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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 10, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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field, 5.3% and 50% off what wakefield said. >> everybody is looking for yield, the 10-year, 1 is.65% right now. good to have you today. >> thanks for having me. congrats on instagram, maybe you'll be the next foodie. first time pizza, but-- >> no, the final thought for me, we want to see some hope in this election cycle going forward and hopefully they'll behave better for our country. maria: thank you for joining us, we'll see you soon. "varney & company," ashley in for stuart. ashley: i'm ashley webster in for stuart and as he would say, game on, sports fans. hispanic turns the tables on donald trump, she leads by three points in the poll. but only half of women say they'll vote for hillary. more than half of voters say she doesn't have integrity. 60% say she's lying about her e-mails.
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and elizabeth warren, vp rumors are swirling. can she satisfy the bernie supporters? we shall find out. donald trump, he'll take center stage, meeting with evangelicals today and giving an anti-hillary speech on monday. and then we have this, bill o'reilly says that trump will win the election if it comes down to the economy. where have we heard that before? a big day for politics and your money, we'll get to the money stuff, of course, "varney & company" about to begin. >> ♪ >> and we will get to the politics. you can be sure of that. but let's begin with your money. it looks like lower open for stocks in the european markets and down across the board and, wow, a triple digit loss at the open. part of the oil that was below $50 a barrel, down 1 1/2%, a strong dollar hurting oil. now, let's take a look at
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tesla, possible suspension problems with the model s we hear. the feds are looking into it. there are reports that tesla is maybe being sneaky with customers, we'll have more of that coming up. first, look who just wandered into our studio, mark cuban, owner of the dallas mavericks. mark, thanks for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. ashley: owner of mavericks and so much more. we've got to start with politics. would you be donald trump's vp, i'll jump in. >> sure, i'd be vp for either candidate. ashley: are you a republican or democrat? >> i'm an independent, straight down the middle, think for myself. ashley: so would your ego and donald trump's ego be too much in one room? >> that's a possibility. i'm so different from both of them. that's why i think, washington has become so partisan and gridlock is so bad that you need somebody that doesn't have a legacy baggage of one party or the other.
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and i think both candidates are severely deficient in technology and when you look at the economy and you look at the future-- >> and by that-- >> hillary has obviously challenges with e-mail, donald doesn't use e-mail. ashley: he's on twitter all day. >> if you look at his office, having been in the office, there's no pc. when he sends an e-mail, he has an assistant do it for him. if you don't have that strong a grasp of technology and that's what's going to drive our economy, and you have to have that. and i think i could bring that value to both. ashley: i was reading back in august of last year, you said donald trump probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time, you said. do you still believe that? >> you know, when i said it, i firmly believed it and i was hoping it would stay true. i think if donald was able to use his personality, his charisma to stick to the issues, i think that would still be the case. unfortunately, he shoots
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himself in the foot with the comments and detracts from the issues. right now the jury is still out, but we have five months ago, a lot can happen in five months. ashley: what is he tapping into? there's a lot of anger, you mentioned dysfunction in washington. a lot of people are fed up with politician, he's the anti-establishment candidate. do you understand that anger? >> absolutely. look, every single american citizen is angry at some level things aren't getting done. there hasn't been a promise from a politician in years that hasn't been unkept. i think we're all disappointed in that. there was a point in time in the past, i would have said a lack of action on washington was a good thing, now, i think we're past that point and we are going to need somebody who can go across the aisle. can donald do that? it's too early to tell. >> all right, so, the economy is critical to this discussion. who is the bet candidate, hillary or donald? >> we don't know enough from donald yet. donald has taken the republican position you cut taxes.
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i don't know that just cutting taxes from the top. i'd benefit as much as anybody, but i don't know that that's the best solution. when i look at hillary's website and platform. there's a couple of things that aren't bad. she talks about 15% rebate for profit sharing and small businesses, this isn't a bad idea, but we haven't seen the details. to say the taxes won't turn it around. the ipo market, there's been almost as much raised by foreign countries and american nonbiotech, using ipo's. that's crazy when you think about it. the number of public companies has declined from 8,000 20 years ago to less than 4,000. if we're not taking companies public, the americans citizens can't participate. and we're not creating capital for startups. those are problems and no one has begun to address the issues. ashley: you used the word growth there. during president obama's administration we've seen
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anemic growth, we've seen this company sputter along. the number of people on food stamps is up. number of people dropping out of the work force completely, levels not seen since the late 70's. >> right. >> if hillary clinton is elected, are we going to get more of the same? >> look at that from two perspectives. on one hand, typically when you have that expansion, you typically have that there. we've added a lot of jobs and then the second question is, is that because of what's happening in washington or because of the federal reserve? and right now, the federal reserve is in new territory and they're trying new things without having a road map of where it's going to take them of the the point being, it's not easy, right? so is hillary going to bring us more of that? it's not necessarily a horrible thing, but what we need to know is from donald, right? what are you going to do other than saying you're going to cut taxes, i don't think that's going to get passed. improving corporate tax structure is huge.
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we don't want to see corporate inversions anymore. ashley: and the corporate tax having one of the-- if not the highest corporate tax rate in the world. >> no question, no question, that has to change. ashley: that's a tax that could come that would have a benefit? >> that has to change, we haven't seen anything that suggests that from hillary. and, you know, but we have to see specifics from donald and maybe they're out there and i haven't seen that, but they have to come. ashley: the big mantra from hillary clinton and bernie sanders, it's about the top 1%. >> proudly, happily. ashley: are you paying enough in taxes? >> i'm okay with paying more, believe it or not, my problem isn't-- >> how much more? >> that's the question, how much is enough. the my problem, i say this all the time. after military service, the most patriotic thing you can do is pay taxes because there's nothing here i haven't benefitted from, right? i'm proud to be an american, i'm blessed to be in this country. ashley: what do you think is fair, mark? >> it's more about marginal costs. i don't have a problem, if i'm
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making $100 million a year and next 10 million, 50%. i can live with that, it's not going to impact my life style. more important to me is how we spend it. i think we're collecting enough in taxes the problem is we waste so much of it. ashley: collecting more is not going to help. >> it's not going to help a lot. ashley: it's going to the great abyss. >> that's right, we have to be more for efficient how to spend it. technology is going to replace more and more and more jobs. we can talk all we want about, you know, which jobs are going away, you're not replacing jobs, those typewriter, manufacturing jobs, making l p's in tara haute, indiana, and it's going to replace more job. software is going to be in the world. that's true. when you have two candidates who don't understand technology, that creates problems. ashley: you're an independent, but a true believer, i think,
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in smaller government, right? >> absolutely, absolutely. ashley: government intrusion is like a wet blanket over growth? >> it depends how. there's things we have to do. commitments we've made to our citizens. we're going to have to pay one way or the other, right? we talk about health care, we might not like obamacare, but we're still going to pay health care for those people one way or the other. the goal is what's the most efficient way to do it and that-- >> are you a single pair kind of guy like the british health service. >> i think we can do a better job. prior to obamacare, it wasn't like obamacare wasn't in the cards and it wasn't being discussed. the entire health care industry, the entire insurance industry had the opportunity to come up with a solution and offer a solution and they didn't. they stood back and did nothing and got what they got. now as a country-- >> would you like to throw obamacare out and start again?
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>> it would cost too much to restructure and reinitiate than to try to evolve it. so we have to come up with better solutions. the thing to remember, the risk does not leave the system. right? just because we don't like the way we're paying for it now, doesn't mean those costs are going away. they won't. the people who don't have insurance will need health care and we have to figure out a way to pay for it. ashley: i've got to ask you about foreign policy. donald trump is stronger and picked up support because of that. during the obama administration we've had a hands off, wait and see approach which hasn't been effective. >> i'm a believer that you lead by strengths. i'm not an isolationist and i think that donald is trying to lead in that direction when it comes to trade. he wants a stronger military, in my perspective i'll take bites over bullets. the battles of the future are going to be before the bombs are dropped and bullets fired. ashley: and speaking of donald trump, he throws outrageous
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things out there. you're a businessman and you've-- he doesn't mean what he says. >> sometimes donald trump is too good at media for his own good. seriously, he throws out trial balloons to see what the response is and in his mind, he doesn't have a lot of self-awareness, doesn't understand a lot of context, once you get outside of social media or traditional media so it back fires on him and he doesn't quite know how to deal with the blow back. ashley: do you know donald well? >> i wouldn't say well, but we got along. ashley: when was the last time you spoke to him. >> a month ago. >> i won't tell how i responded, but he sent me an e-mail asking what happened. and i was 100% against ted cruz and told him so and told donald, i disagree with a lot, if not all of his policies, but i thought, and i told this directly to donald, not trying to hide it, but i thought ted
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cruz wases worst thing that could happen to this country and i would help him in any way i could. and once he was past cruz i told him now it's specifically about the issues. when you start defining your issues, i'll be happy to come back on board. ashley: did he agree with you, take that on board? >> i never heard back. ashley: if hillary clinton decides that elizabeth warren would be vp. >> then better chance i'd vote for donald trump. we need to be more center. you know, this country needs solutions, right? we don't need headlines, we don't need to talk about people playing to progressives, playing to conservatives. the more we label, if you keep giving what you always got you keep giving what you've also got. this partisan tribalism, we're into the able to do anything and that's got to change.
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elizabeth warren has accomplished a lot, but taking it that far left it would be a huge mistake. and any more than if donald trump went the other way. we need to be in the center. ashley: it's been a fascinating process, but who do you think? >> right now the way i think so things are, i think it's a landslide for hillary. ashley: really? >> no question about it because i think the bernie supporters will come along, as much as they might not go for hillary, they're not going to vote for donald trump. ashley: he's been able to get people out to vote and-- >> yes, and he deserves a done of credit for that. the primary vote e, 6 of -- 765 to 70-- >> getting media, we discussed it, there's teleprompter trump is not going to get media.
