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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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dignity and basic human rights. hope you have a great 4th of july. a little early. memorial day weekend. the man himself, lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump doesn't just want to win the presidency, he wants to set record. one day after officially clinching the republican nomination trump put on not one but two rallies in california, in fresno and san diego. he told supporters he want to send a message to his doubters. >> hillary said the other night. i have more votes than donald. she has one man she is competing with and he's a socialist. but let's knock a record. the bigger vote we get the more of a mandate it is.
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what we have is a mandate. lou: trump says he wants to put 15 states that voted for president obama in play for this general elect. we take up trump's mission to win big with "the weekly standard"'s fred barnes. and a lot to talk about including trump's announcement he won't debate bernie sanders. trump saying in a statement it would be inappropriate to debate quote the second-place finisher. that's probably great news for the senator from vermont who has never bench of an attack job. in october he refused to pounce on hillar hillary clinton's emal scandal. now months later sanders can't even bring himself to call clinton arrogant when she anointed herself the nominee prematurely.
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>> i'm already the nominee. it's already done. >> unfortunately the people of indiana and west virginia, and the people of oregon who gave us a pretty good victory don't quite agree with secretary clinton's assessment. lou: we take up the lighter side of politic joined by the host of red aye tom hi through and joanne nosuchinsky. the president is drawing the ire of america by describing hiroshima as a tragedy that must not be repeated again. but the president made no mention of the american lives that were likely saved by the action. former u.n. ambassador will be with us to take it up. trump in los angeles earlier this week to raise money.
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today he returned for rallies in fresno and san diego. two republican pockets in a solidly blue state. how blue? just under 44% of california's remember sistered voters are democrats. 27.5% are republicans. about a 2.5 million advantage democrats over republicans. karl cameron is in san diego with our story. >> fundraising and rallying supporters in fresno, done prr blamed california's droughts and water short ands on environmentalists. >> you have some people that really want to just get in the way. i don't know if it's for their ego or what. reporter: trump blamed the state's water problems on the efforts to protect endangers species.
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his make it up as you go campaign is behind when it comes to the years if not decades of organizing the clinton campaign has done. the party is focused on the july convention in cleveland, a weak grassroots ground game weakened any campaign. but trump has a lot of organizational work to do in red states, he's boasting about fighting hillary clinton in the blue ones. >> we are getting massive crowd all over the place. i actually think we'll win california. reporter: some of the other targeted states were won by president obama in 2012. and the crucial swing states of. jo ling: , florida and virginia. trump knows he has a problem with women voters and courts them daily. >> believe me, i love women.
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now with men i'm setting record. that's why i'm leading. the men, the men -- i'm setting polling record. they have never seen record like this. the men like trump. i would rather have the women like trump. to hell with the men. reporter: his rally in southern california attracted a huge crowd and i civil disobedience from protesters. insiders hinted that it was really all a bluff to rev up the crowds. lou: joining to clinton's ever expanding and worsening email scandal. cheryl mills one of clinton's top advisers went on the record as part of a freedom of information lawsuit from judicial watch. her testimony comes days after the inspector general's report that severely damaged the clinton campaign.
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catherine herridge has our report. reporter: the state department spokesman said today the three missing emails are not a big deal. >> this is not a new -- some new revelation that there are other emails out there. to the extent there are additional emails we can continue to release those publicly. reporter: but the missing emails provide insight into why clinton wanted the private server. in 2011 huma abedin suggested clinton get a state department email account. but clinton apparent which wanted to avoid that scenario telling and continue she was concerned her personal communications would be accessible. her former state department chief of staff cheryl mills gave a deposition about their email practices. a federal judge took the unusual step of allowing these
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interviews as part of a freedom of information act lawsuit after it was clear the court had been misled. a long-time state department official thought clinton was using personal email to stay in touch with family and friends. he said he saw her checking her blackberry in the hallway. >> using a blackberry for government business was against the rules. she was warned and she acknowledged those warnings. and using a blackberry in or near a secure facility like the executive suite of the secretary of state could compromise secret information. reporter: . the u. of pdas was not permitted on the executive floor. the response contradicted what reporters were told at the briefing. lou: president obama today
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making his historic trip to hiroshima as the first sitting president to every visit the city destroyed by the first atomic bomb. the white house said it should not be seen as an apology tour though his critics see it that way. he made no mention that president truman's decision to use the atomic bomb saved millions of lives eliminating the need to invade japan. reporter: if for only a brief moment, a painful past gave way to the promise of a hopeful future. it was a powerful moment drenched with emotion and draped in history wet survivor's
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embrace came to symbolize more than generations could have imagined. >> 71 years ago on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. reporter: in becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit hire i amia. president obama called on the world to have a moral awakening. >> we may not realize this goal in my lifetime, but persistent effort can roll back the possibility of catastrophe. reporter: despite concerns from some veterans' groups back home, the president did not offer an apology here for the drop of the bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki. >> their souls speak to us and ask us to look inward.
