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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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d day. [applause] you tell us what you want to know and my phenomenal team here, dagen, cheryl and our contributors, mike murphy, morgan, thank you so much. >> great year, maria. maria: because of you guys. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: congratulations, maria, thank you very much indeed. all right. donald trump, oh, he went after the liberal media yesterday. and then he doubled down at night. good morning, everyone. it was entertaining and we're not kind of used to that from politicians. he blasted reporters for their questions on vets and on hannity, he singled out katie cure couric for he says deceptive reporting on guns. and tomorrow, there will be a major foreign policy speech, but she's not accessible to the media, very different from trump. who is winning?
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the latest national poll shows that trump is catching up, hillary is four points ahead and only 2 points ahead when third party candidates are included. a chilling headline in america, a woman gives birth to a child with microcephaly. she carried a child with the zika virus. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> look at the graphic. [laughter] >> very funny. do you know how much it costs to create fake balloons? happy birthday indeed. marks one year since the move to the 9 a.m. to noon slot from "varney & company." the entire new fbn lineup is
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the fastest growing network on cable, thanks to you. you're much appreciated, thank you very much, everyone. and let's get to our bread and butter, which is the stock market. i reget to say there will be a lower opening. down 60 or 70 points. we're coming off four straight months of gain, which is the longest winning streak in two years. today, of course, is the first day of june, the first day of the new month. let's see how we do. down at the opening bell. look at oil, backing down from $50 a barrel. that's why stocks are down, oil down, stocks are down. the stock to watch today though, amazon, again. all-time high yesterday, it will open around 719 this morning. 720, a couple of bucks from the all-time high. still way up there. how about this? under amour says sports authority's bankruptcy will hurt stock of the that's down at the bell. and check nike, it's going to open lower, it's a dow stock, a couple down, 3, 4% down.
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you've got to tell me, ashley, why are two sports companies in trouble? >> under amour and nike for that matter are going to be affected by sports authority. the sports authority went into bankruptcy protection in march. under amour hoped they could reorganize and reemerge. when they put the forecast together, it's based on that. now we know that sports authority is going to be liquidated. it's done and therefore, under amour and nike are having to scale back their revenue forecast because they're not going to have this outlet. stuart: look it, that's an interesting point. i want to move on to michael cors. i describe them as democratic luxury, luxury just within reach of the middle class. it's up nicely liz: they have reasonable pricing and good looking clothes. i mean, that's the bottom line for women. stuart: is that your value judgment? liz: no, it's-- it's not my value judgment. it's coming from wall street
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analysts they're reasonably priced clothes. the upper end is hurting. they said that people are going to court spending. stuart: liz shops at kors. and chrysler. ashley: we're looking to may up, 1% versus last year and it's on the positive side. and compared to the other major automakers. stuart: the stock is down at 7. and let's move on to politics. donald trump, he doubled down on slamming the media. this is from hannity last night. he starts by referring to katie couric who deceptively edited a gun issue. >> i've given interviews and i said, wait a minute, they're not covering me that way. the best thing you can do is put down a tape recorder next to you. they make things up. the press is really dishonest,
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i don't mean anybody, but a big portion of them especially the political press, the most dishonest people. they're bad people. stuart: they're bad people. relatively restrained trump you should have seen him credit morning. joining us is arizona campaign chair for trump. he antagonized the media with his performance. this could be a negative for mr. trump as you approach the november election. >> i'm not sure and i don't want to pile on or anything, but confidence ratings in the media are at an all-time low. stuart: join the trump band wagon, pile on, son. >> it's sort of low hanging fruit if you're aware how the public feels about the media right now. so, but you know, i have seen it myself. i've been with mr. trump and if you google washington post dewitt the first article that pops up last july was a conversation we guaranteed by the reporter was completely off
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the record and six days later he wrote the article. he thought this was off the record, and he said mr. dewitt, i'm a reporter, everything is on the record all the time. most the media are good and hard working, but there are some bad apples. it's annoying when you see those pop up. stuart: a new quinnipiac poll, women picking hillary over trump by 24 points, that's women going for hillary by 24 points more than trump. and it's a statistical tie when it comes to unfavorable ratings with the two candidates. bottom line, those are two big negatives for trump. how is he going to get over them, jeff? >> well, again, we're not to the again jet and he hasn't really started on, you know, exposing they are negatives. she has considerable negatives with women herself.
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once we get to the general, and we're fighting that fight, i really think you'll see the numbers change. he hasn't started yet. you know, all the money hasn't been put into this race yet, but i think that once that that gets going, i think you'll see that change a lot. mr. trump is appealing to everybody. they said the same thing about hispanics and yet, he-- i always remember in florida he go the more votes than rubio, and cruz combined, two latino heritage candidates, in a very hispanic state. so he will do well. stuart: you've had a great year and that's why you're always smiling. we appreciate that first thing in the morning. jeff dewitt. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: more from the quinnipiac poll, release this had morning. 52-41 trump would be a better job creator. 49-41, trump would be more effective handling isis.
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and he wins on big issues. >> those are big issues and those are issues that hillary is promoting for herself. hillary clinton has wrapped herself in the obama legacy of, you know, several years now of job creation, but the truth is, everyone knows those jobs added have been coming for a long steady stream, but they're inadequate. and i think, you know, the voters want to see wages go up, instead of artificial changes to wages. and they want to see-- that's what trump is going to offer. we understand that president obama is delivering a speech in e elkha elkhart, indiana, around 3:00. and showing that he wants to jump into the race. >> his approval ratings have been going up as the job market and wages have tightened a little bit. hillary has tied herself to that. interesting on the week the new york times wrote an editorial said please do not raise rates,
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federal reserve and the reason is that could definitely take the wind out of the economic sails, bring down his approval ratings and that's incredibly important for hillary clinton. stuart: well said, liz. back to you later and more on the president's speech this afternoon later. i'm going to texas and we're looking at southwest of houston. more flooding, terrible, on the brazos river. it crested, at an extraordinary 54 feet. the only way to get around in some communities is by boat. you can see it there. an additional one to three inches of rain expected later this week. now, what's this talk, liz, about snakes coming out. >> the water moccasin, a poisonous, poisonous water snake, finding it in their homes and front porches. it is dangerous and can put you in shock. and you have to watch out for things like hepatitis whenever
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there's flooding. stuart: animal rights stop when you see a water moccasin in your room. i'm going to the gorilla story which won't go away. now, the parents are being investigated for possible criminal charges. what's with that? plus, a major health concern from the migrants flooding into europe. the deadly flesh eating parasite. we've got the stories for you and plus, united health care is pulling out of the obamacare exchange in california. the stock has gone straight up this year since the company announced it's scaling back on obamacare. remember this? >> but we had to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy.
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>> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.
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if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. stuart: well, didn't quite work out, did it? remember when president obama said that? now, united health care is set to leave the california market. e-mack, how much money are they losing? liz: 475 million last year. and primera blue cross, and humana is ditching markets as well and profits are down nearly half. what's happening, many people are left with only one insurer in the state and see that in alabama and alaska. stuart: look at that. the stock will open higher liz you want to know why? >> because they're leaving california liz: they're getting the premium rate increases. in new york state nearly 46% increase united health. on average 17%. stuart: back off, in new york
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state, premium will go up for an average-- liz: 17%, but for some nearly 46%. so, i'll tell you something, that's the hidden story of obamacare and you wonder when the consumer protection agency is going to step in and start protecting people. stuart: that's one, not going to happen liz: it won't happen, but-- >> no, you may not say anything yet. wait for it. here we go. how about this for a headline, doctors now fear a flesh eating disease has been brought to europe by syrian migrants. the aforementioned and recognized dr. marc siegel is here. wait a second, when i see a headline, flesh eating organism, i think i'm going to be set up. that's awful. i can imagine putting out that headline as a way of getting money for treatment. where am i going wrong? >> they're putting out the headline so people put eyeballs on it. money follows eyeballs, but
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here is the thing, just like with zika, there's a barrier, it's called a sand fly. you can't get that unless that sand fly is around. that sand fly is all over syria and the middle east. so the refugees are spreading it all over the middle east around turkey, lebanon, junior junior jordan. it causes is he veering scarring on the skien, affect the mouth, nose, mucus membranes. it's treatable, but hard to get a hold of the treatments. in the united states most of the treatments are not approved. and vast majority of cases do not die from it. stuart: everybody says, all right, flesh eating organism, is it going to come here. you said you can't get this organism this condition unless you've been bitten by a sand fly. we don't have infected sand flies in europe or america, so it's not coming here. >> it's all over south america,
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it's all over brazil, it's not coming here. stuart: we've known about it for a long time. the only reason we've got the headline because syrian migrants are taking it to europe. >> that's right, it's an ancient problem, it's huge around the middle east and south america, it's not coming here. stuart: i'm going to repeat the question, does it kill? >> it can kill in one form, viceral. it does kill, but most the time it does not. stuart: do you believe that that headline was a scare? >> i wrote a book on that, totally agree with you, that's designed to scare and your other point, once you get people afraid money follows and they'll put more money in it. this disease needs more money put into it, but not for this reason. stuart: i hate to discount a threat of a medical condition like this, almost walk away
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from that, but at the same time i'm not going to buy into the hype. i think you agree with this. >> and you can harvest this after several weeks before you get the lesions. it's not coming here and not something that we need to worry about. stuart: is it not possible that we'll have sand flies in america infected with this flesh eating organism? that could happen? >> well, no, we have sand flies, and they're not going to be infected. same thing with zika, such a burd burden so many infected before it affects our sand fly population. stuart: ford motor sales. ashley: down 5.9%, however, with record it's about the truck. the f-50 series up 9%, ford vans achieved the best may sales in years. there are strong areas,
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especially in the truck sales, continuing to do well. stuart: well, cheap gas, you buy a truck. look at me liz: you love your van. stuart: i do. the best vehicle, dollar for dollar, i've ever bought in my life liz: what is it. stuart: the chrysler town and country. this is not a commercial. we're going to open lower, substantially down lower, down 80-odd points for the dow industrials. nike, it's a dow stock, it's going to be way down. looking maybe 6% down and it's got a downgrade from morgan stanley. 90 will affect the overall market. certainly the dow. venezuela, collapsing, now, we have reports they're running out of basic necessities, no toilet paper, no bread. more on that after the break. and an actual tragic story out of new jersey. the first baby with zika related birth defects born in the united states. full details on that coming up, too. v
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>> oil is down this morning. a 2% drop. oil down, stocks down. that's exactly what is happening this wednesday morning. how about a luxury brands michael kors, democratic luxury, okay? demand for hand bags and accessories rose in the americas.
