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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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kim serafin from "in touch weekly." that does it for us on "cavuto: coast to coast." i'm connell mcshane in for neil. it is trish regan. trish: thank you very much, connell. the never trump movement vowing to find a way to beat donald trump and the movement's leader, bill kristol to find a way to get a third party candidate. i'm trish regan, and welcome to "the intelligence report." bill kristol says there will be strong, impressive candidate to challenge donald trump this november. donald trump firing back, calling bill kristol a loser. >> these people are losers. he is trying to, trying to make you, trying to drive you guys a little bit nuts. if they do an indy, assuming it is decent, which i don't think anybody with a reputation would do it because they would look like fools, what you are going to do is lose the election for republicans. therefore you lose the supreme court. trish: does donald trump have a
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point? who is this candidate bill kristol keeps talking about him? person after person turned him down. would the new person really have a chance? bill kristol already miss ad crucial filing deadline in texas. we're asking are never trumpers becoming spoilsports for the entire republican party. we have the chaos in socialist venezuela, starving people digging through garbage for any scrap to eat and things are getting worse. major airlines refusing to fly to the socialist nation. bernie sanders supporters, you still think socialism is all that great? we have news for you. new health warning to tell you about today. doctors say a flesh-eating disease is spreading across europe and apparently the people to blame are syrian migrants. do we need to reconsider our president's plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the united
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states considering these recent health concerns? could the disease come here? how scared should americans be and implications for us in the u.s. with a medical expert in the show. former nbc news anchor katie couric now apologizing her documentary misrepresented gun rights supporters. is this another example of journalists on the left manipulating reality to serve their own agendas? jan morgan, former journalist herself will sound off on miss couric. third party run, election season already unlike any other, could a third party candidate become a spoiler and ruin donald trump's chances at becoming the president of the united states. conservative columnist bill kristol is warning exactly of
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that, there will be independent candidate, impressive one. donald trump did not take the idea likely, calling bill kristol and others like him losers. we played the sound earlier. he said if there is a third party threat, well he tweeted that would be just disasterous, just disasterous for the election. lots of names have been thrown out. one of which was new mexico governor gary johnson. he was just chosen libertarian candidate for president this weekend and he says he has the goods to challenge both trump and hillary clinton. watch here. >> bill weld was also nominated this weekend as my vice-presidential candidate. so we are two governors that have served in heavily-blue state as republicans. so we're small government guys but we're also socially liberal. and i think that's, i think that's the makeup of most people in this country. trish: joining me now with their thoughts on this season, evan
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siegfried, and democratic strategist harlan hill. good to see you guys. you are, you are a never trumper, you don't like trump. don't want him in the oval office. even though now he is the nominee or presumptive nominee now to get it. what is the plan for third party candidate? are you going to get one? >> well, we're looking. there are plenty of viable options but we're running out of runaway. first we have to make filing deadlines in key states. you pointed out about texas. trish: right. >> whole goal of the never trump movement is to stop donald trump from becoming president. he is unfit for office and would be disaster for republicans and conservative movement in the future so -- trish: knowing you probably can't get elected, your candidate, you can't get elected you would want to be the spoiler for donald trump? >> i reject the notion we're the spoilers, for month upon months trump and his fans said we don't need you. we don't need you at all. no, we're saying we need you. it is panicking. and -- trish: about unification of party.
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he wants it unified. >> he is still attacking john mccain and susana martinez and tweets attacking bill crows toll, referred to republican as they, not we. trish: would it make a difference called you up or bill kristol, i don't think you're a loser, i got out of hand what i said and i want to find a way to get us together. >> listen i'm always hopeful even broken clocks will start running again. trish: you want the phone call? you think the never trumpers will need a phone call. >> i would always listen to donald trump if he called me and the proof is in the pudding. he has to follow through. pour months on months i will be more presidential and i will do this better. he reverts back to form, lack of a thick skin and temper tantrums. trish: they say he is so atypical of any other politician. >> i'm part of the never hillary movement. trish: i have never trump and
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never hillary. >> i believe it especially after bernie sanders wins in california which i predict and and has unbelievable momentum going into the convention and he is not going to get the nomination, no question about it, i think that movement will grow. trish: let me ask you, given that you're part of the never hillary movement, would you vote for donald trump? >> oh i intend to. i will be vocally supporting him actually, yes. trish: this is example of bernie sanders supporters, we talked a lot about this on the show, sanders supporters that would vote for trump despite the fact that i would argue they're similar in they're both atypical candidates, anti-establishment, however they are two totally different things. one is a capitalist, one is a socialist. >> i think most of bernie sanders's supporters are not socialists or democratic socialists. people are fed up with overall economy that hasn't been services them for over a decade. they're fed up. kids that can't find jobs out of college. they have unbelievable debt.
