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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  May 29, 2016 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> we can all afford he brew national, the good hot dogs. conagra up 15% in a year. >> hot dog grease on your tie big guy. we continue with neil now. all right. well attention holiday travelers. i think the government just said get in line and take a number. hi everyone and welcome. i'm neil cavuto. and this time i think washington's number is up. was a when the head of the tsa is telling fliers to get there three hours early, the head of the fad is telling ours customers disney customers wait in line so what's the hurry with you?
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hurry up and wait murr-- >> this really is no surprise. the larger these entities get the more bureaucracy becomes interwoven. the longer lines become. the longer waits become. and even when you bring a private sector guy in, you know, like they did with the va, you are if inside a maize like this maizes and people above you -- >> worked with that because -- but they never did. he tried to deal it back slightly. but i'm wondering it was too little too late. >> i think way too late too late. >> and to make that analogy is preposterous. people are going into a private place for fun. you know lines are part of it.
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>> imagine taking just a short flight and you have to get there three hours ahead of time. i think most people would start walking. >> or start driving. >> democratic party, at least under bill clinton did embrace to some extent privatization. that was mayors like ed rendell in philly. and there was a con sebsz in this country about privatization until obama administration where now -- >> would you -- magically correct it? bad elements can -- >> no listen, i think there are some things that shouldn't be privatized. but adding that sentive in there. maybe there should be some
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combination. often spurs more inflation. >> what do you think of this. the message you are getting. and that is your going to have to deal. hurry up and wait. the tsa three hour things. hurry up and wait. and the waiting isn't the big deal. what you do make of all this? >> i think they need to spend more money. i hate to say it but in a way the tsa is like the armed forces. a way of defending american security. i would not trust it to be privatized. but they have to have more lines. they have to have more men and women at those lines checking people out. and i'm sorry to say it is a big, big enterprise checking out millions of pangs. you probably don't believe this but there are things called airports where people fly
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commercial. they don't -- >> ha ha -- and you shock with me -- you want to spend more money. money money money. >> well if the money's well spent. >> look at all of the money. >> that -- they argue we need more one money and it will be better spent. that sound like you. but i can imagine ben he travels a great deal. might be tired. why is it more money is always the answer. >> yes eodo. >> no i don't. >> look in that camera and say i ad adam. [ laughter ] >> in the case of the tsa first of all i love that every opportunity i get to remind you that i'm the reagan optimist on this show. >> if you're the reagan optimist then i'm charles manson.
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>> sometimes you -- >> what are -- >> you campaign complain a little bit too much. so i will just remind you that the tsa people for all of their faults. >> -- you're boring. me. do you think that we resort to this? and i'm not -- don't we have to address the underlying problems by throwing more money at it. >> i think so. in fact more of a story's told. >> like stagger a flight schedule. >> bring people together to at least talk about how you solve the problem. i think right now there is absolutely no story about what they are doing to make it better. >> but they are doing something to make it better though. >> -- veterans, right is it. >> -- of the government -- >> -- blow of privatization on this too much. >> only on this. >> let me make the point that we
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have very good private security outfits out there. >> a different for every -- >> let me make the point. they hire people who are really good at security -- >> what if the airport is topeka can't afford the private navy. >> they can't afford that okay. >> so you get a guy named buddy. >> maybe they have to pass a minimum test. >> no i'm like you i do like private enterprise. i just worry about something like this scope? >> i think it is the answer. >> it is interesting because in 2015 the white house lowered the budget for the tsa. and they bragged about the fact that what they have done to offset that was bring in more professional agents. and we've gone through those two lines and when we've gotten through them we've seen about a dozen people standing around. you don't have to be the ceo to say there are common sense ways to alleviate some of the pain
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here. >> i so can't wait for you to get to the airport. oh look who's here. go ahead adam. >> there is no guarantee that a private security force could go do a better job. >> accountability is one thing i'm looking for. >> and competency. >> these are guys who fought in gulf wars. people in the fbi going into the private sector. they understand that. and if you have government oversight on that it could work. >> i do want to step back from all of this and get a final read from ben stein. and that is this sort of dismissive reaction you get from washington that can deal the fliers can deal. those demanding stuff from the irs they can deal. but there is inherited arrogance
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to government so big, so aloof that it's gotten so bad. what duke? >> well hamlet spoke about the insolence of office and that is right. but i have a free market suggestion. maybe they could have a line where people pay a hundred dollars extra to get through line quickly. >> good point. there are a lot of options open before you have to open the taxpayer's walt. that's all i'm staying. >> well that is one of them. >> we're making progress. >> -- longer than the line. >> -- al qaeda just put it on their credit card to get through the line faster? >> they don't get less of an inspection and pat down there charles? they just pay extra and there will be fewer people in the line. not everybody can afford 200 dollars to go through security.
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>> back to disney. the fast pass. >> -- kids and they whine and think oh wow and when i turn the corner i'm going to be at the ride and you see it is two football fields away. they are very good at that. >> -- many years, which is probably a good thing. >> yeah well i know someone like ben has multiple vip guys escorting him around. right ben? >> translator: really. not all i'm not the one who flies in private jets. >> i have no idea where you got that notion. by the way what is that you? oh palm springs california. when we come back. disturbing crisis. disturbing video showing people eating food out of the trash. some are pointing out this is what happens when government runs out of other people's cash. the whole country is garbage.
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today on forbes and fox. hillary clinton saying a president trump would actually mean fewer jobs. but some are pointing out he's the reckless.
