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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 3, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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maria: others are down in the double digits. steve moore, jack otter, jonathan hoenig, joanie, thank you for joining us. stuart varney coming up next, that will do it for us on the program. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, over to you. stuart: very much indeed. two troubling, disturbing and extraordinary stories for you, a rotten economy and political violence. i'll start with that. americans in america attacked by a mob waving a foreign flag. good morning, everyone. the americans were trump supporters, the flag from mexico. the place san jose, california. people leading a trump rally were ambush, punched, kicked, bloodied. later, a young woman in a trump shirt surrounded by a very hostile mob. the crowd chanted, make california mexico again. the american flag was burned. yes, it's come to this. she's guilty as hell, she should be in jail.
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that's donald trump's response to hillary clinton. she had attacked him, calling him unfit for the presidency. more on that in a moment. first, let's get at the jobs report. not good. in fact, absolutely terrible and just awful. only 38,000 jobs created and many people nearly a half million dropped out of the labor market. stocks down, and interest rates way down. where are the jobs going at wal-mart? to the drones. wal-mart testing new technology that replaces human, checking inventory is faster and cheaper when a drone does it. friday, there's plenty of outrage and this is the american edition of "varney & company," watch out, we're about to begin. i'm going to get right at it. look at that. 38,000 jobs created last month. 38,000. that's it. joining us, paul conway, former labor department chief of staff under george w. bush.
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paul, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. stuart: i'm sure you share my characterization that this is just plain awful, but let me dig into the numbers a little bit here. what i found was truly bad news was 15,000 jobs lost in construction, 18,000 jobs lost in manufacturing. those are high paid jobs and they're gone. what else do you have? >> well, those are devastating numbers and the important thing here is the context of all of this. you have the president this week in elkhart claiming success in his policies. you have janet yellen saying numbers 150 to 200,000 it's justification to raise the interest rates. all of their arguments are essentially blown out by this report because this report is a stunning indictment of the president's elitism and failed policies, hitting not just the middle class sector of the economy, but all-- >> the only serious growth was health care up 46,000 and in
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government. i'm not sure of the exact numbers on government, but government employment went up. >> well, i tell you what, on the health care side it's important to understand that there are evolutions in technology and other things going on, but many of the hires being done in health care are temporary hires and not long-term positions. the other thing when you take a look at some of the government positions, it's just the opposite. these are full-time government employees, the numbers over 10,000. so you can't on the one hand saying i'm making a great economy while increasing the size of the government at the same time doing overtime regulations and pushing small business and those who have the courage and means to create jobs, it's just, i mean, the consequences of what he does as a president and what hillary clinton has supported as a matter of philosophy in this administration, it has devastating consequences for people just trying to pay bills. stuart: by the way, donald trump has just tweeted this and tell you what he treated. terrible jobs report just reported, only 38,000 jobs added. bombshell. by the way, paul, we have the
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yield on the 10-year treasury, a key interest rate barometer all the way down to 1.72%. just for a moment if you're backing government and you were representing president obama, how would you spin today's report? >> well, i'd probably do what i've been doing for the past year if i were a white house spin meister, that's not just attack the congress, but the american worker. the past eight years if a veteran can't come back and get a job, the veteran is attacked for not having the skills. and if you're an older american, you're attacked for taking the job of a millennial, because you've lost your money in the crisis. and if you're a millennial, you work part-time jobs and like to stay at home. if you're a small business owner, you're attacked and told you didn't do it, you didn't build it. that's the administration and you can look for them to stick to it. and sanders and trump are doing
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so well from people who are disaffected with the policy. stuart: appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: let's get to the other outrage story of the day. political violence in san jose. roll tape. >> oh, my gosh. (bleep) >> what you're looking at. the young lady in front of you is wearing a trump shirt. she was surrounded by a very hostile mob of young men and you can see the mexican flag waved there. they were shouting at her, and abusing her and throwing things at here including eggs. the hotel doors, she was trying to get into the hotel. it took them a while to open those doors. eventually they did because the mob was getting threatening. this happened last night in san jose, california. what we're not showing you is what happened to trump supporters when they left the trump rally. they were punched, kicked, and bloodied. this happened in california last night.
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tammy bruce is here. what gets me is that. the mexican flag waved on american soil by youngsters protesting the appearance of donald trump. i can't contain myself. >> yeah, look, this is not organic, it's not natural, it's organized, it's what-- now when i organized in california, as a leftist, it was about using the unions, the affiliated groups of the democratic party so-called justice groups, immigrants rights groups. you see this happening here, but this i'd connect it your previous seg: you've got a collapsing economy effectively. you want the administration who want the people distracted and focused on this and this is what the left has done since the 60's a america and throughout europe, it's violence, inintimidation because they know their policies failed, but they need you to be too afraid to act or not notice the real news, which is about the economy. stuart: they've taken their politics to the streets.
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ashley: democracy under the guise of a mexican flag liz: to corner a woman like this, that shows you the mentality of the mob. >> that tears away a facade of the democratic-- hillary will dismiss this and other higher ups in the democratic party won't support this and then they wink, as they condemn it. it follows a speech by obama and by a speech about him being hitler. the hillary speech and obama speech effectively giving people permission to be, and affiliates organizing it, that can't be denied. stuart: three hours you're going to see us, counting.
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hillary clinton's so-called foreign policy speech yesterday basically, it was a one big attack on donald trump and here is how donald trump responded. roll that tape. >> hillary clinton is missing 30,000 e-mails, they've been deleted, 30,000. hillary clinton has to go to jail, okay? she has to go to jail. she's guilty as hell. stuart: pretty strong stuff, tam tammy, that's what he had to say. >> there's a new report as well. now that we learned that hillary and her aides attempt today bring in smart phones into the ultra classified rooms in the state department where you're not allowed to bring a photographic equipment or things to record. they pushed to be able to bring in their unapproved blackberries, this may be one way they were able to get classified information onto her server and into their system. this is new information. they both pushed for it. and she wanted to bring in her phone, like that room where you go in and there's a light and it's secured so that no one can listen in, there can be no
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recording and they want today bring in unclassified recording-- items and they were told no, but they wanted to. we don't know, and the ig has not reported whether they successfully brought in their equipment, but i think that as this continues to unfold, hillary's speech yesterday was not a foreign policy speech. stuart: it's already forgotten. your new information trump's response and the jobs report. and hillary's speech was forgotten. >> it was supposed to be a foreign policy speech, it was lauded by the media, it was a campaign speech and donald trump said versus her horrible history she herself has implemented. stuart: the markets i should say, let's take a broad-based look at this. we're down, but not that much. terrible news on the economy, interest rates plummeting. the dow is going to be down 60 points. why is it down only 60 points? probably because how can the federal reserve raise rates in
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the immediate future when you've got such a shocking report on american economy. how about the price of oil? that's backed off way, way away from the $50 a barrel. 48.96 is where we are, and by the way, that all important interest rate barometer, 10-year treasury now yields 1.71%. interest rates tumbling on that. there you have it, 1.71. ashley: the dollar is dying. stuart: the dollar is way, way down and we're off at 1.71 on the 10-year treasure. and this is flat today. wal-mart, by the way, has got an interesting use of drones. no not for package delivery. ashley: yeah. stuart: what are they up to, ash. ashley: and they're-- take a collective deep breath. the copter drone, one just like this, will be used in the distribution center.
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30 images per second. why? it will scan tracking numbers on the items in the distribution centers and the distribution centers are huge, 1.2 million square feet at their one in bentonville, arkansas, headquarters. that would take them a month to do inventory in that distribution center. with the drone it will take one day. >> wow. ashley: what's going to happen to the workers who lose their jobs? they will be other jobs within the company liz: the message to workers, drones are replacing you and robots are replacing you because they make less errors. the jobs report showed factories cut jobs for the third time in four months and service sectors slowed down. the whole talk about the verizon layoffs. that was even if you factored-- even that didn't happen, the economy only would have added 72,000 jobs. that would still have been a bad number. stuart: all right. i think we're wrapping this up. >> a wage argument is also having to make decisions what the future is going to look like. ashley: how to use the drones. stuart: i've got new-- wait for it.
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new video out of venezuela, you're only going to see it on fox business. hungry people raiding a soda company this time. the country is collapsing, i think i can use that in the active sense. it's collapsing and we have the whole story in the show for you coming up. then we have david cameron, prime minister of britain, holds a town hall on britain's exit, maybe, from the european union. it gets very heated. have you ever seen anything like this in america? where the top guy confronts the people and has an open and free debate? we'll bring you more of this in a moment. and the mayor of san jose, where the violence occurred last night. he's blaming trump for the violence at the rally. he says trump needs to take responsibility. ashley: what? >> yes, he did. that's what he said. and drugs aren't the only things coming across the mexican border. a smuggling ring bringing illegal immigrants from terror hotbeds in the mideast into our country. details next.
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>> all right. now, we're going to be down at the opening bell, but not down as much as you might expect, given that dreadful jobs report. let me remind you, only 38,000 jobs were created last month. the dow industrials down about 60, 70 points when we open up 15, 14 minutes from now. the big deal on the markets thus far, it's a sharp, sharp decline in interest rates. you've got such a weak economy, down go rates. look at this, we're at 11.71. i believe we ticked down 1.70. we're on this all morning. the washington times saying that a smuggling ring have smuggled terrorists from the mideast to america's border. mr. ambassador, i say build that wall and you say what? >> well, i think this report is consistent with what we've
9:17 am
known and suspected for a long time. namely, the terrorists and other enemies of the united states know that it's actually probably more productive for getting into the u.s. to come across the mexico border than show up at an airport where they've got to go through customs and immigration inspectorsment a couple of years ago, longer than that, more now like three years, even the obama administration and justice department brought an indictment against key revolutionary guard officiallies for conspiring to kill the saudi arabian ambassador in washington by coming across the mexican border. i think this terror threat is real and whatever you think about the general immigration question, securing the borders and protecting innocent american citizens here the a home. something we're not doing a good job of. >> i think that president obama and hillary clinton are very exposed in the event of a terror attack in america before the election.
9:18 am
i think that would be a disaster for the democrats at this point and a very big plus, i hate to say it, a plus for donald trump. mr. ambassador, one more issue i want to bring to you. greece spends all of its bailout money from the european union, all the money it's got from the bailout is going to handle the migrant crisis. it doesn't go to greece, it handles the migrant crisis. this is another example of where migration is the issue of the day and i think it's tearing europe apart. >> as difficult as the issue is in the united states, i will tell you right now it's more difficult in europe, as you point out, greece is overwhelmed with refugees and finding the wherewithal to deal with them, let alone ship them back to where they came from. across southern europe, although we hear the reports of the tragedies of ships sinking in the mediterranean as people try to get from north africa to southern europe, more are getting through. this is the summer sailing
9:19 am
season that's going to increase and is happening across the continent. i think it will have an impact on the referendum june 23rd because people see the potential to potential for britain itself. stuart: thank you for joining us on a busy morning. >> thank you. stuart: the legal story of the week, a little outrage here, too. a blind man suing mcdonald's because he can't use the drive-thru window. i'll weigh in on that one. a political scene you've never seen in this country. britain's david cameron holding a town hall on britain maybe exiting from europe. an extraordinary give and take with voters. we'll deal with that next. okay, ready?