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seniors that can't afford their meds. they're talking about the same issues and have different solutions but there is a lot of commonalty. trish: you're willing to entertain a different solution so long as someone understands your frustration? >> they have similar solutions in key areas. campaign finance reform. there is commonalty between them. on trade there is a lot commonalty between them. i think there is more in common than people acknowledge. trish: look at polls that came in, economy, number one issue, 26% of the electorate identifies economy. terrorism, at 22%. you know what follows? government spending health care. these are things people care about, climate change, amazingly 8%. 8% of the population does care about the climate change issue. economy, terrorism, government spending these are things that people want addressed right now.
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why are you so kept al donald trump's ability to deal with these issues? >> donald trump's plan dealing with economy is igniting trade wars. if you don't how things -- >> that is not true. tax policy, he wants to repatriate $1.5 trillion locked overseas but lowering corporate tax rates. >> trade wars, we're losing them. trish: i don't think it's a full-blown trade war. he is saying we need to renegotiate our agreements made with these companies. >> it is true. trish: it is just not fair. it is just not fair, they're able to manipulate their currency such as they do. they put so. tariffs on goods over in china. talk about free trade, why don't you have free trade. >> exactly. trish: why don't you have a level playing field where we make our wigits and they make their widgits and sell them without ridiculous tariffs that make them frankly extremely difficult for americans to sell their goods overseas. >> absolutely. chinese in particular are have
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been very smart. tires are a great example. they flooded, attempted to flood the american market with cheap tires to drive our companies out of business. we're not competing on a level playing field. american middle class can't compete with slave labor in china and mexico city. we're not operates on same level. trish: we showed pictures recently last week, former apple factory, not apple factory, but factory making apple products and people were living, 12 people crammed into one room with extremely, extremely tough living conditions. we can't compete with that, which may be evan, negotiating better trade deals. maybe threat of a trade war isn't worse thing for china to hear? >> i don't think china will respond to well too it. maybe i'm in the minority here but it is not way to go. look at donald trump on issues of national security. he time and time again
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demonstrated an incredibly thin skin and lack of understanding of the key issues. his own national, foreign policy -- trish: i don't know that hillary clinton demonstrated the best understanding of that -- >> not going nuts over it. trish: i have to run. more to talk about. good to have you guys here, harlan and evan. >> >> turning to the number one issue we were talking about facing voters this election, jerry seib writes in the "wall street journal," that very issue propelled donald trump to republican nomination and keeping bernie sanders afloat. they still have scars from the recent recession despite technical recovery. you know what? he is right. people feel very scared by everything they want through and our economy is feeling hangover. people are acting accordingly. joining me with more on their thoughts on economy, austan goolsbee, former chairman of
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economic advisors and steve moore, economist at heritage foundation. good to see you. austan we keep hearing from the president how great the economy is, 74 months of job growth, so why don't people feel a little better? why are they still saying the economy is the number one issue in this election? >> well, you know, i would, i disagree a little with the premise. i think the president has trump pell the things that are good but every time seen him speak he also says here are the areas where we still need to work. i think the feeling that ordinary americans have about the economy and not feeling that great about it despite low gas price, despite some substantial improvements on the jobs side, a, are lingering hangover from big financial crises. you've seen that in every single country around the world that face ad financial crisis and to, i think about wages. that wages have been stagnant
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for some time and now they're starting to tick back up -- trish: barely. >> you have gone through long period without wage growth. trish: we're basically at level we've been at last 20 years when it comes to wage growth. people are not making anymore money. some jobs numbers, steve, look good, and part of the reason when you look at non-farm payrolls, this is the big number everybody talks about every month, did we add 100,000, add 200,000, did we lose 30,000, that job number is not necessarily looking at full-time workers correct? in other words you could get counted in there if you add ad part-time job. >> that's right. and there are a lot of people what we call part time who want full-time jobs. they're counted as employed. the problem is, look, i agree with austan. i think that the economy just hasn't produced the kinds of jobs that you can raise a family on of the that's why liberals keep talking about raising minimum wage because all these people who are head of a household, they have to work at
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mcdonald's or walmart now and kind of manufacturing jobs that we created normally during recovery and the kinds of high-paying, financial services jobs just haven't recovered. i would add one other thing. i think americans are still really angry about the bailouts, trish. i think they think it was the wrong thing to do. i think it was the wrong thing to do and think they're extremely angry about the stimulus plan. that $800 billion plan. trish: bernie sanders, making some hay on that one, talking about the big bad banks and bailouts and tarp. >> what i'm saying trish, let me one thing -- trish: detroit, that had issues when it came to -- >> you but don't want, look, i'm saying conservative republicans are angry about the bailouts because they don't feel that, they feel it is kind of corporate cronyism. that insiders got all of the benefits of this. fannie mae and freddie mac, et cetera. that is really causing the rise of trumpism.
