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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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michael block, mike huckabee. >> great, thank you. maria: thanks for joining us. michael, thank you, as well. a big show tomorrow, dagen. dagen: that's right, bring in the energy, governor. >> trying to be low energy. [laughter] >> stuart, over to you. stuart: desperate hillary, come clean trump, a murdered gorilla and a stock market that just wants to go up. have we grabbed your attention? here we go. good morning, everyone. hillary desperately needs to win the california primary one week from today. that's where she's headed after reportedly canceling an appearance in new jersey. she's caught between attacks from bernie and trump and more e-mail trouble, desperation indeed. come clean, trump? in two hours he'll detail his six million dollar fund raising for veterans. and a conservative who wants a third party run. trump would put him on a drone kill list.
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his words. and who is to blame for the shooting of the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. the parents of the child who got into its enclosure, the zoo's officials? this has fired up the country perhaps even more politics, but don't forget that market. stocks moving higher again today. janet yellen says that rates are going up soon. so what? "varney & company" is about to beg begin. ♪ >> and he fires, yes! . stuart: yes, indeed. that's the golden state warriors coming back from a 3-1 deficit to advance to the nba finals. steph curry, that man, scored 36 points, seven three-pointers. the warriors will face the cavs for the second straight year, game one thursday.
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you'll be watching, won't you? >> oh, yeah. stuart: and who was at the game? bernie sanders, he attended with danny glover. glover happens to be a huge supporter of venezuelan socialism. and sanders, looking at the presidential campaign in california. hillary clinton reportedly cancels an event in new jersey for california. she's trying to stop the bernie surge. the trump attacks and bernie surge. tammy bruce is here. am i right saying it's desperate times for hillary clinton? >> bill is staying in new jersey and she's going to be going to california, defending california, which is shocking thursday through monday. a week from today when both states have the primaries.
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stuart: defending california as a bass bastion from the left and-- >> she's defending her own campaign and future. she easily won california in 2008 against barack obama. it's now not a sure thing. bernie sanders is within the margin of error. california's changed dramatically in the last seven, eight years, and people like myself, for example, it's a different state. if she loses california she'll still get the nomination, but the psychological damage will be extraordinary. we showed video of her marching in chappaqua with bill and uniformed people. i don't know what the reception was like, but that's very much hillary country. i'm in no position to say that's a successful march. >> it probably fun, in other hometown, she's with her husband and everything seems normal, which it's not, of course. and i think that behind the scenes, in the e-mails that are going out, there's a financial desperation, there's all kinds of things that are happening that indicate that, i think, they know they're in trouble, interestingly enough.
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when it comes to the momentum of the nature, what's occurring. >> one week from today. i have a headline from the man who wrote ronald reagan's prosperity plan. trump will beat hillary easily. come in, art laffer, you wrote that headline because i think that trump reminds you of ronald reagan, is that correct? >> the whole situation does. it's exactly the same. we were the pariahs out of california, none of the major establishments, they even went so far as to run an independent candidate, john anderson against us. >> that's right. >> i mean, they called reagan every bad name you could think of, when the time came, a week out, the polls were not favorable to us, and bang, we won 44 states, got about 51% of the vote and carter got 42% of the vote and john anderson got 7% and we-- and then in '84 we won 49 states, how is that?
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it's very similar. stuart: are you telling me that one week before the presidential election in 1980 when it was ronald reagan versus jimmy carter, president carter, you're telling me that one week before the election, reagan was underwater, losing to carter, really? >> you know, i'm old and i forget things easily, but i believe that's true. we were way behind in the polls when he first was-- i mean, hugely behind and everyone thought it was a loss. they compared ronald reagan to barry goldwater and richard nixon, how the republicans would lose up and down the field. at the convention, they tried to get jerry ford to be a co-president with ronald reagan, it's deja vu all over again. trump is going to landslide. if you look the a the republican turnout. republican turnout, if 3 million more republicans voted for the primary this time than did in 2008, in 2008, 11 million nor democrats turned out than republicans.
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the whole tide is sweeping very much the gallup poll, are you feeling better off, all of these things, state governors in 2009. there were 28 democratic governors. today, there are 31 republican governors, the whole political movement is moving very much our way. almost exactly like it did in 1980 and i believe the same results. i have to ask one last question, regardless of who donald trump's opponent is in november, regardless of that, do you think that donald trump can win the state of california in the general, in november? >> i think he can, yes. stuart: really? >> i don't see why not. why not? we won it easily in 1980 and 1984 and even bush won it in '88. stuart: 39% of californians are hispanic by descent, 39%, and-- >> i'm not going to go into demographics, how many blacks, how many males, how many females, how many hispanics, that's not how people vote. people vote with their pocket
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book. you ask yourself the question, do you think you're doing well in the economy today? i don't think so. and i think donald trump promises a very strong economy and i think everyone likes a strong economy, no matter what your race, no matter your gender, no matter what your age. making money is fun and it's fun for everyone. stuart: yes, it is indeed. stay there for a second, art. we've got more on this for sure. just stay right there. to the markets, please. i'm going to start with disney. there's not going to be much change in the stock price, but we're hearing about significant problems with the new "star wars" prequel. now, disney hit a high of 122 in last august. look at it now, around $100 a share, a trouble with the prequel "star wars" movie. oil close to $50 a barrel. very, very close indeed. that's helping the market, as in stocks. right now we're looking at a slightly higher opening for the dow. up 20, 30 poin rolling in 22 minutes' time.
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remember, janet yellen on friday, suggested another rate hike looks likely in the months ahead. markets don't seem to care about that. we're going up by 30, 40 points right at the opening bell. art, you're still there, let me ask you this. if janet-- does it matter if rates go up a little bit in the next few months? does it matter to the market? stock market? >> well, if the rates go up because they're naturally going to go higher. i think that would be wonderful for the markets. the low rates have just destroyed the mortgage market. no one wants to led this type on a risky loan. they just don't. we've got no supply of mortgage because of the fed policies. the sooner the fed gets out of that market, the better off the economy will be. we will, when we have a boom, we will have rates, substantially higher than they are now. i'd say if the tips yield were in the 3 to 4% range we could have one of the most amazing
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booms in the u.s. stuart: contrarian, art laffer. good to see you. >> thank you, stuart, appreciate it. stuart: back to politics, the weekly standard's bill cristal says there will be an impressive third party candidate. now, this is the never trump republicans talking here. tammy, that wishful thinking on bill cristal's part? >> i think so, there is no impressive candidates. we had the most impressive candidates unless you've got john anderson in the wings and that won't matter as much. this is a level of desperation that's become embarrassing. you see this with the individual pushing it and i think it's a shame, but i think mr. trump will be fine. nobody's going to be confused what they want by the time election day rolls around in november. it will be clear. stuart: we've got it, thank you, tammy. i have to tell you this, it was a really disastrous holiday weekend in southeast texas.
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from the storms, brought hail, strong winds and flooding and six people have been killed. the brazos river is expected to crested later on today. there could be more rain coming later this week. you pity those poor people in east texas. now this, it's a video the country is talking about. a gorilla dragging a four-year-old boy who fell into its enclosure at the zoo. the zoo keeper killed the gorilla, shot him. who is going to get sued, the family, the zoo, the people who designed the enclosure. judge andrew napolitano will answer the questions in a moment. disney's latest "star wars" movie called rogue one reportedly a disaster. disney ordering all kinds of reshoots which would cost a great deal of money. how about this? former attorney general eric holder. he says edward snowden performed a quote, public
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service. he's the guy who spilled the beanies to everybody except us. ralph peters is not happy about that and he will join us.
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>> mommy's right here! mommy's right here! [screaming] >> oh, on all sides now, the cincinnati zoo is standing by its decision to kill the 400-pound gorilla who dragged that boy around its enclosure. judge napolitano is here to sort it out. >> i wish it could be sorted out easily. let's start with your questions. stuart: who is going to get sued. could it be the zoo itself? >> well, who would be the plaintiff? who is going to sue. the gorilla obviously is an animal. stuart: animal rights activist
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group on behalf of the gorilla. >> there's no such suit in the united states. maybe a judge in ohio wants to change the law for the estate of a dead animal to sue. animals do not sue. stuart: friend of the cincinnati zoo who lost a prized specimen, the gorilla. >> no, the gorilla is, for better or for worse, i have a prime with primates in zoo, but the gorilla is the property of the cincinnati zoo and the zookeeper made a split second decision, it's better to save the life of a baby than the life of the gorilla. that is pretty much a no-brainer when we're talking about morality. the life of a human being versus the life of an animal. should the animal have been there? that's another issue. stuart: will this case give rise to the whole idea that animals can have rights in court? >> i don't think so. i think if it gives rise to
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anything, it will give rise to the rather shabby insulation that was there, a three-foot wall over which anybody could have jumped or fallen. with the child having been saved, nobody has standing to sue. god forbid the child had been harmed. stuart: the child had trauma and the parents had trauma and that could be against the designer. >> you could make the case the enclosure is designed shabbily, no warnings and no fail safe, there's nothing down there to protect someone who accidentally or intentional i will goes over that wall. the wall should be inpenetra inpenetratable so that only from super human means you could get over it. stuart: how about the parents of the child, in legal terms, that allowed this terrible thing to happen? who do they sue? >> again, who is going to be
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sued? they can't sue themselves. you're asking if the parents would sue the zoo because the zoo failed to protect their child from their own negligence. a tough case, but it could happen. stuart: i'm going into break into this, an interesting story i've got breaking news, a new e-mail explanation from the clinton team. john poedesta, clinton's top guy, since last year, secretary clinton said the use of her perm e-mail server was a mistake. while there have been ongoing reviews of this matter, the completion of the inspector general's examination gets us one step closer to resolving this. now, that's an explanation. basically, john is saying, yes, the use of the private e-mail server was a mistake. >> hillary is really on the ropes like she's never been before. the e-mail was sent to her
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highest and best donors, they are recognizing the seriousness of the problems that she now confronts. stuart: is it an admission of fault? >> yes, the inspector general report was absolutely damning to her. stuart: not terrible fault, not treason. >> the inspector general doesn't look for criminal activity. the inspector general looks for a failure to comply with state department regulation. ashley: there's more on this. had secretary clinton known of any concerns about her e-mail setup at the time she would have taken steps to address them. she believed she was following the practices of other secretaries and-- >> absolutely belied by the secretary-general's report. her predecessors occasionally used gmail to respond to aides. none of them had their own server. none of them were running for president of the united states, none of them transferred conniffidential information. stuart: we'll have more about the e-mail.
