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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we'll talk to you about it every night and explain how it impacts your wallet, your 401 and, ultimately, the future of this country. thanks a lot for watching. we appreciate it. you don't want to miss a moment of "making money" or "lou dobbs." he's next. keep it right here on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. brand new fox news polls out today show donald trump and hillary clinton begin the general election battle virtually tied in their race for the white house. 42% of registered voters back hillary clinton. 39% support donald trump. that three-point edge is within the margin of error. and there are other positives for trump in this poll taking into account exclusively voters who are highly interested in the election, most likely to vote. 45% back trump compared to 41% who choose clinton.
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we'll have analysis and insight from our guests tonight including trump spokesperson katrina pierson who joins me here in moments, and also trump national security adviser, one of those on trump's short list for vice president, we're told, senator jeff sessions. also tonight president obama going to hillary clinton's rescue. the president today announcing washington's worst-kept secret. today he endorsed his former secretary of state for president. >> i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up, and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. lou: his comments came shortly after the president had met with senator bernie sanders who's still refusing to bow out. sanders today insisted he would compete in next week's primary contest in washington, d.c. but in remarks at the white house
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sanders did reach out to hillary with an olive branch as he stressed party unity. >> i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and to create a government which represents all of of us and not just the 1%. lou: and i'll be talking about all of those developments in the day's news with some of our favorite savants including ebony williams, mark simone. and our top story, donald trump and hillary clinton feuding on twitter today. trump fired the first shot saying, quote: obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama. but nobody else does. the presumptive democratic nominee bristling at trump's comments. clinton tweeted back at trump, quote: delete your account. to which trump tweeted rather conclusively, how long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up, and where are your 33,000 e-mails that you
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deleted? donald trump today taking another big step as he builds out his operation for the general election. the trump finance team holding their first official meeting in new york city. but it wasn't all about money, we're told. trump also meeting with his chief strategist, paul manafort, new jersey governor chris christie and rnc chairman reince priebus. joining us tonight, trump campaign national spokeswoman katrina pierson. katrina, good to have you with us. >> good evening. thank you. lou: if you will put some of this day's activity in context, the meeting, what was the purpose? >> well, the purpose is we are building out a general election team. we are unifying the party and preparing for a convention. and that's what these meetings were about. we are getting ready to do a series of fundraisers, joint fundraisers with the rnc. there are going to be a lot of
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down ballot races and, of course, staffing. we are going to be hiring several more people and building out more infrastructure. not as many as hillary clinton, because i think mr. trump has proven you can do a lot more with a much smaller team who are just more efficient. so so we're really looking forward to that, and it's going to be really exciting at the convention. we are going to have an amazing opportunity to hear more about donald trump, to give the base a shot in the arm. he's going to be announcing his vice presidential pick and really get the show on the road moving into november. lou: corey lewandowski talking here last night talked about the vice presidential choice. he thinks that donald trump will make his decision perhaps as much as two to three weeks before the convention. can you give us a sense of how that process is going? >> oh, i think the process is moving along. young, mr. trump has talked about some of the things that were important to him like the political process in d.c., and he's really looking at those individuals that he thinks might best suit his message and his vision to make america great
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again. this is just one opportunity that mr. trump is going to have to show the american public -- which, by the way, we have transcended party lines here -- but to show all americans that mr. trump wants to get out there and represent the people. and now we're going to see hillary clinton pick her choice, and we're going to show that we are much more emboldened and much more stronger, powerful, have the strength and the stamina to actually get the job done. lou: katrina, speaking of getting the job done, money a big part of that. the meeting with the financial folks today, we're told there's somewhere between 40-60 of the financial folks; that is, the donor class will. how did that go? >> i think it went really well. there is a a lot of excitement behind mr. trump's candidacy, and you've mentioned several times before how he's energized the break and broken the record in turnout. and a lot of people are really understanding that, you know, maybe they don't have it all figured out. maybe the beltway and the media are really detached from what's
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happening on the ground. and we've seen this shift happen on both sides of the aisle. so mr. trump and mr. sanders have very different ways of getting to the exact same conclusion which is to put government back in the hands of the people. and now we're going to have the opportunity to take that message on road. lou: katrina, thanks for being with us. we appreciate your time. >> great to be here, thank you. lou: we've got a great deal to discuss here tonight. much more, stay with us. we'll be right back. donald trump is hard at work narrowing his choices for vice president. >> takes us a little time to do our homework on the back end. we'll have that ready in the next three to four weeks, i think he'll be making a decision then. lou: who will donald trump choose? senator jeff sessions joins me next. and all this family wanted was a picture of this bear, but they ended up with a close encounter and the scare of their lives. we'll have the video for you here next. stay with us, a lot more
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lou: donald trump is now targeting the san jose mayor who blamed trump for the violence outside his rally last week.