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>> two things happened here. one is, for sure everybody is mad about the bailouts and it is not just in the united states. every country that had to bail out the financial system. >> right. >> people are furious about. >> never again, right? should we do that. >> i think, i believe strongly that one of the principle reasons why we ended up having to bail out banks was a massive overderegulation of the financial sector. steve may disagree with that. but i think that was critical to it. trish: wasn't that bill clinton and glass-steagall? >> part of it was under bill clinton. part of it was under bill clinton, he bill clinton apologized for those parts taken to the extremes. but for sure, you, when you hear people saying that the cause was fannie and freddie or housing -- trish: you're both economists. i'm slammed on time but i would like to know, what do you think, you heard us talking about he free trade there with china and
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how we don't really have it. austan, do we need to renegotiate some of the trade deals because we don't have a play level playing field. >> a, we don't have trade deal with china. we got a trade deal with mexico. they got rid of tariffs on u.s. products. declaring trade war with japan, mexico, china, several other major trading partners is absolute insanity. trish: steve, is it fair that they slap tariffs on american goods and we don't do it to them but they do it to us. >> it is dumb. that is not what exists. if you look at mexico, they used to exist until we sign ad trade agreement. trish: i'm talking about china right now. you can import goods into china and they sell them at walmart. >> we don't have a trade agreement with china. >> are we going into china, are much more expensive. >> china, cheats. they steal our technologies and which need a president who will get really tough with china, workers feel like they produce things here in the united states
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and our companies, austan, and what they do, the goods get to china. they disassemble them. they figure out how to recreate them and imitate them. they don't abide by our patents or our trademarks or other laws. i think having somebody negotiating tough with china would be welcome new development. i'm a free trader. trish: i know you are, that is why i wanted to ask you this. i know you're both free traders. i'm an economist heaven. i got austan and steve. thanks, guys. >> we all agree on free trade. trish: coming up. here is econ 101 lesson speaking of economics for all you bernie sanders supporters out there, socialism, does not work. look at exclusive video obtained by fox business, showing people digging through garbage, desperately searching for food. these people are starving. and guess what? their socialist government in venezuela just can't help them. these are the consequences of a poor, economic system.
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plus katie couric blaming her producer for a documentary that took gun rights supporters way out of context. couric insists she had no hidden agenda. how else would that have happened? jan morgan, gun rights activist, former journalist herself, will tell us. ♪
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connell: i -- trish: i said before and i will say it again, socialism doesn't work and latest example where it doesn't work, venezuela. there is not enough food nor supplies and people are forced to dig through garbage for scrap to get some food to eat. several major airlines are suspending flights to the socialist nation all together. this is a place that is falling
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apart as we speak. it was built on hugo chavez's socialist dream. our very own adam shapiro is here with details on it. so talk a little bit the economic policies, mistakes, that they put into place, yes under chavez and what it's led to. >> pure socialism, controlling means of production as well as distribution because they nationalized oil company, was it, back in 2003 and for a few years socialism worked until they ran out of other people's money. that is essentially what is going on. they nationalized oil industry, remember they have the largest proven reserves of oil in the world. trish: or roanoke region. >> after they nationalized production, price was going up, production was going down. that is another -- trish: production was going down because they nationalized everything. >> they couldn't get parts. trish: took over american companies and took over from fetch company total.
