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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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to finally rally around him? like my show page at trishintel and tell me what you think. liz claman has got you covered, off 14 to0. liz: look, what happened to the bulls? doing a disappearing act. and right now any gains the dow made this month have vanished. we are down 141 points, we're looking every single step of the way what the markets are doing in these last 59 minutes of trade. donald trump's salute to vets sparking a range of reactions across america the day after memorial day weekend. in a pretty touchy and feisty news conference hours ago, the billionaire businessman under pressure to reveal the names of charities where he says he raised and donated millions after he skipped that fox news debate finally gave a number. we've got the dollar amount, more importantly, the reaction. that's coming up. out west, hillary clinton desperate for a major endorsement in california got it as her campaign shifts
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strategies to put on a full-court press in the golden state. will it all be enough to best bernie? senator bernie sanders pushing ahead with his california dream just one week ahead of the primary. our political panel on how sanders' gains are causing hillary pain and what she needs to do now. on wall street it's last day to sell in may and go away, but first on fox businessal januaries chief economic adviser mohamedal aryan. you will be the first to hear his latest bet on when the fed will hike interest rates and with whether you should stay in may. plus, will the summer's most anticipated video game rescue gamestop? the rise of uncharted four in a fox business exclusive. we're live with ceo paul raines on navigating uncharted territory. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. got a little bit of red on the screen here, so let's start the "countdown."
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♪ ♪ liz: okay. less than an hour of trading for the month of may left, and right now, yes, as we see, we've got some losses here, but even though the s&p 500 is losing ten full points, it is still up for the month of may. we're looking at a dow, though, that's below, down 149 points. nasdaq is still positive for the month of may, but today it looks to appear like it is going to snap a four-day winning streak. you know what though? no time to look in the rearview mirror. this week is chock full of economic data that is crucial right now. sometimes the data flow isn't that big a deal. this week it is. tomorrow we get the motor vehicle sales for the month of may, and as well as the beige book report at 2 p.m. eastern. that's what the fed puts out when it comes to regions and how those regions in the country are doing. on thursday opec is meeting in vienna, we are getting the adp employment report which is a pretty sometimes good indicator
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for what we get on friday, the all-important june -- may/june jobs report comes out in june, it's for the month of may. we've got big company news at this hour, nearly 40,000 verizon workers who have been on strike for about seven weeks, we now have the day. they will return to work tomorrow as part of the deal, the company will add 1,300 call center jobs and give nearly 11% raises for four years. in return, yeah, company got some things too here. verizon will make changes to its health care plan to save the company money. the workers will, of course, bear a bit more of the burden when it comes to paying its own health care, but right now shares moving higher for verizon at $50.77 a share. all right, dow jones industrials standing 17,727, 146 points lower than when the opening bell rang. and as we watch closely to see whether the dow can end in the green for may, it's actually the nasdaq that we need to look at
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right now. the month of may for the nasdaq sees a gape of 3.2% -- gain of 3.2%. if you've got tech names in your portfolio, most likely most of them have done well. but since the lows back in february, it's up 16%. beating both the s&p 500, which is up 15%, and the dow which sees gains of 16% since that same time. let's get right to the floor show to see what's coming up. guys, we're looking strongly and closely at a june that's going to have a lot of news flow. it's not like the summer started and everybody's e leaving, scott. we're getting the may jobs number, opec meeting and then, of course, the federal reserve may make a decision. so do you stay in your bets right now when it comes to stocks? >> i think that you stay. today we're definitely getting a pullback, it's almost like the law of round numbers. we had spx 3100, oil at 50, so we figured we'd get a little bit of a retreat. do we hold higher?
