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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  May 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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that's our show. thanks for watching. >> what does it take to police america? >> they're banging and screaming on the door. >> he's standing over me with an assault rifle. >> now some americans are mad and pushing back against authority. >> what are you placing me under arrest for? >> some are upset the government spies on us. >> what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business. >> i can't understand what rand paul is yelling about. >> today, after all, any can spy on any. >> that was pretty cool until he started taking pictures of my wife over there. > >> i could do it if i could just control the drone. the private spies and police.
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>> they started looking at us. >> policing america. where's the line between security and liberty. >> i want the police to be better armed than the bad guys. today, what does that mean? >> more than 100 square blocks were decimated by fire and lo looters. >> after the los angeles race riot is in the '60s, some cities created heavily armed assault teams named a sw.a.t. for special weapons and tactics. for years they were called out only in emergencies, like a riot or bank robbery where hostages were taken. their use has increased from one raid a day to today, maybe 100 raids everyday. including case is where have to wonder, why call out the s.w.a.t. team? sn>> would anybody be afraid ofe
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if i was trying to menace you in some way? >> joe is a stand-up comic. the 5'3" inch man caught the attention of an s.w.a.t. team in new york city. why? >> i had a really mind numbingly bad customer service at the apple store. i went home and did what we all do. i bitched about it on facebook. i thought i was funny. >> joe phrased it like i will walk into an apple star -- >> with an armed carbon semi-automatic weapon. >> pointing round after round into one of those smug fruity con seearnings. >> people were responding it was obviously from fight club. >> i thought i was lit aerary until 90 minutes later the s.w.a.t. team were there. everyone has their guns drawn.
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>> was that necessary? >> if they took 90 seconds to google me they would have seen i'm teaching a yoga class in an hour. i don't have a police record or violent history. >> his local paper suggested joe had been stupid. >> who doesn't vent on the internet. i never thought i could quote a movie, even a movie like "fight club" and bring an s.w.a.t. team to my house. if i didn't answer the door with a sense of humor, who knows what could have happened. >> new york city's police force would not talk to us about their raid. others like talking about what they do. >> i have participated in and planned pentagon ene ened appro high risk operations. >> we are not soldiers, we don't think we're soldiers, we're not fighting a war against an enemy. we're trying to help people. >> police department, search warrant. >> he say his team usually kn k knocks first and depending on circumstances it was 10 seconds
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or a minute before breaking down the door. >> we're not liable for any damage we do to people's property. we try to limit it and my guys will try to patch up the best we can the door. >> the suspense of barging into homes makes good tv. there are several s.w.a.t. team reality shows. >> before we did that show, kids would see us in the neighborhood and run from us. after that show, kids would run up to us and get in this van and want to check things out. >> while sergeant hughes doesn't like waking suspects up in the mid of oh the night. others do. >> we want to win without a fight. >> steve is a 25 year veteran of the dallas police department. >> if i have a gun at home and someone is banging at my door and sweeping, i'm more like to pick up my gun and shoot. >> when you knock and announce, you announce police. >> just because the guy says police, doesn't mean he is police. >> a great point.
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>> just hear bang-bang. scary. >> it's supposed to be scary. we use that to gain a tactical advantage. >> and get them before they can think? >> exactly right. >> it doesn't get used too often today? >> i've been involved in over 1,000 warrants in operations, i can't think of any time it hasn't been prudent to use s.w.a.t. >> we've become so comfortable using s.w.a.t. as a first report instead of last. >> this man says the police are turning into warrior cops and s.w.a.t. teams are greatly overused and today they used s.w.a.t. teams to radio truck stops that have video poker machi machines, barber shops, organic farm and frat house said to have underaged drinking and this raided people accused of credit card fraud. >> using this type of force and violence on people suspected not
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violent is a wildly d disproportionate use of force. >> arizona police thought someone in this house might be part of a family drug ring. inside with his wife and child was an ex-marine who completed two tours in iraq and then worked in a local copper mine. he had just gone to bed after his 12 hour shift. >> they take the door down with the battering ram. his son is in the house and he's in the house and he grabs his military weapon and one officer tripped and fired his gun and one mistook it for him firing at them and they opened fire. >> 71 shots. they killed jose. >> his gun was still on safety. >> inside the house, officers found no gun or illegal weapons. cannot fault an officer for shooting a person who raises a gun at them. >> s.w.a.t. veteran, steve ives teaches detectives and says try a ruiz instead of a raid. >> we would dress up in u.p.s.
