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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> opec, ecb, jobs. we will turn it over to "mornings with maria." maria: happy thursday. i maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the eighth coast. hillary clinton ramps up her effects on donald trump especially over at trump university. martel frederic when she gets the national security speech later today. mike huckabee told making catalyst that clinton should not be the person giving advice. >> what amazes me is today hillary clinton is going out there and trying to lecture donald trump about fraud. this is like pew wee herman trying to lecture james bond on the art of masculinity. hillary is the queen of fraud. maria: breaking up or nikon snf in california. two police officers were shot during a traffic stop. the gunmen holed up inside a home. the latest news ahead.
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the federal reserve's attacks in iraq are showing the central bank was reach dozens of times. plus distracted teen driver study says it's not just her cell phone to blame. we will repeal the surprisinsurprisin g distractions for teens and drivers coming up. facebook and zachary has something in common. they are both rolling out new analogies. turning to markets in asia overnight. investors around the world waiting on the european central bank meeting today. any update on oil production from the meetings. two big maintenance tracking this morning. modest gains to report. the nikkei average in japan down 2% overnight. in europe, fractional moves to the upside. at the third of a percent. u.s. features searching for direction right now the head of the meeting and the opec meeting decision yet the dow jones industrial average expected to open 10 or 11 points. of course it's certainly not. the markets are getting track this morning.
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joining me on learning, dagen mcdowell. kevin kelley with us and fox news correspondent lee at gabrielle. being here. >> good morning. >> seriously excited. maria: exactly. dagen: was talking to somebody else and she spoke bk. greg sorrentino. we will get the latest in banking this morning and tell you how technology is changing things. new orleans quarterback drew breeze with us. art laffer. you don't want to miss a moment of it. we will take it off right now. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton with a major policy speech in california later today. her first speech since donald trump secured the republican nomination for president. the secretary of state to tout her own foreign policy record while paid travel trump is a threat to national security should he be elected.
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this coming monday after clinton launched an attack blasting trump university calling the presumptive nominee a fraud. >> donald trump himself as a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he skimmed all those people at trump u. >> hillary clinton, who lies. i mean, she lies. she lies. she made a speech and she's making another one tomorrow. they sent me a copy of the speech and it was such lies about foreign policy. maria: china may now come angela mcglowan love with radio talkshow host richard fowler. thank you for joining us. is this going to work hillary clinton calling donald trump a fraud? >> no pun intended that the pot calling the kettle black. it's not going to be politics as usual.
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their three key components in making a campaign where can the message may be fund-raising. both presidential hopefuls have that. i don't think insults will work. i don't think negative campaign will work this time. they have to talk about the issues. hillary clinton calling donald trump a fraud won't make a dent. maria: has worked for trump so far, the name-calling. i wonder if it would work for clinton. dagen: two words. marco rubio. when he tried to hit donald trump using the same language and humor it didn't work because it wasn't authentic. that highlights a problem with hillary clinton as a candidate that some of the voters, particularly the voters she needs to woo oppressively don't know who she is because it is the shape shifting personality, the shape shifting politician and you don't know who the real candidate is. >> should send relatable. donald trump is relatable. people like you. they embrace it.
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when she does it is just a relatable. maria: mr. fowler, how do you see it? >> we are missing the bigger story. donald trump has to answer about trump university. he escaped and jumped and chuck tanjug. it's why you pay $35,000 to learn absolutely nothing from donald trump. there's not one success story from trump university. it's off with a shame that fast. the fact that he's not answering any questions about it should raise every american. >> here's the problem you have with liberals. a black father in the inner city of alton barbour not care about trump university. people want to know how you're going to make their life better. people are suffering. bernie sanders said that people are not going to care about the insults. they are going to care about the issues.
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maria: if any of this are fascinating and furniture negative for trump, wouldn't have had him already? >> was seen as, to grow on his personality and some of the wealthiest throne of his opponents. what we see from hillary clinton today is her hitting a national security and the fact she has experienced a donald trump doesn't. whether that's a good thing or bad thing depends on how you view her record. i think he was here ahead of national security. dagen: than donald trump can point just to let the allowed and not even what happened in benghazi, but her policies that have led to a complete set of lawless mess for terror groups are taking root in that country. she better be careful what she brags about. i just bought point out something to rich but not answering questions about trump university. the fbi has questioned that wants to ask hillary clinton. >> low blow this morning. at low blow this morning.
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>> maria, i hear all about. the fbi continues to look into her e-mail, but the american people are looking for, like angela said his resolutions to kitchen table issues. building a ball and deporting 11 million americans is not how you look at it done. you have to come up with real policy solutions that are tangible in brooklyn for the market into for the american people. maria: or do they know that? yesterday we saw a reported 3 million people from outside the country have come into the country. out of those 3 million in the last two years. 1.5 million have been illegal. these are the things that play into donald trump because the entire platform is immigration and trade. looking at america, who gets to live in this country and participate in our democracy? everything you are saying is played to trump.
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>> i don't know. i disagree with that fundamentally. if you look at the numbers, able, to how latino voters though, how women's vote in how african-americans know. all three of those groups, donald trump is doing dismally. the more he pushes rhetoric about building a vault of the more he pushes his speech is the more he will empower latinas to register the vote. the largest growing voting block in this country. >> what is so insulting, not all latinas care about immigration. for hillary clinton to think that she is going to get the female vote, the blonde, the blunder though, she's been having problems in that community. the lady is flawed. people are tired of democrats making excuses for her. admit your faults and let's move on. >> field of folks making excuses is donald trump instead of pushing republicans to pass reform. donald trump wants to build a
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wall so high you can't be over it. that's not in the air. >> are only attacking donald trump on a ball. that's only one policy. >> that's the only one he has. maria: he's got a tax plan. >> two, i'm sorry. >> which is actually better than hillary clinton. maria: but are the details of hillary clinton's immigration plan? >> berea, hillary clinton's immigration plan a is the as the democrat immigration plan. maria: it isn't working. >> linear pathway to citizenship. it's not easy. to have a chance to achieve the american dream and at the same time i don't hate democrats are opposed to building a ball or securing borders. they have to deal with the 11 million in this country. >> as effective as the affordable care act.
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[inaudible conversations] >> -- national security policies when she was at the state department. she toppled a government they didn't have a succession plan in this led to more chaos in libya. >> that provision -- that provision -- >> -- will come up with a comprehensive plan. >> a couple years ago both democrats and republicans say or need to get rid of moammar gadhafi. hillary clinton led the way may cannot happen. maria: let's move on to the trump university issue. there are new reports this morning to reveal the law firm behind trump university lawsuit actually paid dylan hillary clinton $900,000 for speeches dating back to two dozen nine. richard come you mention trump university earlier. what does it mean for this case, knowing out the firm paid dylan hillary clinton $900,000.
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>> listen, lawyers are lawyers or employers. we all know that. what's interesting is the judge in this case who would argue is unbiased is asking for information to be released. a couple days ago and that will continue. >> how do we know is unbiased number one. >> is just as biased as clarence thomas. >> that's what liberals do. you have to deflect then you have to insult. the bottom line is -- you are not talking -- we're not talking about the supreme court. we are talking about trump university. the fact that the law firm behind the suit is supporting bill and hillary. maria: last night i was watching -- i forget, a number of channels. they were going to different soundbites of value heard was
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stripped, trip, trip as it relates to hillary. this is another one of those trips. we are talking about the law firm behind trump university and now we find out they actually paid the clinton's almost a million dollars. >> maria, i hear that. that is irrelevant to the case at hand. the case at hand is a case of fraud and negligence. the fact he was charged $35,000 to individuals that got no degree, no accreditation is problematic. >> it is so sad when a presidential hope i'll have to go to trump university to cover up her own flaws. >> is problematic. >> i glad you brought up being negligent. dagen: one sends you to prison, the other not. >> they are being reflected in the polls. they are almost neck and neck.
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maria: always a pleasure. debate across the country. we appreciate you having a break here. summer driving season underway. the biggest cause of teen car crashes. here is a hand. is not texting a coming out. the federal reserve act within 50 times in the last for years. we will discuss what that means for our national security. stay with us. use
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maria: welcome back to a manhunt for he shooter. cheryl casone with the details. transfer good morning, maria. authorities have surrounded the house and the irvington district in northern california that have lived in armed and shooting to fremont police officers have barricaded themselves. one of the cops injured in the incident is critical condition after surgery according to fremont police. details last night on hismains n stable condition this morning. and odds are conducting a traffic stop when the suspect vehicle.and shots exchanged between the suspect in officer. the suspect fled the scene. again they believe they have them surrounded this morning. meanwhile, a new federal law
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makes it necessary for rental car companies to fix any recall car before it's rented out. before this was legal to rent a recall of cars that have not been repaired. many reports of drivers and passengers being killed another good tricks rental cars. cars come in the first company to venture the rest of the industry has come on board. finally, let's talk about cars and sacrifice. uber with this next round of funding raised 3.5 billion from saudi arabia's public investment on, the largest investment into a privately held startup ever. uber now valued 62.5 billion. profoundly has invested in lift, a competitor of uber. makes it very interesting. maria: another group of ac/dc value here. kevin, $62 billion. >> yeah.