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i think traders are looking to see spx hold around 2077-2078, i think that we'll have a better chance next time we try and get above 2100. liz: elliot, we're looking at oil. it's not so much oil is hovering around $50 a barrel, but opec is meeting thursday. personally, i don't think anything's going to happen. they can't get their act together. they can't decide on what to have for lunch most often. what do you think is going to be the price of oil after thursday, if any kind of news is made? >> well, you know what, liz? you know, we've been going on this for the last couple weeks talking about how -- you and i see eye to eye, in fact, that it's not going anywhere. the real thing to look at is natural a gas today. although i've been bearish, it's up about 4-4.5% today, and that might be -- liz: to what do you attribute that? natural gas is so unbelievably cheap, $2.28 per unit --
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>> well, it got so cheap we're using -- we use gas for everything now. people are not burning coal when there's natural gas available at $2. they're worried about a hot summer, and gas is rallying. there's still plenty of gas in stocks, you could argue rig counts are down, but they're more efficient. there's bullish and bearish news all the time, and i've just, you know, today natural gas had a good move to the upside. that's, you know -- and it could really continue. liz: that's why we have you, elliott, to point these things out. >> i've been wrong on that one. i've been selling natural gas. it's not working. liz: it's a hard call, but so is is this market. we got personal income and spending, one could argue that we saw april consumer spending surge. biggest increase in more than six years. and what we're seeing now is that fear that the fed says, okay, things are strong enough at least for us to endure a tiny quarter of a point rate hike come june 15th.
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>> yeah, exactly. right now anytime we get above 2075, we're in that pain trade zone. you're making a big assumption with the stock market. i mean, i'm confident but i'm not comfortable right now. the fact is you're assuming we're going to see $130 earnings per share of the s&p next year, multiples have expanded due to that. you're also assuming you're going to see two rate hikes this year which i do think we will. i don't think we're going to have a big crash by any stretch of the imagination, but right here at this level the market goes from comfortable to cramped very quickly, because it's just being held up by the pain trade. the people that are getting onboard because once again we've rallied. it's not going to look at fundamentals right now unless we get a big, game-changing number this friday. liz: yeah. the jobs report. we will have it the second it comes out. guys, thank you. larry just said i don't see a crash coming this summer. does mohamed el aryan? first on fox business, he is one
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of the most widely-respected market participants, economists on the planet. you will hear his very latest assessment of, a, whether we'll see a crash or, b, whether the fed will hike rates come this june. coming up first on fox business. to politics and donald trump closing out the memorial day weekend today by praising his fundraising abilities for veterans, listing more than two dozen groups that have received nearly $6 million, $5.6 million as a result. proudly announcing the largest gift was $1 million to the marine corps law enforcement foundation. and he also held up a copy of that check. now, mr. trump using the platform to publicly complain about the press coverage of his charitable deeds while critics say he's just using veterans behind him as props. listen. >> many of these people vetting the people that are getting the money and working hard, and then we have to read -- probably libelous stories or certainly close -- in the newspapers.
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and the people know the stories are false. i'm going to continue to attack the press. look, i find the press to be extremely dishonest. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. i will say that. liz: charlie gasparino was at the trump news conference, joins us live from the trump tower. charlie, i've been watching your reports, and you always call it like you see it. he was a very combative conference when it came to the press, but there was a point that he made and it was simply, look, i got beaten up and called bad things for trying to do good things. >> well, i guess i'm one of the guys who tried to beat him up, one of those dishonest, libelous, slanderous reporters. we at fox business were the first to report. donald trump holds a press conference, i believe it was january, might have been february. it was after he canceled the fox news debate, canceled his appearance. he said that he raised $6 million for veterans. he said it, not us.
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he said he listed the veterans groups he raised it from. and guess what the dishonest reporter, me, went out and did? i went out and tried to verify his claim. and i found out that his claim of raising $6 million a month after wasn't right. he didn't raise $6 million. now, he wasn't particularly forthcoming on how much he raised. but based on the people i was calling, there were a lot of people on that list that did not get a check. then other reporters went out there and did the same thing. they checked with that list to see who got what. again, a lot of people on that list did not get a check. we now know, five months later, he has raised not $6 million, but $5.5 million. that's a great thing, liz. but for him to attack the press because all they did was try to hold him to his word and call that libelous is insane. and, you know, if he's going to attack the press on this stuff -- and this is minor stuff. i mean, listen, this is what you do. guy says he does x, you call
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people and see if he did x or y. that's what the press does. if he's going to do this on every single issue if he becomes president, it's going to be a long four years or eight years. if he becomes president. i don't know how you're going to get away with it by doing that every day of the week. that's the negative side. the positive side is he gave money to a lot of good charities. i will tell you the marine corps law enforcement foundation is something that i have given money to in the past. not a million dollars because i'm not worth $10 billion, but it's a great organization. jim call strom runs it, former fbi chief from new york. a guy who worked on wall street, by the way. if you think wall street guys are bad, you have got to see how much money they're given to the marine corps law enforcement foundation. and this is what they do, they raise money. it has almost no administrative costs, and it gives it to families of law enforcement and marines and veterans where the breadwinner was injured or killed in the line of duty. it is a great organization.