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this was a big deal. we've been showing you video out of venezuela, fighting for food and eating from garbage cans in the united states. that country is collapsing and in my opinion, that's because of socialism. we'll get into that. more trouble for hillary clinton. the former inspector general of the state department says if he received an e-mail from her private server, he would have launched an investigation right there and then. that's more e-mail trouble. . >> i would have been stunned had i been asked to send an e-mail to her at a person server or a private address. i would have declined to do so on security grounds. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> a nice run for the market last week. probably going to go higher this tuesday morning. why? because the price of oil is close to $50 a barrel and stock traders like that, apparently. now this, former state department general howard krongard criticizing hillary clinton for using that e-mail server for classified e-mail. roll that tape. >> secretary rice did not have a personal server. i would have been stunned had i been asked to send an e-mail to her on a personal server or private address, i would have declined to do so on security grounds. if she had sent one to me, i probably would have started an
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investigation. stuart: when you combine that rather damning statement there with john podesto's excusing the e-mail scandal, that's speaks to desperation. >> and the e-mail went to donors. we have the campaign manager sending out e-mails as well saying that they thought that their fund raising would go up when trump became the presumptive nominee. in fact, it's gone down and now, this is a worry not just when it clearly was money, but they see it perhaps as a signal as bernie sanders, what happened in 2008. the superdelegates, 400 of them went to hillary before he got into the race. that in fact, maybe he can take some of those superdelegates. if it's apartment that hillary can't raise money for a general election, then they become, of course. stuart: how about this? early this morning, i think it was early this morning, the huffington post put out a headline, hillary indicted and
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withdrew it quickly, but those people who read the story, it was well-researched and let out and-- >> that's the liberal press. stuart: what do they know? that's another-- >> they've probably written stories for both possibilities so they can drop them the moment it owe can yours liz: and watch this, cbs new york times post, swing voters, are independent voters, nearly two thirds found hillary untrustwort untrustworthy and the unfavorable rating is high. stuart: tough week for hillary. and one week before california. we're moments away from the opening bell, a quick look at the futures to indicate where we're going to open. up about 40 points, there's a problem at disney, they're going to reshoot a lot of the scenes from the "star wars" prequel. it doesn't look like it's going to hurt the stock that much, but the dow will be up a bit.
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>> aggressive, undistant. >> this is a rebillion, isn't it? -- a rebellion, isn't it? i rebel.
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>> all right. everybody, we're back at it this tuesday morning. we've got 20 seconds before that bell starts trading today.
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a couple of things in the back drop here. number one, personal spending up a very strong one full percent in the month of april. those a strong performance. number two, janet yellen says, watch out. interest rates will be going up in the months ahead. what impact from those two items. the dow is up 19 or 20 odd points, 15 points in the early going. who is here on the long holiday weekend, bright-eyeed and bushy-tailed. janet yellen says more interest rates going up in the months ahead, very likely. i put it to you, who cares whether they go up or not? it doesn't seem to have any impact. >> nobody cares. i care. i'd like to see them go higher. i wish they'd get off their fill in the blank and go higher, the only way to free up
9:31 am
liquidity for the average person is to have interest rates higher so the bank lending rate can widen and they'll loan money to an average guy like me and say, here, go buy that house you want to buy because we're making enough money we can afford to make you money. i wants rates higher no matter the stock market, i want rates higher. stuart: mike murphy, janet yellen says that and after she says that the dow goes up. >> it's important to note, she said all along she's going data dependent and now you're getting data to back up a hike over the summer. if you want to hedge your portfolio or concerns you how you're going to affect the overall market, look at the financials, because as its rates are going higher, the financials should move higher as well. stuart: liz, we have news that personal spending went up 1% in april. that's data that the fed looks at. it's more likely to get a rate rise liz: yes, she's saying cautious
9:32 am
and gradual. people are pouring in dividend paying stocks and that's the income asset producing class. that's putting a nice floor under the market right now. stuart: got it. take a look at disney's stock, it's not going to be affected by the news story, but open lower, down 40 cents. the prequel, it's a "star wars" free quell. it's called rogue one. in a lot of trouble and reportedly have to reshoot a bunch of the scenes. ashley: a major disturbance in the force. this is the story that picks up before the very original "star wars." this is a story before the original "star wars," apparently disney execs looked at it and were shocked how bad it was and ordered a lot of reshoots over the month of july to try and save it. the director gareth edwards
9:33 am
took the blame for it. he is the one that reshot 2014 godzilla. stuart: alice through the looking glass, that apparently bombed. >> it's earning about a third of what the original brought in. people are just not liking this and reviews have been bad although ashley saw it. you know, johnny depp's character comes off as eerie and odd and weird again. he's got problems, johnnie depp with his estranged wife. stuart: why did you go to see it? >> the only one that was on at the time we were in the movie theater, let's go see it. we walked in, let's go for it. stuart: you like the stock, $99. >> disney is a franchise and the fact that we're talking about "star wars" and talking about the movies that they have is good publicity for the company and this franchise is going to continue to grow. disney's a quality name that
9:34 am
you can buy on this pullback. stuart: you're only saying that because you have a huge-- >> part of the reason. stuart: part of the reason, yeah. big names, we check them every single day because this is where you are investigating. these are where the movement is taking place. wal-mart at 70 per share and not much movement, having been down with that retail ice age. and same with macy's, retail ice age, down 17 cents today. kohl's up just 12 cents this tuesday morning. how about game stop? that's a bricks and mortar game company, down again today at 28. how about mcdonald's, we know that story. down from the high, and virtually no change this morning. i'm intrigued at amazon, 722 is the all-time high. it's back up again this morning. google, otherwise known as alphabet up-- not up, dead flat. you can't say it's up when it
9:35 am
gains 41 cents on a $748, you can't say that. netflix, 102 and holding as of this morning. sales and profits both higher at medtronic, they make pacemakers, very important company. nicole, why is it down? >> well, it's down because when they gave an outlook, it's a rosie outlook. however, the mid points for the numbers for the outlook were less than what the analyst had been expecting. so thus, we saw a disappointment on wall street and we saw them cut their numbers on medtronics. the company did beat, and pacemakers and coronary stents, that's what medtronic does. they project going forward. stuart: thank you very much indeed. the biggest and perhaps big names that we've been following, that would be facebook. all-time high was 121, getting
9:36 am
real, real close and mike murphy is the guy who said, this is going to be the first trillion dollar company. it would have to get to how much a share. >> need to go up three-fold from here where it is right now. stuart: you think it's going to get there? >> absolutely. stuart: a win? >> it's tough. i think, you know, maybe three years out from now, but i think it will be the first company to get to a trillion dollar market cap. facebook will beat apple. stuart: good point. a lot of people said apple is going to be the one. and the half trillion and stalled well before a trillion. you're holding firm on facebook? >> facebook for sure. stuart: how about apple? let me have the quote right now. i think it's at $100 a share. you wouldn't buy it at 100, apple? >> it's tempting for a long-term hold, but if you're looking for growth, i would look elsewhere, not at apple e todd, come in from chicago
9:37 am
there. which do you think will be the first trillion dollar company, facebook or apple or pick another? >> i actually agree with mike murphy. i think he said five weeks ago, and i do think that facebook is the best company and gets the shot. apple unfortunately found some trouble and if they turn around they have a chase, but facebook is much farther ahead of them now and they've got a much better perspective going forward. and they have too many ways of making money without producing a lot. stuart: everybody, we're back to trading this morning, three-day weekend. janet yellen talking about raising rates and we've got a strong performance from the economy, personal spending up 1%. the result, we've got a dead flat market as opposed to the 40-point gain that we thought. ashley: they have the big jobs number at the end of the week. that's the date that that the fed. stuart: what do they want, do they want strong jobs like
9:38 am
300,000 new jobs? >> the bad news is good news and we should be looking for quality and we want good numbers, strong numbers for the market. stuart: you want strong numbers on the economy. strong numbers for the market. todd horowitz, you heard you coming in there saying something. what did you say? >> the fed has that data. they know what the jobs are on friday. it doesn't come out on 8:30 friday morning. they're got it and can release it whenever they wants. stuart: is that true? todd, i don't know that for a fact. does anybody know that for a fact. ashley: first i heard. stuart: you're drawing a blank. >> they don't get the numbers on friday morning, they get them before friday morning. >> doesn't know when though. stuart: to the economy, at the top of the hour on this program we brought in reagan economist art laffer, i said that um interest p will beat hillary easily because there are similarities between mr. reagan 1980 and the current state of the economy.
