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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 6, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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country and he just came here as an immigrant. >> big shoutout to uncle tony who was there normandy beach. maria: we'll leave it there. thank you for at that sentiment. thank you, anthony scaramucci and kevin kelly. tomorrow, same time, same place. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: a big shout out to my late father, too, he was sweeping the english channel of mines on d-day, that's where he was. maria: beautiful, stu. stuart: and welcome to-- tongue-tied. welcome the new week. et cetera going -- it's going to be big. money and politics are moving big. donald trump is taking heat the ethnicity of judges riles up republicans and gives ammunitions to democrats. that's what hillary clinton is doing, an attack ad going after trump on judges using republican voices.
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and she's tied with bernie sanders in tomorrow's all important primary. she is in the fight of her life. and bernie, he says he keeps going no matter what. it will be a contested convention, he says. democrats divided. trump needs damage control and, maybe, does janet yellen. she speaks today and how does she raise interest rates when the report shows an economy in deep trouble. and lest we forgot today was d-day, germany surrendered. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ let's start with this, dramatic new video from ukraine this morning. police-- they're dragging him out of the pan van there and pulling him out of a car, a suspected terrorist.
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this guy and others, i believe, were planning attacks and look at the weapons. ashley: that's what they found in the back of his van. apparently, ukrainian intelligence agency has been following this guy since last december. they allowed him to purchase five machine guns and two rocket propelled grenades and a cache of weapons including a ton of tnt. could do a lot of damage. now, is this linked to isis? the ukraine says no, he's an ultra nationalist, they say, who is upset with france's immigration policy, the open door policy. if he wanted to wreak havoc in protests. he's on the other side. what have french authorities said, they haven't said a whole lot. they were cynical and how much was shared between ukraine and france was dubious at best and they're saying, wait a minute, we're learning about this guy and unsure what it's about. stuart: the bottom line, you can do damage with an arsenal
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like that. ashley: a lot of daniel. stuart: let's check out the market. we'll be up a little bit. 50 points maybe, this is about janet yellen and what she's going to do with interest rates. she speaks at 12:30 eastern time this lunchtime. remember that lousy jobs report on friday. is she still going to raise rates after that? we'll find out. how about whole foods, it was down 15%, but barron's says they're due for a rebound: how about wal-mart, biggest retailer in the world, drones replacing warehouse workers and uber and lyft, delivering groceries. it's going to be up. look at oil, there's a story for you. very close to $50 a barrel all over again. another story that could effect the market. there's a new poll that shows the brits want to leave europe, 45% to 41%. my question is, i don't think
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that most of our viewers are interested in that. what impact on the market? >> there's going to be volatility. those who want to leave in the polls indicate they're gaining ground and the bookies over there are saying that move to leave the eu by britain is gaining found. what will happen here, as ashley is reporting. there's tremendous volatility vis-a-vis of pound dropping and sterling dropping versus the dollar. stuart: if the brits leave. ashley: so, close. ashley: yeah. stuart: what happens to wall street the day after. ashley: volatility and the pound will drop like a rock. it's going to be initially very, very volatile and it's very, very close. stuart: more on this later. donald trump is not backing off his attacks on the judge in the trump university case. and now, hillary's capitalizing on those comments with a new ad. roll tape. >> we're building a wall.
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he's a mexican. >> how dare he question a judge's responsibility, a judge's adherence to the constitution because he is of mexican descent? >> i couldn't disagree more. stuart: governor mike huckabee is here. most republicans want to rein him in. can you and other republicans do it? >> look, i don't think that anybody reins donald trump in. o do. if i were giving him advice, and he's not asked for. here is what it would be. turn the fact this is a civil case, he's under no criminal investigation like hillary is, she's under a criminal investigation for things she did with taxpayer dollars. this is a civil case. it's thousands of pages. it's complicated and quite frankly-- >> governor, i'm sorry to interrupt you, but why does he have to go there at all? most people don't really care that much about the trump
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university case and besides, he had this wonderful, for him, the jobs report showing the economy's in real trouble. he could have gone after that. hillary clinton is in deep trouble with that, and he could of gone after that. he chases down the mexican judge. is this man beyond control? >> i don't think it's that. i think he's a man of great passion, if something hits him personally, he hits back personally and i think that's what's going on. again, let me finish and say if i were giving advice, here is what it would be. this whole thing is about the trump university. look, i think he ought to be asking this question, two kids go to harvard, one becomes an astro physicist and every day having spent $400,000 to get the degree. asked questions, how do we get to mars. the other kid going to harvard, asking question, would you like room at the top as he's working at starbucks as a barista.
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did that person get the value that he or she wanted. and-- >> sir, i think you're underestimating the damage that donald trump may be doing to himself. last word to you. >> well, i don't think that this is ultimately what people are going to use as a criteria to vote for president. they're concerned about their jobs, their future, their security. and they know that hillary clinton doesn't provide that and they believe donald trump will. it's going to come down to that. stuart: all right. governor, we always like to see you bright and early on a monday morning. i don't know where you are, but i suspect it's a lot earlier than 9:00 eastern time. thanks for joining us as always, sir. >> great to be with you. stuart: i'm going to get to bernie sanders now. he's not going away. he's talking about a contested convention, watch this. >> if i am not the nominee and we are going to fight to become the nominee. it's secretary clinton's job to explain to those people why she should be--
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why she should get their support and that means she's going to have to address their needs and make convincing argument to them. how is it she's getting huge amounts of money from wall street and other powerful interest. >> the wall street journal says that the bernie sanders camp is split. true believers who want him to stay no matter what. and there are those who want him so beat donald trump. >> tommy bruce is here. >> just yesterday, that his supporters are going to be toast. this is not the way to speak about people you want to win over. there's an indication of attention. i think how california goes is going to inform his team how much longer it can go on. stuart: wait a second, he says
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he stays in even if he loses california. >> everybody says that because they've got a big election coming up. i tell you, the results tomorrow will make the determination, you've got to say that. you want to be able to win. he's won states nobody thought he could. the polls generally have been wrong with him like they've been generally wrong with mr. trump. i think after tomorrow we're going to see, but it's about competition. i think it makes him better, it makes the democrats better, you see an actual competition. and it exposes, in a certain way, the rigged nature of the system. this is about politics, it's about fighting for what you believe in, and if anybody does that well, it's the bernie sanders supporters and he owes them one. stuart: over the weekend i saw los angeles donors 7 million of them in the los angeles times. 28% of bernie's money, one in every four dollars comes to him from people outside the work force.
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retirees, students and unemployed. who do they vote for if bernie is not the candidate, i don't think he will be, hillary or to donald trump, another outsider. >> this is why the economy will be number one and what the left has always done, creating sections of society where they feel no hope or no way to look for the future. it's going to be donald trump that articulates that better than hillary clinton could because her nature isn't one to be able to reach into that. that's where they're going to respond to and where the general election is. it doesn't sit with your conversation with governor huckabee, the nuance of the politicalization of the watch. it's about the economy. stuart: i think you're right. watch out, florida, here comes trouble, tropical storm colin expected to make landfall this afternoon near tampa and the florida panhandle. three to five inches of rain, maybe up to eight inches
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possible in some parts of western florida, eastern georgia and then up the coastal areas of the carolinas. all the way through. it's a big one and it's-- >> it's a big blow. stuart: i'm not sure when was the last time something of that magnitude made florida liz: this is pretty early for this to happen. stuart: it is, but it maybe the first time in years on landfall. it's monday morning and where are we going to open the stock market? janet yellen at the center of it all. remember that lowsy jobs report on friday, she will address that today at 12:30, lunchtime, eastern time. and then it's possible the british exit from the european union. oh. tammy is cheering that on. >> margaret thatcher is smiling down right now. come on. stuart: 51 points higher. plus, donald trump and karl rove holding a meeting, a secret meeting?
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what is that all about? we'll ask karl rove becauses' next and ask to ask him about trump continued attacks by the judge. >> most people don't care about it, when i respond and talk about how bad the jobs picture is and how bad our country is doing, i talk about all of this. the only thing they pick up is the fact that i'll say something about, you know, the trump university case. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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what's in your wallet?
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>> this is starwood before the market opened. it's going to be down a little bit. they're building two new hotels in saudi arabia. that's not affecting the stock, but the stock is up 20% this calendar year so far. how about apple? it's going to be flat at the opening bell this morning at the $97 level. hou however, we have an apple bull on the show who says 200 a share and might take longer than he originally said. he'll make his case, a couple
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of minutes from now. mark zuckerberg and linkedin guy over the weekend, their accounts were hacked. . ashley: zuckerberg's twitter and pinterest accounts were attacked. and they easily found his simplistic password and it was dadadada was zuckerberg's password. stuart: it shows that anybody can-- >> it's mark zuckerberg. anybody can be hacked, including hillary clinton's private server liz: including hillary clinton, there you go. stuart: i'm going to get back to politics. donald trump, we hear, held a secret meeting with karl rove and karl rove is here. carl, by the way, is the author
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of the book, the triumph william mckinley. karl, welcome to the program. is it okay for me to ask what you talked about with donald trump? will you tell us? >> well, it's okay for you to ask, but i'm not going to tell you. no, we had-- >> are you trying to get together, get the two sides together, were you? >> well, i was asked to meet with him by a mutual friend and happy to do so. we met for about two hours at the apartment of steve wynn our mutual friend, the las vegas casino and hotel owner, and we had a cordial conversation for about two hours. stuart: now, this thing about the judge, the so-called quote, mexican judge, and also can a muslim judge be impartial, that's not making it easier for you and donald trump to get back together again, is it? >> well, that's not important. what is damaging, in helping him move forward and particularly in helping him make inroads into the latino
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community. mitt romney lost nationwide when he had 27% support among latinos. george bush won nationwide when he got 44%. i think there's a relationship between those numbers and the outcomes, and it doesn't help donald trump when he takes a guy who was born in indiana to parents who immigrated legally from mexico and calls him a mexican. how do you think it makes people who are mexican americans feel, someone who was born on u.s. soil is dismissed by u.s. soil as a, as a mexican, as opposed to an american, and b, simply because of where his parents came from, to be opposed to donald trump because of his views on the wall. what donald trump was doing is giving license to any latino vote against him because he himself says if you're mexican, you don't like my wall, and there fore, you know, you're against me in the court of law
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and they'll say i'll be against you in the ballot booth if he keeps that up. stuart: you sat down with him a couple of hours, can you answer questions why he did this? because last week, we had a terrible report on jobs which would seem to favor his candidacy, there were more revelations in hillary's e-mail scandal which again seems to favor donald trump's candidacy. he's got all of this material to go at. instead he goes off on a tangent on a mexican judge and maybe a muslim judge. why does he do that? any idea? >> it's worse than you depicted, he also obscured the fact that he had an endorsement from paul ryan last week, and also stepped on the news about his having raised $6 million for veterans. and that damage in part by being angry when talking with the press about it, rather than, sharing the triumph what
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he'd done on behalf of the veterans groups and mocking the press for thinking he wouldn't get the job done of raising $6 million. so, it's -- i don't get it. i thought one of the most articulate explanations why this was wrong was done interestingly enough by one of his great supporters, house speaker newt gingrich yesterday on fox news, here in the united states we do not classify people as, up know, as foreigners, when they're born in the united states of america. if you want to call him a name, call him a hoosier. stuart: it doesn't sound like you had much agreement in the meeting with donald trump? >> no, no, that's mistaken. we had a cordial conversation, just we didn't talk-- it occurred ten days ago or nearly two weeks ago so happened well before the incident of last week. stuart: i appreciate you coming on the show this morning, thank you, karl rove. >> you're welcome, stuart. stuart: and charges against the parents whose child fell into
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with the gorilla? is it a case of neglect? judge napolitano on that.