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him giving money to that is an amazing thing. but, listen, we did our job. it almost sounded -- and this is where it gets, you know, you've got to, you know, this is where it's my opinion, surmise -- that he's mad that people called him to the carpet on this stuff, that he used vets as props. and we went out there and said, okay, we're going to verify if you really did give to the vets. and five months later he has gi so i guess it's all good all around. liz: since the time of alexander hamilton, the press actually does what it's supposed to do, and that is vet on both sides. >> right. liz: we vet everybody. so, charlie, you vetted way back in january, and you call it like you see it. thank you so much. charlie gasparino. >> anytime, liz. liz: live from trump tower. we're going to turn our attention to the democrats. hillary clinton got what she deemed and needed as a major endorsement ahead of a last-minute push in california. deroy murdock and julie roginsky on whether any of that will work. it is close in california. that, coming up.
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dow has just pared some of its losses, down 128 points. had been down 149. coming up with the closing bell ringing in 47 minutes, the bar is open, people. sodastream taking home brew to a whole new level. the soda machine maker launching a craft beer-brewing system called beer bar. it's going to only be available in germany and switzerland to start but will expand to other markets later this year. investors drinking up the idea, sodastream popping and fizzing, up 6.5%. i just do it to make the sparkling water. up $1.30 right now. up next, will janet yellen and her fellow fedheads jump into a rate hike in june? we put that to allianz mohamed el-erian. he's with us first on fox business next on "countdown." stay tuned. okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. ♪ ♪ liz: we are 11 trading days away from the next federal reserve statement and economic projections, and the fed funds futures pits -- this is where they bet on whether we'll say rate hikes -- are dropping as we speak for the month of june.
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this morning it showed a 24% probability, now it's dropped to 21%. that's the chance these traders bet we'll see a rate hike at the next meeting. what global economic conditions are playing a role in the fed's decision? what's going on here that they think is so bad? should investors instead be looking to july or september or maybe after the election for the next rate hike? joining me now is allianz chief economic adviser, mohamed el-erian. i have tweeted out to everybody he's going to make his latest call on whether we see the fed move. pull the trigger on a rate hike come, what is it, june 15th? what do you think? >> yeah. i think definitely by july. june is a bit i have-ish -- if-ish not because of the domestic economic conditions. if it were only up to the u.s. economy, the fed would hike in june. but the global economy, the risk is high. so i think definitely july, maybe june, but definitely by july. liz: okay.
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definitely by july. now, when you look at the issues that are happening, look, today we got what i saw was an april consumer spending number, highest in six years. we got good home prices moving, oil is moving higher. what is the fed so afraid of, mohamed? >> so, again, the u.s. economy at 2-2.5%, that's what numbers are pointing to, says go ahead and hike. the fact that we have repriced the fixed income market and that the equity markets have done relatively well, has been orderly, that also is a green light to hike. the problem, liz, is what's happening in the rest of the world. it's a weak global economy, it's an uneven global economy. and then you have this event risk on june 23rd of the brexit referendum. so that's why it's hard to say june for sure, but it's -- i'm pretty comfortable telling you definitely by july.
