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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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eye juer ris but you nto n e sk. yowa towvae d anrs u don'wa to ta a los chce asey: ro wenerthk u ry [closingelris] melia ans,av aan ki y aerhe belon ft t bl. not ing toak1800 mess n1800od. stksinngn e na nus tdi. i melis franc. david: adad man. thiss fter t bl. he ved sckmong bitoy t rshe is what el wha f y this ur pridt amal doing hillarcltofor meinwith bnisaers at thwhite house, b sde i t ckg wnnoye awa anildoldru mti g meitreblan ndairso ost hiwa cht. he iid w w tre ming uth hr. aselan all-staliupo ta uthugthhoure
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tri,cott brownsthe oransten yates, rm seri ais tdi cne mess bk the marke. e dow nagingokeutom gas,ary lo1800 illy, x wsontribor wahi t aioinil and g mpn tul gas wl omheme. d riotann the floor of thneyo sckxcng rita tme about some e g ve? poerstt th.m smker,elsa. stngarng les juin25 arbung folrsofe anduinheounuts. mongo stuyshares mongn the opposite reion. ceo t s akby 44%ft sappointineain ror fr best y. lkg oua pp diuponorajor products teeahqkenap. icy t tl u ou americ alis. thaiinseors whe befid da itasp er%.
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this irerthong pasng affic up o-hf 1at amic. erl dury positivrert shinth cacy a evedevels for all of t mar rles so amecaseinthtone for usod. thdo ayomeiod, ncg ound t 100lel today,otlongs d yeery. backo u. dad:or tnkouer mu. ph, w not aopn ld buyoreating a g mp in nur g. >>h,y goodness, diitop toy, david, and ncnsbo smaller th eecd jeio into invto. inheummer ual p suly away for ne wtean th iecon miss adivye ere aonsh. in facitisd e eimes bylmt b. th ia hugeis its isg concerns abo tul s producti. e y demand igog ts cotr wl ovth five-year avere,upy
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injectnsell bew five-year avag wcod e a tuion inheumr er t ather meinfit me inisryupiecod aw do ite oinea. th irelyriinthis maetactoif cre l crshia w ghorheeayeery, pulled back dabeusof coer authi, ak fliodata. ey mayddorstulus. got the ll bin th bught tt wn lds argod. ncns about t "ex," ve. loofuyg ysalolin eupend l of ta aut gegeor w may be a abical giutoeton go, p as lost mey int ciisgornntarndhe collap a me loofon onoltoho sck mu be inni py. ipuinstng dad:hifln,hais ni, y dcrin gegeor'stregy. mess rhtn tonit. isoig. biioire inst bkn
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acon george roprarg foecom tubs on the bpuinhiinvestnt inold ango ming companies morvege teern ucl ve. he to weh , otmartin it aisshi mke sttestgary kaltbaum, kaltba capit magen bo f ns ntburs. were y lteng? is is ironofeoe ros. is moteliraanbe these ecoms e into llapse hes r lly inn t in wha b tngdown thro. otmainwh tnkf is >>ea pl put ptt we. would just addeoe rois a hater. ma othkids o tre unrstand tha dsn le the ive sect. dsn like pil ha. ticlyetagnsit llouomhi i do re wi wt said which ishe gold tde wealked loabt e ld tradth yr. ankly eris tmendou
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ou ostulus o there intestat a othfloor. ats e nmt er goldak o, feaven comparedo nd meliss jt r ople w, s en wle, he madhi neba i19, igal ne made a biioinrots t ait e arh poun iss what he does bet agnst thpod. iss at he es he getouthe d gets super neti. lo a bri gd,or ame. it iye-tda, i think u16. th dsn s uorowbu it iup 160 tt ghinhe boot wh dyogu think of is emli it already mo a lo sohat thpot gti i no >> d'thi gd up that mu b - melissa: looking othsht, yeah >> golstksreeay bi pl. ncbenng of february gold ft. gold sckarupve40 soe otoomhi. okweava len r ofceve simple.