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>> they act as if name calling is an acceptable substitute for thoughtful debate. as if anger and intolerance
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should be the default state rather than optimism and openness. here in america we don't give into our fears, we don't build up walls to keep people out. >> the first lady michelle obama taking aim at donald trump without mentioning his name. tammy, i think she also took issue with the founding fathers. >> yeah, it's interesting, she mentioned opera mentioned optimism. it didn't seem to be optimistic, it was filled with resentment. she took issue with the founding fathers, they never would have expected me to be here. and people laughed. and alexander hamilton, benjamin franklin, promoted abolition of slavery. and this is a nation when giving a speech should be about uplifting optimism who we've-- how much better we've done. instead she was building her own wall between the races and
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between americans and that's unfortunate message. stuart: thank you, tammy bruce. listen to this resounding no vote in switzerland for a plan that would have given citizens a guaranteed monthly income of $2500. sounds like a rejection of socialism to me. >> yes, resounding rejection of it. stuart: watch out, the opening bell is next.
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. .
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stuart: monday morning june 6, d day for all you youngsters. five seconds ago the opening bell is ringing. 9:30 here we go. we are up 17 odd points in the early going. ashley webster is here and so is liz mcdonald. i think he's in oregon where it is not raining. seattle. i see that town. i've been there. >> just saying. >> janet yellen speaks this afternoon, how can she raise interest rates after such a lousy job's report friday? scott, to you first. she's not going to raise
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interest rates, is she? scott: she will walk back some of the things she said going into the report. number three is what are we going to do to make things better. she has really nothing left to do anything with what we've got. i'm confused as this, how come -- it's not interest rate, stuart. it has to do with growth and legislation. i don't know if it's up to her right now. she's in a bad spot. stuart: she has announced the failed obama and can't stop right now before election and all the rest of the stuff in the economy. she cannot raise rates now, quickly to you, scott. scott: but what's irritating me this morning is the fact that a lot of the folks see bad numbers, one number doesn't make a policy, how about it was just as good as it was bad? so it's very frustrating what we
9:32 am
are looking to do here and clearly we are biased one way. stuart: kate, i go to you new york city interest rate hike in the immediate near future, do you agree? >> i remain convinced that they are two-course raised rates. they have to lower them in 2017. >> another one and done. >> economic data is worse than said. >> another one and done, that's what you're going to see. stuart: that's your opinion? >> yeah. stuart: way out there after the election. there's a poll in britain which suggest it is people who want to leave europe are now leading the people who want to stay in europe. 45-41. that's the poll. my question, ashley, if they leave and the vote is in three week's time, what happens to our stock market here? ashley:
9:33 am
ultimately will dust will settle. the pound is going to sink by some estimates by 10% but will recover. this is -- the issue is those who want to remain say we are going to lose business, lose investments whereas those that want out have been hammering on the immigration issue. >> the former mayor of london cracking down on merger, stopping businesses from growing. he's saying get out in order for britain to grow. stuart: if the brits say yes, two weeks from today, what happens to our stock market here? >> ashley is right, we are going to see volatility. we have to remind ourselves this, most countries around the world aren't in the european union.
9:34 am
most don't share the values that they want immigration. ultimately it'll be okay but it's going to be we are going to see volatility before it's all said and done. stuart: i don't think it's not about economy and job, i think it was about sovereignty. let the brits rule the brits. $130, 97,000, keith, you still think it's going to hit $200 a share, when? >> i tell you what, i used to think it was within 12 months, it's 24 to 36 and here is why, tim cook says no and i have to go with the ceo on this one. that's where the future is. the public doesn't recognize that yet and i think investors for that very reason are bailing out, they're not selling as many iphones and devices.
9:35 am
i may live to regret this. [laughter] stuart: what's the big problem with apple? >> they face really smartphones sold by competitors. that's a big deal. stuart: this is in india? 15 to 30-dollar smartphone. >> there's a number of manufacturers moving on this front. stuart: there's 19 chinese makers in india. amazon, we follow that thing very closely and look at it go. this is monday morning and we are now at 728, 729. up another 3 bucks this morning. this is a life-time high. you've never seen amazon at that level before and jeff bezos made another half billion dollars just like that. [laughter] stuart: i know that you're laughing, keith but that's a
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money machine that he's spending all over the place. >> that stock is going 1% up. if you're not on board, you're going to get behind. stuart: move over star wars. >> now top four, four movies that broke the mark, disney owns captain america and frozen. espn, that's what really drives the stock here, performance and media segment. not really the movie segment. stuart: out of all big names monday morning we are going to go through them for you. how about netflix to start with, the stock has come down this calendar year. reaching $100 a share. facebook has been up about 13% this year. up a fraction this morning. twitter, now there's a stock, 13
9:37 am
level a couple of weeks and now struggled 15.26. wal-mart up 4% this year. 71 this morning. up a fraction. mcdonalds still about 10 bucks shy of all-time high but a little higher this morning and overall market. macy's beaten down not this morning but not much either. macy's at 34. ge, your gran dad's company, struggled to $30 a share as of now. ibm, another grand dad story, i shouldn't say that, 1.53, up 53 cents. big names except for amazon flat this morning. gm cat lack division is betting on virtual dealerships. >> what cadillac is doing is not working, they have far more stores than any other luxury retailers and yet despite the fact that they have far more
9:38 am
they are selling fewer vehicles. you put on a head set and convert a portion of 925 stores and go into show rooms and you can learn anything about the cars and services available. this is a way to the future. >> i thought the auto bailouts were for the dealerships. this is a big fight in the election between hillary clinton bernie sanders wasn't for the autobailout. it was to help businesses, dealerships throughout. watch this movement. the markets are fixing something. stuart: nicole, we will be back to you shortly. i want to move to tesla. elon musk runs tesla. >> richest country in the world, because of oil. now this is a country that's saying we are going to do away
9:39 am
with gas power and diesel-powered cars in ten years. what an amazingly country norway is. now the report says that all four political parties agree to this long-term policy, however, two of the parties came out today and said, what, we never agreed to this. [laughter] stuart: what do you make of norway say nothing gasoline fired cars by 2025? >> i would say be careful what you wish for. everybody has all the grand plans and great ideas and when they come to fruition maybe you have to pay seven times more. sometimes people don't think it all the way through and i say be careful what you wish for. stuart: we appreciate it. switzerland minimum income for
9:40 am
all citizens? ashley: 265 for every adult. they knew this wasn't going to pass. yes, votes 23%. interesting. is that a vote against socialism, yes, you can say that. stuart: last word to keith and scott, what do you think of minimum income? >> sign me up. work is what makes the world go round and this is how the government gets funded. >> i know where to start. it's absolutely sickening that they took public money to even have a vote. how do we have a vote on that? it makes me sick. stuart: it's like california. you get enough signatures on a ballot and bingo, you have a
9:41 am
referendum on an issue. scott: unbelievable. >> california is european, is that what you're saying? [laughter] stuart: we do appreciate it. we are up 54 points as expected this is the way it was pointing before we opened up 55, 17.8. hillary clinton dodges scandal. andrew napolitano says she lied. remembering muhammad ali, starting next hour with the current wvc champion. how is this for a headline, three million immigrant came here in the last two years, more than a million of them illegally, immigration visases are weapons in the hands of terrorists.
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stuart: look at this, wild fire outside los angeles forced 5,000 people to leave their homes. it is now 80% contained. it started saturday in calabasas, home to many celebrities actually. look at that, 500 acres over the weekend. firefighters started allowed owners to return to their homes. 5,000. we are up 65 points. that is the high of the day. now take a look at the gun stocks, remember fbi says the number of background checks fail in may, how many? >> interesting down to 1.86 million which to see seems like a lot but not compared to
9:46 am
the beginning of the year, we were averaging 2 and a half, 2.6 million background checks per month. we dropped down to 1.86. investors have been worried about the stocks that the demand cannot keep up their pace. stuart: more troubling headlines on immigration, number one, the washington times reporting a smuggling ring bringing illegal immigrant into the u.s. 2.1 illegal immigrants. you have a bill concerning visa security, got it. let's supposed it passes and i think it will pass the house, maybe the senate. the president is going to veto, isn't he? >> well, stuart, he may very well, remember because the president won't do his job doesn't mean that we shouldn't do ours. it's the same president that says he's going to veto the national defense bill because we are down to 272 ships, he we
9:47 am
wanted to deactivate one 12th of the ship. he's also the same president that wants to veto that bill when we talked about one out of four navy strike fighters. we have to do our job, if the american people do their job we will get a republican president. stuart: this does support the idea of donald trump's wall, doesn't it? congress hasn't been able to do much, the president has tried to bring in more people. nothing has really happened in many years. the illegals are still coming in. it gives force to build a wall, doesn't it? >> not only that, if you build the wall but you leave out of the gates open which this administration has done, then the wall won't do its job. the other important thing to remember most of the viewers look at television are seeing people coming across the border,
9:48 am
last year we allowed 10 million to come in here on visas that we approved, many with incomplete applications, without doing proper checks. when you look at 9/11, san bernardino, individuals that came on approved visas. stuart: you want to tighten that up, visa tightening? >> if you don't have your application complete, you shouldn't come in. if you're coming from one of these countries with high risk of terrorism, we have review for those people to come no. we know that if we check all the databases, we can check what people have done in the past but no projection of what they're doing to do in the future. we think these are common sense things that'll make this whole process a lot safer for americans. stuart: randy forbes, republican of virginia. we appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you, stuart.