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liz: you know, you look at what people are worried about, a crash, a recession because growth seemed to be so razor slim, so thin at this point. do you see any kind of recession or crash coming i want to say by the end of this year? >> no, i'm not in that camp. in fact, if you extend it to 2017, i would put the probability of recession in 2017 at about 30%. so it's not an overwhelming probability. it's a risk and something that we should look at. and, again, the risk is from outside the u.s., and that's important to emphasize. because -- liz: well, where? is it china? are you worried about china contagion? >> so if you look at the rest of the world, you have china's soft landing with imbalances still there, you have russia and brazil in recession, you have europe and japan that are giving up some of the cyclical gains. so it's not a great global economy. any policy mistake outside or a small market accident, and that could be a significant heldwind. that is what the fed is worried
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about. liz: can i throw this at you, because it has been developing, and it's the situation in venezuela. now, you could argue it's a tiny, very weak economy. it appears to be collapsing. it is an oil power in some ways, and it also could have been a consumer power, but it's reason by a socialist government -- it's run by a socialist government, and what appears to be mayhem is developing right now. could that trigger a global situation? >> so it's a tragic and sad situation. in fact, i will tell you they are that far away from being a failed state. and for a country with as many resources as venezuela, that is a very worrisome statement. they shouldn't be anywhere near where they are today. is it a major systemic risk? no. it's a big problem for the venezuelans, but it's not a major systemic risk. what we're seeing throughout the region is a shift to right-wing politics. if you look at what's happening in brazil, in chile, in argentina, potentially in venezuela, you're seeing somewhat of a shift away from
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populist, fiscally-irresponsible policies towards more right-wing policies. liz: mohamed, thank you. a voice of reason, certainly. we hope you're right. [laughter] we shall see. but definitely, you say, july. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you, liz. liz: mohamed el-erian of allianz. closing bell ringing in 38 minutes. watch this. >> five, four, three, two, one, zero. liftoff of the falcon 9. liz: elon musk celebrating another successful launch by spacex. the stunning pictures or the return trip you don't want to miss, and just how much closer musk is to his mission to conquer the galaxy and beyond. or at least mars. plus, speaking of venezuela, you can't get there from here. venezuela becoming increasingly isolated as another huge business pulls out of the one-time south american
3:23 pm
powerhouse. that far away from a failed state. there are new developments within the last hour. we're getting them to you, "countdown" coming right back. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat.
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. : :
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. melissa: who will stop the rain? fallout from deadly floods in texas. look at the pictures. towns and businesses, they have to have resorted to boats to get from house-to-house. they are bracing for more heavy rain in the next couple of hours. this after four days of torrential rain. the associated press reporting now 6 people confirmed dead specifically in washington county between austin and houston. and the massive flooding continues along the brazos river from new mexico to the gulf of mexico. forecasters predict the flooding will continue through today, that's when the river is expected to crest more than three feet above its previous record. we are going to continue to monitor the story.
3:28 pm
we'll bring you any updates as they become available. from impassable roads to avoid in the skies over venezuela. several major airlines suspending flights in and out of caracas due to that on the screen. a deteriorating economic and safety situation. a socialist country already in turmoil now about to get a whole lot worse. why? give it to fox business' adam shapiro. you are following the story. the airlines avoiding the area, what about u.s. airlines? >> reporter: only one airline flies to venezuela, american airlines have cut flights already but have flights daily to caracas, out of miami. two flights on a 737 which is what they have hardly going to make or break american airlines. while venezuela falls into chaos, riots and food shortages escaping that socialist country is going to be a lot harder now
3:29 pm
that several other airlines have suspended flights out of caracas. they will suspend flights from chile and peru to venezuela as well. lufthansa will suspend the airlines in june. the socialist government mandated strict price controls more than ten years ago and added currency controls and economists say the damage from the caps caused shortages of medicine, electricity and food, you see what's going on with that. the airline suspended flights because they are unable to convert money held in venezuela into the currencies of the countries where they're based. in the case of lufthansa, that's $130 million in their denomination, and they cannot get it out. the bolivar is what they use there. american among those that fly to venezuela.
3:30 pm
two flights daily from miami. sba is a venezuelan airline, they fly out of miami. aeromexico and copa airlines fly to caracas but seems to be only a matter of time as the airlines say, can't get our money out, can't fly. liz? liz: adam, thank you very much. we should look at all of the airline stocks. he showed you american. as we look at airlines, fuel has gotten a lot cheaper. jetblue, united, continental are holding steady. some of these are regionals, wouldn't apply. to amazon, skyrocketing, not stable, no stopping amazon, the company touched another all-time high. hi, lori, tell us more. >> reporter: you have this record from amazon. this is like the fourth lifetime high for the year. a record high in the session today. the last time amazon hit a record was just three weeks ago. how about that?