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n'are ry often wh gegeor oyowill e u losi aotf ne thguisulbiioirfo da gd reas. t sthet hes in aftethe uniean rning themadndhoin th. beushes prettyargo wh hdoes. i rewi eryinheay ouwh igoing on aun e ob cerabanks and the rk maets t flti it yet. mae bakuto the si fo setng wilhaen meinwi ge enou vearningansas ing south,art inup, th ans valuationsreetngut hd. e y will go bm. lia:has grt in dad:alabt teslfoa me. ttg more affdae t st lileit the premiueltr cmar ing a lower enveioof itmodel sen. thnemol lle ic a ,000 bksomretohe cuenmol ict ,300. shares are down ou1% on e ws ot from my way oloinat
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, y c aor6600, yocaprably aoffd 75,000. maybth iwhth sck- n'see mu dfenc beeethprice in iyorep there, y'r obly buying a te ura at will geyothe yway. i' seen loofods th. th iki osuring. th'rthki aboutomhi important athedoeeth wethco oca or me th ao durys anng t meatlowly. gettinmo riditth chgendas of consums. i keest la, w onin e topa. acal like e oc david: gar tres electionlahe, if dal umisleedprobab a lot ofho electric r bsie federal gornntowoeto keeoe nt to y the r llispe. ifilry ectedcose theyilprab continue. tt'que azg athe ri g ssizetouy peive ca. vi irebl >>ui inifrom ts ministration.
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heres e obm r wh sl mber o ty kereca. op inow have them love em they lt 50 million last ye. la ioo enocs 101wh u ll pdu y'r suos tma meyfff it, t seoney. enally setngilgi nothing cng ithr exnsand homu they pay r e rs vers w ch eyetorhears. wgontbear mke i wi g c i hf. lia: luxy taer getng wngrad banys announcingt pes ofs fa by 40% th year! vi lk that. mess sttarn,s this oorni bnyhance? iis sry one really, ally b oonyo cod ke sb at tse retailers. reorion hardware, t li wh mef the other on.
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best buy fell is symth gaharoh numbers. tail igeincrheby amaz. i lldm i tay bgh m azo ce e me y. amon prime is be dl plet. on rail stoc mess iould buyise drop th binri b nothinisooma. aolel tohpte gy,esrationarar and restf xu, whatoeit lloubo t eno when brd ke this is having ch oue? >> not jt station rdware, look aalthbi taerth a aolutel crhe thstrongt oc a llar tesnd dcounters, ll gerals. aywafr ts. reoriohaware their own or theye nng siss bad, even whethey he e sale th d'tavpructoel sobo. eye rewinghis . stn atth keep tellg wa seeonthg,hong
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up wh otr ing. ll strt le in le that. that is whe urto dps 6070 lia:has ys dad: ameca kleby foeruaano yriners. soring dai wh ne report from e ithoe. mess daltrp,ilry cltogearing upigttks e planng to h tmp ha ohiecomic policies. ump is rdying chargehe agnst he athod f. dad:t ou b pridt obama ofcially endorsinhiarclto pointh video hou aer eting there nders, as nders wso ght onow do iall pl o? hoisheredent ae turnhislk videarndo qukl a weari tay ti melia:mm vi docratistratest jotrpis here to ves s ke >> a l oths thanks to nar rnie sde w h n incrediblcaai. i haa etg thimhi
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we, i thkehifo sning split iues li onic inealy. lirtmutualon rsevyour rest rgen, e yr first acdent. lirtmual insurance. ke a at oththe ag o pie pertis? , ssarey yourorea lirtmual insurance. shldote ii kn ectg.ju h boxag o wh'sapni! !pie peroa!? iss bad stamis aeafun la sw.e show (v n'let bad stamg don'look ame (v on vizon h t lge, (v n'lemost reliable4gteetrk don'look ame be nwo. switch now on vy o mson,lgd t fr 5 srt tv,' wh a moment tus ic why pae ke pl? ortop toint baro?c d e iny sympmsf h, day e predo eathreildyunio like ndi tgofruelyday orig. te yr ct about all day e predo eathreildyunio
