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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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several hours. maria: i'm maria bartiromo, happy tuesday, it is tuesday may 31st, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump support for veterans over memorial weekend. he will te dale donations to veteran charities. meanwhile bernie sanders sharpening his attacks on presumptive nominee this weekend. >> let me worry about hillary clinton right now. we worry about donald trump this big macho guy, he said he we wanted to debate bernie sanders and he said he didn't. maria: sanders making time on campaign trial. he went to golden state warriors game sating with actor compared his run for the white house to western conference finals, the warriors coming out baa two-game deficit against the thunder. devastating flood to go report
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in texas as well as plain states. more rain expected today. we will bring it to you. calling it quits, two airlines suspending service to and from venezuela on worsening economic crisis there. health officials want to delay the game because of the zika virus. at leets are questioning whether they, in fact, wanting to to rio, would that would cost brazil struggling economy. most followers on the platform, we will tell you what happened when hackers took over her account. markets this morning mixed. shanghai composite posting a gain. take a look. strong day in china. best one performance in nearly three months. chinese stocks may be add today key emerging markets and so that's pushing investors in the stocks. european markets raising early gains. the euro facing second month of
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deflation in may. in the u.s. futures are edging higher this morning. dow jones industrial expected to open and s&p also in the plus column. here with michelle me this morning dagen mcdowell and jon hilsenrath. everybody have a nice weekend? dagen: yes. jon: got away. maria: everybody gets back to work after a long holiday weekend. ceo of ck restaurants with us once again and milwaukee
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wisconsin sheriff david clark. stay with us coming up in the program. donald trump under pressure this morning to reveal how much money he raised for military veterans after skipping the fox news debate to hold a fundraiser back in january, the presumptive republican nominee says he raised $6 million for veterans, all the veterans charities and expected to announce further details this morning at a news conference. >> and we just raised almost $6 million for the vets because i didn't do a television show, i said let's do this and we are announcing on tuesday all of the groups that we put up this money and we raised this tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. maria: trump has come over criticism under which group specifically received donations and how much money they've got. that's the headline of the moment, donald trump. governor huckabee, how do you see this? >> simple, he can make this go away by saying it's $6 million going to veterans and the sooner
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he does it the better, the news media will hound him unless every cents has been spent. in any charitiable enterprise, they don't actually give it n. this case donald trump is better off if he has to write a personal check to make up the difference and prove $6 million went out the door, it's over. maria: are you surprised that it's taking this long to actually see the details of this, this is the kind of thing that people will say, aha, where's the money? jon: people want to see the tax returns. maria: that's right. >> there's nothing in there that people understand. if people understood they would do their own returns. as a person that has been in politics, the dumbest thing i ever did was to release 20 income tax returns
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maria: why? >> your enemy wills nit-pick them and defend some line that they don't understand, your accountant doesn't understand it. look, the financial disclosure that you have to give as a candidate is far more detailed, far more introducive -- intrsuttive than a tax return. it would be complicated and for what purpose? maria: let's not forget, he's getting audited. that's his excuse. >> donald trump is the only guy that can tell them to put it where the sun don't shine. i think he should have just said, my tax returns are not something that i'm required to do, i've given you all the financial disclosure.
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dagen: you're exactly right, he's got to button it up and just move on. >> that's right. dagen: he has to be close to 6 million maria: do you think that happens today? does this go away? dagen: i love the scrut >> speaker1: of this, the fact of the matter is even the reporters that have been on the story, there has been money and money going to veterans charities, we know that. we know it's in the millions of dollars. we know that. but the lack of coverage of the clinton foundation and the -- jon: the wall street journal has been all over the clibt open foundation. maria: it's unbelievable when we see the washington post, we are going to put 20 reporters on donald trump and make sure to get the detail and nothing about the obvious interest of clinton foundation. >> difference between money that
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donald trump is raise to go give veterans that he's not personally getting. the hundreds of mlgs of dollars of the clinton foundation is getting and they're getting a lot of that. it's just -- it's a complete double standard. it's why donald trump is doing so well. maria: let's talk about bernie sanders for a moment. there was a rally in oakland, california yesterday, it got rough, force it had secret service to jump in and protect bernie sanders, do you think these large rallies pose a security risk? watch how they have to cover bernie sanders. >> it's unfortunate that people don't understand of going to an event. we are in a time of such chaotic disruption in our country that i think we are going to see more of this. it is not unprecedented, you know, i'm old enough to remember the 60's, unfortunately, i'm that old and i remember in 68 the convention in chicago and not just that convention but every political event was almost
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if not awry yacht a near riot. so this isn't knew. it's just something that a lot of americans haven't seen yet and i hope we don't see it forever. maria: the conventions are going to be something to watch. jon: on both sides. trump is going to get protests. maria: maybe from bernie sanders sanders. jon: exactly. >> the security is ridiculously tight and tampa was almost at the top, you felt like you were an inmate getting in and an inmate getting out and it was -- jon: it's going to be outside on the streets. dagen: how well they can handle it. cities are getting $50 million each because it's a national security event. they're getting that from the federal government. so that helps put -- >> the same federal government running tsa, i feel better already.
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rig rig dagen: i think that -- maria: did it get better this weekend? dagen: the reason that the line formed is because when nessenger came that the security that was in place was lacking because they were letting too many people through precheck. ultimately it's about keeping the skies safe and keeping the flyers safe. maria: sure. dagen: i think that they've gotten a lot of heat for something that they want to fix. maria: former state inspector general says hillary clinton is wrong to claim her private e-mail was like her predecessors, listen to this, i want to get your reaction. >> secretary rice did not have a personal server. i would have been stunned had i been asked to to send an e-mail
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to her, i would have declined to do so on security grounds and if she had sent one to me, i probably would have started an investigation. maria: the truth is when the clinton came out after the state reported, everybody had many -- secretaries had the same situation because nobody had a server and that's basically what you're hearing. >> if hillary clinton would be a magazine character, what me, she never seems to want to follow the same rules everybody has to follow but it's a common pattern and i think it is -- it's when you have inspector general that was not a republican appointee, not from the other side, not part of the loyal opposition, he's a straight-up guy and realizes this was absolutely over the top and inappropriate. maria: yeah. well, powell and rice having gmail is not the same thing. jop jon this --
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jon: the question is does this go away if there's no indictment? >> legally it may go away, politically it will not go away. and so her bigger consequence is the political consequence. hillary has one goal this year, get elected president. this complicated her election. raises the doubt of her integrity. dagen: expect leaks which are just as damaging. leaks from people who worked on the investigation and people may be even quitting their job. maria: if that's the kind of conversation going on at the fbi, it will come out. dagen: yeah. maria: short break. tomming out roads turning into rivers, racing against the clock in texas. latest on the deadly storms this morning. latin america's largest airline ending service at the country. last day of trading for may, investors sell and go away, back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, severe weather devastating texas over the weekend. dangerous flooding in the lone star state. fox meteorologist maria molina is following the storm, maria, good morning. maria: good morning, the radar
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is relatively quiet out there across parts of texas. most of the rain across south western parts of the state and pretty light out there at this hour but we are forecasting for more rain to move into areas that are currently dealing with flooding and elevated river levels. we have a number of flood warnings in effect. take a look at the forecast, very active weather pattern not only texas but portions of oklahoma with potentially more than 6-inches of rain in the forecast for many of these areas so you could be dealing with additional flooding in the next several days, severe storms across parts of texas extending to wisconsin and even florida and damaging winds and lagger hail and isolated tornadoes possible during the day today. the big story what was tropical depression bonnie, moisture up and down the east coast. most of the rain now forecast to impact portions of north carolina through the next couple of days here with several inches
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of rain in the forecast. otherwise it's just going to start a muggy start of the day across parts of the northeast. maria: maria molina with the latest there. another failed missile test for north korea. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: good morning, maria. according to south korean military, north korea failed missile launch today. a medium-range missile and if confirmed the fourth time that north korea has tried and fail today launch this type of missile. meanwhile this morning cincinnati zoo director standing by his decision to kill the silverback gorilla after 3-year-old fell into its enclosure saying that there's no doubt that the boy's life was in danger. >> people who question that, monday morning quarterbackings or second-guessers don't understand that you can't take a
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risk with the silverback gorilla. three times bigger than a man and six times stronger than that. it's a dangerous animal. cheryl: to see if any other improvement should be made to protect the 1.6 million yearly visitors. usda plans to investigates the gorilla's death. latam to suspend because of venezuela's economic situation. it would suspend services to the country since it is owed $139 million in ticket revenue. withholding about $5.3 billion in funds belong to go 24 different global carriers, this country obviously in the middle of an economic and now humanitarian crisis. maria: thank you. still to come, concerns over the zika virus.
