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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  May 29, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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rks in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. online poll results quickly. there you are. 93 percent. ♪ >> it's crazy. >> don't call me crazy.
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john: dangerous to disagree. >> stopped. >> you are an arrogant jerk. john: let's break up with government. >> we are done. john: that is our show tonight. john: what was that odd film clip i just aired? it is a new series that actually is about breaking up with government designed to make the problems caused by government more accessible to people, but it is an overbearing boyfriend. the series is called love go and has gotten nearly 2 million views. >> i know that we just met.
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john: we will debate that premise. i shouldn't do a show on this too many young people seem to love government.
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people like austin peterson who runs the website libertarian republic .com. you have the same name is a star on the film. john: you are a long time libertarian. you have now watch this. >> when you see him getting all of the sons of thousands of young people you know that something like this is being shared. >> this facebook post that says it is in name, that is what we need. maybe the libertarians need our own reality show. john: someone did supply, at no time has the majority been interested in raw
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knowledge. this we will do more than any lecture. >> they say that it does not take a majority to succeed. i think it was only 3 percent of the people the support of the revolution. perhaps we can have our own. john: almost all the media pushes big government anticapitalist message. here is a clip from the highest grossing movie of all time. avatars billing is a mining company. >> this little gray rock cells from million a kilo. john: to get it they destroy the indigenous peoples land. you guys consumed this. does it not make you mad? >> pop culture gets people going. take the story of game of thrones and to contrast that to limited government.
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one of our heroes talks about the nightwatchman state, and it is similar to the situation. all of a sudden tens of thousands are reading about menarche and there interested in pop culture 1st. maybe that is the way to do it. john: you have learned more about these things through the students for liberty group. >> there is a large and growing international liberty movement which is a hopeful sign. john: how do you know it is growing? >> students are registering for our regional convention. we are really seeing a huge movement for liberty. the million man march earlier this year in brazil, and hong kong has seen the revolution for liberty as well, and there is an international presence excited about limited government and personal responsibility.
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i was interested in socialism at 1st,, and i was buying into -- john: like a lot of young people. >> buying into the idea that government was the solution. i started to read more and realize that the government is actually hurting more than helping. she realizes that the government is hurting her chances at a future. reading and learning and opening my eyes and reading law legislation and liberty. john: how did you get it? >> i was in an airport one day and picked up a book i'll give me a break. john: i have been waiting for someone to say this on this show. >> i wasi was shocked because you are saying that maybe prostitution should be legal. ii took a chance and learned more about it and realize that you were right. it is because of you that i
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am here today. legitimately serious. that is why 3rd i'm going to run for president as a libertarian. john: you are running for the libertarian party nomination over gary johnson? >> i think i might be able to do better. a lot of young people are interested in these ideas and perhaps do not want an older guy, but libertarians -- >> or ron paul. >> but he had a chance and if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, maybe we ought to switch it up. john: one thing that bothers me is they pretrade the hero as a nerd which made the
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film say we wanted to be accurate. put her on the asp burgers spectrum. you kind of have to read. most of us are indoctrinated , but then we have to read books like this to break out of the conventional wisdom of what most people believe today. >> i think that it takes a lot of thought. >> if you look at the online numbers, one of the things you see his socialists have an enormous market share. conservatives have a small market share. we will see a demographic twist, the older generation -- john: are not being counted because they don't have land lines. >> and hearing people are tired of establishment politics. far left hand outside of the democrat establishment and
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the student movement for ran paul pushing back against establishment politics, and it is a matter of time where we will push politics in a more interesting direction. john: thank you. the love go video series has five parts. the main characters 1st meet wind of collides with alexis and a college hallway. john: yes, andyes, and at this time she is so deep in college loan debt, notices are withdrawal forms. >> can i have those back. >> student withdrawal form, are you dropping out? >> i don't know, maybe. i am already 15 grandon dead. >> that is what loans are for.
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john: at this point the video introduces the new character who we referred to before libertarian and sensible and encourages alexis to borrow more to stay in school which is what politicians keep proposing and then says. >> you already have so much stuff to pay. >> a lifetime to pay off debt, lifetime. there is nothing more important than your education. corn farmers are important. bribing them, offering subsidies, but that is another issue. back to college loans. the answer to growing student debt is to let the students pay less. >> moving toward a system that enables people to pay a percentage of their income as opposed to a set, flat payment schedule.
