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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fair to say that about a millionaire village in switzerland. melissa: there is that. i would like to see how they phrased the question, won't quote, fit in. david: i don't think there is lot of political correctness in switzerland. just a guess. melissa: i don't know. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> press should be ashamed of themselves and on behalf of the vets the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are calling me and furious because i sent people checks of a lot of money. we'll give you the names right now which is what you want, and instead of thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone said, who got it, who got it, who got it? and you make me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. deirdre: donald trump speaking from trump tower about his donations to veterans charities. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. donald trump raised close to $6 million to veterans
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organizations and named ones that received money. he says if he is president he will hit back at the press if they write false stories just as he will hit back at party leaders that don't support him with me, katrina pierson, trump campaign spokesperson. welcome back. glad to see you. >> nice to be here, thank you. deirdre: his supporters admire his fighting spirit. risch limbaugh started his radio show this morning with this. >> people have been begging for al republican to just once take on the media the way trump did. deirdre: so, katrina, how much feedback on that 40 minute press conference are you getting? >> tons of feedback, my in box is so full from so many people across the country, saying finally, this is one of those situations where, when mr. trump held this, when he held this fund-raiser, this was a spontaneous fund-raiser put together within 24 hours. we had been saying it will take
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a little bit of time to vet some organizations to bring in money pledged by the way, not on hand for weeks, almost every day we heard about the veterans fund-raisers and where is the money. mr. trump is not politician. mr. trump has been doing things for people his whole life. this idea somehow there was some reason that mr. trumpp did this, really showed today in the media, they are now covering of the actual fund-raiser really goes to show, people are so fed up and frustrated with hypocrisy the way republicans are covered versus the way democrats are covered or lack there off. deirdre: so you feel like there is clearly a bias but speaking of democrats hillary clinton's campaigns is planning series of events to take on trump's record on vets issues. so her campaign apparently going to have speakers who are all vets in virginia, pennsylvania, and new hampshire, florida,
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colorado, so all battleground states. are you planning to counter that counter? >> i'm sure we will. this is one of those irshoes that mr. trump has been extremely strong on. there are two groups of people that i've seen personally mr. trump get a little emotional about. that is veterans who have haven't been -- have been treated completely unfairly. when you have illegal aliens getting faster treatment than veterans that is absurd. this is hillary clinton policy someone has been in office and public life, the first lady being a senator and secretary of state and has done what for veterans? absolutely nothing this is close to mr. trump's heart. over the campaign trail when he saw opportunity to do something for vet rans he did it. he took action. that is the kind of leader we need. deirdre: speaking of fighting,
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he is fighting hillary clinton looks though as she will be against him tbd. bill kristol looking for strong third party candidate. the republican party has to be smart and strong if it wants win in november. can't allow lightweight, everyone assumes kristol send up a spoiler in the candidate. if dummy bill kristol get as spoiler to run as independent, say good-bye to the supreme court. aside from bill kristol, aside from mitt romney and we're all bill kristol has mitt romney in mind, how is the unification plan going from your point of view? >> the way you pose the question is exactly what is happening. the party is with mr. trump. he has broken a record in gop primary turnout. there is handful of republicans, establishment republicans who want status quo.