9:14 am
if you know he's reading from a teleprompter. if he's teleprompter trump, he'll raise main and not get the media. if he's media trump, he's not going to raise enough money for the ground game, you've got to get out there to tell people to vote. ashley: mark cuban, wish you'd signed steph curry? just throwing that out there. [laughter] thank you so much for being here, appreciate it. we'll be right back after this. my name is fred and i carve heads out of cheese. it's not easy. i was once working on a bust of shaquille o'neill in swiss. i haven't worked in swiss since. everyone called me crazy. things really took off when i got my domain name
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>> and it looks like a lower open for stocks and that's putting it lightly. down 122 points is what the futures are telling us. we've got a number of things and the fomc meeting next week and the u.k. referendum vote. we've got a strong dollar pushing oil down, you name it. let's look at twitter,
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passwords have been leaked for millions. that is closing at 1460, down to 1435, we'll keep an eye on twitter for you. the latest fox news polls have hillary clinton in a statistical dead heat with donald trump, 42-39. the breakdown among women. hillary in the lead, but 50-dn there's a chance to get it closer together. >> that's her fire wall. she hasn't captured women of the the interesting dynamic. the story is that donald trump is getting three out of the ten. with everything that's been said about him, everything he has said, that the appeal in fact is no matter whether you're a man or a woman, the jobs, the economy, future,
9:19 am
danger, war, violence, terrorism, matters to women. those are women's issues. hillary is not seen as one who is going to deliver on those things in the last eight years, let me give you another that would worry here. >> she received 1.5 fewer votes in 2008. the democratic primary system lost 7 million votes. she's looking at the numbers. at the same time, for donald trump, the most votes in republican history. now, this is through the primaries. if you've got 7 million fewer voters voting, it takes about enthusiasm. it's about the problem with-- i'm going to have to disagree with mr. cuban, there's no landslide for hellry here. ashley: president obama met with loretta lynch on the same day that he endorsed hillary. and james rosen asking about a
9:20 am
possible conflict of interest with the e-mail probe? >> you don't think that that career prosecutor or that fbi agent takes that as some indication of how the president wants to see this case resolved? >> no, i think that those career prosecutors understand that they have a job to do. ashley: it's an interesting points. the optics are not very good. is it a conflict of interest? >> and even the optics, he's signaling, directly signaling by meeting with lynch, meeting with sanders, and endorsing hillary, he did this-- >> all on the same day, within a couple of hours. >> we've seen his desire and intent to influence legal decisions. the harvard case about the police acting stupidly. trayvon martin, george zimmerman, when there's a political advantage he will interfere and this is clearly the case here and tells you the hubris that's infected this administration and for hillary, this will be my column on monday in the washington times,
9:21 am
the betrayal of women by the fact she's still running, history was made, first time an american president endorsed someone for president who is under investigation, so, this is going to make a big difference. ashley: tammy state here. and california law restricting who can carry a concealed gun in public. an interesting case this one. and joining us pete, author of "in the arena", thank you for being here. essentially, what this court said yesterday was that forget the second amendment, there's no right for you to be able to carry a gun in public. is that right? >> oh, that's right. this court basically said, the right of the people to keep and bear arms can be infringed. they went directly against what our constitution and the second amendment says by saying that a citizen needs a good cause, a good reason. apparently the constitution, the second amendment isn't good enough. you need to show you're under threat, which of course,
9:22 am
there's a dichotomy, celebrities can get a permit because they're under public scrutiny, but the average citizen who mi a firearm concealed or otherwise, their right is infringed because he wants to create a higher threshold. this liberal court backed it up. it should wake us up, what is at stake in the election cycle. if a few votes go a different way, heller and other decisions that upheld the second amendment are very much in play. >> i want to read what one of the judges said, we hold that the second amendment does not preserve or protect the right of a member of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public. i find that remarkable. >> that should-- it's called folks to see the constitution as a living, breeding document that they can interpret based on whatever progressive world view they have. it's very clear, and the right of the people, not some people,
9:23 am
not-- the right of the people to keep and bear arms liz: pete, you know, and what's interesting here, under california law, in other words, under a state law, personal safety alone doesn't qualify as good cause and the local sheriff gets with good cause? >> i don't get it. >> apparently you have to submit documents, restraining orders to prove you're under threat and even then the sheriff can decline you, so people who may need personal protection are not affording it and this court is saying, hey, that's just the way it is in california and this could reverberate, the challenge to the supreme court and elsewhere, a case like this one or others, who overturn many aspects of the second amendment, which is zosonyzone - sonya sota-mayor and it's not
9:24 am
difficult to-- >> the u.s. 9th circuit court of appeals, no surprise there. pete, thank you for joining you gos us, we appreciate it. more on that story, i'm sure. back to politics, president obama endorsing hillary, we know that, in response to the twitter battle of epic proportions. trump kicked it off, obama just endorsed crooked hillary, he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. hillary came back with delete your account. kind of amusing. and reince pre priebus, if anyone knows about this. >> and how long did it take your staff staff to think that up and where are the e-mails that you deleted? and think about trump on his facebook, a quote from president obama all the way back in 2008, she'll say anything and change nothing.
9:25 am
that was a real battle, too, wasn't it? the obama-clinton battle in 2008. tammy bruce, is this the start of presidential race? we know it will be entertaining. >> i think monday is the start when donald trump sets out the problems with hillary. this is interesting, was the fact that she's still so low generally in the numbers, that she hasn't really been attacked, not by bernie sanders, not by anybody. look, everybody on the right, who is the elite are attacking donald trump. the campaign begins monday and that's the dynamic. when it comes to an answer like that, they knew he was going to come after him on twitter and i'm sure they tried to figure out the easier answer and that's it. she's in trouble, this is not a good sign for her. ashley: buckle up as we say. moments away from the opening bell. check the futures, dow down 121 points and also, a trivia question, which retailers do nba staff spend the most money
9:26 am
at, no it's not apple. and mark cuban weighing in on the presidential race. listen to what he said about being a vice-presidential nominee. >> would you be donald trump's vp? . i'm going to jump right in. >> i'd be a vp for any candidate. ashley: are you a republican or democrat? >> i'm straight down the middle, i'm independent, i think for myself. closing the stage
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>> opening bell ringing, they're happy down on wall street and nasdaq, they're not so happy when we get going. we'll be down 12 on the downside. down in asia, down in europe and down in the u.s. we have oil down nearly a buck. we have the fomc meeting on tuesday and wednesday and the u.k. referendum coming up and all sorts of billionaires predicting horrible things for the economy and market. one of those things, people taking money off the table. talk about this story, possible problems with the tesla model s. the feds looking into it and there are reports that tesla is being sneaky with its customers. we have e-mack, tammy bruce,
9:31 am
jeff, all to join us on this friday. e-mack liz: what happened was the driver was driving a tesla car, the steering wheel pulled to the left. he looked at it and what happened, the front hub assembly separated. ashley: that's not funny liz: and they'll look into it, it's not an investigation that could lead to a recall. tesla now, an update, is pushing back and saying there's a lot of abnormal rust on this car and saying this is not a problem. now, it's sneakiness, basically that's involved reportedly that tesla was forcing customers to sign nondisclosure agreements to not tell about the problems. ashley: don't tell anyone about it liz: tesla says, we have a goodwill agreement to repair and fix your cars, but we don't
9:32 am
want them used in court. the nonclosure, they have nor information about that, the feds don't like this. ashley: what's your view on tesla? not this in particular, but what's your view. >> i think that tesla has been the ultimate show and hype stock. p.t. barnum. >> exactly, now when they have an issue, a lot of car companies have, everyone has had them. they will define who they are as a company by the way they handle this. if this is true as far as how they're handling the regulators, there's a problem with that. they're not above the law. >> and if they're able to fix the car and discount it for free. sign the goodwill agreement and we don't know what the details are in the goodwill agreement. >> they need to be clearer when they put on a blog like that. >> they want to protect the brand above everything. >> that's the problem. >> it seems like they're handling the car like a beta experiment, everyone in it should, you're working as part
9:33 am
of the team. >> you're on board. >> these are automobiles, they're on the road and impact other people as well. ashley: no recall though liz: no recall, it's just a review. ashley: let's move on to twitter, why not? the company saying that pass wards have been leaked. and i guess the first thing you should do is change the password. >> that's right. now, twitter, apparently the data base, 33 million twitter accounts and using passwords. ashley: and it's your name-- >> coming from the company, the data base, a leaked source. they sell the records for a fee. so, now, twitter is contacting millions of its customers to tell them to change their user password. not good for twitter. and the nfl account was hacked and the folks down at twitter-- >> let me bring in scott shellady, poor guy hanging out there in chicago. scott, do you use twitter, by the way? >> yeah, i do and i was just thinking about that story before we came on.
9:34 am
unfortunately, fortunately, ashley, i don't know if any of my followers would know if many' being hacked or not because it's so haphazard anyway. [laughter] >> forget the high-tech sexy innovative companies. these companies, smucker, producer, conagra, down slightly, on a good run recently. i mentioned food producer conagra, that margin is lower, it's a tough market right now. johnson & johnson, the consumer products, and yet, down slightly, but moving higher overall. syringe maker, beckman dickenson. and medtronic down slightly and also on a good run. utility company, pg & e. and i said it and it proved higher. medical device maker, striker,
9:35 am
that's a good name, striker. and waste management, not the best name in the world, but doing well, up 62.73 at this hour. none of those names got too excited. >> oh, no. >> waste management. >> no, no, smucker's, peanut p butter and jelly. >> people making food and for their lunches, smucker's peanut butter and jelly. ashley: wendy's said it's found more unusual credit card activity at its restaurants. that's not good news. what's going on, nicole? nicole: that's not good news. the stock is down 1/2 a percent. we love technology, when you don't love technology, it turns out that the malware was accessed by criminals remotely. getting credit card and debit card information, and wendy's, which started this investigation back in january, when they thought there was malware, was thinking about 300 and now they say it's going to
9:36 am
be significantly higher than 300 the second type of malware, so they continue to follow this, you've got to be careful. ashley: certainly do, nicole, thank you very much. the nba players association started tracking players' spending using a personal finance app from personal capital. the results were surprising to say the least. i want everyone to guess where nba players spend the most money liz: i'm not going to guess, i know the answer, moving along. >> i know the answer from liz macdonald. ashley: what would you think? >> immediately you would think bling and shoes, but then they don't have to spend that money, don't have to spend their own money on the shoes, but then still looking at guys who like to kind of be hip and debonnaire. >> i already know the answer, too. >> i would think mike, under amour, a company like that. ashley: scott shellady, i know we're dragging this out.
9:37 am
>> i would have said coach, louis vuitton, that type. >> ding, ding, ding, the answer, express. >> express. >> who knew? so in fact, these nba players bound to spend who are than apple, wal-mart or best buy combined. so they've got a good business, affordable clothing for men and bright colors-- >> i would have thought a different story. >> and apparently a good call and plus steph curry and golden state. >> let's move on, now that we've given away that. new research shows that the market for personal computers, even worse than feared. we knew it was bad. it's not expected to get much better anytime soon, e-mack. >> down fourth quarters in a row, double digits, it's not surprised for the researchers. so we saw this trend take hold and it's bad for the chip makers. it's getting worse.