9:49 am
stuart: britain, they vote later this month on whether to leave the european union. a lot has to do with immigration. hillary clinton addressing her e-mail scandal. judge napolitano saying she lied. he's next. ou. philips sonicare. ou. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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stuart: we are up almost 100 points on the dow. i don't think the market believes janet yellen is going raise rates. we could be on dow 18,000 with the way we are going. the split of car rental and equipment rental businesses. apparently that's good news for global holding. up 4%. would you look at this? amazon at 730. 731 earlier. the seventh all-time high this year. and now hillary clinton addressing her ongoing e-mail scandal again. she insists she only did what former secretary of states have done in the past. roll tape. >> i thought that the report actually made it clear that the practice i used was used by other secretaries, other
9:54 am
high-ranking state department officials. stuart: judge andrew napolitano who did not hear anything that hillary said. >> i've heard it in the past. stuart: no more than what other secretary of states have done. i don't think this advances her position. >> no, it's very dangerous for her to be saying that the fbi believes is a lie at this stage of the investigation. she is within weeks of her interrogation by the fbi. the worst possible thing to jin them up. proves there's no defense for what she did. i did the same thing powell did, general powell answered a few dozen emails from g-mail account and didn't use personal server. remember what she did, moved all
9:55 am
the e-mail traffic, public and secret to personal server. that's exposing secrets to hackers. stuart: would you mind me throw something at you out of the blue -- >> probably throw it at me whether i mind it or not. [laughter] stuart: probably both. >> i couldn't resist. stuart: president obama in my opinion is closer politically to bernie sanders out there on the left to hillary clinton, is it possible that he would use an indictment or threat of indictment to dump hillary and go instead to bernie sanders, fellow traveler down the leftist road? i'm going to throw it at you. >> i have not heard that before. i think if mrs. clinton is indicted or not indicted and fbi agents leave evidence against her which would be mountain of
9:56 am
evidence that that would destroy candidacy it's more likely joe biden parachutes and picks elizabeth warren which would please bernie and supporters. i thought you were going to ask me about the gorilla. [laughter] stuart: okay, the participants may face charges of neglect. is that possible? >> i think the parents have suffered terribly and the choice to kill the gorilla was a morale and they did the right thing. stuart: i don't see culpability on the part of the parents. >> the babysitters. that's the argument against the parents. these people have suffered enough, they practically had a heart attack watching the kids in the hands of the gorilla.
9:57 am
stuart: well said. thank you, judge napolitano. see you at 11:00. that's where we are. that's not bad. how does janet yellen raise interest rates in an economy like this? she speaks at lunchtime today. i don't see any -- [laughter] stuart: donald trump not backing off his attacks on the federal judge presiding over the trump university case but trump's latest tweets indicates he may be shifting his focus. he's going after the pundits. california votes tomorrow. hillary and bernie dead heat. new voters registering. could that benefit bernie sanders? >> yes, it could
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: donald trump taking heat from both sides over his criticism of a federal judge. two trump surrogates join us
10:00 am
this hour. we are talking about muhammad ali, the activist, niece of martin luther king starting now. ♪ ♪ ♪ stuart: hillary clinton hoping the sun doesn't come down on her in california. [laughter] stuart: it's extremely important. hillary and bernie, they're in dead heat, more of that in just a moment. the sun is not going down on the golden state warriors. california waking up happy this morning. they dominated game two and beat cavaliers by 33 point.
10:01 am
they have a two nothing lead. onto game three nba finals wednesday in cleveland. that's a rally. 1 -- 17.9, oil is back very close to 50 bucks a barrel. oil up, stocks up. how about this? gasoline, 2.35 the national average. the cheapest it got to was a buck 69 back on february 15th. we are up 66 cents from now all the way to february 15th. gas prices above 2 bucks a gallon. it is outrageous. it shouldn't go up that much. don't complain if you own amazon stock. it's going straight up. 7.31 earlier. >> life-time high just in the past week. there's no stopping amazon. i believe it's up 8% so far this year.
10:02 am
it gained last year 118%, was the best performance stock last year right behind netflix. this is probably the growth stock at the moment. the darling of the market. stuart: when i admitted publicly that i was using amazon, that was the time to buy. [laughter] stuart: supreme court ruling to alphabet? >> these advertisers are say to go google, we are suing you, class-action status. this is what we want. you are back burnerring our ads on the internet site. we don't like that. the double-digit revenues, biggest internet ad in the world, 67 billion. google tried to toss the class-action suit complaining about it, the supreme court said no, it will stand. watch the action in google. stuart: might have impact on the stock.
10:03 am
new this hour donald trump tweeting not about the judge in the trump university case, now what's he tweeting about, ashley? ashley: this is interesting. we could say missteps, i'm getting bad marks because i have a small campaign start, the smallest, flexible, save money and number one. so he can rightly boast about that. stuart: he's going after the pundits. ashley: so too should our country. we can be great. stuart: while donald trump was tweeting that out, john kasich who has not committed to attending the convention which is in his home state, he was tweeting this. this is from kasich, quote, attacking judges based on their race and -- or religion another tactic that divides our country,
10:04 am
more importantly it is flat out wrong. here is trump earlier this morning explaining why he keeps attacking that judge. >> most people don't care about it but gets brought up by the other and respond how bad the job's picture and how bad we are doing economically, how real unemployment rate is through the roof and people don't want to talk about it, the only thing they pick up is what i say about the trump university case. thousands and thousands of people have said it's great, they took the course. by the way, they are going to be witnesses and people understand that and my supporters understand it. stuart: we have a trump campaign surrogate with us. steve, let me give you background here. i thought that donald trump was in the perfect position last week, that was that awful job's
10:05 am
report, that's bad for hillary's candidacy, there was more on the e-mail scandal, bad for hillary's candidacy, donald trump could have picked issues and go with it and instead goes out to mexican judge, can you rein this guy in? >> perhaps he made tactical errors, perhaps he has. he is though going to -- he is the floyd mayweather of campaigning. he punches you back harder. i think that you're exactly right, that's where we want to focus. stuart: you can't be happy about this, can you? he has it incoming from all sides on this. >> he is right now. this is a major nasty presidential campaigns. you're going to have good days and bad days.
10:06 am
i would say this about the judge, neither donald trump nor anyone else should assume because somebody is hispanic that they're biased against him, many hispanics and i happen to be one of them are really gravitating to his message of economic growth and so i think that's the main focus here. this trump university case is out of the cycle, slow growth is very going very much in the headlines now through november. stuart: you were antitrump and now you are for trump. was it the issue of jobs and growth that pulled you to the other side to the protrump side? >> yes, to the trump train. i was very negative on him last year because i wasn't convinced he was a conservative. in fact, he was not a conservative formally i would say. by the way, ronald reagan wasn't always a conservative but he convinced me and other conservatives that he is one of
10:07 am
them. so he frankly persuaded me and won me over and i couldn't be more enthusiastic now to support him and work for him. stuart: do you think he's going to win in november? >> i sure do. americans are hurting in the streets out there. we had the first decade in american history where we never had 3% growth. we are too great a nation to suffer. trump is resinating with the public because optimistic message and plan particularly tax cuts that's going to propel nation to economic greatness again. stuart: steve, you have to get him on the message, it's the economy, jobs, i have a plan. i should do this. [laughter] >> come forward. [laughter] stuart: please come back on the show again. we want you on the show, thank you, steve. >> thank you. stuart: california has been a record number of voter registrations leading up to tomorrow's primary, where the
10:08 am
candidates are in a statistical dead heat. i would suggest that a whole bunch for democrats, that's got to be a plus for bernie, isn't it? >> it's definitely a plus for bernie, if you look at all the polling numbers where there's an open primary, bernie does really well. we are seeing that the independents who lean left are turning out for bernie, we are going to see a big turnout and a big night for bernie. stuart: now what you do for a living other than appearing on shows like this, what you do is a get hold of audiences and put various clips of politicians in front of them and they have little dials, they like it or don't like that. what are they saying about trump university? i have a feeling that they don't care about trump university. >> i think up until now no one really cared. it was sort -- seemed like obvious attack, and people --
10:09 am
he's been through the bankruppcy criticism. right now the issue, there's a lot of people who look at him and say i question whether or not he's racist, everyone has been able to defend up to that. look at the nuance of the statement, a lot of people even on own supporters what he said was wrong, so the issue isn't trump university the issue is racism. stuart: are you prepared to say that he has gone too far? >> i could. this isn't the first time that he has done it. he had a issue in wisconsin and we are looking at one of those periods. it's like worldwide wrestling. it's all in the moment for that moment and then we move on to the next issue. stuart: i don't think he can
10:10 am
help himself. he wins hands down on the economy and jobs and after that awful job's report on friday, that's a winning issue for him. >> i really don't know why he's not talking about that. when people vote, when people think about supporting on jobs, on economy, on national security, that's where he wins. he has no business going anywhere else. that's where he should spend all of his time that's what people think make america great again means. stuart: clinton half brother, what happened? >> he was arrested for drunk driving. interestingly no one has bailed him out. he's still in custody. bail at 15,000. he's going to appear in court. >> bad timing. stuart: that has no relevance to hillary. it's an event. it's happened. >> he's been doing this stuff for years. stuart: timing isn't great, let's be honest.