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they want to keep things the same. they will have that with hillary clinton. reince priebus of the rnc said it is time to get behind the front-runner. so many people with the rnc and in the states, we have state chairman coming on board. this unification process is moving along, now that we've endorsed -- announced several endorsements on the hill, whether congressional chairman or other members of the party. those that don't want to get on board are those that want to keep the things the same way. those rejected twice by the people, mr. trump transcends party even though unifying republican party, he is unifying the american people with a pro-america message. deirdre: one thing i wanted to ask when you talk about pro-america and unification, some say he unfairly went after new mexico governor susan ma martinez, it relates to what i'm tolling you about, he is going
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after the judge ordering release of trump university documents, bringing up the judge's mexican heritage. here is the comment. i want to circle back with you after. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump, a hate ir. he is a hater. [booing] his name is, gonzolo, who happens to be mexican that is great. that is fine. you know he what? i think mexicans will end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs, okay? deirdre: so on wind hand should the judge recruise himself and on the other hand, how do you see donald trump's outreach to the latino population? >> well, look, this judge is a problem. he does not like mr. trump. this is activist judge appointed by barack obama because barack obama wouldn't appoint anyone other than a activist judge. there was great article released in the "american spectator" that gives specific details about this judge. the simple fact he is the friend of the lawyer on the opposite
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side. so he should absolutely recuse himself. it is important that mr. trump mention that for a reason because we do see a lot of these anti-trump protesters very much pushing anti-american message of way they're behaving at some rallies on the outside and waving the mexican flag. they're holding up la raza signs. these are very much important details that the mainstream media is leaving out. so it will be up to mr. trump to get that word out. deirdre: just to finish the point, what do you make of the relationship with the governor of new mexico, martinez? >> look, governor martinez was a never trumper to begin with. she has said things publicly against mr. trump and mr. trump is a counterpuncher. deirdre: some people think she would be a great vp. >> not mr. trump, obviously. mr. trump doesn't see party. he doesn't see race, he doesn't see gender. he wants to do what is right for the country. he wants to get back to common sense government. he is counterpuncher.
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he she criticized him, he criticized her. just because she is latino means nothing. mr. trump will treat everyone the same way and it has been that way from the beginning. >> certainly has. thank you for being here. katrina pierson joining me there, a spokesperson for the donald trump campaign. with more on the subject, how donald trump handled the media on his donations to veterans, he did turn over the microphone to a vet from new hampshire. here are that vet's comments. >> stop using veterans as political pawns. you got a guy outside, mccoy, go do a google search on his facebook. he is out there, his picture is with the clintons. they are using veterans as political pawns and it must stop. donald trump is doing this from the heart. you're all focused on way he is raising money and you're not looking at 22 veterans that are killing each other every day. you're not concerned about the thousands of veterans that are on wait lists. look at his plan on his trump
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website. he talks about medical cards. he talks about fixing the va. he talks about competition. i think liberal media and i've been dealing with you a long time and get your head out of your butt and focus on the real issues. deirdre: my political power panel is here. gillian melcher, heat street political editor, republican strategist, mercedes schlapp, and democratic strategist holly schulman, welcome to you all. gillian in your view how did trump press conference? the. >> i don't think he handled it wonderfully. it was great for "washington post" to follow up. he made a commitment to help veterans. deirdre: i want to cut you off so everybody else follows. many people saw this 40-minute press conference as response to piece written in the "washington post" which was essentially, not titled, where is the money but that is essentially the point of the piece. >> exactly, they could not find a single veterans organizations that received one million dollars said he had given. so there is a lot of
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speculation, a lot of question. all of sudden trump produces the check. he says it is supposed to be about scrutiny. deirdre: but he has given out more than 3 million. >> he ended up doing it, but saying vetting is reason for four-month delay. ended it up giving to a guy running charity, not only running charity, he works for the soho trump. somebody within his own corporation. i think vetting excuse doesn't hold water. he needs to be held accountable for this and fair for "the washington post" reporters to ask these questions. deirdre: in fairness i take all your point, in fairness to trump he got out there and pretty much delineated xl spreadsheet line, by spreadsheet line, where the money came from, where it is going. mercedes, what is your take? >> i have got to tell you i'm still waiting to see how much money hillary clinton given to any of the vets. be realistic here. this guy gave a promise he would give millions of dollars to veterans groups. i never really seen a presidential candidate take such interest in insuring that these