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an nba star says he's considering to skipping olympics after experts called to be relocated out of brazil. we've got the alarming details you need to know coming up. the last trading day of the month. stocks on track for the winning streak. can markets hold on to the gain as we enter summer months? we are going to look ahead for your money. back in a moment a cancer diagnosis can be
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. major market indices head into the final day of may. i want to bring anthony chan, jpmorgan chase chief economist. thank you so much for seeing you. do you think investors should be selling now and going away or do you think that the economy in the back-drop support the equities? >> absolutely. the economy continues to show signs of strength. they recently did a study of going away but if you stick around the whole time over the last couple of decades you get a rate of return of 8.7%. only if you're a supergreat economist and you can forecast
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when a crisis that you beat by 9.9%. the average economist can't. my advice, stick it out. maria: there's still expectation to see a recession in 2017? >> i think there's at least 20% chance, 15 to 20% chance of recession in 2017 but to the extent that means 80% of chance of no recession that keeps me engaged. jon: why are marketing rallies right now right after fed is saying they're going to raise rates? >> the numbers suggest the economy is getting a little bit better. we know that even the atlanta fed jp continues to move higher. we are going to see two and a half to 3% growth. that means things are getting better. the fed is raising rates while things are getting better. jon: are m basically to the fact that fed is responding to positive news,
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they're doing something because economy is getting in better shape? >> absolutely. the federal reserve will only raise rates kicking and screaming. it's not like the old regimes where they raised rates aggressively. less it means it's not going to interfere. maria: average guy and gal out there, they don't feel it, that's the push and pull we are seeing it for. >> there's a big difference people who are based on the who the economy does and job and when hours are being cut and health benefits are cut, expenses are going up, this is not a booming economy for middle america. it's really, really still painful out there. >> the governor, is right, the number suggests this is one of the weakest economic expangs. the good side weak economic last
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longer but leaves a lot of people behind. dagen: you have presidential coming up and s&p looking at presidential elections when there's no incumbent running the s&p has historically underperforms and you have both all of the presidential candidates in some way, shape or form talking about policies. the businesses don't like all of trump's policies but a few of the things he spitball out there, businesses have been like whoa. maria: and hillary, too. dagen: that's kind of a given. >> i actually looked at the data, when there's no incumbent running it's a bad year. s&p 500 goes over 3%. in the first presidential cycle the market s&p goes up 8.9%. next year looks a little bit better and this year can't be a great year because corporate profits are basically flat but next year are expected to be very strong and even though the
6:26 am
numbers are going to be revised down, even with the downward revision it's going to be a better year. jon: with all uncertainty on the election, can the market do now anything from now and november? >> positions better for next year because no matter who wins the election, next year less uncertainty and corporate profits will be stronger. maria: that's true. thank you so much. anthony chan chaining us, jpmorgan chase. katie perry's twitter was hacked. summer games in brazil right around the corner and they could lack the star power of years past, not even happen at all thanks to the zika virus. we will do a check on that next.
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into tuesday morning. it is tuesday, may 31st. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the california primary one week away. bernie sanders had jane about its future. >> i'm just saying if i'm not the candidate, believe me, i'll do everything i can. i think all of the evidence suggests i am the sharpest candidate. maria: early in the day, protesters rushing him on stage.
6:30 am
last night he went to the golden state warriors game. he compared his run for the white house to the western conference finals. the warriors came back against the thunder. the olympics at risk. health officials want to delay the games because of this eco-virus. at the question whether they want to go to reappear but that would cost the struggling economy right now. katy perry's twitter account was hacked. she has the most followers on twitter. we'll tell you what happened when hackers took over her account. market mostly higher in asia overnight. the shanghai composite posted again better than 3%. the best one-day performance in nearly three months. european markets with new data out shows that the yours that the your son faced a second straight month of deflation in may and ahead of the european central bank decision this thursday. in the u.s., take a look at what we're looking at with economic
6:31 am
data on home sales today as well as consumer confidence and the chicago. today kicks off a busy week of economic news big enough to debate jobs report coming out on friday. 150 experts in two dozen countries pushed the u.n. health agency to either postpone or relocate the summer olympic games over fears that the zika virus. the letter read worker should delay travels to areas that act as zika area. now it's late but have to choose between risking disease from participating. in a competition many have trained their whole lives of many high-profile athletes are expected to compete this summer are now considering state homepage chicago bulls public assault writing this past
6:32 am
weekend, army taken the precaution so if you're into health and safety of fans, athletes and other professionals who travel to re-up for reporting financial concerns about the health of millions of people? the olympic games come in the first to be held in south america could be unforgettable. the risk is this could be for all the robberies since the internet as an expert who believes the game should go on as scheduled. medical aid team member and nyu professor of medicine, dr. marc siegel joining us right now. what is your take on the zika virus? >> how this all is a great basketball player, but should not make public health announcements. less than 1% of the spread by travel will be from the olympics. brazil is going into it right now. this less mosquito spray around. we have to look at the areas he would be traveling to. and the united states may have
6:33 am
to mosquito in southern states. it's about mosquito control. if you don't have mosquitoes ramping, you can't write someone who brings a tear and then by someone else with it. that's how it has to spread. it is not person-toperson-to -person. mosquito to person to another person. also, in the zika was known as a nuisance virus. 20% of the time you get mad flu symptoms. we are talking about the risk to pregnant women. that is serious. it affects the fetus more than we thought. anyone pregnant or considering getting pregnant should not go to the olympic spirit there should be traveling faster as it airports. that's completely different than moving the entire team searches for any other reason. dagen: what about some investment gains, spec tater, athletic, contracts and intends back because it is transmitted and how its relations with the
6:34 am
partner and maybe the woman gets pregnant. there's no treatment for it. >> it's great that you brought that up. there's no treatment for it. this is where the money should be appropriated because they're working very hard on a vaccine. most of the transmission is by mosquitoes. cdc is also reprising people who travel to affected areas. how to spread. sounds like you are minimizing. there are 35,000 in rio alone. that sounds a little scary. what do you do if you were one of these seem not athletes going down there to compete?
6:35 am
do you want to put your body at risk than 35,000 cases in rio have been reported. >> first of all, that's correct. it's diminishing dramatically. they are not the kind of mosquito control measures they need. the young woman is a professional athlete traveling to the olympics and thinking of becoming right now. that's the person that should consider canceling. fear spreads everything, so we think it's everybody. only a place to pregnant me. this subgroup then i consider. maria: serena williams said the zika is something on my mind. i'm going to have to go super protected maybe. i don't know. you have called her maria mcelroy who may stay home. i've been making a lot of a lot of reports and there have been some articles saying it might be worse than they are saying. i have to monitor the situation.
6:36 am
she may not leave her hotel other than to play soccer. these are all high profile names. are these fears legitimate? >> fear drives public health and public officials have to stand up. the thing snowballs and loses track of what the real sciences here. it's a really mild virus in a race to pregnant women. that's becoming more and more apparent. the population of pregnant women that want to get pregnant. >> to mosquito sprays keep these mosquitoes away? >> absolutely. the surrogate fighters. they only by during the day. they are down in the southern states.
6:37 am
the problem is they breed on a little bit of water. so they can breed quickly. they are mostly in poor areas where lott is still water raised. if you got rid of the water in your backyard and use mosquito repellent and wear longsleeved clothing, you're not going to be at risk. and if you're not pregnant, you either don't get sick at all or you get better in a week. maria: if you have the virus and get pregnant, you're still susceptible to a birth defects. >> that's a really interesting question that hasn't been answered yet. the chances are if you have the virus you can get rid of it in a week or two to wear when affected pregnancy. if you have zika, you should refrain from getting pregnant for a month. >> great stuff. thank you or your insight. coming up, the most solid first on twitter. not the latest celebrity to get hacked.
6:38 am
golden state punching his tickets to the nba finals to face the cleveland cavaliers. went to match it could mean big bucks for the nba. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: markets are heard this morning. our opening for her averages on wall street. newly porous that disney executives are in crisis mode over its new "star wars" film broke one.
6:42 am
according to "the new york post," the studio is going into for weeks going into four weeks of extensive reissues this summer to try and salvage the movie set to hit theaters december 16th.wn almost 4% this month. one b. taylor to watch, michael kors put them company struggling some retailers pulling a signature handbags for stores. the retail environment has been pressured. and listening to your cannibalizing. the latest s&p case shiller home price indexes out a man and this morning. economists looking for the index to be a five tenths of 1% in march, up slightly from two tenths of 1% in february. back to the first-rate commission investors be worried about disney and the "star wars" movie? this has to be upsetting you. we shares. dagen: a days because i'm really looking forward to this movie. the plot line is somewhere between episodes three and four
6:43 am
about some members of the resistance to try and steal the plans for the death star. it looks great. cheryl and i are completely obsessed with ben mendelsohn, one of the stars two stars unplugged mind and just came out on friday. they starred in hannibal. so i will go see it. >> what's the problem with the movie? dagen: the executives essentially sits executives essentially said donna watched the first cut in pay this doesn't make sense coming in to fill the same. it doesn't look good here that i liked the way that played out. the director is the guy who directed godzilla. maria: are you a "star wars" guy? >> i watched the first three and then it just lost me. i'm sorry. we've got an economy in the toilet. but god presidential election
6:44 am
going on and the thing we are talking about is re-shooting some scenes from "star wars." dagen: i can defend not. "star wars" is the greatest in the biggest franchise in the history of filmmaking. it is the third highest grossing film of all time of writing all that came out last december. and it goes directly to this company come in the public companies bottom line. that's why we care. jon: entertainment is an important part of the economy. maria: exactly. >> and all the spinoffs, the toys, the licensing. maria: meanwhile, verizon reached a tentative contract. cheryl casone with the details. i think this will impact the jobs numbers we see come out on friday. >> it definitely will. one of the biggest strikes in u.s. history.
6:45 am
nearly 40,000 verizon employs plan to work on trade return to work tomorrow. about 11% raise over four years for the employees. it also makes health care plan changes, but that will help the company save money. the strength began april 13th. an fbi agent's gun and badge were stolen in san francisco. police did this happen after the agents car was broken into over the weekend. a series of break-ins and burglaries were guns have been stolen in the san francisco bay area. katy perry's twitter account hacked. besides ours is a big story. this is huge. her twitter followers saw some very strange tweets yesterday. they were the work of a hacker. they were filled with her family and a lot of slurs. obviously, they were all deleted. katy perry has 89 million twitter followers and a lot of fans out there wondering what is going on with arkady.
6:46 am
maria: at 89 million followers. >> she just got more advertising for a twitter account. maria: i wonder if there's something going on with the hacking. i don't know. i've seen lots of mistakes. dagen: she's the most followed person on twitter, more than the president of the united states. >> would someone explain why. i miss you not. she's a beautiful young lady. she is a great set of pipes and can belt out a song. i don't understand. dagen: she comes from a family of preachers, governor. >> what can she save 164 characters that i just can't wait to hear. dagen: it's not what she's saying. as was she showing. >> there is a little honesty. thank you. dagen: she's terrific.