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i don't think it's overvalued. uber keeps coming back for more and more money. they actually don't have a cfo in place right now, so they have a treasurer. one of the interesting things is one of the reasons they did this is because they need access to get into saudi arabia. one of the biggest hampers to their growth of state and local regulations as well as taxi unions. that's why they keep raising money. think about just what happened two weeks ago. apple invested in this outside of china to grab access. they constantly need to raise money. but those reasons to gain access. dagen: date been in saudi arabia for a couple years now and they been battling a local pub editor. this is as much about raising cash. i think they have a war chest of $11 billion to take on alphabet,
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which is a parody of google and apple which are developing a is self driving cars because that is going to be the next great competitor. trade to my first thought is that a second, women are not allowed to drive. there are women uber drivers. 80% of the passengers are women. they need uber drivers to drive from women. >> increasing opportunity like we've seen in new york is a great thing, especially in a place where women don't drive. dagen: is great, but is worth $20 billion more than general motors? >> there's not a bubble in the public markets. either bubbles in silicon valley? when they come to the public market, they are priced fairly. twitter has gone down. same as it did. the public market actually takes care of that. maria: in the 90s i had a
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segment called annoying to compare since bermuda to like ford motor valued at this. it just seems that bad. general motors versus uber. what a cat. dagen: is incredible. we will see if it's of value. >> he'll hire a cfo. they'll be the first side. maria: great point. the federal reserve under attack. what it means for the central bank and your money. the summer travel season. a major season today could send gas prices rising. the threat to your wallet right after this break. back in a moment. ♪ okay, ready?
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maria: the federal reserve has been hacked by the 50 times between 2011 and 2015 the court interpreters and restoration. john, good to see you. >> good to see you. but in jamaica the story? what does it say about scared of the financial system of the federal reserve got hacked so many times? >> every major institution including banks and treasuries are facing this on a regular daily basis. it is especially alarming right now because we are dealing with an investigation into the bank of bangladesh account the impact that the new york federal reserve and $95 million being stolen from its own account. congress is now investigating. it's been an issue for years, but it's now coming into public life. maria: obviously this is a way of life. do they have the right security
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in place? >> you know, that comes into question. as this report shows, they've been dealing with this for years and they will have to keep working on it. i think the bigger alarm right now is what happened with the bank of bangladesh. everyone is trying to steal information and the central banks. the fact that they actually guide $81 million out of the bank of bangladesh's account is evidence that there isn't enough security. maria: let me shift gears of the economy. we've got the salad is income of the spring home selling reason under day. low inventory has push it higher. a lot of important economic reports. and of course the european central bank meeting this morning. characterize what we see out there. >> house and is a spot for the economy. we have seen residential construction adding to growth for two straight years.
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we spend so much time talking about the housing bust over the last few years have people lose sight of the fact is a decent amount of home building going on. but a growing 17% annual rate in the first quarter. that is one of the engines of economic growth right now. the area to look out for us in commercial real estate where there might be too much building going on. but fed has been a big concern. some officials need to raise rates because there is a boom bubbling up. >> conditions and complex markets can shift gradually and all the sudden it seems like we are harmed to the slow growth. after six years coming out of the recession. do you think the fed could blunder if they do raise rates? >> well, you know, they've been lookincafully wha happed tmarks. toell u thtrut theare litt bitelied abt wh isoingn rit no take looat t dolr wh
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the d wa lkingt raing rates in this relates to the ecb. but after the dollar is getting stronger and stronger and now we are at a point but the dollar has weakened. we are in a moment where central banks are going in all different directions. the bank of japan might be added to might be adding to its bond buying program. the ecb is likely to be on hold today. the fed is likely to raise rates at some point in the next few months and the dollar is pretty stable. the fed is comfortable with where the markets are right now. >> july would be the race? >> that is what the expert tatian is. they signal at their june meeting that they are moving towards a rate increase at the coast is clear they move in july. if we get really strong jobs numbers later this week, they might decide to go ahead and break upjune and i markets.
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>> will see the way it goes. yesterday we had wilbur ross on that will trigger a major disaster in the u.k. left the e.u. we will see about that. we know that businesses have not been investing all that much. maybe all the maybe all these reports will go into that decision on whether the fed raises june 15th. thank you and we will see a cent. have a great day. still to come, the 90s flashback. the pop-up date archives to chicago. a bit of a throwback or stay at moments with maria today. plus, facebook as 100 new images to its messenger app. how users are responding. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. good morning. i'm maria bartiromo. here are your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton ramps up attack on donald trump specially over trump university. she gives a national security speech this morning, as they focus on california, the two are targeting the economy and jobs. >> hillary clinton when she was secretary of state ran up $1 trillion in trade deficits with china. $1trillion. great job, hillary. you're doing a great job. >> some people can talk about the economy and jobs, i know we can do it. maria: meanwhile distracted teen
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drivers, it's not just cell phone to blames. dye strakses for drivers coming up. waiting on opec's decision, what it means for price of oil. good news for save by the bell superfans, opens in chicago today. let's take a look inside coming up. mixed performances. nikkei average down 2%. investors around the world waiting for central bank decision. that's 23 points higher. also fractionally higher in the euro zone. check out futures in the u.s. searching for direction. dow jones indicated lower by about 15 points. the summer driving season is underway, gasoline at the lowest levels for this time of the year
6:33 am
in more than 10 years. prices are down 43 cents a gallon compare today -- compared to a year. should families get on the road before it's too late? joining me right now peter, a donald trump supporter. peter, great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. maria: were you surprised by the incredible move in the last four months? >> oil has been facing two problems that have caused to price to rise which is disruption and permanent on some cases and retreat and the combination of those two factors means we have 3 million or more than that of typical supply that's not available. no one would have predicted that oil would go up 90% in 90 days. but the price is we have
6:34 am
elements of our supply which are under duress. the one thing if you look at history it's more of a rubber band than a cap. it's a ceiling over years. with iran, they may want to try to create some sort of ceiling, above 30 or so billion dollars of barrel and goes up to 33. kevin: now, when it comes down to the price of oil, do you think there's a big overhang on the price around the 50-dollar-barrel? look at the producers in the united states. they modeled out $50. so you see a big price move up from here or we are going to see in this range?
6:35 am
>> oil is not molybdmum. it is a matter of national destiny. so if iran, you're not going to pump three and a half million barrels of day. these nations are going to continue. venezuela cannot stop pumping. their economy is melting down. they have a oil deal with china. you'll have continued supply and i think the notion that we are going to see oil spike from here is a misjudgment, i think what we are going to see is moderation, some of this like oil fires in canada, strike issues, but nothing in nigeria is going to get better any time soon. and i think iran is going to pump, pump. dagen: what about libya? >> it's not as bad as nigeria
6:36 am
but when you have people that want to disrupt your oil supply and you have a government under siege like libya is, you'll see moments of greatness in terms of production followed by interruption. i think there's going to be a lot of volatility around libya. >> do you see consensus with the proxy wars and iran's markets just opening as you mentioned wanting to continue to pump, what's the consensus? >> unless iran can be brought to somehow play ball there will be no consensus. as recently of yesterday minister of iran said we have no plans to cut production. you look at iran's production, their return to production has been nothing short of extraordinary. they were under a bell jar for a long time, back in the 70's they use today produce 4 million-barrels a day. they are back to three and a
6:37 am
half. they have no intention to stopping until they get 4 -- maria: it used to be the saudis and allowed the prices to plummet. >> it's a cold war 3. saudi ran a 100 billion-dollar deficit last year and fund that secondly. they have slipped in the number three defense spending nation in the world. $65billion a year. so there's 165 billion that they're going to have to cover this year. maria: sure. >> they have no intention. it's a matter of national well-being. 70% of the people that life in saudi arabia are under 30 and a huge of proportion of them are underemployed or unemployed. watch for them to keep pumping.
6:38 am
maria: that's the situation of all the mideast. we want to move onto trump because you're a donald trump supporter. trump and hillary clinton going back and forth over the economy. the future of the country, this is in speeches taking place. listen to this. i want to get your reaction. >> since bill clinton signed an agreement to put china into the world trade organization, you know about that catastrophe, sacramento has lost nearly one and five manufacturing jobs, great going. listen to this one, hillary clinton, when she was secretary of state, ran up $1 trillion in trade deficits with china, $1 trillion. great job, hillary. you're doing a great job. great people working hard can't get jobs. you know that 5% is a sham, it's a total sham. that was put there so that presidents look better. your real number is close oh to 20% and if it doesn't despite the fact you like me in the
6:39 am
military and border and all that, we wouldn't have crowds like this everywhere i go. >> trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable americans encouraging them to max out their credit cards, empty their retirement savings, destroy their financial futures. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. maria: it's going to be some summer time, peter. peter: not exactly the summer of love. yeah, absolutely. as it relates to china, we are in a codependency with financial. we need to borrow about 40% of what we speed as a nation every year. i would say that where trump is right is that we have been ineffective in negotiating really arm's length with china.
