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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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claim facebook page. that is news you can use. eddie perkin's, eaton vance. [closing bell rings] we make it five months in a roy of wins for the dow jones industrials. by the way, nasdaq holds on to five session win streak. david asman, melissa francis. melissa: stocks fighting for gains ending the day mixed. the dow ending the day near, down near 70 points. turning move for may. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. and this is "after the bell." we got you covered on the markets but first here is what else we have for you this hour. donald trump finally revealing how much money he's raised and given to veterans charities while seizing the opportunity to bash the media. here how veterans groups are now responding. the never trump movement shrinking rapidly, still vowing to find a way to defeat him. bill kristol, the movement's leader who got a shoutout from donald trump suggesting he has
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found his candidate. bernie sanders hitting california hard, forcing hillary clinton to cancel events in new jersey and rush to california a day early. we're just one week away from this critical primary that could really define the democratic race once and for all. melissa: back to the markets. only handful of dow components in the green on the final day of may. the dow down 149 points at session lows, down 90, 88 to be exact. phil flynn, price futures group, fox business contributor is watching action in oil and gold and lori rothman on floor of the new york stock exchange. talk to me about today's selloff. what was the action? >> most of this investors positioning themselves what is more and more likely fed interest rate hike this summer. will be june? fed funds futures pricing 21% that is happening or july.
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what is most sensitive to fed actions they're behaving just like they did before the december rate hike which as you know was the first rate hike in that time in 10 years. look at the internals of three benchmark averages. exciting day for the dow. even though down 87 points at the close it will close in positive territory for the month of may. dow is up five consecutive months, for month of may worth noting by only 10 points. as far as the broad market average, it is now up three months in a row. leading sectors for may, technology, health care, financials. those sectors got a lot of coverage with the gains we did see. a lot of that based on. nasdaq closes higher. up two out of last three months. vix obviously higher with up and down action with the dow. david: lori, thank you very much. gold up higher but dropping big-time for the month. phil flynn is here. i think it is all about the dollar.
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the dollar is up 3% for the month. when dollar is up gold is down, right? >> absolutely. that is a big part of it. you have to remember, dave, this is the first down month in gold this year. doesn't seem like it. that what happened even though we were down today. lori made a great point, the last time gold was as weak as it has been recently before the last fed decision. after the fed decision gold went straight back up. we could get ready for sea change in gold after the fed meeting. the other thing on gold is, reason we turned higher on gold while the rest of the world was falling apart was that "brexit" vote poll once again shows the u.k. is now maybe favoring getting out of the eurozone again. that's a concern. look at oil, okay? oil was above $50 a barrel until late in the day. ended up selling hard on profit-taking. comments from the u.a.e. ahead of the opec meeting. could be a lot of movement in oil. back to you, phil flynn, thank you very much. melissa: sell in may, go away, whatever, all major averages
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ending the month in the green. here is gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management, fox news contributor, john petries wellpoint managements. not much of a gain. gary what is your strategy here. >> look, it is very simple for me. we're near the highs of the dow and s&p, if they can't break through they will sell it off and head it down. if they break through i will buy the heck out of it, it is as simple as that of course we're held hostage by the fed if they will raise rates or not raise rates, i don't really care about but markets do. we'll have to see. big issue is going forward is earnings. earnings stink. revenue growth stinks. it is all about central banks. we have to deal with it on daily basis as managers of money. melissa: that is pretty bleak the way gary broke it down, waiting for the fed, they will raise eventually, so that is not good for the markets. in the meantime the economy is not doing that well.