2:22 pm
so nobody invested. >> nobody invest. it was cronyism at its worse. they reward the supporters of chavez government. other issue they nationalized supermarket. they put price controls for food. because food prices escalated after 2002. now they escalated food prices and there is shortage of food because there is not enough to feed the people of venezuela. trish: airlines said they will not fly there anymore. why not. >> in addition to price controls, they put controls on currency. lieutenant towns that will suspend flights from june because they have roughly $139 million tied up in funds in venezuela. the bolivar is the denomination and they can't take that money to germany. so they're just not going to fly anymore. airlines that still fly to venezuela include american. not a lot of flights. two out of miami daily. used to have flights from new york city. they cut those. sb. a, which is venezuela airline
2:23 pm
and air mexico and copa, throughout the world, al italia, air canada, they have stopped flying into venezuela. last to do with not only price controls but monetary caps. you can't exchange funds. can't get your -- trish: can't get your money out. >> problem the people can't escape either. trish: bottom line, we'll talk about this more over course of this week, adam, this is warning for anybody who starts looking at socialism as potential for the united states. you have only to look at our neighbor there down south to see how bad it is. >> when you see the people and sanders supporters, a lot of them being very young do not remember the fall of beryl line wall. maybe they don't even know people -- i grew up with people in miami, cuban expatriates who were product of having to leave their country because of communist revolution. trish: adam, thank you so much. coming up, we're less than two months away from the gop convention but police and other officials warn cleveland is not ready for the convention because
2:24 pm
it can't keep its own city safe. bo dietl, one tough cop, on what cleveland needs to do to keep everyone safe there at convention this summer. that's next. ♪
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trish: cleveland officials unveiling security measures for republican national convention in july, in response to police union chief who said, you know what? the city is not prepared for these thousands of visitors not to mention potentially thousands of protesters. are the police doing enough to keep the convention safe? former nypd detective bo dietl joins me with more. you were a security director at three conventions. >> new orleans, houston and san diego. trish: one has to admit a little different these days. that said what would you tell cleveland police right now? >> there is a lot of things they could be doing right now.
2:28 pm
one of the more important things is get more support manpower. once you get the manpower you have to prepare for the worst. you have to prepare for large amount of arrests to get troublemakers out of there immediately. you don't let them become tumultuous and let crowds get worse and worse because you could have real riot situation. you have to get the trouble makers out. also have to sanction. you know what you do? trish: what. >> one of my security things, you sanction people up. don't have mass group. put them in pens like new year as eve here in new york. you pen them in. then you can pull troublemakers out of there. trish: outside or inside as well? you make sure troublemakers don't get in. >> you try, not basically some of them will slip in there you have to react to get the troublemakers out. what is bothering me, you have magnetometers and secret service are involved, you have to have private security to enhance the police. the police department there have
2:29 pm
to prepare for the worst. we see -- trish: is it city's responsibility? would the feds get involved in this some way to make sure everything goes smoothly. >> the national republican committee is somewhat involved. then you have the state police that are involved. in conventions i was involved in, a lot of times the state police would take the perimeter. it is all different and every convention is something different. but you also enhance it with private security where you have private security involved also with the national republican conventions. i was private security, working with the state police. trish: let me ask you, are you worried about protesters? worried about terrorism? worried about all of the above? >> i'm worried about all of the above. if we reflect what happened in san diego, on a smaller thing, you know this might be, also let's not forget about philadelphia. philadelphia could turn out to be a mess also. there is not just the republicans. it is democratic national convention with bernie sanders, with those people are pretty angry.
2:30 pm
in reality now, security has to be enhanced. you have to spend money and i tell you what, the federal government should be giving funds into cleveland and into philadelphia to help. trish: into both of them. quickly before i let you go, you had quite a weekend i understand, and you're endorsing someone new for the presidency? >> what? what do you hear? what do you hear? trish: living it up with leo dicaprio at. >> rios. trish: fame must italian eatery. >> three times last month 1/2. trish: you guys were talking politics. >> it is funny, he is pretty good constitutional thinking guy, talking about the constitution in 1776, whenever it was written, i give you the wrong date, talking about how things evolve and things change. he is very, very smart guy. he is not just a pretty face. he is very political. trish: i think you have a future in politics to which he said? >> i used to have
2:31 pm
john f. kennedy, jr. used to come up to here thursday night, god rest his soul. he is the it factor. some of the things i don't go alongwith. trish: seems like a climate change guy. >> i'm not a climate change guy. i don't believe that. trish: he does. >> i respect people's opinions but other values he is very on key with. trish: does he seem interested? >> when i said, you know what, leo, should think about being president. all he did was give me a big smile. i don't know if you look into that. trish: bo dietl, good to see you. >> my pleasure. trish: coming up everyone as president obama ramps up efforts to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the united states by october, there are new warnings that syrian migrants are to blame for a flesh-eating disease that is spreading across europe. it is a matter of time until the disease reaches our shores? the should we be worried about this? we're talking to a doctor next.