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the company's going to buy back a billion dollars worth of stock and it's up this morning. now this. venezuela, they're running out of simple necessity. no bread, no sugar, no toilet paper liz: toothpaste, soap, shampoo, it's flat-out. they're essentially wiped out. what's happening right now. we already know that lufthansa and other airlines are not flying into venezuela. they're basically also suffering from a drought. theres' no-- there's rolling blackouts. this country is under collapse and we have yet to hear from democratic candidate bernie sanders who has received the comments as you reported yesterday on the crisis. stuart: he's the democratic socialist in the american election and i say that venezuela's collapse is a result of socialism, am i wrong, liz? >> no, sadly they've mismanaged the enormous stock pile of oil wells. 80% of the factories and
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companies are shut down, running out of foreign reserves and likely any minute to default on their debt and it's totally because they've been buying voters off for decades with handouts and excess wages and all the kinds of things that eventually will torpedo an economy and it's torpedoing this one. stuart: it's socialism that's the problem. it just is, that's the way it is. we are, in fact, moments away from the opening bell on wall street. we're going to be down quite a few points, 80-odd points. the reason is, oil down, stocks down. look at amazon near an all-time high. and jeff bezos is talking up the company's artificial intelligence plans ai could be huge. and when i spoke to amazon's ai assistant, alexa, roll that tape. >> alexa, who is ashley webster. ashley: oh, boy. >> ashley webster is a business
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news journalist for the fox business network, a news channel that he joined in 2007 and overseas markets editor. stuart: alexa, is ashley webster british or american? >> hmmm. [laughter] there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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♪ >> wednesday morning, on wall street. and we are going to be down at the opening bell probably 70 or 80 points, maybe a bit more. the reason for that is oil down, stocks down. bang, it's 9:30, off we go, off and running on a wednesday morning. the dow has opened 43 points-- 51 points down, 17-7 is where we are. i want to look at amazon. that stock is an all-time record high, that was yesterday. i think that's-- was that the amazon close or was that today? a current quote or yesterday's quote. that's a current quote. ashley: looks like it. stuart: close to hitting another all-time high. that's going to be the stock of the day. ashley: doesn't show current to me, 720 is current. stuart: that's yesterday's price so 720 on amazon as we speak. ashley is here, liz is here,
9:31 am
dan in chicago and shah galani next to me. amazon at 720 a share, with you love it or hate me or tell me, it's too expensive? >> i love the company and don't understand the stock. and to me, amazon is an enigma inside a mystery wrapped in a riddle. i don't-- >> that's churchill. >> that's a churchill. and exactly what he was describi describing, i don't understand it. and it's a brilliant operating set of businesses if he breaks up in a couple of years will be worth the sum of the parts probably times two or three. stuart: but if it controls 20% of all retail sales in five years, you've got yourself a winner. >> it's going to have a 1% profit margin on their sales, and that's ridiculous. i don't understand it. they're finally making money, but a massive amount of sales, 1% profit margin? unheard of.
9:32 am
stuart: okay. dan, you know a thing or two about profit margins and toppiness in stocks. what do you say about amazon? >> i tend to agree with shah. seems we do that a lot. i like the stock, the company i should say, they seem to hit on all cylinders all the time, but it's a bit pricey and 1% doesn't cut it. somewhere down the lane, obviously shall the market's anticipating it's going to get there, but i'm not buying it right now. i'm waiting for a break. if you see a break, it's probably chance to get in, but not right now. stuart: jeff bezos was talking about artificial intelligence and what he was going to do with it within amazon. >> he basically said you could tell it what to do with speech, it will do it. we're on the golden era with amazon era, alexa. maybe start the washington machine, open the garage door, this is a sleeper hit for amazon and it's now better than the-- it's basically, it's going to
9:33 am
be the new iphone, a must-have item in your daily routine. stuart: i think that he's going to take artificial intelligence further that the computer does think for you. >> and it does think for you. general motors motors sales not too great. ashley: general motors sales down 18%, worse than expected, but when you look at individual brands, buick down 22%. cadillac down 16. chevy down 18. gmc down 14. not a very good month for general motors. stuart: the stocks taking it on the chin. just holding at $30 per share. how about this for-- there's a couple of big name sportswear stocks which are down. under amour, it says that sports authority is going to be liquidated. we know that, it's in bankruptcy and it's going to hurt sales. so, under amour opens down 4% this morning, at 35. i've got news on nike as well. first, what's this about sports authority? >> well, they've originally based numbers on the fact that they believe that sports authority would go into
9:34 am
bankruptcy and reemerge. not going to happen. so those numbers when it's based on that, the outlook has dropped a bit. stuart: when i see under amour, i see jordan spieth the golfer, steph curry, the basketball player. it's down. would you buy it? >> no, it's at a dangerous level. the ceo talked own, but in year to date they're down almost 9.1%. >> nike is down as well. nike is a dow stock, i think it's down 4% maybe more than that. ashley: down 3%. stuart: down 3%, there you have it. what's with that? >> well, they've got the downgrade and also, brought down the price target to 60 bucks and that's a downgrade and they've been under pressure from under amour and they'll pick up negative flak from
9:35 am
sports authority. stuart: not helping the dow down 112 points. the price of oil down a buck 14. nike down 3%. overall look at it, down 113 points for the dow industrials. i'm going to call these forgotten stocks because we don't mention them that often, but a lot of people own them. start with general electric, dropping below $30 a share and it's down 3% on this calendar year. ibm, up 11% on the year, down a buck today. at&t, you remember them? up 13% this year, down 15 cents today. johnson and johnson, up 9% on the year and down a fraction today. nobody talks much about these stocks anymore. they used to. and-- >> they're not exciting and what ge is a great example. they've done so much restructuring of the balance sheet. it should be in great shape and not going anywhere and they picked a decent dividend, but
9:36 am
it's not getting mom and pop investors interested again. there's nobody else coming on board. >> so many people i know own a little bit of ge or a little bit of ibm. 20 years ago-- >> no one is adding. and then we have general mills, they are recalling millions of pounds of flour. give me the story, nicole and the stock, too. nicole: this is an abundance of caution that they're doing exactly that, recalling flour products. gold medal, general mills gold medal, won dra and signature kitchen flowers, e. coli jut break. 38 people have been sickened with e. coli. no one has died. dehydration and the like and other symptoms. half of those people were cooking with flour. it means, it doesn't have a direct correlation and general mills says we're going through our plants and recalling the flour and start over.
9:37 am
make sure it's not us. kellogg recalled their kashi granola as well. stuart: a new iphone is going to come out every three hours rather than every two years, what's with that? >> extending the cycle. it means the next major iphone launch now wouldn't happen until 2017 iphone sales are slowing down at the same time. stuart: and you've got developers i understand, they're not making apps for the apple watch. ashley: that's been a complete bust. that's a real indication that the watch is not catching on because no one is making apps for it. it's merely seen as a companion to the iphone. there are rumors out there, there's a conference later this month where apple may, i say may, release something new on the watch, but those rumors are not particularly strong. in the meantime, i think you can call it a bust. stuart: okay, mcdonald's given
9:38 am
away a golden chicken nugget. [laughter] and there is a headline for you. like willy wonka, explain this one liz: you have to be in japan. it's basically a contest to find the nugget thief, identify it. stuart: what's that? liz: that's the golden nugget worth about $1500. it's going to be hidden inside a box of chicken mcnuggets in japan, you have to win it in japan. stuart: a thin sliver of gold leaf? liz: no, it's a solid gold nugget. stuart: and what is the gold mcnugget give away, anything to say at all, dan? >> my bent right now, what are the odds somebody actually swallows it, not knowing it. that's what i would be worried about. stuart: i think that mcdonald's
9:39 am
stock is down, no connection whatsoever. the dallas federal reserve says that millennials can't get anything done at work because they're wasting time on social media. give me that story, ashley irk this is interesting. this is a story that was put out by the dallas fed. i think survey of manufacturing activity and included in that report, they get feedback from the factory managers and everything, they were complaining about the new overtime rules that extends the threshold. they've noticed the work output of millennials, if you get 60% out of what they're supposed to do that's more than they're getting. they're spending more time on social media, and texting and not involved. millennials on the factory floor, not very good employees. stuart: anything to that to that, shah. >> and social media, everybody is attached to their smart phones and computers and devices. that doesn't surprise me.
9:40 am
i think that's probably going to be continue to be the trend. in terms of productivity, that's worrisome. stuart: the millennials go home at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, they're still on social media responding to work requests, no? >> that's an interesting point, that dallas fed report separate from that said the manufacturers saying we're going to have to hire people to micromanage these millennials if they're social media and texting and that's going to hurt our bottom line. stuart: there's been a whole generation just trashed right there. all right, everybody, dan is in chicago and shah is here. thank you very much indeed. you guys are staying. and check out the big board, this is almost the low of the day, we're down 114 points. 17-6 is where we are. the rule this morning so far, oil down, stocks down. oil is down more than a buck. donald trump goes right after the mainstream media and shows them exactly how much he has raised for veterans. meanwhile, hillary clinton plans a foreign policy speech.