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john: the plan is to forgive the lungs completely, just stick the taxpayers, but this is a huge mistake says author of the education apocalypse. what is the mistake? >> when you subsidize things, you make them more expensive which has been the history of the student loan debacle. since the 70s schools have responded by increasing the amount of tuition charged. the student loanthe student loan subsidies should not be thought of as a subsidy for students because they go into debt. a lot of people make excellent salaries, have good benefits and tend to vote democrat. john: back to the big government party. >> that's right. look at barack obama's campaign. stanford university, harvard university, ucla, obvious that higher education is a
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big source of money and foot soldiers who are likely to lean left at that phase in life, so it makes perfect sense. the question is who is left holding the bag. student debt up to 76% since 76 percent since 2,009. when i was writing the book it was just a trillion. students are stuck with that that they cannot pay default or nearly and defaults. >> a lot of problems with students just not earning that much. figures were recently released. $25,000 per year. almost half of college graduates are not making more than that. john: college should be free. it works in europe, but it is hard to get into college. maybe that is not a bad strategy for the united
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states to follow, but it is not what bernie sanders is suggesting. john: a bubble that is about to pop. when i started writing about the higher education bubble and people thought it was crazy but now you have from the la times a new york times, they will be saying the same thing. john: if it is, it will not sustain. join this argument, follow me on twitter. use the hashtag breakup. or like my facebook page. i like to know what you think. coming up, obama care and what it means.
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♪ john: how is obama care like dating a controlling and intrusive guy. so you go to the dr. and in the office is your boyfriend got of.
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>> this seems a little intrusive. >> just making sure you get the healthcare you deserve is intrusive, then i we will be constantly intrusive for the rest of your life, and it will be impossible to get rid of me. john: a pretty good description of obama care, care, constantly intrusive for the rest of your life and impossible to stop. first of all, government controls mean fewer choices. >> this is a big part of what i do, protect people from sources. anyway, this is a great plan. i don't have kids. that is just giving my money to the insurance company. john: yes, insurance companies are happy about it. then they became big backers of obama care because they learned that this gives us captive customers.
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the video suggests obama care would raise costs. i'm just wrong. the affordable care act, we have a healthcare system that was broken in the affordable care act is one step in the right direction. being a pregnant woman is the pre-existing condition you equate coverage with healthcare. we have a health insurance system and not a healthcare system which is why it is
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just one step. >> more americans are going down there was a good part about obama care. some people started being cost-conscious. >> what it does is allow for regular, average americans who could not afford insurance to go in and purchase healthcare insurance and get preventive screening in checks which is all-important. because you need to know, like my mom always said prevention is better than care. >> your mom and everyone believes that, but people who suddenly get
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preventative care freak go in more often and there have been no proof that it saves money or lives. oregon gave medicaid to hafford group of people. early screenings, early pap smear prevention. they also kill people. a lot are more invasive. and some of those surgeries go bad. usually a majority of the time people get preventative
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care. you get that checked out, it could have led to you having calling cancer. it should cover the unexpected. >> you would not use health insurance for a cold. insurance should be for things that you don't expect we all agreed to contribute a little bit now so that we are covered in case something big happens like if i get hit by a car. john: obama care covers much more. no one even talks price. the individual says i think i ought to have this test.
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what is wrong with paying for birth control? >> it is not an emergency. it is treated, different diseases. before the affordable care act, 80 percent more and healthcare payments and mended. they go to the dr. more often. do you pay more for a car insurance on a woman? >> as a young person who drives a sports car do. john: all men do, and you pay more for life insurance.
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will end up using the healthcare system in this country that government smothers us. i don't think government is small or big but the need to be effective. >> airplanes that we don't need. government spying. >> proceed. >> a couple from idaho persuaded the court to approve a lawsuit against president obama and the nsa for acting like a jealous boyfriend.
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>> always buying on that lady? >> no, i
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>> i just can't get rid of him. john: government is a little a little like a jealous boyfriend who wants to know what you are doing. government says when his spies on you it is for your own good. >> are you spying on that lady? >> no, i am protecting her. john: today the nsa says it spies on us to protect us. libertarians can't forgive me. i kind of believe the nsa.
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looking for patterns that might reveal a terrorist plot seemed like a reasonable thing for the government to do, but lots of people say it is a gross violation of privacy. >> well, safety is important to me, but i do not think that the government collecting my phone data will make people more safe. john: you are a lawyer and have actually sue the president. >> that's right, we have. the collection of this phone meta-data which is who you call comeau when you call, and how long you talk which can reveal a lot of information. should the government have that information the government can get it, go to aa judge and say that i believe that an is up to something. there is due process in place. john: a lot of people want to sue the government. the smiths have been so far.
