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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  June 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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up looking for j a toth. ouno t average mi ausd r inflation s sson today an they diwhen omaame to offe. to my faceokhopage at trish tel ante mwh you think of today sw. hl wst is next ior z. hl: anyove mh, wa seetangrots after three straight ds of gas as o ss ckel a barrel, dow jon 15 potshihourt 98 mewhile licsace to the ithoe nteredt e whithoe day just hrs after meetg thenator bernieanrs, prident obammakingis ofci endorment, and i guess no surprise,e did t choo the vmo sat enrsg hillary inn a highlydivio leed er anouago. ngtuti hla o
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ki hlary a cimg ers bo me antifi r e sionf esen t united stes wl, itom asaerwrs up himeinonheill just finishing withenor rrreid a sat cck hur d heletoee with vice esidenjoe de a busyayorere sands. the rmt nar yi he wi cpaign through next tudas pmary and t make se na trump is veprident. tainofhi t nae businessman spdi h aeron gop highly rls,ru i neyo city dcu raing funds r s neral eltion cpaign. wel scuss the obam dorsemt hlary, rnie's plans and tmp ndisg with a couplof oufari gernorsark painn d rmer w hampshire gornor ggg they'll be joings monts. by the waywee ss than an ho away from thelosing of ll. m hley webst in th f
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aniz clan. les starheoudown. ♪ ashleyle tn hr left tay trading and the d do jt slightlyow, 14 pots a17991 tradg lo that k 100level, whi fisd abovin yeery'session. wehing othmaettoy are e naials nesik jp morgan, golan sachs, ciess you can e at paicar sector all vi lor. also moving lor o fainfothir d in fouretreatg r a 11-month high, chevro valero, allf those stocks alsasouan seinheed and forget stockand bos. w about coffee sodsooabt w. jonal, consursavbostet $1 billi ldeon stbus car.
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most ohose -- that imo th bksave in their rerves. rerkle starbusp lf% da the g ceorhehite house takingffn new directn. he x sissea cora peterar ath white use to telusow esenoba's endorsent hilla cnt wl play t. and blake burm h dails ononald trump's etg with some of eop's biggest furaer 'll getootthe stors. but just moments ago esident obama di a t drama d ecatn tre al w a bfoally enrsg hilly inn for esent. ke a lisn. look, i know w hard thi job can be. at's w inohiarwi sgo ait. inac ion't think the's ev bn meone so qualified hd is offe. e'gothencourage, the coassionanthe heart gethe jon
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aseyth'sherede comes justou aftereeng rn sde w idog e rounds idcith seto hay reid. petebarns outse e ite hoe thheery latest on alofhese developmes. te >>has ght. thpresidt ide sn't going toakanenrsen of anyone untiafr is meinwi bnisaer anitoohim le than o hos to tn t thisid reas. it w posteonry clinton's weitarnd:0 eaerjust a couple hours afr the eting thenor sanders wrpeup. al reased on ytube and outhsa te the inn mpgn announced athe preside wl mpgnithein wisnsin ne wk. now,hehi hse says that e esenacal ted this veon esy. thlast big primary day o calirn pmarymong he i whi hilla clintoforelyraedp thnonaonf h pty
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anbuhelssuggesd at the presidenhad tegraphed toenatoranrshat this was coming a htegrhe before thr meetg da st. >>herede h the oprtittope t setor sanders nothree mein the last week. and and a rest i think it's fr s tt senator sanders was t a rpsed by tod's nocent >> buthiis sll a very degate dceorillary clton anthpridt coseere nds t mli vesgot particarou verve cid,helintonamig d e psint very much ntthose vote to come over and ve r lly clto so bere nds into stayn rent t pma he in washinonext tuda d then he gnedhat he lliky at that poinso ti aer thafoal drop ouanformally endorse lly clinton sayi that he wod here at e ithouse rlr thate was ing to mti with r ono