6:47 am
>> she's high candy. i get it. maria: south korea pushing to a victory. the highlights and more on the game. major league baseball played tribute to veterans on memorial day when 92-year-old shows he still can throw your we've got the video back in a minute. we are on social media. on facebook, search mornings maria. keep an eye out for a daily polls, upcoming guests and all the highlights from. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. fast curry and the golden state warriors to advance to the nba finals paid more in the recap of all the highlights. we are joined by tony for seven sports reporter jared max.
6:51 am
dagen: i just saw your head was cold. >> two teams in history have come back to in the conference finals after they trailed three games to one. lawyers were trying to become the third. check out the highlights from the first-quarter golden state is down eight-point. seth curry says watch me get us within a dozen bad rate. 48-42. 42 points. the lowest total this season. something changed. what was that? curry is at seven threes in game seven. shaun livingston goes end to end for the warriors. in the fourth quarter, seth currie would do it again. 32 in the series in the nba record scored 15 of the four warriors beat the thunder 96-pda.
6:52 am
for elimination games in the series beat the thunder every time to get back to the nba finals against the cleveland cavaliers for the second year in a row. the same teams meet in the nba finals consecutive seasons. last i warriors beat with lebron james in six games. this season, golden state won both including a 34 blood in cleveland. finals begin thursday in oakland where democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was last night. the campaign event in the bay area showed up at oracle arena with this actor buddy and supporter danny glover just in time for the second half of the game. no word how much they pay for tickets. section eight, row 115. tickets were purchased face value. did not indicate the price. some going as high as 40 program last night. after the warriors came back from their fit to read, and bernie sanders takes to twitter and wrote this. last week, golden state was down three games to one.
6:53 am
tonight they finished up a great comeback in california. i like combat. the defender gabe earned? sanders is asked of his presence helped the warriors win. his response, absolutely. no question about it. they were losing them in the third quarter they did fantastically well. what other explanation is there? stanley cup finals underway last night in the pittsburgh penguins at the san jose sharks. the sharks in the finals for the first time ever. they go up to in the first period and would get on the board in the second and patrick would tie it in fast forward under three minutes to play. the pittsburgh penguins would punch it in the neck, knuckles it didn't and the penguins win 3-2 for a seriously. july 1943. burke waldron was at pearl harbor yesterday.
6:54 am
this decorated veteran was that the padres game in seattle to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. maria: i love him. >> and 92 years old. watch this page fire. what makes someone in their mid-30s somewhat proud. watching fire this one. maria: nice. jon: we also had a shot of him running out to the mound. >> 92 years old. major league as bush started this book combat veterans initiative. it is the eighth year in a row cannot be in a new era created around every. camouflaged, special dark or camouflaged this year which the marines helped design and you can also contribute by purchasing some of the merchandise. maria: look at him go. he is fit.
6:55 am
>> what a great tribute to the veterans day yesterday was a holiday but did that to be a holy day. our freedom is brought by guys like that. he trotted out in served his country. god love him and all those people we need to honor. maria: my favorite line from the day that a lot of people say is we had the land of the free because of the home of -- land of the free because of the brave. >> well said. >> it's going to be a test series because cleveland is healthier this year. last year was almost all of the bronze shaved shoulders. we saw in this last series because golden state went up against this great against having to rent. also dealing with kevin love and plenty of other players. there's something special that how does he turn it on from being a dad and getting outplayed early in the series?
6:56 am
maria: it happened in game six. it happened at the end of game six that i was watching, go and what heck is going on. >> seth curry, clutch performance. 36 points last night. i love the other night when they needed to stand at the first time. he kept looking at the crowd screaming we are not going home yet. so now we are going. >> is bernie sanders gets elected president, while the ticket to the games be free? just want to make sure. >> that was great. give it to us and burn a language. >> i'd like the golden state warriors in six games to win the series. there you go. a violent holiday weekend in chicago to tell you about. multiple shootings late dozens
6:57 am
of people is injured. reports show at the offers are hurting the most highly trafficked site. what it means for business coming out back in a moment.
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6:59 am
maria: good tuesday morning. and maria bartiromo good tuesday, may 31st at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. weekly standard founder bill kristol holding firm that there
7:00 am
will be an alternative conservative option for voters come november. no one has come forward in the third-party mound. donald trump not taking it too kindly. meanwhile, bernie sanders sharpening attacks over the weekend, not forgetting to take aim at democratic front-runner hillary clinton as well. >> if you promise not to tell secretary clinton she's getting very nervous. i don't want to add to her anxiety. so if you promise not to tell her, we are going to win here in california. transit public service, what attorney general eric holder, the controversy ahead. you say goodbye, i say hello. beatles legend paul mccartney wane in and about for britain to leave the eurozone. whether he says yes or no coming out. the rest of ad blockers 20% of all smartphone users have software that block advertising. but it means for giants including google and facebook.
7:01 am
market mostly higher. gains across the board in shanghai composite posting again better than 3%. the best one-day performance in nearly three months. european markets not so great. erasing earlier gains showed weakness right now. a second straight month of deflation. on thursday we are watching this morning. futures edged higher for the broader averages. a handful of economics out this morning. the industrials opened on 25-point and today kicks off a busy week they did not do friday's jobs report. fox business network dagen mcdowell, presidential candidate mike huckabee and economic correspondent jon hilsenrath. lots to talk about. a campus lineup. trump campaign national spokes are sent katrina pearson.
7:02 am
see kb restaurant as it does come in the stare. milwaukee county wisconsin sheriff david clarke. you don't want to miss a moment you stay where you are a speak you are a speak of are news right now. the weekly standard editor bill kristol is announcing an independent candidate and republican candidate in the democratic party. blake urman is in washington right now. >> and might not be completely dead yet is one of its last breaths came in the form of a tweet this weekend with donald trump or act. the editor of the weekly standard declaring sunday evening just a heads up over the holiday weekend, there will be an independent candidate and impressive one with a strong team in a real chance. trump fired off a series of tweets right up with a suggestion to republicans. the embarrassed was there, but
7:03 am
if the gop can't control their own they are not a party. he went on to say the republican party has to be smart and strong if it wants to win in november. can't allow lightweights to set up base oiler and the candidate. there are many questions that follow here. among them, who might access the forward. republican senator ben says that they said a third-party candidate would be preferable to trump, but he hasn't gone any further. mark cuban said he was approached about the possibility, but he declined to admit from a headstock deciphers to recruit a third-party candidate. perhaps even more importantly at the ballot deadlines. for example. for example the date has 30 passed in texas for an independent to get on the ballot in november. maria: but his story. thanks so much. blake burman with the latest. former reagan-bush national campaign director, ed rollins. good to see you build will
7:04 am
appear but is he thinking? >> i can tell you what he's thinking. but the reality to it. even if they had $109, it would make difference. we have our fields. sanders will continue to fight hillary to the convention. romney is our nominee. not romney. trump is our nominee. and republicans are coming around. maria: romney has called back. >> is already heard himself an obvious way than it is a very fine man. talking about it too long and not supporting the candidate damaged and somewhat. maria: does this damage the republican party question >> is a good friend of my is not relative. think it hurts the party. hers is people acting like the japanese shoulders sitting in
7:05 am
case 30 years after the war. they just didn't know it was over. two people. hillary, donald trump. if you're a republican, there's no way you can say hillary is okay. what is wrong with people? i don't get this. i don't know what he's thinking and who he thinks he can roll out, but it would be a disaster for whoever thought that would be a great idea. >> an independent can't come out and win this thing. they've already missed some of the states. in an independent come out and win enough votes to make it that the charter for trump to win? >> if it's a serious candidate. it could have an impact are worried about bernie sanders of gaza democrat. i think he likes this game. it is not very true that there is no reason for him to get to the back of the lobby. my sense is he in his people may decide they want to make a run. dagen: any potentially wind up on the debate stage. if he makes a third-party run,
7:06 am
would he be standing up there with hillary? >> 15% of the threshold they use for an independent candidate. you may disagree, but i think he has a potential movement in the future. these young people are not going to rollover and be part of the democrat hillary team. >> would he take as many trump was that they were from hillary? >> no. but there's too few young people very attend people very attentive though they haven't been treated fairly. they haven't been part of the establishment. maybe antiestablishment in the republican and we got the antiestablishment candidate in most of those people have a solid bond. >> but they didn't do the democratic side here they are still battling hillary is the establishment player. >> california is a dead even race today. the public policy polling that came out last week i sanders is two points behind.
7:07 am
she had to basically go up there yesterday. it's a tired story. they are proportional to matter what happens it will come out with as many delegates. >> is this like 1980 worried things jimmy carter lost five of the last eight contests with kennedy. he won the nomination. so a good indicator of how weak he was. >> 27% of the voters and not raise voted for ronald reagan. my sense will be democrats will vote basically for trump this time. i think that's going to be key. maria: the primary -- >> we should point out california and new jersey. besides looking ahead to next week. bernie sanders is campaigning heavily. you just said that hillary asserted doubling down in california as well. sanders says he is most focused on defeating donald trump. listen to this.
7:08 am
>> that may be worried about donald trump. this big raise, macho guy, most important responsibility is to make certain the democratic party has the strongest candidate possible to defeat donald trump and make sure he does not become president, which would be a disaster. maria: is that a tone that is changing? >> at least in public opinion polls he's a much stronger candidate. that won't happen if it ends up being one-on-one and people really get to see what his issues are. he's the most popular of the three still in the game. his poll numbers are strong, but obviously has the establishment from the beginning starting to teeter. i think he could win in california. >> that's gigantic hit the biggest state in the country if he comes out of that as the
7:09 am
winner, there will be another couple polls. the last poll that came out as a two-point difference. >> howard hillary responded she loses? and then she basically argued it doesn't matter. democrats pick proportionally. it's not a winner take all. >> i don't think so. the problem with that organization this is a weak candidate and she just can't get stronger. i think she was a much sharper candidate. the senate stuff last week, judicial stuff. she's got a pair of summer her. >> given all of that and not donald trump will have, is it worth revisiting. >> audi weaves a story?
