attacking police will do for you, unless your end goal is to go to jail, this is why cleveland is spending $20 million on riot gear for national convention
6:33 pm
coming up, you see these clashes, and anti-trump protestors, and pro-trump supporters, they will mingle, in the same area. charles: donald trump, moments ago saying that american has become a third world country, to some degree there is truth to that. >> i do think that majority of america is no way a third world country, we're the best country in the world. charles: but does it make it worse -- >> there are small parts where he does have a points, in detroit fudgal li functional literacy rate. i think in the small way he has a points, third world countries do not look like this. >> with organized event. charles: let's listen to him from his own words.
6:34 pm
>> we have become a third world country, it's not going to happen about longer, it's not going to happen any longer. charles: peter, i remember, during the worse part of this resolution, the. a-- level was near arab strinspring levels. sed literacy level, it is people want things but they can't get it through the system because they don't have the skill sets. >> absolutely, there are pockets of america that do not have the wherewithal to participate in the global economy or neigh alec -- national economy, but consider thosother news on network, loretta lynch, and president obama, stonewalling on hillary clinton.
6:35 pm
-- where is money coming from to do this? you have a concerned program of intimidation that u.s. justice department is ignoring, the unions were out there, so fourth, where is money comes from to move these people around and disrupt donald trump, this reminds me of brown shirts. charles: that is a strong statement. >> it is. charles: before we go to break, you study capitalism, someone would argue donald trump has a point. because of the failing of capitalism, they embrace maybe there a better way the bench been way. >> interesting that -- bernie sanders way. >> interesting that donald trump thinks that america is turning into a third world nation, in a way you could argue we are going in that direct because of increased corruption and unhealthy competition for business. donald trump has been successful at in past. we need to do is remove -- go move away from that it healthy competition, aimed at pleasing
6:36 pm
customers rather than curry government favor. charles: we'll cover that same topic. new balance only sneaker here that making sneakers here. they will get rewarded for it, we have someone on panel that said that protectism is old school, crony capitalism, we'll debate it when we come back. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen
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charles: there is a new bill in congress, would require new military recruits to purchase athletic shoes made here in
6:40 pm
america, the critics claim that company to benefit from it new balance, lobbied for this. it in-- here is hash it out our guests, michael, let me go to you, i think your organization put out a piece i read that equated this protectism to crony capitalism but people say that i want to buy american-made products. >> there is nothing wrong with wanting to buy american-made products, army recruits should have a choice to buy the best footwear they can that' support them in basic training, it should not be restricted to american-made only products. it would raise trading costs? >> why would it raise trading cost, you are dissin dissing
6:41 pm
new balance shoes. >> absolutely not, i have a couple shares myself, i am not an army recruit with special footwear needs that will run miles and miles for basic training this will raise training costs by 50 million dollars over 5 years that does not include likelihood there the be more injuries to recruits they are not going to have as many shoes, to pick that fit their feet. charles: the one thing that resonates across aisle we' more jobs in the country. and donald trump's mer message of america first has stuck, is this crossing the line or do more aggressively. >> this is not what we should be doing. we should be ripping away the obama regulations, and getting currency values correctly against asian countries and rid of foreign subsidies so
6:42 pm
american manufacturers can compete, then we would have more. i am disturbed on the depends that we have on foreign shoe manufacturers but for a children deal with new balance no. >> a shame that "boston globe" did not do their research before publishing their misinformed opinion, they would have found new balance is not only american company that is prepared to compete for the business. they would have also found that new balance offered, to sell shoes at cost, leaving no profit for the company, saving taxpayer money. >> if we're talking about incentives, takes away the intensive. i am all for having american troops wear american gear. but i agree having run quite a few miles, you have to be wearing the right shoes, if
6:43 pm
new balance does not fit every sing -- everyone's foot is so different, these do cause injuries with wrong footwear. i can't say it is the greatest idea in the world. >> that is true, if you look at, army looked at shoe they found problem with more expensive and problem did durbill tie issue we know -- duringbility, we know if shoulderthey win in shoes that don't fit them well, there a increase to injury. charles: when donald trump was talking about third world thing, an issue was crumbling infrastructure. do you think this is an area, because traditional i republicans have pushed back again this i have read reports of this a 3 tril imroo trillion dollar problem. >> it is government's responsibility to build infrastructure. they should come to aid, and belly up to the bar, the real problem that barack obama has
6:44 pm
taken every available nickel he is get his hands on put it in obamacare, and other welfare program, and neglected our responsibilities with infrastructure. charles: we had major stimulus package, but that money was not directed to stimulus but it left a bad taste in taxpayer's mouth. >> thank you. >> janet yellen signaling a rate hike is coming soon, she cautions the assessment, pointing out the risk to outlook. >> it is appropriate -- i have said this in the past, for the fed to gra gradually and cautiously increase our overnight up rates overtime. probably in the coming months, such a move would be appropriate.