3:31 pm
according to a new report, one in five users are blocking ads when web browsing on the mobile devices, according to priority data, which is the company that tracks smartphone apps, that works out to almost get this, 420 million users worldwide. mobile ad blockers are prevalent in emerging markets, rely mostly on smartphones. check this out. spacex friday landed third consecutive rocket on a ship in the atlantic. this was after the falcon 9 rocket successfully launched a communication satellite into orbit. get you back to liz claman and "countdown to the closing bell." melissa: lori rothman with the tech minute. closing bell 29 minutes away. changing the game. gamestop fighting back against the hands of time and technology. will it be enough to put the darling market back on top and could the game described by fan boys and fan girls alike so
3:32 pm
beautiful it's like scenery porn improve the scenery for gamestop. ceo paul rains in a fox business exclusive. game on in california, the final showdown of the primary season one week away, bernie's blitz attack as hillary readies to launch her own five day counteroffensive. more "countdown" on the way. the dow is down 103 points. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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. melissa: you can't get closer than this. here we are straddling the very line right now. 17,773 for the dow. this keeps us in positive territory for the month of may. we're right there at the moment, in fact, if you want the point, it would have to be .64. we're at .05. we're watching it. at least flat for the month of
3:37 pm
may. that's what's important. we will watch this second by second, the dow down 99 points. with seven days to go until the california primary which is the big enchilada. hillary clinton got a ringing endorsement. california governor jerry brown said when he casts his vote, he's going clinton. here's what he wrote -- he continued -- this, of course, especially when you're looking at how close she's been with bernie sanders as a much-needed boost to her camp after she completely rearranged schedule, cancelling trips to new jersey. returning to california thursday for a five-day long barnstorming tour. let's bring in julie roginsky.
3:38 pm
don't turn your back on new jersey. >> the new jersey girls. i know, i know! i saw a recent internal poll in new jersey, she's fine in new jersey, going to do there. california is a lot tighter, i understand why she has to spend more time there than in our beloved state. you're a california girl, right? your adopted home state, i should say. i hate to say it doesn't matter, every vote counts, but she's going to win the nomination in new jersey. new jersey's polls close at 8:00 p.m., before southern california's close and she will have the requisite number of pledge delegates she'll need to clinch the nomination provided the superdelegates stay with her. >> interesting, deroy, what people like in hillary are completely different issues than what donald trump gets fans for. he's in your face, like what his news conference was today. and people are passionate but there aren't many of them, way
3:39 pm
more unlikables for both of the candidates. is this going to be one for the ages when it comes to really unlikable candidates, especially at a time, interestingly enough that president obama's approval ratings are now at about 51%? >> i think what's interesting about this, you do have certain numbers in the polls that show that people are not terribly crazy or have strong negatives about both hillary clinton and donald trump. what you see donald trump tremendous numbers of people. 10,000, 20,000 people showing up at rallies. hillary clinton speaks to a couple hundred people. there isn't a huge rush of people enthused about her. i don't see a tremendous amount of people fervently for hillar clinton like they are for donald trump. >> donald trump gives people quite the show, certainly and they don't show up just to hear moderate tones. however, in the general election, we might see a different reaction. >> look, people show up for all
3:40 pm
sorts of reasons. they show up to see the kardashians too, he's a colorful figure, not going to take that away from him. he has already done to some extent what she needs to do, he solidified his nomination and solidified all the never-trump people. >> let me jump in here, this video of him with the veterans behind him was today where he announced he is donating 5.6 million, that he was able to raise that at an event in january when he blew off the fox news debate and had the rally. you look at this and hillary clinton came out almost at the exact same time and tweeted this. she said -- i don't think that is very well worded but a reference how he said that john mccain who was a prisoner of war during the
3:41 pm
vietnam war wasn't brave. >> i think that was an unfortunate comment he made. more than compensated by raising almost $6 million, donating to the groups, having the veterans standing behind him, and i think he has spoken positive about veterans and the total mess the administration made of the va health system and all the people. >> let's not turn this into -- what's the expression where they say, you know, you can't say anything nice about somebody. if he brought in nearly 6 million. i raise money for vets too, >> we'll take it. >> he got busted saying he gave a million dollars, and didn't do it until the press pressed him on it. he finally ponied up. i'll be curious to see where the 5.6 million is allocated before we take his word for it. >> let's say no good deed goes unpunished. quickly on the never trump group but have the candidates who are announcing, gary
3:42 pm
johnson of new mexico, libertarian, i'm sorry, and then you've got william weld who ran massachusetts and did very good job at it. they get any traction or too little too late? >> i think what people on the right need to do is understand that he is the one thing standing between us and hillary clinton. she is deeply corrupt criminal and running criminal enterprises with her husband, and it would be disastrous to come back into the white house. supporting somebody like gary johns know who is admirable is going to draw votes away for trump and make it easier for hillary clinton to get in appointing ambassadors and destroying the destruction of obama with additional level of corruption and vindictiveness they have no desire to see in this country. >> i know you want in on that comment. >> i'll see deroy later.