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veterans get the help that they need of the with that being said i do believe that he has a special connections with the veterans groups. i think that he is true to his word. i think when you look at hillary clinton and the fact that she made millions of dollars off of these wall street speeches, and yet she is trying to hit donald trump on the fact of whether he is giving the money or how much money he has given? fine. media responsibility to, yes, check and make sure that he is delivering on his promise but at same time, i mean he is taking unconventional approach which hillary clinton doesn't even know how to respond to. deirdre: so, holly, since you're our democratic voice, what is your take on that, especially in light of the clinton campaign planning this whole series of counterattacks if we're going to call them that for the next few days to try to reach out to veterans? >> one thing has been clear through this whole process and that is donald trump only cares about veterans when it is politically expedient for him. that is what we've seen today. hillary clinton, despite the political benefits has reached across the aisle, worked with
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senator john mccain for $50 million for veterans rehab center in texas. worked with lindsey graham to expand health care for reservists, national guard. she has career of working on issues and fighting for veterans. if he wants to make it issue in the campaign i would say bring it on. deirdre: all right. we'll have more to talk about. julian, mercedes, holly back with me. let you know donald trump dismissing libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson as a fringe candidate earlier today. mr. johnson will be kennedy's guest tonight. tune in. you do not want to miss the conversation, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the dow, nasdaq, s&p, all up for may, making the dow and s&p 500's longest monthly winning streak in two years. if you look at the leading groups, tech, health care and finance. next tuesday the all-important california primary on the democratic side. it is getting too close for comfort.
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>> if you promise not to tell secretary clinton, she is getting very nervous lately and i don't want, i don't want to add to her anxiety. so if you promise not to tell her, we're going to win here in california on june 7th. [cheering] deirdre: california primary is on tuesday. hillary clinton's campaign wants to avoid an embarrassing loss to senator sanders in the golden state. a new hoover foundation poll shows that clinton with a
5:17 pm
commanding lead, 51-38%. last week another poll showed the democratic candidates in statistical dead heat. clinton cutting short scheduled new jersey stops to get to california for a full five days. with me former republican presidential candidate, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. he is current trump supporter. governor, glad to see you. if senator sanders beats hillary clinton in california, what does that mean, if anything, for the general election in november? >> if you accept the proposition that she will be the nominee, and i think it is clear that she will be, she is looking for leverage or ability to advance agenda or some position he is interested in. winning california gives him a chance to to to unpledged delegates, so-called superdelegates what i think is a rigged system by the way, look, i won the biggest state. this should change your view. i don't think that will work. he is starting to talk about what he can get out of
5:18 pm
convention and give him leverage, basically. deirdre: seems if he wants, to your point, some sort of well, whether influencing policy or perhaps having a bigger say than he normally would have in a vp pick? >> there is some speculation he may want to be the vp pick. i don't know that hillary clinton would select him. i doubt he is having interest in outsized voice on platform committee in the context of a convention. i suggest he will look at more specific, concrete commitments from secretary clinton than that. deirdre: let me ask you, since we're speaking about hillary clinton and her candidacy, there is a new "rasmussen poll," shows 50% of all voters think she should continue to run even if she is indicted in connection with the email investigation. does that surprise you at all? it does surprise me, although the country is so polarized large changes of the population
5:19 pm
are political silos won't abandoned her even if she is indicted but that is surprising. would you think more people would bail on her if she would be indicted. >> that seems like a pretty strong black eye. clinton campaign chairman, john podesta, actually acknowledged that the private email system is a mistake but separately she has taken responsibility for it. has she? >> her defense always had been on public relations level, they weren't labeled as sensitive information at the time. but the fact of the matter is, given her position and her experience and her seasoning she should have known these were classified documents. so they didn't need to be labeled for her to know. if you recklessly stored them or knowingly transmitted to somebody without right security clearance that's a violation. i think fbi will be in very difficult spot. i think there is one violation. i'm not sure they will indict
5:20 pm
her on eve of election when she is a leading candidate. deirdre: will hurt her credibility even among democratic voters looking for strong candidate which may end up being to trump's benefit? >> no question. deirdre: governor tim pawlenty joining me there. glad to have you with me. >> thank you. deirdre: media bias alert, one writer crying foul after he says liberal website "huffington post" pulled his anti-hillary headline. we'll tell what you it was and what "huffpo" is saying about the decision. katie couric produce ad anti-gun documentary. we wanted to invite one of the participants after he was on the show with me, katie couric is apologizing. >> once i saw what she did, after i put the teeth back in my head, that she had the temerity to do something like that, i decided that we need to let the world know because that is unacceptable.