6:40 am
maria: why? >> part of it is that china has spent every moment understanding everything they can about us and you think about when i was a boy we had the brightest minds in the country, watching every twist and turn of the soviet union, who is doing that for china today in our government? who are the people on the post watching how china is emerging, how they're trading and we do not have a government that's sufficiently fluent h in china and if you go to a tough negotiation of someone who knows much more about you than you know about them -- kevin: if we go back to 1999 we used 50% of gdp. they devalued the currency. it sent the global markets into turmoil. shouldn't be the eu focusing on china, how to deal with that and
6:41 am
other countries. >> they haven't gotten a consolidated view of china and while china has been doing this, we go back for a second, iran, the saudis, venezuela, their number one oil trading partner, china. china, if you want to follow china's foreign policy, follow their checkbook. they have been much more effective. forget guns. they are using their checkbook. we have to have a much more sophisticated global approach commercially if we are going to compete with china. maria: great point, peter. thank you so much for joining us. >> happy anniversary. maria: thank you. it's been a great year for all of us. largely due to guests like you, so thank you. teen drivers are easily distracted on the road but the culprit may not be what you think. that's next. do you remember the hit 9 oh --
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maria: welcome back, futures in the u.s. searching for direction this morning. waiting on central bank decision. we will hear in the ecb in the next couple of hours. companies we are watching is shares of apple. the analysts are telling clients lowering estimates for companies as well as iphone sale. chief operating officer cheryl out of the running. many believe she was a front runner for the position since she sits on the board of disney. 60% of teen crashes are caused by distracted driving.
6:46 am
cheryl: cell phones are not the number one cause of crashes. researchers find the top destruction for young drivers is other passengers, their friends. that accounts for 15% of accidents. 12% of teen crashes caused by texts or just talking on their cell phone. well, you just talked about, many emojis's for skin selection. they will put women on more roles, pedestrian surfer and swimmer. >> susan, can i have another cup, please? >> why are you drinking it?
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>> why else he's going to drink it zach? cheryl: who didn't like save by the bell? you can now grab a bite to eat at save by the max, bayside high, dinner food and ac sliders, mcand screech. i felt old that saved by the bell was 23 years ago. maria: i know this is your favorite. kevin: i'm beyond excited. i'm about to go to get on the plane and flight to chicago and sit outside. dagen: tell everybody what you
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told us. kevin: it's always been my my idol. it was the cheapest costume. maria: we will show it later. >> we can buy the clothes and hair salon. dagen: i'm older than you, i have a whole crate full of clothes. kevin: who didn't love the 80's and early 90's. dagen: mr. belding follows me on twitter. kevin: can you imagine if you dinner with him at the new max. maria: nba nvp steph curry while
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debuting mobile app, steph emojis. don't forget to check us out on mornings with maria, search mornings with maria, we are on twitter at mornings with maria, keep on eye out on daily polls and any highlights from today's show. we will be back in a mute. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, steph curry
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warriors and lebron james to square off tonight, who has the edge heading into game one for preview of tonight's game sports reporter jared max. hey, jared. jared: good morning, maria. you know what time it is? maria: eight minutes to 7:00. jared: it's time to ring it on. steph versus lebron james. last year golden state lost two of the first two games and won six. curry said yesterday it's really annoying for me. that's not what i'm playing for to be the face of the nba or to take lebron's throne or whatever. i'm trying to chase rings, championship rings. steph is humble, right?
6:54 am
check out what they wrote about league mvp award. warrior superior steph curry would win 2016 presidential election as writing candidate if held today, agree? dagen: not enough fans, continue. jared: let's check out the tale between the two heavy weights. lebron james earns $22 million plus the season, double what steph does. look at what lebron gets, 255,000. steph about half of that. i love when we see the numbers. for every shot taken or every point scored you wonder, regular folks like us how many years would it take to make this kind of buck, ta make lebron james
6:55 am
2015-2016 salary, an attorney who 250,000 annually. general surgeon 58 years. i got into the wrong business. maria: wow. kevin: they put on so much practice. so you can't calculate how much time they put in as well. dagen: i still think the numbers are pretty large. jared: very, very lagger. your children can be raise today play basketball. maria: there's no outrage about the numbers really. we are looking at it and talking about it and like wow, when the populist goes after the bankers because of what they make, that's like the big stories, bankers are evil. jared: they entertain us. dagen: goes after the rich like president obama.
6:56 am
target people by name. maria: exactly. jared: lebron james playing in his sixth straight nba finals, that's pretty remarkable. something else we didn't see what steph curry now has. for $2 you can purchase stephmojis. tiny graphic formation and even popular daughter rylie. 6:00 luckily in oakland. secondary market site, cheapest ticket right now $550 and it's up in the nosebleeds, upstairs behind the corner of the basket. best of seven series began in 1939. if you win game two you win it 74% of the time. looks good for pittsburgh
6:57 am
penguins who did it last night at home. the penguins win the game 2-1 and they are up two games to nothing in the stanley cup finals. shaquille o'neil can you imagine ordering car from lift. maria: why is he doing that? >> you don't know if it's him. jared: if i were shuaq i would do this. maria: zach morris from save by the bell. there you are. back in a minute.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday june 2nd. top stories right now at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. new developments this morning in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. new pressure on the justice department to seek criminal charges against clinton. donald trump wasted no time jumping on the news. >> so you talk about bad judgment, she broke federal law by putting her e-mails on a secret -- private server that foreign countries could easily get to and hack.
7:01 am
i mean, folks, if anybody else but her did this that would be in jail two years already. i mean, honestly, she should not be allowed to run. maria: meanwhile trump is fighting back after it's going to move a tournament from one of its courses to méxico. yesterday he railed against efforts to roll back dodd-frank and how the sector feels about the regulatory environment right now. more recalls for tekata bags. onra is near the top. we will tell you who tops the list. turn to markets this morning. mixperformances to report. in asian overnight, mixed performances. worst performer nikkei in japan. investors waiting on european central bank.
7:02 am
we will get an update on oil production from the opec meeting in viena this morning. ftse up 27%. take a look where we stand with dow jones industrial. expected to be down this morning. dagen mcdowell and kevin kelly and fox news correspondent lea. great show so far, guys. dagen: you need to work on zach morris hair. kevin: i wear them all of the time. maria: can't-miss lineup this morning. we will get the latest on regulation from him and technology. new orleans saints quarterback joining us. you don't want to miss a moment of it. we kick off with inspector general report which finds
7:03 am
hillary clinton broke government rules with personal e-mail uisage and could make it easier to pursue charges. blake berman with the very latest. blake. blake: it's a hillary clinton practice tells fox the state department inspector general report increases, quote, the likelihood and pressure for the justice department to possibly pursue criminal charrings. it's very harmful to clinton while adding it's not evident in itself but makes the ig a witness. last week you might remember, guidance or approval to conduct business through personal setup while at state department which was found not to be in compliance with the federal records act. in reaction to that report, the clinton campaign initially released statement saying e-mail
7:04 am
set up was not unique but the following day clinton appeared to clarify the report quote makes it clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state but it was still a mistake. meantime the former clinton aid bryan pagliano, he will not provide testimony in the ongoing litigation involving the conservative group judicial watch, pagliano's attorney said his client will plea the fifth, pagliano has cut an immunity deal with the department of justice. maria: we want to bring radio talk show host. what's your take on the investigation? >> it's obviously very, very serious. it's not just about hillary's honesty, which, of course, is relevant, whether she got permission, there's a connection
7:05 am
between this and benghazi. let's assume the server was hacked and we don't know what it was or wasn't and the terrorist were aware that there was an exchange between stevens and clinton's concerns about security. this is about national security above anything else. it's extremely serious. i still, however, don't believe that the doj is going to indict her, that would be a political decision made ultimately by obama and that would kill her candidacy and i don't think he wants that on her resume. maria: would obama allow an indictment? kevin: absolutely not. basically instructing the attorney general not to indict her. that's scary when the president comments on an ongoing investigation on a presidential candidate which is scary. at the same time he's trying to protect the party interest. she has 97% of the delegates. it's in his interest to protect her. maria: that's true. dagen: aye said this before and
7:06 am
i'm not the only one, even if there is no indictment, you will have leaks coming out of the fbi based on what they uncovered in this investigation, lea can speak to this, 120 agents on the case and it could be high-level people, even resignation. politically it's going to hurt her either way potentially. >> the question is time. >> absolutely. james coleman is a guy of integrity and will make criminal referral to the doj and there could be high-level resignations because of integrity. absolutely. maria: let me move to the address because he took a shot at the conservative party and fox news. the economy is still lagging behind. listen to this. >> so their basic story is america's working class, america's middle class, families like yours have been victimized by a big bloated federal
7:07 am
government run by a bunch of left-wing like me. i haven't turned on fox news or listen to conservative talk radio today but i turn them on and off in the past years that i'm not exaggerating in terms of their story. that's the story they tell. maria: larry, before you answer that, let me just point out that the economy under president obama's leadership has averaged 1.7% annualized growth. >> right. those are what called facts. those are facted. and the fact is that this president would be the first president, excuse me, to reside over an economy where not one single year has been 3% gdp. the gdp average growth under obama as you pointed out is under 2%. there's no denying that. and a few years ago the ap said and it's not right-wing radio, they're not fox, this has been the weakest recovery on record
7:08 am
almost by any economic measure, the weakest recovery since the second world war. i'm sorry, these are facts. maria: it feels like it's a different world. kevin: we to be stimulus in the system and huge slack in the market. maria: he didn't mention the federal reserve yesterday. kevin: most of the jobs that were created were government, so bigger government. >> the president would argue that the stimulus turned around the economy. maria: that's true. >> skipping over fact that is the median household income in the u.s. decreased about $1,500. people are paying a lot more for health care on average. i think he's skipping over what are the facts that hurt his legacy and trying to focus on the ones that are going to be more focus. dagen: what was comical, the president was mocking fox news,
7:09 am
if you tune in you're going to hear about this bloated economy at the same speech he talks about expanding social security, making the government even bigger and attacking the rich and saying the rich should pay for it. again, this election is a choice between who do you think makes the best decision with your money, do you think the government is the solution which certainly has been in the last seven and a half years or are you the solution. is the government going get out of the way and let you be in charge of your own destiny. maria: that is the choice. maria: this is such a story. listen to this. >> they move it had world golf championships from miami to méxico city, can you believe it? can you believe it? they moved the pga tour, moved
7:10 am
the world golf championships from miami where they're furious to méxico city. not good. but that's okay. folks, it's all going to be settled. you vote for donald trump as president. if i become your president, this stuff is all going to stop. [laughter] maria: just to be clear, a trump facility in doral and now going to méxico city. >> well, they had the tournament at doral since 1962. they are talking about 50 years. donald trump buy doral in 2012 and decides to run for president and had nothing to do whatever to do with trump, right? [laughter] >> it's good for méxico's economy. if you want to stop a flow of people moving from esm -- méxico to u.s. dagen: nascar pulled a banquets.