9:38 am
>> that tells the story right there. >> let's get to this. amazon launching grocery delivery service in london. does it sound better? you like amazon shares here, and let me say the london markets for on-line grocery shopping is much bigger than in the u.s., 6, 7%, so it's a very competitive market, but good move? >> well, this is an aggressive move by amazon, keep in mind that wal-mart owns this sector and they're four times-- they have four times the sales of amazon, them going into the u.k. market is a bold move. it's going to cost about $10 extra a month than amazon prime. so it is going to-- if they can make this work, i think it's going to open up a whole other channel of revenue. ashley: interesting. scott shellady, do you own? >> we've done it before with things like that, but having been in london for a long time and just been there, with the traffic the way it is and i know you know what i'm talking about, i would absolutely pay
9:39 am
whatever it costs to have it delivered to me, it's not worth it doing it yourself. >> well, you don't want to drive in london, especially with the cost of gas, it's still like $6, $7 a gallon. >> wal-mart is using lyft and uber to deliver groceries, it's smart and expanding out and being in the competition. people might want to prime everything, but you've got wal-mart, using uber and-- >> very clever. a number for you, the number of americans who have dropped out of the work force since president obama was sworn in has jumped by more than 14 million or 15%. remarkable. the labor participation rate is at the lowest point in four decades. we're going to see the president heading out on the campaign trail beginning in green bay, wisconsin, touting the jobless rate and how he's turned i think so this around since the financial crisis liz: this recovery has been
9:40 am
cinematicry perfect picture for him. but it's now at the clinton era, mid '90s level. the president and democrats fail to take into account is population growth. the population has grown by millions of people and they never take that into account when they do-- >> how would you characterize the economy under president obama? >> i agree with liz, this is the biggest farce of recovery. all the jobs added are part-time jobs. there are so many people given up looking for work and the obama administration wants to come out and say things have improved. you could statistically move the unemployment rate lower by just removing jobs. so we have a crisis of hopelessness and the obama administration doesn't understand it. >> scott shellady, a crisis of hopelessness, would you agree with jeff? >> i 100% of jeff and i can't wait to hear the excuse on this
9:41 am
one. see if i can get it right, bush clinton, bush, reagan, carter, ford, and then finally knicks nl. it's all their faults now. ashley: you know it's coming. thanks, and jeff thanks, appreciate it, guys. take a look at the big board for you, open about 20 minutes and, well, that's the picture, down 134 points. 18,000 this week and now we're retreating a little bit. and a surprise guest billionaire of the day, mark cuban. you heard from him at the top of the hour, he says hillary will win the election, is it all about the economy? a major ruling on gun control, right to concealed carry, the right to defend yourself denied in california. we will cover it all on varney.
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>> all right. let's check the big board for you as we close out this trading week. a week where we saw the dow go above 18,000 and now ending up 123 points. the dow right now at 17,861. take a look at h & r block, the tax folks. better than expected profit and raised dividend by 10%. investors like it for sure, up on a down day, a tough environment, but h & r block up. ralph lauren hired the new financial chief officer away from coach. down slightly coach also down on a tough day for equities.
9:46 am
a fox news poll, if it were a bernie sandersen had donald trump matchup. sanders leads. juan williams, author of the week "we the people" and "the five" co-host joins us now. juan, did the democrats pick the wrong candidate? >> as long as, but, you know, the fact is that's bernie sanders' argument, ashley. you can't argue with the numbers, they are what they are. the contrary argument. i think the argument that held with the super delegates, why they stayed with hillary clinton in overwhelming numbers, is that bernie sanderses had a yet to be attacked as a socialist who would change american capitalism for the worse. once that began, you'd see those numbers drop issue we know that hillary clinton is meeting with elizabeth warren, who is finally meeting with hillary, would elizabeth warren
9:47 am
be a good choice as vp? >> it would please the wing of the party, and angry, would be moved by elizabeth warren added. as you know, ashley, elizabeth warren has been absolutely hard, devilishly hard on wall street to this point. the question is two-fold, what about having two women on the ticket and secondly, is she really going to broaden the appeal to independents and to some conservative republicans who might have doubts about voting for trump. would she bring them over? that's another question. you see it's playing wider right now. i think the odds on favorites are castro, tim kane, the senator from virginia. ashley: let's put politics to the side now. you're in louisville for the funeral of legendary boxer muhammad ali and you called him your hero. why is that?
9:48 am
>> well, ashley, i'm here at the invitation of the ali family to attend the memorial service to be held this afternoon and, you know, for me as a kid, i was just enchanted. i mean, to see ali in the ring, just an incredibly beautiful man, but also, graceful, elegant for a heavy weight, unbelievable, almost like a ballet dancer, but it was his standing for principles and it was controversial. ali changing his name controversial. he came out of this town in louisville as cassius clay. and then joining the nation of islam, a black extremist group, and changing his name to muhammad ali. but when he gave us three years of his athletic prime to take a stand to say he was a conscious objector. no one heard an athlete make a political stand like that. as i say, i have family and friends who say, how can you
9:49 am
not serve in the military, because we love the military, but to me, people who stand on principle, who make sacrifices for their heart-felt positions, that's heroic in my mind. ashley: did you get to meet him much? when was the last time, when you did. >> we met several times and i interviewed him, and i remember once standing in line, we did a charity event and my daughter was with me and she was much younger and there was ali, just doing magic tricks and throwing her up in the air, i can't tell you. today here in louisville, this thing feels like a celebration, i think because people have had that kind of very happy, positive experience, this was a very happy, positive, charming, charismatic guy, muhammad ali for all of his worldwide fame. >> he was a remarkable individual no doubt. juan williams, thank you for taking time out to talk to us
9:50 am
from louisville this morning, we really appreciate it. >> glad to do it, ashley, thanks for having me. ashley: we also have sad news from the world of professional hockey. one of the greatest of all time, legendary red wings player out of detroit, gordie howe passing away at age 88. howe playing more than 1700 games in the nhl, scored goals, known as mr. hockey, gordie howe dead at 88. meanwhile, a court in california ruled against concealed carry, a ruling on the second amendment. and you don't need to adjust your television, mark cuban was indeed on the program at the top of the hour and he says that hillary is going to win in november. more on that interview coming up. and yes, the very latest on that chevy ad goes right after ford f-150. it's a pretty telling advertisement, but is it fair?
9:51 am
. >> let's start with the steel bed on the silverado. >> dents, dings, scratching. >> i'd expect more dents. >> all right, let's check out the aluminum bed of the other truck. >> dude! >> wow! . v you both have a
9:52 am
9:53 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. of bad breath germs% for a 100% fresh mouth. with breath so fresh, it's no wonder listerine® users feel ready enough to be in a magician's act. kill 99% of bad breath germs. feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™ >> keeping an eye on the
9:55 am
markets. urban outfitters, warning of weak sales and that stock goes down nearly 7% right around 26 bucks. how is this for effective advertising for general motors, doing a side by side comparison of the aluminum ford bed f-150 and the steel bed chevy silverado. joining us now is gary gastelu. you are all things automobile. >> all things. ashley: how effective this ad showing you drop a ton of bricks on either one and aluminum bed doesn't do well, and the steel-- >> last year they had the bear, and aluminum cage or steel cage. that was an attack on the metal not the real world application by ford. here in testing, gm found this weakness in the ford truck. it start of backtracked to
9:56 am
create a real world, two real world examples of it, that a consumer can relate to. i think it's a pretty effective ad and make chevy buyers feel better about their trucks and create a couple of swing buyers. ford hasn't disputed this. they call it a marketing stunt. our bed is better off, capability and fuel economy, but hasn't said, no, they did something wrong. >> the ford f-series trucks, ford f-150 has been leading for years, this isn't going to change that. >> f-150 shaels are up. silverado is flat. the ford is brand and the silvera silverado-- they're looking at independent buyers, there are strong chevy owners and ford fans. ashley: a lot of loyalty. >> the real question here is in the future, as chevrolet does
9:57 am
introduce more aluminum. >> how do they do that, having done this ad. >> a couple of days ago when they had the conference call and chief engineer in chart of the body. >> if we can prove that an aluminum bed is better than the current beds, they'll hedge their beds for the future. >> interesting stuff, gary gastelu, as always, appreciate it. another fox news poll shows that people think that hillary is lying about the e-mails. and violence at the trump rallies, encouraging it. we'll talk about your money and the economy and mark cuban did give us surprising answers. would you be donald trump's vp, i'm going to jump right in? >> i'd be vp for either. ashley: are you a republican or democrat?
9:58 am
>> i'm straight down the middle, i'm independent. i think for myself. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card stop put under a microscope, medical help right away. we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
would you be donald trump's vp i'm going to jump right in? >> there's a point in the fast where i would have said a lack of action in washington was a good thing. but i think now where we're past that point and we need somebody who can go across the aisle. >> if hillary clinton decides elizabeth warren is the one for her on the vp ticket. >> good chance to look for donald trump. more center. you know, this country needs solutions. we dent need headline porn and playing to progressive and playing to conservative. more we deal with solution and problems the bigger our problems get. >> headlines from cuban who was here and sell there apparently last hour tell you more of our interview throughout the hour and talk about all of the issues that mr. cuban got fascinating stuff also this hour, donald trump woman's vote is within reach. hillary lead among women and
10:01 am
might have been expected he had of a woman superpack is here on the other side hillary clinton her favorable still down especially in that dreaded trustworthy category. but right now check had the big board we have a tough end to the week and industrial down 120 points down 130 points but we have some numbers maybe could move the dow. consumer confidence. >> we'll see a little bit you know university of consumer confidence and a huge jump from april to may and now 94.3 is reading that was the expectation so not a market surprise happening here so not a boost in the numbers. hasn't dropped and if you look at that reading from april to may since 2013. cheap gas, people are are feeling better and will they go up and spend? >> that's the question here. >> so different when voters are telling -- [laughter] sthiewng very much.
10:02 am
nice to see you. cheryl casone is here had -- [laughter] well jumpled into the studio did consumer confidence going to stay. all right oil. let's take a look at oil below $50 putting some pressure on the dow. up about 1.5% of 4982 under $50. take a look at tesla possible suspension problems with the vehicles with a model s. feds looking into it. tesla stock down over 1% 1026. the tax people better than expected profit, and the company raise dividend by 10% because they're paying so much in taxes up on a down day not easy to do h and r up more than 6.5%. take a look at gun stocks federal appeals court upheld california's law restricting who can carry a concealed gun in public? interesting -- basically throwing out the second amendment it seems like. >> favoring california state law over federal law and basically a local sheriff can determine if
10:03 am
you have cause via restraining order to carry a concealed weapon so stirring analysts offguard this ruling and what's happen whatting now baron is coming the watch this they're saying hillary clinton is could lead to a rally in gun stocks. >> we know president obama has been great -- >> data there 12.89 million people of conceal weapon permits under president. so watch this up from 4.6 million in 2007 so here's the play what's going on here. will hillary clinton as president ban get rid of assault rifles that's push. smith & wesson a favor for short seller birvegly flat on the year but saying watch for gun stock under hillary clinton presidency. >> fascinating stuff. latest fox news poll shows negatives for hillary clinton when had asked if she's lying about her e-mail. 60% said yes only 27% said no. but still listen to what had mark cuban told us about who will win?
10:04 am
who wins this thing been a fascinating process whatever, but who do you think? >> right now with the way things are, if i had to bet, i think it's a landslide for hillary. >> really -- >> no question about it but ting that bernie supporters will come along as much as they might, you know, get hillary right now, they're not gong to vote for donald trump. >> well, nationally syndicated talk show host and fox news contradict tore leslie marshall is with us and happy about mark cuban opinion is, even though voters as and we know from polls do not trust her. welcome leslie interesting chat with mark -- said he would be vp or hillary or donald trump. >> equal opportunity for himself. >> apparently so. playing both sides literally. look, the polls interesting i want to bring up the poll among women. 50% for hillary. 32% for trump i'm frankly surprised it's that close. is that worrying for hillary clinton? >> no, not right now. you have to remember first of all -- >> why appealing to more? >> she will.