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companies are not doing that well. are we about to see downturn in the market? what do you think? >> i think the economy is actually better than what most think. that is why we had this market rally coming from february. remember back in january many thought that the u.s. was going to head into recession. melissa: john, where do you see that? hang on. where is the economy better than people think? >> new home sales up over 600,000. you have auto sales above 17 million on annualized basis. consumer spending today was better than expected. jobs have been over 200,000 per month. so the u.s. economy is on decent, firm footing. the said says they're data dependent but keep expanding data set to include more data than outside of the u.s. that is why they have the mixed policy here. melissa: >> can i add into that? melissa: go ahead. >> for me the only reason the economy holds up is massive $20 trillion of printed money. melissa: right. >> sear percent rates around the
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globe and negative rates and markets are bought up by countries. that is amazing story. i'm worried if rates get normalized, look out below! melissa: that is what is behind the housing number, david. david: talk about u.s. consumer spending jumping 1% in april. we mentioned, this is biggest monthly gain in almost seven years according to the commerce department. high every -- higher spending triggered on auto sales as americans splurged on new cars and trucks. gary how do you square this spending figure which john thinks really good sign with the retail sales that didn't seem so hot this month? >> you to look at consumer debt also. consumer debt is skyrocketing. so guess what, if you're going into debt to buy something, kind of sort of equals out when all said and done. here is the situation. you get a good up month and then get a bad down month. good up month, bad down month there isn't really a great trend. be careful about taking one month getting too bullish, taking one month and getting too
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bearish. david: john, is it concern to you one reason why consumer spending has gone up because of debt? >> i agree with gary, you don't just take one data point and extrapolate it but do you pay more with cash or credit card? david: a lot of people pay more with their credit card. a lot of people are going into debt in order to spend, buy things. we saw that before. didn't turn out to well. >> a trend to spend electronically than use cash. doesn't mean people using credit cards are more in debt. u.s. leverage household has gone down consistently since 2008. retail sales came out few weeks ago were terrible. that could be more of a amazon e-commerce phenomenon rather than u.s. consumer not shopping too much. >> therein lies my point. you get one bad number, get one good number. you have to be very careful about that. >> that's true. david: on one hand, on the other hand. melissa: escalating battle with viacom. viacom independent directors preparing for legal battle to keep their seats.
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the directors are vowing any possible effort by redstone to rethem from the media company. i mean, john, you start to forget what this company is all about. there is so much fighting at the top and it is juicy and everyone is talking about it but underneath all of it is mtv, nickelodeon, comedy central, what do you think of this? >> viacom has been a mess for the past year. investors have not been happy with phillipe due dauman spending the money. they have tremendous content. nickelodeon, mtv, b.e.t., comedy central. viacom looks attractive and 3.6 dividend deal on company that generates a lot of cash. i think all the infight something real distraction for the stock. melissa: gary, it is definitely a distraction shun as people watch infighting.
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are they creating opportunity or distracting from a product falling apart? >> my problem is uncertainty is never good thing in either the markets or corporate america. a lot of people don't know who is actually running the show. sumner redstone i believe is the 3 years old. a lot of people are not sure whether he is making decisions or not -- 93 years old. as long as that continues the stock is dead money and that is all that has been going on. they have unbelievable properties but again, when you're dealing with markets sometimes even disney right now not acting too well. i think just be careful with it here. melissa: gary and john, thanks to both of you. david: we love those guys. meanwhile could the next "star wars" actually flame out? reports claiming that "star wars" "rogue one" movie, the next one to come is in crisis, only seven months before the highly hp anticipated release. what studio execs are demanding the director do to save the latest installment of the multibillion-dollar franchise. melissa: epic battle between hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders heating up in california with the make-or-break primary a week away. sanders rallying a crowd in santa cruz this hour. david: donald trump take as bow himself and poke at press for money he raised and given to veterans charity. >> i'm only one in the world that could raise almost $6 million for the veterans, have uniform applause by the veterans groups and end up being criticized by the press. hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. ♪ david: donald trump taking the stage at trump tower today, earlier to discuss donations he is making to benefit veterans from a fund-raising event he held in january but, "the donald" had to address some criticism from the press. take a listen. >> one gentleman called me up recently crying that out of the
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blue he got a check for $100,000. but i have been thanked by so many groups, great veterans groups. by the way outside you have a few people picketing. sent there by hillary clinton and they're picketing that the money wasn't sent. the money has all been sent. david: fox business network senior correspondent charlie gasparino, he has been all over this story from the beginning is standing by outside of trump tower with the latest. charlie, didn't trump look at you at one point to answer a question that you had posed for him and didn't quite pick on you though, right? >> well, you know, i will give him the benefit of the doubt he didn't really see me. i'm such a thing violet as you know. easy to miss me and my hands up and up but anyway -- david: it was a fun event though, wasn't it? >> it wasn't quite the roundtable but it was interesting. he went off on journalists. he called them names. he went off on certain, certain journalists who were losers.