7:11 am
the head of nascar turned around and endorsed trump. so -- [laughter] maria: he brought up kidnapping. they hope -- he's hoping that they have security because there's kidnapping and there really is even in brazil as well as méxico. the point is, what does this do to the pga? when it's in miami you're getting one group, are all of those people going to travel to méxico city? they are actually maybe hurting themselves. kevin: maybe that could be seen as endorsing him by keeping there at a trump golf course. if it was the hillary clinton golf course would they have it there, who knows. that's the question you need to ask yourself about the pga. maria: final word from you. >> i think that's the fair point. what the pga wanted to do is
7:12 am
making sure politics didn't interfere, and instead shipping jobs, shipping golfers. maria: right here your home for all things, political and business, chick fila entering the food delivery business. tekata air bag. 2million vehicles being recalled back coming that many automakers are selling with defective air bags. you won't believe this. that's next [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
7:13 am
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so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
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maria: welcome back, parts of texas continuing to deal with massive and dangerous flooding, cheryl casone with the headlines. cheryl: not getting a break. greg abbott declaring a state of disaster in more than 30 counties. hundreds of people evacuated from their homes. forecasters say it might takes days and even weeks before waterways drop to normal levels. at least six deaths have been reported in texas.
7:16 am
well, more defective tekata air bags, 2 million vehicles with faulty air bag inflaters, 1.9 million of those vehicles coming from general motors and believe it or not, new cars are being built with flawed tekata air bags. the newer version of the air bags being installed today are expected to be recalled but probably not until 2017 or '18, defective inflater linked to 13 deaths. the cars shouldn't be sold until they are fixed. and finally a switch in gears, chick fila, i know a few people in the room love it, long lines, there's a way to avoid wait now, pay-ahead mobile ordering through new new app chick fila1.
7:17 am
free sandwich every time you download on june 11. i know a couple of people sitting next to you who love their chick fila. maria: kevin kelly, did you download the app? kevin: i'm going to. i will have friends download it so i can get the chicken sandwich. >> the food is not going to be prepared as you actually show up there. maria: i would probably prefer that because i don't want it sitting there. >> will you really cut down lines. kevin: they're not open on sundays, don't make that mistake of going to chick fila on sundays. maria: what are the hours? [laughter] kevin: sorry. maria: straight ahead apple pay gets a major boost and certain banks are giving customers special access to platform digital wallet. we will tell you which ones. sanders campaign by one of the loudest and influential unions
7:18 am
at the democratic convention in july. they are planning for a big fight. we will sit down with one of the delegates coming up. get ready for the rio olympic games
7:19 am
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by switching to xfinity x1. show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. maria: welcome back. apple pay gets a major boost in canada after entering a partnership with three of the largest bank, all launching
7:22 am
support for apple pay, giving special access to the platform's digital wallet. joining us right now frank sorentino. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. maria: apple digital technology how are you using in connect 1 and characterize how things are going? >> big movement toward better and sophisticated payment system. if you think about credit card 1950's plastic and data is stored there. maria: old technology. >> that's certainly not the way of the future. ta doesn't lend itself to a lot of things as client as you want. you want lots of things on your cfn and use as payment source. whether it's apple pay or android pay or samsung pay, any other. this is the future, you will store the electronic information probably on your cell phone and that will be your wallet.
7:23 am
maria: with that convenience comes added worry about security. >> of course. maria: what are you doing to making sure that people's personal information is not going to get hacked? >> consumers need to step up and think a lot about. as population we don't think about information that we are willing to give online. if you go on anybody's facebook page, twitter account, i can learn so much information about you and probably be -- it would be easy for me to hack into your account and answer the three security questions, what was your school's mascot. you probably have that online. i think technology companies are doing a great job of security, but it falls back on us. you have to be careful about what information we put online and safe guard our own information. we spend a lot of time and effort at connect 1 bank to say, hey, some of the responsibility
7:24 am
falls on you as well. it doesn't all fall on the bank. >> relies on encrypted technology where the people are using credit card don't actually ever see the number, isn't that accurate? >> yes, that part of the technology is great. then somebody hands the phone to you, here, i put my fingerprint on it, now you have access to the phone, or worst than that, you take the phone and go to local starbucks and start searching bank account or credit card information in wi-fi. kevin: you guys are agnostic to it. >> if you like apple products, you'll go to android pay. the vendors and the merchants. they're going to have to take everything. maria: you just said something that's really important.
7:25 am
you go into the lady's room and you're using their wi-fi. should we not be using a public place's wi-fi? >> absolutely not. if you want to check "the new york times", fox news. that's not a public place. you need access to that. it's a little bit different. even in hotel a little bit different. still security concerns. kevin: airport itself is unsecured. >> there's going to be the added fees with the apple pay, who absorbs that cost and are consumers willing to pay? >> consumer is going to pay it in higher prices for products or in the interchange fee that's going to be applied. you know, we saw it in banking. nobody wants to pay a fee for everything.
7:26 am
your checking account is free. maria: wait, it's not? >> somebody is paying for it. the cost is being absorbed for it some where. we are going to see the same in digital space. it's going to start out as a more free environment but certain products that are charging $5 a month. kevin: new banking regulations are putting pressure on checking accounts. regulatory compliance is unbelievable right now in the age -- >> look at what happened with dodd-frank. they changed what the interchange fee. the amount of cost that it takes for each credit card transaction. if you're a bank over $10 billion, they put a cap as to what they can make. that's ridiculous. there's fraud, expenses, those thingshange and go up over time. maria: president obama looks like he's going to ramp up the
7:27 am
regulation in the next six months before he steps down. wall street regulations are necessary to keep the economy falling back to a recession. we have to get your take. >> republican nominee for president he says would dismantle all of the rules that we pay. that is crazy. [laughter] [applause] >> have we -- no, look. i mean, sometimes i'll be honest with you, sometimes i just don't get it. [laughter] >> how it is that somebody could propose that we weaken regulations on wall street? have we really forgotten what just happened eight years ago? maria: so it crazy or what? >> really all depends on your point of view, dodd-frank was written sort of to close the door, you know, the barn door
7:28 am
after the horse left, number one, and number two, it actually looked to solve problems that didn't really start at banks, right? these were nonbanks that had all the issues and the financial crisis. everything that wound up in dodd-frank -- maria: 50% hasn't been implemented. >> they're chasing their solutions looking for problems in some cases and certainly as we have seen today there's been a dampening in the availability of credit for certain types of individuals. so while i wouldn't be for no regulation, we definitely want to regulate a financial system. i think there's going to be parts of dodd-frank that we are going to see overtime are going to have to be rewritten. kevin: 22,000 pages of legislation that was just bubble gum, talk about arbitrarily impacting the fees. >> the overall concept of it, i
7:29 am
get it. but you can go too far and you can hamper the economy. maria: and we have. >> we are seeing some of that. maria: we know how tough lending is and the economy has been at a crawl in terms of growth. frank, so good to see you. oprah is number two. you'll never guess who is number one. drew brees is here in studio, we will talk about the latest venture in less than 30 minutes. back in a moment
7:30 am
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7:32 am
maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday june 2nd. top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. big day on campaign trail. hillary clinton expect today ramp up rhetoric in a speech today as facing new developments on e-mail scandal and tightening race in california with bernie sanders. >> who do you think is going to i don't know, i don't know. i'm not a fan of bernie, i have to tell you but possibly it looks like -- she can't close him out. >> the campaign was over. [laughter] >> i wonder why -- i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband are back in california. i thought we had lost, that it was all over but i guess secretary clinton might be looking at some polling that would suggest otherwise. maria: clinton would face more trouble at the convention, union
7:33 am
threatening in philadelphia next month. rooky mistake, a teenager hacked into it and you won't believe the password. forbes with the list of richest self-made women. the big business football, drew brees joining me, we are talking nfl and newest when sure, johnson&johnson acquiring hair products. futures have been lower right now. investors are waiting on central bank decision. dow industrial expected to be down about 12 points today. nearly 200,000 union nurses are pushing for bernie sanders nomination for the democratic party. they are planning to send 150 of members to the democratic national convention in july and look to pick a fight.
