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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  June 8, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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minutes to the 18,000 level. they tried. they got pretty close, but they weren't quite there. but they made a decent effort at least. all right. my time is up. but charles payne is waiting to take it away. charles, it's yours. >> two days in a row you tease us with this. take it to 18,000 and then drop it in our laps with this. thanks a lot, stuart. see you soon. 2016 the donor battle now just heating up because the general election is now in focus. welcome to cavuto coast to coast, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, they've got the nominations and now vying for more donors. but does trump hurt fundraising efforts by getting off script? charlie gasparino is in with the recent backlash. not a good week for donald trump. will it hurt him on raising money? >> it's still not clear. i talked to a lot of people. there are some interest -- there's a lot of interest when the polls start to tighten up. but i think this last week has put a lot of big donors off. the other thing charles that's
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very interesting is how the democrats are playing trump's bad week. and this is really key i think for the republicans holding onto the senate. mark as you saw yesterday unendorsed donald trump. bob portman is not quite there but moving away from donald trump after the comments about judge curry. >> we have bob courtman on the show later on. >> and what's fascinating about bob portman, he put out basically a call to potential donors that you have to give me money, please give me money because i'm being targeted right now by harry reid and a 20 million-dollar super pac to take me out as senator of ohio. the democrats think that all of these guys in these sort of marginally red states or -- >> swing states. >> purple states, could gite way, they think those guys are vulnerable. kirk is one, portman is one, and what they'll do is try to attach them with donald trump and some of his outlandish statements, particularly this
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statement about judge. and that's what they're worried about. now, i would ask bob portman, would you do a 1 ol' like kirk? i doubt he does that but clearly you see people in vulnerable states because of the fundraising targets by harry reid and these super packs in the state. >> well, you talked to the money guys on wall street. for the most part, it feels like from anthony scaramucci to others, they they've come over from donald trump. a fair amount of them. the ones that haven't, what do they need to see? >> well, the problem that anthony has and the trump fundraising team is that you need more than just those two guys. you need people to start writing huge checks now. they should have started a lot earlier. he's behind on that. and it's -- listen, the other problem that they're having, and i know this for a fact is that in places like texas, which is a great place for republican to raise money. you can raise millions of dollars. a guy named gray washburn is down there. there's a lot of money in dallas, texas.
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south texas as well. they're bumping up against people saying okay. this guy attack the donor class for months and months and months and not only that, if he's really worth $10 billion, tell him to write a few checks of his own. >> well, he's written a lot of checks. lent his campaign. $40billion. >> no. 40 million. >> so that's a lot of cash right there. very few -- i don't know any candidate to ever put that much money up for themselves. >> how about ross perio? if you're legitimately a 10 billionaire and ross perio was in that league, you could write a check. like, for example, mike bloomberg tomorrow could write a check to himself because he has liquid cash $4 billion. >> well, we know net worth and liquid cash can be different things. i had mica on the show last night, huge fundraiser, she's going to head up a massive fundraising for donald trump in texas and the indications are huge. she thinks he's going to bring
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home a ton, millions of dollars out of texas. >> i will say boone pickens told me the same thing. and boone was ready to have a major fundraiser for donald and guess what? you have to have the pacs together, all the infrastructure to raise money. that's the one thing. the second thing is there are plenty of people that are enthusiastic about not electing hillary clinton president. there are growing people -- there's a growing number of donors who are less enthusiastic about donald trump and how that turns out is really key. and how that turns out it's really key. one other thing i would throw in there, he might not need to raise the billion dollars. neil: the game has changed a lot. with the amount of social media presence that he has, he doesn't have to buy as many as. i think it's the ground game. some of the digital stuff he's
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been resistant to appear to >> look at the electoral map. forget about whether he wins the popular vote and is down. the thing hat scares people as they think you should be kind of al qaeda right now given the fact that hillary clinton until last night is still ahead of them on the popular vote. she lost donald trump is a red flag. she was already in trouble to be honest with you. >> here is what i would say. that is one small thing. there is a long time between now and november. how many more judge comments are we going to get? those is correct donors because you don't want to be associated. charles: stay right there, charlie. both candidates hit hard last night. take a listen. >> america first mentality and tax and regulatory policies back
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keep jobs and wealth in the united states. >> we are stronger when our economy works for everyone, not just those at the top. >> regulation, which is strangling our economy, which should be bought down from the level. >> we all want an economy with more opportunity and less inequality. charles: candidate stay focused on the economy going forward. giuliana johnson is with us and let me start with you and charlie estanislao. obviously, we know typically it always becomes the economy. these are two candidates of two distinct messages about how they will help our pocket books. >> absolutely. hillary clinton would love to talk about the economy because of course the economy is improving right now relatively though it hasn't been very strong during the obama administration. she can hearken back to the clinton years in the 90s that sent and she wants to talk about. trump, his advisers are begging him to talk about the economy,
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to stop popping off about individuals attacking fellow republicans. they are telling him to get on message. i back him if he really wanted to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs. trump is a talented communicator, but not a focused communicator. it will be difficult for them to be stay focused on a message. his reporters would be delighted. >> the last three election cycles among the richest person lost. at this time around it is going to be real interesting for somebody who became a multimillion millionairess a politician. i don't know how seriously you can take someone and made $100 million as a politician. >> yeah, let's be fair. this election with a rich guy above is going to be closer. so that's good. i think that is the understated kind of advantage here that trump carries is that private sector experience, that creation
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of tens and tens of thousands of jobs that he can bring to his resume. i do disagree with one thing really on a talked about, which is hearkening back with hillary with the first clinton years. there are things like community reinvestment act that was the genesis of the housing crisis. the fact that clinton she may actually make that more about a middle road advantage which is such a brings to the table. >> let's be real clear here. she's going to run on bill clinton's record, which is close to a second term policies. he moved. charles: he did. i give them credit for not derailing. >> inc. about what he did in the second term. much more like essentially bernie sanders. i will say this. here's the problem that donald has. you have to hit the message
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hard. i don't think you get that message at the teleprompter. he should be donald trump. nasty, dave, sneering. what a day since the racial stuff. i don't like bantu peoples worst fears. by talking about the economy and talking about issues instead of talking about judge currie l. >> how about when she goes after wall street and talks about financial companies and how much she hates them. yet she takes money hand over fist. charles: this is what i want to bring up here at everyone's always complaining and everyone feels universally there is just an unfair system out there. this week we learned about a hedge fund guy who had a six to $3 million house is going to tear down a building new one. this morning a report on all the while that the richest people in dixie% of the assets. a lot of folks think the system
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itself is inherently unfair and it favors the donald trumps of the world. i've got to believe that the only thing hillary will bring. >> yeah. charles, that is precisely what trump has done a nice job shining a light on in this election. he's really taking the grievance politics that the left has given to all sorts of minority groups and given them to, you know, lower middle-class white people and said you guys are the ones getting a raw deal and those are the people racing rally around him. if trump can stay on message and say hillary clinton is the person who's taken it manages all of these breaks that she's gotten and taken advantage of the political system to get where she is, i think he will be in a strong position in the general election. >> you know, charles, the numbers are inside. income inequality has exploded. you could be that tough, nasty, donald trump talking about all of these great issues. what scares me about 10 busy
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snatching big hurry to the defeat of john zika to read. he has great issues. he's got a message. he's got the ability to control the debate. >> of all the different issues that people have been pulled on, everyone believes the vast majority believes he would be significantly better with the economy than hillary clinton. it is a no-brainer to slam dunk. >> yeah, you've got to go for the concerns are. read behind the economy, it defends terrorism and is a strong mayor because of his policies and ability to talk about keeping up the military. those are two areas had let's get them away from the problems that we've talked about the last few days and get to the real issues americans care about.