7:10 am
if his strong decision-maker. they go back to the days in arkansas. some of those issues are complicated. you don't try and make that case, but it's just the fact any time the clintons are there, and the air force one is always money, money summer that's not proper and legal. it's a real vulnerability. i would much rather go after the click foundation mistakes he made the secretary of state. >> that's not an episode. it's a series. it goes back to the 70s and 80s. it's a narrative that is the point i totally agree but. >> but if the investigation is not finished until after the election, how does that -- >> the clayton cash book and the movie coming out is just enough about this very clear, the
7:11 am
things that she did. you'll never get it all done in time for the election. there is enough to show the pattern of worship, she wouldn't do this when they became secretary of state and a big, big money given their word to get something special. you can create the pattern. maria: ed rollins, great to see you. by comments from one former top obama official about edward snowden may surprise you. the former beatles paul mccartney sing about britain's o2 exit the eurozone. next. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
7:12 am
and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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maria: the city of chicago rack of violence over the holiday weekend. holiday weekend. cheryl casone with a story in the headlines. >> good morning, maria. my balance over the memorial day weekend in chicago making a one of the deadliest month on record. four people were killed and at least 53 more wounded in shootings over the weekend. in total 63 people were shot in this month alone in chicago. a new study finds the university of wisconsin's expense of diversity program has been a flop.
7:15 am
the study says 22% of participants were able to graduate in four years and the six-year graduation rates are 66%. get a similar background to not participate graduated and found greater success. if ew got rid of the program, the money would fund 100 xt full tuition scholarships. finally maria, internet companies like google and facebook rely heavily on advertising, the new ad blocking software maker profit. a study finds one it finds her phone users, unless 420 million people around the world are blocking has been a browse the web on their phone. that is a 90% annual increase. mobile app blockers we should add if i could block all the. i'll be looking into that after the show. maria: i think most people it like not to have the ad. at the same time, but is the other way to monetize businesses?
7:16 am
the googles of the world are not charging for advertising and not having advertising in the search. hadn't they make money? >> that's the whole business model. i don't get a sense that the ad documents having that big of an impact. >> 90% increase year-over-year. >> look at google's numbers. maria: you're talking about 90% of emerging markets. that is the growth story for the googles of the world. you wonder if that's going to impact the way you monetize business. where do you think? >> i think it's going to become an increasing problem and they will be working on ways the ad can be bought. they will fight back against technology. quite frankly the real talent is these giant companies, like google would be smaller companies very often. >> smart people will come up with the way in which the ads won't be so intrusive. if i have to watch it or to
7:17 am
second ad to see a 102nd video, i'm not going to do it. maybe at some point you'll have fewer ads with better quality that people will pay attention to. dagen: has said this before. the way back into grant delivers advertising is genius because it is so beautifully targeted, unlike twitters advertising that it has to be said he must immigration that appeals to your likes and dislikes. their data comprehension is just phenomenal. maria: so far they have blockers are getting around it. coming up next, should they just let it be? britain so to o2 with the eurozone. x-men taking top spot over the holiday weekend. it was the bomb of another film everybody's talking about. keep it right here on fox business network when we
7:18 am
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maria: welcome back. the energy space great plains energy announcing this morning and will require restart energy and a stock and cash deal valued at $12.2 billion. shares jumping more than a dozen%. take a look at this stock here. opec is made in this week.
7:22 am
all eyes on saudi arabia minister appointed this month. jon hilsenrath is that this is funny. not expected to move from the cartel, to some people say it does highlight how opec has lost important. >> there's less pressure right now because oil prices have risen and ironically the country taking pressure off of opec is the united states because they cut production cut back in nigeria and canada and narrowed our little bit less pressure now that new oil minister in saudi arabia can ease into his new job. maria: oil below $50 a barrel is a big story, the fact they've been moving up the last couple months or weeks. and then it got this june meeting. he said those jobs numbers critical because this right before the june meeting. >> did not put too much weight on any one reporter. they will put a lot of weight on this report because they told the markets they might move in june.
7:23 am
they have to see a strong number in this next report from the employment if they will raise interest rates. what's important here talking about oil prices, markets are lining up in favors. talking about china sought prices going up. oil prices are in a position where they have the potential to move enabled for live off the market the way it did earlier this year. transfer what about when supply disruptions get taken care of. the supply disruptions right now are the highest they've been intended as a 3..5 million barrels offline because of problems in nigeria and canada and libya. that could come back. >> not only that, but the drillers in the u.s. could start traveling again. this is why i don't think we'll see oil prices go up or down. they stay in this range we've seen. maybe a little bit lower because
7:24 am
supply can come back. it looks like a big supply demand imbalance that dominated the market last year is starting to get under control. maria: just to be clear, do you expect the fed to raise interest rates at the june meeting? >> they either moved or the more likely scenario is they say they will move to july said that combine the markets expect nations to make sure there's no surprises. maria: something is happening. jon: it's an important meeting. they've made that very clear. if the jobs numbers are very soft, they very soft, they will move forward tentatively. maria: isn't it extraordinary? the u.k., great britain voting on leaving the heroes of. the referendum happens june june 23rd. beatles legend paul mccartney
7:25 am
played newspaper everyone i talk to post from one extreme to another. is good. i haven't decided. >> it doesn't look like it is. this is another factor the fed has to think about. the vote happens after the fed meeting. there is some worry that there could be disruptions. right now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. maria: what do you think? dagen: the more we talk about the federal reserve, i can see the wheels turning because they know you really don't particularly care for the federal reserve. again, how it manipulates the economy. and that that's just it. a manipulative force in the economy not necessarily good for working-class people. the people who stand on their feet all day is on concrete floors are not benefited by policies do affect people at the top. that said bernie sanders is doing well, donald trump is doing well. it is frustrating to a lot of americans. jon: it's manipulating, but can
7:26 am
also be extremely damaging. one of the things economists value is the fed really messed up during the great depression and that's why we had 20% off unemployment. we might not like its presence, but it's important that it does a good job, which is why everyone is paying so much attention to what they do next. >> in some ways it will be helpful to people out there, the retirees who have cds, whose investment in him has been in the basement. thank you very much. establish me from going somewhere. maria: i know where you're going. >> i'm not a potty mouth. it's frustrating because a lot of people have just been hit hard by interest rates be in love. it is wonderful for people who are borrowing. it's great in many businesses, but for other people it's been her fault. i want to weigh in just on this european union.
7:27 am
here is the thing i see. a global movement towards nationalism. you see more and more countries to adopt is happening in america. donald trump is winning because he's a nationalist. he has run on not the republican platform, but the nationalist platform. they are tired of seeing their culture, their country, patriotism, boundaries totally obliterated. they don't know who they are anymore and they went again to be restored to being who they are, what they've come to. >> if they leave the eurozone, design of an impact on the rest of the world? >> absolutely. to see other countries with an intent. >> should we be worried about nationalist movements? is this a factor that drove us into world war ii? >> some people say its protection. >> it could be both. they are trying to protect their
7:28 am
way of life. this is what i think a lot of people living in the bubbles of the financial community don't understand. people feel that their way of life is being threatened and that is what they are resisting. they are rebelling. it's not just a resistance. if the november ballot in. if the people don't understand it, they'll get run over by a sooner or later. maria: with the president last week from japan said world leaders are vital, americans don't care. they want to battle them. we will take a short break its telecom pirate that x-men movie power into the top. see which film failed to meet expectations. u.s. attorney general eric holder changing his tune on controversial surveillance techniques. he now says edwards noted that a public service. the outraged max. -- the outraged max. the heirloom tomato.
7:29 am
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when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. get your first two meals free at . kristol. welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 31, here top stories right now, 7:30 am east coast, donald trump pledging support for veterans over memorial day weekend this coming ahead of news conference later this morning, where he will detail his donations to veterans charities, a look at possible vice presidential pick including his daughter we will stake a look democratic side bernie sanders eyeing california primary on tuesday, what it means for the future in the race. >> most important responsibility is to make certain that the democratic party has the strongest
7:32 am
candidate possible to defeat donald trump make sure that man is not president of the united states of america to my view would be a disaster. >> we not only defeat trump in every instance but much better against him than secretary clinton. >> ramping up ahead of june 7 california primary a public service that is a former attorney general eric holder called edward snowden's nsa leak the controverting coming up bracing for travel chas labor strikes in france could be get worse unions expected to join ticket lines, andman apocalypse top spot one disappointment has people talking markets higher in asia gains across the board shanghai composite up better than 3 1/2%, that was the best one day performance in nearly three months goldman sachs, out with a report saying the possibility is higher that chinese a shares may be
7:33 am
included in major morgan stanley emerging markets index. >> data shows eurozone faced a second straight month of deflation in may ahead of the you european central bank meeting thursday we are covering this morning, in u.s. futures pointing to higher opening take a look at highs of the morning, dow jones industrial average expected to open up 30 points, next hour, we will get readings on person income personal spending later this morning the case-shiller home price report. >> a chicago purchasing managers index, big week or economic data ahead offried jobs' report politics, presumptive republican nominee donald trump says raised 6 million dollars for veterans charities expected to announce details at a news conference planning this morning, he has phased pressure to reveal how much to specific veterans' charities. good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, great to be
7:34 am
here. >> i want to point out obviously, the veterans have gotten much more money and attention, and energy from donald trump than anybody else. but why hasn't he announced already what specific charities that money went to? >> well, i know maria he actually did, early on, when we first had this, this event and you will know this event was put together, in about 24 hours, and we did release 22 charities that we knew for sure had been vetted we are going to be receiving those funds and those charities did receive funds. what media doesn't know is that there were several other charities are had applied for some of these funds we announced months ago sometimes can take up to 6 weeks to 6 months to properly vet charities get funds dispersed that is what mr. trump is going to announce today. >> how much money has been allocated of 6 million. >> up to 6 million absolutely this is something. >> have how much has been --
7:35 am
already has some money allocated it has about half of it. >> i think all now allocated, and that is what mr. trump is going to be announcing today, a few months ago, media was reporting about -- 3 or 4 million they didn't know about other charities, that had been applying, for this for this money that was being vetted and money being disappearsed this is one issue that is really a driving force with mr. trump as a person, as well as a candidate, along the campaign trail when you have all these veterans and families coming up to mr. trump, this is one of the two times that i have seen mr. trump get choked up, with meeting some families veterans, and those families lost the loved ones to illegal immigrant crime two things fueling mr. trump's emotionally to get out there understand and campaign help make america great again. maria: dagen. dagen: i just wanting to
7:36 am
click ask the six million dollars how much is his own donation because i think he was going to a million dollars he was going to give of his money or has already. >> yes dagen you will notice the reports leading up to last 24 hours, a lot of the media was saying that mr. trump had not given this one million dollars, but once he made the announcement, that he was going to hold a press conference about the charitable donations everyone now reporting that mr. trump gave one million dollars this is another example of the bias media that is out there trying to hurt mr. trump's candidates we marry nothing about clinic foundation 5 million dollars supposed to go to haiti we don't know where the money has gone about hillary clinton 500,000 dollar in moscow bill clinton connection to uranium - don't hear about transparency for some reason everyone is focused on charity event mr. trump himself put up, and in light of the debate, put
7:37 am
his money in now being forced to give every detail about it, you know what it does show media bias. maria: unbelievable actually, that is true. >> truf >>. >> i was at event in iowa, for some controversies, amazing, support donald trump has from veterans, is nothing less than palpable you can sense it, right lanes you saw at that event, i think they see in him somebody who is not going to forget them somebody who will just take names and kick rear ends at va make that organization serve veterans there is no doubt in my mind he has a really strong support for that. >> i remember that night you were on fox debate -- to do obviously the veterans you left debate went. >> i was in first debate i had nothing to do later i didn't make main stage i said heck lets support veterans was proud i did happy to stand with him to do that.
