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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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mi just hourafr s meinwi bnie saerwh n mti wh nate miri ldehay id sanderresing to bow out of e ce llere nds epusng lly t lt? ifo, wilitos h t ol offi? >>pl t doctic pay, thpay her sbd d, it nothdecric par wse today. w n b wh aoclist is the one wi althe momentum and t extentig now? > usond ump meeting thons day on theews that hillarylionas $1 billionar che a atgs him in the nerace but does cpaign cash reay matt in this ectn e y it used to think about donald the ouedeb bush, a bush d nsf money. hiopenne, s llgns to talko e dia, jt ou erda keeps his facan his sse t ns. thery annghe money game.
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congp look how tmpas changed itllwh imeans for hiar hilly inn ving a eech on ju how trie inme inequitishi wearing $,000 digr jacket can. can you imine if a rubca haworn cloth le at on thcampai til ohai sahal s acally did right e dicodn sp unding hefoitrememb tt? y the liberal miaiving inn a free ps w? news, is aac iir lled at let 31 ppl e middle et aess. is ionheisin eure, yet hilly clinton ntto ing 65,000 syrian refugeeso oushes? how hla cnt going to convincemecanshashis tough on terror? our military exptsreerto bate i th he a liledvice. >>back toutosty ght hiary clinton sanghere h nevebe aonmore qualified
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toolthe office. this aft aho-lg al ofce meeting with beie sanderthorng. sanderisnd ahole l o prsu tdr out othra anclr e way r lly inn. antoday snd like he was rey r party uny. tc >> i spoke briefly to secrety clinn on tuesday night and ngtuteher on herery stngampaign. lo fwa tmeing wi her in t nruture, to e how we c wk togeer to deat dond um d cata goveme wch represen a of us. trish: mnwlereside oma hwas give e ciisthcote o exitinthra ohis ow tes. hmmm. of crse he doe'teay nt to do atetprsing his caaign. >> it was a heththg r the moatar to have a contesd imy.
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thoughth bernie saer out enoouenergyndew ea heusd the party an challeed the thgh ima hla a bett cdidate. trh: reay atealthy? hait really deillary beerandida? or has it st madhemo o lti givenllfernie's progreive id? joinmearseano annews da columstllis hic. i nto remi vwe, 're itg t veoro prident amas td em the t. ow pridt ama isffially endorsing lly clinn and ju released a vio line. wereurng that around as eaanwee ing tori it to you montealile. asewa -omtarily li ts est emo be
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thbill clinton democti rty, anymore? >> no. ght years. longerhabi cnt h en around, rig? th is a w neti. ra omas ryopar ghno ght appralatgse d in years lly's numberne surroga. ialadouthe throwing fepuheatonald. it is not expected. the is me ilg hillary land apee reads acro all e demoat cldn. trish: destehe fact beie is still iitheill go right roh c.nd hanonnt the coenonthe president id he willamig this is stomg to to us rht now,e ll camign wi hiary clintone wk. ma, i ju wdering i tnk thsmart has anged ellis pots out, the danger for llary it h bommore a mo pgressi as they wld define i me d re left, and those poliesn manyay em to be out otoh with mainstam ameca
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out otoh h you best artezeillarylionno doubt. lo athe dynamics here, is a ar ago bernie nds s the pls heavher a run for r ne th g ia social c y igi wt these mein a le thba, withar rd today? bernie, d ddy, old pal, gh he is a soalt. tris they needere thou rit now. ty edernie nds d th c'tnsr that questio what do weo th bnie? rn sde dmacay chgethe race ith pty shti h to thle. her progresse ances lle aatssn r ck thi fall. ish: along ahe is arou d folks like ezath warren e ound, by the w. th he ton of popary. thk sanders supporters t er thinabt e izetwaen ppters, lis. thespele, thdaer they lleel like they' ait roedth bnishld have be t guy and the lger he hangs around the more eye
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bongo elhawa how do tt chan t lasce r r. i have toulyou bothm e edgehe. its t roty res yoma it outo be. this ia partcong together. u're right theason on the moat ptyonhe left thsa w the passi on th republican party is onxtme right. th ithwaour countris vid day. iis notn tre righ umwaab tbuild a coitn of 1miion vors who reight, nter a -- trish: wt hear mark's spse. 13illion voters.ti of theyreotar right tris. th a disadvantaged ovelast eit arofark am economy. theytruggled io the economy whh at bnie sanders tapped to hillary clinton weinhe $12,000 outfitisotn ng tht and that will oply nker