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co tetr to fht donald trump inhe fl. h. hl: istdshe ilin. per rns, thankouer much. the oeride, the g fu ohigh level meetings of eiowtoy, top puic fdrser fr ou t count i nhtatora t cash r na tmp d wl keotoft. hiarclton inrste t rae billiofor her caai. it is thbaleor notnly vos t g buck a bke burman has bn llowing al e developmts blake. >> hi, the ashley, dal trump is bettinghat moy n'everything when it com toinnghehi hse 's now dnpying just how much he' nd compete thugnomber sing he esot think hs ing to ha trae a biio dolls,hearr that has enaid down for cnt a llhireasont isoi ishaheanakit up throh ee med a t aparances. spe at what y'rseng rig tre trump ld mti ath four sso ineyork rlr today with t donor billnae odjohnson who
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is the vicchair of the tmp victory committ, a top suoge r nths n ang 'rto aut0 7 peleerinttdae ateeting. now, want show u al quick wh tmpnd his mon backers are up ainsto ar t e oapril,he fings show tt ums campgnas $2.4 miioca on hananif wldt per pa ls anala million lls. bucomparthat to hiar inn d 's not even cle. her mpaignadorth $3miiocash on ha se mera wh eisuper cst 6 llion. thclinton sur cslrdy t fl rc for exame,od. prioritiessa lauhed a quarteof mli dollar ad byarti hpanics while rrt e reco lnched a ump campaign awell. i spokwith o othtop stragi f tse supporti trumpndaid th
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elup packs will be k at se indo t le ey cou ao lp the caai fctn tt as it was t m asey: eier wayitakes a lot ofas akbuan, thank you so mu. and of coue latewel focungn lly clinton anwh the docrats espte minee anngerlfn e coming days. o of our fore rm governs re. mark park siangrg ll jni ular in t showo lkbo tt. breakingewfor you, the d at ssi hhs itotp -we, wn pots as seiohi, e lltryingo ke st-mine arge dn e stetando on wall seet. wee wn 89 points t l point da let's get rightohe floor owtraderatheework stk exchangethcm group. let's goo itathe ny. keh,'mrying to fur t isart. weinisheabe 18,0 stda whad been trdi wer b today which directn es this rk rlly want to go
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>> well, ihi right now erwereosiod d th pce actn 'vse e stewee ithpa restces higher a that's ahae my tune f rerom what y wouldav heard fr mba ithe mile of y. d we d h ls. t at been cuinth is of e rk, e w jos and the p got abov thapl ghand bounce off of tseoday. if you look athe wed ba t but the reallymptant index t rsell 200th sml ance h rlly been leading the capsn e te ray. th'rup close to 9% where the lae capsn e only up aut%. d for susinableal a at's why i thi t path asrestance is gh. thsmall psbo there, d ey've traded n a stedbove a importa level for mewhh is 11 oth russell 2,000, lelhawe cod not maininn 15 afr the sellf. g up there and ayp there, and i tnk the alti hhsre witn stki dtae liz:ergood. ga, ts becae 'r
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recallhenly ga in town? it's vy rdo t el anhere ee ts rlit em ishathbig part of it 'rthbe lki hse in a ver dodgy nghborhd? >> it certnldoes sm at y. anwh wsaescially isorngheweaw mrdry have l o gave tughts,e w t e german ibu triry evybody is wti t s at's gngo ppen with thfed announcemtsoing t a wt eye going to beoong at steer w. so now erydy is icg th io it a ao okg athe pcis ta, the big talk of thweek, gold back up again, silr ckp ovand everybys lookg r at100 brk go a h sn tt going toapn? loofuyhere a s obly by tuesday t latest. ashleyve ierti.
