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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that is why you see such monster currency plays. euro up 200 points. dollar down over 1%. really not so much that the markets rally due to the economy, just due to the dollar. that's it. liz: jason, thank you. lido i'll advisors. [closing bell rings] guess who will call it? david asman and melissa francis "after the bell." david: we'll take it. parallel universe of the markets. stocks come close to moving positive after horrendous jobs report show the economy is dragging. here is how we finish the day. dow jones industrials down about 31. again it was down well over 100 earlier. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you coming up this hour. donald trump ready to take the stage in redding, california in a moment.
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ready crowds in very hot temperatures. supporters came under attack at his rally in san jose as protesters turned violent. are there any protesters in northern california? we'll take you there live. monumental border failure emboldening calls for donald trump to build that wall. how an afghan national with ties to the taliban and a plot to carry out a terror attack somewhere in north america ended up on u.s. soil. we have a freight lineup for you this hour, including doug schoen, former senator evan bayh, arizona border sheriff paul babeu and steve forbes with us as well. david: looking forward to all those guys. going back to the markets, an abysmal jobs report for the month of may, initially spooked the markets until the markets realized fed would chicken out on another rathike. phil flynn, price tures group and fox news contributor. watching action, big action in gold and oil from the cme. lori rothman from the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, which stocks got hit the
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hardest bit jobs report? >> financials no surprise right there, david. heavy buying on short end of the yield curve. yield went down to 1.79. how major financials profit from loans and higher interest rates, no surprise. we saw such trouble in the financial sector. the dow itself off 31 points. well off the lows for the session worth pointing out. schwab, bank of america, citigroup all down in excess of 3%. on the other side of the coin, when you talk about yield, you will not get yield to government debt on back of that jobs report, some of that yield payers, dividend payers, tobacco, they were outstanding, reynolds american, altria group, dividends in excess of 3%, have banner days today. back to you. melissa: thank you, lori. gold getting a big boost, hitting three-month high, highest one-day jump in 11 weeks. what is behind that? >> well it is all about the fed and this terrible jobs report, melissa.
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it really makes you wonder, does the fed have any credibility. fed was out touting june has to be on the table. you traders have it wrong. the economy is doing better. don't take june off the table. that killed the gold market. gold was doing pretty well until those fed comments and the fed statement. then of course all of a sudden this terrible jobs report. we are on fire today. big up move on gold. it could continue especially if that dollar continues to get weak. the other story of course is oil. oil was back and forth. it was higher and lower. it was concern about the bad jobs report. usually get a boost out of oil if the dollar is weak. we didn't get that do because of the concerns about demand and also the concern about rig counts. we got a big surprise on the rig count today for oil. it was up much higher than anticipated. i think it was up nine oil rigs this week. that was a shock. it brought oil back down but what is more concerning is the drop in natural gas rigs. they fell by five. that is an all-time low on natural gas rigs.
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that could be a sign the natural gas production in this country is getting ready to crater. there is no way we can continue to produce gases to meet record demand with this low of a amount of rigs. it is very possible, because the cost of oil is closer to 50 and natural gas prices have been cheap, drillers just reclassified rigs. they're saying hey, we're not drilling for oil anymore, we'll drill for oil instead of natural goose. so they changed the rigs to oil rigs instead of gas rigs but a concern for natural gas in the next couple weeks. melissa: phil, thank you so much. david? david: all right. stocks end in the red after the jobs report. here now, kevin kelly, recon capital partners chief investment officer. jack hough "barron's" senior editor. phil brought up great report, as bad as the jobs number it shows how terrible the fed has been sending out signals what is happening with the economy and therefore what is going to happen with their fed rate decision. >> yeah, one of the biggest mysteries we've seen when does
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the fed get their information because over the last two weeks they were talking about how resilient and strong the economy is, and how they're ready do another rate hike so they painted themselves in the corner. june is completely off the table for june 15th meeting. we didn't think they would do it anyway because the british referendum. july they will have to do something, if they don't it will spook the market even more. david: i don't think they will do anything in july if we keep getting figures like this. jack, the question why weren't they raising rates when we were getting 200,000 jobs a month on regular basis couple years ago? >> i wonder why rates have been so low for so long except what do you spur the economy with these days? you try to create a wealth effect in asset classes. it is not really about making financing rates more favorable so people can do business. we've long past, long a point where lower rates help to spur business activity. it is just about keeping stock market strong. david: kevin, if there is a
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recession and there will be at some point and we still have zero interest rates what does the fed do? do they go to negative interest rates or what? >> i'm glad you brought that up. there is not much else they can do. we have to have fiscal policy save us. the fed should have raised rates in 2014 when we hit peak earnings. we haven't seen that we're at end of this business cycle. it has been over six years. 68 straight months of job creation and fed, they're going to have to raise rates one time and be one and done. fed funds futures market is showing one more rate hike but that is going to be it. melissa: let me ask you guys about a story that caught my attention today. walmart turning to drone to replace workers in an attempt to speed up distribution. the world's largest retailer is testing drone technology to check warehouse inventories in the united states so a task that take as human worker one month to complete, would just take one day. david: wow. melissa: based on these droneses, rise of the robots, my friend. jack hough, what do you think of this?