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is h ds e project ncern,owoeshproject detanding anhodoes she precpocies that she will make a he nscampaigning oma's record? >>heildo same thg s s nerodaon naowg co gs d wealth gaps. >> with giveay eusme, makingxcsi meagthat affects everye. not diinpeople whore noti. t having splits inde the rtli the rublicans a. alofhi all of this. >> what arthe policies that willeay tually set thi economy toctn? giaws? eees how does that work? >> ge you one ulbeeay heful, pull back on mef those ridulouslgerous tax tsor super wealt. get e peri to pathr irha. tax cuts r e dd cls,ll. dold trump wts to we coore x rate. wtso loweras r middlela workers iamic hilly clinton has not talked outacuts ith eir
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campaign. shtaedbo free college. shtaedbo the $12 mim wage. nttoonnue polici thatavtan e midd css d ov them wnn is econy. pthem down, inclin minoriesy the y. trh: seems to me mide clas one very se esare peopleig n, llngowards tru and rallng towdsere nds. i anyogotoe leo toinhelectio if you're gng d i don't ows we're arg enou fm r, ellis ateally gointo make a ffence. think about it like this, is y u' aasone rn suorr, bnibro, right come nemr o e you going tootforeally? yowa tgo forhe guyho was bld wl, wants to coinue tax cuts for e super-rich, o ntto reduce relaononur finci institutio? u wanthenehos imperfectl ierct protg osmilelass - >> they ll notupport an itt.
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lly inn fe elitm whiton, o beltwabait th wl t ppt elite . mef tm ll1/ofernie ppte will je etism whito d., tanked this ony,and our debto $19 trilon. you llsse eyilmo ero lly inton enhe cat ssibly rele t stgg ty peenced er last eig years. trh: it has beeneaof outsid f se. there aigasagainst so-called tablisenwhh she aarof. see you guys lern the ow markthk u mh. llary clinn, eveon she is getng ready tblt na trumdung a major speech thecomlar is month. she is worngn it awe eak. clinton warnin tt trump's poci cldeato a sio ob economicrisis. t,hod e hding off on the attac right now? can shrely takon busine ldewh, let's fa it, obams onic policies ha hdly helpeds?
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he s i denngresident oba f'srebaier. wah. >> ihink that monthofob crtion ia good sta. jt t different. at specifillwod you diertlth t oma admistti? rht. rit. t i thk what wt esblh that 'vgotten ouof that deep ditche re drpein. it took whe cae w a et serrecessn d t of pplhan'ye covere twhe ey were bereheecsi. tris wl u owshthks lf mlion amerinsivg on loinfojo is a covery. is she runningheisofei ouofou with the rest of era? ing me rightow, wi her thouts, fone contrut anformer campaigmagefo go tseyou.kakis sus eri. >>ootoeeouootrish. trh: susan, befo w geto
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hohillary runs ooba's econicecd, right now, is coming into u bakg news, oba endoinclto let's tthe cl. lk, kw how hardhi b n . that's why know lly ll sgo ait ft dot ink there's ever beesomeonso qualifi to hd this offe. she has got the cra, e mpsi a the hrto t e b ne and i say that as medy who had toebate r rehan 20 mes. even afterurwnarfought mpaign trh:ou know, sanyojust w e ip. also ys in thatlip, that head a gat meeting wh beieanders thiwe. i stonr,ow cane lk abt w eat a meeting was wi bernisaerwhe multaneously beingut the ppting and endorngillary inton, whi bniis still in the rac >> easy. ay
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r e in bnie ist en a democrat. soe ou keep thatn nd beie supporters, my emreemra. what the preside itryingo , and i thk , you know, i mpare it t1980 wn ted kennedy took on jiy carter, the inmbt esent, wke iting, i was in thkeed caai, ital kt waing for call tco i les it l's getoghe let's be togetr. tookim unt oober. thk what the prede is doing, wt hilly doing, at youe eing the decric party doingishe e acngut to rn. whato u veere? veere a spking oprtity on tueayig or nday night of the nventi. you giveim re in t plform. i have written three platfor. o er readth, is but you can give theceai things d you y to pull e rty toth and mch to vember trish: so this is negotiatio stte athis point
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berniean sething. 'rnoenre se what buheants sometngnd obama's going toomthug thomhi, me him happy? wl, i mn,ere n the suort of a gd nymeca o brought into e rty, based on strg ews. demoats would be czyo bniwh jimmy carr d toendy which was bicly give us the fier, te us, we're not ing toetouut anythingn e atform. tells,ouno wdot nt yourel it wast litellunl octor ute sogi bernihidu tris oy. >> but that esn't meanilry clintois bound by his poci. is tt'wh ianto get torit? cae bernie's policies, i got toelyou, susan they're whe t more liberal tha anhing tt e ulha ticipated omer >>es. tris a he go on anon about e come inequality ise. i ma t pntesrd, a
