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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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confronted f reat offender, puinouthe ckofibs. david: wa! meliss four hepases of meat from hisan. i don't knowhyan dn fl wn how much elastic w ith waste? vi aot lia: shouldn istl have fall? vid: meat in t pts "risk & wa" ar rht now. dedre: president obama dorsing hillarclinton in a gh-producedidst hourafr eting with senor sanders, some crits aski whatas the poi? this is is& wa." i'm deirdre bolton we'll takeouhroughheay th some are lling political thte 10:00 a.m., senar sanders lands outside d. ready for pomeeting at ithoe. just an hour lat, senar sands arris for prat oval office etg with present oba. inus90 minutes theeeting aeady or. senator nds eaks to rerters, saying he istaying
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in theacfor the d. prar the presenreasad hilyrocevideo enrsemenof hillarylion a tt me than an ur lat. we n know thatid w produced two days prr. my politic per pan i he. sands rn tmp supporter, rl hill. fox news contrut tamara holderreblicantrategist, ma slapp. i wanto u,arn gone from setosaers to dond trum what do you ma, rsan foremost othis so-caed potical theater? the ficial eorsement wch ems toave been bicly taped 48 hou a? >> yea wl thk it is really disinagainous, exact sort ofheater and chae,upt maer theatrics we thought we were gting awafrom sat sanders. medy thawas authentic. we thought wwod get that ba. were let dow ire: tamara, theieave it ay. wait son hwain theie
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two ysgo here iishe i endorsent video of hilry clion do it maero you at a? >> no,t est. there was no a surprise whatsoev. a phone call omaadit sanders a w ys ago. wenehiary was going to clch theomion a coupl daysgo. i thinthatneal spifically said,bama sd i'm gointo bdoin hillary. i don't think there s any surpse here, hwa weari same tie he wore t ds o, g al. deirdr hlan, the point many reinin this, preside oba ally wted tohis sh ofni. yh. ire: there h bn loof imity betweehiar clinn d nar nds ri the pmary season. face it, it wille a very conttis nel elecon. >> y. ire, for years, ogssive decrats d se and others artilated y llary clinton unacctae for presidt. so for president obama and oer mainstre eabshnt
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demoatto expect we'rju going to fall in line for he beussaerisowut is so reistic d suing, that u knowi sthi, perfecy tilas at the probm is wh shgton toy. ire:o,att, l mbring you in. what is your takonhawee caing the potical theater these announments? yh, just think th this is a ltlbiof a polital eater and thk at the decrs e yi t go throh isind ofhidance an i think eryone is tryin give bernie sders his sce but yokn wt is interestin , you owthere is n aot wm relationiphe. i lk ta t democts today who lieve ohto huup and getutnd jo hla clint'sau. d , aepublin,'m rathernjinthfa, t r the first time isera da wcasethe splitsha are in the doctic pay. dedr wl, it is te,f somebo tketo youn
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february or rcansa wch coenons gointoe spicie erydyou he saidohhe republicansthe are dite smany ffinvis. but to yr init haseea rely tou pma ssoboth r llary clinton and senar nders. ii want rd out twt om nald trump after psident oba doedilrylion the tweet is this, omaus endors "ood lly," he wantfo more years ofba. bo else does. hillary inn'account reond, he deteouaccount. receriebus wro bk, hilly inn if anyonknows how to use a deletkeit u. this sets stage for wh is coming inomber. mara, w is the docratic side, going with, les y flaw cdite like it or not with hilla cnt, going to face uto donald trump whoa, that is a gd question. i think that is one of the reonwhy bernie sanders wants sy in the race. we do have this email andal, regardssf what side you're
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if you're left or right, it is still percolang so bernie sanders may ha td obi haveo ay in th just in case the informatio that she is indicted thethe is nobody. deirdre: we were joking tuesday night, maybe superdelegate of all is the fb >> right, rit. th is a big concern for everody. he has a lot osuorrs ani hito that even though i going the, hislsgoing to the convention going to rko lpakdoal trump sohat he does t come presidt. irdre: the intestinghing toissetor saerwoin e imary seas me an 20 states. its al n gngo ke dtrp lle neciy.