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>> walmart certainly starting to look like amazon almost, i guess not. >> yeah. >> with these jobs, i had dinner this week with big semiconductor chief, he says factory automation. everyone is talking about the decline pc market, factory automation areas are showing booming demand for chips, a lot more places to put technology these days. i expect that to be a rich area for investment for years to come. melissa: that is interesting point of view, kevin. jack took it right to the place what parts will be sold and with will be manufactured away from the idea, this is replacing workers who are demanding $15 an hour who can be replaced by a drone. there is that, jack gave us upside. that is the downside. >> when you look at the story, i mean you're seeing what companies are trying to do, to manage their bottom line in a tough global growth environment. one of their biggest costs is labor and productivity.
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this makes complete sense. they need to manage their supply chain becauser in in such a low margin business. this is a smart move by them. melissa: jack, you mentioned amazon. we've already seen them implement delivery drones out there. what does it mean to people who are in college right now who are trying to retrain? you talked about the fact that it creates demand for chips, you're right and people to fix the drones while doing away with factory workers. what does that mean you tell college kids today. >> ultimately it can be a good thing for the economy because people who do work in factory automation, engineers and so forth, that is much more productive work than someone who is shuffling boxes in a warehouse but the challenge is, can we educate tomorrow's workers to do those jobs? for some in college they're well on the way to winning battle. the person not in college that i want to talk to. david: can we make it cheaper for businesses to do business. meanwhile a tough week for signet jewelers. you may have seen that the shares of the jeweler down more
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than 4% of because of claims of diamond swapping, deceptive actions and questionable business practices. the company operates under name brands like k jewelers and zales. melissa: zales. david: zales, excuse me. what happens, jack, somebody takes the ring in to be fixed. they get it back and they have swapped diamond on it or not produced kind of quality diamond they say they will do. how do they recover from this. >> they don't right away. run away from this stock. it is disaster. the company says we have millions of satisfied customers. this is rare occurrence. doesn't matter. think of marketing proposition. bring your diamonds into our store. probably won't get stolen or swapped. that is not really a message you want to drive home to the customers. this is already a very competitive business. david: sure is. kevin, what about some of the competitors? is this good news for tiffany? might they pick up some of their business? >> great news. look at culture of this company. tiffany's is a great brand name. you can rely on them.