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> would we be exchanging numbers and-- ments no, no, let me finish now. i've seen you interrupt many people beforehand. let me finish now. let me ask the question. >> i'm an english literature student and i know waffling when i see it, i'm sorry. [laughter] >> boy, that's a little brutal, isn't it? that's britain's prime minister cameron debating british citizens whether or not britain should leave the european union. ashley: yeah.
9:24 am
stuart: tammy, you do not see that in american politics now, do you? >> no, you don't. because you don't see the president in the room with americans and wanting to have an exchange with him, et cetera. americans are willing to do it. i remember pre--obamacare and the health care town halls, that's where americans went in there and it was senators and house and congress people and we did that as well. if barack obama put himself in a position of actually talking to the american people, available to them, you would see that. you'd see it over social media and see it at other meetings with local representatives and i'm impressed that the british had enough, they're willing to go for it and it's a good sign for england because they'll survive because the english people are taking back their country. stuart: hillary clinton could not do that. >> no. >> she hasn't had a press conference in a while. stuart: she hasn't had a press conference in a year, if she did do that, i don't think she could handle it, what would she say about the e-mail scandal? what would she say?
9:25 am
sanders does this kind of thing. he doesn't tolerate people coming at him and johnnie one note, all wall street and the billionaires. the president is so far removed from everyday people, you never-- as you said, you don't get a chance to have give and take with the man. >> they rely exclusively on the media. that's why the media-- or twitter. >> and things that are two to three steps separate and the media has done their job for them and now they've gotten lazy and paying the price. stuart: i'm making no comment on whether britain should remove itself or not. i'm looking how the britain prime minister handles it. ashley: feet to the fire. >> the young lady was good. stuart: the young lady was good. and the market, if you look at this, now what it is, 38,000, a lousy performance and that's the obama economy. we'll see what wall street does about it, back in a moment.
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oh, you know, i love that guy. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] these types of plans let you visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. and there are no networks. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. >> it's friday morning, we're about to start the trading session on wall street. there's a lot in the background going on today. i'm going to start with this number and show you the yield on the 10-year treasury. this is a key interest rate barometer and boy, is it coming
9:30 am
down. it was over 180 yesterday and it's 171 now. that implies a very weak economy. so does the new jobs report with only 38,000 new jobs created and a loss of high paying jobs in construction and manufacturing. the that's the back drop. here we go. bang, it's 9:30 eastern time. we're off and running and we're going to be down maybe 60 or 70 points. that's the way that the futures market was pointing. that's a surprise because with a terrible jobs report and plunging interest rates, you might have expected a bigger drop at the opening bell. we're down 44, after 30 seconds. all right. we have with us today, of course, ashley and liz, along with scott shellady out there in chicago and keith fitz-gerald, i believe he's in portland, oregon, where it's not raining yet. now, the jobs report. we're running that graphic because it was terrible. 38,000 jobs only and we're down 58 hard points in the very early going.
9:31 am
scott shellady, you first. i don't see how the federal reserve can raise interest rates anytime soon with the jobs report like that. can you? >> no, i don't think they can and we've got-- i don't think that anything happens in july and i think she's poi painted herself in a corner. the economy is not firing in all cylinders, it's not about low interest rates. the titans of industry are not buying new plans or retooling plans. do you think they're going to borrow more if we raise interest rates. it's not about interest rates, it's about the legislation killing everybody coming down from the government. the edicts ap the memos, that's the problem, it's not interest rates. you agree with that, liz? >> it's know the recovery that the white house likes to paint and basically the wet blanket on the manufacturing jobs is evident in the jobs report. and the fed won't raise rates, in fact, fed president charles evans says not likely this year and it could be 2018 when we see a fed rate hike. he's not saying that.
9:32 am
>> they said earlier, the economy is showing continued signs of strength, remember that? yeah, right. stuart: keith fitz, i'm going to make maybe a doomed prediction, but it would not surprise me to see the dow end higher today because i don't think the federal reserve can raise rates anytime soon. i think the market will go up. i'm out on a limb, i know it, what do you say? >> i don't think you're off base at all, stuart. what is going to happen, traders are going to reset using these numbers and look at higher figures and look at buying here because they're going to believe that the fed is going to do something. now, what it can do, i don't know. i lived through this in japan firsthand 90's and 2000's. you can't give money away when companies don't want it to some point? >> we've got interest rates at zero and may be going up a quarter point, who knows when. i don't think it's going to be in the immediate future. okay, now, we are 2, 2 1/2 minutes into the session and down 59 points on a day when
9:33 am
you've got a terrible market, economic report and interest rates are plunging. that tells me, this federal reserve ain't raising rates soon. these three minutes into the session. scott, yes, please. >> i can see the headline tomorrow, obama says he hopes we have ten more months of 38,000 jobs because then we'll be at 3% unemployment. [laughter] >> and more people dropping out. 3% by september. the unemployment rate in in report came down to 4.7%. >> it's perverse. stuart: the reason for that is ridiculous. 458,000 people dropped out of the work force. when that happens, the unemployment rate goes down. that's what happens. it's purely. >> oh, boy. stuart: it's all smoke and mirrors is what it is. calm down, stuart, i've got to move on. look at this, wal-mart, biggest
9:34 am
gainer in the dow this year and it's developing a drone for what. >> we're not if you're in the inventory business working for wal-mart, but they're going to use drones doing inventory checks at huge distribution centers. what would normally take a month, would take a drone using a scanner and camera just one day. so that's the future and-- >> this is interesting to me because it's not drones for delivery like amazon. ashley: no. >> factory jobs. stuart: it's warehouse jobs done by a drone liz: for the third time in four months the factory jobs went down. stuart: scott shellady, i missed that, what did you say? >> there's a dark side. >> get on board this trend, all right? we're going to start having more and more of these tech companies and be leaders and deflationary and quash inflation, number one. and number two, concentrate well and number three, it's going to kill the jobs. that's the next 20 years.
9:35 am
stuart: that's reality, keith, what did you say? >> that's exactly what i say, people are going to say gee-whiz, look at technology. everyone arguing for higher minimum wages, this is the result. mark my word, this is going to kill jobs and increase profitability, great for companies because this is what the econy is going to if you want to give money away. stuart: the law of unintended consequences. keith, i want you in on this one, apple, the i-cloud, they've been restored after a seven-hour outage yesterday. keith, is that a big deal? >> this is a huge deal. this is like chipotle, it cuts right to the core. chipotle is all about the food and they didn't get on top of the program, this is all about the big data and we've been talking about this for months. i'm convinced they're moving to big data. this could not have happened at a worse time. they're out seven hours and didn't talk about it. i'm wondering whether apple lost control over some element
9:36 am
of this production. >> thank you, keith. i want to get to amazon. we'll spend time on amazon and know the reason why in a moment. 91% of first time amazon prime subscribers, review for a second year. that's huge cash flow numbers. >> half of u.s. households u.s. prime. and that's a steady cash flow stream. when you have 91% retention, that's a runway to growth, to amazon possibly being the first one trillion market cap company beating apple on that road last year. stuart: now if you've got 54 million households in america, with amazon prime. >> 99 bucks. stuart: they're paying $100 a month let's say. and i'm doing the math. 5.4. >> 100 a year. >> only 5.4 billion a year. >> only. stuart: all right, scott, i know you're laughing at me because i can't do math, i know you are. >> you know.
9:37 am
stuart: we're going to give you a story on mcdonald's any minute. >> all right, here we go, yeah. don't forget about amazon web services, too. that's another one, get on board, that's going to be my new thing, get on board, bang, these are the stocks that are going to be leaders, innova innovators, quash technology. stuart: you're raising very good issues today. really profound issues for all americans. >> yes. stuart: very big deal. ashley: yes. stuart: i've got some names which we watch frequently, start with gopro, $10 a share, they've come down a lot and up 14 cents today. twitter snapchat surpasses twitter in daily usage, twitter goes up. go figure. check facebook, 118. the all-time high 121, above, i think. and netflix holding at $100, just $100.52.
9:38 am
the gap, a solid performance on the memorial day weekend. the stock is up 4%. big drop-- no, no, take that back. a big pop for gold mining stocks. nicole, tell me. nicole: the flight to safety. and everybody is rushing to put their money in somewhere safe, look at the moves. kin ross gold, 10%. this is gold the commodity itself just $30 at 1241 a troy ounce, so the gold stocks are running up, while financials, are more interest rate sensitive are selling off. stuart: okay, nicole, i just am fascinated by the percentage moves of the gold mining stocks and haven't seen that for a long, long time. thank you very much indeed. the stocks of viacom, sumner redstone, his doctor says he's mentally fit to make changes in his media empire. ashley: the redstone's turn. this is the soap opera that goes on and on. a psychiatrist examined
9:39 am
93-year-old sumner redstone twice last month and found him to have the mental capacity to make the decisions including the removal of viacom executive doleman who is suing. and redstone told the psychiatrist that he felt that doleman had done a bad job so the psychiatrist says he has the mental capacity. stuart: the big board, now we're taking a down turn and we're down 94 points and moving lower as we speak down 95. maybe i was wrong. maybe we would not finish the day higher liz: there we go. triple digit down. stuart: you have to say that after a jobs report like that, the state of the economy is in such serious disrepair that the stock market takes note and sells liz that's right. stuart: maybe the fed has nothing to do with this. ashley: a quarter of a percent rate hike liz: a corporate profit story. stuart: under amour, we've been
9:40 am
covering that a lot recently gearing up to give lululemon a run for its money with the yoga pants liz: they've hired a chic skien designer. they say we cannot continue to cede to under amour and nike. he's calling an audible because he's a majority shareholder in lululemon. they're saying we've got to find our way because under amour is stealing our thunder. stuart: before we say goodbye to scott shellady, offer you the opportunity to weigh in, so to speak, on yoga pants. [laughter] >> i tell you what, i can't really weigh in. you can use weigh in a couple of different ways. if i wore them i would be arrested for indecent exposure. stuart: i do want you guys, keith and scott, i want your
9:41 am
comment on the stock market overall now. we're down 95 points, down almost 100 points. now, why did we take a leg down? is there any reason du jour for that, scott or keith? >> i don't think so. ultimately, stuart, what is going to happen, i think you're going to be right. where else is the money going to go? we have to start thinking about that that way. you can't use common sense, that's out the window and can't use common sense anymore and where else is the money going to go? that's what it's going to do. stuart: give me studio audio, my piece knocked out. and keith, what do you have to say? >> i think you're not off base. i think it's a reset and short-term move because traders are going to come in. that's where the money has to go. there's a lot of money chasing a few quality stocks.