9:39 am
todd, do you want to pass judgment on that? >> well, i happen to agree with him. i think that trump is the closest-- he may have a big mouth and loud and not always politically correct, but i think he's more down the center, the best type of president that's going to make adjustments for both sides to get the job done and now you've got reagan's man talked to us and willing to work down the middle with everyone and make it happen liz: to today's point. hillary is defining who she is not. stuart: she's reacting to scandal. just coming in right now. hillary clinton has picked up a big endorsement, who is it? >> jerry brown, california governor putting out a letter to california democrats and independents saying, i've decided to cast my vote for hillary clinton among other reasons, to stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump. she is the only path forward. stuart: that's interesting. a week to go to the california primary and finally, they twisted his arm to say i support hillary. >> yeah, come on, jerry. stuart: i want to thank todd in
9:40 am
chicago and mike here, thank you for being with us on tuesday morning, we will see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: check out the big board. it's creeping a little higher, 9, 8 points for the dow industrials. former attorney general eric holder says eric snowden performed a public service by leaking top secret, classified documents. we're all over that. and donald trump will hold a news conference at 11 eastern this morning. here is the issue. how much money has he raised for veterans charities. we're on that, too. don't forget venezuela, descending into chaos. this is the power of socialism, that's my opinion, opening up right before your opening eyes and it's a terrible thing to behold. night
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>> dead flat, i think that's how we'll characterize this. we're up 1 1/2 points. maybe that's the market reaction to the rate increase possibility raised by janet yellen last week. in other words, a go nowhere rk billionaire carl icahn, he's got a big position in allergan and the stock is up 1 1/2% as a result of icahn's move. i've got breaking news now, facebook, twitter, google, microsoft pledged to fight what they call on-line hate speech. tell me. >> they say they will tackle it and remove it less than 24 hours of it being posted as a part of a commitment with the european union. stuart: so they define what is offensive. ashley: correct. stuart: what is hate speech? >> they say there's a clear
9:45 am
distinction and expression that conducts violence and hate. it's basically a code of conduct they're putting in place. where is the line? what is it liz: it could be a moving target, redefining the rules and regulations there. stuart: i saw the look on your face liz: i was baffled. stuart: they decide what a hate speech and offensive. i saw your face liz: that is more meddling in american business. stuart: and-- >> for taxation and everything else liz: will the eu ever be appeased? they've been behaving like this 20, 30 years. stuart: more than a, i left 40 years ago. former attorney general eric holder, well, he has kind words for nsa fugitive snowden. >> he said in a pod cast, we can argue about what he did and the way he did it, but i think he performed a public service
9:46 am
by the changes that we made. ralph peters is here. go at it, ralph, what do you think about this? >> former attorney general's primary legacy has been dead cops. here is the divisive attorney general, the most divisive in modern times, if not ever, who fostered racial polarization. he praised thugs as heroes. vilified the police and now, out of office, he weighs in on arch traitor, edward snowden. there's no excuse. first of all, he's tried to influence the american justice system, but snowden is not a hero. snowden betrayed the crown jewels of the nsa's programs, that chinese to russians, to the terrorists, he did nothing positive for the american people and, stuart, i'll offer the same challenge i've offered since this story first broke years ago, i want-- there are over 300 million americans. give me the name of one, just
9:47 am
one law abiding citizen who has been harmed in any way by any nsa program? nobody on the left can give me a single name. stuart: you said two things there. number one, you said that maybe attorney general holder is trying to undermine or set up the american legal system. do you mean by that, that they want snowden to come back and face trial and they want him back? is that what you're talking about? >> well, no, actually, i think holder is trying to whitewash what snowden did. on the extreme left, and eric holder in my view, belongs to the extreme left, much farther left than president obama, he's trying to sort of neuter the case and prejudice a future jury pool and there is a lot of sympathy on the source note for people who don't understand how intelligence works. i've worked in intelligence for
9:48 am
20 years, we protect the american people, we do not spy. stuart: if he gave away the crown jewels of the nsa and its secrets, was that-- did people die? did people die because of what snowden did? >> well, yes, of course they did because we know, and the nsa has said this, the government has said this, that because of these compromises, terrorists have been able to evade our interception of their communications, et cetera, the terrorists now how we were getting them. so by those terrorists surviving they've been able to kill a lot more people. so, there's no question in my mind that people died because of it and more people will die and by the way, it costs billions of dollars to build these systems. they're very high-- very highly technical systems and now they're compromised. snowden is a villain. stuart: okay, leave it at that. ralph peters, we'll be seeing you very soon with your new book. can't wait, thanks very much, ralph.
9:49 am
next item, more than a thousand-- more than a thousand now, the numbers here, may be dead or drown following ship wrecks. they've upped the number to a thousand. >> it was originally 700, then 800, and more than a thousand people from the ship wrecks in the mediterranean last week. they expect the numbers, by the way, of those trying to cross from libya to italy, to increase in the coming weeks. the reason is because the route from turkey to greece and up through europe has been shut down by that pact between the eu and turkey. so, we're going to see a lot more of this. >> we'll have a lot more on it, humanitarian crisis big time. to venezuela, it's collapsing, but nobody is blaming socialism. we're all over this one. and also in about an hour, donald trump will hold a news conference to reveal how much he did in fact raise for veterans charities and where that money went. >> we have the person who is
9:50 am
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9:54 am
810 in february, 751 today. look at amazon, 722 was the high, just a couple of weeks ago. and we're still well above $700. 718 now, it's on another run this morning. what, 3 1/2 dollars away from an all-time high for amazon. rioting and looting in venezuela, still going on. the country is still in a state of collapse, in my opinion, because of its socialist policies. i want to bring in danielle dimartino booth, former federal reserve advisor who knows the country well. my opinion, it's socialism that's failed. it's not a drop in the price of oil or a drought. it's socialism that failed, what say you? >> i have to agree, stuart. when you consider the commodity's supercycle that china i go nated -- ignited and think of what the venezuelan quality has been,
9:55 am
failed socialism. >> you know the economy, and-- >> i used to live there. >> they are not commenting out of their homes. >> they're very social and dancing until sunrise. it's a whole other thing having the riots being related to babies dying in the hospital, and it's a devolution, it's not just a political situation. stuart: saturday morning, the holiday weekend, i open up the times and read their story about the collapse of venezuela. they did not even use the word socialism, it's nowhere to be find at all and someone asked bernie sander, the democratic socialist and he says i've got an opinion on venezuela, but i'm focused on the presidential election. he would not answer the
9:56 am
question. >> that's disingenuous. stuart: it is. why doesn't the left state what's going on in venezuela? >> look, they're not even rumors anymore. i mean, these-- the last time at a blackout in the country, seven babies died because they couldn't keep the-- they couldn't keep the equipment that was helping them survive on. stuart: so are we, in america, going to give humanitarian aid? are we going to? should we? >> i think the world should be giving humanitarian aid because of the depth of the crisis, but what they're accepting right now is coming from, fill in the blank, china and it's drug specific to the zika virus. with all due deference to the zika outbreak, they have many more issues, diabetics can't get-- >> if we give humanitarian aid? there should be political
9:57 am
strings attached, the socialist government. >> they need to let the imf in and other organizations that can help them begin to address what's going on with their economy liz: the president was rejecting any help from the outside. he won't accept it. >> which in my mind makes him a madman. stuart: thank you for joining us. i'm sorry the time is short. it's an active news day. great subject. thank you. still ahead, a state department watch dog says he doesn't buy hillary clinton's excuse for using a private e-mail server for official business. judge napolitano coming back for that one. plus, long lines at security at the airports, there's a problem-- it's a problem that's not going away. in our next hour, someone who was inside with top tsa officials, he says the problem boils down to a couple words, gross incompetence. and we're waiting for donald trump's news conference. the topic, veterans and charity donations.
9:58 am
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>> 10:00 on the east coast, it's 7:00 in california where they will be voting one week from today. and donald trump, one hour from now, will address the money he's raised for veterans groups. his spokesperson today. and hillary clinton, shall we call it desperation, canceling events in new jersey to spend more time in california and fending off attacks from bernie and trump at the same time. plus, her top guy, john podesta, trying to explain away the e-mail scandal. this hour, the man who is running against debby wasserman-schultz in the primary has bernie sanders' endorsement. and summing up the problems with the tsa, gross incompetence. here comes hour two. ♪
10:01 am
we are back after a three-day weekend and the markets are open and we're down just three points. remember, please, janet yellen spoke, saying a rate hike is likely. rates up, stocks down, that's not happening today thus far. how about the price of oil? very close to $50 a barrel. we're up 1% and maybe that's keeping a floor under the stock market. soda stream, now there's a name to remember. they're going to release their new homemade beer system. >> beer? >> that's the news. >> home brew, think about it liz: that's the home brew we want to talk about. stuart: that's why it's up 6 1/2. ashley: beer stream. stuart: how about this one, billionaire carl icahn announced what he called a large position of the botox maker, that would be allergan, that's up over 1%. latest read on the economy
10:02 am
breaking now, ash. consumer confidence. ashley: consumer confidence lowest since november. we're going back what, seven months now. this is on the back of the consumer spending, which is much better than expected liz: it's a mixed read. ashley: a mixed read, thank you very much. stuart: you've got rates maybe going up from janet yellen. personal spending of a very strong 1% and consumer confidence is not going the direction. you've got a market going nowhere. so we're down 6 1/2 points for the dow industrials liz: and we're 120 away from dow 18,000, always the optimist. stuart: very good. thank you very much indeed. what do we have for you. in about one hour, donald trump will hold a news conference and address the money raised for veterans charities. here is what he tweeted about this subject earlier this morning. i have raised/given a tremendous amount of money to
10:03 am
our great veterans and i've got nothing, but bad publicity for doing so. watch. trump and campaign senior president representative baumgartner is with us right now. all right, what's he going to say at this news conference? is he going to say i've got all of this money from the veterans and here is how much and here is where it went? >> well, i think first and foremost, the campaign has not announced the specific reason for the press conference, they want to clarify that. second, i'm sure there's been a lot of interest in terms of the donations and you know, mr. trump himself has made a very generous contribution to veterans, over a million dollars, roughly. and i'm sure that, you know, he'll be happy to take those questions during a press conference, but, you know, i think the question that americans have, why are veterans are continuing to be mistreated. today, coincidentally is the two year anniversary of the
10:04 am
be be bergdohl flop, and president obama, and mr. trump will continue to do so as president of the united states. stuart: there have been questions about the $6 million he said he had raised or would raise. can you confirm that that may not be the reason why he's holding a news conference today, but can you confirm that that's what he's going to talk about? that's what he's going to detail where that money actually went? >> you're a member of the media. you know just as well as i do, a media political person, if you will, that, you know, he will field questions and answer them as they come up as they're directed to him. i'm sure he'll be happy to. >> so you don't know that he's going to address this? >> again, our press conference is for the members of media to
10:05 am
address the questions and i'm sure he'll address those accordingly. >> i'm sure he will. there's also talk from bill cristal of an impressive, that's his word, impressive third party candidate, maybe jumping into the race. and donald trump tweeted that bill cristal would be the target of a drone-- he would be on a drone kill li list. that's a little extreme, would you say? >> i think, look, i think bill cristal is desperate and he's trying to get attention. he's really irrelevant at this point. you know, americans are not interested in politics and pundits as usual. they want something fresh, they want something new, they want their voices to be heard. they want to be put first. we've bin ignored for too long and bill cristal's comment are indicative his head is buried in the sand. it's a detriment to the party
10:06 am
and american people are speaking loudly and clearly, we need to unify the party and focus on the big picture, defeating hillary clinton and preventing a clinton from ever getting back into the white house. stuart: and figuratively as well about a drone kill list. we shall see at 11:00 this morning. thank you for joining us. see us soon. >> thanks for having me as always. stuart: sure thing. we're saying that hillary-- i'm going to say this again, she's in desperation mode. there's a big boost for her campaign in california though, the governor, jerry brown has endorsed her, hillary is in a real fight with bernie sanders bernie sanders. ashley: an open letter to california democrats endorsing hillary clinton saying clinton's lead, democrats have shown why millions of voters want her and their nominee. he does praise bernie sanders, says he is very impressed with
10:07 am
him and driven home the message that the top 1% has unfairly captured too much -- stuart: top 0001%. in a memo to support his top clinton aide john podesta addressed the email scandal. her use of a personal server was a mistake and the ongoing reviews of the matter, completion of the inspector general's examination gets us closer to resolving this. this comes hours after a planned stop in new jersey to extend her time in california. one week from today. tamura holder is with us. would you reject the use of the word desperate when attached to hillary's campaign? >> absolutely. it is stupid for you to say
10:08 am
something so foolish. you are a smart man but that was a stupid comment on your part. here is the thing. >> oh please. >> after a long weekend i feel i need to punch you a little bit but the fact is you are taking it with a smile. you know that i love you. hillary has the nomination locked in but she is not desperate. number one, this is a mind game to bernie sanders that she is going to go to california even though she will have the nomination locked in and to the voters that every vote counts, she isn't an egotistical person who expects to win the nomination even though she most likely will and she is going to go out there equally and for
10:09 am
right for every vote as well. in california she is going to have the nomination before california. stuart: that makes her desperate. it really does. if she loses california. >> it is embarrassing. >> if she is indicted on top of that she really is -- >> she is not going to be indicted. stuart: as hillary tries to fight off bernie in california donald trump says he is counting on 40% of sanders's supporters eventually to shift to him but the wall street journal poll showed 17% of sanders supporters would switch to trump. i don't care whether it is 40% or 17%. even if it is down at 17% that is a huge chunk of democrats who will go for trump. >> it is about the message bernie sanders and donald trump have. stuart: is there another reason to desperation on the part of the left?