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he called bill kristol a loser. some guy from abc, i mean, here is what is odd about this and i say this as someone who has known donald for a long time. i actually like him a lot. i'm one of the first people that raised questions with these contributions. david: you were. >> if you're going out, we broke the story first on fox business, if you go out and say i raised six million for vets and here are the 13, 20 groups that we raised it for, you have to got to expect reporters like myself to go out and call those groups to see if they really got the money. what happened was when we called them they didn't get the money. now they have gotten it five months later, complaining somehow we didn't do our jobs. that is what we're supposed to do, hold his feet to the fire. i will say this in his defense, he gave $6 million more than hillary clinton has. i don't know if the clinton foundation, i don't believe they have, have never given money to veterans.
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that is something to be commended for. david: i talked to jim on the phone, he gave one million to. >> the marine corps law enforcement fonddation. david: donald has been a up front giving as you lot of money. that is not the first check he has given to the organization. jim had nothing but praise for him. go ahead. >> i've been involved with the organization, marine corps law enforcement association. i've been dealing with them for many years but i will say this, here is where donald didn't make any sense. he said he needed to vet organizations. no offense he did not have the vet the marine corps law enforcement foundation. they named him as their man of the year a couple years ago. that's where some of his excuses don't sound right. it sounds like he really didn't raise the six million until much later that he inflated how much he raised and then finally now he has the money. but -- david: you bring up a terrific point which is that this allows
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for comparisons between what trim has done and what the clinton foundation. those comparisons donald trump would love to bring to the for. charlie, great work today. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: state department issuing alert for americans traveling to europe for major events like the upcoming european soccer championship in france and tour today france and catholic church world youth day in poland. the state department warns of potential terrorist attacks targeting these events. restaurants, tourist centers and. david: catholic youth day. can you imagine? third party threats are getting louder. twitter war between donald trump and bill kristol over so-called impressive third party candidate coming next. plus deadly flooding about to get worse in texas. why forecasters say there is little relief in sight. >> they have been flooded so many times, the town roads i
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can. melissa: libertarians looking to become spoiler over the weekend. nominating former two-term new mexico governor gary johnson as candidate. blake burman joins with us the latest on this one. reporter: gary johnson officially back in the presidential fold and at least one candidate is already taking notice. the former new mexico governor chosen on the second ballot as libertarian presidential nominee during its convention over the weekend. his running mate will be former massachusetts governor bill weld. johnson racked up 1.2 million votes nationwide in 2012, about 1%. however this time around he could potentially have impact on the out come if the race between donald trump and hillary clinton comes down to a few states and percentage points. a "fox news poll" showed johnson in three-way matchup against
4:22 pm
trump and clinton pulled in 10% support, his highest levels from independents. trump was asked about johnson and repeatedly called him a quote, fringe candidate. johnson responded tweeting quote, so donald trump calls me a fringe candidate. strangely enough that is what he was called a few months ago. trump smacked down renewed talk from "weekly standard" editor bill kristol about a third party type candidate jumping into the race. >> if they do an indy, assuming it is decent, which i don't think anybody with a reputation would do it, because they would look like fools, but what you're going to do, is you lose the election for the republicans. and therefore you lose the supreme court. reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell backed up trump saying that would be quote, not helpful. as for johnson and weld, they will appear on "cavuto: coast to coast" wednesday afternoon. melissa: interesting, blake, thank you very much. david: we'll watch then.
4:23 pm
hear to weigh in, fred barnes executive editor of "weekly standard." fox news contributor and partner with aforementioned bill kristol. we have a ford o'connell. he supports hillary clinton. kind to hard to be part of the story when your partner is being attacked by presidential candidate but bill kristol has responded to what donald trump said. i gather donald trump said i'm a loser. i have won some and i lost some but one thing i always tried not to be is a roaring jackass. that is going to create a response, right? >> you know he, i think donald trump could learn something from bill. bill is tough. he is not thin-skinned. trump obviously is thin-skinned. i don't even agree with bill on this third party idea. it may happen or not. i don't know. david: not a matter much being thick skinned, when he attacks bill, part of the establishment
4:24 pm
he gets more support from the detractors. >> you may believe that, i don't believe that. david: it is happening in the polls. not what i believe. it is what the polls say. >> what they say, gee, i'm just waiting for trump to attack somebody and then i will vote for him. david: when he attacks his poll numbers go up. i think it is simple as that. >> i don't believe that for a minute. do you think when he attacked governor martinez of new mexico that helped his campaign. david: did you hear the roar from the crowd when he did that? >> the crowd, but i mean look at -- he is running in the country. david: all right. >> just appealing to the rally crowd is not going to win the presidency for donald trump. david: i don't know. mark, the fact is that his numbers have done nothing but go up. talk about the third party candidate. there is a third party candidate now. it is libertarian party. i saw gary johnson, interviewed him a couple times. bill weld, liberal republican running with him.