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as jack said, get away from this, because it can only get worse for cigna. this is unbelievable. this is fraud at the worst. >> only problem is it is not even swap. i, i don't know how to say this politely the chains this company runs, those are places you go to it you can't afford tiffany diamond. david: true. >> cheaper mall jewelers. david: spend another year to save enough to buy a tiffany diamond instead of getting a switcheroo. >> their lending practices are being called into question. with regulators second quartering around them. there is nothing positive out of this that they will rebound from it quickly. david: kevin, jack. jack, what is the cover of "barron's" tomorrow? i always ask. >> we're talking about ipo shortage out there, why that is good news for stock investors. buy two copies. david: have a great weekend. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: a terrorist taking advantage of our broken borders. how men with ties to the taliban crossed into the u.s. from mexico. the arizona border sheriff paul
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babeu will weigh in on this one. david: of course we're only four days away from a very critical california primary for the democrats. brand new polls showing more trouble for hillary clinton. if clinton loses the democratic, if clinton loses california, could she be replaced before the convention? doug schoen and evan bayh, former governor and senator from indiana respond. melissa: and donald trump holding a big rally in california at this hour. we'll take you there live. we'll be right back. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. david: protests quickly turned violent in san jose, california, last night as anti-trump protesters began throwing eggs, jumping on cars, punching supporters in the streets. it was wild. this is the scene now, if we
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take a look as we await trump as rally in redding, california of the as you can see, no protesters. probably too hot. we find fox news's john roberts there. i assume that's why we see all the umbrellas, john, to keep the sun off, not the rain? reporter: yeah, definitely. there is not a cloud in the sky here in redding. donald trump's plain on final approach. all the days to be late. he has been early for most of the rallies in california. he is 15, 20 minutes late. start playing theme from air force one as he is arriving. there it is. we expect donald trump will be talking about number of things this afternoon, david. he will reference violence of last night. certainly tweeted about it, he had a great night in san diego except for the thugs. my supporters are much tougher than that but, fortunately he says they are not prone to
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violent outbursts. san jose police department, we understand, david is reviewing videotape from last night to see if they can identify people who were involved in criminal behavior and criminal assault so they can level charges. we also understand that they will have a press conference in about 15 minutes time. so we hope to get more details on that. a large part of what donald trump will talk about today, is hillary clinton, where we're well into the throes of the general election campaign. she really took it to him yesterday in that foreign policy speech in san diego which really amounted to more of a screed against donald trump than any kind of foreign policy prescriptions. he talked about it last night in san jose. we're expecting when he lands in a couple minutes, david, he will talk much more about that during the time he visits with folks her in redding. very conservative area of california. david: maybe. maybe why there are not too much protesters. wonderful job cueing the sound, john. wonderful timing. thank you very much.
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>> you get to enough of these things you have the ebb and flow. david: very good insings, john. thank you. melissa: we have a republican pollster and also doug schoen, former clinton democratic pollster and fox news contributor as well. doug, let me start with you. the mayor in san jose, who is democrat and hillary clinton supporter criticized donald trump for coming to the city and igniting problems we saw on the tape. does he bear the blame? >> well i think we all bear the blame. melissa: really? me too? >> well, i think the political culture of the country has gotten degraded. there is a level of violence in our culture now. trump rallies, the protesters, all of us, i think bear some responsibility. i'm not absolving myself as a talking head but i really think that, nobody is talking about unity, bringing the country together, for common purpose. i think that is our larger goal. it is not happening.
4:18 pm
>> kristin, do you agree with that? people are showing up at these rallies with eggs, with the intent -- you watched one woman, it has been everywhere, she was cornered and egged. it is a bizarre time. i mean, is it the rhetoric out there that brought this on or is it discontent in the country? >> it is bizarre times. there is discontent in the country. we have blown through the existing norms of what is, is not acceptable political discourse. but doug, i absolve you and i absolve the host of this show, i absolve anybody who is not engaging in hateful rhetoric. in this case you have a lot of folks show up to things like this because they're looking for a show. they're looking for entertainment. whether they will look to be entertained by donald trump or looking to be entertained or thrill from being violent outside of rallies. that is really unfortunate. it is incumbent on donald trump who condemned violence and as well as democrats on other side aisle to condemn this violence
4:19 pm
as well. it is unconscionable in this country you could want to participate in political rally, even a political rally led by someone donald trump who says a lot of things i don't agree with and rhetoric that is not productive but that doesn't justify egging people and beatings people up, the sort of things outside rally. melissa: we make fun of eggs, who knew anyone did that. in albuquerque, rocks, bottles of urine, molotov cocktails thrown into the crowd. broken glass, destroyed property. doug, it is amazing that this would, i mean, is it response to political discourse? like she said, people are showing up looking for violence? is it about politics? >> it is not responsible and i don't want to suggest there's a moral equivalence between violent protesters and those who i might disagree with who are engaging in peaceful discussion.