9:41 am
the person who pressed the reset butten with putin and in charge during benghazi is giving a foreign policy speech. got it. and the parents of the child who fell in with the gorilla could face charges? were they negligent? ♪
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>> a development in the egy egyptair flight and black box.
9:45 am
ashley: there are two black boxes and they picked up a signal from one of them. question is how do they get down to it. another boat is coming on the scene that contains robots that can go down 10,000 feet down. we know the ocean floor is deep. it appears they've honed in on one of the black boxes. stuart: thank you, ashley. the first baby with the zika virus has been born in the united states. the mother flew to america from honduras while she was pregnant. now, i'm not -- i don't want to detract from the horror for the mother liz: yeah. stuart: why was it that she flew to america heavily pregnant, apparently, to deliver in new jersey? what's the-- >> well, u.s. law allows it. it's up to the custom patrol officers to deny or accept entry of pregnant women and they also have to determine
9:46 am
whether they have sufficient medical insurance. many women fly to the u.s. and it's on ad hoc basis. it's up to border patrol or-- >> the airlines have a policy, too how late into pregnancy you can fly. stuart: i don't know which airline she flew in on liz: we don't know. stuart: but they have a policy. i think they normally reluctant to carry passengers who are more than six or is it seven months liz: not sure. in that area. stuart: it's a mystery, but it happened. all right, everyone. back to politics, bill cristal, the editor of the weekly standard, a well-known conservative magazine, revealed who he wants as a third party candidate. and david french the guy on the left of your screen. he's a conservative writer with the national review. mercedes is with us, i'm goes to pass judgment here and a marshen about. i think this is the failure of the never trump movement. i mean, this is ridiculous, you
9:47 am
say? >> i do believe that that's part of it. i also think that it's a third party candidacy that nobody wants. it's like they keep passing the baton to see who in the conservative movement will pick up the baton and run with it. with that being said, i mean, david french is a very honorable, you know, veteran. he served in our armed forces, he's a constitutional lawyer, he has the credentials, here is the deal. it's too late. it's unpractical, unrealistic for him to jump in this race and we know that you have to raise close to a billion dollars to even be an i believe to compete at the national level and quite frankly, if he wanted to run, he should have been running with the other 17 candidates back last year. stuart: that's a good point. i think the never trump movement is just about down and out. am i so wrong? >> i think they either have to decide to draft bill crystal 2016 or if they--
9:48 am
i think they need to realize that the voters have decided. whether you like donald trump or not, whether he was your first choice or your last choice, the voters have made a decision and the party has said, rines priebus says you have to unite. it's donald trump or hillary clinton. i can tell you right now, hillary clinton will assure three supreme court liberal justices which the conservative movement will never be able to recover from that. stuart: that's the argument. you introduce a third party candidate who would draw votes away interest donald trump, and you give the election to hillary clinton. i mean, is bill cristal not aware of the arguments? are the never trump people not aware of what's going on here? >> i think that the never trump people are well aware of the arguments, but for them it's about principle, about the moral crusade of conservativism. we're dealing here in an election, unfortunately, the conservatives at this point
9:49 am
were not able to get their candidate, like a ted cruz, or a marco rubio to win. the country is moving in a different direction in terms of economic populous message of donald trump has resonated with the frustrated voters maybe not thinking in terms of principles or social conservativism or even fiscal conservativism, but what they're looking at is a candidate who is able to deliver a message that they were able to be attracted to and that was a formula that worked for donald trump and that's why you see that the voters at the end, ended up choosing donald trump. stuart: i believe we're in full agreement. i think that's accurate. >> that's great. [laughter] >> thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: we like to pick individual stocks that you may own which are moving, especially in a down market, where the dow is off 100 points. check out whole foods, credit suisse, upgrades the stock and raises the target to 40 bucks a share and that stock is up
9:50 am
4 1/2%. that's whole foods. authorities in cincinnati exploring criminal charges against the parents of the child who fell into that gorilla enclosure. judge napolitano on that in just a moment. a retired marine and trump supporter who told the media to take their heads out of the you know what. he will be next to me, next hour. don't miss this, jack nicholani, he's the greatest golfer of all time on the show today. ♪
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> we're down, but not as much as we were. the story on the market this morning is oil down a buck 12, stocks down 97 on the dow. how about this, cincinnati police launched a criminal probe into the gorilla incident at the zoo. judge napolitano is here. the police department says its review only regard the actions of the parents or the family, so what? >> well, here is the issue, did the parents impair the welfare of a minor? did they just assume that the animals in the zoo and the fence in the zoo would be their surrogate baby sitters or just one of those unfortunate events notwithstanding the best efforts, the kids ran from them and hopped over the three foot wall.
9:55 am
that's what the police are looking at. i hope they're not looking at it because of the outrage and outcry. i hope they're looking at it because this is what they're supposed to do to make sure that parents won't harm the children. another level that might upset you more, who might look at it. the justice department because the gorilla is a federally protected species. the federal government can look into the manner an animal protected by federal law has been intentionally killed. that will really, really blow this out of proportion if the feds are involved. stuart: but it was a back doorway of giving animals rights that stand up in court. look, i know the radical law schools in america that's where they're going. >> i don't know if that's where they're going. there's a strong movement amongst lawyers in this country, it's a minority, but voc
9:56 am
vocal minority for animal rights. >> and seems you have to make a difficult decision, and they did at the zoo, to save the life of the baby. can you imagine if they'd went the other way and watched while the gorilla devoured the baby. would the animal rights people, if the baby was-- >> you know where i'm going with this. >> i hope this does not happen, but i concede there's a body of lawyers and law professors who are pushing for animals to have substantially similar rights to humans. stuart: you know me, i don't know how-- very well. >> it stunned me once when you renounced the queen. [laughter] >> this movement to give animals standing in court is a very serious movement and i think it's going to happen. >> this unfortunate case will
9:57 am
be part of that movement. now, where it goes, what the police or prosecutors are elected in cincinnati, i don't know what view this prosecutor is going to take. whatever the police do, they'll be criticized. whether they charge the parents or don't charge the parents. stuart: it's the justice angle that gets to me. >> if the justice department gets involved, it's two step closer to what you fee. stuart: suing farmers for keeping cow. judge, thank you, indeed. listen to this, in our next hour, jack nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time. he's going to join us, jack nicklaus, 10:15 today. the battle of two billionaires, jeff bezos versus pete peter
9:58 am
thiel, sue and dig two graves. we'll tell you why. stuart: saying a shooter, this he don't want him to get an insurance payout. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away. ..
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> new this hour, jack nicholas will join us to talk about today's golf stars, his charity work and the rowdy 16th hole at the scottsdale course near phoenix. we have marine veteran and new hampshire republican sergeant who will straighten me out, will be on the set. during trump's news conference, you can tell this man is fired up. as for the election itself hillary and trump neck in the polls and hillary will attack trump on foreign-policy. trump's spokesperson minutes
10:01 am
from now. good morning, california. here comes our two for you. ♪ >> that is a little flattering i think. and the golf cart with jack nicholas. 15 minutes from now, in dublin, ohio, do not miss that. we are down and down big. we just received a report on the manufacturing sector, apparently showing manufacturing is expanding. the dow is down 115 points.