4:25 pm
there are people who think about hillary clinton, democrats who think about hillary the way some republicans, never trump republicans think about trump. could any of those dems vote for libertarian? >> i think some could, david, in thethink very few will. fox poll is drawn more from republicans than from democrats. if the 10% goes to 15 and governor johnson is on debate stage this fall with trump and secretary clinton, it starts getting very interesting. david: it sure does. what about that, fred. why does bill continue to search for third party candidate, when there is one, a libertarian. >> who agrees with a guy, gary johnson, wants to talk about one issue. i went to dinner with gary johnson. you know issue he wanted to talk about? drug legalization. that is not a winning issue i think. david: in fairness to him, i
4:26 pm
have interviewed him a lot, he does talk about things other than that as well. he had a great record as governor, didn't he, fred. >> i don't know much about his record as a governor. i never heard any tough criticism of it. i have seen what he talks about at presidential candidate, look, not exactly a guy with a lot of zip. he is not interesting speaker. he is not a live wire. he doesn't stir crowds. i just don't think he is going to be a factor. david: all right. sorry, gary, if he is watching. melissa: not a lot of zip. david: got a lot of heart for you. fred, mark, thank you both for coming in, appreciate it. >> you're welcome. melissa: president obama honoring the 2016 ncaa national champion villanova mens basketball team at the white house. the visit comes two months after the wildcats won its first title since 1985 on a buzzer-beater against north carolina. david: buzzer-beater, i love that.
4:27 pm
record flooding in texas. torrential rainfall killing at least seven people and forcing hundreds to evacuate. some areas seeing as much as 30 inches of rain over the past couple of days. and there is no rest in sight. eight to 12 additional ins of rain could fall on parts of the lone star state throughout the end of the week, according to the national weather service. wow. melissa: one european country is willing to go to great lengths and even pay a hefty fine to keep refugees outside of its borders. david: and with just a week until the california primary the fight for the golden state's democratic delegates is heating up. >> if you promise not to tell secretary clinton, she is getting very nervous lately. and i don't want, i don't want to add to her anxiety. so if you promise not to tell her, we're going to win here in california on june 7th. [cheering] ♪ . ybmore research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. melissa: tech in charge. take a look at shares of amazon. the stock hitting new all-time high. adobe hitting a new high as well. while the tech-heavy nasdaq finished higher for the fifth straight day in a row. it is the longest winning streak in 2 1/2 months. david. david: wow. let's go back to politics. bernie sanders holding a campaign rally in santa cruz, california. the senator trying to win over voters in the golden state as hillary clinton cancels campaign events on the east coast to focus on the state's primary. fox business's peter barnes is in d.c. with the latest on the campaign trail.