3:43 pm
>> you are both great contributors. we see the dow jones industrials down 90 points but the california primary way less than 90 days. one week from today, fox business will be all over it. coverage begins 8:00 p.m. eastern, don't miss a moment of it. closing bell ringing in 17 minutes. gamestop in unchartered territory in a quarter where they met on revenue, beat on earnings per share but the outlook is weak. could gamestop be back on course. ceo paul rains to keep the ship pointed in the hot new direction and the hot new game people are calling so beautiful, it's like scenery porn. stay tuned, we have paul rains coming up in a fox business exclusive.
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. liz: scenery porn is here. and it is part of a massive $16.5 billion spent in video games last year. that doesn't include the gaming hardware. a brand-new game could be set to push those numbers higher. it's called uncharted 4. the fourth edition heralded as one of the most visually beautiful game ever made. everybody from gamers to photographers are obsessed using terms like breath taking, and as i said, scenery porn to describe it. let's bring in the man who could be set to see big profits. paul raines. uncharted 4, a thief's end. what is going on here? it's new to me. gamers said this is unbelievable. >> it's spectacular, liz, great to be with you, by the way. i've played all the uncharted
3:49 pm
series, they are spectacular, nutty dog does a spectacular job again. it's a little bit of the raiders of the lost ark meets adventure. we love sony for party games anyway, always have. liz: i know it's with sony and the playstation, people are obsessed by the theme music, it's action adventure, about the retired fortune hunter named nathan drake, like indiana jones but pandora from avatar thrown in. what might it do to the bottom line? a lot of preorders on this thing, finally out. how are the sales trending? >> sales are good. i've got to be careful on talking too much about the titles. prefer to let sony do that. we're happy with it. attached hardware and sold a fair amount of digital content that goes with uncharted. we are pleased with that title, it's coming off of a year, we
3:50 pm
had a record net income year and stores had profitability as did our technology stores we're happy with the title and where the business is at. we'd love to see new consoles come in. we will hear about that from e-3. gamestop is a resilient company. liz: what will virtual reality do for the business? a hardware sales opportunity? the software that might go with it? >> we've been doing a lot of work on virtual reality. we said on our earnings call last week, we think that is perhaps a 7 to $14 billion opportunity in the market. liz: wait, say that again? 7 to 14? >> depends who you talk to, liz, there are estimates that are bigger than that. so it's a big opportunity. we will be the dominant player in that business, probably selling more sony vr than anything else but also involved
3:51 pm
with htc vibe, and it goes beyond gaming, virtual reality has opportunities in sports and gaming and so forth. it is real, and we'll know more after e3. liz: madden 17 is coming out in august. we got the consumer spending number, and it soared. things on that number front look good. tell me, you are in the trenches, as the consumer spending, do you expect them to pile in on madden and the new games, some of them are 70, 80 bucks for package software? >> we watch consumers carefully. our business is much like the movie business, the entertainment business, you see a title like overwatch that launched last week because of things activision did to launch the physical and the digital versions together and let the consumer decide what's best for them. that's been a great title. we see there are titles that drive our business at the same time, liz, this diversification
3:52 pm
effort we're on, we said that by 2019 we want to be 50% nonphysical gaming which says that gaming is important to us, we're not just a games company anymore. we think that's a powerful part of our equation. liz: you are smart to diversify, you never wanted to be the blockbuster any way, shape, or form. >> no. liz: great to see you, keep charging ahead. >> thank you. liz: i'm looking at uncharted. maybe, maybe, i don't like the first-person shooters for little kids. >> get the digital add-ons too, liz. liz: yeah, my wallet won't be. paul raines, and thank you so much. by the way, check out claman confidential where we talk about things that are different from what you have seen. go to and watch my exclusive interview. best offense is a good defense, the dow has pared a