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je, let'ta autil. tang sp backod i thmaet almt emtoe taki ateba wh . wharweeeg weoi >> is t weoil. iss justormal gyraons of a market re wee ttlingachere wre digestg esnumbers and todas w s ou $. at not mh of aeath sa te here thmaet is really catchts ea, d i have to age y ifoa ttle bit of sideysctn r e xt week or o. the nuers th ce out the other day reotngpecial re fact,heart ok little b on the ch iniall but it hasomba vy nicely buyodo havto keeyo eyon more than athg, ou, is gasole d e veors er we're now gettg to the rthe the drivi sso numberwi srto ckn onheexcouplef ports. d at gngo crucia toy e gues h aajor bod fthcrack
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vae ainst crude oil. soag thela is ha llerwi the energ markets. >>llig. e ven't id th f a whi. ryuilyeorge pant vy arh t market pouring nein gd and go minand said chinas dister waiting thaen europes ry, e cod t t of t e wh's your thoughts oth? >>el iyoreakg the lo vw, wldento re althou othsht-term vi, 'soi to be bad trade. pecial ieupe enou have a situatio peal f t lgeap highuatyam, enou ve situationhere ty n sically float nd llheto the ecbta th meyndo stocbuy bas, theart -- so it's t atreat oa tradbu ifoue ki t lg ga, icheashe capital do, then 'srobly gog to have a good trade hereecse'mn s de of thepinions t ea d thk 'rin for a toh roaderin f mohs >>n atap ne,e ve
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to finish,ei, an vy much. ryndeffrey gro m a well. thk you r joining , gelemen,ppcie . taooatheow0 heat mafor you. w bhein red who's ggg? carpillar, goldman shs d t top e, the c. the swoo leading the pk. followed by joso& johnson an ale anwhile restorio rdwaretheuxyriy furnite retailer posng cond quart pfits, a downrnn the xury coum mke that sto gti hmed down nrl20 upex t fht against is heing into aewta of house puics y t eipros tke amera'fah. jogeneral bob sces on speakepaul rn'battle an. cotdown cing right ba.
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te ampas for pulmoryhypertsio, alyour medical condions n dnklcol in excess. side effects may incde adache, upset omh, deac omulech ask your dtoabt al ana $200 savgsar st ting alndetdil lpig ay.fe lrr adache, upset omh, invaveonartenogy thp 2oureru memtsl ana $200 savgsar st ting alndetdil lpig ay.fe lrr adache, upset omh, get hethr msnwes arteed. noti a y. ils chgeleoobrushbrd arica. yobo he rft ivg record. peec ticke. aidts. ing urerfectecd. w,ou would tnk urnsan cpa perfect!
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for drivs th acde fgine, bey tual won'tisyo res dutooufit accident d y dha an acde, ouclm centers e avlable to aisy. foa eeuo, ca lerty mutuaat swcho berty tu a u uld save up to50 llod a e r insunc a wholnelit. hl: eang news stdadungurour of mass shootg aro ia ma iteav. ureople were kle 1 others sufreguhowods when t pesni gma opedirin ucale maet
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e nm we ptedy li. in t mnte islain reonbityorwo suide boin ibadad now clmethe lis 3 pele. t mnte e lac ste ro hd now suoued by iraqi foess ey clo ionhaci. epg era fero teorm cstt ncn house ear ulyasa heas a bepntorur otti. naon surity en fosi ostnger bde wo oy anoverulg e tuio fone aly a rir u. aory nel b al. nel, d'tnow ifou chce to okt is oposal, it clebeer y mpn america. th'sxcellent. e sms- i don't mean toe disrpeful, b i seem somhi cta vious ulpuou kp teortsutf r rds, fe t trost nhi groundeanghai n e
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he. wh dyothk? >>el fstf l, thghitasxcellent, aseyanthreon s athar.yadihe rodeofthe edges naldru'satr arp vis niol security, anhe did -sa ser thin that thk ed t sa fit a, t's name o enemie ne r iends,nd stmportalyles ea th aa ob, t st r ainst is. a meics ll as ren. anfilly, and ihink mt imrttl m rn en e oror theosblus ofmecamitary fce actively and t fhtgast glalerri -- terrorm eciclygastsis in e middas d beevev iwe don usmitary forcethme that of beinab tuse it anngheho cpl of the war ait is hl: t nellwe do e it. onofheoints at me
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in this ueprinifouou li, we nd bld 2t nty litary. heak t aumt that you know, ndg tsasut itt ve p-91. ulyoagree withhat? >> aolel if there aho cinin e ee,shy,t's that heidn't ntn numbs,ut d mtion the stef thmita a o dli. t ao lk aut mitary tt edto b stctedor the1s ceur i anig now o mity mms,heaye gaze ouels, our higr ve af a sll residua f tholco w mity,nd he's argnghawe oug t restructurtoacthre threat othunitedtas can,hi is global rrorism. hl: soakes the pnt d a kisha era s beeneangro hi, e ulargue patien, t cld are justasal tni a iney ataso ange,oe't
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it >>ea sote. i ink thpshogil turn ofhepeech was al, al gd. i tnke solutely hmer hod e eahait te r era to lve s inishanody idthunedtas ogph on glalerri thnyntsim unle t unedtas adfrom t on andy cungn the commitntf rgsce rces shoulthne ase mrry isange' vi iohe ente n areahall we sathfit amon eal aseyextli've g t k u isueion. ifilrylion becesur xtrede a of cose e s e peen as seety of state, does o foign pocyhae all? s e ard anytngbo the unedtas le in e rlanhofoe n ea acju a rald rean?