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take tomorrow of who we are. -- take stock of who we are and what we might become. reporter: the remarks come 9 months before the end of his presidency. much like the statement he gave in prague after he took office. >> the united states has a moral responsibility to act. we cannot succeed in this endeavor alone. but we can light. we can start it. reporter: but analysts question whether the president's soaring rhetoric has matched his time in office. >> russia is creating a weapon and i believe the deal are iran
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will cause them to get nuclear weapons. reporter: according to reports, america's stockpile has been reduced even less than knot iter presidency. lou: thank you very much. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. donald trump showing all of america another reason he is the gop presidential nominee. in addition to everything else, strum outworks all of his opponents. >> i'll leave it to you to speculate how this race is going to go. >> i don't think donald trump will be the nominee. >> donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. lou: trump got to 1,239. the nation awaking to the
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lou: trump making peace with the mane calmed little marco rubio. he tweeted, marco rubio does by far the best in holding on to his senate seat in florida important to keep the senate. run, marco! fred barnes, good to see you. it looks like this is sincere between rubio and the nominee. >> i wouldn't say sincere? quotes. but sincere in the political sense, and that's what you wanted. i'm not for rubio running for the senate. republicans can win that anyway. i think he makes a perfect
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running-mate for donald trump. he's 25 years younger. he appeals to the right wing of the party. i think there is just a veal role for rubio in the whole trump effort. lou: i think of the names mentioned to this point, that he is the -- i would see him as a very most attractive candidate is the way to put it. >> i agree. no one even knows who trump is considering let alone where rubio would fit on that list. but he would make, i think the most sense and hold the greatest potential. >> i agree. and you know, the press will make a big deal out of the things he said about trump and what trump said about him. lou: who cares what the press does.
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i think one of the things trump has done is to attack and effectively destroy political correctness and the hacks who engage in it. he destroyed all the conventional reasoning. i am think tpg i would have anticipated anything that trump has done to this points. but i wouldn't have plot the same course nor would i have anticipated his moves. i think he has been brilliant and unpredictable. >> that's why he's the republican nominee and you are not. lou: that's one of the reasons. i'm sure sit would have been a tough contest. what he's doing with his campaign, i heard a number of a
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savants who haven't run a race in their savant history talking about how difficult it will be for trump or any republican blah, blah, blah blah blah. it's pure poppycock, don't you think? >> a lot of it is. trump needs to make it a little bit easier for the republicans holding back like susana martinez, the governor of new mexico, make it easier for her to come inside the tent with him. let me answer that. she is one of america's most prominent republican his and i cans. lou: i don't think people in the eastern part of the country 10
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know who she is. her most recent experience was blabbing on the telephone trying to get first responders not to come to a party her folks were having. the fact of the matter is, what has she done? she is the governor of the state. he said he wants federal elective office. she thinks she is a big deal and doesn't like him. end of story. move on with her life and trump moves on with his. >> when you unify a party you bring in people you may disagree with. >> you don't cow t kowtow to ha. >> don't you think it would be easier for donald trump to win the presidency, to defeat hillary clinton if he brings
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people like that into his party and broadens his base? lou: do you think donald trump will win the election in november? >> no. no. lou: who's going to beat him? >> there is only one other person who will be there and that's hillary clinton. lou: are you sure of that? >> of course i'm not sure. lou: we have you on the record. we'll have fun figuring that out how it goes. >> that's today. lou: it is today and we'll take your temperature in each succeeding week. no crystals. we'll have a spirited discussion about his awkward and backward views and defer for a couple weeks, he's on a trip. we'll get ahold of him when he gets back. put that dobbs' rear end. thanks so much.