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>> my name is peter smith. ten years ago there was a dragnet collection of call records which revealed detailed information about anna. how do we know whether those records were ever seized or searched? john: that was the appeals court judge asking you questions in your 2nd appearance and you await the decision. >> that is exactly right. we know that they are collecting the data. a subscriber on verizon wireless. >> i did because it is easy for me to talk to my client. john: you had a condition. >> i did. when the edward snowden case came to light i mentioned to my husband, i did not think
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that it was right that the government was able to collect my telephone data when i had not done anything wrong. i mentioned it, and later on that night, i am a nurse in the neonatal intensive care. about one am he sent me a text message saying, would you be willing to be the plaintiff in the case suing the president? and i said sure, as long as i don't have to do any interviews, and here i am. john: in the satire he tried to reassure his girlfriend about his spying on her e-mails. >> analyzing metadata. >> no one is listening to your telephone calls. john: both are true. they are just gathering, looking for patterns, and may be able find a will find a
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terrorist that way. >> but that reveals a lot about you. >> maybe they will find someone who wants to kill us >> but this program has been wholly ineffective at doing that. it does not keep us safe. john: congress has kind of taking your side at least saying that the phone companies have to hold the data. >> exactly true, and and i was on the right side of history here. john: why is it less problematic? >> the phone company has records of certain customers they don't have everyone's record in one database. they are not going to look up her records, but someone who may be on their radar, and the political party not favor by the government, they can learn a lot. it is who has the information that matters, and the government is powerful. john: this is expensive.
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good for you for fighting what you believe in. coming up, where you work? are there notices like these posted? they are not they're because workers areeager to read this stuff but because government demands it. >> ii don't know if i can afford this. maybe i can't handle you. maybe i can't handle you. >> i
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♪i hope life treats you kind ♪and i hope you have all you've dreamed of♪ ♪and i wish you joy and happiness♪ ♪but above all this i wish you love♪
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♪and i will always love you ♪i will always love you, i ♪i will always, i will always ♪love you
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john: the government is here to protect you, and every day it finds new ways. it is good if such businesses expand and hire, but if she hires her friend, the government will be in her face. >> she is not working for
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you, is she? well, it is my moral responsibility to protect her. businesses are dangerous, marijuana level dangerous command all these rules have been put in place to protect workers and consumers. john: yes. so many rules. posters explaining some. lots of the rules are obvious. some are obscure. unless i work for federal, state, or local government. no one i no has ever read all those rules.
12:40 am
following the rules cost money. >> i don't know if i can afford this. maybe i cannot hire you. >> it feels like you just protected me out of a job. john: they protect lots of people out of jobs. they are there for our protection. >> if you look at the code of federal regulations which i would not recommend anyone do because it is 170,000 pages long. over 1 million commandments that tell business owners and entrepreneurs what they must or cannot do. regulators are always one step behind. people forget that today's economy is much different than it was in the past. the powerthe power of information is held in the hands of the consumer now.
12:41 am
it is not only easy for people like me to tell you what i think about a place i went for lunch by can find out if i want to hire a handyman or babysitter, easy to crowd source and figure out what other people thought. john: what about workplace safety, rules like osha? >> well, unfortunately there is not supposed to take cost to benefit into consideration they myopically focus on one goal the negative side effects often does protect large companies. we see this in the battle right now.
12:42 am
john: it is intuitive to think that only government can do business. they have gone down dramatically. but researchers checked how they were proceeding before osha was created. they were already dropping before. they government is like someone jumps in front of the parade and claims it let it. john: there is good news? seven out of ten americans say government is inefficient and wasteful.
12:43 am
maybe people are learning. a lot of other people are noticing what we have this level of operation then people are libertarians when it comes to her. i can only connect the dots to the rest of the government. coming up, while government kills some businesses, it props up others. taxpayers will pay when taxpayers will pay when government promises.
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♪ john: probably the most expensive where the government acts like a distract her boyfriend is the way it helps us by housing. >> am going to buy a house. >> good because homeownership is the american dream.