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>>ea ll, yes, ao. i thinheinins e tt b more scarha obama's becausenydy ulbe- thk r lo-tm ewf e world is whe t ffenfrom prident am she ov the yrs has- lli anheoted f the r iraq, sheot f t ri ain siachic citi i01 tre's me stiffnesin r in t thk overhe longer h national seri picwi b essentllouof this adniraon hl: ryuily gera soond umpridcy wenohe stronger. but do hha t -cahe sbl i'trngo find ne y pti this. n hdle it dipmatal ilbeg ro? ion kw. those mity peoe o e
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gd fries o e ose toond umsathma a doest get rhtand far reev hded when it cometo natnaseri an portray, d h a very, rypefilo rge vi owhe wantso ke thic mity, benng rs ashley, by puinso meyn e nationalen a ruiin oumitanfraruur hoheres erging thrts t fur is rdo ashleyiterin i genel b al, anyo soucfor joinus relyppcie it. >> tnkouasey. hl: anyo les ke qckook athe marks ghno t d ki auno8,000. di'tui me . wn6 in, t il ou26, 27inesefin e ssn. y c s the dowt ,9. soe' ithnehbhood. mi une baby fft stl ghngo t s favori prmeuca company ckn ac t deh lgen uld beheexmar stleoril a li rorisexonoudo cling thste
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e u cod you ve% reofouinmet? ok, st prepad? itoe'tou le much, ulma aigifreeover tim m intoe enetr ousang u can dot t vi an lo r.ial% w, prenal ♪inew york ste, brg urhaens ulma aigifreeover tim m intoe enetr ousang u can dot t vi an lo r.ial% w, we bie torw ar da alacssheta, e onomy is growing, with creivnebune ceiv,
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anneinastrucre for n neti attracti t tenand mpieofomroli in rochester, thorld-classot.
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asey: vaanhongo restcte de wh walgreensangt'long lot of money on meci sd through e s.rutore chn. wares d valiant 5 toy. but manobenoh stop e eeding fobusiness adam aps be flonghisty, in e wsomith the last tas. an adam, wgrnsan sicalldih lit isitti isn't soed >>hasccate, ashle 0 milln-ll cpa in le tn ye with the acunntroemand th magenthaup thcoanhas a mark c toy jt over about $8 bli. shares of e naan phmautal comnyth stpeat dline a ey're si tayn the wshaiave i
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atmpting to netie that 20ealo ctrt th ens. walgres,y e way, they ea aeeorve prcrti ty fill lvg drug pdud vaan that fee is paido tt wh. even if an insan cpa fas p via f t dr. th icosting via llnsf llars. ent s accud price ugg,heeptmt of ste,ecitexan mmsi a bh houses o impresare instigating lit. instntanerimhorted lit oca longim ag heilben ll strt week togh fday, so exai whthvaanbune model is bke >>heroblem valiant hast ha$3miioofetebt and liabitahd t mmon sovetoday, the sto h goa tot ierizin the bli-dlar ar. d aasfl, it's opng. alofhat de iahd
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yo syocawah e full teieonalstetee friday nhtt 00.m rit re on e x business twk. go otoay that valiant thinancial einri h tt tdo wit arceic delme a peapthmo damni ce mohsgorom chli hl, ene id tha lit s ep immoral. backo you. hl: yeahnomu hca y ter that. amhapiro, thk u ry ch intestg uf t'take aooathe rks r you. e maets be i gaveerto a d. we kind mi aunt ,0 agaionheow ju dn pnts. slightly down. coming up ne, ou,lyg rsut would y wt de ion ghop for aewab seic a iean ve hi. urecmiteomg up. anit ge f donal umanhiarclinto e o espte presidti nins locked d ad f btl t hepaieuned bendhe
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foer govno gggnd rkinelushait will ta f cnton a trumpo n er relucta verbo sides the aisle th'sexonountdo
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>> i'm lau rhm o t floor of the new yk oc chge with toy'te mite wherweoi, we d'tee roads. crlype $0 lln ild flngar acrdg bomrgpae s nd aoue startu. onofhez roreportedly o prototypewhh ke gular. d ecout th veof drone xiei deledy a ine mpany, thegaed apov tte in neda cacay one person b oy r mut. wl,inr sswing teenage fm