10:02 am
nike is a big drag on the tao. got a downgrade from morgan stanley, it is a dow stock, unde and liquidation of sports authority is going to hurt their sales, big drop down 5.5%. a japanese telecom firm. and coors is going to buy back $1 billion of its own stock. the stock is up 4%. automaker's reporting sales for the month of may, sales slumped. that is the stock taking it on the chin down 3.5%. hillary clinton will make a foreign policy speech tomorrow in california, is expected to
10:03 am
paint donald trump has a threat to national security and the world. let's bring in catrina pearson. welcome back. always good to see you. we know what hillary clinton is going to say. tell us how mister trump will respond to hillary clinton. do you know? >> take this opportunity to show what a trump administration will look like versus your typical establishment administration which kept us that war for 15 years, failed to protect americans at home and abroad and hillary clinton is a continuation of that. when she gives her speech she can talk about her support for the iraq war, the russian reset and what is happening today, talk about invading sovereign nations and overthrowing governments, allowing the terrorists to grow stronger, arming the terrorists, funding
10:04 am
the terrorists and we will draw a contrast with mister trump's position, putting americans first. of the one it sounds >> it sounds as if mister trump is going to go to the left of hillary clinton on foreign-policy if he is saying no foreign wars, don't invade foreign countries, that is to the left of hillary clinton. >> not at all. it is common sense foreign-policy. if the united states is attacked is, mister trump would respond strongly and quickly but that is not the case here. we have been in a situation the last 15 years that has done nothing but hurt this country financially, the men and women we are sending overseas to protect other nations while our borders remain open doesn't make sense. mister trump is not an isolationist. he wants to treat foreign-policy with common sense. we want to build a strong military, wants to be strong and tough and not go around apologizing and making excuses. stuart: a quinnipiac poll puts
10:05 am
hillary clinton just ahead of donald trump, 40-38. when those two, third-party candidate are involved, gary johnson libertarian, 5%, green party candidate gets 3%. you can call gary johnson a fringe candidate if you like but he is taking 5% of the vote. does that third-party candidacy were you a little? >> not at all. there is plenty of time to get out and draw this contrast. at the end of the people won't be voting on their party. what we see on both sides of the isle is the american public, people care about the economy, people care about national security. you want to go to the mall without worrying about a terrorist. at the end of the day when it gets to november and policies are out there and contrast is strong, people are going to come behind mister trump. we saw that in the republican
10:06 am
primary where he was told he didn't stand a chance, we were told a couple months ago he didn't stand a chance against hillary clinton and she is fighting for her life. stuart: can i ask you if you know beforehand what mister trump is going to say? referring to yesterday in the news conference, did you know he was going to label the abc guy a sleaze or that he was going to go out and attack vigorously the establishment media? >> no. i didn't know exactly what mister trump was going to say because he doesn't do prepared speeches of these eventss but it was safe to assume he was going to hold the media accountable for the misrepresentation of what he wanted to do. stuart: can i jump in a second? a lot of people would worry about what he might just say off-the-cuff about foreign-policy or whatever kind of policy if he is speaking off-the-cuff as president of the united states. that worries people. >> this wasn't a foreign policy speech or press conference about foreign-policy, this was specifically about the charity
10:07 am
mister trump put together for veterans so i think in this case he should have a little leniency to express his feelings about how the media covers the process. stuart: if it became president would he turn it down? >> i don't know if you would call it toning it down? he is still dealing with the media. he won't change that but i do think as president he will have more resources to get his policies and thoughts out there away from the filter which he has done a good job at so far. only the media and those in the beltway are more concerned with what he says and how he says it than the american public. stuart: we hear you, thank you for joining us as always. now this. the family of one of the san bernardino terrorists is set to receive life insurance benefits from policies taken out by site farouk. feds are suing to stop those payments. melissa francis is cohost of after the bell and joined me
10:08 am
now. the family of one of the shooters is set to receive $250,000 because of the deceased, the terrorist. melissa: it is astonishing. the government wants to seize the money. i'm not a lawyer so i don't understand the law on this issue but i understand money and the incentive it creates and you cannot allow the family or anyone these terrorists have designated to benefit financially from their horrific crimes. no matter how you slice it you have to look at economic incentives. in the future terrorists could take out insurance policies on their family and commit these actss and a profit in death, their family does. stuart: if you take out a life insurance policy and commit suicide you don't get paid. this terrorist. melissa: in some cases you do. it depends the way the document is written. i have seen a lot of this. different policies are different. stuart: those two terrorists, they knew they were going to get shot up and killed.
10:09 am
it was a form of suicide, so don't pay them. melissa: we had a long-standing policy of trying not to financially profit from their crimes. >> the dalai lama issuing a warning to germany and europe. >> too many refugees, europe, germany. the goal is returning to their home country. buddhist muslim fighting going on in me and mark, sri lanka, and thailand. what is perceived as controversial remarks. and other countries. >> the prince of peace we were
10:10 am
told. >> i am uncomfortable with the language. he says it cannot become a muslim country. they have to retain their identities, one of the quotes. they were built on large numbers of people from other places. i understand the danger. stuart: in the context of the political argument in europe, he has waited on the side of far right politicians. melissa: germany, germany has taken in more than 1 million, he says there are so many refugees because it is difficult to accommodate them. stuart: we want to thank you so much. melissa: 4:00 pm eastern with david asman. don't miss it. we have a good show coming up. stuart: i will watch that. melissa: i love it. stuart: arnold schwarzenegger
10:11 am
charged by a wild elephant in south africa. he captured at the moment on his cell phone and put it on social media. stops right in front of arnold, stairs right at him, charges forward, arnold admits he was terrified. liz: the terminator now. the terminator was scared? stuart: the greatest golfer in history, with the best record in golf, living legend, we are spending time with him and his wife, we will be back in just a moment. deck necklace.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
stuart: this is a special day on "varney and company," we celebrate our one year anniversary on the air and we
10:15 am
are joined by jack nicholas and his wife, barbara. we are shocked to have you, deeply gratified. welcome. >> an honor to be here. stuart: it is our honor. you are raising a lot of money, it goes to children. there is a personal story as to why you are giving so much to children. give us that personal story. >> when jack and i were first married we had three children, we had an incident with our daughter who was 11 months old, kept choking. to make a long story short, found a shadow in her lung. it ended up, had her inhale blue
10:16 am
crayon which was going nowhere. she spent a week in intensive care and we looked at each other as young parents and said if we are ever in a position to help others we want to do it. that is our labor of love and we love it if we can change one child's life. stuart: did you write a cookbook? it is called well done, life, love and food. are these your recipes? >> it was our daughter nan's idea, nan came to me and said we need to do this, all these recipes of your mothers and friends and i have a copy here, just if you might want to see it, so much fun doing it together, have some poems my mother had written and given to me which i would love to have had in the book in her hand writing but handwriting was so
10:17 am
old. we had so much fun doing this and a portion of this goes to our foundation for children. stuart: if i could ask you we are often told the new generation of golfers nominating the game at the moment, the big three are the future of golf, do you go along with that? >> i go along that they are, all three a very good. we have so many young players today, it is amazing when i look back when i played i had arnold and gary and a couple of is the came in here and there, miller, watson came in but these three guys are very good but there are
10:18 am
so many good ones behind them, golf is very healthy right now. stuart: the principal reason i like to watch golf, i don't actually play, i am not crazy, i do watch. i watch on saturdays and sundays. i am an avid viewer. i like the decorum amongst players and spectators. i want to ask about the 16th hole in scottsdale where they play the phoenix open which is perhaps the rowdy us toll in golf, where spectators drink a lot, get rowdy. do you object to that? >> it is part of the game. it grows the game, into the game. the way golfers handle themselves on the golf course, kids are going to grow up with adults and learn to grow up and be a little bit better manners. most golf galleries had pretty good manners. scottsdale, horse of a different color.
10:19 am
i don't mind it at all. and everyone was yelling and screaming and jumping like a football game, got used to it. stuart: you didn't like it, did you? you were not off put by the crowd, coming back for the swing. >> why not say did you hear those cameras? if you are paying attention to what you are doing, you don't hear the outside stuff. they are so focused, all these people behind them waving their arms. and a foul shooter, you make 50%. stuart: would you mind what is
10:20 am
your best shot ever? was there one stroke the 1-shot you made that you never forget that was your best? >> to have more than that, i look back at my career, the most difficult to play, doesn't even exist today, 240 yards, in 1967, hogan's record, it propelled me to victory and pebble beach, in the 17th hole, those would be my best full
10:21 am
shots. they are all 1-shot. the ones like that you do remember. stuart: a guy won 18 majors, a couple good shots in a few decades and you did. stuart: we want to show everybody how to raise money for children, a truly worthy cause. i see ice cream, golf balls, i am running away with it. i am happy. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us on and it was great. stuart: thank you, everybody. that was really something. that is jack nicholas, an extraordinary golf player. just extraordinary, great guy. back to your money. we were down 117, now we are down 76. oil down and stocks down.
10:22 am
veterans defending donald trump, retired marine sergeant gave a rousing speech at the press conference telling voters to focus on the real issues. he is going to be here with me listen to this. >> never in 1 million years put my name on a candidate that did not from his heart look me in the eye and say he was concerned about veterans. that is donald trump. get ready for the rio olympic games
10:23 am
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stuart: we would like to pick out individual stocks which are moving. ali baba is way down. big owners of ali baba stock selling their chunk and down goes ali baba. may auto sales, ford not doing well, overall down 6% hurt by a
10:26 am
big slide in car sales. pickup truck sales rose 9% but overall down, stock is up 3%. according to the daily caller, msnbc host out sharpton currently owes $600,000 in back taxes. as i understand it the irs wants to have a chat with him. ashley: he is not the only one. joanne reedy has a morning show on weekends, apparently owes $5000 in back taxes as attacks on that. a former ms nbc host and melissa harris, settled up, these particular hosts called on the rich to make sure they pay more taxes. how ironic mister sharpton is being chased, owns nearly $600,000 of back taxes to new
10:27 am
york state. stuart: why is he a frequent guest of the white house? liz: do as i say, not as i do. people went to jail throwing less including pete rose and lauren hill, they went to jail for less. stuart: something ashley ickes excited about, switzerland open the longest and deepest tunnel in 35 miles under the swiss alps, switzerland calls it a great thing for europe, it is. ashley: it is because if i want to ship my wine from holland to greece or any goods from northern to southern europe it is a long costly journey over the house. no longer. these trains can take it all the way through in half the time and most importantly takes over 1 million heavy-duty commercial trucks off of the road in europe. stuart: next time you ship wine from holland -- then there is hillary clinton, her coronation no longer a sure thing. a top democrat and former
10:28 am
clinton advisor says she may not be the nominee. walmart bouncing back, the come backstock of the year. ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
stuart: we have the price of oil down $.90 and the tao down 82 points. there is a connection. we don't show you charts very
10:32 am
often, big names, mcdonald's for example, stock is up 3% this calendar year, better than the dow industrials, that is the mcdonald's chart coming up, walmart stock up 15% this year and the gunmaker up 11% this year, charts off until the story, lockheed martin up 9% this year, look at that chart. here is amazon, there is a stock that has been on a tear. it has an all-time high yesterday at 7:23, that is another all-time high, 724. look who is here, behrens senior editor, what do you make of the stock that goes straight up. don't know what the price-earnings ratio is, astronomical. >> the earnings basis so low, 500 times earnings, small base, that number doesn't matter. what matters is the free cash flow going to look like a few
10:33 am
years closer to the end of the decade. might be $20 billion, stock might not be as expensive as people think, it is ambitiously priced but i learned to get out of amazon. i no longer like to be kicked in the behind by amazon stock when i say it is pricey and keeps going up. stuart: like apple when it had its long-term run, you always thought it is too expensive. it went up some more. >> they don't make money in cloud computing, now we are seeing margins and it turns out they are pretty good so they are proving a lot of doubters wrong. stuart: you don't have to worry about a crash for amazon even though it has gone up so much. >> you have to worry very much. this is not a stock you want to load up on for college fund, i don't recommend conservative investors go out with guns blazing. i am just saying it has room if you believe the bullish forecasts. stuart: just saying.