10:10 am
>> it is a matter of concern that there are issues -- everything i say is hilarious even though hillary clinton is going to be president. you are going to be laughing november 9th. stuart: i don't know the election but, she may lose california and she may be indicted and is getting desperate all over the place and i think that is a fact of political life to her. >> she just needs to be concerned about why people are angry, going for someone like donald trump or bernie sanders and it is because of their anger with the establishment whether you are on the left with a right. stuart: hold on a second. i want to break away to this. in mexico professional soccer
10:11 am
player was kidnapped saturday night not far from the us-mexico border. he has since been rescued but he was ambushed by gunmen. >> anywhere from four to six masked gunmen. here is what happened. he is kidnapped, brought to a house, he unties himself and breaks through a window. that is why he is wearing a bandage in the shot here. and he escaped. here is the story. this is a border state, texas, 1000 people kidnapped in this region a year and locals say it could be 10 times that. stuart: immigration and the border is a serious issue in america and president obama and hillary clinton and bernie sanders will do absolutely nothing about it except bring in more democrat voters from south of the border. >> you are really stretching the truth today because the issue is we have a serious drug trade in mexico on top -- official
10:12 am
figures report 270 kidnappings a day, a day in mexico. stuart: close the border. >> in mexico. the border has nothing to do with 270 can dabbings today. you are mixing apples and oranges. there is a serious drug trade in mexico. people are dying on the streets because that is the only source of revenue for the people who work there, the drug trade. stuart: so true, thank you. that was fine and dandy. stupid stuart. >> i hope you are kidnapped. say you didn't mean that. >> people are going to say that to me. i would never say that about you. stuart: video, baby elephant, wildlife officials -- you can see with sledgehammers and they
10:13 am
will be elephant to safety, ropes around the front legs, pull it out, the elephant is now receiving medical treatment but that is a good story on tuesday morning. meanwhile here at home millions of travelers forced to wait in long lines at airports. our next guest was at a high level meeting where officials describe mass incompetence at the tsa. we will take you inside the meeting. that is next. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva
10:14 am
can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? .. biotene, for people who suffer ..
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10:16 am
stuart: long holiday weekend and many of you saw lines of security at the airport. not sure where that video comes
10:17 am
from but there were lines at the airport this holiday weekend. my next guest attended a tsa meeting on the issue of lines. mike boyd is with us. i know you don't want to go there but a top level meeting about security and lines, you are telling us as an insider at the meeting a story of gross incompetence. tell us about it. >> the meeting had nothing to do with it. public knowledge, tsa telling people to show up two you hours before departure time. if you're going from new york to boston four hours after a workday, we know the tsa doesn't know how many screeners they need. we know from congressman mc call as they tell you they are not
10:18 am
sure about the budgeting process. it is public knowledge of all across the board, the tsa don't know their own numbers. they said screening 740 million passengers this year, that isn't true. they are confusing employment with passengers. it is more like 580 million passengers ahead of the tsa doesn't know the difference. what we are talking about is a situation where the public sees what is going on at the tsa. it is appalling. stuart: what was the conclusion of this meeting? did they admit they don't know what is going on or how to fix it? >> they are open about it how messed up they are. they spoke to congress on may 12th. if you read his testimony would think he took over a cesspool company, i think he did. 12 years into this the public can see what is going on at the
10:19 am
tsa and the fact is we are not doing anything about it. you think one person in congress is going to say jay johnson had no security background at the security department should be removed? that would offend obama we won't say those things. stuart: do you expect a resolution of security line problem this year from tsa? >> no because they don't know what they are doing. the top people at the tsa are not security people. they are lawyers and appointees. they don't know what they are doing and the people in the blue shirts who go through our laundry are victims of this so i don't think there is any solution at all. congress won't do anything about it. stuart: we hear you loud and clear. appreciate it. we have more shocking news out of europe a. we are getting updated numbers on migrants trying to cross the mediterranean. the latest number of deaths, drownings is 800. this has been moving all over the place. the latest number is 800 in a
10:20 am
single week. 1000 are missing, dreadful humanitarian story, just awful. we are on it and have the story. debbie wasserman schultz, her rival in the primary election in florida, the gentleman on the left is being backed by bernie sanders, hillary clinton's opponent. that gentleman on the left is on this program today. socialist venezuela turmoil, collapsed in this country, democrats avoiding the topic like plague. more varney in a moment.
10:21 am
.. okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ]
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. stuart: look at this, green arrows for crude oil, $50 a
10:24 am
barrel. natural gas going up in price as well. southwestern energy and diamond, offshore, coastal energy, it is up across the board energy stocks are up this morning. a key ruling for the supreme court has to do with water rights and federal government. stuart: private property, this is a huge issue out west. the army corps of engineers says we are designating this as wetlands even if it is on your property and you are using it you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to go through a complicated challenge, most people can't do that, they ruled with the side of property owners and said you can go to federal court and challenge the designation of whatever is designated west lands or whatever. a big win for property owners.
10:25 am
it is a big picture. stuart: they say knock it off. best news of the morning. stuart: new this morning, the international organization for migration estimates more than 1000 people are dead or missing trying to cross the mediterranean sea in the last week. a swift village being fined $300,000 for refusing to take the government imposed quota of migrants. ashley: you never heard of this, and 300 millionaires or population of 2200. as part of the quota system switzerland came up with, is supposed to take 10 refugees, went to a referendum and would rather pay a fine closer to $300,000 to take in 10 refugees,
10:26 am
we do not want them here, we do not want to spoil things, the won't said in. they out to say no, we are not racist, just being honest. stuart: tuesday morning following a 3-day holiday weekend, consumer confidence, spending up 1%, janet yellen says maybe we will high-grade sand ago nowhere stock market, we are down 2. donald trump will give a news conference about the subject of charitable donation to veterans. that will come up if it is happening on this program in the next hour. a story that is firing people up across the country, a gorilla shot dead after a boy falls into its enclosure. who is to blame? the story next.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: the collapse of venezuela is a problem for election in america. how are they going to find the latest failure of socialism? make no mistake, that's what it is. socialism is not the heart of food lines, power cuts, no water, no work. how does the last explain the failure of their own policies when applied down there? answer? they don't. on saturday, "the new york times" ran a long article on venezuela's collapse. the word socialism was never used, not mentioned. the chaos according to the times is the result of a drop in oil prices and a bad drought. not socialism. what the governments policy of confiscating private property and nationalizing oil business was sent back that of a story. that is what ruined venezuela.
10:31 am
the times does not go anywhere near this. then there is senator bernie sanders is running for president as a democratic socialist. but if you think about venezuela's collapse? he was asked twice, but on both occasions he refused to give his opinion because he was focused on his presidential campaign. precisely, bernie. tell us what a socialist presidency would do to america. the truth is we are doing now. socialism is similar to president obama's ear at all government all the time. the tax and demonize the rich. that's what we've been stuck with actually for years. socialism by any other name. the left cannot admit these policies have been a failure. they cannot discuss venezuela. they can address the slide in leftist brazil and they can't go near the ruin of europe, which is the direct result of bernie's
10:32 am
beloved democratic socialism. here's what i think it's going to have going to happen. the downward spiral has begun. there will not be a happy ending. the left will say it is our fault. they will never blame socialism for this moral and economic ruin. that is where the blame lies. it is time that the left be confronted with socialism's failure. getting all worked up there. that spring and tenured economics professor from the university of maryland, peter marie c. where am i going wrong? >> we can see it right here in ways that are subtle but still very consequential. for example, barack obama and friendly governors, writing article right now it's related governors in places like california and new york spend our tax dollars they can raise on health care in transfer payments. they've jumped hugely over the last eight years doing things
10:33 am
like short in state universities. there was an article in "the new york times" this weekend about city college been in ruins and an absolute wreck. they are not investing in infrastructure and certainly not keeping up our fleet. the consequence the economy is losing its foundations and ability to defend ourselves others in their foundations. stuart: one other issue related to dispute jerry tsai in "the wall street journal" has a piece out that says he ran this headline. let me show you the headline that ran yesterday. economic scars help explain bizarre 2016 race. basically saying, well, it was very damaging to a great many people and they're not over it. that's why we've got charm. that's what got bernie sanders. the antiestablishment people. are you buying that? >> absolutely. hillary clinton strategy of battery left wing strategist. they will merge at any point on the political spectrum and they
10:34 am
are picking scapegoats, and basically picking bankers, big business and so forth, villainize a man and saying they need to be taxed on a controlled and so forth so that you can now social and economic justice. donald trump is equally appealing to people that are disaffected, that they don't see the world that way. they see all this political correctness and socialism is the root of their problem. the basic problem hillary has been a know it is not pc to say this, we have so many takers now that it's going to be very difficult or donald trump to win. quite apart from his remark about hispanics. let's face it, they come from places like venezuela, poster rico, mexico where there is a culture of expecting the government to fix things for them. frankly they are the swing votes in this election. locks are not going to vote for republican members and a circus dances and a lot of a lot of disaffected ways that won't vote for hillary under any circus
10:35 am
dances. and it will be very difficult to redeem the country. >> all i can say is thank heavens you have tenure. i don't know whether there is room for you in american university. peter marie c. any time you like. to the market. i will call this dead fly. down eight points on a 17,800 makes. i'll call that dead flat this tuesday morning. fifty dollars a barrel, right there. interesting the stock market is not up when you have 50 bucks a barrel. the suggestion we will get a rate hike soon and propelling
10:36 am
higher. it is a large position in the botox make her come allergan up two bucks. not a huge move. 1% up. apple, more problems than indiana. they are all basically falling apart except for india, which continues to be the bright spot that is growing. desperately looking for a market to pick up where china is not doing it for them. they sell refurbished iphones. i don't care how certified they are. that obligates nine teen smartphone makers who are making very cheap funds for the indian market. that is a problem. >> china slows down.