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appreciate it. please vote in our poll tonight. what is your favorite trump nickname for hillary clinton. crooked, heartless, lying, corrupt. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. a warning to all drivers. watch out for flying tires. watch as the rear axle and the tires, the wheels fly off a truck. that is scary. on a russian highway, the struck swinging across the lane nearly knocking the driver off the road. this was a near thing. donald trump making a play for blue states. >> no other republican, let's say ted cruz won or any one of them won. they wouldn't even come here for dinner because they are told as a republican you have zero chance.
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lou: a few thoughts on trump's campaign strategy. he's turning his folk to us the democrat and to november. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states because we have to win. and i want my energy to be put into states where it can go either way. we'll play heavy as an example in california. we'll focus on new york. i'm going to put states into play like michigan. i'm putting 15 states into play that i think i can win. lou: he said from the outset
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that he would have to put into play states other republicans couldn't. among the states trump is hoping to win, the last time a republican won florida,io rr and virginia was in 2004. in california, michigan and pence strain yeah the last republican to win was 1988, george h.w. bush. and in california. ronalronald ronald reagan won te state in 1984. but only fools underestimate trump. an extraordinary number of them inhabit washington, d.c. and work at what passes for journalism these days. trump has brought excitement and millions of voters to the party. garnering a half million votes
7:29 pm
and republican turnout overall also record-breaking. 28 million votes cast so far this year with five states states still to go in the republican primaries. i believe trump will win this election irrespective of who ultimately is the democratic nominee. and if i may, i want to explain why. these are the principle electoral reasons. the party gaining democrats and independents in drove, the gop hasn't seen anything like it since perhaps ronald reagan. the rnc also working hard to insure a trump victory come november doubling its staff at nearly a dozen battleground states, all of which mitt romney lost save one. obama's margin of victory in 2012 was just under 5 million votes nationwide. he won by 3 million votes in california. and 2 million in new york. that tells you about the rest of
7:30 pm
the country and why donald trump thinks he can put 15 into play. trump could make his home state of new york competitive. and if trump does win every state won byrum any in 2012 as well as florida, ohio and pennsylvania, the battleground 3, that would give him enough electoral votes to win the presidency. everything else would be just something extra. important, but extra. i believe trump is right. he is the one to put those states in play, and i think it will be a hoot. i'm calm and not the least bit anxious about my prediction that trump will the man in november. as americans we are exceptional, hard working, inventive, and good. we can't afford much more our
7:31 pm
recent economic and social patterns, a vast debt, a broken middle class. fearful working men and women about our future. they are our beating heart as a nation. ours is a diminished military, a confused society and a coursenned culture. we not on can do better, we are meant, i believe, to be better. ironically it was winston churchill who figured americans out while he was prime minister. he said of americans, you can always count on americans to do the right thing after they tried everything else. it seems to me that we have done exactly that. we have tried so much for so long and now it's time for us to get on the right side of our history. tell me what you think on
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facebook and inextra gram. donald trump fighting to secure today republican victory in november. will he finish what the republicans started 12 years ago but so far failed to do. >> when i was looking to run four years ago, boy, did romney let us down. boy, did he choke. he was a choking dog. that was an election that should have been won. lou: this time it's all about the art of the win. do you believe trump will prevail? our next video invites all sorts of funny lines and jokes. i won't go for easy laughs about pigs that don't fly. but we did find a pig that can do a lot more, including as you will see, swim. we'll show you this important video after these important messages. stay with us, we are coming right back. nose
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7:37 pm
there were 12,000 inside, 3,000 protesters outside. max. a pretty large amount. mac3. mac -- max 3. but the police did a great job of keeping people exit. they knowledge only exit east and we'll leaving the convention center can only exit west. lou: what did you make of the rally? >> it was great. when trump hits the highlights, get them out of here and build a wall, the place goes nuts. it's like a wwe event in there. every one knows their lines, so it's a lot of fun. i got some paraphernalia, too.