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♪ trish: a flesh eating disease is sweeping throughout the middle east. it is a disfiguring disease caused by a parasite in the bloodstream transmitted. it is contained in syria for centuries. now, the migrant crisis isis,
2:36 pm
is causing a catastrophic outbreak of this disease throughout the region. could it eventually spread to europe and our shores here as we bring in a growing number of refugees from overseas. chairman of medicine at new work medical center joins me now. start first by explaining what this is. what is it? >> we have known about this for many, many years. it is caused by a parasite. not a bacterium or virus, but a parasite. we should -- it is very, very serious. it can actually kill you. in syria, the sand fly, that sand fly bites. usually at night. sometimes in the morning. it has to have open skin. if you are wearing clothing, you will not be bitten.
2:37 pm
the bite is usually a knock. they do not realize. the parasite lives in the skin. the problem is, if you have another disease like severe diabetes as or you have leukemia, lymphoma or hiv, this disease can become widespread in cause a disease called visceral. it is known widely among doctors. the public has never seen ms. we thought everything was our new diseases. >> getting reports that some refugees and some migrants in europe are carrying this disease. my next question to you is how is this? is it spread strictly through the sand? >> believe it or not, there are sand flies in europe. germany and some parts of italy
2:38 pm
and france. there are sand flies that can carry this disease. the sand fly bites the patient. give the parasite in its saliva. bites another individual in gives that individual. >> the migration pattern of fact. the potential for pupils healthier. >> this theory and are very good as are the turks and iraq use. taking care of this disease. now it has gotten beyond its borders. it will spread. trish: doctor, thank you very much. a scary story. this outbreak is coming. more calls are being made to stop the flood of migrants that are coming into europe right now. now issuing a travel alert meanwhile for americans traveling to europe this summer. here with war on that is lieutenant general tom mcinerney
2:39 pm
good to see you. we were just talking about this flesh eating disease. it is affecting people from this region. now there are cases being reported in europe. our country is doing enough? are we doing enough, frankly, to bed them of these people that are coming into the borders? >> trish, we're not doing enough to bet them for health concerns, but ideological concerns as well. in the islamic ideology, one way they conquered nations is by what they call -- masked immigration into another country. dominate the population. you now couple this with the health issues like the plague. they can become a plague similar to the middle ages in europe. then you have the economic troubles with turkey.
2:40 pm
with italy. with grace. it makes it a very dangerous situation. trying to keep stability in europe. >> cimmerian refugees to our country. they are done by september. bringing in 2500 theory and refugees. when you look at the process by which we are betting these people, are we taking everything that needs to be taken into account here. before allowing them access. >> that is why i support donald trumps position to stop the inflow of muslims. until we get a handle, number one on their ideology. number two on the medical problems.
2:41 pm
other issues that we are facing. trish: when you say stop muslims from coming into this country, a lot of people would take issue with that. they would say you are labeling and entire religion. you see this as a paletta, movement. >> 85% of their ideology has nothing to do with the religion. the law were used all women for adultery. four male witnesses if they are raped. that has nothing to do with religion. that is the cornerstone of islamic ideology. until people understand that, i think it is causing major problems.
2:42 pm
it is an ideology and we ought to treat it that way. back to other threats that we face. communism for example. treating that very much as an ideology. we will be in top shape if you do win. trish: coming up here and big job reports is out this friday. you know what the president is going to say. the economy is growing. we are doing just great. withou wrong. ♪ so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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♪ >> we have a market trading in the red eye triple digits. nonetheless, severe loss. market off triple digits. still a loss on the dow. stocks mostly lower today. despite a report showing that consumer spending increased in april, the fastest rate in six years, you need those consumers to make up two thirds. they have to defend in order to generate growth. let's take a look at allergan. rising today after carl icons that he accumulated a large stake in the maker of botox. nearly 40,000 striking verizon employees will be returning to work tomorrow. the deal was for 200 new jobs
2:45 pm
over four years. we will be right back with intel from dan morgan on katie couric apologizing for her documentary. ♪
2:46 pm
trish: this friday we are is expecting the jobs report to come out. 162,000 jobs added to the economy and the unemployment rate to drop to 4.9%. 162,000 jobs.
