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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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guardsmen and marine and their families serving in the war on terror. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. good evening everybody, donald trump is not hesitating on taking the task of educating liberals. there seems to be no event and no amendment element of the clinton history that trump will ignore. it appears that his strategy is producing the desired results. yesterday, he highlighted the rape and sexual allegations of clinton.
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trump describes the 1993 death of hillary clinton's associate vince foster, "very fishy." >> trump told my colleague and friends such attack are fair professional because the clinton themselves launched ruth less attacks on him. >> i would like it to be straight down the middle. you know they have been dirty players historically and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back >> we'll take all of that to ed rollins and michael goodwin. and a lot to talk about tonight, senator bernie sanders won't stop his fight for the democratic nomination, the senator from vermont telling the associated press the convention
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this summer is likely to get "messy." >> robert mcdonald after he compares the length of time veterans are to wait for care to the wait of time to rides at disney land. >> when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours, what's important? what's important is the satisfaction of the experience. >> donald trump forced to play catch up when it comes to raising campaign money. the trump campaign raising just over $57 million, 2.4 million cash on hands. the clinton has raised $204,000,030,000,000 in cash.
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you see the problem, right? >> the largest clinton pack priorities had 46 million in cash carbon hand. right now is not a fair fight. joining us, one of the folks trying to make a fair fight, ed rollins is joining us and the columnist, michael goodwin, it is great to have you both here. those numbers are daunting. they would be a guess to in but donald trump. that's a huge deficit. >> her pack was obama's pack. they expect to raise 300 million this time. >> they are free to go by television and doing whatever they want and uncoordinated with the campaign.
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people forget of the last week of the campaign, romney got out of television of 55 million to $18 million. >> last week of the campaign by the super pac, romney spent $55 million to $18 million. >> again, it did not seem like a fair fight, a lot went into the outcome >> so what's the deal here, michael? trump has been using free media. can he count that on the rest of the way, is that what's going on in your judgment? >> i think he will be a lightning rod for television. >> he's very assessable. >> as far as i know, there is
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not anyone he refused to talk to. >> right, right. >> where as clinton plays hide and seek all the time. look, i do think ed is correct and at the end of the day, to have a fair fight on television and on the various media and direct mail, you are going to need a lot of money and trump right now is way behind in that category. >> you are getting a lot of press right now and your pack is g getting a lot of rest. >> trump said he did not want the super pac. >> the reason i get into it is because i did not make any money. i thought he needed help and to a certain extend, i know how to run campaign. i can put it together quickly. >> all right, let me put it this
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way, is this in fighting is something going on here. you and others. >> rogers stone is close to trump >> i told you. >> he's irrelevant. >> donald trump can run his campaign in any way, shape or form he wants to. >> i think i know more about how to run a campaign than he does. i know the intricate si of how things work. >> how about paul manafort? >> they're good operatives. they just cut this big deal with the rnc. now, if touyou want to donate, can give money to the rnc. i didn't know he still had that limitation? >> yes, absolutely.