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teams and knock on the door. package at the door comes, fine. >> search warrant, columbia police, search warrant! >> when you burst into people's ho homes, nasty things do happen. this s.w.a.t. team believes there's a large supply of marijuana here. >> you shot my dog! you shot my dog! >> the police posted this video on the web an it went viral. >> they rush in the house, shoot the dog, terrify the kid. >> the video speaks for itself. they're not pulling hair, not swearing, not knocking people on their face, they're walking through the house, police with a search warrant, police with a search warrant. >> the pitbull is attempting to bite a police officer. i think they have legal authority to stop the dog from biting them. i know they shot the pitbull because the pitbull was reportedly a threat.
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a federal mags strait found the officers did nothing wrong in that case. >> nothing wrong even though they didn't find that large supply of marijuana, just a tiny amount. >> when you're using s.w.a.t. teams to serve warrants on people suspected of drunk times you are creating violence where there was none before. >> police work is dangerous. they don't know what's on the other side of the door. they want to make sure it's over quick ily. >> if you're breaking into someone's house in the mid of the night, their concern is another drug dealer is trying to rip them off. >> police want protection and the pentagon has given them all kinds of things. >> in the early days it involved odd stuff, helicopters, big ticket items an agency couldn't afford and couldn't use. >> then it became. >> m sen as and grenade laun launchers and tank carriers, stuff used on a battlefield. >> now, president obama put
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limits on it but he says other equipment is necessary. his team used a garbage truck to try to rescue people wounded. >> we needed an armored truck that day and didn't have one. >> now, they give away the m rack. >> it is an armored car. >> your sheriff's office got an m-wrap. >> any armor you kcan get is a good thing. i'm in favor of getting it and not needing it instead of ne needing it and not having it. >> they get cash grants they used to buy this armored truck. >> >> it's 170 grand and the mraps just drive it off the lot. >> all this equipment has a purpose. >> the purpose is to protect the officer and make it clear to the bad guy that he faces overwhe overwhelming force, that fight
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back would be futile. >> show me your hands. >> we just served a search warrant where people are armed, know their criminal history, robbery and rape, we won't knock on the door. when we opened the door, one of the subjects stood up with a glock handgun. >> they tossed a flash grenade. >> before he could get the gun, my guys were on top of him. >> we are not going after johnny selling a quarter sack of weed from his grandma's house. >> sometimes they raid people who didn't even do that. they raided the home of this couple former cia employee. >> when my son was in sixth grade we built a hydraponic garden in the basement. >> a police officers spotted them leaving and wrote down his license number and said he left with a small bag of merchandise. >> the sheriff's county sends a
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full force. >> they're banging at 7:30 on the morning on our door. >> i'm face down hands over my head, staring it a this guy's boots and over me with an assault rifle. they said are there children in this house. >> they knew nothing about their work history. >> we held top secret security clearances for our jobs. >> and they kept us under armed guard while they searched every square inch of our house. >> we didn't know why they came until later. >> they must have told you. >> all they told you was -- >> we know there are narcotics in this home and we will find them. >> they even gave a receipt, no items taken. >> one of the guys told us marijuana seeds and stems had been pulled out of our trash. neither bob or i had ever used pot. then our minds go crazy, the trash people must be involved or
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neighbor's kids must be putting stuff in our trash. >> it undturn s out it was not marijuana, high quality tea. >> i drink expensive loose tea and when done throw it in the trash. >> police found it and did a re reading. >> they found it positive for marijuana and raided the home. >> it wasn't until after that they sent the tea leaves to the lab. >> the lab came back, said it doesn't look like pot, doesn't test positive for pot. >> leaves and stems. >> i don't know we're guilty of anything but drinking tea. >> sometimes s.w.a.t. raids are needed but 100 raids everyday? also, did you know there are now border checkpoints well inside america. >> we don't need reasonable
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. if i drive across a u.s. border, i know i have to stop at a border patrol checkpoint. imagine driving to the grocery store inside america and being stopped by the border patrol. >> what crime am i being charged with? >> pastor steven anderson was just stopped at border patrol checkpoint 60 miles from the
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mexican border. >> what are you placing me under arrest for? >> the officers say the police dog alerted them to something in his car. anderson says the dog never alerted to anything. he wouldn't let them search his car so officers break both windows and then tased him from two directions [ screaming ] >> here's what he looked like later. on youtube, you can see lots of confrontations like that because lots of americans are upset about being stopped not on the border but miles away from the border. our government did rule that border patrol may set up checkpoints within a reasonable distance of the border. what's reasonable? >> they said that distance is 100 air miles from any external boundary of the united states. >> 100 miles. that's where most americans live. >> two-thirds of the people live in these spots, it's entire states, all of florida, more than half of california, all of maine, all of new hampshire.