10:11 am
southern california right before the california primary, hillary clinton involved. all right, thank you, lee. massive brush fire in southern california. look at that. 500 acres have been burned. in a moment you're going to get an overview so you can see more of the devastated area. 5,000 people were evacuated from their homes, look at that. that's the extent of the damage in a very wealthy area. a lot of celebrities live there. 5,000 people evacuated. we should also tell you that as of now that fire is 80% contained. that's very good news this monday morning. the passing of muhammad ali, we are talking to mlk's niece, civil right activists, all be the king's personal stories, upt my name is fred and i carve heads out of cheese.
10:12 am
it's not easy. i was once working on a bust of shaquille o'neill in swiss. i haven't worked in swiss since. everyone called me crazy. things really took off when i got my domain name from godaddy and now they're selling like hot cakes...made of cheese.
10:13 am
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10:15 am
>> i want to world to know that muhammad ali to me was the most genius, loving person the whole world. he hated nobody. he's a great champion who had conviction and love and i will see him in heaven. he will be in heaven. stuart: that was robin ali. we are all familiar with ali's success inside and outside the ring. joining us now avita king, niece of martin luther king. >> thank you, varney you and all the viewers, hello, everybody. [laughter] stuart: you met muhammad ali way back when before he became this
10:16 am
worldwide global person of real fame and power. what was he like when you first met him? >> my brother was founder and so they did so many things together and we were working for fair housing, and as we were work if. >> that fair housing in louisville, kentucky, muhammad ali came in the middle of the battle. he came to our church and i was a young girl, a young women so the young men and young ladies we are all flutter, ali, what was most impressive about him is humility. float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. he was a civil right activists.
10:17 am
stuart: the way people thought about him in the 1960's and very early 70's was completely different from the way they thought about him when he lid the olympic torch. >> absolutely. he lived through all of the decades, he was conscientious objector of the war but that did not mean he didn't love america, he loved all people, he loved america and that came through messages through the decades and so we remember him not only as muhammad ali, when i met him he was cassius clay. how could he talk and give all those things and land those punches? he was a compassionate man. he cared, him and his wife, family and children and they are very charitable people wanting
10:18 am
to make the world better. they would donate to families in need and he was incredible leader and icon. just a spiritual man. stuart: but the response when he passed over the weekend, the response around the world it was as if a head of state had died. >> he was a very wonderful statesman and it was hard to be sad because you keep having the images of all the beautiful and wonderful things he did. stuart: yes. >> all the way until he left the planet and went to heaven. just a remarkable, humble, powerful, strong, loving person, he loved america, he loved humanity, he really loved children. i just remember as a young lady and meeting muhammad ali, cassius clay, he came to our church. it was so excited.
10:19 am
stuart: that's the way i should remember him. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. i'm sure we will see you at the funeral on friday. >> well, i will be in prayer. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. thank you. there's the good news of the week, lots of good news today, by the way. 100 points up by the dow industrial. many illegal immigrant arrested for committing crimes in here back on the streets committing crimes again. we have numbers for you. they're going to shock and you remember joe the plummer, he was on the show endorsing donald trump calling him job creator and going after hillary clinton. watch this. >> been in the business world for the last 30 years, he's made giant contributions to our economy as far as providing jobs for thousands and thousands of people. e
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
>> we are just as tough as men as a commander, as a commander of my unit i'm powerful. i am dedicated and it is important that we recognize that gender does not limit us in the united states. stuart: that young lady is miss usa. she was miss dc. >> yeah. the question she was answering, the pentagon opened up all combat jobs to women, are they putting political correctness over the effectiveness of the military. she said no, women are just as powerful as men. stuart: i'm i allowed to disagree with that? >> sure, it's your opinion, it's your show. [laughter] stuart: do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, do you remember
10:24 am
joe the plummer? who could forget? got fame after confronting senator barack obama about taxes. he joined us last week. watch joe again. >> he's made giant contributions to our economy as far as providing jobs for thousands and thousands of people and the only thing hillary clinton is put private server installed. stuart: you study people's reaction to the events of the day. that was how to go after hillary clinton instead of trump going after judges for heaven sake. >> absolutely. the presumptive presidential nominee should take advice from joe the plummer eight years later. stuart: is he a plummer? lee: i don't think his name is
10:25 am
even joe. [laughter] lee: he's not wrong. what he's saying is something that would resinate with the american voter and i think you're absolutely right. that's the kind of thing that donald trump should be talking about, be going after jobs. stuart: the big california vote is tomorrow. we've got donald trump under fire, he's taking incoming from everywhere because comments about judges instead of outgoing to hillary about the e-mail and jobs. >> he needs funding. lee: he's been a master at controlling the narrative. there's been one other time where he lost the control. it's happening again. stuart: lee carter on this program june 6th said he's gone too far. lee: yeah. stuart: there's the story of the morning. >> look at that. stuart: 98 points away from dow 18,000. why is it up today?
10:26 am
janet yellen in her speech literally two hours from now is most unlikely to be raising interest rates any time soon. the market loves it. varney. nike, that's the best performer of the dow. up 82 cents. now, look at oil. almost at $50 a barrel again, that is helping the stock market. it's also helping the driller transocean lead all the stocks in the s&p 500 with 7 and a half percentage point gain. don't forget amazon. we are keyed right into it. 727 now but do remember a few minutes ago it touched new all-time record high of 731. watch that stock. folks in the south preparing for a nasty week.
10:27 am
tropical storm colin strengthening headed right to the florida panhandle. the last time a hurricane hit florida made landfall was hurricane wilma, that was way back in '05. category 3. that's a big deal for those people in its track. britain votes this month on whether or not to leave european union. it's weighing, maybe hurting the markets here a little bit, maybe a little bit. look at this, the daily mail katie hopkins, she's already cast her vote to leave, she's a brit and she's on the short shortly and she wants out of europe
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
stuart: we were going to play some music about bouncing back or turning it around -- >> want me to sing something? stuart: no, don't sing. it's true, the dow has turned around -- stop it. >> you sing? stuart: look at this, 97 points higher. looks like we are heading back towards 18,000. one of the reasons for this is the price of oil, way up again today, almost at $50 a barrel. when oil goes up, stocks tend to go up. we with also have janet yellen speaking later, and she's not likely to be raising rates. that helps the dow. it's also helping the stocks rally, chevron, exxonmobil, freeport-mcmoran, all of them moving up. and don't ever forget amazon, 728 now, it was 731 just moments
10:32 am
ago. >> right. stuart: what a stock. our next guest is fighting president obama on the bathroom issue. he's bringing a new bill before the house that would prevent schools from losing federal funding if they don't poll the president's -- follow the president's bathroom decree. congressman luke messer is with us now. so your bill would sigh, right, you can do what you like, the states can do what they like with bathrooms, and they can't take a penalty from the feds. that's what it says? >> yeah, it's really that simple. we trust our local school leaders to make the best decisions for our kids ahead of any political ideology. stuart: you're simply saying you can do what you like, but whatever you do, you don't lose fed money. >> yeah, absolutely. there's schools across america figuring this out in different ways. stuart: okay. a lot of states have joined together to say this is our business, not the fed's business. are you in tandem with them? >> yeah. essentially, the president has
10:33 am
said this initiative is about stopping bullying. what he's trying to do is bully local schools. we're going to put ap end to it with this bill. stuart: i would imagine you've got a loot of support for this in the house and the senate, and i imagine it's going to pass. i also imagine it's going to be vetoed by president obama. >> you have to stand up for what's right. who the president is matters. i can't make the president not veto the bill, but we can certainly put the right policy toward. stuart: we had a congressman on earlier that was going to reform visas, make them much tougher, okay? randy forbes, republican. and i said to him, you know, you're going to get vetoed. he said the same thing as you, you've got to keep coming back. that's what you've got to do. >> the president's an idealogue. we'll do what's right and let the chips fall where they may. stuart: how do you feel about donald trump? i don't know if you're an overt supporter of him or not, but off he goes on this tangent about judges when he could have really hit hillary hard on her e-mail
10:34 am
scandal and the obama administration on jobs. what's he up to? >> yeah. the focus of this campaign needs to be jobs. that's what people are worried about. they're worried about good paying jobs, frankly. when donald trump stays focused on that, he succeeds. by the way, that judge, he's a hoosier, right? stuart: have you got any influence over donald trump, congress in general, the republican party in general? i don't think you do. >> i think donald trump got here on his own, and we're going to see a wild ride through the coming weeks. but, again, when he focuses on jobs, he has a chance to persuade the american people. and it matters who our next president -- i sure don't want that president to be bernie sanders or hillary clinton. stuart: thanks for joining us, congressman luke messer, we appreciate it, indeed. we're going to go to europe. britain votes this month, couple of weeks' time, on whether or not to leave the european union, the leaves lead the stays 45-41.
10:35 am
our next guest has already voted. katie hopkins is a daily mail columnist, and i guarantee she voted to get out of there. i know you did. you've bonn the show before. [laughter] it seems to me that european politics is like american politics. it has been roiled by the issue of immigration. the movement -- the mass movement of people. is that at the heart of this british desire to leave europe? >> absolutely. you know, i think polls are never reliable here. we were told our general election would be neck and neck and, actually, the conservatives won by quite a majority. but here, right now, the issue that matters most where we see these polls swing, flick up so that for the first time leave is ahead which i'm very excited about. it's because of migration. and two things happened at once. we had net migration into this country of 330,000 people which is way off government targets.