7:34 am
sanders spoke in front of nurses united and laid plans out. >> so we have a dysfunctional system and we are going to change the system, that is what the american people want, we are going to take on the private insurance companies, we are going to take on the drug companies, the function of health care in a democratic civilized society is to provide quality care to all of our people in a cost-effective way, not to make billions of dollars in profits with the drug companies or the insurance companies. maria: the executive director of the massachusetts nurse's association and affiliate of nurse's united, sanders delegate at large julie joins us. >> thanks for having me. maria: we know that the entire union wants bernie sanders as the nominee, what specific policies do you want to see that are so positive for nurses? >> and particularly medicare for
7:35 am
all. i think it's long overdue. most of the american public is so on board. as a country, we are supposed to be a leadership in democracy and i think we are so far behind every industrialized country in the world. i don't understand what is taking so long. it's time for that to change. maria: what's wrong with hillary clinton's proposal. she wants to build on obamacare. >> it's incremental again. while there have been benefits to those changes, you know, you can't take baby steps here. we have to address the problem. we have a very effective system right now in terms of medicare, it's not like we don't know what we can do. we know we can do it. we take an efficient system of medicare and expand it to everybody and that's how i think we get the efficiencies and stop taking money that is essentially going into build collection and administration and start putting in to care of people who
7:36 am
desperately need it. dagen: julie, this i mcdowell, one of the reasons that medicare for all hasn't moved forward because medicare as it exists today for older americans is going to run out of money in a little more than a decade, 12-13 years based on the trustees report. we haven't figured out a way to keep the cost down in regular medicare and fix that first, before moving onto something that is far greater and far more expensive. >> well, but the reality is not looking at medicare and expanding it and instead looking at the private sector, what we are doing is worst than the system of medicare as far as trying to deal with the costs. the private sector we are increasing profit margins of private companies while not improving care for anyone. we haven't been able to put that genie back in the bottle. suggesting that we have to continue in a path that's
7:37 am
ineffective and not delivering care because we can't address the problem of medicare is not a solution either. i think if you ask the public directly, which would you prefer to work on, resolving the issues of medicare and adequate funding so everybody can have equal access, the public's issues are essentially, they want to be able to go to institutions and providers that they want to see and they want to be able to get access anywhere. dagen: but one is an issue -- >> that can't happen under this system. dagen: that is a cost by all taxpayers and you potentially look at a country that goes bankrupt. you're asking the government to make personal medical decisions for you. ultimately the government is going to have to decide who gets care and how long they get care and to control the costs. that's what people fear possibly the most. >> as the people i talk to everyday if you ask them, which would they prefer medicare or the current system, hands down is medicare. most people right now they're
7:38 am
not getting the care that they deserve. they often go to this false that you have all the access. with the reality, if you have lots of money you have access. if you don't, you don't. dagen: obamacare was a lie -- >> i don't think it was a lie. i certainly think there were preexisting and those issues all very good. when you talk to nurses on the front lines, you see the implications of all sorts of policies. right now there's a lot of people that aren't accessing healthcare system because they can't pay copays. you can only go to this particular institution, you can't go -- it's like water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. maria: you do think that the government should be making healthcare decisions for you? >> in medicare there are government decision that is are made, yes.
7:39 am
private sectors -- do we think it's better for corporations to make decisions, i don't think that's better. maria: the individual should be making the decision, no? >> i would say under medicare the individuals have more choice. i get to choose what physicians i go to, i get to choose what institutions i go to. right now it doesn't happen. maria: you say you want to see a showdown at the democratic convention. what does that mean? >> we will be on the outside and inside. i will be on the inside of the building but i think there's going to be nurses raising environmental issues, education, all the types of issues that values of nurses have been putting on a platform for quite some time. maria: protesting, you being on the inside, what can you do? >> i certainly want to talk about the superdelegate issue. having people decide before we
7:40 am
get there who the nominee is going to be is a mistake. have a debate about what the platform should be going forward and the folks on the outside raise public awareness. nurses have been always been able to do that in a very effective and peaceful way. maria: you're a delegate and you should have that choice. julie, good to see you. we will be watching you at the democratic convention. millennials, are they texting too much on the job, the trend that has employers up in arms. quarterback on big payoff off the field, next
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
maria: a student at ucla reportedly concern about his grades kills a professor and then himself. cheryl casone with the story and other headlines now. cheryl: shot a mechanical
7:44 am
engineer. the shooting disrupting the week before final exams. well, a scottish teenager hacking in north korea, the breach caused the facebook clone to be taken offline. the annual forbes list of america's self-made ladies contains ten more names than the first. dian hendricks owns abc supply, roofing and siding in the country. there are 60 women on the list worth a combine, get this, maria, $53 billion. back to you. maria: that's amazing. thank you. the top women -- people don't know the way they know oprah.
7:45 am
the younger workers are off task engaged on social media, on the internet and texting on phones. let's bring on the millennials. we bring the cofounders and daniel, carly, good to see you both. we want to hear about the huge investment but let's talk about millennials. what's your take? >> this cracks me up. it was a random thing to put in the report. but we are all guilty of it. i don't think it's just millennials. >> that's actually what we are trying to do. you're on your phone, you're on the go. you're constantly checking things and multitasking. maria: top story today is opec and what's going on, one of the top stories. >> it is. >> right after the toddler. maria: i like that story as well. [laughter] >> if you're going to be on your
7:46 am
phone, you want to make it easier to be smarter. maria: your clientele is largely millennials? >> yes, female millennials in particular. 80% of audience is women. dagen: are women more interested in being smarter and being informed than men are at that age? >> it's a great question. first it was women 22-34, hundreds of billions of dollars in spending and we wanted to create a new source that fit into the morning and that's what we did. maria: you certainly did it well. you announced some big news yesterday, moving into video with $8 billion investment, parent to fox business network. what does this 8 million going to allow you to do? >> we are superexcited about it. we were in an interesting place and that was an exciting place to be and where we are as a company is it does make it
7:47 am
easier to be smarter. when we are able to connect with fox and realize that there was such opportunity for us to go to different platforms to take it to the next level so that we can be in different routines, video is a natural extension for this audience, we are superexcited to announce that we are going to be doing video under the umbrella of skimm studios. we doubled down on data team more so than we already have and really investing in doing more premium service offering for the audience. kevin: that's where the consumption is going, video? >> it's definitely where people are investing. it's the hot topic with start-ups. maria: and mobile. >> definitely for us we have based our company off of routines. what do you do in the morning, and play with that topic or with that product so we built this huge massive base at scale and
7:48 am
rolling them off into different products, video game and we just launched skimm ahead. so for us there's a lot we can do all while we lying on people being attached to their phones. maria: fantastic. i know you're hiring now. >> moving on up. maria: great to see you both. >> thank you. maria: super bowl winning quarterback drew brees drawing up a new game plan, shifting focus and cash to boxing. drew brees joins me next. v
7:49 am
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7:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
maria: welcome back, my next guest led a team to victory in super bowl 44. mvp drew brees with several ventures, latest title boxing club. joining me right now new orleans saints quarterback drew brees. you're doing great as well. why boxing? tell us about the new venture. >> honestly, it was the opportunity to get involved with the fastest-growing franchise in america according to magazine. i'm a fitness buff. that's what i do in my job as a football player. title boxing club brand was the opportunity to really get involved in one of the best fitness brands in america and that's what our clubs are about, it's not fighting, it's all fitness. from the top down with leadership with ceo ron all the way to the members of our clubs,
7:53 am
the inspiring thing for me and talking with all of them before getting involved on the franchise with title was just hearing their testimony about what boxing has done to fitness, achieved so many goals, helped them confidence, people see results when they go inside title boxing clubs for fitness and there's a wide variety of offerings too. we have 150 franchises nationwide with 250 under development, we have 30-minute classes, we have 60-minute classes, which is the most popular, pour hour. 15 minutes of warmup and 30 on bag and 15 on core. and we have the classes for the overachievers as well. maria: it's not necessarily about boxing, it's really about fitness. is this how you worked out over the years, boxing?
7:54 am
>> i incorporate it in my workout. a lot of it is very football specific but boxing is certainly something that i work into my workout because there's no better way to get in shape and s to your body. again, those are testimonialsi. maria: i was reading businesses that you are involved. you're a really business guy. you own eight locations. coowner of restaurant, coowner of exodus. how do you decide where to go into?
7:55 am
a lot of businesses under your belt. >> yeah, and honestly, all those have been great opportunities and at the end of the day it was to be involved with great people and be involved with great brands. i started off i guess in the franchise industry as a jimmy jon's franchisee. i used to order in my dorm studying and normally to bring the franchise in new orleans. eventually i was able to transition to become the franchisor, walk-ons, bistro and bars, we sold over 30 more franchises, we will expand throughout the southeast and into the rest of the nation. the last espn ranking we were the best -- voted the best sports bar in america which was
7:56 am
incredible honor and proud of. and title boxes is again to be involved with great brand, with great people, great growth opportunity and, again, the reason i love franchising so much is it gives people the opportunity to own their own business and yet they don't have to come up with their own crazy idea and pursue that. they can take a proven model like title boxing club that provides such great results for so many people. they can own their own business and do something impactful. maria: you control your own fate basically. is this a set up for your career post football? >> yes, it is. absolutely. you always have to be prepared for life after football. i hope i can play for as longs as i can. and yet at the same time, i certainly want to be prepared for when football is over and transition into my other passion which is franchising. maria: is that why you still don't have a long-term contract with the saints? what's that all about, drew?