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>> agents tell people that all residents are suspect simply by virtue of living in southern arizona. >> america does need to police our border. rick understands that. he's an air force pilot that served in iraq and afghanistan. now, he's based in texas where he found he had to pass through checkpoints all the time. >> there's no way to leave the border town without going through a checkpoint. >> the checkpoint he had to pass through most often is 67 miles from the border. i started to feel like i was asking ter mission to leave tha town. i'm just traveling in the united states and i haven't crossed any borders and i didn't really like that feeling. >> he installed cameras in his car. >> i wanted to be able to prove the truth of events. >> i'm asking if i'm pre-to go and if they're going to detain me. >> here, he's on the phone with a lawyer. >> they're standing around and not telling me. >> the fert courts said they can conduct brief stops for the limited purpose of verifying
10:19 pm
residence status. they could not involved the searches of individuals or interior. >> if the person says, yes, i am, they should be let go. >> according to the supreme court, yes. >> that may be silly. the guy could just lie. >> it may be silly but you can't set up a fishing expedition. >> what's the reason to want to check my trunk? >> just, your car is dirty. >> here, a border patrol agent inspects one of our cars. >> it was a peaceful little town. it was calming, there wasn't no problems. >> big government creates problem, as the number of interior checkpoints has grown, more americans say this is destroying our town. >> there's less and less tourists coming here. >> this woman had to close her business. >> it's sad. economically, this town depends on tourists, and we're not on the border, we're in america.
10:20 pm
>> people here say it's like living in occupied territory. apache helicopters overhead. surveillance towers, dozens of border patrol trucks cruise their street. >> it's a one block town and the border's not even close to here. >> imagine living in a small town where in order to go to work or take your kids to school, everyday you had to answer to an armed federal agent at a checkpoint. >> i don't need reasonable suspicion. >> that's the law, sir. >> no, it's not. >> they might want to ask you about your medical history, where you're coming from. >> is that a toolbox or something? >> on other days they may decide they want to search your car. >> you can't hardly get out on the road somebody doesn't stop you. they think everybody out here is a criminal. >> these are the kind of experiences real people are having on a daily basis at checkpoints and fundamentally fly in the face of what it means to live in a free society, where you don't have to answer to federal agents when you're going about your daily business. >> leave us alone, just big
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brother, looking at us, you kno know. >> am i being detained? >> more americans are pushing back. >> why am i being detained, agent gilmore. >> arizona photographer, james for ray refused to answer extra questi questions. >> where are you coming from? >> why? >> well, why don't you pull over there? >> why? >> because i'm sending you over there. >> answer my question. do you have a gun in the vehicle? >> they could have just asked him do you have a gun? >> he asserted his rights. >> which led to this. >> open the door and get him out of the vehicle now. >> why are you twisting my arm? >> because you're not listening to what i'm asking. >> i am! >> [ bleep ] taser him. >> he was put in handcuffs for an hour and half while they tour apart his car. >> they found no contraband. >> he says it's wrong he's asked
10:22 pm
where are you going in his own country. >> roll down your window, is that as far as it will go? >> i bet the border patrol agents will say, come on, just tell us where you're going? >> i answered 17 questions and produced a military it and two passports. >> if it was your job to be a border job and somebody wouldn't answer questions, wouldn't you want to detain them? >> you might want to. but unless you have reasonable suspicion for a crime? >> i'm suspicious because he won't answer questions. >> lack of cooperation cannot be used as a basis for reasonable suspicion. >> this is a person having to stop in the middle of the road, who's done nothing wrong and found himself surrounded by armed government agents with dog dogs. >> the border patrol would not respond to our questions about this. so congressman peter king defended the agency. >> i think a border patrol as border patrol. these are inland. >> it is a reasonable course, you can do it.