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i think he's getting there. >> easier said than done. >> everyone knows donald personally, he's not a racist. he can be crazy. he's playing to a base of the party which is wrong. inside, this guy is not that. charles: very few people know him personally. you know, you talked last friday we had 38,000 jobs. obviously a disappointing number and one that trump seized on. why did we start to see that pic up? where did we get some form of momentum going into november. we see that coincidentally before elections. >> when you look at election statistically, if the approval rating is above 50%, if the economy is doing well, the fundamentals of the election will favor hillary clinton and trump will have an uphill battle to fight. charles: guys, thanks a lot.
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in the meantime, donald trump hoping to carry his momentum into november. if so, could he end up turning some of those blue states into red states. some possible scenarios for the big november battle. >> these are just scenarios. if exact weight you were just talking about with charlie and iliana. i want to tell you what happened in 2012 as a reference point. obviously, the blue states are going to president obama. mitt romney all in red. if we look at a scenario where donald trump actually only half to get three key swing states to beat hillary cantin, he would essentially have to get all of the red states that mitt romney wants plus three which are not that unusual or that out of the unordinary if you want to talk about florida. he considers that a second home. you are going to start to see the electoral votes change in the lower corner. if he gets florida, he gets plus
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29. if you give him pennsylvania, he gets another 20. if you get him ohio, with another 18, he surpasses that 270 mark with three despair. we can play around a little bit and let's take away our ohio. as you know, the governor of ohio one not. he's been very outwardly critical, especially in reference to the trump university case. so we take away our ohio. if you mix in the other states fleshes give vermont and new hampshire, clearly sanders territory. he was speaking outfits. she said donald trump in many ways has taken up the language of income inequality, sort of the sanders pulpit if you'd like and it's not dead as his own. her plan is sanders states, more than 20 that could actually see turnout going for donald trump. if you add in those two, that is to say vermont and new hampshire unless the grain of the colorado. he gets to 271.
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does the electoral vote with one despair. you know this. senator sanders has 120 states in a plot of them in the midwest. colorado, minnesota, kansas, michigan, wyoming and indiana. anyone that does come a combination of anyone gets them pretty easily to that 270 number. we will see what happens. just a few scenarios to take you through. charles: we are looking at a serious nailbiter. things are breaking that down for us. the dow continues its winning streak. it has crossed, pull back again. yesterday we went back and forth 32 times. it's valid to an 11 month high earlier that we had news supplies, even though they sell, it is sort of fascinating, but we are higher and we may be gaining momentum. you may see wall street change
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his mind. in the meantime, protesters in chicago with higher wages and say in what will actually help taxpayers. we will try and explain that one when we come back.
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. charles: well, the protesters are back at it in chicago. this time, claiming they are saving taxpayers money. wal-mart of course is once again catching in the cross hairs here to jeff flock who is as usual in the middle to protest. what is going on there? >> charles, this one makes a little bit of sense to some people. and they called the responsible business. the neighborhood market here in chicago essentially shut it down for half an hour. we've got some protest is
12:20 pm
another police remain blocking the aisles inside the store. the responsible business act which they are demonstrating for is a lot that is being considered in cook county now. essentially because companies like wal-mart are donald don't pay a living wage, their employees need to rely on social service programs like food and programs, welfare, medicaid. and so they want those companies want to pay towards the cost of those social service programs. >> we are here to send a message to wal-mart that they need to pay up and also to the cook county board that they needed pastors on civil business act. >> some people say this will eliminate jobs if essentially pay more money for companies can afford. >> that's ridiculous. wal-mart earns $16 billion in profits. we know they can afford to pay a living wage of the 20 or so stores in cook county.
12:21 pm
when you invest in people and communities, they'll have more money to spend. we say wal-mart will have some wal-mart will at some market than wal-mart will have some markets and as soon because of lack of aggregate demand. they simply don't have enough customers to buy the things they sell. >> that is the work from the protesters. the board is considering this new piece of legislation. it has a fair bit of support. maybe the police now just having a way we speak here, charles. this is another way to combat the minimum wage. charles: the guy was very articulate. i'm not sure if he's there. you sort of contradicting himself saying wal-mart is extraordinarily successful but closing stores because of lack of demand. if there's a lack of demand come you don't need as many workers. if you automate your business you don't need as many workers. i would argue wal-mart is doing the taxpayers a favor by having as many people work as possible because every time they lay someone off, that is more burden on taxpayers. but if they say about that argument? >> well, i think they would
12:22 pm
point out wal-mart doesn't make a lot of money. $18 billion in profits. they are doing something that people feel as though they had to share some of it. >> yeah, absolutely. $16 billion, is enough to pay $50 an hour. absolutely. >> there you go. charles: i'm afraid of a world when people limit how much a company makes. if they get a chance take a look wal-mart stock is and how they lose the battle to amazon. this can all be a moot point for everybody in a couple years. i understand people want more money and fight for it. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" they would say that the companies are making this profits because their workers are getting social service programs you and i both pay for. that would be their argument. charles: we will see. i'm telling you right now, it will be a moot point i've, 10 years from now. they better all start taking some night courses and get some computer skills in the meantime. that's all i'm saying. thanks a lot, buddy.
12:23 pm
if it flares up, we will shoot back out to you. in the meantime, the fallout is hitting businesses and hitting them nationwide.
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charles: which is to elect which is to elect the minimum wage protest in chicago. the site is hurting businesses and according to a new report, half of the d.c. employers in washington d.c. say they've heard he had to off or reduced hours due to minimum wage increases. dave and buster's ceo stephen king is here and said despite the shares, his company a sad farewell. the fact it's been an all-time high and the company of six ending. mr. king, congratulations first and foremost. >> takes very much. charles: you make me look like a genius. he took stock in the shell year and a half ago. >> awesome. appreciate this report.