10:37 am
it is very important. thank you very much. now to the story and i mean everybody has been talking about this over the holiday weekend. the cincinnati zoo's 400 pounds of her back her bella shot dead after a 4-year-old boy got into the animal's enclosure. outrage. who is to blame? one online petition has over 130,000 signatures calling for the parents of the boy to be held responsibly -- responsible. celebrities weightman. here is a tweet from rob lowe. retrieved this guy in the mom, you have societies problems in a nutshell. everything is everyone else's fault. piers morgan. rip hamabre. magnificent gorilla dies because a zoo failed to make it scarier safe.
10:38 am
i think morgan has a point. after all these years. from the national review. i want your opinion on this. everybody is into this who is to blame. >> it obviously should have been a little safer at the zoo. maybe the mom should've been paying attention. when i was a kid i went to the zoo and i have wonderful parents. thankfully they are not quite so dangerous. they shoot the gorilla. that is ridiculous. >> you think animals should have standing in court? so someone could bring a lawsuit on behalf of a the parents because you let this happen to me. when i was a kid i was super into jane goodall and i was really into it. still you've got to shoot the
10:39 am
gorilla. he can make you more angry. it's a child involved. i'm hearing more about this poor gorilla didn't thank god we didn't watch a toddler mauled to death by a gorilla, which i'm focusing on the positivity of that situation. stuart: i think piers morgan had a point. if you design an enclosure for guerrillas and a 4-year-old boy can slip through a couple wires and through some bushes and drop into the enclosure, the design of the enclosure is wrong. liz: the silverback is notably aggressive. stuart: hamabre is the name of the gorilla. it's swahili. as the national symbol of kenya. the poor guy is dead because of this. >> i'm sure the mom is probably embarrassed. things are going to change. you've got to watch your kid.
10:40 am
>> i don't have kids, so i don't know anything about parenting, but i do know, don't let your kid get into a gorilla page is up there. stuart: you are all right. thanks for joining us. i've got a question about soda stream. the stock is a huge mover today. come on in the cold. not just soda. make her at home. >> this is a whole new venue. the carbonated water. about 20% to the upside. this is -- [inaudible] there is a growing trend and it's an interesting move for a
10:41 am
time. they wanted a soda stream. stuart: thank you so much. sorry about the other boys i was hearing. sounded like somebody else was a competitor. 20 minutes for now, donald trump. ms. conference in new york city. he's supposed to address how much he how much she's raised for veterans charities. we'll take you there. who will watch the news conference as it happens. the man challenging debbie wasserman schultz and congress. he is challenging her in the primary in florida. the guy on the left has got the support of bernie sanders. clearly there is a deep divide in the democratic party. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here's what you missed last hour. art laffer on president reagan and donald trump. train to 39% of californians are hispanic and you why people under 40%.
10:44 am
>> i'm not going to go into demographics and how many blacks, how many males, females and hispanics. people vote their pocketbook. ask yourself the question, do you think you're doing well in the economy today? i don't think so. the ultra promises a strong economy and therefore likes a strong economy no matter what your race, no matter what your gender, no matter what your age. making money is fun.
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: new footage from texas not good. this is true in the houston area. devastating flooding, four straight days of rain at capacity. whole neighborhoods as you can be submerged. six people are dead did what a dreadful holiday weekend in east texas. not good. there's a big name stocks we check regularly. we do this because this is where your money is going. this is where the little guy is putting his or her money. google is 749. a 10 in february. amazon touched a high of 722. a couple weeks ago 7:18 this
10:47 am
morning up another six but. facebook on this program we've had people say it will be the first trillion dollars company. it has to go to $400 a share to get that high. 118 now, the great exit patients from a lot of people. next case, politics. our next guest is the democrat who's challenging florida in the florida primary running against dnc chair congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. tim canova is with us now. you are the candidate going up again that he wasserman schultz. you have the backing of bernie sanders. you have the backing of several leftist pacs. would you describe yourself as a democratic socialist? >> i've never describe myself. in fact, i'm receptive to capitalism. capitalism on main street, small businesses for a lot of years
10:48 am
with their capitalistic enterprise are now so well. by extension are you challenging him from the right? >> i'm a progressive democrat and franklin roosevelt. when you look at dwight eisenhower's farewell address, he talked about balancing the public and private sectors. you have a strong infrastructure investment in the public during a strong public sector when you have free markets. stuart: is another debbie wasserman schultz and again by extension hillary clinton really want? the very big public investment in infrastructure and investment. is not what you want, too? >> that's what i want, too. debbie wasserman schultz stands for an awful lot. issue after issue them closer to
10:49 am
hillary clinton than debbie wasserman schultz is here devoted to fast-track the transpacific hardener share. hillary clinton is against it. stuart: she was negotiating it. she was very much in favor. >> i'm well aware. debbie wasserman schultz has been pushing a republican bill to protect payday lenders. debbie wasserman schultz is taking money from private prisons, supporting the war on drugs and mass incarceration. a lot of issues out of step with the interest of her constituents. stuart: what are the local polls telling you? are you mac? >> there have not been in a local polls and i'm aware of. she has a lot of name recognition, but there's still plenty of time until the election on august 30th. stuart: thank you for joining us. we just wanted kate your position. we appreciate that. >> i mentioned any of her
10:50 am
challengers. good luck if there is a debate. we would like to hear it in ca. a couple of minutes from now, donald trump will hold a news conference in new york city. his expect it to get exactly how much he has raised for veterans charities. it will be a news conference, not quite like that that you see on your screen is. i love latinas. in our next hour, the first latino on the apprentice. she personally knows donald trump. does she think trump can win over the hispanic voters? >> latina is, i love you darling. come on over here. get her out here. [cheers and applause] i love her.
10:51 am
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stuart: attorney general eric holder had kind words for nsa fugitives noted. he said this. we can certainly argue about the way in which snowden did what he
10:55 am
did. i think he made a public service. ralph peters is here. go at it. when you think of this? >> former attorney general holders primary legacy has been dead cops. here is a divisive attorney general, the most divisive in modern times if not ever. who fostered racial polarization. he vilified the police and now out of office, he weighs in on edward snowden. eric holder and mankiw belongs to the extreme left, much further than president obama. he is trying to start a neutered the case and prejudice future jury pool. there is sympathy with on the fringes for snowden, for people who don't understand how intelligent works. i worked in the intelligence
10:56 am
world for almost 22 years. we protect the american people. we do not spy on them. stuart: real fast, if you gave away the crown jewels of the nsa and its secrets, and did people die? did people die because of what snowden did? >> yes, of course they do. that because of these compromises, terrorists have been able to evade interception of communications, et cetera. by those terrorists are by then, they've been able to kill a lot more people. there's no question in my mind people died because of it geared more people will die. and by the way, it cost billions of dollars to build the system. they are very highly technical systems and now they are compromised. snowden is the villain. stuart: be that bad. ralph peters, we will be see you very soon.
10:57 am
ashley: moments from now, donald trump will be holding a news conference in new york did we expect him to address exactly how much money he raised for veterans charities. we are back with donald trump in three minute.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: moments from now, one might almost say any moment now, donald trump will hold a news conference at trump tower in new york city. he is expected to address the money he raised for veterans charities. he raised it at an event in iowa earlier this year. how much did he raise? where did the money go? there will be answers coming up for you this hour. look at the market down a bit. minus 45. not a big draw. a quarter of 1% to the price of oil hit 50 bucks a barrel earlier. we were at 4990 right now. natural gas is up in price as well. therefore energy stocks across
11:01 am
the board of. southwestern energy and williams, natural gas companies basically have. i'm not sure, marathon oil, they are all a this morning by several percentage. that is a rally in energies talks. chipotle is down not much, but for bucks down to 441. when mutual fund run by fidelity has cut its stake in chipotle. this is the largest and mr. interpol lay in its cut it to. 1% down for chipotle. don't ever forget they spoke. down today, but still close to the all-time high of 121. how about apple? there's talk of problems with iphones in india. the sale thereof and the talk is retreating from $100 a share. that is apple this morning. but who is here come the former goldman sachs partner peter. along with ashley webster and elizabeth mcdonald. there's all this talk about a
11:02 am
rate increase. janet gallo was talking about it friday. normally talk about a rate increase in the stock market heads south. the mac it is after all a whole one quarter of 1%. i would not characterize that. i would say right now there's the good, the bad and ugly. the good is surprisingly good. amazon, netflix, google. the surprises are oil. oil is up 90% in 90 days and the state oil company after oil company respond. it looks like there's going to be no-caps enough production in opec meeting this week. again, with the lifted rates, financials to have been asleep are coming back. stuart: if i'm a guy sitting at home with money to invest, do i put it in the stock market with the dallas 17a? >> we have not had 256 days.
11:03 am
i would not be embarrassed or shy about taking gains if he had an all-time high. i would not be ashamed to sell. i actually think the market is very choppy. oil prices will not hang him. way too much connectivity between oil price. so i would not be afraid to sell them now. stuart: it is like pulling teeth, but you got there. making fun of a guy from congress. >> that's why i come here. look at the headline from "the wall street journal." quote, economic stars help explain a bizarre 2016 race. in other words, it is so bad we are all scarred by it, so ago for trump or bernie sanders. what do you make of that? >> you don't judge a town by how it behaves during a tornado. you judge a town by how it rebuilds after a tornado.
11:04 am
we've got only a modest job of rebuilding our economy. jobs should have been front and center. not just any jobs. high quality jobs. when you talk to the people in this country, even the ones employed say i am chasing a dream. it is eluding me. i'm not earning enough. everything about being in the middle class is subject to much higher inflation. the relevant inflation is punishing. the inflation of the house, car, health care, college education, retirement. the conviction -- your children will be better off than you were. that is eluding us. we have not put that front and center. we have not managed to recover a very well and that is why it has a lasting shadow. stuart: if you'd be so kind to stay right there. i want to talk about donald trump for a second. he is pushing to court latino and female voters. despite criticism about the comments he's made, our next
11:05 am
guest is the first latina president of the u.s. television network that will be telemundo and the first latina on celebrity apprentice did she has a new book called a self-made. nelly columbus with us. welcome to the show. >> happy to be with you. stuart: obvious question. what proportion of hispanic voters will vote for donald trump in november? just guess. the mac i can answer that. i don't know the exact answer, but i can tell you that it's not going to be very high. i would guess. stuart: 20%? >> i can't give you an exact number. to make it over beyond it? >> very tough. he's already started from the place of negativity and i think that is a strategy. i just wrote the book's self-made because you are the self-made women in america? latinos, african-americans, asians, middle east.