10:23 pm
we do have -- when people come into this country illegally, they don't stay on the border, they keep going. >> if people aren't immediately compliant, they'll break a window, people have been tased? >> i am not aware of any significant abuses at all. i'm on the homeland security company. if anything the complaints we get not enough strict enforcement. >> isn't there something un-american about 100 miles from the border american citizens having to prove we're in america to drive to thegrocery store? >> we live in a very scary world. >> americans have the freedom to drive in their own country. real freedom lies in the thin space that separates an american citizen from the armed member of their government. >> that thin line keeps getting thinner because authorities keep on inventing new tools. >> movs use microsensing technologies to track targets.
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america locks up more of its people than any other country. >> one reason is -- >> mandatory sentences. >> mandatory minimum jail sentences are why lawrence and lamont garrison spent more than a decade in jail. they were about to graduate from college when the fbi raided their home. >> they slammed me on the ground and my brother in ground and put us in handcuffs and showed me a picture, do you know this guy? he fixed our car. >> the brothers were arrested for cocaine conspiracy. >> they found no property, no money, no drugs. >> no drugs? never sold any drugs? >> nope. >> the brothers denied they'd even used drugs. but some dealers claimed they had seen them. >> why name you? >> i did business legitimate
10:29 pm
repairing a car. >> they reduced their sentences for the witnesses. >> this is the snitch -- they made us look like some type of drug lord. >> why would they do that? because mandatory minimums encourage crooks to implicate others. >> then the prosecutor might lower your sentence. >> that gives me an incentive to make stuff up. >> absolutely. people do. a perfect example, perfect situation for someone to get themselves out of trouble. >> snitch is not a bad word in my volcano, a good word. criminals, murderers, they don't deal with choir boys. >> they can make something up. >> you can find that out when somebody is lying. >> she became a prosecutor right after law school. she has jailed smugglers and mandatory hit men. >> most of you like these mandatory minimum, why? >> it's more control for a prosecutor. >> and less control for a judge.
10:30 pm
>> the judge's hands are completely tied no matter the sirkceds of the crime or victim or defendant, nothing matters. >> the judge can't do anything? he can't say this is nuts? >> no. they complain about this all the time. they apologize to defendants and say, i'm sorry i have to do this but i can't do anything else. >> a judge apologized to scott earl. after earl had back surgery he got addicted to painkillers and then met a woman in a bar. he ke he -- she kept asking him for pills. >> he resisted her for a while. >> and she set up meetings and for that he was charged and given a 25 year mandatory minimum sentence. >> in the judge's apology said this punishment does not fit the crime. with great reluctance i will have to sentence the defendant to 25 years. >> judges are begging the legislature to change this law.