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biof me- issue, lo, banglashaso income inuatywhsoever, everybody is pr. >>verybody ipo. trish: shodn't wbehiin reosvely aboutronghe pie for everyone? lileeswoieabout what thjos ve? lileoreorworriewhat weav inmenequality,hiis bernie's platform i thinsh willavto embraceiv his coinllpuing her there thle. woer susan, w willha t in the rt the country, th peoe ying lk, jt need a job? s is notoing tembrace beie platform. co ieqlity i undstand. what you're heinand i' hearg tetis eneoe eak of it, we're hearing wait a co, iarngoouc moy? se est elhawato me. yokn, d i certaiy can' afrdo give up too ch. so tnk you're not into see hillary cltodo massi eme.
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i an, unerl high educion for free? unwonderful. aryou going to pay f it? some of tas wall re. she'a alist ent meto the ecomy and i ink, people are intoud h that way. trh: so rnie -- >> you tnk youan make ro for rn somewhereiner of ideals. ish: ge m platform no onisoi tre. auter]. >>ig. exactly. ha pesf them. in my goo raj. trish: gd to see you. thanyosouch. >> good toee youri, ke care. trish: cinupveryone, hiarclton giving speec w rrle income ineqli is butheaseang $,000 degn jacket. and weea cricks, ccks. you owembewh sarah palin ok a beati from e medifoheexnsive clhes eight arag whisheibaledia giving lly inn fr ps? > isis attacksn aq have
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kiedt as31eople. the middle easis a disaster rit w. isn e se in euro. yehiarclintowas brg ,0 siaregees t our shor. so hows e ing to connce americth s irely tough onerr. ay witmeba itw see you here. u y ur carnsan
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and thisavings appes evy vehic. $1yocan ear. call lrnore. swcho berty tu d you uld sa uto $509. lliberty mutual foa free quote todayt e r insunce in awhe new gh trh: momentsgoe t viote fm e ite hoe whic wl, presidt obama came o fly enrsing hilly inn. he did mtion he haa ce meinwith bernie and bernie has be vy lpl r the partanhelpfufohiary inton but that he , all on board with hilry clintonay there nereereally anyo me alieth h to hd the alffe. hoe rtjos me rhtow,
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with me,ow kurtzho o "mia buzz." one of the intesnghings out this ith tt meeting just hped fehos ago analadhe is out th a video clip, so peoplha ndered perhapside pe th elier and just waited until now toelse it,nowing at we know about t media siss? that is a et quick turn arnd iit i was bernisaers i would be fli aittle t serit w. not athe w any qstns thprident wasn't gng to enrshis forr cretary of ate, htalks t video aboua greameinof bere, it is clearlprecde heilpruced, ctes matched to the sound andllf that. sendly wn lly inton gointo theampaig all geniuses in thprs ld us viouslshe wod veo stanceerself from barack obama, so sheoun'be ens runng for irobama rm noso muc she is huin oba ite clelanhoping e present can he gerate a big turnt, parcurl
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amg rican-ameranots. tris wl ab to help her? he will campaignithene >>ea? ra oma, not on h, drifteba uin theolls er0%buheti a pretty pular guy ondecrs. in this kindf electn, polarizeeltion, obly stubic wl with doldru dpite h cre prle, e big chalngfo hiarclton iso t t manyemocrac base vot a she ca includingeople who we bnie entsiastsnot so fond ohiarclinton, but mae eyikthe pridt. clde valuable weapo is iyou'reernie thia, u will probly agrewi wt you justaiat the toofhiseent, if you're bnie yofeel aite hosed, right? e ite hoe d been ready to go with the veopend th we itg y to sh upo veomkind oa hashe eting t they wer fully prepedhe tcome o and enrshillary clion toy. , how es she bri those
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supporters into e fold when he'sti o therehes stilcampaignin he wilgoo c.? wl, look, bnie is agng this thg t,e vi t te his life. th is the be tnghat ev happened to him. wh is the alrniv gng ck to e sena, body corsimnyre. he wants to have h ment in the sun. th ithe chlenge for hillary clinton inhis caai. bernie will evtulyweon kn how enthuascay enrshe wl his ters h many will ayome or some of them may gfotrp. saw nald tmpakanpe pe for the bernibr. ish: he is workingn . let me a y aut the oth ing wepoke about earlier in the sh, come iquality, th iuehes teinto real embrace, at had been a g atform of rn sders, a g platrm of elizetwaen. shga speech recely on income inequitwhe arg a ,000-dlajaet $12,000. doesn't look le it is wort -ko me. o am i to say.