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likeuredalontiselyday orig. and mecis, anask ifouhet all day e predo eahealy ou f s. ldo n te al if youday orig. and mecis, ta nras r espain, ordeasorouhet all as it may usannseopn ood pressu. day puony peension, predo eahealy ou f s. dootri aohol iexss defftsayncde dootri aohol iexss heac, sestac tovoid lg-rmnjy,chget dil lpig y foasur dtoabt aland a 00avgsar rehafo hoursifouavansuenecr, with toothpastof orla weraneven thougthrdeures la rlity theye t. foasur dtoabt aland a 00avgsar rehafo hoursifouavansuenecr, with toothpastof o c s a the bacteaugthrdeures la if dture we b put unr miospe th sllxists t denture, foasur dtoabt aland a 00avgsar rehafo hoursifouavansuenecr, wd that bacrimuipes ve rid. o c s a the bacteaugthrdeures la if dture we b put unr miospe that w dtis coenenture, cleangitpodent eryy. polint uqu mio cleafoul rkinus3 nus, llg .9 ood usg ctia. r cleaner, fsh, brighterenre eve. llg .9 ood usg ctia.
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you both he fsh, rfect drivg co. >>perfec tke. aidts. ining yourerc. >>anhi. rft! liberty tu won'tent forgin, isyo res due tooufit cident d if y dha aacdent, ouclm nts e available ayo24. foa freeuo, call ler mual at swo bey tu and
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lloday at e r insurance ina olnelit. dad:reaking ne, d 're looking at hsef ngss rit w. thhoe datg the puer ro bankpt bl e we're wahi ts. thvo cld comdo ts ur 'lbring you all the sults asoon as they haen. melissa: he wh r. esenoba rmly thwi h spo bin hiarcltoju hrsft meetinwi sat bni nds da x siss perars t wteou wh e te on th o. peter? rerter: melia at right thpridt ide sn gog eor abo, nds hlary bore meintoy. twhos tethmeing end,is youtubendorsent ow uonoube andn lly inton's weit the white ussa t presidt tulyap ts
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tuda hina lked to rn sanders osuaynd tuda t b pma day th p hlary clint aos the fishinwi t nonaon anthpridt ysin the dehe is fired up inactoo t d mpgn r lly. inacth he a caai ennext wedneayn eeba wconsinalread scdud. here is on he a clip fr the presidt'endorsen >> i don't thinkhe'sve enomneo qualieto ldhiofce shhas gothcoag t coasonanthheart tget thjodo. i y ats medy who had toebe r re tha20 tis. rert: nds erged thheeeng froth pridt saying hwi acal sy t re unti thprary fowashinon c.thdirict of cuma, nextueay d fact igog bin d. a he ray re
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night. re wt sd rorrs tethmein >> lk rwd mti wi h ithe near fur t see w c wk geero defe daltrp and ea aovernment ic representsllf a n ju t 1. report: sande linth grouwo tdr o asome pot twn rhs next tudaanthcoenon. mess i don kw. that ia reh. layingrodwk n rll op o dsn sm like it. th w vy,erinresting prs nfen. te tnkouor tha very eering. dad? dad: prede oma finly puins thb t licascesndsi hillarclto wh ds mn for e ce goinfoar th herweave joerii, rm harde cpan mage f ns ntbur. jo ts doemt ulha be l sother if bnica ouofhere conferencor
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the meetg d said qt, righ ion think thawod have rk aal vi hd on aecd. dot u inthat's what the pridt s pi tgeou of bniathamein >>o y. dad:eay? >>hetaedhr times thi week. there isoayhat the esenwod ve tht thatr enri. jobin said just a w ys ago, give beieanrsoo ion tnkhe i ybody t ptyho- dot in lk,he ino onwhthksere nders moving 100il ahour in one reiotu oa dimend leadisuprts hla inton at o o mesn-ur alofudden t other reio at is t w isil haen dad:s ere anybodinhe democratic par, yby, sis rnie sde suorrs who belve it wouldn'teelulorere dp out d ppt llary inn ts in >> yh, tnk mosofhe rtbeeves he wi do th