7:38 pm
lou. i got some stuff. good times out here. lou: it looks like a chicago bears uniform. to the idea that trump is gathering crowd this large, this is a quiet period in presidential campaigning from the nomination that he secured up to the convention. what do you make of it? >> there is no quiet period and i don't expect we'll see one with donald trump because of the enthusiasm around him. we have seen that throughout the primaries and the excitement. one interesting evidence of this is how quick lit libertarian party is growing. people are excited. i think trump is good evidence of that as well. with this flair for the media and the show business and the
7:39 pm
excitement from young and old, it won't be a dull summer we are used to. lou: his securing the nomination guaranteed that. when you talk about the paraphernalia and everybody hitting their lines there, mike. this guy makes it clear. he's going to try to win california. he's investing heavily there. is he right to do so? >> i 100% agree with you. he's going to win california. i get frustrated when people say california is a lost cause. republicans won every election from 1978 to 1988. our last four governors other than jerry brown, three of them were republicans. including more recently arnold arnold schwarzenegger. he can win california. no doubt in my mind. lou: it will be fun to watch. what about hillary clinton is she going to be the nominee?
7:40 pm
>> it looks that way. but there is an instinct that some shoe is going to drop and somehow she will have an out. it's too cagey. all these email issues, she has more email issues than bill clinton thanked girlfriend. i don't know how she gets there. lou: can she win california now or can sanders win? >> party can pull this one out, too. i still think joe biden will ride in on his white horse and big bernie sanders to be his vice president. joe biden is a folksy guy. trump should be more scared of joe biden running in the race. lou: as advertised, in hawaii, people surf. that's what they do.
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lou: joining us, former u.n. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. limits start with hiroshima. the fact that this president referred to it as a tragedy did not put in contact historical
7:46 pm
significance of saving 1 million casualties. >> this its part of the series of apologize he made around the world to try and make it clear america is not an exceptional country. that all these wars happen and they are caused by lack of gold or scarcity of grain, never as in our case in world war ii because we were viciously and attacked in an unprovoked manner and we respond as a free people do. i don't object to barack obama going to hiroshima. what i object to is what he said. if ronald reagan had gone to hiroshima, it would have been a different event today. lou: at the hand of a president and his signatures on executive orders and laws that made the
7:47 pm
country not stronger but weak and frustrated, our national interests as well as many of generations children. whether it's an education, whether it is in terms of federal program or healthcare. what in the world are we to do as we watch 7.5 months from his departure from office. is he going to regale us with this nonsense of a president drifting from one boeing us claim to the next? >> this is about ideology and narcissism. both barack obama's. he had to go to japan for a g7 meeting. he picks one other country in asia to visit. he picks one other country, vietnam. what a coincidence. what we should be looking for is if he makes it to tehran tore
7:48 pm
pyongyang. maybe not before the election but after it, i think we can get ready for it. lou: he's at the precipice when he does all this on the eve of a weekend in which we commemorate our warriors who have fallen protecting this nation and our freedom. i find it so repugnant that words fail me. it's just to me horrific. let's turn to his campaign. as you may have heard tonight, i think that donald trump will be the next president of the united states. i want to get a sense on what your thinking is tonight. >> we have seen it's going to be competitive. i think as hillary's troubles continue to mounts, the real question is whether she can survive. this state department inspector
7:49 pm
general report ought to give pause to every democrat who has been defending her for the past year. because it shows that her arguments -- forget the security issue for a minute. her basic arguments about what she did have been and tissue of lies. they recognized they could never ask the state department as time war on. her conduct is so egregious, i think this adds to the likelihood she'll be indicted. lou: the policies and rules and regulations she violated were created because of law. violating those is the same it seems to me as breaking the law, and she has lied to the american people on four basic fundamental elements of her statement on those emails. so as you say, she owes the american people at the very least a tremendous apology.