11:06 am
they are the fastest-growing notch burner is the new growth growth engine in this country. stuart: wait a minute. the fastest growing entrepreneurial classes in the grand from the mideast, latin america? >> women entre nous wars within diverse entrepreneurs. stuart: they know a thing about entrepreneurial spirit. >> en masse, these are the fastest growing. it's a positive story. >> therefore, wouldn't these people you write about, with they want to growing, expanding economy? they are not going to get that with bernie sanders or hillary. >> they want someone pushing them to move forward, helping small businesses. stuart: they want someone be nice to them. >> that's not true. stuart: they want to growing economy. they are creating the growing economy. look, if you look at these group
11:07 am
of people, these are the people that every advertiser, ever retailer wants. without them, there is no success. stuart: i don't get why you're telling me that the first priority is some politician will be nice to them and say nice things about them coming and that to them. >> not someone who trashes them or put them down for no raise in. stuart: habakkuk trumped up yet? sorry. donald trump is in a rut in you. listen, please. >> we've gotten the nomination. we are going to have been incredible. in cleveland. we have started working already on the convention and the broad, good luck in the series because we are going to have a serious of which of course the longer it goes, the last time we have, but that's okay. interested to see what happens. as you know, they are playing the blast the ball championships partially in that arena. i think it will lead to the excitement in cleveland and
11:08 am
that's good yet that's what we want because it is an exciting period of time. we have done some awfully good work. i was just informed that we've got more votes than anybody in the history of the republican primaries and we still have a gas six or seven locations to go, states to go and in the history, think of it, in the history of this great party, we've gotten substantially more votes than anybody else, then millions, many millions more. you know, when you think dwight eisenhower and ronald reagan and everybody. we have the most votes by far. that is something to me that's very exciting. overall it has just been a very exciting process. i think we are going to do very well. we have no idea what will happen on the democrat side, but they're certainly having difficulty. i don't like to see people having difficulty, but if anybody has to have it, let it be done. it's going to be interesting.
11:09 am
i'm proud to say we've got the most votes. if you look at the overall primary, the amount of votes cast is also a record. we've broken a lot of records in terms of the voters. polling has come out of the polls are doing well as you know of. pretty much even in some cases ahead of hillary. i think we'll have a very, very successful number of months. i think you will all culminate in november and we are going to make america great again. okay? that is the way it is. does anybody have any questions? [inaudible] >> gap. [inaudible] >> okay. i'm glad you asked the question because i have to tell you i've raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets, almost
11:10 am
$6 million more money will come in over the next little while. i've raised almost $6 million. all of the money has been paid out and i'm going to give it to you in a second. i've written a list just in case the question was asked. the money has been paid out. i have been thanked by so many veterans groups throughout the united states. one gentleman called me up recently crying that out of the blue he got a check for $100,000. i've been thanked by so many groups. by the way, a few people picketing are sent there by hillary clinton and they are picketing that money wasn't spent. the money has all been then. i wanted to keep it private if we could because i don't get anybody's business if i want to send money to the vets. i have to say this. i raced close to $6 million. it will probably be over that amount when it's all said and done. as of this moment, it is
11:11 am
$5.6 million. this started with the speech in iowa when i said let's raise the money for the vets and i for the vets and i went up from a million dollars to $2 million to $3 million in it now and that to be almost $6 million in again, we can do even better than that. i will say that the press should be ashamed of themselves. on behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are calling me and they are furious because i send people checks of a lot of money. i would give you the names right now, which is what you want. instead of being thank you very much or trump did a good job, everyone safe bugatti, who got it. you make them look very bad. i've never received such bad publicity for doing a good job. i will give you the names that that's what you want. are you ready? much of the money was paid out, but you have to that all of these different groups because these are many different groups.
11:12 am
you have to go through process. when you send checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars to people and to companies and groups you've never heard of, charitable organizations, you send people out, do a lot of work. most of the money went out a while ago. some of them are recently. i will give you the names. are you ready? again, i really think, you know my opinion of the media. it's very low. i think the media is frankly made up of people that in many cases, not in all cases, are not good people. this is an example. on behalf of the all of the folks that have worked hard on this in all the people that have made contributions including myself, i gave a million dollars. but i just want to tell you that they were so many people that are so thankful for what we did. one other thing that is important to know. it is $0 have been taken out for
11:13 am
administration. when you go to a lot of these different groups come in this case $0 have been taken out for administration. a lot of these companies make a lot of money with the administration stuff. no money. it costs $0 to accumulate all this money. so you have 22 and that's $200,000. you can call these people. that was another thing. a lot of the money when it was sent out, different people would call. i'm not going to mention anybody specifically, but a couple people were really disgusting. they would call and they don't get a lot of calls from the press. maybe some of them would keep quiet or they didn't know or didn't want her to the press or didn't feel comfortable. they didn't say the money which they all did. they all got the money. all certified sheds. rather than singing could i see a certified check, they said
11:14 am
they didn't say they got the money. they all got the money, but they are people that always talk to the press. many of them do. i guess he found $2 million or $2.5 million. the numbers $5.6 million is going to possibly go about that because they believe some other people are coming in. ready? 22 killed by $200,000. now, these are checks that have been delivered, that has been cached, that are now being used to help do that. achilles international, great organization. $200,000. much of this money was paid a long time ago. american hero adventures $100,000. americans for equal living $100,000. america's bad dogs, the veteran k-9 corps and $75,000.
11:15 am
and that's $75,000. just so you understand, when i didn't do the one fox debate because i didn't think they treated me right, but actually they've been extremely fairer for the lesser for months. i have to say that about fox. when i didn't do that one event, the debate, i gave a speech. i didn't have to do this with the money, but i decided to because i thought it would be a people.ea. carl icahn gave half a million dollars goodfellow ruffin gave a million dollars. stuart rocketed million. ike perlman gave a million. we raised a lot of money and i didn't have to do that. it would've been easier to get the speech. the problem with the prices they convinced people like me not to do it, not to give money to different dance because it's a lot easier that way. armed services, ymca of the united states $75,000. bob woodruff's family foundation
11:16 am
inc. they do a good job his $75,000. central iowa shelter and services. these are all veteran related. $100,000. connected warriors and $75,000. disabled american veterans charitable service trust $115,000. fisher house foundation, great people. $115,000. folds of honor foundation $200,000. foundation for american veterans $75,000. freedom alliance $75,000. green beret foundation $350,000. higher heroes u.s.a. $75,000. homes for our troops $50,000.
11:17 am
just so you understand, we've got a long way to go. this money was raised during the little speech that i made rather than doing a debate. the one debate i missed was the lowest rated debate by the way, but i won't say that. honoring america's warriors $100,000. hope for the warriors $65,000. intrepid fallen heroes fund $175,000. canines are warriors $50,000. liberty house $100,000. marine law enforcement foundation $1,100,000. i gave a million dollars to them. a great group. maybe phil foundation, $465,000.
11:18 am
navy marine corps relief society $75,000. new england wounded veterans inc. $75,000. operation homefront $65,000. partners for patriot, $100,000. project for patriot than we are still vetting done. but that is ready to go but they don't have all of their appropriate -- in fact, we have done here will be released to them upon the receipt of the irs determination letter is the only one, which we hear they are fantastic, but they have to give us the final document. this is what i mean by vetting. you have to have all the documents otherwise you can't get the money. projects are patriots $100,000. puppy jake foundation $100,000. racing for heroes inc. $200,000.
11:19 am
supports siouxland soldiers $100,000. task force dagger foundation and $50,000. the mission continues $75,000. the national military family association inc. $75,000. veterans air lift command $100,000. veteran count $25,000. veterans in command inc. $150,000. vietnam veterans workshop inc. $75,000. warriors for freedom foundation $50,000 i believe we are going to have some are coming in. some friends of mine with more coming in. that adds up to 6 million -- well let's see, that adds up to $5,600,000 total and we are going to have some more coming
11:20 am
in. [applause] now -- [applause] thank you. thank you. every one of those checks has been passed other than one check which is being held subject to bear getting final approval from the government. every one of those checks has been passed. this is my check for a million dollars. we have many letters from the different herbs thanking us very much for the money. i didn't ask people to be here today. i could've asked everyone of the groups, unlike hillary who asks people to stand outside and say donald trump didn't get the money. i gave $5,600,000. more is coming in, probably tops the $6 million number. i never thought would raise a million dollars when we started. we end up doing almost $6 million. i have to tell you, the prize is
11:21 am
so dishonest and so unfair. a lot of the people behind me and some of the people over here helped invent in the various requests for money and i just want to thank all of those people. yes? [inaudible] some of you -- some of those you mentioned are very well known. [inaudible] >> i wasn't involved in picking the organizations other than a given million dollars to the line for his membranes. they are fabulous people. they honored may last year at the waldorf astoria. i knew them. i was going to give it to three groups said we couldn't do them quickly, so i gave it to the marines. if you look at that number, the marine corps law enforcement foundation is a fabulous group and i didn't have to go three big vetting process with an because i was going to split the million dollars check among
11:22 am
three or four different groups than in the end i just didn't want to go through the process of having to bet all those different groups. [inaudible] >> i didn't want to do this with the press involved. all of a sudden. all of a sudden never once has worded echo, who did it go too? then we said how much was it. we gave -- but, when this started, i think you were there. if we could raise a million dollars that would be good and we ended up raising him a $6 million yet i will have more coming in over a period of time. [inaudible] >> and totally accountable. but i did want to have credit for it. what i got was worse than credit because they were questioning me. by the way, most of the money went out very early just so you understand to a lot of these groups getting vetted, where you pay the money out, and they need government documentation. plus i want to find out is that a good group. i have people, teams of people reviewing statistics, reviewing
11:23 am
members and talking to people in the military to find out whether the group was deserving of the money. we have given to groups that are unbelievable groups. i wish you could hear the phone calls and see the letters. they are so happy and i'm happy to do it. i didn't want the credit for it, but it was very unfair that the press treated us so badly. [inaudible] >> i disagree with that, sir. if i could ask you the question. if you're resisting the scrutiny of the kind that comes with running for president of the united states. >> you know what someone i raise money -- excuse me, i've watched you on television. you are a real beauty. when i raise money for the better end than the massive amount of money, find out how much hillary clinton is given to the veterans. nothing. i see a few guys standing out there. they don't know what they are therefore. they are there because hillary
11:24 am
clinton's campaign sent them. it was you are one of you that found out they were with hillary clinton's campaign, which was interesting. but i wasn't surprised. i don't want the credit for it, but remember this. under the $6 million raised, and not 1 penny did i take for administration costs. that is unheard of. [inaudible] >> he did host a very public fundraiser. >> how else was i going to raise the money? >> instead of doing the debate -- [inaudible] >> just so you understand, until i was criticized -- i am the only one in the world they can raise almost $6 million for the veteran, have uniform applause by the veterans groups and have been criticized in the press. yes, i made a speech and during
11:25 am
my speech i said let's raise a little money for the veterans. it turned out to be a lot of money. if we can get a million dollars it would be great, which it would've been. [inaudible] >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> writing a million dollars check is incredibly generous. but the night of the fundraiser you said you would raise $6 million. clearly you have not. your critics that you tend to exaggerate, have a problem with the truth here it is this a prime example? >> aire $6 million. more money is coming through that didn't come through. the number is going to be when they finish it over the $6 million. >> why exaggerate? >> to follow-up on what jim was saying, you do realize that the democrats are out there raising questions about this money, the prices also reflect and what your opposition is saying about you. it is not just throwing questions at you because it is coming from them.