2:47 pm
it sounds good; right? you can be assured that the president will make sure you think that it is good. watch here. >> april 2016, our economy added 150,000 new jobs. that makes april the 74th consecutive month. that record streak of job growth, our businesses have created 14.6 million new jobs in all. >> 14.6 million jobs he said he has created in his administration. 162 was something? in order to keep us from population growth, you need to be adding 400,000 jobs a month. we are not anywhere close to that. talking about all this job
2:48 pm
creation. they are not telling you how these jobs, many of them are part-time jobs. pounded into the job creation pyo. actually part-time jobs. let's not forget the average american right now. poll after poll after poll. you see the economy as the number one issue in this election. they are on stable footing. they feel like they have a chance to make a living. our economy, well, guess i'm in a transition does not have the support coming from washington that it needs. businesses, many are well loved into higher. a whole host of other things. concerns about taxation.
2:49 pm
we really have not had a chance to grow our economy. we will probably continue to hear obama say it. 162,000 jobs as we get them this friday. it is great. americans, they do not i it. nor, should they. that is today's intel. coming up, everyone, katie couric now apologizing, sort of, after her pro-gun documentary, pro-gun control documentary, i should say. taking it way out of context. now she is blaming the team that produces it did though hidden agenda in any of it. how could that have happened? how could this have been taken so out of context? dan morgan will tell us. that is next. we will see you right back here. ♪ my name is fred and i carve heads out of cheese.
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ trish: katie couric issuing an apology after her documentary on gun control was caught destructively editing an interview with pro-gun activists. here is a clip. watch. >> if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? trish: did you hear that long pause? that is what is the issue here, folks. there actually was not a long pause. people interviewed in that film were smart. they took an audio recording of
2:54 pm
that entire exchange. according to them, this is how it all went down. >> how do you prevent guns were terrorists to going from purchasing a gun? >> if you are not in jail, you should still have to pay the price. >> a terrorist or a felon eschenbach. >> you should have your rights. >> we do have statutes over the federal and state level that prohibit classes of people from being in possession of firearms. trish: in other words, they were ready with their response even though the film shows them not knowing what to say. katie couric blames the director. a film that explores epidemic of gun violence, i have taken the responsibility for decision that misrepresented him of mister presented the exchange that i
2:55 pm
had. when i screamed and early version of the film with the director, i questioned her and the editor about the pause and it was told that a beep was added, as she describes it, for dramatic effect. gun rights activist and former journalist jim morgan. do you believe her? was there no hidden agenda here? >> no. i do not believe anything that katie couric says anymore. she is a liar and fraud. you know, a good guy, bad gun. good gun, bad guy. behind the lies. he talks about this very type of media bias. katie couric had in the agenda from the very beginning. she was out to provoke gun rights activists. that is exactly what she did.
2:56 pm
>> inc. about your former journalist. it is one thing if you say to the public, look, i am very much in favor of gun control and that is what this is. this is the kind of stuff that they do on reality tv shows. you cannot put in a pause when there is not a pause. it is unethical. >> but she did it. this goes deeper than what people are talking about. adding to a silent sam pause that did not exist. she took four hours of interviews. the crime prevention. taught that to the floor in the editing room. it did not promote the whole anti-gunman talladega that she wanted to put out there with this documentary. trish: i have to run. we will be right back. >> okay. ♪ would work as well as it did. along with support,
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trish: okay. donald trump's dismissing a third party threat.
3:00 pm
is it time for the establishment to finally rally around him? like my show page at trishintel and tell me what you think. liz claman has got you covered, off 14 to0. liz: look, what happened to the bulls? doing a disappearing act. and right now any gains the dow made this month have vanished. we are down 141 points, we're looking every single step of the way what the markets are doing in these last 59 minutes of trade. donald trump's salute to vets sparking a range of reactions across america the day after memorial day weekend. in a pretty touchy and feisty news conference hours ago, the billionaire businessman under pressure to reveal the names of charities where he says he raised and donated millions after he skipped that fox news debate finally gave a number. we've got the dollar amount, more importantly, the reaction. that's coming up. out west, hillary clinton desperate for a major endorsement in california got it as her campaign shifts


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