7:38 am
>> very proud to have you there it was amazing to your point, you can feel it, it is not even just veterans that is what most people don't understand in media or washington, d.c., but people get it, and i tell everyone if you really want to know what is behind donald trump campaign just go to a trump rally, it will be something you have never experienced, an amazing opportunity to see all of the types of people that are supporting mr. trump republicans democrats, there is no race or gender bias at rallies there is a lot of love and support for america. >> let me swift gears ask about washington port reporter suggesting donald trump should consider his daughter as vice president what do you think? >> i think a lot of people would love to see ivanka on the ticket mr. trump stated he does want someone with political experience but at the end of the day we all know, mr. trump will be the one making that decision, i think ivanka would be a phenomenal choice movieing
7:39 am
woim in fact all children amazing very good advocates for mr. trump the man. >> looking beyond the family wsh let's talk about the timetable when do you expect him making a decision on this front. >> we do expect this decision to be made at the convention. corey lewandowski mentioned that is short end i think exciting most people are stuck in old political paradigm you have to pick one can carry a state or certain race or vendor mr. trump wants to pick the right person for the job. someone that believing in his vision to help make america great again i think announcement one that we will all be waiting for. >> how do you define the right the right person? >> well mr. trump will be defining that right person, comfortable with, someone that wants to support his values vision. >> political experiencing. >> let me ask you governor huckabee have you discussed with donald trump having a role in his government.
7:40 am
>> i talked to some of the people but not about some specific role one of the things i can tell you in politics people who talk don't know and people who know don't talk if somebody tells you they know everything going on inside the organization start spilling it they don't know what they are talking about if not talking they probably know more than they let on to be. >> marco rubio sounding very -- >> -- marco rubio very kind about. >> apologized, for the comment about hand. >> showed a lot of class. >> yeah, he said he was going to -- support him. >> absolutely, yeah. >> is marco rubio in the running? >> well i think everyone mr. trump already said that that has run was up for consideration, he didn't want the leave anybody out for any reason, i think that goes to show another important aspect of mr. trump's leadership not going to look at one because he was a competitor he wants
7:41 am
the right person for the job, sewn that can help him spread his vision. >> good to see you thanks so much. >> great to be here. >> we appreciate it see you soon, still to come more protests strikes expected this week in paris, the impact on country's toucr industry next. >> ♪ ♪ .
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
. maria: welcome back a car accident killing three girls near orlando florida cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: really tough story on memorial day weekend suv carrying 11 people skidding
7:45 am
off a highway 40 miles east of orlando three girls killed 8 injured a toddler he rejected among those injured appears a tire function caused the driver to loss control that have suv. >> well this morning, france i can say hit hard with labor problems protesters and protesters growing they have been violent in the past as you know. air france pilot voting to go on strike, workers extending job walkout you can see police trying to deal with protesters in this video we got in, at the french government scrambling to calm protesters against labor reforms before the euro soccer tournament jay baker was telling us very important to that genuine let's talk about coffee starbucks going cold, coffee chain adding two drinks to cold bar menu, sweet cream cold breaux, and nitro cold
7:46 am
breaux. starbucks plans to introduce nitrogen infused cold brew cove on tap in certain cities, steeped for hours no heat not a beer if case wondering. >> summer blockbuster season off to a slow start especially with this whatever is calling basically aflop johnny depp alice through looking glass second, 4.2 million over weekend huge disappointment, "x-men" apocalypse with 80 million "angry birds" third 24.6 million followed by "captain america" civil war neighbors story rising with alice motive a lot of industry experts are saying that johnny depp's personal problems sank the movie, amber heard charged him with domestic violence, filing for divorce very public, and people are just saying nobody wanted to see johnny depp in a movie this
7:47 am
weekend. maria: people know the story, dagen dictating what they want to do. dagen: word of mouth in reviews terrible original one grossed 116 million opening weekend but benefited second move ever released in 3-d after avatar, this cost 170 million dollars to make i think this act and omission beer heard thing is. >> nonsense seriously, if people didn't go to a movie because of some of the scandals 69 actors nobody could go to a movie not that the me of was so bad but "angry birds" out several weeks was number three, what does it tell about our culture people see a movie based on an app to a phone. >> it is a fun game. >> put on 2016 election "angry birds."
7:48 am
[laughter] yeah a lot of animali"angry bir for sure. >> edward snowden should be punished for nsa leak according to former uas he attorney general eric holder the details on this controversial comment, disney executives reportedly not happy with first cut of "star wars" spin-off rogue one a "star wars" story how much to reshoot the film back in a moment. v
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
. maria: welcome walk, former u.s. attorney general eric holder make i go surprising comments over the weekend, regarding edward snowden's
7:52 am
leaking of classified u.s. documents, specifically, how nsa monitors collects data on average americans. >> is now den did what he did, but i think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate, that we engaged in by the changes that we made i will say that doing what he did -- the way he did it was inappropriate, illegal. >> joining us right now is former inactive intelligence operations officer lea gab ab agreeel. >> surprised. >> no, i think we have heard something like this from -- before back in july he had said that that this -- that is now den would have articulated good debate bringing members of congress, critical update reotic act in 04 i don't think right signal one former head of justice department of the united states i think a real
7:53 am
mistake to say that when somebody acts illegally that any positive comes out of it you have to separate issues. >> i am going to be contrarian i think there was a valuabling service brought us into the discussion of whether or not the government should be able to keep extraordinary secrets and should violent may be constitutional protections so that idea of privacy, you know i am not eric holder fan lord knows i never said a nice thing about the man i haven't he said did i illegal and inappropriate i give him credit for marking that territory saying at least what snowden did make americans aware the government had a lot of power and could have don't know for sure, could have misused. >> it completely wrong way of handling it edward snowden is a coward a traitor he absolutely went against, the promises he made when he signed up to serve united states intelligence community and i think very bad message to send that anyone in intelligence community can because they think something
7:54 am
is wrong go completely outside their chain of command outside the proper channels when there are laws in place to protect, i think a mistake to in any way say what he did was right. >> what should he have done. >> a number of ways one thing even holder suggested in july, he could have taken it to members of congress there was protection act in place can take it to proper dhaenls dm his agency, the details i have seen so that, edward snowden never tried to do that, he just decided and this is kind of like i equate one cease surgeon said i looked at webmd this is how you should do the procedure he did not have perspective of people in intelligence community 20 plus years five days a week work for you know, 10 hours a day, and know what they are doing within intelligence community he said i know more than you do i am going to take this completely outside the proper he chaenldz to journalists the biggest mistake in intelligence community can
7:55 am
make a traitor for doing that.- >> he defamed -- put national security at risk. >> that is yes is where he is. >> absolutely, and as you know i served as intelligence operator on somebody trained by cia, he put people that i work with at risk our methods at risk put country at risk makes us law school foolish to countries including russia putin not a friend hanging out i think it is clear -- is a coward won't face kons consequences that of what he did this point the level of recognition people who support the fact that this is an important debate to have, there is no way this man is not getting a fair trial. >> absolutely what he did was wrong, and it was inappropriate illegal all those things i think the point did it cause americans and particularly members of congress, to think about their role of oversight and if he
7:56 am
did that, he is not right nothing he did is right, but the service i don't even want to use the word service it was not a service. >> -- calling it a service -- >> not a service, okay. i will grant you that -- it was not a service but it sparked an important role in conversation congress needs to have will limitations of government scrutiny. >> i agree important to have that debate americans have a role making those decisions however i think you have to completely disconnect from what edward snowden did what he did was wrong, every way you can look at it. maria: all right we leave it there, thank you. for your insights. >> strong words. >> yes, coming up next hour how beyoncé is cashing in only police threatening to boycott her concerts, tonight keep it right here. "mornings with maria" next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. maria: good do you see morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 31, your top stories right now, 8:00 a.m. east coast weekly standard founder bill kristol holding firm that there will be an alternate conservative option for voters away from donald trump no one has come forward donald trump not taking it too kindly as he eyes the muslim vote we talk to supporters ahead fight for 15 dollar minimum wage affects on restaurant industry will more robots computers take jobs ceo hardee's, raising
8:00 am
money for donald trump bernie sanders eyeing california primary next tuesday, sucking up to golden state warriors' fans, watch. >> first thing i need to know is do i have the right hat? all right. [cheers and applause] . >> this just wanted to make sure, okay. [cheers and applause] . >> all right, here we go all right, all right. all right, does this guarantee kn me the california primary. >> he followed up he went to last night's golden state warriors game with actor danny glover compared run for white house to western conference finals warriors back from two dame deficit against thunderer, devastating flooding to report in texas, and plain states several people have been killed, more
8:01 am
rain is expected. beyoncé cashing in a on the police threatening to boycott her concert ahead of pittsburgh concert, markets higher begins a across the board shanghai composite posted gain more than 3% take a look, 3 and a third per cent that is one day performance in northeasterly 3 months in china, yooun markets edging lower new data eurozone facing second straight month of deflation in may coming ahead of ecb decision thursday, in u.s. futures pointing to a higher opening, right around the highs of the day, right now, highs of the morning on futures expecting a gain opening of trading about 35 points dow jones industrial average s&p nasdaq higher, later reading on personal income spending economic data, on home sales this week, of course, leads up to jobs number out on friday, joining me this morning dagen mcdowell, rino trading pattern