11:26 am
>> what i do mind is when i raise all of these millions -- woman started out, nobody thought it would need over 5 million. >> you are answering the question now that we had back then. it was just a question. >> i think and i've been dealing with the press a long time. i think the political press is among the most dishonest people i've ever met. i have to tell you that. of course you are excluded, carl. you are in the middle. i think the political press -- i see the stories then i see the ways they are couched. for instance, i went down this weekend to do rolling thunder. i was invited. i didn't have anything to do it. we had a tremendous gathering of people. many thousands of people. and i joked i thought we were going to go from the jefferson memorial. i was joking. they said donald trump was disappointed. everyone knew i was being sarcastic. donald trump was very
11:27 am
disappointed that it didn't go from jefferson to lincoln, you know, millions of people. i was joking. so they put it down as serious. i give you another example. we had a same event. it was roped off or you could only get so many people there. there is lot of people. 10,000, maybe 25,000 people. plus there were people breaking the themes all the way up on. gene washington, and then i like what an article like there was 5000 people there. there were many times that. plus you are allowed to have any more people. all of these people were with their motorcycles and parking lots, waving to me as i'm going right. the point is law enforcement, these people didn't allow you to have any more people. i think the press knew that. i had a tremendous crowd, but the biggest crowd because it was all quartered off. they weren't allowed to have any more people.
11:28 am
so instead of saying trump made a speech or one of a packed crowd, they said trump was disappointed because i didn't have millions of people going from jefferson to washington. i mean, give me a break. it's just dishonest reporting. go ahead. [inaudible] >> the veterans believe me. let me tell you why. one group was here. [inaudible] this is a group i gave money to. i could've asked all these groups. he just showed up. i just saw him. i could've asked these groups to come here. i didn't want to do that. i am not looking for credit. but what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars, have people say, like this sleazy guy ride over here from abc. he is a in my book. you are a because you know the facts and you know the facts
11:29 am
well. >> thank you, mr. trout. for the record, i'm a state representative from your hampshire, tenure in the budget affairs are many. 22 years in the marine corps retired. what i want to clarify here first of all. i would never in a million years put my name on a candidate that did not, from his heart, look me in the eye and tell me his concern about veterans. i met him over a year ago. i've been involved with many fund raisers. they're in a scam artists out there. he did the right wing by leading his troops there. the groups are giving 20 cents, 40 cents on the dollar in spending the rest for their nice lavish trips. he gave 100%. the liberal media is the only one calling me on the foundation i'm the former chairman. i've been dealing with this stuff for years as a veteran activists. stop using veterans as political pawns. you've got a guy outside mccoy. go do a google search on his facebook.
11:30 am
he is out there. his picture as with clinton. they are using veterans as political pawns. donald trump is doing this from the heart. you are all focused on the way he is raise the money and you're not looking at the 22 veterans killing each other every day. you're not concerned about the thousands of veterans on wait lists. look at his plan on the website. he talks about fixing the va. he talks about competition. the liberal media i've been dealing with a long time. get your head out of your back, focus on the real issues. thank you. [applause] >> what i did is i didn't ask al. i've gotten to know him primarily through new hampshire where we had great victories. he showed up this morning because he was absent in many of the other groups are very upset. they received $100,000 in the mail. they didn't even know what it was for.
11:31 am
it was from me. other groups receive 200, $250,000. they didn't know what it was for. upstairs i have received phone kills with people crying. i've received heartfelt letters and, you know, the bad part about the dishonesty of the media is that people like me will be inclined not to do it anymore. why should you raise 5.6 million i think i will go over $6 million pretty easily. nobody said we started that out of this mall project worth less than a million dollars because it just get mushrooming of building a building. nobody talks about that. so we raised 5.6 million. we have so many happy groups, so many happy veterans. and we see these hillary clinton people. they probably figured trump didn't make -- didn't raise this kind of funny.
11:32 am
but we raised a lot and i will be raising more and sending it to other people as we go along. [inaudible] >> it's a complicated process, yes. [inaudible] >> no. you know, the government sort of approves different groups for a lot of reasons. more than anything else, it is speaking to other veterans. we have a circle of we have a circle of veterans. >> what really bothers -- why? >> it is bothersome because i love the that and work hard for the vets and as you can see i have given a lot of money, raised a lot of money and when the press portrays it
11:33 am
differently the press is being dishonest. i don't like dishonesty. [inaudible question] >> jeff sessions is a fantastic man, one of the most highly respected people in the united states senate. death sessions -- jeff sessions is the one i have most respect for and he thought he would get an endorsement. jeff sessions never endorsed a presidential candidate before as many years as he has been in the senate. jeff sessions is somebody i would consider. he is a fantastic person. go ahead. >> what about -- [inaudible question] >> it is a very tough call. it was amazing because there were moments with the guerrilla
11:34 am
the way he held that child was almost like a mother holding a baby. looked so beautiful and calm. there were moments where it looked pretty dangerous. i don't think they had a choice. probably they didn't have a choice. you have a young child at stake, too bad there wasn't another way. i thought it was so beautiful to watch the powerful, almost 500 pound gorilla the way he dealt with that little boy but it just takes one second. not like it takes place over -- he is going to do it in 30 seconds. takes one flick of his finger. i will tell you they probably had no choice. >> go ahead. >> what about va healthcare? >> i'm in favor of fixing the va healthcare. va is one of the great catastrophes, look what is happening in phoenix and
11:35 am
different places where they catch people stealing and don't even fire them, people are waiting 5, 6, 7 days, dying while they wait and i am in favor of if they can't get to a doctor in a reasonable time they will see a doctor and the country is going to pay for it, they will go to a private doctor, someplace that can take care of them immediately. we are losing thousands of people waiting in line and the veterans administration is run by obama just as incompetently as he is running our country. look at the tsa, what is going on at the airports. take a look at that. it is like the veterans administration. nothing in our country works anymore. it is a mess. that is why i am doing so well in the polls. it doesn't have to be privatization. what it has to be is when
11:36 am
someone is online and they say it is a 7-day weight, that person will walk across the street to a private doctor to be taken care of and pay the bill and that will be a lot less expensive and we will check it out and be careful but that will be a lot less expensive than what is going on. hillary clinton said the veterans administration is working just fine. the head of it said last week that waiting in line is not bad, look at disney world. these are the kind of people we have running things. it is ridiculous. >> half of americans think hillary clinton should stay in the race, does that suggest -- are you a little bit -- stuart: that is their choice that you have a party called the democrats. they have to make that choice. i think it is probably going to be her because it is rigged.
11:37 am
a few people say i'm a came up with the term rigged, used it for myself except i won by such big margins the whole system is rigged on both sides. same with the republicans, just less obvious. the democrats with this whole superdelegate thing is ridiculous. i think they have to make that determination. if you ask who i prefer running against. i think what she did was very bad. a lot of people have done a lot less than her and had their lives destroyed. >> the request gets credit for that and may i ask you about -- >> that is fine, go ahead. >> ask about trump university, there are questions about that and challenge the credibility of the judge handling the case. >> the judge has been unfair and then a bad job. very unfair. i will win the trump university
11:38 am
case. this -- i don't care. i don't care. i have a judge who is very unfair. you will see it in court documents. i have a judge who is very unfair. he knows he is unfair and i will win trump you settle that case. why didn't you settle that case? i don't want to settle the case. i am a man of principle and most people who took those courses have letters saying they thought it was great. it was good, it was great, and when they are on the stand and you say how come you signed a letter saying trump university was so good? the woman who was the original plaintiff in the case they went to the court and the judge allowed her out of the case. the case should have been dropped. they wanted her dismissed from the case because she was the
11:39 am
post, was such a bad witness because we win the case easily, and she is on tape like these cameras saying unbelievably good things about trump university. they didn't want her anymore because she is a disaster for them so they went to the judge and said your honor, we would like to have her not be a participant, not be the plaintiff in the case and said that is okay. they don't even want her to testify because she is a disaster. beautiful statements about it and importantly, she is on tape saying how great it is. they don't want her. i wouldn't want her either. i could settle the case, i can settle, i don't want to. i will go through the process. >> reacting against candidates in the primaries, why are you doing that now? >> we are down the line, the
11:40 am
fact you can't win is in independent. you can't even get on texas, texas is out. here is it. you will not have, very importantly you will not have supreme court justices, you could have four or five. crystal is the last one. he said trump will never run. not a smart person. he said donald trump will never run, remember? i actually blame you. why do you put this guy in television? he has no credibility. he said i won't run, that i won't do well, this and that. he looks like such a fool. he is practically crying because he can't justify. now he comes out with a tweet over memorial day weekend that sounds like he will put somebody up, they are going to find
11:41 am
someone else. almost kidding, let me tell you. these people are losers. he is trying to drive you guys a little bit -- if they do something decent which i don't think anybody with a reputation would do because they look like fools but what you are going to do is lose the election for the republicans and therefore you lose the supreme court, therefore you will have a group of people put on the supreme court that this country will never recover, never be the same. >> talk about conservatives, you describe them as losers. >> i didn't say that. i said bill kristol is a loser. he has called every single -- take a look. he is going to lose this state. i win in a landslide. i didn't say everybody.