12:27 pm
charles: having said that, this is an amazing issue. how does the business like yours survive going forward, particularly with higher wages and also what is going on with the american consumer? what's i would protest around the country talking about higher minimum wage. how does that impact the business like yours? >> first of all, we do not pay minimum wage for the majority of employees except for those they really are in the front of the house. servers who also earned tips and typically they are on a minimum wage. as they look at the environment today, we talked about in our call, facing about 4% wage inflation, clearly faster than the cpi or something like that. there are pressures on our overall cost structure as a result of it. most of it is coming frankly from california and new york for
12:28 pm
the tip to minimum wage has gone up substantially and in those states, we are facing high single digits, close to double-digit wage inflation in those states. >> is a business like yours have to make a decision to have fewer employees or invest more vigorously and not a nation? >> well, i think that is the risk for the long-term is that minimum wage jobs get forced out and as a result, companies look at more technologies and different technologies. you have seen it across roche reason airlines, where the service model is just becoming more common across those platforms. the restaurant business continues to be one of the places where people can come in at the bottom of the wage scale and ultimately work their way up to the multiunit operators. many of our multiunit operators,
12:29 pm
the folks who run 10 restaurants or more, our folks who have started in so to the extent you reduce the opportunity, i think you will ultimately the opportunity for that truth over time. charles: i agree. i wish there were more people like you able to articulate this message across. also a lot of households with multiple boats working out or near minimum wage. you take one of those people out of the household and the carnage to the household income is devastating. before i let you go, sir, people spending more food on restaurants out side the home surpassed groceries over the last year or so. do you see that trend going and what are the biggest headwinds or concerns you have right now? >> i think as it relates to food away from home or at home, a lot of the macro factors have to do with -- some of it has to do with price, but that is really
12:30 pm
at the lower price points within the restaurant business. people are coming to dave and busters for combined entertainment and dining experience. i don't think there's a lot of choice going on between, for example, do i cook at home or go to dave and busters. thereafter for the entertainment experience and that has been our focus. we take food and beverage seriously and have done it a job over the last several years. charles: stephen king, dave and busters, congratulations. things are spending time with us. >> appreciated. thank you very much. charles: hillary clinton is the perspective nominee, but she may not be able to forget about that guy named bernie, not just yet. he still poses a big challenge. we will discuss that when we come back. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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charles: took a while longer than she thought. hillary clinton clinching the democratic nomination but has yet to get the endorsement for barack obama. both happen to be in new york city today. we may see something like that happened today or maybe this week. >> yeah, possibly. this week is the timeframe that one would expect. let me lay out the timeframe exactly from this week is kind of how everything has unfolded. on monday josh arness was peppered with this very question
12:35 pm
when my president obama stepped forward and actually in doors hillary clinton on the democratic side. the white house is very cautious to lay out any sort of timeline for timetables. when he was pressed, he said maybe it will in deed come on when day. yesterday we know that president obama spoke with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the white house put out a statement late last night at midnight saying the phone call was made. no endorsement was given at that time. we learned the president has taken them up on that offer. president obama is here in the new york city area or will at least be here later today for democratic type events. hillary clinton is in the new york area as well. yesterday the white house said that those two would not be meeting together. both of them are here in the same city. tomorrow, thursday, the aforementioned meeting between
12:36 pm
sanders and president obama. on friday, hillary clinton herself will be in washington d.c. giving a speech there. the point being, you've got all of these roads, all of these players weaving back and forth, whether in new york and washington over the next couple days. the white house saying the president wanted to wait until the election was over until there was some sort of outcome. we've gotten there. all the players will be near each other. charles: blake irving, really appreciate it. bernie sanders is vowing to keep fighting on. does he risk fracturing the democratic party or does he care? bernie sanders superdelegate. larry, that speech last night from bernie sanders has a lot of people worried. hillary clinton has won well over 3 million more votes. she cleaned his clock in california. now what does he want?
12:37 pm
>> well, from the beginning, more than a year ago, it was two things. want to be the nominee and run for president. this is then an historic campaign the way the funds were raised in the dressers nature of it. number two, what he calls the political revolution and that is our commitment to change how the democratic party functions. our commitment to and in this crony capitalism and the way in which finance capital works inside the party. i think that road, that pat is what he will focus on now in the weeks ahead, including in that meeting with the president tomorrow. charles: does he take this revolution to the point where he believe so deeply that even if it means disintegrating the entire party in order to perhaps put it back together, maybe that might justify the means such an outcome? >> no. i don't think you'll see that at
12:38 pm
all. the party will be united in terms of not only the presidency and historic campaign i might add. hillary clinton is the first woman nominee. my hope is that we also unite the party around getting big money out of politics, and in the role of superdelegate. as you mentioned, the time has come to end it. the people should decide this on the primaries and caucuses we've just been through. charles: bernie sanders has a big concession with respect to the people who are going to make decisions on the platform. he has picked a lot of folks a lot of people think are ultimately on the extremes of all the issues. is there any chance of getting a new form of compromise when he selected a team that is not known for compromise and honor brave issues. >> i think you will see a unified platform coming from the committee. it will come down on the student
12:39 pm
that and the cost of higher education. not on crony capitalism. it will talk about to go back to an earlier segment, a living wage. not just the minimum wage. there will be unity there and i think all the members of the platform committee can work towards it. charles: larry, is larry, it can be bernie sanders gets a majority of the things he wants, how act or will he in the general election. will he bring all that enthusiasm, will he hit the ground hard trying to help hillary win? >> i think he will and i think just as they come that he will be out there for the congressional candidate and even candidates for state municipal office that carried forward this program for real change. he's already started to do that. he's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. more than a william for other candidates. you will see bernie out there
12:40 pm
and this political revolution on the road. charles: before i let you go, a lot of talk about bernie sanders leaving the door open to being a vp pick. is that something he will insist on or does it have to be someone like elizabeth warren or brown out of ohio, so one eye to with him ideologically. >> that conversation will have to leave to senator sanders and secretary clinton. i would say that bernie looks forward to a bigger fan of her life in the senate, assuming he is not in fact the nominee for president. he will be a leading voice in the senate for progressive change. charles: no doubt about that. really appreciate it. guys, speaking of vp picks, trump and hillary clinton looking at potential vps. is there more pressure on who trump will pick than hillary? we will be right back.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
>> and nicole petallides with your thoughts as if great. offer earlier highs of the day. yesterday over 30 times in one trading day. right now the bows of 47. s&p 500 up five at the moment. this is the thing we watch closely. hitting a lifetime high.
12:43 pm
also raising price target is 157. the company also raised its quarterly dividend by 25% were shareholders. also hitting a lifetime high, another dow component. watching the forec great quartew 52 week high for someone. a longer-term chart of 30% roughly. more coming up after the break.
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12:45 pm
charles: they've locked up the nominations, but now the pressure is on. donald trump and hillary clinton and who their vp picks may be. trumps pick may have a stronger effect or an act than hillary's. explain this. >> i think when it comes down, they have a really important mission here, especially given the crisis of the last week, where all the republicans who endorsed him. now saying hey in public or behavior is just kind of totally out of control. you need to get back on the rails to one way to assure those people, he needs to assure the republican party he will be a competent nominee is to pick a company vice president. there's a lot of pressure to pick somebody who can help him run the government in a hands-on way which is that the donald trump campaign has broadcast.
12:46 pm
charles: you think that vote has to be someone to navigate washington d.c. as opposed to someone who can deliver swing state like florida or ohio. >> it might be possible to get both. look at somebody like rob portman of ohio. it is possible that portman who is a perennial vice presidential suggestion could come in and help not only manage the government, but the swing state. it would be especially interesting if clinton chose the other state sharad around in an all-out battle for ohio, which is where hillary clinton clearly see the crazies. the working middle class of the country is kind of inching towards donald trump and hillary clinton wants to do everything she can to stop that from happening. charles: what about the idea that someone who might give donald trump push back, in other words we saw what newt gingrich said over the weekend and it opened the floodgates for other criticisms from republicans against donald trump. yesterday, corker said donald trump has a couple weeks to coalesce the gop around them.