7:57 am
[laughter] >> that hurt. maria: you're in charge, obviously. why not? you're going to be a free agent next year? >> it's a process. the off season is not over and there's still an opportunity to get that done. once the season start i'm focused on football and not thinking of contract. i'm really not thinking about contract right now. these things can take time. i've been through the situation before where i had to play a season and go to season with no contract. i've done that twice in my career. i'm still motivated and ip -- inspired in the same way. the opportunity to win a championship inspires me. maria: real quick. your son is wearing a warriors jersey. getting ready for the warriors-cavs game. is that where you're going? >> that's a good question. yeah, my son balen loves steph
7:58 am
curry. this is the matchup that everybody wants to see. maria: drew brees, good to see you, congrats. >> thank you. maria: we will be right back these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding.
7:59 am
and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. when you cook with incredible thingredients...ato. you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. get your first two meals free at .
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday june 2nd. here are your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton ramps up attacks on donald trump specially over trump university. more rhetoric expected when she
8:01 am
gives national security speech later today. but now she's facing new questions over her e-mail scandal and donald trump is wasting no time jumping on the news. >> so you talk about bad judgment, she broke federal law by putting her e-mails on a secret-private server that foreign countries could easily get to and hack. i mean, folks, if anybody else but her did this, they'd be in jail two years already. i mean, honestly, she should not be allowed to run. maria: meanwhile the state department for editing questions from fox news' jane rosen. regulations this morning and we have a look at some of the worst culprits in your pantry you would want to know about. a blind man denied service in mcdonalds and now he's suing
8:02 am
coming up. music videos resulting in high school principal being placed on leave. we've got the details. markets this morning are mixed. we just heard from -- well, we have the asian markets mixed. nikkei average down 2%. check out europe. modest morning. we did hear from central bank. it is start to go buy corporate bonds next week. ecb president will hold news conference later this hour. we will bring you any highlights from it. markets did turn a bit more negative after the ecb decision not to move on interest rates. in the u.s. futures are searching for direction. dow jones down 20 points right here. fractional moves that we are expecting at the opening. with me dagen mcdowell and kevin kelly and lea gabriel. great call on seeing drew brees' son in the jersey. that was great. kevin: we know balin is a big fan.
8:03 am
maria: exactly. can't-miss lineup this morning. plus the host of varney and company. do stay with us. the road to the white house. hillary clinton set to attack donald trump stance on policy when she delivers speech on national security this afternoon. it was the economy that took center stage with the front runners trading barbs. >> you know, the 5% is a total sham. that was put there so that presidents look better. your real number is close to 20%. and if it wasn't -- despite the fact you like me on military and the border and all that, we wouldn't have crowds everywhere i go. >> some people can talk about the economy and jobs. i know we can do it and together it's exactly what will happen. maria: joining us right now former economic adviser to
8:04 am
president ronald reagan. >> how are you? maria: i'm great. let's talk about president obama's speech yesterday. i was he was talking about that everything is great and it's because of his policies. >> obama's policy, i don't think so. i mean, if you look at this economy, i have never seen a worst recovery in my life. i don't think there has been a worst recovery, whether it be gdp from trend or employment or new housing sales, there are no indicate caigs whatsoever of a good economy. it is the single worst recovery in our history so i don't know what he keeps on harping this. everyone in the economy knows it's a problem and donald trump just gets a free shot every time. maria: he went to this place where he went when we were in the depth of recession, illinois because it's a great comparison. now it's much better. he's saying that his policies took effect. no mention of the federal reserve and wages are down and
8:05 am
haven't moved in a decade. >> but, maria, unemployment rate is the wrong number to look at. all those people who left unemployed roles have left the labor force. they didn't get jobs. the participation rate has dropped dramatically in the united states, so if you're looking at employment to population, which is the correct way to look at it, it's dropped sharply in the great recession and then it's just edged right along flat for about six years. kevin: art, it's kevin kelly. i'm glad you brought participation rate because it's all been monetary. has this administration has done policy that has help it had recovery at all? >> no, but they've done lots that have hurt it. they raised taxes, put in obamacare, they put in dodd-frank which is killing it and monetary policies, you know, by holding interest rates really, really low what they have done is discouraged anyone from lending mortgage money in the housing market.
8:06 am
that's why it's so far below historical average, there is no recovery in housing. low interest rates are just as bad as high interest rates. the right interest rates are the market-driven rates where supply equals demands. that's not what it allowed to happen. dagen: art, if you look at tax plan, it complicates our tax code even more and raises taxes for wealth % americans, on top of that she wants to expand medicare, which is something that president obama talked about expanding social security, what would the economy look like if these policies were pushed through? >> yeah, let me just -- if i can just a little correction, dagen, she wants to raise tax rates on the rich. you will not collect more money from those people. there will be no taxes because they know how to get around them. every time we raised tax rates on the rich, we have seen revenues gdp fall and every time
8:07 am
we lowered taxes revenue from the rich have risen. maria: this is a really important point that you're making, art. why is it that you raise rates on the rich and you get less revenue? >> they hide the income. they can get people from goldman sachs in congress. they can get presidents and they have the ways and means to do it. i move from a ranch to santa fe simply because of taxes. i bought my house with my first year's tax savings on state income taxes. i'm a perfect example of it. maria: dagen, she also wants to build on obamacare, isn't obamacare one of the key reasons that small businesses have been cutting jobs. >> exactly. dagen: the 49ers, companies that won't -- don't hire having more than 49 employees to avoid the
8:08 am
mandate that they cover the employees with health insurance coverage. >> i don't understand hillary of all the things that look bad from a barack obama, the economy looks the worst. why would she want to be a third term for the worst president on economic in our history. i don't know, but, you know, the only one that gave obama a good run for his money is w. it's not a republican democrat. w with all the stimulus spending, government spending is taxation and why they want to build on this is beyond me. we need a reagan back and i think trump might be. maria: okay, donald trump might be a reagan when it comes to economic policy? >> i think we are going to have a very good situation frankly. i'm very confident in both trump and his advisers on economics. 15% corporate tax, can you imagine what the u.s. would look like. maria: that's going to be huge. the markets take off, when the
8:09 am
markets start -- >> exactly. maria: we see a rally in stocks. >> and then you get rid of obamacare, you revise dodd-frank and if you do that it's rocket ship america. maria: wow. listen to this story, art. i have to get your take on this. the state department yesterday admitted that it actually lied to the american people revealing that it intentionally deleted exchange between fox news correspondent james rosen and the department's spokes women jane. questioning about the administration's previous claim that the u.s. was not secretly engaged in direct talks with iran over the nuclear program. a claim that turned out to be untrue, listen to some of this exchange, art, i have to get your take on it. >> let me try it one last way and then i appreciate your indulgence. >> sure. >> is it the policy of the state department of secret negotiations are concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal?
8:10 am
>> james, i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. maria: fox news discovered total of eight minutes from the briefing was missing from the state department's website and the youtube channel and had been replaced with a slash effect. the spokesperson says we admit, it wasn't a mistake, we actually did delete it and he doesn't know who the official who ordered the video deleted because it was given over the phone and the editor who cut the video out doesn't remember who made the request. they deleted it intentionally, art. >> you know, politics is politics. to think of the white house or state department or the defense as being a political organizations is a grave mistake. i was in the nixon white house from 1970 to 1972, they are political. how far they would go, i don't know.
8:11 am
they went pretty far with watergate. it's not partisan. it's not republican, democrat, it's the quest for power, the overwhelming desire to be in control of everything is astounding in this administration as well as the nixon administration. >> are you aware of her policy -- >> there does need to be privacy. i know he made clear that he would not talk to anybody about conversations with the president because that was private conversation. maria: why couldn't she have just said no comment? >> she could have -- >> instead of saying something and deleting it. >> he was my mentor all the way through government. every time hi talk today anyone that there are aspects of his conversation with the president
8:12 am
that he doesn't discuss with the press or anyone else for that matter. he keeps that personal. >> there weren't policies in place regarding editing with the state department and this type of -- maria: you need a policy? dagen: this goes back to the big picture, this goes on within government whether democratic administration and you referenced nixon administration. this is a government, this is a question that you want making decisions about your life more and more decisions about your your future. that's the question facing voters this election year. >> yeah, i think the most transparency there is the better off it is. the less secret conversations -- there are some things that should be kept private at least for a while and later days brought out but this administration is just manipulating. this administration is misleading everyone all of the
8:13 am
time on this recovery, on this economy. it is the single worst economy, they know all the numbers and they know how they fit together and they refuse to fit them together in the correct way. it's just a sham. all the economists know left and right, by the way. it's not just me. [laughter] >> all the other ones know it too. maria: art, we know it too. >> you guys are wonderful. maria: right back at you, my friend. straight ahead outrage over music videos resulting in high school principal placed on leave. later shaking the salt, fda looking to lower sodium levels. shocking levels found in whole-wheat bread, for example. details next
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
maria: welcome back. a gunman who injured two police officers barricades himself in a home in northern california. cheryl casone with the latest now. cheryl: story unfolding overnight. the suspect allegedly shot and wounded two police officers after a traffic stop turned violent. one of the officers is in critical condition after surgery and the other remains in stable condition. this is a story that we have been following overnight for
8:17 am
you. also this, maria, there's outrage in new jersey over this. ♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: okay, new jersey school districts wants to know how rapper was allow today record that video that includes drug references and a pole dancer at his old high school. he wants to show zuints -- students that they can also be successful and dropped out of the school. no word on who let video shoot. concerns over zika virus have ease. he made a statement, maria, last night that he was monitoring the situation in brazil following engagement. he's set to represent ireland in r irk -- rio.