8:02 am
michael block former arkansas governor are former presidential candidate mike huckabee thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> mike thanks for joining the conversation so happy to be back in business. dagen: absolutely after long weekend get down get down we work hard. maria: we can't miss lineup stay with us we are about -- the ce-- cke restaurants the host of varney and company will weigh in milwaukee county sheriff david clark this hour you won't want to miss a moment weekly standard editor bill kristol announced independent candidate will enter the presidential race he said on twitter that person will challenge boat presumed republican candidates donald trump and democratic party nominee hillary clinton blake burman in washington, d.c., with the very latest on this blake good morning. reporter: good morning to you never trump movement might not be completely dead just yet as one of the last breaths in form of a tweet with donald trump then racking the editor
8:03 am
of the weekly standard bill kristol quoting here just a heads-up he over this weekend there will be an independent candidate and impressive one with a strong team and a real chance. right after that trump fired off a series of tweets with a suggestion to republicans as well quote, bill kristol has been wrong two years comafd loser but if gop can't control their own, then they are not a party. be tough. he went on to say quote the republican party has to be smart, and strong, if it wants to win in november, can't allow lightweight to set up a spoiler and be candidate many questions that follow among them who might actually step forward republican senator a third-party candidate would be preferred to trump but he has not gone any further than that, the billionaire businessman mark cuban said he approached inclined mitt romney stopped effort trying
8:04 am
to recruit a third-party candidate, perhaps even more important are those ballot deadlines across the country for example the date has already passed in texas for an independent to get on the ballot in november. maria: wow, so many deadlines have passed amazing we are still having this conversation, frankly, blake burman. >> absolutely bill kristol answers what is sound of one hand clapping. there is no movement out there, there isn't any, he is delusional if he thinks there is a great wave of people who are hoping there will be a third-party candidate. >> why those three why mark cuban? >>, by the way. >> he is -- >> reality star. >> yeah, well floated idea some point, right or somebody did clearly, i don't think it will be him. >> mitt romney already we know that he is taking -- his back sort of gone home. >> biggest issue is the infrastructure to work a campaign, is a humongous
8:05 am
undertaking for one to start in june, and try to build an infrastructure for a november election? national level? it simple is not going to happen. >> who is it going to if we seems kristol fans got somebody willing to put name out there. >> who is it going to be. >> come on throw out a name. >> i can't imagine anybody dumb enough to take bill kristol's suggestion to do this i just can't, what would they be thinking, may be kanye west i don't think that is who kristol has in neighborhood. >> campaign trail donald trump call for temperaturetory ban on muslims, despite debate there are many in the muslim community that support the presumptive republican nominee, republican muslim coalition president, and american muslims for trump founder advisory national
8:06 am
diversity coalition for trump thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we are happy to have you because, frankly we have not heard from enough muslims about this, how do you support donald trump, in the face of what he has said about muslims coming into the united states? make the case. >> well, despite donald trump having traumatized muslim xhern community we are hopeful he will turn around rhetoric reach out to voters he has a very good chance winning the white house we look forward to supporting him hope to see him mosque soon. >> you are saying you don't like comments still support him, and why. >> i support him because of business, and economic background i hope that he will be able to turn the economy around, i am not interested in his antiislamic rhetoric i hope he will brush up on islam skills reach out to muzzle limbs i am very interested
8:07 am
seeing him balance budget turn economy around focus on the economy. >> what about you, how do you support donald trump given what he has said and how worried are you about muslim terrorism? >> first of all, good morning, to all to you and especially to the governor huckabee i am a big fan of yours irthe reason i want tell you most of us coming from broken systems broken country we know we have been victimized radical islamic cell look at isis the taliban al-qaida killed more muslims, and being an american muslim we don't want to see this country as another middle east or -- he belgium so thing first candidate has brought this radical islam on table looking at -- wide-eyed most number one priority is safety of america. and his you know, his rhetoric whatever the people are talking about negative i think
8:08 am
-- he is coming with explanation and a lot of things, that he will will -- ban muslims from war countries, we understand and safety is number one for us as well. >> i think it is very refreshing to hear you say very honestly realistically even some things maybe donald trump said what he is talking about is protecting the american muslims as much as anybody else, it is i think, an incredibly important perspective, that you have brought you are doing the country, and even muslim community terrific service as american, i am not afraid of muslims in this country, overall, many friends doctors others terrific, and they are not they are not frightening to me i think that when you speak out, you are providing an important roll for the muslim community. >> thank you so much, as a matter of fact i have said several times that radical islam not only threat to the western civilization it is a threat to itself, that is not
8:09 am
islam is be is first candidate donald trump who has brought up the subject he is willing to understand why they are haters most of us we muslim americans understand that we appreciate it. >> let me ask both experts to weigh in on this how do you feel about donald trump and gop immigration policy right now is there modification you would like to see in his rhetoric or policy in the platform how would you like to see that evolve what would bre ideal. >> to me i believe what i know currently we have no system in effect for example fugitives from syria no system to vet them see what object to come into this country we have a system where they come hardly can -- we need a million changes in immigration for the safety of america i am all for that to be honest with you he has said a war against mexican border people have taken wrongly but there is an issue
8:10 am
right now in the u.s. heroin problems most heroin marijuana paraphernalia coming from south, we have to we have to save our -- young generation. maria: i was getting a tweet from one of our viewers actually something i mentioned a handful of times, and that is why don't we hear more about this the way you the two of you are coming out publicly we don't hear enough muslims condemning islamic terrorists why not. >> we are trying best to come to the forefront but i know there is a lot of animosity people are scared, even within the muslim community the backlash that we face after trump makes comments about banning all muslims there are people harassing muslims outside about mosques with bullets we don't need that nonsense in this country we need to come together, and solve our national security problems, and muslim americans
8:11 am
are in best position to solve all our national security problems we hope to look forward we hope we can solve all of them together be the face of america. >> dagen. dagen: but what do you say who do you want let me ask you this way it was to what michael was referencing, what can donald trump say to the muslim community you think that could get them to vote for him? >> well -- he needs to apologize for comments because that created a backlash to our community a lot of things occurred he needs to reach out support muslim americans we want him to be our president we want to see how donald trump will be representing all americans, make america great for everyone. >> what do you want him to apologize specifically about? >> ban muslims about
8:12 am
temperature important are a hero. >> i don't think that ban will get enacted i this i what we need to do is focus on national security, and we need to vet every person comes in regardless of refugeeligion i w to see doctor doctor more supportive muslim american community would i love to host him at mosque i hope he reaches out to muslims seven million muslim american voters would love to see donald trump change rhetoric reach out to our community. >> you are a muslim american you are going to vote for donald trump? >> i will support the republican nominee. >> you, too? >> yes, of course, i have a muslim american muslim for trump i am not only going to work for him i am asking another muslims to work for him, and, you know, again, just make a correction, a little bit i don't want him to apologize, but i he already has explained several times, and some of our media liberal
8:13 am
especially is not telling us the voters. he said he will ban and there will be exceptions, there will be first of all, the muslims ban will be from the -- where threat is coming some other exceptions, so basically the media has to -- apology that is what not correct -- of donald trump he hasn't done that, i don't want him to be apologetic on this one he brought this issue on forefront then he came up with this idea it was -- coming california incident we don't want to have incidents here in u.s., because we are living under fear living under fear we don't want it we are american we are part of this fabric love this country god bless america. >> for sure a great point thank you to both of you, for that clarification, good to see you both thanks very much. >> thank you for having us. >> straight ahead police officers threatening to
8:14 am
boycotting beyoncé concert after lyrics in latest album caused atrium how queen bee plans to cash in, slot machine bets why gaming industry is pushing back, back in a moment. honey, we do? we need to talk. i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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maria: a river in texas, expected to crest at record level cheryl casone with that now. cheryl: good morning we have been getting incredible pictures what is happening in the great state of texas you
8:17 am
look right now live pictures coming from -- outside of houston rossenberg texas several lives claimed over the weekend this river expected to crest at record level 53.5 feet today as you can see, homes in water right now, this is the helicopter shot sorry about shaky pictures at least six people died of floods along the liver through new mexico to gulf of mexico. >> medium want to talk about tornados, touching down in colorado. luckily no major damage has been reported, but, again, the images incredible that we are getting from colorado. police reportedly saying this morning, that the parents of a 4-year-old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure could face criminal charges this after staff cincinnati zoo killed the rare animal shot dead one
8:18 am
day after the 17th birthday president is standing by his decision to so, so saying clear the boy was in endangering. >> massachusetts first in nation system that will let slot players limit betts the goal to prevent casual players from becoming addicted to gambling play my way system tested in operating casinos in massachusetts could be used, at two other casinos, you never know, plus this. >> on your end -- reckless aggressive, and undisciplined, that is rebellion isn't it? >> all right, the first "star wars" spin-off "rogue one" "star wars" story may into go into expensive reshoots over the summer, because executives