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ybshgoitn le. bernieanders, with ts whol platformf co inequit she is nowrying era th. can e,r s aittle tone deaf in this way, wi >>ello, lly inton is ri. she can we ama rh othes as she wts relyarr suisishe o osto walstet? $6,000 speeches to gomasas? drs like that becomes visible symbol sah palias ned in the tease 28 for r expensive waro. e sue there, theeplican pay id is thsand dollars whether th was appropria. 5,0. it is you would thk hillary clinn ulbe more concerned about e opti scehes trngo run agait the 1% and in fav of th99%. is i don't ce w ch mebodypes tir ots. th sms littlexssive t m just a n elaer fr n hpshire. >>ou don o anything like at trh: if e has got the mone
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its r money and spend at kind of thin iue that is hebune, however, hower itee tmeyogoto be thinki aboutheudnca lileitifoue into t up treo talk about inme inequality, i d'tnow, ybe go for the $0 cket instead. >> opts matt in poti. you don't want tnecessilbe off the rack but $,000 i pensive. trish:on fgetoatch we'll e you back herinwo
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trh:reinne. the esenhaju ce t this endsentf lly inton, relsing aid messe st moments ago. he tald about beieanders d id thabeieanrs had en b aitn to the mocratic pty. w tnkl for the work th sders had de, anticipated atould ba big helpo lly clinn. i n sonfm you righno e whithoe esbriefing hpening andosh eaesis speaking to rerters wherhe idhe president w pleas to meet withenorandersnd
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congla h oa nderfu caai, so, i guess there is a biof a ngenue. rn, me to get t,ut rnie doesn want get o. heayhes staying throh pridt w s turned hist th teiotoilry clinton and has nouncehe wilcaaign th herexwe. yw, lly clinn is going have tcaai oprident oba'rerdincluding his serity record. is now claing reonsibity for twsuicidattacks in ira dawhh veefatea dd d otherinjure is ionhe rise inure, kw at d aea kw they're yi to infiltrate theigrant crisis right here t united at of americ t llary clinton wants to brinn ,0 siarefugees rit reo r shores. esenoba,ants 10,00 sh wants 65,000.