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2700 as a they give him. they can spend money. you go on and take it over. you put your people on there and use what you can use. they are dependent on the rnc that run their campaign. >> what if they don't have their resourc resources? >> given paul ryan of the highest ranking republican in the house has not yet endorse him. turning basically all your money raising apparatus over to the rnc seems like a real mistake. >> i want to go to one other thing because it is so important, that's the front page of the new york post today. it says no one knows more about the post than michael goodwin. "dirty bills" of president --
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>> first off, that model had nothing to do with the story so take your eyes off her. >> "dirty bills." bill cosby and clinton of the sexual allegation story. obviously, they're going after bill cosby now. finally. a judge requires him to stand trial on the 2004 allegation >> simultaneously, trump has this instagram ad out about zbli clinton and the escapade of the '90s. he said bill clinton has to stand trial and bill cosby has
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to stand on trial. >> thank you very much both as always. good to have you here. >> donald trump pulls no punches in a new web post hitting bill and clinton. >> it is very nervous. >> no women should be subjected to it. >> it was insult. >> new polls subject trump's strategy is working. laura ingram joins me next. the 23 years old driver of this vehicle turns a simple traffic ticket into a possible 45 year pris prison sense. that makes our next story remarkable and the video is every bit remarkable which
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virginia's governor, a close friend of the clinton is under investigation by the fbi and the justice department. the investigation centering around mcauliffe's campaign fund raising. all contributions were legal and
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the governor will cooperate with the government if he's contacted about it. he's not been contacted his attorney says to this point. more breaking news tonight and more serious trouble for the clinton campaign and specifically, hillary clinton. the hacker, goosefer said he broke into clinton east's serve. the 44 years old hacker pleaded not guilty to a variety of cyber crime when he was extradited to the united states earlier this year. >> in a jailhouse interview with fox news just last month, he said he wanted to cooperate with the government and he's doing so. he's now expected to reverse course and playing guilty to some of the charge and a hearing
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that'll be held on wednesday morning. lazar was the first source to expose hillary clinton's misused of private e-mail server while she was serving as secretary of state. donald trump today, posted a video featuring audio from women who accused bill clinton of sexually assaults and rape. >> no women should be subjected to it. >> i tried to pull away from him. [ laughter ] >> editor and chief, post of the one of the countries' most popular program show. laura ingram, it is delighted to have you here. your reaction to the news of
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terry mccaulife, of a long time friend and associate. >> one would think that he had seen everything. you would think he's not involved of anything criminal. i don't know if this investigation -- the news just broke. >> for hillary, anything that disstrakts fr disstra distracts from her message which she hopes is going to be a positive and prowoman, bringing back the' 90s economy. what it does is it brings you back to the '90s scandal, all the other scandal in the clinton administration which the whole generation of americans are not familiar with. it is like old homework with the
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clinton. this is just one other. again, we'll see where this all goes. it may not go anywhere and may not be anything to this. we'll see where it goes. >> that's exactly right. >> the fact is the attorney for governor mccaulife have not contacted him. it could be an anxiety for clinton. she says she's not been contacted either. >> remember, also, in the course of the investigation, i am putting my legal hat on, depending on what kind of investigation it is. you want to get some of the witnesses cooperating. we know there are questions about taxes and status and so forth. there maybe something else going on, subterranean, there could be
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many layers of this. >> many layers organization that had an extraordinary complex structure and by report of 10% of the money it raises going to charitable cost and good work. the instagram message talking about reliving the scandal of the past with women who are sexual assaulted or raped as the instagram video, your thoughts? >> it is effective and entire generation of americans who are not familiar of what happened at the hands of bill clinton. it is not just clinton, it is about bill clinton. it is about what hillary did to the women. again, i am a woman hear me roar
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kind of theme. this is all going come back. i think trump's way of saying is just try me. there is a lot more we are going to throw out there as you are trying to make this pitch. i think it is pretty effective and it is the first shot across the viral really. >> his polling is rising as her numbers seem to be soft tenning and declining in the most recent polls. the same time, establishment rallying around donald trump. rising numbers every week and he got to be feeling good about that. paul ryan with this interview in political. i cannot tell you and i cannot make the man out. i think just disconnected from what is happening around him. >> i think at some point it
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becomes curious to what's going on here. i can say a little time passing is not a big deal. the longer this goes on, the more interviews you give the more con atlantflicted you seem. >> people like romney, i think ryan is going to come around. people like mit romney. he could have been secretary of state. he could have had a really powerful and helpful role and now he's going to have no influence what so ever. i don't think paul ryan wants to go into that. i don't think that'll be good for paul ryan's future. voter havess have a long memory. i don't think it is going to sit well with people. i am very hopeful and i think ryan is going to come around. >> i hope your hopeful as rewarded. because he could make the party look so much better by himself