4:20 pm
melissa: yeah. >> be very clear, we had the norms of political dialogue and discourse eviscerated. we are not functioning as the most powerful nation on the world. our elections are being laughed at by, overseas. we are seeing as weaker, more divided and not serious. this works against all of our interests, so fighting the division, the bitterness, is really hurting us all. melissa: okay. we'll leave it there. i'm not sure we solved it but there you go, thanks, guys. david? next time we'll do it. david: all right. could be a rough summer for the travel industry but we have expert to navigate the zika fears and all terrorist travel warnings. that is coming up. search continuing for four soldiers who are missing after deadly floods in texas. we have the latest developments on that critical story coming next. ♪
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david: donald trump's plane has just landed in redding, california. he is in northern california. very hot. over 100 degrees there. you will see a lot of umbrellas. it is not for the rain. it is for the heat. he has been exchanging jabs with hillary clinton the past 24 hours and over twitter and talking about protests getting quite violent against trump supporters in san jose, california. we will bring you that, should be another 20 minutes before he is ready to speak. melissa: now on to another big story we're following right now. deadly and massive flooding, still engulfing parts of texas. have you seen this? the search is continuing now for four missing soldiers in the area, after an army trick was overturned. fox news's casey stiegel joins us with the details. casey? >> the names of the soldiers involved in this accident have
4:25 pm
not yet been released. now this is amazing but three soldiers did survive. they were plucked out of the raging floodwaters. they're in stable condition, expected to be released from the hospital today. sadly we know five soldiers lost their lives. their bodies have been recovered but four troopers are still missing at this hour. multiple teams are out frantically searching the remote area on post. all belong to the famed first cavalry division stationed at fort hood. officials say they were on a routine training exercise at the time. this now brings the death toll to at least 11. 11 people have been killed across texas in the last week, due to weather. now, richmond, texas, where we are now, southwest of houston is perhaps the hardest hit area. the county alone has an estimated 1400 homes that have been impacted by the floods. many are under water.
4:26 pm
people using canoes and rafts to get around. if they are not part of the mandatory evacuation orders like so many, still are. emergency management officials say it could take weeks before the water fully recedes in some areas. texas governor greg abbott has declared a disaster in 31 counties. so you can see that this is a very widespread event impacting thousands and thousands of texans. back to you. melissa: wow, casey, thank you for that report. david? david: here is a story we've been following very closely. venz friends collapsing. citizens desperate as ever -- venezuela. take a listen. [shouting] a group of protesters made a run for the presidential palace. as you can see they were chanting we want food in spanish. prices are skyrocketing there as the nation faces inflation. it is close to 1000% despite
4:27 pm
rigid price controls. a dozen eggs on the black market in venezuela now cost 150 bucks, if you can get it. melissa: right. david: another abysmal jobs report. only 38,000 jobs added, much less than expected but the president says nothing is wrong with the economy. steve forbes is going to give us his take. melissa: but first reports of an illegal immigrant smuggling ring bringing middle-eastern immigrants to the u.s. sheriff paul babeu, talks to us now about how to stop this. he is here after the break. >> two or three make it through. that is back of the napkin math. if you catch one afghan with tear right ties you can assume others have gotten through. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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david: donald trump is playing in full view right now. he is moving fast. we said before the break they could be sooner. it could literally be any minute as we hear air force one music. remember that film? that's the new sake they use as trump arrives. he will probably say a lot about what happened in san jose where it turns into an essential riot by anti-trump protesters. melissa: over 30 campaign events in five days. hillary and bill had the campaign trail and california
4:32 pm
yesterday as she battles bernie sanders neck-and-neck for the nomination. we are now four days away from the california primary but she's getting a little worried about losing. robert gray joins us from a women for hillary events were she spoke just hours ago. robert what did she have to say? >> hey walesa no mention of the melee with the trump protesters. a campaign spokesman was on twitter earlier saying they don't do that within his campaign but focusing largely not unexpectedly on gender equality women issues in the speech here today and also of course taking a little bit of time to rehash prestige in san diego yesterday when she lashed out at donald trump. >> i believe absolutely that he is not only unprepared to be president, he is temperamentally unfed to the president. [applause]
4:33 pm
he doesn't really have ideas. he just engages in rants and personal spews and outright lies , something that our country cannot afford in a commander-in-chief. david talked about whether or not this could be a her grabs. grabs. the polls of certainly narrowed down to two points and many of them, take a look at the "l.a. times" poll that showed actually bernie sanders leading hillary among eligible voters although unlikely voters hillary still has an edge. this could get down to the wire. she has three more visits a day and she and president clinton putting on some 30 events in a weeks time when all is said and done by tuesday's valid. that team the studio. melissa robert thank you for that report. david: change in forne fighting for california doug show in back with us. he was governor as indiana and senator of indiana and the governor did not raise taxes one bit.