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its dangpptaing next we. e minim age miwi be is to 18. teenage uss rexpedo e ntt in uuibl for dsn 14 7% of all tind urs wer beee13 and 17 arol mo cntwno e closg bells straighthe m lly,
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anx.i itmongit i had loof doubts inin i s smer anx.i itmongit has down, it was, i had loof doubts inin that w ias anx.i itmongit afr e ekf antix, was, i had loof doubts inin that w ias i ew cldui anx.i itmongit chti(venli) is proven i had loof doubts inin toelpeleuismtelyeld reduce my urgeo ok so pplhachgeinbevi, toelpeleuismtelyeld inngr od, hostily,agation, reduce my urgeo ok deessed moodnduida outsr tis toelpeleuismtelyeld inngriltang or aftegation, ropng chaix.geo ok meadeirewheki chant. ifouavanofhe, stop cnt and cl urdoctor rig a. tell yr doct autny sty of mentahethroem d seoualrgic iccod t rsor of seur. dot kehaix if u' orkireti tit y he thesic iccod t rsor of seur. dot kehaix if u' ophantix andalyo odoctor right awa some n fehrteningic iccod t rsor of seur. dot kehaix if u'
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te yr doct iyo orlo vsel prle, del new oworse sytoms. get medical hea ye mpmsf a het ta ostroke.deea alcoh . use caiowh dvi ye mpmsf a or opeti mhike.deea alcoh . mo cmosi-aecis usea. fes nosmers whe t of fun. . li wl,hadi'tak long, did ? stou aer esenoba t th senator bernie sde ath ithoe,he preside i officilyndorsing h former secta oste llary clinton. av the ve of cfidenc aid. d,estwitter liup clinthtwprumptive none who start lncng enes dona trumpir tet oba just endorsed crke hiar he wan fr reears o oba. bunobody else do. to whichilryeped yr count. lo i
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m join n bfoer mocratic gerr rk park siangorn a sat fr n hpshire. grg. let me binitmrpa si soowillarylionashe esens doemt. veoundsehiar clton? aryou ab tdohain your le tsef poti? >>el iav m democrat a w thll to be the govnor of kaasand i'a lly clto suppoer hl: ay. so ishia od thi f hla clto ceaiy eopary thpridt ghnow is nng out0% buhomu ith goingo help aunthcampaign trl? >>ell, ihink ihes usthe first ive a candidate s tea imy iso consolide eiown rty anboth cdites ha chlees naon pli o tay owth 2 othmeer eh rtar't ppting theiromee obama comi o todaynd enrsing hilly rlly portant beusalough his appral generatg rll
3:38 pm
inhe 55%an acrosth couny,t's mu hheth th angemra. so h eorme tay, and thk e y h hdled thwhe nders situio wi help brinthsaer ople ango llary er the next four ivmohs. aseyalright. let's go tohether side. judd gregg, thk u r jog usy on i deta tre's a big por acut in w mpire. mae mphyor bernie. yoinitiay.suortingeb bu a tn thoh kasich. veouetecidedoac dona tmp >> no.i tnk theury's t re thquti ihe now going bhe oonofhe two jor parties anhe g t spk r re thaju o emt t pty and 's got to speafor mo th just the part heaso eafor the ameraneoe d that means he has to gemo csisten mopio a me the
3:39 pm
su rathethan o personality. so dthk,ea ianto e howhievveand how he developers as aeader our pay. asey: anas floup u say h tspk t peleut we staedit1 17 candas,e'touching a nee and -- tre's no questi about at >>anhat angry , u owputothon hentacgeo op keouanetehind it frklthe onpeonhas >> well, tnkhat's yes, absolelth c haen but itoereir y kw, the's a ffen bwe being a candidate for esidenanbeg esident obviously. anhe has clearlyoued ve iornterve tt renates th the ameca pelewhh is aug frusatn whingto whh is legitimate. bunoheaso ar talking i thk lileit abt w hs gointo gover h becomeso see poli
3:40 pm
reiviner operson tas d ings like coen auteoe' eticy. asey: yeah, we hr at lo les go bk m pk sin. beie sandersasun maab cpaign d appeedo a loofeoe, n llary clinton ckp thmajori othe ople whmasehiarclinton as just ath whito indewhs,ouno more wa streefrndly tn e ulli to let on? >> wl,has re t 4,000 questionecsehe's sitting treig nit crs. shhas to getntthlow 90 i uld point t,hoh,f you look at sty eight yes ago en barack am had beat hla ith imie ts exact ti ghyes o, 30%f e cltosupporters were sang eyou ner suprt ama. eyerth bruised. the ne four five nt, eylowly meacan evenal hend wh over 9 odecrs.