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looking les small than he does right now. >> the more that trump starts to rise in the polls, you will see a lot of hesitation starts to disappear. winning has a way of doing that to people. >> and any other thing that's political, they made it sound like this is a strategy being played out by paul ryan of his chances in 2020. which is the biggest punch i have seen and sometimes to a motivation. he's not going to be supported by anyone of substance or by offendering the party. it does not help in 2020 anyway. how does that help him in 2020. if that's the strategy and i don't know if it is, it is not a good strategy. it is a dumb strategy. >> you know there is a lot of dumb running around that town. >> a lot of people missing the
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boat. they're still on the dock and now passengers ton the boat jus waving, adios. >> see you later. a traffic stop in milwaukee. we want to show you what happened. it turns out to be anything but ravine. a woman decided to make a break for it by throwing a car into reverse and slamming into the squad car behind her and actually hitting two of the officers surrounding the car. she now faces 45 years in prison. up next, the obama's administration is completely tone down. >> how does the veterans feel about their account. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line. >> yes, we measure the hours
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. what's becoming unbearably and adequate and irresponsible resourcement of federal bu cats of washington dc. >> bob mcdonald was not supposed to be apart of the problem. he was brought into clean up tp mess responsible for the care of our veterans. he's under fire after he had the audacity to compare wait times of veterans' health care to lines at disney land. today, he refuse tod to apologi
11:28 pm
for his comment. >> that's what veterans are telling us. we talked to a lot of veterans. it is important and if i said the wrong thing, i am glad that i krekicorrecting it. >> he means he's sorry. for a guy who screws up as hutch as he h much as he has maybe he should try out a little modesty. obviously, he got that washington view that he's never wrong and others are not smart enough to appreciate his brie brilliance no matter how screw
11:29 pm
up. veterans died waiting for care in lines that were longer there. the bureaucratic nightmare not limited to the va and permitting and the entire government and the irs governor. john koskinen is faciining prost of impeachment. and this also the same man who ultimately replaced irs steven miller. he got away with it. from the over site committee's grass still got away with it. do you know a trend here with our nation's bureaucrats. >> and still long lines at our
11:30 pm
nation's airport. kel kelly hogan removed from his post. no, he was not fired. >> the bureaucrats don't operate like that. he was not fired. he was put on paid add minu administrative and pending an assignment paying $90,000 for doing the job. >> american voter and taxpayers, we are all dumb as rocks in the view of these bureaucrats because we put up with them. >> it is no wonder that americans are angry and frustrated with our federal government because it is a moral of unyielding difference. boy, it is going to take some kind of leaders to bring all this moving parts into some kind of working order and find a way for it all to function, to serve the american people correctly.
11:31 pm
efficiently, as never before. we have one shot in my opinion to fix this mess and our chance arrives at november 8th. the nation finding guts to change the disruption and changing things. it is risky business, is it? >> dale carnegie says this with such quote. "take a chance, all life is a chance. tl man goes bargest generally the one who's doing and daring." i think we have a daring politics this year. it has been a hoot. now, if we can create that happy ending. we are coming right back. up next, victorious secret making a shocking announcement. >> we'll tell you why you will be seeing less of their models,
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are living with their parents than with their partners and wives or spouses. a new study finds 32.1. i love it when they get this exact. 32.1% and ages 18 to 34 have chosen to live with their old mom rather than settling down romantically with their significant other or simply someone they could not live without. what happen to the romance. joining me now, it is also known as channel 115 or 100. [ laughter ] >> are you stalling? lets get to that research. >> carly, what do you make of that? young people -- >> i know. those dating apps are not
11:37 pm
working. people are living by themselves are liveing their parents because it is so unbelievably expensive to live on your own. if you want top live in new york or los angeles, $2,000 a month of rent just easy. >> mom and dad won't interfere. >> i think there are two main reasons for this. the economist, i see people are getting married much later until life than they used to. we have been throw tl yugh a ren and house bubbles and people are majoring things in college that don't lend them to the jobs that are there. they got no money. you put them together and i think you are wrong, those apps are working. not the dating ones but tender and all that. >> well, you are not going to be moving out of mom and dad's house. >> well, it is a faster data, i
11:38 pm
think. >> yeah, from what i understand. >> did i get it wrong? >> no, no. >> that does not happen very often clearly in terms of social media. >> trump and warren, i got to change it, this is fascinating. elizabeth warren, she's a vicious political operator, she went after trump and told him off. >> fling as much mud as you want, your words and actions disqualified you from being president and i won't stop saying it. >> that's tough. >> well, she's wrong. >> those words and actions are unbelievably effective for donald trump. when you hear clinton, you think about crooked clinton. donald trump is doing so well because he's not a politician.