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iniswnime, between d. elti o pma o june 1h tonvention. and th, as he sa hwi etithiary cltoan they will figuring wato work togetr to stop na trump. i anond umishe gre ifr just as hilly on thotr de vi we're talngbo decrs righnow. z rr, r exame, j came out a sd cordingo "the btogle"nyy, night e goingo dorse hiarclto whisernie staying i clrl nofnstohe sidents ofheisicof comb, us tbe one of the op b t pma ne tsd that rnie ss wi sy in aof nowsot th important? >> no,ute nttotain throh er eriso one the decricarty -- paicarly lly inn,hoen thugevythingine prary in00agnsoba. ne of are goingo ll
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him, get out borth fal primar that n gngo pp. dad:o ens he going to get t? le sa, stemra pe he wi dth sete beeethdemb -d.c. imy ne5tanthe conventionn ly dad: so inogoing into e nvti who havin doedillary >> wouldin-- i d'tee hidog at- dad: a ltlhesitaonn yo vce. seth'st,obody seems ear aso what he gngo beoing! >>ell hes nng r esent. tibeie sanders getouof th re he iinheac dad:ow. iakhiatis wor al te m h wd wi deverythinge n st daltrp -- vid: hwi devything he n pl hilly as f t e left as possle th mt te i can it diicult for hilly t genel econ, joe, l's cet. >>oo ihink hla cnt
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d day the presidt d izetwaenave all sttetourtheir teion donaltrp. vi yh t eyanuras far to theenr as ty ul ke with bernieti pli her toheeft, hesy? >> he is noturngero e ft. that psility exists -- >> alo ahes there, events h fm ki alear rno e nt. llthwhole moat party to the left. he isoalt teall. i n mtaken. you cldakth ce also whe iss l ing on doldrump ipuinth tire repubcapay to degoeran-- vid: n tdegoer but puinit no questn he ipuinit llg tarhidictn. absotely te,oe thk u ryuch. seyolar t hr. >>ha y. ss iike itheth u thwo dague. >>money, thaishahe nt
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na trump is courng maj dors to fundisenal elti cpan,lumore moy re proem raising thmimuwas usg mamum mess ion ste. ♪ or mou batr. alrgs?
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uf ne? or mou batr. alrgs? n'slp? uf ne? or mou batr. ta tt. breathe rit sa t38more tnley din. stp sttlopens your nos utoumoh and y night, mouthbrehe.
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dad:omleslivburs moe lstee tbehe ca ioron mocrats trngo chan a coolutedinumaglathey paed the law dermes minumag dfent par othstate by regn ze fonews'sanprgeis standi binoranre wnllheetls th ili a plan tosmt ha, n. rert: vi tell u this isivs lesson. hocan you tell a laws d? enhe party that ote it
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thatusd , ss i wts to chae borthe veor snatures en y. ohy the way e hepay had fm the beginning. oregon'semratic veor kate brown wasllmis gng e nim geill in l. wiin days ofheigning aders o ntl the atou a satannound th pn fix t l nt year. rul untieshrted sue llg unfunded mande. it is y mtied coolutedseinthree ffent wage fors dendg se aa you live grear rtnd hits345 14.7inixea wh is ppeninjoe 1st. the is talk lerraing gendxeti f fme in ete ogo p $5 mo an hour anomtirsn nearby iho cricsay it was flawed sh b. ty nt to pa sothing. th a wri authe5 w op sdi setngo thbaot eyo skeitth wld