10:36 am
and secondly, 18 illegal albanians arrived on our shores in a rubber dinghy. so people realize now that this isn't just about migrants crossing the med, this is now migrants crossing the english channel, and people are starting to wake up. so they've realized that english channel is not some kind of moat around our castle, that actually we're not invincible, and migrants are coming our way. stuart: if that's the general opinion in britain, how do the brits feel about donald trump who is saying something very, very similar in america? we have always been led to believe that trump is unpopular in britain aitain. what's the status of trump in britain now? >> yeah. and to be really honest with you, you know, i'm seen as being hugely unpopular in britain, so i haven't got a whole bunch of support all of the time. [laughter] i'm seen as quite extreme, but i've noticed i always came out charging in favor of donald. he's got masses of support here,
10:37 am
especially amongst the people that also support me x. i also see those little worms turning. the people that were anti-trump, the people over there that discussed banning trump from the u.k., all of a sudden they're making meetings with trump, they're talking about talking to trump, they're looking forward to welcoming trump. so actually people are starting to spin on a dial and realize that it is a possibility that trump's going to be in the white house. we could have leave europe and trump or in the white house, my life will be almost complete. [laughter] stuart: from over here -- >> also, can i just say something? stuart: yes. >> i wanted to say something. the name of your storms are rubbish. you just said you're going to have a hurricane or similar called colin. who calls a storm colin? institute stuart well, you've gone off on a tangent -- [laughter] >> i know, i'm just saying. stuart: i don't know who names these storms. >> i've never met a scary colin, not ever in my life. anyway, carry on.
10:38 am
[laughter] stuart: thank you. thank you, katie. okay. from over here boris johnson, the former mayor of london, reminds us of donald trump. is he a trump -- because he's leading, he's leading the leave campaign. i mean, you voted for this, to leave. is he -- >> yes. stuart: -- britain's donald trump? is he that guy? >> yeah. he's seen as kind of britain's donald trump. so as am i. i get called trumpkins quite a lot, which is kind of nice. but boris is really seen as our trump. he tells it really straight, he doesn't mess his words around, he's really clever with linguist ticks, intellectually agile. it's really nice to see, and i think in a time when politics is so managed, so staged, there's so many pr people, it's lovely to see someone just stand up and say, no, we're not going to take migrants into this country. we're going to have a
10:39 am
points-based migration system. we're only going to take the people we want. it's nice seeing someone stand up for britain. these are quite exciting times. stuart: well, katie, we're going to show our audience a picture of you casting your ballot firmly to leave europe, okay? we know whose side you're on. we always knew that, katie. come again, see us soon before that brexit vote. >> thank you. stuart: hillary clinton attacking donald trump for his statements about the judge in the trump university case. a trump surrogate joins us in just a moment. also, nearly a third of illegal immigrants who commit crimes will be repeat offenders once they are released, and they are released. there's a new report on that, and it's just one section of the country. fascinating stuff. ♪ ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
10:40 am
we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. ♪ ♪ >> i'm adam shapiro live outside brooklyn federal court where the infamous pharmaceutical ceo, at least former ceo, martin shkreli, will appear just before 1 p.m. this afternoon. he's going to be araped on a new charge -- arraigned on a new charge of conspiracy of securities fraud on top of the seven charges he's already pled
10:42 am
not guilty to. it is expected he'll plead not guilty to this latest charge which involves not reported appropriately his interest in stocks which he controlled at a company called retrofit. he was supposed to disclose that to investors, and he did not according to prosecutors. he'll be here at 12:45. he gained national attention when he raised the price of a drug from $15 a pail to $750. more "varney" after this.
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ ♪ stuart: there we grow. there's the music, turn the beat around, turn the market around. well, it has, up 100 points now. what are we, 93 points away from 18k. let's get back to donald trump and his attacks on a federal judge overseeing the trump university case. here's trump campaign sur date steve cortez from the top of the hour previously. watch this. >> neither donald trump, nor anyone else should assume just because somebody is hispanic that they're biased against him. many hispanics, and i happen to be one of them, are gravitating to his message of economic growth. this trump university case is a red herring that i think will
10:45 am
soon be out of the news cycle. stuart: all right. let's bring in first baptist dallas pastor robert jefferss. pastor, on this occasion has he gone too far, and is this going to hurt him? >> i think the answer is, no and no. look, i know donald trump, stuart. donald trump is not a racist, but he is a realist. he knows his position against anti-illegal immigration, he knows that that is not popular among a large segment of hispanics. they don't like the idea of the wall, and when you couple that with the fact that this judge is not only hispanic, but also the fact that he's a part of a left-wing organization that supports hillary clinton, well, i think trump has every right to question whether he can get a fair trial from this judge. stuart: well, many people have said over the past 11 months that, oh, he's gone too far. this is it. he can't do that. you're out. i mean, you just can't do that. and the support start to recede
10:46 am
for him. but you don't think at this point that's the case. you think he can just get over there, no imagine whatsoever? walks away? >> i think this will blow over very, very quickly, and people will get back to the real issues. and, look, you hear a lot of these weak gop establishment types coming out and criticizing trump. they're trying to save their own skin. and the fact is we've got to be fair about this, stuart. donald trump is not the only one who struggles with hispanics. the gop has in general. mitt romney only got 27% of the hispanic vote -- stuart: but, robert? >> yes. stuart: why did he walk away from the priceless material that hillary clinton handed him last week with more on the e-mail scandal in which the government handed to him with that awful jobs report? he was in a terrific position to exploit two big issues. instead he goes off on a tangent about a supposedly mexican judge who happened to be born in indiana. >> well, mark this down, stuart.
10:47 am
he is coming out strong in those areas. if the media will let him get past this other red herring of an issue -- stuart: but he should know that, robert. he should know where the media's going to go, anticipate it and work around them before they even get there. >> yeah. but i tell you, this is what people love about donald trump is, he's not going to be politically correct. and the fact is he has every right to question this judge's ruling and his prejudice toward donald trump. and, look, i believe donald trump is at the top of the republican ticket and has garnered more republican votes in history because he is against illegal immigration. that's what the real issue is here. and because of that, he's also going to always struggle with a certain segment of voters. but i think he can more than compensate it with people who want to protect this country. stuart: robert jeffers, we appreciate you being with us as always, sir. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: so this is a shocking stat, as in a statistic. a recent investigation by "the
10:48 am
boston globe" shows 30% of illegal immigrants who committed crimes were released and then went on to be charged with other new offenses after they were released. some of the crimes, some of the crimes, rape, child molestation and attempted murder? >> yeah. so the half a dozen states that make up new england between 2008 and 2012, "the boston globe" found that 323 illegal immigrants who were already arrested for a crime committed brand new crimes, meaning the ones that you just cited. so here's what the issue is. the immigrations and customs enforcement division keeps their records secret on what happens to these criminals when they are released. the issue is they cannot -- they have failed at deporting these individuals. so this is the only law enforcement agency that keeps this information under wraps, and i.c.e. officials have repeatedly testified to congress understating the severity of the problem. you just saw the stat, 30%. isis -- in one instance --
10:49 am
said -- i.c.e. said just 7% commit new offenses. the problem is "the boston globe" had to sue to get this information about illegals released back into american society and committing severe crimes and not being deported, because 140 countries won't take them back. stuart: call donald trump, tell him what's going on. today marks the 72nd anniversary of d day when allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy, eventually defeating hitler. within a year, by the way. now, ashley, i hear that prince harry attended a d-day event, but there was a problem. >> he did in southern england, near portsmouth. he met with 75 veterans who every year go to normandy to recognize this date. but he turned up casually, he turned up in an open-neck shirt, and the brits are very formal, as we know. you can see here -- stuart: he's in the blue shirt. >> in the blue shirt in the middle, and at least one of the
10:50 am
veterans said, boy, we're a little casual, i've got a spare tie, if you'd like one. prince harry, himself a former army captain, very embarrassed, said later, look, i was told not to wear a tie to be more casual. i felt very under dressed, so he was aware -- stuart: so he admitted it. good for you, prince harry. donald trump highlights an african-american man during a campaign rally. the mainstream media uses it against trump, but we will tell you the full story. there's more to it than just that. karl rove holds a secret meeting with donald trump. we will take you behind the scenes. and, first, this video from a zoo in china. a child standing in front of the lion enclosure. the lion charges, but the safety glass -- >> oh! [laughter] >> that's awful. stuart: as a parent looking at that, scary stuff. ♪ ♪
10:51 am
i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix
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stuart: donald trump, we hear, held a secret meeting with karl rove, and karl rove is here.
10:55 am
carl, by the way, is the author of the book, "the triumph of william mckinley." all right, karl, welcome to the program. is it okay for me to ask what you talked about with donald trump is? will you tell us? >> well, it's okay for you to ask, but i'm not going to tell you. stuart: presumably, you're trying to get together, get the two sides together, were you? >> well, i was asked to meet with him by a mutual friend and happy to do so. we met for about two hours at the apartment of steve wynn, our mutual friend, the las vegas casino and hotel owner, and we had a cordial conversation for about two hours. stuart: now, this thing about the judge, the so-called, quote, mexican judge and also can a muslim judge be impartial, that's not making it easier for you and donald trump to get back together again, is it? >> well, that's not important. what's damaging is in helping him move forward and
10:56 am
particularly in helping him make inroads in the latino community. mitt romney lost nationwide when he had 27% support among latinos. george bush won nationwide when he got 44%. i think there's a relationship between those numbers and the outcomes. and it doesn't help donald trump when he takes a guy who was born in indiana to parents who immigrated legally from mexico and calls him a mexican. how do you think this makes people who are mexican-americans feel, that somebody who is here, who's an american citizen born on u.s. soil, is dismissed by trump as, a, a mexican as opposed to an american and, b, is thought to be simply because of where his parents came from to be opposed to donald trump because of his views on the wall. i mean, what donald trump was doing was giving license to any latino to vote against him because he himself says if you're mexican, you don't like my wall and, therefore, you know, you're against me in a
10:57 am
court of law. they're going to say i'll be against you in the ballot booth if he keeps that up. >> and janet yellen is in a pickle, how can she possibly raise interest rates after that lousy jobs report? hour three three minutes away. nh the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni
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stuart: new for you this hour, president obama eager to get out and campaign for hillary clinton. "the new york times" reports the president's concerned about his legacy and keeping a democrat in the white house is crucial to it. brit hume on that minutes from now. look at this, janet yellen in a pickle, so to speak. she's speaking about an hour from now. how can she possibly raise rates this month after that abysmal jobs report? >> she really is in a pickle. [laughter] stuart: in the graphic anyway. my expression. matt damon, there he is, blasting the big banks on what he calls the biggest heist in history. and the judge and i, well, he'll be on.