8:18 am
more importantly golf returned to the game since 1904. i'm kind of sad he's representing ireland and not the u.s. maria: somebody must have talked to him about the zika situation. cheryl: you bet. maria: latest in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is next. expansion of beauty, the company is betting on hair care straight ahead
8:19 am
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maria: welcome back, a new state department report shows that hillary clinton broke government rules by setting up a private e-mail server in her up state new york home during secretary of state. the man who install it had private server former aid bryan pagliano cut a new deal, new documents show that he has decide today plea the fifth in court. joining me right now george washington professor jonathan, good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: why would he want to plea the fifth if he cut the immunity deal? >> the opposing counsel should have information on the scope of any immunity deal and whether he is truly at risk for things he may say. once you cut immunity deal with the government, they really mind everything in your head. so all of that information that you give the government is covered in the immunity deal.
8:23 am
in this case, i'm not surprised that sown -- someone may be claiming the fifth, particularly a key player like this, the immunity deal makes more difficult. at the same time it appears that both the obama administration and personal counsel for people representing, for mills and others have been objecting to hundreds of questions and so you're seeing a real slowing down of those depositions. maria: where does this go next? what do you think? >> this is a very serious issue. i think that people that are dismissing this as criminal investigation are deluting themselves. the fbi director said to fox that this is a criminal investigation. it's not a security review, the way that people have been portraying it. maria: the clinton camp has been portraying it that way, yeah. >> the reason hillary clinton did not cooperate with the state
8:24 am
department, is pretty clear for those of us in the field. the greatest danger for her is probably a law making false statements to investigators. that's where a lot of politicians, powerful people get into trouble. the best way to avoid that is don't talk to investigators, but the problem, of course, you left the state department without answers on what could be a major national security breach. >> hasn't hillary clinton and her team established plausible denialability in everything she said so far in terms of saying, there was actually classified information, deniability that want marked. >> the irony that what has been said publicly is more political than legal defense. saying that these documents were
8:25 am
not marked classified is nonsense in terms of the legal standard. i have done national security work since the regan administration and i can tell you that that's just entirely untrue. sf312 which has to be signed by people like hillary clinton and myself state clearly that information does not have to be marked classified to be classified. hillary clinton has classifying authority. she creates classified information. when the president in the oval office, it is classified. no one is there stamping so the argument that it has to be marked classified is absurd. now, the issue is does this amount to a criminal violation and it could. there's a statute that deals with gross negligence. you can be criminally charged if
8:26 am
you remove classified information from protected areas and sources. >> so what happens if she were to be elected? if she were criminally charged after the election takes place? >> that would be rather odd, it's unlikely that even if they were considering indictment against clinton that she would be indictment first. they generally go to lower aids. most prosecutors will go and indict a couple of people if they're going to move against a principle to see if they can get cooperation. maria: jonathan, good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: guys, before we take a break. new jersey senator corey booker tweeting video of a hillary clinton meeting, watch. >> this is very exciting, putting on my snapchat. [laughter] >> welcome to jersey.
8:27 am
[laughter] >> looks like a rough night out. dagen: what music in her head that she's kind of sort of dancing. [laughter] maria: what e-mail scandal, you know? who is bernie sanders? dagen: she's the happiest person in new jersey. maria: that is funny. i don't think it was a surprise. look, i'm going to be videoing you when you get out of the car. that's very funny. she left pretty soon after and went to california because she's trying to double down on california. dagen: indication of how much she loves corey booker. maria: we will see. pga moves tournament from doral to méxico city. is pga playing politics? claim to cut sodium intake, we will tell you how much, back in
8:28 am
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maria:i'm maria bartiromo. happy thursday. it is thursday, june 2nd. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. big day on the campaign trail today. hillary clinton expected to wrap up rhetoric against donald trump during national security speech. she faces new developments in
8:31 am
the email scandal and tightening race in california bernie sanders. >> who do you think will win tomorrow bernie or hillary? i don't even know. i don't know. i'm not a fan of bernie, i have to tell you but possibly looks like, she can't close him out. >> she told me the campaign was over. i wonder, i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband bill are back in california? i thought we had lost, it was all over but i guess secretary clinton is looking at some polling that would suggest otherwise. maria: meanwhile the war on salt. government out with new regulations. we have a look at some of the worst culprits in your pantry. i want to know. blind man denied service at mack max's. a drive-through denied him. markets are mixed. we had the mayadp report. economy added 170,000 jobs last month, just shy of expectations. last hour the european central
8:32 am
bank kept rates steady. ecb president mario draghi started his knew conference and the bond-buying program could extend beyond next march. u.s. health officials want to you shake the salt. people in the united states consume 50% more sodium than what most experts recommend. and the fda wants to reduce that with new guidelines with sodium reduction target levels in foods more than 100 different categories. joining to us break it down, are the nutrition twins. good to see you, lady. >> thanks for having us. maria: most people do not realize how much salt is in the stuff we buy every day, is that right? >> that is entirely right. the thing is as registered dieticians we love the new regulation because we're in the business of getting people healthy to live them live longer. this will help them to do that. with 600,000 people dying every year from heart disease we all need to lower sodium.
8:33 am
with items we don't realize we get sodium, decreasing that will help. maria: you're saying salt is a direct link to heart disease? >> it raises your blood pressure and reduces your risk of stroke when you cut back on sodium but also raises your risk of heart disease when you eat too much. >> research shows half the population is salt sensitive. half of us can eat salt and will be fine and half of us eat salt and instantly put us risk for all diseases. if we cut back amount of salt, it is amazing we'll instantly lower risk of death and help you live longer, heller lives. maria: i can't stand, when i have soy sauce or anything salty my face blows up. >> you are salt sensitive. maria: it impacts me. >> affects us the same way. eyes, puffy tinkers. maria: where do you have the to indicate the big salt problems are?
8:34 am
>> that is a great question, the truth is most people don't know how much salt they're getting. you can't tell by tasting food. maria: i don't have to not eat mcdonald's french fries to know how much salt. >> you give more sodium in bread as much as serving of potato chips. >> for any smart technique, the salt touches your taste buds immediately. when it is baked into the product you don't really taste it. maria: whole wheat bread. you say there is salt in whole wheat bread. >> although what is going on with whole meat bread, manufacturers are catching on to this. consumers are not paving. they're paving way other manufacturers doing same thing. you don't have to keep baking salt in. add a little bit at end.
8:35 am
maria: piece of whole wheat bread is more than the potato chips. >> yeah. >> one cool thing the taste buds will turn over in 21 days. if you cut back sodium, at most three weeks, you won't even like sodium anymore. you will go to eat salty food, that tastes salty, i don't like it. maria: it puts weight on. >> exactly. >> salt makes you hung guyer and thirstier and makes you craving more. >> the my dad would go nuts with this. olive oil and a couple of -- >> the bottled tomato sauce, people don't realize high in sodium. maria: 480 milligrams. >> that is just a half cup. >> if you are making your own tomato sauce, add salt at end of the cooking. if you keep adding through it get gets mixed right in.
8:36 am
>> the same thing happens with the bread. what did you bring here at the end, guy i can't beans. >> something with beans, buy low sodium, make is the great. rinse the beans and rinses off 40% of the sodium. maria: wow. that is such good ad voice. >> such an easy thing to do. maria: put them in the strainer and rinse it off? >> yeah. maria: you can probably do that with a lot of foods. >> a lot of foods you really can. tune that, add your own seasons. maria: don't tell me cucumbers are bad. >> no. anything natural you're automatically coming down on sodium. >> i have problems with that the ranch dressing at end of the day. [laughter] because again this is packaged food. my sister always tells me go shopping in the supermarket on edges of the store, the perimeter. don't go in the middle aisles where packaged stuff. >> processed food. 75% of the sodium comes from
8:37 am
packaged food. maria: taking away -- thanks -- >> thanks forking just. nice to see you. maria: you helped audience. tammy and lisi. straight ahead, denied at the golden arches. one blind man is taking mcdonald's to task for refusing to serve him at drive-through. hillary clinton -- she says donald trump should be watching his back. we'll discuss it next. >> will come back to another tennis channel french open report. i'm chris buttons. roland garros played catch-up on wednesday with mixed results for americans in paris. serena williams was all business as she booked her place in the quarterfinals. world number one dropped just two games and took six the of eight break points. elsewhere venus williams was the
8:38 am
latest casualty of the excellent form of the swiss. djokovic task for first french open crown is still on track. he had a four set win. don't forget tennis channel live coverage from paris continues thursday at 7:00 a.m. eastern.