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ju want to py sod te from eli. prs crarjosh earne. >> preside hortuni n sako senar nds w the meinheaswe and aest tse nvsaoni inits ir s sator sde w n atllurised by toy' announme. deirdre:ra tksdold umon h twin alofhe red stesha mt mn w 2tephe,luthe y at, nnsylviaoh, flid a hhait , c pk up o oth20 ustas atenor sanrs s n. sof u reo ke a edti, just bas otoy, cachgeouminds late h est ? >> d'teeond um wiin what wllees lot of adtialttks by the taisenanreblan part wel see loofowoter tu o ithe ates - dedr tt t dgefo e uny. rht cae loof peoe n' keilrylintonndhe will n sw ehe dedr bh ndat have
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ghumrs. wn w rntsemra sehaenevy ce'v ev seen. dedr sf-scbe decricocli sat saerwi sy in t re focoenon, weald out th, enhoh lly cltohathdegas b e rts mie. >> we shldote vi a tuiowhe walltrt, coorate amera,nd billioir a faili tpa thr irha otas. the e mef e su th my llnsf eran veuprt dinmy mpgn these e esss. at we ll taktohe moat niol convention. deirdr mt,hadoouak tse commentonax? e fenctonce inequali playea clipesrd, st me hilry clionpo aut thcommen s w i a 1200olr armani jke >>ig. ire: whi cditeil soteheest. so aedy who llakmore
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fr my payche cnt o trump? it is ha tkn n. ihi that is prettea tulyo ow. erisrey ig les here b l'se eaabout bern sde. tama just idhiie nds is syi ith re beusfor the fit men sty e e t t none from r jopaie rni f psinthi she is runngwafr t fbi. shhaancte veigio aart thhe fbi hean to st in th re, stn case somki ohe breaks o at thr nvti in phidehi t c't make itbo tt cae atilupset moatwhacal tnk atilry clintons in piedn. soe s make authe ises heaso ke it abouinme eqli. and t'fa i t cnts lo their abityo kd kehepokespplfo edn odn,orhose w arstggngdown trod en. eyavdo aaboujo
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de bliray t o th1%it h $12,5 aan jaet to ot ire:ond ump borrowd loofenoranrs lanag nyeoe ink whin t imy,umouandas -- deswchg rts vote rim >>bo t idea thate y wa t d chairwomareve tt poaninhe lical season >> a y ainme the. dedr yeah. >> tnkhencha h ne ptthoib j a i thk thatere nders is prettyps wh r. i think thid tt e democrat pty is ppedo be t ptyf e litt g d ideahasur legate ayuca rgro, ese peelat a uethereto hovorsece. thk ds haveern s te i ink thwhe rthaher in the ses
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think that, i justhi i onofhehis that bere nds n gngo give up . dedre:llig. ma, anyove mh. nversaonntue the ma, tama witn st a f ments. haans ll weantohoyoquickly wh isoing oinhearts. stksebndg omession ws. mar terrinaslitl lowe. --verage p wnfter three days of nng ins. oil anstk ic m n b astrg iwaeaiein e ar. th iapotn l e tion. >>quk rds lllach ofheor'sarstoct. we're watcnghifoyo s.atnarennssce officeenngp nesp satellite in tic fhi w dot ownyetails. suos to take off 20 m. stn me its w aolding pattern. wel epoup-to-de. ire:n heonhthow" stig, esenoba ok
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bst na tmp . amsa psints serious jo n rliv. my next essa psint amshldothr son th sje. his as why ahi n 2013inarn e tueywh dyou have pnn fo20. wllroblpardon another tuey
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i don'or wonr etr ceaiieofep c. shldeek trtmt. i rdy i don'or wonr etr ceaiieofep c. becaustoy ers rvi. a votiartreatmtfothmo cmoty i rdy rvi pveto curetr ceaiieofep c. becaas their cevo' h nprior eaee at o pl,on aay2 ek e wi jt 8 weeks harvo. haoni is simpl trtmt gin at o pl,on aay2 ek e wi jt 8 weeks harvo. th's beeprescred more an qt telloudoorf u' d lir anla, helir kneprlems,pl,on aay2 ek e wi jv,r y hes harvo. th's beeprescred more an qt telloudoorf u' mecaconditns
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helianabt l edineyou taaclinheas wi jv,r y hes harvo. th's beeprescred more an qt tangmiodare tharni hemay cause a seouin taaclinheas wi jo hvo may include effects th's beeprescred more an qt tidness, heach anwene. i rdyo t hep c hi m hemay cause a seouin taaclinheas wi jo hvo may include effects th's beeprescred more an qt amea tbeured. tidness, heach anwene. i raryoready? hep c hi m hemay cause a seouin taaclinheas wi jo hvo may include effects th's beeprescred more an qt asyo h cpecialist hvo irit r . tidness, heach anwene. yobo he perfect drivg co. >>peec tke. no aidts. th iunl e you ruing urerct . w, youou think urnsuran ca wod t u some slac rht rfect! bey tu won'tth acde fgine, ise yo rates
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due tooufit cident d y dha aaccident, ouclm nts areavlae assist yo2. for a freeuo, ca ler mual at swcho bey tual and u ulsa ulloday a e r surancina whole nelit. >>heole i lle ayg isrosss,o mind the amic pplth ts seoujo yokn, iss not realy . irdre:rede obama mad vel gst na tmpn e teholast eveng reality tvpridt amno raer to it hse. >>irst qstn,n 13ou
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paonord rk. ato u havelaedor 20 - pdod? >>e' pbay rd another tuey dth eryhasgin >>urir we >>y rst? doounosothg dot? ♪ [cershteliing] deirdr mpotil neba withe w. taraolr,atscap wh dyomake opridt ambeg llg l,al it play around, olrod th e eaf jourli, aly , yet critizg nald tmp intvta t separe in, e,t iorntor a presidento beikeabl ghnoat0%ppva rang portant fohitoo ings where ise bdifferent audiens. hes enn the b. he ise dindati tv.