3:53 pm
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thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now,
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could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges ♪ snowing hot sales of jaguar cars, that is how you say it, are spiking up shares of at that at that motors -- tata motors. >> we have shares of tata motors up 12 1/2% on strong earnings stronger than expected fourth quarter profit. strong demand for the jaguar xe along with discovery sport suvs especially sales in asia, boosted sales by 27%. , number of vehicles sold, 128,213.
3:57 pm
pretty impressive stuff. land rover up 28% in china. that follows a decrease in land rover sales in china in the prior quarter. increase in sales of particular sales in china. big winner, tata motors. back to you. liz: thank you, lori rothman. say so long to the month of may. time to look at june which is loaded with market moving events, including friday's jobs report. we have a big money guy here. nasdaq turned positive, sorry, what brad? the five minutes in a row for the dow jones industrials for five monthly wins. okay. and what do we see here? we chopped our losses in half for the last hour of the dow which is down just 69 points. what does it say about investor sentiment? >> i think investor sentiment is negative indicator for. that is bullish for markets. markets climb a wall of worry. it doesn't take much for markets
3:58 pm
to move back in a positive direction. liz: put away the volatility for a minute and you're picking value stocks, you say that will save us from any volatility in the future. how do you pick a value stock? everybody has different ways of doing it. >> this market is difficult. deep cyclicals have run a lot. cheap stocks are not really cheap now. i look for free cash flow in the tech sector. price to book multiples in the banking sector. net asset values in the reit sector. tough pick your valuation metric in the sector. liz: you don't want to overpay ever, that is what buffett says. >> that's correct. liz: nine looks cheap but does 12 look cheap? >> anything in the low double digits tends to look cheap. if you go below 10 times, what the market selling it you market doesn't believe that the is sustainable earnings. you have to look at the next 12
3:59 pm
months for those levels. liz: how much do you fret on what the fed is going to do next. >> back when greenspan was the chairman could whisper in my ear what his intentions were wouldn't change what i do. whether the fed moves in june or july, the key point is the economy on track to withstand higher interest rates. we hope so. david: is it? you're picking teva pharmaceuticals. you like kellogg. >> yeah. liz: love the red berry cereal. >> people are increasingly snacking throughout the day. cereal we think of as breakfast food, people snack on bars and cereal throughout the day. the company has significant margin improvement. they have 15% operating margin. we think that can go to 18 to 20 over next few years. teva is really cheap stock. it has been beaten up. we think it offers tremendous value. liz: great to see you. how you pick value stocks, we'll put it on
4:00 pm
claim facebook page. that is news you can use. eddie perkin's, eaton vance. [closing bell rings] we make it five months in a roy of wins for the dow jones industrials. by the way, nasdaq holds on to five session win streak. david asman, melissa francis. melissa: stocks fighting for gains ending the day mixed. the dow ending the day near, down near 70 points. turning move for may. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. and this is "after the bell." we got you covered on the markets but first here is what else we have for you this hour. donald trump finally revealing how much money he's raised and given to veterans charities while seizing the opportunity to bash the media. here how veterans groups are now responding. the never trump movement shrinking rapidly, still vowing to find a way to defeat him. bill kristol, the movement's leader who got a shoutout from donald trump sugge


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