4:32 pm
you got a sense there is a little panic with hillary here. reporter: david, you're right. sanders barnstorming in california looking for a big upset there next week. new poll of likely democratic voters in california shows him basically tied now with hillary clinton. sanders win there would be unlikely to deny her the nomination however. the latest delegate count shows her way ahead of sanders and just 71 delegates short of the number she needs to become the democratic nominee and there are more than 900 delegates up for grabs in california and other states next week holding contests. that means she needs only to capture 8% of them to become the democratic nominee but analysts say a defeat in california could hurt clinton's momentum heading into a general election fight with donald trump and raise questions about her supposed advantage over trump in the electoral map. so her campaign has canceled an event in new jersey this week to give her more time to campaign in california straight through
4:33 pm
to next tuesday's primary. the campaign was also, the clinton campaign was also in full damage control over the latest development in clinton's email controversy. last week the state department's inspector general said clinton did not seek permission to use her personal account for official business when she was secretary of state and she would not have been given approval to do so had she asked. in a new statement to supporters, clinton campaign chairman john poe said quote, since last year, secretary clinton said her use of personal email server was a mistake and if she could go back she would do it differently. podesta added the i.g.'s report gets us one step closer to resolve this, which the campaign would very much like to do before it gets fully engaged with donald trump. david: we haven't yet heard from the fbi. that is coming. reporter: true. david: peter, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here to weigh in on the
4:34 pm
fight for california, fred barnes and mark alderman are back with us. mark, let me start with you because it is clear she has seen this movie before. she is way out ahead in this state. bernie surges and he comes in and either wins or closes very strong. here it is we're at the very end. she has gone back to california to try and keep fighting. what can she do now? >> well -- [inaudible] melissa: can we hear mark? am i only one that can't hear mark? >> no, i can't hear him. melissa: mark, our apologies. we'll get that straightened out. fred, i will ask you the same question. >> i heard the question. melissa: she needs to kind of stand up and try to finish california. i know she got the governor there to come out to endorse her. does this make a difference? what should she do? >> if she campaigns there for a week and election is next tuesday, that will help her. her presence matters. new jersey is not important at the moment.
4:35 pm
california is everything and if bernie sanders wins, i don't think that means he is going to get the nomination but i do think that it will mean that he will be a bigger, angrier, bothersome factor for hillary at the democratic convention. melissa: so you don't think that means he would have a shot at the nomination? this is the math as he seems to be playing it. you come in, say you win california. obviously from the beginning he could never win because of superdelegates in her pocket. sadly in the primaries you're a democrat out there your vote doesn't count in the primary but they feel more and more pressure these superdelegates you would think as he continues to garner strength. what are the odds someone would actually flip or enough of them would flip at the convention? >> the other thing of course you didn't mention he is doing much better in the polls, in matchups against donald trump. governor brown said hillary is only one who can beat trump. that is not what the the polls show. they show bernie does better
4:36 pm
against her, but look, even if he does well here, wins california, wins a lot of delegates he will still trail her substantially. it is just a long shot. his prospects will improve but you know from 3% to 4% chance or something? i'm afraid the deck is just stacked against him but boy can he push issues and other things at the convention. melissa: i think we have mark back with us. mark, let me ask you, fred was saying hillary clinton's presence helps her in california. you know a lot of people like her in principle. when they hear her up front the pushback she is not likeable, she is not friendly. do you think her presence is helping in california or would she be better served campaigning from a distance? you know, this is to seem like a evil plot from the right, mark. can't you hear it already, to mute mark's microphone and absolutely is not. mark, we love you. we're sorry for that. we'll have you back as soon as
4:37 pm
we can get that fixed. he is laughing. thank you, david. david: not done on purpose. believe us. staples ceo ron sargent will be stepping down at the companies annual meeting on june 14th. this comes three weeks after the staples deal to buy rival office depot fell through because of regulators. religious voters are the focus of many election rallies through the primary season but with the field narrowed their roll could be more important. here is how gop donald trump described his relationship with the evangelicals. >> we're winning at every level, with evangelicals, jerry failwell, jr., was un-- jerry fallwell was unbelievable and that maybe one of the reasons we've had such help. evangelicals, tea party people. we're winning with young, with old, with highly-educated, right? [cheering] we're winning with a little bit
4:38 pm
less than highly-educated which is okay. i love you! david: joining us now, to tell us whom he thinks religious votes could be going, ewtn, the catholic television station, david arroyo. give us an idea how big the catholic vote is. that is how much you're plugged into. >> sure. david: 25% of all voters, 33 million people are registered as roman catholics, or define themselves as roman catholics. inin 2012 election he took over 50%. >> where the catholics go, the people follow. they're not all church-goers. but culturally identify like that. trump tapped into those people.