9:42 am
to use scott's, get on board. stuart: talking about auto financing, yes, it's boom, i believe over a trillion dollars of auto loans outstanding. >> over a trillion dollars. jp dimon, j.p. morgan, he says somebody's going to get hurt on this. i think, keith, he's saying that because the average length of an auto loan now is 68 months, that's way extended there. what do you say? are some people in trouble because of this? >> yeah, they're in trouble because the length of time that they owe money and also in trouble because the competition of the buyers, and that's what jamie is driving at. a huge percentage of that money is going to subprime borrowers. where have we heard that expression before? the first place we heard a trillion dollars in derivatives, that's in housing. ashley: they put out the warning signs on this. average payment is over $500 a month now. stuart: are we running into trouble with this, do you think, scott shellady?
9:43 am
>> 100%, because those types of borrowers, unfortunately, aren't going to get rescued from a good economy or a higher stock market because they're the ones with the manufacturing jobs, producers and ones that are going to get hurt and not going to get rescued and look how bad the numbers were recently for new car sales, horrible liz: the worst auto performance in six years for the month of may, haven't seen that in a while. stuart: that really, really hurt, does it not? i just want to say one thing, when i was getting started in america, nobody had a car loan for more than three years and you know, maybe your car payments were $100 a month. that's way back liz: now it's double that. stuart: now it's 68 months over five and a half years and didn't you say yesterday if it's a brand new car, it was over six years. ashley: 74 to 82 months is the average for a new car now for a loan. >> oh, my god. stuart: yeah, unbelievable. i know that scott's got more to say on jobs. go for it, get in there, lad. >> well, i mean, if we want to go back to car production, at
9:44 am
some point in time, aren't the loans going to outperform the likely life of the car? we can't have a 10-year loan on a car only around for eight years, that's the problem. stuart: i want to repeat the jobs report number just in case we've got people joining us as we move along here and for our people listening on radio. it was terrible. it was a flat-out terrible report. 38,000 jobs. that's it. i mean, that's really appalling. and if you average the number of new jobs created over the last three months, it averages only 116,000 new jobs per month. that's it. flat-out, that's it. and that doesn't even take into consideration, or keep pace with the growth in the population. >> that's correct liz: janet yellen says it should be 100,000 at a minimum. stuart: i'm going to finish the disgust with the jobs report asking first keith and then scott if you agree with me.
9:45 am
i say that's an awful, terrible report. are you going to take me on, keith, first. >> we've become burger flippers and then we-- >> maybe we need an education system that matches the demand for jobs. >> yes, we do. stuart: scott, last word to you. >> yes, we do. >> i think that the clothes are finally off the emporer and we suddenly realized it. the economy has been this sick for a while now, but we have he a been putting patches on it, and not curing the illness that's the problem and we don't have a cure. janet's going to be stuck. stuart: we've heard that beeping sound there. we're not beeping you, not giving you the buzzer, scott, or you, keith. [laughter] it came out of nowhere as you were talking about the emporer with no clothes. maybe that was, you know, the buzz. >> reaching in. stuart: scott, keith, thank you very much indeed. appreciate you being with us. and the dow right now, 15 minutes in, we're down 91 points. the other huge story of the day, to my mind, were the
9:46 am
political violence at the donald trump rally in san jose last night. anti-trump protesters threw eggs at trump supporters. they waved mexican flags. but according to the san jose mayor, the mayor of san jose, trump is to blame. here is what he said, here is what the mayor said. at some point, donald trump into he understands to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign. epstein is a trump supporter and frequently visits on the program. what do you make of the comments of the mayor of san jose yesterday? >> i think they're horrible and instigating more protests, right? which is what they want to protect from. there's absolutely no reason for these folks to turn violent against trump supporters. if it were the other way around. mainstream media would be up in flames how terrible trump is. the mayor of san jose is
9:47 am
saying-- >> the mexican flag, i don't think i'm reaching too far here, that brings up to me the issue of sovereignty. those people don't believe that california should be california they think it should be part of mexico. >> like in new mexico we saw the flag. they're stringing this together with the mexican flag. listen if you like the mexican flag so much as the protesters do, if you love mexico so much, go to mexico, go back. leave us to our country. i'm an immigrant, we are from russia. came here when i was 11. and you don't see me running around with a russian flag. i'm a convert. we should see the american flag everywhere not the mexican flag. what we saw last night in san jose, i think it's excellent news for donald trump in a perverse and horrible way, that makes people support trump. that's my opinion. you're not going to disagree.
9:48 am
>> this is only making them angrier, that folks that don't have allegiance to our country, to america, are causing harm to america and americans. stuart: i don't know what hillary clinton or bernie sanders' response has been yet. i believe, can we look this up. i believe it was-- >> it's john poedesta, he did say violence is unacceptable. we didn't hear from hillary clinton or bernie sanders. in a tweet. >> hillary is probably having a couple of meetings, conference calls and maybe she'll respond five days from now. that's the way the clinton campaign runs itself. donald trump on the other side, donald trump responds right away. stuart: what do you think that donald trump is going to do at future rallies where this is going to take place. the mayor of san jose says don't come here, we don't-- >> don't we have the first amendment? only way to combat this, these folks are anti-free speech. the way to combat it, keep going, keep having rallies and
9:49 am
talking to the people because, you know what? again, we're seeing the images of protesters, this is a huge rally, a lot of trump supporters there, it would be unfair to cut them off to access for donald trump because of a few bad eggs. stuart: he's not going to be run out of town. >> no, that's not donald trump. i can't imagine he'd be run out of town. >> this has been going on for months. and trump is bringing people out and excited about them. the folks who are angry, let them be angry, but under the american flag not the mexican flag. stuart: less than 24 hours ago, hillary clinton gave what she called a big speech on foreign policy. in the intervening 18 hours we've had a terrible report on the economy, political violence in california last night and the waving of the mexican flag. it's been-- her speech has been completely forgotten. no impact, period. >> you know what she's like? remember the soccer team, hockey team, football team and
9:50 am
tuned out the coach. she's turned out to the american people. no one cares anymore. stuart: lawrence, thank you. >> thanks for having me. stuart: the dow is down 105 points and it's all about the jobs report which is terrible. big banks getting hit on a prospect of the fed interest rate hike being on hold because of the dismal jobs report. banks do well if you raise rates, not doing too well if you keep rates at zero. all right. summer, well, it's clearly here and that means trips to the beach so we will talk sharks. we have the technology that could protect you from them. and the blind man who is suing mcdonald's over the drive-thru window, up next, a lawyer who says his case has merit. we'll be back. ♪ poor mouth breather.
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>> it is a 100 point loss for the dow industrials, 24 minutes into the session because we had a rotten jobs report earlier. the gold mining stock, now they're really popping, that's because of the dismal jobs report. look at that, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11% gain for gold mining shares. now this, what are the lawyers up to now. a blind man in louisiana is suing mcdonald's because he says that their drive-thru policy is discriminatory to people who are blind. he claims that it violence the americans with disabilities act. attorney emily campanio, a favorite lawyer of ours, how does he have a case? >> ada, american with disabilities act all public businesses this includes restaurants, they have to make modifications to make sure
9:56 am
their business and services is accessible to individuals with disabilities. the only thing is if it impacts the nature of services. late at night when only the drive-thru is open, he says i have no way to have access to your goods and services. mcdonald's says we're only going to serve food to cars there is a discriminatory element because it prevents him from access. stuart: what he wants, of course, he couldn't drive, what he wants is a phone available for people with a handicap so that they can phone in their drive through order? that's what he wants? that's the accommodation that he wants, is that correct? >> correct. he is suggested a few different accommodations, but remember, it's up to mcdonald's to provide that actual accommodation so it can be a simple policy change and simply say, okay, we will give access to those with disabilities through a drive-thru.
9:57 am
they don't have to take on a multi-million dollar renovation. but it's up to them. and his brother actually filed suit last year in louisiana against coca-cola arguing that, look, vending machines should be accessible to the blind as well. so, i see that he has these points where frankly, these aren't accessible to him. stuart: he could win, he could win this case. strange as it seems, he could win. emily, thank you for joining us. you always do your homework, we just love that. thank you very much. you can represent me if i were in serious trouble. anti-trump protests get violent in san jose, california and the city's mayor blames donald trump for the protest. the these protesters were chanting make california mexico again. outrage. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders, a debt heat before the california primary. and in venezuela, mobs crowds
9:58 am
mobbing trucks again. what you're seeing is the reality of the socialism.
9:59 am
. ♪
10:00 am
. stuart: good morning, california. we have two major stories for you on this june friday. number one, violent leftist protest in san josé and the city's liberal mayor blames donald trump. second story. the jobs report broke 90 minutes ago, flat out terrible. only 38,000 jobs created in may. big hour for you on tap. trump cochair. sam clovis. former obama economic advisor austin. you remember joe the plumber? he's back. he's with us today. he supports trump. high playing blue-collar jobs way down last month and kt mcfarland on what she calls trump's foreign policy revolution. oh, and look at this. fresh video of the looting in venezuela. the failure of socialism and the collapse of a once prosperous nation. it's happening before our eyes.
10:01 am
you'll only see this video right here. check that big board. this is the low of the day. down 120 points now. it's all about the jobs report, which as we've been seeing was flat out awful. the biggest losers on the dow, jp morgan, goldman sachs, and american express plus travelers down one, two, or even three percentage points. big banks are getting hit because the federal reserve is probab interest rates. that hurts the banks. they're all down big time. gold miners. they're popping because of the jobs report. people looking for safety and some shelter maybe in gold mining issues. big names. watch them every day. what's happening with them? gopro, virtually no change. up just six cents. how about the gap? sales were down last month but apparently they did very well over the memorial day weekend and the stock is up 4%. now, look at interest rates. this is a key barometer here. 1.72% on the u.s. ten-year treasury bond.
10:02 am
that's a key interest rate barometer. how about the price of oil? up 38.88. inheritance jobs number and stocks down because of it. maybe this is a referendum of eight years under president obama's policies. look who is here. we know that smiling face. austin. now, i'm not going to could you say you of being the architect of this gross failure. certainly not. i'm simply going to point out to you that the quality of jobs that have been created is not good. we have lost high-paying construction and manufacturing jobs last month. and, in fact, we only average 116,000 new jobs overall in the last three months. not a good performance, austin. >> look, there's no way the fed can act now. i mean could you imagine if the fed raised rates after seeing these data and then we had some -- something happen worse. people would be looking at the
10:03 am
fed and saying what was your problem? how did you not take the signal? now, i would say on this, in months where we have individual months that are very good, you tend to say, stuart, let's look at the trend. and then we have months that are particularly bad, you say this was a bad month. so i would like you to figure out whether you want to look at trends or at individual months. . stuart: okay. let's look at the trend. >> okay. stuart: the average job creation in the last three months is 116,000 jobs. that's it. in the last three months. >> right. stuart: that's a down trend. not good. >> well, it's not a great trend. it's mediocre. stuart: mediocre? it doesn't even -- it doesn't keep pace with population growth, yes, it does. you need about 100,000. liz: 100,000, janet yellen says. stuart: 80 to 100.