7:50 pm
let me say it this way at the conclusion. you have yourself a great, great weekend, celebrate the holiday, and always good to have you with us, am balances doer. >> let's remember those who made it possible for us. lou: those who fell defending this nation and all we stand for. thank you, ambassador john bolton. another milestone for spacex. they successfully landed their fall done 9 rocket booster on a drone ship in the pacific ocean. it's the third time in under 2 months they have successfully done so. this one after launching an asian satellite. they want to relaunch their landed rockets by the end of summer. that is something that would make space travel and launches far, far less expenses. a group of college students want
7:51 pm
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7:55 pm
coke, declaring victory and remind us of another famous republican who once showcased an appreciation of fast food. campaigning in the 1984 election, which he won in a landslide. president ronald reagan made a pit stop in a mcdonald's in alabama. he's biting into a big mac there that he lined up with a side of large fries and a sweet tea. you know, it's amazing, mcdonald's doesn't have to pay for this. anyway. joining us former miss new york usa joanne nosuchinsky, great to have you here. impressive that trump coincidentally had the same imagery. >> yes, you know what's fascinating about trump's photo, i did not see a silver spoon anywhere. >> yeah. >> it was paper plates. it was a real man's meal, average man's celebratory meal, and i think that's wonderful. >> he does have plates, though.
7:56 pm
i think they're paper. >> i like to open it up and i pour the french fries into the lid and that's the way i eat it. you got the hamburger over here, and the fries over here. i'm really blue collar, you know what i mean? lou: and i admire that about you. if you had $10 billion i would be impressed that you can line up the imagery of you and ronald reagan in modern day. >> i remember that, it was in 84, i was in boston, he was in the pub, all of massachusetts went crazy. he had the same charm that trump has. he's not blue collar, but blue collar people liked him. lou: it's his ability to communicate. ronald reagan was hardly blue collar but he could communicate with working men and women, the middle class, and their families. >> and i don't think this was a happy coincidence, i think trump is that smart, and he
7:57 pm
wanted people to remember 1984. lou: well, if one wants to test that a little bit, you can look at campaign slogans. make america great. make america great again! [laughter]. >> one word can change a whole slogan. lou: symmetry there, and you have to applaud it. let's turn to the debate that will not be between bernie sanders and donald trump. i mean, how disappointed are you? >> i'm really disappointed. i'm holding out hope for a remake of the odd couple, with the two of them. lou: would you really watch bernie sanders that long, even with trump in the picture? >> yeah, i think so, i would want to see how bernie would react. i think that would be entertainment in itself. lou: i've got a theory, tom, i think a reason trump is not going to debate bernie was the graceless way in which sanders
7:58 pm
accepted attacking trump, somebody's got to do -- nasty. >> he never thought it was going to happen. i think he thought that trump would back out. first of all, hillary would not let it happen, would she? she would do everything to stop that, and she can. >> yeah, i guess so. lou: overland college, how's this for a segue, dismissing exams, grades no lower than a c. written exams, no, it can't be done, what are the precious little darlings doing over there. >> gosh, i hate lazy people, i especially hate lazy people who disguise it as being oppressed. that is the most privileged action you can take, and that's what these kids are. you're at an institution of higher learning, either do the work or get out. lou: what do you think, tom? >> i'm surprised it took this long. in the early 0s when i moved to
7:59 pm
new york, i new oberlin people. oberlin has always been like this! >> they've been very, let's be generous, left wing and a little crazed. >> and i'm surprised they ever had grades. the way the oberlin grads talk, it seems like they did whatever they wanted anyway. lou: and strip clubs, under fire for posting a sign that says now hiring the class of 2016. joanne, these are tough times for the millennials and freshly minted ones at that. >> yeah, but this is disgusting, i hold my strip clubs to a higher standard. when it comes to advertising and wanting to get new dancers, you should use a little more tact. lou: there's a little age thing implicit in that, too. >> he apologized. look, trump has trouble saying he's sorry. hillary says e-mail was fine, she wasn't breaking rules. our strip club owners are more
8:00 pm
contrite than our politicians. [ laughter ] >> no comment. tom shillue, thanks, joanne nosuchinsky, thank you. >> thanks, lou. lou: that's it for us, happy memorial day. good night from new york . announcer: this show has never been solely about investments, we've talked about anything that affected people and their money. ♪ from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing. i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. no denying it. eight years after the financial crisis, the markets continue to move based on what the fed says it will or won't do.


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