4:39 pm
in the primaries he overwhelmingly won majority of catholics in places like massachusetts, 56%, florida. these are bellwether state where he has taken that middle. david: among catholic intellectuals there has been a lot of talk whether or not trump has commitment to catholic values. >> look, i have had these conversations as i tell my friends, you're not electing a messiah, you're electing a president. ronald reagan was divorcee. david: jack kennedy was great president in many ways but clintonian in his pursuit of women. >> i'm glad you said that and i didn't. look, seems we're holding trump to some imaginary standard but it doesn't matter. when you talk to the voters, they want somebody who is going to take it to the establishment and they will even tell you one-on-one, we're disquieted that our churches are getting into politics and they see trump as instrument to sort of end-run what is happening in the
4:40 pm
churches of political perspective. david: quick turn to religion and you talk about an instrument, there was no finer instrument of the catholic religion than mother anjelica, the person who started the television station. in fact she talked about that to "60 minutes" years ago about how improbable the idea of a nun starting a tv station was. play that tape. >> cloistered nuns in television is without question one of the most ridiculous things that could have ever happened. it just evolved. david: ridiculous but it works. i mean it works. you have millions of viewers. >> yeah. david: she was a risk-taker. that is the business message, mother anjelica, right. >> lee iacocca told me she should be the patron saint of ceos. mother angelica had maxim, do the ridiculous and god will dot miraculous. she was typical american visionary, entrepreneur. in my new book, mother anjelica, her grand silence i talk about her last years, but when you
4:41 pm
look at the girl, abandoned by her father, disabilities, she had a fire in the belly. built her network in the garage. david: grand silence refers to the fact in latter years she had a spoke and couldn't speak but still had amazing presence on your network. mother angelica, her grand silence, wonderful book from raymond arroyo. >> thank you david, thank you very much. david: melissa. melissa: how to beat donald trump at his own marketing game. disney executives are rebelling against the new "star wars" movie. uh-oh. outh breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> when i raise money, for the veterans and it's a massive amount of money find out how much hillary clinton's given to the veterans? nothing. melissa: hmmm. master marketing going after hillary clinton today.
4:45 pm
while democrats dike it out in california. since hillary clinton or bernie sanders will eventually have to face trump, we brought in the best in the business to give democrats marketing advice. bruce turkel of turkel brands brings us his wisdom on this one. let me ask you, trump mastery is marketing people think of him as a business tycoon. he is all about genius marketing. he made the campaign about that. hillary not doing as well with that. trying with loose cannon thing. he is a loose cannon. he will bankrupt the nation the way he bankrupted his casinos. these are his catchphrases. what do you think of them? >> i think they are on the right track but the wrong way to do it. ironically hillary has to talk less but say more. she would do that by having catch phrases like he uses the other thing she has demonstrate she is the reasonable choice but more importantly, she is the choice for women and she has done none of that. as i said, talk less but
4:46 pm
surround herself with people who can talk for her. melissa: so the women thing is a great point because that should be a home run for her especially up against donald trump. >> right. melissa: even though she is leading in the gender gap, clearly she should be able to make more of that. if you stack up men for him versus women for her and go by population he is four million people ahead. she should be able to get more women to come in to combat that. how could she shape the message or how could she do that. >> take advantage of the strength in the position. tough to argue that misogyny is the worst crime worldwide. shame on us she should say for 240 years of history not having a woman in leadership position. if she does that and couches it under mom and grandmom, she is both, it will be very hard for him to hit back. instead of looking like the strong man that he is is, he will look like misogynist. he will look like sexist and a pig and like a bully. melissa: she tries to talk about the women thing.
4:47 pm
he said she is using the woman card and do you want to vote for someone because of a woman. you suggest using words like mom and grandma rather than woman. that is very clever. how about bernie sanders? because here he is, he is hanging in, giving her a terrible time. rolling through california. we've seen this movie before. he comes up in the end and passes her or wins or passes her and finishes strong. he has to convince the superdelegates they have to come over to his side no matter what the clintons given them or promised them or whatever. how does he do that. >> i love the way you become a marketing genius. you figured it out. he doesn't have to worry about voters. his consumers are superdelegates. melissa: yes. >> the message he needs to give them, if they believe in democracy, if they believe in fairness, then they need to reconsider their commitments. think about it, they became a superdelegate because they care, they care about something. he has to play to that sense of honor that the right thing to do for america in his opinion and
4:48 pm
in their opinion is to look at what the voters want and choose him to go into the election. melissa: trump, you wouldn't tweak him at all i'm betting even though you don't love him but he is doing his thing? >> so don't love is euphemism. i don't love him but at same time, that's right. listen i could not have given him the advice to where he is right now. he is redefining the way elections are going to be run. his mastery of social media and understanding what sells on reality shows means he is changing the world. so i got to tell you, i don't want to see him do it he should keep on doing what he is doing. melissa: bruce turkel, always a genius. love having you on. good stuff. david: the force isn't that strong with this one. disney executives are not fully satisfied with the upcoming "star wars" movie a according to new report from "the new york post." the company is ordering expensive reshoots for "rogue one." melissa: oh, no! david: in an attempt to save the film before it opens in theaters this december. should give it to you.