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8:41 am
maria: breaking news. new pictures coming in right now of the armed standoff underway in northern california. take a look what is happening. this house is where the standoff is taking place. it appears to be on fire. no word what caused the blaze, but the suspect allegedly shot and injured two police officers after routine traffic stop turned violent. we do know one of the officers is in critical condition after the surgery, that he needed. the other officer remains in stable condition. now we see that the house is on
8:42 am
fire. we'll update you as the situation develops and we believe the gunman is inside of the house. we'll take you back to the california suburb as news develops. anan amazing story. we're expecting lower open for the broader averages. really flat story for major averages. amazon plans to open two fulfillment centers in illinois and create a thousand new jobs. the stock hit a lifetime high. over past year alone amazon is up over 60%. what a year amazon is having. it was a huge winner yesterday. we're watching johnson & johnson, acquiring vogue international. this is privately-held hair care company. j&j up nearly 10% so far this year. on to the campaign trail we go. hillary clinton fighting for her political life in california. new "wall street journal"-marist
8:43 am
poll shows she is in statistic call tie with bernie sanders in the golden state, much closer than a few weeks ago. my next guest says donald trump should watch his back. "varney & company" host stuart varney weighs in now. >> good morning, maria. maria: why do you think donald trump needs to watch his back? >> there are two sides to this coin. hillary is fighting for her political life in a dead-heat in california. we hear because of the i.g. report last week that an indictment is lot more likely. that is hillary's side of the coin of the other side i think trump is beginning to experience a lot of pushback. for example, this is minor leagues item but his doral golf course in florida has lost a pga tournament. they're taking it off his course there, giving it to mexico. that is a very slight pushback but it is right there. i think he is taking a lot of heat for his business practices at trump university. i think he is also in danger, of having a divided convention.
8:44 am
he is getting a lot of trouble getting brand-name republicans to attend the convention and i think that is going to be a problem for him. he needs a united party to go against hillary which is not, where she is not really leading a you united party at ail. six to one, half a dozen of other. hillary fights for political life. trump for the first time i think really getting some serious pushback against him. dagen: stewart, what does he do then? we were talking about when he went after the press and called somebody a sleeze. you thought that was a win for him. that was, that went to his popularity. so what does he do to turn around these things you just went through? >> i don't think he can help himself. i think you keep on coming out with outrageous comments. that is the way he is. and it is what got him to where he is now. i don't think he is likely to change. but you know, if he goes on like this, we still find it entertaining by november after
8:45 am
another six months of, some of his comments and some of the things that he is saying and his whole style, will we still find it entertaining. maria: i don't think so. >> i think he should turn around and change a little but i don't think he will. >> that is a good pound. how does it square against general election which is won by more independent mind, stuart? >> that's a fair point. independents win or lose this thing for either candidate. i don't know whether they will be a real happy with donald trump we've come to know if he keeps on like this. >> do you think donald trump could actually benefit from the fed raising rates actually, possibly in july? i don't think they will want to do it with the conventions with a referendum happening in britain? dagen: kevin, stuart hates talking about the fed. what are you doing, man? right? >> far be it from me to weigh in as a fed watcher. you know what i think about that, but kevin, that is a serious point.
8:46 am
i think, i'm not so sure that it will be that much impact from a rate hike one way or the other. i think it is the state of the economy that is going to be very, very important come november. maria: yeah. >> the way things are going the state of the economy is not good. maria: that is not what we heard yesterday, stuart. president obama says all rainbows and puppy dogs. >> so he did, yes. he went on at length yesterday, flat-out disagree with him. i don't think this is really serious recovery after eight years. i think we need growth and i don't think that hillary or president obama are going to give it to us. maria: by the way, stuart, i don't know, i look at this pga move, to move the tournament to mexico city as so political. i mean it is such a smack in the face to donald trump. i don't know, how will it be viewed by others? >> i think it will be viewed as a slap in the face. maria: yeah. >> but a lot of people will say, we don't care about that. keep going, donald, keep going, we love you just the way you are.
8:47 am
don't change a thing. maria: yeah. >> let's see if that still holds true come november the 5th. maria: good question. stuart, we'll see you in 15 minutes. reminder, "varney & company" starts every day at 9:00 eastern after "mornings with maria." stuart will be up in about ten minutes. why mcdonald's reserved to serve a blind man his burger and fries. search mornings maria, and on twitter. keep eye out for daily polls and upcoming guests and highlights from today's show. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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8:51 am
engaged in. either freedom or slavery. we are an american army. if we are to die, do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes. let us die as a free people. maria: welcome back. mcdonald's refused to drive-through service to a blind man at louisiana location. now he is suing the fast-food chain. he claims they violated the americans with disabilities act by refusing customers at drive-through windows not in vehicle. his attorney is with us. alberto, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: make the case. >> asking me to do a lot here right now. i think the concept of the case is pretty simple. according to the americans with
8:52 am
disabilities act, mr. mcgee is allowed to access mcdonald's food at these times. maria: what was the pushback? why would they say no to him because he walked up there, right? obviously he is not in a car. it's a drive-through. >> it is our understanding at this stage and there will be litigation coming up and we'll have a better understanding at that time, but it is our understanding now mcdonald's has a policy prohibiting anyone from walking through the drive-through presumably for safety reasons. >> couldn't this be a very different lawsuit if mcdonald's did allow someone who can't see to be walking through a drive-through at night though? >> yeah. i guess -- >> isn't that a danger to that person? >> yeah certainly is. that is why not alternative for mcdonald's. mcdonald's will need to work with us and mr. mcgee and class we seek to represent to come to some common ground and some common solutions to fix the program. we're not asking for anything elaborate.
8:53 am
we're not askingmcdonald's to tear down restaurants. all we're asking for iota of accommodation. we don't think that is lot to ask from a corporation like mcdonald's. maria: what does ma mean? what do you want? >> you know, we have come up with some ideas, some preliminary ideas, just you know, kind of spit-balling things. obviously at later stages in the case there will be people more qualified than i am, experts that can come up with real concrete alternatives but some things that we proposed are, hotline, for instance, that the disabled can call and register with that allows them to place orders have mcdonald's, you know, deliver them that food at the front door. mcdonald's could also retrofit the restaurants with walk-up windows. mcdonald's is constantly evolving and changing its architecture in order to make itself more profitable. why can it not make small architectural changes that allow millions and millions of blind americans to access hamburgers
8:54 am
and french fries. dagen: sir, they can access the food by going in the restaurant. there is nothing that prevents someone with a disability from entering the restaurant. >> right. well, i'll tell you this, maria, i want to make sure we're clear and talking about the same thing and the record is clear, because since we filed this lawsuit there has been a lot of disinformation spread by media outlets, this is not a case about a mcdonald's where the inside of the restaurant is open at the same time that the drive-through is open. this case is about mcdonald's restaurants, that are only open through the drive-through. so mr. mcgee can not go in the restaurant and order. mr. mag gee is totally precluded 100ers enable to access any of mcdonald's goods and services. not just him but millions of other blind americans. it is not just blind americans. since we filed this lawsuit my office has received incredible deluge of emails and phone calls from disabled people all across the country that are calling us
8:55 am
and telling us how happy they are they filed the lawsuit. people with epilepsy. people hearing impaired. these are paraplegics. people that also can not access a mcdonald's drive-through in late evening hours when mcdonald's interiors are closed. we're proud to represent mcgee and we're excited. maria: thanks for joining us. >> thanks, maria. maria: final thoughts from our all-star panel next after this break. ♪
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... >> ♪ abc, it's easy as 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ final thoughts from our all-star panel, kevin kelly, what are you thinking about? >> there was some economic data that came out today with the adp report. the job numbers were slightly below, but that's not going to move the needle one way or another. the jobs data is impacted by the verizon strike so i think that the fed will actually wait until july to raise interest rates. the market's anticipating one rate move for this year. maria: yeah, 160,000 new jobs created is expected so the may jobs report when it comes out on friday. >> that's coming down from where we averaged basically 200,000 or more the last year or so.
8:59 am
we've had 67 consecutive months of job growth. >> hillary clinton will speaking about security and i hope she lays out her points for national security and it's important to our country and it will sort of open the door for candidates to really be giving us specifics where they plan to take us from a national security perspective. maria: we'll see what she says, dagen. dagen: and tying the economy with hillary clinton's campaign. my prediction, the more that president obama goes on the campaign trail and brags about a lousy economy and takes credit for it, trying to help her, that hurts her 'cause she needs to separate herself from this economy rather than trying to get elected on it. the president just wants to further his legacy. s' concerned about his history, not her future. maria: it's interesting, all of a sudden wrapped up about getting involved in this election. dagen: if she loses it makes him look bad. >> he's the head of the party
9:00 am
and she's got 97% of the delegates and we know that. maria: great to see you, thanks for joining us, great show today, guys. that will do it for us, same time same place, "varney & company" begins right now, stuart, take it away. stuart: yes, indeed it does. five days until the california primary and hillary is fighting for her political life and donald trump, there is pushback against him. good morning, everyone, in california, it's about momentum, bernie has momentum, hillary does not. she's now in a statistical dead heat with bernie, they vote on tuesday. and then this, after the last reports of e-mails, the likelihood of indictment is increasing. her defense is attack. today she goes after donald trump on foreign policy. and here comes pushback for trump himself. the golfers association is taking a tournament away from his course in florida and giving it to mexico. he's taking sharp criticism for


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