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ceo e pridt have n. gegeus w iicon t,e s likeablebeg known thatuyll ama nohathabittoo tetrp. ifouhi ts bad, it til you see wh hiseay gointoo cause h, s everhing ais fi dedr hla sftg in h seat. wh igog ,arn? >> bark amhanever en odampaigngorther pele go f hse i20 a 20. dot ow how effti h lle urrogate for hla clinn rkg ait na trp. i dot ow deirdre:atwh iyour te onha esenobama idarer ouhiary clinton, hma a stngtame, is is most unique qliedern fill thiro? >>nehi rllstng abt is yea uike 20, whe lly inton d back obama, reiging ea other and lly inn t tt a betteand beers a ndat wn taedo clinton soat tayonof
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ththgs they woy ouis shhanobe able step hega. e tually loo to belmt a ak cdidate now thash d beginningf is ocs. bacoba lletut er ihi oy wndeor r,e ultrenus tshine hers r sbd tends too,akthsa pnt docts and l opele , boy,ilrylionis th all tres? she isoterexti. e n vy armac. li, almost le dedr wchhe blas e di >>ig because you kw os po docratshegeso atck a t te by the di just uelievae. irdre: let me k uhis. reba aintrion on step closetohangonol ofhentne so'moing tre he. inrniol dyadupf chlostbune and gornntntest adcas. opnes y thiss pretty risky move.
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ses to gain odil aoa worst-caseceri asab gesther count asreer sayn teet vean. wenosetotecruz is trngo t listi t blk isrohaeng. e tdi gdwl,at ovse, t same time ki oseesor vulnerle >>e d wh an did it wi ca. 'vgo talgrt cotries in eope. oba olized f ari. iss stheatest ep whe amhas go aun congsso ilerlyse whev execuveow h in haso ke bold an tgi setngver to anntnaon by. e ing we knofosu, out wk thongres s ga i aer the fir ye hdi'torwi core ianhi mor ce the budget. th ion ain a psint core suld sl h dn.
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deirdr tama,s lel gle, y'ra wy f those th d'tno h do yo inthis wl ? >>ight n ihi ts coertialte dot undeta w reblanangry dealing th iee d techlogy. eyon tnkho thing ou auay ownde ou cmuca wh her unieabout iee d chlo. ats ate tintoo, leer of eeorld. ire: >> tt n te. ire:eoe y is giving ctr. u. cpaes built ts chlo, erorwehould, weid&dweaintain control. >> keeininfabo i budi cles unr the ea oerouri. ifouant toe eeart capilist rubca y wld priates ndf technology andcices in on iert t importanto ju me cions about this unatal who csulting ngss, wiourely counatg t people what wee in iss t mastamss peop a hri autani
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thk ive iornthe ve deirdre: dyothk thesar suesd any way because o wa swd, cause t leak sohou. flsuilty,e sa a lg time ago we ul share teetnfstructure, w he ? >> i hopno i pee' not advocin ntl over thentne feivy abdicin inesnstonowden. th itortt. ire:arn lltara ld, ttchppthk u r e time ad to veouitme >>weant to let youno 'rwainlaunch of rls laesroet. u. ronissance ofce sein uthsalle. itaso un a2: p. but it inoin hding paern. > atdertmentas reas iortion that the reasof gntamoetainees hacaedmeca tdi h my ericanha t
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e,owanpeoplen usls oraris, ve to e? ire:umrsavbe leed we wl nnt e tsorou betweehoma dainees wer leedndowanha bn implat iatckon erans. also sakg niol cuty after a brutalerrori aac iae t cnts eengamanermitsor 83,0 pesnis. nt essa ts n enth tmp n-u. cizemuslim b. >> dond tmp is llg foa taancomple shdo omuims eerg e unit stateunl r couny'reestaves c fire out whathe he is inon [cerg] yoowd urar fofo years,
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ire:asevenin pastiaguenped re inelvi kling four peop aninring alet . ra makina ciono suenenyertsort let 800stia hde toerusal oramada wh iyo te on iaes desi? itas quick aeciv >>hecaotet 800 muims co idungaman anbeurthe e rical asre youhere wl racaislamis tt ou dedr the palestini csi o went intth nhtpot