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mayor sam la car doe is, of course, a democrat. a democratic backing hillary clinton for president. >> well, i think the mayor was absolutely a disaster. he didn't know what the hell he was doing can. we had a tremendous rally with, you know, many, many thousands of people. the place was packed, and they left, and they met a bunch of thugs. they were absolute thugs. and, frankly, the mayor should be ashamed of himself. he couldn't do the job. i think he was almost afraid to do the job. but these or were their people. these were bernie people, they were hillary people. these people are set out to do a mission. these aren't protesters. lou: joining us tonight, senator jeff sessions, a member of the budget, armed services, the judiciary committees. senator sessions is also the first senator to endorse donald trump for president. he's also said to be on donald trump's short list to be vice president. senator, great to have you with us. i want to turn, if i may, first to san jose, the violence that
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has followed democratic mayors in various cities and the attacks on trump followers and supporters after rallies. >> well, this is not acceptable. trump was lawfully there. he's a leading presidential candidate. thousands of people came to hear him, good citizens. under our constitution you have the right to assemble, and you have the right to free speech. mayors, police departments are duty-bound to protect that, and it did not happen. and then they blame trump. no wonder he's upset about it. it wasn't his fault. these people went after decent people who came to a political rally, and it's utterly inexcusable. lou: when i heard that, i have to tell you, senator, i thought how dumb does this mayor think the people of his community are, that he could say such a thing and have it even remotely approach reasonableness in the minds of his citizens that he
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supposedly serves? >> well, it is remarkable. we're in this world in which decent people try to go to an event, and they get attacked, and mr. trump is blamed for it. this is not legitimate, and it cannot go on. and the american people need to know that something serious is at stake here. their freedom, their ability to hear differing, competing voices and make decisions on who they want to select to be their leaders is at stake. and really all local state governments and the federal government too should have a role in protecting that. lou: and at stake is donald trump has talked about restoring prosperity to this country, making america great again. and he has moved forward. he has a very specific agenda talking about rational, smart trade deals instead of what pass for free trade. we know there is nothing free about those trade deals.
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they've cost us immensely. talking about border security, building the wall and a foreign policy based on america first. a new era in the united states if he can be elected. do you think that those are the most important issues still before the american people? >> i do, because those primarily that you talked about, lou, are things that have not been addressed by the political establishment of both parties for decades really. lou: you know, can i say, senator -- >> yes. lou: you say that, and you're absolutely right, but it's mind-boggling to think those three issues have been evaded by both political parties for decades. >> that's exactly right, lou. and that's really why i supported him. i've come to believe we've been too idealistic and visionary in foreign policy. i believe these trade agreements that i've supported in the past, i've studied them, have not
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worked effectively for the american people, have cost jobs, cost wages, made our economy weaker. and i believe the immigration flow is way above what we need, and the unlawfulness needs to end. and that -- the impact of that is really reducing wages and job prospects for the american people. those three issues are legitimate conservative issues, in my view, not liberal. they're sound, common sense ideas that it's time to bring into our national discussion. nobody else seems to be willing to even talk about it. lou: senator, i want to turn to the romney summit, e2, which is experts and enthusiasts for whatever that means, e2 out in park city. paul ryan again taking a swipe at the party's nominee. you said a couple weeks ago adapt or die to your party.