10:05 am
but one thing i have to say and ladies are in the house, women are sometimes womens worst obstacle. really. i mean, worst obstacle. ladies, right -- you know, if i get off the air today and people tell me you fat it's women saying it. not the men saying it so i'm not surprised about that one, and i think that women like some men feel threatened by women like hillary who are very strong. they're very aggressive. they have been and want to be an even more powerful position. and believe it or not i have spoken to some women who don't feel that women should be president or that women should be in position. >> more leslie that people don't trust her. track record, e-mail scandal they don't have faith in her that she's telling the truth? >> i don't think that would go along lines of gender yeah people who don't trust her friends i was having cocktail who is felt that way but still vote for her. i think regard aring the women
10:06 am
right now you still have senator sanders in play in the minds of sanders supporters in that revolution until the end of july. even though you have bystanders say they'll support. he has a lot of those females you know that are supporting him. and i think they're going to come around and you'll see numbers change with hillary and i think also if donald trump cots to say things as he's said in the past about women, i think that you'll see a wider gap in those numbers between two candidates. >> so we finally got president endorsing hillary yesterday. and he'll get out on the -- campaign trail within next week in wisconsin. is no doubt a gifted speaker. does he help her or not because his had popularity rating higher than hers it appears. >> well, her husband former president bill clinton is higher than hers and he's been on campaign trail man than he has in the past like in 2008 and she is not and has not been our president. i don't put as much stock when people say oh, this one is endorsed or this organization -- person has endorsed.
10:07 am
so with all due respect to my president who i voted for both cycles, i think it's great. but i think that the people who supported him pretty much already support her and if they don't bernie and then support her . >> let me ask you this, interesting that the president met with loretta lynch yesterday. the optics of that are are not good because hillary is under federal investigation. here we have the president just endorsing her. and then meeting with the attorney general. i don't think that on tucks on that are very good. what do you think? >> i think you can look at it a couple of ways one he's the president of the united states and she's the attorney general. they really should be having meetings. so -- that -- either way if you met with her before, well what is the time frame that's okay? i think for any sitting president -- >> not hours that he endorsed hillary. >> but who was going to endorse donald trump? i was having this conversation with somebody else on air the other day and i said you seriously think that any democrat is going to stand up and endorse presumptive republican no, ma'am nigh or vice versa it isn't going to
10:08 am
happen in anybody in their party will endorse presumptive nominee for their party that's politics. : what what about elizabeth wari wanted to ask you about her. very powerful, great speaker can be attack dog it you like for the clinton campaign. but is she vice president material? what would her two women on the ticket look like? >> because of what i said earlier -- i would not if i were running, and if i was advising secretary clinton put two women on the ticket you want somebody who is different than you. who is beginning to not just complement you as a teammate. but maybe gather some votes for people that may not like you but like the other individual. >> upis stage hillary which would not be good. >> jot upstage. she's a great woman i love her but not two women only the ticket. >> a great point eight years ago that was hillary problem was democratic women. >> yeah. >> that's a solid point. >> very good. liz thank you so much for being here. appreciate it. let's talk about the female vote that fox news poll shows only
10:09 am
half of women say they'll vote for hillary compare that to trump's 32%. there let's bring in amy creamer co-chair of the women vote trump superpack. amy, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> yeah, listen, donald trump he tried to raise some cash with big time donors in manhattan yesterday. he's meeting with evangelical today and release a big speech on hillary on monday. do you like the teleprompter, trump or the unleashed trump who appeals to you the most? >> well, you know, i think that he is coming around. he's learning to be a candidate an presidential he's not a politician and we have to remember that. and that is something that appeals to people because he is genuine and that is so different and so refreshing from what we're also used to. and i do think that people appreciate it when he is out there speaking the truth. but i think just because he's
10:10 am
reading teleprompt or doesn't mean he's not genuine he's reading teleprompt or but i still think he means everything he's saying in that. donald trump is not someone that you can be talking points to and get her to regurgitate to. >> that's why we form this grown because women are going to bring home the vote, this cycle i believe it is going to be for donald trump. we've had a huge impact -- since founding of this country actually, and this cycle women are going to come out and they're going to vote, and i believe that they're going to vote for donald trump because we vote on issues on jobs, the economy, we care about safety and security for our families. and i think what mark cuban said, you know, is so right. we don't need headlines. we need solution. and what people need to understand and many of us already know, that donald trump is about action. and he's about solution.
10:11 am
look at what he's done. his success in his life but at the end of the day we need to educate people on these issues. when had hillary says she's going to turn economy other to bill. you know what, there's not another internet boom. and you can't lower the interest rates below zero. so it shows she's out of solutionings. and i don't think that american women are smart, we know what's going on, and once they start paying attention and stop listening to the soundbite and really look at what had the issues are at play here, i think that they're going to turn out the vote for donald trump. i truly believe that. >> we shall see as they say. amy cremor thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you. now this, seeing a lot of these kinds of videos this week. big cat bouncing, here's another one why not? a woman in the zoo in russia got stung by a white tiger and thank god there's a big glass window between them. love this.
10:12 am
one or more time. >> crack, hey. what's behind? oh, my goodness. at the zoo wild animals. you all showed the little boy. >> i would jump too. let's take a look at the big board, enough of the big cat attacks lepts take a look at the dow sinking a little more down 141 points. the dow close as we know was above 18,000 earlier in the week now down to 17844. to the mideast isis trying to hold on to this. but desperate reports badly injured is isis about to fall? stay there. great job -- there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud,
10:13 am
we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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10:15 am
>> new this morning, a new isis kill list is circulating with more than 8,000 names to be targeted by american lone wolf jihadi. cheryl casone now with more on this big name celebrities we hear. and here's what this kill list
10:16 am
is to be clear her 7858 americans on this list, and the quote is kill them strong isly take revenge for all muslims. this is names, addresses, and e-mails this is one of the largest we've ever seen of a kill list from isis we should say, and a lot of these hollywood celebrities on there are reports of them listing them by name. i think that's on purpose. because what had i'm seeing here from lists i've seen is they don't want to publish out and put celebrity face out there and make it divorce. bring attention to this. but according to the daily mirror a big portion of the people either california, new york, or o d.c. those are just the americans that are on here guys. just the americans. >> cheryl thank you very much. sticking on isis, they're looking desperate and hearing reports literally stealing blood from them and transfusion in the streets and reports of people being shot as they try to escape the city. chris from the study of war
10:17 am
joins us now . chris, the reports i've seen certainly in the last week, week and a half is that isis is seems to me to be losing not only fighters but ground as well, territory. are they on the run? >> a woman there's certainly not yet on the run and going there. but a matter of time. isis only has about a thousand fighters in fallujah and iraqi army, the police, the militia so a number of time beef they lose fallujah. but isis knows they're going to lose fallujah, and they really is on the periphery of the isis territory so it's a city that they can lose, they don't want to lose it. and they can lose and it doesn't really restrict their ability to contact attacks in baghdad to damascus and other polices around the region. but chris we're hear hadding about a lot of defection and
10:18 am
people who left their home countries to go fight for isis and now begging those countries and their embassies to bring them back. isn't that a sign that things are breaking down? erchg yeah isis will collapse. most people who look at isis curiously say this as the structure of gest and simple city is not sustainable and doesn't have support of the people and rely on a top catastrophic interpretation of religion in order to enforce barbaric bureaucracy and under isis control actually support isis so sooner or later isis will collapse. unfortunately for us looks like right now what's going to happen is if and when sis collapses it is simply going to retire to foreign terrorist organization. isis started out as terrorist organization morphed into insurgency and problem we have with isis is ability to shape ship depending on circumstances it faces. it will simply morph back into a
10:19 am
foreign terrorist organization without trying to control great territory, and really it's not going to -- not going to impact durability to conduct spectacular attacks. >> could you argue that tactic that the u.s. and allies are using have now started to pay dividends speak. are we winning the war? >> we're defeating one -- in the slow process of defeat one terrorist organization. but at this point it is replaced with another terrorist organization. what you have is iran dominating internal politics in iraq and malaysia report to the revolutionary and that's a terrorist organization just the same as isis subpoena so when isis collapses broadly seeing militia taking over, and incentivizing the violence it is not a good outcome either way. >> on that happy note chris thank you so much for joining us. we freerkt it latest only the state of isis. thank you. let's tick a look at big board stocks down. worries about global growth when
10:20 am
we just got latest read on consumer confidence essentially flat. dow up 130 points at 17854. by the way, urban outfitters warning of weak sales and that's hitting that stock pretty hard down more than 7%. down $2 on the day. so venezuela now liz mcdonnell bringing us new footage with the utter chaos happening on the grouped there. lawmaker hit in the face with a pike, meenl time closer to home. the university of oklahoma selling up a microaggression hotline. we all need one eve those. students is on campus becoming more and more -- sensitive. and it is friday, so a bit of good news the sufferer in africa res u cueing a dolphin. instructing on the beach and saw something moving. turns out the dolphin found its way out of the water by accident. picks it up and takes it become out to sea. round of applause everyone. don't go away.
10:21 am
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ just because it's friday we need a lot of that. take a look at the mattress retailer mattress firm posting wasn't so firm. a big loss hitting new low. down wow, 15%. now let me show you this one -- for chipotle make your stomach go funny a joke in there. a report that it's not so healthy apparently. >> yeah, 200 calories more than mcdonalds or, you know, popeye
10:25 am
chicken an biscuits people loading on guacamole sour cream and ranch dressing always a killer so drop burrito and go to mcdonald. >> that's it -- get a salad with guacamole and cheese nothing wrong with that. >> comes out of the university of carolina chipotle food is better for you and just fattier. >> that's why it taste so good than mcdonald's. yeah , i i think i saw a poll below "tacko" bell because of the problems. no list and chipotle another one for three years. taco bell better than chipotle. we have latest in on campus liberal lunacy for you. i like to call it liberal lunacy from the university of oklahoma. where the score introduced a 24/7 bilingual microyes i did that -- microaggression hot line. cheryl, explain what's going on.