11:01 am
we may disagree on that one. and we remember the greatest of all time, muhammad ali. wbc heavyweight champion dionne today wilder will be with us. he has a special connection to ali, and he'll share that with us shortly. but first, oh, please, look at this. nice way to start a monday morning, 17,919, up 112 for the dow industrials. the reasons, we'll tell you why in a moment. look at amazon, you've got to follow that stock. okay, 728 now. a few minutes ago it was 731, yet another all-time high. how about google? the supreme court rejects google's appeal in a class action dispute over advertising. that stock is down in a very big up day. check the price of oil, here's one of the reasons why the dow is up so much. oil up over a buck, the dow's up over 100. ashley webster with me, so too is elizabeth macdonald. and two things which i want to
11:02 am
talk about which could affect stocks. first off, britain votes later this month on whether or not to leave the european union. by the way, the leaves are ahead 45-41 in the latest poll. plus, janet yellen -- again, that graphic, please -- in a pickle over whether to raise interest rates. there she is. liz, i want a value judgment. which will affect our market more, janet yellen on rates or the brits on leaving europe? >> janet yellen on rates. the markets went into freefall the first two weeks of the year, down more than 1400 points after the fed raised rates and talked about four more rate hikes. now looks like just might be one and done. we have 0.8% growth in the united states, that's worse than europe right now. really bad jobs report, fears of being tipped into recession if the fed raises rates. stuart: no rate hike in the immediate future. >> i think december. >> they will raise one more time this year, i believe.
11:03 am
brexit will have a short-term impact, but janet yellen, by far. stuart: i think so. i don't think there's any way around that. the brits decide to leave europe, there'll be volatility -- >> absolutely. stuart: but the reaction here is going to be far more profound to janet yellen than it is to the brits leaving europe. >> that's right. stuart: that's my opinion thiess. now, let's bring you the headline that we brought you at the top of the hour. president obama is ready to campaign for hillary clinton. the new york times says he is eager to do that. and that he could formally endorse her as early as this week. fox news senior political analyst brit hume is here. brit, you're in line with this? he's probably going to endorse hillary clinton? >> well, i would think so since she's going to get the nomination, and it's, you know, all but certain that she's got it and will have it even before the california primary votes have begun to be cast because she's within, you know, a couple of dozen votes. so, yeah, i think he'll endorse her, for sure.
11:04 am
stuart: but if he endorses her, doesn't that leave the indictment possibility still hanging over the election of hillary clinton? >> sure. of course it does. and my guess is that we will know before long whether that's going to happen. we'll know how serious a charge it is, whether it's something that could be -- if, indeed, she is indicted -- something she could plea bargain away. i think most of the people who are for her will forgive her for that, but it'll be a huge furor if it happens. stuart: if he comes out this week and endorses hillary clinton, it'll be awfully hard a couple of weeks or months down the road for him to say, yes, the indictment can go forward over my preferred candidate for the presidency. >> well, these kinds of things don't usually happen out in the open, so we won't know for sure what will be said behind the scenes about that. but it would be unusual and it would be damaging to everybody if it leaked out that the president had sent word to the justice department one way or the other that there would be no
11:05 am
indictment. he's, i think he's got to keep his hands off this and let the chips fall where they may, and, you know, we'll see what happens. you know? stuart: i hate to keep going back at it, print, but if he endorses her this week, does he know something about the nature of indictment charges which could be laid down the roadsome. >> he may. but still and all, you know, he's looking at this -- look at his options. his options are if you don't endorse her and she's the party's nominee, what does that say? that hurts her as well. so he doesn't -- and, you know, he's certainly not going to endorse bernie sanders who's, you know, a candidate of far, far left. stuart: doesn't it also keep joe biden out of it? >> joe biden is out of it. i mean, all these joe biden scenarios are pretty farfetched. now, if she were indicted tomorrow, you know, maybe there'd be some plausibility. but you know who would have the
11:06 am
big claim on the nomination if she were indicted tomorrow, it wouldn't be joe biden, it would be bernie sanders. stuart: right, right. we're talking a lot this morning about bernie sanders and how far he goes with this. he's saying he keeps going. it will be a divisive convention. he'll be at the convention -- >> contested, he says. stuart: even if he loses tomorrow. i agree with that, i don't think he's going to get out anytime soon. i think he's a true believer. he's a socialist crusader. i think that's where he's coming from. ing i don't think he gets out, do you? >> no, i don't think he gets out either. the question is how much attention will continue to be paid to him if he stays in between now and the time of the convention. he will have a significant bloc of delegateses and the ability to make a lot of noise at the convention and to make all kinds of demands about what the party rules are and all the rest of it, and it will be part of the clinton camp's job to try to accommodate him without so radicalizing the party that it'll dim her chances for election. stuart: can you put all that left-wing stuff into the
11:07 am
campaign platform and then ignore it as you get closer to the election? >> well, it'll be out there as a target for her opponents. you know, if donald trump can stop talking about judges who have nothing to do with the campaign and start talking about her and her record and her party's platform and all the rest of it, it would -- such, if there's some real leftist stuff in the party platform, that will be a target. so it has an effect. stuart: i said this to bret baier the other day, have you ever seen in your life any election anything like this? i'll ask you the same question, brit. you've never seen anything like this before, have you? >> nothing remotely close to this. i've seen, you know, what were -- i've seen, you know, candidates who went all the way into the convention, one thinks of jesse jackson in 1988 when he was beaten, he went to the democratic convention and made a big noise for a couple of day, but that was basically the end of him. gary hart took walter mondale all the way to california, won california but lost the delegate
11:08 am
race, and that was kind of the end of him. in the democratic party, i've never seen anything quite like this, nor have i seen anything remotely close to what's going on in the republican race. [laughter] stuart: brit hume, thanks very much for joining us, sir. appreciate it. >> last hour we brought you the news of the arrest of bill clinton's brother, roger. now we have his arrest photo. >> yeah. he was arrested for drunk driving in redondo beach last night, 8 p.m. loaj r local time, and was arrested. no one bailed him out. bail set at $15,000, so he is appearing in court today and that, indeed, is the mug shot. he's bill clinton's younger half-brother. stuart: got it. check this out. this is a rally. ladies and gentlemen, i bring you a monday morning rally and then some. now we're up 114 points for the dow jones industrial average. i'm trying to do the math real fast, looks to me like we're about 77 points away from dow 18k. get that graphic ready -- >> look at that.
11:09 am
>> cue the balloons. stuart: all right. check hertz. it's going to split into two publicly-traded companies as of july the 1st. up goes the stock, 5%. nice gain. how about this? matt damon slamming big banks and the bailout during a commencement speech. can the left not help itself, they just keep on doing it, don't they? all right. and we've been saying janet yellen is in a pickle. one of our economists has the ear of donald trump. he's going to join us about the state of economy and interest rates. and yes, we are remembering muhammad ali with current champ wild or: he says he wants ali's legacy to to live through him. he joins us later this hour. >> i'm still the fastest, the prettiest, the most classic, the most scientific, the greatest fighter of all time!
11:10 am
11:11 am
11:12 am
stuart: viacom's chief is
11:13 am
philippe dauman, he is suing over his removal from a sumner reds his lawyers are arguing a speedy trial. that's what he wants, a speedy trial, because of sumner redstone's health. viacom's down on that news. look at this. only 38,000 jobs added in may. how can janet yellen possibly raise interest rates in the near future? steve moore is with us. steve, i don't see how janet yellen can raise rates in the immediate future given that awful jobs report from last week. what say you? >> i completely agree with you, institute. i think that -- stuart. i think that, no, so much structural weakness in the economy right now is reflected in that employment report. and the way i've been putting it is i think this is a soft business recession that we're in right now. if you look at those business numbers, corporate profits, corporate spending, capital purchases, they're all down or flat. where is the case for slowing down this economy any more than it's already been slowed down?
11:14 am
stuart: i don't see that she can raise at all before the election. i just don't see it. i mean, unless i'm -- >> well, i mean, look, this was only one jobs report, and it was horrible, horrific. but, you know, if we get some solid jobs gains in the next couple months, i don't think we are, i think we'll get in the 100-200,000 range. you know, that's not horrible, but it's just very slow growth. my estimate right now, stuart, is this economy is growing at 1-1.5%. and that's a down shift from 2% which is what we've had for the last, you know, six or seven years which isn't very good to begin with. so, no, i completely agree with you. what is the case for raising interest rates right now? we've got a slow-growing economy, there's not a lot of signs of inflation in the economy right now. i don't see, i don't see the case for it. stuart: now, we asked our viewers on facebook how the obama economy is affecting them, and i've got three responses. liz is going to read the first, and then you can respond. liz? >> yeah. this comes from varney viewer
11:15 am
patrick, at 49 i had to start all over, i'm 52 now. endured a bankruptcy, lost my house and career change. staring down at the end of my life, no savings. the american dream is little more than a memory. stuart: what do you say to the that, steve? >> that's the trump phenomenon right there, isn't it, guys? those are the kinds of voters who feel totally frustrated, totally left out and omitted by this so-called recovery. you know, i know family members in that same situation and the sort of 45-65 age group that, you know, maybe they've been displaced from their job, and they're having a really difficult time finding anything that's like what they had before except working at wal-mart or, you know, a fast food restaurant. that is the essence of the problem with the american economy, as this gentleman just noted. stuart: viewer response number two. >> this shows the impact of the families having to the take care of people out of work, this comes from viewer linda: we had one son lose his house,
11:16 am
unemployed for two years, finally found a job, now another son has become unemployed for a year and a half. we are on a fixed income and of necessity have to help our sons. >> i only laughed at that, i'm not making light of it, i'm thinking, gee, that's my own personal situation. i have a 23-year-old in my basement, and he's a college graduate. and i know so many people in that situation where now you have two or three generations living in the same household, right? you've got the grandparents, the parents and then the kids aren't leaving. so this is a real sign of financial stress out there, and by the way, as these kids -- if they're 22, 23, 24 years old and not working, it's going to affect their lifetime earnings. stuart: number three? >> has to do with the loss of manufacturing jobs, comes from viewer carolyn: as a direct result of the war on coal, i've lost my home, two cars, a lot of personal belongings, can't afford rent, electricity, water, cable, if i'm lucky, i get the rent and electricity paid. often times -- watch this -- i
11:17 am
am on a bread and water diet. stuart: steve, that's a reference to the war on coal. >> yeah. well, look, i'm going to make a prediction to you. i think every coal state in this country, and there are at least 12 or 14 states that produce coal in this country, every one of those is going to go for donald trump. you played many times on this show hillary's completely arrogant and insensitive statement that she's going to put every coal miner out of business. and if you're in coal country, why in the world would you support hillary clinton? but now i just want to make one other quick point on this. it's not just coal that they're going after. now the environmentalists and the obama administration and even hillary are talking about going -- doing the same thing to the oil is and gas industry which employs ten million people that they did to the coal industry. so if you're in an energy-producing state, watch out. stuart: well said. steve moore, or thanks, as ever. we'll see you real soon. >> okay. thanks, stuart. stuart: got this one coming to you. buzzfeed, the tabloid news web site, they'll no longer advertise at the republican national committee.