10:34 am
jeff bezos says artificial intelligence where you get a computer to do your thinking for you is near a golden age. liz: the first at-bat and he says it will be gigantic not just thinking for you but do things for you like turn on the washing machine or the dishwasher and echoes of what you had onset, 3 million sold so far, $180, people say the sound quality is better -- stuart: we noticed that. billion dollars for the sales on that thing just about. interesting development at google, selling boston dynamics, robotmaking division selling it to toyota. i thought google was in front with these extraordinary things. >> they like what they call their moonshot, they don't want to make incremental improvements but last year they got new accounting and recording model
10:35 am
where you see where they are blowing on these and it turns out it is a hefty amount of money and if you look at a robot like that it is cool but is there room for google at on that anytime soon? probably makes sense that they won't be revenue contributors. stuart: that division that makes that robot for toyota. the story is intriguing and worrying, new federal data shows the death rate in this country is rising for the first time in a decade. everybody, all groups death rates rising. ashley: in certain sectors more than others, we will know more at the end of this year because they don't break it down by race or anything like that in the pulmonary report but it is unusual, it has gone up the first time in a decade. they want or could this be a statistical fluke, not sure.
10:36 am
there has been an increase in less educated white people dying from drug overdoses, suicides have gone up and people die from alzheimer's. does this play into it? health disease death picked up after years of decline. stuart: is there any significance in the rising death rate for you as a market watcher? does it make any difference to your understanding of the markets? >> my opinion of the stock market this year, certainly for the broader economy this is about misery. what has gone on in poorly educated white males in particular that have seen this lack of improvement in life expectancy turning to drugs and alcohol and unhealthy. is it related to job? is a lack of job opportunities for these folks? there is a financial story and an important one. stuart: thank you very much indeed. i am staying on politics. hillary clinton fighting for her
10:37 am
political life in california and the could this headline in the wall street journal as of today. doug show in is a clinton insider, frequent guest on the program writing a piece titled clinton might not be the nominee. that is from doug shown. ebony williams is with us, quite a shock when i saw that. >> especially from doug who has worked for the clinton administration. it is a fantasy come through for many democrats. they are absolutely terrified of what hillary's candidacy against donald trump would look like because it wasn't what the plan was. stuart: realistically can you use the word panic? if you look inside the leading democrats as of right now, are they in fact panicked? or is this just a headline grabber, interesting story that isn't of any consequence? >> doug makes some points. for the first time i have read he put together a plausible scenario where sanders wins
10:38 am
california. that is the beginning of the deathknell. if he does well in the following when he could come within 200 pledged delegates of hillary clinton if he knocked off the next three contests. we know california is open meaning independents, bernie sanders does very well there, if it plays out the way doug says it could absolutely because bernie sanders goes to the convention and says let's readdress the superdelegate rules and talk about the requirement that is superdelegate have to pledge your delegate the way of primaries and caucuses, that would change the game. stuart: doug shown will be on the show tomorrow. hillary's email scandal, conflicting statements from john podesta. liz: he put out a statement that hillary clinton learned in 2014 that the emails she was sending to government workers were not captured and not preserved. hillary clinton had made the
10:39 am
argument i am meeting the letter of the law because i am emailing people at the government and those emails will be preserved so i am okay. she learned about that in 2014 that they were not captured and when the new york times broke the story hillary clinton made a statement in march 2015 that to meet the laws she emailed the workers so she knew at the time when in 2015 she knew in 2015 they were not being saved and protected. stuart: she endlessly nagged by these scandals. >> the report said at the minimum what she should have done was returned all of the emails that had to do with the state department and by not doing that, that in and of itself promised a breach of federal records act. stuart: she deleted 30,000 of them by her own admission.
10:40 am
>> it was a known, should have known standard, worst-case scenario she actually knew, actual knowledge, best case she should have known. stuart: thank you very much. are we seeing you at midday today? >> you will see me on the o'reilly factor. stuart: all right. thank you. donald trump comes out swinging against the mainstream media, defense how much money he has raised for veterans and veterans backed him up. more from this retired marine in a moment. watch this. >> donald trump is doing this, you are focused on the way he is raising money at not looking at the 22 veterans that are killing each other every day.
10:41 am
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for people who suffer from a dry mouth. stuart: remember "varney and company" start at 9:00 eastern and here's what you missed last hour. trump arizona chairman campaign chairman jeff dewitt on trump and the media. >> i have been with mister trump. if you google washington post, the first article that pops up from last july was a conversation we were guaranteed by the reporter was completely off the record and six a letter he wrote the article and called me back and said i thought this was off the record. he said i am a reporter, everything is on the record all the time. that was one of my first lessons. most of the media are great, good people, hard-working but there are some bad apples the take things out of context.
10:43 am
10:44 am
>> i would never put my name on a candidate that did not from his heart look me in the eye and tell me he was concerned about veterans.
10:45 am
that is donald trump. >> if you look at the groups giving $.20, $.40 on the dollar and spending the rest for their nice lavish trips he gave 100%. stuart: trump advisor baldasareoh. welcome to the show. there is a huge difference. >> the next closest thing to god. stuart: very sorry. i will never cross you, that is a fact. what is your beef with the media. you took them to task? >> i remember as a kid with tip o'neill on yellow journalism on not telling the truth. my grandfather was the mayor of cambridge, massachusetts, 50 years in politics, i was a democrat until ronald reagan's 30 year. i didn't vote for reagan's first term. second year i was in the
10:46 am
marines. of the one he went after journalists he didn't agree with or they were not playing fair. >> he went after a journalist that throws out a bunch of bs, he went after a journalist trying to sell advertising credits to make himself look good with lies and deceit. that is my problem with the news journal. not all of them are bad. i watch your show, you tell it like it is, there is no bs and that is the way it should be. stuart: we will take that. let me turn this around for a second. you could argue mister trump used the that because he used not as a prop but he used the that situation to gain a great deal of attention for himself by doing what he did, giving away $5.6 million. he used the vets. >> i tell him to kiss my butt. a small amount of critics, those people, sent the airplane in
10:47 am
desert storm in 1992 to the veterans act, did he use them to swim and play? did he use them when he -- 90,000, the marine in mexico, 25,000 to get them back. look at the monuments over the years, these are the liberal media that are showing lies and deceit. why are they not going after clinton? stuart: they did raise valid questions. it is perfectly legit to say where does the money come from? how much have you got? who is getting it? that is a legitimate thing to ask. >> where is the fairness, asking clinton these tough questions, going after sanders asking these tough questions, you don't want anyone else to give and never put hand in your own pocket. stuart: did you like it when you walked off the stage yesterday?
10:48 am
>> i wasn't looking to be a star. if you look at my record i am a tell it like it is guy. i am not a politician. i consider myself an elected official because a politician, to get a vote -- people that know me know i am honest. i'm number one in my district in londonderry for five terms because i look people in the eye and say yes i support or no i don't. stuart: let me tell you it really worked yesterday. >> you won't call the attorney general like you did new hampshire and for charges on me because you felt intimidated. stuart: certainly not. i like your accent too. a pleasure having you with us, appreciate it. thank you. president obama going to indiana trying to frame the general election debate. he is getting involved, we are
10:49 am
told, the speech is at 3:00 this afternoon. liz: rock ribs republican land. president obama lost the state in 2012 and stepping into presidential politics on the backs of his stimulus package. ashley: when he first went to the same place unemployment at 19%, now at 4.9%, he will tout that as his policy, that i would look after you and thanks to my stimulus and efforts this is where you are today. of the when the president gets involved in the election campaign, who wins from that? trump or hillary? liz: trump. the president saying we used $800 billion plus of taxpayer money to basically save the us economy, that did not save the us economy, the federal reserve policy stepped in and that is not quibbling. we had just lower than 2% growth in stimulus was passed. stuart: i am sure we are
10:50 am
covering the speech this afternoon. check this out, it is called the world's first fully functional 3-d printed office building in dubai. took 17 days. ashley: who big was the printer? stuart: i am not sure about that one. the latest round of polls, donald trump, hillary clinton, too close to call. bret baer coming up top of the hour. authorities in san bernardino trying to block a life insurance payout to the shooter's family. they stand to get $250,000. they are trying to stop that. (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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stuart: doctors fear of flesh eating disease has been brought to europe by syrian migrants. doctor mark siegel is here. when i see a headline, flesh eating organism, i think i am being set up. that is a scare, sounds absolutely awful. i imagine somebody putting out that headline is a way of getting money for treatment. where am i going wrong? >> that headline so people put eyeballs on it. don't know about the money part but money follows eyeballs. here is the thing, just like zika there is a barrier called the sand fly. you can't get this unless the sand fly is around.
10:55 am
it is all over syria and the middle east so the refugees spreading at all over the middle east. and this was a huge worldwide promise, 12 million cases in the world of this causing severe scarring on the skin. it is treatable but hard to get a hold of that treatment. the united states most of those treatments, hard to treat and causes great scars. stuart: everybody says flesh eating organism, is it going to come here? you just said you can't get this condition unless you have been bitten by a sand fly but we don't have inspected sand flies in america and europe. >> exactly. it is all over brazil, it is not coming here. stuart: we have known about it for a long time.