12:47 pm
names that have been drifting up in the vp list, at least with respect to the media from susanna martinez to gingrich to perhaps corporate now feel like maybe they are off. is that the kind of person donald trump should consider? >> it's hard to say how he will react especially because you think about him i might call ryan came out with gentle criticism and trump responded well. he tried to fix that relationship. he might do that with somebody like gingrich. it is clear if you need help running the government and he essentially seems to be asking for it, he will want somebody who can spring ideas that is not only on board with right away. yes, he should consider a candidate who's going to get in his face and said have you thought about this possibility? donald trump's personality so big that he might be somebody who doesn't overshadow him. charles: i don't think that's possible. having said that, i want to ask you before we go about hillary.
12:48 pm
we know the swing state argument. what about the enthusiasm gap argument that bernie sanders did extraordinarily well. he got a lot of voters, energize voters. would he have to be on the ticket or with someone like elizabeth war and get the enthusiasm get the job. >> you alluded to it before it it before. senator brown from ohio certifies apple get closer to that bernie sanders ring of authority. at this point, it seems to me sharad brown is a good candidate. although she's flirted with a two woman ticket, i don't see how that changes the math very much. anyone who's voted on the factions a woman isn't going to go for it. it's like she's already got them. it may actually work because bernie sanders supporter will say i can be onboard with that guy and meanwhile she's going for a swing state that can have a lot of impact.
12:49 pm
charles: i'm not a fan of brown politics and i'm not sure he has the charisma. he deathly face the same ideological component that she might need. thank you, vince. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. charles: amazon dating to create millions of jobs and help the economy. but not our economy. we will tell you where just bezos is putting $3 billion next. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust,
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12:53 pm
schafer of asset management joints and out. dan, we will set it up this way. india is the largest democracy in the world, over a billion people with the largest population in the world, one of the fastest growing economies in the world here at amazon wants to be there. they set up rules and regulations that make it tough for amazon. today essentially hold amazon hostage? >> i don't know if they'll hold them hostage. charles: is in 3 billion tour de france on? >> i think something would go in on because 3 billion is a lot of money. something is going on to keep them they are and make them bigger in indiana. again, the population is growing. more access to the internet, more buying going on. more people. i am concerned about the fact he would take what can be done in the united states to india. especially with technology. note in the research development for software, engineering. he will create jobs and dressing in startups.
12:54 pm
this is a very liberal left move. sending a message to donald trump. charles: here's a somewhat vague. we don't have people graduating from american high schools and universities can do this for. if you go to most colleges in california and look at the new businesses in silicon valley, it is indians and chinese to get these degrees and start businesses. there is something of a clarion call our red flag or young politics that we should all take note of here. >> absolutely. i don't disagree with that. with the money and the structure bezos is using in india, maybe they are more intelligent. charles: they've graduated a lot of tech students and tech engineers. >> they are not here yet we need to create the infrastructure in the united states. charles: you do here bezos
12:55 pm
complaining about this. should they say hey, why don't you send it out. so that these kids in high school. >> it is called farming. they need to find the generation that will help with the technology and get the education they need. instead of going overseas. america is america. they are ripping it apart by taking things away from the country instead of rebuilding the country. $3 billion is a lot of money. he claims that he is there to help startups, help the economy to two jobs. what about over here? charles: you are an investor. >> i do not own amazon stock. charles: here's the thing. america is a tiny part of the global economy. where do these companies draw the line because they do want to sell their products in other countries also. where do they draw the line because caterpillar went through
12:56 pm
this with the obama administration, took a lot of criticism even though most of the growth comes out they employees here, even as the business grows outside of america. >> there's nothing wrong with that. keep the focus in the united states of technology. like i said before, i operate my business. i could do with people anywhere in the world with where i am. i don't have to be in india and build an infrastructure they are. charles: fulfillment centers and things like that. >> i do not disagree. you're selling products they need to ship them and have a place where they go. as far as the back of a corporate management, you just add, america is small no, america is big. charles: less than 10% of the world's population. if you're selling gadgets you like to sell it to 5 billion of that of only 300 million. here's my point and this does underscore what donald trump as saying. we should have more aggressive policies in america to force
12:57 pm
companies to do things like india did with amazon. >> of course. up in the companies in this country give money to help educate and grow the population. charles: we've got to go. thanks a lot. more after this.
12:58 pm
♪ closing the stage
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don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. switch now, buy two samsung phones, and get a free 50" smart tv, plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network. . charles: well known back to cavuto coast r coast to coast, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. and donald trump sticking to the script last night reading from a teleprompter. >> i'm going to be your champion, i'm going to be america's champion because you see, this election isn't about rapport democrat. it's about who runs this country. the special interests or the people, and i mean the american people. [cheers and applause] . charles: so is this a sign that he spoke for november? former reagan economic adviser art laugh he. art, were you one of the folks who wanted donald trump to use the teleprompter?