11:42 am
i didn't say everybody. wait, wait, wait. bill kristol is a loser. his magazine is failing as you know. i don't think it survives. some free publicity. bill kristol i have been watching for two years, trump isn't going to run. we go to new hampshire, he won't win new hampshire, win in a landslide. every place i went i was not going to win but i win in a landslide. do you think maybe he doesn't like me? >> today, personal, nixon administration officials, big financier in republican politics who is in fact the republican governors association, you have to stop beating up on republicans and also essentially got 30% of the republican vote. >> i didn't get 30%. the last was 78%. i didn't get 30%. >> to unite the party when you are criticizing your critics
11:43 am
from within. >> here is the way i look at it was when i have someone not on my side, you know, by the way, i have gotten great applause from the present terms of achievement because the republican party is really well unified. people you never would have thought possible are saying i support trump. remember that. you don't talk about that much but the big story was how fast the republican party is healing. it is a healing process. it was a rough campaign. i don't know fred malik. the real story is how fast we are getting together. if i have a republican not on my side, why should i be particularly nice to that person? i won't go after them like i would hillary your crazy bernie but why should i be nice to that person? if i have a person who is not going to support me i have no obligation. politically i may be right, i may be wrong but that is the way i am. i am a very honest person. if somebody is going to stay a little bit negative or a lot
11:44 am
negative about me and if they happen to be republican i may choose to hit them back, not always, not always but i may choose to hit them back. >> you say -- >> the last one, you said -- you criticized them. >> i'm not a fan of mitt romney. he lost an election he should have won. if you read the while -- the front page of the wall street journal, he looks like a fool. i am not a fan of mitt romney. i raised a lot of money for mitt romney. i made robot calls, speeches, he left us down. if you read the front page of the wall street journal this weekend mitt romney looks like a fool. why would i say good about mitt romney? he was not nice, i was fine, a little bit of the jab, wasn't nice, you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing including with
11:45 am
her. bob dole is a fan of mine, bob dole endorsed me, don't tell me about bob dole. gary johnson got 1% of the vote last time. i watched that situation, it was pretty disgraceful. it is a fringe deal, she is a -- he is a fringe candidate. i want to and watches motions and what he says, i think he is a fringe candidate and when you do a little research on that it is not going to be a factor. >> you set a new bar for the press car calling as losers to our face. >> not all of you, just many of you. not you. >> is this what it will be like as president? >> i am a person -- is going to be like this.
11:46 am
of the press writes false stories like they did with this because half of you are amazed i raised this money. of the press writes false stories like they did where i wanted to keep a low profile. i didn't want to get credit for raising this money. more money is coming and. i wasn't looking for the credit but i had no choice but to do this because the press said i didn't raise money for them. not only did i raise it, much of it was given a long time ago and there is a vetting process and i think you understand that but when i raise $6 million it in the end will raise more than 6 because more is coming in but when i raise 5.6 million as of today more is coming in and this is going to phenomenal groups and many of these people vetting the people that are getting the money and working hard and we have to read libelous stories, certainly close, in the newspapers, people know the stories are false. i'm going to continue to attack
11:47 am
the press. i find the press to be extremely dishonest. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. i will say that. thank you all very much. thank you very much. stuart: there you have it, latest adjustable, perhaps one of the most entertaining give and take between the media and the presidential candidate certainly in decades. let's wrap this up with a verdict on whether or not donald trump won what was essentially a debate? peter turner? >> he won, look beyond the mastery of the media, he decided to give the money away well, not quickly. that is very important. equally did it at 0 cost, 0 friction, for people who care about veterans that is clear victory. stuart: he came up, the press was criticizing him for how much had he actually raised, where did the money actually go, did i really raised this many? and gives a long list of where
11:48 am
the money came from and where it is going. ashley: to make the point these were groups that were properly vetted. >> they tried to knock them off message and discredit him and came out fullbore saying essentially it took months to that these groups, with that is why it took time and being criticize where does the money go? it took time to go through veteran groups to be worthy of it. ashley: his interaction with the report is not only mesmerizing but will gain more votes, people love that. >> when it is turned over a card at a time, an orgy of evidence he did his job well. stuart: a long list, here is this group, i give them 1 million bucks. liz: journalists don't like to be pinned on their heels, they don't like to be question. donald trump going back at the journalist. stuart: judge andrew napolitano
11:49 am
has been listening to all this. i think you were entertained and engaged as the rest of us. judge napolitano: master performance, that character from north carolina straight out of central casting. gave a full throated, somebody -- you people were crazy, that was the word. stuart: one thing that came up was all the money donald trump has raised and given to those groups goes to the vets. how does that compare to hillary clinton? judge napolitano: the clinton foundation restricted less than 10% of what it collects. and distributes to charity. stuart: the clinton global initiative for the clinton foundation. judge napolitano: apparent of many of the others, all of that money is raised, all contributions, they distribute
11:50 am
less than 10%, donald trump disputed 100% what he collected. stuart: we just heard hillary clinton is going on a coordinated series of attacks on donald trump about veterans and his treatment of the va. judge napolitano: compare what he just did with what she and her husband do with her foundation. stuart: charlie gasparino, our own charlie gasparino was at the scene of the conference. seems to me he answered his critics and had them well. >> i tend to agree with that. he raised $6 million and the money is distributed to a lot of really good groups, the marine corps investment got $1 million from him personally. i do some work with that group. this is good stuff. i think where donald aired in this press conference, when you run for president people are
11:51 am
going to question you. you get the impression from listening to him that he was surprised when he gave that speech six months ago when he said he raised $6 million that people would ask where is the money? foxbusiness was among the first to ask and among the first to find the money wasn't distributed. that is the normal course of doing business. he has raised the money, given it to good groups and he can make the case how much money have his opponents given to veterans groups? i don't the clinton foundation has given anything. that is a key difference. i will tell you this. he turns this thing, this is great about covering donald trump, this was an amazing spectacle. i never knew i was in the liberal media. great issue with this stuff. he attacked the liberal media. stuart: foxbusiness. i got ting to us.
11:52 am
don't know if this is valuable or not but a new monmouth university poll of new jersey voters and this is a head to head matchup, donald trump hillary clinton for the general election come november, 38 hillary, donald trump 34. this is new jersey. >> democrat leaning state, 38 for hillary, 34 for trump. what you see is swing voters coming at 11% in new jersey. ashley: he picks up those independents. >> this will be important because of the electoral college and the states that typically go demographic the loss -- across the line. new jersey with the governor helping, he may actually do it and that is the path to the white house. stuart: let me get back to you
11:53 am
for a second, finding etchings and donald trump's armor. from where i am sitting i think there attempts at finding that chink in the armor was a miserable failure. >> i try to ask a question he looked at me looked away. far be it from me to nitpick on donald trump but two things. when you run for president, when you run a big company you are going to get these questions. if you hold a press conference and you say you raised $6 million and it has been distributed you are going to get that. stuart: he won hands-down, shut them up and put them in their place. they were nitpicking. >> i find them incredibly entertaining but i will say this. one thing about that monmouth poll, donald trump,
11:54 am
pennsylvania, ohio, we should point out one thing, and early pole with president obama, john mccain, early new york:2008 had john mccain winning. these polls are incredibly volatile. stuart: having watched that news conference, that is what was, taking questions from the media how would you like to compare that performance by donald trump at the last press conference by president obama when he answers maybe four or five questions in an hour. >> donald trump talks with you. president obama talk that you. he has this approach speaking at you as an academic where donald trump you get the feeling he is explaining things to you. ashley: saying things -- stuart: the average person will be entertained by that. >> this happened on your watch and what this will do for
11:55 am
ratings. really does resonate, away from hillary clinton is absolutely incapable of doing. stuart: in front of a teleprompter that says we have breaking news and it is from the state department, a travel warning. ashley: americans traveling to europe, they have three events they are worried about, the european -- next week running three weeks, the tour de france and the catholic church's world youth day in poland as specific concerns of americans being targeted. liz: attackers in paris and brussels found a computer that said talking and we do want to attack the soccer match in france in 2016.
11:56 am
stuart: before we go to the market or commercial break i want to wrap this up, donald trump just won. if that was the battle with the media or a battle about what he was doing with the vets i say just won flat out. am i going too far? >> if you are cross-examining, you never ask a question unless you know what they are going to answer. anytime the media tries to jab them they were trying to knock off ponds, he dispatched them. stuart: we all watched. we can be as skeptical as people in the audience. he is -- we saw how he registered. stuart: a televised politics -- last word to you, you were there. charles: you will never get this press conference mixed up with the algonquin roundtable, i will give you that. in terms of winning what is great about donald is he confronts you but this was
11:57 am
hardly -- obama talks down to people, the on the other side of one of donald's rants, it is not fun. stuart: as a matter fact. >> more engaging than president obama and more entertaining than president obama. you turn the channel when president obama is speaking because the air goes out of the room. stuart: prices moment when one media person whose name i do not know raised a question, trump answered and said you are a real beauty, aren't you? how about that one? limited time left, bring everybody up to date with what else has been happening especially with your money. the dow jones average show use and stocks, mcdonald's, 131 was the old all-time high, now it is 122, down a little bit, microsoft, i own a little bit of a, 57 in december, 52 now, amazon just a few moments ago did hit a new all-time high, it reached 72320, that is it for
11:58 am
all-time highs and amazon is up 10 points, dow industrials, we are down 84 points. that is quite a drop. peter cohen from goldman sachs knows a thing or two about money and politics, you won't say the dow is down 80 points because of what trump just said. >> earnings have been durable. we are going to have rate increases, doesn't look like it will be june but july will be when it happens to flat yield curve means we are getting topy and that is how i look at it. stuart: the top of the show which was 9:00 eastern time art blaffer was on the show, the guy who wrote the prosperity plan for ronald reagan and he said donald trump will win in a
11:59 am
landslide against hillary in november and he said that because donald trump is like ronald reagan in the way he would ring us out of this malaise. you want to dispute that? >> i don't. one of the things he is going to do is put jobs first, move heaven and earth to create good jobs, that is what reagan did, forget tax cuts, he made america proud and put people back to work. that is the way out of the malaise. charles: talking about the guerrilla, now we are talking about -- stuart: he impressed that, donald from addressed the guerrilla story from cincinnati. >> made the moral judgment on the life of a child. stuart: any last words before we toss it over? ashley: and entertaining hour of television. stuart: that is the point. you couldn't take your eyes off of it. how many politicians can answer questions from the media and you are gripped? how many can do that?
12:00 pm
judge napolitano: his master's voice, that is the voice of a master, very talented at this. connell mcshane could duplicate what you just did. stuart: i want to see you because -- what we came up with. >> we are ready to go. talk about stuff to talk about. connell: that was something to watch. i am connell mcshane in for neil cavuto after this donald trump news conference we watched at trump tower. he defended his donations to veterans charities and other topics but he has been scrutinized for not immediately making good on his promise of some events after the fundraiser in january so he held a news conference at his back big time at all of us in the media. watch this. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. on behalf of the vet from the press should be ashamed of them


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