7:16 pm
what in the world is paul ryan doing? what will be the reaction to the party leadership if he persists in this nonsense? >> well, you know, speakerrer -- speaker ryan is one of the top leaders of the republican party. he asks people to support him when he makes a decision and the people that are uneasy with it to be supportive. the republicans have spoken. the republican party are the voters out there. they've chosen their nominee x he needs to help that nominee be successful, not make it more difficult for him. and they need to spend a lot more time talking about the abysmal record of hillary clinton. her goals for america are more government, more taxes, more spending, more debt, more regulation. how can that ever make america better? donald trump has a completely different vision. it's -- i can't imagine paul ryan can't see the difference there. and i think he will.
7:17 pm
but it's been a bit frustrating, frankly. lou: senator, it's always great to see you. we appreciate it very much. senator jeff sessions. and breaking news tonight, the world health organization issuing a stern warning on the zika virus. global health officials now say people living in zika-outbreak regions including the caribbean and latin american regions should consider delaying pregnancy to avoid having babies threatened with birth defects. at the moment puerto rico is the only part of the united states known to have a zika outbreak. more than 1350 people there have tested positive for zika in puerto rico including nearly 20 to 0 pregnant women. -- 200 pregnant women. donald trump is in the process of choosing his vice president, so we want to help out as best we can with our veep stakes, and we're asking the audience to fully participate. there are about two dozen likely names on the vp list.
7:18 pm
this is our list, mind you. but we need your help to cut it down, and every night we're going to put up three names for you to consider. each night your top pick among those three moves forward to what will be a final round. it's a political process, and we just love participating. so you can make your choice known. tonight the three names led by former louisiana governor bobby jindal, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and ohio governor john kasich. who among those three would you choose to be donald trump's vice president? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. and be sure to vote in tonight's poll. our question is: do you think it's a conflict of interest for president obama to have endorsed his former secretary of state while she's under investigation facing the possibility of a federal indictment by his attorney general?
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cast your vote on twitter, @lou dobbs. i can't wait to see the answers on this. and like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. links to everything found at one family' vacation nearly taking a turn for the worse. watch as this black bear reaches out its paw and swiftly, swiftly surprises everyone. by opening the door. you hear the two children screaming in hour to record. the father, i think he may have been screaming with them, wrestling with the bear for control of that door and then decided to speed away before panic set in. the family shaken, unharmed, and the bear is fine. and you can tell he's been plotting this for some time, that bear. up next, the never-trump movement refuses to go away. mitt romney and his pals are in utah or soon will be.
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what are they plotting and what is their purpose? if they have one? i'll have a few thoughts and my commentary tonight. isn't it great to see former, former members of the republican ticket doing their best to achieve party unity and supporting the nominee and all of that? stay with us, we're coming right back. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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lou: a few thoughts now on the romney/ryan cabal of disaffected and sometimes highly annoying elites. mitt romney today kicked off his annual summit in t opulent surroundings of deer valley, utah, a gathering of high profile republican elites, big mundo nors who get together to talk about weighty issues facing the world and ponder, ponder the republican party's future while sipping chardonnay. it is the very same place that romney summoned the cadre at the
7:25 pm
beginning of his general election campaign some four years ago. an election trump says romney should have won easily. the meeting at romney's mountaintop ski resort in park city is being called e2. that's short for experts and enthusiasts. we don't know which is which or which is who. i think of it given romney's braille of the party -- betrayal of the money and support he sought four years ago, donald trump's among them. judging by the guest list, it's clear most, if not all, aren't fans of donald trump. imagine. speaker ryan, senator ben sass of nebraska, senator tom cotton of arkansas, wisconsin golf scott walker -- governor scott walker will be there. well, there's nothing better to do with their time, i'm sure. former obama defense secretary leon pa tet that also there,
7:26 pm
we're -- panetta also there, we're told. governor chris christie wasn't invited back this year. the price, it seems, for supporting donald trump and not being allowed to consort with such luminaries. organizers say this year's gathering won't turn into a trump-bashing event, but it's also clear nearly all of those present aren't widely regarded for either their original thinking or much on loyalty and party obligation, even those who have been beneficiaries. all this against a backdrop of noise that mitt hasn't given up on his mad dream to usurp the party and trump by insinuating himself into the presidential race again. as what would be a truly mad third party candidate. bill kristol hasn't shown any hesitancy to assist a candidate, any candidate it seems, in committing political suicide and treason to the party be to boot. party to boot. the weekly standard published an open letter this week urging romney to run.