11:39 pm
the campaign that he made in 2007 were going to destroy, he flipped it and it works for him. >> as you know, it is true. >> how did political twitter fight, this is a thing now. >> she's really need a lot of help. >> she decided -- >> i mean she being pocahontas. the thing is they know trump always fires back. i think the plan here is to try to get him to fire back before going too far. the thing is, it is not going to work. >> it does not seem authentic when it comes to elizabeth warren. 34 out of 37 of other latest
11:40 pm
tweets had donald trump's name in them. is that unbelievable? th she's obsessed and it is really in authentic. >> president obama is makinging surprise statement and he's thinking of his new job. he said community organizer as he put it a little more famous. he's going to go back what he did so well. >> do we want him to be a community organizer so? >> he did not do well organizing the community of the united states. so maybe he should consider a different career path. >> i think it is good when people do what they are best at. i don't mean that as a slam. i think he's good at giving speeches and you know getting people excited, he's good doing that. >> have you listen to the current barack obama? >> those speech. >> you are talking abou
11:41 pm
about -- those speeches are bad. the community organizer type speeches. the speech he gave at south carolina church after th that --murder. >> he's good. that's the stuff he's really good at. >> it is the one moment that he had is a community-organizer. >> also, have you seen the house he is moving to after the white house? >> that community does not need any organizers. >> i have not seen the picture. >> andy and carly, always a delight to have you here, thanks so much. new video shows how quickly a smoky scene can turn dangerous for our first responders. these firefighters in florida. look at that. called to respond to bellowing smoke risinrising.
11:42 pm
after the area was cleared off, transformer exploded. luckily none of the first responders and the firemen hurt. authorities are still trying to figure out what happened and why. >> wow. up next, the president heading to hiroshima tomorrow. it is part of what critics are calling another of his apology tour. we'll see. kt mcfarland giving us her judgment on that and much more. next, stay with us. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run.
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presu president obama arriving in hiroshima. president obama suggesting would make of what he calls a mistake of e llecting presumptive nomin. many of times people looking at our system and people think, wow, what a mess. even with mistakes, we are able to adjust and recognize our mistake and correct it. you know you got a lot back. you are talking about a total lack of -- well, self awareness
11:47 pm
and overwhelming irony. >> joining me now is fox news national analyst, mcfar land. >> i got to say, he described himself of all of the mess he created and it does not dawn on him of the interpretation, which is trump. trump is here to right the course of history. >> exactly, i didn't think there was anything wrong. the impression i got from that. you are right, mr. obama, we are going to correct the wong that we have done eight years ago. >> i hope that we got 239 days until january 20th. yes, that's right, folks, i count them everyday. 239 days until a new president is in the oval office. lets turn to this apology tour where some critics are calling
11:48 pm
it to show up in hiroshima. how bad of a decision is it? >> very bad. >> i am not going to go and apologize, i am going to go to talk about my request of the free world. looks like he's apologizing for the united states and world war ii and world war ii of the atomic bomb. what other interpretation is there? >> there is not one. >> why are they persistent of this. it go es to the mission in his mind that he's the man speaking out against nuclear weapons. they were planning a tr ip to hiroshima where he's going to the grand stand. at the same time his security council advisor was conning the american public of iran's nuclear deal.
11:49 pm
it was a con job and they were not telling the truth. >> this is his legacy. this and the premiums on president obama's characterizing 16 percent and at the same time the eiranium -- >> well, if ariran is going dow that road, we got to do so. >> putin had been very quiet as well and even as their -- well, close many misadventures in the south china sea. why are people a little distu disturbed that there is such quiet from what is been, obviously conflicts of the united states and that's beijing and moscow. >> i think for two reasons.