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deirdre: online publication "huffington post" published and then removed a blog post about hillary clinton. so the article was about the fbi's plans to pursue an indictment against her on federal raketeering charges. the writer, who is freelance told "breitbart news" he is baffled as to why his blog was deleted and waiting for an explanation from the publication. my power panel is back. jillian, mercedes and holly. jillian, what does this say to you? is it just proof the bias is out there? supposedly this freelance writer supports senator sanders. i don't know if that is true or false but that is the contextual point. >> there is lot we don't know. i was at brunch pop up on twitter feed. do we retweet it. who knows if it is right or not. the bottom line it is any
5:25 pm
publications prerogative to make editorial choices what they publish or don't publish. we don't know whether the story is true. time will tell whether the story is true. we may have "huffington post" writers going whoo or it might have been a heck of a scoop. deirdre: this implies informality versus actual printed word. what is your take? >> i think you need to understand where the "huffington post" is coming from. when you look at founder, arianna huffington, she made it very clear, she has editor's disclaimer talking about the fact that donald trump is serial liar or rapist and plus, on msnbc arianna, said connection with clinton foundation, that whole issue quote, unquote, doesn't matter. there is clearly a bias from the top down. i think it is very reflective how the coverage is in the "huffington post." deirdre: it is indeed. i want to ask you about another
5:26 pm
controversy. this one surrounds a documentary, this is about gun violence. news anchor katie couric, she picked up the bulk of price of production, she and her producer faced criticism for heavy editing. she has since made a statement, quote, i take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange i had with members of the virginia citizens defense league when i was screened an early version of the film with the director, stephanie, i questioned her and the editor about the pause. i was told that a beat was added for, as she described it, dramatic effect. i went back, reviewed it and agreed those eight seconds do not accurately represent their response. last week we had the gun advocate on with us who leaked the documentary's unedited audio. here is what he told me. >> that film intentionally made it look like there was no
5:27 pm
answer, that we on the progun said had no answer to that question. there were plenty of answers to it. deirdre: back with me now, holly, i'm coming to you, couric admits the mistake. eight seconds is not apodoses in any editor's language and takes away credibility of the whole piece. does this prove a bias that often goes in your favor as democrat, holly. >> honestly i think the actual answer from released audio is even worse than the silence. what they said in the answer, anyone as long as they're not in scale, means perpetrators of domestic violence, people with history of mental health issues, felons, terrorists should have access to a gun. deirdre: i think though in the piece to be fair the idea was that, all those categories are screened in a different way. it was a discussion of which database is tracking sales background checks and all categories that you just mentioned. >> yes. so i think katie couric said she
5:28 pm
apologized. i don't think there was any bad intent here. she has made that clear. but you know i think that the actual answers are things american people have to hear, that is what they should make judgment on. i think those views are pretty far out of the mainstream. deirdre: jillian. >> a lot easy to hear that if you don't have deceptive eight seconds silence. we want both sides represented. editing in silence is not way to have honest discussion about that the fact she thought that would be put that in represented in the documentary that is indicative of fear of an argument. deirdre: seems as well she probably didn't count on the participants running their own audio copy to be able to show as they say, not tell exactly what happens. we're grateful that the guests came on. thank you all. thanks for the conversation. holly, mercedes, and jill grad you're here. former attorney general eric holder changing his
5:29 pm
opinions on edward snowden. saying that the snowden perform ad public service. i will ask colonel ralph peters what he thinks of the change in stance and ag's legacy as a reminder snowden has been charged with espionage. >> he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and the changes we made because of that debate. and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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: .