1:01 pm
or do you think he's better with it? >> sometimes he's great without it, and sometimes he's great with it, it depends on the occasion, and i thought last night was terrific. charles: what happened last night that you made you feel sod going to about it? >> well, he won, he's in the race with hillary, i think what we should run on is economics one, two, three be four, five, he's going to the a great economics plan. that's the way he should sell it. 25 maximum income tax rate. that's fantastic. 15% corporate tabs rate. get rid of the death tax, get rid of the alternative minimum tax. he has got a plan there that just won't stop in making america prosperous and great and gets what we all need. we really need to get america growing and going again as kennedy said. it's really time to get the prosperity back, and i think he's the guy that can. i think he is. charles: you spent time, though, with donald trump, you've been able to add some suggestions as well; right? >> not really. i mean i spent a little time with him and all of that. but larry kudlow and steve
1:02 pm
moore are spending a lot more time with him than i am but they're my closest friends an and when they're with them, i can't add much to the conversation. charles: that's true. they're the best two out there. >> you've got it. charles: pull yourself up by the bootstraps, the ladder success. you know, we just had the ceo of dave and busters, the stock's at a all-time high right now, and he talked about how many people started there working on the burger grill and now own five or ten stores? it's just absolutely amazing. >> it's wonderful. charles: and i guess this is what we need to articulate. it doesn't matter. i listened to hillary last night, and i felt like i lived in the most unfair country in the world and the only way i could survive is if government was sending checks to my house on a biweekly basis. >> isn't it terrible, though? i don't see how she wins. i think donald trump is going to win 45 states or maybe even more. her message is just so off key right now. i mean she wants to give people who don't deserve all the freebies they're getting right now more freebies, all of these college students and
1:03 pm
stuff, she wants to raise taxes. charles: i mean you kind of answer your owe question, though. listen, if she's giving away the store, all i have to do is go and pull the lever, and i can go back home and eat cheetos for the next four years, what's going to stop me from doing that? >> because you'll starve to death. that's what's going to happen. that's what always happens we so overtax the rich people, we've got huge fiscal problems because we don't have enough rich people. we have way too many rich people, we have to make the poor rich, not the rich poor. you have to balance up just the way kennedy did, just the way reagan did. that's the answer. you can't love jobs, charles, and hate job creators. and that's what these people are doing. they're just hating job creators. and, you know -- i disagreed with your previous guest. you know, if america's not the right place to have your business, get the heck out. i left california, i love california. but when they want to tax the last drop of blood in my veins, i got out and moved to nashville, and i'm really
1:04 pm
happy here in nashville. it's really wonderful here. charles: and that's an area where donald trump might tweak his message because right now he's upset at companies like carrier and ford. but one of the challenges i put out to a lot of potential voters is, like, listen, if you think it's unpatriotic for ford to go down there, are you going to pay an extra $800 for a car? isn't it the true that we need to get these regulations and taxes. i don't think as many companies would consider leaving. >> yeah. that's what donald trump is saying what i hear him saying. 15% corporate tax, who's going to do an inversion when we have a 15% corporate tax? no one they're going to be inverting back into the united states. they'll bring all of that money back with the 15% tax. he won't have to worry about companies leaving. you know, at that rate, then you start worrying. but frankly i think that's the solution. get -- america should be attractive to producers and income earners. not income earners should make
1:05 pm
america attractive by giving up all their freedoms and all their wealth to the great state. it's really the other way around. the americans should serve us, not us serve america. charles: he doesn't have to win 45 states but there's a whole lot of people who want pro se fighter come back. >> in our first election, we won 44. charles: that's true. all right. buddy. >> thanks, charles. charles: we'll talk to you again real soon. >> thank you very much. charles: we're talking trump and clinton, both gaining enough delegates now, at least bound delegates to secure the nomination. but are there any other options at these conventions? well, to the hills columnist judy kurtz. judy, we've heard some things from bernie sanders in the speech last night he's not going away. and there's that never trump movement all of a sudden in the last week i'm hearing people say, hey, there's still maneuvers that can be pulled at the convention. so maybe we still might see some crazy shen an begins. >> you know, charles, i'm pretty lousy at math, but even i can calculate the fact that
1:06 pm
mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to win the nomination at this point. i think there might be a bit of denial going on in the sanders camp right now. but, listen, the guy is 74. he doesn't have much else to do other than that whole day job in the senate thing, and he really owes the democratic party nothing at this point. so there's no incentive for him to get out of the race. . charles: so then having said that, and, listen, his supporters love him. in fact, i think last night when he mentioned hillary's name, a lot of them booed. how do they keep him from being the loose canon between now and near convention? >> well, maybe the clinton camp might want to offer him a prime speaking spot at the convention. earlier could at this convention stir up some trouble, make some noise, but i think the danger for him is coming across as a sore loser at this point. you never want to be the last person at the party. charles: we discussed earlier the show the vp pick and
1:07 pm
things like that. is that perhaps the last way of finally -- on both sides, by the way, finally removing any dissent, with the vp pick be able to go that far? >> well, we've had no indication of that. you know, and i don't think many people would turn down a vp nod. but i think for sanders, the real key here is not coming across as a sore loser as i mentioned. he doesn't want to be this larry david type, grumbling at a bar about what could have been. charles: he's under a lot more fun being a larry david type than an independent senator nobody ever heard of. >> this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to bernie sanders. he loves taking to the stage, he loves the limelight, and the democratic party are trying to yank him off the stage. charles: all right, judy, thanks a lot. yeah, you're right. we don't have to be good at math to know that he's -- it's all but over. but he will get some concessions, no doubt about it. appreciate it. >> it's over, done. charles: all right. hillary clinton saying she's been in touch with bernie's camp, and some talks have started. they want to work toward
1:08 pm
unifying the party. but some wonder if it's too little too late. our national union of health care workers president and a bernie sanders supporter. sal, what do you think? can there be unity? can hillary give enough concession to make people like you hard-core bernie sanders supporters happy? >> well, obviously it's up to hillary clinton, you know, on many fronts. there are -- you know, this campaign, this political revolution that bernie's candidacy has organized is about ideas and issues. so, for example, near the top of our union's list is real health care reform. medicare for all. something we've been working on since the early '90s. so it's important for hillary clinton to stop saying this cannot be accomplished. it's not possible in this country. you know, we here in california believe that we'll accomplish it for years from now. so that's an example of something that hillary clinton -- charles: wouldn't the
1:09 pm
president -- workers in our union. charles: sure but, sal, president obama had the house, he has the senate, and even the best he could do was obamacare, which is probably a step toward what you see as the utopian health care. but and now we see all the problems with it. i mean people's -- their premiums have gone through the roof, their deductibles have gone through the roof. do you think you could sell something like that as president? isn't she just being realistic? >> from our point of view, it's certainly not going to happen if someone's taking the position that it's impossible. and, again, i think we're on target to accomplish it in california by far the largest state in the union four years from now. charles: by far the largest, by far the most leftist. so are you willing then to see the white house to donald trump presumably as a democrat if bernie sanders doesn't have a major role? >> first of all, bernie sanders is absolutely committed to unifying the democratic party and defeating donald trump. you know, i think it's important to put
1:10 pm
some things in perspective. eight years ago 35% of hillary clinton's voters supporters, this is before she endorsed barack obama said they would never vote for equilibrium. that same poll today has 28% of bernie sanders voters. or we're going through a process here. you have good conversations yesterday with hillary clinton and barack obama. let's take it one step at a time. this time eight years ago hillary clinton had not yet endorsed barack obama. she was still in it despite it was obvious that obama was going to be nominated. so, again, you know, i'm confident that bernie sanders is absolutely committed to unifying the party. charles: there's a difference, though, between this election and the one you reference because i see a lot of people who expressed enthusiasm for bernie sanders leaning toward donald trump than you had in 2008. there are -- in fact, i think there's one poll that shows
1:11 pm
one fifth of bernie sanders supporters would actually vote for donald trump. so it's a little bit of a different script this time around, isn't it? >> well, i don't think it's so different. i mean i think that the political revolution that bernie sanders kind of has help led, the simulators with trump in terms of people being disenfranchised and unhappy with the political establishment and this is certainly something that i hope that we get changed, you know, through the convention process, part of the party platform and the future process. charles: right. >> for nominating candidates. but, again, you know, fewer people today, fewer bernie supporters today say they would not support hillary clinton than the same eight years ago, regarding hillary supporters, regarding voting for barack obama. charles: well, we'll see what happens to your point, but i think a lot of people feel like they're really nervous within your party because bernie sanders seems -- this does not want to accept what appears to be the most obvious handwriting on the wall. sal, i appreciate you taking
1:12 pm
the time. >> thank you, charles. charles: thanks a lot. hey, we've seen all of this, been all of this story. you know the chaos in, what people are doing there to make money is amazing. we're talking about the ultimate demise to socialism and what it can do to human beings. next i don'or wonder whether i theshould seek treatment.c.