10:04 am
>> as you know i've been very realistic on this show and people have said at the fed and others that we are on the cusp of hyperinflation, we are at the cusp of overheating the economy. that's not true. if you look at the growth rate, it's been modest only. stuart: okay. >> and it's modest job growth. this was a tough month for sure and the trend is not great. stuart: it's not. i'm not going to -- let me look at this politically for a second. you're a political guy. you know what's going on here. i'm looking towards the -- >> i'm totally objective. stuart: i'm not. look, look towards the election. hillary clinton is the democratic nominee. it's going to happen. okay? she's going towards the election with a policy of a lot more government spending, higher taxes, and don't worry about the debt. i put it to you, austin. with this kind of down trend in jobs, and an obvious slowing of the economy, those
10:05 am
policies will not bring us prosperity. i think you'll admit that. >> well, i kind of disagree with you on both sides. you -- a that's not her policy. and b i guess on the other side i do sort of agree with you. if the economy is slowing, that would be tougher for hillary clinton because it would be tougher for whoever the incumbent party is. stuart: wasn't it john kerry. >> a dramatically bigger increase in the deficit than as i did where are we with this outlook of yours? how are we going to get out of this mess? i'll tell you how we do it. you cut taxes. >> i thought you were asking me. stuart: i'm going to tell you. i'm going to tell you. >> okay. stuart: you cut taxes. you cut individual taxes. >> just like george bush did? >> let's call it the bush pla p. stuart: and then bring
10:06 am
trillions back to america. >> a bush plan. stuart: no, come on that's just being ridiculously political. how are you going to get out of this mess? how are you going to do it? >> first we have to work on the international side. we'll put a pin in this one. we can both agree europe, china, and emerging markets are not helping us. stuart: yeah, but if they cut taxes -- go ahead. >> but in the u.s. the data screaming out that the more skill and education that city states individuals have the better they weather the downturn, the better they're down now. so i think you have to ramp up the investment in human capital if you want to call it that. stuart: wait a second. hillary clinton wants to chuck a whole bunch of money into pre-k? >> pre-k and community college. . stuart: how long do you think it's going to take to get those people into the workforce skilled or unskilled and get a return on your
10:07 am
investment? you're not serious, are you? you're not seriously -- >> community college that would take about one to two years. stuart: are you telling me if we expand expenditures and spending on education, we'll get 4% growth quickly? will we? >> you and the 4%. we've never had a decade of 4% growth in the last 80 years. stuart: i'm asking for a couple of years. >> look, we need to have more skills. if you look at the data, i'm telling you the hiring rate of people with skills is very high. as you know you've got ceos on your program all the time saying they've got jobs, but they need people who have the skills to fill those jobs. so my thing is the education plan is a jobs program. is a growth program. is fundamentally what the country needs. . stuart: okay. we'll leave it there, austin. you see? we can still emerge with a
10:08 am
smile on our faces despite the abject failure of president obama's economic policy. that's my last word. austin, you're a good sport, and we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: here's what donald trump tweeted about the jobs numbers this morning. here it is. terrible jobs report. just reported only 38,000 jobs added. bombshell. joining us now. trump campaign cochair sam clovis. this is quite a day for you, isn't it? because you've got all -- i mean i don't mean to be facetious, but you've got a lot of good news on your plate. you've got political violence, you've got people with mexican flags roughing up donald trump supporters yesterday. you've got a terrible report on the economy. i mean you're just as happy as a clam. i hate to say it, but you're a happy man, aren't you? >> i don't even know where to start. this is pretty exciting. stuart: i think you can say hello to president trump, can't you? >> well, i think -- well, certainly i think we would have said that anyway. but going along with all the
10:09 am
rest of this news, stuart, it's just fascinating to me that people can stand up and try to justify what's going on in this country. and this is one of the reasons that we've seen such an emergence of the american people coming back and saying we don't trust you anymore. we don't trust the government, we don't trust any of you, and we're going to get somebody from the outside who has accomplished something in their lives, and we're going to ask that person to become the leader of the free world. and i think this is what's going on. stuart: i want to ask you about the violent protest in california last night. >> right. stuart: we're showing our viewers some video because it's important stuff. leftist waving mexican flags and attacking america. that's not the right video, by the way. the mayor of san josé says you, the trump campaign, you shouldn't even have been there. that you, in fact, caused the violence last night. that you have to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of your campaign supporters. you
10:10 am
know, what do you say to that? >> well, i don't think any of our people did anything untort other than defend themselves, and i think this is exactly what we see out of the left. i think this is orchestrated on the left. i think it's perpetrated on the left. i think all of this is done because we know that the news outlets are going to report the violence that goes on outside and not the substance and content of what goes on inside. and what's even more i think disturbing is the fact that we have an elected official who would blame people who are exercising their political free speech, blame people who are victims, not the perpetrators, and that seems to be to me a little backwards. and maybe this guy is worried about his reelection and maybe that's what he's trying to do out there. because what he says on his face is absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous, and he ought to be ashamed of himself. . stuart: now, what our viewers
10:11 am
are seeing on the screen now is a young woman who is trapped outside her hotel. she was surrounded by a very hostile mob of young men who are pelting her with and he goes waving the mexican flag. eventually she gets inside. that's what our viewers are seeing right now. she gets inside, trying to clean the egg off her. that's a single young woman facing a mob. i don't know what to say about this except that our viewers and myself were absolutely outraged at this because we have americans being attacked in america by people waving a foreign flag. i think it's absolutely disgusting. and i hope that mr. trump will not be run out of town as some wanting to be run out of town in california. >> what do you think, stuart? i don't think we're going anywhere. . stuart: okay. i understand you've got a smile on your face, sam, and we appreciate that. >> you bet. stuart: it's truly ugly and disturbing. we're glad to have you on the show this morning.
10:12 am
sam clovis, everyone. thanks for joining us, sir. >> thanks, stuart,. stuart: back to the market because we're at a low for the day. down 140 points for the dow industrials. that's largely because only 38,000 jobs were created last month. that's bad news. how about the price of oil? i think we're still holding around $48 a barrel. down slightly. and now this. an editor from one of the biggest news websites in the world says reporters are bias in their coverage of hillary clinton and donald trump. they over clinton and look to attack trump. bernie sanders not going away. the latest poll shows him tied with hillary in california. she is fighting for her political life.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
stuart: we're coming back a little. i affordably said earlier today that the day could end higher. that was foolish indeed. i said it because after a rotten jobs report, we're likely not going to get a increase by the fed. by the way, now the white house is responding to the jobs report. what do they say? ashley: yeah, one of the top economic guys at the white house responding to that miserable number on the may jobs saying that, yes, it is disappointingly low. but he says this monthly data is volatile and it was affected by the verizon strike and then says but, hey, look. so far in 2016 he says, the payroll growth has averaged 150,000 jobs a month. well above the pace necessary, he says, to maintain a low and stable unemployment rate. . stuart: okay. we hear it. now, wait a second. austin on the show minutes ago.
10:17 am
he made the statement that we've never produced 4% growth for a decade. now, you checked the numbers. liz: they did the federal government's own number show the reality check has brownstein half the time from 1950 to 2009. the u.s. economy has experienced about 4% economic growth. stuart: over a long period of time. liz: half the time between 1950 and 2000, the u.s. economies had 4% growth. stuart: thank you. set the record straight. thank you. california votes in four days. look at the latest poll. this is from the l.a. times. bernie sanders, that's not the poll. that was my tie. ashley: nice tie, by the way,. stuart: look at the poll. bernie sanders is up by a point. 44 to 43. sanders supporter is with us now. he could -- bernie could win california. do you think he will? >> i think he will. and if you look at the polling, the tracking we've done over the last two weeks, he's come from
10:18 am
being a double digits down to ahead over a point. this is remarkable. it's her candidacy and how flawed of a true candidate she is. stuart: so you put the fault on hillary running a poor campaign as opposed to bernie running a good campaign. is that you how you see it? >> well, i think it's a little bit of both. i think bernie has done really well to capitalize on all of hillary's mistakes. and she's found every rake to step on that she could. she has made every mistake that she could possibly make. and she hasn't answered any of the long-term problems. her support -- wall street darling, you know, the super predators thing. i mean, look, she cannot get on the right side of millennial voters in time for the november election, in my opinion. stuart: let's suppose that bernie loses california. >> uh-huh. stuart: do you think he would drop out at that point? >> well, i don't think so. he said last night that he actually has enough money to go beyond california even with a wash there. so i think he will stay in. and it's still a loss for her, in my opinion, if she wins, ekes out a win.
10:19 am
it's a loss in terms of she cannot put sanders behind her. she cannot reconcile with the rest of the democratic party and the sanders supporters. this is a loss. as long as she has an opponent in this primary, she is losin l. stuart: we introduced you as a bernie sanders supporter, and you were. >> i was. stuart: was. past tense. >> yes. stuart: you are now a trump supporter. >> that's right. stuart: spell it out. why did you do that? if he might win california, why did you jump ship? >> maybe i jumped ship too soon. there's a lot i don't like bernie sanders. i'm not a socialist, i'm a fiscal guy, i'm very progressive. and so what i saw in trump is a lot of commonalty in terms of the issues that they're both tackling. trade is at the top of my mind. so i looked at trump and i was, like, this guy is speaking to me. like, i have friends that are graduating from college with a quarter a million dollars in debt, i know people who can't retire, i know people who can't fix their air conditioning. things are bad when you get outside the corridor and donald trump is the only candidate outside of bernie sanders speaking to that. stuart: you've got to speak to growth.
10:20 am
the one that thing america needs above a lot of other things is growth. 4% growth for the economy. >> and what we've seen for so long -- and i was guilty of this at one point too. is that you just want government to be the solution. we'll just tax the hell out of everybody. introduce all of these government programs that try to fix the problems instead of just, you know, stoking the fire of the economy. and so we need to see more of that and i think democrats use used to stand for that. so i don't know what changed as i just want to welcome you to the enlightened side of the fence. capitalism, growth, prosperity. >> it used to be not an issue. it is now. stuart: it is now. thank you for joining us, sir. appreciate it. all right. we have, again, you could say this is kind of disturbing video. and it, again, is from venezuela. more looting of food trucks. liz macdonald brought us this video. this is exclusive to liz macdonald and fox business. the story behind soot coming up for you. there's also this.