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>> snowden did what he did, but i think that he actually performed a public service by
5:33 pm
raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made. i would say doing what he did, and the way he did it, was inappropriate and illegal. deirdre: former u.s. attorney general eric holder changing his stance on edward snowden. snowden leaked classified information about the u.s. government the way that it functioned specifically the nsa. he has been charged with espionage. snowden reacted on twitter saying the u.s.' stance what he did is getting more and more lenient as time goes on. you can read that, it's treason, maybe not, but it was reckless, still technically unlawful but he continues. with me retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel, thanks as always for being with me. what do you think about u.s. ag eric holder making a statement it wasn't so bad after all. snowden did put people in danger. >> no, he killed people.
5:34 pm
these were scandalous words from a scoundrel. eric holder's legacy as attorney general is going to be dead cops. remember he's the guy that vilified the police while portraying young thugs almost as violent heroes. now wants to pronounce on snowden. there was no debate, shouting match. totally unfair, snowden didn't leak this stuff to the "new york times." snowden gave it to the chinese and russians and put it all around the world. terrorists. islamists learned how we were collecting data, changed patterns, made it tougher to locate the terrorists and the terrorists killed people. the russians, chines, other enemies of the united states learned about multibillion dollar technical programs that were never, never aimed against american citizens, they were aimed against our enemies. by the way, deirdre, since the
5:35 pm
snowden case just broke, i have challenged everyone, lefting are right, here abroad, give me the name of one single law-abiding american citizen harmed in any way by an nsa program. nobody can give me a single name. it is all lies. deirdre: great point. i'm assuming this is because edward snowden wants to come back to the u.s. and somehow the obama administration or u.s. ag eric holder is trying to lay the groundwork so that is possible. with your point, russia didn't really accept them because they were friendly. he was given information. >> absolutely right. in a sense what holder is trying to do now is he's out of office is to whitewash somebody who betrayed a fundamental trust it. seems that this administration and those affiliated with it don't have much respect for the genuine heroes but have time
5:36 pm
for the bergdahls and the snowdens, and it's a disgrace but also just a sad, sad thing. deirdre: let me ask you on a related matter how to do with tech companies, facebook, twitter, google, microsoft, pledging to tackle online hate speech to combat the use of social media by terrorists. but is this strong enough? i mean can the companies make a difference? there are a lot of people who say that the tech companies have done a lot more to prevent other crimes, which is great, but for some reason there is this last wall in somehow protecting people who want to reach out and encourage others to do harm? >> first these big tech companies -- facebook, twitter, google, microsoft -- are not doing it out of patriotism, the european union forced them to and they're protecting market share. myself, deirdre, i would love to see true hate speech especially from islamist terrorists removed from the web.
5:37 pm
the web is a great recruiting tool, operational tool for terrorists and other bad guys. my concern is who gets to decide what's hate speech. for instance, if on this show i tell you that i believe, as i do, that extremist islamist terrorists have to be killed, they can't be reformed, in germany, that might qualify as hate speech. does that mean that google blocks fox news insider? who gets to decide? thomas payne incited violence, some of jefferson's remarks can be banned. i'm not saying banning islamic hate speech, i'm saying that the devil, like the jihad is in the details. deirdre: makes all will sense in the world. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thank you for your insight. >> love being on the show. great show. deirdre: love having you. thank you. a possible road rage incident caught on tape. a vehicle literally driving over a veteran's motorcycle. my next guest says he may
5:38 pm
actually have a legal defense. police investigating the chances of the ohio gorilla's death. find out from a legal standpoint which party is reliable. the zoo or the boy's parents? our legal eagles are going to weigh in next.