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. charles: we're calling it the chaos in caracas and only intensifying. venezuelans now creating their own free market by selling trash. liz: yeah, charles, this story keeps getting worse. we brought this a week or so go about venezuelans eating out of garbage bags in front of restaurants. now we've got people selling -- basically going through garbage to get rotten fruit and vegetables out to sell that, to sell the rotten fruit and vegetables. you're looking at people looting grocery trucks right now. so what is happening? we've got three-quarters -- more than auto three-quarters of venezuelaians under the poverty lean. about 50% under the poverty line just two years ago. and the people who are doing this, it's not just the poor. they're former small business owners, they're college students, they're senior citizens and what we're seeing in venezuela with the collapse of socialism is that small business owners who saw
1:17 pm
they're businesses ravaged by high tax rates now moving into the black market to sell things like toilet paper or paper towels out of their homes. charles: right. >> so that's what's happening in the economy in venezuela. charles: and of course that's a country where you have to raise your prices. liz: right. charles: and you talk about socialism coming to the rescue. but isn't this the best sample of income inequality? people stand in a line to buy their toilet paper. liz: that's exactly right. what started that was the government trying to fix income inequality with the very measures you just cited. things like it's called the frozen job where you can't be fired -- by law, you can't be fired so people don't show up to work. so it basically collapses the temporarily system, triple digit inflation i tell you time and again, when you see things, stats like half of venezuelaians now don't even eat three meals a day, this is what venezuelaians are telling me they're afraid of happening in the united states.
1:18 pm
charles: now, we learned a long time ago ultimately you run out of other people's money; right? liz: right. charles: i think the worst-case scenario of socialicism when the bloodshed starts happening. liz: that's dangerous. charles: over the last few years we've seen hike the pay of soldiers. big time. liz: that's right. charles: your sources, you talk to them about the possibility of mass bloodshed? liz: well, they're worried about that because there is a push to do a recall in madura but he's fighting against that. now, when argentina collapsed in 2001, about 22 people were killed back then. so the venezuelan message here is, listen, we thought it was great the government was always doing stuff for us, giving us free stuff. but then the government showed up at our back doorstep and we said to ourselves wait a second. they're way to which in our lives. so when that happens, it's hard to dial the government back. that's the message. charles: well, that's the ultimate foul stand ail. people need to realize that when it sounds tempting or too tempting, that's ultimately what happens.
1:19 pm
liz: yeah,. charles: really appreciate it. well, just over two weeks away from the uk's big vote. a look at why right now just might be the best time to put your money to work over there. we're talking about the present. next this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom?
1:20 pm
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1:22 pm
. charles: the uk voting on whether written should remain in the european union just two weeks away but could it be a good opportunity to put your money to work? why the uk stock market could be a good bet. larry, making that assumption, and i think you would say there would be a stay. if you're making a bet on investments right now in the uk, you're betting also that they'll say -- stay in the eu? >> look, charles either way we know that uncertainty breeds opportunity. and what you really have is you have tremendous
1:23 pm
uncertainty. you've got basically split polls. some polls favoring states, some favoring go. regardless of the outcome, we know the uk stocks have been discounted because of this uncertainty. and as a result we've seen uk stocks under performed u.s. stocks both on a year to date basis and 12-month basis. from a pe at some point, they're cheaper than other sectors of the global economy and in many quays, these are high quality companies. the types of companies you want to own, charles. . charles: what about the the threats? president obama went to the uk and actually threatened them. said, hey, listen, you guys don't stick in the eu, and you go to the bottom of the rung. angela merkel not so -- you know, not so straight forward. but perhaps take the same sort of approach. and then of course there are the question marks about what happens to their economy if they don't stay in with scotland saying we don't want to be a part of this either. >> yeah. well, again, the accomplishment of their -- what we're really talking about is what's in this? what are the companies we're investing in?
1:24 pm
what are the stocks we're investing in? and if you look at the uk stock market, there's an exchange traded if you understand that tracks the uk stock market. we're talking about a yield of roughly 4%. in a yield star world, that's really attractive. and what comes with it are really high quality companies. so look at the sectors we're talking about, charles. we're talking about companies like british american tobacco, we're talk about companies like dij io, health care companies, the types of companies you want to own in a uncertain world. even energy names that have been very discounted. bp, shell, the financials. hsbc, this is exactly the portfolio that i would like to own, and i get it at a discount because of this uncertainty. regardless of what the outcome is. these multinationals will survive, and they will persevere, despite what might be short-term volatility. charles: you know, i love the way where you're going with this, and i think you could have applied the same argument with the oil stocks coming into the year, the exxon mobiles or the chevrons of the world. but the short-term that haunts
1:25 pm
this market, it's tough. and people are the knee-jerk reactions when i see people sell quality names over and over again for big losses, i scratch my head but that is a risk, isn't it? >> it's true. and any time you see uncertainty, the world is uncertain. but this one particular place where the uncertainty has priced in a discount to high quality assets. it's hard to find quality at any sort of discount in this market because investors are so starved for opportunity. and this level of political reactionism could create that opportunity. so you want to have your shopping list. maybe the opportunity is coming up over the next few weeks. . charles: but you want to buy before the vote, though. that's what you're saying. you've got to be in there, you've got to be long before they actually vote. all right. larry. we're going to bring you back to talk about this. >> you've got it. my pleasure. charles: see you soon. >> take care. charles: wishing you could surf the web for free while you provide? well, one provider making that possible. we've got the details for you. next
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and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at charles: free wi-fi while you fly. think it is not possible? guess what? t-mobile making it reality, offering hour of free wi-fi while in the air. dagen mcdowell, is that the bait and switch? what is the second hour? >> the second hour, pay up, buddy. but this is part of t-mobile's expansion. i think, i've been reading up on this story. this is a company, charles, that
1:30 pm
you kind of have to love for various reasons i will explain why. you get, if you're a t-mobile customer you get hour of free wi-fi through go-go, the wi-fi service on all flights. free i message. free us of whatsapp for entire flight. this is about an hour of wi-fi on a plane is five dollars value. it is not much, but again just shows kind of a courtesy to the t-mobile customer. t-mobile also, this is what you will love, if you are a wireless subscriber, they give you a free share of stock, if you sign up. just like part of their ownership plan, you love a store with great customer service. i swear every t-mobile store, i'm not even a t-mobile customer i've been in new york city, in the last six months, they are the happiest "people." like walking in apple store. charles: is that reflection of the ceo? he is controversial but goes out the way to be sort of, whatever,
1:31 pm
the ultimate chief excitement officer? >> i think it has been a transformation of the company in part because of john legere you're talking about. by the way under his leadership they're the third largest wire carrier behind verizon and at&t. sprint is lowly fourth. i think a lot has to do with that. charles: he has a way of staying in the need. >> free hour of wi-fi from here to d.c. charles: social media app usage is down. how did that, dagen? >> people have lives actually. i don't get much value being on facebook. i would rather put my phone down to have a conversation with you. this is a study done by consulting company, marketing intelligence firm called similar web. it looked at nine different countries including united states. it did only look at android
1:32 pm
users, not iphone users and how much they spent on facebook, twitter, snapchat. usage was down most on instagram. down 24%. twitter was second, almost 23%. snapchat and facebook. it was roughly the same in the united states. i want to point this out, in the united states we're still on facebook more than any other nation. we spend most time on facebook. we spend 45 1/2 minutes every day on facebook. charles: we like talking about ourselves. printing gossip. >> telling what our kids ate for lunch. look at charlie, he has all this macaroni and cheese on my face. i'm talking about charlie my dog. charles: best what? i've been tweeting during the show. >> i get eye contact from you. charles: you do. i can't, i'm not one of these guys into the thing, although i'm one of the late users. i wonder if instagram may be worried? >> maybe but they're monetizing their user base so incredibly well. they can identify what you want
1:33 pm
as a user better than any of these other social media platforms. instagram owned by facebook by the way. snapchaters, we spend almost 19 minutes every day on snapchat. that i'm too old to figure out how to use that. charles: that makes two of us. thanks a lot, dagen. hillary clinton making history last night. she still faces a mountain of challenges. in fact the major obstacles in her way, we'll outline them for you next. ♪
1:34 pm
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>> i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. not a dad day for stocks today he specially if you're a bull. s&p 500 continues march toward new record levels. still 1% off the record high. s&p, up .2 of 1%. industrials, consumer non-cyclicals, staples and technology leading the way on broad market average. story of the day is really the dollar. we have severely depressed u.s. dollar. that is giving a big boost to oil and u.s. commodities. steel stocks are benefiting as well under the same theme. look at ak steel up%. united states steel up 10%. gold miners are sparkling as well on commodities rally today. look at some of those gold related companies, the miners.