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charles: it was crazy day, we started session with update on gdp that was not too hot, it was .5 then a little bi blistering .8%, we have two economies, one where the businesses are too afraid to invest. last quarter business investment plunged by 6%. it was third consecutive quarter of negative investment down 6.2%, structures down almost 9%, equipment dun down 9%. in the meantime residential investment, me and you, 17%. then consumer sentiment at highest number, revised but
6:49 pm
still highest since june last year. the report at end reflects an anxiety this is gripping the consumer. we feel a little bit better about jobs and future income. on the business side they barely see conditions getting better, not worse. some stocks are closing at all-time highs, we talked about beauty salon,ult -- ulta. dollar tree, lowe's, and then coor's. i talked about splunk, you may want to look at tuesday, i think on verge of breaking out, for more details go to my web site. coming up president obama visits hiroshima, on what some call an apology tour.
6:50 pm
is he mourning the dead or is it more bowing? we'll be right back. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
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charles: president obama becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb there that ended world war ii. the destruction he says demonstrated that mankind possesses the means to destroy itself. colonel peters, a lot of people debating whether this was an extension of president obama's apology tour that began at the end of his term. >> it was a stage crafted act of atonement.
6:54 pm
it's stunning. all the archly poetic language. for memorial day weekend, an american president rescripted world war ii to make the japanese the good guys and us the bad guys. he should have skipped hiroshima and stopped at pearl harbor on the way home. charles: i heard that so much on twitter. how did you feel about it? i saw you earlier with stuart varney you didn't think it was an apology tour. >> if japan didn't want to mess with the biggest dog in the fight, we wouldn't have nuked them. you shouldn't go over there and
6:55 pm
give an allusion to an apology. reporter: the president repeating the left wished the world would be nuke-free which is insane as all the bad actors in the world have nukes or are clamoring to get them. >> i i have been on board the u.s.s. missouri where the kamikaze pilots flew into them. it's so insulting that he was there on memorial day. from the perspective of the voters. donald trump in the belly of the beast in california talk about making america great again, and you have barack obama on an apology tour talking about keeping america weak. i think the contrast is stark, charles. charles: you are one of these
6:56 pm
soft hearted people. you saw president obama hug one of the survivors of the bomb. should he focus more on his international global legacy? >> it does seem like he's making a long-term play here. my grandpa is a world war ii vet. he's still alive. he's 92 years old. he would think this is a good thing from the perspective of honoring the dead and recognizing world war ii was a difficult loss for everyone involved. but from the tradition of honoring the dead to reducing our nuclear stockpiles. the use of the bomb in hiroshima is what kept the war from going on and killing millions more people. charles >> people have tons of nuclear weapons, but i'm worried about
6:57 pm
the one guy with a nuclear weapon. charles: gina, you are in san diego, there has already been some violence at the event. what are you hearing locally. >> i'm hearing some of the violence isn't as serious as it has been in previous days. there is a lot of enforcement on local police and prosecutors that if there are crimes that do happen that they are prosecuted. and i think traps that's led to some intimidation of some of these protesters who may decide to be rioters instead protesters. charles: a recommendation that a man can likely beat his wife according to islamic philosophy. turned down demand of
6:58 pm
intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take a bath after intercourse or menstrual periods, the man can beat the woman. >> this is just so fascinating. the priorities with which people place their liberal issues. multi-culturalism is more important than feminism. a lot of prominent women have come out and said this is not going to happen. in this country it's going on in other cases. charles: in europe they have had to put up posters and signs to explain to men who come in from african and muslim countries
6:59 pm
that it's not okay to touch women when they don't want to be touched. >> pakistan is not a progressive country. islam in the greater middle east is in a civilizational crisis. telling me their culture, female genital me mutilization. >> they are saying you have to accept islam and their ideology. >> i guess i would like to hold my breath to hear hillary defend these women and fight again these policies and say how we'll never have sharia law in our court system here. charles: it's about human
7:00 pm
dignity and basic human rights. hope you have a great 4th of july. a little early. memorial day weekend. the man himself, lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump doesn't just want to win the presidency, he wants to set record. one day after officially clinching the republican nomination trump put on not one but two rallies in california, in fresno and san diego. he told supporters he want to send a message to his doubters. >> hillary said the other night. i have more votes than donald. she has one man she is competing with and he's a socialist. but let's knock a record. the bigger vote we get the more


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