4:49 pm
you know how to turn it around. melissa: no, i'm just a fan but i can't imagine -- david: just a fan? you're the most fanatical fan i ever known. melissa: whole family. what can we do? halting business with venezuela. airlines suspending flights as the cash-strapped government is withholding fines. the game where everybody wins no matter how hard you try. ♪
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4:53 pm
month. lufthansa announced plans to end flights from germany, joining a list that includes al italia and gol airlines. they can't get money out of venezuela to the countries where they are based. in the case of lufthansa, that is $139 million. david: wow, that is not trump change. one company is raising awareness through a game. diogenus putting a spin on classic monopoly in socialism, the game. the game is seeking 10,000 pledges on kickstarter. it raised about 1/3 of its goal. john elliot founder and ceo of f doiogenes games. >> great to see you. david: monopoly is somewhat of a misnomer, socialism is really ultimate monopoly, isn't it? it is not capitalism, it is socialism. you can't compete with the government. >> government is first, last and
4:54 pm
only real monopoly, isn't it. david: is that the point? you start this more than just a business venture. something you have a personal philosophy about? >> you know what? this started a bunch of us watching these candidates. it is absolutely crazy. david: you see two candidates on cover. although bernie is admitted socialist, hillary claims she isn't. in the background, michael moore, and others. >> we're watching candidates, this is crazy. we're listening to socialist rhetoric, a couple of us start talking laughing, joke after joke. someone says we need a socialist form of monopoly. david: how does it work. >> you take existing monopoly game. you ice it. david: that is is. by the way, makers of monopoly are okay with this. >> this is parody and satire. you need to get monopoly game. replace it with progressive rule book. david: basics of which is what? everybody is entitled to free money.
4:55 pm
>> no. in the original monopoly you play to get the biggest pile of money in socialism, you basically play until everyone has 300 bucks and government owns everything. so -- david: so your goal is to equalize everything instead of know no lies everything? >> equality dependence. david: equality means everyone is poor. >> everyone is peer and everyone gets participation award in the end. david: isn't that the point of socialism? everybody is equal but they're equally poor. that is what cuba is about, venezuela is about. we discovered now. >> no competition. it is race to the bottom. david: it is not funny dealing with venezuela, the richest, the most oil-rich country in the world, more than saudi arabia, more than russia, in terms of known reserves, and yet 70% of the population is now poor. that's is what -- if it can happen in a place like venezuela, wouldn't the same thing happen here? >> well you know that is one of the things we recognize.
4:56 pm
we're watching our kids, listening to neighbors saying look, this is serious. there are some serious jokes to be made for sure but this is serious. this is the a way that people can launch. my nine-year-old lovers monopoly. he plays this, dad, this game is a killer wedgie. david: a killer wedgie. >> i'm tired of running out of money. david: melissa, throw it to you with a phrase like that. melissa: my gosh. paying a hefty fine to keep refugees out. why a european village is ready to cough up the cash. ♪ re's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene. for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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melissa: swiss town coughing up cash. one of the wealthiest villages in switzerland decided to pay a fine of roughly $290,000 rather than accept 10 refugees. david: wow of the town which is largely populated by millionaires voted no in a referendum to accept refugees because they quote, won't fit in. i think that is probably pretty
5:00 pm
fair to say that about a millionaire village in switzerland. melissa: there is that. i would like to see how they phrased the question, won't quote, fit in. david: i don't think there is lot of political correctness in switzerland. just a guess. melissa: i don't know. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> press should be ashamed of themselves and on behalf of the vets the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are calling me and furious because i sent people checks of a lot of money. we'll give you the names right now which is what you want, and instead of thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone said, who got it, who got it, who got it? and you make me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. deirdre: donald trump speaking from trump tower about his donations to veterans charities. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. donald trump raised close to $6 million to veterans


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