7:27 pm
an open letter perhaps because it raises the odds that someone, anyone might by remote happenstance come upon kristol's entreaty and read it and be willing, persuaded to take on kristol's folly and do his bidding. while kristol, of course, demures. the park city farce is a closed affair, of course. it has to be to preserve such a fragile bubble, one in which the last 11 months simply didn't happen. donald trump didn't win more votes than any republican in party history, even though he ran against 16 opponents, all of whom he crushed. perhaps they're still trying to rationalize their devastating loss of four years ago and the voters' rejection of the two men who have been loudest in their disloyalty to the gop. the tens of millions of voters and, of course, the 2016 presidential nominee himself. perhaps they're simply being
7:28 pm
considerate though. we should give them credit. one so-called summit in a remote locale so as not to be a distraction for those working hard saving the nation. now our quotation of the evening on distractions. this one from tony la louis saw who -- larussa who said, look, there are always distractions if you allow them. let's not. we're coming right back. donald trump is already working to unite not just the party, but the country and make america great again. >> we'll be stronger, the border will be great for economic development, we'll get rid of obamacare, replace it, as you know, with something very, very good. lou: and the mainstream liberal media refuses to coffer it, but the -- cover it, but the clintons have their very own university scandal, and it's a much bigger deal than trump's. we'll take that up with our legal panel, lis wiehl and judge
7:29 pm
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lou: senator bernie sanders tonight holding a rally at rfk stadium in washington d.c. it's been a busy day for the senator. he met with the president today shortly before the president endorsed hillary clinton.
7:33 pm
from what he's been saying so far, he's taking on, well, his campaign all the way to the democratic convention, certainly, as we mentioned. and he has not mentioned a word of dropping out. let's listen to the senator. >> the united states had the best infrastructure in the world. roads and bridges and water systems and wastewater plants and airports and rail! we had the best rail system in the world. no longer the case. lou: joining us tonight, attorney, radio talk show host, fox news contributor ebony williams. great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: radio talk show host mark simone. mark, great to have you here. let's start with, first of all, the senator who will not go away -- [laughter] he's on a tour of the nation's capital, it seems, ebony. what do you make of it? >> i think it's a farewell tour, lou.
7:34 pm
look, i think good for him for not, you know, rushing off, because he's got to play this just right. seriously. he's not the deal maker we know donald trump to be. if he doesn't play his leverage right, it goes away quickly. the minute he says to his supporters go out there and support bear hillary -- hillary, that's the end of his leverage. lou: i got the idea as i watched him board one of those big leased jets that candidates for president always ride around on, i got to thinking he's really going to miss all of that. [laughter] he needs to prolong this, i'm sure, for just a period of adjustment if nothing else. your thoughts, mark? >> i love this guy. he's like that japanese soldier they found five years after the war who didn't know the war was over. [laughter] if he can fill rfk stadium, why should he leave? nobody can bring more votes to her ticket than this guy. she better have a heck of an explanation as to why he's not the vice president. lou: to be clear, i don't
7:35 pm
believe he filled it. let me ask our producers who, i'm sure, have an exact count on the attendance. how are we doing on attendance? i'm sorry? they're trying to -- [laughter] they're trying to find out. >> well, let's be honest, hillary couldn't fill the concession stand at rfk stadium. >> ooh. also probably some of them are in a bit of mourning because this is a low blow. i've talked to some, lou, they still feel hike he should go to the convention and this thing is not over. seriously. lou: you know, with him as president does it occur to any of them -- or perhaps this motivates them, i don't know -- he's talking about adding another 20 trillion to the national debt. that would be the cost of the proposals he's made to this point, and he hasn't even gotten warmed up. what would happen, mark? >> that makes you want hillary who would only add ten trillion to the national debt. she's got a problem. you can't just give him some things on the platform because it doesn't mean anything.