10:31 pm
>> it's a harsh sentence and sometimes what mandatory mini m minimums need. and if he pled with the prosecutor before this stage he wouldn't have been facing that. >> prosecutors want to avoid time consuming crimes. the threat of long jail time persuades accused people to plead guilty. have had grown men on a drug bust just burst out in tears we y minimums. >> if you plead guilty you won't get the mandatory minimum. but if a defendant say, hey, look i'm not a drug trafficker, i want to tell a jury my side of the story. prosecutors drop the hammer. >> why would the prosecutor be such a hard guy about it? >> like go to voters and say, look at my conviction rate, look at these bad guys i put in prison. >> big bad john. >> former prosecutor john cornyn won his u.s. senate seat after bragging about being tough on bad guys. >> if prosecutors were the only left to direct mandatory mini m
10:32 pm
minimums. i work in florida. we have mandatory minimums for drug laws the worst in the country. >> the toughest in the country. >> the worst and the toughest. >> if you're caught with 22 pain pills without a prescription, you get anautomatic three years in jail. 44 pills, seven years. >> onsome of these laws feel li a panicked response to fear of drugs. >> panicked response? we're talking hard core dealers here. >> 22 pills? >> 22 pills. that's not somebody just using, john, somebody selling. >> the pain management institute says that could be less than a week's prescription. >> low level drug users. you have had dicts being picked up, charged with trafficking and being sent to prison for decades at a time. >> like the garrison brothers who weren't even users and demanded a trial and were found
10:33 pm
guilty. >> you got almost 16 years and 20 years and the snitch? >> under three years. >> and the message is make something up about somebody. >> if it is correct they reduce the crime rate we should see two things, when they're imposed the crime rate should go down, repealed, the crime rate should go up. that's not what we see. >> michigan repealed its mandatory minimums 10 years ago. >> since then they released thousands of drug dealers and the crime rate has fallen 20% and saved thousands of dollars. next, more drones are coming, sma
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choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. costolo. what does privacy mean when those things are flying around? the personal drone is getting che cheaper. it makes it easier to spy on your neighbors.
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before we get to drones, let's start with the big story. >> new revelations about the federal government spying on our phone lines. >> edward snowden's law breaking revealed the nsa keeps a record of most every phone call americans make. learning that makes a lot of people mad. >> get a specific warrant based on probable cause or stay out of our lives. >> what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business. >> senator rand paul sued the government for collecting those phone logs without getting warrants for each person. >> i think there is a fourth amendment protection to your recor records. >> the fourth amendment forbids unreasonable searches and seizu seizures. >> when they passed that, they were thinking about the british soldiers coming into your home going through your drawers. this is just data mining. >> here's the problem. they'll tell you they're prot t protecting us, they have privacy controls in place. i've got a news flash for you, sometimes the govnmenoesn tehe trut >> c'tnderand wt ran
10:39 pm
ul i yling aut wh a is tk and yling hedoes no o emple o pitic use. >> h sayolital ase caus tsadmit tobuse caed love interests. >> the nsa spied on nine women. >> the guy's girlfriend, checking in on her. >> any time there is access for abuse. the nsa disclosed it. >> what haven't they disclosed? >> you can say that about every government agency in the country. >> some say it saves lives. and that it prevented a plot to bomb a new york city subway and prevented a so molly immigrant fr sending money to trifts in somalia. >> they said these were trifts things we prevented. on cross xamgs befo-exam nation
10:40 pm
committee they came down to one guy could have been caught through other means. >> does the nsa lie? >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of america? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> yet the nsa does and quite wittingly. >> he lied. >> no, he didn't. this was a classified secret program we did not want the enemy to know about. >> if he had time to prepare, i'm sure he could have give an better answer. if you're confronted. >> what would have been a better answer. >> i don't know. you have to work on it. the fact is the nsa does not listen to the phone calls. they drill down on the numbers. >> to protect us. >> i'm all for looking at that person's records if you get a warrant. no reason not to get a warrant. >> it delays the investigation. >> there's a rapist tonight in d.c., you want to catch him, i
10:41 pm