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5:41 pm
. >> we did not take the shooting of harambe lightly. but the child's life was in danger. and people who question that are monday morning quarterbacks, or second-guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back. deirdre: the cincinnati zoo director defending decision to shoot and kill a 400-pound rare gorilla, after a four-year-old boy fell 15 feet into the enclosure on saturday. meanwhile, animal rights activists are upset with the
5:42 pm
decision, they created an online petition in memory of the gorilla. calls for the child's parents to be investigated and held liable for negligence. position has gathered more than 100,000 signatures. attorneys diana eisman and charlie are with me now. i'm glad you are with me, that is frightening video. >> absolutely. deirdre: from a legal perspective, diana, who is more liable, the zoo? the parents? neither? >> it looks like the zoo did everything they were supposed to do as far as the barrier, how the barrier was set up. in line with regulations that surround that, and it seems that they made a decision aided by a team that made the assessment. they decided they needed to end the gorilla's life in order to save the life of the child. deirdre: rightly or wrongly, the director said for one thing he made the right call.
5:43 pm
what about the animal rights activists are they able to bring a lawsuit against the zoo? >> they're not. they don't have standing. the zoo is property -- i'm sorry, the gorilla is property. deirdre: loss of property. >> and it's troubling and upsetting but they do not have standing to sue. deirdre: so what about the animal rights activists petitioning that the parents basically be charged with negligence. is that going to stand up? >> hard to say. at this point it's too early to put a label on this. i think it is appropriate to investigate the situation, make a determination whether or not this was an isolated incident of negligence or if this was a pattern of behavior where the mother is losing track of her child. deirdre: because that happens essentially to all parents at some moment you lose track of your child. however, this enclosure looks pretty set up to keep people and animals apart. >> which is why i think it took more than three seconds for this boy to find a way through
5:44 pm
the enclosure and through the barricade. i understand you turn your head, accidents happen. but i think he had to be searching around for a way to get into the enclosure, we're with the parent then. deirdre: speaking of the topic, celebrity zoo keeper jack hanna is defending the cincinnati zoo's decision to kill the gorilla. he's going to be with me in a minute to talk about it. another legal question. look at this video, it's a hit-and-run in florida, shows the vehicle driving over a veteran's motorcycle in a suspected road rage incident. the driver arrested on aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge, driving without a valid driver's license. is there anyway, when you look at this, this is horrifying. is some lawyer going to take the case of the driver and argue successfully on his behalf? >> absolutely. they could. there is so much we don't know. is the video horrifying? it is. we don't know if there was
5:45 pm
steering malfunction. we don't know if the driver was provoked. deirdre: we are assuming road rage, it's an assessment. >> when you have a videotape of your client committing a crime, that makes defending a client an incredible challenge. looks like a guy who drove his vehicle on purpose over a motorcycle with someone on it. >> how can you say on purpose based on the video, the intent isn't there. >> if he kept driving forward, i would say some issue with his health or having a medical episode and he lost track of the vehicle, but that doesn't appear to be what's happening. he then drove off. deirdre: looks like he was targeted. what if there was some road tension, meaning the motorcycle is too close, who knows, too close to the car, aggravating them. doesn't give the rights for the car driver to hit them on purpose.
5:46 pm
if he provoked it. >> we don't know if it was intentional. he drove away, people get in accidents, they get scared. that doesn't mean he intentionally did it. deirdre: would you represent him? >> i would. deirdre: you would? diana? >> absolutely. everybody is entitled to fair criminal defense. deirdre: glad to have you. major automakers racing to get the first driverless car to market. a rush will make them more hackable than ever. we're going to bring you details, next. >> here we go, start moving, sending brake command. stops. >> here we go, starting our slow five-mile-an-hour cruise. sending the command. and we brake. poor mouth breather.