10:26 am
>> so let me explain microaggression because i'm not sure i can. but no -- i'm kidding. kidding microaggression what is that in so here's what they say 24/7 hotline costing 15,000 a year to staff. discrimination bullying, harassment or, or misconduct if you're a student at the university of oklahoma you find yourself in a situation you can call, file a appropriate here's what's interesting, though, ises there's a same college university of oklahoma that two years ago that viral video from sae that racist chant very bad. i think that timing is interesting. is this for students or university trying to kind of cover its you know what? >> that's a good point. leslie marshall you laughed when we talked about this only because you're saying that's one way to prevent a lawsuit. is there a little bit of that in there that providing this perhaps deflecting legal action? >> i would hope that's not their reason. although every university is a business. but i would also hope that it helps them to track what had are are we getting the complaints
10:27 am
on? >> microaggression. >> who is being taunted but other reasons for this. for example, if you're my professor, and you're bullying me, who do i go to and they don't want everybody going to campus police. they can't do that. so they have somewhere where people can call, they can make the report. they can document these. they can track them. an maybe they can prevent something -- >> encouraging people to make -- complaints that have no place for something like that? >> no i think you're giving people a place to go. i'm no different but hotlines for suicide. i think it gives people in some they say a false sense but a sense of better security and that the officials at the university are listening to them and that they care because they have that as soon as -- >> when they get out of school no hotline for microaggression. all right leslie thank you very much. queen elizabeth let's talk about the queen. instead of her second birthday this year that's because she's the qoan and have as many as she wants. but the date of the queen's
10:28 am
birthday by the way is april 21st but say you can have two birthdays she's 90 years old. check out the guy with the hat. hers is good too and second amendment taking a hit. california appeals court ruling your right to carry concealing weapons is not protected by constitution. and john ranking the presidential candidates on the liberty meter. roll tape. efnlgt weaves we've got our candidates. one of these people will be almost certainly our next president. now we have to ask what would they do? what will they do about our horrible debt, about global warming? >> it's a hoax. closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa!
10:29 am
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10:31 am
>> all right. breaking news, he's live look at clip ton washington, d.c. home isn't that a nice home.
10:32 am
expecting elizabeth warren to arrive here for the much talked about meeting morning. we know that elizabeth warren left her house. now she's going over to hillary's house for a little chin wag. interesting to see what cools of that. >> a british term? >> i guess it is. a little chat. >> we have to introduce into the american -- >> as much as i can a chin wagon. all right. enough of this let's get on to the big board and that's not pretty. although we're trying to stay somewhat of a comeback down 140 points now down 90 on the dow. couple of low tech companies are near all time high. start with smuckers jam and jelly people up one and a third percent. waste management it says it all up half a percent at 6288 now let's go high-tech and take a look at goolings reports have found larry paige getting into flying cars. >> z.arrow fly back in 2010 a
10:33 am
lot of questions no answers. and it's basically a -- it's a flying car this is what it is. you can take a look. it's a small all electric plane to land off vertically aka a flying car. this is larry panel funding this and reports -- it is own like dream project and reports are that -- doing well and finding success. >> i guess -- a time to be alive. >> a price every time you say that. great time of your life. back to the election please libertarian candidate. gary johnson needs 15% of the vote in order to be included in the upcoming debate. and look at this new fox poll he's now up to 12% compare that to hillary's 39. donald trump's 36%. he's inching higher. libertarian john is with us, john, this guys like you are going to screw is this election up, isn't it?
10:34 am
>> how? because mr. johnson is taking votes away, and messing with mr. trump or even hillary clinton. well good. not chin wagging about this. according to to this poll came out, and 12% and he lowers both hillary and donald equally. so you can't complain he's throwing it one way or o the other he takes from republicans and democrats. if he gets the 15% he can be in the debate. but -- >> never going to win. once he's in the debate and people learn, oh, my gosh -- >> that's the hoax. a same person is running. vote for him. [laughter] need to listen to this. fair share of taxes, roll the tape. >> after military service patriotic thing you can do is pay taxes because there's nothing here that i haven't benefited from. right iemg proud to be an american and blessed to be in this country. and -- >> what do you think is fair? >> more about marginals cost i
10:35 am
don't have a problem that, you know, if i'm making $100 million a year on the next $10 million i'm paying 50%. i can live with that. right it won't affect my lifestyle. but what had i care about more -- more important know is how we spend it. >> yeah, 50%. but bernie would like 485, 0% what is a fair tax rate? >> 10, 12%. i'm paying 50% now, and i can live with that. i make enough money. but it's the spending it's how they waste it when -- >> cuban just said with the great abyss and you never see it and what you get for it. : worse is used to create these horrible misincentives. misspent. so your candidate, mr. johnson i said hey, he's doing well. they've got 12% now, you're like he should have 80. >> 90. [laughter] you don't think he's just interfering in the process?
10:36 am
i love the fact that we have more candidates. libertarian candidate with mr. johnson but ultimately he's not going to win so at some point to we say okay, sorry nice try. but move on out was that barry -- >> not going to say that america process furred from first world to short world in the short amount of time. they have limited government. both hillary and trump are not offering that. good we have someone who does. >> all right your show tonight you are rating the candidates on your liberty meter. >> just explain it. >> just hillary. [laughter] okay. but yeah who is -- better for liberty or o least bad for liberty and news is not good. hillary wants some micromanage had every square inch of life and trump has no sense of constitutional -- so this is -- >> just a meter does that mean anything? >> well it would move to -- the red on both of these. i don't think you have hooked it up to the movement.
10:37 am
>> nothing plugged in. >> didn't pay the neither both went to the red. categorize them in war, immigration, free speech, different categories. >> fascinating stuff as always. truss appreciate it. good chin wag. new this morning, donald trump has secured another endorsement. where from? >> presidential gop candidate 96 saying what am i going to do vote for george washington. he's being pa facetious said stop naming people an suggested newt gingrich as vp hoping that donald trump will name a vice president and saying he will try to be trump's senior advisor as well. >> offering himself. that's all. thank you very much. >> sure. >> now to california the latest state to allow terminally ill to legally choose to end their lives.
10:38 am
let's bring in attorney emily. em lil, this is interesting, is this going to be challenged or is this now in place is this the u law? it's in place nows and the fifth state to obtain aid this tieing and important thing is here there are precipitation and requirements associated with this. so for one patient has to be mentally competent with prognosis of less than six monthses to live and ingest drugs themselves specifically and that's an important distinction in contrast up to someone administering injection, and other important thing here so remember is that no physician is under obligation to even discuss or price these drugs. american medical association has come out staunchly in opposition to this saying our job is not to hasten death so here if a physician has a moral issue with it or under that oath they do not have to prescribe ore even discuss it. >> i want to get on to this
10:39 am
story and also sticking in california appeals court there, ninth circuit of court of appeal no constitutional right to carry concealed weapons. emily now i guess you have to prove you have a good reason to carry. how does this play out with a second amendment? >> well the judge specifically said in his decision the second amendment may or may not protect a general member of the public to carry a firearm and definitely not carry to conceal but open carry and you're right are now all applicants have to prove and show good cause, remember every county defines that differently, however, in california . and this decision did not speak to contrast where california has a ban on open carry so we have one decision by the ninth circuit banning open carry and another saying second amendment protecting anything it would be this open carry. so wait to see if that issue is taken u up by the court in the future but for now the supreme court would not hear this because this circuit gets in
10:40 am
line with other circuits and renders it similar. >> of time emily thank you so much as always for your expertise, thank you. all right let's which check outs animal planet. >> i love it. sea gull falls into a curry sauce and slipped into a food factory container in the united kingdom. he's doing okay. >> got him out. [laughter] [inaudible] you want to laugh but it's -- donald trump meeting with a evangelical today. the question is what does he have to say to get their vote? we'll talk about that. and president obama says he created 14 million jobs. but stuart and bill o'reilly will set the record straight . more varney, next. poor mouth .
10:41 am
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♪ snots >> remember "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern time here's what you missed last hour. williams remembering muhammad ali. >> for me as a kid i was just enchanted to see him in the ring just incredibly beautiful man but graceful. el tbant for a heavy weight. unbelievable almost like a ballet dancer. reason that he became heroic was
10:43 am
he gave up three year was his athletic prime to take a stand to say he was had a objector to the vietnam war. highly controversial. no one had ever heard an a eat leet make a political stand like that to me people who had stand on principle who make sacrifices for their -- heart felt position best heroic in my mind.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> every single american citizen is angry at some level thingses are not getting done. there hasn't been a promise from a politician in years that hasn't been unkept. and so i think we're all a little bit disappointed many that. there was a point in time in the past where i would have said you know a lack of action in washington was a good thing. but i think now we're past that point, and we're going to need somebody who can go across aisle and you know can donald do that? it's too article to tell. mark cuban saying he wouldn't roll out being candidate vice president. ed rollins is here. trump guy, so would ever consider mack cuban?
10:46 am
>> no baa you get both egos in one room. argument over who is bigger plane. >> let's not go there. >> get to the other issue donald trump meeting with evangelical today, what does he need to say to win their support? >> got their vote in most of the primaries and he's now needs enthusiastic support and element in the republican party, they have a great political organization across the country and there's tens of thousands of churches that participate very fully and been an important part of the republican coalition in the last successful decades so i think he's got to basically say key words that i care very deeply it be issues that matter to you. i'm very pro-life. i'm very -- you know, very much been insync with you. sm i think he'll do that. at the end of the day he's evolved as a man, as any of us do, and i think to a certain extent it'ses a willing audience
10:47 am
and ralph reid put this group together is a very significant political player in the movement. and i think it's or very important. >> i want to get back to the comment of donald trump made about the federal judge and he's just not backing off. how much damage has that done? >> it was a big stumble i think to a certain extent as he was putting his coalition together and people were starting to get okay he's not the nominee let's get behind him i think it reminded a lot of people that, you know, he's not sensitive about words as he should be. it was irrelevant thing to say where he was. didn't need to say it. oldest rule in politickingses is you never raise are your own negative but other people's negatives and i think it made people be concerned at the time with great momentum. >> it came at a time when we have a lousy jobs report 36,000 jobs we have inspector general report on e-mails it have tailor made for him. and he could have really hit a home run. >> absolutely. i think key thing here is he needs to forget no longer running for republican nomination and they're all his
10:48 am
friends and allies and needs to focus on hillary, bum and if hillary clinton wants to focus on that -- >> says newt gingrich good candidate. >> extraordinary talent helps government very, very well and no one will vote for vice president but donald trump and hillary clinton and i think at the end of the day who he picks -- if he picks someone generally well respected it gives him more legitimate would you disagree? >> newt has great knowledge of the government and how it functions. >> ed thank you as always appreciate it. let's get to this story. venezuela as we know on brink of collapse shocking new u video what's going on here? >> happened in downtown -- julio leader of the opposition party oppose to president nicholas is trying to enter a government building. and basically he says what happened wases he was hit in the face with a pipe. also government supporters of
10:49 am
madiro using stones and set off explosive. image of julio with bloodstream down his face. nicholas government is saying that -- we don't -- we disapprove of this violence but saying he was actually pushed into the government supporters by police. so it's heating up in venezuela as socialism is collapsing in this country. >> humanitarian crisis. down there -- so what happened? a military -- are we talking about a cue? >> talking about recall referendum that julio is supporting. this is happened to julio in the past. they're calling it on the dwrownd of venezuela. governor supporters coming out in force to beat down opposition. after years of socialism this -- economy and this country collapsing. literally. before our very eyes. how many billions of dollars do they blow through in the economy? >> i would say hundreds of
10:50 am
billions that would be the estimate. >> all over the world. some of the biggest reserve it is in the world. >> thank you very much. disturbing stuff. coming up we have more highlights from interview with mark cuban a lot of headlines and if you missed it, you're going to want to hear what he had to say. also huffing ton post now this publishing a blog post that defends violent anti-trump protest calls them logical. even justified. and on sunday night don't miss the fox news show legends and lies wide lis popular program. here's a sneak peek. >> this is no type of ceremony -- war like measures were cover our waters and darken our land. why stand with your idol? ♪ >> brethren already in the field. i know not what course others will take. but as for me, give me liberty. or give me death. ♪ it's more than a network and the cloud.