3:41 pm
so i don't wantoayt' syr it will pp automacay. it h to be haneder carefully d wh loof respecfosetosaer anhis people. i intoy s a big step in minit happen,nd d fully expect s'lget tohe nel econnd have the rtuned ashleyvery qck bk to govern ggg, can donald trp -- an unleasd nald trump stilbeat hlary clinton? >>h, i tnk aolel i insetoclton, crarcltoisrobl the weescaide e decrs veieed in lo, ngim she has very signifint su. d e rtitlfiny opinion, h snica issu. ou kw, mk a saeang breed in th democricar. e parts rgg the le. th aosnonated ciisanmod rylo t sialist agea that herosa a hlary h opd a large partf . so think they'veov o of t mnseaofmeca litical thoughan ceaiy public picon
3:42 pm
onomicoly. so i do think e's very atleani inweav to he donaldrupe re subanal osss. hl: l ght. we are out ofim ddthk u ryuch. areatit se to kp rhter on fox busins r l your 26 mpgn anwel have brand-n f news polls othpridti race. tcmangon o6: m.astern e w ckbo 100 we've net. how abt that ofe we're up a whopping minus repots. t he gott or e 1800ark. meinto smile aut na trump taking lo a osthde oa stf repuican mtis da so othgos ggest money pler wl,ot yet adto spend. chlie gaaro s the clive details. charlie brea idown nt unown. ♪
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call n a request this ee edanbudget oaa medicare ppleme o alplkehe l you stns a dtoor hospital that ces medirepaen,ano keeping you onoue. lllo with you,xpericendhe comtm soalnoandiscov how aaa mice ppm. these arthon mesulent insuran ps endors baa, an oanation rvg thenes ppl 50 a or r generations. usnine out of tepl members surved say eyou romnd the ano a friend. rememb, direoe'tover everhi. the re iup to you. call nowreesyo fe desi guide and start gatherg ermioyou need
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to help you keepolngit guide nfence. go lon™♪ ashleygapricesubinup asru ts bks barrelhiek. ki aooatheatna avag wl, regarasow at 236erarl. 6 per ll p brel, wh kd c are y dring? e erncadministraon predicngharerdas wi bseen this summer. loofeoe don'want t flanore, ty' gngo ive it. soane pe opa a thpu? fflo ichagtrying toige a out. >>ley pn. at i dfoyo ashle stand on y t ithe rain. lo athprice in chicago. alst a dlar mo tn u stuod. inac wpuupurris om gasud. wa to sh y how mh s sejust ithla
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3:49 pm
met th somtofundraiser manhaanod but b namerangs llhamay sialou tes ing us n eluve tails charlie spin this is anecdotalvince, he did he a meintoday thfo ssons hotel in w rkit ey: th a swep in a g cvy >> cl ahwathe, it was the wh w. there were l of gop guys that weren't thereroth real estatindust. al kd of interti. evscartzma the head blksne big private eqtyir not the. d,ou know, he usually shows to those. he was a verbicontributor to botmcin and rne ashley: what is this, arlie? he t lt ntanding, donald trump. >>noerig conibor actulyercle wh chris chriie allofond,e
3:50 pm
wa'the ehe w,ouno ty scar'seoe y d avel to loonidt gi any explation. ey may be rsde teinmehahas commitd ginhard mey mighgi aewucks. t think there really is an ise reittwises number onei tomof esclse worri about hianso of the with t judge going after tn loofeoe. >> tn someeoe f th at. the he thi h tne did heetlo tth? >>robly not. heayhe doesn'teed to becae c sf generate so mucfopublicity. but he ndsomhi. anhe srting so late. he's the interesting thing. asked todayoo pickins has comeutsuppord m up of wes agoade a