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veasd anything thawa called a mim we incase. reporter: ioacvis d begun collti snaturefo an itiive th wldav inituted $15inum wag stewe. sn t docratic bi ss tt fort spp. publican welcome t fes but me activists a doctsre ncerneabt us even thgh theta'swn economis n s t l wl strenis ,0 js. >> tnkavg sminimum gemit und go, uld d hti very op wre tryingoel repoer: oron mim wage w s ght if the country foabt cuofofe. caforniaambybout a mon ter and we en rther with th$1stewe minimumag dad? vi t government cat oo hgh much somebody i worth, it asiles at dan spring, thanyove ch
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mess melia:unng forhexi, econom csiinenue, lo ath, rcg s. compies like ca-coland kier crko alac thr escen e utamican natio geramills, briesneand cloroxreeang alloghe in fac35omni in th s&50ha rortedly exprsecoerabt ining eibune the. dad:ee, i n'sewhwi all thatoi o >>chp s ge r w thasrices on t rise. will drivers sy f e roads? lissa: tru iling up his atckon hillarylion meeplins worry tt may t f. congp e ip a sct own weh in. t clintons veurd e licsf rsalnrichment intorod t rmor themsees ♪
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i n'oronder whether i e shldeetrtmt. i am ready i n'oronder whether i beustoy ers harvi. a votiartrtmt for the mo commotype i n'oronder whether i beusup to 99% of pients cur o' as their transformedt rtain tits cane repill, wi jt wes hvoni.for2 ek haonis sple treatment gin rtain tits cane repill, wi jd a lir anla,for2 ek tof ailonatientllour doctor' helir kneprle,v,r any other rtain tits cane repill, wi jmecacoitnsla,for2 ek tof ailonatientllour doctor'
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anabt all the dineyota includinheal supems tang amiodare tharni macae a seousline ofouhet tencludinheal supems mmon side fes harvo may ilu macae tidns,chene ofouhand wene.dinheal supems i rdy to puthec hi me. i amea to beur. i rare yorey?ec hi me.
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dad: sck news to telyo about, imptant sckew h&blk argft-hours. shar umo tn . thcoanbeinthstet anrainitquartey dide 1 t22ents a share. odorouf u n e oc messa? lia: he claims n tne a billion dolls t nald trump is still loongor cas the presumptivgononee meetinwith dorin new york cy rlier da x siss's blake burn in.cwi t les ble,id thebring out e moybs and openg emp d mp them ouonheab? repoeri ink plan for it.
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not necessil dpeit out the t whe t anngoi o melissa. donald tmps anningon ist erhi when ces wni t wte hou. dnpyi h mh wl ed to mpe omow through november sayg dsn tnk ndso isa billion lls. his reong tt c ma it thugfr mian thfo ointerviewsnd levision appeanc tbrge thgabeeehiand potentiay atilry clinton ghrae. despite th tmpela meeting t fr ass new yo tay wittodors he iwhat we tell y aut . about 50 or 60 of um attendancedorsommit inne eyomtt to gi obule at least aillionolrsac meing was dcredy mee in rooasuo, oimti nversaons w was put. trp okueions for 4 nutes. ris christie spoke whye endorsedru. erisamlain pla for the si othroom f
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reunraertoe ldn re national scale goin foard. noth iwh trumpndis money baers arupgast at least to start nt to showouasf d of apl, the filing. th swetrump's campai h ju $4 lln shn nd s affiat serac ls th hf miiodoars. when you comparehat to hillary clto iis not evecle. hecaai had more an 0 lln sh on handame ti fme pepa,noer46ilon ancltoup-p, lia, out in fulfo for example, porieus anund launched a qute of ailonolrs digitald y. whe,orcthe record, other per-pa launcd otr umceri campan. the p no will ve a l of wk eain the upcoming da a wks lia:t wille ug nody kno h tra i moy kehelintons. th a aoney machine. its tough too ain. ak tnk you. >>bsuty.