7:36 pm
studies show 15% of his supporters will go to donald trump. she had really better find something for him to do in this administration. >> maybe -- lou: are those supporters, one or other. let's turn to, if we may, donald trump here. he's had a very successful -- >> who? [laughter] just kidding. sorry. [laughter] lou: he had a very successful fundraising meeting today picking up quite a bit of money, we're told. that's about all we're told. what do you make of this business mitt romney and paul ryan out in park city, utah, playing like -- i don't know what they're playing at, ebony. give us your thoughts. >> you know, that's really tough at in this point because i don't know what they're smoking, proverbially. seriously. at this point this is your nominee. i understand it's not what you wanted, but you've got to wrap your mind around it -- lou: very irritating, even
7:37 pm
liberals, is that it? >> yeah. come on. it's actually not entertaining anymore. it's kind of silly and foolish to watch. >> oh, i think it's great. [laughter] they form this would have, could have, should have club, these three guys who are the bernie sanders of the republicans. they don't know it's over. i'm sure bill kristol will come out and speak to them. [laughter] i don't know where they think they're going. they just look ridiculous. >> yeah. they're doing themselves a huge disservice. however this thing goes, and none of us knows what's going to happen in november, but in the instance trump does not win, i think they're going to have a lot to answer for, and people will be very upset with them. lou: what do you make of, and we phrased it as the question on the broadcast, what do you make of the apparent conflict of interest on the part of the president endorsing his former secretary of state who's under investigation by his fbi, facing the prospect of an indictment by his attorney general?
7:38 pm
what do you make of that? >> well, obviously, he's got no choice. he's got to enforce the democratic nominee. that looked like a hostage video. it didn't have a lot of passion in it. [laughter] lou: well, he's too cool for passion, right? >> what about the whole public? she's under criminal investigation. how does she get the nomination? lou: what about an interference with the legal process? i mean, this is a pretty loud dog whistle, if you will, to his attorney general. what do you think, ebony? >> or it's bait. maybe this is something that i think the doj and his ag wouldn't appreciate. don't undermine the federal government and the department of justice in particular. lou: e ebony williams, mark simone, thank you both. >> thank you, lou. lou: a norwegian cameraman may want to look for a new way to work for a living. watch this as the front wheel -- here it comes -- and guess where it went? yeah, that's right.
7:39 pm
there's a clue as the camera went topsy-turvy. it hit the cameraman in the face as he held that camera. the man dropped his camera on impact, he yelled out in agony as you would expect. then we're told that as this happened, i mean, that's just getting blindsided as well. banged up, but we're told it could have been worse. that does not sound to me like a medical diagnosis, but there it is. that's what we have from the scene. up next, a california judge sparking national outrage after sentencing a stanford university athlete to a six month jail sentence for raping an unconscious student. we take up the case with judge alex ferrer and attorney lis wiehl here next. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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lou: breaking news now, a federal appellate court in san francisco ruling that u.s. citizens do not have the right to carry concealed weapons. the 9th circuit court of appeals upholding a california law requiring residents to demonstrate, quote, good cause for carrying a concealed firearm. this decision, sweeping, will
7:44 pm
likely be challenged by gun advocates to the supreme court. the judge who ghei a six month jail -- gave a six month jail term to a stanford university swimmer convicted of raping an unconsciousing young woman now receiving a string of death threats according to court officials. here to talk about the case, former police officer, trial attorney, criminal court judge, judge alex ferrer. good to have you with us, judge, and fox legal analyst lis wiehl. lis, let's start with you, and the stanford case, if you will. this is one of the most, to me, disgusting things i've seen in a very long time of watching the courts. your thoughts. >> you could barely get through that 13-page victim impact statement that the victim wrote where she talked about wanting -- not even wanting to be in her body after she recovered from the assault that this horrible, you know, deviant did.