10:56 am
only recently got this headline is syrian migrants -- >> it is an ancient problem that hasn't been gotten rid of. it is huge around the middle east and it is not coming here. stuart: i will repeat the question, does it kill? >> it can kill in one form, 200 to 400,000 cases. it can be if your immune system is compromised. stuart: is it not possible we will have sand flies in america infected with this flesh eating organism? that could happen? >> no. we have sand flies your but they were not end up infected. we would have to such a burden of infected people before it whatever spread to our sand fly. stuart: we feel better already. appreciate it. ashley: donald trump goes after the media, call them crooked, you will get stuart's take on that and the san bernardino shooter's family once a life insurance play out and they are
10:57 am
trying to stop it. possible criminal charges for the parents of that child who fell into a guerrilla enclosure. question is, are they liable? more varney three minutes away.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. stuart: 24 hours ago donald trump took on the media. many of you watched his performance on this program. what a performance it was. from the standpoint of everyday people, he won. hands down. to the elites, it was mortifying. the republican candidate walked all over them. and then a few hours later, trump did it again. on hand on it he called out katie kerrick. she is antigun. she cheated to make her opinion look superior. and everyday people look stupid. trump pounced. the best fortunately you can do is put do you happen a tape roared because they make
11:01 am
things up. that's what he said. they make things up and that's exactly what katie kerrick had done. hillary clinton doesn't take on the media. she passively responds to softball questions asked by her media supporters. bernie sanders has one answer to any and all questions. the billionaires on wall street. it's all their fault. and the president, he gives a news conference, and it feels like a college lecture. he takes ten minutes to answer a question and at the end of it you don't know exactly what he said. let's be clear. reporters are correct to and questions about trump's raising money for vets. how much? who got the money? when was it paid out? those are all legitimate questions. he doesn't come across that way with everyday people. to them, it sounded like nitpicking. the elites whining about a guy who had just raised millions for people just like them. if politics is perception,
11:02 am
trump's fight with the media was a slam dunk win for trump. well, that says my opinion. i believe believe trump won the battle with the media yesterday. we'll hear from brett bear about all of this in just a few minutes. here's what else is new. this hour a powerful nurses union threatening to disrupt the democrats convention next month. they want to make sure hillary clinton is not the nominee. this nurse's group loves bernie sanders. ford rolling out its brand-new 2017 super duty truck. jeff flock is out there giving it a test-drive as we speak. and you're watching him do it. but first, let's get a quick check of the big board. really coming back. we were down 120 points now we're down 27 points. some individual stocks are moving. nike, for example, got a downgrade, a dow stock.
11:03 am
ashley: so is oil. stuart: so that's the relationship. back to that. oil down, stocks down. ashley: , yes. stuart: we have amazon, i believe that is a new all-time high. 7 -- no, it hit 726 earlier. ashley: that's right. stuart: amazon is up there. don't forget twitter. that stock down 34% this year. barrel holding $15 a share as of now. down 1.5%. the business software deal going to tell you sales force buying demand wear. $2.8billion. very nice pop for demand wear. up 55%. we like to bring you the movers. lower sales, lower outlook from the parent company of anne tailor and dress barn. you know anne tailor and the rest of them down 7%. the automakers, they're out with their may sales this morning. overall sales were not good, and we've got red arrows for general motors, ford, and fiat
11:04 am
chrysler. united health care pulling out of the obamacare exchange. look at the stock chart. gone straight up since earlier this year when the company said it was scaling back its exposure to obamacare. ashley webster is here so is liz macdonald. liz, what's going on with united health care? liz: they lost about $475 million in the obamacare exchanges last year. and we've seen that with other health insurers pulling out. humanna in certain states and also blue cross pulling out as well. so what happens is we have many monopolies now and they're basically raising premises. ashley: well, those are the staying in. they're asking for significant rate increases starting next year. so you've got more people opting out, leaving fewer players in the game and they're wanting higher premiu p. stuart: did you say earlier on the show, liz, that the
11:05 am
average premium of all these insurers in the obamacare system will go up 17%? liz: that was only for new york state. united health was going to ask 17% average increase. some will be hit with 45%. other insurers are on that level too. so this is a fall out of obamacare. ashley: yeah. liz: this is what they didn't see coming i- it's just not sustainable for these insurance companies. they can't handle it. stuart: and they're out and the stocks are going. ashley: the losses are too bi b. stuart: great story. liz: right. stuart: let's get back to politics. i said in my hour my opinion donald trump had won in his contest with the media. he took on the media, i think he came out on top. certainly as far as ordinary everyday people are concerned. brett bear is with me. the host of special report, and he joins us now. brett workers' compensation welcome back to the show. good to see you, sir. >> hey, stew. how are you doing? . stuart: am i right or completely right? donald trump winning the battle with everyday people when he took on the media
11:06 am
yesterday. what do you say? >> by the way, that's how charles phrases things. am i right or am i absolutely certain? yeah, listen, i think -- you're probably right that he strikes a cord with everyday americans who are sick of, you know, the political correctness. they are -- the media is an easy target. and this particular instance, you know, he came after them because they were coming after him for these veterans checks. and the bottom line is he did raise 5.6 million total for vets groups. that's it. his style while his supporters are enthused by it. the question is how it plays with independents. in a republican primary it's a different electorate than the general election and how that plays across the board i think is yet to be seen. stuart: okay. i've got a headline from the wall street journal this morning.
11:07 am
an article written by doug shown, leading democrat and former clinton advisor. and as you can see the headline reads clinton might not be the nominee. i think that's the first time i've heard a leading democrat come out and flat out say it. there's trouble in the clinton camp. what say you, brett? >> well, i think the trump stems from the investigation. and as we get closer and closer to this e-mail decision by the fbi and then the justice department, i think there are more and more people looking at it saying, you know, this really could be an indictment. the convention here in washington, stew, was that it's just not going to happen, there's no way the obama administration was going to do that. there are some people coming to the other side now and if that happens, i think the democratic party would send up a flare and to doug shone's point have a biden warren ticket or something like that. i don't think sanders is positioned to get the
11:08 am
nomination. even if he -- and he could, win california. stuart: i don't think people are laughing at the idea of a biden warren ticket any longer. i mean it's within the realms of possibility, isn't it? >> it is. i mean, again, it's a little bit of a long shot, and it all depends on what happens with the fbi. but i just think that if you had a nominee who was facing an indictment, that's a pretty big negative as you head into a general election. stuart: i think you're putting it very mildly there, brett. a very mild guy. now, hillary clinton is said to make a speech on -- i think it's foreign policy. should make a speech in california tomorrow. she's expected to attack donald trump. can she win on foreign policy with very interesting record in foreign policy as secretary of state? >> yeah. i mean she doesn't have a great record to defend. and even her people had a hard time saying what was her biggest accomplishment as
11:09 am
secretary of state? but i will say that she's going to throw everything out and say you can't trust a donald trump with nuclear codes. and say that she's better positioned to handle a crisis. you look at the latest quinnipiac poll, stew, donald trump still leads in fighting terrorism, fighting isis, but handling a crisis still goes to hillary clinton. so it's a pretty even split. stuart: every time we talk to each other on the show. i say the same thing. have you ever seen anything like this before? >> never. stuart: you've got the best job in the world. providing over coverage of the most extraordinary election that i've -- i've been in america 40 years. never seen anything like this. >> it's amazing, and we're just heading into the heat of it with these conventions and the general election will be fascinating. stuart: yeah. report tonight 6:00 p.m. with that man right there. brett bear. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it.
11:10 am
>> thanks, stuart,. stuart: back to the markets, please. down only 30 points. come back about 100 points. the price of oil has come back. and stocks have come back and that's where we are now. now, how about this? ford rolling out its 2017 super duty truck. flock is out there driving one around getting into it right now. you never know what's going to happen when flock gets behind the wheel when cameras are rolling. watch out, everybody. california larry elder, host of the national libertarian debate this weekend. now, why was he doing that? we'll ask because he's joining in a moment. >> didn't bankrupt the coal industry, it was regulations and president obama. [cheers and applause] the greatest polluter on earth is the u.s. federal government
11:11 am
every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday.
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11:13 am
. stuart: in an active market we do like to pick out is to
11:14 am
accident that are really moving. everyone knows under armour, they've got jordan spieth along with steph curry. now, that stock is way down today. they're saying that the bankruptcy liquidation of sports authority is going to hurt the sales at under armour. down she goes four nearly 5%. but much better sales at michael cores. up 6%. the top performer in all of the 500 stocks in the s&p 500. and then we have the national libertarian debate held over the memorial day weekend. our guest was the moderator. larry elder. nationally radio host. all right. larry. i didn't think you were a trump guy, and i know you're not a democrat. are you a libertarian all of these years?