8:19 am
at disney are not fully satisfied with first cut the motive may need four weeks reshoot probably in lobbed expensive for disney they have other hits, dedoo due for reese december 16 not terribly worried about disney's bottom line but at the same time, how bad could it be? that they have got to do reshoots on. >> it funny the company has been on fire several years right now so certainly doing well, coming up thank you so much cheryl, bernie sanders cap on golden state warriors police threaten to boycott beyoncé's concert how queen bee is look to go cash in on the controversy back in a minute. ♪
8:20 am
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8:23 am
. maria: well back seth curry golden state warriors to a rematch with lebron james cleveland cavs, a recap of highlights in sports, fox nice headlined 24-7 jared max. >> happy monday. >> it is tuesday! . >> that is what is so cool feels looks like a monday so going to be a short week. >> have is there a more fitting nickname? >> for nba team from golden state than the warriors? >> down 3 games to one golden state back-to-back games faced elimination in both to get in position play at home for a win take all game seven, last night, check out the healths from oracle late first half golden state down 8 seth curry does just that 48-4 2 thunder,
8:24 am
the break, 42 points, golden state regular season, seth curry 3 poirnts, that is where warriors outscored thunder 29 to 12 as we see livingston take it to hoop the difference in the third quarter. >> more on that in a moment, the fourth, seth curry says, would you like another cup of 3? >> seth curry seven three-pointers mostever game seven nba players of warriors 96-88 golden state faced three litigious games beat thunder every time now the nba finals begin thursday, against cavs, out forth time 30 years same teams in finals two years in a row last season warriors beat james and cavs in 6, harlt players on cleveland this time golden state beat boater times 34 point blowout thursday night open up in oakland
8:25 am
warriors 5 1/2 point favorite to beat cavalries the favorite to win next year. >> game one oakland dmkt presidential candidate bernie sanders was last night, showed up in the arena with actor friend spore danny glover in time for second half of the game we don't know how much they paid they said it was face value could have been anywhere yesterday tickets as high as 27 dollars plus lower -- -- 2700 dollars plus in lower level. >> face value tickets? >> after the warriors come back, bernie sanders takes to twitter, tie in politics says last unique golden state down 3 games to won last night a comeback he says i like comebacks may be thunder got burned, sanders gets asked to by a reporter if his presence helped warriors his response -- do it. >> absolutely, no question
8:26 am
about it. thrp losing in third quarter fantastically well what other expansion. >> city of oakland may be epicenter of basketball world these days not heavenly for football look to go make las vegas raid% home, infrastructure committee reviewed a proposal from raiders to fund 1.4-billion-dollar stadium in the vegas desert the proposal includes 750 million dollars, in public funds raised from a hotel tax revenue 110 million from nfl seat licenses 200-million-dollar lone from nfl, 100 million from raiders 250 million from sands majestic partnership took proposal under review could make a decision this month or next. >> all right, great, i like that. >> is it on to me in my headed doesn't quite sound there.
8:27 am
>> calling. >> -- that is -- >> bernie went to thunder locker room halftime made a speech about raising luxury tax faked them out give you money to -- players what do you think durant you are paying higher tax outside of oklahoma may be you want to stay. >> no evidence bernie sanders or hillary clinton has given to veterans. just saying. >> coming up country of venezuela in economic turmoil is it time for america's left to admit -- to blame. >> fast-food workers calling for higher wages some say cheaper to police officer employees with robots, carl's, jr., ceo will weigh in, go warriors. >> the finals, warriors in six. >> ♪
8:28 am
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maria: good ties, morning, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday may 31st, top stories 8:30 a.m. on east coast, donald trump reportedly raising $6 million at first joint fund-raiser at between the republican pare and trump campaign. we'll talk to one member of the joint fund-raising committee of the bernie sanders targets trump ahead of big california primary juneth. >> won't worry about hillary clinton right now. worry about donald trump, this big macho guy, my goodness. he said he wanted to debate bernie sanders.
8:31 am
then he said he didn't. then he said he did. then he said he didn't. maria: the fight for $15 minimum wage is on. the effect on the restaurant industry today. will robots and computers take human jobs. we'll take a closer look. two airlines suspending service to and from venezuela amid the economic crisis. the look at the cost of socialism coming up. cashing in on controversy, beyonce looks to make a profit after police officers threaten to boycott working at her concerts. markets mostly higher. in asia overnight gains across the board. shanghai composite posted a gain of better than 3%. best one-day performance in china nearly three months. european markets looking other way, edging lower. the eurozone face as second straight month of deflation in the month of may. out of the central bank decision which happens on thursday. in the u.s., around the highs of the morning. up 31 points on the dow jones
8:32 am
industrial average as we are expecting a higher open for the broader averages ahead of pretty big economic reports this week. the numbers are in for donald trump's first official trump victory fund-raiser. it happened in los angeles last week. the event raising $6.6 million, exceeding all expectations according to what sources tell fox news. the amount suggesting that the presumptive presidential republican nominee is attracting top donors. my next guest is on the trump victory leadership team and attended the event. joining me is cke restaurants ceo, andy puzder. he is ceo of hardee's and carls, jr. >> thank you, maria. maria: give us color on the event. donald trump and rnc raising $6 million. did it feel like there was pivot, that people are excited about trump and willing to put their money where their mouth is? >> people were really excited. it was a great event. there were people there who
8:33 am
supported jeb bush, marco rubio, scott walker, carly fiorina and ted cruz. it was necessary, everybody felt great to be in the same room supporting the same candidate. there was a lot of energy. mr. trump did a great job at the event. overall it was very, very positive. maria: what's your takeaway from this, governor huckabee? >> it shows republicans are rallying around donald trump and that includes financial donors. there was concern there wasn't. you know, i think it is pretty clear, andy, what you're seeing there in california, what you saw at the event was indicative, people want to win and they know that donald trump gives them the best shot of doing that and he can beat hillary clinton. >> absolutely. i'm absolutely convinced donald trump will raise enough money to be very competitive with hillary clinton. he is also changed the rules, governor, as you know. the way he uses social media, the way he really, i want to say manipulates the media but really gets media attention really
8:34 am
changed rules how you run a campaign. he will have money and have that personality about people want to see him. hillary clinton is not going to have that. i think he will have big advantage in this respect. >> andy, it is dagen mcdowell. i want to know privately the conversations you've had fellow businessmen and women in terms of if anybody was hesitant about supporting donald trump. what conversations have you had with them to change their minds? >> well, a lot of people, if you were at all involved in politics over the past eight, 10 years, you probably knew somebody in this race. there were 16 people on that stage or 17, initially, and you probably knew one of those people, probably liked them and were supportive. it was a very, very difficult cycle for people. but the west way i can characterize it, the most impressive thing, the most refreshing thing about donald trump, working class americans don't resent him, they don't envy him. they don't think he is evil
8:35 am
billionaire. they see him as successful and they want to be like him in they want to be successful. that is the america i grew up in. that is the america i remember. that is an america i would take risks to defend and i think people are coming in contact with what the working class really understood right from the beginning, that we need change and this is a person that is will lead us to a better place. i think you're really seeing a different sense. maria: i totally agree. i think there is aspirational, there is aspirational message here. >> that was articulated. maria: he is successful, i want to be successful. >> andy the missing piece of the puzzle from some people, there are things he said construed as racist, seen phobe pick or misogynistic. is this a gap reaching out to fill? we had muslim republicans talking about their support for donald trump and how they hoped he would reach out more to the support of american muslim
8:36 am
community. is this something you see as part of his activities going forward? >> i think donald trump will reach a broad spectrum of voters. you know, even if you think back to the last cycle, mitt romney is a wonderful man. i love mitt. he is a great guy. would have been a great president you wish he wouldn't have made comment about 41% and talk about self-deportation and he talked about china as currency manipulate tomorrow. these comment were made in the past. donald trump has a way of conveying his message so forceful it draws attention to the message. if you know people who knew him in new york, and i do not know mr. trump well, but if you talk to people who knew him in new york he is not racist, not prejudiced against women or muslims. he is very honest businessman and deals with people in a very forthright way. so i think that will start to come across. i hope it starts to come across. i think he will do very well in that respect. maria: i want to ask but the
8:37 am
minimum wage. we had the former ceo of mcdonald's on last week but before i get to that, the up number of a billion dollars thrown around that donald trump needs to raise. is that what you think he needs to raise to compete effectively with hillary clinton or is it less than? i know you said a minute ago he will be able to raise a lot of money. what is that number. >> i don't know the number. this guy broken every rule. if it were any of the other candidates i would say we need a billion dollars, but with donald trump, i just don't know. i've been so wrong in this cycle so far i hate to take any guesses. i think he can do very well, well, with less than a billion. can you imagine mr. trump with billion dollars and social media presence? i think it would be amazing. >> it would be unbelievable. former mcdonald's usa ceo ed renzi was on the show last thursday. he said purchasing $35,000 robots would be cheaper than
8:38 am
hiring individuals paying them $15 an hour minimum wage. listen to this. >> it is cheaper to buy $35,000 robotic arm than hiring employee inefficient, making $15 an hour bagging french fries. it is nonsense and destructive and inflationary and will cause a job loss across this country like you're not going to believe. maria: what do you think, andy, job losses you will not believe as minimum wage takes ahold across the country? >> you're seeing automation across a very broad perspective. banks with atms, gas stations, airports, grocery stores. automation is coming. the question should we be implementing policies that make low-skilled working class americans more expensive than the job that they're taking justifies? in other words it costs more to hire them than that job produces in benefit for the employer. when that is the case, employers don't hire people.