12:48 am
everyone deserves to be a parta part of it. let's go get your house. it is your right. >> sounds a lot like my president. >> helping more families afford a piece of the american dream, owning their own home. john: which means taxpayers guarantee the housing loan which encourages people to buy more expensive homes than they would otherwise and to think less about the cost. you know what this is, once again being focused on price and cost. you deserve to be in the house do you want.that you want. i will make sure you get the money that you need. >> is not the question of deserve. >> these days they are often not there. the recent foundations say governments are deceiving people. >> one of the most destructive ideas out there for you cannot have the
12:49 am
american dream without owning a home and you can own a home unless the government is subsidizing a mortgage which loose back around to the fact that you cannot have happiness without the government. john: that is the behavior in the film, that we provide the good stuff command americans tend to believe this. >> a lot of times they don't see it. these organizations guarantee mortgages so that banks do not feel like there taking on risk and there is the mortgage interest deduction. which are people, or if you are in the middle class, research i have done, the mortgage interest reduction safety about $600 a year. john: even republican say that we have to keep doing these things because housing will collapse. >> it is the idea of ownership, which is a great
12:50 am
thing. if your able to do it and afford it. if it is putting you in a massive amount of debt or you're only getting into with three or 45 percent down payment, that can be a problem. i should not feel like the government or a politician is telling me that i cannot be happy in life unless i own a house. john: you mentioned 3 percent versus 5 percent down payment. a politician said never again and raised it to 5 percent. it used to be 20 or 40 percent, but now they have lowered it again. >> this is the thing that we were promised by every member of the government. never again will we have irresponsible loans. the fha today is guaranteeing mortgages.
12:51 am
john: here is the president saying we will help the middle class. >> starting this month the federal housing authority will lower its mortgage insurance premium rates enough to save the average you borrower more than $900 a year. john: voters by this. >> if you're making it cheaper to get a mortgage prices will go up. what that does is make it easier for you to take on more debt. there are more ways of does finding irresponsible homebuyer, but if you do not have the savings, almost every finance professor in the country will tell you why you aren't in a good position to be taking on that home. >> the treasury department has a website, making home
12:52 am
affordable, help is here. they make it make it sound like magic. they want you to go into debt. >> let's get you alone. of course they go into a private bank and this happens. >> your loan has been denied. >> you cannot expect to be approved for a $225,000 loan when you are hundreds of thousands and that. john: i would not think so, so she chose to her boyfriend. >> i am massively and that. except it is actually other people's debt. it's complicated. >> you ran up all this debt on me? >> did you not know that this? john: no one knows about this. >> and it is actually not the debt that the taxpayers
12:53 am
have related to the bailouts and the guarantees they have thatthat does not even count as part of the national debt because it is considered to be a government-sponsored enterprise or government-sponsored entity. john: thank you. next, will alexis finally break up with? will you? i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away.
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john: if you have been with us, i assume you are now easier for alexis to fulfill the promise to the titles of the show and break up with down, but it is hard to do. >> are you finally done with? >> i cannot seem to get rid of him. i keep seeing that thing. john: so involved in so many parts of her life that is hard to separate. without even getting a vote of approval from congress to declare 5 million more workers eligible for mandatory overtime, imposing new restrictions on coal burning power plants, gave 800,000 home buyers taxpayer
12:58 am
backed subsidies and more. now, regulators are not evil and meanwhile, but they have blinders on. in thein the area of they are special to the role makes sense. the cumulative effect is paralyzed life. started low, less than 5 percent of the economy. world war i. world war ii. now it only goes up. pretty soon we are appear. how will we pay for that? >> we cannot. there is not enough tax money in the world. we have got to break up with most of the government.
12:59 am
i know how to start. so much that should not get taxpayer funds. thethe bureaucrats will resist claiming they need to preserve everything that they do. americans need the courage to tell off government the way alexis finally does when her boyfriend says this. >> you might not think you love me, but it is my job to protect you. >> you are an arrogant jerk who screws up everything he touches. you talk to me and racking up $40,000 in student debt, forced me into a health care plan i could not afford, ruined my business, spent my money. we are done, and stop -- john: now it is our turn. that is our show. see you next week.
1:00 am
that's it for us tonight, thank you for joining us, see you next time. john: batman won't save you so who are america's heroes? weirdly the media or politicians. >> if i could get your autograph here on my copy of the first warren bill. >> the perfect barack obama, he's a perfect specimen. >> drawing up my leg. >> really? >> that is an objective assessment. john: no, it's not. we'll show you the real heroes, most are not politicians, they're entrepreneurs. and parents like this mom who went to jail because she wanted to give her daughters a choice. >> holy batman, it's exciting. john: heroes of freedom. that's our show tonigh


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