11:15 am
>> i've never belonged to the libertarian party because on economic issues style like freeman is fine but they sound like michael moore, which is be not. so i'm registered republican but small libertarian and also abc guy. anybody but clinton. trump is the last man standing. won it fair and square and trump is going to be the one i'm going to go for. stuart: now, i've seen some brief clips in that debate over the weekend. and they were impressive. there were sharp edge, said the kind of things i like to hear. i'm a small government kind of guy. who was the most -- can you make that judgment for us? who was the most impressive? are you allowed to say that? >> well, i think the one that is more likely to get the nomination when you put it that way is gary johnson. stuart: yeah. >> he has the highest name recognition. a former republican governor. his running mate william well and chose him to be the running mate. they're the ones that are going to be the standard
11:16 am
bearer and they're going to get 8% of the vote which is four times what they got last time and enough to make a difference in swing states. now, let me say this too. i think one of the reasons you were so impressed is because the moderator asked them very penetrating fil philosophical questions. stuart: moving swiftly along, larry. moving swiftly along. we've got a new quinnipiac poll and it shows gary johnson gets 5% of the vote. now, i've been reading closely into that poll. it seems to me that gary johnson is taking votes away more from hillary than he is from donald trump. that's a surprise to me. how about you? >> i read it the opposite way. he takes a lot from both sides. that's true. but it seems to be taking a little bit more from trump than hillary. and if that's the case, again, he could very well make a difference in some very close states. but during the debate, every one of the candidates to a person said that the
11:17 am
libertarian would pull equally from both sides. . stuart: but the problem is that a third party candidate is, in fact, a spoiler. and the argument will always be that that will hand the election to hillary clinton. what do you say to that? >> i agree. that is the first or second question that i asked. what do you say about the people who make the argument that as between the two parties, the republican party is a lesser of two evils. that's how most libertarians feel. and if you pull the lever for a libertarian, you're more likely going to get a hillary there. what do you say about that? and that's when i said they gave the answer we're going to pull equally from the democratic side and the republican side. i don't think so. i think they're going to hurt donald trump more than hillar h. stuart: i do think, however, that libertarians are having a much greater impact on the national scene than at any point in the last, say, generation. the points that they're making about big government not working preferring small government and individual liberty, that's very much the -- the sign of the time.
11:18 am
the political times i feel like. i can see where they're gaining ground. >> i couldn't agree with you more. part of it is because of the high negatives that both major candidates hillary and donald trump. but the other part of it is what you said. libertarianism is what the country needs but the country center left, that's not what the country wants. i wish the country did want to privatize social constitute. i wish they did want to get rid of the irs. that's why donald trump, in my opinion, has his finger on the pulse of where the electorate is. stuart: i'm glad you were at that debate because i want you to straighten them out, and i think you did. i really do. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. thank you, sir. and, by the way, at the top of next hour both members of the libertarian ticket, both are on it. gary johnson, bill well they'll join cavuto coast to coast. noon eastern top of the hour coming up. look at this video. more flooding from the river just southwest of houston, texas. cresting at a record 54 feet.
11:19 am
made some communities accessible only by boat. reports of the floodwaters bringing snakes, ants, debris into homes. and there's another one to three inches of rain coming. now, look at that. that is a large area under water. that -- you normally see that on a swamp. ashley: you would. stuart: in louisiana. liz: good point. ashley: southwest of houston. stuart: my heart goes out to people whose homes are flooded. especially if you've got water moccasins. liz: yeah, the poisonous water-bound snake. and also people in cars are being killed. being swept away. that's terrible. stuart: it really is. check that big board. still coming back 27 points down. that's what we've got. and, again, ford rolling out the 2017 super duty truck. jeff flock out there driving one around. we head out to michigan. but first, do you remember when flock did this? >> trying not to hit those
11:20 am
walls. i got that one pretty decent. now, if i could just steer this into a straight narrow line, and i do. and i've got a world record run. yes. my name is fred and i carve heads out of cheese. it's not easy. i was once working on a bust of shaquille o'neill in swiss. i haven't worked in swiss since. everyone called me crazy. things really took off when i got my domain name from godaddy and now they're selling like hot cakes...made of cheese. got a crazy idea you think you can turn into a success? we know you can and we've got a domain for you. go you. godaddy.
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11:23 am
[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
11:24 am
. stuart: i'll continue nonetheless. look at toyota, please. we just got their may sales numbers down 9%. just like the rest of the automakers. ashley: except for chrysler. stuart: up 1%. ashley: , yes. stuart: toyota taking it down just 13 cents. no big deal. overall ford sales down 6%. the stock is down 3.5% and we have our own jeff flock in dearborn, michigan as ford rolls out one of his newest models no feckless year. it is a big truck. jeff, you have to tell me what can this big truck do? >> i've got the keys to your future right here, mr. varney. these are, by the way, behind the scenes look at dealers being briefed on the new super duty. this is the new super duty right here. an f450. now, this is the reason you're going to buy this. take a look at this.
11:25 am
i've got in my hand here. you don't like to put the gate down yourself? just pop a button. but how about this? mr. varney is a little bit older. he try to get up into the bed of this truck and says i can't get up. how do i do that? so what happens? i pop this out, i pull this up, i throw this there and next thing you know mr. varney is up in the bed of his truck like that. he can load his logs, his gold bouillon, whatever he's got. this is why he will buy the new super duty ford. stuart: that was very good. what do you think? ashley: yeah, excellent. stuart: announcing we're going to be coming to you throughout the day. we will not forget your insults to the aging mr. varney. but that's the f450. that is indeed a big truck. and i want it. liz: you want it now. stuart: we'll be back to jeff throughout the day. check the big board. we really have come back. beer down what? 24 points. that's it. price of oil is down a few cents. that's why the stock market
11:26 am
has come back. the family of the san bernardino shooter syed farook set the collect a quarter million dollars in a life insurance payment because of his death. well, the federal government is suing to stop that. now, what would the judge say about that? interrupting a legal contract no less. what's he got to say? we'll tell you. and a powerful nurses union threatening to interrupt the convention next month. they want to make sure hillary clinton is not the nominee. because those nurses love bernie. >> one up there who said health care should be a right of all people. [cheers and applause]
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
. stuart: we do like to pick out stocks that are moving. look at this. whole foods gets an upgrade from credit swiss which says it's going to $40 a share. the stock gains 5% at 33. cracker barrel. another record high there earlier. it was 167. okay. it has backed off a little. but still up 8%. that is cracker barrel. we all know that. an update on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. lawyers for hillary's aide cheryl mills blocked questions about specialist brian.
11:31 am
the guy who set up hillary's private server. judge napolitano is here. now, what's the significance? it always goes back to brian. >> well, he is potentially mrs. clinton's nightmare because even given formal imimmunity or process of nonprosecution as long as he doesn't commit perjury. what does that mean? that means he is briefing the fbi on what mrs. clinton said to him and what he said to her or what he did for her and why it was done with respect to the e-mail server. stuart: so he is hillary's vulnerability. >> yeah. now, remember he has been charged. tell the truth, help us with hillary, the charges against you are reduced or they go away. that is standard operating procedure for the justice department. stuart: is that why cheryl mills, her attorneys said you're not answering any questions about this guy. >> yes. because that is the most sensitive area for
11:32 am
mrs. clinton. it is also theoreticallyiveness for ms. mills and the other aids because one of the allegations, one of the charges, the indictments could be this. a conspiracy to obstruct the ordinary functions of the government by making it impossible for mrs. clinton's e-mails to be subject to a freedom of information act search. and ms. mills -- either inadvertently or thoughtlessly revealed yesterday that it was impossible to find mrs. clinton's e-mails on a freedom of information act search. even though mrs. clinton has told many press conferences my e-mails were there, and they could find them. stuart: so am i right in saying that she didn't actually use a regular smartphone. she always used a blackberry. >> it's worse than that, stuart. she used a blackberry. she did not use a desktop. she did not use a laptop. she did not use a tablet. she used a blackberry. blackberries don't work on the 7th floor of the state
11:33 am
department in the secretaries office. stuart: how do you know that? >> ms. mills revealed it. stuart: really? >> yes. i have for you a 300 page transcript of this deposition which was taken yesterday. and many in there one such as this. so for the secretary of state as diplomats reporting for her across the globe to communicate with her during the day, during the week, had to alive her office with guards, go down into the public hallway on the sixth floor and respond that way or go to a 19th century version of responding by having it read to her and reading back the e-mail she would send if she had e-mail. this shows her primordial fear of the freedom of information act of having her thoughts and her words exposed to the public, which is what the statute provides. stuart: so it's getting worse and worse and worse. more detail after detail. >> i don't think it's new to the fbi. but, yes, it is getting worse and critique much of what she's been saying.
11:34 am
when she does say. she sn't had a press conference at all this year. stuart: what do you say about the san bernardino killer's estate who's supposed to get $250,000 as a life insurance payout. the feds are supposed to stop it. i don't see anything wrong with stopping the family for a terrorist's death. >> you want to punish the family members for what they did? would that be some new legal theory that we can punish the parents of the bad people? . stuart: no, i'll tell you the theory. you don't get a life insurance payout if you commit suicide because obviously getting the money for it. now, wait a minute. these terrorists, they went out. they knew they were going to die. therefore the life insurance contract is invalid. >> but that's not why you wanted it invalidated. you wanted it invalidated because you don't like the dead relatives.
11:35 am
it's called the contract law of the constitution which prohibits the states from interfering with contract. between the insurance company and the beneficiary. stuart: if the contract was written under false pretenses, and it would have been because they knew they were going to go out and get killed, then the contract is invalid. >> maybe you have a point. stuart: maybe i have a point? oh. liz: maybe? >> when the insurance policy was purchased. i do not believe that it was purchased at the time they were contemplating this event, mr. varney. rule varney. stuart: that was gretchen carlson making an appearance there. judge totally wrong again. but it was fun. thank you very much. >> i'm outnumbered and filling in for charles payne at 6:00 this afternoon. stuart: 6:00 tonight? more from the judge on the fox business network if you're not careful.