4:34 pm
governor, what happens if hillary wins to his socialist in california? >> first of all david thank you for the shout out. you know california is going to be very close. it looks like it could go either way. doug. an interesting piece i'm sure he's going to recount in "the wall street journal." david: governor don't avoid the question. >> he gets bragging rights and the delegates. that math doesn't change. it really comes down to whether a lot of the superdelegates start jumping ship and changing their minds. it's technically possible. think personally it's unlikely so david to answer your question directly the bottom line is that helps the david truck trump -- donald trump. >> dug other then evan sarkar would have been the perfect candidate there aren't many democrats a poll from the center
4:35 pm
but evan sarkar sarkar and the vice president and what would be the scenario? he talks about this, what would be the scenario in which the vice president becomes the next democrat? >> first look media a david there are two of us on this broadcast to think evan bai would be a great president. and certainly evan has served his country extremely well. but to answer your question direct way, if evan is wrong and if there was, if the fbi found some culpability among secretary clinton or her senior staff and the superdelegates did turn against her, then and under that circumstance there is the possibility that the vice president could get into the race but as i tried to argue in that piece these are all possibilities not probabilities. david: if you could put a% on
4:36 pm
that you are talking if hillary loses califo may be a 25% chance that she could lose the nomination? >> i think there's got to be something else. bernie sanders has to succeed in getting the superdelegates to evolve. we have to hear something from the fbi before the convention so it's hard to put a percentage on it but let's just say if hillary does lose california as i think it's evan suggested possible we could see a dramatic tumult in the democratic party. david: governor bayh have to ask what happened in san jose last night because we haven't seen anything like this in my mind since 1968 at the democratic convention. we saw violence in the streets as a means of trying to come to some kind of a political solution. you think we are going to see more of that or doesn't get worse quest is hillary herself need to speak out. i know her campaign -- campaign ads but she has not as of yet spoken out against the violence.
4:37 pm
>> i hope we don't see more of that. there's no place for that in our politics. david: does she have to come out and say something specifically against this? >> if it continues i'm sure she will david and the irony is that protesters are throwing eggs at trump supporters. the irony of it is they only helped donald trump it i think your average independent america looks at this as who are these hooligans? >> take a second look at trump. david: offender bayh and doug thank you. appreciate it. melissa: donald trump taking the mic and redding california. let's listen in. >> i want to thank you all. we just got some very bad news, the worst jobs report in six and a half years, okay? i don't know if you saw that, 38,000 jobs. it's going the wrong way folks. they are playing games. it's going the wrong way. the labor participation.
4:38 pm
fell to 62.6 which is one of the worst in many, many years. so we know what we are doing. we are going to turn it around and make america good again and bring back our jobs. we are going to bring back our jobs and we are going to bring them back fast so you remember the 1237, right? the said oh i don't think trump will reach it. i said don't worry about it we are going to reach it easy. who would have thought we reached it long before hillary clinton? you can't close the deal. she can't close it. she is working hard and she can't close it with bernie. we love our bernie, don't we? i will tell you what what ms she is thin and the people that are with bernie don't want to vote for her. they want to vote for trump a lot of them. you saw that poll that just came out. [applause] whether you like bernie or not he's right about one thing,
4:39 pm
trade is a disaster for our country. that's the one thing he's right about. the trade deals that our country makes aren't absolute disaster. look at all those people over there. it's crazy. wow. [applause] you know i perceive camera guys would. >> it around. they are so dishonest it's unbelievable. it's 100 something degrees out here to have his number of people. are we happy to be here? [cheers and applause] and by the way on june 7, you have to get out and vote because you know we are setting records. we have party broken a record in all fairness, we have already broken it. i like that cat. he has the same cat i have on. hunters, the nra. the nra gave me the endorsement, you saw that. they are great people. they are great people. they gave me the earliest endorsement i think they have ever given to anybody.
4:40 pm
the national rifle association folks we are going to protect your 2nd amendment, believe me. we will protect your 2nd amendment. i love you too. a nice guy over there, big strong guy, i love you. but i love you. we have had an incredible period of time. june 16 we started and it's been an amazing ride. all over the world they are talking talking about it pretty is a movement. they say they have never seen anything like it. the biggest crowds of anybody by far. the other night bernie had 3000 i had 17,000. think of it. [applause] and they talked about me donald trump made a speech never mentioned a number people and they talked about bernie. bernie has a massive crowd of 3000 people. it's really come i will tell you what the press is so biased against us. but you know what i really believe we have the numbers. i really believe it.