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i'm elizabeth prann in washington. now back to cavuto on business. >> normally i wouldn't want to throw something like this at you on a weekend but i want you to look at this. this is pretty disturbing out of venezuela. people actually digging through garbage for food. the socialest country is on the brink of collapse. only a few years after being told they had more money o than nay knew what to deal with to live on and prosper. and the country is on the verge of civil war. saying this is what happens when you run out of other people's money. they start rifling through garbage, food. >> and when you take away from them. the natural instincts to achieve, the natural instincts to compete. when you replace government with the individuals ability to do for themselves.
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but do you know what? this would be lucky if this is where it ends. to your point socialism running at the last chapter of socialism often ends with massive slaughter of human beings. i wouldn't be surprised the army's gotten major raises in venezuela the last couple offise and there is a reason for that. the government could be toppled. it could happen and i think it might. >> i was reading about venezuela. few of them pay any taxes and that might be part of it. and i wonder if there is any apocryphal lesson here. >> the question and people are look at the socialist candidate in our country and thinking how great it can be. right now look over there and how tragic, it is devastating, it is horrible what's happening. how do we help people understand
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this is the path you can go down taking over private companies people can't get food. the broes grocery stores there are lined with vinegar. there is nothing to eat. >> the one thing i do admire about bernie sanders whether you accept his views or not. he was early on quick to point out i can't pay for this just going after the fat cat, the 1%. the 5%. i have to spread this out and claw middle tax out. but at least he did that. i don't know whether his mathd adds up. probably doesn't. none of the candidates do. but what do you make of that and the fact that this is the gimme gimme season. >> it is all the time and has been. van hayek said we as a society replace individual initiative
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with public welfare we are going to get disastrous results. they are getting that in venezuela. i hate to say this because i would like to be the reagan optimist on this show too. but i see people diving in dumpsters for food out here in the desert. and there are dumpsters behind our house in beverly hills and i see people in there so this is not a problem unique to socialist countries. this is a problem of poor people. and it is a heartbreaking scene but how do we solve it? if we give people more free things they lose their initiative. they don't know how to solve this problem. >> what do you think adam? >> what i would point out is that the other "ism" is populism. someone like chavez who tells people i can do anything you want. so yes socialism is a terrible
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threat. so is populism. so you are saying there is a trump segue in there. >> if you are promising people everything, asking them to cut back on nothing. i don't know what the difference is. >> when i see some of the video of the venezuelan protests without the sound on in the elevator or whatever. i keep thinking those are the protesters at the trump rallies. so what we have right now is literally is the left of this country mainly revolting and demanding more free stuff. and doing it just like that do in other countries. and listen, say what you want about donald trump. donald trump is not calling for massive tax increases. he's calling for lowering rates. he's calling for giving money back to businesses. >> he has not shown one inkling to cut anything to govern. >> this is a problem. and that gets a little to adam's's point about his populist's appeal. will give you a lot of stuff.
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>> so you agree with adam. >> yeah. let's be clear there is a big difference between trump and chavez before i get all these e-mails from the -- >> to say nothing of the chavez camp. when we come
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living with their parents, with the spouse. it's kind of weird. but the main reasons were not
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surprising. they're slow to settle down. the xhis not exactly speeding up and because baby boomer -- what do you think. >> my mom used the -- my mom used to do my laundry. >> tough when you're on the other end of the country. >> when i lived in new york and she lived in the apartment. >> italian american. explains a lot. >> thank you. you read my mind. >> and ben snickering. >> i will say this. here's what gets me. they can get their rear ends out of their homes and room with somebody and by the way, it's not all my len yals. that's what i did. >> who did you room with? >> he brought his laundry to his mom. >> i rented a room in some woman's house and i paid a few
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bucks and used her kitchen. she was an old lady, married. >> summer of '42. i'm kidding. >> we would get a bunch of guys -- >> i don't need the details. >> you are the sickest guy. sick, sick. >> it's a symbol of something wrong with the economy or something wrong with this generation. it is really tough economy. you talk to some of these young people, they say, well, i can't afford to live in the type of apartment -- well, i didn't get to live in the apartment i wanted to. i didn't want get granite countertops and stainless, for shoe, you have to work your way up. you have to get to the place that you want to be. >> i think it's a psychological phenomenon. i think they're little babies
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and they want to live with their mom mys. there are plenty of jobs out there. there's tremendous amount of unfilled jobs. >> generations live with each other and they're fine with it. prz. >> i think this says more about the parents who are willing to enable their adult children to delay being grown ups. >> i was proud of fact that i moved away from home two weeks after the graduated from college. >> there are some economic elements. high school dropouts, 40% live at home. you don't have the skills and don't get out there, you might be stuck at home. back in the day.
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the garbage doesn't take itself out. parenting, if you want them out, listen up. our guys have the picks to get the kids out for good. >> remember the time you saw patrioti patriotism, what it means to help your fellow man. the courage to serve f this nation
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stocks on the move, get your kid on the move. >> cybersecurity will grow. >> adam. >> s&p 500 large cap growth. some names they'll know in there. >> ben. >> spiders, the usual and it's done great. >> you are not worried or are worried about kids who stay at home? that they're sucking -- is that your view? >> i'm not worried about them at
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all. they're big babies, but there have always been a lot of big babe be byes. >> puts it in perspective. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his company. >> hillary clinton warning voters that a president trump would mean fewer jobs in america, but some here say trump is the only presidential candidate who actually created jobs in america, so who's right and who's wrong? hi, everybody, welcome to forbes on fox. let's go in focus with mr. steve forbes. rich carlguard, mike and elizabeth mcdonald, john and bruce jackson. so, rich, what does hillary actually know about business? >> well, not much. i


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