1:36 pm
iam gold up 6.6%. anglogold up 6 and 1/3 of 1%. s&p better by four points. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. charles: hillary clinton making history last night, clinching the democratic nomination but she still faces many challenges as bernie sanders avows to stay in the race and her email server scandal, don't forget about that little thing. democratic strategist julie
1:38 pm
roginsky. julie, great night for you. beer throughout. she gave a pretty good speech. some people found it interesting she did embrace the woman card, women's card out of the gate. she had been avoiding that. that was that sort of indication she knows her options may be limited or seize that or reseize that option. >> i don't think her options are limit at all. look projected states democratic nominee would win versus republican nominee. charles: talking generically or recent polls or specific candidates, trump and clinton. >> certainly trump and clinton and generically as well but between the two. talking about the fact whether you like her or not, whether you think she is the right person to be president of the united states or not, it is historic moment. same moment all of us felt in 2008 when barack obama got elected, whether you were happy about the results or not it was a moment to take stock of the fact that you had an
1:39 pm
african-american as the first president of the united states in the highest office in the land. this is very similar. we've had women run for vice president before. never had a woman serve as vice president before. to have a women, if this were sarah palin getting republican nomination for president or any other woman, let's take stock of the fact this is historic moment. we've had 44 presidents. every single one has been a man throughout our history. charles: although barack obama, shirley chisholm, geraldine ferraro, sarah palin, the kind of baggage though that hillary clinton brings, some of the question marks, for instance, her role in enabling bill clinton ace behavior, her role in subduing or, maybe not listening to women who said they were victims of his behavior, those kind of things haunt her. not all women are with pom-poms this morning, julie. >> you're right. charles: all women, that are probably would have been with different female candidate? >> i don't think that is true. there are a lot of women out there who may not agree with a
1:40 pm
lot of things that sarah palin stands for on women's issues, but nevertheless i was proud to have woman serve as a republican nominee for vice president back in 2008. i was happy that we finally crossed that threshold for the republican party book in 1984. that was i was 11 years old, i was happy to see that happen with geraldine ferraro. told little girls, regardless of party or regardless hillary clinton herself this is actually an office they can aspire to. they never had the example. it is possible to become the major party nominee of the democratic or republican party one day if you are a woman. that is a message for all of our daughters, regardless of how you feel about hillary clinton. charles: it is not about how i feel about her, honestly, i thought she gave a great speech. i didn't know her mother was born on the very day women got right to vote. people are saying it is historic, i don't think we have presidential nominee with potential fbi indictment hanging over their heads or kind of sort
1:41 pm
of scandals are her background. if she plays the card, comes out, vote for me, i'm playing the women's card she will have to accept the fact -- >> when has she ever said that? charles: she started speech off last night with the women's card. by the way -- >> i don't think that is true. i don't think that is true. charles: okay. >> she is not saying vote -- i would never vote for her because she is woman. i think that is the dumbest reason to vote for somebody on earth. i didn't vote for barack obama because he was african-american. if somebody, gay, latino, running i will not vote for them because that happens to be a box they check. i do think however it is important, and charles, if you're a woman, and again, i truly felt this way about sarah palin as well. i thought some of the sexist criticism she came under was inappropriate back in 2008. that a man would never be subjected to. i truly think if you're a woman in politics, i never run for
1:42 pm
anything but i worked in politics for 20 years it is incredibly tough business for a woman to break through. you have to get through the whole part, where they look at you based on what you look like. people talk to you in ways never talk to a man. the man you might be shrieking if you raise your voice. you might be too manly, or you're not feminine enough, all things don't understand, or men don't appreciate but a lot of women do, what it is like to be in politics as woman, the fact she was able to surmount that. the fact that sarah palin was able to surmount, that geraldine ferraro was able to surmount that was huge deal for women. charles: to that point, again, listen, she, hillary, has not so far conquered the amount of women in the polls or in actual voting that a lot of pundits thought she would coming out of the gate. i think it is because a lot of women are saying to your point, hey, maybe there are more obstacles, more obstacles but
1:43 pm
she has been the imperfect proxy for women and some women resent her for that. >> you know some women might because they don't agree with her policies or don't happen to like her. charles: maybe they doesn't like the thing bill clinton accused of. >> to meet bill clinton thing is the following, very hard for any of us to judge what happens inside after marriage. certainly very hard to hold a wife accountable for cheat being behavior of her husband. i would never hold any woman accountable for cheating behavior of her husband. she is victim. charles: but not the cheating part but woman who said they were abused by him and then the wife steps in and abuses or confronts the actual accuser. isn't she supposed to champion, people who said they had been abused by men? >> charles would no more presume to tell your wife how to behave towards you or -- charles: i'm not saying towards me, but towards potential victims. women who may have been victimized by bill clinton, does -- >> you're psychoanalyzing marriage. charles: someone says she is champion for women.
1:44 pm
steps out of the box, i will never treat the accuser like the potential victim as something that she's not because it involves my husband. is that where she went off the riles? >> i don't think what she did. what a lot of people are doing essentially psychoanalyzing behavior of a wife not relates to a marriage but relates to the women with whom he had affairs. monica lewinsky, exactly same age as i am, i remember being 23, 24 years old i thought she got treated rep prehensably. charles: i'm not talking about consensual stuff. the stuff that was not consensual. we've got to go. >> let me put it to you this way, serious algation juanita broderick made against bill clinton. make it very clear, you should take it to the courts. right now all it is an allegation. i do not disbelief her but -- excuse me that he is racist no evidence whatever other than word of somebody who right now is taking him to court. charles: a woman. we should always take seriously. more than one women.