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10:55 am
are p i'm going to jump right in. i'd be vp for either candidate. >> wait a minute so are you a republican are or in the? >> i'm independent is that right straight down the middle i think for myself. so would your ego and donald trump ego be too much in one room? that's always a possibility. but i'm so different from both of them and you know, washington has become so bad, that you need somebody that doesn't have a legacy baggage of one party or o the other. and i think both candidates are severely deficient in technology and when you look at the economy and future -- neither one. hillary, obviously, has her challenges with e-mail. donald doesn't use e-mail. right, and on twitter all day. so that's right. but if you look at pictures his office, there's no pc there and e-mail he has an assistant do it for him. if you don't have that strong of a grasp of technology and that's going to drive our economy and
10:56 am
you have to have that. and i think i can bring that value to both. >> i was reading back in august of last year, you said donald trump probably the best thing had to happen had to politics in a long, long time you said, you still believe that? >> you know, when i said it, i firmly believed it and hoping it would stay true. i think if donald was able to use this personality as charisma, to stick to issues i think that would still be the case. if he's teleprompter trump to raise more money you won't get the media and not he's not going to raise enough money and that's the prawn not so much the issue. won't raise enough money to create grouped game buzz you have to tell people to get out there to vote. that's mark cuban thank you so much. sign steph curry just throwing that out there? [laughter] [inaudible] thank you so much for being here. appreciate it. and next hour the "huffington post" publishing a story on violent anti-trump protests, it sayses they're justified even encourages them.
10:57 am
moon time trump will speak to evangelical leaders an hour from now and win over christian vote. third hour of varney three min minutes away. don't go away.
10:58 am
. . . . . .
10:59 am
11:00 am
♪ ashley: well that is live version, if you're wondering, diana ross singing eight no mountain high enough. we're playing that ahead of donald trump's big meeting with evangelicals, about an hour from now, right up until noon, he will make a pitch to hundreds of members. joining from us capitol hill, trump supporter, congressman tom marino. congressman, thanks for joining us. what does donald trump have to say to get this group truly on board his campaign? >> he has to stay focused on issues he has been running on. he has to tell these individuals
11:01 am
that the constitution is what we abide by. the rule of law, religious freedom and able to say, mention god and merry christmas and things of that nature. also that he will create jobs and he will secure our borders. with donald's charisma, stay focused on that and his gravitas he will do very well. ashley: he will do well as long as he doesn't start doing things like criticizing a federal judge which i think has done him quite a bit of damage. he is refusing to step back from. what would you tell him if he was standing right next to you now about those types of issues that he can't seem to stop himself from getting involved in? >> well, exactly what i told him in the past and he is moving into that direction. don't forget, this is a businessman that now is in the political arena, in a fishbowl but i would simply say, donald, you have the talent, you have
11:02 am
the intellect, you have the charm. use that charm and continue to explain to the americans why you are going to make this country great again. how you are going to do it. and the american people, thus far are following him. we'll get past this issue. let me tell you, one thing, donald trump is not a racist. the liberal media, 85% of it runs with that because that is all they have to do. i've been around him numerous times. he never said a racist thing around me and i have talked to his employees. they like the guy. yes, i didn't agree with that statement but just keep focused on issues. let the mean people know what type of individual hillary clinton is, and he will do fine. ashley: congressman, how important is his vice president choice in i guess you could say legitimatizing the campaign and solidifying support behind him? is there anyone that you would like to see him tick in particular? >> well it is critically
11:03 am
important, not at this point mentioning any names but as donald has said, it has to be someone that knows the political system inside of washington. i don't mean someone who knows the system that can continue keeping on. he has to have a person in there to know how insane and how absurd this political system is. so it can be changed. so he has to have a person in there that knows where the pitfalls are. knows when to bob and weave and convey to him, this is what we have to do away with, this is what the establishment has done to us, and we have to get rid of the establishment and the way they do business. ashley: very good for your time. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. ashley: we have credit yocuming in -- video coming in, there is elizabeth warren, there she is, elizabeth warren going to hillary clinton's house in d.c. speculation hillary might be
11:04 am
considering her for vice president. maybe that will be part of the conversation. elizabeth warren epdoorsing hillary clinton last night. she was a long-time holdout on that particular issue. staying on politics today, trump stealing momentum from hillary a little bit who received president obama's endorsement. fox news reporter james rosen if there is conflict of interest, since obama's doj, is investigating hillary's emails? listen to what josh earnest said. >> you don't think that career prosecutor or that fbi agent takes that as some indication how the president wants to see this case resolved? >> no. i think that those career prosecutors understand that they have a job to do. that's why the president when discussing this issue, in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to this principle, that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference. ashley: well, yeah, he said
11:05 am
criminal investigation. "national review"'s rich lowery is with us now. rich, talk about the optics of that. he endorses hillary clinton on tape, that he did two days ago. then soon thereafter loretta lynch turns up, the attorney general. there has to be, there were certainly some raised eyebrows. what is your thought on that. >> of course. not that the president is endorsing her. he is fully invested in electing her and destroying donald trump, and very last thing he would want to see is her taking a torpedo to the bow in the enforcement of fbi recommending charges or justice department indicting her. there is a clear conflict of interest. if there was greater sense of propriety here, he would do what george w. bush did, in his administration, appoint a special prosecutor when one of dick cheney's aides was alleged to have mishandled classified information. ashley: right. >> he will never do that in million years. ashley: you're not expecting a hillary indictment? >> i doubt it very much. we might see something out of
11:06 am
the fbi that's damaging but that loretta lynch would go the next step and actually indict her, you know, now that she is one-on-one against donald trump is extremely unlikely, to put it mildly. ashley: we saw elizabeth warren stopping by hillary's house in d.c. does hillary need elizabeth warren on the ticket in order to win over the majority of bernie sanders supporters? >> it would help a lot with bernie people. she is obviously, elizabeth warren, auditions for the role of the main critic of donald trump. ordinarily you would think, you go with warren, going too populist on economics, but running against donald trump i'm not sure you can go too populist running against donald trump. another avenue would go latino, build on advantage. another thing going with boring swing state senator, someone from virginia and ohio. finally bipartisan pick, something like bob gates.
11:07 am
she has a couple different options. it will tell us a lot about how she views the race who she goes with. ashley: did elizabeth warren put herself out of the running waiting so long before finally committing to endorse her? >> i don't think so. i think it increased her leverage because she is representative of that wing of the party, sanders wing, that has shown that it is so potent and more potent than a lot of people thought at beginning. ashley: we're out of time. rich lowery, thank you very much. fascinating stuff. early on this program billionaire investor mark cuban joined us right here in the studio. here is what he said about the economy. >> every single american citizen is angry at some level things are not getting done. there hasn't been a promise from a politician in years that hasn't been unkept. so i think we're all a little bit disappointed in that. there was a point in time in the past i would have said lack of action in washington was a good thing. i think now we're past that point and we're going to need somebody to go across the aisle? can donald do that?
11:08 am
it is too early to tell. ashley: liz, you have a very telling number to back mark cuban up. liz: tell me again. i was researching another story. ashley: oh. cheryl: one of the things he is not wrong about, i think amazing what mark cuban said earlier about the economy, which is what he cares about. ashley: yes. cheryl: we all care about, the economy, stupid, right? didn't bill clinton say that a thousand years ago? ashley: so many numbers you can argue in the obama economy. cheryl: people care about do i have a job, can i feed my family, do i have health care. 14 million fewer americans in the workforce. liz: is that the number. ashley: there you go. there is number, liz. liz: working on breaking news, just so you know. wasn't on the facebook page. breaking news. cheryl: really this morning, need 1.8 million jobs a year created to keep up the population growth. ashley: yes. cheryl: and we haven't done that. ashley: we're falling so far behind. if donald trump would stop, with
11:09 am
the insults of judges and things, he can grab i think a lot of sanders voters, i really do. i think trump can grab the sanders crowd all they care about get me a job and free stuff. sorry. ashley: get to the breaking news in a minute. now i'm very intrigued. check the big board. we are trying desperately to come back. we were off 140 points earlier in the session. we're back to down 67. financials taking the dow lower. check this out. a lot of stocks moving lower. goldman, jpmorgan, visa, all down more than 1%. take a look at oil. oil's been moving lower as well, hurt by the stronger dollar, under 50 bucks a barrel, down to 49.72. on the other side of the equation, look at h&r block. better-than-expected profit and the company raising its dividend by 10%. we're all paying so many tax, great for h&r block. investors like it. up, look at that, 11 1/2%.
11:10 am
two retail names, ralph lauren hired chief financial officer away from coach. both stocks moving marginally lower today. all right, let's get to the breaking news. transportation secretary approving commercial flights to cuba? emac all over this. liz: here we go, friday. six domestic airlines. here are the hubs, miami, chicago, philadelphia, and minneapolis. secretary anthony fox, transportation secretary -- ashley: minneapolis hub for cuba. people getting away from snow and ice. thank you very much. worth waiting for. we're also waiting for donald trump. also ahead, the democratare using elizabeth warr as their donald trump attack dog. mainstream media, lapping it up. our media watchdog brent bozell fired up about that. we'll ask him about the blogger featured in the "huffington post," violence against trump supporters? may be justified.
11:11 am
[shouting] you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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11:14 am
ashley: urban outfitters warning of some weak sales. guess what that did to the stock? down it goes, almost 6% in today's session. let's get back to politics though. a blogger writings on the "huffington post" site claiming violence against trump supporters may be justified. here is his quote. whatever your belief in violent resistance there is inherent value stopping trump's installation. violence accomplishes this. really? brent bozell, your thoughts on this reasoning and the fact it ends up on the "huffington post"? >> ashley, i find it stunning because he doesn't really qualify what kind of violence he is talking about. if violence is the logical response to donald trump, a form of violence ashley is assassination. he didn't say no to assassination. he said violence is okay.