4:41 pm
they used to call it the silent majority. now i think we are going to call it the noisy majority. we are not silent anymore, folks. we are not silent. and did you see last night in san jose we had an amazing packed crowd. it was packed and it was incredible. they had the basketball game on which is you know that area, the san francisco gang and we had some crowd. it was absolute incredible and it was a love fest, no problems whatsoever. we went on and we spoke and we had a good time for an hour. i said i want to get you guys have to see, so you can see the san francisco team, the warriors who won. but i wanted to get them out and they said we don't want to get out. we had just an amazing time. that was it, we wrapped up and everybody was cheering like crazy forever. then they walked out and they
4:42 pm
get accosted by a bunch of thugs burning the american flag, burning the american flag. and you know what they are? they are thugs. build that wall, you are right. [chanting] we are going to build the wall, folks. don't even think about it. you know a lot of people, you saw i have gotten a lot of endorsements and paul ryan just endorsed me and mitch mcconnell's everybody that we have a lot of support. we have chairmen to support. when you think in the history of our party, more votes than anybody that has ever done this before. think of it, thanks. more than dwight eisenhower. he won the second world war, more than ronald reagan who we all love. more than anybody and we got a lot of endorsements and we are very popular now within the party.
4:43 pm
the poles are coming out showing we are doing very well and winning in some cases. the fox poll came out a few days ago and we are winning by three points. we are beating hillary. did you see? [applause] did you see that phony speech she made yesterday? people think, did she speak well? she has a teleprompter here and there. did you ever notice, donald trump is a bad man. donald trump is a bad tone. we need a tough tone in this country, folks. we don't need this kind of stuff anymore. she said i don't like the tone of donald trump. that was a while ago. she said i don't like his tone and i'm saying to myself, chopping off peoples heads, they are killing us at the border, our country is a mess. we have the worst jobs report in six and a half years. a labor participation rape you
4:44 pm
are talking about decades of disaster. people are making less money now than they made 18 years ago when working harder. and i'm supposed to have a nice tone. hello everybody, how's everything? we are going to bring back our jobs. we are going to take our country back. we are going to run it properly folks and you were going to be proud of your country again. and you know they do research. good, i like that. usa, usa, usa. i like that, i like that. california, good place. by the way i'm going to play heavy in california. i think we can win it. we get crowds like this all over the place. they didn't even give you a hangar. melissa: this is donald trump and redding california where it is very warm. david: it is over 100 degrees
4:45 pm
out there but he was really quite sympathetic to the supporters who have been out there for a while because he was a little late. melissa on the theme of the wall a troubling report from the "washington times" detailing a smuggling network ringing illegals from the middle east across the u.s. border including one afghan man who was allegedly part of a terror plot. pinal county sherak from paul babeau is joining us now. i first of all i want to go back to the story about the person who got over t border. looking at the details, he know he was with a group who is paid to smuggle them in from mexico. they went underneath the border fence. originally his name brand -- was run through terrorist screening basing came through not as an dangerous individual and they went through a second database the data mark environment database and that's when they i figured out he was linked to
4:46 pm
terror. how common do you think this is? >> i can tell you that what is troubling, one person, one terrorist is concerning that we have had justin is one report 12 different individuals that came from hotbed countries of interest in the middle east and the fact that these are just the ones we know of, so we shouldn't feel protected or more at ease. we should feel more alarmed, the fact that we have had 80 to 120,000 plus illegals that have come across this border just here in this part of arizona, this proves that the border is not secure and that we have to make this a priority for national security. no longer just about illegal immigrants, no longer about the drug cartels where fighting in my state, it's about national security and stopping terrorists. melissa: and there somebody different issues at play here. he really touched a because on
4:47 pm
the left a lot of times they try to make an issue about race and immigration with the rule should be from aggression and then there's the whole conversation about drugs and violence coming out of the border but this is another layer is even more terrifying. we know every terrorist group is trying every way they can to get into this country. in this case they crawled under a fence. what do you think would have made a difference in the physical sense? >> well what donald trump has been talking about. i'm a retired army officer as well. other countries, israel secured their orders. i have helped build double barrier fences south of san diego in north of tijuana and it works. we need technology to complement those barriers with infrared cameras, lighting and also censors and more important than even defenses how about this novel concept of enforcing the law? right now there is no law
4:48 pm