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th cafes and rtaan, it's be rorted eyerreed asrtdox jews. trosts are ha tsp. erdiffict st. th we disgseassraeli citins th3,000 pilimcongn. thcoletyt uladto ruleat this ti oye. dedr aer the novbe13 tas pis. e ench presidentolnd went otvndaiweret r therri. ithu. are swer. tt'a eat question. weavnot identifiedhe
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thre pen n vle tris thidlo o violent trism i owot t donohe ric extreme cilf haan sharia l. weusexinth issueo unrsndhede sey identify bitol tse modera mli aouab for heing us witth far mo iidtsnder ts mistti tn h uer e sh adminisatn. ire:s ilepye hure oddiol oops t e stan y fr dition escalaon >>o, d't y bk up your commts with force, yowi d reats.
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llheha se? possib. bubyeing rdyhewi prevenanhi fm happenin erwill be anncen thmari of prle ty llesicwh ty e tryi tdo ire:ete shift ges. thu. gerenadttg american sdis veiedu to t rea o gmo deins. at lea aoz daiesav killed at assix amic forc in afantan. esenoba predictedhi teast ye. >> wasmehere a gngo beutf 0, 500, 600 op, th hdf o them lle aengi in their rris
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titi. irdre:haisheationale focling giondetng op gba ttheir me unieand reconnt? >> i have ner deto i a oy ying trere5. t kw ere are prab mo. thfi fr-arenal uiles atheredent edor bk sget sergntre leadi t fht cort or ovtl ifrede roovelt wld harad rmowfor puck sergets th wldn't pp. dedre: ises bth desi was made on aueio ofptics. itasadpts at u.ske
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the detaineeinuaanamo bay and w hti uon p. front. buwith your liry ckou, u e sponsible fosoanpele and thear esseiay ying f o p. >> they do notsehagio a ason f why ty e ing wh ty are doing. th a dig accordancwi thr eogy. y rder a re chstn d zi wennd ma tm x av, that has thing to do wh guantanamo. i n't kn why ts esen peis iaingadalslam to contie furh. saw tig bghi,nde saotr dications wheree aid and abett o -aid d eturnees deire: tnkou forouingh. we are watin
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iss e rls largt rocket thu.ecnasae fice seinup new rke yocasee stl ck tre it seduled to ken is hour ift happens 'lcah u ba there nar nds ys even thgh llary clinn s ou degas bthe party' mie and s en endseby ra obamasandersa he's staying in the re tith coentiono pssisgenda. a n o left siasmnd vezua hi h a utna te. >>e e into rai t minimum ge to 5 an hr. weusstngenndxpd ciecit believin mice rll
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dedre: sf-scd moatocli bnie sandermewi president oba athe white hseonht nt guessa hle a socialt uny hi f a as. thank you vermu f havinge. deirdre:owlderyowh you ca tthe u.s.?
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>>y rsti w 1yes old. i nt bacanfoh twn udinhetas d g ba tmyamy. i veone th f weler 15ea. recently i bama s. sintnd.scize whe m ppfor myselfa t my family remnsn e untry. ire:oureayg you are coerned r ur mom set pele are loongn dpsrs loinfofood to eaor sl. spalarouofedin and peop a o opower. wh ithbiest miscceioabt socialis >> isoundsre wn e politianta authere speeches osoalm. deirdr erydys e me d ar ithcoon benet. >>ndhawel haven eqtae d just system if w ceralized power t hd
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gornnt. en y csoda pow in e ndf licis, peal ia moac the tul ndcys r ose liticians pmi me ods d geays inddion to corptn. bueven if they were t coupast s come i venezuela. e natural ndcys ge ayoodies. atapnsheyodoha d l teegat. thfaicf alth ke gu getsrod ay margaret ateraiyoll evtulyunutf he pele moneyo stbu. ire:reouuris a thspd thhi ts situioinenue genered in. no. spre is h lg h taken g tth pnt. venezuelhaa t oil.