2:29 pm
s n concerned enough about the safe oamericans? joing me with hithghts, fox wstreg analy euna conel ralphets d tionalecuritand foigpolicy analy, harh emesh. lly inton was secretary of state ensis came to rise i sya, so n e tsted on naon sury? >> no,he can be trteon naon sury d m sick ofer expiee,xperience. is iexricenlthing eratred in lif hke ulma t best wives but they d't tris o dr. colone ce . clean it u ntueouthgh well, serious, lookt r record her ror s dn't object to puinouof ira she was l r it. east in sakba mistti me of many eamistak. look at meheedn
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lia? ngzis rs. whe house being ied rergce of islamic eresm. tin, h ith worki o? one ile teanher. trish: iiterault or president obams ul >> you know is l mbring haresh. >>heasringhe getay car. ish: s wl tnted, gh with s administration. iss mething she will nd orcome? >> i'murisedhe tt ntmaju like colonel peters wouldayhaexperice est matter. didn'sa that. >> guy on otr def e sle said exactamthing abt esent obama, only been inheene for two years. he haso experien, so o s foh. les lkbout facts t'talk about numbers e esidenke this uny fe the presenhas adnc a haedumber dne stke dramacay d sie esident bush left fi. president oba o ll usama
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n laden, who killetwo taliban leader trish: peoe ho meri. thretys t there in america eynohundreds o peleavbeen killed in europetheynow apne in san bernanondhekn that we aralatis a ris that hasntsiedce is s mebo under his leership whi s w seety of ste. soikitr not, the a with.s she wl ve to ntd i want to getoheefug sue. thfa s wtso bringn ,000 syrians. seemto me you n'wa t intehenemy io youtent d expe aerxpt, including membs ts adminiraon have said tt is ngerou tse peoe n not vte so w a wdog it? >> tri, callg syrian fugees is e emis just apll lkg out some oth akt emts in syrianet women, chi, fugeeshoave lost everhi, cae is.
2:32 pm
because ofadicalslis rror. the are manymany, many yersseri, terviewers and prespeleave to go roh fo even theyan apy to come to t united states. so it is n jt eye tting aoat and get off at new jeeyr w rk and com re an tris o sries tell us a ma a0% of espelere thbelieved thave ts and ty' cominin o cotr lonel,outhgh before we go? >>ells fst i neverai expericeoe't matter, but you ha to len om expeen. neitheoba nor lly d. no she ds ve the re on hehands becae, cae of her phi to get out of iq,o nhi o riearly on, at's what created is he re drone sik n beusweave more droneno because ndeth bau ba's inetu. that nsee. not ue
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>>hat aryo, tt tr. what are yr litary credtis? do yokn aut militar >> mcrenali y atntn nbe. paattention dllsta. i pay attention tohahaen onheround in t field presenobama s ll leerofalan, usa bin lade leaders i somaliain meanalae ithe ariapeninsa, afghanian st a iq. >>ndslamist terrortsre strong tn trish:eafr the conel. y wstl t erined mine actl cts and numbers. lkbo ftse' go from there. y. gi me one suessty here one cotry beerffowhan it w obama tooofce in e middle east nthfrica? e facts,lmt lf million ris e dead because oba 'tce red linendilry sto besid him all the y every single ise. showe one reign policy succes you like nbe. vee e sce fei liwi ohillary clinton?
2:34 pm
ish: c y awe >> averting war with in. getting a ccsful in deal. eventi morerans de in iq. b, c, t nding oundof troops to ritoe slauted ere. th ic. fourth, not beg ae, eserving many, manlis. thosere notac they're lkg points and they' ls. tt'wh you say trh:ny wch way -- people withinhe last eit yearan its an issue. colol peters, and ha roch go thave you here. inreing dcussio we'll be right bk.
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trish: dald trump etg th ndraiss,ncdi the coke brhe ttrtoet them of e sidenes for the genera elti. t se time, he is wnplaying. he d n nd to win the primy erheik. dagen:itjeb bush w w usg cash. does he ne ifohi s um chang. inon mia btz another d another o. i just thi ts s en solutely fciti toat. all of these candas, they are out tre.
2:39 pm
they are making theseds they play them on tv. th a sometimes relucta to me on these proams and answer qstions likfos ke myself. they m s sething wro. trp was nevefeful of that. t erinront of the media. sometimes it ht h. for the most par people got to know him. assuming he contins to d that, how es that affect hillary? daltrump ught the taoid wars in new york city for 40ea. >> he knows w to deal withhe blood of cool press. >>vebody a year ago was sayi tt he would burn o. kn tt could come and the media ubiqty of -- you biggie was sleep.
2:40 pm
hillary cltoishexact opsite. she is feaul. the other da iwa shameless. w u feel about the historic moment did getting the tough questions. it wilgo back on an hour te e lue of tha $3 billion in earned media. becaushes fearless. >> peopl watch. they are watching. while they may switch dn during cmeial and sk backamig a ty e tcngru ahepes. >>nailableor cme. talking about e judge and his mecan heritage. th i dald.