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david: to alyn e ll of tt trumfu-raisi mein ll, wean actualldoetr th that. steve moor tmpcomi vir d x wsontributor was there. >>ete rrect you. i s not at that meetg. dad: you wer't >> donald trump t withhahe cas s adersh cnc today. the re0 joinst leaders. atasotunraer evyby ntn room a re is how you n bud the onomy. dad: didheta thim at l about th dfentl twn lly neand -- auay ver came u in fact dn'ev asked them for mey. i want yr eas hotoebld this ecomy onofhehis at scover fm ateeng, these are aders erg naial seic, nufactin aicultu, and th we um th were umbo t ndioofhe economy. david:eay? >> the message -- davi we eyat tmp haa si ttu iaround? >> mosofhewe eheon e ncorrump spoer cong outf at room i in evyby was a trump sporter.
4:35 pm
ateay rpsed medad, we talk a lot abt xeonhe ow th sd,ea tes are the obm. at wast e mb o prle dad:egation. iwaretape a regulaon dwar every day thhe inspto a tseeople coming intour bunees me y'vseen what ppened t coal indury eyreusbacay tting coal out of busiss. davi ts of tusdsob st >>ilndaseoe idha isit us. vi tt ulbe ins of bs. >> youe lkg ou 10 milli eloe indury so i spredhey felt li wren holdinpaern rit w. colecomi who is we er iludingyself ld mr. um lk,e' itha bune recesonight n. vi wow. >> consumers a dngka th'rspdi b binse e t ending, noinstg, not hiri. vi wheard someig sisseoe, warrenuftt among emwho are hillary fa. >> right vid: despite the fact presenshalady suggested th s igoing ctie
4:36 pm
thesatckonoal. shmaexpand tho aac on otr partofossil el mcomnn atod. david:hi t presintan tt much on taxeslone, esent he or she edhelp on cones oregulations as we've seen wh ama th c dollin othgs >>oue exactly right an that'shy l oth sd, first thing enou comin fice, plea rerse se of these relations. other onth ce , a nuer of thesbusine exutives, was the efctf obamacare tirirg. eyailook, we're ju ttg ll bobace. heal care stare kiin us. thisasupseto savmoy. chnef em sayit is t sangs ne costing uson. vid: sveoo. how nyilonwill you ntbu to the trp pepa >> it n gd news when r ock's ock go u that means theysm me mplicad. davi good wsf u're ldg e ock. >>axil, is bad news.
4:37 pm
dad:teve, thanyou very ch melissa? melissa: dond trums ar sheeagainshiarclto presumivgop noneseto prevl esatckonis ke oonent tepublins tote carf rsalabs anfos on cre cororss cae erar ma of them like e e a prateml rver. joe ippi is ba a maachusetts senator scott brown and trp ppte fone ctrut iwi u as wl. senator ow do yothink that an accura dcrti what is going o are peopleelng dond um stick to e rrt controrsies d t st >>hete h aot of ings. whether lte onoth utoimhes nng e sh doingarn go j oit byll accntsie t presumpte mie. erhi ionhe table. he wl y t thoughtful, methodalisction t ameraneople y lly inton is n tbehe esidenofhenid at. coursheilfos beha.
4:38 pm
will cuon ema sndals, boot wh ss. e cthe didtecre koar a terri organizati a gonndn inuding the clinton foundati d led quid prqu p r ayintersection of moy anpoti t cnts e fausor. thlast sec iwaprty feiv politics psol rime, e intons tak th ta w art form that kind of thinth ic wn he ls out l e moy thatent into tir persalank acunfo eees at ti wn e country or t eity th ge th tt ney personallyad ry preing business in front ofhe sta deparen >>elhes into make thosatck crse hes. by the waya chmuch better stte tn taingornor rtezf w xi or atckg e dgin hisru univertyase. i mean so is is e e thin
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that will uny op in the pay ou h. althotr in hhas been dog aacngilry. goinafr r a of thes thin is atregth gets repuicans o veous d coer aboutimo spd d ifaround him sot a sma tngorim to do. 's vy arthg r m to d etr will rkr not is a differt, is a diert or i don't belie will. messa: ion kw if it wi wo because t cnts ve enetngicoff potics forely long ti. this ialysind of always be t sry with th a bo ee s al -- people who don't li tm heart d see theven oit but, you knowfothr ppte it st see le,harlie spino ki osa iwell, f, if youhink ty' competent, its ice of the cpenc athere sort of getting rich off favors.