8:39 am
there is absolutely no doubt that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will result in very significant job losses. the cbo said, congressional budget office, said at $10 an hour you would lose half a million jobs. nobody wants to see half a million people put out of work, particularly as working class is, they need to be educated and need to be trained to deal with the new economy and deal with automation. you don't want to rush it. you don't want to make the situation worse than it is, when you make employing somebody more expensive than automating a position, you will get more automation. i think ed is absolutely right. maria: we'll leave it there. andy, good to see you, thank you so much. >> good to see you, maria. maria: andy pudzer joining us there. no love for queen bee. controversy surrounding beyonce concert in pittsburgh. why police refuse to work the event. in venezuela why some say socialism is to blame.
8:40 am
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maria: welcome back. 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a tuesday. let's take a look at these markets. we're expecting higher opening for broader averages. office depot announcing $100 million stock repurchase program as part of the company's plan to, quote, enhance shareholder value. comes at collapse of the company's deal with staples. we're watching shares of starbucks. the coffee giant announcing two new drinks coming to the cold bar. the vanilla sweet cream cold brew and nitro cold brew. shares of starbucks down better than 8% this year. by all accounts it was great month of may for broader markets. we continue to see money moving into the equities. latin america's biggest airline is suspending service into venezuela due to the economic situation. this comes after germany's lufthansa is suspending service to the company immediately because of unpatrioticket fares.
8:44 am
we have stuart varney. welcome to you. >> good morning. maria: venezuela, you have lessons learned there. what do you take? three-day holiday weekend, right, saturday morning i buy my hard copy of "new york times" and reading their report on the collapse of venezuela. not once, not even once is the word socialism used. not once. oh, no, venezuela is collapsing because of the collapse in oil prices or because of very bad drought. socialism is never mentioned. then we have the case of bernie sanders, the democratic socialist. he was asked device for his opinion on the collapse of socialism in venezuela. he refused to respond. he says, no, no, i have an opinion. but right now i'm focused on the presidential election campaign. in other words, he is not going to say what ruined venezuela, socialism, because he knows perfectly well it is his policies that ruined it. what i'm getting at here, is that the left will never admit
8:45 am
to the failures of collectivism. they certainly won't admit to it right now because we're going into presidential election where collectivism is front and center from a couple of leading candidates. that is my opinion. >> stuart i want to quickly point it, speaking of bernie sanders and supporting socialism in venezuela, at the golden state warriors game he was sitting next to danny glover who famously supported hugo chavez and loved to go down to venezuela and visit chavez to take his photo with him. that is the connection i made. forget the basketball game. that is proof positive that he doggone well knows the outcome of what happened. >> premise of my opinion is that socialism absolutely doesn't work and what it is applied to countries like venezuela it is catastrophe and that socialism is the reason for the collapse of that economy. i'd like to see that reflected, it is opinion, i would like to see that opinion reflected in
8:46 am
mainstream media in america or by bernie sanders or by some of the hollywood stars who just loved chavez when he was ruining the country's economy. i would like some honesty, don't see it. maria: that is great analysis. bring in governor huckabee. go ahead,. >> stuart, idea of venezuela suspending airlines. really messing up my vacation plans because everyone i know wants to vacation in venezuela where the economy is falling apart. why don't we understand this stuff? this is so simple and what you have pointed out is that socialism simply doesn't work. so why are so many americans, help me understand this, still trying to embrace the concept? >> first of all, governor, sarcasm is low form of wit but when we get beyond that i ask perfectly valid question and i'm not sure i have got a good answer for you. why are so many people, so many young people enamored with the idea of socialism in america? i guess it is because young people are idealistic.
8:47 am
they haven't paid a dime in taxes yet, so they don't know what they're talking about, they haven't lived length of time in genuine, all purpose socialism economy. they don't know what they are letting themselves in for. that is my best answer. >> you called it the i want it, i want it now. >> for benefit of our audience who does not understand the word, that is the english name for plant tar's wart. very nasty thing, okay? maria: oh, stuart. save that for next ten minutes. we'll see you in 15 minutes on "varney & company." >> watch out, yes you will. maria: where are we going here? "varney & company," every day 9:00 a.m. eastern. stuart, a pleasure. up next at top of the hour. don't miss it. straight ahead, officers in pittsburgh believe queen bee is anti-police and are planning to boycott her concert tonight. details on that coming up. ♪ ♪
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ maria: welcome back. controversy surrounding tonight's beyonce concert at fightsburg's heinz field. several members of the police concert are calling for queen bee boycott, following release of latest album, lemonade which allegedly contains anti-police lyrics. they are fairing a possible security issue as some officers are refusing to work tonight's show. we have rod wheeler and milwaukee county sheriff, david clark. sheriff, what do you think about police boycotting this concert tonight? >> how ironic a cop-hating performer realizes she needs the american law enforcement officer to pull off her concert.
8:52 am
it is definitely a can't live with the police, can't live without them moment for beyonce. i don't blame pit burke's finest for not volunteering for this assignment. of course if they're ordered to do it, these officers will do what they're told to do but, at the same time i'm glad to see that they have enough morals to not even at time 1/2 to volunteer for something like this. if i didn't get enough volunteers and we've done these sorts of things in milwaukee area, if i don't get volunteers i would go to heinz people field, hey, we don't have enough volunteers. perhaps a public safety risk or perhaps public safety issue cancel the concert like they did in champagne illinois for donald trump's event when they didn't have enough law enforcement. i have. maria: do you any will dictate a change in beyonce's behavior no. >> not at all. here is what i would be willing to do with beyonce.
8:53 am
donates proceeds of concert, concerns of police survivor chapter in the state of pennsylvania works with survivors of slain law enforcement officers i will allow her to do a reset on her relationship with the police, so everybody can move forward. maria: that is a great idea. rod what do you think? >> i think it's a great idea as well, maria but it is not going to happen, i can tell you that right now. beyonce is firm in her beliefs. that is fine. look what she did during the halftime show at the super bowl. she gave the police the finger then. and she is continuing to do it. my only point is this, maria. beyonce as tons money. she has a lot of money. why can't she buy her own security or pay for her own police if really what she needs. i don't blame the pittsburgh police officers for backing out. i will be honest, if i were there i would back out too. i wouldn't be available. just as sheriff clark alluded to, if they are a mandated to be there, i could tell you police officers will be there, but again beyonce can get enough security from her beehive.
8:54 am
>> she can get it from selling boycott beyonce t-shirts. she is actually selling them. never turns down opportunity to make money. maria: is that making fun of the whole thing with that t-shirt? >> yes it is. >> this is another exam pell, maria, of beyonce giving the cops the finger. look, she is taking this whole argument, this boycott beyonce thing, turned it around and doing exactly what she does best, she selling these t-shirts. from what i hear the t-shirts are selling out. maria: unbelievable. >> no matter what -- maria: go ahead, sheriff. >> no matter what amount of security she has there you still need police presence. you need somebody there with lawful authority to make arrests if necessary. so it is just not about having security. you have to have a decent amount of police presence at these sorts of events. maria: that's a great point. go ahead, michael. >> give some liberal celebrities like a theme today. bernie sanders, man of the people, sitting with danny glover in luxury seats at basketball game. beyonce saying this and that about the police.
8:55 am
let's give her and her business one day without public protection. let's see what happens to it. it is incredible. how do people wake up to this, how unrealistic this is? how does that work? maria: is that an ideology? rod, what do you think? >> you know what? i think it is. the reality of this entire situation is beyonce is entitled to feel the way she feels about the cops. nobody has a problem with that. it is just the manner by which she tends to market can herself by talking against the police. but again, like i said, maria, i think police will be there and i think they will do a good job as they so often do. maria: you know what it is governor, we're at moment in time right now that you don't want to add to the sensitivities around the police force. they're coming at you every day and trying to serve this country and do it well. of course you're going to have bad apple as well. >> if someone were breaking into
8:56 am
my house at 2:00 in the morning rather call david clark or rod wheeler than i had to call beyonce. these guys have done a lot more to their country and make people safe, free, better their lives than beyonce, with all due respect to the terrific talent she says, she doesn't save anybody's life. she doesn't defend anyone's life. she doesn't put her life on the line for anybody else. that is where we ought to be reminded. maria: we'll leave it there. >> very well-spoken. very well-spoken. maria: sheriff you think idea of her giving money away to the police or to charity is going to continue to come up? do you think that there is even a chance she would consider that? >> i don't know but i'm going to keep raising it because i'm going to give her a chance to reset with the american police officer. look, you know, she makes enough money. talking about, not the charity but to concerns of police survivors, the cops organization and she hasn't met people from that organization like i have who lost a loved one killed in the line of duty.
8:57 am
she has no idea what it is like for american law enforcement officer. we're willing to risk our lives. we don't get into this to die but we will we have to save somebody else. she needs to realize important role american law enforcement plays for her to pull off a concert to make her millions. maria: david clark, rod wheeler, good to see you both. we'll have final thoughts from our all-star panel. honey, we do? we need to talk. i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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>> i want to thank this great panel for being with us.
9:00 am
michael block, mike huckabee. >> great, thank you. maria: thanks for joining us. michael, thank you, as well. a big show tomorrow, dagen. dagen: that's right, bring in the energy, governor. >> trying to be low energy. [laughter] >> stuart, over to you. stuart: desperate hillary, come clean trump, a murdered gorilla and a stock market that just wants to go up. have we grabbed your attention? here we go. good morning, everyone. hillary desperately needs to win the california primary one week from today. that's where she's headed after reportedly canceling an appearance in new jersey. she's caught between attacks from bernie and trump and more e-mail trouble, desperation indeed. come clean, trump? in two hours he'll detail his six million dollar fund raising for veterans. and a conservative who wants a third party run. trump would put him on a drone kill list.


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