because this president barack obama has waived the law and he doesn't want to secure the border because he says larger threat to our national security is not isis, is not an unsecured border but it's global warming. to show you how screwed up the priorities of our nation are right now. >> i hate to cut it short but we had that speech the border took up a lot of our time. i hope you'll come back very soon. >> of course i will. david: breaking newspaper reported within talking about those violent protests last night against donald trump in san jose. hillary clinton speaking in an interview just now finally responding personally to the inside trunk protesting quote i condemn all violence in our political arena. i condemned it when donald trump was inciting it and congratulating people who were engaging in it. again i'm quoting her. by those who are taking violent protest to physical assault against donald trump, this has to end. finally hillary herself her
4:49 pm
campaign came out against the violence. people were waiting for her to do the same and she just did. we were expecting 170,000 jobs created in may and guess what? we got 38,000 that the president claims the academy is great. steve forbes raking down the truth behind the numbers. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
workers a worse month for job growth in the most six years but the president claims the economy strong. here to weigh in steve forbes media chairman and editor-in-chief. it's just appears that president is living in a bubble. how can you look at the jobs figure that comes in so short as short as this one did and say the economy is fine? >> one coming as an bubble land and after seven and a half years saying prosperity is around the corner he is not going to stop now cause they knows is going to hurt the party prospects in november if he acknowledge is the obvious that the economy has not done very well under him. you have a team for eight years he can't keep saying it was worse when he took over. combine you were supposed to get it back. david: steve is a baseball fanatic but you look at the wage to clients in the united states and this is what is hitting people. this is why most people when you see the polls think we are still in a recession. just one community in particular he was speaking in indiana when he was saying the economy was
4:54 pm
fine, and kokomo indiana we have seen wage declines of 13.5% since 2000. this is similar at to where is happening elsewhere in the country. >> that's why we have the political scene that we have today. people feel things are not going in the right direction and the authorities don't know what they are doing. they are oblivious to what is truly unfolding in half the country incomes are no better today than they were 10 years ago and no prospect of it getting better. people want to blow the place up. david: in the case of kokomo, declines double-digit. pew research came out with a new survey particularly in the midwest and we have seen double digit declines in income and wages. >> what we have today is what the president wanted the western european-style economy low or no growth high unemployment among young people, low labor force participation. rate and he wanted western europe and these got it. david: make america great again
4:55 pm
and it i don't mean to credit trump because he happened upon this but he really understands it very many people think america is not as good as he used to be because they're not making as much as they used to. >> more than that the country seems to be in decline. they look around the world and it's falling apart and they wonder where do we go from here? you can disagree with trumps descriptions but the diagnosis is right on. what was amazing in the whole process was his opponents never hit. what were their prescriptions? they had an idea but they never put them out there forcibly. reagan and tax cuts back in 1980. that's why if we had the election today trump would win. dave: david: you and i are going to be talking jobs a lot more live on "fox news" tomorrow morning. this is a two-hour special. it starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on "fox news" channel.
4:56 pm
we will funnel forbes into the two are period. one of the most prestigious universities, john milton or alexander pope. those guys all have something in common. can you guess what it is? we will tell you, next.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
david: shakespeare's classics may not have a home come yale university calling for the english department to do away with a requirement for english majors to take two courses studying shakespeare and john milton because those poets are white males. steve forbes is back with us. steve it makes you wonder whether these colleges are worth what you pay for them? the ivy leagues. >> in grade school you were taught don't judge a book i is covering up these alleged students are saying judge judge writers by the color of their skin. there a current and they are ill educated and i'm shocked that you the men.
5:00 pm
david: you are princeton grad. are they the same there? >> i don't think so but i feel sorry for you even though it's an inferior institution. david: you wonder whether you get the value for that diploma that you pay for. steve, thank you. risk and rewards starts right now. >> oh my god. >> violent scenes yesterday as people were leaving a trump rally in san jose, california. a big move in the markets as well after huge jobs on this recession fears being renewed. this is risk and reward. i am deidre. if an ugly scene in california. several hundred protesters targeted donald trump supporters after his rally. a young woman and a trump shirt was surrounded blocked from


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