10:21 am
hungry protesters and, again, venezuela. they're hungry, these people. they demand food from the government. you're looking at the very ugly face of socialism. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs
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10:24 am
stuart: i regret to say that this is the headline from texas. more rain coming and a flooding already is plane awful. ashley: yeah, and it has proven to be deadly now. at least five soldiers at fort hood reported dead. four other soldiers missing. their truck, on military exercises got caught in a low water crossing and got swept away by these floods. late last night up to three inches per hour in some places. what we have are these big heavy thunderstorms being drawn in off the gulf of mexico and just basically
10:25 am
training over the same area on ground that's already saturated. and these are the kinds of scenes you are seeing. cattle trapped in floodwaters. and major inner states also portions of those being shut down. major emergencies in 31 counties in texas. and the relief is not in near future. maybe by next week they may see an end to rain when the pattern changes but a long ways to go between now and then. stuart: that's texas. now to venezuela. flat out that country, look at it. in collapse. flat out in collapse. we've got video from liz macdonald showing just how bad it is. this is new stuff. walk me through it. liz: this happened on monday. you're going to see people walking and running up to this truck, it has coca-cola bottles and sprite bottles on it. watch what happens when the camera comes to the back of the truck. you'll see the mayhem. people taking and looting and stealing soda bottles off of that truck. so what's happening now, stuart, the president of
10:26 am
venezuela telling a tv station that he does wish his quote revolutionary friend that he says bernie sanders ought to win the u.s. election. what's also happening too is bernie sanders campaign and supporters coming back saying wait a second. he supports denmark or sweden's version. the prime minister of denmark said in the earlier of the year stop it, bernie sanders, we have a market-based economy, we don't have the socialist economy that you keep touting and even sweden's system is overhauling itself from a welfare-based system to more of a market economy. so bernie sanders and his supporters can back their claim citing those two countries version of socialism. that doesn't exist there. it's market-based. that's what these countries. ashley: endorsement from venezuela. you've got to love that. liz: brought to you from people in venezuela eating out of garbage bags in front of restaurants. stuart: carolyn will be our guest later on this program.
10:27 am
what is a socialist professor have to say about socialism? i wonder. i can't wait. check the big board. this is very close to the low of the day. this low number, this sell off on wall street is all about that terrible jobs report. we're covering this throughout the program. do you remember this man? wait for it. there you go. ashley: yeah,. stuart: joe the plumber. made famous by his back and forth with president obama. he now supports donald trump, by the way, and he says many blue-collar workers doing the same thing. stay there, everyone. joe the plumber is on the show t if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
10:28 am
works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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10:31 am
stuart: we are done numb 135 points. largely a run jobs report. banks getting hit because it doesn't look like the federal reserve will raise interest rates in an economy like this. they will make more money on loans, no rate hike, down go the bank stocks, down 1.7%, the yield on the 10 year treasury, that is down. daily mail editor says he sees a stark difference between journalists who cover hillary clinton and those who cover donald trump. watch this. >> having spent time in both bubbles, hillary and trump bubbles, totally different group of people.
10:32 am
the reporters following hillary, a lot of them are hillary fans, just in our of her and patient with her. with the trump people it is a feeding frenzy. a lot of them are the most aggressive ones. stuart: when you need expert commentary on the state of the media you turn to howard kurtz, host of media buzz. you heard what we had to say. is he roughly accurate? >> a former executive editor of the conservative daily caller, i don't agree on this point. many reporters who cover hillary clinton, i don't think they are in our of her, don't think they have broadcast critical pieces about email scandal and other things. i do think they are captive, hillary clinton has not held a news conference this year, five month, don't have much access to the candidates. they follow her around the country and get nothing from her
10:33 am
and that is a problem. stuart: it was a contentious situation when donald trump faced the media earlier this week or maybe last week. that was more contentious. reporters not exactly having a go at him but pressing questions which we have not seen with hillary clinton. she has not really met the press for six month. >> if hillary clinton held a press conference and got softball i will be the first to criticize but you don't get a chance to question the candidate. to donald trump's credit a lot of people think he went too far attacking the sleazy media but he put himself out, hold a number of news conferences, some of them carried live on cable news so we will get a chance to see that aggressiveness. with hillary it is like stockholm syndrome. they don't get much opportunity, she is very selective in who she talks to. stuart: i am not trying to push this, yes i am. i happen to think there is a difference between the mainstream media as it relates to hillary clinton and the
10:34 am
mainstream media as it relates to trump. i think there is a difference and you probably agree with that. >> that may be true but it is not fair to hold up the people, many of them are women, who cover hillary clinton, i don't see that. stuart: we checked out as of the top of this hour the story of the violent protests in san jose, nowhere to be found. i suspect if it had been americans attacking hillary supporters and beating them up flying the american flag, you would hear a lot more about it then we here in the mainstream media now. i think you would agree with that. >> that seems inexplicable to believe. it is one thing to say it wasn't covered on television because they were covered other stories, the website has a lot of stories, a lot of space, not like there are so many pages. the fact that a couple donald trump supporters were bloodied
10:35 am
by these protesters seems significant to me and if these were hillary supporters getting beaten up, bernie supporters getting beaten up i think might have found a toehold on the page. stuart: what do you feel about the new york times, the front-page story a week ago where they compared donald trump with fascists in europe and actually used the word hitler and mussolini? >> i thought it was unfortunate. i understand being tough on donald trump. i understand criticizing him for example for going after the judge in the trump university case, raising questions about his mexican heritage. i understand all that. when you use words like fascism and compared with a strong men around the globe it seemed to me to be a bit of a reach. we have a pattern in the new york times, with trump's criticism of the judge, fair to
10:36 am
hold him accountable on that but now it is like legal experts say he could be an authoritarian, pretty quick to glow global. stuart: thanks for joining us. busy news day. i know you will be busy all day long. appreciate it. everybody remembers joe the plumber. speaking with president obama in 2008. >> getting ready to buy the company. your new tax plan will tax me more. stuart: okay. joe the plumber endorsing donald trump. a lot of other blue-collar workers will endorse donald trump. welcome joe the plumber, welcome to the program. why are you now supporting donald trump?
10:37 am
>> like most americans, myself included, tired of rhetoric from republicans and democrats. donald trump doesn't represent either one of them. he represent americans, union workers and wants to bring businesses back to america. a lot of what we do in america is based on faith. look who we voted for in the past from john mccain to mitt romney to barack obama a lot of it was on faith and it was misplaced. donald trump has actually done it. he has been in the business world for 30 years, made giant contributions to the economy as far as providing jobs for thousands and thousands of people. hillary clinton put to work a private email installer. donald it is the truth. stuart: in today's jobs report
10:38 am
america lost 15,000 construction jobs. i assume construction jobs are well paid and we lost 15,000 manufacturing jobs. i am assuming they are pretty well paid. we are losing the kind of high paid blue-collar jobs you represent, we are losing them. how many -- >> donald trump has been in the system the last 30 years putting people to work, he has seen a mistake august minute senators have been passing laws and regulations, bill clinton cited nafta, jobs across seas, trump has been in the trenches seeing how to fix the mistake these congressmen and senators, people who don't do anything for a living have made. he is going to come back, become president and fix the problems your layman understand and know, politicians who have never had a job in the real world don't understand anything about, how regulations affect the bottom
10:39 am
dollar and over taxation has killed businesses. all they see is how much money money they can put in the coffee. donald trump does want to make america great again and you do that by bringing businesses back your. we talk about illegal immigration that suppresses wages. has nothing to do with racism. it is about giving good americans, union workers, nonunion workers good paying jobs they don't have to go to college for for four or five years to get a quarter million dollars in debt and have nothing to show for it. there are a lot of good things donald trump is talking about the we can implement once he is president of the united states. stuart: we hear you. welcome back to the national stage. good to see you again. we will see you again real soon. big pop, the move up for gold-mining shares. nicole pedallides is at the stock exchange and will tell us how big this pop is. nicole: $30, $30 pop for gold
10:40 am
itself taking the individual stocks that represent gold companies hire. up 12%, up 9%, this group sold off early may 24th at a four week low because the head of the fetid loading to the rate hike coming. stuart: it is a pop and a half, 12% gain in gold-mining stock. we will take it. thanks very much, look at this. this is paris, historic flooding. the river sen runs through the middle of paris, crested at 21 feet high, and more rain is expected, the louvre closed, workers moving the artwork to
10:41 am
safety. metro system on the verge of shutting down completely, the big european soccer tournament begins there next week. meanwhile at home hillary clinton blasting donald trump, says he is unfit for the presidency. here is how donald responded to that. >> hillary clinton is missing 30,000 emails. they have been deleted. 30,000. hillary clinton has to go to jail.
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: remember "varney and company" starts at 9 am eastern. paul conway on the jobs report. >> folks from the president of the united states claiming success of the economy. and you have 250,000 it is a vacation to raise interest rates. the argument are blown out, this is a stunning indictment of the president's the leaders in and failed policies hitting not just the middle-class but all sectors of the economy. a devastating report. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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10:45 am
>> crooked hillary said donald trump, his finger on the button, i didn't want to go into iraq and she is the one who raised her vote to go to iraq and destabilize the middle east. stuart: that was all about hillary clinton and her speech on foreign policy which bashed
10:46 am
donald trump, that took place yesterday from hillary. who is with us? the expert on foreign-policy. kt mcfarland. i don't want to spend time on donald trump, i want to spend time on trump's what i think is a revolution in foreign-policy. what would you do? >> hillary clinton is saying you'd understand that conventional was we all agreed to. he says i get it, i just think it is terrible. i look at the last 15 years of american foreign-policy republican and democrat and we have only failure to point to, three wars, afghanistan, iraq, libya, four if you count syria, we can't protect the border, getting pushed around by everybody, the chinese, the russians, the north koreans, iran. he is saying i want to rethink this. conventional wisdom won't work. let's rethink it. what he comes up with something good or bad we don't know. stuart: let's go through this.
10:47 am
he could work with vladimir putin. that would be a revolution in foreign-policy. we don't know what he is going to do. >> i go back to reagan, he said we are going to have a revolution. he went against the republican establishment of the george hw bush candidate and got the nomination and went against a sitting democratic incumbent president jimmy carter and beat him and rethought america's foreign-policy. up until that point, we will have a end of the cold war. reagan said no, we are going to win the cold war. stuart: is there an analogy between donald trump and terror, but donald trump and isis the way you have this analogy between ronald reagan and the cold war winning against the russians? >> here's what i think i hope trump gets 2, the united states has economics weapons we have not employed whether it is using
10:48 am
the international banking system, keeping out of american banks. we have those weapons and when trump talks about things like isis, and why not use what we have at our disposal? stuart: we could. it was really -- it hurt our opponents. >> not using it. keep them out of us banks, that will push them to the point. stuart: everyone who says wait a minute -- he is going to give is a war. that is what hillary clinton is saying. >> i went and looked at what they said about ronald reagan in 1980. he has his finger on the trigger, the nuclear button. he is just a hollywood actor, what does he know about foreign-policy? he he outsmarted them all and
10:49 am
won the cold war without firing a shot and gave us generations of prosperity. what are you firmly a trump supported? >> i want to see where it goes. i am not a hillary supporter, looks like a suburban housewife but i am revolutionary. 40 years the united states does well, when you take the established political class which has become corrupt and incompetent and no longer listens to the american people and we sweep them out whether it is ronald reagan or teddy roosevelt or george washington. stuart: have not seen you in months and you pop back up. love to have you back. we are coming back. could it be the market closes higher? >> it is down 85. stuart: monster beverage, energy
10:50 am
drinks. it gives you wings. i am hearing there is a story out there, it ruins their liver. ashley: this could fly to the moon and back if it gives you wings. mary forward in the uk was drinking 20 cans of red bull a day became addicted to it. it all caught up to us, she was rushed to the hospital, doctors found her liver twice its normal size and were convinced she was an alcoholic, the impact on her liver was the same you would expect with excessive drinking of alcohol. they managed to save her life, she doesn't drink it anymore, lost a lot of weight. she said it was very tough. stuart: nothing to do with monster. this is red bull. 20 cans of anything a day is not
10:51 am
good for you. stuart: this is the outrage story of the day. anti-trump protests violent in california. look carefully. mexican flags waved all over the place, trump supporters, americans bloodied by a mob waving the mexican flag and the mayor of san jose blames donald trump, troubling report from the washington times, a network linked to mideast terror gets illegals across our southern border. in the 11:00 hour shark attacks expected to increase this summer, terror at the beach, we have a way to protect you. back in a moment. x. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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10:55 am
stuart: the washington times reporting a smuggling ring guided illegals from terror hotbed in the middle east to the american board of. joining us is john bolton, scholar with the american enterprise institute. i say build that wall and you say what? >> this report is consistent with what we have known and suspected for a long time, namely that terrorists and other
10:56 am
enemies of the united states know that it is more productive for getting into the us to come across the mexican border than to show up at an airport where they have to go through customs and immigration inspectors. a couple years ago, longer than that, more like three years even the obama administration justice department brought an indictment against several key iranian revolutionary guard officials before conspiring to kill the saudi arabian ambassador in washington by coming across the mexican border. i think this terror threat is real and apart from what you think of the general illegal immigration question securing the borders and protecting innocent american citizens here at home is something we are not doing a good job of. stuart: i think president obama and hillary clinton are very exposed in the event of a terror attack in america before the election. i think that would be a disaster for democrats, a big plus for
10:57 am
donald trump. ashley: coming up smuggling network from middle east terror hotbeds across our southern border and the lefty protesters turn violent in california. are 3 of varney's next.