want to catch him? the washington police call a judge in front of his house. >> do you think the judge almost ever says no? >> if a judge always says yes, how does a warrant protect us? >> let's say you call up and say i want all the records of all the republicans who live in texas. my guess is the judge will say no. it's a great protection. i'm not willing to give up on it because i fear the time someone in government becomes not so well-intentioned. i don't think president obama's a bad man. i think his motives are good. i worry about the next president or president after nat. >> senator paul argues we would catch mandatory trifts trifts - terrorists by tracking phone calls. >> we spend less time targeting activities. we had two boys, the boston b b bombers. >> russia warned america about them and the fbi interviewed them. then, they didn't keep an eye on them. >> one boy went back to check
10:42 pm
checknyia and was radicalized there and we didn't know he was on a plane. >> then the two boys set off the bomb at the marathon. >> they're so busy tapping our phones, they don't pay affection to whaffection -- pay attention to what they're supposed to be paying attention. >> if we get a phone call, we can track it down. >> do you ever worry about going too far and america becoming like a police state? >> sure. >> we're not even close to that? >> not even close. >> we are close says technology writer, kirk newt son. >> we have these little cameras on our phones, tablets, ipads. >> on the computer a light goes on and tells me when the lig computer is on. >> not the fbi. >> a drone can turn it on rem e remotely and spy on us without the light going on. >> i'm not sure they can. >> but they can- --
10:43 pm
>> that leads you to paranoid. as far as we so. for all i know you could be s spying on me and left all sorts of bugs around my office here. how do i know you didn't do it. >> the fbi did admit to spying on a laptop. >> when you are on your cell phone they know where you are, turn the microphone on any moment even though you turned your phone off, they can still operate the microphone to listen to what's going on around your phone. >> that's scary and equally scary, your neighbor can buy
10:44 pm
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our military has big plans. here's a simpample of what's coming. >> they will use microprocessors to navigate through complicated terrain such as urban areas and can be equipped with chemicals, combustibles or explosives or precision targeting capability. >> forget spying, these things can be turned into weapons. perhaps even creepier, today, you can buy a drone. this ones called thehant vision. yocanuy o now fust 5
10:48 pm
$5. $10 i youdd a cara. ev a simpleton can do it. and back down gently. sit. peoplesehese to g azing vio. this i niara lls. th man sel dres. sayarmeoveth. >>ou c f itver the op rher tha hingo wk aileut intheir cropnd inspect areas withi their cr, they fly a zone a thousand feet over their crop and get footage in three minutes. we have realtors using them to fly around house, take early views of their houses. >> i hope they practice first. >> we're hav thing trying to learn. it's only 2 pounds. i would think you could hurt people. they're only 500 bucks. oh, it's a weed whacker. >> it's pretty safe. land it without landing it and
10:49 pm
shut it off and goes back to where you launched it from. >> true, after we got the drone's gps working, you can lose control and the gps makes sure you don't lose your zone. >> i can take it here and it will go right back to -- or it should, where it was set. all this is very cool. if any can buy these, what does it mean for our privacy? >> now, what will happen is video of i don't know people sunbathing in the back of their own house or simply someone looking through someone's neighb inside. >> that was pretty cool until it started taking pictures of my wife over there. >> these women were willing participants but the drone can fly for miles and high in the air, it would be easy to spy on people who didn't know. the next generation of drones will be less noticeable. this one hummingbi hummingbird. >> does any really want to be
10:50 pm
watched without knowing it? >> other people liked it. >> it's great. i will get one as soon as i can. >> that worries rand paul. >> my neighbor has one, a good one. said, if i see it over my property, my shotgun is coming out. >> as a joke, a fellow senator gave paul this mini drone. >> does it fly? >> it does fly. we'll see if we can get to it fly. i'll see. okay. >> i guess we don't have to yet worry about the senator spying on us. rand paul points out america already has privacy rules. someone can't come and look in your window. that's a peeping tom. you're really not allowed to look over someone's fence at a hot tub, neither should a drone. >> and some people say, hey, look, i've got nothing to hide, why should i care? well then why do you have dra drapes? >> a good point. coming up, the rare case for audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks.
10:51 pm
and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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a♪ should i stay or should i go? travel season fo♪ nothing. this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice. smell that? its marijuana. it's illegal in new york state but these states have legalized it. legalization supporters cheered when voters said yes. most colorado politicians had opposed legalization. >> the question looming over colorado governor john hickenlooper, now, what? >> our voters want marijuana to be regulated, like alcohol. >> that's the plan.