11:18 am
>> well, no. they, the rnc entered into an agreement with them to put, you know, advertisements on buzzfeed's site. buzzfeed says we're going to, strange as it sounds, we're going to turn away your money. why? because they say that since he's become the nominee or the lead nominee, donald trump is directly opposed to the freedom of our employees in the united states because of proposed bans on muslim immigration and comments about descendants of immigrants among other policies. and because of that, they've decided to say they're not going to, you know, put that advertising on their site. turning away money. stuart: that's buzzfeed. don't want your money. >> yep. stuart: check the big board, i think this is the high of the day. now we're up 116 points, and i make it 74 -- >> there you are. stuart: close enough, stewart. [laughter] all right. and two terror stories for you. an arrest in ukraine, the other in the u.k. as in britain. a queen's guardsman, amazingly,
11:19 am
allegedly making a bomb. good heavens. details in a moment. today marks the 72nd anniversary of d-day, june 6, 1944. within a year, germany had surrendered. and in remembrance, a rare american flag that was carried by u.s. troops on that historic day is set to be auctioned off. we'll be back.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
. stuart: new this morning. authorities in ukraine, you can see them doing it, arresting a guy they say he was planning an attack on the european soccer championships which begin this week in france. you should see the arsenal. look at that. ashley: yeah, it's amazing. stuart: in britain a member of the queens guard was arrested for trying to make a bomb less than a mile of windsor capital. ashley: yeah, he sent it to his girlfriend, that's another story, he used household batteries to create this bomb and then posted on jubilant. also been seeing with posing with rocket launchers and ak-47s. clearly when this became obvious to authorities, he has been arrested. stuart: real fast. ashley: yeah,. stuart: one little bit here. the guardsman who was arrested was married. ashley: yes. stuart: but he was having an affair with the girl.
11:24 am
the girl turned him in. ashley: she said wait a minute. this is not right. stuart: the girlfriend sent pornographic pictures of the guardsman to the wife. and she has now been charged with. ashley: revenge porn. liz: only in the uk. ashley: you want to talk about a really messy story? this is it. stuart: what a tangled web. i have not heard that definition of revenge porn. not heard that before. i don't know if you can have that in america or not. ashley: i think there's a version of it here. certainly. stuart: look into it, eh? ashley: i'm right on it. liz: developing story. stuart: now this. for the first time ever u.s. officials may be progressive the first space mission to go beyond earth's orbit. what's that about? ashley: yeah, it could pave the way for unmanned commercial space exploration. a company called moon expression. pretty obscure space company. but the government has said
11:25 am
okay. you want to land this 20-pound scientific -- there it is. these are the graphics. it's going to land on the moon. do all sorts of tests. in the future what this means is the government could get behind private enterprise to perhaps go mine asteroids or check out space debris. but before this point, this is the template. this has never been done before where the government has said you want to go outside our orbit, go for it. stuart: that's interesting. ashley: yeah,. stuart: check the big board, holding with a gain of over 113 points, 113 to be precise. now, this. president obama is even eager to start campaigning for hillary clinton. might endorse her even this week. that is according to the new york times. we're on that story of course. and actor matted giving a commencement address at mit slamming the big banks. now, what's the judge going to say about this? will he agree with an arch leftist? i can't believe it but, you know, he probably will.
11:26 am
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. stuart: two questions about bernie sanders. what's he going to do? and what will his supporters
11:30 am
do? now, we don't know the outcome of the california primary but we can say that hillary will win the delegates needed to secure the nomination. bernie says he just keeps on going. he says it will be a contested convention. but the wall street journal reports today that the sanders camp is split on one side the true believers, keep bernie going. keep going, bernie, they're saying. we haven't come this far to quit now, they say. on the other side, the democrat loyalists whose main concern is uniting the party to beat donald trump. i think bernie stays in. he's a crusader. he's brought socialism back into american politics. it's his life's work. he will stick it to the democrat establishment and besides he's always got the indictment up his sleeve; right? but what will his supporters co? if their choice is hillary or trump, which way do they jump? well, looking at bernie's donors. a quarter of all the money he's raised comes from people outside the work force.
11:31 am
retirees, the unemployed, those on disability. these outsiders are bernie's biggest donor group. are they going to vote for hillary, mrs. wall street? aren't they more likely to jump for another outsider, donald trump? my point is the democrats are more split than the republicans. it's a more dangerous split because they face the prospect of a disrupted convention. that does not go down well with voters. with bernie staying in and some of his supporters going to trump, hillary has a big problem. and always lurking in the background is the threat of indictment. the indictment lurks in the background, it certainly does. despite my opinion of bernie not backing down, president obama is eager to start campaigning for hillary clinton. also says he could formally endorse her as early as this
11:32 am
week. republican strategist is with us. will that help hillary? an endorsement from barack obama when the economy, the obama economy is spiraling down? >> you know, i think it does help hillary clinton. i think obama's endorsement makes a very clear message especially to the african-american community to those independent suburban women, especially in the crucial states who supported obama back in 2012 and 2008 and basically saying, look, we're -- you look at the popularity of this president right now, stuart, he's over -- he's at 50%. that is not a bad number to be when you're finishing your presidency. and, again, he's more likable than hillary clinton. so i think he adds in energizing the base, which for the most part they have not trusted hillary clinton, and i think it gives a seal of approval from the president. stuart: i just wonder if --
11:33 am
what about -- did you think that bernie is going to stay in all the way through to the bitter end? even if he loses tomorrow in california? because if he stays in, that's highly disruptive to hillary's campaign at the convention. >> that's right. well, stuart, i agree with you a lot, but i have to disagree with your assessment on bernie sanders. that i believe if he loses california, and she gets the nomination, she's most likely going to clinch it tomorrow night. i believe he's going to step out. i mean this is what happens. the rhetoric is high, the bernie sanders is sharpening his attacks but guess what? his shift is sinking. and i think what you're going to see is the possibility of what we saw in 2008 when hillary clinton four days later off a obama clinched the nomination, stepped down, supported barack obama, i think we're going to see a similar pattern with bernie sanders. it doesn't mean that he will not have abinfluential role in the convention.
11:34 am
i do believe that he will have a say in what could be a vice presidential pick. but i do believe he will step aside. stuart: last one. could you put a number on it? what portion of bernie supporters would jump ship to donald trump? >> i think a third. stuart: whoa. that's huge. i mean he's got millions of supporters out there. >> well, i think when you're looking at the trade, the individuals who are focused, the unemployed, those who have been impacted by the trade policy, those are natural allies for the trump candidacy. the key will be how effective will trump be able to really court the supporters? but, again, this is -- it will have to be the white working class. those that felt strongly with bernie. but i suggest that those bernie supporters, they better stay come home november. we saw that in pennsylvania and pennsylvania we saw a big switch.
11:35 am
but i think it's going to be in critical states that you'll see that. stuart: got it. mercedes, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: donald trump defending his criticism of the judge presiding over the trump university case. our judge andrew napolitano is here. i think that was a catastrophic mistake to attack a sitting federal judge for no purpose. there's no gain in this for donald trump. i think it was a political mistake in the extreme. >> well, i think it was wrong. i've never really seen a judge attacked because of his ethnicity. i mean would the government have said to me you can't handle this mob case because you have abitalian last name? it will be just as absurd to suggest that people are wedded to the stereotypical thinking, that's not the grounds for a judge leaving the case. stuart: now, trump said in the background this judge is associated with a leftist
11:36 am
mexican organization to reclaim california for mexico. >> no. i think the proper word should be was associated. you can't belong to advocacy groups when you're on the bench. and i tell you when you put a robe on as a life tenure judge, you really do forget about the politics that brought you there, particularly this court which is ain't policy-making court. it's a trial court. your job is to apply the facts that come to you to the law as the congress has written it and as your superiors, the circuit court of appeals and supreme court interprets it. now, that's the legal argument. political argument is i don't know how trump gains by making this. i don't know how he wins voters or broadens his support by saying something like this. stuart: well, he ignored the other material which is the lousy jobs report and hillary's e-mail. >> some judges used to say, imping this to myself at the beginning. do any of you have any problem with me? with my heart, my head, my
11:37 am
background being the desired in this case. if you do, i'm happy to step aside because there's 100 other cases right behind yours. because people need to have faith in the person trying the case. but you can't make that judgment midstream when the judge has been ruling against you. if ethnicity is the problem, and i've never heard it being a problem in the american court, raise it at the outset. stuart: i've got another one for you. i know you're just dying -- >> what could this be? the gorilla again? . stuart: no, actor matt damon gave the commencement at mit. hold on a second, judge. roll that tape. >> it was theft, and you knew it. it was fraud, and you knew it, and what you know else? we know that you knew it. so, yeah, you got away with it, you got the house in the hamptons, and you might have their money, but you don't have our respect. and just so you know when we pass you on the street and
11:38 am
look you in the eye, that's what we're thinking. if justice does come for you in this life, her name will be elizabeth warren. stuart: you and i are going to disagree. that's a separate issue. no banker went to jail. they did not. he's writing that. >> but did anybody from the government go to jail? which encouraged facilitated the loans that said don't worry about them because fanny and freddie will bail you out. now, is he giving that commencement speech because he graduated from mit or because he was in a movie playing somebody who graduated from mit? . stuart: that's a good question. i tell you this. he had he been a conservative -- >> he would never be standing there. i was able to answer this without infuriating you. stuart: i couldn't infuriate me. >> one of the most worst, reprehensible government giveaways in the era, and you know it. and when they look at you in the street, they don't know you know it.