2:41 pm
i saw that kind of tameersion. reinthe leprompter the otr d. peo t usthreprtysh arnt t me t r ys like .s f please do not rn dn. >>ooathe igo him. hilly inn resve virs
2:42 pm
guth talks from th got lkg to theeoe r soontoui td lead em shis rerd. loinheelinnscripted siations. itilbeer dnfl. >> it alsodsonrf uil u arhath g sd. >>verythg l te. thin two or the days. trh: lot aeople thout ene rst ma tse mmts that th wt. d en tter. >>oureot demstrati. >>hean oneith a co number of ves >>ere is theroemitthe analys. wiinagns17andas in threblican causein the imie
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th inoamic m fen ou areisssg eax >>oureotalngbo some extre a t rub rt you artainabt coitn ats. tris tnkouo chor joininus congp. right now. venezuela othbrk tol llse. eris no food fearedhe i wer. the nci. no wli te cit iss ersoalm leads. whishe democratic party ending ovebawards to acmmodate beieanders, a ciis th iext. ♪ inthste is afterno i st hadot. pie of paper?ohg i owxalyat happeng
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a going to be rightack with lik.s. coans e leinsoaltenuela. it has gottethig. aryou listeng bni nders sporters? soalm doesot wk. ♪
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wl rht bacwi more teth. ♪ of h c wdewhhei ou seek eaen ameady. becfor the st common peofhrice. haonis proven ce up to 99% ofat whve hado iotrtment. haon tnsrm tatntas t fsturth'sn, ce d f 1wes. certaipaen c bcud withus8 ekofae treaenregime at bn esibed to morth auaer of mli paties. te your doctor if you'vehavetrss hi oany other dil ndio, d out alth mecines u ke te your doctor if you'vehavetrss ing rbal supplen. dil ndio, ki aodonwi harvo y use a seri. redness, hdache of haand aksscde
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ameady to pu if harvoni is ghfoyo rdy to be s yobo he perfect ivg co. >>perfec no ticke. aidts. ing urercte. w,ouould think wod t u some slack, rht urnsan cpa >>no. your iurce rates gohrghhe roo rfect! r ivers with acde fgine, bey tu w't raisyo rates due tooufit accident and y dha aaccident, ouclm nts are avlae to assist you 24/7. for a freeuo, ca ler muaat swcho bey tual and u ulsa up to509 lloday at
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watching fareve cse today. thcoanis hoping regoatitdeal wh lgen thde ia al lousy one our very owadharos lling thne. >>od ihaa rk c o a litt over 8 million. he ithdeal of walgrns. eyavangrme. at is despite etr sunccoanpays valley it orot valleyt mayayotetai
2:55 pm
res e staroft. thfamousonstr, he wh hto o tm. >> wha bn orfoa ng time. i ju nerndstood e del. dot deta t modelf th. sml drugomni hing the pres a folderfo. kenvti. why do ty ha ats ats ok at this in lltrt wk. yohave to sethrest oth we. res e deal. liray ugg,ri gougg. that iwh ty eoing.
2:56 pm
sunce compans e yi i not payinth amore. trish: well, maybe ty lle leo restructe d goate this deal. trish:e lleewatching f it anyove much. keurtoheck t rest of thinrvw. tomoow 8:00 p.m. eaer gher on othfobune neork. wl rhtac ♪ assist] twla nightintuon
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ewu 'sti o bins. we spendayboingi, ene've gote letoethere. r on qukbkshat's how o i mes le bth-i anurewour mag. but it's n who i pks >> hilrylions ttg ready tola daltrp ri a major speeconhe economlar ison. anshe is defdi president ams onic polies ou cnton reallbe nning on oma's economic co? ato u think ofhe ecomrit w? w y tnk she going fe pti hself u as aexnsn what currentlis, given atos amics al are struli rhtownd a lot
3:00 pm
of amerinsavsily giv up looking for j a toth. ouno t average mi ausd r inflation s sson today an they diwhen omaame to offe. to my faceokhopage at trish tel ante mwh you think of today sw. hl wst is next ior z. hl: anyove mh, wa seetangrots after three straight ds of gas as o ss ckel a barrel, dow jon 15 potshihourt 98 mewhile licsace to the ithoe nteredt e whithoe day just hrs after meetg thenator bernieanrs, prident obammakingis ofci endorment, and i guess no surprise,e did t choo the vmo sat enrsg hillary inn a highlydivio leed er anouago.


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