10:58 am
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11:00 am
. stuart: it's come to this. trump supporters attacked by a mob waving the mexican flag. it happened in california last night. this happened to americans in america. trump had given a speech in san josé. when it was over,his supporters filed out. they were ambushed, they were spat on. trump hats and signs ripped off. the mob chanted make california mexico again. trump supporters kicked and punched. later, a young woman wearing a trump shirt was surrounded by hostile young men who pelted her with eggs. again, the mexican flag prominently displayed.
11:01 am
the american flag, burned. the mayor of san josé a democrat and hillary clinton supporter said quote donald trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign. in other words, it's all trump's fault. he shouldn't have come to california. the left is using the tactics of fascism. take the streets, intimidate opponents, don't let them speak and then blame them for daring to exercise the american right of free speech. think about it. americans attacked in america. an american presidential candidate not welcome in america. yes, it's come to this. now, i mentioned it, but i didn't show it in my take there. the mexican flag on full a couple at those protests in california. what you're seeing is americans attacked by a mob waving a foreign flag. author of the book we, the people and the anchor,
11:02 am
coanchor of the five which -- is a great show. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: am i going too far there because, you know, that really got to me. >> well, i think it's wrong. the other day there was a protest also in california in which young people were given the finger and using profanity in terms of trump supporters sop what we have here is a situation, let's give it fuller context. you see trump using language, talking about mexico extending its worst. calling them rapist and the like. that message has now penetrated as a point of being demonized that the americans -- and that's the majority of the immigrant population in california demonized by trump. they are reacting. but the reaction is not in keeping with democratic principles, and i think you rightly point out. you cannot have a presidential candidate and his supporters treated as if they don't belong and they're not allowed to speak in our country. stuart: that was very close to civil war.
11:03 am
now, that's a wildly excessive expression to use. >> right. stuart: but you take your politics to the street. you wave that mexican flag, and you trap young, white, american women, and you abuse them like that, you're in grave danger of violence really -- >> i think it was violence. right so i don't think -- i don't know. i don't know how bad it got. but it looked to me like violence. and i don't know if anyone was physically attacked, were they? . stuart: they were throwing objects, eggs included. >> my problem is when you take politics to this level, you cannot have a real discussion. you cannot debate issues. i cannot express my point in different if you're punching me in the face, stuart,. stuart: true. i'm going to move on from this because i'm roweled up. >> i think we all should be. . stuart: all right. the kits keep on coming. the jobs report, i'm going to call it just plane awful. 38,000 jobs created in the in the month of may. now, look, i know you don't cover financial news but we do. >> right. stuart: you're a political kind of guy.
11:04 am
>> right. stuart: that news only 38,000 -- >> not good. . stuart: but bad for hillary clinton? >> no. no., no. stuart: oh, yes, it is. >> here's why i think it's not bad news for hillary clinton. the unemployment rate is down 4.7%. stuart: you know why? do you know -- let me tell you why. i have to tell you why. >> go ahead. stuart: it dropped to 4.7% because nearly half a million people dropped out of the workforce. >> you act as if they drop out because they've given up hope. to the contrary consumer confidence is up right now. stuart: up a little bit from where it was. historically down. historically low. >> and let me just say when people look at 4.7%, when you look at wall street right now, people are saying you know what? good times are rowing. there's more confidence in the american economy than any other economy in the world. stuart: sorry. wrong. wrong. you are wrong because wall street stock market prices are up. not because of a wonderful economy. but because the federal reserve has -- >> no, no. stuart: interest rates at zero. >> fine.
11:05 am
stuart: and wall street is the only place to get a rate of return. >> i don't care what the reason is. the fact is if you have investments on wallace right now, a 401(k), it's doing pretty well. and i don't know how you can say that if you have money to invest, if you have a business to start, you wouldn't want to come to america. stuart: oh, i'm not saying that. i'm saying this is very bad news for hillary clinton. she's going into the general election with an economy that's spiraling down. >> where do you get that from? spiraling down? . stuart: oh, let me tell you. >> let me just tell you something. president obama's ratings right now 52%. stuart: i'm talking about the economy. >> the americans view the economy as their number one issue. stuart: yes. >> and feel more confidence in that economy than they have felt in years. stuart: trump wins on the economy head-to-head matchups against hillary clinton. let me tell you why the economy is spiraling down. >> all right. stuart: in the first quarter of this year the growth rate for our economy was less than 1%. >> right. stuart: less than 1%. that's virtually dead stop. at the average in the last three months is only 116,000 new jobs created.
11:06 am
and most of those jobs were not highly paid. >> right. stuart: this economy is not producing high-paid jobs. it is slowing down to the point of very close to being in recession. that's why i say the economy is winding down and that's terrible news for hillary clinton, who's heading into the general election with the same policies as barack obama, which gave us seven years of 2% growth. >> and how about the policies of the republican party that gave us the great recession? . stuart: oh, come on. >> no. no. no. front page of the washington post today has a story about americans having more confidence, more optimism about the economy than we have seen in years. why is that stuart? because when they look at the economy and they see more student here in the united states than any other market in the world. ashley: house and a very ugly neighbor. it doesn't make us good. >> it doesn't make us good. and that's why president obama this week when he was in indiana talking about our slow recovery that don't always
11:07 am
listen to the negatives to the people who want to put down america. stuart: hold on. do you know what the headline now in the washington post? >> tell me. stuart: u.s. hiring weakest in six years. >> true. but that's not the entire. stuart: that's the economy spiraling down. >> okay. stuart: let me give you the white house response. ashley: from jason, the top economy guy there. yes, the numbers are disappointingly low. however, other trends are much more positive. consumer spending, housing sales, also this report highlights the need to spend more money on infrastructure, more job training, adopting trade agreements and raising the minimum wage. stuart: liz -- hold on one second. >> i am. stuart: give us a little -- give me a nugget that shows that this is actually worse than the headline. liz: sure you knock out state, local, federal jobs. actually 25,000 jobs created. state, local, and federal governments created 13,000 jobs. that's more than what was created in the professional business services sector.
11:08 am
hotels, restaurants, and retail. and the u.s. economy is now growing slower than europe. stuart: u.s. economy growing slower than europe. >> at the moment. but they've -- [laughter] at the moment; right? liz: no. no. it has been growing slowly since december. >> okay. but i don't think that's the overall picture. that's why i said to stuart earlier. if you had a business to start, if you had money to invest, i couldn't think of a better place. stuart: and that's why i said the economy is spiraling down. >> spiraling down? . stuart: bad news for hillary clinton as we approach the election. >> you guys calling chicken little because the guy is always falling when i talk economics with stuart varney. stuart: i'm chick fill a. >> i think you're a cute chic c. stuart: time'sup. [laughter] all right. it was a good discussion. we erred the differences between us, and i'll be watching you at 5:00 tonight. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: check the big board. we're still down 89, 90 points
11:09 am
lower as we speak. again, the markets reacting primarily to that very bad, awful. >> dreadful. liz: no good horrible jobs report. >> chicken little, chicken little. stuart: where's the price of oil? that has a lot to do with stock prices. we are 48.70. we're down, stocks down. got it. how about walmart? this year, calendar year is the biggest gainer of the dow. up 15%. not much movement today but they're putting drone in place in their warehouses. ashley: yes, in centers. stuart: to replace actual human beings? this is a new use of drones and walmart's got it. how about amazon? astonishing numbers. 91% of first time amazon prime subscribers renew for a second year. 54million people spending $100 a year and renewing every year. liz: on their membership fee 100 bucks a year. that's a cash cow. stuart: that's a cash cow.