11:39 am
i'm trying to imitate damon. stuart: should i point out that all the banks lent to the banks was repaid with interest. >> and how does the taxpayer decide whom to bail out and who -- stuart: oh, it's the political leaders that do that. the. >> the wisdom of the political leaders that can't run the post office or the tsa or the veterans administration. shall i keep going? [laughter] . stuart: out of time. [laughter] judge, we will live to fight another day, i am sure. >> all the best, mr. varney. stuart: check that big board. still up well over 100 points. 110 to be precise. and look at amazon. hit another all-time high today. 731. it has backed off. only 728 right now. good heavens. we have more from donald trump coming up. the mainstream media going wild after another comment. this one about african-americans. and check this out. california making up happy this morning. the golden state warriors dominated game two of the nba finals to beat the cavs33 points.
11:40 am
that was a margin i object. ashley: a spanking. stuart: game three wednesday in cleveland. still ahead on this program. wbc, heavy weight champ on the legacy of muhammad ali. >> injure the stone, i'm so mean i make medicine sick arly p. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it.
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11:42 am
. >> well, here we are in hermosa beach, california, the big prize of course is the delegates at stake tomorrow. 475 of them in the democratic primary. bernie sanders not backing down. he's going to stay in the race. the golden prize here is the golden state trying to win this contest. hillary clinton on the defensive trying to win this and go across the finish line strong. it's almost a certainty she'll win enough delegates to clinch the nomination. the question is how many will bernie get? and he's trying to make this into a contested -- fight all the way to the end and get some of these super delegates to flip over. we'll see how these go. tomorrow we're going to have a record number of folks fledged california heading into a primary. 17.9million total. the democrats taking the lions share of the new enrollee. 650,000 strong, stuart. in hermosa beach, california, robert gray, fox business
11:43 am
11:44 am
>> we had an african-american guy great man, great guy. in fact, i want to find out what's going on with him. oh, look at my african-american over here. look at him. are you the greatest? you know what i'm talking about? . stuart: okay. well, you saw it. that was an exchange that happened at a trump rally this weekend. the mainstream media jumped all over it. there's my african-american. they point that out in the establishment media. david web is here who has the full story.
11:45 am
explain. >> i'm here, stu. that's what the man shouted out and trump through a punch line at him. give me a break. what you mean favorite joke is? one of my favorites on my show? . stuart: you're going to crack it right now. >> unless you tell me what tribe you're from, you're american, not african-american. if he got that right, i would have laughed even more. who cares the guy said i'm here, and trump said there's my guy. if it was a woman he would have said there's a woman for me. stuart: but you're not allowed to do that. >> yes, you are. stuart: you can't be politically correct in america today and point out an african-american in the crowd and say there's my african-american. you can't say that. >> why not? that's my question. stuart: politically incorrect. >> who cares. stuart: and they will interpret it as pure racism. >> in a society where we have the va deciding to put up a proposal about gender reassignment surgery when they can't save the vets, when sharon hellman might get her job back, those are big issues.
11:46 am
we're worried about some guy going i'm here and trump going, hey, there's my african-american. you know what? there's my ashley webster over there. there's my stuart varney. there we go, stuart, all in there. stuart: but he's giving the establishment media every opportunity -- >> be an maybe we should start caring less when people say things that are not -- stuart: oh, i wish we could. >> but i kind of like that, though. stuart: so do i. >> i'm mocking you because you think that's an issue. stuart: well, most important things that donald trump has done in this election cycle is to reject political correctness. and say things which until now, you're not allowed to say without losing support. >> he brought a sledgehammer to this on political correctness. i will say this, however, he needs to get a little bit beyond the twitter campaign and start putting more context in it. he's in it now. you've got a big primary tomorrow. time to get into the real meat of the campaign. stuart: we've been saying all day today why didn't you go after that rotten jobs report? why didn't you go after
11:47 am
hillary on the e-mail scandal? they all blew off last week and he goes off on a tangent about a mexican job. what's he doing? >> making a stupid mistake, and i have tell you that's -- there's so many ways to attack that judge. his former association, it doesn't mean he stopped being friend with them. i dealt with loraza for 20 years. what i know a racist organization they can be in their operations. i've literally dealt with them. he's a barack obama appointee. he could have said, look, i'm asking for a fair trial, i hope this guy's being fair to me. that would have been one way to do it but going after ethnicity, that's stupid. and his lawyers can do the rest. what is it? when ever problem is a nail, get a hammer. stuart: forget that one. >> there's my stu varney. stuart: thanks very much indeed. we'll see you on your radio show. an update on the tropical storm. this one is called collin. expected to make landfall in florida this afternoon.
11:48 am
maybe tonight around the tampa area. maybe the florida panhandle. three, five, might be eight inches of rain possible across western florida, eastern georgia and up the coastal areas of the carolinas. this thing lasts until tuesday. bad. today marks the 72nd anniversary of the historic d-day invasion and to market a rare american flag carried by troops on that day is being auctioned off. ashley: yeah, it was a landing craft control 60 at the stern, one of the first boats to land on d-day. 48 stars, by the way. did not include alaska and hawaii at the time. this is going -- as you can see very tha tattered, even has a bullet hole machine gun in there and this will probably fetch as much as 100,000 in an auction. it belonged to the guy who was the captain of that boat and he's decided that it's time to move it on, let someone add to
11:49 am
the collection. liz: quite a story. stuart: quite a story. liz: it was a sold boat at utah beach and this was the greatest victory ever claimed by u.s. forces. stuart: extraordinary. all right. we have the wbc heavy weight champ on next muhammad ali and what's going on with the heavy weight title these days? >> i'm so fast, man, i can run through hurricane and don't get wet, when george face me, i will kill a dead tree, wait until you see muhammad ali ♪
11:50 am
11:51 am
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . stuart: we are remembering boxer muhammad ali who passed away this weekend. i want to bring in de'ontay wilder the current wbc heavy weight champion. i get to get your connection to muhammad ali in just a moment. first, i want to ask you what ever happened to the world championship fights in the heavy weight division? i mean i remember when everybody in the world was tuning in. now, not many people can name the world heavy weight champion. what happened? >> well, i think what happened is that once the europeans got
11:54 am
it, you know, it became slightly boring and we're talking about the cliscos. a lot of people blame them for that. and they wasn't doing enough entering and definitely wasn't seeing outside of the ring. so there was lack thereof of interest. you know,. stuart: is it split? like, in fact, you're one of the world heavy weight champions. there's another one, isn't there? it's split, isn't it? >> yes, it is and that's one of the things that i'm trying to resolve, you know? because i feel there should only be one name, one face. and that's de'ontay wilder. and soon it will be that way for sure. trust me. stuart: okay. i do trust me, and i will wait for it. i'm dying to see it. de'ontay, you have a connection to muhammad ali i believe. what's that connection?
11:55 am
>> most definitely. you know, he was definitely one of my all time favorites. definitely one of the greatest. and one of my idols, you know? a special moment for me is when i won my title on his birthday, you know? and the wbc is one of the most precious well-known belt of all belts. and many champions have had the wbc. and i get to say that my name is behind all those great. and i got a taste of this man from one through 12 about his career olympics going through the world and declining to do that and coming back and being a three-world champion and all of that stuff, man, i tell you it will never be what he's done inside the ring. stuart: he's fantastic. he was a magnificent human being. now, i want to ask you just about his boxing. was he the worlds greatest
11:56 am
heavy weight boxer of all time? just as a boxer? >> to me, he was, you know? he may have lost a couple of battles, but he came back. and, to me, the thing that he did, he captivated the world, you know, with his -- if he spoke, earlier meant what he said. he didn't hold his tongue about how he felt. he very well expressed it. and the things he was able to do. he talked fighters all over the world how to promote a fight, how to hype a fight and live up to the hype of the fight. stuart: i remember in the 1960s, my dad and i would sit down on a saturday morning and watch -- it was a show called great fight from america. and clay as it would appear this then. my dad would watch him all those years ago. what struck us is that so he was fast, he could move around
11:57 am
the ring so fast and punch so fast unlike anybody else. last 20 seconds to you, de'ontay. >> most definitely. he was the first man to bring the welterweight division to the heavy weight division when i'm talking in terms of speed. so that brought a very exciting entertainer to the heavy weight division. stuart: yeah, something else again. de'ontay wilder, we're waiting to see you be the single acknowledged champion of the world in the heavy weight decision and we want to see that. we can't wait for that. kae aunt a, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, guys, so much. stuart: sure thing. more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
. stuart: i rather unkindly put up a graphic with janet yellen in a pickle my way of saying she's in a pickle, in a difficult place. liz, i don't think janet we wil yellen can possibly raise
12:00 pm
interest rates any time soon. liz: no, and eating a little humble pie, they were talking about four rate hikes this year. stuart: not going to happen. ashley: having an unnatural fear of pickles and ninons me can tell you that. so. stuart: time's up, everybody. connell mcshane is next. i'm giving you a 100-point rally. >> that's a really weird looking pickle, by the way. charlie gasparino is over here talking. thank you, stuart, and company. we'll talk more about that. not the pickle. but the message behind it here on cavuto coast to coast. good to have you with us here today. less than 24 hours until the polls open up in california. battle on getting the economy back on track. i'm connell mcshane, again, in for neil cavuto. the first thing we'll deal with is janet yellen. about half an hour away now from the fed chair janet yellen in heee


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