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ud bve rh. beuse of theilitas mage--heovnment s nad sy loat f or dede w atilris ve opped, whas deea a atacade has become me oboutoveon 'sotilhas causing e prlebuit me ident th ueratitllhe no vra eno and no odti fabritohe coury leftnyre irdre:t'ls t habit for e rkg as iyote th ty n'have t a enreopatn sepuose. wleon ft station of asse is a rrleos t sociism chgethgst e ruurfor thinvial and co rt ve. meseoe zynd imat corruioan cronyi. because the e othda
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you have csodad we noon through giveaysnd thugsuec ds d grear gutis. dedre: n tt u e u. cize a y planning on ti inomber? ire:o u elomrtle sharing? >>ell, il llou who'm t ti for. i'novong forere saernor hillarclto ev isaerwaan option. i ll sayhi i ncelbeeve th t sentiment atasnderpinned mrsaer pulitis lion ipointi rl obms where the st h bn ried h bn gg b potians. e sw tthat problem is not toureronliteow fuheinheanof policis. thaners to make sth st ielcaote rigged. thwayodohais to mo
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govement from e ony no matr w chreur potianreivfr scial tests. eyavnointoive aw. lethmaeto its in y a out trendou beeve inemocra a h sa wh btesyem than to have a steth ls u rkor evything you find valule thank you r havi me an cori t sry ire:t'anmpta sty. were waingorhilach inape canaveral. wel ow youharoet a w y tellit we don't kw o ny tas heth iwa scdud te off rlr, 'sowchul tta o th hr. ifhe iacvi ica narawel t u ck
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er mienalarth larst gringrp in america. buthere is atu tt ow te is zpi their motivation wk. d ploy seby fothfirst me t mlion ppl jt o ar of nyies m haveli.m.. so when mysta sympmsep congac iny asthma tatntit breo. -dlyreprents ahmmpmsep syto. congac thsta t well conolled like an inhaled rtos. theoon rla a rescueed inle fosuenrehi pbls.rtos. teo opens uaiayscueed inle
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eoonina typef medi fr ahmprle may creaseheis ofospitazaonn eoonina typef medi chdren and aleen. fr ahmprle br inofopelehose ofospitazaonn eoonina typef medi th iwe contrleen. fr ahmpron long-tm th ctrse ofosmeci,aonn eoonina typef medi ce youasmas ll controll, your docr ll dedef u cast breo anprcribe ken inhaled coicteid n te breoorth prescred e urocr if yoursta doesotmpve n te breoorth por gets woe. k urocr 2ho breo ulbe missi pce n te breoorth por r you.oe. k urocr 2ho breo see iyoreligible fo u mthfr amyeoom n te breoorth por r you.oe. k urocr 2ho breo see iyoreligible fo
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ire: a n studyin chlo is zapping llnis titi. it seems aifilnnlsth cabenttaedanth c soale d shop andon eneetoea t hse to t od sohe is a lot of memt wi ts bge dogph grp in t u. isn,e e tting u thsp because you a a millni. does thaderiiosod ke u?
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5:47 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
veictures. e world's lge rkeif e launch tm yst'a . undohas starte wel t u back to cape naraasooas it ke of 'll geyou ba tre buthe s le for dona umsuor offics n se la wk. nt esisheouerf si tcoec le-nd ngs.
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5:59 pm
d ea buonsi wantso ange at 50peleavigd for trump sglco dad,latoave you with u what ge u vehedeto crea a sitli this? wl, whaorinlyamup wainebari s ldbo anheweit i won mti atne. buit ge . at was to pairp eran cizens wh nadiansof th wanted toea t cntry th couldind lo a per t se time. wh ee ur goal? tbrg trump supporrs geer hed lot of stiethat peleo dates. evythingas going fe d l a sudden licsould
6:00 pm
up a things wouldnd ghthe. weigede ulta iout of the eation d ket si tfi eh hean t veo ve tha converti and wtehe time. dedr findike-mied pele we wisyoluck. thank you r mi o charles pae he righup xt ♪] ars:tos llg back aftea day ray. so investors holngack teoipres pba. nefox po. % peoplthk eris ret akinhielti th er fo. viously it's shapi up toe thmo important eleioin mostur lifim. pa rn ilwoinon


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