11:10 am
how about this? a network of smugglers sneaking in illegal immigrants from mid-east terrorist hotbeds right into our homeland america or at least to the doorstep. more on that one coming up too. and we'll get back to that woman, the woman surrounded by a mob. the crowd chanting make california mexico again. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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11:13 am
stuart: all right. we are now close on two hours into the session almost and we're down about 100 points on the dow industrials. blame that jobs report. it was awful. how about the gap? turning at a pretty good performance of the memorial day weekend. that's enough to get them up by 3.5%. the big banks, though, all of them down. they wanted a federal reserve rate hike. not going to get it with such a poor performance by the
11:14 am
economy. banks way down today. all right. we have a troubling new report comes to us from the washington times. they detail a smuggling network that's bringing illegals across the border with mexico into america. some of these illegals come from mid-east hot spots,g an afo allegedly was part of a terror plot. kristen is here, former state department official. this plays right into donald trump's hands. it makes a lot of people say build that wall. >> i think so, stuart, and this is not a new threat or theory. back in 2011 someone who was dealing with mexican drug cartels was involved in a plot to assassinate an ambassador in washington d.c. that was an iranian american who was collaborated with the kurds force. so the idea of jihaddists coming across that border and conducting violence in the united states is not a new concept. this is a new wrinkle on it and a very dangerous one. stuart: and the democrats are
11:15 am
taking a enormous risk here. if there were a terrorist incident in america before the election and the person or persons who did it came across the border in somewhere or another, that's not good news for the democrats and the president. >> no. and they should have taken from kate in san francisco. this is someone who has come across the border five times. this is not racism or something like that. this is a security issue and americans are right to want that border secure. and the risk you're right. it's not another sort of murder that only gets reported for a couple of days but a catastrophic terrorist event. stuart: not saying build that wall 15 feet high. you hear that kind of thing. >> said they're going to do it, they just is haven't done it. stuart: are you behind trump? >> i was behind cruz in the primary, but it takes some adjustment. but in particular the political correctness and just the need to get beyond this and saying the atmosphere that
11:16 am
has developed in this country and break down some of these sacred carouse and shake up blue state versus red state. stuart: i do want to bring up the violence in california last night. a mob attacked trump supporters. some of them were bloodied. and the mob was waving a -- mexican flans flags. now, that raises not only violence, that's a sovereignty issue. i do believe there's a group of people in california who believe that california should actually give back its territory to mexico. that's a very big deal. not going to go down well. >> it brings up sovereignty issuing, it brings up the issues of immigrants not being assimilated particularly if they're illegal. particularly they're violent. this is also true in san diego. we saw reports of american flags being burned. if you're a democrat, a blue-collar say a uaw worker and it's ain't republican democratic thing. this is an american thing. stuart: that's a good point. if you're a regular american
11:17 am
employed here like a uaw worker, you're in a car factory for heaven's sake, and you see protesters wave the mexican flag in the face of an american presidential candidate beefing up america, look at that on your screen. are you going to vote for hillary or bernie? i suspect you're going to take a second look at donald trump. >> i think so and this is where the culture wars are shifting. it's less i think about abortion and gay marriage and more about the identity of our nation, about political correctness, about what's being taught on college campuses and this is where trump has really hit a geyser. stuart: nobody expected this. i mean -- did you? >> no. i know. but it has been brewing. and it has gotten out of control and this is part of it. but the fact that we're against this we're races. but we're not. stuart: the very idea that he would say some of the things he's saying is extraordinary. nobody expected this. and he's rung a bell because if you opposed -- in the past, if you opposed 11 million legals living in the united states and you said i don't want this, you were condemned
11:18 am
as a racist or a big o bigot. and now he's saying it and people are out there listening to it. last word. >> the constituency for the opponent, it's the editorial page and people who want american borders. stuart: whoa you're bashing the editorial page on the wall street program? half of them are guests on the show regularly. >> batting 500 is pretty good. so. stuart: christian, nice to have you in new york today. >> thank you, stuart. . stuart: all right. look at the dow industrial average. we're down what 95 points now. holding with a near about half percent loss. that's the way it has been for the past half hour. let's see how we close. how about this one? los angeles. yeah, it's one step closer in its bid to host the 2024 summer olympics. can you imagine the traffic of the olympics? >> '84 in the last olympics. it wasn't bad because everyone left because they were too afraid to stay.
11:19 am
stuart: i believe america made a profit out of it. >> they did. stuart: correct. more on that in a moment oh, look at this. ashley: yeah. stuart: running this one again. this is venezuela. widespread looting, businesses just running to the ground. and hungry protesters are on the street demanding food from the government. coming up, we'll debate the true cost of socialism with a woman who thinks we should be paying taxes at an 83% rate. . stuart: what should be in your opinion the top rate of tax? >> well, i would say it should be higher than it is now. it could go some economists say as high as 83%. stuart: do you think it should be? >> i do these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot...
11:20 am
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11:23 am
. stuart: los angeles is one step closer in its bid to get the 2024 summer olympics. ashley: right. stuart: what was the announcement? ashley: they've got competition from four other cities, rome, paris, budapest, and hamberg, but we don't know the final decision until december of 2017. a big requirement was cities that don't have to -- make the facilities that will be used sustainable. they don't want a bunch of white elephant stadiums out there. and l.a. was selected because they're using existing facilities. so there you go.
11:24 am
the question is do we want it? request it's expensive. stuart: tell me honestly is the olympic dream fading a little. liz: yeah, well-- stuart: in light of overspending? doping? ashley: and l.a. took it from boston because people in boston didn't want to support it. liz: right and l.a. is talking about a 6 billion-dollar budget for this olympics. hoping to get back maybe 161 million. that's a lot of money. but you're right. there's buildings also littering the landscape and stadium in the olympics. stuart: when i was growing up, olympics were everything. my dad and i would go and watch television. loved it. absolutely loved the competition. now, i'm not so sure -- ashley: so big. liz: plus the traffic in l.a. too; right? stuart: and the doping. that really. you're coming up to the real olympics where it is entirely possible that the russians will be banned. imagine that? the entire team could be banned. ashley: wow. stuart: i don't want to mess
11:25 am
with the olympics. liz: there's reality check here. stuart: i don't want to throw shade on it but that's exactly what i'm doing. and i shouldn't do it. but i don't want to be in l.a. check that big board. we're holding at a loss of just under 100 points. down 96. there we go. this is the result of the bad jobs report. walmart's announcing its it's developing a drone to work in their inventory warehouses. that will kill jobs. deirdre bolton is coming on that one too. and socialist venezuela, the country is collapsing. i'll have a debate with the socialist professor from america. coming up shortly. and a political violence in california. trump supporters beaten, mexican flags waved. ed roll inbounds weighs in. he's a super pac guy supporting trump. also talking about that lousy jobs report. here's what joe the plumber had to say about it last hour. roll tape.
11:26 am
>> been in the business world for the last 30 years, he's made giant contributions to our economy as far as providing jobs for thousands and thousands of people. the only person hillary clinton has put to work is a private e-mail server installer and maybe poor mouth breather.
11:27 am
allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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11:30 am
. stuart: well, it's not a selloff, at 17.7 says he. walmart announcing it's developing a drone to work inside its inventory warehouses. the idea is that the drone flies around could read 30 images per second. ashley: 30 images per second. stuart: count this, that, and works faster iraq and makes no mistakes. or fewer mistakes. stuart: and deirdre bolton is here. >> speaking of making no mistakes. we know you want to go there. stuart: that is the classic example of technology replacing human workers who may be looking for 15 bucks an hour. >> it is a classic example. so it's great for walmart although worth noting the company says, listen, it's not happening yet. we're not doing this everywhere. this is in testing basically for the next year. a little bit shorter than the
11:31 am
next year but arguably it could be good for workers in a certain sense. the season people who are stacking just day in, day out, lots of injuries. that is not in particular full of brain kind of thing. i agree it's good work but maybe that frees up people to think about other things. stuart: assuming that people are educated enough to get the jobs fixing the drones. which is another story entirely. >> it is another story entirely and especially where you see that jobs report this morning. i know you've been covering it where so many people have given up looking for work. stuart: that's right. let me get that number. 458,000 people dropped out of the workforce. now, whatever reason. they may have retired. >> right. stuart: they may have just been injured, they may have flat out given up. >> a lot of analysts say in that last category, unfortunately. which goes to your point. so maybe the machines are coming. which is fine for the people who know how to program them. less fine for people who want to do manual labor work or are qualified only to do that. stuart: you've got it right, deirdre. i've got another one for you.
11:32 am
this seems to me like exceptionally good news for amazon. amazon is in the news because a 91% retention rate for first year amazon prime customers. in other words, just about everybody who takes out amazon prime sticks with it. >> get it and forget it; right? because it's the easiest thing to do. you just sign up, they painlessly take it, stuart, from your credit card. you begin to not even notice; right? this $100 a year. stuart: it's your money. >> when it's on credit, it just a evenly; right? stuart: yeah, now, the stock is down 6 bucks today. but still about 721. which is awfully close to the all-time high. >> high flier, high flier, high flier. i think four new records within the past ten days for amazon. and if you look at the one year, it's up 65%. you compare that to, you know, if you look at the s&p 500, for example, down about 1% in that time or nasdaq down about 3%. it's outperforming.
11:33 am
and jeff, i know you had an echo here on your desk at one point. stuart: i did. alexa. >> this is where he says the future going. there's 1,000 employees working around the clock on alexa echo. alexa is the software, echo is the hardware. they're cranking. and he says it's going to be voice command driven. you already know that because i remember you asked about the weather. but it's going to run our entire lives, our cars, our houses, entertainment needs, it's a personal -- liz: you know what inspired jeff bezos? the command center on star trek. it was voice activated. >> star trek and star wars. star wars capitalist, star trek socialist. stuart: something through the washington post. >> if you're an investor, it was the right week. it was the right ten day stretch to own the stock. stuart: worth $62 billion. >> so he's doing fine. ashley: not bad. stuart: something very, very serious now. i'm going to bring this up again because this is, to me,
11:34 am
the outrage of the day. violent scenes in san josé, california outside a rally last night. it was a mob they were waving mexican flags, and they attacked trump supporters. watch this. >> oh, my god. . stuart: now, we only showed you just a little bit of the tape there. the story is that the trump supporters emerge from the rally, they were attacked, punched, kicked, and bloodied. the young lady that you saw in the video there trapped outside her hotel. surrounded about i a hostile mob and, again, throwing stuff at her waving the mexican flag. ed rollins is here. now, ed is a trump supporter, and you are organizing a super pac to back donald trump; right? >> absolutely. stuart: those scenes, the mexican flag attacking americans, that is like manor from heaven for donald trump, isn't it? >> it's and we're not cause a great repulse a lot of
11:35 am
americans who believe in free a little bit. you may be too young. ronald reagan got elected in 1966 because the student protests in california. richard nixon 1968 because the vietnam protest across the country. labor, you may remember this. the labor unions got behind, worked very hard, democrats who traditionally voted republican, democrat basically crossed the line. my sense today is that this is going to be -- especially waving the flag, the mexican flag is going to cause a lot of americans to say if that's you want to do, go home. that's your home. and i think it's a bad thing. it's a terrible, terrible part of the process. i've been in the game for 50 years. i've had lots of people want to punch my lights out, never did. i've never been assaulted, attacked, threatened. this violence and this campaign could be very, very serious from here on put. and trump is going to go campaign across the country and to a certain extent it's going to make him stronger and stronge s. stuart: here's another item that i think might make trump stronger and that's today's jobs report. only 38,000 jobs created. that's decimal and the growth
11:36 am
rate on the economy is down. i think that -- bad for hillary clinton. good for donald trump. and you say? >> absolutely. trump has been a job creator. made lots of jobs in his building industry and what have you. understands how to create jobs. more importantly you see the contrast with, you know, the amazon, the bezos, all the rest of it. and then you see the drones. every person sitting here watching drones who's a worker is saying my dad's a ups driver, my friends who basically do this are going to be out of work. and this is a cheap way of delivering product but not necessarily going to make it cheaper for you to go to a product and eliminate a lot of workers. automation is great but it's going to put a lot of people out of work. stuart: i wouldn't want to be hillary clinton going into an election spiraling down economy. >> i would not want to argue what my husband did or what the president i served has done has made the economy better. stuart: you're such a political -- you know how to bring up the good stuff, don't you? right at it, ed rollins. hold on a second i've got word of more reaction coming in. is it our viewers?
11:37 am
ashley: it is our viewers we've been showing this video all morning. kentucky amen writes in, stuart, this story of violent demonstrations that you are showing is heard as a veteran, i solute you. the protesters keep repeating those words, how long before she takes responsibility for provoking and agitating? and this one from frank thompson. reference waving mexican flag at antitrump rally. wonder what would happen to them if they waved the u.s. flag in mexico. stuart: you can see that there's an extraordinary reaction just from our viewers of what we've been showing so far. >> well, the critical thing is she's certainly not responsible for this but she can certainly say this is unacceptable in america. america is about free speech, it free voting. let's have a debate about the issues here and please stop. stuart: she did not come out and say knock it off. her surrogate, the man who runs her campaign, john, he put out a tweet, was it? liz: yeah,.