11:15 am
now what was the reaction? when there was backlash against him from their own readers, he doubled down three times in tweets. the "huffington post" made no effort whatsoever to back away from that. they kind of doubled down as well. but the most remarkable thing to me is there has been pure silence on the part of the press that you now have a top left-wing, online quote, unquote news operation, calling for physical violence against donald trump. ashley: what about the candidate? what about hillary clinton and bernie sanders? they should be denouncing this kind of thing as well? >> oh, no question. pure silence. what if, what if a blogger on fox news called for violence at the logical way to stop hillary clinton? do you suppose there would be silence on the part of the press about you folks? it would be everywhere and they would be people calling for
11:16 am
roger ailes to be fired and probably prosecuted instantly. so i just find this one of the most stunning things that i have seen in this election cycle. ashley: yeah. and the double-standard of it all is galling as well. i also wanted to bring up, brent, cnn last night, weren't big-time on elizabeth warren and her announcement of her endorsement of hillary clinton. essentially airing the whole thing live. only network i believe to do that. what are your thoughts? >> it is amazing, 13 1/2 minutes given to live coverage of a first-term, utterly unaccomplished senator. then you even had erin burnett saying watch while she eviscerates donald trump. so they're even plugging it. i just started thinking, senator mike lee of utah, eviscerates hillary clinton every single day. i yet to see a 13 1/2 minute live coverage of any of his speeches but these people are
11:17 am
just completely vested in the far left politics of, they love her. they're vested in her completely. ashley: it is interesting because msnbc also aired that particular speech but we know they would. that is expected. cnn says they're right down the middle. i found that very interesting? >> tell me, for a second, what has she accomplished? ashley: well, she is a senator. that takes some accomplishment i would hope. >> [laughter]. she has done nothing. she is a first-termer who has done nothing. remember the last time there was a first-termer done nothing ad due lated by press. his name was barack obama. ashley: exactly right. she, do you think, brent, by the way talking about elizabeth warren, whether she will indeed become running mate of hillary clinton? >> you know i heard rich lowery and comments he made to you a few minutes ago and they're very thoughtful.
11:18 am
i just don't think that hillary will, if you want women vote, hillary will go by herself. i think second idea of going for a latino, i think is much better. but if you want the populist vote, why not just get bernie sanders on your ticket? ashley: yes, indeed. not goings to happen. brent bozell, great stuff as always. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: all right, the tsa precheck, it is supposed to make flying quicker for frequent flyers but actually it is causing you guessed it massive backups for airlines. cheryl you got this one. cheryl: nothing but confusion at the nation's airports. remember tsa would come out and hire age? ashley: yes. cheryl: that hasn't happened. now we're getting into summer travel right now. june when it kicks off. all schools are now out and lines are getting worse and worse. there is another issue, head of tsa everybody go out apply for the precheck. that is supposed to help. ashley: i remember that. cheryl: guess what? they're getting 16,000
11:19 am
applications a day, for the month of may for precheck. they can't process them all. their backlog -- incompetent sense layered off incompetence. cheryl: comedy of errors tsa has become. let me tell you something about the tsa precheck line. they can process 300 passengers an hour in precheck line. in regular line, 150. ashley: twice as fast. cheryl: twice as fast. but, now what they're doing is, they're actually taking away precheck areas and trying to give that to the general boarding because nobody has precheck. because the government can't process applications and can get appointment for 3 months. minimum is 90 minutes which is absurd. ashley: comedy of errors no one is laughing. all right, cheryl. cheryl: gas is cheap. ashley: gas is cheap. drive. look at big board very quickly. 74 points to the negative. much better. we were down over 140 points earlier in the session. so we're trying to come back slowly.
11:20 am
we're also by the way, awaiting donald trump, who will be speaking to a group of evangelicals about the top of the hour. so, we'll see what he has to say as he tries to win them over. kind of looks like rich edson. like a grown up rich edson. mr. trump will be appearing there. we've been warning california about the big one. luckily this wasn't it. but an earthquake did hit southern california overnight. palm springs area to be exact. magnitude 5.1 on the richter scale, enough to wake people up 1:00 in the morning pacific time. i've been in these. first clue all car alarms go off because of shaking. no reports of injuries or serious damage. there have been series of aftershocks. just reminder. it is earthquake company. president obama suggesting climate change could end up putting manhattan under water. is this what he is envisioning? >> whoa! ♪
11:21 am
[shouting] >> no! >> come on. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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11:25 am
act on climate change. we kind of tongue in cheek showed "the day after tomorrow" movie. what is he saying? >> he said it at a fundraiserrer. >> it was a fundraiser, right. >> if we don't act, manhattan will be underwater. now, we've had dire predictions made in the past that never came to fruition, so this is yet another one to get climate change legislation passed. ashley: but he's literally saying that the ocean's going to be running straight down -- >> i read you a quote? of course, he's at a fundraiser, but this is what he said. let's do something about climate change, because we don't want manhattan to be underwater, end quote. that's literally what he said at this fundraiser. i mean, this is an off the record moment for the president, but i don't think he really meant -- i'm hoping, i'm just hoping that he misspoke. ashley: yeah. >> it was a little ridiculous, what he said. >> it's worth noting that the department of justice has fixed
11:26 am
judges on climate change denial. similar to big tobacco. ashley: all right. we'll leave it there. check the big board, down 65 points. not too bad, as we said, we were off some 140 points earlier in the session, 17 918 on the dow. we are awaiting donald trump. here's the event going on in washington d.c. mr. trump will be speaking to a group of evangelicals hoping to get their vote and their support. billionaire investor mark cuban popped into our studios earlier, literally. we said, great, sit down. we talked about everything from the economy to the election, he even said he wouldn't mind paying more in taxes. what? he even said he'd be a vp for either candidate. would you be donald trump's vp? i'm just going to jump right in. >> sure.
11:27 am
i'd be vp for either candidate. ashley: wait a minute, are you republican or democrat? >> i'm independent. i'm straight down the middle. i think for myself.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
ashley: let's take a look at the big board. we started off a really on a big down note this morning, down 140 points. we've come back. we've cut that loss down to,
11:31 am
we're off about 79 points at 7,905 on -- 17,905 on the dow. gas at $2.37, that is the national arm on regular. i remember when it was so much cheaper than that not that long ago. avoid the airport. [laughter] take a look at the ten-year, well below 2%, i mean, well below. investors' minds these days worried over global growth. treasury yield 1.65%, the fed, of course, meets next tuesday and wednesday and, yes, we have the british referendum to get out of the e.u. now less than two weeks ago, so lots for investors to chew on. >> that's right. ashley: new fox news poll, hillary clinton winning women, okay, 50% to donald trump's 32%. deirdre bolton, host of "risk and reward," joining us now. we've been talking about this this morning, i'm surprised. that's not a very big lead in my mind considering the comments mr. trump has made. 50-32 is not that great.
11:32 am
>> it's not, but she does have more support specifically if you break down the latest fox business poll among women than he does. ashley: okay. >> but more interesting, 85% of the people who were surveyed in this poll say that this election is more important than ever. and i went back to 2012 just to compare them, 70% thought it at the time. so it does feel like we're at some kind of inflection point, and everyone is noticing that. ashley: the question is, can donald trump shorten that gap? 50-32. or has he kind of peaked? >> i don't know if he's peaked, but his points have dropped in the past few days. it's not so much that hillary clinton is gaining, it's more that in the past week donald trump's favorability has dropped just by six points. so a margin of error, that can go either way. one thing is clear for november, it is going to be a tight race. i was looking at the map the other day, essentially all donald trump has to do -- as if
11:33 am
it's so easy -- is win every single state that mitt romney won in 2012 plus pennsylvania, ohio and florida, and he gets it. ashley: that's all? >> yeah. senator sanders won 20-plus states or to pick up one of those smaller -- some of those smaller ones. ashley: very good. now, listen, we asked some of our viewers on facebook what they think donald trump must do to beat hillary clinton in november. liz, you've got some of those suggestions. >> yeah. when it comes to richard wilkerson, a varney viewer: calm down, don't let them get to you. actually, this one comes from carol o'brien. speak only the truth. don't get mad, stay on track, speak only about what you will do for our country. that's what the people want to hear, not all the fighting. she has failed -- meaning hillary clinton -- at everything she has tried. make her talk about her own record. ashley: that's pretty thorough advice right there. >> yeah. ashley: but pretty straightforward. doesn't like the fighting. >> doesn't like the fighting. i think, and probably you have
11:34 am
all been in a similar situation, people ask me all the time who's going to take more money from my paycheck, right? that's really what people care about. we're a business network, so that is actually the question i'm fielding most. ashley: and i think that's the strongest one for donald trump. what are you going to do to create more jobs, to get this country rolling again? >> people are working hard, hey, how much more in taxes am i going to have to pay trump versus clinton, so i think whichever candidate delivers that message better is going -- ashley: well, and also hillary, of course, is having to tie herself more to the president. he's going to be out stumping for her. we know the obama economy over the last, well, seven-plus years has not been that great. >> well, and especially that last jobs report. i know that was so surprising. it was 38,000 jobs added to the u.s. economy, that was less than half of what was expected. we also found that labor market participation rate still at the lowest level since the late '70s, really '80s, and even if you have a job, you probably haven't gotten a raise or one that you've felt.
11:35 am
a lot of material here. >> yeah, a good third of those, 13,000, were government jobs. government spending is included in the gdp number. >> yeah, indeed. so i think -- ashley: all right. do we have any more viewer reacts? >> yeah -- ashley: i love hearing from the viewers. come on. >> this is richard weighing in. he's saying all trump has to do is keep breathing til november. this election is going to be more of a cake walk than the mainstream media is letting on. hillary clinton will lose in an electoral and a popular landslide. ashley: wow. just keep breathing. great advice. in life. u you just heard some of our viewers on how they think donald trump can beat hillary clinton. come on in steve moore. what do you think of these -- just keep breathing, one of our viewers says, and you can beat hillary clinton. what are your thoughts, steve? >> what i would tell donald trump is just keep talking about
11:36 am
the economy and jobs. i mean, every poll for the last two or three years has shown it's jobs and the economy, and it's wages that people care about. and when donald trump, you know, gets off message -- and, let's face it, he's been off message for the last week or so -- his numbers fall. when he talks about securing the border, raising wages, tax reform, getting jobs back, his numbers soar. i think in that latest poll, correct me if i'm wrong, he is still leading hillary by a fairly significant amount about who is better on the economy. am i right about that? ashley: you are. that's his strength. >> all right. ashley: next one, steve. we've been seeing a more presidential trump using the teleprompter, not kind of going off leash. going rogue. which trump do you think people want to see? >> that's a tough question because, you know, there's a lot of -- look, one of the great appeals of trump is letting trump be trump. and, you know, people love the fact that he speaks his mind and
11:37 am
that he's not scripted as so many politicians are. i mean, i really believe one of the reasons he's where he is now is he's a businessman, he's not a professional politician. so, but on the other hand he does really well when he reads from the teleprompter and he delivers that punch. he gave a great energy speech, the speech that he gave in front of aipac on israel, those were both teleprompter speeches. those he knocked out of the park. i do want to let trump be trump. ashley: yes. all right. good and bad, i guess. [laughter] whatever comes down to pike. next one, mark cuban on this program, steve, said he wouldn't mind paying for taxes. >> i watched that. ashley: listen to this. >> after military service the most patriotic thing you can do is pay taxes because there's nothing here that i haven't benefited from, right? i'm proud to be an american, i'm blessed to be in this country -- ashley: what do you think is fair, mark? >> it's more about marginal cost. if i'm making $100 million a year on the next ten million i'm
11:38 am
paying 50%, i can live with that. it's not going to impact my lifestyle. what i care more about, ash, more important to me is how we spend it. ashley: he can afford it, i'm sure. steve, what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i wish mark cuban were still there and i could ask him this question. and, by the way, i'm friends with mark cuban, i like him a lot. mark, if you want to pay $50 million more taxes, just put it on your tax form. [laughter] if you want to pay more, write the check. i am kind of tired of these liberal -- and i'm not saying mark cuban is liberal, but a lot of these patriotic millionaires who want to pay more taxes, but they never do. >> and they never talk about how government has gotten way too big. >> you're right about that. >> everybody cites the eisenhower years as 90% tax rate. guess what? basically there was effectively 70%, that's still way too high, and the u.s. government was only 6% of gdp. >> exactly.