10:55 pm
on january 1st this iraq war vet made the first legal purchase. >> huge. chan changed the world. >> changing it for the worst say those who once ruled over the drug war. >> we're incentivizing heavy use in the marketplace. >> kevin worked for three preside presidents, most recent ly president obama's drug czar office and says colorado will soon realize its mistake. >> if we go to colorado in the next month we will start seeing the problems? >> we're already seeing the problems. >> some kids have gotten ahead of marijuana but there haven't been any problems. denver looked normal. hard to tell if any is high, easier to see who seemed drunk. but there's no longer a war on weed in washington or colorado. >> the war kills people, runs over people. >> let's end the wear in a different way. better prevention, much better law enforcement. >> we've been trying better law enforcement for decades. >> not at the scale we need.
10:56 pm
>> not at the scale? for 40 years herbiamerica has sa trillion dollars trying to fight drugs. police still make an arrest for marijuana possession every 48 seconds. >> what does it say about america we lock up more people than any other country? >> we should be ashamed about it but that doesn't mean we replace one tragedy of incarceration with what would be a public health tragedy of legalization. >> not all police officers agree. >> law enforcement's job is to protect people from each other. we can't protect them from themselves. >> for 36 years, tony ryan was a cop in denver. >> people are fighting over the territories and killing each other, the street corner for drugs and the way to get rid of it is to legalize it. >> they have gotten into the spirit. at a pot rally, this officer handed out bags of dor ritos wi funny warning signs. we thought you might be hungry but don't give sell or shotgun
10:57 pm
weed to any under 21. the reality that weed gives some people the munchies and the reality some kids were already getting high. >> you don't have to leave school to get marijuana. it's right there. >> denver's medicine man store sold marijuana to medical patients before. now, he has more customers. >> when we first started it was very scary. i would wake up maybe once a week and believe i was in federal prison. >> williams runs the shop with his brother and mom. they made a mil ylion tha yolio the first month of legalization. >> legality brings peace. >> but it brings mass commercialization. >> we're about to bring the next r.j. reynolds motorcycle barlbo >> we'll probably see more drivers participating in getting high and then getting behind the wheel.
10:58 pm
>> the state of colorado now n runs horun s humorous ads to try to get marijuana users to think about what they do when impaired. playing ball when high is now legal but driving to see the p o pros pay isn't. drive high, you get a dui. >> can you still see the vehicle? okay. >> colorado asks motorists to report reckless drivers. when the trooper makes the stop, they look for signs of impairment. with alcohol, you can use a breath test to see how drunk someone is. there's no comparable measurement for marijuana. >> blow hard. >> a blood test would show marijuana use. >> we may have to take an individual to a hospital or other medical facility for that. >> even for that a sober person might test positive for marijuana because marijuana can stay in your blood for a week. colorado's troopers bring in what they call drug recognition exper expert. don says he's been trained to understand marijuana's effects on people.
10:59 pm
>> you might see their eyelids have tremors or actual body has trem tremors, bloodshot, watery eyes. >> this car blew through a stop sign. the trooper then smelled cho alcohol. >> did you have anything to drink when you were there? >> a couple hours ago. >> what did you have? >> a whiskey. >> a whiskey? >> she runs the driver through roadsides and detect whether he's stoned or drunk. >> from that position. okay? 1, 2, 3. >> this driver passed the test, so tshe let him do. with marijuana now legal, some worry stoned drivers will cause more deadly car accidents. so far that hasn't happened. others fear a rooen reefer madn crime rate. that hasn't happened either. in denver, crime is down. >> we're here, we're doing it. we don't see reefer madness.
11:00 pm
>> security is important but sometimes fewer laws, less policing make life better. that's our show. thanks for watching.imself, lou. keep it right here on fox business. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump doesn't just want to win the presidency, he wants to set record. one day after officially clinching the republican nomination trump put on not one but two rallies in california, in fresno and san diego. he told supporters he want to send a message to his doubters. >> hillary said the other night. i have more votes than donald. she has one man she is competing with and he's a socialist. but let's knock a record. the bigger vote we get the more of


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