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>>ure -- melissa: sat, aad yeah. sorry. ats l ll and good but that is one ofheeansha beieanrswhcrted a mome and is fodi father of aoventh is very porf. thats y they're ppti hi he has been aackinghose ty othgs. izetwaenlledly dorse lly inton been tainthfa she is part ofalstet andought off the critarcoanies. tersection of money an poti. while e gngo t r op, t whatt aut the. iabt llials a aut thindependents, atloc in the ddle,emaini inpeent bl a berni nds llenia coming ov. anque frankly she is n doing a odobf at mess joe, let a y, toreblans resi tho boardheru tinformer esenal candida, johnash,higovernor, says he is norey to eor the prumptivpridential none >>ill yosuort doldrump
4:41 pm
fopresidt. >> hard s. you look ttt, i trenngooy. 'rtwdiert mpies, ffensystemdiert value systemdiert jective. sot ptty hard to put th toth. lia: twierhi, ke he discoveredwier yesrd. ju a little er monthto threpublanonntionn oh, joe,ete k u w cho esenrsen really mn? he is threeng whhd ithe does me hisovno inhetate wreonntn is. even wh e president who is polageinouthe and endorsing hillary, do es things he iac itoe't feelike it. tres o ings there onis, senatooied out, senator own poteou tse isesfillenials, well oba very importantndorsement eranpaicularly combid wi some the mistas trum s made that ofnd- e is
4:42 pm
tas,ort ofacl ings. tt ppens. lissa: oka second thing reith kasich is, it'sotheonntn. it'shi th ia atth ia reblanoe'tinhis ste,hedot n the,he n'withe white us no replin has n e ithouse tht io. here's t sti goverr, g veor of ioaying, i'mot sure i'moi tthconvenon and stg it asupporter of donald tmp th ds haveome coeqnc i in meliss okay. wel see. guys, anyosouc apectet. david? david: t mte binth deleted ir question d sw atheta darent briefi ckn 13 thstate department s t op t igaonut ou an outsidgroup ke ov t pbe 'lta aboutha plus arin ves taken at the hands oforr gitm detainees. y the amadniration is unllg ge you e tails.
4:43 pm
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joorr. lia:ormer tmdeinees, don leed killed amicans and allied forcein ghanistan. th accordingo u. ofci. the oba mistration has y cme on the report lling quoteclsified he stepn te fme deputy asstant to vi psinthey r naonal secury fas. this is such aistressing anding agonizing po because this is what ect so many peoplsa wod happen and hineviden oft hrteang weelsepeople, teorts, who we rhtacouon to e ttfid and kill amics. what's your reti? >> well crse thept tellinthtruth. t degree adniraon wants toave itcake a e itoo.