11:39 am
>> they never bring up government spending. >> i was going to say warren buffett does the same thing. i shouldn't be paying less taxes than my secretary, and then i think, okay, maybe give your secretary a raise. ashley: or or just write a big, old, fat check. >> he did say what matters is how government spends the money. he's exactly right, but is there anybody, anybody who believes government spends the money wisely? ashley: nope. >> i was looking at a poll the other day saying the average american thinks about 25 cents of every dollar they send to washington is wasted. reagan said it best, never give a big spender an allowance. they're just going to waste more money. ashley: one more, steve. nancy pelosi -- i know you're a big fan -- claiming that the government created the iphone, not apple. roll tape. >> and this smartphone almost everything came from federal investment and research; gps created by the military, frat
11:40 am
screens, lld, digital camera, wireless data compression, research into metal alloys for strength and lightweight, voice recognition. they say they did a good job designing it and putting together. federal research invented it. ashley: all right. smartphone and government, smart or and government don't go together. comment on that, steve. >> wow. she left out something. i think she forgot to say that al gore invented the internet, right? [laughter] look, i'm just shocked by that. this is the liberal idea, that everything we have -- remember when barack obama said you didn't make that to those businessmen and women. looking i've been to silicon valley. we've got the great minds. all of the great inventions of the last 50, 100 years have been created not by government research, but by private sector people who go out there and figure out these things. my goodness, apple's paid taxes to pay for that federal research. ashley: right, good point. >> nancy pelosi should have said it was government-backed research, because that money went into the private sector. ashley: yes.
11:41 am
>> she's talking about, i'm assuming, like 60 years ago and darpa, and i don't know what the reference is, but -- ashley: well, we put her straight, haven't we? steve moore, thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. ashley: checking the board again for you, the dow industrials off about 88 points. we've kind of been stuck in this range, the dow just under the 17,900 mark. and happening in less than 30 minutes, by the way, donald trump expected to take that stage. that gentleman will move out of the way, others will move in. donald trump at the top of the hour. he's at the evangelical summit in washington d.c. he's there to try and sway the conservative christian vote. we will take you there lye when it -- live when it happens. sorr. this personal essay is way harder than i thought, it's just not in my nature to brag on myself. not even a backdoor brag? what's a backdoor brag? sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when i tell people, i can't watch musicals 'cause i have perfect pitch. (vo) some carriers promise unlimited streaming, but then automatically shrink your videos
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♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks are off the lows today, down 81 at 17,903, well below that 18,000 mark. this as energy and oil in particular below that $50 a barrel mark. here's a look at some of your dow winners and losers. most of the stocks are losers today x there's the two that are squeezing out some gains among the few, and that's verizon and microsoft. we've seen goldman sachs, jpmorgan, financials, energy, health care all coming under pressure, worried about global growth storiesings. energy -- stories. oil pulled back yesterday and today, we're seeing energy stocks hitting the s&p 500 and the dow jones industrial
11:44 am
average, southwest and chesapeake among the big laggards there, 5 and 6%s losses. and big news on intel, getting a mobile chip contract from apple, we see qualcomm reporting, intel right now -- [inaudible]
11:45 am
>> the media and other powerful left-wing interests against mr. trump, his mandate to win the election is to convince the majority of voters that he can bring a vibrant economy back to america. median income for american
11:46 am
families up less than 1% on the president's watch. nearly 14 million americans have stopped looking for work since mr. obama took office. so donald trump has the economic field pretty much all to himself. ashley: that was bill o'reilly from last night talking about the economy deciding the election, sounding a lot like stuart. roll tape. stuart: america at home and abroad is in very bad shape. start with the economy. it's almost a dead stop. wages stagnant, the middle class shrinking, the national debt has almost doubled in the obama years. and if you want to build and hire, you have to wade through a bureaucratic nightmare. we're not europe, but it feels like, doesn't it? ashley: both making the same point. cheryl casone, the president continues to tout the economic recovery, but the reality and the numbers bear this out are very different. >> again, as we mentioned earlier, you've got 14 million people, fewer in the labor force
11:47 am
now, and remember that unemployment rate that they've been touting. oh, it's 4.7%. let's remember that the labor participation rate is at an all-time high -- i mean, low. excuse me. ashley: 1978. >> right. to be counted as employed, okay, you have to work one hour a month. ashley: that's it? >> that's how they calculate the number. one hour a month, and you're employed. so you're not unemployed. think of all the people that have left the work force. and the point about wages, and i can't remember -- i'm confused if it was bill or stu that said it, but if you look at a graph of where we were in 2007, we had more high wage earners on a percentage basis above the middle class. now we have more low wage earners underneath the middle class. so you've got a larger tier down here at the bottom of the pyramid that are making lower wages. that's all under this president. that's the last seven years that we've been seeing. so the numbers don't add up what barack obama says -- ashley: no. >> and the labor market --
11:48 am
ashley: americans on food stamps up 39%. people below the poverty lines has grown by 4%. household income, as we know, down 2% -- >> and the baby boomer generation, another group that is in terrible shape with their lack of funding. ashley: right. all right, cheryl, thank you. i think we put that straight. donald trump giving a speech in just 15 minutes to the faith and freedom coalition in d.c. hoping to gain the support of evangelicals. ronnie floyd, southern baptist convention president, joins us. ronnie, great to see you. my first question is what does mr. trump need to say to win the support of this group? >> well, i really think it comes down to the understanding of really becoming convinced and convincing the people of the importance of who he will appoint to be on the supreme court which, obviously, is extremely important to evangelicals. i think another matter that is
11:49 am
highly important is this entire element of the dig dig any the y of human -- dignity of human life all the way from the womb all the way to the time and everything in between of that and bringing value to people. and then without question one of the big issues in america and, obviously, across the world is the importance of religious liberty. those things are really, really important. and so i think those three things are highly important, but evangelicals are very diverse, and evangelicals also would be concerned about the economy, and they would also be concerned about national security. but above all, they're going to be concerned, ultimately, with those matters that i talked about there in the initial moments. ashley: but, ronnie, if this group -- and as you say, it's a very diversified group -- if they don't get behind donald trump, i know they're not going to vote for hillary clinton.
11:50 am
but the no vote for trump could very well help hillary clinton get in the white house. so are you hurting yourself even more by not backing the republican candidate? >> well, i think, you know, you pointed out, obviously, a real-life issue. and i really don't think that sitting out in the vote is really good for america. and i think one of the real challenges of all the candidates today is the whole challenge of who can bring the country together. i think that's very, very important. and we need a president who can reach across the lines of ethnicities and generations and all of those matters. and i think it's important also, ashley, that everyone understands -- and mrs. clinton as well as mr. trump and anybody else that make it many this race and is in this race -- they need to understand that evangelicals, we're not a voting bloc. we are a people who claim to be
11:51 am
evangelical in the basis of what we believe, that god's word, the bible, is god's final authority, that jesus christ is the savior of the world and the real purpose of the church is to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. and that's who we are. therefore, flowing out of that will be this conviction that we need to be involved in our country, we immediate -- we need to practice citizenship, but we also need to be concerned about those issues of life and those issues that i talked about such as the dignity of human life. you know, what i have found also in this element of the supreme court justices is that presidents at times, presidents can alter or shape or at least influence a generation. but their appointments can literally shape and influence generations. welcome back. ashley: yes, very much. >> and that is extremely important in the heart of evangelicals. and that's going to be really hard for anyone to ignore,
11:52 am
because we cannot continue on the path we're going in this country. ashley: very well put. ronnie floyd, thank you so much for join us. a lot at stake, no doubt. thank you again for joining us. all right, let's check that dow for you. down 85 points right at 17,900. we were off more than 140 points earlier in the session, so we've stopped the bleeding just a little bit. this week, as we said, we did cross the 18,000. not today. stocks, as you can see, moving mostly lower. h&r block, that one's moving up. why? because we're paying so many taxes, we're keeping those guys busy. all right, happening now in d.c. that evangelical meeting with donald trump is supposed to happen sometime in the next 30 minutes, we are told. of course, when we get the tele-- will we get the teleprompter trump or the off-leash, rogue trump? we shall find out. you both have a
11:53 am
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ashley: we are minutes away from donald trump's speech at the faith and freedom coalition. blake burman is live at the conferences. blake, what are we expecting from mr. trump? >> reporter: hi there, ashley. yeah, this is the faith and freedom conference here in washington, d.c., this is the ralph reed-led group of conservatives all across the spectrum, right now i think you can see grover norquist on the
11:57 am
stage behind me. donald trump, what can we expect from him? he is going to be talking here in about 15 minutes or so, we believe a speech that's slated to last about 20, 25 minutes. there are teleprompters up there on the stage. trump has been moving in that direction. we'll see if he goes there this afternoon. this is a group, even though there's only about 4-500 in the audience, this is a group that's been very good to donald trump in the recent election, and the fox news poll shows just that. in the latest poll he beats hillary clinton by a 3 to 1 margin, 63-21. so while it's past the primary into the general, it's certainly a group that donald trump is trying to expand upon here, ashley. ashley: blake, thank you. we'll wait and see what mr. trump has to say on the teleprompter. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
ashley: all right. we're very close to the top of the hour. we've got a picture out of washington, d.c. can, the faith and freedom conference. donald trump will be speaking to
12:00 pm
a group of evangelicals there, hoping to win their support. we are told by our man on the ground, mr. blake burman, that he will be on teleprompter. can he do enough, though, to win them over? he's already up two-thirds to one-third over hillary. with that said, we've teed it up for my good friend, charles payne. take it away. charles: thank you very much, ashley webster. i'll do that, indeed. of course, the two presumptive presidential nominees are expected to speak within this hour. this comes one day after that heated twitter battle and, of course, just a few days before donald trump is due to hit the clintons during a speech in new hampshire. welcome to cavuto coast to coast. i'm charles payne in for neil. donald trump will speak in a few moments at the faith and freedom conference in washington d.c. of course, he's looking to court evangelical voters so critical if he's going to win the white house in november. hillary clinton, in the meantime, will address the planned parenthood action fund. that's also in washington, d.c., and we are monitoring both for you.


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