11:36 am
>> yes. all the best. stuart: how about this? the national nurse's united. that's the name of the group. a powerful nurses union actually. they're threatening unrest at the national convention in july. joining me former greenwich oncarlson, the host on the fox news channel. this shows one enormous divide among republicans. >> yeah. because it's not one or two nurses. it's 185,000 strong. stuart: whoa. really? >> and apparently at least the head people of the union are fully behind bernie sanders. so on the desk at the union headquarters sits a gag gift called the hillary clinton voodoo kit complete with pushpins and a miniature doll. stick it to her before she sticks it to you it reads. they don't like hillary clinton. they're going for a fight at the convention in july. they want a single pair health care plan which bernie sanders is promoting. i think hillary clinton also
11:37 am
promoting at one time. but they are behind bernie sanders. last time we were here we talked about debbie schultz the head of the d nc put together at the committee at the convention. >> right. >> and she gave five seats to bernie sanders, didn't have to but did and gave six to hillary clinton. apparently one of the leaders of this union want to have one of those seats to represent mr. sanders and was not allowed to. so that has made them even more angry now. a big divide. who would ever thought we would talk about the divide at the democratic convention. stuart: but it's quite possible that the democrat convention will accept as policy for up coming election a single pair health care system. like -- that's not out of the question. >> well, that is what sanders is proposing. stuart: yes enormous influence. >> he's not going to give up his fight. so i think he's going to try to push for some of his policies to be on the democratic platform, yes. stuart: extraordinary. we've got a new quinnipiac poll.
11:38 am
it has women picking hillary by 24 points. is that a huge problem for trump campaign, is it not? >> yes. but look at that. trump has men over clinton 51/35. so it's basically the same. here's how every election is decided and that's independence. right now trump is ahead of clinton 40-37. stuart: both genders; right? >> yeah. but independents decide all elections. here's my favorite one, though. who would you rather have a backyard barbecue with? not kidding that was a question. that was a question. trump 47. hillary clinton 49. okay? but she -- she does better on immigration. that was surprising to me. stuart: yeah. >> she does better on who would do a better job getting things done in washington. see, i thought a lot of people would go for trump on that because he would be the outsider sort of mixing things up. he does better of course on making jobs and getting people employed. and i will say this right now.
11:39 am
on june 1st, 2016, that no matter what happens, in november when people go to vote, they will vote with their pocketbook. so keep that little nugget in your mind that trump continues to win in employment. stuart: you said it. liz: bill clinton also has higher approval ratings than hillary clinton, which is interesting. stuart: that is fascinating. gretchen, thank you very much indeed for being with us. we do appreciate it. i know it's hard work. >> i look forward to it. stuart: you do? >> yeah. even when you make fun of me. stuart: you come from minnesota. one of the most socialist-oriented states in the nation. >> and also with the moniker minnesota nice. stuart: yeah, i don't know where they got that from. >> and that's why i keep coming back, stu. stuart: what have that got next? back to the market. gretchen, again. we'll see you 2:00. >> real story. stuart: fox news channel real story. check this out, please.
11:40 am
brazilian soccer legend selling his entire memorabilia. was the greatest soccer star of all time. ashley: and still considered the player of the century by fifa. selling off over 2,000 items basically the rest of his collection. stuart: why? ashley: because he says, listen, i've donated a lot of my memorabilia to the city where he played his very first game at the age of 15 in brazil. and i want other collectors to be able to enjoy it and he's going to take a portion of the proceeds which, by the way, could total $7.5 million from this auction. he's going to take part of the proceeds and give it to a pediatric hospital. 75 years old now. still looks great. stuart: and gretchen has never heard of him. >> i've heard of him. in minnesota we called him pala i can't. stuart: what do you know in minnesota? check the big board. we've got to do this. down 46 points. okay. back down a little more. here's aboutrage story for you.
11:41 am
a 90-year-old widow, she may be evicted from her home because neighbors complained about its condition. full details is along and a big story. after this in a moment. and donald trump doubling down on his attack on the media after having to defend his donations to vets. after the break. megan mccain joins us. her father's a veteran don't forget. we'll get her take. >> donald trump is doing this for the heart. you're all focused on the way he's raising money. and you're not looking at the 22 veterans that are killing each other every day.
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial down 41 points starting this month with june down arrows after four months of gains. also off the low of day, though. the nasdaq down 6. dow laggers include disney, ibm, nike gets a downgrade from morgan stanley concerned about competition and under armour under pressure. and disney sure reviews. markets gets an. grade today from credit. cost touch and also prices and private branding to help that company. you see an up arrow there. that's up a dollar 57 as tesla pulls back elon musk announcing that they're going to revolution aize factories and could triple the output of their batteries. and then $2.8 billion buyout for demand wear. demand wear that has a one-year high. sales store pulls back.
11:44 am
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. stuart: holding at a loss of 43 points. holding with a loss of 22 cents per barrel on oil. the two are moving in sync again. now this. a 90-year-old widow may be evicted from her home because neighbors complained about its condition now, there's more to it than this, liz, tell me.
11:46 am
liz: 90 years old, an air force veteran widow. hit with $150,000 in fines for basically the home being in disrepair. that's about 500 bucks a day. she only gets 1,000 a month. so she had a neighbor contractor fix the home. he wasn't licensed, the city didn't accept it but then the city coming back in saying wait a second. she didn't live in the home. only moved in a few months ago. that's why they're slapping it with fines. the city of sarasota is trying to work it out with the widow. stuart: so there might be a happy ending? liz: there might be a happy ending. stuart: i'm glad. i thought we were going into a real downer there. good you did well there. politics donald trump doubled down on his attack on the media. defending his donations to vets. listen to what trump advisor and former marine sergeant al had to say about all of this on our show earlier.
11:47 am
why aren't they going after clinton with the 3 million foundation? where's the fairness? where's going after -- asking clinton these tough questions? where's going after sanders asking these tough questions? why don't you tell them? you never put your hands in your own pocket. . stuart: all right. you heard him. joining us now megan mccain. megan, well known back to the show. >> thank you. stuart: now, your father is a very famous vet obviously. >> yes. he is. stuart: how do you think donald trump handled the media when asked questions about vets yesterday. >> well, i think depending on your perspective towards donald trump. if you love his aggressive nature, then you're going to respond to it. if you don't, then you probably didn't like it. going after the media is sort of like the cornerstone of every republican campaign. it's a real easy thing to do. i think he was asked valid questions. stuart: i agree. >> going after campaign carl of all people. or that's what i call him. he's been around for decades and decades covering campaigns since i was a little kid. there are journalists that it's right going after.
11:48 am
people like him getting combative i found strange. stuart: i think the questions that they asked were valid. which you expect. how much money did you raise, where did they come from and when did you pay it out? that's all valid. >> and no one was questioning his commitment to veterans. just asking where the money went. i don't think anyone that think so donald trump doesn't have love and respect for veterans. i mean i guess you're a pow. stuart: but the way it came across those questions were, like, nitpicking. trying to find a which air in donald trump's armor. >> especially a republican nominee just the way of the world. i hate it. i don't think it's fair. and it's the harsh reality he's living with and he's, like, why aren't you treating me fair inspect and it's because you're republican and the media wants hillary to wi w. stuart: i'm going to show you the quinnipiac poll. the section of the poll with women and their preferences. 54% go for hillary. 30% for donald trump. a 24-point gap on women
11:49 am
support. >> uh-huh. stuart: now, do you think he can get over that, megan? >> i think as long as he keeps hitting her on bill and her possible culp culpablity. stuart: really? you think it resonates? >> i think it resonates in the era of bill cosby and rape, it means an entirely different thing now than they did then. people typically go for victim and believe them or the gracieer that something that wasn't happening in the '90s. stuart: i was talking to friends and colleagues who had never heard of juanita broaddrick. >> i know people who didn't know monica was because they were just babies. so i think if you're a young woman which she is bleeding, by the way, i think if you're a young woman and you see this, you think of her rollover that long period of time, it certainly made me second-guess her. but i was alive and remember monica well.
11:50 am
. stuart: abear in mind all you said, you're john mccain's daughter, do you believe trump beats hillary in november? >> i do. i think she's such a vulnerable candidate. he could say lancerrous things but bernie sanders is sho show casing that 67% of people find her dishonest. she's such wildly unlikable candidate and a lot of people i have known that maybe weren't onboard in the beginning will vote for him. stuart: strong stuff. we appreciate you being with us. thank you. the new documentary focusing on wiener's sex scandal. not about wiener but rather his wife who will be top clinton aide. so says our next guest. meet in a moment you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level.
11:51 am
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11:55 am
clinton aid. incline is with us and he says this documentary puts huma is a tragic figure but that is misleading. >> >> they didn't even know about it. and the access they had. they see you near tears or outrage. when you look at huma's pastor. who does she find herself most closely alive with, hillary clinton. these are people who think they can get away with things. and and working for the clinton
11:56 am
foundation. and and this is not a figure we should feel sorry for. stuart: tell me about the phone call you received from donald trump. stuart: he called you about what? >> he called me and was frustrated. that is the right word about the coverage he is getting from the media recently. what is going on yesterday at trump tower. it was accumulated frustration. and should not be calling people sleaze and you are a beauty and all the terrible things he said. what he said had some sense. the times accuses me of being a fascist. and on the front page of the new
11:57 am
york times. when i, donald says, singed the republican nomination and became the republican nominee, you play that on page a-15. stuart: he has a point. i have been following new york times coverage of this election closely. it was on the front page. mussolini played a big role in that article. it is a legitimate criticism. >> all the business about how he mistreated women, the women the times interviewed, said no no no, i didn't say that. all kinds of evidence that there is a terrible double standard even more than usual about the mainstream media and the republican candidate. stuart: thank you very much, appreciate you being here. more varney for you after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: 25 seconds.
12:00 pm
ashley: on time on budget, are you watching california and the speed train? $12 billion, 17 years to build. >> your interview with jack nicholas. stuart: how can you fair with jack nicholas. thanks, everybody. connell mcshane in for neil, take it. connell: democrats talking up the economy but i things really looking up. i am connell mcshane in for the next couple hours on neil cavuto coast-to-coast, the tao struggling to maintain, we had some encouraging factories, the market came off of slows on that but signs of weakness weighing on investors minds. president obama is going to an event in indiana to talk about how democrats have improved the economy the something the white house says mitch mcconnell can't deny. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who recently has taken


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