4:47 pm
th we yi ts leases under bh adniraonnduretting ocess ll be so much tt. eye releasinsowh assifi iorti aut whatapneinhe past but noalwing transrey at happening now. e overwhelmingvidence we know theseeoe are dedicate to killing arins you rea tm toar zonethey gba tthr natul bitat d theyo what eyo. why we havhad to detn em this long, wheth wli ior t. theyeclarewar on us. we're bett daing them to reasthem tkill again melia: d'tnow why it wod ke dfencwhen th were leed th is the point,eoe released wl t se in its st logical th ievence of it. why you think defense pame released it? do you think they'reryg shamthght the bush administrationr ats abt? >>el ihink ty're tin to fmet treas problem thheetng process with thbush admintratioanthey wi da tt job. e obama administraon came in
4:48 pm
molyanting to close guantana b, reloti op tcontinentau. o lee ht unies. e the ht counies is ghisn, that struggd to t its feet under ielf to ove r s owsecurity its a dangerous, dangero gale they'rpuinpoti or tialnterests. mess mnwhile the sta departnteopening vestigatioin tt led vio outhiran nle de. this was vy rae. seetary of stateohn key you will remember ordeng a reewf the deleted foote fr a013 prs briefing just a week after apokesm sd the probe hahia deadnd. why it imrtt know what ppened her >>ell, ts aneal was so to uunr veryueiobl circstanceanofoue there this famo eos o n odes, whithoe p national security comnicator miinth basicallynod thcore a sweth eranubc atast
4:49 pm
ste ts goatn. isarticular changes ackndgemt at the.s gornntasegotiatingit the unrefoedndore consvaveand hostile parts of t in government befor rermtsome in. cora twh they d ld us publiy. lia:hado isath they tried to ruth video omheubc recd. they were ey gotaut in it. now th'rso of saying, oh itas a dd d. now 'linvestatit we know the gend of person thvio.leand sa tdete 're geinclermae w knowing who its, what does a thatf rtf trying thi a the coverp llou? >> this administtion me an any other foseonarti. happeditthe benghazi talkg points. it happed thherade, a rrive asel it waslsclsi done. thvio was alleed and anscript appeared not alr. is was doomed fail as an
4:50 pm
fort to maputehe public. you have to question jgmt people whoou en y. meliss definel sthen, thankouorou ti. areciate it. >>ha y. dad:hoalled for e ase su- eyou' ohat. > if you plan to tveon open roa iwi cost you re th y we planngo. lkbo aain inheas. keeth, are tyosg the
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she responded wi, le yr accoun wch i mean david: dele? meliss w fe billn joke thiss mostetat tweet every for whe host of reasons. he tweeted this righba. how long did it take yr staff of23 pplth tnkhat up whe e your 33 tusd ai tw deled. i ulmake a joke about wi not dele my acunor wip server with g. dad:owou s wte lete? lia: this ishaweavto okorward mons d nths, talking oupling into sobody'san > gas prices surging because of oil whicheaves the questionwill hher fuel presurdrerappeti o willonme kp filling up? jeff fckoinings w help ansr thatuestion. jeff? porterahinnsr wn
4:55 pm
e rain will st wlde anher good he quti b take look, did3.39 i chicago. ats out a doll me an thnaon ara. take a look at cru or e cour othe la six mth as y pntut, it is risi a tt b tay. low pot s 6 barrel in febrry th iabt the same time gas ices we wn to $17. we're nowlor 2.38, acrdg gas bdy th iincrea of 40% fr the low pot. listen to what eiaays, he whats mi. despe wer gapre, sumr gas demand iexpect t rch 9 lln rrels a day. at would be a co, cord, and even withier crude ic aordingo eia, gas prices arexptetoe thr west i12ea. so i tnkheotm ne is isdavid. pre gngp but not a emdous amoun they areorasting to be 2.2on averagfothummer.
4:56 pm
--.2 lostn 12 yrs not b. david:ll right. >> 2.35. vi iisanet yellen's faul l neyellen's fault. more s hitates to bring up rates, fth dn e dollar esth sdsil pris up. i put a ojat llen. just so you know, jeff. mess that'fair. mi uhow much meat- vid: can you f in your pants. i had to reaend oft. melissa:nehoplifter vi a priceless momenwhe ttg st. 'll give y dai. years ago, ias starring in a one-wan sho
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5:00 pm
puinouthe ckofibs. david: wa! meliss four hepases of meat from hisan. i don't knowhyan dn fl wn how much elastic w ith waste? vi aot lia: shouldn istl have fall? vid: meat in t pts "risk & wa" ar rht now. dedre: president obama dorsing hillarclinton in a gh-producedidst hourafr eting with senor sanders, some crits aski whatas the poi? this is is& wa." i'm deirdre bolton we'll takeouhroughheay th some are lling political thte 10:00 a.m., senar sanders lands outside d. ready for pomeeting at ithoe. just an hour lat, senar sands arris for prat oval office etg with present oba. inus90 minutes theeeting aeady or. senator nds eaks to rerters, saying he istaying


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