7:45 pm
and the fact that now this has been shortened to three months instead of six months when the prosecutor wanted six years? it should have been 14 years. i mean, it's absolutely disgusting. there's no rhyme or reason to this. the judge should be recalled, should be out of a job. lou: and that process is underway, as we know. judge, brock turner, the defendant, blaming the stanford university swim team's party culture. we now find out he also lied about prior drug and alcohol use. but even more despicable is that a judge bought into the whole line of rationalization and excuses. >> yeah. i couldn't disagree with the judge's decision in this case more. i mean, he put emphasis on the age of the defendant, lack of priors, the probation officer's report. well, frankly, the defendant was 19 years old. he wasn't 11. at 18 we send our youth to war
7:46 pm
with rifles because we trust their judgment enough to do that. at 19 i was a police officer. at 19 he was dragging an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and raping her. is so he knew what he was doing just like i knew what i was doing at 19. the alcohol, use of alcohol can be a factor to consider but not to sentence, to reduce a sentence that should be prisoner to probation. if you murder or somebody under the influence of alcohol, you still murdered somebody. you're not going to get a probation sentence because of that, so i disagree completely, but i also don't believe he should be recalled as a result of this one case. >> oh, i absolutely do. >> i know you do. >> he showed no judgment. and the alcohol, what she said in her victim impact statement is she said, yes, we had both been drinking, but i didn't rape anybody. i didn't pull anybody's clothing off them. i didn't assault anybody. i didn't pull anybody to that dumpster. i didn't do any of those things. he did all of those things. he did all of those things to
7:47 pm
me, and i don't have my life at this point. >> and i would urge parents out there to look up this 13-page victim impact statement -- >> read it. >> -- that she read in court. read it and show it to your teenage and older kids for them to read it, because it's very powerful. the reason i say i don't think he should be recalled is because judges are always involved in very serious, substantial cases. and like everybody else, they make mistakes on occasion. and any mistake you make is going to be dramatic, just like this one is. i would look at his entire record. even the prosecutor in this case who was beside himself about the sentence said i don't think this judge should be recalled, he's a good judge. he just made a horrible mistake, and that's the reason i would do that. lou: it's interesting as you say that given all that's been happening with the federal court, the judge handling the trump university case. there are people walking around saying you cannot question the
7:48 pm
judge, you cannot look into his or her motivation, you can't look into anything that would influence the outcome of a decision. you've just heard judge ferrer say judges make mistakes, that they have a record upon which they should be judged, lis. your reaction. >> well, i think, yes, my reaction is, yes, you could look at the whole record. but when you look at something like this, this case where the father of the victim -- of the defendant here came out and said my son, you can't look at my son, you can't look at this -- my son should not be punished for 20 minutes of his, of action. he got 20 minutes of action. really? lou: that's one of the most ignorant things -- >> exactly. lou: that's unbelievable. >> let's put it into -- lou: how long does it take to squeeze the trigger and murder someone? >> exactly. and the judge took that into account? we pay our judges and put the judges on the bench -- and,
7:49 pm
judge alex, you can respond to this -- for their judgment. >> of course. >> so i think at that point you should tthudff thnc loetur >> let's put one thing in perspective as the father. i don't think anybody would expect a father to do anything other than try to bail his son -- >> no, no, no. >> if you were to go to the father -- lou: i do want to -- i'm sorry, judge, i do want to turn to another issue, and that is the clinton university case in which the clintons, $55 million moved from clinton's state department into the pockets of the clinton family for bill clinton to serve as a chancellor for this on line university. the judge diss the case, a case -- dismisses the case, a case in which the smell test is not passed on any level. lis, your thoughts. real quick. tonight, lou, is that this is the first time we're hearing
7:50 pm
aboutit. why haven't we heard about this case? lou: and i've got to turn quickly to judge ferrer. >> it's, to me, the salient point is most of us aren't shocked. i mean, we've heard so much about the clintons receiving money in one pocket while they're doling out money in the other pocket, it's almost not a story if you're watching this network. but in other networks, almost nobody has heard about it, and that's the point that lis is making, you know? they don't bring this up. they're all over trump though. lou: as you point out, there's quite a different standard in the national liberal media. lis, thanks for being with us. always great to have you here. thanks for your insoot as all. and yours as well, judge alex. thanks a lot. up next here, house speaker paul ryan sent to address a gathering of, well, i don't know who they are. they're elites of some kind. perhaps loyal to their party and donald trump, their nominee. but some of them definitely not. you're looking at one who is a not.