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. deirdre: driverless cars may provide more opportunity for hackers. some are proving there are ways to control brakes, engines and other components remotely. my next guest says that security risk isn't the only one. m.i.t. tech reviews san francisco bureau chief tom simonite is with me now. welcome, tom. why are driverless cars more of a security risk than human driven ones? >> hi, nice to be here. if you speak to anyone who works in security, adding more computers to something makes it more hackable. there are more things that can go wrong. when things are hooked up to the internet, that provides a way in for attacker. and clear to make cars drive themselves, you need to add a lot of computers to the vehicles, you know, as well as equipment to control different
5:51 pm
components. deirdre: okay, but you're saying that in addition to those potential breaches, there are other issues. i know you're out in california, i assume you have visited some of the places that are testing the driverless cars. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> yeah, that's right. if you're here in the bay area, you need to visit the right stretch of the 101 freeway and you can see google's cars now the testing on public roads. this is a very exciting technology. a lot of us are ready to give up driving and lean back and relax. 30,000 people die on u.s. roads every year, maybe we can cut that. this is moving fast. google announced it's opening a new testing facility outside of detroit working with chrysler on self-driving minivans and toyota says they want to have autonomous cars by 2020. there's a lot of optimism in the industry but questions how we're going to get there to the state where you and i can
5:52 pm
safely text in our car and not have to pay attention to where we're going. deirdre: so when you speak with the experts, what are they telling you? what are their biggest challenges right now? >> so, the biggest challenges are complicated urban driving that we do which often involves a lot of thinking and almost like a social act. if you're in an urban environment, you might be making eye contact with other drivers. you might be in situations where a road is closed and cops standing out in the road telling you where you need to go. computers and robotic equipment is great when it comes to making quick reactions to, say, somebody is in front of the car, but computers aren't there with the commonsense that is needed to decode it. deirdre: human brain slightly stronger than machine ones, good to be sure of from time to time even though humans are programming the artificial intelligence tools.
5:53 pm
we take the point, nonetheless, thank you, tom. tom simonite with m.i.t. tech review. fox news is confirming that conservative writer bill kristol is eyeing conservative lawyer weekly standard editor david french for an independent presidential run, third party, against donald trump. kristol is part of the hashtag never trump campaign, and he previously was pushing for mitt romney. when we come back, animal rights activists are holding a vigil for the slain gorilla at the cincinnati zoo that was shot to protect the boy. celebrity zoo keeper jack hanna disagrees saying the caretaker's decision to save the boy's life was the right one. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet.
5:54 pm
everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. >>
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>> mommy's right here!
5:57 pm
>> oh, my god! deirdre: a 4-year-old boy fell into a rare gorilla's enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo's director made the decision to shoot the animal to protect the child. jack hannah says the zoo director made the right call. as a director of a zoo also in ohio, this hits super close to home. what's your take on the situation? i have worked with gorillas for over 30-something year. i have a home in rwanda. i can tell you when i first saw
5:58 pm
this on tv, when the child is there, he jerks the child, you heard the noise in my ear, but the people are screaming, the silverback. they have a human in theren do the alarm call. the girl gorillas go in the building. people screaming. all of a sudden he drags that child. that's a dead giveaway for me. i witnessed it in the wild. i witnessed it in the do long cal parks. i'm telling you that child would not be here today if they had not acted. deirdre: you are saying the silverback's job is to protect his tribe and the women are screaming.
5:59 pm
>> this animal is confused and upset. somebody would say why don't you tranquilize the animal. let's say that kid starting fighting that gorilla. you can't wait in a situation like this. i have seen a gorilla take a green coconut that you can't break open with a hatchet and break it open with one hand. if that kid had said get away from me and started fighting. why do they love gorillas? because they have seen hem in zoos, they haven't seen them in the wild. it's a hard thing and expensive thing to do. i have been blessed to film these for 30-some years. you have human life and animal life.
6:00 pm
it's just a no-win situation for anybody. deirdre: thank you for sharing your insight. "making money" with charles payne starts right now. [♪] reporter: goo evening, i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne. donald trump confirming he raised nearly $6 million and the money is going to the people who need it. the libertarian party nominating a presidential candidate. gary johnson, the former governor new mexico is hoping to give hillary clinton and donald trump a run for their money. apple and facebook and google


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