3:51 pm
splashhaheasoing to ho a big fundraiser and just loing for the pac to do is throh. still hasn'tou t pac. ashley: he wants tspd the money but n'find anybody to take it >> that's ght. dsn kw the vehicle to give it to. and he had to postpo his big fundraiser thaboe was gointoav in dallas. when boonealls, u n rae a lot o mey. aseythnotollcere, thtenil debud me inasucreanon scamciast is thi. kwsowo this and carlca c ctalyel eynderstd fsi. hl: ty n' coritedon'that mn
3:52 pm
mo lelooofilry inn ithoe? >> ty veo do t thgs theyavtoui t infrtrture, ey havto stop wh e crazy stuff beusth scas op. hl: gh >>hethk u' jt rongon ay d then ha tmake t ce d e wato do iju tk abt the obamecom anpridt obamisery -- somewt pur w. ashleyye, i 55 >>ut if the econy es ut which there a ditis that it is bau he n dngel y c ke rerduonim aseythk u ryuc are,s wa. e osg bellinngn ju aut.5ines e rks oking for momeum so wt llt keo e mmurgeyo pofoo.we, have some ids d the meyo tono thcountdown mi rht ck. et] two yearlyhyca dn.mahand mio .
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♪t'the final untdow. iovthat song. aseyclinbell in fo 1 nutes. icle,e're six pnt ou aiinstocks gainingltud ifouantoe really corny after a g trt omitng 11on hh, whaist l, chp el? laurea t ne. >> alis o, w at for cnyun chpecre prices. ats eacr. amican airlis t t po tirraicdg uin maov t poron. go ns kw t dustry ovellapitist hier levels. havingook at amic alis. shares of unedonneal u 2%ndouwest befinfrom
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th tnds ll, up 1/2 ashl. hl: we le corny pu. >>oue eclt ashleythe do frtgit 1800llou we tri tta iupft os avehalel stday's sessn. weav r wne n, seems wret ,0 mk, just bel i ercu markegorohe? what ithe cataly mest e y t oer tt rlly good question. we've beenoongorhe tast -- ceo e u agn,shy. i thinla time ou ias one lk autheame thg. wee lkg ouavag p don't ow6,ev- 00 teetis enings mi out stla ecomislo
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anime soon. iss t demaet th iwhere you real have okor value. thworst rt abo i iyou goifouar, ar loinbonds,e inth is rlldaers ace to . ndun, anything lonte. tnkhelu, ying i fothe ars but wehi t usisinlyffharo anwh interest ratestt tu tsehoavbeen lki foyid e intoeturt. aseyro qly, send apesmiosts, facebos, googs,am erye is fali wh. theyavdo wl. ishe sllootoro >>ea tt o bket. i thinth these compani, ey havunrpfoedhi ye. tech w orpformer las . its e deerrm ts ar. th ive nma th shaen loinfoard. u veo look out furer ne teer x ne nt buthe peop apt fabo, eyill rule the wod e y eye in eye juer ris
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but you nto n e sk. yowa towvae d anrs u don'wa to ta a los chce asey: ro wenerthk u ry [closingelris] melia ans,av aan ki y aerhe belon ft t bl. not ing toak1800 mess n1800od. stksinngn e na nus tdi. i melis franc. david: adad man. thiss fter t bl. he ved sckmong bitoy t rshe is what el wha f y this ur pridt amal doing hillarcltofor meinwith bnisaers at thwhite house, b sde i t ckg wnnoye awa anildoldru mti g meitreblan ndairso ost hiwa cht. he iid w w tre ming uth hr. aselan all-staliupo ta uthugthhoure


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