11:50 pm
the chinese is going to take advantage of president obama as they can. >> there is nothing going to change with him in the oval office. >> i think the russians are the ones to watch. watch the summer olympics. the russians seems to love the olympics and putin. i am expecting something in the polls around olympics time. >> all right, we'll watch. >> it is great to see you. divers had to share al lifetime. we did a little bit of a video of that hero, a remarkable encounter with what you see there. a gray, white shark that's testing the limits of the steel cage, he's lunchiaunching himset of the water. sales are slow moving people. >> that's right, that's all we
11:51 pm
can take for right now. >> up next, trump's campaign says the presumptive nominee is not changing his way. >> we want to fight her and standing up not just in this election. but, when you are the president of the united states, you need to put america first for a change. >> radio talk show hosts, you are next. stay with us. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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joining me tonight is tammie bruce and mark samoan. it is great to yhave you here. >> what do you think? >> i like the idea of a woman being on a ticket, we are at an age where we realize that political and politics and the sentence of centiis not something we have to do. if we improve the economy, we got the right answer for americans and it crosses all the lines. here is what mr. trump has to do, he got to find somebody that's loyal to him and carry on the trump's agenda and he's able to work with congress and likable. but, more than that is that he really can trust >> i don't know.
11:56 pm
>> he made it pretty clear, he wants somebody political and lauren wants somebody out of the election process. >> somebody with real capitol hill experience getting things done. >> somebody of foreign policy spoer experience. that's clearly not here. it will be somebody from washington or the senate. >> corker? >> it could be corker. he was good with the gang of eight. he's been soft on legal i immigratio immigrations. contin >> don't rule out john mccain. >> that's everyone passionate about the situation. he will be the oldest personal elected president. he's going to for need somebody perhaps of another generation, that's fwoing to need to be a consideration when you think of transfers of powers as well. >> it is interesting because you
11:57 pm
got everybody squealing now about trump taking on bubba. everybody thought it would be because he's taking on hillary and the difficulty of having a come back with the lit cal arena. i got it handled. come on. this is fabulous and finally a statement to everyone that people like the clinton gotten away for everything for so long. those days are oerch. that reenforces that the trump's persona, he's going to do things that all of us have want to do. a >> you know, she had so many scandals in her past. she mentioned the bankruptcy and white water of the king of bankruptcy. dozen oss of people went to pri on that one.
11:58 pm
>> they simply are uninformed or so politically biassed. >> she's taken a fact that this is an issue. they are unprepared for most of what to come. if they watch this and surprised and dealing the issues that nobody else wants to touch. this is a fabulous signal that she's not prepared. >> as i said, mentioning history and at the same time of the beg three. cbs, msnbc and so called. >> devoyou know, one of those w nbc doing three minutes. >> but, this really, you are talking about basically 10% of
11:59 pm
that money going to good causes. that's a hefty administration charge. it makes you think immediately. this is worthy of great inspections. >> well, it is why charity is putting them on the watch list, they noticed there were problems. >> they noticed 90% of the time. >> over a year or two ago, something is not right. tl media helps the clinton by not covering things. that's their charge. >> well, you know trump's university, hours of coverage and hundred of fd bi, investigation, no coverage. >> thank you very much. tammie, thank you. >> thank you. >> time for a few of your comments' twitter users. >> trump is reminding me of reagan, i am a real conservative and supports donald trump >> a true patriot.
12:00 am
need i go with that. >> we appreciate you. thank you for the kind word and i do sincerely appreciate it. that's it for us tonight. i appreciate you being with us i appreciate you being with us for time life's music collection. (soft music) ♪ (narrator) these are songs that can relax and soothe you. (ray conniff) ♪ somewhere my love ♪ there will be songs to sing (narrator) songs that make you feel good. (frankie valli) ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ ♪ you'd be like heaven to touch ♪ (narrator) songs that take you to wonderful places. (the 5th dimension) ♪ up-up and away ♪ in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon ♪


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