7:51 pm
we're joined by congressman tom marino. stay with us, we'll be right back. antix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea.
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it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. lou: paul ryan you may have noticed is a bit prickly when it comes to endorsing donald trump.
7:55 pm
but his latest comments are aggravating conservative talk radio hosts. the host speaker said he was backing trump simply because i had won the nomination. listen as talks about trump university. >> do i think these scene antice distracting? yes. but i think, hope and believe he can fix this to where he can run a campaign we can be proud of. lou: to my knowledge speaker ryan has never mentioned the clinton university scandal. the clinton ties to the laureate education scheme in which the university paid clinton $16 million as he was chancellor of the virtual school in four years while receiving $55 million from hillary clinton's state
7:56 pm
department. joining us, congressman tom marino. congressman, great to have you with us. i want to start with the good news which is apparently the meeting with the fundraising meeting went very well for donald trump. are you aware of how much money they raised? >> i do not know. i was just told it was more than they anticipated. >> that's always good to expect much and get more is a very good idea. even i can follow that one. let's turn to where the nominee is. i want to get your reaction to speaker ryan. he seems hell bent on a course of being aggravating. i have two questions i think can be answered. what in the world is he running
7:57 pm
for and what in the hell is he trying to prove? >> the first question i am not quite sure what he's running for, whether it's speaker of the house or president in the future. and i'm disappointed in the comments he has been making. he should be pivoting to what is happening in mainstream america. in my district in pennsylvania and across the country, the american people have spoken. donald trump is the candidate, and speaker line and the rest of the members of the republican party should be telling the american people why it's so important to have him as president instead of hillary instead addressing these other issues that 85% of the media will keep hounding aware because they are liberals and have nothing else to do. lou: it seems to mow many of the
7:58 pm
stories that apparently paul ryan is some sort of pious overachiever manner thinks he's qualified to judge and pronounce, none much these stories in my opinion would run as long as they have even in the national liberal news media if there were not if the force of republican leadership critique of the nominee at the same time. that is, if they shut up, these stories would lose their legs. >> i agree with you. my father taught me a long time ago. sometimes it's better just to keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything positive to say. i'm starting to get aggravated. our leadership attempting to sacrifice four years of hillary thinking they can come back and take the white house over.
7:59 pm
and thinking we can recover the future. lou: the leadership is under threat. some of these are the most mediocre inhabitant of the offices they hold in my memory anyway. >> these establishment, every time they open their mouths, donald trump picks up a million more votes. lou: i think that's absolutely true. and i think it's true as you suggest, it would be nice because this isn't about one elect and whether ryan will have an opening to run for president in four years. this is about a republic that needs to be saved and an economy that needs to be brought back to prosperity for all americans. and a future which will be engraved out if the republican leadership continues to act as
8:00 pm
it has. congressman, nice to talk with you. in our online poll, 58% of you chose chris christie as trump's vice president. we thank you for being with us. join us for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: look at this as we head into the general elect. we do our best to glean results and it actually helps to take a look back at the primaries and look at what weren't right and wrong for the presumptive nominees. donald trump raised far less cash than any other candidate. le watt street journal saying that could be problematic. hillary clinton has raised the most. she has raised five times as' as the donald but


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