11:38 am
stuart: simply saying we don't -- liz: violence is unacceptable. stuart: but it wasn't hillary clinton. >> it needs to be hillary clinton. stuart: absolutely. and get in front of a camera for heaven's sake. liz: and bernie sanders. >> , yes. stuart: come on. liz: what would happen if the cameras were not there? >> i go back to that point. i have a 21-year-old daughter. watching that picture i thought every young girl in america has to be petrified by that. to be chased, locked, threatened for simply going to a rally. it's not something we want. stuart: ed rollins, thank you very much. we'll see you later. >> thank you. stuart: one more for you. greek, officials in greece say all the money that they receive from the european union goes to handle the migrant crisis. ashley: yeah, the deputy foreign minister a million people have come into greece and, unfortunately, this is a country that's bankrupt. let's being honest just being propped up by the eu and the money that should be used to help ease the economic conditions in greece is
11:39 am
essentially going straight to the migrant crisis. he had a great, hanlin le hahave b a on our right hand an iv that takes it out. and i think that pretty much explains where greece is. a country that can ill afford any money to handle the migrant prices. stuart: europe is going to pieces because of the migrant crisis. liz, i want to get back to the jobs report for a second. did you reference a children's book? he iis was being funny. amanthteib iti go vy d bsept. bicly thiis childr'sook. a ttle boy -- who bacally all the bad things hapn him. he gets a cavi, itize antrble at school. and he -- get is.
11:40 am
the nning -- i juswa making aun about it stuartth's take off. that's not a rl bookis it? i s your it is a real book stuart: but oba. z:e re being fn. stuart: we bteexplain th. z: we just explained it. stua: anyou. z:nd gue where alexand wants to go? hean tmove to australia. ua: e control rooms laugng. m stuck ouhe. liz: it's a friday. ashley: quick. stuart: check the big brd why don'we do tha do 67 pots at 17.7 t a bad da earlier i id maybe wllnd the day higher. ybweill. okt this the esent of venezue does bernie sanders r present. yes, you heard that ght. so wreoing to ta a sociisecomabout the absolute collapse of sociali venezuela. abour poorn. here we go arago, i was stain in a one-woman show aboua t lergic to oer cats. oping-slh-osgnit it hit me:
11:41 am
tsorat opini t my domai it hit me: catswithhats.c from daddy.when . now these in are fely-in'ut here. got a crazy id y tnk you n turn into a succs? we kw you can d 'v goa domain for you. we kw you can d 'v you. goday.
11:42 am
>> i'mice taides with your fox busesbrief. stocksffhe lows of the day. ceainly t spood re for the market. a ak tn expected job market created forheon ofay we s ctaly market reaction t d rht now is down5. and e p 500 wn 10. we ta aut weaker jobs po, d ople are gting a little bit spooked; right? ta of a possible recsi in the term. w you e avel stocks
11:43 am
american airlinea w 52-week low and we're seeing cruise lin ao we abou2,% r many of es nas this group. t otherand utilities have up rows. thiss eryomight nd some safe vefodividends and utilitiehave uarrows across the board. hitting a lifetime high. stbus and budweiser. budweir ready to go.
11:44 am
11:45 am
. stuart: i te you wre congack a litt b. weere do 140. i want tgeback to venezuela. thers no questn venezuel is colpsg. sait the victim of iled sociasmndhis deo that you're wahing now,e ve just got it coming into us. z, yourought it u li yeah, so is is south, so peoplon theighway her yore going tseth nning up ta uck th h coca-ca and ri btles. soda bottles ithe back. now thmayhem in the backf the truck ally took place. people were oting and stealing sodbole sohi-- a number ofids we've had on yoush or e st week. peopleating out gbage bags there y s it right there, sar you'rgoing to e ople runni up to steal. so what's al happening we ha t psint of venezuela backing bernie sanders and welso have the pre minister of denmk eaier in theear sang
11:46 am
beieanrs, stop talking about being a siast econy. we areuote a mart ony. uart: okay hold a seco. go thrgh this ontime. thpresident of venezlaas endorsed social demoat bern sanders t t pridcy and weavthe guy, top guy in denmark, he says, h, rn, knocitff li rht. stua: n'coare americ to denmark. denmark is not a socli society. it's a market ciety. liz: yeah, hsaid that earlier in the year. inact, three years a new york tes reportethat socialm s ilg denmark, a ty re overhauling . ua: "the new york times" sa tt? li teeea ago. strt: come on in carol ldn, professor in southern lirnia. w, i'm saying sociism destroyed venezuela. u e soalt. yoagree the? d siasmesoy venezua? no. i'm not socialist.
11:47 am
i'a moatic socialist. uart: u're a bere saersuorr. >> bernisaers has great eas to get the one out of three americans who are rkg poorutf at sition. the e peop w a working full-time uart: okay. has sialism anything to wh the llsef nezuela? at's the qstn m king. no. me -- stuartnoin >>oue ght that it's collsi. but you e wronabout the us the usisil failed leadershipnd -- strt: the soalt -- caron,elve me. i wi explain it to you -- >> i'm waiti le a good studt. ea,. strtok. chaz,heuy who led threluon naoniz the o property. he csed privatprer like all good socialists d heand out to cries. private proper, ivate enterpseown the tus. oil producondown the tus. and now you have aoury that iabsolutely collapsi. and i y thatt siast poci tt arted that collapse. and yore disreng with me >> i'm absoluty disaeeing
11:48 am
th you. it's faile ldehip. it'sot democrac ciis it t heavy reliance on oil, which is not socialis at's a bad polical desion, d it w a currencyecion made in 2012 that csethblack market to sinup, which is the prlem with ilaon ift wereemocratic soalism that wasailing, we would see norway fling, we would e gentinfaing, we would see countries acrs the globe failinif your gic held up, but it doesn't. and it also doesn't hold up becae ghout of ten happiest countries inhe worl docratic socialt counie we need to get a more fair, equitae onic system in the s. andyes, bernie sanderhaa lot of good ideas for how to do that. stuart: w, i believe berni sandersa wshoulde re like denmark. i inhe said that, dn't he? denmark as cnt which we wod emulate. are you awe atheri nierf nmark toll an auence aharvarve rent, he said to bernie nds,ey, knock off. we're noa socialist society. we're not decratic socialists.
11:49 am
a a mart-sed society. are you aware of ts? >>ell, i would arguehat that's actually not accura. i mean y c split hairs but. ua: at did she not accurate aut his own country? >>e's a polici. he's a politician. i actually don't belie politicians t tell e uth most of the ti. but the factf e tt remainif you look at nmk, they ha sociaze their basic systs like alth care d educio and they have a equitae rk syem reemocratic govements in their workplace. soy st measures if you google it, any of ur viewers google it, y will see that it is classifi aa democratic socli count. it is not exclivwi the rk enomy, whicis why inhe u.swe cou he market econo and we c have mocratic socialist tenancies. we c he a more system in the u. that is bed on merit where poor ppldot have t work , 50 60s hrs
11:50 am
a week to ma. stuart: how much are your parents rth? >> i have no id. stuart: you ld us ts program thathey were wealthy. >> ty e wealthy. strtand you are way -- >> my wealthy is wealthy. stuart: d you're way out eron the left.okay? n't yofind that a little odd? wealthy parents an dahter - >>hiisn't persona sue. . o. that's very misleading. i want 83% on thtop 1%. and not only tha i wanwhat th make over $4000 we're talngbo the margin tax rate. nothe tarate. . stuart: sovery dollar that anybody makes wt. wt. everdollar that anybody makeov $0,000, the should lose 83 cents of that doll, and it gs the >>nybody mak, at t top 1%. eisenhower would tax at 91%. th's right ua: 'lleave it at that. >> me and many other onomists wt that, yes. strti'glad that your parents made their pile before thgornment got at it with
11:51 am
83 tax rate. t at's another sry coainer, youe good sport, ande appria you being th us. itas gd debate. >> thank you. stua: thank yoall right. diyou know that in 15 ere were 98 shark attas including six fatalities? we have te tt s created to helyofe them off. u arhatus? the theme so fm ws? yeah, we'll be bac you would't hi an organist withouhearing them first.charg? check your bker with brokehe. innovative sonice technology with up to 27% more brush moven versus oral b.
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11:53 am
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11:55 am
the rest iup to you. llow, requesyour fe decision gde d start gaering einrmion you ne to help u keep rolngit confidence. ♪o lon™. ♪ ♪ [laughter] stuart: that mus iso benn. [lghr] it's areat white foreaven sakes. it's summertime almost, 'r concerned abt shark attacks kirk knuds, e chuyha so gge that protect agnsshks. first of all, u're hdi i your hand wrtband. >> this isald e ark bands,nd this is about $. it use aagtic field that
11:56 am
tsrod well, you're imngifou're diving or if u're surfi, and fendsff a lot of predators. sixteen differt sharks, it fends off. this is how they tested it out they put this dummy full of chum out there -- [laughter] i can't tell iit's othere, but when it's not on there, the ar come near it,nd the they quickly go away. uart: oh, it's on ther >> then they go and they take the band off, and they p poor charlie back in, and t sharks just go righafter it. it's remarkably proven technolo. stuart: wait a secd. it's got to t out litt wave length or -- >> magts. sharks he essenses, d ty t os, chlo inside ofhas called a mod, rfer'seash. isoes on a surfer's ankle, and th pt oktohe surfboard. e rfers are ottethis
11:57 am
wa the's a ton of technologthat is comg marke and it's stuff that's abouto,el g into further develment that going to relutione epg shks away from eating people likeou. [laughter] ua: the testhowed that it workeditoes wo. >>t esork. no p this in frontf eawhe -- stuart: what if it doe't work? >> nonofhem are going ai h, jump in the wate with aunch of shksbuthis llertain hp you. d 'll help fend off arks. stuart: i'll take your word r it. >> wl t be jumping ith water to tt out for y. i know thas atou wanted, but . ua that's a greareport thk u veryuc kk. apectet. weilha more varney for you after is
11:58 am
11:59 am
ua: t atooba uon there, pleas this is not a real book -- >> we're beingunny. stua: p psident oba's headn it. 's supposed to be exder
12:00 pm
d e rrible, hoib, od, very bad jobs y. vy bad day. i was stryg be fuy. we wermang fny here. there you are. strt: for presidt obama, t jobs reporwas nogo. >> it wa awful stuartwe, 's friday. te is up, but cnell is here. connell: tha you vy ch strt w,oyenough to talk abo toy, it's an artll right. 'ralover jobs, of cour, but na tmps t there ying he'llakthecomy grt again. thosprotes tni vle again la nhtutn san jose i'm nnl she in for il cavuto,e veallout from t vlent protests at the trp llinalora. trump backers rrnd, me of them le bedg, there we fires set, bolethrown, and a woman hit with i raw eggs -- thawgg e was rnedth woman, and the eggs bnghrn her.


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