1:45 pm
>> i could go out and accuse somebody of rape tomorrow. up to the courts to determine whether i'm telling truth or not. charles: julie, appreciate talking to you every time. >> see you later. charles: we'll be right back. you pay your car insurance
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charles: donald trump receiving his first unendorsement from senator kirk of illinois but does this risk fracturing the entire party? want to go to senator rob portman who has been critical of donald trump's actions of late but still supports the presumptive nominee. senator portman, thanks very much for joining us. this week was a tough week for the presumptive nominee and your party and many critics have come out said, listen, certain areas are off bounds. i think you've been one of them but you haven't gone as far as senator kirk. where do you stand right now
1:49 pm
with respect to donald trump and what would you like to see from him? >> look i thought his comments were wrong and offensive. i was in ohio when he made them and taubed to the media right away, you can't suggest someone can't do their job because of ancestry. it is just un-american. it is not the right approach. i think that is the way most people are responding. by the same tone we have a choice here whether hillary clinton or donald trump. continuation of the obama policies or status quo, worst in some cases. we had a jobs report in the middle of this controversy about trump's comments. it was a horrible jobs report. it shows the economy is not picking up. you talk about this all the time, we need pro-growth tax reform and regulatory relief. we need to come up with ways to train our workforce better. these are things donald trump talks about and is for, makes him a real contrast of hillary clinton who wants to continue
1:50 pm
overregulation and more taxes and bigger government that has gotten us into the mess. that is where paul ryan focused, i focused, how do you get talking about policy and stark difference these two candidates? charles: or as they say in cleveland it is a lay-up or slam dunk. >> i hope we have a few slam dungs by the cavs tonight. charles: they will need a few. >> hoping to win a couple at home here. charles: senator portman, you've been a leader in the fight against opioid epidemics. we talked about this for a long time. more recently prince's death. toxicology report said it wasn't opioid overdose. highlights complexities of dealing with this. prevention and how to turn the tide. we acknowledge in the country it is an epidemic but what do we do about it? >> absolutely. by the way the tragic and untimely death of prince i hope will now be used as a way to channel some of the grief into something constructive, how do we keep other people from going
1:51 pm
down this path. it is true that he died of an overdose and you know, i hope that will be a teachable moment for the country. we do need much more on prevention and education, keeping people out of the tunnel of addiction in the first place. but, charles, we have people already addicted. we need to face up to the issue. get rid of stigma. get them into treatment and long-term recovery. we have legislation that passed the senate by remarkable 94-1 vote a couple months ago. we're trying to get the house and senate bills together. they are two slightly different approaches. there are ways to address the issue. we have to do it. if we don't, we'll continue to see not just this tragic premature death of prince but unfortunately 129 people dying every day. charles: senator portman, i can tell you from my own personal life i have relatives who have been ad dicks to drugs for 30 years or more. i know it is epidemic and honored you're fighting against it. >> we'll continue to do it.
1:52 pm
charles. charles: new bill on capitol onl hill aimed at former veterans to get melthealth care. sergeant beardsley, this seems like common sense stuff. hope it makes it through but there is a lost resist steps to this. >> sure, no. thanks by the way for having me on. this is fantastic proposal, concerned veterans for america really wants to applaud congresswoman mcmorris rogers for submitting this. right now it is in draft form. she is looking for soliciting information from vets, what do you guys think about this? it is 56-page draft that really deals with the problems much systemic failure. our va has failed our veterans. consistently now we've been talking about it for two and three years. it is shameful and pathetic for our leadership to ignore them. this is a great step in the direction of fixing those problems. charles: where do you think though, there will be push back on this.
1:53 pm
think about this. finally hired someone from the private sector, who maybe we painted him with the wrong brush when he said the comments that he said but they felt very indifferent and cold-blooded when we consider that men and women who protect and serve our country are actually dying on waiting list. >> right. charles: do you think we can push through some of these common sense proposals? >> the way we push through them by getting people in the discussion. let's first take a look what she is proposing. it is about realigning facilities and resources so that veterans come first. it is about insuring that our veterans who served honorably overseas don't come back to a system that kicks them in the gut again, shuffles them down the bureaucracy, sends them on the wait lists that are secret, done by these cultures. this is what needs to change inside of the veterans administration. it is a bad culture. this is a step in doing it. charles: it is. master sergeant beardsley. my father did over 20 years in the army. we salute both of you. thank you very much. >> fantastic. thanks. let's get the word out.
1:54 pm
charles: we'll get it out for sure. there is a study who bernie's millenials might jump to if he leaves the race. ♪
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
charles: well a new study revealing more than half of bernie's millenials supporters are voting to vote for hillary after he drops out. kennedy, is that a surprise? >> i don't think it is that high of a number. i don't think that is shockingly high, only 57% -- 43% of his slice of redistributed pie. charles: first of all who did the study? >> mtv. charles: okay. we probably should have -- >> they don't have any skin in the game at all. charles: they don't know anything about millenials. >> they call them sand -- millenials. everyone has clever nicknames
1:58 pm
charles. charles: if i'm hillary clinton i should be worried. >> this is not something clinton campaign should be high-fiving themselves. they have done horribly with younger voters. 80% of voters under 30 flocked to bernie sanders. are they going to be in open revolt? yes. that means they will stay home. they will not vote at all. doesn't mean a windfall for donald trump. i don't think he found a great number of issues that resonates for these younger first-time voters. abuse they're able to vote for the first time doesn't mean they're actually going to. charles: largest voting bloc, millenials. largest block of people in the country but notorious for not showing. >> cycle after cycle every time is election year. there might be up tick for exciting candidates like president obama, but hillary clinton, does she really inspire that level of passion? people may be passionate about voting against trump in this age group i don't think that is enough to galvanize. charles: too late for her to
1:59 pm
learn how to play the sax? how can she between now and november get the cool factor or got to promise a lot of giveaways? >> she will never be cool. you remember the hot sauce in the bag. come on, ladybird. lock it up. charles: that was embarrassing. >> that was embarrassing. she will go to great lengths seems like anything she's not. charles: will we see on the stage, going through the campaign bus with some beats on or spitting out some kanye lyrics? >> wearing some jordans? probably. charles: she has to do something, adopting some of bernie's position, no? >> she already has done that. she wanted to triangulate to the center for month and hasn't been able to do that. charles: right. >> now that bernie continues to press and vows to fight on in philadelphia she will not have that kind after chance. charles: word to hillary's camp, don't use the word triangulate. isn't that the moral of the story?
2:00 pm
catch me rather back on my show, "making money with charles payne." i will have a stock pick. i gave you oil stock pick. you guys didn't take advantage of it. i don't think enough did. we'll make you money. trish regan will take you through the next hour. it is always yours, trish. trish: thank you, charles i am. it's a done deal, donald trump versus hillary clinton in november after clinton scores four big primary victories. donald trump wasting no time taking aim at her but you know kind of in a measured, sort of presidential kind of way. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." hillary clinton making history. >> thanks to you, we reached a milestone. [cheering] first time, the first time in our nation's history a woman will be a major party nominee? [cheering]


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